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Top 20 Garage Fit-Out Renovations Adelaide, South Australia

If you're like most Adelaide, South Australian homeowners, your garage is a workhorse – it's where you store all your stuff, and sometimes even park your car. So why not make it as functional and comfortable as possible? Check out our top 20 garage fit-out renovations to get inspired! From simple tweaks like adding flooring and storage solutions, to more major overhauls like creating a workshop or home gym, there's something for everyone here. Happy renovating!

Ultimate List of Garage Fit-Out Renovations in Adelaide, South Australia

Garage Smart

garage smart

1800 517 294



GarageSmart® is a team of friendly, professional garage organisers committed to creating the perfect customised storage solution for your garage.
GarageSmart® is owned by Enficet Group, a 100% Australian owned and operated company. GarageSmart® aims to bring great products to the Australian market.
GarageSmart® pioneered the 'SmartWall' garage storage system in Australia in 2004 and has built a reputation for providing a premium product along with friendly and professional service.
At GarageSmart®, we love nothing more than seeing our happy customers being able to clear up the clutter and reclaim their lives.

Tailored Solution

At GarageSmart®, we take pride in delivering a tailored storage solution that can adapt to your changing lifestyle and needs.

Customer Friendly

We enjoy long-lasting relationships with many of our customers who return to upgrade existing solutions or require fresh ideas for their new homes.

Quality Products

We pride ourselves in offering various home and outdoor storage products that make organising your interior space, backyard and garage a stress-free process.


GarageSmart® pioneered the Garage Storage Solutions category in Australia in 2004, setting the benchmark for Garage Organisation & Fit-Outs. With 18 years of experience and the help of the latest technologies, we have perfected the techniques of remodelling elite garages. GarageSmart® is a totally independent and privately owned company with a passion for turning cluttered garages into fully functional areas of your home. We work tirelessly to ensure that our customers receive exceptional service and are fully satisfied with their premium garage renovation.


Over 40% of Australian homeowners park their cars in the driveway because the garage is too cluttered. Does this sound like you? GarageSmart was founded on the principle that garages were intended first and foremost to store your vehicles. So let us help you to reclaim your garage from the clutter with the best garage storage in Australia.
GarageSmart Australian garage storage and organising solutions have years of experience using modern technology and perfected techniques to remodel elite garages for satisfied customers. We work tirelessly to ensure that our customers receive exceptional customer service and are fully satisfied with their premium garage renovation.
Our professionals provide a high-end variety of remodelling solutions, including garage shelving, flooring, cabinets, SmartWalls, lighting, parking lifts, custom garage doors, garage wall hooks and more.


Australian garages are not just for storing vehicles; they are storage hubs for many items which can turn your garage into a disorganised mess. GarageSmart Australian Garage Storage Solutions can help organise your space without hurting your wallet.
Garage storage solutions have been brought together worldwide at GarageSmart. Need more garage storage space? Try hanging your bicycles, tools and gardening equipment from wall and ceiling mounted brackets. In addition, we have garage cabinets, solutions for timber, ladders and fishing rods.
It's not uncommon for our garages, workshops, and garden sheds to become the place where everything that doesn't have a place gets put. And without the right storage solution and an easy system for organising stuff, this can only mean one thing – chaotic mess and frustration. At GarageSmart, we offer an affordable garage solution.

Garage Outfitters

garage outfitters


Team collaborates closely with The Garage Organisers. We have experience in all aspects of garage storage, garage design, and garage installation throughout Australia. Allow us to use premium garage storage solutions to make your garage, shed, or workspace more orderly and tidiness.


Since we have been in the garage storage business for a long time, our guiding principle has been "there are no shortcuts to a quality finish." Everything else flows from the preparation, which is the key. To ensure we have a foolproof plan, a new storage system for your garage shed or workstation always begins with a quote. You will have a garage storage solution that is installed to your precise specifications if we stick to the plan. With "a place for everything and everything in its place," we meticulously plan your garage storage system from the start to accommodate everything you will need to keep. We also plan for any future adjustments, taking into account more homeowners or the installation of a larger car.

When considering a significant garage renovation, a good garage design is essential. All of our garage designs are created using computer-aided design (CAD), which ensures that all measurements are accurate to the millimeter. They also align with our onsite measurements and the client's requirements. The Garage Outfitters and our clients enter into a working contract based on the authorized designs, shielding us from misunderstandings and errors.

Tidy Wall

tidy wall

1300 843445

Your garage, office, business, showroom, or storeroom may be organized with TidywallTM, a cutting-edge, incredibly sturdy wall storage panel. It is a cutting-edge structural composite comprised of 18mm thick extruded PVC that is completely recyclable. Waterproof, UV-protected, mold-resistant, TidywallTM is also easy to clean and never needs painting. As a hybrid alternative to the typical MDF Slatwall wall storage solutions used in retail markets all over the world, TidywallTM was created. It is manufactured to be lighter, stronger, better looking and last longer than any other Slatwall or wall storage panels available today.


Because of its excellent aesthetics and commercial strength, TidywallTM is the ideal wall storage system for any shopfront, office, shed, workshop, or house. Unused wall space may be transformed into tidy, organized spaces using TidywallTM. It has been built to be durable so that it can withstand the roughest treatment any environment can dish out while yet looking attractive enough to fit in with even the most clever design constraints. With TidywallTM Wall Storage Accessories, you may arrange and rearrange your belongings as much as you like for the rest of your life after they are fitted.

Garage Fit Out Renovations FAQs

If your garage door has only minor damage but it's getting on in years — say it's 10 to 20 years old — you may want to consider a replacement. An older door is likely to need replacement sooner rather than later.

At a bare minimum, you should perform power cleaning and parking lot cleaning once a year. This is to perform maintenance and upkeep on the garage itself and area around the garage.

Living in a garage is only legal if the garage has been converted to a habitable space through the proper Permits. Renovating the garage without the proper permits may not count as a legal bedroom and having human sleep in that space can be a big enough violation to result in fines.

Having short sales and especially foreclosures on your street decreases the value of your home. Even if they are not direct comparables, as in same square footage and the number of bedrooms and baths, they are in your immediate neighborhood, so can make the entire area depreciate in value.

If your garage is beginning to seem cramped, you may feel the urge to expand it to allow for extra space. The good news is that the benefits of a garage expansion are exponential! Once you work out the details of zoning and structural limitations, you can expand your garage to create the space you want and need.

Garage Flex

garage flex

1300 655 845

Provide solutions for the walls, ceilings, and floors of your garage, assisting in creating a family-friendly space that is cleaner, more efficient, and organised. Our services include a full Design and Install solution. We design the layout of your garage using specialised software, and our skilled team of fitters will instal it for you. We also offer floor tiles and the option for you to furnish your own garage by purchasing our products from our online store. We are active all over Australia.

Wall Storage Solutions

Add storage to one, two, or three of the walls of your garage. Wall cladding made of FlexiPanel is initially installed on your walls. Our storage and accessories are then attached to these walls in various places. If you decide against it, you can clip off and move around.

Garage Flooring Solutions

PVC interlocking garage flooring is beautiful and durable, and it can transform a concrete garage floor. This adaptable flooring option, which comes in a variety of designs and colors, completes the garage renovation and, in the process, creates a wow factor that you get to enjoy every day.

Rackman Australia

rackman australia

1300 722 645

focuses on installing storage products, trading them in, and supplying them, including new and used shelving and racking. possesses proficiency in racking inspections, consulting, and design as well. From the first measurements to the last installation, a consultant will work closely with you thanks to our hands-on approach. Although we are grateful for the assignment, we won't consider it complete until our esteemed client is happy with the outcome.

The distributor for STOW storage products in WA and SA is Rackman. These products include Selective, Drive-in, Double Deep Racking, as well as more specialized items like the STOW Atlas Pallet Shuttle, Pallet Live Storage, and Mobile Racking. Due to our company's independence, we are able to offer both new and used versions of the most well-known brands and goods, including Dexion, Dexion copy, APC, Colby, Global, Alpha, SSI, and others.

Rackman is an entirely Australian-owned and run company that provides comprehensive coverage of customer demands in the storage sector through a network of dependable domestic and international suppliers. We specialise in new and used storage solutions, as well as installation, relocation, and trade-in.

Home Ideas

home ideas

61 8 8297 1045

The Home Ideas Centre was one of the first permanent home product display centers in Australia and opened in Adelaide more than 40 years ago. The idea was so well received that it was adopted in Australia and New Zealand. Right now, we offer Home Ideas Centers in Melbourne and Adelaide.

We want to be the one-stop shop for homeowners looking for information on goods and services for construction and renovation. Visit our store to browse hundreds of home goods, choose your favorites, and pick up some free brochures. The Home Ideas Center is the ideal starting point for your upcoming home improvement project.

Benefits to your Business

Less expensive than running and owning a standalone showroom for your company. Boost the visibility of your company and establish a reliable supply of new leads.

Benefits to your Customers

Give your customers the chance to explore your products at their own pace and in a setting that is comfortable for them. Our knowledgeable, welcoming team will welcome your potential consumers and hand them flyers and information.

The Garage Organisers

the garage organisers

Garage Storage Products from The Garage Organisers

This website was created to present you with the most comprehensive overview of Garage Storage Products and the virtually limitless design options they offer. It can make your garage into more than just a storage space for your house's belongings. It will also raise the interest worth and resale value of your biggest investment with a little planning and design.

More and more individuals today are realizing that the garage is one of the biggest and least-used spaces in the house. We step in at this point. You can make the garage into the workhorse, a place to keep your cars and additional habitable area for your home, with good design and high-quality storage solutions.

Gladiator Garageworks

gladiator garageworks

1800 452 354

Gladiator Garageworks is a versatile, expandable, and easy-to-install storage system that fits any garage and any need, big or small. Gladiator Garageworks was created by the garage's crew and debuted in the United States in 2002. Until that team of Whirlpool designers decided to think outside the box, the garage had always been... well, a garage... a place to park your car and pile all the clutter that wouldn't fit anywhere else. Gladiator Garageworks, on the other hand, can change the use of your garage. That's where you should hang out.

Gladiator Garageworks Storage Solutions offers a cutting-edge wall system with robust sliding wall components, including hooks, garage shelving, and attractive, long-lasting steel cabinets, all of which are intended to hold your equipment securely and neatly in place.

Gladiator Garageworks is hardy, fashionable, and simple to clean. Gladiator Garageworks has a strong construction. Gladiator Garageworks will only ever be purchased once. And we're glad about that! Gladiator Garageworks installation is as simple as A, B, and C. Follow the directions in 1-2-3. Gladiator Garageworks Storage Systems can be used in a variety of settings, including the garage and the home office.

Creative By Design

creative by design

1300 366 245

Creative by Design quickly established itself as the industry leader in custom wardrobes, providing a one-of-a-kind end-to-end service that included design, manufacture, and installation. The name was changed to Creative by Design to reflect the company's new position as a market leader in custom home storage solutions as it became known for its clever storage solutions.

At Creative by Design, we recognize our staff members' talents and dedication to their specific jobs. Because they are experts in their fields, we are extremely clear on who does what task. Your new custom storage solution will not only be beautiful and practical, but will also have lifetime value because you are working with a staff that is laser-focused and has decades of experience.

Clever laundry and garage storage solutions

If your garage and laundry room take up the majority of your home's storage space, it might be time to invest in a sturdy, custom storage option from Creative by Design. With ingenious shelving and cabinetry made to organize your life and find homes for everything from cleaning supplies to manchester, gardening equipment, car products, prized possessions, and more, we can help you free up space.




The entire selection is now offered by StoreWALL Australia and is supported locally out of our Melbourne office. Please read our website to learn a terrific method for organizing your filthy laundry, garage, workshop, or gym.

Makes and sells high-quality wall-mounted storage solutions for your home, workshop, and business. Our extensive product line includes everything you need to effectively organise your cluttered environment. We have a large selection of panels that are complemented by bins, hooks, baskets, tote bags, shelves, and brackets.

Our product line is made with high-quality materials and techniques, ensuring quality and durability. Furthermore, no system is easier to set up than this one. StoreWALL Australia is the official distributor of the products. We are an Australian family business with offices in Melbourne's Ashwood. Use StoreWALL wall-mounted storage options to expand and organise your space. You can organise your laundry, workshop, storeroom, or garage with exceptional garage storage solutions.

Closet 1 Interiors

closet 1 interiors

920 249-6345

Our goal is to give you storage options for each and every area in your house. Custom closets, garage cabinets, laundry rooms, kitchen pantries, and other areas are all included. Everything we do is specifically crafted to fit your demands and lifestyle. Each project is carefully constructed to guarantee that you get a high-quality finished good that will maximize your storage space.

Closet 1 Interiors Has Appleton Area Garage & Home Organization Covered

Closet 1 Interiors has everything you need to turn your house and garage into the completely functional and organized place of your dreams, from premium garage cabinets to showroom-quality custom closet systems. You can get rid of clutter and reclaim your floor space with the aid of our organization methods! You might be in store for a home or garage renovation! To learn how you may reclaim your space, get in touch with us right away.

An expert designer from our team will visit your home to evaluate your space and storage requirements. The designer will then work with you to create a storage system that suits your demands and budget after having a solid concept of the space you have available and the products you would like to keep.

Innovative Garages

innovative garages

317 743-2854

We solemnly swear to you that we will only recommend things that we would place in our own homes. I am personally available to help with you to design a system that best suits your needs if you are unclear of what you want. Give Innovative Garages a call if you need help remodeling your garage.

Innovative Garages Has Indianapolis Area Garage Organization Covered

Innovative Garages has everything you need, from premium garage cabinets to epoxy garage flooring that rivals that found in showrooms, to turn your house and garage into the completely functioning and organized spaces of your dreams. You may free up floor space for the things that belong, like your car, by using our garage organization items to get rid of your clutter. The garage is typically the most underutilized place in your home while being the largest open space.

Your garage's space is all too frequently wasted due to obscene and overpowering clutter! But with our full, turnkey design and installation services for garage cabinets, garage flooring, and other garage storage options, you can make the most of every square inch of room your garage has to offer. Perhaps you should remodel your garage! To learn how you may reclaim your space, get in touch with us right away.

Dura Garages

dura garages

01280 700545

Creating tailored solutions for the world's leading brands

We have a solid name in the car business and offer distinctive garage interior solutions for the residential market in addition to working with almost all of the most prominent automakers. Nine of these, including Aston Martin, Audi, Ferrari, Maserati, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Mercedes Benz UK, promote or need Dura furniture as part of their corporate rules in their workshops.

Complete design, manufacturing and installation

In addition to our production facilities, Dura has a skilled design team located at our Northamptonshire headquarters in Brackley. For every one of our clients, we offer a customised design service where we handle every phase of the project, from the first concept to the last installation. With so many improvements and our continued innovation plans, it is clear to see why we were nominated for the 2016 Great Faces of British Business competition and received several other prestigious awards, including the Queen's Award for Enterprise and the Red Dot Design Award.

Our enthusiastic team works together to uphold a single, straightforward ethos: offering premium garage furniture with unmatched levels of service. We have become an icon of the British manufacturing sector because to this concept. It indicates that we have a proud workforce with a terrific work environment and a great sense of teamwork.


steel line

1300 767 945

Sells, instals, and services residential garage doors through a network of 21 fully owned and distributed branches across the country. Direct product sales are made to end users, builders, and resellers through the Steel-Line and Dynamic Door Services brands. Unlike our competitors, who frequently rely on third parties, Steel-branch Line's network allows it to control the entire client experience.

Steel-Line products are made in a centralized, best-in-class facility in Brisbane for the East Coast markets, with certain custom doors also made in Melbourne, Geelong, and Newcastle. The West Coast market is served by its factory in Perth. For more than 40 years, Steel-Line has provided garage door solutions to Australian households. In addition to many regional locations, we operate offices in each state capital.

Leading home construction companies in Australia favor our garage doors. Throughout every project, we keep our word and provide frank, open counsel. We have received numerous honors for our designs. Every door is made specifically for your house, with no shortcuts or inexpensive foreign steel. With many insert and design options, such as acrylic, aluminum composite panels, polycarbonate multiwall, and Western Red Cedar, aluminum-framed garage doors are available. Our sectional garage doors are available in hundreds of colors and five fashionable designs, including Colorbond, DecoWood, and UniCote LUX. The finishes available are woodgrain, smooth, rendered, and matt.



1300 887 445

We are an Australian family-run company dedicated to preserving your garage while providing a high-quality solution for your home or business. We'll be there for you every step of the way, whether you order our products over the phone or online and then receive them. Even as our product line has grown, we have maintained our core beliefs. We have always prioritised reducing airflow, saving you time cleaning, and eliminating pest problems. Cleverseal is known for producing high-quality products.

Australia's Leading Garage Door Sealing Company

Are you tired of your garage being invaded by smoke, drizzling rain, extra water, vermin, dust, coastal corrosion, pollen, and wildfire embers? Use a sealing technique to close the spaces between the door and the floor to keep the outside out. Despite the weather outside, the tight seal will keep the inside of your garage clean.

Better Built Industries

better built industries

08 8341 2945

From garages and sheds to verandas and industrial buildings, we offer a variety of beautiful and cutting-edge constructions. We design and make everything ourselves and can supply and install them for you without a problem. Instead, you can use one of our DIY kits to build and install them yourself.

We'll have a thorough conversation with you about your needs and price range. All design decisions, including the paint job, door, and roof, will be under your control. Size and placement are considered at every stage to best suit your property.

Better Built Industries can easily install your new garage or shed, or if you prefer to assemble it yourself, we can give you a DIY kit that makes assembly simple and effective. In either case, you'll be astonished by the high caliber of our structures. Better Built Industries can make any building you need, from a brand-new workshop to a vehicle for your dream car. Depending on stock, call us for a free quote and same-day delivery.

CP Interiors

cp interiors

01534 768154

Adrian Colston-Weeks and Leeana Taft, two siblings, are the owners and operators of the neighborhood family business CP Interiors. We are always keen to offer all customers a first-class service both in domestic and contract work—attention to detail and excellent customer service from start to finish. With Dura's collection of creative garage ideas, create a wonderfully organized garage interior that embodies all you love about life.

For the past 17 years, Dura has listened to clients and created solution-led garage interiors that go above and beyond their expectations. We can make your garage into a fashionable yet functional environment where you'll want to spend your time with Dura's exclusive line of interior garage goods. Your dream garage fit-out is now more feasible thanks to Dura's versatile selection of bespoke garage cabinets, garage flooring, and wall storage options.

Refresh Renovations

refresh renovations

1800 93 18 54

Refresh was born out of a desire to offer homeowners a workable solution to their remodeling problems. Prior to the creation of Refresh, homeowners would frequently endure chaotic schedules, overspent budgets, and stress from having to handle everything alone. The Refresh approach helps renovation professionals around the world give homeowners custom home upgrades. These professionals, who are locally owned and run, can handle every aspect of your remodeling for you. This could involve planning, scheduling, building, cost estimates, council approvals, and decorating. With Refresh, finishing renovations on schedule and within budget is expected rather than the exception.

We have examined the home improvement industry from every viewpoint, which has enabled us to meet the needs of both homeowners and renovation experts as well as craftsmen. The Refresh model gives homeowners a secure way to overcome their remodeling apprehensions while giving business professionals a chance to concentrate on their excellent work while working with a helpful and amiable crew. Who benefits from the Refresh process, you can inquire of Refresh's global CEO Lal Meyer. and he'll convince you that everyone benefits. Lal claims that the Refresh process is motivated by a responsibility to comprehend the objectives of refurbishment clients and offer solutions. Franchise owners of Refresh are thus given a fantastic opportunity to completely change their professional lives.

Garage Conversions

Refresh Renovations may assist you in transforming your garage into a new area that will complement your interests and way of life if your car is currently parked in the driveway and your garage is accumulating junk from the rest of your home. You can convert your garage if you want to expand your home without having to deal with the headache of buying a bigger property. A remodeled garage is a common choice among home owners and can frequently raise the value of your house.



1300 851 345

The company is based in Australia and is run by a family. We serve clients both locally and internationally. Steelspan provides a variety of customised storage options for the residential and commercial markets. There is currently a modular steel shelving system, cabinets, tool hanging, lockable tool drawers, workbenches, and small parts storage boxes available. Visit our product pages to browse our current inventory of storage solutions. Devoted to providing solutions to our clients while remaining modest enough to adapt quickly to changing needs. Please contact us if you have a specific storage requirement to see if we can assist.

One of the authorized Snaplock RaceDeck Suppliers is Steelspan Storage Systems. RaceDeck manufactures, sells, and installs more modular garage floors than all of its rivals combined, making it the unchallenged leader in the garage flooring market. Seven different types of garage floor tiles, fourteen standard colors, and countless custom color variations are all available from us.

RaceDeck floors are excellent for a variety of spaces, including garages, basements, airplane hangars, commercial garages, and floors for trade shows. Each module of RaceDeck simply "Snaps" into place, leaving no mess or harmful gases behind during installation.



1300 165 154

All manufacturing facilities and the equipment installed in them are of the highest caliber in terms of safety, capability, and presentation, according to Stratco. Modern technology is present in all manufacturing sites thanks to the company's ongoing investments in machinery and plant as well as the design and manufacture skills of the engineering support staff.

The capabilities of Stratco's roll forming, folding, pressing, cutting, moulding, and fabrication equipment, as well as the many knowledgeable and experienced team members who run them, are reasons for pride. These talented team members guarantee that all items produced by Stratco are of an extraordinarily high standard through the use of premium raw materials, cutting-edge and effective machinery, and manufacturing procedures.

The manufacturing and engineering teams of Stratco work closely together to uphold their reputation as a superior and innovative manufacturer. This collaboration has led to the creation of numerous inventively designed machines and distinctive manufacturing processes.

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