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20 Best CCTV Camera Installers Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

Are you considering having a CCTV camera installed in your home? There are pros and cons to this decision, and it's important that you weigh up both sides before making a final call. In this blog post, we'll give you an overview of the best CCTV Camera Installers in Melbourne, so that you can make an informed decision. Stay safe!

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    Ultimate List of CCTV Camera Installers in Melbourne, Victoria

    Defend Security Group - CCTV Camera System Installer Melbourne

    defend security group melbourne security systems, cctv & cameras

    0426 655 294

    CCTV can help you protect your home, business, street, valuables, and loved ones.

    Smart security here, there, everywhere.

    Our business is home and business security. We provide the best in custom security systems and have more than 15 years of industry experience. We set up commercial CCTV, alarm, and video intercom systems that protect your company's 24/7 security.

    All members of our team of security consultants are properly licensed, have undergone background checks by the police, and possess the necessary cabling permits, product endorsements, working with children checks, and other workplace-specific permits. Our concern is for your security and safety!

    Security Systems & Surveillance 27/4

    Melbourne CCTV Installations Done Right

    We have a plethora of knowledge thanks to our more than 15 years of experience in home, business, and commercial CCTV systems Melbourne and security systems Melbourne. On the most challenging projects, we've worked across the majority of business industries. We enjoy a good challenge. Any size security project, from residences to workplaces to large industrial complexes.


    specialists in providing IP CCTV, Access Control, and Intercom solutions of the highest caliber at competitive prices. assisting organizations and institutions in managing safety, security, and physical access to buildings, including those in Melbourne, Victoria, and elsewhere.

    Every Melbourne customer or location is different. We first get a firm knowledge of what you're attempting to accomplish through consultation. We must comprehend both your immediate and long-term objectives. For instance, a certain system or set of products may currently meet your security needs, but what about in five years? Your options for future upgrade may be limited by the goods you select to install right now.

    Your corporate security system should expand together with your company. We do not deal in the sale of pre-packaged security solutions. Instead, we provide Melbourne businesses and families with high-end, totally customizable corporate security systems.

    The safety, respect, and trust of our clients are our top priorities.


    a Melbourne security firm with more than 15 years of expertise

    We don't believe in "one size fits all" solutions at Defend Security Group. While it's understandable that advertising packages, bundles, and kits appear alluring at first glance, they fail to consider the plethora of aspects and elements that ultimately determine which security solution is ideal for you.

    Casals Security - CCTV Camera System Installer Melbourne

    casals security alarm systems & cctv melbourne

    1300 610 056

    Melbourne’s 5 Star Security Systems Company

    Alarms for the home and business, CCTV systems, access control, and intercoms

    We are aware of the importance to our customers of receiving the proper security system installed by the appropriate security experts, as well as long warranties to guarantee that we are only using the most reliable security systems available. When you're away from home, especially, our professionals and best security systems in Melbourne have your back.

    What Can We Help You With?

    Alarm Systems

    In Melbourne, Casals Security Services creates, provides, installs, maintains, and watches over burglar and electronic alarm systems. For more than 20 years, we have installed and maintained residential and commercial security systems.

    CCTV Solutions

    We can offer a wide variety of really dependable services and have unmatched knowledge in all facets of CCTV security systems. Installing a CCTV system in your home or office adds an extra degree of security.


    Want to check on the status of the gate from the comfort of your house? In Melbourne, Casals Security Services creates, provides, installs, and maintains video intercom systems.

    Access Control

    Using access control systems, you may control who has access to your establishment and confirm who is present. While the traditional lock and key method of security has its uses, an access control system enables you to manage rights for numerous staff members.

    At Casals Security, we only utilize the top alarm manufacturers in the field, whether you're wanting to install a new security alarm system for your home or business or upgrade your existing one. This will provide you piece of mind after the installation is complete.

    When You Need Better

    Security Installation

    As a dependable solution supplier for high-end, cutting-edge security and automation systems used in the commercial, industrial, power, and other sectors over the years, we have carved out a distinct niche for ourselves. These systems, which are made from test-quality materials using competent engineering techniques and thorough systems planning and are reinforced with effective after-sales service, are assured to be full proof systems.

    Our reputation has been built on a strong basis thanks to our established infrastructure and specialized experience, which began with carrying out initial surveys, design, engineering, supply, and installation. We are proud of our work commissioning and testing various electronic security systems.

    Casals Security is a reputable organization that uses cutting-edge, specially built security systems. At Casals Security, customer happiness has always been our first priority. We provide and install items that best meet the varied needs of our customers. Our products are dominantly used in commercial, industrial, power and many other sectors backed by advanced installations team as well as skilled technocrats. We install and provide high-quality items that give us a unique brand character in the sector. Thus, we are able to provide customers with cost-effective, cutting-edge products thanks to the extensive expertise and experience of our professionals.

    We have developed expertise in this area of supply over the course of our operations, in addition to installing dependable security system solutions. This broad selection of systems includes full-proof systems made from premium-quality raw materials. We continue to pursue excellence in all of our products, which helps us carve out a special place for ourselves in this competitive industry.

    Since our company is owner-operated, each of our clients receives individualized service to satisfy their particular security needs. Additionally, our current customers are willing to speak on our behalf and we have some excellent testimonials to share with you. "Word of mouth" marketing is the most reliable form of promotion for Casals Security Services. Customers who use Casals Security Services become our "sales people" since they are so pleased with their experience. Our products and services are sincere and trustworthy.

    Our aim is to make the process of buying a security system or accessories simple, available, and above all convenient so that you can be confident that your family or business is safe and secure.

    Melbourne Alarms - CCTV Camera System Installer Melbourne

    melbourne alarms and monitoring 19

    03 9005 0175

    When it comes to security, experience counts

    Modern security systems are installed by Melbourne Alarms in both homes and businesses. Your castle is your house. You should feel protected and secure there. Unfortunately, keeping a light on and securing the door won't stop an intruder. We’ve got the knowledge and experience to keep you safe from home invasion, burglary and theft.

    Proven Security Solutions

    Pick from our selection of cutting-edge CCTV systems, video intercoms, and security systems. Any of our alarm systems can be managed by a mobile app for self-monitoring, or you can choose professional back-to-base monitoring with no commitment for a guaranteed response. Think about enhancing any package with one of our Sentinel early warning detection options. When an intruder enters your property, The Sentinel immediately notices him and sends you video proof. Discover more.

    You can modify any of these alarm system packages to suit your particular requirements. Speak to one of our alarm system specialists for courteous, useful guidance if you're unsure about where to begin. We'll work with you to discover the best option.

    CCTV Camera System Installers FAQs

    Front door

    This is the most obvious route for criminals to access your home, and the biggest proportion of break-ins occur via this entrance. To prevent any items from being launched at the delicate CCTV cameras, consider mounting the equipment at the second-floor level or fitting a wire cage around it.

    Back and side doors.

    Any entrance into your property is viewed as a potential channel for a criminal to access your private space. Have some cameras trained on all doors, as these are your most vulnerable spots? Take the same protective precautions as described in the previous point to prevent any tampering.

    Patio and French doors are especially defenceless against break-ins, supporting their stability with thick glass and a well-placed CCTV camera.

    Off-street windows

    Windows that are not facing onto a busy street or road may be attractive to crooks as there are no prying eyes from the public. In addition to cameras, as extra safety enforcement, never neglect your windows and keep them closed and locked whenever you go out.


    Some people may not monitor their garage, but this is often a common access route for burglars. Therefore, whether your garage contains valuable equipment or not, it’s important to keep it safeguarded.

    A camera facing the driveway or garage area is great for picking up signs of suspicious activity. Alternatively, you may wish to place the camera inside the garage, pointing it at an angle where the light from the opening door can light up the dark interior.


    Whether it’s a shed bursting with expensive gardening machinery, or a garden full of play equipment for the kids, often our gardens house many expensive items that make them inviting to crooks. To keep this area safe and secure, have a few smartly placed cameras dotted around, along with some security lights.

    All these elements can act as great deterrents to lawbreakers, making them think twice about accessing your garden.


    It is a common misconception that CCTV cameras are exclusively suited to the outdoors. Installing a camera inside your house, lens trained on the doors or windows can record a criminal entering your home, offering a full view of their face for easier identification.

    The only disadvantage with the indoor placement of cameras is that they are not as visually deterring, and a criminal has first to enter your home to notice them.

    For more advice on the best locations for home security cameras, simply ask a security specialist who will be able to offer some insight.

    Crime deterrent

    Having a CCTV camera installed at your premises will act as a serious deterrent to criminals and anyone carrying out illegal activities. The sight of a CCTV camera infers an air of danger and the presence of the law, deterring anyone planning to carry out a crime from doing so.

    Monitors activities

    CCTV systems can keep track of what is happening at the premises where they are installed. By monitoring the activity of workers and visitors at your business’ site, you and your workforce can have total peace of mind about exactly what is going on under your roof.

    Collect evidence

    In the unfortunate event of a crime occurring at your premises, having a CCTV system does pay dividends as it provides a way of collecting evidence to help ‘suss out’ exactly what happened. In addition, crimes can be solved far more easily with additional evidence from a CCTV camera, allowing place times, locations and, most importantly, suspects.

    Decision Making

    When it comes to settling disputes, footage from security cameras can be incredibly important. This applies to both domestic and commercial scenarios. So whether it’s dealing with family disagreements, employee feuds or altercations between staff and customers, you’ll know the truth by referring to CCTV footage.

    Keep records

    It is always a good idea to keep records of when your staff are coming into and checking out of your site and when deliveries are made or visitors enter the building, so you can ensure everything’s running smoothly.

    There are many further reasons why CCTV is an advantageous installation for any business premises, so why not consider getting cameras installed at your company’s site and give yourself and your staff total peace of mind in the safety of your operations?

    When looking for a professional surveillance installation company to design and install a new security camera system for your home or business, it will be important to be thorough and do your research. For instance, several very important questions will need to be answered.

    Some of the key questions regarding security camera system installation services include:

    • What type of security cameras should I use?
    • How should I connect my security cameras to the video management system?
    • What is the best type of video management system for me?
    • What type of storage should I use?

    A reputable security camera installation company will take the time to answer each of your questions for you in a way you can understand. In addition, you will need to have a decent understanding of what you will be able to monitor and do with the video surveillance system and any limitations the system might have. 

    It’s important to remember that your system will most likely not need to be as highly advanced as more elaborate security camera systems. For instance, it will not be capable of zooming in on detail 100x with highly detailed, clear resolution. Remember to stay realistic and look for the key features you think you will need both now and as your security needs change over time.

    Another key factor when considering security camera system installation services is how well the technician is able to explain the system’s technology to you. Again, having a good understanding of the system’s capabilities will be vital for you to get the most from your investment. 

    If you don’t feel like the technician is willing to take the time to educate and train you on how the system functions, it is probably best to consider finding a different option. Due to the innovative technological advancements of surveillance devices, knowing how to use and take advantage of their functionality is paramount to its overall success.

    When we do not understand or know how to use our video surveillance equipment, it can become more of a hassle or lack of performance. An important part of great customer service is how well the user understands the system, thanks to the technician providing technical training during the installation process.

    Another thing to consider is asking for a video monitoring assessment to survey your property adequately. This would include having a map of your property with the layout of the building, including property measurements for length, width, and height. 

    Having a comprehensive location map enables the contractor with choosing the best security camera placement. It also helps with making the most appropriate security camera lens selection. 

    You will also want to make sure that the lighting conditions around your property are taken into account and verified. Security camera placement, lens selection, and proper lighting conditions contribute to how well a security camera system can monitor and secure your home or business.

    Last, ask the surveillance installation company if they provide additional services for ongoing maintenance. Security camera maintenance and repair will be important over time. Knowing that your security camera system is well-maintained by the people who designed and installed it can go a long way in boosting your confidence in its ability and maximising your investment.


    Heightened monitoring

    The main purpose of a CCTV system is giving you the ability to see everything that happens in an area. With the push of a button, an officer can easily rewind the tape to aid in an investigation, have a secured doorway control program, or a mom could check the feed to check up on the family cat. Rather than just lessening crime, there are also other practical things that a monitoring system can let you do, both in the workplace and in the home.

    Maintain records

    If something interesting happened in your own backyard, you always have a record of it. Whether it’s a crime or simply something that you would like to be reminded of, such as the face of a new neighbor, you could easily consult your CCTV records. Since a CCTV can organize information systematically, you wouldn’t even have to worry too much about going through records and will be able to find your clip easily.

    IP CCTV such as Singapore can even give you more access to your records. Since an IP camera is designed to be accessed over the internet, you can check your records even if you’re on the road, and view footage in real-time.

    Lessen crime

    In the UK, CCTV has been shown to reduce crime by up to 50%, closing half more cases than they would have without the use of a security camera. CCTVs can undoubtedly help reduce crime rates not just in public areas, but also in private spaces, such as homes and offices. While the UK often use more expensive IP CCTV, you may still lessen crime with a good analog camera.

    An analog camera is still a good alternative especially if you’re tight on budget, or if you’re simply securing a small private space, like a home or office. While an IP camera has a few benefits over analog, such as heightened resolution and remote access, it may be a bit too much for the average homeowner.


    Can make people uncomfortable and breach privacy

    Here in Singapore, there are a lot of people who are not comfortable with a security camera, and it’s not hard to see why. Having your actions monitored 24/7 can make people feel anxious. It may raise issues of trust and privacy, especially in private spaces. In professional environments as well as within homes, it can stir controversy and be offensive to the people being monitored.


    Even the most expensive IP camera isn’t 100% safe. As with any piece of technology, there are still vulnerabilities in a CCTV system, which can be a huge deterrent to anyone planning to invest in a system. Criminals, with enough determination and know-how, can disable or access your CCTV system. However, it should be noted that there are still a lot of steps you can take to keep your system safe from tampering, such as getting your model from a trusted manufacturer or making sure that all connections are closed off and secure.

    Unable to stop crime

    While CCTV systems have been shown to lessen criminal activity and raise the probability of wrong-doers being caught, CCTV cameras are still just that: cameras. It can only record the crime as it happens. It will be unable to do anything about it, unlike an alarm system which can alert the proper authorities. Therefore, CCTV cameras aren’t very effective in stopping crime as it happens; you will need to pair it with other security systems, such as an alarm system, to make sure that you are fully protected from crime.

    A home security camera system is an excellent tool for home protection, and it can work both as a deterrent and a recovery tool. Burglars are wary of properties with visible security cameras. Plus, if a crime does occur, security cameras can help gather evidence. From property damage to potentially identifying criminals who break in, if you capture the action on camera, you're more likely to be able to remedy it.

    If you want to be able to identify cars, people, and other moving objects, it’s worth investing in a camera with super or ultra-high definition video (2K or 4K, respectively). This technology uses more pixels in the image, meaning you can zoom in to see more detail on license plates and identify more physical characteristics. An HD or full HD camera won’t get you that type of clarity, especially at night.

    Ultimately, home security cameras work best to protect your property when they're integrated with a home security system. To save their batteries, wireless security cameras only start to record when they detect motion, which means they may not record everything you'd want them to. With a home security system, cameras can be set to start recording as soon as any part of the security system is triggered, such as a contact sensor, a glass-break sensor, or a motion sensor. This makes it more likely the cameras will record everything that’s happening on your property and not just the few seconds of motion that occurred right in front of them.

    Spy Vision - CCTV Camera System Installer Melbourne


    +61 3 9558 1309

    Security CCTV Camera Systems Installation in Melbourne

    Spy Vision offers quick, efficient, and cost-effective CCTV Security Systems solution with integrated access control systems, whether you require surveillance for crime prevention or a premise monitoring system. We never skimp on the quality of our work as one of the best CCTV security system installers in Melbourne, Australia! To ensure that our customers always receive high-quality service at a reasonable cost, we only employ fully trained and experienced specialists.

    Protect Your Business or House with CCTV

    You might think that your company is safe now, but look around you more carefully! Nearly every business in Australia has installed commercial security cameras for a variety of reasons, but burglary and vandalism are two of the most important. Right? It's always better to be safe than sorry. Not to mention the threats to health and safety that are involved. Security systems will be helpful in ensuring that the business complies with health and safety regulations.

    Spy Vision Australia Company Profile

    SpyVision Australia is a proudly Australian-owned and -operated business. For more than ten years, we have served a number of residential and business locations across the country. We offer our customers a high-quality selection of products and services by combining dependability, cost-effectiveness, and innovative design and manufacture. SpyVision Australia is one of the most reliable suppliers and installers of IP, HD CVI (High Definition Cameras) Alarms, Intercoms, Ducted Vac, Access Control, Networking and Standalone Network Video Recorders to Digital Video recorders (DVR), Alarms and Intercoms in Cranbourne, Ravenhall, Waurn Ponds, Melbourne and all around Australia.

    Budget Security Co - CCTV Camera System Installer Melbourne


    budget security co.


    About Budget Security CO.

    Located in Melbourne, Budget Security Co. installs security cameras. For homes, companies, schools, and senior living facilities in Melbourne, Budget Security Co. specializes in security camera installation services. By providing the newest and most efficient technology accessible today, they are dedicated to safeguarding the safety of their clients. Every person ought to be allowed to live in peace without worrying about external threats, according to the company. They provide excellent security solutions at a price that is reasonable because of this.


    To deliver amazing professional security camera installation services with unmatched customer service to all of our clients in Melbourne, Australia.


    To offer top-notch security solutions to businesses, households, schools, and facilities for the aged in order to safeguard against crime, accidents, and unforeseen security breaches.

    Security Systems - CCTV Camera System Installer Melbourne

    security systems

    1300 610 056

    Victoria's top experts in home security cameras are Security Systems. We provide services throughout metropolitan Melbourne and Victoria from our centralized Bayside location. To schedule your FREE Melbourne home security audit, please contact our sales team. Our group of nearby professionals is prepared to install security cameras, update your home or business security system, or provide service for it.

    Finding the right safety and security solutions for every home

    Alarm Systems

    The time when you could ask for a "Standard Security Alarm System" is long past. Everyone has a unique set of needs when it comes to home security, so it is our responsibility to make sure you have the best Melbourne Home Alarm Systems available.

    CCTV Solutions

    We are security camera professionals and can give you the most up-to-date HD CCTV systems for utmost clarity. In order to ensure that our security camera installations go off without a hitch and enhance rather than detract from the appearance of your property, all of our installation staff are Police Licensed Security Professionals. They also take the time and care necessary onsite.

    Cowley Security - CCTV Camera System Installer Melbourne


    cowley security

    (03) 9455 3366

    We Truly Know Business Security

    Leading Australian experts in commercial security systems, Cowley Security Australia creates unobtrusive yet powerful solutions to ward off threats to businesses. A business is susceptible to robbery, fraud, flooding, fire, and other issues that we would all prefer never to occur. When the facts are considered, however, choosing to do nothing out of laziness is neither wise nor advantageous. When it comes to commercial security solutions, we can help you make sure that your assets are protected regardless of whether your business is in the banking sector, retail, service, or another industry.

    Whether your firm has 1 store or 1000, we can tailor a solution for all of your locations across the nation thanks to our more than 40 years of expertise working with some of Australia's top companies. Companies big and small have been safeguarded by cutting-edge security solutions professionally installed by Cowley Security Australia's licensed security specialists using only the top global brands. When combined with security data reports, our round-the-clock monitoring has facilitated quick reactions to emergency circumstances and will aid in achieving your organization's growth and development goals.

    Ensuring internal security is often an overlooked part of commercial business, but it eats into profit and fosters lingering distrust towards your employees, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Personalized access control may shield all company assets, including information, from internal and external theft, enabling management to increase profit margins and secure the company more effectively.

    Unified Protective Group - CCTV Camera System Installer Melbourne


    unified protective group

    1300 884 054

    Unified Protective Group Pty Ltd (Unified), a reputable security provider with headquarters in Melbourne, offers security services to residential, commercial, industrial, and construction clients throughout Victoria. We offer Concierge, CCTV, CCTV installations and service, Static guards, Mobile Patrols, Alarm Monitoring and Response, Retail / Loss Prevention guards, Event guards, and Static guards. To prevent loss or damage to property, businesses, and people, we employ highly qualified security staff and cutting-edge security technologies. Our team is dedicated to upholding a standard of service based on excellence, professionalism, and integrity.

    Our security staff have gone through rigorous job screenings and certified training programs in Australia. We make sure every employee complies with ongoing compliance standards and receives an orientation at each site where they will be working.

    To guarantee that our personnel has the resources and expertise needed to deliver and maintain a consistently high level of service, we continuously supervise them. We communicate with our clients frequently, and we appreciate any criticism of our work. We have invested in and created a comprehensive technological solution for the operations structure that covers the entire range of guard management, from rostering and deployment to live location management of rostered guards.

    CCTV INSTALLATION MELBOURNE - CCTV Camera System Installer Melbourne


    cctv installation melbourne

    0425 197 772


    Installation of cctv Melbourne is modestly situated in Melbourne and serves Victoria's Melbourne district. You may be sure you're not working with a security broker or contact centers with little experience because they have over 15 years of experience.

    Our entire installation team is authorized by the Australian federal police. We take into account the fact that families have limited resources when designing our price and package options for you. We have assembled the most popular, practical packages that are appropriate for the typical home.

    Just know that if your home is larger than the average one or your business requires a more specialized solution, CCTV installation Melbourne will do whatever it takes to make your premises safe.

    Security Installers - CCTV Camera System Installer Melbourne


    security installers

    (03) 8513 0790

    Intercom Specialists In Melbourne

    Which city you refer to on any of the world's five main continents is largely irrelevant. The circumstance is unchanged. Wealth and robbery are two major, incompatible characteristics present in every city you mention. These two societal elements, which are diametrically opposed, coexist everywhere from London to Paris, Rome, New York, Rio, across the Pacific to Tokyo, Shanghai, and Melbourne. We at in Melbourne are aware of this propensity and work hard to create secure houses.

    Crime is king in cities and suburbs.

    Although it is impossible to totally abolish covert activities like breaking into homes and businesses, much can be done to reduce or even stop them from happening. Melbourne experiences everyday robberies, just like other southern cities do. Police have frequently requested assistance from the public, which is one of the reasons opened its doors ten years ago to offer security solutions to owners of homes, public spaces, and commercial buildings.


    Many of our customers want a CCTV camera system installed on their property for personal security concerns. Whether it’s to deter targeted burglary attacks, keep an eye on suspicious neighbours or passers-by, monitor trespassers who may intrude through the back of their property or capture details of illegal activity outside their driveway, at, we provide and install one of the most reliable CCTV systems in the market.

    Smarter Security - CCTV Camera System Installer Melbourne

    smarter security melbourne 5

    03 8513 0470

    Melbourne is a stunning city, yet it still has a high crime rate. The daily reports of stolen property and break-ins are so numerous that the police are completely overwhelmed. In Melbourne, thousands of individuals are robbed each year. In essence, it is your obligation as a homeowner to protect your family and assets. We specialize in offering home security solutions like home security alarms and house CCTV that are affordable, useful, and most importantly, effective.

    We are aware of all the other businesses out there that promise to accomplish something but then fail to follow through. They promise to show up at 11 am for a quote but then cancel at the last minute. They promise to follow the instructions in your RFP yet fail to deliver the work on schedule. We also know that certain security firms may push you with the product that will bring them the biggest profit even though they are unaware of what they are installing.

    Security Camera Installation Melbourne - CCTV Camera System Installer Melbourne


    security camera installation

    0415 143 436

    Welcome to Security Camera Installation Melbourne

    install security cameras Melbourne is a security service provider that is owned and operated in Australia. We have operations all across Melbourne. We are able to provide dependable and long-lasting solutions for everyone by using the best materials available and hiring the most skilled and meticulous contractors. We offer security camera supply and installation as well as access control technology and security alarm systems. We have become one of the top choices for Australian homes and businesses thanks to our unwavering dedication to providing unmatched results.


    One of the best ways to safeguard your business is to install CCTV security camera systems. Security Camera can assist you in making the right decision or we can design a CCTV system specifically for you. We offer professional camera setup and installation, enabling you to use cutting-edge technology to keep an eye on your property from anywhere.

    Melbourne's leading installer and supplier of CCTV security systems is Security Camera. It is essential to guarantee the protection of your company, inventory, and personnel in today's society. As a result, Security Camera offers a variety of CCTV security alternatives, as well as tailored solutions to fit your company's requirements. You may feel secure knowing that your property is well-protected thanks to our CCTV systems and to our years of skill and experience put together.

    BPoint Security - CCTV Camera System Installer Melbourne



    +61 3 9020 9394

    Alarm Systems Melbourne

    Alarm systems provide you extra time to respond if someone breaks into your property. They provide you the authority to lessen any harm done to your property and shorten the time an intruder is inside.

    The fact that your house alarm is the last line of defense for your security system doesn't mean it doesn't function as a deterrent as well. Your home is equipped with exterior sirens that are connected to your alarm system in a discreet yet noticeable location. Your house, place of business, or retail establishment become substantially less appealing targets for potential burglars when a loud alarm is present.

    Alarms give tremendous versatility when used with zoning. Alarms can be set to arm and disarm at different times in various zones. Therefore, with bigger properties or various locations, you always have complete control. There are further levels of versatility provided by alarm systems. They are the ideal addition to already installed security systems, giving those systems more strength.

    Caught In The Act - CCTV Camera System Installer Melbourne

    caught in the act security solutions 14

    1300 766 509

    CCTV Surveillance Systems

    Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to monitor your house or place of business while you are on the go? Not only can you achieve this with our cutting-edge Internet-based CCTV solutions, but you can also keep an eye on your company, prevent crime from outside threats, and foster confidence and trust with your customers.

    In the event that an intrusion does occur, CCTV surveillance provides security teams with ample evidence, which greatly aids in investigations and asset recovery initiatives. On your smartphone, tablet, or PC, you can view the office in real time thanks to IP cameras.

    CCTV cameras give you visual confirmation of anyone entering or departing any restricted areas on your property when they are linked with our access control systems. In this case, the camera is set up to record the image of any person who enters the facility and passes through any access control point, giving you a visual record of who was where and when.

    Prowatch Security - CCTV Camera System Installer Melbourne

    prowatch security 28

    1300 776929


    specializing in apartments, businesses, and industry. Melbourne, always Melbourne Security Alarm Systems CCTV Monitoring and Alarms CCTV Installation. We are the industry leader in business. CCTV systems with electronic security alarms Installation of Point of Sale Integration and Access Control Security. Melbourne Business Security Systems CCTV Installation - 24 Hour Monitoring.

    Our Services Include –

    Access Control for Security - Time & Attendance - Integration of point-of-sale systems; - Fingerprint monitoring; - Service and maintenance - Constantly Watching Security Camera Alarms.

    Our knowledgeable, amiable personnel can install and teach you on all security products, saving your company both time and money. Safety for your customers, employees, and merchandise is also important. Prowatch Security is committed to partnering closely with your company to deliver a top-notch security solution at a competitive price. while streamlining and simplifying the business's protection.

    Security alarms from Prowatch CCTV A major systems integrator with a focus on high-quality security, IP, CCTV, POS, and safety solutions is based in Melbourne. Our corporate clients' needs are met and even exceeded. Industrial, commercial, apartment buildings, and high-rise structures.

    Eagle Security Systems - CCTV Camera System Installer Melbourne

    4 eagle security systems

    1300 259 261

    For more than 30 years, we have installed and maintained residential and commercial security systems.

    Our basic mission is to offer only the best items available and support them with unmatched customer service. We only hire technicians who have all necessary cabling & OH&S licenses and accreditation, are licensed Security Advisors/Installers with the Victoria Police, and are Security Advisors/Installers themselves. Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to provide each installation a friendly, high-quality service with professional workmanship.

    Few security firms can compete with our lack of experience when it comes to delivering security systems for homes and businesses over the past 30 years. Additionally, unlike many of our rivals, every one of our products is on display in our Bundoora, Victoria, showroom. To help you discover the option that best satisfies your needs, we are allowing you the chance to examine and handle each product.

    Precision Security - CCTV Camera System Installer Melbourne

    precision security australia pty ltd 8

    1300 766 111

    Home CCTV Security

    The most important thing in your life is your family, and we can help you whether you want a CCTV security system to watch over them while you sleep at night or a camera installation to catch trespassers while you're away. Our home security systems are among the best available. We can assist you in safeguarding your family and everything you value, whether you're looking for a basic HD camera system or a fully functional setup on your property.

    Smart Solar Powered CCTV Security

    Utilize CCTV security cameras with people & vehicle detection to lessen false alarm alerts. Reduce the number of false alarm triggers by receiving notifications only when they are truly necessary. Our smart solar-powered solutions can help, whether you're building your new dream house or need to safeguard the perimeter of your construction site. You can be confident your site is protected thanks to Australia-wide 4G connectivity and carefully placed security cameras.

    Security built on quality

    We have put a lot of effort into becoming one of Australia's top security companies. But more significant than all of our efforts is our core belief that security should be based on excellence rather than a willingness to make concessions. Everything we do is based on that one principle. If you go to your neighborhood hardware store, you'll undoubtedly find a variety of security products there. Some may even come from brands you recognise. Hardware stores, however, serve the lower end of the market when it comes to security. They generate income by selling a large number of low-quality goods, typically to homeowners and electricians who are being requested to install an alarm when they work on the lights and ceiling fans.

    Security Camera Installation Specialist - CCTV Camera System Installer Melbourne

    security camera installation specialist 16

    0424 726 103


    For homes and businesses in Melbourne's southern suburbs, Security Camera Installation Specialist offers expert security camera installation and TV antenna installation services.

    Our team of expert antenna and security camera installers, who are accredited and authorized by Victoria Police and the ACMA, provides a broad range of communication and security services. We can ensure the security and safety of your home or place of business with a surveillance camera system from one of the most reputable manufacturers in the world, such as Swann, Hikvision, Dahua, or Bosch.

    Anywhere in Melbourne's southeast, our staff may visit you and do a thorough security audit. We can work with you to create a CCTV system that meets your needs financially and offers specialized security for your property. Additionally, we provide full repair and upkeep services for current security camera systems and may modernize an older system.

    Serious Security - CCTV Camera System Installer Melbourne

    serious security melbourne 20


    Customers who want quality installation work performed by a business with a strong commitment to providing excellent customer service choose Serious Security as their chosen installation company in Melbourne. The installer you will have on site is not an apprentice and is fully certified, qualified, and insured individually. The installation will be performed by a licensed security technician.

    Why Sydney & Melbourne Customers Choose Us

    Excellent products Every product we utilize has an ISO 9001 certification and at least a 12-month manufacturer's guarantee. Most of our systems come with a 2-year warranty, though we do offer extended warranties.

    We stock a comprehensive selection of high-quality alarm and CCTV security systems and solutions since we are solution-driven. We'll probably suggest a solution to you that is affordable and meets your needs rather than one that boosts our revenue. We give all prospective customers open input about the level of protection currently in place at their property and evaluations of what security system items will be most helpful to them.

    Rhodium Security - CCTV Camera System Installer Melbourne

    rhodium security camera systems 6

    03 8787 8770

    First-Rate Alarms and Security Systems in Melbourne

    The go-to provider of alarm systems and CCTV security cameras in Melbourne is Rhodium Security Systems. Rhodium Security Technologies is a pioneer in offering cutting-edge, tailored systems to meet the needs of our clients. We can offer an intruder alarm system because we are aware of the difficulties in preventing unauthorized entrance to your place of business.

    Every lifestyle, every budget, and every requirement can be met by a Honeywell security system. Additionally, they perform tasks other than ensuring your family's safety. Starting at first light and continuing throughout the day, every day, solar roof ventilators discreetly remove heat from your roof or ceiling area. In Melbourne, Geelong, and Dandenong, security cameras have been installed in homes and businesses by Rhodium Security Camera Systems. As part of your security installation, Rhodium Security Cameras takes pride in our attention to detail and dedication to our clients.

    About Rhodium Security

    Rhodium Security Systems has emerged as Melbourne's top option for security camera systems and alarm systems thanks to their unmatched attention to detail, superior security solutions, and skilled installation. Thousands of residential and business alarm systems have been supplied, installed, and maintained by Rhodium Security Systems around Melbourne. They also have the ability to monitor and maintain the majority of current alarm systems. To ensure the convenience of our customers, we also work to make the installation of security alarms a simple and quick procedure. Customers who choose a security monitoring service may rest easy knowing that our skilled staff of security monitoring dispatchers is available every day of the year.

    MaxSol Techs - CCTV Camera System Installer Melbourne

    maxsol techs security camera and alarm installation 2


    CCTV Installation

    The CCTV security system is one of the most widely used security systems. By lowering crime and offering superior surveillance, this security element was advantageous throughout Melbourne. Initially, the CCTV systems were primarily intended for video capturing. However, as the amount of cameras, data, and security requirements increased, security camera component producers, such Dahua Security and Hikvision, started to offer products with a wide range of cutting-edge capabilities. Depending on the functions they offer, different CCTV systems are priced differently. Therefore, it is crucial to comprehend the qualities and make the best decision. Here are a few of the functions that a CCTV can offer.

    Motion Detection

    One of the best aspects of a CCTV in this case is the on-demand recording. In places with little human activity, this is used. Therefore, it is futile to record continually throughout the day to accumulate hours of inactive footage. The video will only have a brief segment that depicts individuals moving. Modern CCTV systems are built to begin recording when they spot movement in their field of vision. Only pertinent video is captured and saved as a result. On storage, archiving, etc., you can save money.

    IR lighting

    The infrared LED that is built into IR CCTV systems will aid in illuminating any items that are in its field of view. As a result, CCTV cameras can operate effectively at night. They are referred to as day/night camera systems in the marketplace. Infrared LEDs are activated and deactivated depending on the level of ambient light.

    Dhillon Networks - CCTV Camera System Installer Melbourne

    dhillon networks 7

    1300 344 557

    Security Equipment Suppliers & Installers

    We hire qualified security equipment installers and registered cablers. Dhillon Networks is a Melbourne-based company owned by Australians that provides a one-stop shop for all of your mounting and cabling requirements. We offer audio/visual, telephone, and data communications products and services. Among the areas we serve are Melbourne Metropolitan, Geelong, Melton, and Bacchus Marsh.

    Home Solutions

    You want to be sure that your house and its contents are safe from intruders whether you are at home or at work. You want to spend your time at home resting or having fun. In addition to your home's CCTV, alarm system, video intercom, TV antenna, and wall-mounted or home theater system with a variety of audio/visual options, we strive to install high-quality goods and solutions. In addition to the aforementioned, we also provide wired connections for data (Ethernet cable) and telephone. Placement of cameras, whether IP or analog, wireless or cable, is a crucial factor. All items are reasonably priced.

    Commercial Solutions

    Regardless of how big or little the company is. It can be stressful to run a business without considering business security. The knowledgeable professionals at Dhillon Networks are prepared to collaborate with you to analyze the needs, go over the cost, design, and finish installing cabling and mounting. We are experts in providing high-quality fiber, coaxial, and structured cabling solutions for security systems, intercoms, telephones, the internet, LCD and projector screen sets for advertisements, and much more. Additionally, we can set up your access control system, mobile device access, and remote monitoring services, which can assist prevent unauthorized access or damage to the corporate premises.

    Australian Security - CCTV Camera System Installer Melbourne

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    1300 361 122

    Melbourne’s Leading Security System Installation Specialists

    Australian Security is used by the top body corporates, builders, homeowners, companies, and real estates in Melbourne. Australian Security offers an unbeatable 3 Year Warranty on all of our work in addition to an industry-leading 6 x Month Post Installation Onsite and Remote Support. Australian Security is a company that specializes in both residential and commercial installations, maintenance, and repairs.

    High Quality & Fully Licensed Security Services in Melbourne

    In Melbourne, Australian Security offers expert security services with a focus on CCTV, Alarms, Intercom Systems, and Access Control. We are known as one of Australia's top experts in both residential and commercial security systems thanks to our outstanding service for 35 years.

    Eversafe - CCTV Camera System Installer Melbourne

    eversafe business security systems melbourne 11

    03 900 10 901

    Business Security Systems & CCTV Installation

    Regardless of the size of your business, Eversafe has you covered. We offer a wide range of customized security systems, including CCTV camera systems, monitoring systems, and video intercoms, to keep you safe and secure around the clock.

    Why choose Eversafe?

    Melbourne companies rely on Eversafe to install CCTV and security systems. This is due to the fact that we have been in operation for close to 20 years, offering you a lot of knowledge to draw upon when you require personalized security solutions that fit your demands and budget.

    We are able to provide a wide range of customizable alternatives and bespoke solutions to fulfill your specific needs thanks to our close collaboration with you, along with unmatched customer care. These encompass everything from CCTV and video surveillance to access control and monitoring for commercial, residential, and industrial complexes.

    VTech Security - CCTV Camera System Installer Melbourne


    vtech security
    vtech security

    0493 094 241

    Welcome To VTech Security

    Our company is proudly run and owned by Australians. For the past five years, our team of qualified installers has provided high-quality services to numerous households, businesses, and private entities.

    We can provide you with the ideal option, whether you need a home theater, intercom, antenna, or CCTV installation. Additionally, you are in good hands if you are a little tech savvy like us and want to manage everything from your phone or tablet. Integration into the home doesn't have to be pricey. Enjoy inexpensive little delights in the comfort of your own home.

    To ensure that you have crystal-clear vision and sound, we address all of your concerns and guide you through every aspect of your system.

    JBT Security Systems - CCTV Camera System Installer Melbourne

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    1300 556 782

    Commercial Security Systems

    We specialize in security camera systems in Melbourne, including their installation, supply, servicing, and maintenance. In Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, we install and update commercial security systems. JBT Security Systems are innovators in the design and execution of camera systems and alarm security solutions, such as Security Camera Systems, that not only function but also greatly simplify daily life.

    We can assist you whether you own an office building, a hotel, a commercial property, a restaurant, or residential space.

    Residential Security Systems

    Melbourne's JBT Security Systems are experts in installing, servicing, and maintaining all parts of electronic security. We design and execute a range of physical and electronic security solutions for your home that not only keep your family safe but also significantly ease their lives.

    We provide a range of home security systems, including intercom systems and surveillance cameras, all of which increase the safety of your family.

    Wireless Camera Solutions - CCTV Camera System Installer Melbourne

    wireless camera solutions pty ltd 1

    1300 66 97 99

    Consumers are continually inundated with options when it comes to security surveillance in the present market environment. Our vision is to bring forward a more dynamic and simpler place in the market where customers can easily choose the most hi-tech quality products at competitive rates without going through the hassle of browsing large product catalogues. We will continue to uphold our promise to provide your business or home with professional service, honest guidance, and counsel.

    CCTV refers to the use of video cameras to deliver a signal to a particular location on a constrained number of displays. The signal is not openly broadcasted, unlike broadcast television, even though point-to-point (P2P), point-to-multipoint (P2MP), or mesh wireless networks may be used. Although virtually all video cameras fall under this criteria, the phrase is most frequently used to describe those that are used for surveillance in locations that may need to be watched, such as casinos, airports, banks, military bases, convenience stores, and increasingly residences.

    CCTV systems can be used to monitor a certain event continuously or only when necessary. Using digital video recorders (DVRs), a more sophisticated version of CCTV may record for years with a variety of quality and performance options and added capabilities (such as motion detection and email alerts). CCTV surveillance of the general populace is incredibly prevalent in many places across the world.

    Jim’s Security - CCTV Camera System Installer Melbourne

    jim’s security cctv camera system installer melbourne

    +61 131547

    We are a Jim's Group company that specializes in home and commercial security. Each of our franchisees is a sole proprietor who specializes in security locally. We provide maintenance and setup services for security alarms, CCTV systems, and security cameras, as well as professional monitoring, medical alarms, intercoms, access control, and building site security. We have a solid reputation, and all of our work is covered by Jim's Guarantee. Each franchisee has a license and has been police cleared.

    If you're ready to install or upgrade your home or business security alarm systems, we're the best choice. Our alarm systems, which can be wireless if necessary, are built with a combination of internal and external detection devices. For home and office security, we have all of the cameras and closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems you could want. We provide some of the biggest and most reputable brands in the CCTV security camera industry because we value quality.

    With our monitored alarm service, we have mechanisms in place to respond to any alert within seconds, assuring your safety at all times in the case of an issue or threat. To ensure your piece of mind, we will get in touch with you and dispatch a responder to look into the situation. Having cameras guarding your residence or place of business gives you proof of any incidents that have taken place and enables you to verify your property using our remote view access. In addition to recording every occurrence, cameras also serve as a potent deterrent to would-be burglars.

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