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Top 50+ Commercial Photographers in Melbourne, Victoria (2024)

Melbourne is one of the most liveable cities in the world. This thriving city has a population of 5,072,000 and covers an area of 714 km². Melbourne is known for its parks, shopping centres, sports stadiums and art galleries. 

However, the best way to experience this vibrant city is with a professional photographer documenting your every move!

If you're looking for a photographer to shoot your upcoming commercial or corporate event, this is the place to be. Search no more! Melbourne, Victoria has a plethora of talented and experienced professionals who offer high-quality photography services. 

Here are just some of the commercial photographers that we recommend looking into for your next project:

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    Ultimate List of Commercial Photographers in Melbourne

    Sustainable Image - Commercial Photographers Melbourne

    sustainable image

    0425 728 115

    Based in Melbourne, we provide professional photography services throughout Australia and internationally; our primary focus is to assist organisations in promoting their sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. We also assist businesses with all of their photography requirements. Including corporate headshot / Board and Executive Management portrait, employee profile, website images, staff portraits, industrial and operational photos, events, direct communications campaign and advertising, annual report, brochure, newsletter and social media images.

    We are a professional corporate photography and videography company based in Melbourne, Australia. For your advertising and marketing needs, we provide a full variety of visual content development services. All of our energy use is offset by solar power since we personally care deeply about sustainability and social responsibility. Additionally, we offset all of our domestic and international travel. Clients who share our values of dedication, sustainability, and social responsibility are our target audience. Do you wish to share any successful business projects or stories with your current and prospective customers? We would be more than happy to speak with you.

    Kristian Gehradte - Commercial Photographer Melbourne

    kristian gehradte

    0411 867 553

    Kristian picked up his first film, SLR, at the ripe old age of 20 while on a formative trip around the world. He captured more than just memories there throughout the holidays. They began a career that lasted for more than 15 years. A significant portion of his mission is still driven by his fascination with people, learning about old cultures, and exploring other planets. In addition to creating classic environmental setups, Kristian gives his pictures a human touch. His laid-back demeanor makes him in demand for bigger productions. To successfully complete any project, close collaboration with clients and agencies is essential. This is something we sincerely like doing. Kristian can quickly put together a talented group of creatives for your project. Let's start the dialogue. The team is prepared to produce content for your regional, hemispheric, and international initiatives.

    He puts a lot of effort into each shoot to get the best out of it. In order to ensure that every image he creates for you is one you'll adore, he also enjoys including the client in the creative process. He is pleased by thoughtful composition, balance, and customer acclaim. Not so much, though, slow-walkers and drivers who travel in the right-hand lane below the posted speed limit. And while Kristian Gehradte's portfolio is chock-full of colorful, eye-catching images for some of the biggest brands in the world, he is more than just a skilled photographer.

    Brabet Photo - Commercial Photographer Melbourne

    brabet photo

    0405 196 634

    Skilled Commercial Photographer in Melbourne

    In the age of online commissioning and purchasing, effective marketing is crucial to the sale of any good or service. And whether you're selling goods or services, a fantastic photo is the secret to effective marketing. You need eye-catching images that clearly convey their traits and advantages. You need to use photos to catch your customers' attention. The most successful way to market and sell your goods or services is through photos.

    It takes a team to produce commercial photography. The art director's creative vision is where it all begins. A photographer who can support the art director in realizing their creative vision is necessary. Brabet Photo is popular with a Melbourne commercial photographer. Excellent posing, composition, and lighting are essential components of commercial photography. Professional Photoshop compositing and special effects abilities are equally crucial for business photography.

    With customers in both Japan and Australia, Melbourne, Australia-based Brabet Photo is Joseph Brabet's photography business. Excellence in photography, retouching, planning, management, and customer service are all priorities for Joseph.

    Commercial Photography FAQs

    Being a professional photographer in the industry requires you to click pictures that sell or at least compel potential customers to take action in favour of your business.

    Now, if you are a photographer thinking of making a career in the product photography or commercial photography industry, you must know that it comes with great opportunities. 

    Whether getting paid more or getting more business opportunities, commercial photography can put your skills to the test and can be very rewarding as the pictures get added to your commercial photography portfolio.

    Commercial photography is a form of advertising used to promote and market products or services. This can cover a wide range of everything, and anything businesses want to sell.

    Commercial photography involves the taking of photographs for commercial uses (product shots, headshots, etc.).

    In addition, these photographs are often used for the promotional marketing of a business, including website placement, product previews, and business card/marketing material images.    

    Typically, the contract is between a company and the photography business, seeking a commercial usage license.

    Portrait photography is for personal use by a private individual – these are typically to document a time in their life – not for high-traffic viewing – unless they happen to be a celebrity, which you may want to consider at a higher rate!

    Further, another huge difference is that a photographer may have more restrictions on personal art versus commercial work. Typically, images taken for marketing uses will be subject to cropping and altering (within the confines of the release).

    Most of the photography industry is freelance, but you may get commercial photography jobs as an in-house photographer if you are very lucky. 

    These tend to be few and far between and are most often in genres such as catalogue photography for brands who put out new products on a very regular basis. These jobs can vary but will usually be salaried. 

    Be sure to check the industry average – which can fluctuate – before accepting a position so that you know you are being paid fairly.

    One of the downsides of commercial photography jobs is that you can fulfil someone else’s vision. You don’t get the chance to express yourself and come up with your ideas very often, though it can happen.

    Instead, you are just there to get the shot that the brand has been dreaming of – even if they haven’t made the right conditions for you to get it. Your job is to make it happen, no matter what, putting your creative dreams aside.

    Another downside might be pricing. There will always be photographers who don’t understand the value of commercial photography jobs and pitching low. If they are getting all the work that should be yours, this can be frustrating. But you have to stick to your guns and your pricing – otherwise, you will be talking yourself out of being paid what you’re worth.

    You might also come across problems with getting paid. While it’s usual to ask for payment within 30 days of the work being done, clients know they can often stretch those terms and pay late because it’s too expensive to take someone to court over a single invoice.

    Get around this by adding specific terms in your contract about adding on extra fees for late payments. Then, they’ll be sure to pay on time if they know it would cost them more.

    Commercial photography is a viable career path for the majority of photographers who want to make a full-time living. However, those who consider themselves to be artists might struggle to give up control, and so it might not be best for them. But, in general, it’s a great way to earn a lot of money across fewer jobs than you might normally.

    There’s no easy list to churn out for the equipment used in commercial photography because it can differ from job to job. For example, you might be shooting in a studio with all the necessary lights and backdrops one week, then working out of a luxury hotel resort by the pool the next.

    One thing is for sure: you need a good-quality, professional-level camera and lenses to get the job done. The higher the quality sensor, the better. It should capture pin-sharp images across a large frame size, suitable for printing to a potentially huge canvas.

    You also need either good retouching skills or a good retoucher on your team. This might not be equipment per se, but it is essential for commercial shots.

    Everything should be polished and clean, and you will often need to smooth skin, change the shape or colour of things, remove reflections, and so on. Basic-level Photoshopping skills won’t cut it.

    As a photographer, commercial photography can seriously boost your photography business. Potential clients will be all around you, wherever you have a local or national company that you can contact.

    The work is available all year round, and the profits can be very lucrative. For a photographer, getting into commercial work is an opportunity for great success. 

    Your photography portfolio website will be the single, most important tool that would help you grow your business. Whatever the career stage, your website will always be the centre of all your marketing strategies to grow your creative business. 

    It is a great way to build your presence in the market. With clients continually looking for creatives who provide specific services, having a presence online will bring you to the forefront and help more customers discover you. 

    While engaging and interacting on social media sites, having a dedicated professional portfolio website has more chances and benefits of visibility and growing your business’ online.

    If you are a business owner, commercial photography is essential to growing your business online. If you want to sell your products or services online, you need high value-added content and stunning imagery. Images help us to visualise what we will receive. Without that reassurance, most people won’t buy.

    The difference between good and great commercial photography can also make a big difference to your sales. Great images make people want to finalise that sale right away. But, on the other hand, poor images might sabotage the sale. 

    That’s why it’s always worth shelling out for the right photographer who knows what they are doing.

    Lizzy C Photography - Commercial Photographer Melbourne

    lizzy c photography

    03 9017 1819

    Lizzy C Photography celebrates distinct personalities and brands via portrait, commercial, and corporate photography. Lizzy is a skilled photographer from Melbourne who specializes in natural, carefree, and candid photography. No awkward poses allowed here! We share your dislike of cheesy. We adore unforced, carefree photography that perfectly portrays your character. Our manner is lighthearted and discrete.

    What does the image of you say about your company? Professional portraiture for corporate entities, small enterprises, and professional individuals is our area of expertise at Lizzy C Photography. Together, we will design portraits that reflect your personality and brand. We have created professional photos for websites, social media, LinkedIn, resumes, and printed promotional materials for a wide spectrum of clients, including corporate employees, consultants, small company owners, writers, authors, musicians, and other creative types. A celebrated Melbourne photographer, Lizzy. She will try her best to make you feel at ease and make sure your portrait session is delightful, together with her skilled staff. Visit our specialized commercial photography studio, Commercial Focus Photography, for staff and executive portraits at your workplace as well as other corporate and commercial photographic services, such as advertising photography, architectural photography, lifestyle, marketing, or event photography.

    Simon James Photography - Commercial Photographer Melbourne

    simon james photograghy

    0417 000 459

    In order to express the story you need for your commercial project, my adaptable photographic approach can provide the ideal blend of documentary and creative photography. I will collaborate directly with you to produce a picture library that meets your needs, tells your narrative, and surpasses your expectations. Our photos are clear and detailed, displaying every aspect of your goods. We can provide you with photographs of the finest quality quickly and with local retouching. Get the highest quality photographs possible to take your products to the next level of professionalism. Don't let subpar photography hurt your company's reputation. A local photographer who comes to you can save you time. I take the time to comprehend what you want your headshot to say. Do you require a vibrant, formidable, and friendly headshot for your company? Or perhaps you'd be best served by a headshot that embodies kindness, compassion, and care.

    Simon James has been a renowned photographer for over 26 years. worldwide clientele and experience People seek him out because he tells stories expertly and takes beautiful photos. Everyone has a story to tell, and Simon is skilled at doing so. Simon is a perfectionist who has high expectations for both himself and the people he works with. When Simon puts down the camera, his work is not finished. He takes a personal interest in making sure that everything is "just right," whether he is editing photos, designing wedding albums, purchasing the newest equipment, or supervising the printing of photographs. He believes that everyone deserves quality.

    Portraits R Us - Commercial Photographers Melbourne

    portraits r us

    03 8786 7319

    At Portraits R Us, our goal is to record those priceless moments and produce enduring memories. People all throughout Melbourne can take advantage of a variety of skilled, non-traditional photography services from our skilled portrait photographers. There is much more to portrait photography than simply aiming the camera. A truly attractive portrait demands a skilled photographer with an eye for beauty and the capacity to put you at ease. We are skilled in bringing out the best in each subject and creating portraits that showcase each person's individual attractiveness.

    The ideal lighting conditions, an attractive backdrop, high-quality gear, and the expertise of a skilled portrait photographer are necessary for the most striking portrait photography. At our Melbourne-based photo studio, we offer just that. Our studio, which is in Malvern, has a gallery, a design room, and a shooting bay. We also offer a separate viewing area with a sizable monitor that displays the excellent, expert images that were taken throughout your session. We can take photos using softbox lighting, natural lighting, and other lighting setups to bring out your best features. Contact the staff at Portraits R Us if you're searching for a reputable photography studio in Melbourne.

    Marcel Van der Horst Photographer - Commercial Photographer Melbourne

    marcel van der horst

    0409 621 087

    Melbourne Wedding & Commercial Photographer

    I can provide whole package solutions for dining enterprises, including photography of your establishment and food and drink, for everything from food trucks to upscale dining establishments. Pricing is competitive, and it comes with a commitment to experience. For Open Table, Uber, and many other companies, I can offer CI-compliant photography. I can create crisp, well-lit, and precise picture that shouts "come visit me" if your place of business is what distinguishes you from the competition and you need to convey that to your audience. Space photography requires a distinct set of abilities in both capture and editing with a variety of specialized tools. When you observe me at work, you will understand what I mean. Are you introducing a new range of products or a company? Personal branding is essential for success whether you're trying to promote a product or service or yourself. This is accomplished through audience-focused content photography. Businesses with a clear strategy for their digital presence will succeed.

    That has been going on for the past 13 years. It began as a hobby but developed into a company selling prints as digital photography became more widely used as a means of shooting pictures. Helping a friend photograph his sister's wedding led by serendipity to a career in wedding photography. He's been in the retail and wholesale trade for 18 years—yes, he's that old—in the automobile accessory industry before it became his full-time job. Over 350 weddings have been captured on camera so far for both his own business and numerous prestigious leading studios.

    Blush Creative - Commercial Photographers Melbourne

    blush creative

    03 9826 8656

    Ad campaigns, promotional material, billboards, editorial, brochures, e-commerce, in-store posters, album covers, catalogues, blogs, publications, media, magazine, online and print ad campaigns, brochures, fliers, Instagram, retail, social media, and more Clothing, food, sportswear, jewelry, shoes, accessories, millinery, jewelry, beauty, apparel, and lingerie are all examples of product photography. Blush Creative has been photographing businesses of all sizes, from startups to SME's to charities and large retail chains, for every type of commercial image imaginable since February 2000.

    We will collaborate with you to create powerful images that best represent your product, service, or concept, capturing the attention of your ideal customers and assisting you in growing your brand. We offer a lightning-fast turnaround and dependable, professional service for all of your commercial photography needs. Product photography is critical to the success of your business. A high-quality professional image will increase sales, broaden brand recognition, and establish your company's credibility. The internet levels the playing field for all businesses, regardless of size, to sell online, as long as your visual identity is presented in a way that appeals to your target audience.

    Nicole Herrick - Commercial Photographer Melbourne

    nicole herrick

    0410 525 057

    Lifestyle shoots are an excellent way to convey the vibe of your products and brand. They can be used on your website, in catalogs, advertisements, and articles. Typically, lifestyle photography is an expensive process, but we try to offer simply styled photography at a lower price point to accommodate small businesses. To keep our prices low, we ask you to bring any props you think you might need. However, we can do all of the styling on the day for you.

    Nicole Herrick here. I've been working in graphic design and photography for 20 years and live in Melbourne. I've had a lot of success starting small businesses. I had my first at the age of 21 and have had a couple since then. I've built a new setup from the ground up several times. " My clients appreciate my advice on small business topics in general, not just photography. Because of my extensive marketing experience, I am aware of both effective and ineffective marketing strategies. I'm here to help you grow, and any of my clients are welcome to call me with any small business questions at any time. My passion and focus is on assisting small businesses in expanding. As a small business owner myself, I despise seeing people taken advantage of by entering into a deal with insufficient information. Because too many people prey on newcomers, I decided to stick to this market in order to provide high-quality services at reasonable prices.

    Liquid Photography - Commercial Photographers Melbourne

    liquid photography

    0414 620 840

    In 1999, a photography studio was founded. E-commerce liquid photography The production of premium pictures for websites, brochures, catalogues, and large format printing is something Liquid Photography takes great delight in. We are the trusted corporate and product photography experts, operating out of a 4,000 square foot studio in Kensington. Many people that need a keen eye and attention to detail to meet their commercial, advertising, and marketing demands choose our studio.

    Liquid Photography is pleased to offer a wide range of corporate and product photography services, such as stainless steel photography, interior and exterior photography, corporate profile photographs, and much more. We are the go-to photographers for a number of prestigious, high-end businesses. We are committed to offering top-notch corporate pictures in Melbourne and across the country. Plans can be a nightmare in the fast-paced, demanding corporate environment! We are happy to set up a corporate photography shoot in your place of business as a convenience to you. Liquid Photography is skilled at offering our clients first-rate product photography services in addition to corporate photography in Melbourne. One of the most crucial marketing strategies for promoting a product is how it is portrayed. The most crucial factor to take into account for a business to properly advertise its products is fantastic product photographs in Melbourne.

    Product Photos - Commercial Photographers Melbourne

    product photos

    0414 620 840

    The production of premium photography for use in websites, brochures, catalogues, and big format printing is something that Product Photos takes great delight in. We are the corporate & product photography experts that many businesses rely on, working out of a 4,000 square foot studio in Kensington. Many people that need a keen eye and attention to detail to meet their commercial, advertising, and marketing demands choose our studio.

    Product Photos is pleased to offer a wide range of product photography services, including photography of consumer goods, lifestyle photos, industrial products, stainless steel, and much more. We are the go-to photographers for a number of prestigious, high-end businesses. We are committed to offering top-notch product pictures in Melbourne and across the country. Schedules may be a nightmare in the fast-paced, demanding world of business! Whether it means that we need to photograph your products at our studio, your place of business, or another site, we can work with you to find the ideal solution. For your convenience, we consult with you to determine the best and most effective procedure to meet your demands.

    Michael Evans Photographer - Commercial Photographer Melbourne

    michael evans photographer

    0421 853 978

    Commercial & Industrial Photographer based in Melbourne

    What a wonderful moment to be a photographer in business! I began shooting big format films more than 25 years ago, but I never could have envisioned the extraordinary variety and quality I would be able to accomplish with contemporary digital capture. Because of the invention of drone photography, I can now take beautiful pictures from the sky or use my high-megapixel cameras and a variety of lenses to film life on the ground, hanging out of a helicopters, or even while working underground.

    I enjoy producing dynamic, contemporary imagery for use in business reports, websites, and marketing materials. I am a commercial industrial and architectural photographer based in Melbourne. Because I specialise in corporate industrial photography, I find that my clients range from government departments to architects and construction companies, right through to local small businesses and individuals in need of product shots or just a good effective corporate portrait.

    I pride myself on having a relaxed, fresh, and lively style, and I make sure to thoroughly comprehend the intended result before beginning every project. As a result, I am able to provide technically sound photos that are equally good at highlighting the product or brand as they are at being aesthetically beautiful. My particular passion for traveling and capturing this wonderful planet is evident in the Travel galleries, which I shot both domestically and abroad.

    Zoom Studio - Commercial Photographers Melbourne

    zoom studio

    0417 509 956

    All of Aguiar Photography's commercial work is now referred to as Zoom Studio. The Aguiar Photography logo can be seen on certain videos and publications. Logo for Aguiar Photography. A few miles outside of Melbourne in Wantirna South, we have a cozy and enjoyable studio. We primarily take pictures of people and products for advertisement. We enjoy doing quite different types of work. In addition to photographing and filming commercial locations, restaurants, musicians, and models, we also shoot for fashion magazines. Call us and let's discuss your upcoming project.

    There are several reasons you should consider photographing the business premises where you operate. It makes it easier for customers to find you, gives them a sense of how big and renowned your company is, and encourages them to trust you and your company. These images were created for a customer who has consulting spaces in these medical facilities. In Melbourne, they are both well-known and significant hospitals. They inform the client that they are in a handy and welcoming location. Including outside images of your building will also demonstrate its size and your ability to conduct business at a high volume and capacity. Even small businesses ought to think about taking some pictures of their exterior places, such as parking lots.

    Peter Rosetzky - Commercial Photographer Melbourne

    peter rosetzky

    0412 045 010

    PETER ROSETZKY is a Fashion, Advertising & Beauty Photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. He has been shooting for fashion companies, advertising agencies and magazines for over 20 years.

    His visual style is clean and stripped back, incorporating a strong sense of design, using bold lines, colour and light to create mood and dynamic in his photos. Recognised for his involved approach, Peter usually art directs and produces shoots, from the initial concept through to the final post-production process.

    MD Photography Services - Commercial Photographers Melbourne

    md photography

    0468 468 190

    With over 25 years of experience, Melbourne photographer Mark Dadswell is renowned as one of Australia’s most respected sports, commercial, and lifestyle photographers. He has covered the world’s biggest athletic events, including the Olympic Games, appeared in prominent publications such as Sports Illustrated, and been rewarded with significant honors in photography, and World Press Photo is one among them.

    With his father a local newspaper editor, Mark’s career began young, involved in media and shooting images on a diversity of topics and events. He soon graduated to the renowned Getty Images organisation, covering the Olympic Games in Sydney, Athens, and Beijing, the world track and field titles in Helsinki, Osaka, Berlin and Daegu, AFL grand finals, Australian International Cricket tours, International horse racing events, and fifteen Australian Open tennis championships. Mark has earned critical accolades throughout his career. His shot of Usain Bolt winning the 200 metres title at the 2008 Beijing Olympics won a major award at the World Press Awards. Mark has been nominated twice for the prestigious Walkley Awards for writing and photography and has been recognized by the National Press Photographers Association and the Australian Sports Commission. With an abiding focus on sports photography, Mark has also expanded out into commercial photography and advertising photography.

    Headshot - Commercial Photographers Melbourne

    corporate headshots melbourne

    03 9642 1659

    Some people are naturally photogenic. They’re scarce. Most of us need persuading to pose for a photograph, and even then, we usually cringe at the outcome. It was this insight, from experiences on both sides of the lens, that in January 2000 brought The Melbourne Headshot Company into being. For years, award-winning photographers Andrew and Robyn Campbell had been seeing customers struggle their way through sittings as though in a dentist’s chair; they resolved to establish a streamlined, professional approach to corporate portraiture that for clients would be all-gain and no-pain.

    Andrew and Robyn wanted clients to enjoy the experience of having their images shot. In a world of ordinary, run-of-the-mill photographic clichés, a stunning or unforgettable portrait is a competitive edge – not to mention a personal declaration. Having your photograph taken shouldn’t be a hardship, or a chore, or an aggravation. It should be about bringing out your best and displaying it off to the world. It should be easy. It should be fun. The Melbourne Headshot Company is about offering you the greatest possible experience – and the image to go with it.

    Freelance Photographer Melbourne - Commercial Photographers

    freelance photograper melbourne

    03 8804 1383

    Corporate & Commercial

    We’ll work together to generate imagery that speaks to your audience and compliments your company’s messaging. My services for commercial and corporate photos include excellent photographs of your company, personnel, workers, corporate portraits and more. These photos might be specified in advertising, brochures, catalogues and websites. As you can see in my Corporate & Commercial folio below, I cater to different industries and styles.

    Hi, I’m Stav Sakellaris. As you’ve undoubtedly surmised if you’ve reached this far, I’m a freelance photographer living in Melbourne with a nice studio situated in Collingwood. My specializations are the commercial and corporate sectors, although I do like to change things up, as you can see by my folio. For a little backstory, at the age of 13, my brother got me an SLR, and I’ve been snapping away ever since. I was schooled back in the days of chemical-ridden dark rooms when a photographer needed acute but firm patience as they waited for their vision to manifest itself. Sure, processing through computer might not be as romantic, but I won’t miss those fumes… In the previous few years, I have also accumulated experience in the cinematography field. You can view that work here. In 2003, I launched my own business working as a freelance commercial photographer - the business that you are reading about at this exact moment. In recent years, I’ve been lucky enough to obtain some more talent in-house in the form of my amazing assistant, David.

    Chris Magee Photography + Video - Commercial Photographer Melbourne

    chris magee

    0401 164 878

    Every job requires my extensive experience in creating compelling images for brands, people, events, and locations. Everything is shot with high-end professional cameras. Finishing, compositing, and retouching are all done in-house using cutting-edge software. Using AI software, I also provide restoration and digital conversion services for vintage images, negatives, and slides. Every client has their own password-protected private online Client Galleries. You can order prints or download high-resolution photographs directly from your gallery. Nulab prints are reasonably priced and come with a lifetime warranty.

    VIDEO WRITING, DIRECTION, AND FILMING When I was in Los Angeles, I used to record high-end television commercials for companies like Ford, GM, Master Card, Glaxo, and large supermarkets. EDITING AND FINISHING OF VIDEO AND MEDIA PROJECTS FOR DELIVERY TO WEBSITES, SOCIAL MEDIA, TELEVISION, OR CINEMA

    I work with top advertising agencies, web designers, graphic designers, editors, directors, and other talented and creative photographers and videographers to create high-quality products for each client. I am a member of the Melbourne Business Network, the Australian Cinematographers Society, and Beachside Tourism on the Mornington Peninsula.

    Melbourne Photography - Commercial Photographers

    melbourne photography

    (03) 9005 3551

    Founded in 2005, Melbourne Photography is renowned as one of Melbourne’s best photography firms, providing creative photographic solutions to an amazing and ever-growing roster of very delighted clients. We offer a wide range of photographic services, including all forms of Product and eCommerce Photography, Corporate Portraits and employee headshots, Events and Commercial Photography. We are a family operated business, and our skilled photographers have many years of expertise, ensuring we maintain a high-quality service. We aim to give an exceptional service at a great price, helping your business to develop with lasting impressions.

    Updating your website and social platforms and require a library of material to keep you ahead? We provide a high-quality imaging solution for a range of uses, including photos for your website, brochures, reports, social media platforms, advertorials, operations manuals and more. We recognize that how you look is a significant engine for your business. Melbourne Photography offers a great deal of expertise capturing photos to assist you sell or promote your product or service. We also engage with design companies, stylists, talent, hair and make-up artists and art directors to assist you acquire the photos you need. Call us to discuss how we might help with your project.

    Melissa Martin Photography - Commercial Photographer Melbourne

    melissa martin photography

    0417 909 160

    Whether you’re a service-based professional or brand, in today’s environment, you need to be visible, so you’re ideal clients can find you. Investing in quality images that highlight who you are and what you do is the finest and easiest approach to boost your visibility.

    Hi, I’m Melissa, and I’m a Portrait and Commercial Photographer situated in Mount Waverley, Melbourne. If you’re wanting to have a collection of stunning, high-quality images developed for your business that highlights who you are and what you do, then you’re in the right spot. I work with ambitious leaders and business owners who want to stand out and expand their personal brand and business online. So, if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, get in touch!

    Anthony Jeong - Commercial Photographer Melbourne

    anthony jeong photography

    0401 861 058

    We are Melbourne based photographers concentrating on Fashion, Advertising, Corporate, Food, Architecture, Editorial and Product photography. Principle photographer Anthony Jeong aims to capture high-quality photographs every moment. As a corporate photographer, he works for the government, community, law firms, periodicals and enterprises. Also, corporate headshot photography is highly common presently. His work has been published in yearly reports, periodicals, books and newspapers. We are always pleased to see customers in advance to discuss and organize the photoshoot in detail. We are working with other professional Anthony’s teams such as Make Up Artist, Stylist to meet your needs. Anthony JEONG Photography is adept in a multitude of techniques and can deliver for a range of disciplines. Also available corporate photography & Video Service. Anthony Jeong is a professional photographer based in Melbourne, Australia.

    Since 2000, he has started filming commercial works. Anthony has experience in a wide range of photography, including Commercial, Fashion, Corporate, Architecture, Portrait, Editorial, Headshots, Advertising, Food and Product photography. He always aims to generate new photographs and capture those key moments that match the project criteria of his clients. His enthusiasm for photography is reflected in his unique design talents and imaginative photos. He organizes each project thoroughly and plans everything, from casting models fit for the shoot, scouting for locations and coordinating a team of hair and make-up artists, models and stylists. As a professional photographer, his clients come to us for all their needs, whether the client needs everything taken care of from arranging the shoot, retouching, design of the look book or catalogue. Enjoy Melbourne Commercial Photographer Anthony JEONG Photography is also accessible for interstate and worldwide photoshoots.

    Image Workshop Photography - Commercial Photographers Melbourne

    image workshop photography

    0432 901 976

    Photographers Brence Coghill and Sharon Blance from Melbourne. We shoot people-centric commercial and editorial assignments. compelling and distinctive photography, whether it be one standout hero image, an original picture library, a pop-up brand activation, or an in-depth feature.

    Although we are experts in Photoshop and gear, we are more than that (although we are those things too). As "Ideas People," we. The inventiveness and perspective we bring to each project are valued by our clients. What is the story that needs to be told? is the question we ask instead of simply asking "What do you need a shot of?"

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