top 30+ childcares in melbourne, victoria

Top 30+ Childcares in Melbourne, Victoria

As a parent, you want to know that your child is safe and well-cared for. You also want to find the best childcare possible. 

We know that finding the right childcare for your kids can be a daunting task. That's why we've compiled this list of 30 childcares in Melbourne, Victoria. We hope you find it helpful!

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    The Ultimate List of Childcare in Melbourne, Victoria

    Melbourne Juniors Child Care Centre

    melbourne juniors child care centre

    03 9470 2831

    Juniors Early Learning Centre in Preston, Melbourne, is run by a group of educators with more than 30 years of combined experience caring for children in a compassionate learning environment. We provide a variety of child care choices, including a kindergarten program administered by qualified and devoted educators, for infants through children in preschool. We are excited to have your family visit our lovely child care center.

    Goodstart Melbourne - Early Learning Childcare Centre

    goodstart melbourne early learning childcare centre

    1800 222 512

    About Goodstart

    As a not-for-profit social company, Goodstart has spent the last ten years fostering good social change by providing Australia's children, particularly the most disadvantaged, with access to high-quality early learning. The Benevolent Society, The Brotherhood of St. Laurence, Mission Australia, and Social Ventures Australia joined together to form Goodstart ten years ago because they understood the importance of a child's early experiences in shaping their future.

    Today, Goodstart is Australia's largest non-government provider of preschool and kindergarten programs as well as early learning and care services. More than 70,700 children from 59,200 families are served by our 671 early learning centers, which are staffed by 14,900 workers, including more than 1,500 teachers. A quarter of our centers are in poor socioeconomic areas, and about one-third of them are located in rural and regional locations.

    The University of Melbourne - Early Learning Childcare Centre

    university of melbourne early learning centre

    03 8344 1444

    Welcome to the Early Learning Center (ELC), a research and demonstration kindergarten run by the University of Melbourne. For 89 kids between the ages of two and five, the ELC offers a long-day education and care program daily. One hundred and seventy kids are enrolled, either full- or part-time. The ELC offers a first-rate educational atmosphere that is both humanistic and environmentally conscious.

    Children develop personal values like empathy, honesty, respect, and tolerance while growing and learning at the ELC. The goal is to help kids develop into confident, passionate learners who are adaptable, open-minded, and capable of navigating change in a world that is changing quickly.

    Early childhood educators from the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) create, implement, and evaluate the programs. They use an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning that promotes multimodal, in-depth investigations that combine language, mathematics, the arts, science, ICT, and education for sustainability (EfS).

    Childcare in Melbourne FAQs

    Child care is the temporary supervision of children who may be too young or unwell to themselves look after their own needs. Daycare centres provide this service, which can range anywhere between two weeks and eighteen years old with some daycares catering exclusively towards premature babies up until they're four months old

    A lot of people think that only toddlers need child care because they are helpless beings unable to take responsibility on anything by themselves but as soon as these kids reach certain milestones in development level then it becomes necessary for them start taking over other parts like getting ready.

    Children who receive high-quality care in the first few years of their lives are more prepared to succeed academically and socially. They also develop skills that will allow them to be successful later on: social, emotional, communication abilities.

    Here's a look at 8 of the most common types of child care.

    • Traditional daycare center. 
    • In-home daycare. 
    • Nanny. 
    • Shared nanny. 
    • Au pair. 
    • Babysitter. 
    • Relative care. 
    • Preschool.

    Family care remains the most common type of child-care arrangement across all marital and employment statuses. Three-quarters of full-time employed mothers (75.2 percent) utilize some form of family care at least part of the time, compared to 86.3 percent of part-time employed mothers.

    In order to provide a quality environment for children, programs should have the right amenities and staff members that will ensure their health. A happy child is more likely to succeed in school as well- so it's important not just from an educational standpoint but also because these kids tend not be prone towards behavioral issues later on down the line!

    Sentia Early Learning Centre - Childcare Victoria

    sentia early learning centre victoria

    (03) 9629 9823

    A lovely location designed to inspire kids, boost their confidence, and help them start down the path to a lifelong love of learning. Every day at Sentia is a story that slowly comes to life as your kid builds memories through curiosity, meaningful exploration, and friendships. Our child care and kindergarten facility is centrally located in Melbourne's CBD and actively promotes each child's imagination, creativity, and sense of wonder.


    We fully understand how important a choice it is for parents to entrust us with their children. Your trust in the people who will look after your most important possession depends in large part on them! Our employees are therefore our most valued resource. We take great satisfaction in having dedicated, knowledgeable educators who have a long history working with us. Developing a rapport with the staff helps parents and kids feel safe and secure.

    Little Assets - Melbourne City Childcare Centre

    little assets melbourne city early learning centre

    03 9620 2812

    About Us

    Little Assets is a nonprofit organization that was established on the principle that all children should have access to high-quality early childhood education. Giving your child a secure and enjoyable atmosphere where they feel loved and happy is the first step in achieving this. To promote healthy lifestyle habits, confidence-building and learning passion, we value each child's individuality, culture, unique strengths, and interests.

    We provide care from Monday through Friday at two locations in Victoria. Drop-off and pick-up are simple and convenient in our Melbourne CBD location, which borders the Yarra River and is near to schools, stores, and public transportation. The north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne are where our South Morang center is situated. The center serves families who live and work outside of the CBD and is only a short commute from Epping, Mills Park, and Greensborough.

    Only About Children Melbourne Central

    only about children melbourne central

    138 627

    Our Mission

    We encourage a love of learning in every child so they can realize their greatest potential. In order for a child to grow and develop, we establish surroundings that are safe, caring, and exciting. We work with each child to help them reach their full potential. Our crew is fantastically diverse and inspiring, and while they are still learning and developing, they are making a significant difference.

    Only About Children Locations

    Only About Children has more than ten years of early childhood education and childcare experience. More than 70 campuses are proudly managed by us in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Private owners own us. With this scope, we are able to offer high-quality early childhood education and care to more than 8,000 families and employ more than 2,000 people, all of whose knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm help us achieve our mission of enabling every child to reach their full potential.

    Our distinctive approach to childcare provides kids with the foundation they need to succeed. It's a strategy that prioritizes every kid in our care's overall health, development, and wellness in addition to their education.

    Astra Childcare Centre - Port Melbourne

    astra early learning port melbourne

    03 9646 6189


    Children as young as six weeks old are cared for and educated for at Astra Early Learning. With the help of our certified Early Childhood Teacher, who oversees a curriculum for school readiness, we provide our four-year-old students with a paid kindergarten program.

    The Reggio Emilia Approach and the National Early Years Learning Framework serve as the foundation for our curriculum. The Reggio Emilia Approach was initially created in Italy following World War 2, and it has since gained worldwide recognition for its innovative method of instruction.

    The Reggio Emilia Approach sees young children as capable, self-assured individuals who are curious about the world. According to the Reggio Emilia Approach, children are capable of exploring and expressing themselves in a hundred different languages. Children can express themselves in a variety of ways including painting, music, and role-playing, and they are encouraged to do so in order to appreciate learning.

    Apple Blossoms Childcare Centre - South Melbourne

    apple blossoms early learning south melbourne

    03 9699 5265

    Welcome to Apple Blossoms Early Learning

    Welcome to Apple Blossoms Early Learning, everyone. We realize how crucial it is to carefully choose who you would entrust with your child when choosing child care. Our goal is to give families the best possible access to the necessities we believe are most crucial.

    Due to our strong emphasis on nutrition, our resident naturopath has developed premium, nutrient-rich meals especially for growing children. As we create our own program to get your child ready for school, the Reggio Emilia and Montessori educational philosophies are incorporated into it. Your child's learning is centered on both the inside and outside environments. These areas have been thoughtfully designed so that children can explore them and discover more by playing.

    Froebel Australia - Childcare Centre Melbourne

    froebel australia early learning centre melbourne

    03 9481 2530

    About FROEBEL

    Your go-to non-profit source for bilingual early education and care services is FROEBEL. We provide your kid. Your kid will start developing into a member of a peer group in one of our FROEBEL Early Learning Centers, which will become a new, small universe for them to explore in a motivating learning environment. Our curriculum, which is based on the Early Years Learning Framework, is meant to support your child's independence, self-assurance, and self-esteem.

    Our philosophy is based on forward-thinking ideas created by renowned educator Friedrich Fröbel, who helped create the kindergarten concept approximately 175 years ago. Even now, his all-encompassing, child-centered, play- and inquiry-based, in harmony with nature approach to early learning inspires us.

    Creative Garden Early Learning Childcare Centre - Victoria

    creative garden early learning centre victoria

    1800 319 421

    From birth to age six, our Early Care and Education Centers offer top-notch Long Day Care. Our Coombabah and Mount Annan centers also provide before- and after-school care as well as vacation care for kids aged 5 to 12 years old.

    Your child will receive the best quality of care in our custom constructed centers from our experienced and qualified educators. We work to make sure your child has the attention and interactions they need throughout the whole day. Your youngster will be inspired to play, explore, and be interested in their surroundings.

    Before moving on to the 3-5 rooms, he or she will begin the process of learning hand-eye coordination, motor skills, potty training, and routine times in our pleasant and laid-back toddler room. In the 3-5 rooms, social interaction becomes a real focus for this age, learning to reason, communicate effectively and interact through tailored programs within a happy, fun environment of encouragement, your child will start to build a foundation of manners and respect.

    Little Flyers Child Care Centre, Melbourne Victoria

    little flyers child care centre

    03 9629 4014

    Educational Programs

    Children have an intense interest about their surroundings and a passion for learning and creativity from the moment they are born. Our aim is to create a fascinating, engaging, and supportive learning environment that promotes every child to reach their greatest potential in terms of social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development. Each child receives a customized learning program from our highly qualified educators.


    Our Infant Attention program offers under 2 year olds the love and extra special care that young children require. Each baby room is a welcoming space with a nurturing atmosphere and attentive attention. Each child in our program receives individualized attention, group activities, gentle play, and safe exploration. Without being overwhelming, it stimulates the growth of young minds. Because every baby's demands are unique, we have flexible routines for infants younger than 12 months. There are areas for sleeping, unwinding, and personal privacy, as well as the chance to engage in outdoor activities in the open air. Your child keeps a personal learning notebook that documents their progress so you won't miss any of the tiny things that happen every day.

    Kids & Co Childcare Centre Melbourne City

    kids co early learning centre melbourne city

    03 9614 2903

    Giving your child the safest and most encouraging environment possible not only meets their basic needs but also creates the groundwork for their further mental, physical, and emotional development. The CBD of Melbourne is home to child care facilities including Kids and Co. Children can learn in a secure setting with competent and deserving teachers who are no less than a guardian while they attend childcare. Every kid receives the attention and time they require for nourishing, learning, comprehending, and play. After all, learning is at its finest when you're happy and healthy.

    Give your child a loving, enjoyable, and welcoming atmosphere so that they can succeed in all facets of life. We firmly believe that learning occurs via practice, whether it is in good friendships or in the classroom. Every one of our curriculum is created to take into account the unique requirements of each kid, whether they call for more time or closer attention.

    Giraffe Early Childcare Centre – Docklands, Melbourne

    giraffe early learning centre – docklands melbourne

    03 9670 0884

    The owner of the center and the staff members are dedicated to offering kids and families a coordinated approach to a cozy, caring, and fun atmosphere that promotes diversity and every child's right to access top-notch care regardless of their particular requirements.

    We are aware of the crucial role the Centre plays in the upbringing and education of the kids entrusted to our care, and through staff development, we foster the establishment of warm, secure relationships. Your children are our top priority, and we put their needs first. Our goal is to create a setting where your kids can reach their full potential and grow and develop.

    We work to create a flexible atmosphere for you parents that best meets your requirements. Our business hours are set up to allow you to fulfill your job obligations while being certain that your children are in our care and in a secure environment. Each member of our team will talk with you about how to interact with your child, taking into account their likes, dislikes, unique interests, and requirements.

    Wantirna South Childcare Centre - Victoria

    wantirna south early learning centre victoria

    03 8578 5330

    Greetings from the Wantirna South Early Learning Centre, where we encourage each child to develop at their own rate and in their own special style. With a four-year-old kindergarten program, we accept children from six weeks of age up to school age. We provide a safe and secure environment where curiosity is promoted, ideas are investigated, and learning is embraced. While still following their own unique learning paths, the kids benefit from the power of learning in both large and small groups. At Wantirna South ELC, we believe that it takes a village to raise a child; therefore, we are eager to be active partners and create collaborative relationships with families and their communities.

    Camberwell Junction Childcare Centre - Melbourne

    camberwell junction early learning centre melbourne

    (03) 9882 8713


    We at Camberwell Junction Early Learning Centre understand the value of a child's formative years. We offer licensed early learning and kinder education programs for kids ages 0 to 5 as a privately owned and registered daycare and childcare center. We keep your child active and involved from their earliest years on thanks to our focus on learning and individualized care.


    To ensure that your child's specific requirements may be attended to with care, our daycare center can accommodate a maximum of 60 children. We are able to give each kid the individualized care and attention they require, whether it be for their growth, personal routines, nutrition, or other reasons, thanks to our three children's rooms, highly qualified educators, and additional room personnel. We take the time to get to know every family and make every attempt to meet their unique needs.

    Kimmba Bilingual Childcare Centre - Victoria

    kimmba bilingual early learning centre victoria

    (03) 9525 8300

    Our Mission

    Marisha Theeboom's multilingual early learning program also fosters cultural understanding among participants' families, strengthening the sense of community. The first lengthy daycare program in Australia, the Kimmba Bilingual Early Learning Center, provides children with four languages on a daily basis. Because we think that a society that accepts its people's colors, races, languages, and even religions is a successful, well-functioning society and one in which we would like our children to live and grow, it's multilingual program aims to accept families and kids who come from different nationalities and backgrounds and who speak different languages. This goal has far exceeded the NQF and the NS objectives, going above and beyond what DET assessors can detect using their usual evaluation method.

    Genius Child Care, Melbourne Victoria

    genius child care, melbourne victoria

    1300 955 547

    About Us.

    For young children in preschool, Genius Childcare offers an innovative and comprehensive early years education. We provide cutting-edge, specially designed childcare facilities, a varied and considerate curriculum, and enthusiastic, highly qualified educators to pave the way.

    Based on the Early Years Learning Framework, our curriculum (EYLF). In order to promote and improve young children's learning from birth to age five, the principles, strategies, and outcomes are crucial. Additionally, it supports their transition to school and the National Quality Framework. The EYLF places a big emphasis on play-based learning and acknowledges the value of social, emotional, linguistic, and communication development. For kids in the year before they start formal schools, our centers also provide a Funded Kindergarten Program, which is conducted by an Early Childhood Teacher.

    Boulevard Childcare Centre - Victoria

    boulevard early learning centre victoria

    (03) 9803 4398

    Nothing is more crucial, in our opinion, than ensuring that those priceless early years are filled with joy and laughter if you want to make them genuinely exceptional. To make that happen, we've established a warm neighborhood early childhood family service that focuses on integrating your children into the neighborhood.

    We make every kid feel welcome by incorporating the enthusiasm of our founder and her capacity to work on the most recent development research into her approach. Through a combination of indoor and outdoor learning, this strategy has allowed us to serve Glen Waverley and the surrounding area for more than 15 years.

    Niño Early Learning Adventures - Childcare Centre Victoria


    nino early learning adventures childcare centre victoria

    (03) 9421 6717

    We are a family-owned and -operated chain of picturesque early learning centers located throughout Melbourne, where each child is valued and encouraged to develop the qualities of bravery, creativity, resilience, and kindness. Every action we take is aimed at giving every child the best possible start. Our intentionally constructed centers and learning settings are meticulously created to appeal to children's natural curiosity. Our all-encompassing curriculum and nutritionally sound seasonal cuisines guarantee that kids are well-fed and motivated to learn to the fullest extent possible.

    We guide, respect, and support children aged six weeks to six years with dedicated and passionate educators. Children can explore, study, research, discover, create, and have fun in this special setting.

    Oakleigh Grammar Childcare Centre Melbourne

    oakleigh grammar early learning centre melbourne

    03 9569 6128

    Early Learning Centre

    The Oakleigh Grammar Early Learning Centre (ELC) is a cutting-edge facility that provides kids ages two to four with a bright, engaging learning environment. Our Early Learning Center, which is a member of the Junior School Quartet and at the core of the Reggio Emilia approach, holds the conviction that children are brimming with creativity and curiosity and that they have the incredible potential to develop a passion for learning and exploration that will last a lifetime. The intellectual, physical, and socio-emotional learning processes start to change throughout these years, and at Oakleigh Grammar, we encourage kids to thrive in ELC for an easy transition to Prep.

    Mentone Grammar Childcare Centre Melbourne

    mentone grammar early learning centre melbourne

    03 9584 4247

    Mary Jones Early Learning Centre

    Our Mary Jones ELC offers a play-based inclusive curriculum where kids can actively engage, participate, and explore in a secure setting. Our program is intended to be a collaborative effort between the kid, the family, and the personnel at the Center, who all have input on the program's policies. The curriculum takes into account the interests of the kids so that their learning is motivated and tailored to their specific requirements.

    Based on extensive research, our school has decided to incorporate a variety of viewpoints to provide a tested program that accurately reflects our inclusive, caring philosophy and offers the best program. All of our planning is based on the National Early Years Learning and Development Framework, the National Early Years Learning and Development Framework, and the Mentone Grammar Teaching and Learning Framework.

    Little Lane Childcare Centre Melbourne

    little lane early learning centre melbourne

    03 9818 8436

    About Us

    A family-run early childhood education and care facility, Little Lane Early Learning Centre is situated in Hawthorn, Melbourne. A purpose-built, cutting-edge facility, Little Lane Early Learning Centre features a dedicated art studio, spacious, naturally lighted classrooms, outdoor learning classrooms, a purpose-built dance floor, and much more. Our skilled early childhood educators will be able to assist your kid in developing a solid foundation and a lifelong love of learning in the years before starting school since they have access to the greatest facilities and resources.

    Building solid, sincere, and respectful relationships with each child and their family in order to properly understand and support their unique learning and developmental path is a cornerstone of our philosophy and approach, which is primarily based on a socio-cultural theory.

    East Melbourne Childcare Co-operative

    east melbourne childcare

    03 9419 4347

    The East Melbourne Childcare Co-operative applies the National Quality Framework's tenets. The Framework includes the Early Years Learning Framework, National Quality Standard, Education and Care Services National Law, and Education and Care Services National Regulations (EYLF).

    By relying on young children's interests and knowledge as well as that of the larger community, the National EYLF and the Victorian VEYLDF assist teachers in strengthening young children's learning and development throughout the early years. The framework's ideas, practices, and learning objectives support the holistic development of children.

    Footscray Childcare Centre - Melbourne, Victoria

    footscray early learning centre melbourne, victoria

    (03) 9939 0732

    We are an enthusiastic and committed team working for a privately held company. We started our journey in NSW in the year 2000, opening our first center with 14 seats and shortly after building our own brand-new, cutting-edge center with 58 kids in the Sydney district of Auburn. From that point forward, we kept expanding steadily and strongly, eventually moving to Melbourne, Victoria in 2017. Our second facility is in Broadmeadows, Victoria 3047, at 391-393 Camp Road.

    Since beginning in 2000, our services have been run discreetly and successfully with the help of our families and the neighborhood. Our program is approved for 50 kids per day, ranging in age from birth to six years old. We take great pride in belonging to an ethnically and culturally diverse community.

    Korowa Anglican Girls' School Melbourne

    korowa anglican girls’ school early learning centre melbourne

    03 8808 8836

    Korowa's Early Learning Center was rated as "Exceeding National Quality Standards (NQS) for its Assessment and Rating" by the Australian Children's Education & Care Quality Authority (ACEQUA).

    The NQS incorporates assessment and rating of services in seven major categories and is based on research on best practices. It is intended to promote continuous quality improvement. The seven National Quality Standards quality areas are: Educational Program and Practice, Children's Health and Safety, Physical Environment, Staffing Arrangements, Relationships with Children, Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities, and Governance and Leadership. Services are evaluated against these standards in order to determine their quality.

    Kilvington Grammar School Melbourne

    kilvington grammar school melbourne

    03 9578 6241

    Early Learning Centre

    Our goal at the Kilvington ELC is to support kids in becoming independent thinkers. Within a supportive, secure, and motivating learning atmosphere, our children learn how to solve issues, reflect creatively, and communicate effectively and confidently.

    Our students are taught by warm, caring, and highly qualified early years' teachers who carefully develop each individual child's knowledge, skills and attitude by guiding their development through intentional teaching practice, along with active inquiry and discovery learning opportunities. The focus on the development of the whole child within the nurturing and motivating atmosphere of our ELC prepares them for future study in a Junior School context.

    Bridge Road Childcare Centre Melbourne

    bridge road early learning centre melbourne

    03 9429 2943

    At Bridge Road Early Learning Centre, we want to build enduring relationships with your family in order to maximize your child's growth and education during their time with us. We hope to instill a love of learning and a sense of curiosity in your kid through co-constructive education. Theory-based knowledge, the national quality framework, varied communities, the use of outdoor space as an extra teaching area, and natural settings will all help this. Every family at our center receives the same level of care and attention from our teachers and educators, who also keep them updated and share milestones.

    Alpha Childcare Centre Melbourne

    alpha early learning centre melbourne

    (03) 9429 1431

    Welcome to Alpha Early Learning Centre!

    a nurturing setting where your youngster can flourish Long day care and kindergarten programs are offered by the community-based child care center Alpha to families in the suburbs and City of Yarra. The center is ideally positioned close to Melbourne's central business district and offers affordable rates for great services from highly qualified and experienced educators.

    From 3 months to 5 years old, pre-schoolers can receive full-time or part-time care at the Alpha Early Learning Centre, which provides all children with high-quality programming and educational opportunities in a nurturing setting. In addition to offering a multilingual Greek program, Alpha also offers a multicultural program that highlights many cultures. The Department of Education and Training has the Center on file. The Department of Human Services administers the childcare subsidy to eligible families.

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