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Best Indian Restaurants in Melbourne

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    Perhaps the most enticing aspect of Indian cuisine is its use of spices, which are among the most aromatic of any worldwide cuisine. That intoxicating concoction of cardamom, turmeric, ginger, and various other spices is impossible to misidentify.

    It goes without saying that Melbourne is home to one of the most culturally diverse food scenes in the world, but just in case: Melbourne has some of the best food in the world. What you might not be aware of, however, is where you can find the very best Indian cuisine in your area. Of course, there are both sit-down and takeout restaurants in Melbourne, and we know you'll stick by your original statement that "the best restaurant is the one closest to my house." However, after conducting extensive research, we have compiled the definitive list of the city of Melbourne's most noteworthy Indian dining establishments.

    indian food ask melbourne

    The idea of mild, ridiculously creamy, and excessively buttery heaven in desperate need of not-really-Indian comfort food is something along the lines of butter chicken, cheese naan, and diet coke. The off-the-cuff concept of Indian cuisine that many westerners still hold near and dear is a slap in the face to authenticity.

    The idea is similar to that of a ridiculously oozy carbonara or California rolls. However, it's often impossible to say "no" to such a strong temptation, leading one to miss out on the abundance and variety that lie on the other side of the credibility fence. It is actually quite simple to resist that temptation; all you have to do is search carefully throughout Melbourne for the establishments that serve Indian cuisine of the highest quality.

    Red Pepper - CBD

    14-16 Bourke Street Melbourne, Victoria 3000

    (03) 9654 5714

    After a recent renovation, the Central Business District's Red Pepper now serves authentic and excellent Indian cuisine with a focus on flavours from North India (and other regions of the country). Red Pepper, a Melbourne favourite since 2006, recently celebrated 15 years of serving up authentic Indian cuisine with a contemporary spin. Indian native and celebrity chef Jagjeet Kaur has made a name for herself in Australia's cultural capital of Melbourne. Since 2006, Red Pepper has been providing diners in Melbourne with authentic Indian cuisine.

    red pepper melbourne

    Butter Chicken

    The current thali lunch specials will appeal to city workers and Indian food lovers who are looking for variety in their lunchtime dining options. Railway Thali is the vegetarian option, and it is typical of the fare served on long-distance trains in India. That's not all, either: it's a really good deal.

    The "Highway Thali" is the name of the non-vegetarian option, and it is representative of the real food that can be found along India's highways. Furthermore, the price is very reasonable. Finally, the Red Pepper Thali is a great lunch option for those who want a compelling variety of foods to choose from in a single meal.

    Mango by the Beach

    If you're ever in Melbourne, you have to try the Butter chicken. It's a perfect example of this dish done right. Since my time in the Himalayan city of Mussouri in northern India, I hadn't tasted butter chicken quite like this. The event was unforgettable because of the fantastic food, the wonderful company, and the view of the Himalayas, despite the fact that the altitude made it difficult to catch one's breath. For me, the Red Pepper's Butter chicken was right up there with the best I've had anywhere. First, there was plenty to eat, and the flavours all worked so well together.

    It's no secret that Jagjeet has kept its traditional spice levels and flavour profiles since its inception. No simple solutions exist. Find this restaurant at the very tip of Paris-bound Bourke Street. This is a wealthy, verdant, and roomy area. Among Melbourne's most prestigious restaurants is Red Pepper, which boasts a prime location at the very end of Bourke Street, not far from the Parliament building.

    Delhi Streets Indian Street Food

    22 Katherine Pl, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia

    03 9629 2620

    In addition to a delicious meal, the impressive show at Delhi Streets will leave you feeling thoroughly entertained. Delhi Streets provides a novel and exciting dining experience that will delight and surprise your senses. The authentic flavours of Indian street food and the lively atmosphere of the markets are showcased in this innovative dining concept.

    Having dinner together as a family is not a common practise in India. Instead, they'll invite one another out to the markets with the phrase "chai pani," which roughly translates to "Let's go out to eat." One meal may include several different kinds of food, from savoury snacks and filling rotis to sweet Gulam Jamun. Instead of a few courses, a single meal offers a wide variety of foods from which to choose.

    delhi streets melbourne

    Our food and spirit are a tribute to the fact that many Indians make a living off the streets. For the benefit of our fellow citizens, we transport the tastes of our former home to our current location.

    Tonka Indian Restaurant 

    20 Duckboard Pl, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia


    tonka indian restaurant melbourne

    Tonka, a trendy Indian restaurant, can be found in Duckboard Place, a well-known Melbourne laneway not far from Flinders Lane. Tonka is a restaurant that specialises in the vivacity of Indian flavours, and its wine list has won numerous accolades. Our hard-working and experienced staff presents.

    Tonka was established in 2013 and is the proud sister restaurant to Coda, which can be found a short distance away. Each establishment has received the Age Good Food Guide's coveted "Hat Award" every year since it first opened.

    In an effort to honour his Indian ancestry from his father's side, Executive Chef Adam D'Sylva features the traditional recipes from his family in an effort to re-create Indian cuisine's most beloved dishes while maintaining his preference for dishes with clean, robust flavours.

    Melba Restaurant

    1 Southgate Ave The Langham, Southbank, Melbourne, Victoria 3006 Australia

    03 8696 8

    melba restaurant melbourne

    An experience at Melba Restaurant features fresh produce, an abundance of seafood, a wide variety of cuisines from which to choose, friendly chefs who are skilled in their craft and who prepare dishes with flair at live cooking stations, and an ambience that is calm and unhurried. In addition to the breathtaking scenery, attentive service, and stylish decor, the restaurant also serves a menu of carefully crafted dishes and wines sourced from all over Victoria. The expansive farmlands of Victoria and the bounty of the Tasman Sea provide the raw materials for the delectable dishes that will tantalise your taste buds.

    Two Fat Indians

    166 Wellington Pde, Melbourne, Victoria 3002 Australia

    03 9419 1866

    In this episode of 2 Fat Indians, we'll be exploring some of the most fascinating dishes from across the Indian subcontinent. Along with the journey, you can expect GRACIOUS HOSPITALITY and first-rate assistance. Whether you are a temporary resident of Perth or a permanent resident, you are never too far from a delicious and stylish Indian meal at Two Fat Indians. Why not call ahead and make a reservation or place a takeout order?

    2 fat indians ask melbourne

    Chef Vickey, who has been cooking professionally for over 13 years and specialises in Indian cuisine, got his start in his hometown of Kolkata, Howrah. Chef Vickey's vision of his food is a rainbow of colours and flavours, representing the best of contemporary Indian cooking from across the Indian subcontinent. Chef Vickey has had a long and successful career, during which she has collaborated with some of the world's most well-known restaurants and food companies.

    To Chef Vickey, a meal is an artistic expression, a canvas on which he can showcase a variety of flavours and textures. His work combines the precision of a neurosurgeon (which he aspired to be) with the imagination of a true artist; he is a dynamic chef and a culinary visionary (who we believe he is today). His travels across India and the world have given him exposure to numerous regional variations of Indian cuisine.

    That's why he can make food that appeals to a wide variety of palates: his. After starting out at the Oberoi Center for Learning and Development, Chef Vickey went on to advance his career by learning from some of New Delhi's most well-known chefs. His Australian resume consists solely of work at a bar named 2 Fat Indians. He has been the Executive Chef at 2 Fat for the past four years, during which time he has led the kitchen staff in the creation of numerous award-winning dishes.

    Aagaman Indian Nepalese Restaurant

    271 Bay St, Melbourne, Victoria 3207 Australia

    03 9676 9234

    Aagaman is a great Indian and Nepalese restaurant in the area. The eatery is located on Bay Street, right in the middle of Port Melbourne's busy shopping and nightlife district. In Aagaman, chef Ram Sapkota has curated a menu of authentic Indian and Nepalese specialities. The restaurant's signature curries feature fresh flavours, and its tandoor chefs are highly regarded for their expertise. genuinely geared towards the pleasure of eating and drinking with friends and family while chatting.

    Aagaman is another way of writing "Arrival" in the Hindi language. Therefore, the name of this restaurant is intended to signify its arrival as a pivotal first step towards a food philosophy that is driven by a wish to present an expansive and eclectic Indian repertoire that is bursting with flavours and originality as a multi-sensory and highly personal dining experience.

    aagaman ask melbourne indian restaurant

    The result is an area that is both sophisticated and full of life, perfect for socialising, doing business, and having a good time. Truth be told, some eateries offer merely adequate food, while others delight with delectable dishes that leave you feeling stuffed to the gills.

    Here at Aagaman, a Melbourne Indian fine dining establishment, we know that a meal is only as good as its ambience and desserts. Experience will end abruptly at the first sign of difficulty.

    Aagaman is one of the best Indian restaurants in Melbourne, and its interior design draws inspiration from a wide variety of cultures and cuisines. This is the first step in a multicourse meal at Aagaman. Soon after, the air will be filled with the tantalising scent of curries and tandoor-cooked specialities created by our master chef at our Indian or Nepalese restaurant.

    aagaman indian restaurant ask melbourne

    Crossways Restaurant

    309-325 Bourke St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia

    03 9650 2939

    Hare Krishna followers prepare the lunch and dinner fare at Crossways, a vegan and vegetarian restaurant. Guests can find it at 309-325 Bourke Street, in the heart of Melbourne's shopping and tourist district, directly opposite The Causeway Inn.

    crossways restaurant melbourne

    A different menu is offered each day of the week to keep things interesting at the table. Second helpings of any of the items on the daily menu are complimentary. Consume as much food as you like!

    There is a comfortable seating area on the second floor, perfect for reading a book and escaping the city outside. Look around at your leisure; we have many books on spirituality and related topics in our collection. Do not be hesitant to approach our staff with any inquiries you may have regarding spiritual matters.

    Feel free to gorge yourself. The Main Dishes are all Vegan, Vegetarian, and Wheat-Free. The desserts are made of fruits and semolina and are vegetarian. Halava is the name for them. Each order costs $8.95 at full price and $6.95 at the discounted rate. Get rid of it for an extra $0.55.

    Ish Restaurant

    199 Gertrude St, Fitzroy, Yarra, Victoria 3065 Australia

    0420 214 855

    On Fitzroy's Gertrude Street since the month of November 2018, you'll find ISH, a vibrant and imaginative Indian restaurant. The restaurant's philosophy is grounded in the liminal, and this duality can be seen in the restaurant's inspirations, which are both traditional and modern, its flavours, which are both familiar and surprising, and its spirit, which is both global and local.

    The dish is a culinary representation of the vitality that defines contemporary India. ISH has elements of both Indian and Australian culture; it is both contemporary and ancient. It basically results in something that can only be described as "unexpected India."

    ISH was conceived by Ganeev Bains, a restaurateur from Chandigarh, India, who has founded several other successful businesses in his native city. The Indian Summer House (ISH) introduces Melburnians to the varied and exciting flavours of India.

    ish restaurant melbourne

    Curry Vault Indian Restaurant and Bar

    18-20 Bank Pl, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia

    03 9600 0144

    In all honesty, what could be more relaxing than unwinding from a long day with a bottle of good wine and a dish with a kick? We opened Curry Vault Indian Restaurant & Bar in the heart of Melbourne because we knew the area was perfect for a restaurant and wine bar serving this unique and delicious fusion of flavours. Our menu features a wide variety of modern Indian dishes, and our wine list has been curated to pair perfectly with them all.

    No matter how much or little of what we have to offer you are interested in, our staff will go out of their way to make this a night you will never forget. Bank Place is easily accessible from Collins Street and is situated in the heart of Melbourne's CBD. Simply put, we can't wait to see you!

    curry vault indian restaurant and bar

    Curry Vault is the best Indian fine dining restaurant in Melbourne because it serves delicious, traditional dishes. Drop by or call us up if you're interested! Curry Vault, located in Melbourne's picturesque Bank Place just off Collins Street, serves up some of the city's best Indian cuisine. In the centre of Melbourne's culinary mecca, you'll find this Indian restaurant.

    Diners can choose from a wide variety of dishes, both classic and innovative. You will be treated to delicious treats that will make any foodie's mouth water with anticipation. Delicious vegetarian, vegan, chicken, meat, and seafood specialities are just some of the ways that Curry Vault in Melbourne introduces locals and visitors to Indian cuisine.

    Kailash and his highly trained staff invite you into their cosy, personable, and comfortable authentic Indian restaurant, which also features an extensive wine bar, to satisfy all of your cravings for Indian food. Confer with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members about your

    Flora Indian Restaurant

    238A Flinders St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia

    03 9663 1212

    flora indian restaurant melbourne

    India's flora is largely responsible for the country's charm, friendliness, and warmth. Hot breakfasts, lunches, and dinners are available to go at all hours of the day and night. It's impossible to ignore the indisputable deliciousness of dosas, samosas, pakoras, chicken tikka, chat papadi, and countless other dishes.

    Flora is proud to offer authentic Indian food that is both delicious and reasonably priced. Its proximity to both Flinders Street Station and Federation Square makes it an ideal location. The friendly staff at Flora, who are well-versed in both Southern and Northern Indian cuisine, will undoubtedly be able to fulfil all your gastronomic fantasies.

    We have a team of four chefs, all of whom bring something unique to the table in order to ensure that your dining experience is one that will leave a lasting impression and have you coming back for more. Flora, located in Melbourne, Australia's CBD, is known for its speedy service and relaxed atmosphere.

    FAQs About Indian Restaurants

    Indian cooks blend a variety of spices to create the unique flavor of their dishes. Their foods are highly aromatic and very tasty because of the combination of different spices, such as turmeric, pepper, and more. Have healthy ingredients.

    Spicy, rich, flavourful and diverse are terms that are frequently used to describe Indian food. All these words are apt in describing Indian cuisine, for it is diverse in variety and taste, and is made up from a wide array of regional cuisines throughout various parts of India.

    Flavour, taste, and variety are some of the obvious reasons why Indian cuisine has become so popular. Another fact is the presence of Indian community abroad that has also, been a major reason behind the success and popularity of Indian food abroad.

    It always uses fresh ingredients. It also involves making dishes from scratch leaving less space for the use of preservatives and artificial ingredients. This makes the Indian Food way far healthier. Indian Cuisine widely uses spices like turmeric, Ajwain, ginger, garlic, cardamom, and green chilies.

    Indians also use food as a beautiful way of honouring the dead and celebrating life. When someone dies, it is tradition for a family to invite friends and neighbours on the 13th day for a meal comprising the favourite foods of the deceased.


    Melbourne has one of the most international and varied food scenes anywhere. Melbourne locals have been flocking to Red Pepper, an Indian restaurant, since 2006. This year marks the restaurant's 15th year of operation. Jagjeet Kaur is well-known in Melbourne, the cultural centre of Australia. Popular drinks at Red Pepper include the "Mango by the Beach," and the restaurant is known for its delicious cuisine. Goat Curry, Ghost (Pepper) Chilli Beef, and Chennai Chicken have all made appearances on previous menus.

    Lunch specials featuring Indian dishes served on a thali are popular among city workers and Indian food fans. These eateries showcase traditional Indian street food and the vibrant atmosphere of India's markets. The vibrant flavours of Indian cuisine are the focus at the hip Tonka restaurant. When it comes to food, the Indian subcontinent has a lot to offer, and Two Fat Indians takes a look at some of the most interesting options. While Executive Chef Adam D'Sylva still prefers dishes with clean, robust flavours, he highlights the traditional recipes from his family in an effort to re-create Indian cuisine's most beloved dishes.

    You can expect authentic Indian and Nepalese cuisine, carefully curated by Chef Ram Sapkota. The word "Arrival" can also be written as "Aagaman" in Hindi. The restaurant's tandoor chefs have earned a stellar reputation, and their signature curries are known for their vibrant flavours. One of Melbourne's finest eateries, Aagaman serves authentic Indian cuisine. The decor was influenced by many different cultures and their cuisines.

    The restaurant has a great reputation for its wine selection and authentic Indian fare. Discuss your dining options at Curry Vault with a member of our savvy staff by calling us today. Flora in Melbourne's central business district is well-liked for its prompt service and laid-back ambience. At Flora, the helpful wait staff is fluent in both Southern and Northern Indian dishes. At any time of the day or night, you can grab a hot breakfast, lunch, or dinner to go.

    Content Summary

    • It should go without saying that Melbourne has some of the world's best food because it has one of the most culturally diverse food scenes in the world.
    • Nonetheless, you might not know where to find the best Indian food in your area.
    • But fear not, for we have scoured Melbourne for the finest Indian restaurants and compiled the definitive list.
    • Red Pepper has been serving genuine Indian food to Melbourne locals and visitors since 2006.
    • Vegetarians can order Railway Thali, a meal set typical of what's served on India's long-distance trains.
    • The Red Pepper Thali, as a final option, is a fantastic lunch choice for those who want a tempting selection of foods to choose from all at once.
    • The cost of Red Pepper's dinner specials is very reasonable.
    • Melbourne's Butter chicken is a must-eat if you're ever in town.
    • It's no exaggeration to say that the Butter chicken at Red Pepper ranks among the very best I've ever tasted.
    • This restaurant can be found at the very end of Bourke Street, towards Paris.
    • Red Pepper, located at the far end of Bourke Street and not far from the Parliament building, is widely regarded as one of Melbourne's finest dining establishments.
    • Jagjeet's food and service are much better than the name suggests.
    • It's widely considered to be among the finest Indian eateries in the area.
    • Your senses will be delighted and surprised by Delhi Streets, as it offers a completely unique and exciting dining experience.
    • This cutting-edge eating experience celebrates the genuine flavours of Indian street food and the vibrant vibe of Indian markets.
    • The cuisine of the Indian subcontinent is rich and varied, and in this episode of 2 Fat Indians, we'll sample some of the most intriguing examples.
    • Whether you're in Perth on a short visit or planning to stay for a while, you can always find yourself within walking distance of Two Fat Indians and their stylish and flavorful Indian cuisine.
    • For more than 13 years, Chef Vickey has been a professional chef, specialising in Indian cuisine. He began his career in his native Kolkata, Howrah.
    • Chef Vickey has worked with some of the most prestigious eateries and food manufacturers in the world over the course of her long and fruitful career.
    • Indian and Nepalese cuisine at Aagaman.
    • The Indian and Nepalese cuisine at Aagaman is excellent.
    • Aagaman is a top-notch Indian restaurant in Melbourne, and its decor is a fusion of styles and flavours from around the world.
    • By combining the finest Nepalese, Indian, and other South Asian dishes with a Nepalese twist with traditional dishes and cutting-edge creations reimagined by our talented team of chefs from around the world, we have created a one-of-a-kind dining experience at our fine dining establishment in Port Melbourne, Australia.
    • Aagaman's fusion of Indian and Nepalese cuisines is unrivalled in Melbourne, and the restaurant itself has a stellar reputation.
    • Since the month of November 2018, ISH, a lively and imaginative Indian restaurant, has been open on Gertrude Street in Fitzroy.
    • ISH is both modern and ancient, with influences from India and Australia.
    • Melburnians can now sample authentic Indian cuisine at the Indian Summer House (ISH).
    • While staying true to the cultural significance of Indian cuisine, the menu at ISH draws inspiration from around the world and makes use of modern cooking techniques.
    • We knew the CBD of Melbourne would be the ideal location for an Indian restaurant and wine bar serving our special blend of spices and flavours, so we set up shop there and named it Curry Vault.
    • Curry Vault in Melbourne introduces locals and visitors to Indian cuisine with scrumptious vegetarian, vegan, chicken, meat, and seafood specialities.
    • There is no better way to experience the variety and flavour of Indian cuisine than at one of these lavish lunch banquets.
    • The floral diversity of India is largely responsible for the country's welcoming atmosphere.
    • At any time of the day or night, you can grab a hot breakfast, lunch, or dinner to go.
    • Flora is pleased to present traditional Indian cuisine that is both delicious and affordable.
    • Flora's staff has extensive experience with and knowledge of Indian cuisine.
    • Flora in Melbourne, Australia's central business district is well-known for its prompt service and laid-back ambience.
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