Top 50 Garage Shelving Solutions Australia (2024)

If you're like most homeowners, you probably have a lot of stuff stored in your garage. And if you don't have any shelving in your garage, it can be tough to find a place to put everything. That's where garage shelving comes in. There are all sorts of different types and styles of garage shelving, so finding one that works for your needs can be tricky. But don't worry, we're here to help! In this post, we'll take a look at some of the best garage shelving solutions out there. 

To help you get started garage shelving solution hunting, we’ve rounded up our favourite Garage Shelving Solutions from right across Australia.

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    Ultimate List Garage Shelving Solutions in Australia

    StorageSmart - Garage Shelving Solution Australia


    1800 517 294

    Reclaim your garage with FLEXIMOUNTS®

    The top DIY garage storage brand in the world, FLEXIMOUNTS®, is exclusively introduced to Australia by StorageSmart®. With 20,000+ favorable reviews and ratings, FLEXIMOUNTS® is the top-selling garage storage brand on Amazon. The three biggest home improvement retailers in the globe, THE HOME DEPOT, LOWES, and WALMART, all carry the most FLEXIMOUNTS® garage storage goods.

    The wall mount orientation of FLEXIMOUNTS® garage storage solutions offers a significant advantage over protruding and impinging floor-based shelving units. Floor space in garages is scarce. Take everything off the ground. Products from FLEXIMOUNTS® are simple to install and come with high-quality mounting hardware, a detailed installation instructions, and a template.


    GarageSmart - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    garagesmart storage cabinet solutions melbourne

    1800 517 294

    Shelving, Baskets & Hooks

    A wide variety of Shelving, Baskets, and Hooks are available from GarageSmart® that simply clip and engage on your SmartWall System.

    Since Shelving, Baskets, and Hooks are completely changeable across your SmartWall without the need for direct fixing, reconfiguring them is simple. You'll appreciate the versatility and storage space that our SmartWall accessories provide with their limitless configuration options.

    Your knowledgeable GarageSmart® consultant will provide you advice on what accessories you need based on the objects in your garage during our on-site visit. A customized garage storage solution that satisfies your individual demands will be given to you.


    The goal of the courteous, experienced garage organizers at GarageSmart® is to design the ideal, personalized storage solution for your garage.

    Enficet Group, an entirely Australian-owned and -operated company, is the owner of GarageSmart®. Great items are what GarageSmart® wants to introduce to the Australian market.

    In Australia, GarageSmart® invented the "SmartWall" garage storage system in 2004 and has earned a reputation for offering a high-quality product and welcoming, helpful service.

    Nothing makes us happier than seeing our satisfied customers get rid of their clutter and recover their lives.

    Tailored Solution

    We take pleasure in offering a customized storage solution that can change to meet your changing needs and lifestyle at GarageSmart®.

    Customer Friendly

    We have enduring ties with many of our clients who come back to improve current solutions or who need new ideas for newly constructed homes.

    Quality Products

    We take pride in providing a range of indoor and outdoor storage solutions that make organizing your garage, backyard, and interior space simple and stress-free.

    City Shelving - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    city shelving

    +61 8 8345 1267

    Top Shelf Products & Services

    Since City Shelving has been providing client service for over 20 years, you can trust that we are industry experts. We will work tirelessly to find you the ideal solution, whether you only require a single bay of industrial shelving or an entire raised storage area. Finding you the ideal product is important to us, and we want you to be happy working with us.

    Because of our experience, we can identify the source of your storage problems, improve efficiency, and make the most use of the space you have to store things. In Adelaide, where clients were considering relocating to larger facilities, we erected numerous raised storage rooms. The amount of storage space in their current facility has increased thanks to our raised storage spaces.

    We can do a full warehouse fit-out with high-quality materials and brands you can trust. This could contain items for materials handling and safety, as well as pallet racking, commercial shelves, workbenches, cabinets, and lockers. View some of our completed projects and testimonials from happy clients by visiting our website.

    FAQs About Garage Shelving Solutions

    Get Rid of Everything You Don’t Use

    A lot of the stuff that’s cluttering your garage is, frankly, junk. Your son’s old bicycle that he’s grown out of. Your daughter’s old, broken toys. That lamp the dog knocked over and smashed last Thanksgiving. Decluttering means getting rid of all that junk, which will free up a lot of extra garage space. A good rule of thumb is this; if you don’t need it, want it, or use it regularly, chuck it. There are a few ways to do that, including:

    • Have a garage sale. Sell your used stuff and make a few extra bucks.
    • Donate gently-used things to charity, like Goodwill.
    • Take a car or truckload of junk to your local dump.
    • Put a ‘curb alert’ on Craigslist. Then, put all your unwanted stuff on the curb. (People will come and take it away, almost like magic, we promise.)
    • Give things that still work (but you don’t want them) away to neighbours and friends.

    Don’t Toss Your Spouse’s Things.

    How to declutter and organise your garage is one thing. It’s necessary and can give you a garage you love to use! On the other hand, getting rid of stuff that belongs to your spouse is a real ‘no-no.’ People keep things for different reasons. What may look like junk to you may be a treasure to them or have significant sentimental value. So, organising or not, wait to throw or give away something that belongs to your spouse. (It will almost certainly prevent hurt feelings and arguments.)

    Organise Your Garage With Shelving

    Did you ever notice how a shelf helps you keep things organised inside your home? Well, they can do the very same thing in your garage too! Your local big-box home store sells heavy-duty metal and plastic shelving that can take a beating. Better still, shelves help you use vertical space rather than floor space. As a result, you’ll instantly be able to move around more freely in your garage! 

    If you don’t want to buy a shelf unit, you can purchase shelf brackets and make shelves out of wood. This can allow you to go higher and put things nicely out of the way. You can also hang one long frame that spans the length of your garage’s wall. No matter which shelving you choose, it will instantly declutter your garage and leave it more organised!

    Declutter and Organise Your Garage With Bins

    Clear plastic bins are, in a word, awesome. They hold all sorts of stuff and have closing lids that don’t need tape like a box. You can see what’s in them, too, making finding something a breeze. They’re also very affordable. The fact is, most big-box retailers put clear plastic bins on sale regularly! So you could wait until they have a deal and then stock up!

    Fire Risk. Storing several cardboard boxes together, especially in a small space, can be a significant fire risk. This is because cardboard degrades over time, and if it’s stored in a space that gets hot, such as a shed or loft in the summer, it gets very dry.

    Also, what is the best way to store books in a garage? The ideal place to store books is pest-free, like an attic or a garage, as long as those spaces aren’t subject to big temperatures changes and are well ventilated. Never keep books in a damp spot; the mould that grows in damp places will damage them, along with any other paper-based objects.

    Propane Tanks

    Cooking outdoors with family and friends is a ubiquitous pastime, and you need propane for a good barbecue. However, while you may store some of the barbecue items in the garage, it’s best to leave propane outside. Very often, the valve isn’t completely closed, causing one kind of leak; sometimes, the tanks have another type of leak.

    Propane gas leaking is an explosive situation and deadly. Instead of risking your life, store the tank of propane outside in a secure, enclosed space without sparks – like the garden shed.

    Clothing and Bedding

    Bulky coats and linen need a place to rest during summer. Common city animals such as raccoons and skunks look for a soft clean nest. If comfortable, that claim jumper will bring family and friends along.

    Instead, find winter clothing storage areas inside your home, in sealed plastic containers or old suitcases.

    Paper Products

    A growing number of people are adopting green lifestyles and recycling religiously. However, recycling causes expensive headaches in the form of pest control if done improperly.

    Fresh Food

    Most homes have pet food and wild bird seed, but garage storage for these items is taboo. Stockpiling food makes it a luxury hotel complete with a five-star restaurant for vermin. Seal those items and store them inside your pantry.

    Temperature-Sensitive Items

    Wine should never be stored in your garage. Exposure to extreme heat can damage the composition and colour of wine, making it undrinkable!

    Paint, refinishing solvents and stain in garage storage will spoil. Some paints separate, and you’ll be left with a curdled, unusable mess. Also, paint cans sitting on a cement garage floor will rust through very quickly. It’s science.

    Canned Food

    A stockpile of canned vegetables has a shorter shelf life in garage storage and will freeze over the winter.

    Good Housekeeping states that “A stockpile of canned tomatoes, beans, and more has a shorter shelf life in a room that gets hotter than 70 degrees (and when temps reach 95 degrees, the food will spoil quickly). If your canned goods freeze in the winter, they can be thawed, but the quality might diminish.”


    Fridges control the temperature of your food, but as heat rises, your fridge works harder to keep food cool. You will see it on your energy bill if it’s in the garage.

    Vinyl Records & 8mm Film

    Mice and other pests nest in celluloid, and vinyl records become ruffled like Grandma’s doilies in garage heat.


    The DVD players, phonograph players, televisions, and computers you’ve been meaning to donate to charity could get damaged in extreme heat or cold. Then they will do nobody any good.

    Declutter First

    The first step to any organisation process is decluttering. Take a weekend (or two) to declutter all of the junk that is currently in your garage, as well as any extra storage that you want to keep in there. Next, purge your items by selling, donating, or throwing away anything you don’t need or want.


    Once you have decluttered everything you no longer need, organise the remaining items into similar piles or categories. This will help you get an idea of how much storage space you need and what kind.

    Plan Your Storage

    Before you start throwing things in bins, it’s important that you first create a proactive plan so that you can keep your items organised for years to come. Without a plan, likely, your garage storage will soon get out of control again, and you’ll have to reorganise later.

    Consider Accessibility

    For the items that you use often, you’ll want to make sure that you store them in a way that makes them easily accessible. For example, if you’re an avid fan of outdoor sports, you wouldn’t want to stuff your equipment in a bin and hang it overhead where it’s difficult to get to. If you feel the need, make a list of your “categories”, rate them on how often you’ll want to access them, and plan your storage accordingly.

    Label Your Storage

    Proper labelling is a part of any good organisational system. We advise that you mark your bins and baskets with removable labels so you can switch them out in the future as your storage evolves. With labels, you don’t have to dig through various bins to find your Christmas decorations, thus saving you loads of time in the long run.

    Leave Room for More

    If possible, make your garage storage dynamic and leave room for more items in the future. As your life changes, you don’t want to be cramming new bins into an overstuffed garage‚Äîit’s a real hassle that can be avoided.

    Home Gym

    If you lead a busy life – and who doesn’t! – it can be tricky to fit in regularly to go to the gym. And if you feel unfit, a gym membership may do more to discourage you than help you work out. Others prefer to do their exercises in peace and privacy. So why not address all these issues by turning your garage into a home gym?

    Repurpose your unused garage, string up a punching bag, stack up a few weights, and add an exercise bike. There is no need to buy a whole load of expensive machinery. Even just a yoga mat and some weights will do just fine. What is important is that you have that separate space for working out at home.

    Movie Room

    Now that the average Joe can buy a whopping projector screen from places such as Argos, creating a movie room in your garage is a piece of cake. Invest in a couple of squishy sofas, a soft rug or two and a decent sound system and, hey presto, you’ve got yourself a fully-fledged home cinema with not much effort.

    Of course, you can take comfort levels up a notch by professionally insulating the room and adding heating – it’s all a question of budget and personal preference. Finally, add a mini-fridge for cold drinks and a huge bowl of popcorn, and you are all set to binge-watch the latest blockbusters.

    Guest Room

    Turning your unused garage into a guest room can be the perfect solution for having friends visiting, the in-laws over, or as an annex for the au pair. However, it is important that you properly weatherproof the garage before converting it into a bedroom.

    Look at damp proofing, insulation, plumbing and electrics to offer your guests a superior level of comfort, ideally with en suite facilities. Unless you’re a seasoned DIYer, you will need a professional builder to give you a quote for the work and set aside a sufficient budget to have the work carried out to a good standard.

    Home Office

    As with a guest room, you are renovating the garage into a home office will take a little more effort than ‘stick a desk in there with a laptop on it. If you’re going to have an expensive computer in the room along with important work files, you want the room to be properly insulated and protected against the cold and dampness.

    Once the room has been professionally converted, it’s time to make the best use of the space. There is a huge range of space-saving storage solutions available on interior design and home websites nowadays, so browse a couple of these for ideas. Even if you normally work on a laptop in the living room, having a home office makes for a great change of scenery and gives you that uninterrupted workspace you’ve been yearning for.

    Man-Cave/hobby Room

    Salvage a pool table. Get yourself a La-Z-Boy chair or a dartboard and a mini-fridge to make a man cave. Or fill the room with paints, a big table and easels to make an arts and crafts room. Perhaps you’ve been looking for a safe space where you can sew with reckless abandon. The garage could be the answer to all of that!

    If you and your partner cannot decide on an overall theme, why not split the room? Most people don’t care about the size of the space, just that they have space where they can relax and cultivate their hobbies.

    ABRSS - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    abrss garage storage cabinet solutions melbourne

    (03) 9762 9556

    Racking Melbourne

    The ABRSS team has the expertise and skill set for any storage challenge with over 100 years of industry experience serving a variety of customers, including large established organizations and smaller jobs of all kinds and sizes!

    The knowledgeable staff at ABRSS (All Brands Racking and Shelving Solutions) offers the greatest products the market has to offer to all consumers at a competitive price.

    In addition to providing storage systems for homes and businesses, they also prioritize product quality, client satisfaction, and cost. We provide the cantilever and drive-in racking, long span shelving, new and used pallet racking, and shelving and storage options that homeowners need for their garage or home workshop in addition to the shelving and storage options that business owners need for their warehouses.

    Gerry Brown’s - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    gerry brown’s

    07 4633 2424


    Utilize your vertical space more effectively with a variety of Gerry Brown's shelving solutions. When you maximize your storage capabilities, productivity and workflow are simple to improve. With high-quality shelving goods made to be functional, make the most of available space, and last, our experts can assist you in planning and designing a unique solution to make your space work better for you.

    Alternately, you can select from a variety of high-quality flatpack solutions that can be utilized in the office, garage, workshop, shed, and other parts of the house. Flatpack Shelving Kits from Gerry Brown are very affordable, very sturdy, and ready to use!


    Gerry Brown's, a licensed shelving specialist in Toowoomba in the Darling Downs, specializes in pallet shelving, shelving, and storage solutions. Gerry Brown's is still your go-to local shop for all of your DIY tyre repair and fitting accessories even if it no longer sells used tires. We take pleasure in our specialized service as a family-owned company, and if we don't have it, we'll try our hardest to find it for you.

    Multiple Storage Solutions - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    multiple storage solutions garage cabinet melbourne

    03 8390 4484


    Efficiency and organization are actually equivalent. To organize our workspaces, we frequently don't need a lot of room; instead, we only need to know how to make the most of the space we do have. Shelves can be useful in that situation.

    To make the most of available space and arrange essential goods and resources for quick access, use shelving. Multiple Storage Solutions specializes in developing and installing shelving units that meet your specific space and requirements and offers a wide range of shelf sizes and types.

    Additionally, all of our shelving accessories and solutions adhere to Australian regulations and codes, guaranteeing the highest levels of security and dependability. We definitely have you covered whether you need shelves for your house, office, warehouse, or industrial.

    Rackmart - Garage Shelving Solution Australia


    08 9478 5756

    Why Rackmart

    The authority on office and storage equipment is Rackmart. With our straightforward online store, you can outfit a whole office in a matter of clicks. Whether you're looking for new heavy-duty workbenches, brand-new heavy-duty storage racking, or anything in between, Rackmart has the best selection and lowest costs.

    With both in-store and online purchase choices, Rackmart will simplify your life. Do not have the time to visit us? Not to worry! All flat-packed furniture is available for delivery, and we will even deliver those larger pieces directly to your designated street address*.

    About Us

    Rackmart Pty Ltd has offered storage solutions for residences, sheds, workplaces, and warehouses since 1995. We started off small in a Bayswater warehouse, swiftly expanded to Belmont locations, and are now returning to our roots in Bayswater to continue to expand with a showroom and warehouse. We take great satisfaction in offering a wide selection of high-quality new, used, and factory second products at rates to fit any budget.

    Garage Shelving Solutions Australia

    garage shelving solutions

    0428 714 947

    Our goods come in a variety of sizes, colors, and weight classes and are ideal for all clients and enterprises, large and small. Currently, we service all of NSW and QLD with delivery and stock locations. We offer cost-effective products of a high caliber.

    About Us

    Garage Shelving Solutions only offers the best products for all storage and shelving needs. Our extensive selection varies in size, color, and weight rating, making it ideal for any garage, workshop, or warehouse. We have a diverse selection from various suppliers, selecting only the best products at the best prices and putting them all in one place. Our new products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty.

    CNA Storage Solution - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    cna storage solution

    0480 251 050

    Garage Shelving

    Locate a fantastic collection. For your Australian house, CNA Storage has high-quality garage shelving.

    Get storage and organization ideas to make the most of every square inch in your home and keep things off the floor with our racking unit. Our high-quality racking is available in all sizes and is perfect for garage or any other domestic application.

    Secondhand Pallet Racking

    Pallet racking in good supply, including models from Dexion, Colby, and Schaefer. We stock all the leading brands at the best prices, including new and secondhand pallet racking for sale in Melbourne.

    Rapid Stac Shelving - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    rapid stac shelving

    0452 241 376


    Many hospitals, coolroom providers, canteens, and food franchise businesses in Perth and throughout Australia choose our coolroom shelving items first. We offer some of the greatest shelving Perth has to offer since it is corrosive-free, food-safe, and custom-made. We provide a variety of storage systems made entirely of plastic that are non-toxic and very impact-resistant.

    Among our offerings are plastic pallets, dunnage, coolroom, modular, long span, garage, benches for changing rooms, healthcare and leisure accessories, and plastic items. Our coolroom shelves are lighter and simpler to handle than typical wood or metal shelves since they are totally comprised of high-impact, non-toxic plastic. The product is easy to clean and won't corrode, which will stop bacteria from spreading.

    It is delivered as a flat-pack kit that can be put together by hand. All include the additional mobility option of castors (option of 100% plastic castors). It is adaptable in both kitchens and coolrooms with a weight-bearing capacity of 400 Kg/M2 and temperature resistance of -40 deg C to +80 deg C. In kitchens, food processing facilities, dry stores, and other locations where the hygienic storage of food is necessary, our cold room shelving devices are commonly utilized. Contact us right away if you need a shelf unit, storage rack, or any other units in Perth to help with storage space.

    Storage Sam - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    storage sam

    0405 713 999

    About Us

    Storage Sam is a Sydney-based business that is owned and controlled by Australians. We have specialized in offering premium storage solutions at reasonable pricing since our establishment in 2007. Our products provide storage options for both the domestic and commercial environments and are created specifically for the Australian market. We are committed to offering dependable, adaptable, and reasonably priced high-quality products.

    Our dedication to providing excellent customer service supports the high caliber of our products. Customer satisfaction is very important to us and is paramount to our business model.

    Our company's goal is to continue providing our premium items and top-notch customer service in order to become the leading retailer in the shelving sector. Storage Sam is pleased to be a wholly Australian-owned and -operated business.

    Garage Storage World - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    garage storage world

    08 9248 4849

    Garage Storage Systems & Organisation Solutions

    The pioneering and original garage organization business is located in Perth, Western Australia. For your garage, we offer whole organization, storage, and improvement options. So, whether you require a single product, a particular solution, or a total makeover, we can help. For a free consultation and no-obligation quote, get in touch with us right away!

    About Garage Storage World

    One of Australia's first organizations with a sole focus on garage organization and storage goods is Garage Storage World (GSW), based in Perth. GSW was established in 2007 with the straightforward objective of giving Australians access to the top products produced by garage companies around the globe.

    Since 2007, GSW has assisted thousands of individuals in decluttering and organizing their garages while also beautifying their garages and increasing the value of their homes. Dealing directly with the company's owners and workers ensures that you will receive the greatest caliber of individualized attention, service, and workmanship when working with GSW. To learn how Garage Storage World can assist you, get in touch with us immediately.

    StoreWALL - Garage Shelving Solution Australia




    Utilize wall-mounted storage options from StoreWALL Australia to enlarge and organize your area. With StoreWALL's exceptional garage storage solutions, you can organize your garage, workshop, storeroom, or even your laundry.

    Our goods are made to last because to their high-quality components and construction. Our superior toughness Plasterboard, concrete, masonry, metal, and wooden studs are just a few of the surfaces plasterboard, concrete, and waterproof slatwall panels can be mounted on. Use our wide selection of industrial-grade Hooks, Brackets, Shelves, Totes, Bins, and Baskets to complement your StoreWALL Slatwall panels.

    Our proprietary all-metal CamLokTM is standard on all StoreWALL accessories. Until you wish to relocate them, this remarkable mechanism helps keep accessories locked in place. We provide a wide selection of finishes to match your room's decor. Every space can have a specific aesthetic. Trust StoreWALL, the finest value in garage storage solutions, with the things you cherish.


    With the most flexible Slatwall panel system available, StoreWALL, you can safely add Hooks, Brackets, Shelves, Totes, Bins, and Baskets to store your possessions. Then anytime you feel the need, update and modify it. We can assist you with getting organized, whether it's for your garage, workshop, laundry room, or fitness area.


    Industrial-grade and long-lasting accessories are available from StoreWALL. Your heaviest things can be held by StoreWALL systems (90KGs or more). Our garage wall panels made of weatherproof thermoplastic won't fade, rust, or get weathered. Items are secured to your new wall using our patented CamLokTM locking technology.

    Steelspan Storage Systems - Garage Shelving Solution Australia


    1300 851 378

    About Us

    A family-run Australian company, Steelpan Storage Systems. We provide clients with services both domestically and abroad. For the residential and commercial markets, Steelpan offers a variety of customized storage options. Currently available items include a modular system of steel cabinets, workbenches, tool hanging, lockable tool drawers, and shelving. To browse our current selection of storage solutions, visit our product pages.

    Steelpan is devoted to helping its clients find answers and is sufficiently small to adapt quickly to changing needs. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have a specific storage need to see if we can help.

    Oz Shelving Solutions - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    oz shelving solutions

    1800 697 436

    Premium Quality Retail Shelving Units & Fixtures

    Add outstanding shopfitting displays and creative storage options to your store. Oz Shelving Solutions offers a wide variety of practical and custom solutions to match your demands as Australia's top experts for high-quality retail display shelving and store fittings.

    With dependable and long-lasting display shelving and shopfitting materials, you may enhance the aesthetic appeal of your store design while still meeting your shop floor and visual merchandising needs.

    The Retail Display and Storage Shelving Experts

    At Oz Shelving Solutions, we have the most reasonably priced high-quality retail display shelving and shopfitting options in Australia. Our helpful staff is happy to answer any questions you may have and will provide you personalized advise. Our customers have the option of purchasing directly from the importer, which results in a more efficient and quick process. We supply shelving for stores and other equipment to different industries.

    Shelving and Racking - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    shelving and racking

    (08) 8349 6623


    Design Services

    With the help of your input, our sales consultants will create a design concept that will increase storage capacity, effectiveness, and safety while also taking into account your operating needs. A well-written layout makes the proposal obvious and makes it simple for customers to provide comments on the storage system's final design and layout.


    Your pallet racking and shelves can be taken apart, transported, and then put back together by our skilled installation team. Prior to your relocation project, we may examine your current pallet racking system to make sure it complies with pallet racking regulations and that safe working loads can be properly applied. Damaged pallet racking shouldn't be replaced; instead, we may perform maintenance and repairs or help with replacement parts to guarantee that your pallet racking is reinstalled securely and is ready for use.

    About Us

    A South Australian-owned and -operated company, Shelving & Racking Australia, specializes in offering commercial and industrial storage systems. Our warehouse is ideally positioned in Wingfield, South Australia, to serve the Adelaide market as well as the larger South Australian market. The full life cycle of your storage system can be covered by our service offering, which includes designing and laying out storage systems, supplying and installing storage equipment, performing inspections, maintenance, and repairs, adding and moving things around, and dismantling or trading in surplus and end-of-life parts.

    GarageKing - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    garageking storage cabinet solutions melbourne

    1300 208 503

    World Class Garage Storage Systems in Melbourne & Beyond

    World-class garage shelving products are what GarageKing is known for manufacturing. Our designs, which are based in Melbourne and are available for delivery to the majority of significant Australian cities, are certain to maximize the space you have in your garage or shed. Additionally, we offer everything you need to make sure your garage is space-efficient when combined with our modular kits, which include anything from wall bays and workbenches to golf bag holders and tool racks.

    Each of our items is made from premium components, such as stainless steel. This helps ensure their longevity so that you can have a convenient, highly efficient work or leisure zone at your disposal for years to come. Discover why we have a reputation for making the best garage shelving systems in Australia by perusing the fantastic selection in our online store.

    Highly Modular Garage Shelving, Cabinets & More

    For more than 45 years, GarageKing has been producing useful and fashionable garage items. As a result, you can be sure that the premium modules and accessories you purchase from us are made with materials that will ensure their longevity even under routine daily use for many years to come. We produce goods that are every DIY enthusiast and lifestyle enthusiast's dream, from cutting-edge cabinets to fishing rod holders, wine racks, and workbenches. We take this action because we are committed to giving you and your garage or shed nothing less than the best.

    Super Rack - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    super rack garage storage cabinet solutions melbourne

    1300 884 483

    Garage Shelving Best Seller | Brisbane | Melbourne | Australia

    Are you searching for warehouse storage systems or garage storage solutions? You are in the proper location! With a variety of sizes and weight ratings, we have the largest selection of garage shelving. They are the most widely used storage options for garage sheds and warehouses.

    Our website now features a fully featured online store that allows you to order long span shelves, get freight prices, and finish the entire ordering process in one location! Most importantly, for your convenience, PayPal, Afterpay, and Zip are now also offered. Super Rack always has something available to meet your demands. Please take your time looking through the items on our shelves.

    Australian company Super Rack specializes in storage options. We are specialists in long-span shelving, cantilever racking, and pallet racking. With more than 10 years of experience in the racking and storage sector, we strive to supply top-notch goods backed by our illustrious history of exceptional customer care. We currently operate warehouses and customer support centers in Melbourne and Brisbane.

    Stormor - Garage Shelving Solution Australia


    1300 880 845

    Stormor is a leading supplier of shelving, racking and storage.

    Purchase directly from our website, or get in touch with our knowledgeable staff, who can provide comprehensive turnkey storage solutions for any application that are both affordable and timely.

    Garage Shelving

    Stormor has everything you require to maximize the storage space in your garage. Stormor has the workstation, heavy-duty racking, or tool storage for your garage that you're looking for. We provide a large selection of shelf kits that are simple to assemble, available in a number of sizes, and may be customized to match your area.

    Toprax - Garage Shelving Solution Australia




    Storage problems? floors that are too full? Are your possessions accumulating and your business completely disorganized?

    Disorganization in your workplace, warehouse, or business can significantly lower employee productivity and hinder your capacity to meet corporate objectives. The same holds true for your home and your life. Clutter in your home or garage is unhealthy, and it reduces productivity.

    Organize your chaos right now to stop destroying your life and your business. We have a wide selection of shelving and storage racks at Toprax. We offer the organizational solution that is best for you, whether it is for your home, garage, warehouse, or business space.

    United Storage Shelving - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    united storage

    1300 993 416

    Garage Shelving

    For sheds, residential garages, and retail garages, United Storage offers a variety of metal garage shelving. Our shelf is high-quality, adaptable, and reasonably priced. Please take the time to read our blog post, "What Is Longspan Shelving?" if you want to learn more about United Storage shelving. If you need sturdy, expandable shelving that can support significant weight loads and is also aesthetically beautiful. United Storage's garage shelving is ideal for you in such case.

    Who We Are

    Since 2010, United Storage has experienced organic growth, making it one of the independent storage industry's success stories. Its expansion is credited to offering high-quality products and, more importantly, superb customer service. One of the best return policies is that of United Storage. United Storage is able to provide the cheapest costs because they have solid ties with manufacturers. Some of the highest quality products at the best prices can be found at United Storage.

    Products and Marketing

    The Company’s initial success was founded on its ability to source a range of quality, competitively-priced products through its knowledge and contacts. United Storage soon built a reputation for choosing and providing goods with high dependability and performance at costs that appealed to the very discerning clientele it services.

    Able Storage Systems - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    able storage systems

    (03) 9305 3677

    State Of The Art Pallet Racking And Warehouse Storage Solutions

    Do you need a safe and secure storage solution for the large, enormous, and heavy items you maintain in your industrial plants? We at Able Storage Solutions are one of Melbourne, Australia's most well-known suppliers of industrial storage systems.

    We offer practical warehouse storage solutions to anyone, from little shops to huge distribution centers. We provide a distinctive assortment of pallet racking solutions that can store bulkier construction supplies while taking up less space. For the best industrial storage systems in Melbourne, get in touch with our experts.

    Your facility's storage system will unavoidably serve as the foundation of your business. Without a reliable, adaptable storage solution, managing inventory and storage is a logistical headache waiting to happen.

    Shed and Shelving - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    shed and shelving

    (08) 9418 8302

    Perth’s Shelving and Storage Solutions

    Lacking organisation in the garage, shed or office?

    Shed and Shelving is your neighborhood expert supplier of storage solutions made entirely of steel, and with our direct warehouse prices, your money will go further! We can help you make the most of your limited space with our steel cabinets and storage options, and we can even lock it up for security.

    Own a storage unit or warehouse?

    The unique blue and white heavy-duty long span shelf range will stand out in storage units and warehouses because it is adaptable enough to accommodate a limitless variety of applications. It can be put together in a variety of lengths and can have up to three shelves per bay. The ideal workstation can be created when combined with a workbench.

    Long Span Shelving

    Our boltless long span shelving systems have made garage storage quite simple. We offer 1500mm and 2000mm lengths and 500mm and 600mm depths for our 2000mm high custom long span shelving systems. For storage in your garage, shed, or warehouse, long span metal shelving systems are made of strong, long-lasting steel components that can support even the heaviest of boxes. They won't droop or warp when exposed to moisture, unlike MDF or chipboard equivalents, which frequently do.

    Advanced Racking and Shelving Australia

    advanced racking and shelving australia

    For any industrial, commercial, or domestic area, Advanced Racking and Shelf can source and install racking and shelving solutions. Our goal is to offer high-quality products at cheap prices along with qualified advise on how to maximize your storage space. To make sure you obtain the finest product for your needs, we would be more than delighted to visit your location and meet with you personally.

    We have access to a wide range of products and are distributors and suppliers of many well-known brands. We are always eager to find the ideal machinery to satisfy the demands of our clients.

    Our headquarters are on the Sunshine Coast, and we provide services throughout South East Queensland, including Gympie, the Fraser Coast (Hervey Bay, Maryborough), Bundaberg, Gladstone, Rockhampton, Mackay, Townsville, and Toowoomba (& Surrounds).

    Skyteck - Garage Shelving Solution Australia


    1300 822 828


    Every shed owner is aware of the importance of having adequate garage shelving, whether it be in the form of shelving units or properly designed and installed shelving racks, to reduce mess and clutter, increase productivity, maintain organization, and make it simple to locate any item in your shed at any time.

    Consider this scenario: You're working on a project in your shed for your house or business, but you can't find the resources you need to finish it, and to make matters worse, there is clutter, trash, and other materials all over your workplace.

    Imagine your shed now—it will be tidy and organized, all of your goods will be safely and securely stored, and everything you need will be placed on solid, easy-to-reach shelving units. You can complete your work fast and effectively, and you can always find what you need! Strong, durable garage racks make a difference because they can safely store anything and everything you need to keep.

    Direct Storage Systems - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    direct storage systems

    (03) 5277 0827


    Our aim at Direct Storage Systems Geelong is to provide a variety of storage options, including small parts storage, office furniture, pallet racking, and more. We serve homes, offices, small businesses, commercial and industrial buildings, and warehouses. Melbourne, like many other cities, is served by us.


    Longspan is a durable, cost-effective storage solution that allows our customers to utilise the benefits of high-quality shelving at an affordable price. A decent shelving system is necessary to keep all goods and objects in storage organized since having the best storage system in place will maximize storage space and boost productivity.

    For all of your storage requirements, including box storage, archive storage, retail displays, storerooms, workshops, industrial, commercial, and residential applications, longspan shelving is excellent. One of the numerous advantages of Longspan Shelving is that its pre-assembled frames enable quick and easy building. This gives you a quick and inexpensive solution to remodel your storage space.

    TuDay Storage Solutions - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    tuday storage solutions

    (02) 6653 3356

    Residential, Commercial & Industrial Storage Solutions In Coffs Harbour

    At TuDay Storage Solutions in Toormina, we create storage opportunities you wouldn’t think were possible. Our cutting-edge storage solutions enable your expanding company to maximize available floor space. Pallet racking, long-span shelving, cool room shelving, office furniture, shopfitting supplies, and more are available in Coffs Harbour at the TuDay warehouse. We offer storage solutions to clients in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. From our Toormina office, we provide client service from Taree to the Queensland border, Coffs Harbour, and Western NSW.

    Maximise Your Work And Office Space

    In order to create more usable space in your warehouse, workshop, retail location, workplace, and home, TuDay Storage Solutions delivers store and order. With our 13 years in company and the combined 35 years of experience of our staff at TuDay Storage Solutions, we have established a solid reputation for providing cutting-edge storage solutions.

    We provide a comprehensive selection of space-saving storage goods to our commercial and industrial clients in the greater Coffs Harbour area from our Toormina warehouse. The goods we acquire are adaptable and reasonably priced. In offices, warehouses, and coolrooms of all sizes and throughout all sectors, you can find our racks and shelves. Wherever feasible, we are happy to promote locally owned Australian businesses and their products.

    RockSolid Shelving - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    rocksolid shelving

    +61 425 780 571


    Our quick shelf & workbench systems are distributed all around Australia by RockSolid Shelving. Garage and warehouse shelving is made to be easily adjustable and fast assembled without the use of bolts or screws. If you choose RockSolid shelving, you may organize and maximize the space in your garage or warehouse with a high-quality storage solution. In addition to Melbourne, Swan Hill, Wangaratta, Bairnsdale, Mildura, Gippsland, Mansfield, and Horsham, we now have shelf stockists in those cities as well.

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