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10+ Best Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

Brewery & Distillery will find out how beer and spirits are made. There is also a tasting room where visitors can sample products. Made with a focus on quality, the Brewery & Distillery offers something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a place to learn about beer and spirits, or just want to have some fun, the Brewery & Distillery is the perfect place for you!

There are now breweries and distilleries popping up all over the place. And, I’m not just talking about your big cities. Even small towns are getting in on the action. what does this mean for you? Well, it means that there is probably one close to you that you can visit for a tour, taste some of their products, and learn more about how they make their drinks. So, if you’re looking for something fun and interesting to do on a weekend (or any day), then check out your local brewery or distillery! You won’t be disappointed.

Ultimate List Of Best Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

Tar Barrel Brewery & Distillery Mornington & Mount Eliza

tar barrel brewery & distillery mornington & mount eliza



Red Hill's well-known Tar Barrel corner got its name from road workers who stored tar barrels there while constructing roads on the Mornington Peninsula.

TAR BARREL Brewery & Distillery has seen Matt Bebe and Andrew Gow reunite to continue producing award-winning craft beers at 72 Watt Road Mornington, the original home of Mornington Peninsula Brewery. The addition of a whiskey and gin distillery has expanded their capacity to provide more expertly produced flavor sensations. In keeping with its commitment to being "local" and employing "local," the new Tar Bar will serve both core and specialty beers on tap to go with its renowned wood-fired pizzas. All are cared for with the help of local wines and spirits. An important place to visit.

Brewery & Distillery Experience

As we take you on a trip from "grain to glass," discover the inner workings of our brewery and distillery behind the scenes. As you become familiar with grains/malts, hops, and barrels, you may learn how I make the various beers and spirits. Having a taste of our gin, vodka, whiskey, and beer before having the chance to buy them at a 10 percent discount will round out the evening.

Every Saturday, excluding public holidays, our EXPERIENCE TOUR costs $45 and lasts roughly 45 minutes. The maximum group size is 10.

Tasting Paddles

Beer Tasting Paddle 4 x 150ml ($18)

At Tar Bar, a taster paddle is the ideal way to begin your exploration of beer. Four (4) of our beers are available on tap, either core or speciality. The best part is that after you finish the paddle, your favorite beer is available in a pot (285ml), schooner (425ml), or pint (570ml) for you to enjoy.

Australian Whiskey Tasting 3 x 15ml ($20)

For your convenience, we have carefully picked a small selection of Australian whiskey. Various grain bills, including Rye, Corn, Wheat, and Barley, are used in the many varieties of whiskey, including Rye Whiskey (51 percent Plus Rye grain).

Single-Malt Whisky Tastings 3 x 15ml ($20 standard or $25 premium)

You have a choice between the ordinary taste and the premium tasting. For people who have more experience drinking whiskey, the premium is ideal. The whiskey is produced by Chiefs Son, the only single-malt distillery on the Mornington Peninsula, which is located in Somerville.

Gin Tasting Paddle 3 x 15ml ($20)

The appeal of the gin tasting paddle is that you get to chose three (3) of our regional gins, your mixer (tonic or soda), and your garnishes before combining them to create your own unique taste experiences.


We are committed to buying locally, so we only use wine from the Mornington Peninsula. You can choose from the Crittenden Estate Wine selection or other local wineries.

Mock Red Hill Brewery & Distillery Mornington & Mount Eliza

mock red hill brewery & distillery mornington & mount eliza


Mock Red Hill

A reputable, fifth-generation, certified Bio-Dynamic apple orchard and processing facility can be found in the Hinterland of the Mornington Peninsula. For many years, the orchard, which is family-owned and -operated, has been producing premium Bio-dynamic (enhanced organic) fresh fruit, apple juice, apple ciders, and apple cider vinegar for the neighborhood and beyond.

The family is still taking care of the Demeter-certified orchard, producing a distinctive line of Bio-dynamic goods, and welcoming guests to their Farmgate Store and Cider Lounge.

Our Family

The Mock family established their first orchard outside of Melbourne in 1895. Apples are still grown there now, five generations later, in Red Hill, Victoria's scenic hinterland. When their orchard was initially accredited in Australia's Bio-Dynamic movement in 1974, the Mock family emerged as leaders in the field. The family still cares for the same certified orchard today, producing a distinctive array of bio-dynamic goods including their artisan apple ciders, sparkling and cloudy juices, fresh food that has been certified as Demeter Bio-Dynamic, and freeze-dried fruit snacks.

The Ninch Brewery & Distillery Mornington & Mount Eliza

the ninch brewery & distillery mornington & mount eliza

We are Mornington residents. It is a bayside town on the Mornington Peninsula. the best location Locals often refer to it as "the Ninch," as in Peninsula. There's always something going on, something new to see, and somewhere to get a cup of coffee.

We were unsure of what to do one weekend. And that's essentially how The Ninch came into being. a Mornington Peninsula local guide. Sorry urbanites, but the locals really do know the greatest locations to visit, the off-the-beaten-path locations, and the locations you want to spend your time.

For many years, The Ninch has been one of our personal passions. We simply adore the Peninsula and everyone who lives here. We made the decision to take it upon ourselves to do something to support this community's growth, success, and notoriety. When choosing a location to live, there isn't much more you could ask for; it's fairly great.

St Andrews Beach Brewery & Distillery Mornington & Mount Eliza

st andrews beach brewery & distillery mornington & mount eliza


The Freedman Brothers, Australia's premier horse racing family, hired our co-founder Andrew Purchase to build a racetrack on the land in the early 2000s. This is how St Andrews Beach Brewery got its start.

Andrew and Michael Freedman sensed an opportunity when the property became available in 2015 that was too excellent to pass up. The former stables were transformed into a really distinctive brewery by Andrew, Michael, and their dedicated team of co-owners once the necessary infrastructure was in place and they had a tale unlike any other.

The 92-acre site where St Andrews Beach Brewery is located was formerly known as "Markdel." The farm had its own grass racetrack and could accommodate up to 80 thoroughbred horses in the middle of the 2000s. The stables have produced more than 100 group one winners, including Makybe Diva, Mummify, and Alinghi, multiple winners of the Melbourne Cup, Caulfield Cup, Cox Plate, and Golden Slipper.

JimmyRum Brewery & Distillery Mornington & Mount Eliza

jimmyrum brewery & distillery mornington & mount eliza

(03) 59873338

We are Victoria's first solely focused craft rum distillery. With our uniquely created and delectable rums from Australia, we aim to show you what rum can be. We think rum has been misunderstood for far too long and we want to share with you how diverse, unique, and exciting rum can be.

JimmyRum was established with a sincere and profound appreciation for the neighborhood. We hold ourselves, our trade, our clients, our industry, and our environment in the highest regard.

It was the end of a 20-year career at sea as a marine engineer. I spread a ludicrous rumor that I was going to open a rum distillery. As the idea developed, I soon found myself traveling to North America, the Caribbean, and Europe to conduct in-depth research on artisan distilling (it was a difficult trip!). I was inspired by the amazing passion the distillers showed for their work and their product when I returned home, having become thoroughly enamored with the artisan spirits sector.

Elevate Brewery & Distillery Mornington & Mount Eliza

elevate brewery & distillery mornington & mount eliza


Welcome To Elevate

At Elevate, we're all about elevating your winery tour experience for you. For groups of up to 11, we specialize in private winery tours for all occasions. As you are led through the picturesque surroundings of Victoria's Mornington Peninsula wine area, sit back and unwind. Take advantage of a Mornington Peninsula winery tour to see some of Victoria's top wineries. You can choose from craft breweries, custom distilleries, strawberry farms, artisan cheese manufacturers, hand-crafted chocolate makers, and more in addition to wine excursions.

Travel In Luxury

Comfortably and stylishly explore the wine region. You can select between two extremely comfy vehicles from our fleet. a Volkswagen Multivan that seats up to 6 people or a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter that can accommodate up to 11 people. Both cars have an upscale vibe and are made to be roomy and cozy for a day's worth of travel. Simply on the photos below to discover more about the vehicles and their attributes.


The trip from Melbourne's central business district to the Mornington Peninsula wine area takes just 60 minutes. situated between Port Phillip Bay and Western Port Bay in Victoria's south-east region. In addition to Mornington, Mount Eliza, Dromana, Tuerong, Moorooduc, Balnarring, Red Hill, Main Ridge, Merricks, Shoreham, Rosebud, Fingal, Arthurs Seat, and other suburbs, we also cover the entire Mornington Peninsula winery region.

Bass and Flinders Brewery Distillery Mornington & Mount Eliza

bass and flinders brewery distillery mornington & mount eliza


The Story

The Mornington Peninsula's Bass and Flinders Distillery was established in 2009 with a love of exploration and a goal to produce a variety of premium, handcrafted gins, brandies, and liqueurs that accurately represented our homeland and heritage. Being the first distillery on the Mornington Peninsula, we were first inspired by our love of traditional French brandies. We set out to create a premium aged spirit, our Ochre brandy, which demonstrates exactly how fantastic Australian brandy can be using many of the same traditional production methods. The Mornington Peninsula, an area known for its wine production, provided the ideal environment for us to follow our goal.

Second Generation

Following in the footsteps of her founder father Wayne, Holly took over as Head Distiller and Managing director of the distillery in 2016, becoming one of a very select group of second-generation distillers in Australia. As a family-run distillery, we place a high priority on quality, using fresh, local ingredients whenever possible to create distinctive, authentic Australian craft spirits.

We're Unique

We make our grape-based eau de vie spirit here at the distillery using ancient techniques from the Charente region of France, drawing inspiration from our coastal home where the sea meets the wine-growing hinterland. Using a gas-fired alembic pot still, Victorian wine carefully made to our desired flavor profile is double distilled in small amounts to appreciate the flavor and viscosity supplied by the grapes. This is how we define quality.

That Spirited Lot Distillers Brewery Distillery Mornington & Mount Eliza

that spirited lot distillers brewery distillery mornington & mount eliza


Who & What Is That Spirited Lot

In 2016, Jon-Paul (JP) and Chris Willigenburg had a crazy concept that would eventually become Spirited Lot Distillers. They had always wanted to collaborate on a project that would express their passion for flavors, and distilling provided the ideal opportunity. Sarah and Kate Barton, the boys' sisters, also joined them on their wild adventure along the way. The concept gained traction quickly, and on Christmas Eve of 2018, a 200L copper still with the name Doris—named for the late grandmother of the brothers—arrived in our tiny warehouse in Seaford.

We experimented for a few months before launching Ninch Dry Gin in May 2019 as a tribute to the Mornington Peninsula, or "Ninch," where the guys were raised. Spirited Lot Distillers is a company that specializes in creating premium pot-distilled gins made from Australian grape spirit and is also working on a whiskey program.

We are happy to announce that our gins have already received silver and bronze awards, and we aim to win a gold medal the next year. We don't make corners in the production process; instead, we are actively involved in every step of the process and regularly taste our spirit from Doris to guarantee the quality of the finished goods. We presently do everything by hand, from peeling the citrus to corking the bottle and shipping the product to retailers. While we make an effort to adhere to the foundations of traditional gin manufacturing the majority of the time, we also don't mind taking chances and attempting new flavors.

Red Hill Brewery Distillery Mornington & Mount Eliza

red hill brewery distillery mornington & mount eliza


Red Hill Brewery Is An Award Winning, Independent Craft Brewery.

located on Red Hill, in the Mornington Peninsula, amid its own hop garden. Our brewing philosophy is to create sessionable beers that are enjoyable to consume; even our most difficult beers, which appeal to the serious craft beer enthusiast, always have balance and drinkability.

The brewery was founded in 2005 by Karen and David Golding. It was inspired by their love of the excellent lifestyle that the Mornington Peninsula has to offer, their passion for amazing full-flavored beers drank abroad, and their love of all things culinary. Kolsch/Golden Ale, Pilsner, Wheat Beer, and Scotch Ale are some of our year-round sessionable beers.

The Two Bays Pale and East Coast IPA have been added to the regular list as new beers in cans for 2018. We are renowned for our assortment of seasonal beers, many of which are difficult to make but are also created to be delicious and appropriate for Australia's changing seasons. Imperial Stouts throughout the dead of winter, Harvest Beers during the autumn, and the renowned Christmas Abbey Ale.

Hart's Farm Brewery Distillery Mornington & Mount Eliza

hart's farm brewery distillery mornington & mount eliza


Our Story

Manton's Creek flows through the ten hectares of Hart's Farm, which is located on Tucks Road in Shoreham. The ancient corrugated iron milking shed from our farm's early days as a dairy is still there, albeit refurbished and expanded. When we first acquired the land in 1997, beef cattle were contentedly grazing on the lush pastures. We eventually switched to olive farming. With the assistance of friends and family, we planted 800 baby Frantoio, Leccino, and Pendolino olive trees in 2000 because we believed they would thrive on the Peninsula. Over time, some 500 additional trees were added. These Tuscan varietals produce fantastic extra virgin olive oils with high levels of phenols that have garnered numerous accolades.

We started making cider in 2010 and planted an apple and pear orchard. We created our first batch of cider in 2014. In 2016, we added a few hundred more heritage apple cider trees. The award-winning Hart's Farm apple cider is produced using conventional English and French apple cultivars. Our ciders are produced in a variety of varieties and naturally fermented in bottles.

On Saturday and Sunday afternoons, as well as on holidays, the Farmgate sells cider, olive oil, natural fruit cordials, preserves, and certain seasonal products. These items can also be ordered by appointment or through our online store. We now offer a "click and collect" option, allowing you to make purchases from our online shop and pick them up at the farm gate instead of paying shipping fees, in order to lower the risks for our local consumers.

Chief’s Son Distillery Brewery Distillery Mornington & Mount Eliza


chief’s son distillery brewery distillery mornington & mount eliza


Chief's Son Distillery is in favor of serving alcohol in a responsible manner. According to the Liquor Control Reform Act of 1998, it is illegal to give alcohol to a person under the age of 18 (the maximum fine is $19,000) and for a minor to buy or receive alcohol (the maximum fine is $800).


Chief's Son Distillery's concept was the result of a fortuitous encounter with a desire, but it was eventually based on a heartbreakingly real and inspiring tale of chance, danger, and passion, as well as of history, love, and family. Stuart and Naomi McIntosh founded the distillery in 2013, and at the current Somerville location, the first commercial batch of single malt whisky was made following three years of test bed success.

Our Story

Whiskey is a potent alcoholic beverage that strengthens bonds between individuals, families, and generations. Whisky has been a recurring theme in our family throughout the decades. Whisky has been in the center of love and laughter, life and death, tears and victories over the past 500 years throughout the lengthy history of our family. The same ancient skills were used by our predecessors to transform the exact same components into what we enjoy today. Additionally, whisky connects generations by extending so far into the future, past our own.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brewery & Distillery

Today, that industry has grown to what has been estimated to be well over 100 distilleries operating across the country (with the number rising steadily by the day), all producing a spectrum of spirits ranging from gin and whisky through to brandy and absinthe.

is that brewery is a building where beer is produced while distillery is a place where distillation takes place, especially the distillation of alcoholic spirits.

Since 1990, the Whisky industry in Australia has seen significant growth, as of 2020 there are over 293 Distilleries in operation within Australia, of which an estimated 50 have whisky products on the market, with more in the process of creating their first whisky.

The most popular alcoholic beverage in Australia is wine, beating beer and other spirits. However, the alcohol consumed the most by volume is beer.

There are 170 gin distilleries in Australia. "Gin can showcase local indigenous botanicals like lemon myrtle, Tassie pepper berry, river mint or wattleseed for example better than any other spirit," Gregor said. "Aussie gins really do taste unique and delicious.

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