Top 50+ Immigration Lawyers Melbourne, Victoria (2022)

Immigration lawyers are important when you need to know about the legalities of living in another country. They can help you understand your rights and responsibilities, what documentation is required for entry into another country, and will even guide you through the process of applying for citizenship in a new country. Immigration lawyers can also advise on how to get appropriate visas or work permits if needed. With their help, moving abroad becomes much easier than it would be without them!

Do you need an immigration lawyer? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is not always simple. Immigration law can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s important for anyone considering hiring a lawyer to know the basics of what lawyers do and how they are compensated before deciding who should represent them in their immigration case.

To help you get started on your immigration lawyer hunt, we’ve rounded up our best immigration lawyers from right across Melbourne, Victoria.

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    Ultimate List of Immigration Lawyers in Melbourne, Victoria

    Bardo Lawyers - Immigration Lawyer Melbourne

    bardo lawyers

    (03) 8658 5829 

    Bardo Lawyers is a boutique firm based in Victoria. With two (2) offices in the Melbourne CBD (VIC) and Glenroy (VIC), we aim to use innovative systems and processes to ensure your solution is delivered efficiently and reliably. We care about the local communities we work within and constantly strive to make them better.

    At Bardo Lawyers, our primary practise areas are Immigration and Migration Law (Specialists), Notary Public and Solicitors including Family Law, Commercial Law, Property Law, Criminal Law and Estate Law. Since its inception, our firm has continued to grow to service the legal needs of our clients. We focus on building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients by being responsive, transparent and committed to our client’s legal objectives. We pride ourselves on the creative legal solutions and cost-efficient services provided to our national and international clients. The diversity in our team allows us to deliver quality legal advice in a language that you can understand.

    Solicitors & Registered Migration Agents

    Bardo Lawyers offer the sharpest legal minds that have a wealth of industry and professional experience. Our people are highly regarded in their fields of expertise and maintain a commercial focus on their performance. Our senior practitioners are accessible to clients, which ensures that client relationships are managed and maintained at the highest levels. Our team is committed to creating success for our clients, and our services bridge the gap between the law and their cases.

    Ethos Migration - Immigration Lawyer Melbourne

    ethos migration

    1300 083 844

    About Us

    Melbourne’s Award-Winning Immigration Law Firm Determined On Getting You The Result You Ethos Migration Lawyers is a team of immigration lawyers and registered migration agents that assist businesses and individuals with their Australian migration requirements.

    Ethos Migration Lawyers focus solely on Australian migration law, and our team of experienced immigration lawyers and registered migration agents are dedicated to providing ethical, transparent, streamlined and affordable migration advice and representation to our clients.

    At Ethos Migration Lawyers, we truly care about the future of our clients and are dedicated to getting the best outcome possible each and every time.

    Get The Best Outcomes For Your Visa Applications With Ethos Migration Lawyers Today

    Ethos Migration Lawyers is a leading immigration law firm in Melbourne, leading with compassion and expertise to deliver clients’ outcomes. In a highly specialised area of law, Ethos Migration Lawyers are committed to providing a superior experience, with our consultants and advisors submitting to the regulation of the MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) as registered Migration Agents. Ethos Migration Lawyers can provide both Migration Lawyers and Registered Migration Agents to provide the most informed advice while also being able to deliver clients a cost-effective solution.

    Ethos Migration Lawyers has experience advising not only individuals but both private and public companies, from local SME’s to ASX listed organisations, not-for-profit organisations and more.

    Led by an experienced team of migration consultants that are experts in all things Australian immigration law, Ethos Migration Lawyers find they provide exceptional value to clients through their intricate knowledge of immigration law, with thoughtful and considered advice on a range of matters.

    Booking an Initial Consultation With Our Migration Agents Today

    To ensure the best odds of success on your visa application or another migration case, Ethos Migration Lawyers recommend discussing with our migration lawyers and registered migration agents at our Melbourne offices or via virtual consultation (telephone or video).

    Currently, both faces to face, phone and virtual conferences are available to walk through any enquiries. Our highly experienced immigration lawyers and registered migration agents will advise on the most suitable options for the client to meet their migration goals. At Ethos Migration Lawyers, you can expect honest advice regarding your success rate, respect and protection of your privacy, and clear communication of your options.

    Global Mobility - Immigration Lawyer Melbourne

    global mobility immigration lawyers

    1800 491 798

    Migration With a Sense of Urgency

    Let Global Mobility Immigration Lawyers re-engineer your immigration process into an orderly, efficient and predictable tool that supports rather than impedes your success.

    • Accredited Specialist Immigration Lawyer. There are many migration agents and lawyers in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, but only about a third have legal training, and less than 2% have been accredited as immigration specialists.
    • A single dedicated point of contact. Knowledge of your matter should not be divided between a revolving cast of junior lawyers, “migration agents”, paralegals, admin assistants, or (in the case of the larger global firms) offshore sweatshops.
    • Timely communication. You need not be at the mercy of the Department of Home Affairs - and certainly not to a migration adviser who thinks they are doing you a favour when they answer your calls. We respect that when you leave a message or send an email, you expect a prompt response.
    • Fixed fee billing. Getting billed in 6-minute units is a bit like death by 1000 cuts. With GloMo, you’ll know exactly what your matter will cost from the outset. 
    • We’ll shoulder the burden for you, so you can focus on what you do best. You’ll never be expected to do our work for us. 
    • You won’t need to “manage” us. We believe in 5-star service - so expect to be guided through this, unprompted, every step of the way.
    • Transparent tracking of your application’s progress. 
    • 100% success rate for employer-sponsored visas (note this is our track record and not a guarantee of your success).
    • We’ll help you read the future. We will come to you proactively with market intelligence, new ideas and opportunities, as well as early warnings of what’s on the horizon.

    About Us 

    Global Mobility Immigration Lawyers (or GloMo for short) is a firm with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth - and a global clientele - that is 100% devoted to immigration matters. It’s all we do, and we do it well.

    We have Accredited Specialist immigration lawyers with broad experience in all areas of immigration law.

    Our clients find the experience of working with us fundamentally different from working with other migration advisers. We do not simply manage your visa applications in an ad hoc reactive manner – rather, we act as strategic partners, helping you identify bottlenecks with a view to designing better systems around your visa applications and compliance.  

    Experience and Expertise

    We give our clients a voice in their dealings with decision-making bodies, in particular, the Immigration Department (Home Affairs), a highly political mega-agency, which employs teams of migration lawyers to administer an immigration program undergoing constant change.

    Our many years of experience mean we understand how the Immigration Department, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, and other decision-makers analyse applications; we understand where they exercise discretions and where they will not. We know which strategies work and which don’t. We know which information to provide and which to ignore.

    We also have access to resources and information outside the reach of the general public. As such, we understand the subtle differences between the law and what the Immigration Department says is the law. When the Immigration Department puts out a statement on their website, we know what they really mean. And when the Immigration Department publishes a checklist, our lawyers know how to read between the lines.

    Our experience and expertise mean that we are often in a position to help people who, based on poor advice or inadequate representation, might otherwise have assumed their case is hopeless.

    Preparing Your Application

    If we decide to take you on as a client, your problems become our problems, and we shoulder as much of the burden as possible so that you can continue with your life and your work.

    Every client is unique, but some of the things we do on your behalf include:

    • conduct research and analysis to develop and refine your strategy
    • examine available documentation and seek out further documentation to bolster your case
    • advise you on what you can do to improve your prospects of success
    • review the ever-changing immigration legislation, case law and policy in order to best manage the risks and opportunities available to you
    • ascertain where policy diverges from the law or where discretion or exemptions may allow for novel solutions to otherwise “impossible” problems
    • curate documentation, presenting your information in the best possible light
    • draft submissions arguing the merits of your case within the framework of applicable legislation, case law and policy
    • lodge the application, bearing in mind key deadlines and expiry dates
    • seek expedited or priority processing was available 


    After lodgement, we liaise with decision-makers, always advocating for you, using our knowledge of the law and policy to make it as easy as possible for them to grant the application and difficult as possible for them to refuse. We also appear at any hearings or interviews on your behalf.


    Finally, while immigration matters can sometimes take longer than we prefer, we never forget that your case is always on your mind. Accordingly, we keep you involved in every major decision, always explaining what is happening, why it is happening, what we intend to do, and answering all of your questions, so you can have peace of mind.

    Immigration Lawyers FAQs

    Equipped With Knowledge, Experience and Expertise

    A seasoned immigration lawyer can easily walk you through the nitty-gritty of immigrating to Canada. Being well-versed in immigration laws and procedures and constantly updated about recent regulatory changes, he can explain many options unique to your case. Whether working legally in Canada, obtaining a permanent residency or citizenship, or getting a spousal visa, he can help you fully understand your circumstances.

    Handle Documentation Requirements

    Filling out forms and other documents correctly is crucial in your application. Mistakes can result in your application being turned down entirely. Having a professional guide will ensure that all the requisite documentation is complete, correct, and submitted on time to be approved by the authorities.

    Track Your Case

    Tracking your petition once all the requirements have been submitted to the concerned agencies is the full responsibility of your immigration lawyer. He can make inquiries and quickly act if there are requests for additional information or clarification. He can even help with the appeal process, letting you understand why a petition was denied and how you can proceed with the appeal.

    Defend Your Rights

    Hiring an immigration attorney means having someone who knows your entire case and can represent you through every step of the process. Your lawyer will have your best interests at heart, defend your rights when communicating about your case, and protect you from being exploited or abused.

    Help You Legally Live in the Country

    Every immigrant’s dream is to obtain permanent residency or citizenship in any country they choose to live in. While an attorney can help immigrants find a job legally, citizens on a working visa remain subject to laws only applicable to them. They can even face deportation before their visa expires. An immigration expert can assist and guide you in obtaining a permanent residency, protect you from endangering your residency status, or suggest a path towards citizenship.

    The immigration process is not easy. It involves several steps and documents to file. However, no matter what your goal is, an experienced immigration lawyer can advise and guide you through the complex process; otherwise, when you do it yourself (which you always can, by the way), you run the risk of having your application rejected, and your immigrant dreams quashed.

    The Immigration System Is Very Complicated

    Number one, the immigration system is extremely complicated. Many people refer to it as a broken system, and in many aspects, I would agree. There are a lot of problems like extraordinarily long backlogs and unintended consequences of labyrinthine and multi-layered legislation. One very important thing to understand is that you need to know your options and what obstacles you will have in your case before starting.

    A lot of times, people are surprised by this. They may have had a friend who applied for some sort of status and thinks that they qualify as well, or they may get advice from a message board online, a “notario,” or somebody who’s not a full-fledged immigration attorney, and it might be bad advice. In immigration law, applying for something you’re not eligible for or submitting some bad advice can hurt your case. So that’s one thing people should know.

    The Wait Times Are Very Long

    Another thing people should know is that in many cases, unfortunately, the wait times can be extremely long. For instance, if you’re waiting for a certain type of family-based petition, you could be waiting well over a decade after the approval of your initial petition before your priority date becomes current.

    Another thing that can take a long time is the actual adjudication of cases by USCIS and the immigration courts. Right now, we’re getting initial court dates in Arlington set all the way out in November of 2019 – so it’s a more than four-year wait for people even to get the ball rolling on their case. It’s a shockingly slow-moving bureaucracy, and people need to be prepared for that.

    Always Know Your Status and the Terms of That Status

    One final important thing to remember is that you need to fully understand your status and the terms of that status at all times. This is true whether you are in front of the immigration court or whether you’ve never had any issues whatsoever with your legal status. Some very minor things can end up destroying your status in some situations.

    For instance, if you’re here on a student visa and you’re working more than you’re authorised to work, or you have off-campus employment that’s not authorised, or even if you drop a few classes and fall below the class schedule requirement, it can place you in violation of your status. You may be placed into removal proceedings.

    If you depart the US, it could also lead to your inability to return to the United States. In addition, certain criminal offences can do the same thing and a variety of other types of behaviour like overstaying your allotted time here. So, you need to understand your status, what’s allowed and not allowed while you’re in it, and be conscious of that at all times.

    Look for Experience

    Immigration law is one of the more complicated areas of law. So, it’s even more important to find someone whose experience. Be cautious of attorneys that practise law in several areas (like personal injury, business, etc.) Instead, look for a licensed attorney that focuses on immigration law. Generally, you’ll want to find someone with at least five years of experience, preferably in cases similar to yours. For example, if you seek asylum, find an immigration lawyer with plenty of experience with asylum cases.

    Ask family and friends if they know a good immigration attorney. Advocate groups or other community organisations that specialise in certain areas may also have ties with local attorneys they could recommend. These days many lawyers have online reviews. CitizenPath provides a list of organisations and websites that can refer an attorney.

    Interview Your Favorites

    This is an opportunity for you to ask questions and determine if you are comfortable with the lawyer’s style. It is also important to make sure your needs match the lawyer’s expertise. Call each attorney’s office and explain your need. Then, ask for an opportunity to meet the attorney so that you can ask questions and make a decision.

    The truth is, you may have to pay for your time with the attorney as an initial consultation. While attorneys provide a free initial consultation, many skilled attorneys will charge a reasonable fee to speak for half an hour to an hour.

    Choose an attorney that you like and trust. Determine if they do a good job answering your questions in a way that you understand. You should feel confident that the attorney will fight for you. This includes the staff. An attorney’s staff will do much of the work. Ask questions about their level of experience. Do they promptly return your calls and make you feel valued?

    Compare Rates

    Lawyers have different fee schedules with different expectations of how costs are reimbursed. Make sure you understand if your lawyer charges a flat fee or by the hour. While no one wants to pay for the most expensive attorney, finding the lowest cost attorney probably isn’t a great strategy.

    Check Credentials

    Do a quick background check on the attorney to make sure they are licensed and in good standing or have ever been subject to disciplinary action. There is no cost. Most state bars allow you to look up the attorney by name or bar number online.

    Immigration attorneys offer a variety of fee structures, including:

    • Hourly rates. Most immigration attorneys charge between $100 and $700 per hour for their services. Hourly rates are most common when the attorney represents the client during immigration law court proceedings — removal proceedings. The reason for this is that the total cost in terms of the attorney’s time is at its most unpredictable when clients have to deal with proceedings in court.
    • Flat fee: Many immigration attorneys offer a flat fee for various services. An attorney is most likely to offer a flat fee when the benefit is well-defined, and it is relatively easy to predict the amount of time required. The attorney may charge a flat fee of $2,000 to $10,000 for certain visa applications, such as family-based visa applications.
    • Under these circumstances, the fee is typically non-refundable — you are paying the attorney to submit a robust application on your behalf, not for a guarantee that your application will be approved. The fee will be the same regardless of the outcome of your application.
    • Initial consultation: Immigration attorneys differ in their approach to consultations. Some offer consultations by telephone, while others charge a nominal amount ($50 to $100 on average) regardless of whether the consultation takes place by phone or whether it occurs in the attorney’s office.
    • Another factor you must consider is the opportunity cost of not hiring an immigration attorney. If the attorney you are considering is competent, failure to hire him could increase the chance that you will not receive the immigration benefit you desire.

    Remember, you don’t always get what you pay for when it comes to immigration lawyers — some of the most reasonably priced attorneys can be among the best, while some of the most expensive can be among the worst. So thoroughly investigate any attorney you are considering retaining, and let price constitute only one factor you consider.

    Immigration Lawyers Can Ensure Your Application Is Complete and Accurate

    Just one minor error can result in a delayed or even a rejected application. Applications are also commonly rejected because they didn’t provide enough information, provided incorrect information, and didn’t include their necessary documents.

    What happens if your application is refused for these reasons? You can always contact the department to fix your application, or you can submit a new one.

    But understand the department won’t contact you if your application is incorrect or is missing documents; however, a lawyer will ensure your information is correct, up-to-date, and you have all of the necessary documents.

    Immigration Lawyers Have Extensive and Updated Information on Australian Migration

    Immigration laws are constantly changing, and you must comply with the latest regulations. In addition, visa forms constantly change to reflect these new policies. If you follow an outdated protocol or fill out an old form, you risk a rejected application.

    You can trust the best immigration lawyer to inform you of the newest changes and will provide the correct application to fill out.

    Immigration lawyers also have the best knowledge of general immigration laws. They studied the Migration Regulations, Migration Act, and additional immigration legislation extensively. Your lawyer can explain the immigration process as well as options to make the immigration process run smoothly.

    Professional Standards hold immigration Lawyers

    Immigration lawyers aren’t only passionate about their work and their clients. They uphold professional standards and are held accountable to these standards. This ensures your lawyer will always act within your best interests, only charge a reasonable fee, and abide by the law.

    When you trust an Australian immigration lawyer, you’ll not only have a better chance of acceptance, but you’ll receive quality assistance during the entire process.

    Immigration Lawyers Can Interpret Legislation

    Legal legislation is difficult to interpret. Lawyers have specialised training to interpret legislation and apply the law to your visa application.

    This knowledge is beneficial when writing submissions. In addition, lawyers have technical knowledge of legislation, meet all application requirements, and frame your case effectively.

    Immigration Lawyers Can Provide Options

    As stated previously, every case is different, and all applicants have different reasons to migrate to Australia. Your lawyer can look at your case and provide different options for smoother immigration.

    For example, let’s say you’re a skilled worker and want to move to Australia for more work opportunities. If you can’t receive sponsorship from an employer, your lawyer can help you interpret your options and any visas you may qualify for.

    This applicant may be different from someone who plans on marrying an Australian citizen. A lawyer will inform you of entry laws, the visas you’ll need for marriage, and other options to ensure you can get married and live in Australia.

    WLW Migration Lawyers Melbourne

    wlw migration lawyers

    +61 3 9088 6264

    Our Immigration Law Firm

    WLW Migration Lawyers is an award-winning specialist immigration law firm with a team of skilful and compassionate lawyers and support staff. We offer services in over 10 languages and provide excellent migration outcomes for our commercial and personal immigration clients alike.

    WLW Migration Lawyers is an Australian specialist immigration law firm. Our team of experienced lawyers are committed to providing professional and ethical migration advice and assistance to our clients.

    WLW Migration Lawyers was founded by Jessica Williamson, Simon Leske and James Wardlaw in 2015. The founders were motivated to start a law firm that utilises a fixed-fee model and leverages technology to provide high-quality, user-friendly services.

    The firm also sought to challenge the typical “law firm” profile by offering employees a flexible and collaborative work environment that offers the team a good work/life balance.

    WLW Migration Lawyers is also committed to giving back to the community and has assisted hundreds of humanitarian clients on a reduced fee model and offers reduced fee services and legal education to its community partners.

    Haag Walker Lawyers - Immigration Lawyer Melbourne

    haag walker

    +61 (03) 9229 3886

    What We Deliver

    Expert Advice

    Finding the right immigration solution and providing the advice you need through a full consultation and completion of our electronic questionnaire to efficiently identify the most appropriate visa option.

    Personalised Service

    Direct contact with our Accredited Immigration Law Specialist & Registered Migration Agent, who will personally guide you through the entire application process and ensure the relevant criteria is addressed and the required supporting documentation provided to the Department of Immigration for assessment.

    Follow Up

    To ensure our clients are advised of any changes in Australian immigration law, policy and procedure which may impact the processing of their application or the conduct of their business.

    Ethics & Confidentiality

    Our legal qualifications, professional regulation, and legal professional privilege that attaches to client communications mean you benefit from the highest level of professional and ethical standards.

    About Us

    Established in 2002, Haag Walker Lawyers practices exclusively in Australian immigration law. We are experts. Our singularity of focus and concentrated resources means we are able to optimise the carriage of client applications from the beginning of the process to the final outcome.

    As a client of Haag Walker Lawyers, you will engage directly with our principal migration lawyer and Law Institute Accredited Immigration Law Specialist Melissa Haag throughout your application process.

    Our direct client contact methodology means that every aspect of your application will be managed by an Accredited Immigration Law Specialist.

    Advice And Total Case Management Service

    We amalgamate our professional and accurate immigration advice with meeting the convenience of our clients. Accordingly, we provide initial guidance and advice through either telephone or Skype video conferencing.

    In our consultations, we will identify the most appropriate visa option for you. We will guide you along the most practicable pathway to migration. We will guide you away from potential difficulties which we see occurring all too often in self-prepared sponsorship, nomination, and visa applications.

    Why Choose Us?

    Visa applicants often ask why they need an Accredited Immigration Law Specialist to prepare their visa application and what additional advantages they stand to gain from doing so in preference to engaging a migration agent or taking the ‘do-it-yourself approach.

    So what are the potential benefits, and what do those benefits mean for your prospects of success?

    Gold Migration Lawyers - Immigration Lawyer Melbourne

    gold migration lawyers

    1300 320 301

    How it Works

    Book a Consultation With Gold Migration Lawyers

    We will identify your visa options by discussing your situation in-depth with you. We offer a range of consultation options - this way, you get the best advice tailored to you.

    Engage Us to Lodge Your Visa Application

    As soon as you engage our services, you will be paired with one of our incredible lawyers, who will look after you throughout the application process.

    We Prepare, Lodge & Liaise on Your Behalf

    We will ask you for relevant evidence and information so we can prepare and lodge the strongest application and submissions possible. We keep you updated every step of the way.

    Your Visa Gets Granted! Welcome to Australia!

    Apart from the celebrations (which we enjoy as much as you), you and your partner can now relax and look forward to your wonderful future together in Australia.

    Gold Migration Lawyers – Australia’s #1

    Increase Your Chances of Obtaining an Australian Visa

    If you want to boost your chances of obtaining an Australian Visa, Gold Migration Lawyers can provide the assistance you need. Our focus is always on helping our clients, which is why we offer consultations to first determine whether we can assist you. We also offer fixed pricing, so you know exactly what the cost will be for your visa application, saving you valuable time and money. When you need the expertise of migration experts in Melbourne or elsewhere in Australia to simplify the migration process, contact our team of experienced Immigration Lawyers today.

    Assisting With a Range of Visa Types

    Gold Migration Lawyers has experience successfully helping clients with applications for Partner Visas, Protection Visa, Business Visas, Employer-Sponsored Visas, Citizenship and Visa Refusals.

    Erskine Rodan & Associates - Immigration Lawyer Melbourne

    erskine rodan & associates

    +613 9329 8745

    Why Choose Erskine Rodan & Associates?

    Is the outcome of your migration issue important? Could it change the course of your life, your family or perhaps the fortunes of your company?


    At Erskine Rodan & Associates, you will get a professional, considered strategy at your first consultation, as well as an assessment of the likelihood of success and the likely time and costs involved. From there, you will be guided through the migration process by some of Australia’s finest immigration lawyers. From the beginning of your matter until its conclusion, you can expect clear advice, ongoing communication, and relentless advocacy on your behalf.

    Can You Make Your Own Migration Application?

    You could be forgiven for thinking that migration matters are straightforward. After viewing the Department of Home Affairs website, many are under the impression that they need only follow an online questionnaire, fill out a few forms, pay a fee and their visa, which may determine the rest of their life, will be granted.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. The Department of Home Affairs’ website helps drive revenues of over $3 billion annually from visa applicants, significant numbers of whom are intelligent and conscientious yet unsuccessful in their applications simply because they lack awareness of crucial factors that are not widely known or published on the Department of Home Affairs website. While sometimes people get lucky, we have had many decades to observe the consequences of those who have not been so lucky. Such consequences might include:

    • emotional cost, commercial cost, and worse
    • loss of visa application fees
    • the refusal being listed on the applicant’s file, which can make subsequent applications more difficult – or impossible
    • options for review is limited, expensive, or non-existent

    Australian immigration law is complex and constantly changing. At present, there are close to 100 visa categories, many with internal streams, governed by over 3,000 pages of statutes, regulations, gazettes and other statutory instruments, as well as approximately 16,000 pages of policy guidelines and instructions, in addition to tens of thousands of pages of decisions from multiple courts and tribunals. This maze of legal documents grows larger every day, and much of it is inaccessible or unavailable to the general public.

    The Difference Between Migration Agents and Lawyers

    Erskine Rodan & Associates are migration lawyers.

    Given the ocean of legislation, policy and case law determining the outcome of immigration matters, it is perhaps surprising then that most migration agents are not legally trained and can potentially be registered upon successful completion of a single semester online course.

    Lawyers, on the other hand, are required to pass through a long and rigorous process in order to practice. Without going through this process, a migration agent is unqualified to give and is indeed forbidden from giving legal advice.


    Migration lawyers are also far more tightly regulated than migration agents and are supervised by the Supreme Court and the local law institute or society.

    The above information, of course, disregards the significant numbers of agents operating without any kind of registration or supervision whatsoever. Many unregistered agents or migration “consultants” operate in and outside Australia. Unregistered agents are unlikely to have undertaken any formal or continuing training, nor are they likely to provide you with any protection against insolvency, negligence, or outright fraud. At a bare minimum, you should always check whether your agent is registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

    Your Migration Issue May Have Greater Implications Than You Realise

    The inability of migration agents to give legal advice is particularly problematic where a client’s migration issues intersect with other areas of law such as family law, tax law, corporate law, criminal law and employment law, as is commonly the case. Only a qualified lawyer can advise you on such legal issues. We regularly help our clients navigate such issues, many of which they are often unaware of until identified by us.

    Furthermore, migration agents are unable to represent you in an appeal to the Courts and are not trained to identify the legal issues that would warrant such an appeal.


    As we are lawyers, your communications with Erskine Rodan & Associates are protected by legal professional privilege. This means you can speak with us freely, as your communications are protected from compulsory disclosure to courts, tribunals and/or other authorities in all but a few circumstances.

    Migration agents, on the other hand, have no such protection and can be compelled to hand over your confidential communications if ordered to do so, with potentially devastating consequences.

    Not All Lawyers Are Migration Specialists

    Less than 1 lawyer in every 800 lawyers is an Accredited Specialist Immigration Lawyer. Accredited Specialists in Immigration Law must have extensive experience and knowledge of immigration law and must pass a comprehensive and rigorous examination process in order to become accredited. Both of our Managing Partners at Erskine Rodan and Associates have been accredited by the Law Institute of Victoria as Specialist Immigration Lawyers for over 30 years and have maintained their accreditation throughout that period.

    How to Put the Odds in Your Favour

    Is the outcome of your migration issue important? Could it change the course of your life, your family or perhaps the fortunes of your company?

    At Erskine Rodan & Associates, you will get a professional, considered strategy at your first consultation, as well as an assessment of the likelihood of success and the likely time and costs involved. From there, you will be guided through the migration process by some of Australia’s finest immigration lawyers. From the beginning of your matter until its conclusion, you can expect clear advice, ongoing communication, and relentless advocacy on your behalf.

    With decades of experience and a stunning success rate to match, our team of Accredited Immigration Law Specialists invites you to get the best advice possible with a minimum of stress, uncertainty and delay.

    VisaEnvoy - Immigration Lawyer Melbourne 


    +61 (03) 9521 7578

    Finding the Best Migration Agent in Melbourne

    Migration Agent Melbourne

    With over 50 years of combined experience, our Melbourne based team of immigration agents provide migration services to international business executives, private and public companies, banks, investors and individuals on their often complex and contentious immigration matters. We are committed to the needs of our clients in Australia and internationally. Whether you are an entrepreneur starting a business in Australia, a global corporation transferring staff here or a family moving to Australia, our full-service immigration team can assist you from the simplest to the most complex of matters.

    Client Reviews and Testimonials

    We have an unrivalled reputation for immigration work. Our expert agents and lawyers* assist clients in navigating the constantly evolving area of immigration law, offering clear and concise advice on complex matters. We offer an efficient, sympathetic and cost-effective service. Our clients’ best interests remain at the forefront, with our advice tailored to each individual’s or organisation’s needs.

    Our dedicated client teams assist with strategic planning, end-to-end sponsorship and visa support and provide comprehensive support with Australian immigration compliance. We have hundreds of satisfied clients, with many online reviews to help verify the quality of our service. You can review our Google reviews by clicking here.

    Cited as a Source by News and Government Websites

    Our award-winning immigration agents handle all aspects of immigration work, from initial migration applications to appeals. This enables us to provide a seamless service to clients from the beginning of their immigration journey in Australia through to Australian citizenship. We are often referred to as a source of reliable immigration advice by news corporations and government websites.

    Our immigration specialists are nationally recognised and are known for providing clear immigration advice tailored for each situation and individual. We understand our clients’ perspectives and work in partnership with them to minimise any stress or difficulties that may occur when moving staff and families across the world.

    We Work With Names You Know and Trust

    We assist well-known businesses and government bodies in sponsoring overseas candidates to meet their needs.

    Can I Instruct Your Immigration Agents from Outside Australia?

    We continuously invest in the latest technology and use encrypted messaging, video calls, emails and bespoke systems to provide a seamless migration process regardless of where you are located. Our online systems help keep you informed and up to date with your migration progress.

    Covid-19 & Video Meetings

    VisaEnvoy Migration Agents Melbourne is a niche firm of expert Immigration Law agents and lawyers* situated in Melbourne, Australia. In order to support social distancing and to stop the spread of Covid-19, we are offering a new way of obtaining migration advice through Google Meet or Skype video meetings.

    VisaEnvoy has a reputation for offering professional, honest and expert advice. VisaEnvoy’s firm is a centre of excellence. Every application we prepare is tailor-made and thoroughly researched. As a result, our success rate is high. See our glowing testimonials here.

    Top Migration Firm Melbourne

    VisaEnvoy will ensure that your case has the best possible chance of success. From the first client consultation onwards, we will gather comprehensive evidence, take statements from family and friends, liaise with country experts and other third parties where necessary and draft comprehensive representations.

    Equally, when we prepare an appeal on our clients’ behalves, whether that be appealing a Home Affairs refusal or a visa cancellation appeal, we will do so efficiently and meticulously.

    Our firm takes pride in being gay friendly and has extensive experience and a wide client base in relation to same-sex couples.

    VisaEnvoy can provide migration advice in the following languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Serbian, Korean and Russian.

    Award-Winning Migration Team

    We have been awarded best immigration firm of the year in 2019 and Corporate immigration firm of the year in 2018 by Acquisition International Global awards. We are on the as one of the top 3 immigration firms in 2020. VisaEnvoy is also featured as one of the best migration firms in Australia by the “BestinAU”.

    What Is the Cost of Hiring an Immigration Agent in Melbourne?

    In most cases, we charge a flat fixed fee, so you have a clear understanding of costs before you proceed to instruct us. This helps avoid unexpected surprises and helps you to manage your finances more accurately. Our fees are competitive, reasonable and deliver an outstanding level of quality and care.

    Where Can I Find Qualified Immigration Agents in Melbourne

    We are located in Melbourne’s iconic St Kilda Road, close to Melbourne CBD.

    Pathway to Permanent Residency

    Our goal is to assist you and your family towards a pathway to Permanent Residency in Australia.

    About Us

    VisaEnvoy is a truly multinational Migration Firm providing relocation solutions to Australia and New Zealand. We recognise that gaining visa approval is only half the battle, and we take pride in anticipating our client’s needs before they do. We are one of the most reputable registered offices to provide assistance in all visa and migration matters to Australia and New Zealand. VisaEnvoy is Melbourne Based. Our agents are registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority. As migration agents, we act professionally, have a good knowledge of migration law, perform in a timely manner, detail all costs involved, keep you up to date with the application and progress, keep information confidential and abide by the migration agents’ code of conduct.

    Nevett Ford - Immigration Lawyer Melbourne

    nevett ford

    61 3 9614 7112

    The Experience You Need.

    The Service You Want.

    Nevett Ford’s Melbourne lawyers are here for you. Whether you have a general question about the legal nature of your circumstance, or if you require representation a short notice, our lawyers have years of experience behind them, so you can trust you are in safe hands. We have the knowledge and skillset to offer quality legal advice in Melbourne to meet your needs.

    Proudly providing quality legal advice for over 150 years. As one of the longest continually operating law firms in Victoria, we have built a reputation of providing exceptional professional service based on a personalised, client-focused and efficient approach. Our passion for our clients has always remained central to what we do, with every solution being tailored specifically to the needs of our clients. We are a full-service law firm providing legal advice for all aspects of life.

    We look forward to assisting you every step of the way.

    Our History


    In 1854, Thomas Randall founded a law firm on the Ballarat goldfields. He partnered with Alfred Mitchell and Mr Doward to form Randall Mitchell and Doward. In 1868, Horatio Arthur Nevett arrived in Ballarat from London, and his name was added to the firm, resulting in Randall Mitchell and Nevett. Nevett’s name survives to this day, nearly 150 years later. The firm found success in dealing with gold mining law during the height of the gold rush in Ballarat.

    In 1899, the business became Mitchell, Nevett and Robinson. When the original Mr Nevett’s son, Arthur Horatio Nevett, became a partner in the firm in 1907, the firm became Nevett and Nevett.

    By 1949, the firm had added a further named partner and was Nevett, Nevett and Glenn, and soon after, in 1956, was trading as Nevett, Glenn and Tinney. The Nevett name persisted as the firm added partners and grew in the 1970s, becoming Nevett Glenn and Coutts, then Nevett Coutts and Wilson.

    In 1983, the firm purchased a Melbourne practice, ALC Flint & Marrie, and Mr Marrie took up a position as Deputy Registrar of the Family Court. Under the guidance of David Stratton, the firm’s Melbourne practice grew and merged with the Melbourne law firm Ford & Co in 1989.


    Ford & Co was the result of a merger in 1978 between two firms in Melbourne. Cohen, Thompson, Bolger and Co had their origins in 1938 and Ford, Aspinwall and Degruchy had been established in 1886. Through growth and acquisition of talent, the firm Ford & Co continued through to its merger with Nevett Coutts and Wilson in 1989.

    Today we provide a range of professional services. Our company’s philosophy is based on providing personalised, friendly and prompt delivery of high-quality professional services at reasonable fees by its directors and staff.

    Nevett Ford’s particular expertise is in the areas of corporate and business law, migration, litigation and dispute resolution, family law, mediation, property and conveyancing, wills, estate planning & probate, and employment & workplace relations.

    Nevett Ford provides a quality service at a reasonable cost delivered on time.

    Nevett Ford has Law Institute of Victoria accredited specialists in a number of areas, including immigration law and workplace relations law. The firm is also a member of Law Australasia, a coalition of 19 law firms with affiliated offices throughout Australia.

    At Nevett Ford, our guiding principles are centred around our clients, and we pride ourselves on providing friendly, personalised and efficient services. From this core purpose of providing excellence for our clients, grows all initiatives at the firm. We encourage all staff to participate in our various committees and initiatives designed to create, grow and support a team that exudes excellence. Our Client Experience team, Health and Wellbeing and Operational Excellence committee are examples of ways in which we hold ourselves to, and continue to cultivate, excellence at all levels of the Nevett Ford experience.

    Visa Plan - Immigration Lawyer Melbourne

    visa plan

    +61 3 9958 5855

    Why Visa Plan Lawyers?

    Professional Credentials

    Our Principal was a former Legal Advisor for the Australian government, where he advised various Government agencies. You will receive from us the same level of services that the Australian government would enjoy.

    Collective Experience

    We have processed many applications for employer-sponsored visas under different circumstances. With the experience, our team is perfectly equipped to achieve positive outcomes in every situation.

    Nil Human Errors

    However experienced, knowledgeable or passionate, everyone is prone to human errors. At Visa Plan, we provide the unique safety net of having two Australian immigration lawyers attending to your matter at all times.

    Fixed Fee Promise

    During your initial consultation with our migration lawyers, you will receive a quote for our professional fee. This quote will not vary, assuring that you are receiving the finest services at a reasonable price, all without any nasty surprises.

    100% Client Satisfaction

    We can confidently say that our clients are satisfied with our professional services. Check our Google Reviews for their testament! We emphasise that our priority is to make sure that you are happy and get the visa you need.

    Visa Plan is a premier boutique migration law firm rendering professional assistance in all forms of Australian migration matters. We are headquartered in Melbourne with offices in South Korea and Vietnam.

    Visa Plan was founded with a mission to set a new standard for integrity and quality of service in the Australian migration industry. By focusing on the client experience, our team of dedicated, skilled and empathetic lawyers pride ourselves on treating each matter with the care and dedication they deserve. A law firm lives and dies by its reputation, as so do we.

    Elena K Lawyers - Immigration Lawyer Melbourne

    elena k lawyers


    About Us

    Elena Koulikov is an experienced lawyer and litigator with more than 15 years of practical experience.

    She is currently admitted to practice law in Australia, Israel and Russia and is a member of the Victorian Legal Services Board, Law Institute of Victoria, Migration Institute of Australia and the Israeli Legal Bar Association.

    Elena has worked widely in various jurisdictions, including Australia, New Zealand, Israel and Russia. She is recognised and well known internationally as a prominent, dynamic lawyer who makes a difference in her clients’ lives.

    Elena specialises in Australian Immigration Law and has extensive experience working with a diverse portfolio of clients, from startups to multinational companies in many sectors, including resources, oil and gas, mining, construction, hospitality, insurance, education and government. Elena has also assisted many individuals with their immigration matters at all levels of complexity.

    Founding Elena K Lawyers in Australia was a decision that came to Elena Koulikov after working for many years as an Associate and a Senior Immigration Consultant/Solicitor with a global immigration law firm and a number of large corporations. Being a migrant herself, Elena has a personal understanding of the difficulties and struggles her clients may face during the visa process. The unique combination of her love for the law, a wealth of experience and passion for helping people, allows Elena to provide services of a high standard and achieve the desired outcome.

    In addition to English, Elena is fluent in Russian and Hebrew and is a great help to her Russian and Hebrew – speaking clients.

    Outside of work, Elena Koulikov is an avid reader who loves travelling and yoga. She is also very passionate about animal welfare and supporting various cat and dog rescue organisations in both Australia and overseas. We would like people to know more about one of these wonderful organisations called Soi Dog. Not only do they work to end the dog meat trade throughout Asia, but they also help homeless and abused animals and respond to animal welfare disasters and emergencies.


    We offer a full range of services to help you get the visa you need to study, visit, work or live in Australia.

    Partner and Family Migration

    Family is important. The process of obtaining a visa for a fiancée, a spouse, a child, a parent or another family member can be stressful. Australian immigration law is complex and changes very frequently.

    Skilled Migration

    Elena can expertly assist you by explaining the various skilled visa pathways and navigate you through the entire skilled visa process.

    Business and Investors Visas

    Australia offers fantastic opportunities to both international investors and self-funded retirees.

    Employer-Sponsored Migration

    Elena is proficient in this area of migration law. Elena K Lawyers welcome businesses who wish to sponsor skilled workers to contact her to discuss the options available to your organisation.

    Refusals & Cancellations and Appeals

    If you find yourself in a difficult situation where your visa is about to be cancelled, has been cancelled, or when your visa application was refused, it is important for you to understand your rights, obligations, available visa options and what can be done in such a sensitive situation.

    Visitor Visas

    If you are planning to visit Australia, whether to visit family, take a vacation or holiday or for a business trip, there are important things Elena can explain with regards to the most suitable visa, requirements for the visa application, and information about complying with the conditions of your visa.

    Amity Lawyers - Immigration Lawyer Melbourne

    amity lawyers

    (03) 8630 2829

    We are a law firm specialising in Australian immigration that offers Ethical and effective services for every client migration needs across Australia and around the world. Our experienced and top immigration lawyers in Melbourne are committed to providing you with the best solutions for your business or personal migration needs.

    Contact us today and book your 15 minutes free consultation.

    We are an expert legal team committed and passionate to give you the best immigration legal advice to migrate to Australia.

    Our law firm is based in Melbourne, and we have helped hundreds of clients from different parts of the world and from all walks of life. Our migration lawyers are also MARA accredited and has worked in the field of immigration law for several years providing comprehensive, high-quality, and personalised services on all aspects of Australian immigration law.

    Bansal Immigration Lawyer Melbourne


    0406 660 960

    Why Bansal Immigration?


    We follow the traditional paradigm of business while engaging in client dealing by encouraging an ethical approach in our service.


    Its been a long journey in the industry, and therefore we are aware of the visa requirements across all schemes and for each country.


    We deliver what we promise and thrive to provide you with all required services, which we convey during the profile.


    In order to establish respect for our clients, we ensure to incorporate effective professionals in all dealing,


    We ensure in being accurate on all the information provided to you in a simple yet effective manner which is in coherence with your individual


    Along with our MARA and ICCRC certification, we also guarantee the provision of No Visa, No Fee policy,

    Services We Offer

    We provide the following services at Bansal Immigration Consultants.


    We help assist students in getting admission to Australia’s top institutions.

    Student Visa

    We tend to make the visa application process as simple as possible without any hassles.

    Skilled Migration

    We offer tailor-made advice to migrate permanently to Australia.

    Family Visa

     We offer tailor-made advice for your family members to migrate to Australia without any hassles.

    Business Visa

    We assist and guide you in every step in the gathering of relevant documents necessary for migration purposes.


    We assist in preparing the submissions, gathering the necessary evidence and prepare you for the hearing.

    AJH LAWYERS - Immigration Lawyer Melbourne 

    ajh lawyers

    +61 3 9602 2236

    Welcome to Ajh Legal Group

    Your accredited specialists and expert lawyers – AJH LAWYERS are the only established commercial law firm in Victoria based in the Melbourne CBD, with Law Institute of Victoria accredited specialists in all the areas of Business Law/Commercial Law, Commercial Litigation and Immigration Law for over 15 years.

    Contact the best Melbourne lawyers today, and your confidential enquiry will be directed to the lawyers in our practice areas including, commercial law, business law, litigation, property and real estate, technology, immigration law, employment law and taxation law and the best Melbourne lawyers will speak with you or reply to your email.

    Your Expert and Specialist Lawyers

    We are the only law firm in Victoria with Accredited Specialists in all areas of Business Law/Commercial Law, Commercial Litigation and Immigration law for over 15 years.

    ✔ Experts and specialists lawyers accredited by the Law Institute of Victoria in

    • Business Law/Commercial Law
    • Commercial Litigation
    • Immigration Law

    ✔ Established and successful Melbourne city boutique commercial law firm renowned for delivering excellent results

    ✔ Proven track record of its experts and lawyers for over 20 years

    ✔ Delivering excellent results for a fixed price or a clear price structure upfront

    Your Case

    ✔ Your case is the most important to you. As such, we treat your case as the most important case

    ✔ Your success is our focus

    ✔ We find effective solutions for you

    ✔ We focus on delivering excellent results for you

    ✔ We provide you with clear options and recommendations so you can make informed decisions about your case

    Your Language

    ✔ We speak your language

    ✔ Our lawyers and professional personnel in Melbourne can converse with you in a wide array of languages, including:

    • English                                        
    • Chinese- Cantonese & Mandarin
    • Russian                              
    • Vietnamese  
    • Bahasa Indonesia                                       

     Your Response

    ✔ We will respond quickly

    ✔ We will be flexible and work with your schedule

    ✔ We will keep you up to date and welcome your input

    ✔ We will communicate in clear language

    MyVisa - Immigration Lawyer Melbourne


    +61 1300 558 473

    Local in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth.

    Our simple systematic approach to representing sponsors and visa applicants just works.

    Nilesh Nandan is a leading Sydney immigration lawyer with over 20 years of experience in immigration law. Energetic and experienced, he leads a dedicated team of specialised immigration lawyers.

    Immigration lawyers at MyVisa® are carefully selected for their immigration aptitude and client empathy to work closely with Nilesh Nandan to develop and follow best-in-the-industry standards.

    In 2010 MyVisa® became the first home-grown national immigration practice to be quality assured, meeting ISO 9001 International Standards Certification for an immigration practice.

    In 2020 Nilesh Nandan was appointed by the Assistant Minister for Immigration to the Migration Advisory Group, an expert group that advises the government on issues facing Australia’s migration advice industry.

    Local in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth.

    Our simple systematic approach to representing sponsors and visa applicants just works.

    Nilesh Nandan is a leading Sydney immigration lawyer with over 20 years of experience in immigration law. Energetic and experienced, he leads a dedicated team of specialised immigration lawyers.

    Immigration lawyers at MyVisa® are carefully selected for their immigration aptitude and client empathy to work closely with Nilesh Nandan to develop and follow best-in-the-industry standards.

    In 2010 MyVisa® became the first home-grown national immigration practice to be quality assured, meeting ISO 9001 International Standards Certification for an immigration practice.

    In 2020 Nilesh Nandan was appointed by the Assistant Minister for Immigration to the Migration Advisory Group, an expert group that advises the government on issues facing Australia’s migration advice industry.

    First Legal Migration Services - Immigration Lawyer Melbourne

    first legal migration services

    (03) 8648 6491

    Are you looking for Conveyancing Services or need help with your Australian visa?

    First Legal Migration Services has both covered. Based in Melbourne, we are a highly qualified and experienced lawyer/conveyancer ready to assist you.

    • Flat Fee - No hidden costs
    • Helping clients for over 8 years
    • Fast, Easy & Secure Online Process
    • 100% Accurate Filing Is Guaranteed
    • Transparent Service
    • Near 100% Success Rate

    First Legal & Migration Services was founded in 2012 and specialises in all types of conveyancing matters and Australian immigration and visas application services. We are based in Melbourne, and we aim to provide you with the best value advice in Australian immigration law and other legal services. We also commit to exceptional service and quality interaction and liaison with our clients.

    Conveyancing & Australian Immigration Services in Melbourne


    Conveyancing refers to the legal process of transferring ownership of real estate from one person to another. Conveyancing can be both complex and time-consuming, so whether you are buying or selling, we will take care of this process for you and ensure that you understand each step as it’s taken.

    Melbourne Student Visa

    Student Visa

    Studying in Australia is a great way to experience the unique Australian lifestyle while gaining great new skills. If you are looking to stay in Australia for an extended period of time, an Australian Student Visa is your best starting point and a good option.

    Melbourne Family Visa

    Family Visa

    There are a number of migration options for fiancés, partners, children, parents and other family members of Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents or eligible New Zealand citizens.

    Melbourne Skilled Migration Visa

    Skilled Migration Visa

    Skilled Migration Visa allows skilled overseas workers to live and work in Australia for their nominating Australian employer. Visa applicants must be qualified or have sufficient experience working in an occupation listed on the relevant Skilled Occupation List.

    Melbourne Business Skills Migrant Visa

    Business Skills Migrant Visa

    If you are looking to establish or develop a business in Australia or to invest in an Australian state or territory, you may be able to obtain a visa to live in and manage your business or investment in Australia on a temporary or permanent basis.

    Employer-Sponsored Migration

    This visa lets skilled workers, who are nominated by their employer, live and work in Australia permanently.

    Visa Law - Immigration Lawyer Melbourne

    visa law

    +61 3 8609 1501

    Our Goal

    We strive for one thing: to provide you with efficient, premium migration assistance and legal advice at fair rates. Each Visa Law practitioner is a lawyer, MARA-registered migration agent, and NAATI-accredited translator.

    Visa Law strives to offer an expert, efficient, ethical service at fair rates. We won’t take your case if we doubt success, and we adhere at all times to the MARA Code of Conduct.

    Our Clients

    Our clients are individuals and companies worldwide seeking Australian visas or advice about them (including complex matters, reviews and court appeals). We work Australia-wide. Our head office is in Melbourne. Visa Law has over 10 years of legal experience and also provides consultancy services to non-lawyer migration agents and to lawyers.

    For more information about our rates and how our integrated services can save you money compared to regular migration lawyers and non-lawyer MARA agents, please visit our why choose us and fees pages.

    Why Choose Us?

    Affordable Expert Advice

    We charge affordable, fixed fees for each stage of the process. Most of our clients are granted a visa after the initial application process. We will not take on a matter if we doubt a success. Consultations can be arranged at our office or via video conference (Skype or Google). We are available outside of normal business hours by appointment and may be able to meet you at your home or office.

    Accredited Specialist Immigration Lawyer

    Our Director and Principal Julian Devery is registered by the Law Institute of Victoria as an Accredited Specialist in Immigration Law. There are only (about) 44 LIV Accredited Specialist Immigration Lawyers in Australia. It generally takes about 15 years of training and work experience before a practitioner is able to achieve this accreditation - the highest possible qualification for immigration advice professionals in Australia. By comparison, practitioners who are Registered Migration Agents only were generally required, after completing high school, to have completed between two weeks to six months of study (depending on the era of their registration).

    We Are Lawyers and Migration Agents

    Because we are lawyers, we can advise and represent you throughout the process if your initial application is declined by the department. This saves time, stress and money. Unlike most agents and many lawyers, Visa Law has experience at every step of the process beyond initial visa applications, including appeal preparation and advocacy in the Federal Court of Australia. Migration law is complex and constantly changing. We are a dedicated migration law practice — we practise solely in this area. We will provide you with accurate, up-to-date advice. 

    David Immigration Law - Immigration Lawyer Melbourne

    david immigration law

    (03) 9005 8282 

    David Immigration Law PLLC serves the US immigration needs of foreign citizens, businesses and corporations. We are one of the only law offices in the United States and Australia with a primary focus on the US immigration needs of Australian citizens. Principal Attorney Andrew David is uniquely qualified and experienced in US immigration law. As both a dual citizen and holding dual admission to the US and Australia, he understands the importance of identifying your specific circumstances and will prepare your application right the first time.

    Our uniqueness is emphasised by our E-3 Visa practice for Australian citizens. In addition to providing a range of US immigration legal services, Andrew works closely with Australian clients to prepare E-3 Visa applications presented to the US Consulates in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth. This practice is also available to the Australian expatriate communities in the US and abroad.

    What makes David Immigration Law qualified to handle your case? Attorney Andrew David has successfully completed hundreds of US immigration applications of various types on both continents while working with leading immigration law firms in the US and Australia. To Andrew, knowing immigration means living immigration. As a first-generation American, Andrew has lived the US immigration experience starting as a visitor, then as a temporary nonimmigrant visa holder, then as a Green Card holder and finally a US citizen. He has walked in your shoes and will be your best advocate.

    Why Should You Choose Us Over Other Providers?

    ► We focus on the US immigration needs of Australian visa applicants, Australian families as well as companies; 

    ► We have extremely high success rates across all US visa and petition categories, including the E-3 visa (for Australians);

    ► Our staff have personally experienced the US immigration and visa process - we really understand the concerns, fears and uncertainty often associated with the US immigration and visa process;

    ► We have decades of combined experience in US immigration law and procedure;

    ► We provide fully inclusive and understandable fixed fees, providing greater certainty that your matter will receive the necessary attention and be resolved without the uncertainty of hourly fees;

    ► Your circumstances will be individually managed by a licensed US immigration attorney. Your case eligibility will not be assessed or outsourced to non-attorney employees;

    ► We provide tailored and personalised immigration strategies. Your needs will be clearly assessed to prepare a strong and accurate application for the best outcome; and

    ► Your case will be handled using the most efficient means possible. We know how to resolve the common “pain points” often associated with complex cases and procedures. 

    Allan Miranda Immigration Lawyer Melbourne

    allan miranda immigration lawyer

    +61 401 331 476

    The Allan Miranda Difference

    We offer individuals and/or families within or outside Australia complete end to end visa application assistance services. We provide support in all aspects of migration for all types of Australian visas.

    Equipped with our extensive experiences, knowledge of Australian immigration laws and procedures and professionalism, we ensure you of getting into the right path of visa application. We thoroughly analyse and evaluate the circumstances of each client and always determine the best and valuable approach for their visa application.

    Hence, why wait? Avail and say YES to our service, which will open the doors for your FUTURE.

    Migrating in Australia

    Immigration has been vital to Australia’s development. Its immigration policy encourages anyone who meets the selection criteria to apply to immigrate regardless of sex, religion, or ethnic and national origin.

    Migrants are selected under the Migration Program in different streams. The three most common are Work, Family and Business or Investor Streams.

    Work Stream

    This is for skilled migrants who must satisfy a points test and have particular qualifications and skills or be nominated by an Australian employer. They can apply independently or nominated by an Australian state or territory or nominated by an Australian employer.

    In order to maintain its competitiveness in the international market, Australia targets migrants who have skills or outstanding abilities that will contribute to the Australian economy.

    Family Stream

    • Partners, children, parents or dependent relatives of an Australian citizen, permanent resident of Australia or eligible New Zealand citizen
    • Children being adopted or in the process of being adopted outside of Australia
    • Carers who need to move to Australia to provide long-term care for an approved relative

    Business or Investment Stream

    This is for migrants who have a successful business or investment skills and would bring sufficient capital to Australia to establish a business or an investment of benefit to this country.

    Allan Miranda Immigration Lawyer

    If there is someone who truly understands the flight and concerns of a person who wants to migrate, it is your immigration lawyer himself.

    Allan Miranda migrated himself with his family to Australia under a skilled visa. He was a practising lawyer and Certified Public Accountant in the Philippines prior to his migration to Australia. Upon arrival here, he studied Bridging Program Law at the University of Melbourne.

    “Allan Miranda Immigration Lawyer specialises in all aspects of migration for all types of Australian visas.”

    He later took a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice at Leo Cussen Institute and was admitted to the legal practice in the Supreme Court of Victoria in August 2009.

    He has been involved in migration since 2008. While studying, he worked as a volunteer at Refugee and Immigration Legal Centre (RILC). He started as a Migration Assistant until he became a Registered Migration Agent himself. He worked as a Senior Migration Lawyer for 6 years in one of Australia’s leading immigration firms until he established his own immigration practice.

    AR Law Services - Immigration Lawyer Melbourne

    ar law services

    +61 39614 0218




    AR LAW SERVICES: Lawyers & Consultants is a Melbourne based Australian immigration and regulatory law firm with offices throughout Australia. Built upon a foundation of integrity, expertise and commitment to success, we take pride in delivering legal services that are both exceptional and cost-effective.

    For more than 20 years, AR LAW Services has been helping both individuals and organisations with their legal & regulatory needs in migration, visa, citizenship and general law. We are particularly expert in the emerging legal fields of Crimmigration & the law surrounding blockchain, startups and crypto-privacy.

    Our Principal Lawyer – Mr Anthony Robinson. BA. LLB. GDLP. LLM. SF.VISA: Master Migration Lawyer – not only knows the law, but he also understands people. He also knows that getting a visa, or bringing a worker to Australia, is often time-consuming, frustrating and difficult – and keeping a visa even harder.

    That is why, for over 20 years, we have been leading Australian immigration, immigration & regulatory law firm – widely regarded as one of Australia’s best and most trusted boutique Law firms. At AR LAW Services, we aim to give you honest, superior advice and intelligent solutions at a cost-effective price.

    AR LAW SERVICES: Lawyers & Consultants

    Was established in 2000 by Anthony Robinson. Originally the office was situated at 222 Latrobe street (opposite Melbourne Central station near the State Library and RMIT)

    The young firm then moved when Anthony bought part of the iconic and heritage-listed “Hosies” building at 1 Elizabeth Street in 2003. This 1950s Internationalist building sits directly opposite the equally iconic Flinders Street station clock tower.

    To this day, even though AR LAW SERVICES has grown and now has offices throughout Australia and the rest of the world, it is the Hosies Building at 1 Elizabeth street Melbourne that remains the head office and the “spiritual” home of the law firm.

    Ghothane Lawyers - Immigration Lawyer Melbourne

    ghothane lawyers

    1800 886 887

    Immigration Law

    With the range of visas provided by the Australian government, choosing the right kind of visa and successfully applying for it can be a challenging task. At Ghothane Lawyers, our principal objective is to provide you with the most ideal and practical advice so that you can achieve your desired results for yourself, your family, or your representative. We are here to guide you step by step throughout this intricate process. The process of visa application may be an emotionally taxing journey for some applicants. Our lawyers are well attuned to your needs and will understand your individual circumstances to accomplish the best way forward.

    With more than 14+ years of experience, our immigration lawyers are well equipped to assist you with:

    • All Visa Applications 
    • State Migration Plan and Skill Assessment  
    • Managing Refusal, Cancellation, and Adverse Information 
    • Ministerial Intervention  
    • Citizenship 
    • Character Provision  
    • Health Waiver  
    • AAT and Court Representation 

    We can help you arrange and lodge your visa and citizenship applications, respond to requests for more information from the Department of Home Affairs, and attend to letters of response such as refusal, cancellation and adverse information.  

    The process of visa application involves much more than lodgement of the application. It involves developing a strategy specific to each circumstance in order to get the visa granted. We will develop a roadmap for you so that you can obtain the visa you seek. 

    We also help you in making representations to the Minister in matters which are of public interest, depending on the specific conditions of the case.  

    Why Us

    We Are Passionate About Law

    We enjoy handling challenging legal matters. Our passion for law drives us to go the extra mile to exceed your expectations.

    Make Law Simpler

    Law is complex. Our skilful lawyers will help you understand the law relevant to your legal issues. We will explain the steps and be with you for your entire legal journey so that you can have a smooth and comfortable experience with us.

    We Speak Your Language

    Our team of lawyers come from various backgrounds and are fluent in Nepali, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, and English, of course. You are more than welcome to communicate with us in any of these languages that you prefer.

    We Understand You Better

    Because we can speak your language, we can understand you better. Our diverse background equips us with the advantage of understanding your legal problems from a cultural standpoint. This allows us to take a holistic approach to manage your legal issues.

    Empathetic Lawyer

    Before lawyers, we are human. We use our emotions and feelings to understand clients better and establish a rapport. We are patient with our clients. We will allow you ample time to express your concerns and will be attentive to you. We strongly believe that our empathetic approach to addressing your concerns will lead to the best legal outcomes.

    Privacy & Confidentiality

    We understand that some of you may have concerns regarding the preservation of confidentiality of your legal circumstances. We assure your matters will be handled with utmost care. Therefore, you can confidently discuss your legal issues with us. It is critical for us to preserve the client legal privilege which is afforded to you so that you can exercise your right to obtain confidential advice about your legal circumstances. We have systems and processes in place to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of your matters as required by the law.

    Our Values

    At Ghothane Lawyers, we are guided by our principles which are laid on the foundation of our reputation, the results we strive to achieve and our integrity. Our values shape us as professionals and our operation as lawyers. 


    Usually, when we think about reputation, it refers to the perception or opinion of others held towards someone or something. While this is important, reputation, to us, extends beyond its conventional meaning and holds a significant value. It is how we perceive ourselves. We are competent, hardworking, honest, and empathetic professionals. We have built our reputation in the community by consistently displaying these qualities, and that is how we remain true to ourselves. Our view of our reputation inspires us to work harder for our clients to achieve the outcomes that they desire.


    Law is complex and can be uncertain. Our team of lawyers are equipped with the knowledge and experience to navigate through our clients’ legal problems to provide them with the options that suit their expectations.


    Integrity is integral to us. We set realistic expectations for our clients from the outset while remaining honest. Honesty is a value that empowers us to be upfront and straightforward with our clients so that clients can entrust us, and we can assist in maintaining faith in the legal system. 

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