10 Awesome Reasons to Live in Melbourne

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    If you’re a fan of coffee, culture and incredible food, you’ll love the Victorian capital, Melbourne. Here are our top ten reasons to study in Melbourne as an international student.

    1. Melbourne is one of the most liveable cities in the world

    Melbourne is currently the second-most liveable city in the world and the most liveable in Australia! There are a few reasons why Melbourne is considered such a great place to live: there are multiple public transport options, relatively low crime rates, and plenty of jobs. Plus, it offers excellent arts and culture scene, first-rate universities and an easy lifestyle.

    2. Melbourne is home to world-class research facilities

    Melbourne is very academic, with several of its universities sitting within the top-ranked universities of the world. As a creative city home to world-class academics and an exciting entrepreneurial spirit, if you study in Melbourne, you'll soon be thinking outside the box (and around it, above it and below it, too).

    3. Melbourne’s laneway culture is rich, vivid and exciting

    Melbourne's winding alleyways are magical; they'll probably make you feel as though you've stepped into a real-life Wonderland. The city is well-known across Australia for its vibrant laneway culture, brimming with bustling shopping arcades, wandering musicians, live music, quiet street-side book cafes… and the occasional secret street party!

    If you're in search of good food, take a wander down the colourful Centre Place, where you'll find plenty of places to eat. For anyone into street art, a walk down the paint-splashed Hosier Lane will inspire. And don't forget your camera!

    4. The coffee is incredible

    Can’t survive without your morning caffeine hit? If you’re a coffee-lover, we have great news: cafe culture in Melbourne runs deep. Thanks to Melbourne’s world champion baristas, friendly neighbourhood vibe, and the locals’ love of supporting small business, Melbourne cafes serve up some of the best coffee in Australia – and perhaps even the world.

    5. It's Australia's 'cultural capital.'

    Melbourne’s eccentricity, creativity and love of the arts is universally famous.

    If you want to absorb some of Melbourne’s culture, check out the National Gallery of Victoria, the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. Plus, the city is home to more underground art movements, such as zine fairs (look out for Festival of the Photocopier), artist collectives, record stores, swing dancing clubs… the list goes on.

    6. The community is hugely diverse

    Melbourne is a melting pot of communities and is home to many different cultural celebrations. The Antipodes Festival, Melbourne Italian Festa, Chinese New Year, TET Festival, the Melbourne Fringe Festival and the Melbourne Queer Film Festival are just some of the options on offer. Plus, make sure to check out the neighbourhoods that sit around the CBD. You’ll find many different communities from all around the world in each one.

    7. The trams are a lot of fun

    In Melbourne, trams are an effective form of public transport and one of the city's most famous icons. Melbourne locals tend to express genuine warmth for their tram system. What's more, Melbourne's trams can be just as colourful as the city itself: since 2013, the Melbourne International Arts Festival has worked with local artists to decorate trams with unique designs – Art Trams!

    8. The airport is super accessible

    International students know that having an airport close by is super handy, especially when making trips back home or when family and friends visit. Luckily, Melbourne's airport is easily accessible and close to the city centre (around 20-35 minutes each way).

    9. Melbourne is a great place for start-ups

    If you’re an international student looking to start your own business, moving to a city like Melbourne could be a smart move. Many small business grants are offered to ideas that display creativity, innovation, business readiness, financial viability, and benefits to the city of Melbourne. Does that sound exciting? Well, it could be you!

    10. It's 'Australia's best student city

    Melbourne's been regularly named Australia's 'best student city for local and international students – it's the third-best student city in the world! This means that Melbourne excels in affordability, employer activity, desirability and student view.

    So, if you're curious, adventurous, creative, looking to live and study in a thriving city environment, Melbourne might be the perfect place to call home.

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    15 Reasons Melbourne is the Coolest City

    First of all, traveller, don't pronounce the 'r' in Melbourne, or you'll announce yourself as particularly un-hip. The cities in Australia emphasize the first syllable and mumble the rest. "Melbourne." "Brisbane." "Canberra."

    I tell you this because I care about your street rep, and as your partner in coolness, I insist on mapping out the definitive ways Melbourne is oh-so swank.

    1. International City

    With over 100 languages spoken and about half its residents born overseas, Melbourne is one of the most culturally diverse cities the world has to offer, with Australia’s oldest Chinatown, the largest Greek-speaking population outside Europe, and Italian-influenced Lygon Street, which introduced the espresso machine to Melbourne and launched the city’s love affair with coffee.

    2. City Of Youth

    Melbourne's median age is 28. Students and young professionals pave the way for change and provide a nightlife worth sampling. Everyone is out to learn something or start something new, and it creates momentum worthy of the city's energy.

    3. Coffee

    While the Italians are to thank for the arrival of coffee to Melbourne, its popularity is boosted because much of it is roasted in the city. Pour overs, siphons, and cold brews from a single origin, freshly roasted beans are found on nearly every corner.

    4. Beer

    Boutique breweries and craft beer make this city a godsend for the discerning beer drinker. Hop heads and brewmeisters saturate the city with dozens of microbreweries, pubs, tap houses, brew houses--whatever your fancy, you'll find it here.

    5. Four Seasons In One Day

    Why have one season for four months when you can have all seasons in one day? Better layer up and bring an umbrella because you never know what you'll get from Melbourne's notoriously unreliable weather.

    6. Good Eats

    melbourne restaurants

    Melbourne has truly earned its title as a culinary capital with the most restaurants and cafes (per capita) in the world. Over 5000 establishments cater to every kind of worldly craving your tongue can dream up.

    7. Tram It Up

    Melbourne's extensive tram network system is an icon for the city. It is the most extensive tram system in the world, covering 250km and 1781 stations.

    8. Here, Queer, And Ready To Celebrate

    Celebrate the hard-fought-for right to be out and proud in one of Australia's most progressive cities. Melbourne provides a safe and flourishing gay scene for the community. It is home to the first gay and lesbian radio station globally, Australia's largest LGBT film festival (Melbourne Queer Film Festival), a thriving Pride celebration, and several bars and clubs to attend.

    9. World’s Most Liveable City

    And it has held that title for six consecutive years as of 2016. Melbourne takes the cake for livability by scoring 97.5 out of 100 in the categories of healthcare, education, stability, culture, environment, and infrastructure.

    10. Street Art And Laneways

    Melbourne is world-famous for its painted urban landscape, with its tucked-away laneways covered in murals, stencil art, and paste-ups.

    11. Queen Victoria Market

    The largest open-air market in the southern hemisphere is stimulating for every sense. Over 600 traders hoc gourmet cheeses, wines, meats of every kind, fresh produce, and everything in between. Vic Market has been there for 130 years, but try not to linger because it used to be a cemetery and still stands above 9000 buried bodies.

    12. Fitzroy And Collingwood Neighborhoods

    Alright, cool kids, this is Cool Kid Home Base. Here you'll find the most inspiring street art, trendiest cafes and bars, and a host of tatted-up and alternative-styled people. Don't forget to hit up those famous boutiques and galleries--Fitzroy is where Melburnians do all the best shopping.

    13. Federation Square

    Butted up against the Yarra river and covering an entire urban block, Fed Square is essentially a massive congregation space, complete with a TV plaza for showing sporting events, galleries, cinemas, and a plethora of bars, cafes, and restaurants.

    14. Parks And Gardens

    As Australia’s “garden city”, Melbourne provides almost 4000 acres of open green space for housing rare and indigenous plants, as well as stunning places to lounge for lunch. The Fitzroy Gardens and Royal Botanical Gardens are among the most historic in the city.

    15. Aboriginal Art

    Learn about the Aboriginal people of Australia and view artwork both ancient and contemporary from the original people of the land. Melbourne is host to over a dozen galleries to educate and expand your cultural awareness.

    The Best Melbourne Cafés to Study In

    It's that time of year again when assignments start piling up, and exams are fast approaching. Have you been in the same study space for so long that your focus and motivation decrease pretty noticeably? A change of scene may be helpful to regain your productivity. 

    Other than at home and the library, where else can you study? Thanks to Melbourne's great coffee culture, there are countless cafés where you can sit down and work. 

    The best things about these cafés? They all serve mouth-watering food and coffee, and some even provide free Wi-Fi and power outlets. So grab your laptop, order a coffee like a true local, and prepare to smash your to-do list at one of the best cafés in Melbourne to study in.

    1. Mr Tulk – CBD

    Mr Tulk has been a student favourite for as long as anyone can remember. Located on busy Swanston Street and inside the iconic State Library of Victoria, the quiet ambience and decor create an intellectual vibe. The best part? The library offers free Wi-Fi, which you can access from the café! 

    Address: 328 Swanston Street, Melbourne

    Wi-Fi: Yes

    Don’t miss: The gin-cured salmon

    Vegan options: Yes

    Outdoor seating: Yes

    2. Two Birds One Stone – South Yarra

    Two Birds One Stone is arguably one of the best cafés in South Yarra. With the calm and quiet ambience and attentive staff, the café is favoured by residents, students, and freelancers and workers in the area. 

    Address: 12 Claremont Street, South Yarra

    Wi-Fi: Yes

    Don’t miss: The ricotta pancakes and citrus-cured pan-seared salmon

    Vegan options: Yes

    Outdoor seating: Yes

    3. Manchester Press – CBD

    Melbourne's laneways are full of surprises and hidden gems if you know where to look. Manchester Press is a good example. It’s one of the best cafés in Melbourne’s CBD, known for its specialty bagels, industrial design and cosy atmosphere. Come here on weekday afternoons to avoid the busy crowds that come in the morning and during lunchtime. 

    Address: 8 Rankins Lane, Melbourne

    Wi-Fi: No

    Don’t miss: The lox smoked salmon bagels

    Vegan options: Yes

    Outdoor seating: Yes

    4. Faraday’s Cage – Fitzroy

    Both a café and an artisan bakery, Faraday’s Cage is a hidden gem located in the backstreets of Fitzroy. This local favourite serves excellent coffee and some of the best hotcakes and pastries in Melbourne. And with free internet available, you can spend time in their outdoor courtyard studying and sipping your coffee. Don't forget to grab a delicious flaky croissant before you go!

    Address: 325-329 Gore Street, Fitzroy

    Wi-Fi: Yes

    Don’t miss: The passionfruit ricotta hotcakes

    Vegan options: Yes

    Outdoor seating: Yes

    5. Project 281 café – Brunswick

    project 281 café

    Project 281 café is a converted warehouse famous for its spacious interior and abundance of greenery. The house-roasted coffee and brunch menu are kind, with the latter inspired by Korean and Japanese cuisines. The café is usually packed on weekends, but if you come here early and secure a table on the mezzanine, you can embrace the buzzy atmosphere without sitting on the crowded ground floor.

    Address: 281 Albert Street, Brunswick

    Wi-Fi: No

    Don’t miss: The signature octopus hash

    Vegan options: Yes

    Outdoor seating: Yes

    6. Stovetop – Carlton

    Considered by many to be ‘freelancers’ heaven’, Stovetop is one of the best cafés in Carlton. It is famous among students from the University of Melbourne and RMIT for its easy access to both campuses, industrial decor, spacious interior and, most importantly, free Wi-Fi and power outlets under each table. Order a cup of coffee and settle in for a long study session.

    Address: 1/108-128 Leicester Street, Carlton

    Wi-Fi: Yes

    Don’t miss: The Stovetop benny

    Vegan options: Yes

    Outdoor seating: Yes

    7. Little Tommy Tucker – Bentleigh

    Located on busy Centre Road in Bentleigh, Little Tommy Tucker was recently voted the best local brunch spot across Melbourne, Stonnington, Caulfield and Port Phillip. Aside from the fantastic food, the best part is that the café is only a two-minute walk from Bentleigh Station. Bring your work here on a Sunday and visit the local market next to the train station. 

    Address: 432 Centre Road, Bentleigh

    Wi-Fi: No

    Don’t miss: The oat and chia porridge

    Vegan options: Yes

    Outdoor seating: Yes

    8. ST. ALi – South Melbourne

    It is located in South Melbourne's backstreets, ST. Ali is one of the pioneers of Melbourne's coffee scene. It's still one of the best coffee places in Melbourne. Aside from its award-winning coffee, ST. ALi offers an inventive and delicious brunch menu. The famous South Melbourne Market is also within walking distance, so you can enjoy a quick visit to the market before settling down with your work at ST. ALi.

    Address: 12-18 Yarra Place, South Melbourne

    Wi-Fi: Yes

    Don’t miss: Make sure to bring home some organic coffee beans

    Vegan options: Yes

    Outdoor seating: Yes

    If you’re looking for more study tips, make sure to check out our guides to beating procrastination and getting motivated!

    There are a few reasons why Melbourne is considered such a great place to live: there are multiple public transport options, relatively low crime rates, and plenty of jobs. Plus, it offers an awesome arts and culture scene, first-rate universities and easy lifestyle.
    Melbourne is not only Australia's most liveable city, but also the world's second most liveable place behind Vienna in Austria. It is no surprise that experts rank Melbourne so highly when you consider the combination of what it offers residents.
    Many people who move to Melbourne find that Melbourne's lower house prices, lower crime rates, better transport and lower humidity make it more livable than its rival Sydney. Melbourne is Australia's second largest city with four million residents. ... Its ranked as one of the world's top cities for students.
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