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20 Hens Night & Day Ideas Brisbane, Queensland (2024)

A hen's night is a celebration for the bride-to-be and her friends. It can be an exciting time and requires some planning to ensure everyone has a great time. 

If you're a bridesmaid, finding the perfect hen's party is no easy task. That's why we've rounded up our favourite hens night ideas from all over Australia! So whether you want to have a wild night out or host an intimate dinner with your closest friends, this post is packed full of inspiration and tips to help make sure your best friend has the perfect send-off before she ties the knot!

We've created an ultimate list of Hens Night & Day Ideas in Brisbane, to help plan your next big party.

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    Ultimate List of Hens Night & Day Ideas in Brisbane, Queensland

    Magic Men - Hens Night & Day Ideas Sydney

    magic men


    1300 624 426

    Our sexy and attractive male strippers and witty topless waiters will make your ladies night in Melbourne one to remember, whether you're celebrating a birthday, throwing a hens night, bachelorette party, or just having a fun girls night. The Magic Men can do private presentations for you and your guests in suites, private function locations, and homes throughout Melbourne.

    Each Magic Man has the physique, the charm, and the skills to thrill and please audiences while providing more than just a predetermined routine. Our male strippers can create a classy and seductive display that is just what you want because they are skilled dancers as well. Various shows are available to match ANY party's THEME.

    So get in touch with us right now if you're seeking for the most adorable topless waiters and the greatest MALE STRIPPERS MELBOURNE has to offer for your upcoming event. Create a memorable evening for your celebration.

    Hens Party Sydney

    Did you know there was a simple method to plan your Sydney Hen Party? There is, indeed! Let us attend this fantastic hen party with you, and we'll handle the entertainment with our full range of services. Once you've crossed that task off your list, join your friends for an exciting hen party planning session.

    Every kind of hen and her hens can participate in one of our many events. We will follow your group's wishes and do whatever you like. Our performances, which you may watch live, on e-shows, and on home visits, will liven up your evening. You need only a few clicks to transform a routine celebration into an exciting and memorable one.

    The top party planners in Australia are Enchantment Men, and we want you to enjoy the same magnificence and magic we offer. Just so you know, there will be plenty of grins, chuckles, laughter, jumping, and happy yells at your hen party in Sydney. Never claim that we didn't warn you!

    Brisbane Yacht Charters - Hens Night & Day Ideas Brisbane

    brisbane yacht charters


    0425 183 394

    WELCOME TO Brisbane Yacht Charters

    Give yourself, your loved ones, and your friends a luxurious sailing trip in paradise. Discover some of Moreton Bay's best-kept secrets, as well as islands that are part of national parks, pure white sand beaches, and majestic swimming holes.

    Hen’s Party Cruise

    A Hen's party cruise on the opulent catamaran Aristocat will be an unforgettable experience. Aristocat can be rented privately for an exclusive party in a lovely outdoor location. Be astounded by the Aristocat's spaciousness, comfort, and fashionable features—they're all there for your enjoyment!

    We offer a variety of cruises to fit the hen's preferences, from an action-packed day of sailing, swimming, and beach volleyball to a more laid-back champagne cruise around Cleveland Point's protected waters, which makes a perfect backdrop for some hen's games in the roomy outdoor lounge.

    Inertia Day Spa - Hens Night & Day Ideas Brisbane



    1300 700 628

    Inertia’s Team of Massage & Beauty Therapists come to you!

    Having a Hens Pamper Party is all about gathering the girls to celebrate the upcoming bride before her big day when she gets married. The bachelorette party is often organized by the maid of honor or bridesmaids two to six weeks before the wedding.

    A Hens Pamper Party in your house, hotel, or other venue of your choice can be a unique and affordable way to have a fantastic Hens Party, whether you are the Hen or the Hen is your bestie, cousin, or sister and you have been assigned the duty of organizing a Hens event.

    Seven days a week, day or night, Inertia's team of accredited therapists come to you in the convenience of your home or vacation apartment. We offer mobile pampering events throughout the Brisbane, Ipswich, and Gold Coast areas.

    FAQs About Hens Night & Day

    Sometimes the best Hens night doesn't have to be a wild night filled with debauchery and saucy stories. More often than not, the bride will want an intimate, fun event with her closest friends around someone's home. There are a huge number of benefits to having a hens party at home. For one, your bridesmaids will save money and time and won't rely on low-cost air carriers' punctuality. 

    Not to mention, within your own home, you can do whatever you want – so you can let your creative flair shine. You can have something low key with crafts and activities or still go big with cocktails, dancing and partying in your living room. The best hens nights are those that start at home, and hey, if some of your guests want to go out after, they still can.

    It can be a big job, but seeing the pure joy on the bride's face when you surprise her with this well-thought-out celebration will be worth every second of your time!

    If you're ready to plan the details of your event, a free resource called For Every Hen is a great place to start. With activity ideas, game instructions, party hacks and more, you'll have all the information and inspiration needed to create an amazing party for YOUR Hen!

    Daddy's Girl

    If the bride to be has a very soft spot for her dad, then our Daddy's Girl idea is the perfect way to surprise her. First, ask her dad to write a short letter to his little girl explaining why he loves her and wishing her well in her upcoming marriage. Then, give it to the bride to be at the hen party dinner or on the way to the hen. Or, if you'd prefer, ask her dad to record a video message. Both will have the same effect…a sobbing (with the happiness we must add) bride to be! Just make sure you get her reading or watching the message on the video to watch it back later!

    Date Night Jar

    Why not surprise the bride to be with a Date Night Jar. Ask all the girls to write their ideas for a date night for the happy couple on a piece of card or paper. Once everyone has one written, pop them into a decorated glass jar and present it to the bride at the hen party. Guaranteed, she and her fiancee will never run out of a date night idea again. Be as creative as you like. Just make sure that it's realistic too!

    A Year of Firsts

    Another brilliant way to surprise the bride to be at the hen party is with our Year of Firsts Idea. A Year of Firsts involves the lovely couple celebrating each big moment in their first year of marriage. Fill a basket with bottles of wine with handwritten tags explaining when to open each bottle. These moments could include their first fight as a married couple, their first weekend away, their first date night, anything you can think of really works. To top it all off, have one bottle of champagne with the tag 'On Your First Anniversary'. *Someone gets the tissues. We've got crier on our hands*

    Memory Box

    If the bride to be is sentimental, there is nothing better than a memory box for her hen party! Get a large decorated shoebox and fill it with memories of all the good times you've spent together. Pictures, tickets, jewellery, literally anything that brings back a good memory! Or why not create a memory box after the hen party fill it with pics of the group, receipts for shots at the bar, a moment of the activity, the restaurant menu. Again anything you can think of that will fit and will bring back the fabulous memories you've shared! LOVE IT!

    A Kiss Frame

    A Kiss Frame is another fab way to surprise the bride to be at the hen party. Get all the girls going on the hen party to kiss a sheet of card with lipstick to leave their mark. All the chicks must then sign underneath their lip print to let the bride know which is which. Then, frame the card, write a short message on the back of the frame, and present it to the bride on the big night!

    Your hen party is a once in a lifetime experience. It's the chance to let your hair down after months of planning your big day and wave goodbye to your single years with your best friends, so it's important to plan. Over 90% of weddings are organised two or even three years before the event, but a hen weekend is typically booked just 90 days in advance.

    In Australia, it is tradition for each guest to pay for herself to attend the hen's party. When sending out your invites, be specific about what the hen's party package includes, so people know exactly how much they are spending and what they are spending it on.

    It is not expected that the bridal party forks out the cash for everyone attending. Typically, the deposit that needs to be paid for the hen's party package would be covered by the bridal party, by the bridesmaids or Maid of Honour, paying upfront for their cost. The rest of the invitees then pay the chief bridesmaid their per head cost.

    Going to the Hen Party

    When going to the hen party, you must be comfortable, especially if you have a long distance to travel. Of course, this doesn't have to mean trackies and a hoodie. We're talking about a nice pair of jeans and a cute top. Nothing dressy, just casual everyday wear. You may even have a theme or hen party t-shirts printed. If so, stick with that. Chances are, when you arrive at your hen party destination. You'll be changing for your activity or a big night out, so don't worry too much about this outfit, ladies.

    For the Activity

    It's so essential for you to have a change of clothes that suit your activity! If you are doing an obstacle course or something active, leggings or a tracksuit are the go-to. If you are doing something like Paint, a Nude or Wine Tasting, what you wear going to the hen could be perfect. Some activities have a theme attached. Like a Father, Ted Tour goes hand in hand with a Lovely Ladies Fancy Dress. Roller Disco works brilliantly with an 80's themed outfit! Check out with the bridesmaids that are organising the weekend and see what is most appropriate.

    For Dinner and Night on the Town

    As we said already, it's important to make sure you don't go for anything that will make you stand out from the crowd too much for the big night on the town. It's the brides weekend. Even though the bride may not decide to wear white at the hen party, it is better to steer clear of it! A great idea that we always love is giving the group a colour to wear. Maybe get all the group to wear black, and the bride-to-be wear white. Let her soak up the limelight! Plus, black is always a great colour to choose as it's flattering for everyone and everyone has something they could wear in black!

     Real Escapes - Hens Night & Day Ideas Brisbane

    real escapes


    (07) 21139468

    Our most popular alternatives include taking a private boat charter and cruising the Brisbane River while partying or celebrating. Your daytime or evening celebration will be complete when you add some topless women, food, beverages, music, and entertainment. Alternately, board the Wild Boy's Boat Night Out for a night of nonstop topless women, strip performances, free drinks, supper, and dancing. Why not try a pamper party, a flower crown workshop, or a delectable high tea for a more elegant or laid-back occasion. Trending now, a beautiful Boho style picnic set up complete with grazing boards, decorations, flowers, host & more – perfect for those Insta worthy shots.

    Other events include a pole dancing party, a sex toy party, a party bus tour, VIP nightclub booths, a naked life drawing class, a cocktail making class, paint and sip, a cake decorating class, a wine tasting session, and more. Add some flavor by providing your own topless waiter or strip show. With any budget, style, size, or age, we can fulfill anything your group has in mind. Contact us right away so we can turn your ideal event into a reality!

    Epic Holidays - Hens Night & Day Ideas Brisbane

    epic holidays


    1300 523 875

    Unique Ideas for Hens Parties

    Hen Party Suggestions You want great, unique hens party ideas that include freebies and special treatment. Epic Holidays organizes fantastic hens packages and activities. If one of the girls in your group is ready to leave, you should send her off with a bang by throwing her a hens party to remember.

    We specialize in planning the best hens night party packages full of fun activities, entertainment, and pampering, so you can be confident that we will plan a hen do you'll remember for years. We've been organizing hen parties for over ten years, so we can tailor your hen party experience to fit your budget while also packing it with exciting activities, VIP club access, and party packages.

    Your Hens Party Australia Experts

    We offer an exciting and thrilling selection of packages ready for you, and we handle everything from flights, lodging, activities, and transfers. Even when the sun sets, we can set you a male stripper, VIP nightclub access, limo tour, boat party, or pub crawl. The best thing about Epic Holidays is that we have local contacts in all the best party locations, which means we know how to go above and beyond and provide you with what you want. Don't be reluctant to get in touch; one of our helpful staff members will follow up, assist with planning a fantastic trip, and seek for the best discounts.

    The Fox - Hens Night & Day Ideas Brisbane

    the fox


    (07) 3844 2884


    He therefore deemed it worthy of an engagement ring? Congratulations, you are now the envy of every woman you know (and, hey, possibly a few males too).

    When you weren't busy honing your "Oh this? If you're doing the "This is just my engagement ring" pose, you may have put off organizing your Brisbane hen's night until the last minute. Don't worry, though; just here at the Fox Hotel you'll find Brisbane's top pros who can pull off a ladylike wedding shower. Grab your gloves and petticoats because this Fox is moving up the social scale quickly.


    Let the hens loose at Dandy's rooftop if you want to liven up your evening at one of Brisbane's best cocktail bars. Why not forego the boring ladylike routine and spend your final night of freedom at Dandy's Rooftop enjoying some food, drinks, and fun. As the flock noshes on a variety of pizzas and nibbles from the kitchen, one of our mixologists extraordinaire will be happy to whip up many of our speciality drinks. As you dance the night and your morals away, raise champagne glasses in toast to the single life, don't forget to let the chooks out on the dance floor.

    My Perfect Party - Hens Night & Day Ideas Brisbane

    my perfect party



    Let us do the work for you.

    No matter the circumstance. Our staff of party planning specialists will assist, support, and direct you until the party is over, whether you only need a little assistance or the whole nine yards!

    Although planning a party can be enjoyable, it can also be difficult and time-consuming. Our team of skilled party planners will help you reduce stress, time, and cost!

    Celebrate with us

    Since its establishment in 2010, My Perfect Party has planned, decorated, and produced unforgettable private parties and customised events for hundreds of clients in and around the Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Gold Coast areas. We are dedicated to the highest standards to make sure your party is a huge success, whether it is a straightforward celebration or an elaborate one.

    Wicked Hens - Hens Night & Day Ideas Brisbane


    wicked hens hens party ideas sydney


    1300 830 002

    In Australia and New Zealand, Wicked Hens Parties is committed to organizing unforgettable hens party festivities! No strain, hassle, or time-consuming effort! Everything from group party accommodations to party packages including transports, activities, and nightlife options are handled by your Wicked Hens Parties event manager.

    Build Your Own Hens party!

    To make sure your last fling is a glitzy affair, Wicked Hens Parties is committed to organizing the ultimate hens party celebration for you and your girlfriends. Visit our packages in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Airlie Beach, and the Gold Coast.

    Hens Party Destinations

    Do you want to throw a fantastic hens party weekend for the bridesmaids and yourself? Depending on your preferred party atmosphere, we may arrange for your hens weekend to take place at one of Australia's or New Zealand's top party locations. The Wicked Hens Parties staff will collaborate with you to make sure that your preferred location meets all of your requirements.

    Aus Topless Waiters - Hens Night & Day Ideas Brisbane

    aus topless waiters


    0431 328 114


    You are the city with the best party-planning skills! And we know that you get why it’s important to hire the best for any event. Therefore, there is no need to search further if you require the greatest topless waiters in Brisbane. Our topless waiters know how to make your upcoming event ideal and are friendly, hot, entertaining, and reliable. They can manage certain aspects of the evening like organizing activities, preparing drinks, and taking pictures in addition to providing entertainment. Additionally, they are excellent at encouraging more reserved visitors to interact. Because fun should be had by everyone, and we do mean all, whether you're hosting a birthday party, hens party, or girls' night.

    We currently provide service to Kangaroo Point, The Valley, West End, Sunnybank, and Southbank, as well as the central business district (CBD) of Brisbane. Having stated that, we can travel a short distance to additional suburbs. All of that can be discussed later. I assume you'd like to learn more about the guys.

    Our founder, Ben, handpicks each of our topless male servers based on their interpersonal skills and professionalism, and we have a collection of pictures from just a few of the events they've attended over the years. While we can't guarantee your top choices will be available, we advise getting in touch right away to improve your chances.

    Brisbane Party Cruises - Hens Night & Day Ideas Brisbane

    brisbane party cruises


    1800 466 623

    We are the Party Specialists

    As Brisbane's only luxury party and function boat that has been specifically designed, our team has taken great care in designing our boat from the waterline up, and Island Princess is now prepared to make waves in the Brisbane market! We are the only boat in Brisbane with a cutting-edge CrowdDJ system, which is driven by a collaboration between two major players in the business: Spotify and Nightlife Music.

    We are pleased to be the only party boat on the Brisbane River with a full-time cocktail mixologist pouring cocktails from the river's only party boat Cocktail Menu. Our Bar Menu offers something for every taste and budget.

    Brisbane Party Cruises has undergone a thorough $250,000 restoration on our new vessel, Island Princess, after almost a decade as Western Australia's busiest and most popular premium party boat. Our team has carefully designed the vessel from the waterline up, and now Island Princess is ready to make waves in the Brisbane market as Brisbane’s only purpose-designed premium party and function boat!

    Hunks4hire - Hens Night & Day Ideas Brisbane




    Male strippers, sexy topless waiters, dance parties, art parties, and more are all available. Want to make your party more exciting? Hunks4hire Australia, which was founded in 2016, can offer topless waiters, male strippers, erotic art workshops, dance classes, luxury yacht rentals, and much more. We are equipped to assist with all occasions thanks to our venues in the CBDs of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Melbourne, and Sydney as well as our ability to travel directly to your home or hotel.

    Hunk Related Services:

    What specifically will you receive from our HUNKS? From the time they walk in, the girls will start conversing and having fun thanks to our ripped up attractive men. Our guys are usually at hens' parties. However, it's not unusual to see some beautiful males with their tops off at birthday parties, business gatherings, or even divorce celebrations!

    All of the Hunks4Hire guys have bartending and general service expertise. When you rent out a separate function area with a bar, some of our personnel also have RSAs for bar work. Our HUNKS also enjoy getting involved in any games you girls might have preplanned and can even suggest games on the spot.

    Playtime Entertainment - Hens Night & Day Ideas Brisbane

    playtime entertainment


    0450 588 799

    Hens Night Party Brisbane

    Yes, Playtime Entertainment has the best boys in Brisbane, Gold, and Sunshine Coasts, especially for the girls, hot gentlemen, and fun times. Do you have any hens night plans? Do you desire some hot party action? Have a ton of fun?

    The Playtime guys will win your heart! We guarantee the best hen's night waiters and hen's night strippers in Brisbane, Sunshine, Gold Coast, and we even travel to hen's nights in Byron Bay! Fun, sexy, and entertaining options range from male waiters to exotic dancers to the full monty shows and everything in between!

    Playtime Entertainment is a crucial component of the perfect hens party. Our males are athletic and muscular with amazing model looks, and they adore being pampered and teased. You'll have a great time. Check out some of our top suggestions for hens parties. Visit our Packages Page for additional details and to see what treats are waiting there. Here are only a few suggestions.

    Darling & Co - Hens Night & Day Ideas Brisbane

    darling & co


    (07) 3707 5401


    It's time to make the most of your final night as a virgin, Darling. Forgo the peen accessories and keep it classy with a hen's night at Darling & Co. Alternatively, fly the coop for the evening and don whatever peen accessories you choose — we won't judge. We have all it takes to send you off on your merry way, whether it's a night of cock...tails (whoops!) and hen's night games with the gals or a chic high tea with your mum.

    Introducing Brisbane's top event space. Variety and style in the function rooms, eco-friendly dining options, entertainment, and a welcoming environment all come together to make THE ideal venue for any event. With four sophisticated private function rooms available for hire, our function venue caters for a range of gathering sizes, from 10 person intimate dinners all the way up to 700 people for exclusive venue hire.

    Find the best function rooms in Brisbane.

    Entice visitors with The Foyer's magnificence before escorting them to The Garden, a luxurious, private function space in Brisbane suitable for breakfast parties, engagement parties, weddings, and milestone celebrations. Or give your guests a VIP backstage ticket to your upcoming big event by renting our exclusive, private function area, Swayze's Backstage, which is ideal for business meetings, birthday celebrations, and cocktail parties. The Unforgiven, a tranquil Brisbane party location tucked away from the noise above, offers an alternative for those seeking to avoid the spotlight and is ideal for more exclusive cocktail receptions.

    Art4Play - Hens Night & Day Ideas Brisbane



    1300 889 477


    The "ideal" hens party planning will be one of your most significant duties as Maid of Honor, which is such an honor!

    The Maid of Honor's role in organizing the hen's party can frequently be stressful, but don't worry; with our assistance, you'll have the world's happiest bride-to-be—and possibly a hurting head the morning after the hen's party. You have a choice!


    You, as the hen's party host, are free to use your imagination when deciding how your girls will spend their time. Life drawing is the perfect activity if you're searching for something memorable and thrilling but also a little risqué. If you've been tasked with organizing a hens party for your closest friend but are having trouble coming up with the perfect activity, don't worry; you've found it.

    House of Hens - Hens Night & Day Ideas Brisbane

    house of hens


    1800 901 886

    The Hens Party, according to some, is a milestone. We assert that it can be whatever you wish. Our talented hen's party planners will make it happen after you've gathered the flock.


    We looked far and wide to uncover original hens party ideas that everyone would like because, like snowflakes, no two brides are alike. It's a case of choosing your own adventure, from opulent spa days for women to decadent food and wine trips to high-adrenaline sports like quad biking and paintball. But why end at just one? For a jam-packed schedule of entertainment, make a weekend of it!


    Girls only want to have fun, as we all know. And at House of Hens, we take care of all the details so you can just sit back, unwind, and open another cork to make it happen. We have years of expertise planning group events, and we specialize in last-hurrah celebrations! Many a frantic #bridesquad have been saved from the nightmare of months of nonstop (and frequently argumentative) group chats while trying to prepare a hens party that would please everyone.

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