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Are There A Cafés With Wi-Fi In Melbourne For Freelance Workers?

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    In the midst of construction, a drunken neighbor shouting at his dog, and the presence of a lurking laundry basket, there is no better place to work than in your living room.

    To get the best coffee, the best food prepared with care, and the most interesting people to talk to, you should go to these well-known establishments. Having a good attitude and access to WiFi are necessary for setting up a mobile office, which we give for your convenience.

    On the weekends, operating the company for only a few hours won't do much to earn the respect of smaller institution owners and staff.

    Set up your workstation throughout the week, and if you expect to be there for more than a few hours, consider buying a meal or a few cups of coffee to help cover the cost of your time there. When it comes to working from home, there's never been a better moment.

    9 Melbourne cafés for freelancers

    Need to get away from the office? Go to one of these Wi-Fi-friendly locations.

    Tusk Café

    To accommodate jazz evenings and more eating space, this Chapel Street institution has undergone a total renovation. On a corner, tables and chairs are braided around trees so that customers may enjoy extended outdoor seating. There is no PowerPoint access outside, but you may connect to the system inside.

    Take a seat outside and take in the sights and sounds of Chapel St., a Time Out recommendation.

    The Moat Café

    The multi-level venue boasts an AstroTurf garden where you may discuss philosophy while enjoying a boutique brew. At the same time, there's a restaurant and bar on the premises where you can sample the decent wine list and the Middle Eastern/European small and sharing plate cuisine. The slow-cooked lamb neck with roasted garlic labne, flatbread, and quinoa salad is calling our name.

    We're also excited to try the Moondarra Wagyu salami and the goat's cheese crème brûlée-style custard. Ladies and gentlemen, this is some serious snacking. But it's to be anticipated given that the gal in charge here is Emma Jeffrey, who has worked at Reserve, Fenix, and Matteo's.

    It's an intriguing menu in a block that could use some variety, so toss a Penguin classic in your rucksack and head to the Moat as quickly as your bike will carry you, friends.

    Industry Beans Fitzroy

    A longtime fixture of Fitzroy, Industry Beans, is relocating only a few streets away to a new site.

    The new location has a larger café, a retail store, a quality and training area for coffee, and a roaster for roasting the coffee beans on-premises. Large glass windows in the café allow you to see the roasting process while you sip your coffee.

    Visitors to Industry Beans' new locations in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne will feel right at home. When it comes to collaborating with architects March Studio, the Jackalope Pavilion is their fourth time.

    After an eleven-year hiatus, Fitzroy has welcomed the brand back. At this eatery, you'll discover a mix of industrial elements, such as steel mesh, recycled wood table tops, clean white booths, and a lot of plants.

    Feast of Merit

    Set up your laptop on a communal table or near a window, and then brew yourself a double espresso to ensure that you're working at your best. Don't ignore the menu, since it's hard to miss.

    Get comfortable with a cushion and sit with your back to the street when the weather allows it.

    Auction Rooms Café

    Going to North Melbourne is like going away from town without having to get up early, argue with bogans, or risk drinking poor coffee. With a sprinkle of gravel and the addition of a pony or two, Errol Street could easily appear in an ABC period drama, but at the Auction Rooms, you'll find one of the city's most distinctively modern cuisines.

    For those who don't want to wake up early, battle with bogans or risk drinking bad coffee while on vacation, North Melbourne is the perfect place to go. Errol Street might easily be a setting for an ABC historical drama, but inside the Auction Rooms, you'll discover one of the city's most uniquely contemporary cuisines.

    A lot of people come for the coffee, but after seeing the menu, they end up staying much longer and returning again and again until they've tried everything.

    Three Bags Full

    Abbotsford residents and businesses alike appreciate this converted warehouse cafe and eatery. Despite the fact that it's located far enough from Victoria Street to seem like it's on another planet, this enormous indoor area yet manages to feel cosy. You have a choice of rooms; if one is full, take a stroll to discover a better one.

    Coffee is always good, and the staff goes out of their way to make you feel at home while you wait for your order. Reliable Wi-Fi and communal tables help you avoid feeling alone in your mobile office, but there are also tables off to the side where you may work alone if you'd like.

    A word of advice for Time Out: the muffins with white chocolate, cranberries, and apples are very delicious. Don't put it off any longer.

    Small Block

    Small Block in Brunswick has long been a hotspot for the city's hipster set, drawing people from all around Melbourne. Although it's small, it's inviting to freelancers who come in for a cup of coffee, lunch, and a few more hours of work.

    Time-Out Tip: Waiting for a table and visiting at off-peak hours are the best options if you want to work for a few hours.


    As a fan of the stovetop method, we're delighted to see someone advocating for its use. It's a coffee brewed in one of those angular Italian coffee pots, in case you're unfamiliar.

    At Stovetop, the premium campus cafe that occupies the University of Melbourne's learning annexe on Leicester Street, black pots for two or four people are served in lovely tiny china cups. Everything about it is wonderful. Due coffee the forceful extraction, a filter brew's length and earthiness are mixed with espresso's rich richness.

    When combined with vinegar-sweetened apple chutney, though, it cuts right through the fatty richness of the sausage.

    Utilities and the bill have to be requested numerous times by nagging the server. Some extras on plates are unnecessary, but the staff is kind (they'll even let you pay for a single cup of coffee with a credit or debit card), the coffee is excellent, and the Victoria Markets are only a short walk away. Carlton, you've earned yourself a win.

    North Fitzroy Library

    This isn't a café, but it's a popular hangout for freelancers.

    One of Melbourne's smaller libraries, North Fitzroy Library, recently had an extensive renovation and now has an expansive, high-ceilinged, light-filled facility with plenty of seats and work space.

    Due to the two-hour time constraint on most local street parking, this area isn't ideal for long-term work projects. On the other hand, the St. George's Road tram stop is directly outside the door. As long as you don't mind requesting a temporary password, PowerPoint access is available and there is no need for a library subscription in order to be connected to the Wi-Fi.

    There are two very small study rooms, each with a whiteboard, electrical outlets, and Standard usb ports. Each room may accommodate a maximum of four people. Because they're located on the first floor and are complimentary to use, they'll be taken up quickly. There are additional locations in the library where people may gather and socialise.

    Idea for Time Out: Consider using public transit instead of driving if you don't plan on driving a lot of miles. Make sure you acquire a study room as soon as possible since they cannot be booked.

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    6 Best Cafes For Working Solo in Melbourne

    It is routinely recognised as one of the world's most desirable places to live, and this isn't just because of the city's unique laneways or the city's amazing culinary scene. Even more so, the city's young mood is due in part to the city's large number of creative people.

    They may be the result of the government's considerable support for the arts in the form of grants. Maybe it's because, as the saying goes, "birds of a feather flock together."

    On the other hand, there is a hip café on every street corner where designers, writers, DJs, and company owners congregate to work on their Mac computers and drink slow drip coffee. As a result, I've had to deal with getting kicked out of crowded cafés, dealing with spotty internet, and shelling out a fortune for coworking spaces so you don't have to. Because in Melbourne, if you work hard, you'll have more time to play hard at the end of the day. As a result, Melbourne is the best spot to look for work.

    cafés with wi fi (3)


    402 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

    If you're in Fitzroy and want to sample the bakery's famed cronuts, you'll find them on Brunswick Street. There are large panes with glass panels that make this place ideal for people-watching, working, and enjoying a macaron and a mug of coffee early in the morning. 


    Long Street Coffee

    45 Little Hoddle Street, Richmond

    Richmond's Long Street Coffee is located in a short lane just off of Victoria Street in a former chocolate factory. Not only does the facility provide amazing coffee and tasty food, but it also functions as a resource centre for asylum seekers and refugees.

    On the menu, you'll find a focus on seasonal, organic, and locally sourced products, as well as Proud Mary coffee. Spend some time outdoors honing your basketball skills if you desire a break from looking at a computer screen all day.

    Two Lost Boys

    2/20 Maddock Street, Windsor

    Residents of the south who are self-employed and work independently will find that this well-lit region, which provides a view of Windsor Station, is a handy alternative. An surprisingly wide and airy space with reclaimed wood seats and a wall of windows facing the station may be found along a no-go street. While enjoying a cup of Monk Bodhi Dharma coffee, you may work on your laptop.

    The Queensberry Pour House

    210 Queensberry Street, Carlton

    Refills on the coffee never end. What else can I say?

    This Carlton coffee shop looks like a traditional American diner. It has a cosy atmosphere where people can study, and those who are working on a tight deadline can drink as much filter coffee as they want.

    Ben Stronach roasts his own coffee using a rotating selection of single-origin beans from across the world. Besides that, he offers a two-step white coffee created by infusing filters with almond milk and a splash of espresso overnight.

    That "life-changing" New York City meal is what gave him the idea for his hearty meatball subs and pierogies. If you want something sweet, you can choose from a variety of cakes and pastries.

    Penny Farthing Espresso

    206 High Street, Northcote

    This cafe with a vintage theme is full of musicians and writers, so if you're seeking a spot with a great creative vibe, you should go there.

    Penny Farthing Espresso is well-known for its simple food and Industry Beans' single-origin coffee.

    There is a lovely courtyard for those who like to soak up some vitamin D while relaxing in the sun.

    Birrarung Marr and Alexandra Avenue, CBD

    As a tourist, you're likely to find Melbourne's summertime temperatures pleasant, even if you're a native of the country and have no intention of staying. In the event that you may utilize your smartphone as a hotspot while on vacation, it is a great approach to keep yourself from falling behind at work and enjoy your time away from home at the same time.

    In Melbourne, Australia, the Yarra River flows through the beautiful Birrarung Marr park. Grilling and working on picnic tables is a common pastime at BBQ spots on either side. The skyscrapers of the city may be seen from the southern side, where picnic tables are plentiful.


    To be a successful freelancer, you must locate a location to work away from the workplace. Both Moat and Tusk Café provide Middle Eastern and European small plates and platters. Industri Beans' new Fitzroy site is only a few streets away from the previous one. There will be additional space for the coffee shop, retail store, training, and the quality of the coffee in a huge warehouse with plenty of natural light.. March Studio, a Melbourne-based architectural studio, has collaborated with the Jackalope Pavilion for the fourth time.

    Small Block, a popular hangout for Melbourne's hipsters, has attracted visitors from all across the city. There's free Wi-Fi and a communal table so you won't feel alone, but if you want, you may work alone at a table off to the side. Melbourne has consistently been rated as one of the world's top cities to live in by recent polls. The city has a nice feel since it is home to a lot of artists. There are people from all walks of life drinking coffee and working on their Macs at these cafés.

    The Queensberry Pour House was designed to resemble an old-fashioned restaurant in the style of the 1950s. Ben Stronach roasts his own beans, alternating between several single origins. You can view it from the window of Two Lost Boys, which looks out over the train station. When it comes to a cup of coffee, Penny Farthing's espresso is the best in town. This park in Australia's Melbourne is crisscrossed by the Yarra River. You can remain productive while on the road if you can connect your phone to a hotspot.

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    • On weekdays, it's best to set up a workstation, and if you're going to be there for a few hours, consider having a meal or at least a few coffees to help pay for your expenses.
    • Setting up a workstation at this moment is the best option available.
    • There are nine great places in Melbourne to work as a freelancer.
    • Is it time to get some fresh air?
    • Take advantage of one of these Wi-Fi hotspots.
    • Having been a Fitzroy institution since 2013, Industry Beans has now moved to a new location just a few doors down from its previous digs.
    • Coffee quality testing and training facilities are located in a separate area, as is a roasting facility. The new location is a bright, airy warehouse.
    • The new Industry Beans location in Melbourne will be familiar to those who have visited the other locations in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne.
    • Café at the Auction House
    • If you want to escape the city without having to get up early, deal with trolls, or risk drinking bad coffee, head to North Melbourne.
    • Small Block, a popular hangout for hipsters in Brunswick, has been attracting visitors from all over Melbourne for years.
    • For two or four people, Stovetop's black pots are served in elegant small china cups in the University of Melbourne learning annexe on Leicester Street, the upscale campus café of Stovetop.
    • The library of North Fitzroy in Melbourne
    • A favourite spot for freelancers but not technically one of the many cafés in the area.
    • If you've come specifically for that purpose, you'll have to snag one of the few available study rooms right away.
    • Another factor that contributes to the city's cool vibe is the large number of creatives who live there.
    • Because of this, Melbourne is a great place to look for a job.
    • Proud Mary coffee is also featured on the menu, which emphasises local, organic, and seasonal ingredients.
    • Independent workers in the south will find this well-lit area, which has a view of Windsor Station, to be a convenient option.
    • Work on your laptop while sipping some Monk Bodhi Dharma coffee at this location.
    • In the heart of Carlton's Queensberry district is the Queensberry Pour House.
    • There is no end to the coffee refills.
    • "Life-changing" lunch he had in Queens, New York, was the inspiration for his menu's substantial pies and meatball sandwiches.
    • Northcote's Penny Farthing Espresso is located at 206 High Street.
    • If you're looking for a place with a great creative vibe, make your way to this vintage-themed cafe, which is full of musicians and authors.
    • Its single-origin coffee, provided by Industry Beans, has made Penny Farthing Espresso a local favourite.
    • For those who can use their phone as a hotspot while they're away from the office, working while on vacation is a great way to keep themselves from falling behind at work.
    • In Melbourne, Australia, the Yarra River meanders through Birrarung Marr Park.

    FAQs About Melbourne Cafes

    The 5 Best Work Spots in Melbourne for Digital Nomads – A Local Freelancer Shares Her Secrets

    • Kathleen Syme Library and Community Centre, Carlton. Photo via Facebook. 
    • Creative Cubes, Hawthorne. 
    • Stovetop, Carlton. 
    • Bargoonga Nganjin North Fitzroy Library, Fitzroy. 
    • Birrarung Marr and Alexandra Avenue, CBD.

    8 Places Freelancers Can Work at Away From Home

    • Local Library. The peace that libraries provide makes them a favourite location for freelancers. 
    • Bookstores. 
    • Coffee Shops. 
    • Neighborhood Bar. 
    • Diners/Restaurants. 
    • Hotels. 
    • Grocery Stores. 
    • Local Park.

    Where to work when you need to get out of the house

    • Coffee Shops. This is typically what freelancers and remote employees try first, likely because it is convenient and affordable. 
    • Libraries. One alternative to working from a coffee shop is the local public library.
    • Coworking Spaces.

    A freelancer is an independent labourer who earns wages on a per-job or per-task basis, typically for short-term work. Benefits of freelancing include the freedom to work from home or a non-traditional workspace, a flexible work schedule, and a better work-life balance.

    Working remotely from a coffee shop offers you the power to complete tasks from anywhere in the world. Before you get too comfortable, keep in mind that a coffee shop isn't your office. While you use the cafe as a workspace, you must be mindful of everyone around you — customers and employees alike.

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