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Top 30+ Custom Suit Tailors in Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

Though there are many places to buy a suit in Melbourne, Victoria, if you're looking for a custom tailor who can make you the perfect suit, then you should visit one of the tailors listed below. They all have a long history of making quality suits and will be able to help you find the perfect style and fit. So, whether you're looking for a traditional suit or something more unique, these tailors will be able to help.​

If you're in Melbourne, Victoria and need a suit tailored, there are a few custom suit tailors you can go to. Here is a list of Top 30+ Custom Suit Tailors in Melbourne, Victoria in the area.

Ultimate List Of Top 30+ Custom Suit Tailors In Melbourne

YSG Tailors


ysg tailors


1300 664 550

About YSG Tailors

Welcome to the modern man's new experience with suit fitting. Why not have some fun while picking out the components of your own suit? It's not simply for taking measures in the YSG showroom. It's also used to create memories. Getting ready for your big day? With your groomsmen by your side and a beer or scotch in your hand, take in the complete YSG experience. The entire group will feel at ease the moment they step through the door because we've established a welcoming and fashionable environment. We always have a simple and pleasurable process. Custom made-to-measure suits are offered to everyday men to provide them with timeless sophistication.

Our Services

An expertly designed, made-to-measure suit can last a lifetime. You will be a part of the design process with YSG, giving you the opportunity to choose everything from the fabric to the fit that you want. Not sure which fashion suits you? Allow us to assist you throughout the entire process, including selecting the jacket, embroidery, and trouser types in addition to the fabrics, buttons, and internal linings. You'll return to test on your custom-made, beautifully tailored suit in just four short weeks. Discover how our proprietary method eliminates the anxiety associated with suit fitting.

Godwin Charli

godwin charli


0429 539 823

About Godwin Charli

Godwin, who was born in 1980 to Maltese immigrants, grew up among sewing machines and frequently asked his mother Evelyn to alter or manufacture practically everything he wore. However, it was Godwin's discovery of a nearby tailoring business in Melbourne in 2001 that ignited his desire to pursue his genuine passion and develop his inborn talent. The tailor business that had formerly funded Godwin's pastime had changed into his school when he was in his early 20s. Godwin learned a hands-on approach and patience that are uncommon in today's quick fashion sector under the meticulous tutelage of master tailors and head ateliers. In 2007, the Godwin Charli brand was established below these desks and equipment.

The name "Charli," which refers to the female, is a homage to Godwin's parents Charles and Evelyn and all of their sartorial influence. The firm specializes in customized clothing for men and women. The same lessons still apply now as Godwin Charli strives for tailoring perfection. Working with an extraordinarily skilled team both domestically and abroad, Godwin produces top-notch clothing that highlights the uniqueness of his customers and the brand's strict standards for quality, design, and luxury fabrication.

Tom James Of Melbourne

tom james of melbourne


1300 664990

About Tom James Of Melbourne

Spencer is a self-made businessman who founded the largest maker and retailer of custom men's (and women's) apparel in the world by combining his passion of beautiful clothing with his keen business acumen. He traveled much. He started considering the benefits of having a simpler and more enjoyable way to purchase because he enjoyed good apparel. That yearning gave rise to the idea for Tom James. On March 1st, 2017, Spencer passed away, yet he left his mark on this planet. His effect will be felt for centuries, not only via his interactions with friends, families, and coworkers, but also by each and every worker at the organizations he manages. The management of Tom James Company carries on Spencer's legacy by maintaining his values as the cornerstone of our company's operations today.

The Tom James Company has amassed several of the industry's leading manufacturers over the years. The English American Company, a custom suit maker with almost a century of history, was one of the first purchases made in 1974. The last American company still producing hand-sewn suits, Oxxford Clothing, joined the Tom James family in 1994 and created our premium brand, Prestige. Tom James changed the "Oxford Finest Quality" designation from the Prestige label in 2016. In 2003, Tom James Company purchased Holland & Sherry to go along with the acquisition of the world's greatest suit manufacturer. For a very long time, Holland & Sherry supplied our finest fabric for our top-tier products. Therefore, it only seemed sense to integrate them into a business that upheld their legacy and allowed them the foresight to launch Holland & Sherry Interiors, a luxury interiors company.

Peter Jacksons

peter jackson


(03) 9415 6281

About Peter Jacksons

Peter Jackson, an Australian clothing designer, creates high-quality menswear with a commitment to cutting-edge design and a goal of transforming the menswear retail industry. We recognise that there is a significant quality and price difference between "disposable fashion" and luxury clothing; we aim to bridge that gap because we believe that everyone should have access to fashion and luxury.

We believe that by pushing boundaries and defying current fashion norms, the modern man deserves garments made from the best fibres available without having to pay a premium. As a result, our brand is not only a testament to authentic craftsmanship, but also to our commitment to inspiring men to embrace their fashion aspirations while making confident and lasting impressions.

We have a long history of raising the bar for men's clothing in Australia. If you give them the ability to derive confidence from their appearance, they will look their best and be prepared for any situation. Olga, Peter, and David Jackson's renowned barbershop first opened its doors in 1948 on Little Bourke Street in Melbourne's central business district.

The trio's foray into fashion began with neckties and progressed to a full customised Men's line. Following that, we quickly became Melbourne's leading source for men's fashion. Peter Jackson remains a family business that upholds principles established more than 70 years ago, with a new Jackson generation in charge and more than 60 locations nationwide.

Our Services

Men have had chic formal and casual clothing because to Peter Jackson's love of tailoring and premium fabrics since 1948. Our commitment and desire to offer our customers high-quality customer service and clothing grows as our brand becomes more well-known around the country. We're looking for someone with a sense of style, a heart for helping others, and a friendly disposition. You have excellent people skills and can communicate with the Peter Jackson team and consumers with ease. Working in a team atmosphere is what you do best. You wish to work with one of the most reputable firms in Australian men's fashion and contribute to the growth of an iconic fashion brand.

Johnsons Sports

p. johnsons sports


61 409 091 485

About P. Johnsons Sports

A consciously developed and atemporal approach to style should make women feel powerful and self-assured. We want to move slowly and give each element a lot of thought. Our apparel has a strong feeling of classicism and draws on our profound knowledge of tailoring and the unwavering purity of expression it offers the wearer. Being Australian-based gives us the added benefit of isolation, which broadens the perception of style, especially in terms of color and the distinctive ease and comfort associated with the Australian way of life. By creating incredibly rare and one-of-a-kind items through the custom-tailored process rather than haphazardly accumulating inventory, we are able to reduce waste.

We have a variety of single- and double-breasted jacket styles with different peak and notch lapels as well as a variety of thinner to more generously cut pant types. In addition, we produce a variety of top and shirt types as well as lovely skirts.

The fabric was created especially for the feminine shape and has cashmere flannel, glazed Irish linen, and sumptuous brushed Italian cotton. Don't worry, we offer a huge selection of fabrics and design possibilities. You will be assisted by a member of our knowledgeable staff during the procedure. Please contact us if you have any queries about how it operates after reading more about it below.

Our Services

Since no two persons are the same, neither should any two pieces of clothing. To ensure we can assist you in creating your ideal wardrobe, we are highly skilled tailors and provide tens of thousands of different possibilities, covering your full wardrobe from suiting to leisurewear.

Trevor West Formal Wear

trevor west formal wear


03 9866 5658

About Trevor West Formal Wear

Since its founding in 1956, Trevor West has earned a reputation for providing exceptional professional service, a welcoming staff, and high-quality apparel. We take pride in being the top menswear retailer South of the Yarra. Trevor West, one of Melbourne's last remaining menswear retail experts, is a significant distributor of well-known iconic brands that are carefully and selectively chosen for our consumers. The majority of Melbourne's high-end hotels prefer Trevor West to provide formal wear for their visitors, and the VRC recommends Trevor West to its members and foreign visitors for the provision of morning suits for the committee chamber during the spring racing carnival. For the international and, by extension, any of their guests attending the "Presidents Cup" when it was last played in Australia, Trevor West was also appointed by IMG.

Since the Formal Hire line is regarded as the most upscale and high-quality line accessible, a select few retailers in Melbourne currently serve as agents for it. Over the years, Trevor West has adhered to a straightforward philosophy: to treat every customer with respect, to offer candid criticism, and to make sure that every member of our team has a thorough awareness of and familiarity with our quality label.

Our Services

Superfine pure wool was used to make this item, which was expertly crafted with great care and attention to detail at some of Italy's best mills. The eccentric distinctive detailing is hand-finished onto the Italian-tailored Paul Smith clothing. The high caliber of Hugo Boss's craftsmanship is enhanced by the English elegance of Durban and its timeless and refined aesthetic.

There is something for every occasion in our enormous range of everyday casual clothing. We offer a wide range of casual wear, including the eccentricity of Paul Smith, the traditional and elegant European designing of Hugo Boss, the intricate prints of Replay, the vibrancy of Gant, and the contemporary throwback styles of Ben Sherman.

When it comes to men's accessories, there are several necessities. Look no further than Trevor West if you're searching for the ideal finishing touch for your ensemble. Trevor West offers a wide range of quality accessories to suit any man's outfit, from fine Italian belts, silk ties, socks, cufflinks, and wallets.

Bell & Barnett

bell & barnett


03 9318 8980

About Bell & Barnett

Seasonal fashions are created by Bell & Barnett for the busy Australian male. We remain ahead of the trends to ensure that our brand is synonymous with refinement, style, and class. We were born out of the goal to be the leaders in Australian men's fashion. We must make sure that our items are at the forefront of trend because Melbourne, where we are from, is known for being fashion-sensitive.

Bell & Barnett not only has the distinctive fusion of high-end fashion and European influence, but it also has a thorough understanding of the Australian market. Bell & Barnett uses Australian pure wool yarns to create garments of incomparable quality that are designed with extraordinary attention to detail and fit, giving our customers the full overall look. There is no denying our dedication to style and fashion with the newest materials and sewing methods.

For those around you, donning one of our outfits is a statement. You are a self-reliant, fashion-conscious man who is also aware of his desires. Bell & Barnett take delight in offering high-end clothing to Australian men because of this.

Steel And May Bespoke Tailoring

steel and may bespoke tailoring


0418 107 343

About Steel And May Bespoke Tailoring

The weight (measured in ounces) and wool fineness (measured in "Super" numbers) of suit materials are typically graded. Although the heavier wool material may be uncomfortable in the Australian summer, it is more resilient and will last longer than the lighter cloth. For everyday wear, we suggest fabric weights ranging from 9 oz to 12 oz.

Wool is typically rated from Super 80s to Super 200s. We now have access to finer wools than ever before because to new technologies and breeding methods. However, because they are not as resilient as the slightly coarser wools, these extremely fine fabrics are not necessarily suitable for regular usage. For everyday wear, Steel and May suggest materials in the Super 100s to Super 140s range.

Every season, our selection changes, but it always contains traditional designs like pinstripe, chalk stripe, herringbone, prince of wales, birdseye, houndstooth, and plains. Additionally, colors are included to produce several permutations and fabric options.

Our Services

Whatever you want can be a customised outfit. Customers can select single-breasted jackets with one, two, or three buttons, or double-breasted jackets. Having extra pants on hand is a common strategy for extending the suit's lifespan. Suit styling options include hand-stitched lapels, adjustable button side tabs on trousers, hand-made open buttonholes on the jacket cuffs, additional pockets including phone pockets, side or center vents, and additional ticket pockets on the coats. Additionally, a full canvas jacket is offered to increase the suit's lifespan. We have a wealth of experience dressing and styling wedding parties and work with a wide spectrum of clientele from the corporate, legal, sports, racing, and political spheres.

Andrej Menswear

andrej menswear


(03) 9558 5244

About Andrej Menswear

A hidden gem with a focus on suits and gentlemen is Andre J Menswear. This enormous men's suit warehouse is unassuming and hidden off Melbourne's Princes Highway. It has thousands upon thousands of suits, socks, jackets, shirts, ties, shoes, cufflinks, and much more—all at prices to fit every budget! You'll adore the selection we provide, which includes both timelessly stylish classics and the newest in contemporary men's suit styles at Melbourne's most affordable suit rates. Even better, on-site tailor-quality changes are made to your Melbourne suit. You may get your entire selection of business suits, school formal suits, and wedding suits in Clayton, which is close to the South Eastern Freeway and Eastlink and has FREE off-street parking. Of course, going shopping during the weekdays, especially from Monday to Thursday, is the greatest way to take advantage of our free parking. Oakleigh, Glen Waverley, Chadstone, Bentleigh, Dandenong, Cheltenham, Hampton, Malvern, Burwood, and Knox are nearby suburbs that are in close proximity to and surround our men's suit shop.

Our Services

Melbourne professionals prefer business suits to formal occasion suits for work, therefore style and durability are equally important. Out of all the fabrics we offer for suits, Andre J Menswear will suggest one to you in order to get the most wear out of your business suit. Our facility, which is conveniently located in Melbourne's South East, features business suits in every size and style from floor to ceiling. You can get suits for as little as $100 for discontinued styles or brands in Andre J's enormous stock, which is always on sale. Men in real estate, larger corporations, or even school formal suits, come with a large group to get a package deal.

Henry Buck

henry bucks



About Henry Buck

On November 26, 1860, in Clerkenwell, London, Henry Buck was born. He was the second child of Thomas, a corn factor who eventually became a master electroplater. He was born in Danby and raised in Yorkshire. After moving to New South Wales in 1887 while suffering from tuberculosis and learning the soft goods trade at the age of thirteen, Henry was hired as a grazier's farmhand at the Tailor family's 'Manfred' near Euston. Although she joined him, his fiancee Laura Jane Rose was repulsed by life on a sheep property and convinced Henry to move to Melbourne. The pair entered into a Presbyterian ceremony for marriage on June 25th, 1887 in Armadale.

After having the ambition to request a pay increase, most likely of the order of a shilling per week, Henry lost his job as a bookbinder's assistant in 1890. Instead, he went into business with a friend and, to his horror, discovered that he had been conned. Henry acquired control of the shirting fabric store, the supplies, and the machinery rather than suing his friend. He mastered the shirt-making art while working with two machinists and Laura as the bookkeeper. On August 25, 1890, he opened a business in the posh Queen's Walk, off Swanston Street and Collins Street, which is today known as Henry Buck Pty Ltd.

Henry Buck passed away in Marylebone, London, on May 7, 1933, leaving behind his wife and daughter. The business relocated to the new Colonial Mutual Building, Collins Street, in 1963, recreating the opulent ambiance of the previous store, which is still present today at 320 Collins Street in Melbourne. Through growth and consolidation, entrepreneurial endeavors, and a concentration on its 35-65 age range of affluent, corporate and professional, well-dressed clients, the company has throughout the years strengthened its position in the market.

Our Services

Whether you are attending a black-tie event or want to make an impression at an evening soirée, a classic black tuxedo should always be on call in your wardrobe. This refined look is made of pure wool, which creates an attractive silhouette. The jacket's silk lapels, the pants' silk waistband, and the jacket's side stripes all provide distinctive finishing touches.




1300 452 251

About Briggins

Silver Grove exists to make men a little taller in their stride. We understand the importance of wearing a well-made, well fitted, custom suit, whether you're getting married or going out to meet a new customer. In order to give fashionable Melbourne men an affordable custom suit option without sacrificing the fit or quality associated with customized, handmade clothing, individuals in Melbourne founded Silvergrove in 2006.

Since opening our doors, we have designed and created over 50,000 outfits, making us one of Melbourne's most skilled and reputable custom suit builders. We provide a variety of personal styling services, such as custom suit and shirt creation, wardrobe styling, and contemporary barbering, out of our Showroom in Ringwood.

Our Services

We take pleasure in having one of the most expert and effective techniques for creating custom suits. From the time of your initial consultation and fitting until your finished suit is ready, the process typically takes four weeks. With a variety of styles and premium fabric options, our stylists will assist you in creating a one-of-a-kind suit for your wedding, special occasion, or professional wardrobe. With over 50,000 custom suits produced over the years, we have the expertise and know-how to make everyone a flawlessly fitting, one-of-a-kind suit. Request a free first consultation to get going. Then, just give our Ringwood Showroom staff a call at 1300 452 251 or visit our reservations website.

During your initial appointment at our Ringwood Showroom, our stylists will assist you in creating a custom suit. Then, by selecting from a variety of styles and high-quality fabrics, we can make a suit that perfectly matches your style, down to the last stitch and button. To achieve a proper fit, we will then collect precise measurements from you.

You will be welcomed back into our Showroom for a fitting and styling session about four weeks after your initial visit. By the time you leave, you will look polished and fashionable thanks to the finishing touches that our skilled tailors and stylists will apply. To complete your style, we can also provide full barbering services!

Tailors Mark

tailors mark


1300 857 478

Our Services

Only the finest European or Australian Merino wool is used to make our outfits. Prices for two-piece suits start at $1,000 and vary depending on the fabric. Custom-made tailored shirts start at only $119 and come in your choice of pure cotton or linen. Depending on your choices for weight, texture, weave, and color profile, your genuine style expert will make choosing a material from our wide selection simple.

Our suits are entirely made to order, and for formal events, we provide a variety of options to make the suit appear absolutely stunning. Standard formal suit construction includes a single-breasted, single-button closure, and lapels with subtly contrasting satin shawls. Straight hidden pockets with complementary satin embellishments are advised. Along with custom monograms, a variety of lovely button designs are offered. Depending on the style desired, vests can be added to a suit.

Japanese Bemberg or silk are used to make the inner linings of suits, and satin matte or shine is offered for the customary trimmings. We frequently add a tuxedo pocket and a hook button with side adjusters to replace the belt in formal clothing or tuxedos.

Bespoke Of Melbourne

steel and may bespoke tailoring


0457 771 111

About Bespoke Of Melbourne

Our tailors can be scheduled at the client's preferred location in Melbourne and Victoria. During their trips, our tailors organize meetings in the clients' hotels, offices, or homes. They measure and fit new clients, visit with long-term clients for routine wardrobe updates, and make adjustments to previous purchases as necessary while providing carefully personalized advise. Customers can feel materials, pick colors, get measured, and learn about the customized style process.

As soon as you walk into our showroom, you will be encouraged to have a seat on a plush couch and talk with our tailor so that you can get to know one another. Even though it could seem like idle conversation, we view this as an essential step in the creation of your outfit. Our tailor will be able to determine what you need by taking into account your place of employment, daily routine, attire, and how frequently you attend special events like the races. We encourage our first-time clients, whether they be grooms, corporate dwellers or once-off suit hunters, to collect images and examples of the look they want to achieve, and we can help them make that look their own. Fans of Armani, Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, and Chanel are also asked to send in images of inspiring garments so that our tailor may assist in turning these looks into realities for you.

Our Services

Men are no longer arriving at work wearing enormous jackets or baggy, ill fitted pants, according to a casual glance around any Australian city center, particularly Melbourne or Sydney. In general, Australians are serious about their clothes. This is due to the fact that a superb suit brings a sense of confidence that few other clothes can. Customers can have their names personalized by having them printed on the inside of their suit jacket, the collar, or the cuffs of their shirts by Bespoke of Melbourne. Suits are not only a fundamental piece of clothing, but also one of the most adaptable, as seen by the spring racing season. Below is a summary of the three most important fitting circumstances to take into account.

FAQs About Custom Suit Tailors In Melbourne, Victoria

It costs anywhere from $40-$400 for a suit to get tailored. This is a big range because it depends on how much tailoring is required and who you go to for tailoring. The local tailor will be a lot more affordable than a special, high-end tailor.

It's typical for an entry-level bespoke garment to start at over $2000, whereas you can theoretically spend over $10,000 if you get a handmade three-piece suit made from a high-end, specialty fabric. On average, bespoke suits cost between $3000-$5000.

As adjectives the difference between custom and bespoke is that custom is made in a different way from usual, specially to fit one's needs while bespoke is individually or custom made.

A custom suit can take anywhere from a couple of weeks up to a couple of months to make, depending on whether fabrics are in stock, where the suit is actually made, if your suit is true bespoke with a basted fitting, and how busy the tailors are.

The custom suit process begins by having measurements taken of your body and deciding how you want your garments to fit. Each garment is created specifically to these body measurements taken by an expert tailor. The custom suit or custom garment arrives finished and any fit changes needed will be altered by a tailor.

Carl Nave

carl nave


0403 163 523

About Carl Nave

This is a free, one-hour consultation for custom suits when we determine your demands and look at fabrics. In addition, we discuss fashion and specifics and, if necessary, collect measurements. This made-to-measure shirt consultation lasts 30 minutes and is free of charge. During this time, we'll discuss fabrics and determine your needs. In addition, we discuss fashion and specifics and, if necessary, collect measurements.

Carl Nave, who was born in Melbourne to Italian parents, has been sewing since he was six years old. He comes from a family of tailors. Carl has been honing his art for more than twenty years, and in his Melbourne workshop, he offers a modern approach to bespoke work, elevating tailoring to a thrilling new level.

Our Services

We know that for many guys, a suit is akin to a sartorial uniform. Our hand-finished, made-to-measure, full canvas suits radiate professionalism for the office and start at just $1,200. They provide uncompromising quality and affordability. Looking to improve? Our top-tier "Fatto a Mano" made in Italy option, which features materials from the country's finest textile mills, tailored shirts from one of the best Neapolitan tailoring houses, and suits that are completely by hand, starts at $2,800. Wear it with pride knowing that it was created by more than four generations of sartorial experts.

Carbon Master Tailors

carbon master tailors


About Carbon Master Tailors

Our bespoke and custom tailoring are distinguished by their exceptionally high level of craftsmanship. Following a consultation to go over your needs, measurements are obtained, and we help you choose the cloth. The creation of the patterns, hand-cutting of the cloth, and hours of meticulous stitching all require talent and devotion to our trade.

You can tell how passionate we are about personalized quality by the clothes you wear. The highest quality trimmings guarantee that your investment in style and quality will last. A Carbone Master Tailored item is the culmination of classic tailored expertise and the best fabric. Because every dimension of the customer is taken into consideration, bespoke suits, coats, and shirts give a superior fit than made to measure. A item that is truly yours will have an infinite variety of collar styles, cuff designs, and personalized embellishments. Select from modern designs with remarkable visual appeal or traditional styling. Then, we will assist you in making choices from a huge selection of the finest materials, designs, and details; to create the perfect look for you.

Our Services

Designed by Carbone Master Tailors, a wedding suit is the height of fashion and refinement. All Carbone suits are made to the highest standards of craftsmanship and material selection. All of our clothing is made in-house to your precise specifications, resulting in a garment of the highest caliber. We create custom suits you'll be proud to wear and enhance your appearance. We take great satisfaction in producing only the finest bespoke clothing and custom outfits. Your garment will last a lifetime and reflect the purest quality, attention to detail, style, and elegance thanks to our more than 40 years of experience tailoring in the noble Italian tradition.

Adriano Carbone

adriano carbone


03 9600 2422

About Adriano Carbone

Welcome to the realm where Adriano, Master Tailor, portrays the Art of Tailoring. Each garment is a product of his 40 years of practice. For both men and women, Adriano Carbone's label offers Made To Measure, Tailor Made, and Bespoke Hand Made Services. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for visiting our website and entering the enchanted world of the Master Tailor, where each item of clothing is individually handcrafted for you in our Sartoria (Working Rooms) at The Block Arcade, Melbourne.

Sarti Tailors

sarti tailors


0412 331 600

About Sarti Tailors

Owner and founder Celia Coate set out to produce a new bespoke suit that would preserve the integrity of the original bespoke process after many years of engaging a team of master and specialized tailors from all around Europe and Asia to construct the bespoke suit.


We are artisans, creators, and perfectionists. Our crew has a total of over 100 years of expertise working in the men's fashion and tailoring industries. We are a quality-driven company that wants to provide all Australians with access to the finest level of suiting available anywhere in the world. Our alterations and styling work is something we take great pride in. Our staff create and design tailored bespoke and made to measure attire, everything from suits, jackets, trousers, shirts and tuxedos from our studio Sarti Tailors Melbourne.

Houndstooth Tailors

houndstooth tailors



About Houndstooth Tailors

"For my wedding, Andy designed a blazer for me. He talked to me, assisted me in choosing a few possibilities, and then gave me advice on what he believed I ought to do. He was incredibly easy to work with and produced a wonderful last-minute job for me. I heartily suggest Houndstooth Tailors and Andrew."

"I am so pleased with my suit! The level of Andrews' attention to detail with regard to the fabric, the fitting, the lapel detail, the pocket square, and the tie was unmatched. My pinstripe three-piece suit was ideal for the special occasion. Thank you, man! Kristian"

"Andrew took the time to hear what I was searching for and offered excellent advice from the industry. I was quite happy with the entire procedure and will definitely use Houndstooth services again. In any business, Andrew's expertise, dependability, and customer service would be highly regarded."

Our Services

100% hemp was used to create our hemp linen jacket. Cool, light, and refreshing. Since hemp is best recognized for its durability and inbuilt insulation, this beautiful hemp linen is perfect for summer. The safari jacket serves as inspiration for the design of the unstructured jacket. For a more contemporary man, a modern interpretation. One of the oldest natural fibers in the world, hemp only gets softer with use.

Our made-to-order Workman's Jacket has a vest with a detachable quilted inner. both for use at work and for play. Only when bespoke fitting is necessary can we offer this. Both for business and for leisure, 5 button jackets are perfect. designed to be worn with anything from a cuffed shirt to a fresh white t-shirt. Only when bespoke fitting is necessary can we offer this.

Joe Button

joe button


(03) 9005 6326

About Joe Button

A generation of men and women can now affordably dress good thanks to Joe Button. Our clothing collection embraces the concept of well-made classic pieces tailored to your body. Every piece of clothing is uniquely produced for each person based on their measurements and style preferences.

Our Services

We maintain a timeless assortment of essential pieces made from the best wools and cotton in the most popular colours, textures, and patterns of the current season. When making our clothes, our skilled tailors employ the same methods and tools as the majority of upscale designers. Additionally, each item is produced specifically to your specifications for design and size. Because our items are delivered straight from our tailors to your home, you avoid paying for storage and middlemen. Additionally, you can visit our showroom by appointment to see our products.

Your dimensions will be kept for future purchases once you've placed an order with us. Simply log in and change your bicep or chest measurement if you've gained or lost weight. All of our business and formal suits are made of Australian Merino wool, which is prized for its fineness, capacity to regulate body temperature, and breathability. A suit's excellence is frequently only apparent in its more minute components. Therefore, we sew a shank button to provide a professional finish as well as hand stitch the jacket arm to the shoulder seam for more mobility. Additionally, we manually set the collar of the jacket to strengthen the collar felt and stop it from rolling up.

Germanicos Bespoke Tailors

germanicos bespoke tailors


1300 824 567

About Germanicus Bespoke Tailors

At Germanicus, we take pride in producing shirts and suits using the same traditional bespoke techniques that have been used for more than a century. Together with your custom-made pattern, which was hand-drawn with elements of Savile Row in mind just for you. We believe that suits manufactured using the classic bespoke method are pieces of art that are built to last since they are carefully tailored using your unique pattern and hand finished with a floating canvas hand sewed on the inside of your jacket.

Numerous qualities, including love, passion, and dedication, are essential to the Germancios DNA and have been crucial to our formula for success since 1999 as we strive for perfection. It has become a way of life for our visionary John Tellis and our creative, close-knit stylists, painters, and artisans to create a masterpiece for every client that speaks by itself and exquisitely captures their personality and inner gentleman. By carefully blending old world craftsmanship with modern world technology, we transcend any expectation in today's digital age.

When you engage on a customized adventure with Germanicus, you will experience our infectious love for what we do. You experience a genuine transformation and become aware of a bespoke garment's influence. We've had the honor of dressing a variety of celebrities over the years, including Hugh Jackman, Ronan Keating, Ruby Rose, Darren McMullen, Scott Pendlebury, Alex Rance, and many more. We call ourselves the "Tailor to the Stars" because we've had the privilege of dressing celebrities like Scott Pendlebury, Alex Rance, Scott Pendlebury, and many more.

Our goal is for every person to wear a truly bespoke garment at least once throughout their lifetime, regardless of their line of work. We take great pride in the fact that our company and pricing model are open to people from all backgrounds. So please feel free to give Germanicus a try. We guarantee that you will be thrilled with the encounter and outcome we produce for you.

Our Services

It's astonishing how the hunt for some of the finest and most valuable fibers on this planet today takes place in some of the toughest conditions and landscapes known to man, where magnificent animals thrive in untouched nature. We can now follow and trace the origin of the wool used in manufacturing through the same looms of Yorkshire to the finished product thanks to sustainability being the major emphasis of the world's top mills and the use of technology. Particularly, the wools from Australia and Patagonia are picked for their distinctive qualities over those found elsewhere and can now even be tracked back to the grazing paddocks they originated from.

We've travelled the world to source and offer our clients the best and most unique natural fibre clothes this world has to offer, and we are proud to showcase the largest range of the most stunning European cloth to select from. Unlike our rivals, who utilize whatever they can get their hands on, our expert tailors rigorously evaluate each variety before coming on offer.




612 9222 2801

About Institchu

InStitchu, a company founded in 2012 by Australians Robin McGowan and James Wakefield, fills the void between traditional tailoring methods and the current digital retail environment by enabling customers to design their unique, made-to-measure suits and shirts in a matter of minutes either online or in a Showroom.

InStitchu offers custom-made clothing of the highest caliber at a reasonable cost by combining cutting-edge technology with high-end, novel textiles. The risk paid off; what began in 2012 as a single Showroom above a cafe in Sydney has expanded to double-digit Showrooms across Australia and the USA, with an integrated website.

Our Services

Our first priority is the fit of your clothing; every item we make is created to measure using your precise measurements, ensuring the ideal fit. From the time your measurements are taken until your fabric is cut, our team works toward a vision determined by the contour of your physique. All shirts, suits, and clothing are covered by our Perfect Fit Guarantee whether you shop online or at one of our Showrooms.

All of our materials are made from natural fibers, making them soft, breathable, and the best suiting fabrics on the market. As a result, our clothing is inexpensive without sacrificing quality. European tailors have also adopted our designs and procedures, including top pattern makers and tailors with Savile Row training. As a result, we combine the best fabrics available worldwide with cutting-edge technology and first-rate customer service to offer you clothing of the greatest quality at a fantastic price.

InStitchu is all about the experience—transport yourself into the realms of old-world tailoring at one of our showrooms across Australia and the USA. With a scotch in hand, you may browse our materials, get measured, and design your clothes with your personal Stylist. Reordering online will be too simple because your dimensions and patterns will be kept to your online profile. As an alternative, you can order designs from the comfort of your home by visiting our user-friendly website. Welcome to a brand-new tailoring universe.

Trunk Tailors

trunk tailor


Suite 204, 220 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000

About Trunk Tailors

Weddings give us at Trunk a fresh perspective on what we do. We take on all wedding commissions with great pride and responsibility, as the garments created are truly of lasting value. Trunk wedding attire is handcrafted and custom-fit utilizing time-honored techniques. This enables our fitters to measure the body more precisely and take into account different body types. By incorporating our client's suggestions and bringing ideas to reality, we have collaborated with our workshop to design, cut, and sew wedding attire.

We consider weddings as an occasion to display all the artistry and skill of bespoke clothing and to assemble something special for each couple.

Our Services

Trunk Tailors offers custom suits created from the finest materials available worldwide. To understand, appreciate, and advance the culture of good tailoring, we travel widely. This makes it possible for us to give our clients wise counsel that will best meet their needs and circumstances. In a tiny family-run workshop, each of our outfits is made from scratch.

Every suit is created from scratch. The hand-drawn patterns are created specifically for each customer's individual body. Along with entirely pick stitched seams, every buttonhole is manually sewn. Our workshop is entirely devoid of equipment other than a straight sewing machine. The rest is done manually, as it should be. Since our inception, we have collaborated closely with our small staff of cutters and tailors to restore suiting's comfort and relevance.

Samuel Diamond

samuel diamond


0401 164 130

About Samuel Diamond

When it comes to job interviews, there is a time for sartorial panache and a place for both. Check out these suggestions to improve your chances of getting the job. One of the best investments is a custom-made merino wool suit. If you want your suit to survive for many years to come, proper maintenance is crucial. These are SD's top suggestions for maintaining your suit.

The Spring Races are a few occasions for Australian gentlemen to flaunt their genuine elegance and indulge. Now is the time to display your personality, tilt your hat, and use your accessories without hesitation. You are prepared with your tickets, but you're not sure what to dress. Be at ease. For you to leave a memorable impression this year, Samuel is prepared with his best advice!

Our Services

A wedding attire can be difficult to choose. Each wedding has a unique size, theme, location and dress code. With so many alternatives, it can be challenging to choose something truly unique. These are our Top 5 looks for grooms in no particular order.

A navy suit is timeless, functional, and stylish. Agents now have the option to put on the outfit once more. most secure option. I advise choosing a dark or midnight navy color. Unquestionably a classy pick is a navy suit. A waistcoat, peak lapels, a soft check pattern, a striking lining, and a monogram of the wedding date are always good ways to add some spice. The most common material for this is wool, but for a more textured and sartorial style, don't be afraid to try out linen, mohair, cotton, and flannel wool.

A stylish and classic option is the shark suit. Both the light and charcoal colors are true classics. Of course, if you want to step things up a notch, add a waistcoat. Always wear a white pocket square, a black tie, a spotless white shirt, and a rose pinned to your lapel. With a set like this for your wedding, you can't go wrong.

Only the most important celebrations call for the tuxedo. The best option is a black tie since it demonstrates your appreciation for the event by having you look your best. The bride and her family, in particular, are appreciative of your decision to go all out.

Jose Zarpan

jose zarpan


03 9654 3926

About Jose Zarpan

Melbourne Custom Tailoring. Our goal is to create suits that fit both men and women precisely. As a result, the design, style, fabric, cut, and materials are chosen to create a special clothing that reflects your sense of style and personality. We have a small variety of dresses and coats for the current season. Each item will come with basic fittings and free alterations.

Our Services

We provide tailored clothing for both men and ladies. complete suit, including a jacket, coat, pants, shirts, dresses, and evening wear. To have Jose measure you, an appointment must be made. Accurate measurement is the key to creating the right fit. To start, we take more than 15 measures. Visit this page to schedule your measurement. We will craft each piece over the course of 6 to 8 weeks, including the measuring. The entire garment is then fitted twice after that. The finest cloth, in a variety of designs and colors, is offered by Jose Zarpan from Barrington in South America and Dormeil in the UK. We employ fabrics made of cashmere, wool, baby alpaca, alpaca, cotton, and linen for both women and men.

Spectre Collection

men suit tailors


1300 263 507

About Spectre Collection

Our commitment to providing quality, value, and service has been the cornerstone of our enduring success. Our skilled advisers will guide you through the entire design and fitting process, and our qualified tailors will make sure that your piece is made just to fit you.

Based on our promise of Quality, Value, and Service, every one of our clothing is covered by a warranty. The staff at Spectre Collection can assist you in creating a distinctive, custom-filled outfit from the very beginning to ensure that you stand out from the crowd. We build to meet your wants while taking into consideration your body type, lifestyle needs, and spending limit. We are in the center of fashion and style because we are situated in the CBD of Melbourne.

Based on our promise of Quality, Value, and Service, every one of our clothing is covered by a warranty. Additionally, our years of experience guarantee that you will receive a high-quality, well-fitting suit. Our commitment to providing quality, value, and service has been the cornerstone of our enduring success. Our skilled advisers will guide you through the entire design and fitting process, and our qualified tailors will make sure that your piece is made just to fit you.

Our Services

Melbourne Business Suits for Men It's crucial what you wear to work. Therefore, be sure to always present yourself well. We provide a selection of men's business suits in addition to made-to-measure, ready-to-wear, and semi-bespoke services for the most discerning clients. Our suits are constructed to the highest standards with the finest materials.

Moda Melbourne

moda melbourne


03 9427 8663

About Moda Melbourne

For more than two generations, Moda Melbourne has produced and shipped high-end suits to Australia and Melbourne. Since its establishment in 1970, we have offered some of the best locally made and imported clothing as well as custom tailoring services. We believe the most important element of purchasing a suit is to find something that makes you feel and look amazing. To stay on top of men's fashion, we like finding fresh designs and exquisite fabrics.

We specialize in suits for every situation, including suits for weddings, work, parties, funerals, and men who want to appear nice. We also have a huge selection of ties, shoes, jackets, waistcoats, shirts, and other clothing items. We offer free alterations to all of our customers, and our skilled in-house tailors will ensure that whatever suit you buy fits you perfectly.

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Our Services

Our complimentary fitting consultation is a specialty service available just at Moda Melbourne. We are aware of how valuable your time is, and we strive to provide the finest service possible to all of our clients. We can evaluate your demands in person over the phone to make getting a suitable solution more simpler. The way we make sure that our customers' demands are always addressed is through this distinctive experience.

We are sick of hearing about the subpar products and services that are provided by numerous men's clothing retailers. To remove the tension and annoyance that come with many shopping encounters, we provide the greatest services. In addition to the males in Melbourne, we also want to appeal to the men in Australia and, eventually, the rest of the world. The best in men's fashion is right here; you don't need to go to Milan or Paris to see it.

You will receive a fantastic suit from our in-house tailoring service. You should leave Moda Melbourne looking smart, at ease, and confident. We can create a suit for every event by understanding your needs, preferences, and style through our consultation process. So give us a call right away to schedule a session or to discuss your needs.

American Tailors

american tailors


+61 3 9662 1273

About American Tailors

Our buyers visit fashion houses, shows, well-known and up-and-coming suppliers during their twice-yearly trips to Europe to make sure you have access to the latest styles and the best quality right here in Melbourne, Australia. The selection is always being updated, so if there is a product or provider you are interested in, don't hesitate to contact us to see if we can help. The following is a list of some of our current suppliers.




03 8611 3100

About Harrolds

Harrolds, a living fashion institution and home to over 100 local and international designer labels, was founded in 1985 on Melbourne's famous Collins Street. The proud sole Australian retailer of global superstars including Tom Ford, Amina Muaddi, and Thom Browne is Harrolds. Harrolds houses some of the most sought-after seasonal collections every year by fusing a distinctive range of tailoring and modern luxury clothing. In its remarkable 35-year journey thus far, Harrolds has blossomed from a 90-square-metre space into a Business of Fashion-recognized top 30 global menswear retail innovator, spanning five stores across Australia. However, Harrolds is still a family-owned business today, led by Managing Directors Mary and Ross Poulakis.

Harrolds is well known for its prestigious hallmark service and friendly customer interactions. People can shop at Harrolds for a unique experience both in-person and online, from the specialized made-to-measure service to standard purchases. Continually committed to innovation, Harrolds now ships internationally, allowing global shoppers to experience its signature service online and shop curated collections from an array of the world's most lauded luxury fashion houses.

Our Services

The aftercare services we provide are a significant part of Harrolds. Aftercare encompasses dry cleaning, alterations, tailoring, and garment and shoe repair, simply going beyond the in-store experience. Harrolds has chosen a number of aftercare partners who will take good care of your clothing so that it lives a long and productive life. If your clothing needs more care, we are pleased to make arrangements on your behalf. Only Australian orders are eligible for aftercare services. The durability of your clothing depends on how you hang and store it, whether you are caring for your work clothes or saving something special for a black-tie event.

After 12 months from the date of purchase or as specified by the specific supplier warranty of your purchase, Harrolds will not accept Aftercare returns. Harrolds reserve the right to reject any claims that are submitted after this window of time. Please get in touch with us if you have any more inquiries.

Arthur Galan

arthur galan


About Arthur Galan

The self-titled label Arthur Galan AG, which he founded in 1998, has grown into a well-known Australian brand that creates distinctive collections for men. The Arthur Galan AG man is confident and cutting edge. Both agree that the quality, cut, and style of Arthur Galan are crucial requirements for their wardrobes. With his talent, top-notch materials, and attention to detail, Arthur has built a devoted and well-informed customer base across the globe.

Our Services

With custom appointments by Arthur Galan, Australia's favorite menswear designer offers the best fabric selection in the world at an exceptional price. Arthur, who has more than 20 years of expertise and was named GQ Menswear Designer of the Year, will be on hand for your visit to personally build your custom suits while guiding you through a simple path of fabric and style collaboration. After hours, private appointments are also offered.

The Suit Concierge

the suit concierge


03 9429 7617

About The Suit Concierge

The Suit Concierge is an expert in bespoke tailoring and offers uniquely made clothes that are expertly tailored to fit each customer. With Hong Kong-based operations – a city renowned for its quality tailoring, The Suit Concierge combines excellent quality with exceptional service at affordable prices.

Leading provider of bespoke apparel for both men and women is The Suit Concierge. We are expanding our retail presence globally from a family of Hong Kong's most reputable bespoke tailors that dates back 60 years and three generations. Influential clients of our tailors have included politicians, celebrities, and sports legends.

Our goal is to bring the tradition of custom to the modern man or woman with great service and outcomes that are unmatched. We do this by having a thorough understanding of the most recent fashion trends in the clothing business and a wealth of experience in workmanship. We design a custom suit, jacket, dress, or shirt using your measurements, form, and posture so that it will fit precisely and draw attention to your greatest characteristics. In terms of quality, style, variety, and affordability, we compete with and outperform the world's greatest tailoring houses. We provide more than 20,000 fabric options, from the most economical to the most luxurious.

Our Services

In Melbourne, are you looking for business suits? Our on-staff tailors are available to assist. There are several styles, fabrics, colors, patterns, and weights available for work suits and wedding suits. But fitting properly should be the top priority. The Suit Concierge offers custom suits for men and women across all of Australia, making sure you have the ideal fit for both your body type and the occasion, whether it's a wedding or a special event. Over 10,000 fabrics, examples of our custom suits, an in-house tailor, and off-the-rack suits are all available at our Richmond showroom (for those who need a suit right away). Our traveling tailor will come to you in Melbourne CBD, South Yarra, Toorak, or any nearby suburbs if you have a busy schedule and can't see us in Richmond.

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