Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne

Top 30 Dual Occupancy Builders in Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

Want a new house? Considering dual occupancy? Dual occupancy homes are popular because they offer several benefits. Finding a dual occupancy home builder might be tricky.

We’ve put together a list of the best dual occupancy builders in Melbourne, Victoria. These builders can help you build a modern or conventional home. Contact them to start.

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    Ultimate List of Dual Occupancy Builders in Melbourne

    MJS Construction Group - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne

    Mjs Construction Group



    MJS Construction Group's consultation method is unique.

    Team offers constructive building projects. We have developed over 1200 new homes, duplexes, townhouses, and apartments since being trusted in Melbourne for over 35 years.

    Over 1200 happy customers in Australia.

    In 35 years, there have been around 1200 new home, dual occupancy, townhouse, and apartment buildings. Everything has been done.

    You've come to the right site if you're seeking for an excellent builder in Melbourne who is also reasonably priced.

    Feeling at home in Melbourne.

    We are a full-service construction and project management firm for homes.

    Where the heart is, is at home. But you also reside there. MJS Construction Group creates houses with everyone's needs in mind. Our commitment to bespoke house design, construction, and customer service is shown in our passion. Your dream house will be built by us.

    MJS's advantage.

    The MJS Construction Group has built countless new homes, duplexes, and commercial buildings throughout the course of its 35-year history. They work with everyone from small business owners to major real estate developers, and they always take care to understand the specifics of the project so you're happy with the results.

    MJS Construction Group focuses on connections, details, and quality results. Not just saying, but also doing. MJS Construction Group has been able to grow and prosper in the design, building, and construction industries because to our cutting-edge organizational structure.

    The contractors at Bentleigh East are meticulous, on time, and within budget.


    The creative building collaboration process used by MJS Construction Group guarantees thoughtful design and construction.


    In Bentleigh, Bentleigh East, and Melbourne, we build homes with one, two, and three stories. In order to assure homeowner happiness, MJS Construction Group walks clients through the entire process and offers superior solutions. Renovating?

    Dual Occupancy

    MJS Construction Group has a solid reputation for having great build expertise and skills as a famous dual occupancy constructor. Here is further information.


    Commercial ventures necessitate effective project management from start to finish. The MJS Construction Group has completed excellent commercial projects with a combination of uses and the industrial sector. Contact MJS Construction Group about your commercial and industrial project designs.


    Due to the distinctiveness of each townhouse, MJS Construction Group enjoys developing them. We are excited to construct townhouses in Melbourne, Bentleigh, and Bentleigh East. Your dreams of owning a townhome can come true with MJS Construction Group.


    Details are necessary for multi-level and basement flats. A preferred builder is MJS Construction Group. MJS Construction Group succeeds at supplying high-quality service, staying under budget, and meeting market demands. Any type of apartment building can be built with our assistance.


    Planning, design, building, and post-handover maintenance are all provided by MJS Construction Group. To guarantee that your residential development is completed on time, on budget, and with attention to detail, MJS Construction Group maintains the highest level of professionalism from the initial construction site through the handover of keys. For more information about our experience building homes, get in touch with MJS Construction Group.


    The Land Titles Office registration, development planning, approvals, permits, and construction are all managed by MJS Construction Group. Our knowledge and experience managing subdivisions can benefit your project. Your subdivision project can be managed by MJS Construction Group.


    Every project is treated as if it were MJS Construction Group's own. We are excited to discuss potential collaborative ventures since we are confident in our ability to deliver. To discuss a joint venture, get in touch with us if you run a website.

    Hamilton Bardin Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne

    Hamilton Bardin Builders Bayside Melbourne


    0412 003 001

    25-year Melbourne Builder Let's build your ideal home today

    Melbourne builders with 25 years of experience. Victorian mansions created by top architects and engineers have been constructed by us. The leading luxury home builder in Australia is Hamilton Bardin. Personalized, handcrafted homes that go above and beyond client expectations. This calls for an understanding that your ideal living space and your family are both unique. We provide assistance with everything from minor adjustments to complete demolition and rebuilding. Your dream home is the only thing Hamilton Bardin is trying to build.

    Design, new builds, extensions, and renovations

    Melbourne-based building company Hamilton Bardin places a high value on both its craftsmanship and customer service. Since 2010, we have established ourselves as a premier design, construction, and renovation firm in Melbourne. For additions, new construction, renovations, bespoke joinery, and interior design, Hamilton Bardin provides a comprehensive solution.

    Melbourne custom home builders

    We guarantee that every Hamilton Bardin job is completed to the highest standard through exceptional customer service and attention to detail.

    Carter Grange - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne

    carter grange


    03 8544 4990


    We have been a leader in bespoke home design and building in Melbourne since 2003. We are fully aware of the council design standards. We can use soil tests, feature surveys, and arborist assessments to analyze the potential and constraints of your site. Our staff can assist you in overcoming obstacles and provide original solutions.


    Your preferred floor plan, facade style, and general design will be created by our custom home designers. Town Planning guidelines are taken into account when designing, and options are discussed with you. After receiving your design requirements, we will work with a town planner to submit the drawings to the council and solicit feedback to guarantee a planning approval.

    You can stop by our interior design studio to select finishes with Byron Interiors while we take care of the paperwork. There are a variety of taps, countertops, cabinets, flooring, and doors available.

    SHM - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne

    shm dual occupancy builders melbourne


    1800 683 698

    SHM is aware that you want a proud home. You must pick a builder who is aligned with your values and understand the full procedure. Finding the appropriate builder, much alone one who is sustainable, may be extremely challenging and overwhelming.

    You deserve a lovely, cozy, sustainable house, according to SHM. We are aware of the significance of your home to you and your family, so doing it right the first time is essential. Over the past six years, we've completed over 30 Sustainable Home Transformations®, and we've refined our process to deliver a house you'll be proud of.


    We like transforming Melbourne's historic properties into lovely, green homes. For people who are concerned about the environment and the future of their children, Sustainable Homes Melbourne was created as an option. We are fortunate to live in a period where we can achieve any goal. We know what to do and have all the necessary tools. Create the future of our world now.

    FAQs About Dual Occupancy

    A dual occupancy property is when you build two or more separate properties on the same block of land. Or, it can mean building a whole new house next to or behind your existing home.

    It essentially means that you have two or more homes on the one title of land that will ultimately get subdivided in the future.

    This can be great for accommodating family members, like elderly relatives, or if you want to get into the rental market and let out one or more of the properties while living in another.

    You have a few options here. The first is by building a separate dwelling in your backyard that shares a driveway if you have enough space. Then you would subdivide the lot, so both homes end up on their title. The driveway would then become common property.

    You can then sell them both, sell one and rent one out or rent them both out! You’re spoiled for choice here. Either way, you’ll come out of the project with some money in the bank or additional equity in your investment.

    The second option is for those with an appropriately sized lot – you can knock down your existing home and build two or more new dwellings. You’d then subdivide the land, and each dwelling would end up on its own land title.

    Depending on the size of the original lot and your intentions, these dwellings could be either semi-detached or completely detached.

    So there you have it, you should now know what a dual occupancy subdivision and or property is.

    ‘Dual Occs’ may be either attached to each other in a duplex or constructed as separate dwellings. Each property has the potential for rental income, though their specific differences affect investors.

    • Granny flats are typically the size of a small apartment and located to the rear of a large yard. They require council approval before building and being allowed to accept tenants into the property.
    • A Duplex entails two properties which are adjoined or share common walls, such as a house divided into two separate properties, and can therefore be sold separately.
    • A Dual-key is a property with a shared front entrance door and hallway and potentially additional living spaces such as the kitchen and living room. A section within the property is usually locked and rented out to a separate tenant.
    • Dual occupancy properties share common land but do not have to be adjoining or share common walls like duplexes.

    Dual occupancy home designs appeal especially to students and young professionals and the senior population who may need the security of younger family members present. This makes dual occupancies attractive for investors depending on the locality of the property, potentially allowing both increases in yield and capital growth over property cycles. In addition, investors can lease both sides out to maximise ROI. For example, an owner-occupier could live on one side and rent out the other so that their tenants contribute to a mortgage.


    A dual living solution can be the best option for your home design as it is incredibly versatile with plenty of applications. Dual occupancy home designs come with many great advantages for first home buyers, builders, investors, and families looking for extra space. In addition, they can provide an excellent opportunity to offset your mortgage and earn a passive income if you live within one of the dwellings while renting out the other. 

    There are a number of financial benefits of dual occupancy homes designs, including building equity, since when dual occupancy properties are built under strata title, it allows the two dwellings to be valued as two separate homes. This means they will be able to be sold separately and create instant equity from the growth in the original properties value. 

    They also provide the opportunity for supplementary income, as the second dwelling can be rented out full time or used as an Airbnb. Of course, even more income could be generated if both dwellings were rented out and you had elsewhere to live yourself. Using this rental income also provides the opportunity to pay off your mortgage sooner, along with several tax reductions often available with dual living house plans.

    They are also a great option for extended family members, providing a great housing solution for elderly or disabled relatives as well as adult children. Duplexes allow for increased independence while still living on the same property.

    Despite the difficulties many people face with what can be very specific and challenging local council restrictions, dual occupancy home designs are a popular choice in some areas.

    COVID19 also has influenced dual occupancy and its relative popularity. There has been a noticeable change in families going for a more lifestyle-focused, premium product with less focus on maximising return on investment when building a house. People are looking more and more to build houses that reflect how they want themselves and their family to live, rather than the houses’ future value. This has directly caused the popularity of dual occupancy homes to go down overall in Australia due to COVID19 and lockdowns placing greater societal importance on time spent in the home. 

    This is despite the trend of older children moving back home and elderly parents moving in with their kids. Instead of looking to move into traditional dual occupancy living scenarios, they are embracing a new way of intergenerational living, where people are living in one large house where there are two master bedrooms, one on each floor with their own ensuites – allowing everyone their own space while still sharing the overall home. 

    CBD Contracting Group - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne

    cbd contracting group dual occupancy builders melbourne


    (03) 9376 0888


    Award-winning, family-run residential and commercial construction company is CBD Contracting Group. Partners include Phoebe Moore, her brother Donald, and Scott Smith. Many of our original office, site, and specialized contractors are still with us today.

    Residential, retail, and hospitality projects are all designed by us. We are able to work on several projects at once because to our broad workload and knowledgeable personnel.

    The needs and expectations of our clients' projects are exceeded by the exceptional design and technical work we produce on schedule and within budget. We rely on personal recommendations and repeat business because we build strong client relationships.

    Arden Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne

    arden homes dual occupancy builders melbourne


    03 8787 1309

    Customizing homebuilding.

    Our company was founded on a distinct comprehension of homebuyers' wants. Because everyone is unique, we think your home should represent who you are. This concept informs our mission: to work with you to create a home that is uniquely designed and built for you at an exceptional price.

    Without compromising on pricing, each Arden home boasts high-quality fixtures and finishes. You may create beautiful places that complement your life and style with the structural versatility of our Lumina range and the design freedom of our Aspire range.

    There is an Arden home for every lifestyle and price range with two types. Light-filled spaces, clever design, and design freedom are the hallmarks of Aspire. Lumina offers exceptional basic items together with innovative, well-liked design options. We provide shrewd, environmentally friendly, and energy-efficient building options to help you live comfortably in a better environment while minimizing your carbon footprint.

    MPR Design & Build - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne

    mpr design & build dual occupancy builders melbourne


    1300 677 219

    Our homes and clientele speak for MPR Design & Build.

    We are aware of what it takes to construct truly outstanding homes. Come talk to us about your goals, requirements, and budget, and we'll show you how MPR Design & Build can surpass them. Operating in Bayside and surrounding regions for more than 20 years, our Director Michael Rodgerson has made a reputation for himself through quality and service.

    Whether you're constructing a new home, remodeling or enlarging an existing one, or developing numerous units on your own or in collaboration, MPR Design & Build has the staff and expertise to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

    MPR Design & Build can add value at every stage of your project, including the auction bidding, supplier negotiations, and council advocacy. To produce iconic properties, MPR Design & Build offers architectural, interior design, and construction services. We value each client and piece of property.

    VBuild Melbourne Pty Ltd - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne

    vbuild melbourne pty ltd dual occupancy builders melbourne (1)




    0425 752 873

    VBuild is a luxury home builder in Melbourne committed to creating your ideal home. We promise to produce a stunning, exquisitely finished home using your unique ideas and utilizing custom design, planning, building, and other processes.

    VBuild's goal is to deliver a project management solution that keeps our client informed and confident in the project's progress. Projects are always carried out properly and attentively thanks to VBuild's extensive project management experience, which benefits both clients and contractors.

    We are always excited to collaborate with our clients to design and construct a new house. Our skills will motivate you right away by converting your idea into a lovely, livable home.

    Forme Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne

    forme homes dual occupancy builders melbourne


    03 8797 2733

    Melbourne custom home builders

    Forme makes the home-building process more personal. Each custom-built home is designed specifically for you, making it completely unique. Our builders will listen to you because they have over 30 years of experience building dream homes for Melbourne families.

    Sloping Block House Designs

    A lot of our customers have questions concerning sloped land. Sloping, awkward, oddly shaped, and difficult-to-access properties are ideal for split-level homes. Our expertise can help you plan a home on a sloped lot.

    Rebuild-from-scratch homes

    Even though you've found the ideal neighborhood, your house isn't functional. Perhaps your family has grown or the old house doesn't make the best use of space. Forme Homes is an expert in tear-down/rebuild projects. To enable you to remain put, we will build your ideal home.

    True Value Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne

    true value homes


    1300 438 825

    Building your future together

    Affordable luxury

    Melbourne-based True Value Homes is a multi-award-winning home builder. Victoria's most coveted homes are built by the family-owned company True Value Houses using traditional building methods and contemporary construction techniques.

    With our expertise and full-service team, we can construct according to your requirements. We provide vast square footage, multiple plan options, and three- and four-bedroom home designs. To help you realize your goals, we also create unique homes. We offer land and a house package to make home improvement simpler. To select your ideal home in your ideal neighborhood, choose from eight attractive estates and suburbs.

    On Product Review, we're pleased to have received over 75 5-star reviews. We only have five-star reviews. Our objective is to build a high-quality, stress-free home. We support you at every turn. After we give you the keys, we keep in touch with you to assist with any ensuing queries. Our actual value is that.

    BH Prestige Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne

    bh prestige homes dual occupancy builders melbourne


    0414 674 111

    Leading Melbourne homebuilders

    First-rate Melbourne houses have been built by BH Prestige Homes for many years. With the newest concepts and top materials, we can assist you in creating your ideal house. This is a matter of taste. Our houses will endure for many years. In order to fulfill all of your requirements and expectations, we concentrate on your experience as a property owner.

    We value a house more than a financial investment. It is a means of self-expression and creating lasting memories with loved ones. We appreciate the opportunity to begin a new chapter in your family's life and take pride in the attention to detail and high caliber of our work.

    Expectations from Melbourne home builders

    Forme makes the home-building process more personal. Each custom-built home is designed specifically for you, making it completely unique. Our builders will listen to you because they have over 30 years of experience building dream homes for Melbourne families.

    Langford Jones Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne

    langford jones homes


    03 9579 2218

    We build distinctive homes.

    We build exclusive, custom-designed homes in Melbourne's Bayside and South Eastern communities, on Phillip Island, in San Remo, along the Bass Coast, in South Gippsland, and on the Mornington Peninsula. Construction is made simpler. You can work with our experts to modify a design you've chosen from one of our Design Collections to meet your needs after making your choice. requirements.

    Instead, make use of our custom design service. We'll build your dream home from a concept drawing to completion. Your precise requirements are met by our master-built, custom-designed homes.

    From Sketch to Dream Home Realty, we've arrived here. On Melbourne's coast, bayside, and south-east, we have provided extraordinary, custom-designed houses for 45 years. We are an independent builder that is family-owned. We simplify construction. After selecting a design from one of our Design Collections, you can work with our experts to modify it to suit your requirements.

    Inspired Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne

    inspired homes dual occupancy builders melbourne


    1300 046 638

    Inspired Residences. We are a family-run business with a one-on-one service philosophy that was established in 2004. We want to know your needs and objectives as soon as you join our team. We are problem solvers who design the perfect bundle for you.

    Your lifestyle is supported and improved by our flexible housing design. Our tagline is "Greater homes via greater listening." You may customize your home while staying inside your budget thanks to various inclusion levels.

    The Polish name for hub, "The Piasta," appears throughout our iconic designs. Learn more here about the designer kitchen in this interactive area. Also offered are customized designs and solutions. We intend to assist you soon.

    5AB Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne

    5ab homes dual occupancy builders melbourne


    1300 000 523


    We have always wished to help people fulfill their dreams of owning a property. We have experience in construction and are aware that constructing a home alone might be challenging. In the modern world, time, energy, and money are in short supply. People lack the expertise and information necessary to comprehend the specifics of construction.

    One must rely on contractors, whose reliability is frequently difficult to assess. We established our business because we saw a need for a comprehensive solution that handles all the commitments and headaches associated with building a house. With the help of our clever plan, we have grown over time and acquired numerous grateful customers. Honesty, openness, communication, delivery, and support are things we cherish.

    Mimosa Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne

    mimosa homes


    03 8361 1901

    We recently unveiled a new collection of contemporary, architecturally designed homes. Mimosa Homes offers a stunning selection of facades and more than 45 brand-new home designs.


    Newly built homes, display homes, unfinished homes, and off-the-plan house & land packages are all available from Mimosa Houses.

    Our History

    Mimosa Homes is dedicated to creating outstanding residences in Melbourne's northern and western suburbs where families may reside, flourish, and take pleasure in their neighborhood. Leader of Mimosa Homes is Jenk Kaide. Jenk has 20 years of experience building homes. In order to meet demand, Mimosa Homes was formed in 2007.

    U Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne

    u homes dual occupancy builders melbourne


    03 9048 5538

    U Homes creates custom homes according to your requirements. This translates to better comfort, flexibility, liveability, and style. We want you to enjoy your experience when you visit our display house and speak with one of our specialists. Personalized service from beginning to end.

    Our in-house designer will create your dream home once you're on board. You will also meet with our in-house color consultant and interior designer.


    Your dream house, planned and constructed. U Homes are those. Since the 1950s and 1960s, the "Great Australian Dream" of home ownership has driven social and economic progress. In their homes, Australians felt secure and proud. where family and social memories were created.

    Carmel Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne

    carmel homes dual occupancy builders melbourne


    1300 792 120

    Luxury bespoke homes are constructed by Melbourne-based Carmel Homes. We take great pride in the caliber of our houses and aftercare services after 30 years in business. High-end, custom houses are the main focus of Carmel Homes. Our organization, processes, people, and philosophies are all focused to providing discerning clients with high-caliber, gorgeous homes.

    Choosing the Right Block for Your Melbourne Dream Home

    The ideal house for most individuals is just a building. They are familiar with the interior spaces' dimensions, shapes, and idiosyncrasies. Many people will have selected the materials, finishes, and statement styling that they prefer. The land is just as important in the construction of a home. If you select the right block, your fantastical creation will blend in with the surroundings. You might need to alter your plans if you make the incorrect decision.


    A family-run business, Carmel Homes constructs unique homes in Melbourne. We take great pride in the caliber of our houses and aftercare services after 30 years in business. We construct high-quality, design-driven homes in prime locations. exclusive family homes and townhouses in the city's core. Due to our methodology that places a strong emphasis on quality, we only work with the best architects and reliable contractors.

    Lifestyle by Design - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne

    lifestyle by design dual occupancy builders melbourne


    1300 523 569

    We consistently give our best performance as a well-known dual occupancy home builder in Melbourne. Detailing, design, and land usage are our specialties. According to LBD Homes, your house should showcase your personal style and way of life.

    Boutique home builders Melbourne & multi-unit developments

    According to LBD Homes, your home should showcase your aspirations. Your dream house is closer than you might imagine thanks to our skilled designers and employees. Our top priority is to comprehend your preferences and uniqueness. Sincere boutique home builders like us never skimp on quality.

    Your heart deserves to eat, sleep, and reside in a lovely house. We are one of Melbourne's most reputable multi-unit builders and boutique home builders, and we are knowledgeable about the newest concepts and innovations.

    Sienna Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne

    sienna homes dual occupancy builders melbourne


    03 8685 8116

    Design-wise, Sienna Homes stands out. We choose a design that fits your lifestyle, preferences, and goals. developing from within out.

    What Sets Us Apart From The Rest

    We are huge fans of good design. We believe that good design is essential. Every Sienna Homes home has adaptable rooms, creative storage solutions, and large, open living areas.

    Our designs are customizable

    Your selections will be gladly included into our designs by Sienna Homes. We customize the best design to meet your way of life, taste, and goals.

    Avenue Building Group - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne

    avenue building group dual occupancy builders melbourne



    Melbourne Homes

    The Avenue Building Group specializes in building new homes in Melbourne. We can assist with anything from building permits to handover. Call 0411708256 for a free consultation, or complete the form below.

    Avenue is renowned for its cutting-edge, eco-friendly, and creative designs. Avenue constructs industrial, commercial, and residential buildings. We build new homes and renovate existing ones. The avenue provides unmatched building solutions as a fully integrated construction company with top-notch resources.

    Premier Traditional Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne

    premier traditional homes dual occupancy builders melbourne


    03 8783 3451

    Beautiful traditional styled homes designed for modern life

    Homes with lots of character and outstanding quality are built by Premier Traditional Houses. Everybody lives in a stunning, tasteful house. Our enthusiasm is for your vision. Pick from our enduring designs or the Premier Prospect Range.

    Why Premier Traditional Homes?

    For more than 25 years, Premier Traditional Homes has been building high-quality, character-filled homes for Melbourne families. We are your builder if you desire a house with character and style. homes with sloping blocks, knockdown reconstructions, and custom-designed homes. If you want a home with style and character, we're your builder.

    We care about what inspires our clients to build a new home and we are committed to giving them high-quality service and open communication. Our staff realizes your vision by constructing a home that satisfies your needs and enhances your property. Our clients are at ease knowing that their largest investment is constructed above code with top-tier warranties.

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