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Top 20 Eco-Friendly Sustainable Swimwear, Melbourne Australia (2024)

The swimsuits you use in the water can have a big impact on the environment and may not be as eco-friendly as you think. However, many different types of sustainable swimwear are available to help reduce your carbon footprint while still feeling good about your appearance. 

It can be hard to find swimwear that is both stylish and eco-friendly. The good news is, sustainable fashion designers are coming up with new ideas all the time! These days, you can buy a bikini made from recycled materials or one dyed without using any toxic chemicals.

To help you get started on your swimwear hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite Eco-Friendly Sustainable Swimwear from right across Melbourne.

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    The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Eco-Friendly Swimwear, Melbourne, Australia

    Bombshell Bay Swimwear offers eco-friendly swimwear in Melbourne

    bombshell bay swimwear

    Using floating plastics and other misdirected synthetics that are regrettably discovered in our waters, Bombshell Bay Swimwear is a sustainable brand in Melbourne that designs and produces sustainable eco-premium swimwear.

    For the greatest quality swimwear, we only utilize recycled Italian Carvico Vita fabric. 78 percent recycled polyamide and 22 percent elastane make up Carvico Vita. Our fabric has a reputation for helping remove ghost nets and plastic debris from our oceans, but it also boasts important features like excellent UV protection, pilling resistance, amazing shape retention, resistance to oil and sunscreen, and ultra-chlorine resistance. Did you know that it has two-way stretch and is exceptionally soft? There is no doubt that the Italians are experts in their field.

    Our small, devoted team—which we like to refer to as our magicians—makes our swimwear off-shore in stunning Bali. Due to the fact that we only produce a small number of each collection, we are able to produce swimwear that is both exclusive and truly sustainable. While continuing to produce only the highest calibre swimsuits for you, our lovely consumers, we are a tiny but proudly Australian-owned label that is doing our part to make our seas a healthier place for our marine life.

    Burrows and Co - Ecological Swimwear in Melbourne

    burrows and co

    Welcome Minis

    Our line of Minis! Burrows and Co. is for girls who are happy and having a good time in the sun, for girls and their canine soul partner to fall in love with, and for women beginning the wonderful path of parenting. We are eager to introduce our Minis line.

    We are an eco-friendly group, and we are proud of it. Each piece has a premium quality while still being a sustainable product. Due to its eco-friendly practices and extra-soft, lux feel, @Vita Lycra is the material we use for our swim. We are also 100% ethically created, and each item is created with love and designed with a ton of soul.

    About Us

    Treena was the founder of Burrows & Co. A self-described salty soul that enjoys nothing more than lounging on the sand near pure water and feeling the sun kiss her skin while holding her furry children in her toes. Burrows was founded in 2015 by Treena, who had the idea to develop a swimwear line that would inspire memorable seaside getaways in comfortable cuts and eye-catching, timeless prints. Most importantly, Burrows would be a sustainable eco brand that adhered to the slow fashion trend, with pieces that would truly capture the elegance and free expression of the Australian coastal lifestyle.

    Vacay Swimwear - Eco-Friendly Swimwear

    vacay swimwear

    About Us

    In the male swim & resort wear industry, there was a significant hole that two longtime friends felt compelled to fill in 2016. The inspiration struck while I was relaxing on the beach in Mykonos and realized there was a very small window for men to express their individuality through their travel attire. Vacay Swimwear, an Australian business that produces distinctive male swim & resort wear, was born right there and then. It now satisfies the highest standards of comfort and style. The custom pieces have a handmade sense of European elegance and sophistication and capture the lively spirit of the travel-loving man.

    With iconic designs that allow you the self-assurance to confidently transition from the beach to the bar, our collections elevate the fashion of swim and resort wear to a new level. Vacay Swimwear gives a modern take on some of the summer's most popular fashions, whether the Vacay man is sailing the isles of Capri or strolling the Bondi shores.

    The inspiration for Vacay Swimwear sprang from the straightforward notion of letting our consumers enjoy the natural splendour of the world. We believe that by buying our products, you will be able to escape reality and get an elegant all-access pass to some of the most upscale vacation spots on earth.

    Eco-Friendly Sustainable Swimwear FAQs

    It's a Great Way to Show Your Support. 

    Sometimes voicing your support for green causes can get a bit tacky, but doing more intimate things carries more significance. One way to live a more eco-friendly life is to shop from brands more committed to green business practices. Therefore, if you feel like shopping for some new swimwear, feel free to browse some sustainable options as well.

    Shopping for Sustainable Clothes Is a Great Message for Manufacturers.

    Once you decide to shop more ethically, you're practically sending a message to other manufacturers. All the brands pay close attention to how they're perceived in the public's eyes, meaning they're more likely to implement some green policies in the future since such a topic is becoming more prominent than before.

    So if more consumers switch to sustainable products and businesses that adhere to fair manufacturing, we can only hope that the rest of them will follow suit. 

    Eco-Friendly Swimwear Is More Durable. 

    Even though many eco-friendly brands use recycled synthetics, it's safe to say that such clothes are more durable, as their main goal is to last rather than get lost in one of the endless fast fashion cycles.

    This is why sustainable swimwear has become more popular in recent years. Eco-conscious people want their swimsuits to last long, as their goal is to avoid unnecessary consumption and waste. 

    Eco-Friendly Goods Can Be Beneficial to Everyone. 

    It's easy to get frustrated finding a bag of old swimsuits that haven't been worn for years. Maybe they used to be stylish back in the day, but now, not so much. The great (and eco-friendly) business solution is to return the used item to be recycled, and luckily, some companies are already using it to reduce waste.

    This is a great option for everyone involved as people will feel less likely to accumulate things while companies can get some of their investment back.

    Expensive Means Better in the Long Run 

    Sustainable swimwear is more costly than fast fashion, that's for sure. For many people, that is a deal-breaker, but if you want to improve your spending habits, then it's better to opt for something of better quality.

    Spending a lot on a swimsuit might seem outrageous, but also, keep in mind that eco-friendly brands invest a lot of effort to make their pieces long-lasting and resistant.

    Therefore, if you want to simplify your wardrobe and save money in the long run, treat yourself to a sustainable bikini that will last you many, many summers. 

    How Do You Recycle Bathing Suits?

    As far as putting in the recycling bin and making them into something else, no, swimwear can't be recycled in that sense. However, that doesn't mean you have to throw out your old swimsuits or items you don't want anymore. There are other ways to recycle those suits to give them a new life after your time with them.

    • Organizations. There are several organizations out there that will take old swimsuits and even rash guards or wetsuits. The wetsuits are turned into yoga mats to have a second life helping bring peace and awareness to individuals. The swimwear can be donated to an organization called Bras For a Cause. They'll accept all swimwear and donate it to breast cancer survivors, homeless shelters, and other women's organizations worldwide. If the swimwear is a bit too worn to give away, it will be incorporated into artwork sold, with the proceeds going back to organizations looking for a cure for breast cancer. This is a great way to clean out your old swimwear while giving it a new life and allowing yourself to do a little bit of good with your cleaning out.
    • Donate to a friend. Do you have a friend who's a similar size to you? One way to recycle swimwear and other clothing are by doing a clothing swap with friends. You can fill up a bag or box with items that you no longer want or need and can let your friends go through it and choose what they want. Anything that's left can be donated to an organization that will give it to those less fortunate. It's a great way to have a "shopping day" if your friends are trying not to spend too much, and you all will get to wear new styles with your "new to you" clothes.
    • Redesign it. You can take older swimwear pieces and redesign them into a whole new outfit or something new entirely if you's rather crafty. Perhaps you can take your old suit and make it into colourful hair ties for those hot summer days. Or you can take several suits from when you were growing up and make a cute memory blanket for yourself or a loved one to have. Make a tote bag that you can take from one place to another and eliminate using plastic bags.
    • Give them a new life. If you have a suit that you love, bring a new life to it by adding new elastic to a worn suit or even cutting a one-piece into a cute two-piece top to match with those new high-waisted bottoms you found. This way, you still get to keep the majority of your suit, and you have what will look like a brand new swim top.

    While they aren't the traditional options for recycling, there are many ways to recycle swimwear and give your suits a new role in your life or someone else's. Not only that, but you are clearing out your closet or dresser for you to put a new suit in that will last you for several years and give you new memories to think back on and remember.

    Sustainability and the preservation of our environment are some of the top challenges faced by our generation. More people than ever before are waking up to the fact that a 'throwaway culture' will make life on Earth inhabitable – and soon. Even corporations are catching onto the fact that even if sustainability is costlier in the long run, at least it preserves their ability to continue doing business for generations to come. 

    But this realization is hitting people and businesses at different rates; while some have dramatically altered their practices to support sustainable living, others have made far fewer changes. However, even companies that haven't changed their production and manufacturing practices deny that supporting sustainability is important- yet, very trendy. 

    People want to feel like they are making a difference, and in most instances, they are even willing to pay more for the same product if they feel like it is better for the environment. Unfortunately, while this works exceptionally well with honest companies genuinely committed to sustainable living goals, others are simply taking advantage of the trend for profit. 

    They can do this by 'greenwashing' their marketing materials. The term comes from the idea that painting 'happy little trees' on your material will make it look greener, more eco-friendly, and sustainable. And this strategy works well (kind of) for consumers who don't dig a little deeper. 

    But suppose you are truly committed to the idea of sustainable living. In that case, it's worth taking just a couple of minutes to determine whether a company is truly practising what they preach. If not, take the power of your dollar elsewhere and support another brand that is more transparent and committed to its sustainable business practices.

    Cleonie - Swimwear that is Sustainable Melbourne


    Our Conscious Approach

    By employing materials manufactured from yarns that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill, we try to safeguard mother nature and her oceans in honour of Cleonie, which means "Goddess of the Water." On the beaches north of Sydney, we operate a family-run independent label. We are always looking for ways to improve in order to lessen our influence on Mother Nature.

    Each piece of every product that is sewed is cut and made to order from our eco-friendly assortment of materials. For the La Journée line, we used Australian-made Conscious crinkle fabric as our base material. Since everything is cut and sewn to order, less stock and material are wasted. Only autonomous brands can produce their goods with the consciousness, love, comprehension, and completeness that we do.

    Share Love

    We will donate 10% of all purchases of our SKY BLUE line to BEYOND BLUE since sometimes we can all feel a little blue. a group committed to preventing suicide and combating mental illness. Cleonie is offering you all love and courage through these trying times that we are all going through. Be a support system for your friends and family. Together, we can change things. You can shop at our online store whether you're nearby or far away. We are still optimistic and appreciative of what we have at this moment.

    Young Squad - Sustainable Swimwear Melbourne

    young squad

    For the Young and Young at Heart

    Young Squad is an ethical clothing brand that specializes in one-of-a-kind, limited-edition creations. My apparel and swimwear are attractive, comfy, and adaptable because I use gorgeous materials and amazing patterns to create them. Due to the growing trend among mothers to match their daughters' fashion, the Young Squad brand has recently expanded into the small-scale production of women's clothing and swimwear. A company called Young Squad creates "fashion with a purpose."

    All products are locally handcrafted, the swimsuit uses lycra made from recycled plastic, and my kid's pocket pal line strives to help youngsters deal with their strong emotions in a healthy way, which all contribute to the realization of this concept. See why people are raving about our items by perusing our selection. Find out why Young Squad is so popular with our consumers.

    The Starting Point

    I recall that I first began creating these distinctive prints in Photoshop in June 2014. They could be printed and turned into swimwear, was my thought. There weren't many companies at the time that printed and hand-sewed swimwear locally. We gained popularity, and as more and more clients started to know, enjoy, and trust our brand, I added a few more upscale seamstresses to the team.

    Vege Threads - Sustainable Swimwear Melbourne

    vege threads

    We operate quite differently. Vege Threads creates apparel for daily use. We attempt to act responsibly by keeping things straightforward and locally focused since we care about the environment in which we live. Our collections are made entirely in Australia from limited-edition organic and environmentally friendly materials and colours.

    We continue to reinvest because we think that business is a work in progress that can be improved for both the world and our consumers. Because of our dedication to openness and an ethical supply chain, we have once again received accreditation from Ethical Clothing Australia. We also take satisfaction in collaborating with regional knitting factories and dye houses.

    VT supports the trend toward slower life and aspires to offer our consumers clothing that is durable, useful, and exquisitely crafted. We seek to bring together a community that shares the same values and is interested in sustainability as well as good design and style.

    ZAZI SWIM - Sustainable Swimwear Melbourne

    zazi swim

    Four sisters who are all passionate about sustainability in the fashion business founded Zazi Swim in 2019. We are an Australian swimwear and resort clothing brand dedicated to creating luxurious items at reasonable prices.

    crafted to make you stand out and attract attention. Keep your environmental impact to a minimum while doing so. We are wholly dedicated to thoughtfully designing stunning products that enhance the feminine figure.

    Sustainability Made Sexy

    Our swimwear is constructed of ECONYL, recycled nylon created from waste materials like fishing nets and other post-consumer goods. Over 10,000 bathing suits will be produced for every tonne of fishnets that are recycled. This conserves natural resources and lessens nylon's up to 80% contribution to global warming. In order to preserve a luxurious feel while using less water and having a smaller environmental impact, our resort clothing is constructed from natural fibres like organic cotton and linens that are sustainably sourced.

    Seapia - Sustainable Swimwear Melbourne


    Our Sustainable Way

    What price are we paying to appear nice and feel good? is it one of the major advancements in fashion today? There is typically a high cost to the environment in order to make us feel good at the beach or the pool, from the labour employed to make the product to the fabric it is made of, the distance it travels to reach us, and the packaging it arrives in.

    According to our brand's guiding principle, the globe shouldn't have to suffer in order to look nice in swimwear. With long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and low-cost swimwear, we may look and feel fantastic while also lowering our carbon impact. The well-being of the waters and the passion for exploration are at the core of the mindful brand Seapia.

    Utilizing recycled fishing nets and other post-consumer plastic trash, we create sustainable fabrics. Small-scale design and production of our collections take place in Sydney. We only use sustainable and organic materials to create all of our packagings. In order to improve the condition of our world, we want to raise awareness in our neighbourhood.

    Aquadiva - Sustainable Swimwear Melbourne


    Eco & Ethical

    Our favourite season, summer, and its essence of scorching days, starry nights, and the desire to travel serve as the inspiration for Aquadiva. Our goal is to produce swimwear that feels magical to wear in addition to looking magical!

    We are greatly inspired by the natural world's beauty, therefore it only makes sense for us to preserve it as much as possible. Our swimwear is made with the least amount of trash and environmental impact while yet being long-lasting and reducing the demand for consumption. In order to maintain the sustainability of our world for upcoming generations, we are steadfastly devoted to operating a socially and environmentally conscious company.

    First and foremost, they must be of the greatest calibre. Not disposable swimwear, but slow fashion is what we support! When you purchase anything, you should aim to use it well rather than toss it after a few swims. Many of our customers really have complete collections of Aquadiva pieces from previous seasons.

    Two Sparrow - Sustainable Swimwear Melbourne

    two sparrow

    Australian, ethical, and sustainably produced. We are dedicated to ensuring that our clothing is produced ethically by Australian manufacturers. By having our goods produced close to home, we can control quality, moral working conditions, and assure just remuneration.

    By using fabrics that are sourced sustainably, we are able to produce high-quality items that are consistent with our principles and ethos. Wear Australian-made clothing and feel good doing the activities you enjoy.

    About Us

    The band Two Sparrow Australia hails from Torquay, an Australian town on Victoria's Surf Coast. The Surf Coast is renowned for its lovely wilderness, happy locals, and, of course, fantastic surf. Two Sparrow Australia focuses on producing high-quality, ethically produced clothing and swimwear with recycled and sustainable materials. Our goal is to design season-appropriate, well-fitting clothing that will last for a long time. All Two Sparrow clothing is produced in Melbourne, Australia, in a facility that has earned ethical certification.

    SNDSTNE - Sustainable Swimwear Melbourne


    Saving Our Oceans

    SNDSTNE is committed to making classic clothing that withstands fast fashion trends and lasts a lifetime. Every year, many millions of plastic bottles end up in landfills and the ocean. But right now, we're doing action! We transform bottles that are recycled into amazing luxury swimwear - for dependable, long-lasting quality, our technique incorporates wicking, adaptive heating and cooling, and liquid repellency, as well as at fibre level.

    We are devoted to pursuing sustainability. And we'll keep growing, innovating, and researching to deliver you luxurious clothes you'll adore and support because of their ethical origins.


    Swimwear brand SNDSTNE was developed by a mother and daughter team and is only produced in Sydney, Australia. "From a metaphysical perspective, sandstone is a stone of creativity, aiding in the development and strengthening of relationships' cohesion and unity, encouraging truth, and fostering clarity, ease of movement, and transformation.," says the company, "whose mission is to provide high-quality clothing using only recycled and recyclable elements."

    Liandra Swim - Sustainable Swimwear Melbourne

    liandra swim

    Sun, Surf & Culture

    We are constantly trying to increase our understanding of moral and ethical behaviour. Recycled plastics are used to create our fabrics. Eco-friendly textile dyes are what we use. The hygiene stickers are suitable for composting at home. A sustainable homage to Native Australian culture and individuals, Liandra Swim. Through our distinctive prints, we employ swimsuit fashion to highlight our vibrant cultural heritage.

    Our products are all limited edition. In every way, our pieces are distinctive. Through our swimwear, we celebrate the accomplishments of Indigenous women. Our artwork is all named after significant Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander women. Our goal transcends purely aesthetic considerations.

    Making New Connections with Culture

    Liandra Swim combines trendy, high-end designer swimwear with Native Australian culture. We have seamless patterns and eye-catching prints in our swimwear. You can mix and match the styles, prints, and sizes of all of our bikinis because they are all offered separately. Our iconic prints draw inspiration from Australian Aboriginal culture. Our goal is to provide you with the chance to display a piece of culture that has evolved over tens of thousands of years! Each of the prints in the collection that we introduce symbolizes a different story that goes deeper.

    HAKEA - Sustainable Swimwear Melbourne

    hakea swim

    Our Approach

    It's for people who enjoy the sensation of a cool ocean current on their hand's heel, the sting of salt, and the warmth of the sun on the sand. It is intended for people who appreciate the gift of sunny mornings, long evenings, and free time in between. It's about creating room for exploration, accepting nature, and having the courage to take back one's time.

    Hakea is for a way of life that enjoys leisure and exploration. Take a minute, an hour, or even a day to carefully peel an orange, sneak away to go surfing, or prepare a lavish supper to be enjoyed outside. Hakea is for that state of being, most transient and precious, of feeling unrestrained and free. It is for inhaling the moment with the shoulders lowered, eyes grinning, and mind at ease.

    Australian desert and dry coasts served as inspiration. Our classic styles in earthy colour schemes are manufactured in small quantities, shifting the focus away from material acquisition and onto a connection to what is truly important.

    SAINT SOMEBODY - Sustainable Swimwear Melbourne

    saint somebody

    What's the Story?

    SAINT SOMEBODY is a line of luxury ready-to-wear and swimwear with simple, elegant designs created in Australia. Everything is designed with a woman's body's curves in mind. The piece's quality is the first thing you notice about them. Both can be felt and seen. Swimwear that is seamless, ethically manufactured, flattering, at ease, and built to last. With patterns in sizes 12 to 22 to accommodate both tiny and large busts, the fit is mostly geared for ladies of average size.

    Sophie Henderson-Smart, an Australian mother and resident of Manly Beach, created the label in 2018. Sophie would scour store after store, both domestically and internationally, looking for high-quality designer swimwear designed expressly for her shape despite being in the majority's "average size" category. However, her efforts were in vain. She finally avoided the beach entirely as she grew more and more self-conscious about her appearance and annoyed by her lack of options over the course of the summers. Sounds recognizable? For far too many women, this is their story.

    Since the brand's start in Australia and its expansion into the US, journalists, retailers, and most crucially, consumers with a renewed feeling of confidence in swimwear, have praised the product on a global scale. To mention a few publications that have written about the label: US Harper Bazaar, Marie Claire, and The Zoe Report.

    SKYE & staghorn - Sustainable Swimwear Melbourne

    skye & staghorn

    About the Brand

    Since the beginning of SKYE & staghorn, our goal has been to create premium products with the best components and craftsmanship. We want to curate a timeless and meaningful closet at SKYE & Staghorn. We take the wearability of our clothes into account while designing them so that they not only withstand passing fashion trends but are also built with purpose and longevity in mind.

    Our clothing is designed with bright patterns and distinctive details that perfectly capture the female form for today's modern ladies. We support investing in the ideal timeless piece to be worn for more summers to come and taking a slow fashion approach.

    Each piece of clothing is carefully chosen and made by our Indonesian team, which has over 30 years of industry experience, after being developed in Australia. Every design is both aesthetically pleasing and functional because of the tight collaboration we have with our pattern makers and manufacturers. Each style of swimwear is available separately and is made to mix & match. Since every woman has a unique sense of style and body type, you are free to select the items and sizes that suit you best.

    TJ SWIM - Sustainable Swimwear Melbourne

    tj swim


    We at TJ SWIM are always working to minimize our overall environmental impact and carbon footprint. With conscious consumption at the vanguard, we have been actively working toward sustainability. For example, we have looked into and sourced eco-friendly packaging materials reduced our overall usage of plastic and implemented sustainable business and supply chain processes. We may not be perfect, and there is always space for growth, but we respect the environment and are dedicated to making a positive difference in the future. We are eager to go on this adventure with you.

    Premium Quality That Lasts

    Our goal is to design superior swimsuits that will make you feel and look you're very best. Conscious consumerism is at the foundation of our company values. Our manufacturing staff and I work together to guarantee that each bikini is expertly handcrafted to meet our high standards for refinement, durability, and quality. Our clothes are made to be worn proudly and comfortably for the duration of the summer. You may buy long-lasting, high-quality suits from TJ SWIM.

    Compostable Materials

    Materials that can be composted are a crucial component of our effort to reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainability. Our compostable mailing satchels are used for shipping orders. Our biodegradable brand stickers are constructed from FCS Certified paper and printed with soy-based inks, while our compostable hygiene stickers have a high percentage of renewable resources.

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