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100+ Best Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne, Victoria (2023)

Getting educated about your retirement and wealth-management options is a necessary part of planning for your financial future. But let’s be honest: Not everyone has time to be a financial expert. If you would rather have an easy plan, you can execute without having to constantly worry about changes in legislation or the economy or financial products. You might consider hiring a financial advisor.

On the hunt of financial planners & advisors in Melbourne, Victoria? Finding the right financial planner can be a stressful endeavour. After all, there are so many options and prices out there to consider.

So, finding financial planners & advisors that offer supreme service and a carefully curated selection of options is a true life-saver.

To help you get started on your financial planner & advisor hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite financial planners & advisors from right across Melbourne, Victoria.

Top List of Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

Klear Picture - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

klear picture

(03) 9998 1940


At Klear Picture, we focus on establishing solid and enduring connections with each client while providing personalised attention. We can assist you in identifying your objectives and developing investing strategies that will help you get there by creating a trustworthy, competent, and welcoming atmosphere.

We are dedicated to assisting you in achieving your objectives and turning your aspirations into reality as Melbourne's financial advisors. Although having the freedom and flexibility to follow your goals and ambitions is something we all aspire to, the specifics will always be personal to you, which is sometimes why consulting a financial advisor can be helpful.

We'll spend time with you in casual, no-pressure sit-downs to find out together exactly what you're looking for in a financial plan because we recognize that everyone has different needs. Then, we'll create a special strategy tailored to your requirements. You need a financial strategy with wealth creation counsel that is personally suited to you, whatever your goals may be.

Melbourne's wealth advisory scene has undergone a substantial transformation during the last ten years. The era of straightforward services and goods is over. Currently, the industry invests trillions to develop new goods and services that appeal to our emotions by promising a bright future. However, when the method to financial freedom isn't obvious, it's hard for people to feel trusted and like a number without a clear path to it.

We have remained independent of institutions because we pledge to offer customized solutions to each client. This gives us more time to create and customize investment strategies that really work for you.

In Melbourne, Klearpicture is the leading option for wealth management professionals and financial advisors. Building Your Financial Freedom is the sole objective of our resources, expertise, and strategic planning abilities. Since no bank, financial institution, or product owns or partners with us, we are always motivated by your unique financial objectives.

Our customers receive professional financial guidance. This guidance is always supported by industry expertise, analytical data, and is adapted to each client's specific needs. Our financial advisors in Melbourne are aware of the difficulties that people have when making retirement plans. Our wealth management techniques are therefore centered on accomplishing long-term objectives with attainable financial milestones in the short term.


Every client of Klearpicture receives the same unmatched degree of care, consideration, and skill.

We hand-pick the best assets from a variety of platforms and top providers as part of our personalised, professional service, and we give specialized advice, plans, and strategies that match your investor profile, goals, and objectives.

To assist you in achieving your financial goals, we specialize in offering a variety of advice and investment services.

PMD Financial Advisers - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

pmd financial advisers

(03) 9824 0002

About PMD Financial Advisers

You can have faith in and peace of mind about your present and future financial situation thanks to PMD Financial Advisers. To deliver complete and highly individualized solutions, we collaborate with families, high net worth individuals, business leaders, and business owners.

Our history

Paul Donohue and a Superannuation Asset Consultant with actuarial training started PMD Financial Advisers' original Melbourne office in 1971. Few people back then sought financial guidance, and most people only invested in their own homes or other primary residences.

Paul began educating and training others about creating long-term investing foundations. His main concerns were investing in high-quality assets and controlling the relationship between his income, savings, taxes, and debt. Paul frequently emphasized the value of sound and sage advise. Making sure consumers invested in high-quality assets was the goal of sensible guidance. Paul's entire life has been devoted to helping others and acting in their best interests.

DMFS Financial Advisers - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

dmfs financial advisers

1300 364 651

Welcome to DMFS Financial Advisers

Retirement planning, superannuation, and investment services are offered personally by DMFS Financial Advisers. According to Money Management, 67% of financial advisers do not believe the client’s parents, DHS and aged care is an issue they are required to service. We are confident that we can meet a client's needs, or that we have the connections to suggest someone who can.

The firm's main areas of expertise include retirement planning, aged care, and superannuation (for those in the 40+ age category) (family-related). Why 40+? Life is straightforward if you're paying off household debt and supporting your kids through their education. Pay off your debt as soon as you can, do your best, and get by. We promote wealth creation but do not have personal debt licenses (mortgages).

We can recommend qualified brokers, including general insurance brokers and estate planning attorneys, who can provide the guidance you require. We make sure that you are the financial priority in your own future after the responsibilities of childrearing. In retirement planning, we put a lot of emphasis on collaborating with our clients, which is more like a relationship. We acknowledge that the tactics provided are based on the needs of the client first and foremost.

Flinders Wealth - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

flinders wealth

0434 992 241

At Flinders Wealth, we assist you in organizing your finances so you may devote more time to pursuits that are dearer to you. We will create a personalized Roadmap for your money, a step-by-step list of things to do to make you feel good about the future. We wish to engage with individuals who are interested in handling their money wisely and organizing their finances.

It's important to note that we are independent of any financial institution, including banks, life insurance providers, investment managers, and superannuation providers. Investment commissions are not accepted by Flinders Wealth.

This guarantees that we are in a position to give you dependable financial advice. Customers of Flinders Wealth are served throughout Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula, and other regions of Victoria.

Maddern Financial Advisers - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

maddern financial advisers

03 9999 7201

Independent Financial Advisor

Investment consultants are not created equal. We specialize in offering professional people who have achieved professional success or who aspire to it independent financial advising services, insurance, and investment guidance.

From the health sector to engineering, university professors, and business owners, our clientele come from a diverse spectrum of professions. Our clients' investment interests are very diverse, ranging from direct shares to direct real estate to gold and diamonds. As we aren’t controlled by an external investment company or insurer, we can review all available options and customise a recommendation just for you.

You can choose our Melbourne-based team with confidence if you have wealth to protect and invest in, and you are confident that you will have significant wealth in the future.

First Financial - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

first financial

03 9909 5801


Leading wealth management company First Financial, with offices in Melbourne and owned by Australians, specializes in financial planning and superannuation management. Plans are designed specifically for each client based on their own circumstances and mindset. Because of our size, we can obtain an independent Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL). Our investment committee is a highly skilled group of financial experts with an outstanding track record. A well-established internal training program produces advisors that have First Financial ethics, principles, and values ingrained in them.


Unlike other financial planning companies, we take a totally distinct approach to risk assessment for customers. Every plan is built around the particular circumstances and attitude of the individual.


At First Financial, we develop and carry out a custom plan using our time-tested five-step methodology so that you can take advantage of today while being prepared to retire with enough money.

Toro Wealth - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

toro wealth

1300 447 590


Looking for a dependable financial advisor in Melbourne? You've arrived at the proper location. Greetings from Toro Wealth. We are a privately held, independent financial advisory firm in Melbourne that offers clear financial advice to our clients (like you!) so they can maximize their wealth and reduce their financial anxieties.

You want to locate the greatest financial adviser in Melbourne who is a good fit for you when you search for one. They should be capable of offering you trustworthy guidance for all facets of your financial life and should be qualified, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.

They should also be able to help you optimize your wealth with a fully customized approach to help you achieve your goals by thoroughly understanding your financial status and your personal objectives.

Partners in Planning - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

partners in planning

1300 880 101

Why we are adamant that "NOT ALL FINANCIAL PLANNERS ARE BUILT THE SAME" is part of our slogan.

Partners in Planning was founded in order to provide client-focused advice (rather than the traditional bank "product" sell). We were founded as a fee-for-service company, and we wholeheartedly support the government's efforts to make it the only viable option going forward.

We truly believe in conservative investment and safeguarding your way of life. We can confidently raise our hands and state that we have NEVER advised any "alternative" investments, such as emus or forestry goods.

We are both small enough to matter and big enough to stick around. Since we are independently owned, we think that every client is an actual person and not just a name or number. We don’t believe in a product being a solution but in a strategic solution.

ToppTunbridge - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne


(03) 9935 5268

Our Client Service Policy

Through the hard work of our committed team of advisers and support workers, our firm offers high-quality advice and services.

Our ability to serve as a focal point for clients seeking specialized guidance in Self-Managed Super Funds, Debt Management, Estate Planning, Legal Agreements, and Accounting is a result of the building over many years of strategic connections with external Legal and Accounting practices.

We are able to deliver exceptional results and service to our clients because to this combination, many years of experience, and long-lasting business and professional partnerships formed with market leaders in Funds Management and Insurance product suppliers.

Our Clients

Our services are available to people at all phases of life, including those who are just starting out, raising children, running enterprises, and approaching or already in retirement.

We carry out a thorough needs analysis to comprehend the demands of our clients. As a result, we are more equipped to comprehend their priorities, needs, and values. In turn, this enables us to help clients and their families reach their financial goals while also giving them the resources they need to be financially safeguarded against untimely death, incapacity, or trauma. We seek to give advice for the financial stability of our clients and their families regardless of their stage in life or business, and most importantly, we make sure it is carried out!!!

Monitoring our client's plans to make sure they continue to be useful and effective through a regular review process is another crucial component of our work. We frequently compare our position in helping them financially to that of a personal trainer: the results are only as good as their commitment and involvement! ... You can get a gym membership, but if you don't go, you won't get a six-pack!

7 Wealth - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne


03 4411 8745

Who We Are

James and Vanessa Harris, a married couple from Melbourne, founded 7 Wealth in order to become the kind of financial planners and advisors who actually assist clients in comprehending and ultimately feeling in control of their finances. Although the idea of financial planning can be frightening, James and Vanessa feel it doesn't have to be that way with the correct help, preparation, and honesty. The couple has dealt with the issues that many people in real life face, such as managing two separate incomes, planning for holidays, saving for a child's education, and forgoing special delights in order to pay the bills. Even though it's been challenging at times, James and Vanessa have persevered and are using what they've learned and become experts at—financial planning—to assist you and your family.

Live Smarter

It's easy: we are specialists in assisting people and families in managing their wealth. You can live more intelligently by working with a financial advisor.

Greater Financial Control

According to the findings, people and families who have more financial control are considerably happier overall. You're not necessarily happier if you have more money. Even those who make little money might be content as long as they feel in charge of their spending.

Tailored Financial Advice

Whether someone is getting married or getting divorced, having children or moving abroad, getting promoted or establishing a business, purchasing a home or saving for retirement, a reliable financial consultant should be available to provide a helpful hand. These situations can be made more reassuring and less stressful by a committed financial consultant.

SMART Financial Advisory - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

smart financial advisory

+61 3 9034 4884

We'll simplify the complexity of super, allowing you to maximize your savings and ensure a bright future. provides greater tax planning options that is not possible with business superannuation plans otherwise.

We can assist whether you are considering estate planning, retiring early, or reducing your working hours. We make sure that, in the event of any unanticipated health concerns, you and your family will continue to be financially secure.

No matter their size, we help businesses overcome obstacles and prosper financially. In addition to your investment and work earnings, you can be qualified for some Centrelink benefits. We provide customized, evidence-based investment solutions that will help you accomplish your goals.

Paterson Retirement Planning - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

paterson retirement planning

03 9439 6271


2020 saw the launch of Paterson Retirement Planning under the leadership of Senior Financial Advisor Edward Paterson. Ed is passionate about offering individualized guidance and simplifying the process of making financial decisions.

Our office is situated opposite to the Regent Theatre at level 5, 171 Collins Street in Melbourne.

Advice on Superannuation, Retirement Planning, Aged Care, and Centrelink is offered by Paterson Retirement Planning. Although we offer retirement advise to everyone, our focus is on teachers and other public sector workers.

Yield Financial Planning - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

yield financial planning

03 9819 0690

Make Your Money Work, So You Don’t Have To.

The financial roadmap created by Yield's financial planners, who have over 70 years of combined expertise, can help you achieve your goals. It is not a strategy that can be put into place and left alone. As change is unavoidable, we'll help you manage it and, where possible, capitalize on it.

As your financial planners, we will collaborate with your other trusted advisors to organize every facet of your financial life, reducing the stress and uncertainty associated with these choices.

When you choose Yield to protect your future, you are assured of straightforward guidance that prioritizes your needs and a simplified client experience you can rely on.

Endorphin Wealth - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

endorphin wealth

03 9190 8965

Strategic wealth management services and solutions are Endorphin Wealth's area of expertise. Our financial advisors have expertise in all facets of managing personal wealth, including capital wealth management, investment guidance, asset and wealth investment management, and estate planning.

We are meticulous and thorough in our wealth management services, using specialized resources and conducting external investment research to find the finest investment options for our clients, maximizing returns and lowering risk. As part of the wealth management process, we make every effort to prevent capital loss and believe in using defensive tactics whenever practical.

At Endorphin Wealth, we prioritize serving our customers. In order to provide great outcomes, we will collaborate closely with your selected accountants and specialists and draw on our vast experience working across complicated entity and asset structures.

K Partners - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

k partners

03 9863 8856

We are passionate about accounting & financial services.

Our team finds great satisfaction in assisting clients in achieving financial success for their enterprises, families, and futures. The accountants at KPartners have helped numerous Melbourne residents and business owners build wealth and establish sound financial habits over the course of their decades of combined financial management and accounting knowledge.

Our Services

Accounting & Tax

If you own a small business or operate your own company in Melbourne, you need an accountant who is aware of the opportunities and difficulties brought on by shifting economic conditions. With our committed tax consultants and accountants for small businesses on your side, managing your tax accounts is easy and efficient. We are prepared to help you with your accounting needs and have extensive knowledge of a variety of small businesses, including those in the hospitality, farming, trades, medical, IT, and transportation. You will receive the appropriate guidance you require from our small business accountants, advisors, and mentors. We are well-equipped to assist you with your wealth-building, tax, and compliance initiatives.

Business Advisory

We have assisted countless small businesses in streamlining their operations and setting and achieving financial objectives. The CPAs on our staff recognize that you have a small business to manage, clients to satisfy, and goods to perfect. Knowing that the accountants at K Partners will create a plan and offer guidance that helps your bottom line, you may feel supported.

Financial Advice

We can serve as your life and business financial accounting advisors. A continual strategic process called financial planning is intended to assist you in achieving both short- and long-term financial objectives. It's imperative that we first get to know the actual you, including your goals, financial condition, top priorities, and external influences.

Independent Wealth Partners - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

independent wealth partners

03 8393 9372

Making a plan for financial independence. Every time we meet a new client, we will mention that "we do financial planning a little differently."

The first step toward obtaining financial independence has nothing to do with your current financial situation, investment performance, or the amount of tax you are'saving' thanks to your negatively geared property. Needs are the foundation for sound financial guidance. in particular, what you require.

We need to understand what motivates you and what you honestly value in order to provide financial advise that is truly valuable. What motivates your "jump out of bed in the morning" behavior? Then, in order to guarantee that we are acting only in your best interests, our counsel is tailored to your goals, aims, and aspirations.

Retire Ready Financial Planning - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

retire ready financial planning google chrome 20

03 8372 2011

Why Retire Ready?

Retire Ready Financial Planning is a locally owned financial planning business with a prime Williams Landing location that is dedicated to assisting YOU in reaching YOUR objectives. Retire Ready, which began in 2015 with modest beginnings at the Point Cook Town Centre, has grown to be a well-known retirement planning and aged care expert in Melbourne's west. We are in Williams Landing, just a short distance from the original location of the company.

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be affluent to benefit from the services of a financial advisor. Gloria Mina is committed to educating people about wealth creation so that they can better understand their relationship with it and enable them to achieve financial freedom.

Our practice's existence depends on ensuring that our clients achieve financial success, which enables them to go over the challenges they face. Whether it entails paying off your mortgage, putting your children or grandchildren through college, or taking that much-anticipated vacation. We realize that financial planning shouldn't be done once and then forgotten about. We take satisfaction in being able to provide each of our clients with customized ongoing service packages. After all, every person has distinct needs!

ICG Financial Planning - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

icg financial planning

(03) 9611 1601


Our aim is to simplify the often-complex lives of our clients and to protect, maintain and grow their wealth over time using proven investment strategies and a disciplined approach. We treat our clients' money with the same precision and care as if it were our own because we don't think investing is speculating.


In Carlton, just outside the CBD and next to the Royal Exhibition Building at Carlton Gardens, there is a boutique, privately-owned wealth management company called ICG Financial Planning. As a boutique practice, we provide a highly individualized service to our chosen customers. This service is delivered with care and accuracy and is based on each client's particular circumstances and needs.

Many of our clients have achieved success on their own. They rarely have the chance or desire to understand the world of investments, financial planning, or taxation because of their hectic personal and professional lives. Some people understand that it isn't the best use of their time.

Empower Wealth - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

empower wealth

1300 123 843

Australian investment advice.

Empower Wealth is committed to offering comprehensive, integrated guidance to meet all of the financial planning needs of our clients. We focus on developing enduring connections with our clients while providing solutions that are specifically designed for their unique needs and objectives. Our mission is to assist you in creating and living the lifestyle of your dreams.

Property Investment Advice

Getting the appropriate guidance is essential before beginning your property portfolio. To make sure your investment is well-informed, consult the professionals.

Mortgage Broking

Loan strategy and structure is integral for the success of your investment property portfolio. To make sure you're headed in the correct direction, talk to one of our brokers.

Lifespan Financial Planning - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

lifespan financial planning

(02) 9252 2001

For Advisers

One of the biggest privately owned adviser networks in Australia is still Lifespan Financial Planning, which has no affiliations with any banks, fund managers, or insurance companies. Lifespan aims to collaborate with advisors and advisory firms to help them create profitable companies by offering high-quality, individually designed services and support, financial products, and training.

For Clients

For individual investors, business owners, and self-managed super funds alike, our financial advisers are dedicated to creating wealth building and asset protection solutions. We take the time to understand your personal and financial goals when you work with a Lifespan adviser. Our advisors work with you to comprehend your many options and the potential outcomes of your selections in order to help you make wise financial choices.

No matter if you're searching for assistance on insurance, managing a business, or finding the best way to a comfortable retirement, be sure to thoroughly examine your alternatives using one of our client service solutions.

MWL Financial Group - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

mwl financial group

(03) 9866 5889

The MWL Difference

Getting knowledge and counsel will only improve the decisions you make, whether they are related to your personal financial status or the financial situation of your organization.

The most typical method for obtaining professional financial assistance in all areas is to look for advisors from several firms to work individually on your unique needs. This obviously leads to duplication of spending, advisors giving conflicting advice as they shift from one speciality to another, and no one really understanding your long-term objectives, which makes it very difficult to choose the best course of action.

According to the MWL philosophy, all advisers collaborate under one roof. We have realized that having a financial planner, accountant, insurance adviser, finance broker, and portfolio manager who all work in concert and complement one another is considerably more beneficial for clients than having one advisor who is a specialist in every field. The advisers meet on a regular basis to discuss a client's needs and collaborate on achieving the client's objectives, removing the problems associated with switching advisors.

TruWealth Advice - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

truwealth advice

03 8648 6535

assisting you in making wise choices that have an influence on all aspects of your life

Money can't make you happy, but it may give you choices and possibilities for the now and the future. You simply need a reliable plan to get there and the correct guide (like us).


TruWealth, a Melbourne-based financial consulting firm, specializes in assisting pre-retiree single women—those who have never been married, are widowed, or divorced—to manage their finances and achieve financial independence.

Our mission is to empower single women so that they feel financially secure and in control of their financial future by guiding them through an educational and journey-like process. TruWealth began as Assetplan Advisory in 2010 and provides strategic financial planning advice. It operates under its own Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL).

Verse Wealth - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

verse wealth

1300 822 166


helping you decide whether to invest, make super contributions, pay off debt, purchase a new house, launch a business, sell assets, and much more. It’s about the balance of achieving your goals, limiting stresses and growing your wealth to create freedom in the future.

Cash Flow

Making sure your cash flow is optimal is crucial. If you can't manage your money, you'll never be able to accomplish your goals. By giving your spending structure, accountability, and clarity while also boosting your savings, we help people take charge of their finances.


We build portfolios that are transparent, diversified, and in line with your goals. Through the ups and downs of the markets, we'll inform you, help you create reasonable expectations, and help you control your emotions. To make sure your investments are always in good hands, we complement our suggestions with independent research, analysis, and ratings.

FMD Financial - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

fmd financial

1300 134 188

Trusted financial advice and retirement experts

The path to financial freedom may be closer than you believe, but before taking any action, it's crucial to understand your present financial situation. You might be unsure of how to begin started, where to go for a reputable consultant, or what to anticipate from the procedure.

We're glad you discovered us because you're not alone! We have helped busy executives, business owners, and prosperous families achieve their objectives and live their best lives in retirement for the past 15 years with the support of reasonable, competent financial guidance.

Achieve your financial goals faster with expert advice.

Hardworking professionals with demanding occupations, significant passions, and full schedules make up our clientele. They lack the time and motivation to monitor every market movement or keep up with every amendment to the tax, investing, or superannuation laws. Instead, they put their trust in us to develop a sound financial strategy and increase their wealth over time.

Freedom Finance - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

freedom finance accounting

1800 662 892

Welcome to Freedom Finance Accounting.

Freedom Finance Accounting is a firm that is both large enough to offer excellent service, cutting-edge advice, and results that are unmatched by anyone else yet small enough to be caring and genuinely personal. Our team is well-versed in problem-solving techniques and has a wealth of expertise. We are always on the lookout for chances for you personally or as a business owner.

As experts working with businesses of all sizes—neither too small nor too large—our strong focus is on helping you, whether it's with tax compliance, including income tax, GST, and other ATO matters; tax planning to reduce income tax, GST, and CGT; resolving business issues; assisting you in expanding your business; or boosting bottom-line profit. We are knowledgeable in all facets of business and genuinely care about seeing you succeed. We also understand that business owners are "experts" in their particular industry, and that the best outcomes for your company may be obtained by combining your knowledge and our talents.

Financial Planning

At Freedom Finance Australia, we help customers manage their money wisely while keeping the future in mind. Our financial advisors will first thoroughly assess your present situation before working with you to determine your long-term financial and personal objectives. They will create a special financial strategy tailored to help you reach your objectives and manage your resources moving ahead.

Partners Wealth Group - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

partners wealth group

03 8508 7801

Partners Wealth Group is here to give you the tools you need to open up a world of opportunities. For people, families, business owners, and organizations, we are among Australia's top providers of business and financial advisory services.


From beginning a profession, purchasing a home, and starting a family to establishing a business, creating wealth building plans, planning for retirement, and finding aged care options, we can assist you at every stage of life. Our professional committee directs the development of investment options.

protecting your existing way of life, business, and retirement plans while ensuring your financial security. Whether you require financing for your primary residence, a residential or commercial investment property, a refinance, or cash flow for your business, we'll work with you to identify the most suitable options to meet your needs. offering sound legal counsel and estate planning assistance to help you safeguard your personal assets and corporate assets.

Melbourne Financial Partners - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

melbourne financial partners

04 1561 1448


Because you are special, the financial guidance you'll get from us will be tailored to you and based on your values. We'll follow a step-by-step process to assist you in achieving your objectives. We could offer advice on how to handle your money on a daily basis or ideas on how to maximize your financial potential. Alternatively, if you choose, we can act on your behalf.

Who we are

We are a Richmond and Collingwood-based financial planning company, and we are passionate about assisting individuals. We specialize in finance and have done so for more than 15 years. We discover that what makes us happy is assisting regular people in making wise financial decisions and witnessing the actual difference it makes to their lives.

We offer comprehension, information, direction, and professional financial advice to help our clients get started on the path to the financial future they desire. In order to help our clients manage their wealth and lifestyle for themselves and their families, we work to establish long-term connections with them.

Hewison Private Wealth - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

hewison private wealth

(03) 8548 4801

One of Australia's top and most prestigious wealth management and financial advice companies is Hewison Private Wealth. We were founded in 1985, have accumulated 35 years of expertise, and today oversee over $1.3 billion in managed assets. We take great delight in creating customized financial portfolios for clients that fulfill their hopes, ambitions, and goals.

We've always been a commission-free firm and have a direct investment strategy. We're totally autonomous. This makes sure that every step of the way, the way we handle a client's financial future is suited to their goals and what's in their best interest. All Hewison Private Client Advisers are qualified professionals with the highest level of CFP designations, tertiary degrees, and professional certifications. Clients have a high level of confidence and trust in the entire Hewison team because of this knowledge and competence.

Driven by client outcomes

Hewison Private Wealth understands that each client is unique, therefore we customize our investment strategies and financial guidance to meet your personal needs. With an uncompromising dedication to providing excellent service and fostering enduring relationships, we are committed to getting the greatest results for you and your family.

Collinsfp - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne


0419 632 778

Our Approach Involves:

Understanding your financial situation

Discussions about your long- and short-term goals, as well as your expectations of us as your financial adviser, will be part of the first phase of the process. With the help of information such as a list of your assets and obligations, income and expenses, as well as a discussion of your risk tolerance, we'll make sure we understand your present financial condition.

Developing your strategies

We will start formulating tactics that are tailored to your needs after we have an understanding of your position. To make sure the tactics used are the most suitable for you, a professional financial advisor will take into account your present financial situation, your long-term objectives, your risk tolerance, and more.

Statement of Advice is issued.

We will offer a formal, written "Statement of Advice" that covers particular topics as required by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission after the strategy has been finalized. It is crucial to read this document in its entirety before moving further since it will include a comprehensive investment plan and the suggested course of action.

MD Financial Planning - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

md financial planning

1300 887 529

We're here to hold your hand.

MD Financial Planning provides specialised Aged Care Services and a full range of financial services to support our (often inter-generational) clients seeking wealth accumulation and wealth protection advice. Thousands of elderly Australians have benefited from our assistance throughout the entire age care process, from early planning to moving into permanent care.

Real-life planning

With a workable plan that enables you to financially achieve your chosen goals, our advisers, who are financial planners, assist you in defining realistic goals and objectives for the future. We go alongside you, working closely with you along the way and developing a lasting relationship with you, the client.

The majority of our business comes from word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied customers who have benefited from our guidance and want to spread the news so that their loved ones, friends, and colleagues can as well.

Pursue Wealth - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

pursue wealth

(03) 9686 1785


Never just daydream. As a Pursue Wealth member, realize your goals as quickly as possible. We'll work with you to set short, medium and long term goals and keep you on track to achieve them. You will have the resources available to you as a member of Pursue Wealth to ACHIEVE your goals. Enroll right away!


We'll create a financial strategy for you as an accomplished team with an ambitious spirit that will fit your goals and way of life. Because, like you, we would prefer to purchase our Jimmy Choos in Paris rather than on eBay.


Want to live in the home of your dreams without making too many lifestyle or travel sacrifices? We'll work with you to develop a practical plan for securing the home of your dreams so you can unwind and feel the tension leave your life.

Shadforth - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne


1800 501 205

Private wealth advice for those looking for peace of mind.

Life can be complicated, but with Shadforth's help, your financial life doesn't have to be. Our comprehensive, goal-oriented strategy emphasizes wealth creation so that you can achieve financial independence sooner.

Advice based on a foundation of trust

Of the seven companies in Australia having worldwide fiduciary certification, we are the biggest. This gives our clients peace of mind knowing that our counsel is of the highest caliber, consistent with international best practices, and always serves their best interests.

Your private wealth

Everybody wants to accumulate enough wealth to live the greatest future they can. A Private Wealth Adviser will work with you to organize your finances, create a picture of your ideal life, and create a strategy to get there.

Financial Coaching - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

financial coaching

(03) 9821 4101

About Financial Coaching

Whatever your stage of life, Financial Coaching is a financial planning firm that thinks its guidance can make a difference. Our company, which is based in metropolitan Melbourne, was founded in 1969 with the goal of assisting our clients in achieving their financial goals.

Few elite athletes succeed without the direction of a skilled and reliable coach. You receive guidance from our financial coaching method on how to get better results than you would get on your own.

Our approach recognizes that few people possess the knowledge, the discipline, or the time necessary to achieve financial independence without expert guidance and a well-thought-out "training plan" to reach your financial objectives.

Mint Advisory - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

mint advisory

1300 050 920

Who is Mint Advisory?

The company Mint Advisory was founded by David Dooley. It is a full-service, boutique financial planning firm. We are well known for offering sound strategic counsel and a clear path to help people and organizations achieve their objectives in today's challenging environment.

The Mint Advisory team is committed to providing realistic and profitable financial planning services while resolving our clients' significant concerns. We are committed to the long-term financial prosperity of our clients. We have built enduring and fruitful partnerships with our clients over the past 20 years.


Superior Client Service

Each client is assigned a Relationship Manager, who is in charge of supervising all work to make sure your demands are being met and resolve any potential concerns. With regard to the execution of your individual strategies, the transfer of cash, and the installation of personal protection measures, we will keep you informed step-by-step.

National Financial Planners - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

national financial planners

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Thanks for visiting National Financial Planners. Our goal is to establish a fruitful, lasting collaboration with you that will help you achieve your financial and lifestyle objectives. We are committed to assisting you in achieving financial independence as well as in protecting and growing your assets.

We always communicate with you honestly and openly, and we'll keep our promises to you. Sentry Advice Pty Ltd, ABN 77 103 642 888, has designated National Financial Planners Pty Ltd as a Corporate Authorised Representative (No. 237225). Australian Financial Services Licensee No. 227748 is Sentry Advice Pty Ltd.


Our goal is to establish a fruitful, lasting collaboration with you that will help you achieve your financial and lifestyle objectives. We are committed to assisting you in achieving financial independence as well as in protecting and growing your assets. We always communicate with you in an honest, direct, and transparent manner, and we will surely keep our promises to you.

Summerhill Financial Services - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne


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Who uses a financial planner?

Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds, have a wide range of financial management experience, and have a variety of varied ambitions. Some are extremely successful professions. Others aren't. Some people are quite good at handling their money, while others are not.

However, none of them have the knowledge, time, or desire to handle their own personal money; instead, they all want professional counsel on how to increase their wealth and opt to obtain financial advice. Instead of wasting their free time attempting to stay current with what they should be doing to maximize their income and assets, they prefer to spend their time on interests and activities they like.

What do we do?

To maximize your income and wealth, we provide you financial advice. In addition to ensuring sure you are financially stable enough to continue living the life you want to in the future, we want you to have the time to accomplish the things you want to do right now.

Diversified Financial Planners - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

diversified financial planners

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Superfund funds are taxed differently than your other investments. It's intended to reward you for making long-term investments. Superannuation is a field in which Diversified Financial Planners are quite experienced. Even though retirement may seem far off, investing in super is still a tax-efficient strategy to grow your money. Compounding returns' positive impacts are also advantageous to you.

All financial strategies are built on the foundation of insurance. You can get assistance from Diversified Financial Planners in assessing the risks and developing the best insurance plan for you and your family. We are living longer because of improved health care. As a result, some Australians will work less and spend more time in retirement. Your retirement will require a sizable amount of money.

Australia boasts one of the highest homeownership rates in the world, according to statistics from the Reserve Bank's 2004 annual report. But how do you survive in a market with high housing costs. Diversified's affable and knowledgeable staff is aware that every person has unique financial planning goals, resources, and journeys.

Affinity Private Advisors - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

affinity private advisors

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Our Services

We at Affinity Private Advisors take the responsibility of serving as your trusted advisor for wealth management very seriously. We take the utmost care, attention, and consideration, as well as careful due diligence, to create your customized approach. It is specifically designed to meet your needs, achieve your financial goals, and assist you in reaching the milestones you've always desired in order to secure your family's financial security for years to come.

Investment & Portfolio Management

As we work to redefine excellence in wealth management, our combined experience places us in a unique position to offer individualized, reliable, and timely guidance. To create a dynamic, risk-focused portfolio that will last the test of time, we work with some of the best global investment managers available and combine active and passive methods. We use a long-term strategic perspective on portfolios and incorporate tactical techniques in accordance with the recent market or economic climate.

Retirement and Income Strategies

Before we can start formulating a Retirement and Income Strategy, we must take a closer look at the motivations and assumptions that underlie what our customers hope to accomplish throughout their lifestyle years. Since no two perspectives will ever be the identical, we avoid using a tried-and-true formula to every client's situation in the hopeless pursuit of success.

Australian Property Advisory Group - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

australian property advisory group

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At Australian Property Advisory Group, we assist you in realizing the significance of working with independent experts who are insured to offer expert, unbiased counsel. Buyer's advocates represent the buyer while real estate agents represent the seller. Despite the fact that we represent buyers, we are competent to advise them based on their unique situation, risk tolerance, objectives, and needs assessment.

We don't hire telemarketers or salespeople. We don't make cold calls. If a cold call came to you, it was likely from a company with a name that is similar. You must contact us if you want us to assist you. Why should you think about hiring a real property investment advisor?

With the 'to be expected' expansion in real estate, hundreds of estate agents offering a wide variety of houses for sale at any given moment, and a high pace of population growth since the 1960s, we have seen. Despite the fact that there is an increasing amount of information available online, many consumers have busy lives, especially because of their jobs. Because of this, many people lack the time necessary to find their dream property. A more specialized real estate investment advisor results from this. pays the agent's commission after finding a property. Buyers who reside outside the region, across the state, or even internationally, may find this useful. After locating the property, the agent will speak with the vendor's agent on the buyer's behalf.

Future Planners - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

future planners

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We are Future Planners, a small-scale financial planning firm that provides clients with practical advice and strategic counsel across the financial planning spectrum. We contribute to the company based on our combined experience of more than 100 years in financial planning. We have established long-term partnerships with a growing and devoted clientele who recognize the value of our combined knowledge and client-centered approach to financial planning.


People have a variety of needs when they come to us. They can be struggling to personally manage their finances due to a pressing financial question, a lack of direction, or some other obstacle. They might merely need our assistance in realizing their ambitions. At Future Planners, we put a lot of effort into comprehending these aims and helping our clients realize their aspirations.


For each and every client, we can offer a thorough financial service because of our knowledge and experience. We craft a strategic plan to suit your unique requirements after taking the time to comprehend your position and priorities. Our strategies are founded on the knowledge that clients must make plans and investments for the things they can see and control while, to the greatest extent feasible, taking precautions against the things they cannot.

Kearney Group - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

kearney group

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We at Kearney Group are much more than just financial advisors or accountants. We are innovators, paving a fresh path for the direction of financial advising in the future.

When you decide to work with us, we make an effort to get to know you as a person, including your family, your business, your aspirations, and all the unstated concerns that keep you up at night. We go beyond the person, unlike other counselors who view their clients as bank accounts and balance sheets.

And we agree with so many of you that the financial services industry needs to change. Therefore, at Kearney Group, genuine collaboration is at the core of everything we do. We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all strategy or the constant transfer to someone else who can assist you, always in a different department. Instead, we collaborate across departments and teams to offer comprehensive financial services that put you first and keep you out of trouble.

Bridges - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne


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About us

At Bridges Melbourne Central, we think that receiving financial advice can be beneficial. The goal of financial planning is to assist you in making the best possible plans for your future lifestyle. Our recommendations span a wide range of investing and financial planning services.

Regardless of your age, a professional financial planner's guidance is essential in helping you reach your financial objectives by creating a plan customized for you. Everything we do is centered on providing clients with high-quality, easily understood guidance.

Financial advice makes a difference.

Most people find it challenging to determine how, when, and where to invest their hard-earned money in today's environment of shifting legislation and erratic financial markets. A financial advisor can be useful in this situation. In order to make sure that your financial decisions put you on the proper path to reaching your goals, both short- and long-term, a financial planner will assist you in taking a holistic view of your circumstances.

Pursuit Private Wealth - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

pursuit private wealth

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Who we are

With offices in Melbourne and Narre Warren, Pursuit Private Wealth offers financial planning services to residents of the South East corridor of Melbourne and the Gippsland region. We have extensive understanding in the fields of trust and self-managed superannuation strategies, investing, strategic advice, portfolio management, and asset protection.

Strategic Advice

Complex topics include tax planning, tax-efficient investing, superannuation and retirement, gearing and leverage, and estate planning. You have a variety of options, so determining the best course of action to reach your financial goals is crucial. We have a variety of tactics that have been created over a long period of time, and we rely on the vast experience of our employees in positions within the banking, accounting, and finance industries.

Wealth Creation

To many different people, this might imply many different things. To us, it means creating focused and disciplined investing patterns that can achieve your personal needs, goals and objectives. No matter what the dollar figure is, wealth creation is about creating a comfortable fulfilling lifestyle, both pre and post-retirement. We help retirees and accumulators develop money in a way that represents their attitudes and personalities, and we are intent on their objectives as if they were our own. ​

Asset Protection

Money protection can be just as crucial as acquiring it in the first place. We offer specialized guidance on asset ownership and structuring to guarantee that your wealth helps your family both now and in the future. We offer sophisticated guidance on a variety of legal entities, such as private companies, family trusts, unit trusts, discretionary trusts, and self-managed retirement funds.

Portfolio Management

We customize portfolios based on each client's needs. There isn't a method that works for everyone. The risk tolerance and needs of each customer are carefully considered while building their portfolio. In all areas of investing, including cash, term deposits, mortgage trusts, bonds, hybrids, shares (domestic and foreign), and real estate, we offer guidance and solutions (residential and commercial). Our portfolios include direct assets that are transparent as to their holdings and advantages and are sufficiently diversified to reduce the risk of a single asset.

Money Mechanics - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

money mechanics

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Financial Advisors in Life

We live out what we preach at Money Mechanics. This involves working to maintain a healthy work-life balance while investing in the stock and real estate markets and serving as trustees of our own Self Managed Super Fund. We think everyone should take time to enjoy their family life, job progress, and work-life balance.

Our Story

Our values-based approach to financial life planning combines the personal touch with technical and financial competence to produce a financial planning solution that is specifically catered to your long-term objectives. We have a unique fee for service financial advice menu, so you can choose how we work together based on a fixed hourly rate.

AGS Financial Group - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

ags financial group

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AGS Financial Group was founded in 2002 by Paul Bolstad and Alex Berlee. Since then, the company has won numerous accolades, including six "AFR Smart Investor Magazine Top Financial Planner" awards, recognition as a national finalist and state winner for AMP Financial Planning's Practice of the Year, and inclusion in the BRW Top 100 Accounting firms.

AGS assists both company and individual clients in managing all facets of their money because we are aware that the decisions you make now regarding your finances will affect the kind of life you lead in the future. Partners in Advice, Growth, and Security: AGS Financial Group

The foundation of AGS Financial Group is individualized client service and qualified, strategic financial advice that has been assisting clients in achieving their financial objectives. AGS has developed into a group of over 100 specialists committed to meeting the needs of employers, businesses, and private clients.

Strategic Wealth - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

strategic wealth

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Smart investors can depend on Strategic Wealth for expert guidance and custom investment solutions. Working with executives, professionals, expatriates, small business owners and retirees, we tailor smart solutions aligned to achieve financial goals. Additionally, with a distinct industry-wide perspective, our knowledge and suggestions help our clients strengthen their assets and generate profitable returns.

Wealth creation is not a matter of chance or accident. It can be of a high caliber and provide you piece of mind knowing that you are making every effort to safeguard the futures of you and your family. It may also be quantified, based on tax benefits, holding investments in the appropriate vehicles, and avoiding actions that deplete wealth.

About Us

Since 2004, Strategic Wealth has offered individual wealth management guidance. Our distinguished team of industry experts immerses themselves in your environment and is intrigued in order to increase your personal wealth. To stay on top of our game, we constantly push our knowledge limits and adapt to a financial, economic, and legal environment that is constantly evolving.

AJ Financial Planning - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

aj financial planning


We are an innovative financial planning firm.

A boutique business, AJ Financial Planning. We distinguish ourselves from larger organizations with a less personalized approach by fostering one-on-one connections with our clients and offering them premium services.

Our Process

Our procedure is easy. A free initial consultation enables us to determine the extent of the work needed and whether we can help you with your specific financial circumstances. After this discussion, if you decide to move further, we write an email confirming the "scope of work" and send it your way for approval. The categories of advise you need, our understanding of your specific financial circumstances, and the estimated expenses for us to prepare this advice are all outlined in this email.

About Us

A cutting-edge, imaginative financial planning company called AJ Financial Planning is situated in Prahran's Porter Street. We currently have clients in all of Australia's main states, and we enjoy working with clients to help them reach their goals and objectives in a warm and individualized way.

Casey Wealth Advisers - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

casey wealth

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Since 2001, Casey Wealth Advisers has provided a range of money advice and financial planning services to the Berwick and Pakenham communities to aid residents in growing, managing, and protecting their wealth. We'll give you our full attention so that we can comprehend you. Our goal is to make you feel at rest, eliminate your worries, and instill confidence in your ability despite your lack of expertise.

Together, we'll develop a strategy for your future, and we'll walk you through the steps to get there. By developing a relationship with you rather than treating you like a file, we will make sure you never feel like a "number." We pledge to fulfill all of the promises we make to you.

Foundation Financial Advice - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

foundation financial advice


ABOUT Foundation Financial Advice

Foundation Financial Advice, an FPA Professional Practice conveniently located in the center of Melbourne, assists customers like you in making the most of their financial situation, making sure no opportunities are lost, and paving the way to financial security. We work with you to achieve your objectives on a fee-for-service basis so you may enjoy life without stressing about money.

What we DO

We are aware that our success depends on the success of our clients. Customer pleasure through financial improvement is our business. Through the following services, we have effectively assisted clients in reaching their objectives.


Personalized guidance and plans to ensure a smooth transition to retirement or to improve your position so you can enjoy the retirement you deserve. We handle your financial matters so you may enjoy life and give your whole attention to the activities you enjoy. We support you and synchronize your position to achieve the best possible balance between increasing Centrelink, reducing or eliminating tax, and protecting and expanding your assets.

LBW Business + Wealth Advisors - Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne

lbw business & wealth advisors

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Leading Geelong accountants, business advisors, and financial planners are LBW Business + Wealth Advisors. Our team of accountants and consultants may help you as an individual or corporation with strategic guidance and solutions to help you manage your wealth better. Beyond conventional accounting, we do more.

Leading Geelong accountants LBW are committed to learning about your circumstances and objectives in order to offer you strategic counsel and solutions. To assist our clients manage their wealth better and achieve their short- and long-term objectives, we offer accounting and financial advice services.

Proud supporter of Geelong Businesses.

Our team of highly skilled accountants, financial planners, and business consultants is dedicated about assisting Australian and Geelong businesses in expanding. We are proud major sponsors and supporters of the Geelong Business Excellence Awards because we are aware of the needs of Geelong businesses.

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