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35+ Best Places To Buy Engagement and Wedding Rings In Adelaide [2022]

This coming engagement season, prepare to see loads of colour and, naturally, epic amounts of sparkle. While some brides are embracing gemstones and coloured diamonds, settings are being kept classic. Solitaires are back in a big way—so reconsider your desire for a halo or baguettes flanking your centre stone. Higher quality centre stones are coming into focus (not that they were ever out of style), and are being prioritised oversize and style now more than ever.

There are plenty of wedding ring styles that won’t break the bank, even engagement rings that include diamonds if that’s your rock of choice. But while diamonds may be forever, they aren’t the only stone that will bring a joyful sparkle to your eyes (and ring finger). The right wedding band will speak volumes to you when you see it. Call it love at first sight or butterflies in your stomach, but there’s no denying that feeling you get when you know it’s the one.

If you are searching for local stores to put on your list, we suggest starting with these top places to buy engagement and wedding rings shops in Adelaide, South Australia.

Ultimate List of the Best Places To Buy Engagement and Wedding Rings Adelaide

Temple & Grace - Engagement and Wedding Rings Adelaide

temple & grace engagement and wedding rings adelaide

0414 500 999

Australia’s finest engagement and wedding rings

It's thrilling to plan your big day, and Temple and Grace can make sure that it's celebrated in style with exquisitely created wedding bands and engagement rings. As reputable wedding and engagement ring experts with a Sydney presence, Temple and Grace take great pride in their work. Every item of jewelry is created with meticulous attention to detail by the master jewelers themselves. Wedding rings can be purchased online or at Temple and Grace in Sydney if you're preparing for your big day. There are more than a thousand wedding bands and wedding ring sets available at Temple and Grace. While the design of the wedding band and engagement ring is significant, it is advised that you also consider your lifestyle and preferred precious metal.

It is crucial to remember that when you purchase engagement rings, diamond rings, and wedding bands online from Temple and Grace, you will save more than 40% in comparison to high-street jewelry merchants. This will help you obtain the greatest value for your money. How then do you save so much money? It's easy. All jewelry sold by Temple and Grace is produced on-site. Every diamond ring, engagement ring, and wedding band you see online is actually created at the Sydney jewelry store Temple and Grace. We are renowned goldsmiths and experts in loose diamonds. We promise that we can create the best diamond wedding bands and gold wedding rings for you because we have a thorough understanding of precious metals like gold and platinum. Visit our store or purchase online to see our elegant and premium wedding and engagement jewelry.

Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings & Bridal Jewellery

Our online jewelry collection features exquisite craftsmanship and spectacular design. Spend your money directly with jewelers to save up to 40%. Additionally, we provide a full "peace-of-mind" money-back guarantee. Find a beautiful selection of jewelry for both men and women. We carry the best selection of wedding and engagement rings in Australia at Temple & Grace, including diamond rings, wedding bands, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more. Every one of our jewels is GIA certified, and we promise unmatched craftsmanship to make each piece of jewelry nothing less than a masterpiece.

We take pleasure in being the only Australian jewelers who provide a 100% free returns guarantee, having over 20 years of experience in creating stunning jewelry. For a unique jewelry presentation, stop by our jewellery design studio in Edgecliff, Sydney, or give us a call at 0414 500 999.

By purchasing directly from us over the years, we have assisted our customers in saving up to 40% on their diamond rings and jewelry. Shop online or give us a call if you're in Australia to create your own masterpiece. Additionally, we would be delighted to show off our brilliant selection in the comfort of your house or workplace.

Grahams Jewellers Engagement and Wedding Ring Adelaide

grahams jewellers engagement and wedding ring adelaide

08 8410 1118

Engagement Rings

With the collection of engagement rings from Grahams, commemorate the promise of a future together. You need to choose the ideal ring that says "I love you" if you want to choose a band that will be cherished for a lifetime. We have rings in every size, color, and shape in our bridal collection. Choose a stunning setting from Grahams, including diamond engagement rings in rose gold and white gold. We offer a wide selection of gold engagement rings if you're looking for something a little more traditional.

There are also magnificent solitaire engagement rings and diamond solitaire engagement rings to think about. The ideal engagement ring is available at Grahams, whatever you or your significant other want! With the option to choose the ideal cut, color, band, and color, a solitaire engagement ring from Grahams, available both in-store and online, is impossible to choose incorrectly. Use Zip, humm, Afterpay, Laybuy, and LatitudePay to make a purchase now and pay later.


The correct accessory may transform your appearance from drab to fab. With Grahams' wide selection of jewelry, celebrate everything that makes you whole. No matter what kind of jewelry you choose, we have a selection for you. In our assortment, you'll discover everything from opal to yellow gold and rose gold. We have the best selection in Australia of everything from classic rings, earrings, and necklaces to bracelets, bangles, and chains. We also have a wide selection of timeless and vintage watches.

Exclusively for Grahams, our buyers search the globe for the most priceless, finest diamonds, colored stones, and gold pieces. Every stone is hand-selected, and a strict Quality Assurance process is used to every finished product. There is no need to seek anywhere else for engagement rings than Grahams.

Shiels Jewellery - Engagement and Wedding Rings Adelaide

shiels jewellery engagement and wedding rings adelaide

08 8232 8774

The ideal piece of jewelry is an expression of all that is unique about you. Jewelry, such as cufflinks and earrings, allows you to express every aspect of your complicated and amazing personality. Jewelry also helps us maintain connections with the important things in life, such as the memorable people, feelings, milestones, and situations. Consider the wedding and engagement rings that symbolize a devoted lifelong commitment. Keep in mind the watches you received as graduation presents and the signet rings your father passed down to you.

Shiels' stunning and distinctive jewelry collection includes items made to fit every fashion and way of life. Our selection of jewelry is inspired by the most recent collections from top jewelers. Everything from traditional gold bangles to gemstone earrings will help you locate the ideal piece for any occasion. Pick from a variety of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Silver, white gold, rose gold, and other precious metals are available for selection. Beautiful gemstone and diamond jewelry will make you sparkle.

Visit Shiels, your favorite Australian jewelry retailer, to browse our extensive selection of jewelry online or in person. See how you can instantly improve any outfit right now! Don't forget to use our selection of financing options to shop now and pay later. We accept Laybuy, Zip, LatitudePay, Afterpay, and humm.

About Shiels

Jack Shiels founded the family-owned business in 1945, and for more than 32 years, he and his wife ran it out of Adelaide, South Australia. In 1977, Albert Bensimon (yep, no fuss) and his wife Nyra purchased his business. Albert and Nyra immediately increased the collection to include more pricey jewelry, including gold, silver, and diamonds, after Mr. Shiels started out by selling jewelry and gifts. They worked incredibly hard to realize their dream of becoming known for their high standards of quality, value, and variety, especially when it came to diamonds. Boy, did they succeed.

In order to give you a more individualized experience while also showcasing our product innovation and flawlessly cut diamonds, we opened our online store in 2011. Since that time, Shiels has established solid connections throughout the world, including North America, Europe, and some regions of Asia, while continuing to have a family-owned vibe.

Toby HooHaa, the son of Mr. and Mrs. HooHaa, assumed management of the company in 2013 and is dedicated to providing expertly produced jewelry at the most competitive price. In keeping with his parents' legacy, Toby strives for constant improvement to enhance the experience of our clients. This guarantees that you will always receive the newest trends from across the world and the ideal diamonds for today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

DDS Diamond Design Studios - Engagement and Wedding Ring Adelaide

dds diamond design studios adelaide

08 8332 0704

Exquisite jewellery - beautifully designed, magnificently crafted.

DDS Diamond Design Studios meticulously crafts jewelry by hand utilizing the best components and paying close attention to every particular aspect of each individual design. Learn how to tell fine jewelry apart from the rest.


With the exception of the men's collection, each ring shown in our designer collections has been custom-designed and manufactured for our customers by DDS Diamond Design Studios. You may view and try on a large selection of our designs in person at our studio showroom in Burnside, South Australia. Browse our jewelry selection at your leisure, and think about coming up with your own design so that we may create the ring of your dreams together.

We constantly produce new rings, so our selection of styles expands every day. Your unique ring will be crafted to order, and as our collection demonstrates, there are countless possible variations. Every ring shown, for instance, can be produced in Platinum, 18ct White Gold, or 18ct Yellow Gold; the size and quality of diamonds and colored stones can be altered based on your preferences and budget; and there are countless design options.

A trusted name in the Jewellery Industry

DDS Diamond Design Studios, a multi-award-winning family business with its roots in Switzerland, has been operating in Adelaide, Australia for more than 50 years. Most recently, DDS Diamond Design Studios won the Designer of Dreams Award and the Australian Bridal Industry Association awards for Best Ring Manufacturer in Australia for 2015, 2016, 2018, and 2019. They also won the honors for Best Ring Manufacturer in South Australia from 2011 to 2017 and 2019.

James Thredgold Engagement and Wedding Rings Adelaide

james thredgold engagement and wedding rings adelaide

08 8431 9149

James Thredgold Jeweller, One of Adelaide’s Must Trusted Jewellery Stores

Famous for creating magnificent diamond engagement rings and handcrafted diamond jewelry, James Thredgold Jeweller also specializes in rare Australian Argyle Pink Diamonds. With the help of James and his team of designers and artisan jewellers working out of his two jewelry stores in Adelaide, we offer a special bespoke design service that allows customers to individualized and represent their distinct taste.

James Thredgold has been designing and making jewelry for over 30 years and is a member of the Diamond Guild of Australia. James launched his first store in Norwood in 1997 after completing his jewelry apprenticeship there.

James Thredgold Jeweller is honored to be an Argyle Pink Diamond SELECT ATELIERTM and pleased to present a lovely assortment of the finest Natural Pink Diamonds. The collaboration with Argyle Pink Diamonds has produced a variety of spectacular works as well as high-profile purchases in the Argyle Pink Diamond Tender.

In addition to Argyle Pink Diamonds, we also seek out unique and exotic colored gemstones and diamonds from all around the world to astonish and enchant you. It has been a delight for us to design and handcraft jewelry for our customers for the past 35 years. We create heirloom artifacts for families to love for all time while also sharing the significant and memorable moments in our clients' life every day.

Angus & Coote Engagement and Wedding Rings Adelaide

angus & coote engagement and wedding rings adelaide

08 8410 1770

Explore Our Stunning Jewellery Collections

With our beautiful jewelry from Angus & Coote, Gold & Silver, Diamonds to Gemstones, you'll look effortlessly attractive for every situation. Elegant behavior is timeless. The leader in specialized retailing for jewelry, watches, and gifts in Australia is Angus & Coote. Since its founding in Sydney in 1895, the Company has been a household name in Australian jewelry and has built a reputation for offering products of consistently outstanding quality, value, and service.

Customers can choose from a wide selection of exquisite diamonds, colored stones, gold and silver jewelry, timepieces, giftware, and associated goods at Angus & Coote. Angus & Coote has always been known for its exceptional craftsmanship. Thanks to a wide selection of suppliers from around the world, the legacy of craftsmanship is still alive today.

Our core principles, which include commitment to the customer, assurance of quality and value, originality and innovation, excellence, leadership, and responsibility, are what will ensure Angus & Coote's long-term success. For you, this means making sure you get a piece you can be happy with for the rest of your life.

Additionally, you can be sure that Angus & Coote will continue to exist for a very long time. The Company is in a good position to help if you require a modification or repair. The Company has stayed true to its basic ideals throughout its existence while adapting to meet shifting customer needs. You may be sure that you are supporting an Australian tradition when you buy jewelry from Angus & Coote.

Bakker Diamonds - Engagement and Wedding Rings Adelaide

bakker diamonds engagement and wedding rings adelaide

(08) 3252 3251


By handling diamond buying directly from the cutting factories, importing, and top quality ring manufacturing in-house, Peter has eliminated three levels of middlemen from the typical jewellery store or shops in Brisbane. His guiding principle is that practically any ring may be altered to match any budget.

Finding the finest quality and value for your money is Peter's responsibility. With Peter's assistance, you choose the ring's carat, the size, and the quality of the diamond, and Peter will create the ring to those specifications. To build something you will genuinely love for years to come, we are here to assist you at every stage of the process.


Our workshop and distinctive showroom design invites customers to unwind while learning about diamonds and watching Peter Bakker craft a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. With more than 35 years of experience, Peter is unmatched in his ability to choose the ideal stone and create stunning designs. Contact us right away to find out how we can assist you and have a great experience working with us.

Pink Carat Engagement and Wedding Rings Adelaide

pink carat engagement and wedding rings adelaide

08 7225 2871

Our distinguished jewelry store specializes in handcrafted custom wedding bands, engagement rings, and ready-to-wear jewelry. Just five minutes from the Adelaide CBD, in our Unley studio run by South Australian jewelers, we handcraft all of our engagement rings and jewelry to order. We cordially invite you to stop by our Unley boutique to view our exquisite jewelry selection.


Pink Carat's bespoke engagement rings will help you say "I do" in style. A stunning piece of platinum, 18-carat white, or yellow gold enhanced with diamonds or gemstones brings its love and perfection together. Such a great occasion demands equal attention, so stop by our Unley Jewellery Studio shop for a one-on-one design consultation and let our licensed gemologist walk you through the entire ring-buying process.


Wedding bands exemplify love and joy and represent eternity and infinity. A magnificent wedding band that reflects all of this and more may be designed and handcrafted with Pink Carat's assistance. Such a great occasion demands equal attention, so stop by our Unley Studio store for a one-on-one design consultation and let our knowledgeable team walk you through the entire ring-buying process.


A Pink Carat item of jewelry is the result of many hours of labor, love, and skill. You may be confident that every design produced in our exclusive Unley studio is meticulously handcrafted since Bevan Jones, a certified gemologist with more than 25 years of experience, supervises all work there. We will work with you to design the ideal piece of jewelry, whether you want something modern or traditional, something that glows or sparkles.

Bell and Brunt Engagement and Wedding Rings Adelaide

bell and brunt engagement and wedding rings adelaide

08 8231 9994


We place a high priority on the security of our team and clients. We are making sure we adhere to the SA government's recommended hygiene and social distance guidelines. Should you need them, we also have gloves and masks available for use by customers.

We are also geared up to work with you remotely, providing all of our customary in-person consultations, including design, stone, and jewelry selection assistance, as well as maintenance evaluations of your jewelry. You can schedule a private online consultation with us to chat with us right away, or you can email us, message us on Facebook, or give us a buzz.

As we remain dedicated to assisting our clients in Australia capture their tales of love and family in handcrafted jewelry, we will continue to adjust our services to better connect with you in this evolving reality.

Welcome to Bell & Brunt

We appreciate you stopping by to have a look at us because we're very passionate about what we do. In handmade, handcrafted jewelry, we preserve tales of love and family. We comprehend the feelings involved in making something so precious and why you place such a high value on this purchase. Of course, we are professionals in what we do, but what sets us apart is our passion for helping you when it counts most, being open and honest with you, and working with you to create the ring of your dreams.

Bell & Brunt crafts handcrafted jewelry with an appreciation for the narrative it conveys. Our team combines top-tier artistry and expertise with your personal preferences and design ideas to produce a work that embodies this collaboration. We can produce legacy pieces that become a significant part of your family's history or symbols of love that convey the strength, beauty, and individuality of your own relationship. Your handcrafted piece will be unique because our in-house Design Consultants have an intuitive ability to capture emotions in the jewelry they design with you.

Robert White Jewellers - Engagement and Wedding Rings Adelaide

robert white jewellers engagement and wedding rings brisbane

08 3221 6793

At Robert White Jewellers, we pride ourselves on providing first-rate service, in-depth knowledge and unmatched craftsmanship. After all, we have been producing exquisite, handcrafted items for for 140 years. During that period, we've worked closely with our clients, paying attention to their requirements and jewelry preferences. Then, in order to not only meet but also beyond our customers' expectations, we put all of our passion and expertise into each piece.

We take pleasure in every piece we make, whether it's a particular present for a special someone or the restoration of an antique or family relic. We'll involve you in the process and make sure everything is to your satisfaction. Even if you have little experience with jewelry, we'll help you make decisions and provide guidance. Then, after you've given us a general idea of what you'd like, our staff collaborates with you to design and make custom jewelry to go with any gorgeous natural gemstones you've selected.

Speaking of precious stones, we have access to some of the best diamonds and colored gemstones in the world that are imported from the top cutting houses. We pay close attention to the cut, color, and clarity of every stone we sell, and the internationally renowned and prestigious Gemological Institute of America certifies every diamond we sell. In addition, we offer a lovely assortment of Tahitian black pearls, Japanese Akoya pearls, and Australian South Sea white pearls from Broome in Western Australia. We're honored to present some of the rarest Australian Argyle Pink Diamonds in the world, thanks to the Argyle Pink Diamond Mine in Western Australia.

It is therefore safe to assume that quality will be present throughout the store at Robert White Jewellers. From the moment you enter the store to the moment you leave with your new item, you'll experience service, expertise, and craftsmanship unmatched by anything else.

Wishart Jewellers Engagement and Wedding Ring Adelaide

wishart jewellers engagement and wedding ring adelaide

(08) 8295 1346

Our skilled artisans may work with you to create a handcrafted item that's ideal for your occasion, whether you're buying it for yourself or a loved one.


Wishart Jewellers has been offering gorgeous handcrafted items to commemorate loved ones' important occasions for more than 60 years. Since 1953, our Glenelg store has provided exceptional design, manufacture, sales, and repairs. It has been our pleasure and honor to not only produce things of great beauty, but to also play this small part in our customers' lasting memories.

Wishart Jewellers, a custom engagement ring expert, crafts exquisite items that will be passed down through the centuries. Our highly experienced craftspeople lead you on a journey, from initial design through to the final product, creating truly breathtaking masterpieces.


Robert Wishart established and ran the family-owned jewelry company in 1953, and since then it has endured and changed with the industry while consistently offering the highest standards of quality and customer service.

From our Glenelg location, Wishart Jewellers are specialists in the art of handcrafted jewellery – our on-site workshop is second to none. We provide a professional and individualized service for any jewelry demands in our lovely, well-lit showroom. We can realize your distinct vision because to our cutting-edge design concepts, highly accomplished artisans, and access to the best gemstones available anywhere in the globe.

Three directors—Grant Wishart, Daniel Wishart, and Ben White—run the company today. Ben joined the Wishart Workshop as a Director in 2016 and contributed a ton of talent. Ben has 20 years of expertise manufacturing and setting gems in the high-end jewelry industry. He has also earned various manufacturing honors.

Bevilles Engagement and Wedding Ring Adelaide

bevilles beautiful engagement and wedding rings adelaide

1300 797 940

Bevilles is a company that creates exquisite jewelry that uplifts, boosts self-esteem, and alters people's lives. Whether purchasing something unique for themselves or donating a gift to a loved one, everyone deserves to live a little fabulously. However, Bevilles is more than just lovely jewelry. Since 1934, we have been making Australians feel good about themselves, and we take great satisfaction in being the store that customers adore visiting to find gorgeous jewelry for every occasion at a wonderful price.

How can we inspire people to feel amazing? By providing goods of outstanding quality and design at reasonable costs, sourced from all over the world, with service that will blow your socks off, in a lively, welcoming retail setting. The Bevilles' experience is this.


Since 1934, Bevilles has had a distinguished tradition of producing exquisite jewelry. The Bevilles family has contributed to the growth and success of the Bevilles Brand for more than three generations. In Melbourne's Bourke Street, Leo Beville and his wife Rae started a business selling home furnishings such blankets, chests, chandeliers, saucepans, and dining sets. When jewelry and diamond rings were added to the product line in the early 1950s, Bevilles quickly rose to prominence as one of Melbourne's top jewelry and giftware retailers.

Leo's son Keith and his wife Deirdre launched a store in Knox City in the late 1970s, helping to further expand the company. Since the late 1990s, Keith and Deirdre's children, Michelle and Gary, have continued to grow the company and transformed Bevilles into what it is today—a line of exquisite jewelry that celebrates life's significant occasions, boosts confidence, and makes you feel beautiful.

Bevilles Today

Bevilles is a company that creates exquisite jewelry that uplifts, boosts self-esteem, and alters people's lives. Currently, Bevilles operates 24 locations in Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia. Both in-person at these shops and online are our gorgeous collection of jewelry and watches.

Tiffany & Co. - Engagement and Wedding Ring Adelaide

tiffany & co. engagement and wedding rings adelaide

1800 731 130

The World of Tiffany

Every narrative begins somewhere. Learn how Tiffany & Co., founded in 1837, developed into a global design house that leads the industry in cutting-edge jewelry design and fine craftsmanship. Explore the turning points that made Tiffany a renowned symbol of legendary style, daring creativity, and cutting-edge design.

Dazzling Discoveries

Chuck Lewis Tiffany & Co.'s lengthy history of travel and discovery was made possible by Tiffany's love for acquiring rare and uncommon gemstones, which helped to build the company's image as a well-known jeweler. Every dream has a dreamer in it. Chuck Lewis Our company's founder, the visionary Tiffany, contributed to the creation of famous jewelry design as we know it and developed the diamond engagement ring as a timeless representation of love. The Tiffany Blue Box has captured the attention of the entire world since its release. It is now recognized on a global scale as a representation of fashion, sophistication, and unmatched design. With our exquisitely crafted rings for men and women, you can make a statement with sleek bands, eye-catching cocktail rings, and essential stacking rings.

Archer & Holland Engagement and Wedding Rings Adelaide

archer & holland engagement and wedding rings adelaide

08 8211 8063

We specialize in the highest caliber diamond, gold, and platinum jewelry at Archer & Holland. Our committed, qualified staff collaborates one-on-one with customers to design their ideal, unique engagement rings, wedding bands, and jewelry.

Argyle Pink Diamonds

One of the few stores in Adelaide that carries priceless Argyle Diamonds is called Archer & Holland. These gems are from the Western Australian Argyle Diamond Mine. Rio Tinto, the company in charge of the mine, has stated that all operations would end in 2020.

Bill and Meredith from Archer & Holland have a century of experience in the fine jewelry industry in Adelaide. Bill has been handcrafting jewelry for over 40 years, and Meredith is a certified diamond grader and pearl rethreader. Whether by investing or crafting creations using the priceless diamonds by hand, both have personal knowledge of Argyle Pink Diamonds.

You can schedule meetings with Bill and Meredith to discuss purchasing Argyle Pink Diamonds. In addition, we often advertise particularly exceptional days and evenings in our publications. To receive updates on these exclusive programs, sign up here.

About Us

One of Adelaide, South Australia's oldest fine jewelers is Archer & Holland, which was founded in 1918. We are a family-run company with a solid reputation for producing one-of-a-kind, exquisite products.

Jewelry commemorates significant events in our lives, and we are passionate about producing items that will be passed down down the years as family heirlooms. Nothing is quite as timeless or as appreciated as a piece of exquisite jewelry, especially if it has been designed just for you. This holds true whether it is an engagement ring, wedding band, or anniversary gift.

Canturi Jewellers - Engagement and Wedding Rings Adelaide

canturi jewellers engagement and wedding rings adelaide

08 3021 9901

The centerpiece of Stefano Canturi's lifelong love affair with diamond rings, which served as the inspiration for his work, is the Canturi Bridal Collection and Canturi Diamond Service. Stefano Canturi captures the unique, self-assured, and uplifting character of the modern bride. In the Canturi Bridal Collection, find the ring that will grow to be your most private property and remain on your hand for the rest of your life.


Stefano Canturi captures the unique, self-assured, and uplifting character of the modern bride. Choose your ideal diamond, which will be set in the style of your choice for the ring. Come in to chat with a Canturi diamond consultant and browse the Canturi Bridal Collection to find the ring that will grow to be your most intimate possession, never leaving your hand throughout your lifetime.

Clayfield Jewellery - Engagement and Wedding Rings Brisbane

clayfield jewellery engagement and wedding ring brisbane

(08) 3266 9556

Clayfield Jewellery, Sustainable Jewellery for North Brisbane

Start 2021 off well with a stunning piece of jewelry. Since 1994, our skilled jewelers have been designing, maintaining, and fixing excellent jewelry in Brisbane. We are available to help you with any jewelry-related questions you may have. Along with our extensive collection of beautiful jewelry items, we also have a jewelry repairs and restoration workshop on-site. Here, we use cutting-edge digital design technology, such as 3D scanners and 3D printers, to ensure that we can fulfill your jewelry desires.

In addition to offering all of our customers thorough guidance on wedding rings, engagement rings, diamond jewelry, necklaces, pendants, bands, earrings, jewelry valuations, and much more, our jewelry capabilities also include a free diamond grading service.


In 2007, Clayfield Jewellery and its staff moved to Nundah Village from Clayfield. We have skilled jewelers on site who have a range of credentials and abilities to help with any type of inquiry you may have. Along with a huge assortment of beautiful jewelry items, we also offer a jewelry workshop on-site, a service for grading diamonds, digital design and 3D printing, and valuations.

With the help of computer-aided design tools, we can digitally design unique pieces of jewelry for our customers and 3D print a wax model for them to try before it is cast and their ideal piece of jewelry is realized. For additional details on our services, please visit the page for our jewelry workshop.

Gerard McCabe Engagement and Wedding Rings Adelaide

gerard mccabe engagement and wedding rings adelaide

08 8212 2009


We have an outstanding selection of both contemporary and classic engagement ring styles at Gerard McCabe. Our one-of-a-kind diamond rings are made to the highest standards in Adelaide and are designed to last you a lifetime and beyond.


Just like you, Gerard McCabe wedding bands are designed to be worn jointly. Every women's diamond wedding ring and anniversary ring option is made to complement the engagement ring style. We also provide a distinctive variety of wedding bands for men. Classic gold bands, mixed metal creations, and men's rings with diamond settings are all part of our selection.

Australian Pink Diamonds

At Gerard McCabe, you may find exquisite and unusual pink and colored diamonds. We provide a variety of "Collector's Edition" sets with Australian Argyle pink diamonds. With pink and other naturally colored diamonds, we create jewelry. Register for one of our upcoming Argyle pink diamond showcase events or use these gorgeous gems to make your own custom jewelry piece.

Christopher Green Engagement and Wedding Ring Adelaide

christopher green jewellers engagement and wedding ring adelaide

(08) 8231 6467

The top jewelers in South Australia are needed to create the best jewelry there.

What We Do?

Beautiful personalized jewelry for every occasion. We may develop and produce to your specifications or ours. From simple to extravagant, we can create any type of wedding band. Let us provide a quote for revitalizing your antique furniture. We can make items that you wouldn't normally wear look new again. All of your cleaning and maintenance requirements for jewelry can be addressed by us. We can help if you need appraisal documents for insurance purposes. Would you like to know the current market value of your grandmother's antique earrings? We can assist. Don't know what kind of jewelry to buy as a gift for a loved one? Perhaps a gift certificate is the solution.

Secrets Shhh Engagement and Wedding Rings Adelaide

secrets shhh engagement and wedding rings adelaide

08 8432 0332

We have one of the most incredible selections of engagement rings you will ever see because we are the Home Of The Diamond Alternative. You are welcome to visit one of our boutiques, where you can immerse yourself and try on as many of our exquisite creations as you wish. Our welcoming staff is ready to assist, enjoy themselves, and make your special event one to remember!

Your breath will be taken away by our astounding selection of premium engagement rings and its larger, enticing center stones. The finest lab-grown diamond substitutes in the world are blended with superbly made solid 14ct and 10ct gold to the highest standards. You can now make a more responsible decision thanks to our ground-breaking method. The heirloom-caliber engagement ring you've always wanted at a reasonable price.


Founded in 2000 in Noosa, Australia. The belief that everyone should be able to enjoy the diamond of their dreams serves as inspiration. Secrets Shhh revolutionized the diamond market by being the first to introduce a high-quality diamond substitute, combining decades of jewelry experience.

Our brand was inspired by a passionate belief that beautifully designed luxury jewellery, with irresistible centre stones, should be in reach of all women to enjoy. Our founders were really aware of the power of wearing fine jewelry to uplift and enthrall ladies. They were motivated to think differently and discover a way for their consumers to have it all—luxury without the compromise—by the feelings of joy, empowerment, confidence, and excitement they experienced after receiving stunning rings, tennis bracelets, and earrings.

They also felt strongly that the jewellery industry required a more sustainable path forward due to the social and environmental problems that were then obscuring the mined diamond industry.

Our company was founded in Noosa, Australia, which is home to beautiful national parks, pristine beaches, and a coastline that offers a great vantage point for watching the annual whale migration. Our founders asked themselves a straightforward question: "What joy really comes from owning a mined diamond?"

G. W. Cox My Engagement and Wedding Ring Adelaide

g. w. cox my jeweller engagement and wedding ring adelaide

+61 8 8223 7983

G.W. Cox has been an essential part of Adelaide's urban fabric ever since George William Cox initially opened the doors of our first timepiece and jewelry shop on Hindley Street in 1898. G.W. Cox - My Jeweller, now located in the busy Rundle Mall, has built a solid reputation over the years and has dealt with the sophisticated and unique needs of every generation of G.W. Cox customers. We have developed into a household name over the years and become a brand that is connected to joy, trust, and great quality.

In order to give our customers the best possible service, we offer them useful advice, excellent value, and distinctive jewelry with timeless elegance. We design many of our own signature pieces and source the best quality stones and materials, offering unparalleled quality and choice, customised to the individual’s taste and budget.

Our Heritage

Adelaide's oldest family jeweler, G.W. Cox - My Jeweller, has been owned and run by the Cox family for four generations. Cecil, the son of G.W., relocated the original store from Hindley Street to Rundle Street, directly across from the famed Beehive Corner. But when he passed away suddenly at the age of 52, Gerald, Jon's father, was compelled to return it to Hindley Street. He directed the company in this area to lay the true cornerstones of today's industry. In 1966, Gerald bought the current shop at 99 Rundle Street and over the years, the business has become less of a watchmaker and more of a specialist in diamond rings and gold jewellery.

We recognize that today's customers are more sophisticated and that their tastes have evolved under Jon's leadership. We take the time to get to know our clients, understand what is important to them, and strive to deliver the best value for their money in order to give these customers the finest quality of service. These have always been the guiding principles of the G.W. Cox family, but in the quick-paced world of today, providing really individualized service is even more crucial.

Our Adelaide-based jewelers can assist you in finding the ideal fit no matter your needs or preferences. Our goal is to provide you with an experience that will live long in your memory. We are aware that experience and trust are crucial when selecting your first piece of diamond jewelry, an engagement ring, or an unique anniversary item. Every step of the way, G.W. Cox - My Jeweller will be at your side.

Utopian Creations Engagement and Wedding Rings Adelaide

utopian creations engagement and wedding rings adelaide

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Custom Jewellery Design

Our specialty is designing custom jewelry! Our skilled jewelry designers can convert your ideas into spectacular reality whether you communicate in person or by email. Choose from our selection of engagement rings or work with one of our skilled jewelry designers to create your own. Pick from our extensive selection of ready-made wedding bands or create your own unique piece. Consider using recycled or Fairtrade metals. We are experts when it comes to employing environmentally friendly materials, such as recycled, Fairtrade, and ethically sourced stones. We provide the broadest selection of Australian sapphires, including Argyle Diamonds and Parti and Teal Sapphires.

Designed & Made In Australia

Our Adelaide retail boutique is where we design and hand-finish each piece of jewelry. In 2005, Utopian Creations was founded. By using only materials obtained ethically, we were the first company in Australia to address the issues of sustainability and ethnicity in the jewelry sector. All of our jewelry lines are produced. From the beginning, when we produced and distributed ethical jewelry all over the world, until we opened our first shop in 2009, our dedication to producing jewelry without causing environmental or social harm has not wavered. We are a part of a global network of like-minded jewelers and designers that communicate frequently and share expertise. We are members of various organizations dedicated to achieving this aim. Since we began finding and alloying our own recycled precious metals in 2005, the industry we helped to establish has advanced to the point where we are now able to buy 100% recycled and Fair-Trade precious metals from suppliers.

Michael Hill - Engagement and Wedding Ring Adelaide

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At Michael Hill, we carefully plan our designs to provide something distinctive, exquisite, and personalized. Our wedding bands and engagement rings are made to be cherished for a lifetime. To commemorate life's great occasions, shop our selection of exquisitely designed pendants, rings, and earrings. Browse our eye-catching collection of watches, chains, bracelets, men's accessories, and birthstone jewelry to find your perfect match.

Michael Hill, a skilled jeweler with a legacy in Australia, is all about quality and fashion. You can shop our extraordinary and limited-edition collections in-person or online. Find your nearby Michael Hill Jeweller using our store locator. We have many locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and all other significant cities across the nation.

Discover beautiful engagement rings online

Australia's Michael Hill is the place to go if you want an engagement ring. Discover engagement rings online with our large selection, which includes everything from halo style rings to vintage styles and timeless solitaire diamond rings. Browse our engagement rings by cut if you have a favorite diamond shape in mind. This selection includes the most common round shape, contemporary princess and emerald cuts, and distinctive pear-shaped diamonds.

Learn about our Exclusive Bridal Collections, which feature rings available only from Michael Hill. Our Southern Star Collection showcases the most brilliant diamond cut, our Sir Michael Hill Designer Bridal Collection includes stunning items created by Sir Michael Hill himself, and The Solitaire by Michael Hill, our most popular engagement ring design.

Mazzucchelli’s Engagement and Wedding Rings Adelaide

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No matter where you're from or what language you speak, love is what unites us.


Based on cut, color, clarity, and carat weight, a gem laboratory has properly evaluated our Certified Diamonds. Buying a Certified Diamond gives you complete piece of mind by guaranteeing the highest level of stone quality and ethical sourcing. Expertly graded

Mazzucchelli's certifies our diamonds through a number of reputable laboratories. An additional level of security regarding the grading evaluation of your diamond is offered by a diamond certificate created by an independent laboratory.

Robert White Jewellers - Engagement and Wedding Ring Adelaide

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At Robert White Jewellers, we take great satisfaction in offering premium service, in-depth expertise, and unrivaled craftsmanship. After all, we have been producing exquisite, handcrafted items for for 140 years. During that period, we've worked closely with our clients, paying attention to their requirements and jewelry preferences. Then, in order to not only meet but also beyond our customers' expectations, we put all of our passion and expertise into every piece.

We take pleasure in every piece we make, whether it's a particular present for a special someone or the restoration of an antique or family relic. We'll involve you in the process and make sure everything is to your satisfaction. Even if you have little experience with jewelry, we'll help you make decisions and provide guidance. Then, after you've given us a general idea of what you'd like, our staff collaborates with you to design and make custom jewelry to go with any gorgeous natural gemstones you've selected.

Speaking of precious stones, we have access to some of the best diamonds and colored gemstones in the world that are imported from the top cutting houses. We pay close attention to the cut, color, and clarity of every stone we sell, and the internationally renowned and prestigious Gemological Institute of America certifies every diamond we sell. In addition, we offer a lovely assortment of Tahitian black pearls, Japanese Akoya pearls, and Australian South Sea white pearls from Broome in Western Australia. We’re also proud to have been selected by the Argyle Pink Diamond Mine in Western Australian to showcase a selection of the world’s rarest Australian Argyle Pink Diamonds.

It is therefore safe to assume that quality will be present throughout the store at Robert White Jewellers. From the moment you walk in the door to the moment you walk out with your new piece, you’ll enjoy service, knowledge and craftsmanship like nowhere else.

A passion for the craft

No two pieces we produce are the same, just as no two customers' wants are the same. At Robert White Jewellers, we guarantee that each item of jewellery is individually drawn and designed just for you, before being handcrafted by Robert and our in house master jewellers.

Nothing makes us happier than working closely with customers throughout the process, from the early stages of developing designs and choosing stones to witnessing their expression when we first show them the finished item. Everyone will remember it, and we never get tired of it.

We travel the world to acquire new knowledge, skills, and jewels that we then bring back to Brisbane to give to all of our prospective and current clients in order to ensure that our abilities are continuously growing. We therefore always look for novel and intriguing approaches to realize the aspirations of our clients.

Clarke The Jeweller - Engagement and Wedding Ring Adelaide

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A family-run business, Clarke the Jeweller has been supplying spectacular jewelry to generations of South Australians for more than 70 years, from sparkling, uniquely designed diamond engagement and wedding rings to gorgeous diamond earrings for those memorable occasions.

We are creators and distributors of exquisite diamond jewelry. Check out our dazzling selection of natural gemstone rings and jewelry made in 18- or 9-carat gold.

A wide selection of earrings, pendants, bracelets, and necklaces are available at Clarke the Jeweller. In addition, we have Mats Jonasson Maleras Crystal, Argyle Pink Diamonds, Canadian Fire Diamonds, Broome and South Sea pearls, Australian Opals, Marahlago Larimar, Dreamtime, and Dora Ziro Wedding Rings.

Andrew Mazzone Design Engagement and Wedding Ring Adelaide

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We are famous in the jewelry industry for being as creatively distinctive as the one-of-a-kind rings we manufacture, thanks to our 50 years of history paired with uninhibited creativity. Everything we do is tailored to you, from the designer's hand-drawn depiction of your vision to the gemmologist's hand-selected best-cut diamond. The outcome will be a stunning handmade engagement or wedding band crafted in Adelaide that you'll want to display to everyone.


You are the focus of our designs. Whatever kind of ring you prefer—classic, dazzling, ornate, or modern—Andrew and his talented staff will find or create the one that most closely matches your preferences and sense of fashion. You can select from one of Adelaide's broadest selections of engagement rings, or we can collaborate with you to develop a special piece that embodies your love and originality. making your own ring.


We have gathered hundreds of one-of-a-kind designs for our own in-house collection from all around the world, and we are confident that you will enjoy them as much as we have. Andrew is excited about learning about the most recent fashion trends and items from his favorite jewelry companies in Italy, America, Asia, and Europe. We can't wait to bring them to your house. Additionally, similar to how we make our bespoke rings, we can find the ideal diamond or colored gemstone to make a striking pendant, pair of earrings, or whatever else you have in mind!

EverettBrookes Engagement and Wedding Ring Adelaide

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You’ve Found The One

Specialists in creating wedding and engagement rings, EverettBrookes is located in Adelaide. With all of our rings being crafted to order, we go one step further in expressing your love and unwavering devotion. You can participate in the creation process by working with our jewelers to create your wedding or engagement ring. We think that the love represented by your ring ought to endure forever. This is why we offer a lifetime and satisfaction guarantee on every handcrafted ring we make with you.


No matter where you are in the world, EverettBrookes, Adelaide's top-rated jeweler, offers an infinite selection of engagement ring styles to fit any budget. Use these samples as inspiration or bring in your own concepts to have our renowned jewelers design the ring of your dreams.

Use a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted engagement ring to pop the question. Our jewelers will collaborate with you to design a ring that your significant other will adore. Once your significant other has said yes, if you would rather to experience the trip together, come in and create your own engagement ring. A lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee are included with every one of our handcrafted engagement rings.

The rings shown below can be customized to fit a range of budgets and are offered as design inspiration. Do you need a wedding band right now? The examples and prices are already on the market. As an alternative, you might like to assemble one from our collection of engagement rings in the Designer Series.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Rings

It has been an exclusive rule for men to be the ones to buy the engagement ring for their partners, but there has been a gradual shift to this tradition nowadays. Although a huge percentage still follows this rule, more and more women are already accompanying their fiancés in shopping for an engagement ring.

On your wedding day, your engagement ring should be worn on the third finger of your right hand. Then, once you've said your I-do's, your engagement ring should be placed back on the third finger of your left hand, on top of your wedding band.

Traditionally, the wedding band goes first on the finger so it's closest to the heart. To ensure the proper position, some brides temporarily move their engagement ring to their right hand. Then, after the nuptials, they return the ring to their left hand over the wedding band.

The answer is guys can wear wedding bands before marriage. At that point it is more like an engagement ring or promise ring. If a guy wears a ring before marriage is a personal choice of course and is not traditionally done.

The ring finger is the fourth finger on the hand, and most brides wear their engagement and wedding bands on that finger of the left hand.

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