30+ Best Flower Shops Mount Eliza, Mornington [2022]

When it comes to finding the best flower shops in Mount Eliza, Mornington, it can be tough to know who to trust. After all, there are so many options! But don't worry, we're here to help. 

We've put together a list of our favourite flower shops in both towns, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs. 

So whether you're looking for a last-minute arrangement or want to plan ahead for a special occasion, these shops are sure to deliver. Happy shopping!

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    Ultimate List of Flower Shops in Mt. Eliza

    Maison Mai - Flower Shop Mt. Eliza


    maison mai flowers mount eliza flower delivery

    0413 521 013
    Address4/54 Mount Eliza Way, Mount Eliza VIC 3930

    Fresh and dried flower arrangements and bouquets, vases and pots, soy candles and home fragrances, jewellery & gifts, organic tea and soaps are meticulously picked by the Maison MAI team.

    Maison Mai is a family-owned business, and our first store was launched in 2019 in Melbourne. Maison MAI main purpose is to convey beauty to the world. The beauty of flowers, the beauty of things and the beauty of relationships. Life is generous to persons who give gifts often and with delight. And we have all the gifts - with world names, time-tested and approved by professionals for quality, beauty and comfort.

    Most of the candles on the market are created from paraffin wax or from paraffin mixes. In Maison MAI, we only use coconut soy wax and cotton wicks - these are non-toxic materials that burn cleaner than paraffin wax and do not release poisonous gasoline-carbon black. All of our candles are hand-poured by the Maison MAI team in Melbourne.

    Tully’s Flowers Shop Mt. Eliza

    tully’s flowers shop mr. eliza


    Beautiful fresh flowers for every occasion. Native flora and timeless classics. The expert florists at Tully’s Flowers can design bespoke floral arrangements for every occasion.

    We acquire our flowers fresh from the farm and from local marketplaces. This ensures that they’ll stay gorgeous and fresh for as long as possible after you take them home. By purchasing our flowers locally, we’re supporting local families and communities.

    Our florists adore getting to work with such a broad & vivid collection of flowers. You’ll find lots of exciting native flowers in our range, as well as plenty of classic arrangement flowers like daisies, roses, daffodils and hydrangeas.

    Uncertain of your goals? Our skilled staff can assist. Bring a few key colors and an open mind, and we'll take care of the rest. Here at Tully's, we promise to only provide the best, freshest flowers.

    Secret Garden - Flower Shop Mt. Eliza

    secret garden flower shop mt. eliza


    Beautiful flowers for every occasion on the Mornington Peninsula.

    Secret Garden, which is situated in lovely Main Street Mornington, is brimming with high-quality flowers from the Mornington Peninsula that are market-fresh and locally sourced. The best blossoms the season has to offer are those we take pride in sourcing. A gifted team of floral designers complements our lovely flowers by creating gorgeous arrangements to suit any occasion.

    Secret Garden, which is situated in lovely Main Street Mornington, is brimming with high-quality, locally produced, market-fresh flowers from the Mornington Peninsula. We pride ourselves on finding the greatest flowers the season has to offer. Our skilled staff of floral designers, who produce magnificent arrangements for every occasion, compliment our lovely flowers.

    We provide catering for all events, including weddings, birthdays, and bereavements. Oriental Lilies, Roses, Garden Roses, Asiatic Lilies, Orchids, Mints, Herbs, Protea, Gladioli, Hydrangea & Posies, as well as anything the season has to offer, are all part of our selection of flowers.

    FAQs About Flowers

    Stress Buster 

    Flowers work as a mood changer. When you receive flowers, your face instantly brightens with joy! They are proven to improve your overall worse mood and lift spirits. Waking up to a gorgeous arrangement of flowers around you on your nightstand will start your day off right and fill you with positive vibes. Sending flowers to someone going through a tough time is so popular to boost their minds and make them happier. Have you noticed this? If not, then send flowers online on their doorstep and see the magic on their face. 

    Perfect Gifting Option

    Should you send a gift of flowers bouquet to your loved ones? We will say yes! Flowers are one of the best and ideal gift options you can present to your close ones on their special occasions and moments and lift their mood. From birthday celebrations to Valentine’s day, people loved to present flowers as a gift. And now, with the emergence of digital India, there has been quite a boom in online flower delivery, and anyone can grab the best flowers gift for their loved ones.

    Healing Power

    Flowers have many powers beyond beauty and emotions. Withholding many meanings and sentiments, they have been known to help cure medical diseases for many centuries now. Some flowers are known to fight against nausea and provide pain relief. This unique skill has led to the creation of many health medicines. These are the main things we can’t imagine in life without flowers. And there are many places in India where people still usings flowers or herbs to get rid of the illness. 

    Unique Fragrance They Hold

    Different flowers hold different fragrances. Many of you do gardening outside your home or decor your living area with flowers. Why? Have you noticed something behind this? You love to get a whiff of the flowers. Right? They spread mallow and fragrant aroma all around and please your soul.

    Give Words To Emotions

    Sometimes, finding the right words to express your emotions seems complicated. And in that, flowers help you to speak your heart out. People would give their loved ones beautiful flowers to express their feelings of admiration and love. For years blossoms have been used as a way to send unspoken messages of the heart. This secret language is attractive and leads us to love flowers.

    Finalise the Wedding Budget

    Most couples spend about 8% of their wedding budget on floral arrangements. However, you may end up spending more or less depending on how many flowers you need and what types of flowers you prefer. Finalise the wedding budget before meeting with a florist, so you know how much you’re willing to spend on flowers.

    Hire a Wedding Florist

    Before you hire a wedding florist, ask about their previous work. Online reviews of florists can also help you get a good idea of their talents in putting together bridal bouquets and other flower arrangements.

    Each florist has its unique style, so it’s important to choose a florist who understands your vision for the wedding. A florist will be able to tell you what flowers will be in the season for your wedding and help you come up with ideas that fit your wedding’s theme, venue, and budget.

    Remember the Venue

    You need to make sure your floral arrangements complement the wedding location. For example, a bridal bouquet of lush red roses would suit a romantic boutique inn, like sunflower centrepieces would suit an outdoor wedding venue. After all the trouble you had finding a unique wedding venue, make sure that your floral decor matches.

    Be sure to tell your florist the style of the venue you’ll be using, whether it is rustic, elegant, or somewhere in-between. Remember that the flowers used for the wedding ceremony venue may need to be different from the flowers used for the wedding reception venue, depending on their styles.

    Get Inspired

    In the past, people used bridal magazines to get inspiration for weddings. (Not saying that you still couldn’t look at magazines.) Now, most couples find wedding inspiration on the internet. For example, Pinterest allows you to save ideas to a “board” so you can view them later. You may also want to ask your family members and friends what flowers are their favourites or re-watch your favourite TV show episodes that feature weddings. Inspiration for your wedding can come from anywhere.

    Explore Popular Wedding Flowers

    Is this your first time planning floral arrangements? If so, you may want to read up on popular flowers used for weddings before meeting your florist. While you don’t have to become an expert, we recommend knowing the basics, such as the difference between a rose and a peony. It’s also important you know that certain flowers can make bouquets fragrant, such as lilacs or sweet peas. When your florist starts making suggestions, you’ll be happy that you took the time to learn the language of flowers.

    Stick to Your Colour Scheme

    Let your florist know your colour scheme, so they’ll be able to recommend flowers. For example, lilies come in various colours, while hydrangeas have a narrower colour palette. Keep in mind that you don’t have to match your flowers exactly to the colours used for your wedding. However, you’ll want flowers that complement the rest of your decor. A florist will be able to choose flower colours that will complement your colour scheme and look good in photos.

    Employ Radiation

    You may use a material such as floral foam to achieve the perfect radiation of stems from your container or vase. The way your stems radiate should appear natural; it isn’t necessary to have perfect spacing between each stem. If some stems are too short of contributing to pleasing radiation in your design, you can elongate them with the use of wooden floral picks.

    Aim for Balance

    Balance in a floral arrangement doesn’t mean that every bouquet must be symmetrical. For example, the final arrangement may have a crescent or right triangle shape and still be pleasing to the eye.

    Check the balance of your arrangement by examining it from the front, back, and top of the bouquet. If your design looks crooked to you from one of these angles, counterbalance the arrangement by adding or removing flowers or foliage.

    Use Contrasting colours

    Combining bright and dark flowers is a common way to give a floral arrangement extra eye appeal. Green flowers can play an important role in contrast, as they pop out against both warm and cool hues if you favour the darkest burgundy flowers, which can appear nearly black in some lighting, place them beside white, pink, pale green, or peach flowers, so they don’t recede into the darkness.

    Consider Dominance

    A focal bloom can contribute to the dominance in a bouquet, but dominance can also mean a dominant flower is used throughout the design or a dominant texture like ruffled petals is featured in the design. The design element that is important to you can dominate your floral arrangement, whether it’s wildflowers or your impressive mixed zinnia cutting garden.

    Add a Focal Point

    Most mixed flower arrangements employ a focal point, which is usually a stunning large or unusual bloom or blossom cluster that draws the eye. These flowers are often more expensive than the other filler flowers in the arrangement. A large peony, garden rose, or orchid will stand out from smaller flowers such as alstroemeria or poms.

    Remember Proportion

    Your flower arrangement should be in proportion with the space where you will display it, as well as with the container or vase that holds the blooms. A petite nosegay can brighten up the countertop in a powder room but will go unnoticed in a large sitting room. Flower frogs may enable you to insert large blooms into small dishes, but this pairing will not seem proportional unless you follow ikebana principles.

    Use Repetition

    Just as repetition in the flower garden lends unity to the design that enhances its appearance, so does repetition in the vase, albeit on a smaller scale. You may have several bright yellow flowers scattered throughout the design or the careful placement of several spiky flowers like gomphrena or sea holly.

    Consider Rhythm

    A floral arrangement with a good rhythm will make your eye wander across the entire design, rather than just causing you to glance and look away. Repetition can guide your eye across the design, but a varied bouquet can also provide a visual path for the eye to follow.

    Include Transitions

    When a mix of flower shapes and sizes are part of your floral arrangement, a gradual transition between the types will make the final result appear natural. This is important when gathering flowers in various states of bloom, such as peonies or roses. Place the smallest buds at the top and centre of the design, followed by partially opened blooms, while inserting the full blossoms at the bottom or centre of the arrangement.

    Add Variety

    There is much to be said for a large bouquet of roses, but variety creates excitement in a floral arrangement. Even if you are smitten with one type of flower, add variety to your piece with greenery or twigs.

    The language of flowers has been recognised for centuries in many countries throughout Europe and Asia. They even play a large role in William Shakespeare’s works.

    Mythologies, folklore, sonnets, and plays of the ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and Chinese are peppered with flower and plant symbolism—and for a good reason. Nearly every sentiment imaginable can be expressed with flowers. The orange blossom, for instance, means chastity, purity, and loveliness, while the red chrysanthemum means “I love you.”


    According to Poison.org, animals that nibble a few azalea or rhododendron leaves won’t feel a whole lot of discomfort, however, those who ingest large parts of the plant could start vomiting and go into toxic shock.

    And it turns out that honey made from bees who frequent azalea and rhododendron plants can be just as dangerous! “Mad honey” was once referred to by people of ancient Turkey, who would often fend off their enemies by feeding it to invading Romans, as it can cause confusion and vomiting – sometimes even death.

    And it’s not just the pets you have to watch out for, it’s your kids. Children have even gotten poisoned by these plants at home if they ingest the flowers or their nectar.

    Poison control centres have even noted an increase in such cases every spring.


    While these bright yellow flowers are always a welcome sign that spring is in the air, they’re bad for your pets. According to the Pet Poison Hotline, daffodils, like tulips and hyacinths, contain strong alkaline substances that can cause vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and even cardiac arrhythmia.

    Also, just like with tulips, hyacinths, or any other poisonous plants, always contact your veterinarian immediately if your animal has ingested daffodils or if you suspect they may have.


    There are two kinds of crocus. Spring crocuses can cause vomiting and diarrhea. While the late-blooming crocuses, also known as meadow saffron, autumn crocus, naked ladies, naked boy, or son-before-the-father, are much worse.

    According to the Poison Garden, late-blooming crocuses can prompt renal failure – even in humans who ingest the plant.

    The substance found in the crocus, colchicine, was once used to treat gout. However, an overdose can cause cholera-like symptoms plus a slow, agonising death. The FDA has since banned companies from marketing any drugs containing colchicine.

    It’s best to keep your pets and children away from the autumn crocus.


    Oleander can be found growing along roadsides in both the southern and western United States, as well as in backyards and gardens across the country. The flowering plant is popular for decoration, yet it’s one of the most deadly.

    According to Wag Walking, all parts of the oleander plant are poisonous, including the seeds, fruit, nectar, and sap – however, the toxins are most concentrated in the stem. Even standing water near where oleander grows can be turn out to be poisonous.

    The potency of several oleander leaves is enough to kill a horse. In popular literature, folk songs, and film, the plant is described as an effective poison – because it is. That is why any person or animal who has ingested oleander will quickly start to experience an increased heart rate and diarrhea, and medical attention should be sought immediately.


    Kalanchoe is native to South Africa and Australia, however, it is used as a decorative plant around the world. It blooms during the summer months, and unfortunately, the glycoside compounds found within the plant can become concentrated in the bright flowers, it ends up attracting hungry animals who sadly end up poisoning themselves.

    Stem by Stem - Flower Shop Mt. Eliza

    stem by stem flower shop mt. eliza


    03 9770 1998


    For almost 20 years, Frankston, the Mornington Peninsula, businesses, hospitals, and schools have received the freshest flowers and most exquisite gifts from Stem by Stem Florist. two daily deliveries to the nearby communities of Frankston, Mt. Eliza, Seaford, Langwarrin, and Mornington.

    Our flowers are sent out directly from the growers in order to ensure lifespan. We take great pleasure in our quality and freshness. We provide a huge variety of stunning bouquets and seasonal cut flowers. All of our presents, which are made and owned in Australia, come beautifully wrapped at no extra cost.

    Teddies, luxurious body products, plants, balloons, wine, chocolates, jewelry, and home goods are all available from Stem By Stem for all types of celebrations, including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, sympathy, love, thank you, birthdays, and corporate events. Please contact one of our distinguished florists or use our online flower purchasing tool to learn how we can produce for any occasion.

    Lost In Florals - Flower Shop Mt. Eliza

    lost in florals flower shop mt. eliza


    0403 669 635

    Greetings from our shop! An online florist called Lost in Florals focuses on daily deliveries, weddings, parties, and memorials.

    Hayley Veale, a licensed florist with over 10 years of expertise, launched Lost In Florals in Mornington Peninsula. She has over the years styled events and created magnificent flower arrangements while working at some of Melbourne's premier florists. In order to continue using her artistic flare and produce one-of-a-kind, superior floral designs, Hayley made the decision to expand her love and launch Lost In Florals.

    We take great satisfaction in making your experience with Lost In Florals as simple and professional as we can. We enjoy planning events and delivering gorgeous blossoms throughout South East Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. To see all of our most recent offerings, go to products. We love to accommodate special requests, so if you'd like anything special, head over to our custom order form. We'll get in touch with you right away to discuss your request.

    Somerville Florist - Flower Shop Mt. Eliza

    somerville florist flower shop mt. eliza


    (03) 5977 5887

    Welcome to Somerville Florist.

    Founded more than 50 years ago! Our wide delivery area includes suburbs on the Mornington Peninsula. Our florist staff takes great pride in creating the ideal arrangement for you. Please feel free to call us if you need more assistance from a member of our staff.

    Bodhi & Me - Flower Shop Mt. Eliza

    bodhi & me flower shop mt. eliza


    (03) 5916 1299

    Welcome to our Flower Bar, Mount Martha.

    Carefully prepared by our staff and delivered throughout the Mornington Peninsula, or available for in-store pickup. Order pre-made bunches from our website and pick them up in person at our Mount Martha store.

    With love, Leanne and Jess. The greatest, regionally grown flowers will always be provided to Peninsula residents by Beachside Mount Martha Florist.

    Preserved Fleurs - Flower Shop Mt. Eliza

    preserved fleurs flower shop mt. eliza


    0410 514 495

    On Victoria's stunning Mornington Peninsula is a florist called Preserved Fleurs, which operates out of a studio. We at Preserved Fleurs are dedicated to offering a lovely variety of dried and preserved flowers to each and every one of our customers. These flowers are artfully arranged into bouquets and arrangements that are appropriate for gift-giving, interior styling, and/or shop or cafe styling.

    Our preserved and dried flowers are non-allergenic, long-lasting, and require no watering. They are also very cost-effective, require little upkeep (just an occasional light blow dry), and are extremely durable. They are available for online ordering at any time. For a fixed price of $15.50, we also provide Australia-wide shipping.

    We would be happy to hear from you if you have any questions. Use the contact form on our website to get in touch with us, or send Suze Debernardi an email at debernardisusan@gmail.com.

    Fresh Floral Designs - Flower Shop Mt. Eliza

    fresh floral designs flower shop mt. eliza


    0418 387 131


    For any event, our talented staff will design new floral arrangements. All inquiries are welcome. Our goal is to create floral arrangements that meet your requirements. Are you interested in checking out some of my flowers? Scroll down and click on the top left contact box to access Instagram.

    Early in 2010, Fresh Floral Designs became a legally recognized company. We have a small team of women who are committed to creating each floral arrangement with great care and attention to detail at our home studio, which is situated in Mt. Martha on the Mornington Peninsula.

    Our goal is to create a fresh floral arrangement for every occasion because we have a deep love for floral design. From a final tribute to a great life to the celebration of a new life, we can assist you with your particular floral needs.

    Daily floral arrangements, births, birthdays, engagements, weddings, wedding anniversaries, corporate designs, moments of thanks and inspiration, get well wishes, and funeral arrangements. We have artistic creations that are heartfelt.

    Herbaceous Flowers Shop Mt. Eliza

    herbaceous flowers flower shop mt. eliza


    03 9787 4956

    Every day, we purchase fresh flowers and, if feasible, we help local growers. From Monday through Saturday, we offer flower delivery within the Mornington Peninsula. We strive to always have something a little unique on offer as a modern florist with a natural freedom of artistry.


    Flowers are a beautiful way to bring romance and elegance to your wedding day since they enhance the beauty of the occasion and make your guests feel welcome. Our primary goal is to design exquisite bouquets and arrangements for small, private weddings. Our floral arrangements largely rely on roses and other seasonal blossoms, showcasing the finest that the season has to offer. Additionally, we adore combining native and wild Australian flora into our creations.

    We take pride in obtaining the finest raw materials from a variety of regional farmers as well as the Melbourne Flower Market. Due to the fact that we only take on a small number of weddings each year, you can count on receiving excellent customer care and attention to detail. Ask a question now to find out if we're a good fit for you. We carefully select the items on our wedding menu to highlight those that we believe offer the best value for our customers.

    Holly Ginnane - Flower Shop Mt. Eliza

    holly ginnane flower shop mt. eliza



    On the Mornington Peninsula, there is a unique floral studio called Holly Ginnane. The studio is open for events, weddings, photoshoots, weekly commercial accounts, and weekly flower deliveries. Holly travels for events in addition to her local employment. Floral design made perfect sense given their love of nature and their passion for design, and their firm was established in 2020.

    Our company guarantees to deliver the most gorgeous flowers to your door without harming the environment. Our primary goal has been and will always be sustainability. From the time we source, buy, and deliver your blooms, we take this seriously. As a result, we leave a little carbon impact. Our flowers are special. There are no two alike. This is why we are confident that you will adore them.

    Florence Avenue - Flower Shop Mt. Eliza

    florence avenue flower shop mt. eliza


    0413 715 250

    We’re your seasonal florist on the Mornington Peninsula

    At Florence Avenue, we use environmentally friendly floral arrangements to bring nature within and spread joy. Whether it's making someone smile, experiencing nature, or adding color to your house, we're here for life's little moments. Our arrangements are earthy, soft and elegant, with each bouquet being as beautifully unique as the people who display them.

    At Florence Avenue, we favor preserving rather than destroying the environment. Utilizing recycled stickers, paper, and ribbon helps us reduce our environmental impact (made from recycled water bottles). There is 0% flower foam in our recycled and biodegradable floral packing. Additionally, we responsibly dispose of green trash.

    The Mornington Peninsula's newest location for classy, classic, and whimsical flowers is Florence Avenue. I'm overjoyed to see you here.

    Florica - Flower Shop Mt. Eliza

    florica flower shop mt. eliza


    0412 411 996


    Without weddings, what kind of company would we be? We adore every aspect of weddings! Therefore, for your special day, we can create whatever you might possibly imagine, including buttonholes, throwaway bouquets, table centerpieces, arbour designs, and flower installations. Additionally, when you sign up as a client, we make a personalized Pinterest board for you so that we can both find the proper inspiration for your day and learn more about what you are looking for. Along with the setup service, we also provide delivery before or on the day of the event.


    Are you planning a party and feel like it needs something extra? We concur! Why not add a few fresh flowers to your event if you feel it could use a little flourish? Otherwise, we enjoy donning our thinking caps and brainstorming ideas to assist you in planning an occasion that is #special and identical to the one you have been pinning and stalking on Instagram. So instead of stressing yourself out, why not give us the styling reins?

    About Us

    Hi! We are Pam and Brittany, a Mornington Peninsula mother and daughter team. We are overjoyed by our amazing team's support. Our sister/daughter Chanelle helps with social media interaction. On our big days, Noel, our resident handyman and logistics coordinator, is in charge of everything moving-related. And Aunty Kim, our close friend who is also an expert on wine.

    Blooms on Bentons - Flower Shop Mt. Eliza

    blooms on bentons flower shop mt. eliza


    03 5973 6439

    We have the finest and most recent selection of plants, flowers, and gift items in Mornington Peninsula.

    In the picturesque Mornington Peninsula, known for its stunning beaches, are old country home retreats, vineyards, and olive groves that have a Mediterranean feel to them.

    Blooms on Bentons has a combined floristry experience of over 40 years and continually strives for details and excellence through the entire delivery chain from flower selection, flower care & respect, floral designs, customer service through to our delivery commitment. In contrast to the fast-paced society of today, we nevertheless take the time to listen to our clients and offer them guidance and explanations.

    Poppy Culture - Flower Shop Mt. Eliza

    poppy culture flower shop mt. eliza


    0472 767 791


    On the Mornington Peninsula, in Melbourne, and nearby, we create stunning flower arrangements, unique events, and decorative styling for brides, businesses, and others.

    We were established in 2012 and are situated in Mornington. Our florist team has a combined expertise of more than 50 years, and we are happy to have produced more than 750 events to date. You can feel at ease when seeking for decorative solutions for your wedding or event thanks to our professionalism and "can do" attitude.

    We Love Flowers!

    Our professional and dedicated staff takes great pride in creating and realizing bespoke creative projects. In addition to being published in TOAST Magazine, Cosmopolitan Bride, Ivory Tribe, Magnolia Rouge, Bride To Be magazine, Wedding Playbook, Modern Wedding Magazine, Hooray, Melbourne Wedding and Bride, Hello May, and being blogged by TOAST weddings, Polka Dot Bride, Style Me Pretty, Weddings HQ, Hello May, and White magazine, Poppy Culture is proud to have its florals on the cover of that publication.

    Flora By T - Flower Shop Mt. Eliza

    flora by t flower shop mt. eliza


    0412 063 444

    Melbourne, Australia-based Flora By T is a fine art floral design studio. Our flower creations capture the perfect beauty seen in nature. Our specialties include contemporary corporate events, weekly home and office arrangements, and group workshops for bridal showers, baby showers, and other events. We also specialize in exquisite and traditional wedding floral design.

    Your Wedding Day

    We want it to be perfect because this is your special day. Your bouquet will showcase your unique sense of style, taste, and self. It will be what makes your ceremony come to life. The buttonholes are the final, delicate finishing touch. Your bridesmaids' bouquets are designed to complement your own in the same way that your maids assist you on your wedding day.

    The moment when you make your vows are life-long memories; these moments are intimate. Keeping this in mind, our arrangements are made with great care. Add to the essence of the special time of your receptions with a personal touch through your florals. Bring outside inside.

    Mimosa Flowers Shop Mt. Eliza

    mimosa flowers shop mt. eliza



    Melbourne, Victoria-based Mimosa Flowers is an Australian flower studio that specializes in long-lasting beautiful floral designs using preserved and dried flowers. Our goal is to make floral bouquets, arrangements, and installations that are beautiful for a very long time—and perhaps forever. For a long-lasting look, we mostly employ Australian native flowers and foliage that has been dried and preserved. We use environmentally safe, flowery foam-free materials in our bouquets.

    Additionally, we only provide a small selection of fake flowers. To ensure that our flowers meet and even exceed expectations and are authentic down to the smallest details, we only assemble silk and real touch flowers of the finest caliber.

    In our online shop, you can chose from a variety of carefully crafted dried or silk bouquets, but if you'd prefer a customized option or something completely different, please get in contact. Melbourne's metro area and the Mornington Peninsula are our delivery zones. For orders outside of this, kindly get in touch with us first.

    Whether it is a free-flowing or a more structured design, we are concerned with producing a distinctive but natural-looking arrangement. We personally deliver our dried flowers throughout Melbourne Metro and the Mornington Peninsula to guarantee they arrive in mint condition.

    Flowers by Zak - Flower Shop Mt. Eliza

    flowers by zak flower shop mt. eliza


    0458 988 745

    Simple, affordable, memorable flowers for all occasions

    I became a home florist and am based in the coastal town of Mornington. After a lot of effort and extensive web networking, I began to distinguish myself from the other Mornington florists. I will transport flowers seven days a week whether you want to send them as far down the Mornington Peninsula as Sorrento, Merricks, Rosebud, or Dromana. I also make Sunday deliveries from Cape Schanck to Frankston since I think birthday flowers should be sent on the actual day. Why should I choose Flowers by Zak out of all the florists in Mornington?

    Every arrangement that leaves my flower shop carries with it a potential warm smile and a message of love and care. This is what sets me apart from other flower sellers. Whether it is including a special color flower, a certain type of flower with personal meaning, or simply a feeling the sender wants to create for the recipient.

    Flower recipients, whether for a sad or happy occasion, always flash me a smile and a twinkle in the eye as they delight in the flower gift. I live for these moments like the Opera singer live for the applause. Let's discuss your requirements for flowers and together we'll come up with the ideal option. When saying your last goodbyes to a loved one, it can be as simple as sending them a bouquet of Baxter-grown roses or it can be as elaborate as a lavish arrangement.

    Blossom Club - Flower Shop Mt. Eliza

    blossom club flower shop mt. eliza


    Flowers, floristry's artistic flair, and all the surrounding beauty are all things that I adore. I enjoy collaborating with customers to provide and offer a personalized service where no two bouquets are alike, knowing that the flowers I design will bring the receiver joy and affection.

    After spending the last 14 years in Fashion, I became obsessed with always being around beautiful flowers, going to a course after course and always wanting more. My sister and partner generously gave me two courses in floral design for the fantastic Bloomin' Marvellous School, and I consider this to be a great blessing. I quickly became addicted to learning, perfecting, and making arrangements in order to satisfy my artistic side.

    Blossom Club was created out of my drive to pursue my love, share it with others, and provide beauty every day. In Melbourne's South Eastern Suburbs, I have a studio that opened in 2021. I design flowers that are a little off-the-wall, less conventional, and possess a wild quality.

    Eliza Flowers Shop Mornington

    eliza flowers shop mornington


    03 9781 1856

    For 60 years, Eliza on Heatherhill has met the floral requirements of the Mornington Peninsula (Victoria, Australia). Our goal at Eliza on Heatherhill is to give consumers dependable, individualized service and high-quality goods. We provide a variety of helpful suggestions to make your flower present even more memorable.

    We offer a variety of gifts, plants, teddies, balloons, and wines to meet all of your demands. Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning, we visit the Footscray Flower Market to make sure we are giving you the highest-quality, freshest cut flowers possible.

    We are here to look after you and guide you in choosing the option that best suits your requirements. Whether you need flowers delivered locally or across the globe, the girls can handle all of your needs. Please give us a call and allow us to provide you with our timely, professional, and personalized service, whatever of the situation, whether it be a birth, anniversary, wedding, sympathy, corporate arrangement, or just to express your love for someone.

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