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Top 20 Google Ads Agencies in Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

There are many Google Ads agencies in Melbourne, but how do you know which one is the best for your business? To help you decide, we've put together a list of the top 20 Google Ads agencies in Victoria. These agencies have years of experience and a proven track record of success. So whatever your needs may be, one of these agencies is sure to help you meet your goals.

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    Ultimate List of Google Ads Agencies in Melbourne, Victoria

    Nothing But Digital Melbourne

    nothing but digital melbourne

    1300 842 917

    Our company only deals with digital, as implied by our name. We are committed to staying ahead of online trends and offer businesses a strong platform for brand awareness in the world of digital marketing. Nothing but digital unites a regional and international strategy to rule the digital sphere. The brightest talents from the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast make up our nimble, agile team; they are the individuals who give your online presence life.

    That a business called Nothing But Digital is data-driven shouldn't be a surprise. Data is after all our main source of income. Data is also yours when you market online, though. Therefore, in addition to providing clear data on the effectiveness of your PPC tactics, we also leverage this Data to power effective campaigns with laser-like targeting precision.

    Google receives over 100 billion searches each month, so using our Google Adwords services to dominate the search results makes sense. Adwords has led the PPC market for over 15 years, and its search volume data show that the top three paid ads on Google attract almost half of the total clicks on the first page. We step in to make sure that those who click through are the appropriate individuals at the appropriate moment.

    Straight Out Digital Melbourne

    straight out digital melbourne

    0422 236 426

    What Do We Do?

    Everything we do is driven by our enthusiasm for the digital experience, which is built on a foundation of insight and human-centered design. From branding to design, UX and development, SEO, SEM, and social media, we strive to go above and beyond expectations.

    Search Engine Marketing

    Brands that engage in SEM, or search engine marketing, spend money on search engines to improve their search exposure and raise website clickthrough rates. Most brands respond differently to our SEM campaign since we like to run it in tandem with our SEO plan. Increasing conversions is the only objective we have for SEM. A conversion is an action that a user completes on your website that you want them to. It can be to make a purchase, get information about a business, or reserve a gathering at your location. The foundation of our SEM strategy is conversion. We offer a strategy that is exclusively focused on conversions rather than pushing traffic and hoping for conversions because these days, getting website traffic is the cost of admission. To encourage as many conversions as possible, make sure your money is being used as effectively as feasible.

    Ppc Management Agency Melbourne

    ppc management agency melbourne

    1300 00

    Having started off modestly in 2015 by merely providing SEO services, we have since expanded to become a full-service digital marketing agency in Melbourne with a dedicated staff of more than 60 individuals. Not only that, but we are also considered to be one of Australia's digital marketing firms with the quickest rate of growth. In a short amount of time, our customer list has grown to include some of the top brands in the nation. We have a genuine enthusiasm for assisting businesses in rising above the digital clutter. We can build lasting relationships with our clients by creating a smart digital strategy that is focused on efficacy and business impact. Our SEO competence is evident in the fact that we have achieved organic rankings in even the most competitive categories across numerous domains. Our SEM services distinguish themselves from the competition by strategically keyword mapping and continuously optimizing our campaigns to deliver you the greatest results for the smallest cost.

    Being born into the digital age, we understood the possibility of leading the digital revolution. We are motivated by a desire to provide every customer with the finest in class online marketing services and assist them in making their digital ambitions a reality in terms of commercial effect.

    Google Ads FAQs

    But the truth is: There is no minimum budget on Google Ads! So you don't need to risk a big budget on Google Ads to drive sales. Instead, low budget campaigns can dominate your results.


    You can choose between three types of display ads: responsive display ads, Gmail ads, and uploaded image ads. While all three ad formats are effective and can serve different marketing strategies, Google says that responsive display ads get the most reach of all types.

    • Don't Pick Broad or Irrelevant Keywords.
    • Don't Underestimate the Influence of your Landing Page. 
    • Don't Focus on Outbidding Your Competition. 
    • Don't Smash All Keywords into a Single Ad Group. 
    • When You Must Use General Keywords Make Sure You Use An Extensive Negative Keywords List.

    Here are the top 5 reasons your business shouldn't be using AdWords.

    • You Pay For Clicks. Of course, you know that with Google AdWords, you're paying for clicks. 
    • Hard to Compete With Big Companies. 
    • Limited Number of Characters. 
    • Mistakes Can Cost You Dearly.
    • It Doesn't Fit Your Niche.

    The best rule of thumb is to use 20 keywords per ad group. Sometimes you can get away with using a few more, but exceeding a 20 keyword limit signifies that your ad copy doesn't match the keyword being searched as closely as possible.

    Ap Web Solutions Melbourne

    ap web solutions melbourne

    1300 780 112

    At AP Web Solutions, we prioritize specializing over being a generalist. Our team of SEO and SEM experts is made up of top-tier experts with extensive knowledge and experience in one single area: increasing traffic from search engines. We do not outsource the real work and link-building to foreign firms because a client is more than just a number to us.

    In order to offer our clients the best caliber specialized services, we have also teamed up with professionals who specialize in site design/development, conversion optimization, social media & video marketing. Consider us as an addition to your marketing staff. We use sophisticated SEO and SEM techniques, which can only be learned through experimentation and years of expertise. Our objective is to start increasing your company's traffic and sales so you may expand and reinvest in your marketing, which furthers our own growth.

    Social Fox Melbourne

    social fox melbourne

    03 9626 9576

    Web design, Google and Facebook ad campaigns, CRM management, revenue growth, and online marketing are Social Fox's areas of expertise. No matter what sector you work in, we can help your company generate more revenue. We're not your normal agency that draws blood. We only work with clients that we truly believe we can assist. In order to see if we are a good fit, we will call you and ask some questions. We'll investigate if we can help build a custom report for your company based on the information you provide. All of our recommendations are based on what we would do for your company if we were its owners.

    IDENTIFY & CONVERT YOUR DREAM CUSTOMERS Google Adwords are EFFECTIVE and QUICK. But if done incorrectly, it can become quite costly very quickly. A marketing that is laser-focused and produces conversions rather than merely clicks is therefore crucial. Can you imagine suddenly being able to gain a higher market share? The idea that you can increase your sales over night is practically impossible to grasp. Consider extending your hand and grabbing clients before your rivals do. Targeting customers that are actively shopping can result in a sharp increase in sales. When used effectively, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising has the capacity to completely transform almost any industry. Google Ads is a potent two-edged sword that may be used in either direction. Optimizing the number of clicks that convert into actual consumers is essential to your success when every click carries a cost. Because of this, our Adwords services adopt a results-driven strategy, concentrating on precise figures and what drives your company forward.

    Sixgun Melbourne

    sixgun melbourne

    1300 127 361

    The digital marketing firm you require to propel your company into the future is SIXGUN. We are a group of enthusiastic SEO specialists and marketers with the technical know-how to develop and carry out long-term results-oriented programs. SIXGUN is one of the country's fastest-growing SEO agency start-ups. It was founded in 2017 by David Pagotto. We have a solid reputation for providing excellent client service, results, and knowledge. SIXGUN focuses on developing strong website foundations for powerful digital marketing results since it is driven by the goal to offer a better digital marketing experience than what was already on the market. We strive for the best outcomes without sacrificing your consumers' experience, and marketing may be seamless.

    An agency that isn't stuck in the past is necessary given the dynamic nature of the digital world. The search engine optimization (SEO) tactics that were effective in 2008 are no longer effective. SIXGUN doesn't just strive to trick Google for quick results; it also focuses on developing your brand. SIXGUN meticulously designs programs that steadily expand your company and website while delivering long-term results for companies in almost every sector of business.

    Balmer Agency Melbourne

    balmer agency melbourne

    03 9417 7367

    In 2014, when companies were unsuccessfully attempting to traverse the undiscovered social media marketing and digital landscape, Balmer Agency was founded in Melbourne. Cowboys who over-promised and under-delivered clogged up the market (and still do!) and made the process more difficult than it needed to be. Therefore, we recognized a chance to provide not just a full-service marketing firm with ethics, but also to keep digital marketing, website design, and social media services really straightforward and clear.

    We have a lot of experience developing and overseeing digital marketing plans for some of Australia's most prosperous businesses. We work together to help you accomplish your business goals and objectives, which makes it simpler to hit your marketing KPIs. Our client-centered staff has established a reputation for going above and beyond expectations. Digital strategy, social media, SEO, email marketing, website development, and design are areas of expertise for our digital professionals. Together with our clients, we solve problems and work to achieve their specific business goals. We offer a customized strategy to enhance your message, incite discussion, and enthrall your audience.

    Vis Network Melbourne

    vis network melbourne

    1300 777 847

    At VIS, we assist businesses and entrepreneurs in expanding by creating a digital brand and producing high-quality leads and possibilities by 20–30% in 90 days. We live in a digital age, and your clients and prospects constantly consume web content. That's where we, as your dependable marketing team, step in to encourage them to make a purchase from you. Finding out what your potential customers need, want, and value and bringing them to your business is something we are incredibly enthusiastic about. It's all done for you, whether it's using technology to develop your brand, internet marketing, or consulting to show you the way of the professional. You can count on us to provide full-service marketing solutions. Our focus on the bottom line ensures that our clients receive a steady stream of chances and high-quality leads with favorable ROI.

    Tailored Campaigns To Meet Your Unique Requirements

    With a successful Search Ad Campaign, stand out and place first among Google's billions of search results. Make sure your consumers can reach you easily. With captivating text-based, image-based, and video adverts, you can draw in your target audience and raise your click-through rate. Before your audience even clicks on your advertisement, get a jump start and advertise your service. Shopping ad campaigns give your target market information to persuade them to choose your brand over rivals. With the help of a smart app ad campaign, stay in touch with your target audience while on the go. Reach the right audience and keep an eye on the outcomes right away. Put your adverts in front of a targeted group that has already interacted with them. Then, re-engage a target audience that is already intrigued and persuade them to make the ultimate decision to support your business.

    Tpr Media Melbourne

    tpr media melbourne

    tpr. media

    1800 896 599

    Your Products Under The Spotlight With Google Adwords Management

    Utilizing pay-per-click marketing will help your current marketing channels even more. Utilize Google AdWords services to take advantage of search results that SEO isn't giving you, and you'll enjoy the full advantages of a broader audience and more visibility. AdWords is a potent platform for showcasing your offering if your company primarily relies on online marketing to sell your goods or services. Whether you're a small fish in a big pond or a powerful player in your field, realizing your full potential requires being found where it counts most: at the top of Google's first page.

    Using the pay-per-click paradigm of AdWords, another handy tool in Google's arsenal, you can position yourself in consumers' search results. Due to a steady flow of relevant, focused traffic, establish your business at the top of page one and watch it thrive with more click-throughs and greater conversions. You only pay for clicks if you carefully choose the most advantageous keywords to use in your adverts. This strategy enables you to accommodate your budget, regardless of its size, while still gaining the advantages that major competitors would get with extravagant spending elsewhere.

    Predikkta Melbourne

    predikkta melbourne

    03 9388 0008

    Predikkta collaborates with its clients to help them become high-performing digital businesses. We help clients improve their online performance and create long-term value for their stakeholders by combining business and digital technology. We make decisions based on what will benefit our clients and their online future. We assess the tenets of your current system using a data-driven analytical approach, identifying both immediate and long-term potential. Our methodology relies on proprietary software based on Discrete Choice Modelling.

    Clients include the Federal Government and ASX-listed companies. Digital is critical to a company's success. Predikkta's industry knowledge, service delivery expertise, and technological capabilities enable us to identify emerging business and technological trends and develop digital solutions to assist clients worldwide. We proceed with caution and examine the foundations of your digital platform.

    Advisable Melbourne

    advisible melbourne

    1300 812 447

    We are a group of enthusiastic digital experts who sincerely care about our clients' success. As your business partners, we assist you in capturing the online market and expanding your company there. We assist you in engaging with your clients at every stage of the customer journey, from the moment they begin searching for your product or service to the moment they discover it, discover it, check it out, and beyond. We never cut corners and are utterly dedicated to getting the job done.

    Want to increase your online customer base? The best method is to use Google Ads. Google is the place to advertise if you want to attract traffic to your website and convert those visitors into customers, as there are billions of searches made there every day. Google Ads is a true force multiplier for business expansion, but only if you partner with the proper agency. We can help you outperform the competition and increase your online sales thanks to our enthusiastic team of digital marketing specialists and more than a decade of experience managing AdWords.

    Omg Melbourne

    omg melbourne

    1300 433 071

    We are a group of young, entrepreneurial, marketing-savvy, and tech-savvy individuals who have come together to form a force that truly moves the world. Unless we're accomplishing something, we're not happy. We remain active, finding solutions for our clients' challenges and completing the task at hand by being fervently collaborative, perpetually inquiring, and unrelentingly creative.

    How Do Google Ads Work? The clear answer is as follows: Use Adwords to attract clients quickly and effectively. While SEO is fantastic for long-term gains, Adwords provides you with quicker, higher-converting outcomes. How? Targeting your audience is the key. With the aid of Adwords, you may reach the correct customers at the ideal moment—when they are seeking to make a purchase. The actual ROI is there.

    What Is the Buy Intent? People who use search engines have the intention to purchase. It implies that they frequently have a need for the search terms they are using. Therefore, if someone searches "hairdresser Sydney," they most likely want to make an appointment shortly in Sydney.

    Web Marketing Guru Melbourne

    web marketing guru melbourne

    Over 3000 small businesses in Australia have selected Web Marketing Guru because of our results-driven, committed, and open approach to digital marketing. With more than 3000 satisfied customers, Web Marketing Guru is aware of the struggles faced by small business owners. We will take the complexity out of SEO, speak to you in a language you can understand, and offer Guaranteed SEO Results in 90 Days*. Nothing is worse than enrolling in an online marketing program only to see no results and have no understanding what is going on. With our results-driven strategy, we explain our SEO procedures in simple terms while bringing you the clients, leads, and revenue you deserve. Speak with the Web Marketing Gurus—more than 3000 Australian business owners have confidence in us.

    Get PPC Campaigns and industry-recognized Google Ads Management Services in Melbourne and throughout Australia. In the contemporary world, digital holds enormous potential, and Google Ads may help your company more than before. Your ability to be found by clients around the world will be unlocked through high-quality content and an optimized website. With the aid of Google Ads, you may outperform your rivals, build brand recognition, draw in new clients, and expand your company. Professionally managed PPC campaigns will maximize benefits for your business while using the least amount of money. We comprehend the demands of your company and employ a practical strategy to bring in money online. As a consequence, you may manage your Google Ads Campaign while concentrating your time and effort on other crucial tasks.

    Local Web Solutions Melbourne

    local web solutions melbourne

    1300 853 704

    The following lists some of the main services we provide to provide you more information about what we do:

    Researching keywords will help you run data-driven, conversion-oriented Adwords campaigns that boost your sales. Custom Landing Pages - We leverage our knowledge in CRO and UX to develop conversion-focused landing pages that will encourage your visitors to click through to you. A/B testing - To make sure your brand presents itself in the best possible light on Google, we continuously test different ads, landing pages, and other factors. Reporting - We monitor conversions and other important campaign success criteria in order to offer you a thorough campaign performance report.

    Google generated almost $80 billion in revenue from advertising as of 2016; this data alone indicates that a large number of people use Google Advertising and that Adwords is quite successful. If you're like most people, you may find it difficult to recall the last time you used a search engine other than Google to find a good or service. Right? Well, the majority of your customers also feel that way. So people use Google to search for goods and services. Google Ads are the first thing they notice when they arrive. Because Google Adwords provides your company with unmatched visibility, it is well understood that investing in it will pay dividends. With Google Adwords, you can obtain more leads than you can handle without the need for a "lead generator."

    Be Media Melbourne

    be media melbourne

    1300 193 482

    Sounds wonderful, right? A user types a search into Google, and your company appears first. You can accomplish that with the aid of Google Adwords. A significant amount of users—nearly 65%—click on the first Google search result, driving beneficial traffic to your website. Google Adwords, a type of search engine marketing, enables you to locate and retarget your potential clients so they will see your adverts and messaging. Google Ads can quickly increase the number of qualified and prepared to buy clients visiting your website. However, you must first create a solid and well-thought-out strategy on which to base your campaign.

    Avoid being duped by the vanity metrics of click-through rate, cost per click, and impressions. Our experts are instead concentrating on the performance of the bottom line. Instead of producing voluminous reports that concentrate on the wrong things, all of our reporting and strategy is centered on five crucial business KPIs that will accelerate your success. Based on the customer journey from the initial click through the initial lead and continuous revenues, we build and optimize campaigns. We accomplish this using a well-defined strategy and sophisticated tracking across your website so we can quickly learn and continuously get better.

    Reform Digital Melbourne

    reform digital melbourne

    0385 648 509

    Digital is fantastic. There isn't a way to avoid it. Therefore, you sent our team to earth in order to contribute to the development of the digital environment and offer our clients clear and efficient digital strategies. The table tennis team is also rather good. Reform Digital emerged out of need. Since Australia's digital marketing sector had been offering the same "cookie-cutter" solutions for so long, it was time for an agency to take a fresh approach. We can create long-term relationships that transform their marketing campaigns by placing a strong emphasis on conversions and comprehending the demands of the clients to deliver a tailored solution.

    One of the most undervalued aspects of modern digital marketing is conversions. Imagine that you had a stunning billboard on one of the busiest roads in the world, but no one can read the writing because it is so small. Utilizing your current traffic and improving conversion rates improves traffic. In order to increase performance, CRO may be the missing piece of your digital puzzle, whether it's a sale for your eCommerce store or an enquiry for your lead generating website. Through a combination of data-driven methods, our analytical team of UX designers and conversion analysts will identify the revenue prospects available to realize the full potential of your website.

    Castle Jackson Digital Marketing Melbourne

    castle jackson digital marketing melbourne

    03 8582 8702

    Melbourne-based website and digital marketing expert Castle Jackson. We have a great deal of experience building, maintaining, and boosting Google rankings for websites. Working with clients located all across Melbourne, we guarantee a unique website design thanks to our skilled in-house design staff. As a result, we have developed practical, realistic solutions that improve your internet profile.

    The first step in building a successful website is making it easy to use. The second half involves positioning the website so that the right clients may find it. The most measurable and efficient technique to increase website traffic, in our opinion at Castle Jackson's many years of experience and training, is Google Ads. Our skilled Melbourne-based Digital Marketing team will conduct research and create a unique strategy for your Google Ads campaign with a focus on boosting your sales rather than just the quantity of website traffic. In addition, we'll keep an eye on the ads every day and even optimize them all to drive the right kind of traffic to your website.

    Edge Online Melbourne

    edge online melbourne

    1300 621 863

    Both our clients and we value each other's business. We are aware that our professional relationship is based on mutual benefit. More work will be done jointly by us the more successfully we can do your business. How well you market your company has a direct impact on how successful it is. And to put it another way, how well we market your company will directly affect the success of EDGE. We genuinely want you to succeed, in other words. We will continue to collaborate as long as we can benefit your company's growth through our marketing techniques.

    The term "Digital Marketing" had not yet been created when EDGE was founded in 2002. People were only beginning to hear the name "Google," and Yahoo was still Australia's top search engine. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and TikTok did not exist. Back then, MySpace was the social media king. My, how things have changed! You might wonder why this tale is still so relevant today. Today's world is primarily digital, making it difficult to manage in terms of marketing. There are now many various types of digital marketers, but what sets us apart is that we have been around since the beginning.

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