10+ Best Cheque Cashing to Instantly Cash Your Cheque [2022]

Most people know that they can go to a bank to cash a cheque. However, not everyone is aware of the option of cashing cheques instantly through a cheque cashing service. If you need money quickly and don't have time to wait for your cheque to clear at the bank, then a cheque cashing service may be the solution for you. Read on to learn more about this convenient option and how it can benefit you.

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    Ultimate List of Cheque Cashing Services in Melbourne

    Cash4Cheque - Cheque Cashing Service Melbourne

    cash 4 cheque


    1300 055 998

    24/7 Mobile Instant Cheque Cashing Melbourne

    Instantly Cash Your Cheque Quickly & Without Hassle! We have been a trusted name in Melbourne, Victoria, for more than ten years and have immediately cashed checks for more than 40,000 satisfied customers who received their money right away. Melbourne-based Cash4Cheque offers a highly dependable on-site check cashing service. There are essentially no forms of checks that we cannot cash, regardless of their size.

    About Cash4Cheque

    Cash4Cheque is a completely legal enterprise. We are a mobile check cashing business that serves customers anywhere in the Melbourne/Sydney metro area, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. We come to you and pay your check in cash. For your safety, everyone of our drivers has been vetted by the police and licensed security guards. Our top priority is safety.

    Our system is incredibly easy to use. After completing the application and meeting one of our drivers where it is convenient for you, you will receive cash. The short version is: "We Buy Your Cheque From You." A service that Australia's well-known sports and media figures trust is Cash4Cheque. Our concern is for our customers. Our customers frequently return to us.

    Cash Cheque - Cheque Cashing Service Melbourne

    cash cheque



    1300 055 998

    24/7 Instant Cheque Cashing Melbourne, Victoria

    Instantly Cash Your Cheque Quickly & Without Hassle! We have been in the business of cheque cashing to more than 50,000 satisfied customers in Melbourne, Victoria, for well over 13 years. These consumers were able to collect their cash immediately. Melbourne-based Cash Cheque is a highly effective check cashing business. We provide our clients the ease and security of having their bank checks converted into quick cash.

    Get Your Money Fast

    The Cashcheque is the most effective approach to obtain quick income! You can have money in your possession and prepared for usage in just a few simple steps. We also don't want any of our customers to pay fees that aren't essential, therefore we keep our prices as low as possible without any unexpected fees or additional costs. Cashcheque offers quick cash delivery! In addition to depositing the money in 24 hours, they also have a reasonable service price and provide free checks. You can put a stop to waiting around for days on end to receive what is rightly yours with our assistance.

    Stop with the lengthy lines and sluggish transfers! CashCheques make it possible for you to receive your money right away. Choose us for a hassle-free, more comfortable check cashing service so you never again face time-consuming issues! The quickest, most effective way to get immediate access without dealing with other banks' hassles is with CashCheques. By using CashCheques, you can avoid these issues forever because we are open 24/7, so you never have to worry about awkward banking hours again! And if all of that wasn't enough, our prices are among the most competitive in Melbourne and among your greatest possibilities. Learn how simple it is to utilize us as a substitute for traditional banking institutions to obtain instant access to funds without the hassles of delayed transfers and long hold times. You won't have these issues ever again.

    So why are you still waiting? Call us right away to learn why everyone adores CashCheques. To receive a price, call 1300 055 998 right away and speak with a member of our welcoming staff.

    There is no need for inconvenient banking hours ever again because we are open 24/7! And as if that weren't enough, we have some of the lowest rates in the nation.

    Probably Melbourne's best mobile instant cash chequing service.

    The process of turning a check into cash is known as cheque cashing. This can be accomplished by bringing the actual check to an agent, who will then immediately pay you in cash or another form of payment. The amount paid out will vary based on where you get the best bargain, however Cashcheques has one of the best prices in Canada for their service with no additional fees or hidden expenditures! Simply fill out this application form and bring your ID if you want to get some quick cash without any fuss. From then, we'll handle everything else!

    You are fortunate. For some good ol' fashioned quick pleasure, now is the greatest time to cash your check, and Cashcheque has you covered! Sometimes life doesn't want us to have our money when we need it most - but thanks to this service from Melbourne's trusted name in financial services, there will be no more waiting around on payday or at a bank branch with lines out of control. Simplest approach to get paid straight away is to fill out an application form (along with any necessary identification), bring your ready-to-cashed checks, and sign them again. .

    About Cash Cheque

    The check cashing service offered by Cash Cheque is quite dependable. There are essentially no forms of checks that we cannot cash, regardless of their size. Why wait up to 5 days for the bank to settle your funds when Cash Stop can give you cash right away? We specialize in checks payable to both individuals and businesses.

    Business to Business Cheques

    We cash checks made out to your company. We immediately pay in cash. Your business registration certificate and government-issued photo identification are all you need.

    Cheques payable to you

    All you need is one extra piece of identification in addition to an acceptable photo ID (such as a passport or driver's license).

    Types of Cheques cashed

    Cash Cheque can cash many cheques such as:

    Some Conditions Apply.

    To make an enquiry, please contact your nearest branch.

    Cheque Cashers - Cheque Cashing Service Melbourne

    cheque cashers


    1300 412 347

    Mobile Cheque Cashing​

    Cheque Cashers provides mobile cheque cashing to its customers. We will meet with our customers in any safe and secure location within and around the Melbourne CBD to exchange cash for their cheques. We offer our clients the convenience and security of immediately cashing their checks.

    We offer our qualified customers the convenience of quick cash without making them wait the required 3-5 business working days through bank deposits. We also follow and strictly enforce privacy regulations with regard to any information and identification submitted.

    We will make arrangements to meet our customers at a confirmed address and time of their earliest convenience once the cheque eligibility and customer identification verification criteria are met. We accept checks for Superannuation, Tax, TAB, Insurance, Government, Australian Pokies, casinos, and a few corporate checks.

    FAQs About Cheque Cashing

    A mobile cheque deposit is a good alternative if you want to deposit a signed-over cheque without visiting the bank. If the bank allows, you can take a picture of the cheque and upload it digitally. Then, you can withdraw the money or send cash electronically after that.

    So after you deposit the cheque, you still have the original copy of it. This means that – whether accidentally or on purpose – you could deposit the cheque a second time (or even more than that), a problem which the banking industry calls "double presentment."

    You usually can't get your money back if someone fills in their name and cashes the cheque. So if you lose a cheque you have signed without filling in the recipient's name, you should stop payment on the cheque to prevent it from being cashed.

    What are outstanding cheques? Outstanding checks are checks that have not been deposited or cashed by the recipient. Because the recipient has not cashed the cheque, the payor still has the money in their account. Therefore, the payor still owes the payee money, making the payment a liability.

    Unlike visiting a bank branch, you can deposit a check into any ATM at any time, as long as the ATM accepts cheques. Like when visiting your branch, though, you may still have to wait around two business days before having access to all the funds depending on the cheque amount.

    Ezi Cheque Cashing - Cheque Cashing Service Melbourne


    ezi cheque cashing


    1300 227 424

    Cash Cheque – Melbourne & Victoria Wide

    We are the top safe and secure mobile cash cheque service in Melbourne. We deliver cash in exchange for checks at Ezi Cheque Cashing. We provide quick, safe check cashing services so that you can skip the customary waiting period.

    We have been dedicated to offering our clients discreet, secure, and quick check cashing services ever since we opened our doors in 2011. As the first mobile cash cheque company in Australia, we provide delivery services around Melbourne at any time. Our unmarked delivery vans are guarded by licensed security officers and equipped with security obstacles, GPS trackers, cameras, and alarms to ensure the security of every transaction.

    All Melbourne suburbs can use our mobile check cashing service. We make it simple to cash your check; all you have to do is phone us for a price, describe your check in detail, schedule a time and location for the meeting, present identification, complete the application, and you'll get your money! Within thirty minutes of the time of verification, the majority of our customers receive cash for their checks.

    Cheque Cashing Services in Melbourne

    If you need to cash a check in Melbourne, contact Ezi Cheque Cashing. Because we were the first and greatest cash cheque company, we are Melbourne's leading mobile check cashing company. Tax, superannuation, TAB, insurance, government, solicitors, trust funds, accountants, gaming/pokies, bank cheques, and some business and wage cheques are accepted upon verification.

    Cash Stop - Cheque Cashing Service Melbourne


    cash stop


    1300 762 261

    Cheque Cashing Service

    Check cashing services are quite dependable at Cash Stop. There are essentially no forms of checks that we cannot cash, regardless of their size. Why wait up to 5 days for the bank to settle your funds when Cash Stop can give you cash right away? We specialize in checks payable to both individuals and businesses.


    We cash checks made out to your company. We immediately pay in cash. All you need is your Business Registration Certificate and personal identification. All you need is one extra piece of identification in addition to an acceptable photo ID (such as a passport or driver's license).

    To make an enquiry, please contact your nearest branch.

    Cashmart - Cheque Cashing Service Melbourne




    03 97069911

    Cheque Cashing (Cash)​

    Won a check at a gaming establishment? Want to avoid the 3-5 day clearance period?

    Visit one of our stores now to receive the cash immediately. You won't ever have to wait for YOUR money again with Cashmart's cheap costs! Rapid approval Not in days, but in a matter of minutes, you will have your money. Bring your photo ID and the check into the store.

    ​*Conditions and eligibility criteria apply

    Personal Infomation Form

    On the initial application, we demand a completed Cheque customer form. To continue cashing checks with us, this form must be renewed annually as it expires at the start of each year. On the Cheque Customer Form, we also ask for the names of two references.

    Eligible cheques

    From gaming/poker establishments, Cashmart can accept checks up to and including $5000. It might be necessary to verify before approving. Due to incomplete, incorrect, or unconfirmed checks, Cashmart retains the right to reject service.


    With a lengthy, three-generational history spanning 40 years, Cashmart is a prominent pawnbroker in Australia. Cashmart began operations as the Bellerive Swap Shop in Hobart, Tasmania, in 1971. Since that humble beginning, Cashmart has prospered and expanded beyond the conventional fields of Pawnbroking and Secondhand trading.

    For a great lot more is our catchphrase, and we aspire to provide more service and value in more places. Recently, Cashmart created a franchise model that enables real deal makers to join our future and benefit from the brand's well-established financial benefits.

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