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40+ Best Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoo Salons Melbourne, Victoria (2022)

Haven’t you ever wanted to have the perfect cat eye or winged eyeliner tattoo

The kind that takes a few seconds to make and lasts all day long. Well, now you can work with these best cosmetic eyeliner tattoo salons in Melbourne, Victoria

These salons offer the best of both worlds: convenience and perfection. Now, what are you waiting for? Go grab your friends and head on over to one of these locations today! You won’t regret it!

Melbourne’s Ultimate List of Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoo Salons

Rachael Bebe Cosmetic Tattoos – Eyeliner Tattoo Salon Melbourne

rachael bebe


(03) 9787 7716

Rachael Bebe is a specialist in natural effect eyebrows, eyebrow microblading, feathering or hair stroke eyebrow tattooing & based in Mt Eliza, Victoria.

The look we create looks like real hair, excellent for enhancing faded, patchy and thin eyebrows or creating those designer brows you’ve always wanted.


Rachael Bebe is a specialist in natural effect eyebrows. Eyebrow microblading, feathering or hair stroke eyebrow tattooing. It looks like real hair and is excellent for enhancing faded, patchy and thin eyebrows, or creating those designer brows you’ve always wanted.

Have perfect wings all day every day with our eyeliner tattoo treatments

If we had a dollar for every minute we’ve spent in front of the mirror, tediously trying to get our eyeliner to look the same on both eyelids, we would be sailing on a yacht off the coast of Santorini! You can imagine the buzz at Cosmetic Tattoos by Rach when we got our hands on the amazing permanent eyeliner tattoo technology!

There is a whole lot of amazingness that transpires after an eyeliner tattoo treatment from Cosmetic Tattoos by Rach. Firstly, you’ll wake up with fresh eyeliner each morning, ready to go! Thus, saving you at least 10 minutes in front of the mirror.

Secondly, eyeliner tattoo treatment is also cost-effective! Your back pocket will praise you, once you no longer have to fork out anywhere between $10 to $60 every time your eyeliner pencil runs out!

Thirdly, with your spare 10 minutes, you’ll have more time to do the things you love like exercise or… Just kidding! 10 minutes is plenty of time to squeeze in an episode (or two!) of the latest thing you’re binging on Netflix!

Eye Liner Tattooing

I believe this is what every woman should have. The colour that is applied around the eyes makes your eyes pop with colour, and they seriously come to life. This new splash of colour around your eyes is a very easy trick to make you appear younger. The colour will fade quite a bit before I see you again in 6 weeks, then I will redeposit more colour to make sure it lasts the 2-3 years. 

Have the eyeliner you deserve at $550 for thicker upper eyeliner, $440 if you want a natural eyeliner, $300 for the lower eyeliner. If you have your lower eyeliner tattooed at the same time as the upper eyeliner, then the price of the lower eyeliner is just $100. (special price)

How long do eyeliner tattoos last?

Permanent makeup, including tattooed eyeliner, looks best for about one year. Depending on how well your eye holds the colour, it can last for up to two to three years before you have to start worrying about touch-ups. (All the more reason to hire a really amazing artist. More on that soon).

Over time, the colour will naturally fade down and evenly until the molecules all dissipate and you can do it again. Once faded, it [might] look like a soft greyish colour.

Like everything in the beauty world, permanent eyeliner requires some upkeep if you want to maintain the look. You’ll likely need to go for touch-ups at a rate of about once every year or so. Note that things like after-care (such as not getting your skin wet), general lifestyle factors, diet, skincare products, meds, and sun exposure all play a role in fading. Your tech can walk you through how to properly tend to your permanent eyeliner to help make it last.

The Aftercare

Your aftercare is also very simple with eyeliner tattooing, no mascara, eye makeup for 4 days during which you will be applying the smallest amount of cream to protect the area from infection and to ensure the best healing. Your eyes will feel like crying eyes for about 4 hrs…. no biggy, they will feel swollen on day 1, but… this is it, so easy.

I will make an appointment with you for 6 weeks, to go over the cosmetic tattoo and deposit more colour to ensure it will last for 2-3 years, due to the internal healing of this treatment I do not recommend doing the perfection stage any earlier than 6 weeks.

Our Mission

Here at Cosmetic Tattoos by Rach, our mission is simple – we want to help each and every woman we meet look and feel the way that she wants.

Through our microblading, eyebrow tattoo, and women’s beauty services, we continuously work to provide women with a viable solution that saves them time preparing themselves in the morning, ultimately allowing them to feel more confident in their natural looks. Each and every day, our team works diligently to see this mission through with every client whom we serve.

Our Vision

We like to envision ourselves as more than a microblading studio. In our eyes, we’re beauty experts who have spent years working together to find new ways of helping women achieve the look that works for them.

We understand that no two women are ever the same, which means that their definition of beauty will always differ. For that very reason, we’re proud to deliver personalized service specifically designed to deliver the right result for the right person.

The Brow Lab – Eyeliner Tattoo Salon Melbourne

the brow lab


0423 321 183

At The Brow Lab, we use a natural approach to lip and eyeliner treatments to enhance the features rather than create a permanent ‘Makeup” look. Styles and trends are forever changing, so we believe subtle, natural-looking adjustments to the lips and eyes will ensure you will be satisfied with your results for years to come. 


LASH ENHANCEMENT (Upper or Lower lash line) -$450​

In this procedure we tattoo in-between the lashes to darken the area, giving the illusion of thicker lashes, it is mostly done on the top lash line but can also be performed on the lower lash line. 



For those who like the all-natural look, opt for a natural lip colour to correct and enhance the lip line, softly blended into the lip for a gloss and go look. Includes 2x sessions 6 weeks apart. 


For full luscious lips, colour is applied to the entire lip to enhance the mouth and correct asymmetries. Soft natural colour can be used to create a natural appearance and correct lip discolouration. Includes 2x sessions 6 weeks apart.


3-4 days prior to having your Lip Tattoo appointment, if you have ever had a cold sore outbreak we recommend taking either lysine or a cold sore preventative as this will reduce the likelihood of cold sores appearing as a result of the lips healing.

On the day of the procedure, an anaesthetic is applied to the lips before the artist begins the consult and design process. 

As the tattoo is healing the pigment will deepen in colour so it is best to plan your tattoo around any important events such as weddings, birthday parties or important business meetings. If you are unsure please check with your consultant before booking.


The pigment is most dramatic 24 – 48 hours after the initial treatment, following which the outer layer of dry skin will begin to peel. Lip Tint Tattoo after-care is minimal. Refrain from touching the area with fingertips and apply a nourishing antiseptic cream twice daily. It is also important to avoid exfoliants, oils, lipsticks and spicy foods for at least one week. A retouch appointment is recommended within 6 – 8 weeks as this ensures the artist is able to correct any fading inconsistencies and to ensure the lip line looks crisp. This is also an opportunity to make any minor colour changes. After both sessions, you should expect your lips to fade anywhere from 25 – 50% and peeling to occur for 3 – 5 days depending on your skin type.

Lip tattoo generally lasts between 3 –5 years however this depends on your skin’s chemistry, active ingredients in your skincare and exposure to the elements. 

The Beauty Extract – Eyeliner Tattoo Salon Melbourne

the beauty extract


0432 106 119

At The Beauty Extract, we genuinely believe in the power of enhancing our client’s natural beauty and confidence through exclusive and cutting-edge treatments. We offer a wide range of services to help get you to your best.

We are skilled and passionate therapists who have many years of experience catering to a diverse range of clientele and ensuring every client is treated with exceptional customer service and complete professionalism.

We maintain the highest 5-star Health and Safety Rating by Whitehorse City Council and continue to research and adapt to new products and trends, bringing you the absolute best every visit.

We have a distinctive flair for creating a natural and warm ambience as you enjoy the ultimate experience The Beauty Extract has to offer.


Make your eyes pop with the ultimate semi-permanent cosmetic eyeliner tattoo.

This smudge-proof, waterproof long-lasting eyeliner will be skillfully designed to accentuate your eye colour, shape and size.

Whether you’re after a subtle barely there look, a soft smoky or more defined bold eyeliner, there are many different styles and techniques that can be used.

Morgan’s caring nature will assure you will be kept comfortable throughout the procedure and her amazing ability to make your eyes a stunning feature will leave you never looking better!

Elixir Cosmetic Tattoo – Eyeliner Tattoo Salon Melbourne

elixir cosmetic tattoo


03 9191 1016

We are a vibrant and professional cosmetic tattoo clinic based in South Melbourne. Our team of experienced and talented cosmetic tattooists pride themselves on giving each of our clients a unique experience: we will cater to your needs and requests as no two faces are alike. Our vision is to provide the utmost quality of permanent makeup artistry which sets a new standard in permanent cosmetics: soft, subdued, smudging, feathering, and stroking techniques that look completely natural and are undetectable.

Eyeliner Tattooing

From very natural lash enhancements to a more defined line, the choice is yours. Never worry about smudges again. This procedure is popular with both male and female clients. Ophthalmologists recommend this procedure for those who are allergic to conventional makeup and for those who wear contact lenses.

Corrective, Not Just Cosmetic

Permanent makeup is not just about colouring your eyebrows, adding eyeliner to eyes and colour to lips. Other cosmetic tattoo procedures include scar camouflage, areola and nipple restoration, aimed at improving the injuries such as burns, trauma scars, surgery scars, cleft lip, hairline enhancements, to name a few.

Permanent cosmetic procedures are performed using various methods, including the traditional tattoo or coil machines, the pen or rotary machine and the non-machine or hand method.  Anyone can enjoy the benefits of permanent makeup men and women who wish to look their best all the time. Anyone who desires a soft, natural enhancement to his or her appearance would benefit from this treatment. It is especially beneficial to those with allergies and skin sensitivities as well as active sportswomen and those with medical conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and arthritis.  Burn survivors, people with flaws in their skin, as well as, people that have a visible scar from trauma or surgery and people that need hairline enhancements.

Essential Beauty – Eyeliner Tattoo Salon Melbourne

essential beauty


03 9317 8884

Wake up with makeup! Are you looking for a convenient, permanent way to achieve a fresh new look?

Wake up with eyeliner, full looking lashes, and filled in, defined brows! Look younger and spend less time getting ready in the morning with semi-permanent makeup. This service is available at selected Essential Beauty salons, where our Beauty Therapists have received specific theoretical and practical training in semi-permanent makeup who are regularly assessed, to make sure they continue to meet our company’s high standards.

Eyeliner and eyelash semi-permanent makeup

The pigment is dotted in between the lashes for a natural look that can create the illusion of fuller and voluminous lashes, or pigment can be added slightly above lashes for a more dramatic eyeliner look that won’t wash away!

Different techniques can be used to achieve the desired look that you’re after. You can use semi-permanent makeup to accentuate your eyes and eyelashes to provide fullness and depth, correct the appearance of uneven eyes, make your eyes appear smaller or make your eyes appear bigger.

Semi-permanent makeup is also a great option if you have allergies, or if cosmetics irritate your eyes – this is a common problem for people who wear contact lenses.

About Essential Beauty

With 30 years’ experience, and salons across Australia, Essential Beauty has been the experts in waxing, piercing and all things beauty since 1990! We are a network of full-service beauty salons specialising in waxing and body piercing, as well as offering brow and lash services, facials, microdermabrasion, spray tanning, quality body jewellery and skincare.

The Essential Beauty story began in 1990 in Adelaide, South Australia, when our first salon opened, with one room beauty inside a women’s only gym. Essential Beauty’s vision was to take beauty services that were once seen as a luxury or inaccessible and transform them into a necessity, in a convenient, friendly and welcoming environment.

Essential Beauty began franchising salons in 2000 and quickly became the fastest-growing franchise in Australia. Today, Essential Beauty has over 400 rooms throughout its 60+ salon network across Australia and proudly employs a 100% female workforce of 400 Beauty Therapists and Piercing Specialists!

Our mission is to remain an influential driver in the beauty industry with an uncompromising commitment to innovation and exceeding our customer’s expectations. We were the first to offer XXX Brazilian waxing in South Australia. Our cheeky advertising campaigns launched our XXX Brazilian wax and it quickly became a phenomenon, it is still our most popular service today!

In 1995, Essential Beauty was the first to introduce body piercing into a beauty salon setting, traditionally piercings were only done in tattoo shops. Essential Beauty made piercing accessible to fashion-forward young men and women that didn’t necessarily fit into tattoo studio clientele in the 90s!

In 2018, Essential Beauty formed an exclusive partnership with the innovative German-made skincare brand Dalton Marine Cosmetics. Dalton was founded in 1976 and is loved in over 50 countries! Dalton is exclusively available in Australia through Essential Beauty.

Beauty Brow Lash Bar – Eyeliner Tattoo Salon Melbourne

beauty brow lashbar


0422 436 337


Boasting a prime position in Melbourne’s most fashionable street, Beauty Brow Lash Bar is one of the city’s best lash salons. We offer friendly professional service in a clean and serene environment. The fact that clients come back again and again only proves that we deliver outstanding quality, using the very latest beauty products and techniques. The real difference here is that we love what we do with a passion. We get a real buzz out of providing superior beauty services and therapies, to help you look your best.


There are lots of options to have your eyeliner tattoo, thin line, medium thickness.

Lash enhancement is a subtle, natural way of tattooing pigment in between the rows of eyelashes, it is very popular with women of all ages, men, and people with very droopy eyelids.

It gives depth to your eyes, brown eyes become more sultry, mysterious, blue and green eyes, become more piercing, the lashes appear thicker, lusher, darker! This is my preferred option for eyelash extensions that sometimes result in loss of lashes and allergies to the glue used. Shadowing of colour can be added above for a soft natural look or a more bold defined line can be achieved.

Ophthalmologists recommend eyeliner tattooing for people who are allergic to conventional make-up and for those wearing contact lenses and for people having eyesight problems. It adds depth to your eyes and solves the problem of  “panda eyes” created by running kajal crayon.

Semi-permanent eyeliner enhances the eyes making the colour of your eyes more intense, it can be as natural or as sophisticated as you wish, depending on the shape of the eyeliner you would choose, there are endless possibilities, you can also have tails, wings, thin, medium, thick, stack the colours for a smudgy look or have a very definite result.

Using superior anaesthetics and the use of medication, it can even feel like “tickling” of the eyelids and it is the longest-lasting procedure of cosmetic tattooing.


Boasting a prime position in Melbourne’s most fashionable street, Beauty Brow Lash Bar is one of the city’s best lash salons. We offer friendly professional service in a clean and serene environment. The fact that clients come back again and again only proves that we deliver outstanding quality, using the very latest beauty products and techniques. The real difference here is that we love what we do with a passion. We get a real buzz out of providing superior beauty services and therapies, to help you look your best. Our lash technicians and therapists are cutting edge, having performed thousands of treatments, including eyebrow shaping, threading, eyelash extensions, cosmetic tattooing (brow, lip and eyeliner), waxing, and more. Within cosmetic tattooing, our specialty is feathery, natural-looking eyebrows that last, using a microblading eyebrow tattoo technique.

Flutter Beauty Studio – Eyeliner Tattoo Salon Melbourne

flutter beauty studio


0400 566 068

Offering services in Cosmetic Tattooing, Lash extensions, Henna brows, Threading and Lash Lift, Flutter Beauty Studio will bring out your confidence and inner beauty by enhancing your natural outer beauty.

Having travelled internationally to seek out the best and most contemporary methods, Flutter has unique techniques that will give you exceptional service and incredible results.

At Flutter, we understand that getting the best result means listening to you, offering gentle advice and helping you, to make educated decisions about what look is best for you. 


Eyeliner Permanent Make-up is ideal for people who apply eyeliner or eye makeup every day. The advantage of this is that a beautiful and professional shape will be applied according to your eye shape and it will save you time each day, not to mention that you won’t have to worry about your eye makeup running. This procedure can be applied to the top liner, bottom liner or both.

Eyelash enhancement – top

90 mins


Eyelash enhancement is the application of a dark brown or black pigment across the top eyelash. The effect is to give definition to your eyes.

Perfect Liner

180 mins


This is great for someone who wears eyeliner everyday. You don’t have to worry about smudging or fading.

Eyeliner – Eyeshadow Effect

180 mins


This is the most popular as it looks like eyeliner with an eye shadow and has a nice smokey finish. You can choose your customized shape and colour.


Aelita Fitzpatrick is a Cosmetic Tattoo and Eyelash Extension Specialist, with a love and passion for enhancing the natural beauty of her clients.

Aelita has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years and has always had a passion for her work and an instinctive intuition about what styles, services and shapes will suit her clients. Cosmetic tattooing gave her another avenue to develop her talents while helping people to feel good about themselves.

Aelita was successful and highly sought after beautician in Dubai where she perfected her skills for over 12 years before moving to Melbourne. Aelita has undergone extensive training and regularly travels internationally to attend Advanced Master Classes with other renowned artists to remain contemporary and ensure her techniques are the best there is.

Aelita uses the best European, Australian and American equipment and pigments available, and ensures a safe and hygienic environment for your cosmetic procedure.

Skin & Light – Eyeliner Tattoo Salon Melbourne

skin light


03 9888 1164

Skin & Light Cosmetic Tattoo

Here is a wide range of services we provide:


$499 (Mist Brows) | $599 (Microblading)

Cosmetic eyebrow tattooing is a customizable procedure to enhance eyebrows that create an illusion of a more defined and fuller brow shape by tattooing individual hair-like strokes. The ink of the tattoo is customized to match the skin tone and hair colour of each client.


$299 (Tear Line) | $299 (Bottom Line) | $329 (eyeliner)

After an eyeliner tattoo, you can put away your eye pencils for several years


$399 (Lip Line) | $699 (Full Lips)

Cosmetic lip tattoos can help to enhance the shape and plumpness of the mouth. It is also a great treatment for correcting inherent asymmetries and perfect for improving lip colour, shape or definition that have been lost due to the ravages of time.

At Skin & Light, we provide a world-class microblading experience in Melbourne. Our qualified and experienced professionals ensure that your questions are answered and your fears are settled before the session.  

Offering excellent results, microblading can be your choice for a one-off service or repeated applications.  We would be delighted to set up a consultation with our team. 

Le Brows & Beauty – Eyeliner Tattoo Salon Melbourne

le brows beauty


0422 208 431

We are a Melbourne based Beauty Salon, specialising in semi-permanent makeup including Eyebrow Microblading, Eyebrow Shading, Ombre Eyebrow, Lip Blushing, Lip Tattoo and Eyeliner Tattoo.

​We have certified and experienced PMU artists. Our mission is to provide clients with the safest, most effective cosmetic tattoo treatments. We focus on enhancing your natural beauty with advanced techniques.

We strive to find the best-personalised care for your looks and well-being.


EYELINER TATTOOING is the process of inserting the pigments on the lash lines (lash line enhancement), or on the eyelids.

There are many options of thickness  (superfine, thin, medium or thick) and styles for you to choose from (with or without wings). You can have waterproof and long-lasting eyeliners without the hassle of drawing them on every day.

EYELINER TATTOO MAKEUP accentuates the colour and shape of your eyes. Beautifully defined eyes give the face an instant lift and depth of expression. If you get them done the first time, it is best to go for subtle lines rather than something too bold. Remember that it is very long-lasting.

If you are having trouble applying precise eyeliners in the morning, you will get great benefits from these eyeliner tattoos.

Contact us today for consultation and booking.

ABOUT US – Welcome to LE BROWS & BEAUTY, centrally located in the MELBOURNE CBD.

Our team is passionate and dedicated to giving you the very best services with care and professionalism. We truly believe in the power of enhancing your natural beauty and confidence through advanced PMU techniques.

Specialising in industry-leading cosmetic tattooing treatments including Microblading/Feathering and Ombre Brows, Lip Blushing and Eyeliner Tattooing, we understand that each client’s face is unique and each treatment needs to be based on their individual features and desired outcomes.

We keep updating our techniques to ensure that we bring you the best results.


THAO LE is the founder of Le Brows & Beauty.

She has a great passion for her job and always strives for perfection with every client. If you look through her work, you can see that she loves enhancing her clients’ looks in the most natural way possible.

​She puts her clients’ satisfaction above everything else. And though she is one of the best in her field, she continues to always learn new techniques from masters all over the world so that she can bring clients the best treatments in the industry.

Thao also runs a training program and workshop to share her knowledge and skills with others.

Distinctive Features – Eyeliner Tattoo Salon Melbourne

distinctive features


0410 171 433

Cosmetic Tattoo and Beauty

Cosmetic Tattoo and training is at the heart of what we do.

Our experienced team also provide tattoo removal and various skin treatments. 

Eyeliner Tattoo

We can help you to create a beautifully crafted semi-permanent eyeliner tattoo in your choice of colour, weight and style. Eyeliner tattoo is very convenient for those who have no time to play around with creating an even eyeliner every morning on both eyes. Imagine being able to wake up in the morning and already have your eyeliner looking perfect!

Eyeliner tattoo is also a great option for people who have very pale pink eyes, oily skin where makeup always smears, small eyes needing definition and shape, those who suffer from allergies to makeup and of course those who wish to wear eyeliner all the time. We also see many clients who have poor eyesight and wear contact lenses or glasses often.

Top and bottom eyeliner can be done extremely fine, thick and bold, smudged, shadowed and winged. ultimately the choice is yours however some treatments are not suited to all eyelid and skin types. please enquire to find out more. 

Why is a cosmetic tattoo semi-permanent?

Treatment area, the colour used, age of client and skin condition all play a part in the longevity of your tattoo. Generally,  the darker the pigment, the larger the particle, therefore the longer-lasting.

A cosmetic tattoo is implanted into the very top layer of the dermis and lower layers of the epidermis where the colour can be slowly metabolised by the body. The larger the particle, the harder it is for the body to move it – hence the reason why a body tattoo does not disappear.

What is the cost?

Eyeliner Tattoo prices are as follows:

  • New Client – from $450 – $700
  • Touch up, thin top – $100
  • Touch up, thin bottom – $100
  • Touch up, thin bottom & top – $100
  • Touch up, thick top – $100
  • Maintenance, up to 2 years – $225
  • Maintenance, 2 -4 years – $425

Shadow eyeliner conversion – +$100 added to your maintenance treatment cost (existing clients only) 

Important information

If you are booked in for an eyeliner tattoo you must remove false eyelashes and all traces of lash glue prior to your appointment.  You must also NOT BE USING a lash growth serum as this will interfere with your tattoo. You must stop using your lash serum for a minimum of 4 weeks prior to your eyeliner appointment. Please call the clinic to reschedule your appointment if need be.

Cosmetic Tattoo is at the Heart of Our Business

We have built our business and our reputation around the cosmetic tattoo. 

We use two different methods of cosmetic tattooing. The first is known as Microblading and is used for ‘Hair Stroke Brows’. This technique is done by hand with a small disposable tool that has tiny needles in a row and the skin is lightly scratched into hair strokes. The pigment is pushed into the strokes to make them darker, this is the most natural technique to get the best natural-looking brows.

The second method involves a Digital Tattoo Machine. This method is used for ‘Powder/Ombré brows, ‘Eyeliner’, ‘Lip’ and ‘Areola’ tattoos.

Envisage Beauty Salon – Eyeliner Tattoo Salon Melbourne

envisage beauty


03 9876 4431

Cosmetic Tattoos

The semi-permanent make-up that makes a real difference


Beautiful natural-looking brows frame the face and make you look younger by adding an instant lift to your eyes. If you would like fuller or better-shaped brows, you will love the difference eyebrow cosmetic tattooing will make. Not only will you look younger and more stylish, but you will also save time applying makeup, and feel more confident: you can go swimming, play a sport or wipe your forehead without the embarrassment of losing your eyebrows. As a professional cosmetic tattooist and beauty therapist, I know the importance of structure and symmetry to achieve the most flattering results for my clients. Your brows will be perfectly proportioned and balanced for your unique shape and features, with the right complementary shade to match your hair and skin tone. I am fully qualified and experienced in all the latest eyebrow tattooing techniques including:

  • Microblading
  • Hairstroke brows
  • Feather touch brows
  • Eyebrow feathering
  • Ombre brows
  • Powder brows
  • Mist brows
  • Combination brows
  • Shop
  • eye-cosmetic-tattoo


By mimicking tiny eyelashes in the lash line, a cosmetic eyeliner tattoo (‘semi-permanent makeup’) makes your eyes look more defined, and lashes look thicker and darker. Colour can be added for a soft natural liner or a bolder definite line.

Ophthalmologists recommend this procedure for those who are allergic to conventional make-up and for those wearing contact lenses. Great for sport, swimming, holidays and for never having that “no make-up” bare look.

A cosmetic eyeliner tattoo is great for you if you:

  • don’t want to wear or have to apply eyeliner every day
  • want smudge-proof eyeliner perfectly shaped
  • have eyelashes are missing or thin
  • have watery eyes or allergies to mainstream make-up
  • are visually impaired


A cosmetic lip tattoo gives a more refreshed, youthful look to the lips, restoring volume and pigment. It can enlarge and correct uneven lips and helps prevent lipstick from bleeding into the surrounding skin.

The most popular treatment for cosmetic lip tattoo is the ‘lip line and blend’ also known as a ‘lip tint or ‘lipblush’. This technique outlines and defines the lip shape then blends the colour and creates a subtle, natural fullness with a hint of colour. A soft pink or peach is popular for those wanting a natural look or a more dramatic colour can be used.

Great for:

  • Adding volume and fullness to the lips
  • Restoring youthful definition and shape to a fading lip
  • Pale lips, sun-damaged lips, uneven lips or lips that have lost the shape as a result of cold sores or injury
  • Giving the smile back and helps to turn back the clock
  • Balancing the lips and lifting the complexion

Cosmetic Tattooing: How it Works

By defining facial features, cosmetic tattooing gives an instant lift and styling to your face… and you can wake up, swim, cry without worrying about smudged make-up!

I specialise in natural-looking cosmetic tattoo enhancements for eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. As a qualified advanced cosmetic tattooist, I have spent over a decade perfecting this skill and I  know the importance of structure and symmetry of the face to achieve the most flattering shape and style for my clients

Cosmetic tattoo is perfect if you…

  • want to save time and money, enhance the facial features and natural beauty
  • wish to correct asymmetrical, over-plucked or thinning brows
  • would like makeup that won’t smear while you do sport or go on holiday
  • have sparse, thinning lashes or small eyes
  • are sensitive to make up or are allergy-prone
  • are tired of pencilling everyday
  • experienced temporary or permanent hair loss because caused through medication or illness
  • have hand, arm or shoulder mobility limitations

Applying natural pigments into the skin is medically proven and specifically designed to be completely safe. Cosmetic tattooing fades naturally over two to four years depending on the depth of colour used and how skin responds to the procedure.

Ink Cosmetica – Eyeliner Tattoo Salon Melbourne

ink cosmetica


0409 193 590

Specialising in Feather Brow Tattoo (Microblading Melbourne), Lip Tattoo and Permanent Eyeliner. Our Cosmetic Tattoo studio offers semi-permanent makeup procedures (micro pigmentation) and Saline Tattoo Removal.

Accredited and professionally trained, we are passionate about enhancing your natural beauty.


A style of eyeliner can be designed for your eye according to your shape and style. We have various options to choose from and to suit your style.

You can choose to have only a top or bottom lid, or both. 

Winged Liner

A gorgeous wing can be added to your thick or thin eyeliner to give you that stunning polished look. All customised to your liking!

Shaded Liner

Imagine not having to worry about eyeliner OR eyeshadow! Shaded liner is stunning and is a complete look in itself! Feel made-up whether you are dressed up or casual.

Please note – eyeliner procedures CANNOT be done with lash extensions. 

About us: Cosmetic Tattooing Melbourne

Hi, I’m Connie and my love affair with cosmetic tattooing began over 20 years ago whilst on an overseas holiday. I had a very thin eyeliner tattooed onto my upper eyelid and I absolutely loved it for many years to come! It gave me the feeling of ‘being put together as I always felt my eyes to be very bare. After that procedure, my eyes were perfectly enhanced and it gave me confidence!

Now with two children, this has added another element – being time poor and too busy to deal with make-up on a daily basis. So permanent makeup for me has become an absolute game-changer.

Fast forward to today. I have mostly worked for myself by started three successful businesses over the past 2 decades. I come from artistry – most recently face and body art, graphic design and interior design background.

I became accredited, insured and ventured into the world of cosmetic tattooing in order to be in a position to give that life-changing experience I mentioned earlier to others. The pure joy I gain in helping people feel better about themselves is immeasurable to me.

What we do

The process of cosmetic tattooing offered at Ink Cosmetica is also known as micro-pigmentation. This is where colour pigment is deposited into the dermal layer of the skin. The process allows for the enhancement and improved definition of eyebrow, lip and eye shape.

Each procedure yields unique results which are specifically designed to bring out the best for each client. The expected life span of semi-permanent make-up can be anywhere from 12 months to three years. There are many varying factors that contribute to this including skin type and lifestyle.  

Our studio uses Permablend pigments exclusively, as they the highest quality vegan pigments that are never tested on animals.

We also offer important aftercare advice on how to look after your tattoo during the healing process – ensuring the best possible result is achieved every time. A colour refresh is recommended within the 12-24 month period in order to keep your tattoo looking its best.

What you can expect


We practice the strictest infection control and use disposable single-use items throughout your procedure as it is of our utmost importance. We check any contraindications with you before we start and ensure that that you are safe and comfortable throughout the procedure.

Quality Result

Our accredited technicians are experienced to perform your procedure. We design specifically for you – taking into consideration your face shape, structure and request. We aim to give you a result you will love every time.

Quality Products

Using only the best vegan natural pigments, that are never tested on animals. We use World Class pigments so that we can achieve the best result every single time. 


We discuss your aftercare requirements with you to ensure you have all the information you need to care for your tattoo. We outline the importance of aftercare in order to for your skin to heal correctly and achieve the best possible result.

Face Figurati Studio – Eyeliner Tattoo Salon Melbourne

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Welcome to Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo in Melbourne – Face Figurati Studio

Our mission is regularly to learn new technologies and innovations in the beautiful face tattoo industry. Provide our modern techniques for our clients with the safest, most effective cosmetic treatments. We focus on emphasizing and enhancing your natural beauty and providing advanced European methods of permanent makeup. Face Figurati Studio work only with professional premium equipment and only with high-quality certified pigments: Perma Bland and LIK.


Eyeliner and lip tattoo was very popular in the 90s and noughties Melbourne.  Only the procedure that appeared on Australia’s territory touched the face of every second girl, but relatively quickly acquired a huge number of myths, unsightly stories about tattooing and fell into the category of “prohibited”.

Are you tired of makeup every day? Makeup takes too long, and is buying good decorative cosmetics hitting your budget? Visit the studio of cosmetic tattoo by Olha Pokatilova – an international master who makes permanent professional makeup in Melbourne using materials proven over the years and premium class.

Eye tattoo is a unique way to highlight and open your sight. It does not blur. Unlike a pencil or eyeliner, it will not erase by an accidental touch of the hand; it will not fail at the most crucial moment in life.

The lash line is made in the upper part of the eye with black colour pigment. The work is very painstaking and requires high experience. Mostly done for girls who do not want to spend a lot of time on everyday makeup.


In general terms, the procedure carried out as follows: a specialist, most often an experienced artist, introduces a colouring pigment into the uppermost layer of the skin. Tattooing performed using a sterilized vibrating needle that slips into the skin and leaves the dye in the dermis’s upper layers. An experienced artist’s permanent eye tattoo will provide a flawless appearance and bring specific practical benefits. The studio equipped with modern equipment, there is a cozy atmosphere in the office, and the staff does everything to make the client comfortable. The procedure is carried out in compliance with sanitary and hygienic requirements, guaranteeing an impeccable final result.

What will your permanent eyeliner tattoo makeup look like: light translucent shadows, even arrows or a thick lash effect?



Helps to make the appearance nobler, creating a soft, discreet effect. Shading is also suitable for the upper eyelids. It can complement the classic arrow or use separately.

Clients often choose this type of permanent make-up with mimic wrinkles or sagging eyelids since the traditional dark contour can only emphasize age-related changes.


The shading was applying with different colour of pigments. Very good for evening eye makeup

That kind of eyelid tattoo allows you to forget about the need to bring your eyes every morning for a long term. A line is drawn over the eyelashes. Its thickness may be different, so you should discuss the desired result with the master in advance.

The contour, created with the help of permanent eye makeup, will make you irresistible even in those moments when you have just woken up and have not slept enough to go to the beach or the pool.


This type of permanent eye makeup involves drawing a contour line along the lash line. The line thickness can be from 1 mm to the ciliary contour’s thickness. Thanks to this method, eyelashes appear thicker, and the look is expressive.

In combination with the outer contour application, the tattoo between the eyelashes allows you to correct the eyes’ shape and enhance the natural effect.



Every day, 1,100 girls are looking for the excellent artist eyeliner tattoo in Melbourne, according to statistics from Ahref.com. It would seem, why not do it early in the morning when leaving for work. But our everyday life has become so busy. And no one wants to spend 15-20 minutes on eyeliner each time. And in a year, it’s just nothing 90 hours. 

According to scientists from the UK, an average woman spends 91 hours a year applying makeup. Thus, with an average life expectancy of over 70 years, a woman spends 43 weeks on cosmetics alone.

However, the researchers emphasize, these are public figures that differ if we consider women from different countries. Southerners have to spend more time on makeup than northerners. 12% of women living in warm countries spend 45 or more minutes a day just applying cosmetics. Among northerners, only 8% of them. Nearly a third of those surveyed said they would like to reduce their course on makeup. And only 13% dare to go out without any makeup at all. At the same time, 9% would never leave the house without makeup, and 1% put on makeup even before going to the gym. An increasing number of women are using the internet for facials. So, 30% regularly look at their photos on social sites to assess which makeup is worth using and which is not.


The eyeliner tattoo’s average Price is 400 AUD in different Victoria areas. The cost of the eye tattooing procedure depends on the technique you choose. Thinking about how much the eyeliner tattoo costs. Pay attention and consider what materials are in front of you, the equipment used. How qualified the artist is. 

Today, Melbourne has become easier to make inexpensive tattooing of eyeliner. Compared to when it was just inception. Prices have become more democratic, and the service is affordable and widespread. For example, if you choose to only tattoo lash line, it cost you 219 AUD in our Face Figurati studio. Traditional eyeliner tattoo at the moment only 249 Aud. The price is low and just because we opened a few months ago. 

If we take the 249 AUD eyeliner tattoo cost, it will last over 18 months and divide it 30 days a month. Will get the Price of 0.74 AUD of how much cost looks perfect each day. Add how much time you spend on eyeliner instead of having a cup of coffee in the early morning. I hope we have developed the right answer about the Price of tattooing. We hope to see you in our studio and change your life to better da spending.

V·ink Cosmetic Tattoo – Eyeliner Tattoo Salon Melbourne

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V·ink Cosmetic Tattoo for those Long-Lasting Eyebrow, Eyeliner & Lip Tattoos

If you’re looking to get a cosmetic tattoo nearby St Kilda, Elsternwick or Brighton, V·ink Cosmetic Tattoo is the best choice. Our cosmetic tattooing acts as a kind of semi-permanent makeup to save you time in the morning when you’re getting ready for the day ahead. With a makeup tattoo, you can look your best at every moment.

The semi-permanent pigments we use for our cosmetic tattooing are of the highest quality, while our instruments are medical grade, sterile and disposable to guarantee 100% hygiene. Our cosmetic tattoo technician Valeria truly is an artist in her profession, with years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers to recommend her work.

Eyeliner Tattoos – Have more of life by saving time not applying liner every day

A simple yet artful eye enhancement such as an eyeliner tattoo, eye shadow tattoo or lash enhancement can improve the look of the whole face! It can be as subtle or as dramatic as you wish depending on what result you would like to achieve. Some people opt for a thick eyeliner tattoo for a more emphatic look, while others prefer something more understated when it comes to permanent eyeliner. We also offer other permanent eye makeup effects such as lash enhancement and eye shadow.

Factors such as your lifestyle and your eye shape and colour may determine what would look best on you. When creating an eyeliner tattoo, we always simulate the perfect style for your eye shape, so that you can see and pick the option you prefer before we begin tattooing. 

If you’re not sure what style of eyeliner tattoo to choose, you can do a little bit of research by checking out our eyeliner tattoo before and after photos here on our website. You’ll see a few examples of different eyeliner tattoo looks for inspiration.

V·ink Cosmetic Tattoo is located in the South-East of Melbourne, close to St Kilda, Brighton and Elsternwick. We’d love to help you with your eyeliner tattoo and other cosmetic tattooing needs.

Eyeliner Tattoo Treatment

The eyeliner tattoo is a great way of enhancing your eye colour, shape and size. The idea behind the eyeliner tattoo is to mimic perfectly drawn eyeliner. If you wear eyeliner every day or wish to, but don’t have time to draw it on, then getting an eyeliner tattoo is the best solution!

With an eyeliner tattoo, your “eyeliner” is perfectly applied in your choice of style and thickness. It is smudge-proof and waterproof to last through the day, every day. Much like with the lash enhancement, adding eyeliner tattoo to your lower lash line will heighten the effect of your beauty treatment. You could choose a fine line or a smoky shaded line to enhance the roots of your bottom lashes.

Eyeliner tattoo can match whatever style of eyeliner you’re used to wearing, whether it’s a soft natural line or a bolder line. If you’re not sure what would suit you better, we usually recommend starting with a soft eyeliner tattoo enhancement and then we can build as we go.

Eye Shadow – An Innovative Eyeliner Tattoo Style

This is one of the latest techniques in cosmetic tattooing. The eye shadow treatment, also known as “butterfly eyeliner”, is a very elegant and innovative eyeliner tattoo style. It consists of a fine, usually winged liner that fades into a soft shade that resembles eyeshadow. This technique is perfect for those individuals who want a more sophisticated look.

For the Best Eyeliner Tattoo, Choose V·ink

At V·ink Cosmetic Tattoo, we’re proud of the fantastic beauty results we obtain for our customers. We’re located, just a one minute walk away from the train station. 

Elle D Cosmetic Tattooing – Eyeliner Tattoo Salon Melbourne

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Elle D Cosmetic Tattooing Melbourne is based in Collingwood. We specialise in permanent makeup such as lip tattooing, feathering eyebrows or feather touch microblading eyebrows, powder eyebrows or ombre eyebrows, combination eyebrows (feathering and ombre eyebrows together), eyebrow Corrections (fixing badly done eyebrows), lip colour cosmetic tattooing, eyelash tinting and eyeliner tattooing.

Cosmetic Eyeliner or Eyeliner Tattooing Melbourne

What is a cosmetic eyeliner or permanent eyeliner?

Cosmetic Eyeliner or permanent eyeliner is a procedure for women that want to permanently create an eyeliner effect to enhance their eye shape, accentuate their colour of eye or want a fuller eyelash look. The procedure involves blending tiny dots of pigment to create a fine line along the lash line tailored specifically to the client’s needs and requirements.

Pros: Not only does Cosmetic Eyeliner enhance your natural eye shape but clients save so much time getting ready in the morning with this flawless look. The precision & perfection of the Eye Liner also gives that perfect makeup look lots of clients struggle to achieve with makeup.

Why is cosmetic eyeliner or permanent eyeliner is good for you?

Cosmetic Eyeliner or permanent eyeliner is perfect for someone who:

  • who wants perfect eyes as soon as they wake up, at the beach, when wearing no makeup
  • if you have allergies to makeup & products and want a seamless easy solution
  • line your eyes daily & want to save time in getting ready

Having your eyeliner permanently applied will not only give you back 10 minutes or more every day but you’ll love your new look highlighting the youthful bright eyes that you’ve longed for.

Cosmetic Tattooing Melbourne and Permanent Makeup Melbourne

Elle D Cosmetic Tattooing Melbourne has been perfecting and correcting permanent makeup on eyebrow microblading, powder eyebrows/ombre eyebrows, combination eyebrows, eyeliner tattooing, lip tattooing and manual shading techniques since 2016. Her attention to detail and precise hairline stroke placement methodology achieves the most realistic eyebrow tattoos, eyeliner enhancements and luscious lip tattoo.

She strongly believes in a sound fundamental education, dedication to practice, and continuing education throughout a Permanent Makeup Artist’s career. This is reflected in the many positive Google reviews.

Cosmetic tattooing Melbourne, permanent makeup Melbourne, ombre brows, eyebrow tattooing, eyeliner tattooing, eyelash extensions, feather touch microblading, lip tattooing & permanent lip makeup Melbourne.

Elle D was trained by Daria Chuprys who is a world-renowned leading trainer of the permanent makeup microblading techniques, located in Beverly Hills, CA and Athens, Greece. She has been trained by the best in the industry. Elle D continues to train and assist in cosmetic tattooing training classes in Melbourne that she runs here with Daria.

Smudgeproof Inc – Eyeliner Tattoo Salon Melbourne

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Smudgeproof Inc specialists in cosmetic tattooing of permanent makeup in Melbourne including eyebrow tattoos, lip tattoos and eyeliner tattooing with techniques using feathering and microblading. We are a Permanent Makeup Studio offering customised, professional results in this transformational ‘in-demand’ art form. We bring extensive industry experience combined with a passionate focus on enhancing individual facial features to maximise the unique beauty potential of every client. Amazing enhancements are possible with the correction of badly shaped eyebrows which instantly creates a dramatic difference to your overall facial expression. Lips that have lost definition and shape can be coloured and contoured for a more youthful appearance. Eyeliner tattooing whether subtle or bold will define your eyes and ensure perfect lines that won’t smudge. Time-consuming makeup routines can be eliminated with these innovative cosmetic tattoo techniques.


Eyeliner Tattoos are Semi-Permanent Cosmetic Makeup using tattooing pigment on the eye line of the lashes. You can have fine, thin, medium to thick and winged eyeliner style creating the forever beautiful smudge-proof, waterproof, long-lasting tattoo eyelid liner.

Eyeliner Tattoo Makeup accentuates the colour and shape of your eyes. Beautifully defined eyes give the face an instant ‘lift’ and depth of expression. Eyes appear larger and more alluring when enhanced with a professionally applied eyeliner tattoo to maximise their natural size, shape and colour. Topically applied conventional eye makeup looks great but a cosmetically tattooed eyeliner has the advantage of being waterproof, smudge-proof and long-lasting. Due to the longevity of these treatments, it is best to opt for a subtle enhancement that accentuates your eyes without being over the top.

These eyelid tattoo’s provide great benefits to many people who have allergies or trouble applying conventional cosmetics and offer an easy, get up and go alternative to the usual morning makeup routine. Choose from a variety of colours to create a soft look or deeper more intense shades for a more dramatic impact.

*Consultations are recommended prior to the semi-permanent tattoo procedure to determine the ideal placement option for your individual features.


Hypoallergenic, permanent makeup pigments are delicately placed within the lash line only to create an extremely subtle and natural-looking effect. This technique creates the appearance of more lashes and is best suited to women who prefer to wear very little makeup. It’s a barely-there approach for natural beauties.


Thin eyeliners are particularly recommended for hooded eye shapes that have very little visible space on the upper eyelids. This precise, fine line will enhance the natural eye shape and, if necessary, the addition of a slight ‘wing’ or ‘tail extension’ will help to elongate the eyes.

A fine eyeliner is a ‘classic’ and a good choice for most eye shapes. It provides a subtle definition while eliminating the bland, naked-eye look that many women with few eyelashes have. It’s a timeless look that never looks outdated.


Women who prefer bolder, dramatic makeup usually request thicker eyeliners with winged tails at either straight or upward angles depending on the effect desired. The shape and thickness is custom designed to the individual client requirements with many colours available to choose from.


Lower eyelid eyeliner’s do not suit all women. At the time of the consultation, a simulated version of the finished result will determine the ideal placement with careful consideration given to the size and shape of the eyes. Softer colours on the lower eyelid are generally preferable when aiming to maximise the size of the eyes. The darkest pigments will give maximum definition but will further reduce the size of small eyes.

Welcome to Smudgeproof Inc – Permanent Makeup Clinic based in the Melbourne suburb of Malvern.

I began my career as a cosmetic tattoo technician in 2002 and have since completed many advanced training courses and conferences locally and abroad. I have specialised in this transformational ‘in-demand’ art form for almost 15 years and gained extensive industry experience throughout northern Italy between 2002 – 2012 as a freelance technician collaborating with medical facilities and beauty spas across the region.

Brows & Beyond – Eyeliner Tattoo Salon Melbourne

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Welcome to Brows & Beyond, a Melbourne based owner-operated Boutique Salon. Your Aesthetician is Angela Ritchie, Specialist in the exquisite Art of Semi-Permanent Cosmetics, HD Brows Stylist and Dermatude Skin Rejuvenation Practitioner.

Eyes that Allure…

Smouldering Eyes

A beautifully applied eyeliner is fundamental in accentuating and enhancing the shape, colour and size of your eyes. A skilful Eyeliner Tattoo will give you a perfectly applied eyeliner in your choice of thickness and style, that is waterproof, smudge-resistant and long lasting. For those wanting a fuller-lash effect or who are nervous to commit to eyeliner, a Lash Line Enhancement is another great option!

Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoo – For your eyes only!

Besides convenience, a Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoo is a perfect solution for anyone with allergies, contact lens sensitivity, dexterity issues, vision problems or an active lifestyle. The artistic placement of colour and line can also help correct the appearance of certain eye shapes and facial asymmetry.

A Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoo Enhancement will quite literally enhance your life, never to go ‘bare-eyed’ again! You may choose top only or both top and bottom, adding depth, definition, and lift to the eyes so that they appear larger and more striking, and lashes appear thicker and fuller.

Lash Line Enhancement

For a subtle, ‘barely there’ look, a Cosmetic Tattoo Lash Line Enhancement will discreetly define and frame your eyes.  Tiny dots of colour are implanted between the lashes creating fuller, thicker, lovelier-looking lashes. A Cosmetic Tattoo Lash Line Enhancement rejuvenates the eye area without the noticeable effect of make-up, for a strikingly natural, fuller-lash appearance.

Eyeliner Tattoo Enhancement

For a more defined eyeliner, an Eyeliner Tattoo will enhance the colour, size and shape of your eyes. Colouring is applied through the lashes as in the Lash Line Enhancement, and an Eyeliner Tattoo line of your desired weight or thickness (up to medium weight), is beautifully drawn adjacent to the lash line.

Thick Eyeliner Tattoo Enhancement

For a bolder and more dramatic statement, you may desire a thick Eyeliner Tattoo Enhancement. Colouring is applied through the lashes as in the Lash Line Enhancement, and a more dramatic, thick Eyeliner Tattoo line is created and finished with a wedge-shaped or winged tail. Alternatively consider a smolderingly seductive Smokey Eye Liner, which also may be finished with a winged tail.

Alluring Eyeliner Tattoo Colours

Select from our beautiful range of exotic eyeliner tattoo colours, used on their own or mixed to create an endless palette of alluring custom colours to enhance and beautify any eye colour! Softly muted shades for a soft natural look, and darker, stronger shades for a bolder, more dramatic effect.

Clare Martin Cosmetic Tattoo – Eyeliner Tattoo Salon Melbourne

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A cosmetic Tattoo is the art of implanting colour into the skin using a digital device OR hand tool. ALL of the techniques are considered as SEMI-PERMANENT. This is due to the depth that we tattoo in the skin and also the pigments that we use.

Feathering is done using a microblade and is a technique that requires skill, art and accuracy. There is no machine used in this process. The hand tool consists of 18 nano pins, that create a tiny blade, and this is used to painlessly etch hairstrokes into the skin. 

The other modality we use requires the use of a Digital Machine. 

It is important that you work with an artist that is experienced in ALL techniques and modalities, to ensure you reach the best result possible. This is because SOME skins are not suitable for feathering and so, an alternative will need to be considered.


FOR PRICES & AVAILABILITY please click Book Online above.

All eyeliners/lips are conducted in a very slow, careful and accurate way so that you are completely happy before we even commence the tattoo. 

During a consultation, Clare will talk through the entire process regarding your eyeliner or lips and can spend at least an hour drawing on designs and discussing colour, shape etc. We take as long as you need to discuss your design/colour and draw it on to get it absolutely PERFECT.  Clare uses special techniques during this process and then we apply an anaesthetic to numb the area and then proceed to do the treatment in the design and colour we have selected.

For eyeliner Clare mainly does lash enhancements, where we work colour into the lash line, but you can have a thicker effect with a “wedge” or “flick” at the end if you desire. All liner is done using a high grade, Cosmetic Tattoo Digital Pen, which meets all of the required Health and Safety Standards. We also use the digital pen for the lips which gives a very beautiful effect.

After your tattoo is complete we go through aftercare and Clare will provide you with a special balm and aftercare sheet.

Four to six weeks later (eyeliner) or six to eight weeks later (lips) you attend a perfecting session. At this session, Clare will assess the healing, colour and shape and can adjust anything we need to. $195 deposit (refundable with 5 working days or more notice of cancellation) is required on booking.

Various option for Eyeliner is-

  • Upper Lash Enhancement –This is a dusting of colour in the upper lash line adding density to lashes and suits ANY eye shape.
  • Lower Lash Enhancement -This is a dusting of colour in the lower lash line adding density to lashes and suits ANY eye shape.
  • Upper and Lower Lash Enhancement Combined 
  • Thin Upper Liner -The Upper Eyeliner can be done to the desired length across the eyelid, but cannot be tattooed into the extreme corners of the eyes OR on the “wet-line”. The Thin Upper Liner sits into, and just above the upper lashes, to frame the eyes. A small “flick” or “wedge” can also be added to the tail of the Upper Eyeliner.
  • Upper Eye Liner and Lower Lash Enhancement Combined – $795

Clare Martin Cosmetic Tattoo provides Semi-Permanent Makeup for ladies that want timeless perfection and elegance forever. We believe in enhancing NATURAL beauty and creating a look that will take the client through time, without implication. Our treatments are thorough and our client care is paramount to our philosophy and business practices.

La Klinic Melbourne – Eyeliner Tattoo Salon Melbourne

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At La Klinic Melbourne we work with you to define your natural beauty giving you a fresh new look and increased confidence through our advanced cosmetic and medical tattooing treatments.

We follow the principles of Facial Morphology, use tailored medical grade anaesthetics and all of our procedures have little to no downtime.

Eyeliner Tattoos

Define your eyes and simplify your daily make-up routine with an elegant winged Eyeliner and/or Lash Line Tattoo Enhancement. These treatments make your eyes appear larger without the frustrating and time-consuming daily application of eyeliner. 

Eyeliner – This treatment opens up and defines your eyes with an elegant wing and includes the popular Lash Line Enhancement.

Lash Line Enhancement – Sometimes called invisible eyeliner, this popular treatment pigments tiny dots within the layers of your lash bed and achieves the appearance of thicker fuller lashes making your eyes pop. It’s incredibly natural-looking and great for client’s with fair eyelashes too!

What is the procedure of an eyeliner tattoo?

Using the principles of facial morphology, we design and draw the perfect shape to compliment your natural features. You’ll approve the size, shape and colour before we proceed.

And our treatments utilise the most precise and most gentle micropigmentation device on the market with specially formulated medical grade anaesthetics meaning there is little to no pain and no downtime. 

There is no need to be nervous about having an eyeliner procedure. We are trained to carry out this ultra-fine technique ensuring our clients are comfortable and confident throughout the process. Very rarely do eyes swell from the procedures (you can head out for dinner that night!) and we apply beautiful nourishing eye care directly afterwards.

Which colours can I use?

Black, brown/black and brown are the most appropriate colours to use around the eye area. Fairer complexions and redheads are more suited to browns. Contact us today to get all your questions about Eyeliner tattoos answered! 

Does the technique cause pain?

The incredibly fine acupuncture needles that insert tiny particles of pigment into the eye line and lash bed cause very little discomfort largely due to the application of specially formulated medical grade anaesthetics that have been tailored by our Compounding Pharmacist especially for you. 

Can I wear conventional make-up over my tattoo?

Yes. Once your tattoo has healed, you can wear make-up over the top of your tattoo but for day to day, there is no need. 

How much does a lash enhancement tattoo cost?

Our customer experience is very personal, producing exceptional results and amazing reviews. We pride ourselves on giving each and every client the ‘Rolls Royce’ treatment. Given we are a family business this comes naturally as we all share the same values. 

Our treatments utilise the most precise and most gentle micropigmentation device on the market and specially formulated medical grade anaesthetics which means there is little to no pain and virtually no downtime. You can head straight out for dinner that evening. Contact us today to get a quote or arrange a complimentary consultation!

Who We Are

We are a family-owned and run business, of mother and 2 daughters; we appreciate beauty across generations.

What We Stand For

Our values are clear and simple – it’s how we live and breathe in our daily lives. We’re a team of passionate perfectionists who truly care about making you feel special during every treatment. But the best part about our job is seeing the joy and happiness on our clients’ faces after revealing their transformation.

Skin Architecture – Eyeliner Tattoo Salon Melbourne

skin architecture


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Skin Architecture. Beauty is a high-end boutique style beauty and anti-aging clinic, offering you the most up to date treatments and products. 

With a cosmetic nurse available for injectables and fillers we have every aspect of beauty and anti-aging treatments covered.  Beata the founder, is a qualified beauty therapist, cosmetic tattoo artist and beauty educator that has been in the beauty industry for over 30 years.

Beata has a passion in researching the latest treatments and trends from all around the world and attends master training regularly, here and overseas.

Bringing many fantastic treatments to her clients.

Beata teaches part-time in many of the treatments she offers in a clinic, so you know the standard of service and knowledge is at its best.


We offer advanced skin treatments for anti-aging, pigmentation and acne, which include; plasma fibroblast, skin needling to RF Skin tightening, Hydrodermabrasion, Meso skin needling, Acne Treatments, BBGlow meso foundation. 

We are also experts and artists in Eyebrow feathering, Ombre brows, Combo Brows, Lip Tattoo and Eyeliner tattoo.

Located in the heart of old town Berwick at 77 High Street,  there is plenty of parking at the front and back of the salon. 

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest of service to you.

We hope to see you soon! 


How to Prepare For Your Eyeliner Tattoo Appointment?

If permanent eyeliner is something you’re considering, have a consultation with a professional technician first to weigh your options and learn more about the service. There are a few styles you can choose from, and once you’ve decided on the eyeliner that will suit you best, you can move forward with your treatment. It’s always recommended to bring in inspiration photos.

Prior to your actual treatment, stop using any sensitizing skincare products (like retinol or glycolic acid) around the eye area for a full week before your appointment to avoid irritation. You’ll want to come to your appointment with clean skin that’s completely free of makeup. Many artists also recommend avoiding coffee (or any caffeine for that matter) on the day of your treatment to help you relax and avoid twitching.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

The technique of eyeliner tattoo has been perfected over the years and (despite what you may have heard) has become a comfortable treatment. The service can last anywhere, approximately from 45 minutes to one hour, and the area is numbed before application. 

You will feel a slight buzzing along the lashes where the needle is applying the ink—the skin is slightly broken during the first pass of the needle, but you won’t experience bleeding or discomfort if you are properly numbed. 

Eyeliner tattoo had come such a long way from when your mother, aunt, or even grandmother got it and expressed how painful it was. When it first became a popular service, the pain was a deterrent for many people. 

Potential Risks of Eyeliner Tattoos

If you’re deciding whether or not a permanent eyeliner tattoo is for you, here are a few things to keep in mind.

The procedure of permanent eyeliner tattoo is quite safe but emphasizes how important it is to find a seasoned specialist that you trust. 

Anyone looking to have this service done needs to do their research in picking the right person. Looking at before and after photos and reading reviews of past clients is the most efficient way to do this. 

Keep in mind that, although rarely, individuals can have allergic reactions to the dyes used, irritation as a result of the procedure, or end up with a look they’re unhappy with.

Suppose you’re interested in having this procedure done. In that case, it’s best to consult your dermatologist to make sure you’re a candidate first, then find a certified makeup tattoo artist you trust to perform the procedure.

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