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Best Indian Restaurants in Melbourne

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    Indian must be the most aromatic cuisine in the world. There's no mistaking that heady mix of cardamom, turmeric, ginger and other such spices.

    Melbourne is known for having one of the most culturally diverse culinary scenes globally, but you already know that, and so do we. What you may not know, though, is where to find the cream of the crop when it comes to Indian food. Of course, there are takeaways and dine in restaurants dotted all over Melbourne, and we know you’ll argue that your local is the best. But after doing the rounds, we’ve come up with the ultimate list of the best Indian restaurants Melbourne has to offer. 

    indian food ask melbourne

    Butter chicken, cheese naan, diet coke: the idea of mild, stupidly creamy, excessively buttery heaven in desperate need of not-really-Indian comfort food. Like a ridiculously oozy carbonara and California rolls, the off-the-cuff idea of Indian cuisine many westerners still hold near and dear is a slap in the face to authenticity. Still, it’s also quite often too strong of a temptation to resist, foregoing the richness and variety on offer over on the other side of the credibility fence. It’s actually quite easy to fight that temptation; you just need to be diligent about finding the best Indian restaurants in Melbourne.

    With such variety on offer from the subcontinent, Melbourne locals are spoiled by a rich tapestry of only the greatest Indian on offer, from the hellfire curries and puffed, charred naan pieces of bread of North India, to all the dosas and vegetable-focused dishes the Southern part of India has to offer. 

    Red Pepper - CBD

    14-16 Bourke Street Melbourne, Victoria 3000

    (03) 9654 5714

    Newly renovated Red Pepper is a sublime Indian restaurant in the CBD that provides authentic and excellent fare with North Indian influences (as well as influences from other parts of India) in ambient surroundings. Owner/chef Jagjeet Kaur from the Punjab region of India has become an icon in Melbourne with Red Pepper recently celebrating the 15th anniversary of delighting Melbourne diners (since 2006) with traditional Indian flavours and some dishes with a modern twist.

    red pepper melbourne

    Butter Chicken

    The current Thali lunch specials are an exciting lunch option for city workers and lovers of Indian food alike. The "Railroad Thali" is the vegetarian option and reflects the authentic food you find in Indian interstate travel on long journey trains, and is of great value. The "Highway Thali" is the non-vegetarian option and reflects the authentic food you find in interstate travel on the highways of India, also great value. Finally, for those looking for a diverse, compelling lunch, Red Pepper Thali gives you a selection of Indian dish highlights in one meal.

    Dinner Set Menu at Red Pepper is also affordable. It delivers on taste and quality, with a feature being the dishes are individually tailored for each diner (as opposed to a shared menu). The menu is ever-evolving, with Jagjeet bringing diverse options as well as signatures. Menus have included Ghost (Pepper) Chilli Beef, Chennai Chicken and Goat Curry. Red Pepper is also known for its outstanding drinks choices, including cocktails such as Mango by the Beach. A full list of beers and wines often surprises guests with their range and quality. Also, check out the Indian beers and whisky.

    Mango by the Beach

    The Butter chicken shines as a great example of this dish in Melbourne. I hadn't had a Butter chicken like this since the one I had in Mussouri in Northern India in the Himalayas'...  The altitude made one breathless, but the occasion was unforgettable with amazing cuisine, delightful company and the Himalayas in view. This Butter chicken at Red Pepper was among the best I've ever had anywhere. For a start, it was a generous portion, and the balance of spices was sublime.

    Jagjeet is well known for authenticity and for not compromising on spice levels and traditional flavours. No shortcuts.  The restaurant is located at the Paris end of Bourke St, a precinct with class, leafy and spacious.  Red Pepper is part of a cluster of restaurants at the top end of Bourke St near the Parliament building, Melbourne restaurant royalty.

    Come here for lunch as a city worker, or bring your colleagues for dinner. Perfect for a date night or a family or friends catch up. So much love and care go into the Red Pepper experience. Jagjeet more than delivers on the restaurant offerings. One of the best Indian restaurants in Melbourne.

    Delhi Streets Indian Street Food

    22 Katherine Pl, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia

    03 9629 2620

    It's not just food at Delhi Streets, and it's a spectacle as well. With the authentic flavours of Indian street food and the vibrant energy of the markets, Delhi Streets brings a new delicious dining experience, sure to surprise and excite the senses.

    In India, families don't go to restaurants for dinner. Instead, they say to each other, "chai pani" - "Let's go out to eat,' and to the markets, they will go. Rather than just a few dishes, one meal is made up of a bevy of delicious options, from savoury snacks and filling roti's, to sweet Gulam Jamun, one meal consisting of many items.

    delhi streets melbourne

    At Delhi Streets, we're taking just some of our favourites and bringing the experience to Melbourne in its entirety, with traditional flavours and all the flair.

    India lives and eats on its streets, and our cooking and energy pays homage to that, bringing the flavours that we miss from our hometown to our new home to share.

    Have a snack, or eat a full meal, but just give it a go!

    Tonka Indian Restaurant 

    20 Duckboard Pl, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia


    tonka indian restaurant melbourne

    Tonka is a modern Indian restaurant just off Flinders Lane, down one of Melbourne’s iconic laneways, Duckboard Place. At Tonka, we celebrate the vibrancy of Indian flavours complemented by our award-winning wine list. Delivered by our experienced and passionate team.

    Tonka opened in 2013 and is the proud sister to Coda restaurant, a short walk away. Since their inception, both restaurants have received the Age Good Food Guide’s ‘Hat Award’ every year.

    Pursuing his paternal Indian heritage, Executive Chef Adam D’Sylva showcases his family recipes to recreate classics and serve Indian favourites while still focusing on his love of clean, punchy flavours. Two Tandoor ovens operated by Tandoor-trained experts form the heart of our kitchen, supported by our team of passionate chefs. As a result, the below menu is subject to change.

    Group Bookings

    Group bookings can be made for groups of up to 10 guests for lunch and dinner. For all groups of 8 or more, we require that you partake in our set menu. These set menus are only available for large groups. The below menu is a sample menu and is subject to change.

    Melba Restaurant

    1 Southgate Ave The Langham, Southbank, Melbourne, Victoria 3006 Australia

    03 8696 8

    melba restaurant melbourne

    The Melba Restaurant experience combines fresh produce, bountiful seafood, a myriad of cuisines to choose from, smiling, skilful chefs creating dishes with flair at live cooking stations and an ambient, relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy stunning views, service and styling, as well as a specially curated menu featuring expertly selected dishes and wines from around Victoria.

    Delight your discerning palate with cuisines prepared from the fresh harvest of Victoria's bountiful farmlands and the rich Tasman Sea.

    Two Fat Indians

    166 Wellington Pde, Melbourne, Victoria 3002 Australia

    03 9419 1866

    2 Fat Indians is here to take you on an ENTHRALLING CULINARY ODYSSEY through some mesmerizing recipes of the Indian sub-continent, complimented with GRACIOUS HOSPITALITY and exquisite service. Whether you are visiting Perth or like to call it home with Two Fat Indians, you’re never far from an authentic and stylish Indian Dining experience – why not reserve a table or call in for takeaway?

    2 fat indians ask melbourne

    With over 13 years of experience in the culinary world and specialising in Indian Cuisine, Chef Vickey began his journey from his hometown of Kolkata, Howrah. Having an extensively vibrant career working for the biggest of culinary brands in the world, Chef Vickey sees his cooking as a combination of different colours and flavours on a plate bringing together the best of modern Indian cuisine from all parts of the Indian sub-continent. A dynamic chef and culinary visionary, his work is a blend of a neurosurgeon's precision (which he aspired to be) combined with the creativity of a genuine artist (who we believe he is today). His search for culinary knowledge has taken him to different parts of India and the world to explore different styles of Indian cuisine, giving him the magic to please every palate. Having started his journey at the Oberoi centre for learning and Development, Chef Vickey progressed in his career working with the top Culinary gurus in New Delhi. His career in Australia has been exclusive to 2 Fat Indians, where he has stirred exceptional meals for the last 4 years and is now heading the 2 Fat kitchens as an Executive Chef.

    Aagaman Indian Nepalese Restaurant

    271 Bay St, Melbourne, Victoria 3207 Australia

    03 9676 9234

    Aagaman is one of the nice Indian Nepali cuisine restaurants. The restaurant is located on the bustling Bay St in Port Melbourne. Aagaman arrives with a unique array of Indian and Nepalese delicacies created by chef Ram Sapkota, with distinct clean flavoured curries and mastered tandoor cooking. Designed truly for the enjoyment of food and drinks over a conversation.

    Aagaman is a Hindi word that means “Arrival”. So the name here signifies the restaurant's arrival as a steep start towards a food philosophy driven by a desire to present an eclectic and expansive Indian repertoire, bursting with flavours and originality, as a multi-sensory dining experience and a highly personal one.

    aagaman ask melbourne indian restaurant

    The result is a vibrant, sophisticated place full of energy; it’s a place for gathering, celebration, a place for business and pleasure.

    Let’s accept this, there are regular eateries, and then there’s exquisite dining that leaves all your wits gratified.

    At Aagaman, an Indian restaurant in Melbourne, we believe the best fine dining starts with breathtaking ambience and ends with tongue tantalising deserts. Any hindrance in between and the experience stops all together.

    The experience at Aagaman, one of the best Indian restaurants in Melbourne, commences the second you walk in the door, where an interior design inspired by cuisines around the world welcomes you. What follows soon is the aroma of delicacies twisted by our chef at Indian or Nepalese Restaurant and blended with the distinct fresh flavoured curries and expert tandoor cooking.

    From old favourites to contemporary cuisines twisted by our team of expert chefs or a blend of the best Indian and Nepali cuisines influenced by Nepalese cuisines, this fine dining restaurant in Port Melbourne, Australia, has a distinct style and an international taste.

    So if you’re after an unforgettable Indian Nepali dining experience in Melbourne, Aagaman has a name that’s second to none! Enjoys stunning views of the port area, where the air is warm and comfortable, with welcoming and well-versed service and an in-house sommelier managing a high-quality wine list.

    We all know Melbourne is a really global city and is home to many nice restaurants in Melbourne. But not everyone is as welcoming as Aagaman. After all, Aagaman literally translates to “Arrival”. Arrival as in,

    aagaman indian restaurant ask melbourne

    “The arrival of the restaurant as a steep start towards a food philosophy that is driven by a desire to present an eclectic and expansive Indian repertoire, bursting with flavours and originality, as a multi-sensory dining experience and a highly personal one.”

    When it comes to vegan restaurants in Melbourne, Aagaman won’t let you down either. We have an extensive menu specially designed for vegetarians. So visit us for fine dining in Melbourne, whether you’re a vegetarian or not.

    Crossways Restaurant

    309-325 Bourke St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia

    03 9650 2939

    30 years plus and still going strong!

    Situated in the heart of Melbourne, in The Walk Arcade, 309-325 Bourke Street (opposite The Causeway Inn), Crossways provides wholesome, sanctified, vegan/vegetarian lunch & dinner cooked with love and devotion by the Hare Krishna devotees.

    crossways restaurant melbourne

    Each day of the week, there is a different menu to add variety to your meal. The daily menu consists of two courses and a drink – and there is no extra charge for seconds! It’s all-you-can-eat!

    There is also a lounge area on level 2 where you can put your feet up, pick up a book and get away from the stress of the city.  Browse our collection of books focusing on spirituality at your leisure.  Our staff are always happy to answer any queries on spiritual subjects – so don’t hesitate to ask.

    All You Can Eat! The Mains are Vegetarian, Vegan-friendly, Wheat-Free. The Desserts (halava) are vegetarian made of fruits & semolina. Each order is a full price of $8.95 (Concession $6.95). Add $0.55 for take-away.

    Ish Restaurant

    199 Gertrude St, Fitzroy, Yarra, Victoria 3065 Australia

    0420 214 855

    Since November 2018, Fitzroy’s Gertrude Street has been home to ISH, a lively, inventive Indian restaurant. Serving up contemporary Indian cuisine, the restaurant’s ethos is rooted in the liminal: its inspirations, both traditional and modern, its flavours both familiar and surprising, its spirit both global and local. It serves to represent, through food, the dynamism that so defines modern-day India. ISH is Indian-ish, yes, but also Australian; modern-ish, yes, but also classic. In short, it delivers what can only be described as ‘unexpected India.

    ish restaurant melbourne

    ISH is the brainchild of Ganeev Bains, a restaurateur with several successful projects in his hometown of Chandigarh, India. ISH brings a different culinary perspective for Melburnians - that of a dynamic, eclectic, evolving India. The menu at ISH uses global influences and modern techniques while retaining the rich heritage and cultural integrity of Indian cuisine.

    Curry Vault Indian Restaurant and Bar

    18-20 Bank Pl, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia

    03 9600 0144

    Let’s be honest, what could possibly be better than relaxing over a spicy curry and bottle of quality wine? Here at Curry Vault Indian Restaurant & Bar, nothing beats this delicious combination, which is why our restaurant and wine bar in the heart of Melbourne was born. We offer an extensive range of modern Indian dishes alongside a carefully curated wine list that matches our menu down to a tee. So whether you’re only in to sample the wine or you want to experience it all, our team go above and beyond to make it a night to remember. You’ll find us in the CBD in Bank Place, just off Collins Street. We can’t wait to have you in!

    curry vault indian restaurant and bar

    Curry Vault is Melbourne’s premier fine dining Indian resturant for authentic and mouth-watering Indian food. Visit or contact us!

    Located off Collins Street in the picturesque Bank Place, Curry Vault is the destination for Melbourne's delicious and authentic Indian food. With a wide range of traditional and modern dishes to choose from, this Indian restaurant is in the heart of Melbourne City’s foodies’ paradise. You will be treated to tantalising delicacies guaranteed to make any food lover drool. With delicious Indian vegetarian, vegan, chicken, meat and seafood delicacies, Curry Vault offers an immersive Indian food experience to everyone in Melbourne.

    Kailash and his highly trained team invite you into their cosy, personable, comfortable, authentically Indian restaurant with an extended wine bar to satisfy all your Indian food cravings. Talk to our friendly and eff

    Our everyday lunch banquets choices are a perfect way to enjoy a well-crafted Indian food buffet menu in Melbourne for a relaxing lunch with some lively conversation with your friends and colleagues. We also offer Indian takeaway services in Melbourne to bring our mouth-watering Indian food to wherever you may want to enjoy it. Along with it, we also offer catering services in Melbourne for gatherings and events, with a function space large enough to comfortably seat up to 70 people.

    Visit us and treat yourself to a winning pair of wine and food that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

    Flora Indian Restaurant

    238A Flinders St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia

    03 9663 1212

    flora indian restaurant melbourne

    Flora brings Indian charm, hospitality and warmth. Be it early morning, afternoon or evening, there’s piping hot food and snacks on the go. You can’t ignore the hot dosas, samosas, chicken tikka, pakoras or chat papadi and much more. 

    Conveniently located within metres from Flinders Street Station and Federation Square, Flora prides itself in fresh, flavoursome and good quality Indian food at affordable prices. Specializing in both Southern and Northern Indian cuisine, the friendly staff at Flora will surely be able to fulfil your taste buds' dreams. 

    At Flora, we know Indian food.

    We have a team of 4 chefs who each bring their unique knowledge and skills together to give your tastebuds a memorable experience that will keep you coming back for more.

    Located in the heart of Melbourne CBD, Flora offers a casual, fast paced dining experience. 

    A must try our famous Masala Dosa, served crispy with a spiced potato filling. Break a piece and dip it in the sambar and take your taste buds on a journey to the south of India!

    Tandoori Chicken Tikka is one of the most popular Indian dishes for a reason. It is both flavor-rich and delicious. It has mouth-watering boneless chicken thighs marinated in creamy Indian yogurt and spices. Then, it is grilled in Tandoor (a clay oven) and served with hot and spicy mint chutney.
    Traditional Indian food, however, is not only healthy, but is also incredibly tasty with a lot of health benefits. Indian food supports immunity, inflammation, brain function and several other functions in the human body.
    Since Indian food takes so many hours to cook, it requires somebody to get to the restaurant in the morning and prepare food all day long. Of course, this leads to the increase in the price of the food that is prepared for consumption.
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