Are There Any Spanish Restaurants In Melbourne?

Spanish cuisine will probably never become as integral to Melbourne as Greek and Italian food. There’s not enough Spaniards here.

But instead of massive post-war immigration, we have something else: a steady trickle of Melburnians visiting Spain, falling in love with the place and choosing to bring something of it back here. 

Add in a few native-born chefs who’ve decided to call Melbourne home (Frank Camorra, most notably), and there’s no lack of restaurants to get your fix of paella, Jamon, croquettes, sangria and all the other hallmarks of Iberian food.

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If you're looking for a great Spanish restaurant in Melbourne, you're in luck. There are many great options to choose from, and each one offers its unique spin on traditional Spanish cuisine. 

No matter your preference, there's a Spanish restaurant out there that will make you feel like you're dining in Spain itself. So if you're in the mood for some delicious tapas or paella, be sure to check out some of the best Spanish restaurants Melbourne has to offer!

Melbourne’s Best Spanish Restaurants

Although Spain may be about as far from Melbourne as a country can get, there is no shortage of fantastic Spanish restaurants in Melbourne!

Are you craving some croquettes, some Jamon, some chorizo, or some sangria?

Well, check out our list below of some of the best Spanish restaurants in town!

spanish restaurants

MoVida Restaurant, Melbourne

Address: 1 Hosier Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Frank Camorra’s MoVida is the restaurant responsible for setting off Melbourne’s ongoing fixation with modern Spanish tapas. MoVida has established itself as a much-loved place for Australians to experience some seriously good food and wine in a beautiful space. Dinner at MoVida can quickly become a pricey occasion as it’s hard not to get carried away. 

The gap left for a more relaxed tapas bar is filled by a sister restaurant, MoVida Next Door. Regardless, it will only take one visit to MoVida to reveal why it is universally acclaimed as one of the city’s best.

The MoVida venues have excellent design, a cool atmosphere and fresh, exciting flavours. MoVida sets the bar with new Spanish traditional dishes inspired by the day’s market-fresh produce. It’s verging on 15 years since the first opened, and its popularity and success is justified.

Portello Rosso Restaurant, Melbourne

Address: 15 Warburton Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Portello Rosso, for a decade, has been catching the attention of those seeking out the coolest Spanish spots in Melbourne. It prides itself on its honest and passionate interpretation of the Spanish way of dining and drinking. As the name suggests, one of the eatery’s main focuses is Jamon. 

The beautiful tapas bar delivers simple but delicious food with intoxicating flavours. Portello Rosso is surely one of the best restaurants in Melbourne, serving authentic Spanish food with love.

Bar Lourinhã’s Restaurant, Melbourne

Address: 37 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Bar Lourinhã’s passion is sharing their love of good Mediterranean food, wine and cherished memories. Chef Matt McConnell has applied his travel experiences to various sharing plates, from yellowtail kingfish pancetta to grilled veal tongue with broad bean labneh. 

These produce-inspired dishes are served with Iberian flair. French, Italian and Spanish tipples dominate the hefty drinks list. This restaurant has been serving up happy times for ten years now!

Matt McConnell’s Bar Lourinhã is another fresh and exciting take on Spanish cuisine – perfect for a date. It’s a smaller space decorated with lots of boho charm and a beautiful wooden bar. 

There is a short menu, but you are offered a much more extended version with specials of the day. The bar staff is lovely and willing to engage and be flexible to serve what suits you best, even half serves.

MoVida Aqui Restaurant, Melbourne

Address: NAB building, 500 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

MoVida Aqui is a big space by the dome of the Supreme Court that cooks the food from Spain they never could in their other kitchens. It’s a big, happy space, flooded with light and luxurious ambience. At the heart of MoVida Aqui is a charcoal grill. 

Its delicious food is made from well-sourced ingredients that reflect the same values that you find in their other restaurants. With ancient, traditional and modern cooking methods, all in a single kitchen, this restaurant is surely one of the best ones in Melbourne.

Tinto Restaurant, Melbourne

Address: 555/557 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn VIC 3122, Australia

This Spanish restaurant in Melbourne has a bar, a dining area as well as a footpath and a small courtyard. One of the main features is its long Spanish style bar, perfect for a casual catch-up with friends or simply sitting by yourself. 

Tinto provides an approachable, casual environment focusing on the quality of wine and food. Due to its popularity, you won’t be able to drop in here and hang off the bar, so book ahead. Tables can be reserved for diners from Tuesday to Sunday, 5 pm onwards.

Simply Spanish QVM Restaurant, Melbourne

Address: Queen Victoria Market, 513 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Simply Spanish is all about celebrating the best of food and drink in a fun and lively atmosphere. This restaurant uses the season’s best produce to create food that is fresh, exciting and delicious. 

They have ample seating outdoors and a cozy, colourful interior for you to either enjoy a quick coffee fix, hearty breakfast or a little snack to beat that afternoon slump. Do visit this one!

Naked For Satan Restaurant, Melbourne

Address: 285 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia

Naked for Satan is a restaurant set out to give you a relaxed, share style mode of dining in Melbourne’s popular Brunswick Street. It also has a rooftop bar, Naked in the Sky, with an attached lounge. Wash down your meal with a cocktail, beer, wine or any other tipple that tickles your fancy. Make sure to arrive early to avoid the queues in the summer months.

Las Tapas Restaurant, Melbourne

Address: 100 Chapel St, St Kilda VIC 3183, Australia

From the streets of Spain, Las Tapas have an ever-changing menu separated into vegetables, seafood, meat and sweet, from Sardines and Jamon Serrano to Churros and Crema Catalana. Drop by for a little bite, Lunch or Dinner and savour a fine selection of Beers and Wines. 

Sit on a stool up at the bar, the long shared table at the back, or intimate tables for two and four packed nicely into the narrow room. They open every evening from Wednesday through to Sunday. You better not miss out on this one’s delicious Spanish food.

Añada Bar & Restaurant, Melbourne

Address: 197 Gertrude St, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia

Añada is strongly influenced by the peasant food of Andalucia, Southern Spain and the flavours of the Muslim Mediterranean. With a nice variety of local and Spanish wines and beers served by a knowledgeable staff, there is rarely an empty glass in the house. 

But it’s what comes out of the kitchen and from behind the bar that brings Añada to life. They take lunch and dinner bookings. Walk-in spots are also available at the bar. The largest table available is for a group of 12 people which is a high table with stools.

For a more intimate, southern-style Spanish experience, visit this enoteca-style wine and food bar on very cool Gertrude Street. There is a welcoming style to this little husband-and-wife tribute to Iberia. There are also some Spanish/Moorish themes to the menu items. 

Robert Burns Hotel Restaurant, Melbourne

Address: 376 Smith St, Collingwood VIC 3066, Australia

The Robert Burns Hotel is the home of truly traditional Spanish cuisine, with a very Scottish name. It’s clean and slick — like something straight out of Madrid. The focus is on authentic Spanish food and even people with savvy Spanish staff who are experienced in hospitality and passionate about their culture. 

If you are looking for Spanish cuisine, dine in the restaurant, relax in the courtyard, enjoy drinks and tapas in the front bar or the wine room.

The perfect balance of authentic Spanish cuisine, ambience, casual dining, excellent Spanish wine and beer and genuine service. A whole experience. 

You can dine alfresco (both the front and courtyard have heaters too) and enjoy a glass of Spanish Cava before having a full Spanish feast with the most delicious jam, Spanish-style oysters and of course, paella!


Address: 103 Lonsdale St, Melbourne

On a Saturday night (or any night), this is the place to line your tummy with amazing flavours and then kick on up in the rooftop bar. Bomba offers boatloads of ambience right in the heart of the CBD and hearty, rich, tasty Spanish food – preparing your stomach for the excellent drinks menu and providing the energy to dance later.

Spanish Food Trends in Melbourne

On a visit to Melbourne, Australia, you will be surprised to find so many Spanish eateries. Even if you were to go online to search for Spanish restaurants in Melbourne, it would leave you wondering if Melbourne is a centre for Spanish cuisine. 

But why are Spanish foods so popular in Melbourne? The primary reason is that as Spanish people migrated to different parts of the world, they carried their cuisine with them and loved to eat their home foods

Immigrants from Spain and Latin America (a Spanish colony) settled in Australia, bringing their food there and making it popular. 

For this and other reasons, Melbourne embraced the foods, and they became part of the culture there.

Since Spanish food has become so popular in Melbourne, there are patterns in Spanish food trends in this city. Here are some of those trends:

spanish restaurants (3)

Spanish food is loved by everyone.

Melbourne hosts people from all corners of the world, making it a cosmopolitan city. It is also clear that businesspeople, students, tourists, expatriates, and other groups of people from Spain and Latin America, as well as other parts of the world, prefer Melbourne to other cities in Australia. 

A survey showed that most locals and immigrants from other parts of the globe list Spanish food as their favourite dishes. The great love and preference for Spanish foods have seen many restaurants offering it all over the city. 

Surprisingly, most of the restaurants are not even owned by Spanish people but local investors who have realised the great business opportunity and potential for growth in selling those foods.

The foods have a local touch.

While the recipes are Spanish, they have a local touch, thus accommodating everyone since the locals will identify with them and, at the same time, Spanish and other immigrants will find them quite appealing. The delicious foods have flavours sourced from different parts of Spain and Latin America.

The Spanish foods come in a wide variety.

The most beautiful thing about the Spanish foods offered in Melbourne is the wide variety. There are such foods as seafood (prawns, shrimps, and others), baked foods, different types of meat, etc. 

The foods are prepared in different ways by master chefs, some from Spain and Latin America, who know their craft well and great dishes. The dishes could even be prepared as per the customer specifications as they watch to the great delight of food lovers.

Spanish foods cater to everyone, including vegans and vegetarians.

So, are you a vegetarian or a vegan and want to sample Spanish foods? Your needs are well taken care of, and you will get the best you can imagine. 

There are Spanish dishes made with only vegetables and plant products that are well-prepared, and you will be fully satisfied. Those dishes include Spanish spinach and cowpeas, vegan Spanish paella, tofu, tempeh bacon, and many others.

For those who have no restrictions, the list of Spanish dishes is long and ranges from meats and vegetables to pastries and desserts. You can find something that matches your feeding habits in the top Spanish restaurants in Melbourne, and to have such great dishes, check out the Vamos website. You can place your order and make a reservation for space for you and your guests.

Tapas are common on Spanish menus in Melbourne.

A tapas is an appetiser, snack, or light meal. The origin of tapas is traced from the slices of ham or bread used to cover fruity and sweet wine, referred to as sherry, to prevent flies from getting into the glass while drinking it. 

It is nowadays common to have tapas between main meals, for example before dinner, which is served a bit later. Tapas are also eaten when patrons want to sample many dishes to order small portions of several dishes. 

Another reason for the popularity of tapas is that they help those drinking wine have some food to prevent the wine from going straight to their heads. Some examples of tapas include:

  • Tortilla Espanola – A dish made of potato and egg.
  • Patatas Bravas and Patatas alioli – Fried potatoes covered in spicy sauce for bravas, or olive oil and garlic for aioli.
  • Chopitos – Deep-fried Baby squids.
  • Croquetas de Jamón (Ham Croquettes) – Ham that is cured the Spanish way, used as a snack to accompany a glass of beer or wine.

Tapas are also good for preventing overfeeding. When patrons order several dishes in a restaurant, they do not come at once but in stages, allowing them to savour each to the fullest and realise when they are getting full. 

Since Melbourne is a city of working people, business people and tourists, among others, meetings and dining out is common, so tapas are very common in those settings. Spanish restaurants offer tapas as the revellers enjoy their drinks and music.

Spanish foods are loved by people of different descents and from all walks of life in Melbourne, making them increasingly popular. The eateries make them with a local touch, but they still retain the Spanish flavours so that everyone can enjoy them. The variety of Spanish foods is wide and accommodates all feeding habits from vegetarians and vegans to those with no restrictions.

FAQs About Melbourne Restaurants


Restaurants are the real deal when it comes to dining out in Spain. Restaurants are usually the most formal type of eating establishment and can range from a place for casual sit-down lunches to three Michelin starred gastronomic experiences.

Dinner might include fresh fish or seafood or a portion of roast chicken or lamb with fried potatoes or rice. An omelette and fish with a green salad on the side are also quite common. 

A simple and quick dish commonly eaten at dinner is Arroz Cubano, a mound of white rice topped with tomato sauce and a fried egg. Green salad and a vegetable dish are standard at both lunch and dinner. A lighter dessert of fresh fruit or flan (Spanish vanilla custard) may also be eaten.

Often, rather than sitting down to dinner at a restaurant, a group of friends may decide to meet, and they will make the rounds at their favourite tapas bars before seeing a movie or heading to a club or show.

According to Food & Wine, Spaniards have lived in the incorrect time zone since World War II. Even after the war ended, clocks never changed back. Spanish meals, workdays and even television programming were pushed one hour ahead, hence the last days.

A cantina is a type of bar common in Latin America and Spain. The word is similar in etymology to "canteen" and is derived from the Italian word for a cellar, winery, or vault.[1] In Italy, the word cantina refers to a room below the ground level where wine and other products such as salami are stored.

My 8 Favorite Spanish Breakfast Foods

  • Tostada con tomate, aceite, y jamón. Start the morning right with this perfect balance. 
  • Chocolate con churros, soletillas, or melindros. 
  • Pincho de tortilla. 
  • Croissant de almendra. 
  • Huevos rotos con chorizo. 
  • Some sandwiches. 
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice. 
  • Café con Leche.


One of the best aspects of Melbourne is that it is a multicultural city. This means that there are different restaurants to enjoy, from Thai to Italian to Indian. But one cuisine that seems to be particularly well-represented here is Spanish food. If you're looking for an amazing and authentic Spanish dining experience, then you need to check out one of the many great Spanish restaurants in Melbourne!

If you're looking for a delicious and authentic Spanish dining experience in Melbourne, look no further than the city's many amazing Spanish restaurants. From tapas bars to full-service restaurants, Melbourne has something to offer everyone who wants to indulge in some truly fantastic Spanish cuisine. Here are just a few of the best Spanish restaurants in Melbourne - so get ready to tantalise your taste buds!


Best Spanish Restaurants in Melbourne

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Best Spanish Restaurants Melbourne

Best Spanish Restaurants in Melbourne

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