Top 50 Engagement Party Venues in Melbourne (2022)

If you are looking for an engagement party venue that will make your guests feel like they are in a fairy tale, then look no further! These venues offer everything from beautiful waterfalls to old-fashioned barns. Whether you want your event at the beach or close to home, these places have it all! So check out our list of the best venues and start planning today!

In the search for a venue to have your engagement party, there are many things that you should consider. You want a place that is easy to get in and out of, has ample parking space and offers great catering options. Each of these factors will be important when it comes time for your guests to RSVP and make travel plans. 

To help you get started on your Engagement Party Venues hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite Engagement Party Venues from right across Sydney.

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    Ultimate List of Engagement Party Venues in Melbourne

    Vogue Ballroom - Engagement Party Venue Melbourne

    vogue ballroom

    (03) 9802 2477

    Melbourne’s Iconic Wedding Reception Venue

    Vogue Ballroom, an exciting wedding and reception venue located in Melbourne’s southeast suburbs of Burwood East, a short 20 minutes from the city centre.

    Vogue Ballroom is where Melbourne “happily-ever-after” begins in grand style. The moment you say “I do,” weddings at Vogue Ballroom are an elegant and luxurious affair.

    From our Grand Ballroom with its exquisite details, sparkling crystal chandeliers, and majestic staircase, brides-to-be have a wealth of elegant options in the selection of their wedding venue for their special day.

    When it comes to your special day, Vogue Ballroom has proven itself to be an iconic wedding venue and function centre in Melbourne with a highly reviewed track record.

    Looking for an elegant wedding reception venue in Melbourne?

    It is all about creating the right ambience for your magical Melbourne wedding day.

    At Vogue, our grand ballroom is exclusively yours. A beautifully presented and decorated free-standing building with its own car park facilities. Our team of expert wedding specialists, event planners and chefs will work closely with you to create a wedding experience that is truly magnificent, ultimately unforgettable and lives up to your expectations and dreams in every way.

    We will assist you every step of the way to ensure that you have the perfect ingredients for your wedding day.

    Your Perfect Events Venue for a Range of Occasions

    The elegance displayed in the Vogue Ballroom is nothing short of breathtaking. The tall ceilings are adorned with crystal chandelier, the marble foyer is a sight of grandeur, and the balcony overlooking the whole ballroom makes the perfect spot to showcase a newly married couple. This building was designed to showcase the grace and sophistication that most brides seek for their big day.

    If you’ve been searching for a unique wedding ceremony or other event venues in Melbourne, our ballroom is the best option for almost any special event you can think of.

    • Need a stylish, unique or intimate venue for the perfect wedding reception?
    • Putting on a lavish school formal?
    • Want to put on the biggest Christmas Party your company’s ever seen?

    The elegant ballroom at Vogue is the perfect location for you.

    Over 2000 Happy-Ever-After Wedded Melbourne Couples

    Our ballroom is unique for all party sizes for the wedding and reception you have planned. You and your guests will enjoy your special day surrounded by the elegance and style that represent Vogue Ballroom.

    Ideal Melbourne Function Venue to Host Your Special Event

    Vogue Ballroom, an elegant function and reception venue located in the southeast suburbs of Burwood East, a short 20 minutes from Melbourne city centre.

    Vogue ballroom with its sheer elegance and style, onsite complimentary private car parking for up to 120 cars, large 10m x 10m dance floor catering well to traditional European dancing and debutante balls can accommodate from 100 to 370 guests. 

    If you’ve been searching for the perfect wedding reception centre in Melbourne, look no further than Vogue Ballroom! This elegant and exciting Melbourne wedding venue and reception centre are located in the Southeast suburbs of Burwood East, a mere 20 minutes from the city centre. When it comes to your special day, Vogue Ballroom has already proven itself to be an iconic wedding venue with a highly reviewed track record.

    Incredible Gala Balls

    Vogue Ballroom is the unique and most lavish special occasion ballroom in Melbourne. Located just 20 minutes southeast of the CBD, our event venue is perfect for a wide variety of special occasions. Our venue is perfect for hosting a gala ball in Melbourne, with its stylish and elegant interior the perfect location for a truly special experience for guests and hosts alike.

    Our team of event planning experts cover all bases to ensure that your special event is a fun and memorable occasion, covering everything from music to catering, bar and decoration. We work closely with the host to ensure that every requirement they have for the night is looked after and dress each event with that extra special wow factor.

    Memorable Birthdays

    Vogue Ballroom is Melbourne’s most elegant and stylish special event venue available for birthday party venue hire. With an extravagant ballroom and exceptional list of services on offer, you will be more than impressed with the experience provided at Vogue Ballroom. We provide our ballroom for birthday parties, covering all the bases to ensure that the birthday boy/girl, as well as your guests, have the time of their lives.

    We work closely with the hosts, ensuring we cover all bases to make the birthday party a memorable one and keep you in the know with every aspect of the planning process. Simply get in touch with the team at Vogue Ballroom to begin the planning process for that special person’s big night.

    Lavish School Formals & Graduations

    Vogue Ballroom is Melbourne’s premier special event venue. With lavish décor, top-class catering, and an expert team of event planners, we are the perfect venue for any special occasion.

    We provide our venue for school formal functions. Our ballroom is the perfect location to celebrate the school year and alumni, with an elegant ballroom and expert services on hand to make the night unforgettable for students and staff alike. We work closely with the formal planner to ensure that every expectation is met for this important event. From catering, decorations, music, and lights, we take care of every element to ensure that your school’s formal is an outstanding one.

    University Functions & Gala Balls

    Vogue Ballroom is one of Melbourne’s best and most stylish function hire venues. With an opulent ballroom and top-class services on offer, we are the perfect location for almost any occasion you could think of. This goes the same for university functions and gala balls. Special events are an awesome part of being a university student, and the team at Vogue Ballroom want to ensure that your upcoming law ball, charity ball or masquerade, is a special and memorable one.

    We work closely with the hosts to ensure that every aspect of their university function is taken care of. From catering to the bar, lighting, effects and music, we work hard to ensure that your event makes a grand statement.

    Corporate Office Christmas Parties

    It must be said that Christmas is a pretty good time for corporations. The team wrap up all the loose ends of the year just in time for a relaxing summer break, and on top of that, you get to throw an enjoyable Christmas party venue in Melbourne to show your staff that you appreciate all the hard work they did throughout the year.

    Vogue Ballroom is the perfect venue for putting on that special corporate Christmas party, the one that causes all kinds of regret in the following weeks. At least you won’t have long to deal with it until you can hide away from colleagues before the start of the new year.

    We have a team of event planning experts on hand to cover all aspects of the party, from decorations to drinks, food to lights and effects, and of course music (even if it’s Michael Buble’s Christmas on repeat), the team at Vogue Ballroom leave no stone unturned to ensure that your company’s Christmas party is one to be remembered for a long time to come.

    Elegant Corporate Cocktail Parties

    With a stunningly designed venue and a team of expert event planners on hand to make your cocktail party in Melbourne a memorable one, you can be sure that when you hire the venue at Vogue Ballroom, you and your guests will be left wowed by the experience. We work closely with the host of the party in order to cover each and every aspect of the big night, and specially tailor the evening to your requirements.

    We want to ensure that everyone leaves our venue with fond memories of the occasion and the venue itself and take every step necessary to achieve this. We take of everything: catering, bar, decorations, music, and do this to not only match but far exceed your expectations for the big event.

    Vogue Ballroom – more style than a martini on the rocks.

    First Class Work Conferences

    Vogue Ballroom is like stepping into another era. One of sophistication and elegance not seen in modern times. When you step into the marble foyer of our venue, you will immediately see the astounding amounts of style and opulence put into the design and construction of the ballroom. We have created a venue for hire that is perfect for corporate functions and conferences.

    Are you planning an upcoming corporate event and need the perfect venue to make a statement to staff, partners, and competitors? Then the venue at Vogue Ballroom is the perfect location for you, a savvy business owner.

    Whether you need a ballroom for unveiling a new product or want to throw that extravagant Christmas party your staff have been waiting for all year, the team of event planning experts will help you put on the perfect event, big or small.

    Corporate Business Seminars

    If you need state-of-the-art seminar facilities in Melbourne to pull off a successful business focused presentation, conference, or event, Vogue Ballroom is here to help. Our ballroom in Melbourne is conveniently located a short 20 minutes from the centre of Melbourne’s CBD and can easily accommodate any group size.

    Our seminar venue is filled with the latest technology for you to utilise, but if you’d prefer to bring your own devices, then you won’t have any problems with connectivity. So, that you have ongoing support during your event, our team of event planners are at your service to make your seminar one remember.

    Office Breakfasts

    If you need a state-of-the-art breakfast facility in Melbourne to pull off a successful business-focused event, Vogue Ballroom is here to help.

    Breakfast events or meetings are a more informal, cost-effective way for your delegates to meet others. An ideal option to communicate keynote speaker messages in a time-effective way. Our flexible venue and catering options can cater for all types of breakfast events, allowing you to choose from sit down or stand up breakfast packages in your ideal location.

    Breakfast events of all sizes and durations are welcome at Vogue Ballroom. If proximity to the city centre and classic elegance is what you require, then Vogue Ballroom is the perfect venue for you.

    Business Corporate Luncheons

    Corporate lunch events are a great way to collaborate ideas and networking opportunities during the working day. Unite in an informal gathering for common meeting goals and enjoy a superb dining experience at Vogue Ballroom. Our experienced event specialists and catering teams will work with you to cater a lunch package that best suits your needs.

    Whether you’re looking for Melbourne’s best corporate lunch venue for an intimate luncheon to a networking luncheon for hundreds, our stunning function centre will meet your needs and taste. If sophisticated elegance and grandeur are what you are looking for, Vogue Ballroom is a wonderful choice.

    Charity Fundraisers

    Vogue Ballroom offers a spectacular location to host your next fundraising gala. Soak up the atmosphere of our elegant ballroom and treat your guests to superb food and beverage packages while drawing attention to your cause. Our professionalism and experience in organising successful charity events will allow your organisation to focus on your event goals.

    Fundraising events of all sizes and budgets are welcome at the Vogue Ballroom events venue. From grand auctions to gala dinners, our fundraising event venues offer inspiring settings that will assist in delivering your fundraising goals. For sophisticated elegance and grandeur, Vogue Ballroom is a wonderful choice.

    Extravagant Barmitzvahs

    There are few occasions in a child’s life that combine family solidarity, momentous significance and exuberant joy, such as their bar or bat mitzvah. To celebrate a coming of age often involves the first party at which a child, now reaching adolescence, can fully appreciate and enjoy the effort being invested in an event. Being treated and respected as an adult by their peers is a heady prize, and to celebrate this milestone with a truly glamorous adult party is the greatest confirmation of a meaningful transition in their lives.

    Melbourne’s Vogue Ballroom can provide you with a specialised team dedicated to organising and hosting events that live up to the lofty standard of our name. Our exclusive signature venue, with its own theme and special features, is legendary among the city’s elite, with fantastic parties thrown regularly with the help of our caterers, managers and events team.

    Make your child’s bar mitzvah something memorable with a celebration in the genuine splendour of Vogue Ballroom. You fully catered bar mitzvah parties at Melbourne’s most fabulous venues. No matter what style and tone you have in mind for the upcoming bar mitzvah, you will find Vogue Ballroom can cater to and amplify it in ways you’ll never imagine. Speak with our team to discuss your options.

    A Professional Events Team in One of Melbourne’s Best Function Venues

    Our executive international a-la-carte chef has decades of experience in world-renowned kitchens and will create a mouth-watering menu that will suit your individual taste. Our award-winning managerial team boast working together for a number of years and have collaborated on hundreds of weddings, reflecting a flawless experience, ensuring all your worries and concerns about the big day are put to rest.

    A banquet supervisor will oversee your reception, and a senior waiter will be dedicated to looking after the bridal party.

    If you’ve been searching for the perfect Wedding Reception & Function Venue in Melbourne, look no further than Vogue Ballroom! This elegant and exciting Melbourne wedding venue and reception centre are located in the southeast suburbs of Burwood East, a mere 20 minutes from the city centre.

    Vines of the Yarra Valley - Engagement Party Venue Melbourne

    vines of the yarra valley

    (03) 9739 0222

    Yarra Valley Wedding Receptions at Vines Are as Unique as the Couples Who Marry Here

    All-Inclusive Packages to Suit All Weddings

    Our all-inclusive Celebration Package, designed with ‘no hidden fees, will ensure that all of the details for your day are taken care of under one price per guest. You will be pleasantly surprised at all the little touches we include.

    Our prices do vary depending on the season and day of the week, so it would be my pleasure to discuss with you your personalised needs and budget to tailor a quotation and package that is perfect for you.

    The main room at Vines of the Yarra Valley seats 120 guests, and 140 can comfortably be served for a stand-up cocktail style event. Our upstairs scenic function room sits 50 and is perfect for cocktail style corporate events, engagements and birthdays.

    Vines Luxury Events & Functions Venue

    If you have always dreamed of a winery wedding, you may not need to go much further than Melbourne’s outskirts. And with the unmatchable food and wine that vineyard venues offer, not to mention the spellbinding views of rolling hills and lush green vines, what more could you want? With a capacity for 150 guests, including a dance floor, the room allows for flexible layouts for weddings of all styles. 

    Our experienced wedding coordinators are always available to assist with ceremony & reception enquiries, supplier details and create bespoke menus for your special day. The team are dedicated to assisting and planning your special day to perfection, ensuring dreams are turned into reality. 

    Weddings are wonderful occasions, full of love, happiness and with all the people you love in the same place. Here at The Vines of the Yarra Valley, we have a fantastic Bridal Services Team who go above and beyond to make your dream day a reality!

    Imagine all your guests staying under one luxury roof your ceremony in a soaring gallery with floor to ceiling windows. Then while you have photos taken, your guests can enjoy drinks on the terrace before your reception starts in the ballroom with its picturesque views over the Yarra Valley.

    Winery Wedding & Function Venue to Remember

    Exchange your vows surrounded by the beauty of nature

    With breathtaking views of the Yarra Valley and Yarra Ranges beyond, Vines of the Yarra Valley provides a set of unforgettable beauty for your magical wedding day. We specialise in exclusive, romantic, and personalised weddings to make your big day simply perfect in every way, with everything you need in one fabulous location. 

    Sophisticated Understated Rustic Glam Elegance

    Your guests will be hosted in our romantic, sophisticated rustic-lam space while sipping wine made on the premises. Our events team will carefully assist with all of the details, from helping you select your individual wedding menu to make sure every element is perfect when it’s time to walk down the aisle. We’ve expertly designed our weddings to provide you with a full-service experience as we help you craft the day you’ve always imagined. You will remember the Vines of the Yarra Valley wedding venue of your dreams with photos taken against the backdrop of our wineries and Yarra Valley. Enjoy estate-grown wine and dance your way into the night under the stars.

    Conference Events Venue Yarra Valley

    Corporate Events & Work Functions

    Social or corporate events, conferences, product launches, media events, functions; whatever the occasion, the Vines of the Yarra Valley caters to it. The larger of the two function rooms cater for up to 150 guests that experience 180-degree floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Yarra Valley.

    Vines of the Yarra Valley Events & Functions venue is a stunning property located at the gateway of the Yarra Ranges, just 45 minutes from the Melbourne CBD. Surrounded by acres of vineyards in every direction, lush lawns and magnificent rose gardens, we provide everything you need in one location, including free ceremony time.

    Best Reviewed Wedding Receptions in Yarra Valley

    Perfect for Corporate Functions a mere 45 minutes from Melbourne CBD

    Hold your next event, function or accommodate your conference in a spectacular setting overlooking the Yarra Valley. Vines of the Yarra Valley is an events & function venue located on Helen’s Hill within a family-owned and operated vineyard. The site offers a spectacular 360-degree vista of the valley and the mountains beyond. With the main room that seats 120 for meals or 140 for stand up cocktail functions, Vines of the Yarra Valley can accommodate your conference, work Christmas party, cocktail party, or wedding. For extra seating or a little more privacy, there are upstairs rooms that will seat up to 50.

    We’re committed to creating a truly unique experience for you and your guests. Vines of the Yarra Valley offers you a perfect venue for your function or corporate event. We are renowned for serving the finest quality cuisine, focusing on fresh, local produce and Estate-grown wines. We are guaranteed to leave you and your guests delighted with our level of service and guest experience, which is second to none. A stunning vineyard backdrop gives you a myriad of photography options, and the view from the top of the hill is stunning.

    yarra valley most popular wedding venue (23)

    The Brighton Savoy - Engagement Party Venue Melbourne

    brighton savoy

    03 9592 8233

    Beachside Accommodation, Weddings & Hotel Services

    Brighton Savoy is a 4-star hotel in the Bayside suburb of Brighton, Victoria, in Australia. It is located opposite Brighton Beach at 150 Esplanade, overlooking Port Phillip Bay. Brighton Savoy has been in operation as an accommodation complex since 1959 and during that time has hosted a number of high-profile events, such as the second TV Week Logie Awards presentation ceremony in 1960. Brighton Savoy has hosted a variety of notable guests, including English glamour model Sabrina and Australian politician Bob Hawke.

    Enjoy the fresh air and the wide-open spaces of Brighton beach.

    Award-Winning Wedding Venue & Receptions Melbourne, Victoria

    The Brighton Savoy is located directly opposite Middle Brighton Beach, where you will find the iconic, colourful and world-famous Bathing Boxes. Host your wedding at one of Melbourne’s premier wedding venues, featuring waterfront and beachfront ceremonies, four event spaces catering from 30 to 220 guests.

    We have celebrated with many bridal couples over the last 50 years in the Wedding Industry and look forward to hosting your special day with your family, friends and loved ones.

    Be assured that you will have access to an experienced wedding and events team to make your wedding day one to remember.

    Hosting Great Functions in Melbourne

    Melbourne’s best bayside function venue in Brighton

    The Brighton Savoy has been hosting special events and celebrations for many years. We offer a range of packages to suit any occasion. Why not reach out to our events team to discuss your next event.


    • Financial or annual year balls
    • Company presentations or award nights
    • Breakfast Meetings
    • Victorian Police graduation balls
    • Christmas dinner dances or celebrations

    Family Celebrations

    • Engagement parties
    • Wedding anniversaries
    • 21st birthday parties
    • Milestone birthdays 50th, 80th, 100th
    • Afternoon or high tea

    Remembrance Events

    • Memorial wake packages

    Tertiary Events

    • University balls
    • Graduation nights
    • Valedictorian dinners

    Superb Beach Accommodation & Hotel in Brighton.

    The Brighton Savoy is the area’s only full-service boutique hotel and is located directly on the beachfront.

    During your stay, we invite you to enjoy our full range of services, including a 24-hour front desk, free high-speed wi-fi internet, Seaview dining, daily housekeeping and free onsite parking, and much much more.

    The Brighton Savoy has been a long-standing Bayside icon since 1967, our award-winning facilities serve as a wedding reception venue, full-service function & conference centre with hotel accommodation, and Seaview Restaurant making us one of the finest Hotels Brighton has on offer.

    Owned exclusively by the Lee Family, the Brighton Savoy is one of the premier hotels in Brighton, which features the best of contemporary design with unparalleled customer service and attention to detail that only a 4-star hotel can provide.

    Engagement Party Venues FAQs

    Engagement Parties Help to Break the Ice Between Families

    No matter how long you’ve been together, there’s bound to be long lost family members on either side that you’ve never met. So to save awkward introductions when you’re being congratulated after the ceremony on the big day, an engagement party is a perfect way for both you and your partner to meet extended family and for your family members to meet each other and become acquainted.

    Who knows – Uncle Jerry might just finally meet someone whose model car collection is as big as his and save you the trouble of having to hear all about his latest addition at the wedding.

    Engagement Parties Are an Opportunity to Bring Friends Together

    Let’s face it – in today’s busy world, you rarely have a chance to bring all your friends together. But while after-work drinks and weekend catch-ups are easy to avoid RSVPing to (we’ve all got one of those friends), no one can say no to an engagement party invite. It’s a rare opportunity to have all your favourite people in one place – don’t let it slip past.

    Engagement Parties Are a Great Pre-Planning Exercise Before the Wedding

    In case you hadn’t quite figured it out yet, weddings are HARD. Coordinating the venue, the outfits, the transport, the accommodation, the guest list, the menu, and a whole lot more can be pretty damn challenging, especially if you’ve never put together so much as a dinner party before.

    So hosting an engagement party is a great opportunity to start taking note of how many guests you’ll need to plan for, how much people are going to eat and drink, and whether any guests may prove to be a little needier than others (yes, Aunt Betty, we are aware you will need a gluten-free, vegetarian, organic meal at the wedding).

    Engagement Parties: an Excuse to Eat & Drink

    Does this one even need more of an explanation? Who could say no to that?

    Engagement Parties Can Help to Reduce the Guest List Before the Wedding

    If you’re planning a small wedding or perhaps even thinking about eloping to some exotic location, an engagement party is a great way to shorten the guest list. Big engagement parties are much less expensive and elaborate than big weddings. They may even provide an opportunity for you to let everyone know that they shouldn’t expect an invite in the mail while still including them in the celebration.

    Engagement Parties Are an Opportunity to Reflect, Remember & Celebrate

    This is a big moment in your life – it deserves a party! You can guarantee that your family and friends have been holding their breath to celebrate with you and probably have hilarious and moving memories from way back when they’re just dying to retell and share with you and your loved ones. Probably including your parents. Best to get any embarrassing ones out of the way before the wedding, right?

    While planning an engagement party on top of a wedding can be daunting, it’s one of the few chances you’ll have to stop, celebrate and share a special occasion (and a few embarrassing stories) with your favourite people – our top reasons why you should have an engagement party surely prove that!


    It sounds simple, but this one can make or break you. The right venue isn’t the right venue if it holds just under your anticipated attendee target. While drop-off is to be expected, you don’t want the room to be too tight, to stop a healthy flow of moving about the room, or – heaven forbid – uncomfortable in any way for your guests. If the latter is true, the discomfort will be the only takeaway from the evening.

    On the other hand, however, do your due diligence to ensure that a space isn’t too large for the function at hand. An intimate client dinner, for instance, wouldn’t go over best in a large event hall.

    The private room of a restaurant, or even a cozy corner table in the heart of the restaurant, is a better option, giving your guests the atmosphere and energy of the restaurant itself, with a private enough area to conduct business and personalise the table and space to your specifications.

    Location, Location, Location

    Try to choose a venue that’s most convenient and appealing to the guests you’re hoping to attract. For example, if it’s an after-work networking event, try to plan it nearest to where your invitees go to work all day or along the popular commute home route.

    If it’s a weekend function, try to select a venue that is a destination unto itself – on the water, with sunset views, or at a rooftop lounge. While you can’t capture the perfect location for everybody, you can pick a spot that’s easy to get to, isn’t accessible only via the most gridlocked highway in the area, and generally speaking, isn’t off the beaten track. This one’s a biggie and not to be underestimated.

    Technological Components

    While some events are more high touch than high tech, technology matters, and you’ll need to ensure the event space is equipped to handle your needs as seamlessly as possible. Some questions to ask include: is the audiovisual in the room high quality and easy to handle? Are screens available to show presentations or help mark the room with your client’s logos and branding?

    Is there a microphone available to address guests during speeches? If you’d like background music, can you pipe in a curated playlist of songs? Technology can get a bad rap but sets the event’s atmosphere and ambience in a way that nothing else can.

    Food & Beverage

    We are what we eat, and guests who are full and fed are happiest. Selecting the right combination of food (hors d’oeuvres vs. a sit-down meal) and drink (full bar, wine pairings or alcohol-free) is key to your event’s success.

    When budget is an issue, you may choose to plan an alcohol-free function, but simply keeping the offering to one alcoholic selection – such as bubbly or a single signature cocktail – can make a big dent in cost without seeming like a budget cop-out. Perhaps, if the venue is open to this, costs can be deferred by working with an alcohol sponsor.

    The onsite event manager at your venue, too, can often be your secret weapon in determining the right menu for your event needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to tap into their expertise and also to negotiate. The venues want your business and are inclined to work with you – you never know what you can get simply by asking.

    “Wow”, Factor

    Some of my most successful events to date have been planned using this strategy as a guide: quite simply, choose the venue with the biggest “wow” factor. Maybe it’s buying out the restaurant booked on Saturday nights until the end of the year.

    Or, it’s selecting the restaurant that has just won “Best Restaurant of the Year” or “Best Chef” accolades. If the venue you’re eyeballing is one that people are talking about in local magazines, on social media, and around the water cooler – you’re getting warm. A bonus: sometimes it’s easier to book a full event at these spots than reserve a simple table for two.

    While there are many elements to planning a memorable client event, finding the right venue can make a much more seamless endeavour. This “menu” of five elements is a great start to selecting the venue that will take your client events to the next level.

    Your Target Audience

    When venue planning for an event, one of the most important information you must know is who your guests will be and how many you expect to attend. While the type of event will certainly inform the venue choice, one of the largest limiting factors for event space is its capacity.

    Therefore, ensure that you know at least an accurate estimate (it can be a range) of the number of guests, as this will immediately limit your venue options. You should also consider your audience. Be sure that the venue reflects not only the event itself but the guests’ tastes and expectations.

    Event Dates

    Check your calendar because timing will influence many decisions, including your venue of choice. After your guest list, the date of your event will be the next limiting factor. Depending on what type of event you are planning, you may find that you either have to be flexible with your event date to get the venue you want, or you will have to be flexible with your venue choice to get the date you want. You should begin venue planning knowing where you or the client are flexible.

    Calculate Your Budget

    With an open-ended budget, anyone can plan a great event and have an infinite selection of venue choices. But more than likely, your financial resources are limited, and you should be aware from the beginning of what your financial limitations are - even if your event budget is simply a ballpark estimate or range. An event planner can always plan a great event within a reasonable budget.

    Scope Out Different Locations

    Once the guest list numbers and possible event dates are narrowed, it’s important to identify the locations where the event could be held. Hotels and event or conference centres are the most popular event spaces for corporate events and wedding receptions, but they are not the only options. 

    Find the Right Type of Space

    The venue you choose must have an appropriate space for the type of event you are planning. For example, will your event require a dance floor? Will you need a PA system? What about a speaker’s podium or a projector screen? What sort of table setup do you need?

    Consider Venue Services and Restrictions

    In addition to finding the right type of event space, you will want to look into the types of other services offered by the venue and decide their value to your event. Some venues will also have a preferred vendor list from which you must work to find vendors or suppliers for other services. Other venues have restrictions on decor or other aspects of the event itself.

    Consider Reputation

    A venue’s reputation for service is critical. This is often the difference between holding a good event and producing a great event. In addition, the way a venue manages its facilities, staff and clients will always be remembered.

    Schedule a Visit

    Unless logistics and time prevent it, every event planner should conduct a site inspection before contracting any venue. Pictures can be extremely helpful, but many aspects can only be evaluated in person. Ask for a tour of the venue, including everything from the parking to the entrance and the event space to the bathrooms. You’ll be glad you did.

    Incorporate Client Preferences

    Event planners must present their venue recommendations to their clients (internal clients like company executives or management or an external client) and obtain approvals. Therefore, the only question to ask yourself regarding the client during the venue planning phase is will the client approve the recommendation(s)?

    Experiment with your colour palette - you for a theme that resonates with you

    Unlike the wedding functions, no colour is off the table when it comes to engagement decorations. Add offbeat colours like blue, lilac, purple, and marsala to your engagement decorations to create an event that is in complete contrast to your wedding.

    The freshest example is the Virushka wedding, where the pastel colour palate worked wonders. Remember to coordinate your bridal lehenga with your decor so that it stands out during the ceremony. You wouldn’t want to blend in with the decor, now, would you?

    Share Your Story in Words - Hashtags or Personalised Quotes!!!

    Engagement is usually the first function of all wedding celebrations. Use this opportunity to share your couple story with your family and friends using innovative signages around the setup. You can design these online or get your wedding invitation card makers to design these for you.

    You can even take the DIY route and get your talented friends to make these for you using chalkboards. Even many unconventional invitation card artists will materialise this concept for you. You can even do that with a caricature set up around the venue displaying your love story. Make sure that all of it follows your wedding fonts.

    Don’t Restrict Yourself to the Stage.

    We suggest keeping the vibe of the engagement event a bit on the informal side, and a great way of achieving that is by not restricting yourself to a wedding stage.

    Instead, get your wedding decorator to create picture-worthy spots around the wedding venue instead of focusing on the stage. You can even create a photobooth for the event. That way, you can walk around interacting with your guests and get great pictures with everyone.

    Including a botanical wreath as a backdrop for your seating would also do if you’re having a day-celebration in the winters. You can also have a swing to serve the same purpose. Think as out of the box as possible. We’re sure that your wedding decorator can develop ways to incorporate these ideas into your engagement decorations. There is more to engagement decorations than just amplifying the stage! 

    Recreate Your Ring as a Decor Element

    This may look difficult to achieve, but it isn’t. Get your decorator to recreate your engagement rings as an element of design and watch them become the most popular photo prop in the entire party. Weddings rings on the invitation cards are heard of but creating the décor around them will make yours stand out from the crowd.

    The base material can range from this fancy ice sculptor to wedding flowers and more. You could even use this theme for your car decorations for the wedding day or put it as a cake topper for your engagement cake.

    How about a floral wreath shaped like a ring as the backdrop for your ceremony seating? We think it is perfect and that you should not waste a minute in calling your decorator to hatch something as stunning as this.

    Don’t Forget the Engagement Cake - it Is a Must.

    Trust us when we say that the engagement cake is a must-have! Get your bakers to add innovative cake toppers, and you’re all set for the engagement pictures you’ll share across all social media platforms. Also, remember to get a cake table designed by your decorator, which will add to the event's overall appeal. It is increasingly becoming a popular wedding ritual that we have adopted from the west. Also, who doesn’t like cake for celebrations!

    Get it personalised by sharing your ideas with the baker. Ask them to create a showcase of your journey to this point on the cake. Experiment with flavours and types of cakes to make your stand out. Or you can completely ditch a cake for your engagement ceremony and opt for a set of cupcakes instead, neatly arranged to mimic the tiers of a cake.  

    Pre-Planning: One to Two Months Before the Party

    Coordinating a party is never an easy task. There are many things to take care of, and as the host, you want to make this as perfect as possible for the couple. Here are the things you need to remember when planning the engagement party:

    • Choose the date. Consult with the couple on the date they want the party to happen. After all, this is all about them.
    • Make a guest list. Choose a venue that can accommodate all your guests as well as the other couple. You also need to consider that there is ample room on the ceremony platform for the entourage. You can avoid processional issues by finding a venue where you can set up 2 aisles where both parties can walk on.
    • Send your invitations. It is always good to send your invites early and then confirm the guest’s attendance a week or two before the party.
    • Set a budget. It is a good idea to set a budget right at the outset. Think about all the things you need to work on for an engagement party and make sure you stick to your budget.

    Planning the Details: Three to Four Weeks Before the Party

    As they say, “It’s all in the details”. Parties turn out great because of detailed planning. Don’t just leave anything to chance. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event for the couple, so everything should be perfect.

    • Food – if you’re hosting the party at the couple’s favourite restaurant or in a hotel function room, you could go over the menu list with the couple. If you’re hosting it at home, you can ask friends to help you cook or make it a potluck party.
    • Decorations – keep things simple and romantic. You want the guests to mingle and the couple’s parents to get to know each other. Add flowers, a banner with the couples name on it, and candles as part of your table decorations. If you have some sort of theme, like the couple's colour motif, then decorate according to that colour. It’s a great preview of the wedding, which is what an engagement party is.
    • Entertainment – to enhance the mood of the party, some form of entertainment is needed. It is not that important, though, because, as we said before, you want the guests to be able to talk. Play some soft music in the background. Get a good pianist, violinist, or a string quartet.
    • Favours – to thank the guests for coming over, and as a reminder of this intimate affair, engagement party favours are essential. Some popular engagement party favour ideas include wine stoppers, mint tins, photo coasters and much more.

    Melbourne’s Best Functions - Engagement Party Venue Melbourne 

    melbourne’s best functions

    (03) 8199 3739

    Event Venue Hire in Melbourne

    At Melbourne’s Best Functions, hosting an unforgettable event comes easily to us. Whether it be a wedding, a corporate get together, a birthday party or even a product launch, we challenge the norms of the industry to offer the ultimate catering, event management services and function and party venue hire in Melbourne. We don’t do anything half-baked; from drinks to photographers and everything in between, we help you create memories that last a lifetime, every time.

    The Best Function Centres in Melbourne

    With more than a decade of experience working with a range of different clients to plan several events, there’s no better team than the experts at Melbourne’s Best Functions. Since we’re full of creative ideas, we take your likes, dislikes, budget and special requirements and turn them into something memorable, whatever the occasion. So when it comes to club hire, Melbourne’s guestlist of party-goers can enjoy a range of versatile venues.

    When choosing your party venue, hire either a rooftop space with scenic views or a private function room in the most glamorous of venues. From the luxurious Baroq House and the elite Bond to the breathtaking Mon Bijou, each setting can be tailored to suit hens nights, Christmas parties, weddings and corporate functions.

    Party Room Hire for Events of all Sizes 

    Whether you rent out an entire space for a corporate party, a private rooftop venue to celebrate an engagement, or you’re looking for the best event venue for hire in Melbourne for your birthday or product launch. We’re dedicated to creating extraordinary celebrations. Our qualified team consistently delivers incredible results with an eye for detail and extensive knowledge and experience across event planning and management. 

    Simply select the location from our list of exquisite party venues for hire, and we’ll do the rest. From limousines to modern catering, private hosts and anything else you envision, we’ll take care of everything to make your party dreams a reality. 

    Rooftop Function Venues Melbourne

    Planning the perfect event to suits your needs, unique style, and budget doesn’t need to be a difficult process. We make it simple. Whether it’s a grand corporate function or a small and intimate engagement party, at Melbourne’s Best Functions, we understand that you only want the best, and that’s what we deliver.

    Talk to an event expert via the online form, email us or contact us by phone on (03) 8199 3733.

    Let’s make your next party an unforgettable one.

    Whether it’s a small birthday party for 5 or a corporate extravaganza, our venues offer you an unparalleled event experience.

    You will be spoiled for choice from the decadence and sensuality of the 17th Century offered by Baroq House to the impressive panoramic city views from the sky-high Mon Bijou.

    For over 10 years, our venues have been hosting Melbourne’s finest cocktail style functions. With a renowned reputation for stocking rare spirits, premium French Champagne and a decadent cocktail list, our experienced staff will guide you through the extensive beverage options. In addition, our venues let you explore function choices others simply cannot offer. There is a solution for all, from private rooms to your level or exclusive access to an entire venue.

    From celebrating your 21st or 51st birthday to entertaining corporate clients or perhaps the cocktail style engagement party or wedding, we guarantee to deliver your function in style.

    Melbourne Venues - Engagement Party Venue Melbourne 

    melbourne venues

    0436 390 789

    Melbourne Venues pride ourselves on being the definitive guide to the best venues Melbourne has to offer, perfect for wedding venues, cocktail parties, corporate functions and events.

    Soak up the atmosphere in a 19th-Century bank, immerse yourself in motoring history at Fox’s Car Museum, or drink in the views of the city, the river, the bay or the Yarra Valley at a choice of different venues.

    Melbourne Venues are proud to be able to offer access to a range of beautiful private homes for select events.

    We can supply a venue with a point of difference that will suit your needs, impress your guests and make your next function a truly memorable occasion.

    Melbourne’s Best Wedding, Party, Corporate & Conference Venues

    Function & Venue Room Hire in Melbourne

    When organising a special event, you need a venue that is just as memorable as the occasion. Whether you are arranging a luxurious wedding, a family birthday party, or a corporate product launch, there’s no doubt that the venue selection is instrumental to you and your guests’ overall enjoyment of the event.

    However, choosing from the plethora of function and event venues in Melbourne can easily become an overwhelming process. Melbourne Venues has made it our mission to simplify this process by curating the city’s most prestigious and reputable venues on our website. We pride ourselves on being the definitive guide to the best venues Melbourne has to offer, perfect for wedding venues, cocktail parties, conferences, corporate functions and events.

    Melbourne Venues is proud to offer a diverse selection of the city’s most unique and captivating venues, from wedding venues to cocktail party venues for Melbourne locals. You may wish to soak up the atmosphere in a 19th-century bank for a corporate event or immerse yourself in motoring history at Fox’s Car Museum for your next event. Perhaps you’d rather drink in the views of the city skyline, the Yarra River, or in a nature garden with a roaring fire pit for a social event, wedding or cocktail party. Whatever the occasion, Melbourne Venues has a unique venue in Melbourne to perfectly suit.

    Once you have chosen your venue with the assistance of Melbourne Venues, you will also need to arrange all the logistics of your event: the catering, entertainment, décor etc. Our preferred supplier for all our catering and event planning needs is ACC Catering, which you can visit here. Ensure your event is unforgettable in the surrounds of a stunning event venue, with beautiful handcrafted food, friendly and attentive service staff and all of your event planning from a single point of contact.

    There is no management fee or commission charged on our services.

    All Our Venues:

    • St Kilda Life Saving Club
    • Half Moon Bay Surf Life Saving Club
    • The Sandringham Club
    • Mount View Estate
    • The Dome
    • Fox’s Car Museum
    • Club House
    • The Meat Market
    • Warrawong Woolshed
    • Mountain Goat Brewery
    • Ace Hi – The Shearing Shed
    • The Melbourne Pavilion
    • Mercantile Rowing Club
    • Skyline
    • Astor Theatre
    • 2 Brothers Brewery
    • The Old Cheese Factory
    • Hazeldene
    • St Kilda Town Hall
    • Space @ Collins
    • Seven
    • The Moser Room
    • Melbourne County Court
    • Kingston City Hill
    • Malvern Town Hall
    • Bellarine Estate
    • Private Homes

    Ultima Function Centre - Engagement Party Venue Melbourne

    ultima function centre

    03 9336 3345

    Unleash the New Possibilities of Success

    Starring roles continue at the best places to work. The event centre in Melbourne provides the backdrop for your scenario, setting the mood and making it unforgettable for your invitees. Function rooms in Melbourne permit both formal and unified.

    The venues are crucial to the success of any case, as they need to be the right size, not too big or too small, for the case. Melbourne function rooms make the case sound more than a celebration.

    Also, they take off the tension from you as the host, helping you to focus on the details of your celebration.


    Unclasp the lock that seals ancient function rooms in Melbourne. They have their own charm with the sparkle, glamour and vintage.

    Choosing the right venue for your business meeting, event, conference, or seminar is as crucial as planning anything else. The right place can make a difference. What are the factors which will affect the outcome of the meeting? It’s time to entertain the guests with our hand-picked Melbourne function rooms.

    For too much to consider when finding the right function rooms in Melbourne, it can be hard to decide where to begin. Our conference suites were refurbished here at Ultima Function Centre, and we deliver everything you need to ensure the function goes ahead without a hitch. Our conference rooms were completely redesigned, with high-tech equipment and are bursting with natural sunshine.


    As a small business owner, separating yourself from one rivalry is critical. You will stand out for conference room rentals by using all the equipment that the big guys use without having massive overhead costs. Function rooms in Melbourne provide a good business footprint at every venue, which facilitates the needs.

    Renting conference rooms helps you to create the identity you want for your company without breaking the bank. Whether you’re planning a dinner party, corporate event or the perfect wedding party ever, Ultima Function Centre will give you a stress-free event.

    Unforgettable Memories

    Ultima Function Centre prides itself on its experienced and professional staff and management, who will work with you to ensure that your event will be exactly what you envision.

    Our management team will design a menu that suits you and your guests.

    We will do our best to accommodate your needs in order for you to share your special day with your loved ones and create unforgettable memories that you will treasure forever.


    Whether it’s an intimate wedding or large scale charity ball, organising an event can be a laborious task. Among several decisions to make and things to take care of, the most daunting of all is to find a premium space, so you can pull off an impressive event!

    Ultima Function Center - An Ultimate Space For A Memorable Celebration

    • Situated at a prime and easy to access location, Ultima Function Centre offers an ideal and aesthetic backdrop.
    • Whatever the nature and scale of the event, we play a role in making it a success.
    • Whether there are 40 or 400 guests, our stylishly decorated and spacious function rooms are perfect to host events of any scale.

    Moreover, our venue is well equipped with a large and secured parking space.

    Additionally, our team of highly skilled and friendly professionals offers supreme hospitality services. With our expertise, we turn any celebration into a success!

    Our exquisite spaces are like a clean slate where you can etch an event of your dreams. Choose the decoration that aligns with the theme and ethos of your function to make it memorable.

    With a flexible floor plan, Ultima Function Centre is a versatile space ideal for corporate events, mega trade promotion events, gala dinners, weddings, to intimate family gatherings.

    Exuding a regal sophistication, our chic and stylish venue will take your event notches above.

    With a focus on extending a memorable experience, our team innovatively designs an international menu.

    Our highly experienced and skilled in-house chefs specialise in creating bespoke menus adding beautiful flavours to the occasion.

    Taking a creative approach to culinary art, our menus are designed to accommodate various food preferences.

    Call us today for booking enquiries!!!

    European Bier Cafe - Engagement Party Venue Melbourne 

    european bier cafe

    (03) 8563 0089

    Welcome to the Euro! Rooftop & Bar

    Comedy, live sport, rooftop vibes & all the beers!

    Spanning 4 levels, the Euro boasts some of the best European beer in town, matched with an equally delicious menu of pub classics. Head up to our famous Aer rooftop for some sunshine, overlooking leafy Exhibition street, catch the game on our big screen or laugh yourself silly at our weekly comedy nights, featuring some of Melbourne’s finest every Thursday & Saturday.


    Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner for 12 or hosting a lavish cocktail party for 300, our iconic venue in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD offers distinctly versatile spaces and package options. Let’s chat about how to make your next engagement, wedding, corporate function, launch, birthday or cocktail party a memorable one.


    • Seated / 80
    • Standing / 150

    Trendy and relaxed, our cosy yet spacious Basement is perfect for a cocktail or seated function. Whether you are hosting a gathering or offering guests an entertainment experience to remember, we can tailor a package to suit any occasion.

    Level 1

    • Seated / 120
    • Standing / 300
    • Balcony / 35

    Featuring plush booths, dance floor, stage, AV facilities and projector, it’s well equipped for an exclusive party or a corporate event.

    Aer Rooftop

    • Seated / 80
    • Standing / 180

    Functions at Aer Rooftop Bar offer an experience like no other, featuring views of the city guaranteed to impress your guests. Aer is also an all-weather rooftop — with misting machines for summer and cover, fireplaces and heaters for cooler months.

    Rose Events - Engagement Party Venue Melbourne

    rose events

    1300 536 684

    Small Functions Venue in Melbourne

    Rose Events offers small function rooms in Melbourne to hold your private function in a luxurious, sophisticated environment. The function room, situated close to the bay and around the corner from the CBD, has been uniquely designed. 

    The ambience and the decor of the function room are perfectly suited for corporate events, conferences, weddings, engagements, birthday parties, school reunions and cocktail parties. 

    Rose Events by Yum Catering

    Uniquely designed venue for small functions in Melbourne

    Rose Events is the brainchild of Executive Chef Paul Le Noury, who also owns Yum Catering, a leading catering service in Melbourne. 

    The function room has been set up to replace an iconic pub. As you walk in, you will be welcomed by a luxurious, modern space. Our ground floor space caters for up to 200 people for a cocktail style party, a corporate function, product launch, wedding or celebration of any kind.

    Our unique space can be anything you want it to be.

    Cooking classes, special dinners, wine nights, and jazz sessions are just some of the other exciting things to come. You name it, and we can help you organise it.

    Your Party, Your Way

    Perfect for Parties, Weddings and More

    With lots of light and open space, Rose Events is an ideal venue for gatherings of all kinds. From corporate events and weddings to birthday parties and Christmas parties, there’s plenty of room to relax and enjoy time with friends, family and colleagues.

    Rose Events offers you the flexibility to customise the space to suit your individual requirements and tastes. With a capacity for 200 guests standing or 120 seated and a customised food and drinks menu, we offer everything you look for in small function rooms in Melbourne.

    If you choose to, our professional event management team can create a custom package for you. We will work with you at every step to organise a memorable event your guests will remember for years.

    Leonda by the Yarra - Engagement Party Venue Melbourne 

    leonda by the yarra

    +61 3 9819 1938

    Melbourne’s Premier Wedding Venue Leonda by the Yarra

    Where your dream day will come true

    Create the most memorable day of your life within the surrounds of the willows on the banks of the Yarra River, where the culmination of riverside surrounding, restaurant-style cuisine and exceptional service will ensure all aspects of your special day are perfectly realised in one of Melbourne’s leading elegant wedding reception venues – Leonda By The Yarra.

    Our reputation as one of the leading elegant wedding venues in Melbourne has been earned by our commitment to your total satisfaction – this means that we will not only provide you with one of Melbourne’s best wedding venues but will also work to create your perfect night and meet your personal needs.

    Contact us now, and we would be happy to help you organise your special occasion.

    • Wedding Ceremonies
    • Wedding Receptions
    • Commitment Ceremonies
    • Engagement Parties
    • Private Events
    • Wedding Anniversaries
    • Birthday Parties
    • Corporate Events

    At Leonda, we have thought of EVERYTHING (and we mean EVERYTHING) to ensure that your special day is everything you dreamed of and more. From the moment you first visit us, all the way through to the Big Day, nothing is too big or small for our team to handle to ensure that your wedding journey is seamless.

    The Budgie Smuggler - Engagement Party Venue Melbourne 

    the budgie smuggler

    0473 351 600

    The Budgie Bar Will Be Returning in Early 2021!

    Following the huge success of our private event space, The Budgie Smuggler, we would like to introduce you to our premium cocktail bar located right next door. Budgie Bar specialises in your favourite cocktails, ice-cold tap beers, great wines from the local vineyards in the Yarra Valley and offers a tasty, Asian fusion hot and cold food menu.

    Budgie Bar boasts an industrial-style fit-out in a converted warehouse, looking out onto the floor of our private classic car showroom. Live music and curated DJ sets will be a regular fixture at your new local, setting the vibe to socialise and relax.

    The perfect place to begin your night out, catch up with friends, or cap off the working week; Budgie Bar is your new Ringwood nightspot.

    The Budgie Smuggler is a stylish, industrial-style function, event and wedding venue. The Budgie Smuggler is a unique and exciting space for your next event. Located in Ringwood, an easy 25min drive from Melbourne CBD, The Budgie is tucked away in an industrial estate giving it unique exclusivity and privacy. Although tucked away, The Budgie Smuggler is easily accessible, being only a brief walk from Ringwood Station and Eastland Shopping Center, as well as a number of hotels and accommodation.

    The Budgie Smuggler boasts a unique industrial fit-out including a concrete bar, shipping container seating area, copper bar fount, birdcage VIP area, and sprays art beer garden, giving your wedding or next event an extra impressive look. The Budgie Smuggler has extensive experience in hosting weddings, engagement parties, birthday parties, Christmas parties and business exhibitions. We can cater for functions up to 250 guests, but with our flexible floor space and furniture, we can accommodate small functions and events as well.

    Our space includes a number of features, including:

    – Spacious outdoor beer garden

    – Large bar, allowing for cocktails, wine and tap beer

    – Dance area

    – Stage with entertainment lighting and sound system

    – A variety of tables and seating

    – Heating and air conditioning systems

    – Projector and screen

    – Ample parking spaces right outside the venue

    – Wedding and ceremony room

    – Wheelchair access / disabled bathroom

    Plaza Ballroom - Engagement Party Venue Melbourne 

    plaza ballroom

    (03) 9299 9869

    Magnificent Venue Unforgettable Experiences

    Our Events team is creative and fastidious about all aspects of your event, from the initial enquiry throughout the planning process to running the event on the night.

    The guest experience begins from the moment you arrive at the venue. A small gated entrance situated next to the landmark Regent Theatre on Collins Street leads down a grand staircase to the Plaza Ballroom foyer. Simulating a Spanish courtyard with a paved floor and ornate fountain, high ceilings and mesmerising architecture, this is a remarkable entrance before entering the main room.

    Benefiting from a large open floor-plan, the Plaza Ballroom can cater for a wide range of events and capacities from 200 - 1200. Whether you’re organising a grand Gala Dinner, awards night, cocktail function, lunch or presentation, we can provide you with a breathtaking venue, contemporary, flexible catering options by our Hatted Executive Chef, and a highly skilled team to ensure you of an outstanding event. 

    Corporate Functions & Special Events

    Benefiting from a large open floorplan, the Plaza Ballroom can cater for a wide range of events and capacities from 200-1200. Whether you’re organising a grand Gala Dinner, awards night, cocktail function, lunch or presentation, we can provide you with a breathtaking venue, contemporary catering by our Hatted Executive Chef, and the skills and expertise to ensure you of an outstanding event.


    Host an unforgettable celebration in the finest style. The Plaza Ballroom is a dream come true wedding reception venue catering for 150-450 guests. Our Summer Wedding Package is also available for January 2020 & 2021.

    About Plaza Ballroom

    The Plaza Ballroom is one of Melbourne’s most iconic venues, situated in the heart of Collins Street at the famous Regent Theatre. We specialise in hosting all types of events, including Corporate Functions, Special Events and Weddings.

    Originally built in 1929, the venue underwent an extensive refurbishment when it was taken over by Marriner Group in 1996. Today the venue is more lavish and grand than ever, combining award-winning catering and impeccable service in a setting unmatched in history, grandeur and ambience. Complete with high ceilings, mesmerising Spanish Rococo architecture, Juliet balconies, bespoke lighting and original chandeliers, it’s the perfect backdrop to compliment any modern-day event. 

    For Event or Venue Hire Melbourne enquiries, please contact our Events office on (03) 9299 9860 or email

    Waterfront Venues Melbourne - Engagement Party Venue Melbourne

    waterfront venues

    0407 938 384

    Welcome to Waterfront Venues and Events Centre, a world-class venue set in the magnificent Docklands Precinct of Melbourne, Australia.

    Waterfront Venues is surrounded by stunning views of Victoria Harbour with the magic of the waterways, with visiting yachts and boats berthing at the marina, therefore placing this venue in a class of its own and making it an events destination.

    Wide Range of Rooms & Views to Suit Any Event!


    You guessed it. This room boasts amazing views across Victoria Harbour to the city skyline. The floor to ceiling glass along the promenade gives you the feeling that you are sitting on the water. As the largest of the four rooms, we can accommodate product launches, cocktail events, and a variety of other functions. Features include a private corner balcony, a fully equipped bar and a stylish interior décor that will impress your guests. With an adjoining bridal suite, this is the ideal room for your wedding.

    Capacity: 100 – 400 people


    This room offers panoramic water views across the harbour to the Bolte Bridge and features floor to ceiling glass bi-fold doors which can be opened to incorporate the large undercover balcony. Neutral interior tones provide the ideal setting for all types of private and corporate functions. The room also features an adjoining bridal room which makes it a perfect choice for the perfect wedding.

    Capacity: 100 – 250 people


    This stylish bar is the ideal place for birthday parties and private cocktail functions. The room features 3 inbuilt plasmas and a large central bar with a fluorescent-lit bar top. Floor to ceiling glass bi-fold doors provide panoramic views of the harbour and skyline and can be opened to incorporate the large undercover balcony and create an amazing el fresco experience. For the larger functions, the Black Sail Bar can also incorporate the Victoria Room creating a more relaxed environment which is ideal for those that don’t want to be in the centre of all the action or just simply want to chill out for a few minutes. This has proven to be quite popular with cocktail functions involving all ages. Generally, the older guests prefer a quieter area to sit back and relax.

    Capacity: 100 – 250 people


    The Victoria Room is very suitable for meetings, conferences and all types of day and evening events. Overlooking the harbour and Waterfront City Piazza, the room features a private entrance for arrivals, recessed feature lighting and has the ability to incorporate The Black Sal bar subject to availability.

    Capacity: 50 – 130 people

    Events on the Water

    Perfect for Weddings, Engagements, Birthday Functions, Business Events and Special Occasions, our guests enjoy the spectacular views of the beautiful Melbourne skyline, bringing the outside in and an ambience which will create the perfect touch for your incredibly special event.

    We pride ourselves in our Events Management Team who work closely with all our clients when it comes to what they require to make their event significant and ultra-special. Our events are produced in a timely and professional manner as the Waterfront team goes beyond ensuring high service.

    Book Your Event

    Welcome to Waterfront Venues and Events Centre, a world-class venue set in the magnificent Docklands Precinct of Melbourne, Australia. Waterfront Venues is surrounded by stunning views of Victoria Harbour with the magic of the waterways, with visiting yachts and boats berthing at the marina, therefore placing this venue in a class of its own and making it an events destination.

    Boasting an expansive space for all styles of functions and events, Waterfront is certainly a one of a kind events space in the heart of Melbourne.

    Valensia - Engagement Party Venue Melbourne 


    9486 3485

    Fairfield’s Premier Function Centre

    Situated in the heart of Melbourne’s vibrant and eclectic north, Valensia is a function centre that merges first-class service, unparalleled ambience and fine food that sates the city’s discerning tastes.

    Valensia forms part of the CH James family, a Fairfield institution that has overseen a wide array of events since its inception. Our aim is to curate the perfect event by design; from choosing the right space to creating a menu that suits the occasion, we will ensure your event runs smoothly.

    A Venue That Caters to a Wide Range of Occasions

    Whether you are in search of a memorable wedding reception venue, are planning a milestone birthday or require a space to host your next business conference, Valensia delivers.

    We offer the choice of three different spaces: the modern luxury of Valensia itself, the rustic ambience of CH James, and the intimate charm of the adjoining St Paul’s courtyard. Whether you are hosting an event for a small gathering, require a space that accommodates 100 sit-down guests, or require a venue that can cater to a 150-guest cocktail party, we have a space that meets your needs.

    A dynamic function centre, we have hosted a broad range of events to date – from milestone birthdays and Christmas parties to wedding receptions, engagement parties, work meetings and conferences. We can tailor our services to suit the occasion; sit-down meals, a grazing menu, drink packages and entertainment can all be organised in accordance with your requirements.

    Book Your Next Function With Valensia

    With superb cuisine, dynamic spaces and an exceptional level of service that is defined by trademark attention to detail, Valensia redefines the modern function venue.

    Situated on Fairfield’s most vibrant and eclectic street, there is no better setting for your next event or party. For more information regarding our function spaces and event packages, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated event manager on 9486 3484 or by sending an enquiry to

    River’s Edge Events Melbourne - Engagement Party Venue Melbourne 

    river’s edge events

    (03) 8563 0071

    Welcome to River’s Edge Events

    Perfectly perched along Melbourne’s Yarra River with city skyline and waterfront views, River’s Edge Events is located within walking distance of South Wharf, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Crown, Crowne Plaza and Southern Cross Station. Featuring stunning polished concrete floors, neutral tones, floor to ceiling glass windows and a large marble bar, River’s Edge Events offers a modern space with the opportunity to create a unique event in the style of your choice.


    Boasting 180-degree views over Melbourne’s city skyline and Yarra River, sunlight from spring to autumn and sunset panorama over the water during the long summer evenings, a wedding at River’s Edge Events is one your guests will long remember. With a sophisticated and minimalistic approach to styling, neutral tones, polished concrete flooring and industrial styled lighting, River’s Edge Events provides the perfect canvas to add your personal touch.


    Perfectly perched along Melbourne’s Yarra River, River’s Edge Events is located within walking distance of South Wharf, MCEC, Crown, Crowne Plaza and Southern Cross Station. With a premier location, River’s Edge is sure to impress your guests whether you’re after a sit-down dinner or stand up cocktail event. We pride ourselves on delivering unforgettable experiences that can be tailored to suit your taste, budget and style.


    Birthdays, christenings, bar or bat mitzvahs and more! Looking to host your celebration at a venue? We love a good party! Offering a beautiful light-filled space with multiple breakout areas to create your dream party, fun and mouth-watering menu options and an extensive beverage list, River’s Edge Events has all you need for your special event. Don’t take our word for it. Book a site visit with one of our dedicated event team members to see for yourself.

    About River’s Edge Events 

    River’s Edge is located within Melbourne’s Waterfront development, WTC Wharf, on the fringe of the city. This unique event space is a refreshing and vibrant addition to Melbourne’s event industry.

    River’s Edge delights with exquisite sweeping views of the Yarra River and city surrounds and boasts an abundance of natural light through clear floor-to-ceiling glass expanses. Featuring polished concrete floors, neutral tones and industrial style lighting, River’s Edge provides a modern and minimalist event space to host your event.

    The formal entrance to River’s Edge is marked by a grand staircase with feature lighting and a plasma screen. The room extends further towards the river with two stunning Juliet balconies, perfect for a cocktail and canapés upon arrival.

    Additionally, operable doors ensure the room can easily be configured to suit more intimate groups as small as 20 guests. Whether it be a meeting, seminar, conference, luncheon, fashion show, cocktail party, or celebratory dinner, the experienced team at River’s Edge will ensure the success of your event.

    With a premier location, River’s Edge is sure to impress your guests whether you’re after a sit-down dinner or stand up cocktail event. We pride ourselves on delivering unforgettable experiences that can be tailored to suit your taste, budget and style.

    Metropolis Events - Engagement Party Venue Melbourne

    metropolis events

    03 8537 7309

    Welcome to Melbourne’s Most Exciting Premium Event Space With the City’s Most Impressive Views.

    Metropolis Events is located on the top level of Southgate Melbourne on the banks of the Yarra River. The event space features sweeping views of Melbourne’s city skyline and iconic landmarks, including Flinders Street Station, Federation Square, and Princes Bridge.

    A New York loft-style space is featuring a 17-metre internal dome ceiling 9 metre high windows. An all-weather outdoor terrace and state of the art audiovisual technology. Metropolis Events is Melbourne’s most exciting premium event space.

    This unique venue exudes luxury, style and sophistication from the moment your guests enter the space. They are fitted with Mark Douglass Design pendant lights, two brass bars, marble features, premium mirror finishes. Contemporary furnishings and occasional pieces complement the unique event space. This chic and stylish venue is sure to take your event to the next level.

    With a focus on delivering a memorable dining experience and restaurant-quality food, the innovatively designed menus are created based on seasonal ingredients from local sources. Our team of experienced in-house Chefs specialise in bespoke menus to make your event unforgettable.

    Featuring a flexible floor plan, inbuilt drapes and an operable wall, Metropolis Events is a versatile space. Ideal for corporate events, gala dinners, cocktail parties, weddings, private events, conferences, car or product launches and fashion events with a difference.

    The space is conveniently positioned on Southbank. Starring direct access to public car parking below and in close proximity to Flinders Street Station, St Kilda Road trams and Water Taxis.

    Overlooking the city from the opposite side of the Yarra and located moments from Melbourne’s central business district, it’s no secret that Southbank is the city’s premier culture destination with endless eateries and public art that stretch the entire riverside promenade. Metropolis Events is conveniently located within Melbourne’s Arts Precinct and is within walking distance to some of the city’s most iconic landmarks such as Flinders Street Station, Federation Square, Princes Bridge and many of the city’s exciting events and attractions.

    Our stunning events venue with amazing 270º views of Melbourne is the perfect venue to hold corporate meetings, conferences, gala events, wedding ceremonies and receptions with a difference. Our team of event experts are always on hand to tailor event packages suited to your event size and budget.

    The Purple Emerald Lounge Bar - Engagement Party Venue Melbourne

    purple emerald

    (03) 9482 7001

    Visit the Purple Emerald Lounge Bar

    With live funk, soul & groove music on every Friday and Saturday night till the wee hours of the morning, The Purple Emerald is the place to be on the Weekend. Sunday proves to be very hangover friendly, with tapas specials, bloody Mary’s all day, and in Summer a BYO BBQ and live music in the afternoon.

    Take a look at our cocktail menu...

    We have over 30 cocktails to choose from, including your favourite classics, as well as our own seasonal creations. Only the best quality ingredients are used in our cocktails. We source fresh, local produce (organic where possible)

    Venue Hire Northcote

    Purple Emerald is located in the heart of Northcote, offering High Streets best cocktails and venue hire.

    You have the reason to party, the friends to party with, but nowhere to party! Purple Emerald, conveniently situated in Northcote, can solve that for you! With the ability to WOW your guests, the atmosphere to delight and the team to indulge your every food and beverage desire, our Function Venue is the perfect setting for either an intimate gathering, a funky birthday celebration or a business meeting in Northcote without the dull setting!

    But the versatility of our venue doesn’t stop there! How about charming your wedding party with cool cocktails, seasonal brews and sumptuous food platters? The Purple Emerald is the perfect venue, whatever the celebration or event.

    With a relaxed vibe incorporating lounging areas, space to boogie and cosy corners to gather, all with a touch of retro, the Function Team at Purple Emerald will listen to your ideas to create the event you dream of.

    And because the best way to create a vibe that fits you is for us to get to know you, why not give us a call and tell our friendly and creative Function Team exactly how you roll.

    Does our Venue offer variety? Look for more than just indoor venue hire in Northcote?

    In addition to our beautifully furnished indoor function rooms and killer cocktails, we also have a beer garden available to you and your guests. Purple Emerald boasts one of Northcote’s best beer gardens and offers an inviting space that is easily able to host both casual and formal events. With cold beer on tap, mulled cider, cocktails and funky beats, Purple Emerald never fail to deliver the goods! Get your friends together on our oversized shaded deck. This comfortable meeting space is yet another reason why Purple Emerald is one of Northcote’s best-kept secrets!

    Venue Hire Packages

    If you are looking to impress your guests at your next celebration, look no further

    Purple Emerald is located in the heart of Northcote, offering High Streets best cocktails and venue hire. We will keep your guests in the mood to party with our signature range of cocktails and delicious tapas – let the Purple Emerald venue hire team help you plan an unforgettable event.

    We like to cover all the bases for your next occasion, which is why our venue hire comes with complimentary use of our multimedia projector, sound system and microphone for speeches.

    Exclusive venue hire is possible. Minimum spends and conditions apply. Please contact the venue hire team at Purple Emerald to find out more.

    Purple Emerald provides function and venue hire in Northcote for party goers looking to host their next …

    • Birthday celebration
    • Engagement party
    • Wedding
    • Corporate event
    • or anything else, really!

    About Us

    After 16 years of trade on Flinders Lane, Melbourne, The Purple Emerald Lounge Bar has relocated, opening its doors to the wonders of High Street, Northcote – and it hasn’t changed a bit!

    This iconic gem was a long time favourite for Melbourne’s CBD twenty-somethings. Renowned for its quirky vintage decor, Purple Emerald has stuck to its roots, keeping to the rustic charm that earned this little treasure its iconic status as Melbourne’s hidden gem.

    Purple Emerald has raised the bar for cocktail standards in Northcote, dishing up a 6-page menu of classic cocktails and award-winning creations skillfully prepared by their innovative bartenders.

    Tapas are available right through till late, with seriously the best authentic house-made arancini you’ve ever tasted!

    Local beers and cider on tap, as well as a large range of craft beers. A good range of wines varieties is available by glass or bottle.

    The expansive outdoor area is popular all year round, in Summer, boasting DJs, cocktail parties, and blue skies. In Winter, a fire pit, fairy lights and shelter from the elements.

    If you’re thinking of having a party with a few or a lot of friends, give us a call. In true Purple Emerald style, we don’t believe in hire fees or cover charges, just good times!

    The Timber Yard - Engagement Party Venue Melbourne 

    the timber yard

    +613 9070 3479

    The Timber Yard is built on the philosophy of recycling, upcycling and bringing people together for amazing events. Located on 6,000 sqm, comprised of indoor and outdoor space, in the Port Melbourne industrial precinct, The Timber Yard is a landmark Melbourne venue of unprecedented size and event flexibility. The site has been restored, remaining true to its heritage of second-hand timber storage and fabrication. The Timber Yard is an urban sanctuary designed to bring the flavour and personality of the country into the city.

    • Scalable spaces for up to 1,500 guests in all event formats
    • 10 am – 11 pm, Sun – Thu
    • 10am – 1am, Fri & Sat
    • External catering and Food Trucks welcome
    • Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

    Baroq House - Engagement Party Venue Melbourne 

    baroq house

    (03) 8199 3736

    Experience Opulence at Baroq House

    Exuding a richness of grandeur, style and sophistication, Baroq is truly Melbourne’s most sophisticated corporate event party space. With an extensive range of premium food and beverage packages, Baroq provides a perfect harmony of modern style facilities and old-world décor.

    The venue features several exclusive rooms allowing guests to move fluidly between multiple lounge and bar areas, including luxurious booth and table settings along with a discrete outdoor section, combining all these elements, Baroq avowals an atmosphere that is perfect for any occasion, from an epic corporate party to small intimate gatherings.

    Baroq House Functions

    Undoubtedly one of the most glamorous and exclusive corporate event venues in Melbourne, Baroq House is a luxurious three-level mansion in a leafy cobbled city laneway.

    The design delivers a richness of grandeur, style and sophistication that appeals to Melbourne’s ‘in the know’ crowd. With an extensive range of premium spirits and several exclusive private rooms, perfect for your next corporate cocktail event, this 17th Century themed venue provides a perfect harmony of modern style facilities and old-world grandeur décor.

    Only exclusivity and fashion-forward decor will do for the most stylish corporate events in Melbourne, so head to Baroq House for your next Christmas function, hens night or birthday party. We can complete the evening with corporate event catering that will leave a delicious taste in your guests’ mouths.


    Plan your next event at what is undoubtedly one of the most glamorous and exclusive corporate function venues in Melbourne. Baroq House is a luxurious three-level mansion nestled within a leafy cobbled city laneway that draws the city’s trendiest men and women. The design delivers a richness of grandeur, style and sophistication that appeals to the “in-the-know” crowd with an eye for style.


    In business, making a good impression delivers results. Whether you want to reward your dedicated staff with a well-earned party or host a business event to expand or nurture client relations, we have the know-how to transform all corporate functions in Melbourne into something to remember – for all the right reasons.

    We only do one type of function: The type where everything runs super smoothly. Perfect outcomes are an assurance because every aspect of the event has been properly considered and planned. Our aim is always to have your guests leave impressed by the service and style of a truly first-class function. Past satisfied clients include Moét & Chandon, Deloitte, KPMG, Top Shop, Telstra, NAB, Virgin, Ernst & Young, BMW, Myer and Qantas, amongst many others.

    Myer Mural Hall - Engagement Party Venue Melbourne 

    myer mural hall

    +61 3 8416 9790

    A hidden ballroom. Everlasting experiences.

    Melbourne’s most elegant and refined event spaces.

    Never forgotten. Forever timeless.

    There’s nowhere else like it in Melbourne.

    Myer Mural Hall is quite simply the most exquisite, European style venue in Melbourne.

    It’s a big statement, but there it is – we said it. It’s out there. Myer Mural Hall embodies sophistication and heritage rarely seen in Australian venues, and for a good reason, as it’s reserved only for significant events.

    A magnificent place for magnificent occasions, so exclusive, it’s hidden from plain sight.

    Myer Mural Hall looks and feels like it’s from another time, and from the moment you arrive, you realise you’ve walked into something special.

    But the real magic behind Myer Mural Hall is its ability to become your vision.

    With the help of our talented stylists at The Big Group Creative, Myer Mural Hall can transform into an extravagant dinner party, an elegant wedding, a Parisian cocktail lounge, or a cultural celebration of epic proportions. Myer Mural Hall is as versatile as it is breathtaking – all you need is a little imagination and our creative flair.

    Sophisticated. Elegant. Endless possibilities.

    Melbourne’s hidden and most refined event spaces.

    Myer Mural Hall. Forever timeless.

    The Grand Ballroom Is an Everlasting Experience

    A secret place is known by a select few, and The Grand Ballroom is one of Melbourne’s oldest treasures and finest examples of art deco architecture. Standing tall within the top level of the iconic Myer building, The Grand Ballroom is ideal for those who want to offer a memorable experience.

    Designed by Sidney Myer for fashion parades and exclusive events, The Grand Ballroom is an exquisite, European style venue showcasing eight unique and original murals by noted Australian artist Napier Waller. These remarkable artworks have been honoured with a National Trust Classification.

    Brimming with historical and cultural significance, the magnificence of The Grand Ballroom offers a sophisticated backdrop to your unique event vision. While every event is different, all are enhanced by the magic that is Myer Mural Hall.

    Our talented stylists at The Big Group Creative can ensure the character of The Grand Ballroom works to best suit your unique event, be it a lavish party, formal dinner, frivolous high tea, extravagant wedding or cultural celebration of epic proportions – the possibilities are endless.

    Banquets with dance floors or banquets without exclusive theatre shows, cocktail parties or cabaret; The Grand Ballroom can cater for up to 650 guests, depending on your needs, with The Arrival Foyer an attractive choice for smaller events.

    For all its history, The Grand Ballroom can also be transformed into a chic space with its soaring ceilings and sweeping staircase – a popular choice for a statement wedding entry. 

    Ensure an everlasting experience and indulge in the magic that is The Grand Ballroom; originally designed as an exclusive event space for Melbourne’s higher society – and now, for the first time in history, it’s your turn.

    Max Pax

    Banquet: 500

    Banquet with dance floor: 450

    Cocktail: 650

    The Arrival Foyer Is Right on Time

    A cut above the rest, upon entering The Arrival Foyer, you’ll know you’ve stepped into something special.

    With shades of golden decor and elegance at every turn, The Arrival Foyer provides a graceful welcome for any type of event; chic and modern or classic and traditional. It’s a space that’s sure to charm your guests and transcend all their expectations.

    The Arrival Foyer is a preferred space for private cocktail parties and corporates after a warm and sophisticated space that offers ideal areas for easy mingling between guests. 

    With the ability to be sectioned into two parts, The Arrival Foyer is suitable for any size event. The Half Arrival Bar can cater to up to 200 guests, while the Full Arrival Bar can host up to 300 people.

    With The Big Group on hand to create delectable canapés and distinctive cocktails, The Arrival Foyer is an experience – a flawless beginning to a fabulous event in The Grand Ballroom, or a refined experience unto its own. 

    This impressive space isn’t easily forgotten by guests. Our stylists at The Big Group Creative know how to tone down or enhance the ever-present opulence and transform The Arrival Foyer into anything you desire.

    For a timeless experience, explore The Arrival Foyer and know events at Myer Mural Hall are never easily forgotten.

    Max Pax

    Banquet: 100

    Banquet with dance floor: 50

    Cocktail: 300

    A Quick History Lesson

    Myer Mural Hall is rich in history, designed by Sidney Myer for private fashion parades and a host of other exclusive events. Art Deco in style and safeguarded by its heritage listing – Myer Mural Hall is a Melbournian treasure. Past visitors to Myer Mural Hall have ranged from royalty and government officials to private families.

    Large or small, celebrity guest or celebration enthusiast, whatever the event or scale, The Big Group staff are groomed to our high standard of service and show up to every occasion ready and eager to deliver an exceptional experience in Myer Mural Hall.

    The George Lounge - Engagement Party Venue Melbourne 

    the george lounge

    (03) 9534 8821


    The George Lounge, affectionately known as the Snakepit, resides in the Basement of the famous George Hotel, on the corner of Fitzroy and Grey Streets in St Kilda. The legendary little bar has a long and colourful history spanning decades. It has been revamped into a glamorous late-night lounge. Our aim is to provide you with a memorable experience in a luxe setting. Fine cocktails and fine spirits, with a particular focus on Australian craft spirits, together with the classics from around the world. Wonder down the stairs and let us look after you...

    The George Lounge has a long and colourful past. Like other basement bars, it gained the nickname - the snakepit. During the 70s, it was reserved for the roughest characters from around Melbourne, with locals calling it the Flying Jug for what used to happen once its patrons had had their fill.

    During the nineties and naughties, the George Public Bar was a pumping nightclub bar. There were lines outside and patrons packed in inside, and almost everyone who was 18 - 25 during these years has a story to tell about a night at the Snakepit.  

    Earlier this year, the George Lounge had a little facelift and is now ready for the next stage of its interesting life... as the George Lounge. Through the refit, we tried to create a welcoming and comfortable cocktail lounge setting where you can come, relax and unwind while listening to great tunes in a luxe setting. Whether it’s for after-work drinks, a birthday celebration or a corporate cocktail event, we are sure you will have a great evening with us.

    Fine cocktails, fine spirits, great tunes and good times. Join us @ the George Lounge

    Functions @ the George Lounge, St Kilda

    Earlier this year, The George Lounge had a little facelift. We wanted to create a space that oozes charm, highlights the venue’s character and makes you feel good as you walk down the stairs to begin your night. 

    With a great selection of wine, beer and spirits, comfortable seating areas and space for a dance floor, The George Lounge will provide you with the perfect backdrop for your next function. A cool basement bar to celebrate a birthday, engagement or corporate function. 

    Potters - Engagement Party Venue Melbourne


    (03) 9844 1223

    Leading Event Venue in Melbourne

    If you’re looking for a venue that can accommodate your event with unmatched hospitality, there’s no better choice than Potters. We offer an enchanting backdrop and a range of fantastic amenities to make your special event an enjoyable and memorable one. Whether you want to organise a Christmas party with close friends and family or plan a graduation dinner befitting the achievements of your students, our event coordinators can meet your needs.

    Accommodating Function Venue in Melbourne

    Finding an appropriate venue is one of the most important elements of organising an upcoming function. At Potters, we offer an excellent function venue with a beautiful backdrop and high-quality facilities. Whether you want to gather in our chapel for a Christening ceremony or make use of our splendid outdoor gardens for a wedding anniversary, our event coordinators are ready to make your function an unforgettable one.

    Functions We Can Accommodate

    We can cater to many different types of functions, some of which include:

    • Birthday parties
    • Christenings
    • Corporate functions
    • Cocktail functions
    • Baby showers
    • Anniversaries

    Located just 30 minutes from the Melbourne CBD, our venue boasts all the amenities your function needs, including restaurant-quality cuisine, a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage options, optional photo booths and candy buffets, and more. Contact our friendly team today for more details.

    Contact us at Potters Wedding & Events for more information.

    Events We Can Cater For

    Located just 20 minutes from the Melbourne CBD, our venue boasts all the amenities your function needs, including restaurant-quality cuisine, a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage options, optional photobooths and candy buffets and more. Contact our friendly team today for more details.

    There are various events that Potters can cater for, some of which include:

    • Birthdays
    • Christenings
    • Conferences and corporate celebrations
    • Cocktail parties
    • Baby Showers
    • Anniversary celebrations
    • School Graduations

    Contact us at Potters Wedding & Events for more information.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    An engagement party happens when a couple finally decides to make their relationship into a lifetime commitment. The party is their way of sharing the good news with their friends and families, and it is also the time to let the future in-laws meet. This usually happens 6 months before the wedding.

    Traditionally, the engagement party is hosted by the bride's parents, but friends of the bride and groom and other relatives may want to organize the gathering as well. The couple may opt to have two or more parties: one for relatives and family friends, for instance, and another for their own friends.

    While some couples choose not to have an engagement party, they are very common—especially with engagements lasting longer than one year. Couples planning a destination wedding, or planning an engagement longer than 18 months typically throw a more formal party.

    Between 2-4 months of your engagement is generally a good window. This way, you can allow yourself a few weeks to relish in your “just engaged” bubble, before diving headfirst into the wedding planning. With this being said, your wedding date might also influence when you decide to host an engagement party.

    Invite any close friends and loved ones of you or your partner who you are planning to invite to the wedding to your engagement party. It's typical for parents to host the engagement party, so any friends they are planning to invite to the wedding are also welcome at your engagement party.

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