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50+ Best Makeup Courses Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

It is understandable that you would wonder why these classes are necessary, given the abundance of free resources available online for learning makeup, such as YouTube and Instagram. Although these platforms do provide helpful hints and suggestions, they do not provide the formal training that a lot of customers are looking for. Makeup schools provide students with numerous irreplaceable benefits, such as the opportunity to practise their craft on a variety of skin types and access to a wide range of products and brands. 

As can be observed from the growing number of people posting makeup lesson videos on social media these days, cosmetics is a passion for a lot of young people all over the world, both men and women. This is a particularly strong interest shared by a huge number of young people in today's society.

It is impossible to overstate the importance of furthering one's education by enrolling in a professional course, both for the sake of one's own development and that of one's career, and while it is true that some people can launch successful careers in the beauty industry by using the makeup techniques they have learned on their own, this does not negate 

Check out our ranking of the best makeup courses offered in the Melbourne area of Victoria.

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    Ultimate List of Makeup Courses Melbourne

    Holmesglen - Makeup Courses Melbourne

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    1300 639 889

    Holmesglen College is a market leader in the provision of higher and vocational education in Australia. It is one of the major publicly-owned technical and further education institutions in the Australian state of Victoria. Because of our 40 years of experience and more than 140,000 successful graduates, we are the premier TAFE institution.

    Certificate III in Beauty Services


    By completing the Certificate III in Beauty Services program, you may gain the practical experience required to launch a career as a beautician. You'll learn how to do manicures, pedicures, eyebrow and eyelash waxing, eyelash extension application, and makeup application, among other things.

    Career opportunities include the following:

    • Beauty therapist and beautician
    • Future research directions:

    SHB40115 Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy, SHB50115 Diploma in Beauty Therapy

    Studying the Certificate III in Beauty Services at Holmesglen

    Through the holistic delivery of this course, students learn a variety of skills related to beauty and salon service. These abilities include using a client booking system, conducting salon financial transactions, and providing beauty services such as manicure and pedicure, nail art, makeup, eyelash extensions, waxing, lash and brow treatments, and advice on beauty products and services.

    Furthermore, we emphasize the importance of having a strong customer service attitude while working with clients in order to have you ready to walk into a job at your future salon.

    This course requires you to participate in certain activities and read certain texts as part of your educational experience. Before you sign up for the class, the department will inform you of the cost of the activities and materials.

    Endota Wellness College - Makeup Courses Melbourne

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    1800 363 683

    When you attend endota Wellness College, you will be completely immersed in the world of beauty and wellness. Whether it's through hands-on experience in our student spa or studying industry-leading treatments from trainers with global experience. We at eWC make certain that our trainers and students live by the motto "learn thoughtfully and authentically," and we live by the principles of intent, connection, truth, and balance. These values guide everything we do.

    Each day begins with a balancing class meditation, and students have access to a wealth of additional tools, such as mindfulness sessions, yoga courses, and workshops led by industry professionals. After successfully completing the program, you will be a self-assured and caring therapist ready to take advantage of all of the opportunities available in the beauty, health, and wellness industries.

    Diploma in Beauty Therapy

    Course Overview

    By receiving training within Australia's largest spa network, you can become an expert in skincare, health, and wellness. Most importantly, learn how to make others feel their best by obtaining the most advanced training in the field of beauty therapy. Furthermore, we are committed to offering you a variety of study options that are tailored to your specific lifestyle so that you can make your education work for you. At our Docklands school, you will learn a wide range of treatments, beginning with specialized facials and progressing through body treatments and ending with client consultation. Learn about the science of skin, gain practical experience, and graduate as a caring, self-assured, and spa-ready therapist.

    More than 70% of graduates are currently employed in the beauty, health, and wellness industries, and more than 80% are employed in the endota spa network.

    Practical Experience

    Nothing compares to the real-world, hands-on experience you'll get here at eWC, which is essential in the fields of beauty, health, and wellness. We have it all, from our very own student spa at university to attending industry events to gaining experience at endota spas. Under the supervision of our highly qualified trainers, you will learn everything there is to know about spa life. This includes honing your client-relationship skills as well as prescribing the best treatments for your clients' specific skin issues and needs.

    Victoria University - Makeup Courses Melbourne

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    03 9919 4009

    For more than a century, Victoria University (VU) has made higher education accessible to students in Melbourne's western suburbs and beyond.

    VU is one of only six Australian universities that offers instruction at both the Technical and Further Education (TAFE) and higher education levels. You can start your education at any time, from certificates to diplomas, degrees, and postgraduate courses; you can also switch between courses to achieve your goals, no matter where you start.

    Our adaptable learning and teaching style contributes to the success of our strategic plan.

    One of our primary goals for the future is to continue our tradition of producing beneficial outcomes for the fields of education and industry, as well as for our community.


    We offer courses to help you master your craft, and these courses can teach you everything from the fundamentals of makeup application to the more advanced techniques used by makeup artists.

    Victoria University is well known for having the best make-up program in Australia. Our school's strong ties to the film and television industries allow students to gain valuable job experience and make contacts that will help them in their future careers.

    Learning new skills will allow you to advance in your career. You can choose from our diplomas, certifications, or short courses.


    Our goal at Victoria University (VU) is for you to pursue your interests and achieve success in the field of work that you have always wanted to work in.

    We are not only one of the top 2% of universities in the world, but we are also one of Australia's most industry-connected universities.

    You will be instructed by prominent industry experts who will combine theory and practice to get you ready for your first day of work.


    Career options vary depending on the course you take.

    • make-up artist (fashion, beauty, freelance)
    • make-up artist/designer
    • hair stylist/designer
    • special make-up effects artist
    • retail make-up salesperson

    FAQs About Makeup

    Learning how to apply cosmetics will make it easier for you to keep up with the latest trends in that field. You will be able to dress in accordance with the latest fashion trends by learning how to apply your own cosmetics, which will help you better comprehend the styles that are currently available on the market.

    Makeup refers to cosmetics that are designed to enhance or change one's appearance. These cosmetics can be used to hide flaws, accentuate one's natural features (such as the eyebrows and eyelashes), add colour to a person's face, or change the overall appearance of the face to resemble someone else, an animal, or an object.

    Makeup artists with professional training are aware of the materials to use, where to apply them, and how much pressure to apply them in order to ensure that you look excellent both in person and in photographs. They attain their immaculate appearance by utilising a wide variety of products that come from a variety of different companies.

    Makeup is considered an art form, despite the fact that a lot of people might not understand or appreciate it for what it really is. There is still a segment of the community that considers the use of cosmetics to be a fruitless endeavour to change who one is or the characteristics with which one was born.

    To begin, putting on cosmetics has been shown to boost one's self-confidence. Studies have shown that people who use makeup report feeling significantly more comfortable in social settings. Wearing cosmetics might give a person the impression that they have greater control over their life. Makeup has the ability to make a person appear more presentable and can give the impression that they take care of themselves.

    The Australian Academy of Cinemagraphic Makeup - Makeup Courses Melbourne

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    03 9034 7484

    Your ticket to an exciting career in the fashion, television, film, entertainment, hairdressing, and makeup industry is the Australian Academy of Cinemagraphic Makeup. We want the professional training that we provide for each and every one of our students to be the first step in what will be a very exciting career for them.

    Our Vision

    To make specialized quality education for the Special Effects Makeup Industry affordable and worthwhile, while also supporting students and assisting them in achieving their life's purpose.

    Our Mission

    To become the preeminent educational service provider for special effects makeup in the industry, with a focus on providing superior educational opportunities to our student body. Our mission is to assist our students in realizing their full potential and abilities, and then to provide our graduates with the necessary opportunities for successful careers after they complete our program.

    Our Values

    Facilitate the growth of our students, faculty, and partners. To motivate, guide, and instruct.

    Let us pool our resources, as well as our experiences and expertise. to achieve success as a group

    Respect one another and the contributions made by one another. In order to commemorate the collaboration.

    Make new things by using your imagination and thinking ahead of time. To test the boundaries.

    Here are just a few reasons to study with us:

    • Exclusive fashion, film, and television makeup classes designed to help you succeed in the industry.
    • Hairdressing courses that are highly specialized allow you to enter the industry or advance your skills.
    • Nationally recognized qualifications that meet the highest industry standards and requirements
    • For over 20 years, I've been training professional makeup artists.
    • Online resources supplement face-to-face classes to ensure high-quality delivery and support.
    • We care about you and your experience, so we keep class sizes small.
    • Expert trainers and support personnel with experience in the film and fashion industries
    • Professional photography shoots are included in some courses to help you build your personal portfolio.
    • Supported learning environment for all types of learners
    • Stay connected with a large alumni and industry network.
    • Ongoing assistance in locating employment in the industry
    • Possibilities for work experience

    Basic Makeup Course

    This is what it's all about

    Those who want to learn the fundamentals of makeup application will find the Basic Makeup short course to be ideal for their needs. This is a hands-on course in which you will be personally instructed by one of our highly trained professional makeup artists. A small number of students in each class creates a stimulating and enjoyable learning environment. In this environment, you can immediately apply what you've learned while engaging in activities that you enjoy.

    You will learn a wide range of skills, including how to conduct makeup consultations, correctly analyze face shapes and features, color theory, skin types, and how to clean your face. You will also be shown how to do a variety of different evening makeup looks, including some classics like smoky eyes, winged liner, and red lips. The use of natural colors and tones that subtly accentuate the features distinguishes the daytime makeup looks.

    This is what you will learn.


    You will learn a wide range of skills, including how to conduct makeup consultations, correctly analyze face shapes and features, color theory, skin types, and how to clean your face. You will also be shown how to do a variety of different evening makeup looks, including some classics like smoky eyes, winged liner, and red lips. The use of natural colors and tones that subtly accentuate the features distinguishes the daytime makeup looks. We will cover the following topics in this session:

    • Face shapes and characteristics
    • Color concepts
    • Skin type and state
    • Using appropriate products
    • Equipment and tools
    • Consultation with the client
    • Getting the client ready
    • Making a makeup strategy
    • Makeup application
    • Daytime makeup
    • Makeup for the evening
    • Red lips with smoky eyes
    • Remove false eyelashes
    • Eyelashes on their own
    • Face cleaning
    • Makeup for Special Occasions

    Joanna Blair - Makeup Courses Melbourne

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    0408 867 463

    Make yourself into everyone's go-to makeup artist and/or hairstylist! 

    Formulas that are simple to follow, have been tested, and are guaranteed to work will free your creative spirit and turn you into an expert.

    Become Everyone's Favourite Makeup Artist!

    Among the graduates are:

    • Finalist for Makeup Artist of the Year Published in Vogue Magazine 30 weddings within
    • 12 months of finishing training
    • Makeup artists from Channels 9 and 10
    • Mecca Cosmetics / Estee Lauder / Dior / MAC





    Comprehensive, specialised course - in two parts: 

    • Fundamentals Pro 
    • Advanced Pro 


    • All makeup, brushes, false lashes, and specialty products are provided for class use.
    • The course costs $1,950 in total.
    • A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place in the course.
    • A no-interest payment plan is available.* Fees and deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.

      * The deposit and fees are transferable to another course within a year of the original course start date (thereafter, deposit and fees are forfeited)

      * The deposit is deducted from the total amount owed.

    Special Offer:

    • If you book Fundamentals and Advanced Makeup Courses at the same time, you will receive a $400 discount off the total fees.
    • You do not have to take these two courses consecutively; you can take Fundamentals first and then Advanced later.
    • A deposit of 0 For the discount to apply, $500 per course must be received for both courses.
    • If you choose the Payment Plan, the discount is not applicable.
    • On receipt of your enrolment form and both deposits, a discount will be applied to your total - this will be confirmed via email.

    Academy of Makeup - Makeup Courses Melbourne

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    03 8585 3703

    If you want to build a successful career as a makeup artist, there is no better place to start than the Academy of Makeup. Because of our meticulously designed school interiors, our talented and experienced training team, and the high-quality products we use in our classes, we believe we are at the forefront of the makeup artistry industry in Australia.

    We have a diverse curriculum and a large number of different classes for you to choose from because we want to provide you with the most options for furthering your professional development. Some other schools will only offer classes for which they can obtain funding... Do they truly have your best interests in mind when they act in this manner?

    Our community is a source of inspiration and excitement for us, and we would love for you to join us.

    Accreditation and more

    Because the Academy of Makeup is a Registered Training Organization (Provider #21399), the Australian Skills Quality Authority has published "Standards for Registered Training Organizations."

    We are also members of the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET).

    We are also members of a large number of other relevant industry organizations, including the Hair and Beauty Industry Association, and have affiliations with many of these organizations.

    Finally, each of our classrooms is outfitted with only the highest-quality tools, supplies, and products on the market today. Genuine industry brands from all over the world can be found at each campus, including the industry-leading airbrush brand "Temptu Pro," Ben Nye, Mehron, Kryolan, Gorgeous Cosmetics, Duo, Sticks and Stones, and many more.

    Please enjoy yourself, take initiative, and think outside the box!




    The Certificate in Makeup Artistry program is an excellent way to get started in the world of makeup artistry, which is an important part of the fashion and beauty industries. It is designed to provide you with a thorough understanding of the industry as well as the skills required to begin working as a freelance makeup artist, either for yourself or in a retail setting.

    By the end of this course, you will have gained the knowledge and confidence to design, apply, and remove a wide range of makeup techniques, including bridal, fashion, photographic, remedial camouflage, mature age makeup, and more. You will also learn about products and brushes, techniques for corrective makeup, shading, highlighting, and contouring, lash application, and airbrushing demonstrations.

    Chisholm Institute - Makeup Courses Melbourne

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    1300 244 743

    We are a well-known public provider of vocational education and training in Melbourne's southeast manufacturing heartland and residential growth corridors. We are one of Victoria's leading providers of vocational education and training.

    We are very proud of our track record of providing high-quality education and training that leads to meaningful employment opportunities. Because of our long-term success, you can be confident that you will gain marketable job-market skills and earn a recognized qualification.

    We are a government-owned TAFE that offers over 250 different courses at the certificate, diploma, advanced diploma, bachelor's degree, and graduate certificate levels. Each course we offer has been meticulously designed to ensure that all of our graduates leave with the skills they need to advance their careers. We are a safe and dependable investment in your future.

    What we can do for you

    We offer education and training that is both relevant and applicable, with real-world job opportunities. If you choose to continue your education with us, you will be able to earn a qualification that is recognized by businesses across the country. Our goal has been, and will continue to be, to provide education that will directly improve your employment opportunities in the workforce. You will be taught by instructors who have firsthand knowledge of the industry and significant experience with the qualifications that employers seek in potential employees. We offer a variety of learning opportunities, including those on campus, online, and at your workplace, to accommodate your hectic schedule.



    The Certificate III in Makeup program covers the skill sets you'll need to excel in a freelance or retail makeup career in depth, providing you with a solid foundation on which to build your skills.

    Makeup for special occasions, bridal makeovers, fashion makeovers, airbrushing, camouflage, eyelash extensions, and fantasy make-up are just a few examples. Camouflage, eyelash extensions, and fantasy make-up are some of the other areas covered.

    You will also gain an understanding of occupational health and safety procedures required for industry-standard safe work practices, as well as skills in small business planning and social media strategies, all of which are required for freelance success. To earn this qualification, students must successfully complete a significant number of practical tasks and demonstrations. All skill evaluations must be performed on members of the general public who have paid for the privilege.

    The students must find their own models to use in their practice and evaluation. Teachers are in a unique position to guide students through the process of creating social media posts as well as provide information on the various platforms that are currently in use.

    TAMARUA BEAUTY ACADEMY - Makeup Courses Melbourne

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    0421 864 553


    Tamarua Beauty Academy is a training academy for the beauty industry that was founded in 2010. It is known for specializing in the delivery of brief on-site and live-online beauty industry courses.

    Maggie Tamarua, an award-winning makeup industry professional, is the founder of the Tamarua Beauty Academy, also known as the TBA. Maggie Tamarua is the school's owner and operator. Maggie is supported by a team of seasoned professionals who are experts in their respective fields and are current in the industry in which they train. They are highly qualified in the fields of health, sanitation, hair care, and beauty, having received extensive training and testing in each of these areas.

    The TBA has received accreditation from the Wyndham and Hobsons Bay Local Learning and Employment Network (WynBay LLEN), which is funded by the Victorian government and works closely with the Department of Education.



    Elite Makeup Academy - Makeup Courses Melbourne

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    0408 546 824

    Elite Hair & Makeup in Melbourne's CBD offers makeup courses taught by Justine Poniris (CBD). Victoria's #1 Makeup School is Elite Hair & Makeup.

    Elite Hair & Makeup Academy teaches today's most popular makeup techniques. Each student receives individualized attention and the highest level of instruction in small classes led by professional makeup artists with extensive experience and training.

    If you want to become a makeup artist, learn how to apply your own makeup, or advance your skills, we'll make sure you get the most out of our courses.

    Elite Hair & Makeup Academy features Justine Poniris, Educator of the Year 2020, and is located near Melbourne's CBD. Victoria's #1 Makeup School is Elite Hair & Makeup.

    We're the best school in the country for makeup counter internships and freelance work.

    When you study with us, you'll get: 

    • Practical, hands-on training
    • A supportive & fun environment 
    • All the skills to start work as a Makeup Artist.

    Get Work Experience

    We are the #1 Makeup Academy for work experience. Our students have worked with prestigious clients. Here are just a few:

    • David Jones Stores
    • Joey Scandizzo Salon
    • MBFW
    • Australian Academy of Modelling
    • Whitehouse Institute of Design

    As a student or graduate, get paid gigs as a hairstylist or makeup artist with Elite Services! Think of us as a hair & makeup agency coordinating jobs for you.

    Elite Hair & Makeup Academy Courses

    • The Elite Hair & Makeup Course
    • The Elite Makeup Course
    • Certificate III in Makeup
    • Makeup Artist Essentials
    • Advanced Makeup Techniques

    Media Makeup Academy - Makeup Courses Melbourne

    screenshot taken from on July 22


    08 8223 3235


    Media Makeup provides reputable makeup artistry training. The learner will gain the skills needed to work in cosmetics, fashion, or media. A skilled and creative makeup artist must be an expert technician, consultant, salesperson, and communicator.

    The Academy has become one of Australia's most prestigious make-up schools since 1998. It excels in theory, training, and practice. Media Makeup's well-trained staff, focus on national and international markets, and employment statistics help it maintain high standards.

    Rebecca Cochrane, the company's CEO, has experience in retail cosmetic makeup, freelance TV, photography, and fashion artistry, and more. Bec knows airbrushing and special effects makeup. Bec upholds Media Makeup's high training standards. She plays an active role in class to ensure that course material covers the latest trends, products, and techniques.

    Media Makeup's international focus distinguishes it from other nationally accredited courses. We attend trade shows around the world to build relationships and opportunities for students and keep up with industry developments.


    Class sizes differ between the Certificate II and Diploma programs. This provides both individual instruction as well as team participation. Every class is designed to provide students with the necessary practical experience. Individualized instruction of the highest quality is provided.


    Media Makeup's facilities are described as "state of the art," with all of the most recent technology. Classrooms with audiovisual equipment, a photographic studio, a catwalk, a hair and makeup studio, a prosthetics laboratory, a student resource room, and a makeup store are among the amenities. Students have unrestricted wireless internet access, and every classroom is wired for mobile theater systems to play movies.

    Students and non-students alike are welcome to shop at the on-site Media Makeup retail Makeup Store.

    Some of the brands available at the Media Makeup Store include Make Up For Ever, Elementwo, EVO, Embryolisse, and Cloud 9. Students are eligible for a 25% discount on makeup products and other equipment not only while they are completing their training, but also after they have graduated and become qualified makeup artists.

    The Media Makeup Store and Studio's interior design is modern and was inspired by the interior design of various makeup studios located throughout Europe. Furthermore, both former and current students can take advantage of the artist discount when placing online orders through the web store.



    This program combines Makeup and Beauty and is designed to teach students the various services required to either open a beauty salon in their own home or work in a hairdressing/beauty salon or spa. With a strong emphasis on makeup skills, this course will cover all of the fundamentals required to provide event makeup services such as photographic makeup and bridal makeup. In addition to other types of makeup services. This course includes a professional photography shoot.

    It is a great way to increase and diversify your income by offering Beauty services in addition to Makeup. Most beauty services are in demand all year, which can help you fill your appointments during the week and build a clientele of returning customers. You will learn how to perform the following beauty services during the program: lash extensions, brow and lash tinting, brow shaping, waxing services, spray tanning, manicure and pedicure services, including gel nails and waxing services.

    Salon Placement

    As part of the qualification requirements, students must complete a variety of services in our Student Salon here at the Academy. This must be done on a variety of clients in order to demonstrate and apply your practical skills and knowledge while also satisfying the assessment requirements. Students will be able to "Book In" to the student salon once they have completed the assessment and are satisfied with their performance. Throughout the process, this is done at the student's own pace.


    Before the qualification can be considered complete, students must attend a total of four training blocks. A certain amount of online content must be completed and turned in before a Block can be completed. Only then will the Blocks be able to begin.

    Blocks are repeated on a consistent basis every four to six weeks; dates are provided upon enrollment.

    Blocks are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday; however, if you are unable to attend all five days of the week, the blocks can be broken up.

    Elly Lukas Beauty Therapy College - Makeup Courses Melbourne

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    03 9923 8885

    Elly Lukas Beauty Therapy College was founded in 1954. It is a specialized facility for beauty, spa, and well-being treatments. The college offers beauty therapy, massage therapy, and spa therapy courses. The college also offers the Diploma of Beauty Therapy, which is Australia's highest beauty therapy qualification.

    The College is also accredited by CIDESCO, a highly regarded Swiss beauty therapy organization, as well as two English examining bodies, ITEC and CIBTAC. These accreditations enable our graduates to receive internationally recognized certificates.

    Because the college is an independent tertiary school that specializes in providing professional beauty, spa, and massage therapy career education, the certifications you will receive from the college are both recognized and acknowledged all over the world. Because of its close relationship with the industry, the college is able to assist you with employment and placement in laser, and advanced skin clinics/spa/beauty salons and resorts both during your training and after you have graduated from the programme.

    The Beauty of Experience

    Graduates of the elly lukas diploma program who want to specialize as dermal therapists or dermal clinicians will be able to do so by enrolling in either the Bachelor of Applied Health Science (Clinical Aesthetics) or the Associate Degree in Applied Health Science (Dermal Therapy) programs offered by the Australian Dermal Science Institute, which will be launched in the 2021 academic year.

    State-of-the-Art Facilities

    In the middle of Melbourne's Flinders Lane sector, between Elizabeth and Queen Streets, is where you'll find our fresh new facilities that have been upgraded to the latest technological standards. Our students are able to learn using the most up-to-date and cutting-edge equipment thanks to the purpose-built facilities that we have, which include a Spa Studio with a Vichy Shower, Steam Infusion, and Hydrotherapy Tubs. Our students will be able to hone their talents in a setting that is conducive to professional development, thanks to the new facilities provided by our Make-up Studio.

    Diploma in Beauty Therapy

    Anyone interested in pursuing a career as a Beauty or Spa Therapist or furthering their education as a Dermal Therapist/Dermal Clinician should consider enrolling in the SHB50115 Diploma of Beauty Therapy program. This is the standard curriculum. The Diploma is a government-funded program that is eligible for VET Student Loans. The maximum amount eligible applicants can borrow through VET Student Loans has also been doubled.

    VET + VCAL Beauty courses

    Do you want to get a VET Beauty certification in addition to your VCE or VCAL studies while still in years 11 or 12? Students enrolled in our acclaimed Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Schools program have the opportunity to take the first step toward a career in the Beauty, Makeup, Spa, or Dermal Therapy industries while still in their 11th or 12th year of secondary school.

    Education that Inspires

    Elly Lukes education is anything but dull or uninteresting. We take your education beyond the classroom by giving you unrestricted access to the industry's highest levels in a variety of breathtaking settings. We believe that having extraordinary abilities and knowledge is insufficient; what matters is how and where you apply those abilities and knowledge.

    In addition to providing you with first-rate training, our mission is to provide you with the skills and confidence you need to achieve whatever professional goals you set for yourself. Because of these factors, our graduates' success stories will present you with a variety of scenarios to consider.

    NAPOLEON PERDIS COSMETICS - Makeup Courses Melbourne

    screenshot taken from on July 22


    Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics is Australia's most popular prestige makeup brand, with over 350 independent stockists and 30 retail locations across the country.

    Although the company has been around for more than 25 years, it continues to lead the industry in terms of product development, makeup artist education, and sophisticated, high-end beauty. Our "Education Is Everything" and "Empowerment" principles are at the heart of the business, and they are reinforced in all of our locations across the country, as well as through our Makeup Academy. We focus on the individual rather than the group, and we are eager to work with each and every individual, regardless of age, history, or way of life, to recognize and realize their goals and ambitions.

    Because of the millions of people who adore them, our cult products have withstood the test of time in the ever-changing and expanding cosmetic scene. We believe that one size does not fit all and are pleased that our products are available to anyone. We are here to ensure that a customer's self-assurance, power, and control are maintained at all times, whether they are a seasoned pro in the world of cosmetics or just starting out in the world of beauty. We prioritize providing innovation that our clients can see and experience in order to foster trust and loyalty while also empowering and inspiring them.

    Napoleon Perdis Academy

    Do you secretly wish to become a makeup artist? Or perhaps you already have professional makeup artist experience and want to improve your skills and advance your career.

    Join the 25,000 students who have completed beauty courses and seminars at the Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy, Australia's pioneer in makeup education. Here, you can make your creative dreams a reality and join an elite group of makeup artists.

    Learn practical, hands-on makeup techniques from industry professionals so you can launch a successful career as a makeup artist. The Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy is the only institution of its kind because of our unique and forward-thinking approach to teaching aspiring makeup artists the skills they need to start successful careers in the beauty and makeup industry.

    Our beauty classes cover product knowledge, proper and long-lasting application techniques, business skills, and how to start and grow your freelance makeup business in today's ever-changing digital landscape. These courses are delivered in person in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

    We will provide you with the resources and confidence you need to reach your full potential, and we will do so in an engaging, luxurious, and pleasant environment, all while maintaining flexibility and an affordable price point.

    We are here to serve as guides and sources of inspiration on your journey into the world of beauty, thanks to our considerable industry recognition and more than 25 years of experience teaching makeup artistry. Examine the schedule of our classes below. Send an email to or call 1300 MAKEUP right away to make an inquiry.

    Melbourne Polytechnic - Makeup Courses Melbourne

    screenshot taken from on July 22


    1300 635 267

    Melbourne Polytechnic's curriculum is unique. Since 1912, our company has provided Victoria with vocational training. We're now one of the state's leading providers.

    Practical learning

    We offer innovative vocational and higher education programs (degrees) to prepare students for the workforce. Our classes emphasize practical skills and hands-on experience, so students graduate with career-ready knowledge.

    Teachers from industry

    Our instructors are enthusiastic, well-established experts in their fields who want to help students succeed. Because one's environment can hinder learning, we offer individualized educational paths, flexible study options, and learning support.

    Excellent training facilities

    Our campuses have some of Australia's best educational facilities. Our lecture halls and seminars mimic real-world working conditions. In many classes, students learn while helping community or business members.


    Get ready for a beautiful career.

    Melbourne Polytechnic's Diploma of Screen and Media CUA51015 (Specialist Make-up Services) prepares you to become a professional make-up artist. This hands-on and interactive workshop will teach you about wigs, makeup effects, and prosthetics. Working with creatives in the screen or stage industries will give you real-world opportunities and hands-on experience. Demand for Australian media professionals is expected to rise with the growth of local content on streaming platforms; now is a great time to learn make-up.

    Learn practical and technical make-up skills

    In Diploma of Screen and Media course CUA51015, "Specialist Make-up Services," you'll learn how to design, apply, and remove makeup and wigs for various applications. You'll be taught by film and TV special effects and makeup professionals. Melbourne Polytechnic's facilities will give you field experience. You'll have access to purpose-built classrooms and a prosthetics lab. You and your classmates will create film, TV, and stage special effects. You'll also work with student groups producing stage, screen, and small-screen productions. Melbourne Polytechnic's industry links may help you land a job with local governments, businesses, or the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI).

    Contour a future in make-up services

    Following completion of the Diploma of Screen and Media CUA51015 (Specialist make-up services), you will have several career options. You could start your own business, work at weddings and parties, or work in the film, television, or theater industries. After completing this course, you could work as an airbrusher, bridal make-up artist, commercial hairstylist, hair and wig stylist, make-up artist, period hairstylist, prosthetics artist, or specialized make-up effects artist.


    Where will this take me?

    Specialist in make-up and prosthetics Some occupations that may be available to someone with this qualification include Make-up Effects Artist, Air Brusher, Bridal Make-up, Session Hair Stylist, Hair and Wig Stylist, Make-up Artist, and Period Hair Stylist.

    • Wig Specialist Session Stylist
    • Effects of Makeup Prosthetics
    • Artist for Film and Video Bridal Hair / Bridal/Formal Make-up /
    • Airbrushing Services Artist
    • Make-up Artist


    You may want to continue your Specialist Make-up studies and pursue a career in the Creative Arts. Discuss further study options with Melbourne Polytechnic faculty.

    Academia - Makeup Courses Melbourne

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    0396 714 753


    Academia Institute is one of Australia's most successful educational institutions. It has campuses in the heart of Melbourne and Brisbane's central business districts. Several awards have been bestowed upon the institute.

    Students from the surrounding area, as well as international students, have the opportunity to participate in skill-building and supportive learning environments that will help them prepare for successful careers.


    The first step in preparing for your future is to choose the appropriate Certificate or Diploma.

    There are numerous educational institutions in Australia that may be able to assist you in achieving your goal. So why should you choose us?


    Because we are a medium-sized school, we can provide our students with the benefits of both large and small classes. If you choose to attend a smaller, more intimate school, you will not receive the same level of impersonal, individualised attention and assistance that you would at a larger school.

    Furthermore, we have access to more resources than a more modest establishment. We can host larger workshops, which allows us to hire more qualified teachers who have years of experience not only in the classroom but also in the field in which they specialize.


    It is one thing to hone necessary skills in a classroom setting; it is quite another to do so in a real-world setting. As a result, completion of work placement is required for many of our classes.

    We can provide you with the kind of learning that only a real-world workplace can provide, transforming you into the most capable and work-ready candidate possible. This is made possible by strong ties spanning multiple industries.



    Learn how to lead a team in a beauty salon, spa, or hair studio.
    Discover a variety of beauty treatments, including makeup, massage, and everything in between!
    Discover the science and theory behind skin, face, body, and hair techniques.

    Have you ever thought about starting your own beauty salon?

    Academia in Melbourne's beauty courses will assist you in making your dream a reality!

    The Beauty Therapy Diploma can help those who want to work in the beauty industry as a beauty therapist, salon or spa manager, or salon owner.

    Throughout your education, you will gain the knowledge and skills needed to perform a wide range of beauty therapy treatments and services, including the following:

    • Treatments for the face
    • Massages and treatments for the body
    • removing hair
    • Treatments for the lashes and brows
    • Treatments for the nails
    • Design and application of makeup

    You will also gain the knowledge and skills needed to confidently provide clients with beauty advice, recommend beauty treatments and services, and sell retail skincare and cosmetic items.

    In our Melbourne beauty school's working salon, you will learn how to work independently as well as cooperatively as a member of a salon team.

    The courses include both theoretical and hands-on instruction. Evaluations are performed in our specially designed and built beauty therapy salon.


    There is an abundance of opportunity as a result of the beauty industry's continued expansion; however, the industry requires leaders like yourself to continue providing treatments and procedures to clients.

    After completing the Beauty Therapy Diploma program, you will be able to thrive in a variety of leadership positions, including the following:

    • Salon owner or manager
    • Owner of a hair salon
    • Therapist or spa manager
    • Therapist of beauty
    • Manager of a health spa or resort
    • Beauty therapist on the side

    You can work as a freelance beauty therapist, open and manage your own business, or lead a creative team within a well-established salon.

    The Master's Institute of Creative Education - Makeup Courses Melbourne

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    03 9945 9523

    Innovate. Collaborate. Create.

    The Master's Institute of Creative Education is Australia's only creative education collective, consisting of five distinct schools that are all linked to one another. Fashion, hair, beauty, and make-up courses are available at the colleges.


    Don't wait for the opportunity. Create it! 

    Apply now for any of our Core Courses across our five colleges.

    Five Institutes, One Creative Experience

    The Masters' goal is to provide students with a unified educational experience by bringing together the top creative institutes from both Melbourne and Sydney.

    Students enroll in a specific institution that will best prepare them for the desired career outcomes, but they also join our MastersTribe to take advantage of everything else The Masters has to offer. Our business incubator, Agency TM, connects all of our educational institutions and works with approximately 80 different initiatives on an annual basis.

    Courses Accepting Applications


    SHB50115 Diploma of Beauty Therapy

    MakeUp Masters

    CUA51015 Diploma of Screen & Media (Specialist Makeup Services)

    Casey College of Beauty Therapy - Makeup Courses Melbourne

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    1300 711 073

    Casey College is an approved Vet Student Loan Provider and approved Study Loan provider.

    Casey College of Beauty Therapy Pty Ltd is a Registered Training Organisation that provides nationally accredited courses and credentials. It has emerged as one of the fastest growing and most highly regarded training organizations in the beauty training industry.

    Beauty Therapy, Dermal Therapy, Nail Technology, Makeup Artistry, and Spa Therapies are just a few of the many qualifications available through Casey College. Casey College has been in operation for over 14 years, during which time it has earned a stellar reputation.

    At Casey College, we take great pride in providing professional instruction while maintaining a friendly demeanor. We believe that each of our students should be given the opportunity to develop to their full potential while receiving training from us. They should also graduate with extensive experience and a certificate in the industry of their choice.

    As a result, we've decided to make it easier for all candidates to sign up for classes by personalizing the class schedule and allowing for flexible class delivery.


    Casey College of Beauty Therapy offers four different beauty therapy qualifications in order to meet the individual needs of each student.

    We understand that each student has different interests and desires to participate in a variety of classes.

    Because of the way we have organized the course outlines for our classes, students can choose from a variety of career paths such as beauty therapy, spa treatment, nail technology, make-up artistry, massage therapy, and dermal therapy.

    Casey College offers a diverse range of academic pathways to its students.

    On-Campus Program

    You feel more at ease in a well-organized classroom setting. This course has both an in-person and on-campus schedule, as well as an online theoretical component. Students will also be able to easily and seamlessly advance to a higher level of qualification due to the structure of our calendars.

    Blended Delivery- Online/On Campus

    This course is intended for students who prefer to do the majority of their coursework online and at their own pace. This program's courses are available both on-campus and through an online platform.

    Remote Learning Program- Online

    If the full COVID19 restrictions are implemented, a full remote learning program has been put in place to allow students to continue their studies with ease.

    CeeCee's Beauty and Training - Makeup Courses Melbourne

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    0437 376 960

    Ceecees Beauty and Training is a training academy in Melbourne and throughout Victoria that offers Nationally Accredited Eyelash Extension training as well as short beauty courses in Russian volume, Lash lift, Lash and Brow tinting, Spray tanning, Threading, Eyebrow Waxing/shaping, Brow Lamination, and Henna Brows. Every one of our beauty training courses is taught in a small group setting, with one participant at a time. Your satisfaction is our reward, and knowing this motivates us to strive for perfection in everything we do.

    Our industry-specific training is designed to broaden both your knowledge and technical abilities. You can select from a number of beauty certification courses, each of which is taught by knowledgeable instructors in a reputable studio and working environment, creating an environment in which you will feel at ease and right at home while learning new skills.

    About us – Beauty Training Courses in Victoria

    There are now more options in the beauty industry than ever before, and these options are available regardless of where you are in life, what kind of education or careers you hope to pursue in the future, or what other life goals you may have. Within the last five years, the beauty industry has grown to become one of Australia's most important areas for job creation.

    Ceecees provides a qualification or training course program that is tailored to your specific needs. Have you considered changing careers, or simply broadening your skill set in general? It's possible that you already have a job and are looking for a way to supplement your income. Working in salons, on the other hand, may pique your interest in becoming a part of this rapidly expanding industry and becoming an industry expert. You might be interested in starting your own business from the comfort of your own home, where you can set your own hours, set your own pay, and be your own boss. Have you recently started a family and decided that you do not want to return to full-time work? If this is the case, you might be interested in working flexible hours that allow you to spend time with your children while saving money on childcare. Whatever path you take, the industry-specific training we provide is designed with people like you in mind. Furthermore, we have contacts in the industry who can help you find work.

    Our industry-specific training is designed to broaden both your knowledge and technical abilities. There is a wide range of training available, and it is taught by Cert 4 trainers with years of experience. The training takes place in a professional studio and workplace environment designed to make you feel at ease and at home while learning.

    Carole and her team are extremely enthusiastic about learning and instruction, and they get a lot of satisfaction from sharing the knowledge they've gained over the years, as well as seeing the growth and accomplishments of our many students. Get your career started today and start reaping the benefits you deserve. The training is available to students of any age or background, and it includes a continuous support and mentoring program that is both free and time-limited. We will gladly include your profile in the student success story that we post on our website as soon as you are up and running.

    Many reasons to train with us

    • Small class sizes max of 4 students per class
    • FREE ongoing support and mentoring
    • Certified training instructors with many years of industry experience
    • Affordable, fun, interactive training
    • No previous experience required
    • Training suitable for all ages and backgrounds
    • Certified and nationally accredited training certificates issued on completion
    • One on one flexible training available.
    • In-salon staff training available
    • Students' needs and requirements are taken into consideration

    Box Hill Institute - Makeup Courses Melbourne

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    1300 269 443

    Personal and adaptable learning has been a priority for us since the day we opened our doors. We have always placed a high value on opportunities to collaborate closely with various sectors of industry and business in order to develop programs and spaces that are tailored to specific occupations.

    We are well aware that our most valuable resources are our instructors and staff members. You will benefit from their unique life and business experiences, as well as their extensive knowledge and innovative ideas. They are dedicated to your educational experience and will teach you skills that will be useful in the workplace and in life after graduation.

    The Box Hill Institute is now present in ten different countries. We are authorized to offer professional education to students in secondary, higher education, and vocational education and training (VET). Students, corporations, and community organizations can all benefit from our diverse class offerings.

    From local beginnings

    Personal and adaptable learning has been a priority for us since the day we opened our doors. We have always placed a high value on opportunities to collaborate closely with various sectors of industry and business in order to develop programs and spaces that are tailored to specific occupations.

    We are well aware that our most valuable resources are our instructors and staff members. You will benefit from their unique life and business experiences, as well as their extensive knowledge and innovative ideas. They are dedicated to your educational experience and will teach you skills that will be useful in the workplace and in life after graduation.

    To global education

    The Box Hill Institute is now present in ten different countries. We are authorized to offer professional education to students in secondary, higher education, and vocational education and training (VET). Students, corporations, and community organizations can all benefit from our diverse class offerings.

    If you choose to study for certificates, diplomas, degrees, or postgraduate studies in Australia, your qualifications will be recognized not only in Australia but also in other countries.

    We have three locations in Victoria: Box Hill, Lilydale, and Melbourne's central business district, where we share space with the Centre for Adult Education. Furthermore, we offer our services and training in a wide range of workplace settings.

    You will be educated in modern, well-equipped facilities that mimic the conditions and experiences of the workplace. You will be exposed to real-world scenarios, in which you will work on projects related to your chosen industry, as well as useful tools and equipment.


    Do you enjoy enhancing people's appearance and self-esteem? If you are a beauty therapist or make-up artist, you have job opportunities in the fashion, entertainment, and beauty industries. Develop a strong sense of confidence in a variety of hands-on makeup, cosmetics, and nail techniques. In order to advance your career, you may also work on improving your professional skills.

    • Diploma in Beauty Therapy
    • Certificate III in Beauty Services

    On-Demand Webinar: Beauty and Makeup

    Sign up for our Beauty & Makeup courses right now to learn how they can provide you with the skills and methods needed for a professional career with exciting prospects.

    Encourage your creative side while also picking the brains of seasoned professionals in your field. Classroom instruction is a hybrid of in-person instruction and online learning. You will gain hands-on experience and have the opportunity to use professional equipment in our purpose-built training facilities, which are designed to mimic the spas and studios found in premium locations around the world.

    Embrace your creative side and look into careers that can take you all over the world and provide you with a variety of job opportunities.

    If you have actual job experience in the industry and a complete professional kit, you can become a beauty therapist or a makeup artist and start working as soon as you graduate.

    SHARPFX - Makeup Courses Melbourne

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    0412 887 153

    Sharp FX is a leading provider of special makeup effects studios in Australia.

    They have over 20 years of experience in the field and are committed to creating groundbreaking work all over the world.

    Sharp FX specializes in prosthetic makeup, animatronic characters, special makeup effects, creature effects, puppets, realistic bodies, props, and models.

    Because they have worked on projects in the film, television, advertising, museum, theatre, theme park, and exhibition industries, they are well qualified to take on any challenge. They are prepared to face any challenge.

    Russell Sharp is an accomplished professional with over 20 years of experience in the film industry, and he is the founder and CEO of Sharp FX, a makeup effects company.

    Russell has worked on films and television shows such as The Hobbit Trilogy, Matrix 2 and 3, Ghost Rider, House of Wax, Anacondas, Troy, Queen of the Damned, Babe 2, Prey, and The Dark Lurking.

    Sharp FX offers a variety of services including the design and development of prosthetic makeup, special makeup effects, creatures, puppets, realistic mannequins and animals, sculptures, props, models, and sets. Other services available include: Clients include those from the film, television, and advertising industries, as well as museums, theaters, theme parks, and exhibitions.

    Sharp FX is a company that specializes in creating extremely realistic mannequins. Their work can be found in museums and theme parks all over the world, including the Australian War Memorial, the RAAF Museum Melbourne, and a variety of theme parks. Sharp FX is in charge of creating and operating a variety of puppets for use in television and film, including those seen in the music video for The Cairos and the Scariacs Nickelodeon series. Sharp FX is a company that specializes in prosthetic makeup design, creation, and application. Their talented team has created numerous makeups for use in film, television, theater, photography, and other special events. Sharp FX's dedicated team of industry professionals is ready to take on any project, regardless of size or scope.



    The Sharp FX Advanced Prosthetic Special Makeup Effects Course is regarded as Australia's most comprehensive training program for special effects at present.

    Sharp FX Pty Ltd is one of the most accomplished studios in Australia for special effects makeup, prosthetics, and creature production. They are one of the few companies in the industry that offer instruction in the application of special effects makeup.

    A working industry professional with over 20 years of experience in the film, television, and theme park sectors teaches the courses. The Hobbit, Matrix 2 and 3, Scooby-Doo, House of Wax, Ghost Rider, Queen of the Damned, and Anacondas contain examples of this individual's earlier work.

    Sharp FX's Advanced Makeup Effects Course is the course that covers the greatest information.

    It is aimed to teach students to the maximum extent feasible on the knowledge and understanding required to construct a multi-piece prosthetic makeup, and to do it in an interactive and interesting manner.

    Students are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to establish a successful career in the intriguing world of special makeup effects. This is the most comprehensive prosthetic makeup effects course available anywhere in Australia, covering every aspect of creating a full head multi-piece prosthetic.

    The Advanced Makeup Effects Course is offered at the Sharp Fx workshop in Springvale, Melbourne, Australia, once a week on Sundays from nine in the morning until five in the afternoon for a total of 25 weeks.

    Visit our course website for details regarding the upcoming Advanced Makeup Effects Course's start dates.

    Kryolan - Makeup Courses Melbourne

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    03 9580 8123

    For over seventy-four years, our high-quality products have been featured in the kits of renowned makeup artists throughout the world. With over 17,000 products covering beauty, fashion, remedial medical camouflage, film & TV, theatre, SFX, and body art, Kryolan is the preferred makeup brand for professionals and discerning beauty customers who desire high-quality professional makeup. Kryolan is widely considered as the industry standard for cosmetics.

    The Kryolan beauty and fashion collection's cosmetics are created with skincare, high pigment levels, and durability in mind. As a result, the products are potent, long-lasting, and exceptionally skin-compatible and nourishing. Our products are renowned for their hypoallergenic properties and comply with the strictest professional safety standards. Since our establishment's inception, we have never engaged in any type of animal testing. Conduct research on the issue to learn more about the distinctions between commercial and professional makeup.

    Beauty Services and Lessons

    Personal Online Makeup Lesson

    Book a bespoke one-on-one virtual make-up lesson for a fantastic Online Live Learning Experience, have fun, and learn any make-up topics your heart desires!

    One of our makeup artists will contact you within one business day of receiving your order to schedule a consultation at a time that is convenient for both of you.

    It lasts 75 minutes. Monday through Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    Specialised Course in Fundamental Make-up Techniques for Ageless Beauty

    Education on how to apply makeup is available from anywhere in the world at the touch of a button!

    If you want to expand your makeup knowledge or learn a new skill, there has never been a better time than now.

    The Kryolan Online Academy will guide you through a combination of video tutorials, theory, and exams so that you can completely immerse yourself in the world of Ageless Beauty makeup application and methods.

    Recognizing that every face will exhibit signs of ageing and maturity is the first step toward creating stunning cosmetic looks. In this course, you will learn how to effectively prescribe items and master the best application techniques for your clients of any age.

    This class is now open for enrollment, so sign up today to get started!

    Australian Beauty School - Makeup Courses Melbourne

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    1300 937 323

    We believe that getting an education entails more than just sitting in a crowded classroom. Because digital is the way of the future, we've leveraged the enormous potential of online learning to provide you with a diverse range of tutoring options on a single platform.

    Because our philosophy dictates that education in beauty treatment should be available to people from all walks of life, should be adaptable to accommodate a variety of lifestyles, and, most importantly, should consist solely of the highest possible standard of instruction.

    This is another reason why we have collaborated with some of Australia's most prestigious names in the beauty industry. These prominent industry leaders have contributed to the course content curation to ensure that you will receive the most up-to-date knowledge and the highest quality instruction available on the market.

    Our employees have extensive experience in their fields and have completed advanced studies. They have collaborated through Australian Beauty School to create online courses that are A) simple to understand and B) suitable for both novice and intermediate students.

    We'd love for you to join our community and begin your journey with us today, regardless of how long you've been in the beauty industry or how far along you are in the process of building your beauty empire.

    Our Commitment to You

    Our online courses are designed by beauty enthusiasts for beauty enthusiasts, and they provide access to a world of high-level education, hands-on training, and business insights. Our mission is to transform not only the delivery but also the accessibility of beauty therapy education, with the ultimate goal of allowing you to broaden your skill set through the most liberating and energizing online methods.

    Whether you want to hone a specific skill or broaden your knowledge in a variety of areas, Australian Beauty School was founded to provide all students with the assistance they require to get started on the path that will lead them to their ideal career or business.

    Because every student's educational experience is unique, one of our primary goals as one of Australia's most innovative beauty therapy education providers is to ensure that you, as an individual, receive all of the instruction and guidance that you require to fully flourish.


    You will be able to learn the trade secrets and procedures required to become a world-class beauty treatment artist.

    If you want to learn professional makeup application, flawless streak-free spray tanning, naturally luscious eyelash extensions, or the perfect eyebrow wax, tint, and lamination treatments, Australian Beauty School can help you. Other services you can learn to master include streak-free spray tanning, naturally luscious eyelash extensions, and more.


    Are you interested in honing your skills in beauty therapy?

    Are you unsure which of the numerous online beauty courses available are genuine and will provide you with the skills required to succeed at the professional level?

    The Australian Beauty School is here to provide you with the skills you need to become a true beauty professional and achieve your goals faster than a makeup wand swipe.

    You will be assisted in taking the necessary steps to realize your goals of developing your ability, opening your own salon, or advancing your career, and you will do so with the understanding that you will be supported.

    We can provide you with the most advanced beauty professional techniques taught to you by industry leaders because we know you want to learn them. You want to be able to access this education in a way that is consistent with how you currently live your life. Above all, you want to learn the necessary skills in a simple and straightforward manner.

    That is exactly what you will be able to do by taking advantage of our extensive catalog of online classes. We have the right certificate for you, regardless of whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced student.

    Are you ready to give the world a new look and discover the beauty artist within you? Finally, the old adage "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" holds some truth.

    Curtis Collection by Victoria - Makeup Courses Melbourne

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    03 9421 5575

    Discover the Curtis

    Collection experience.

    Curtis Collection By Victoria, a boutique makeup company wholly owned and operated in Australia, offers a prestige line of professional cosmetics. The top line of products includes a mineral collection dedicated to pampering and perfecting the skin while also treating it with the most potent naturally occurring ingredients.

    Curtis Collection is about to establish a new standard in the world of cosmetics. Curtis Collection has earned the reputation of being Australia's trendiest new makeup brand due to its sleek and sophisticated packaging, as well as its luxurious formulae that contain high-quality minerals. Curtis Collection is the name that everyone in the industry, from beauty editors to the most powerful people in the industry, seems to be talking about.

    Beauty Solutions.

    Make-up with benefits.

    Our mineral makeup collection includes far more than just color and coverage options. It has the power to instantly transform any complexion.

    The hybrid cosmetics are designed to be the final step in the skincare routine and treatment plan that you have created for your client. This elegant collection includes products with distinct skin and lifestyle benefits, making it ideal for providing beauty solutions to women of all ages.

    Our online solutions guide addresses your concerns about your appearance, as well as the products and reasons you should use them.

    Curtis Collection Cosmetics is not tested on animals. No one of our products has ever been tested on animals.


    Our beautiful cosmetics academy is located in the heart of Melbourne, and it was designed to provide students with a personal and artistic environment in which to study and develop their talents. Victoria Curtis is the author of each course, and she covers every aspect of makeup application in her instruction. Victoria has been in the fashion and beauty industries for over 20 years, and she has been named Australia's best makeup artist by the Australian Beauty Industry Awards (ABIA). Victoria teaches students a lot because she is so knowledgeable about the cosmetics industry and what it takes to be successful in it. Victoria informs the class of this information.

    Certificate in Fashion, Bridal and Glamour Makeup Artistry

    The Victoria Curtis Makeup Academy offers a nine-week, part-time cosmetics course designed to motivate and instruct aspiring makeup artists in the skills and techniques necessary to thrive in an exciting and fast-paced field. This school offers weekly makeup presentations and demonstrations, as well as practical application and, during the final week of the course, a photoshoot for portfolio purposes.


    • Colour Theory - The Art of Colour
    • Flawless Complexion and Application Techniques
    • Colour Matching and Foundation Selection
    • Eye Looks and Techniques
    • Contouring and Highlighting
    • Brow Magic
    • Fashion Makeup
    • Bridal Makeup
    • Photographic Makeup
    • Business Advice
    • Social Media Tips

    Why study at our makeup academy

    Specialist boutique makeup academy Reputable, highly experienced industry trainers, small class sizes for individualized instruction, and a conducive learning environment.

    Dash Finishing School - Makeup Courses Melbourne

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    0416 344 553

    In 2016, the Australian city of Melbourne played host to the launch of Dash Finishing School, an initiative that promotes self-development and personality enhancement for Teens and Adults. We offer courses and programs that aim to improve every aspect of a participant's personality, creativity, and appearance, thereby transforming them into adaptable, well-presented individuals.

    Our workshops and programs include the "Finishing & Deportment Program," which covers topics such as social etiquette, international dining etiquette, the art of communication, body language-poise-posture-deportment, hosting & entertaining, image & dress codes, and afternoon tea etiquette; and the "Beauty & Styling Program," which instructs individuals on how to look their best (Makeup, Hairstyling, Personal Styling). In addition, we offer creative classes, including "The Art of Gift Wrapping" and "Chocolate Making." Our programs are ideal for both adults and adolescents. In the near future, the following three programs will be offered: Personal Branding, a Pre-teen and Children's Finishing and Deportment Program, and Corporate Image and Etiquette.

    The seminars and programs are designed to provide an interactive, hands-on, and highly individualized learning experience. They emphasize practical application extensively in order to provide participants with opportunities for experiential learning. Different learning styles and levels of perceptual acuity can be accommodated by modifying the classroom's instructional strategies. To ensure that each participant receives the attention they deserve, the batch sizes are kept on the small and exclusive side on purpose.


    Our two-day Beauty & Styling program teaches self-makeup, hair styling, and personal styling. Anyone can participate. (See below for more)

    This program includes these trainings:

    • Beauty (4 hours)
    • Coiffure (4 hours)
    • Fashion (3 hours)

    To ensure that each participant receives enough attention, batch sizes are kept small (with a maximum of eight) and the training is highly individualized and practical. This program's entire teaching staff consists of experienced professionals.

    The schedule and program are flexible. You can drop or add workshops as needed. For more information, contact 0416344559 or

    This workshop broadly covers:

    • Prepping & perfecting your skin with moisturiser & primer
    • Flawless application of concealer, foundation & compact
    • Highlight & contour according to your face shape
    • Application of eye primers, shadows & the correct technique of blending
    • Perfecting eyeliner, kohl & mascara application for your eyes
    • Brow filling
    • The secret to the application of perfect lipstick
    • Getting your blush right
    • Practising the smokey eye
    • Quick make-up coverups & how to make your make-up last longer.
    • Selecting make-up according to your skin type & tone
    • Learn different makeup looks such as a day look, an evening look, and a special occasion look.
    • Learn the correct use of make-up brushes, products and various tools & be able to put together an essential make-up kit. This is a basic to intermediate level workshop.

    Melbourne College of Hairdressing & Beauty - Makeup Courses Melbourne

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    03 9650 1057

    The Melbourne College of Hair and Beauty (MCOHB) has set the standard for hair and beauty education since the 1950s.

    MCOHB is one of the longest-running privately owned Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy in Melbourne. It offers Certificate II to Diploma level courses in Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy, Business, and Make-Up.

    We also have well-established hairdressing and beauty salons in Melbourne's CBD that are open to the public, so you can practice on paying clients. Our salons are usually full.

    We are committed to the vision, mission, goals, and accomplishments of our students and educators, and we seek to serve them well. We keep our promises. We always create high-quality items that benefit everyone long-term. We focus on student success.

    Our mission is to raise students' vision and standards. This will help them build their skills, performance, and personality beyond their normal limits, preparing them to contribute in a productive, responsible, and ethical way.

    We provide students with vocational education and training through the National Hairdressing Training Package and the National Beauty Training Package. Nationally recognized and based on industry competency standards.

    Melbourne College of Hair and Beauty offers flexible training types and can tailor learning and evaluation to your needs. Hairdressing and beauty students interested in higher education have more options.

    Face to face learning with real-life, hands-on experience.

    Accredited hairdressing, beauty, and makeup courses are taught by industry professionals. MCOHB offers Certificate and Diploma Courses to further students' education.

    In Melbourne's CBD, there's a public hair and beauty salon. This lets you practice on paying customers. Our salons are usually full.

    If you, like us, have a passion for creativity and want a fulfilling life journey, then our college is perfect for you.

    Our experienced instructors are available by appointment or walk-in to discuss your career path. These instructors have real-world industry experience and continue to work in it to stay current. We welcome walk-ins and appointments. Contact us and we'll help you determine if you qualify for Commonwealth Government support, which provides free training to qualified individuals.

    MCOHB takes full responsibility for its own compliance and does not outsource its training. This guarantees high-quality instruction and evaluation for students.

    Make-up Courses


    The SHB30221 Certificate III in Makeup is for students interested in beauty, fashion, media, or entertainment make-up. These students will learn how to develop and apply makeup in these industries. Individuals are responsible for their own outputs and have highly developed technical and consultative skills. This requires working with photographers, stylists, and media production staff.

    Individuals are responsible for their own outputs and have highly developed technical and consultative skills. This requires working with photographers, stylists, and media production staff.

    Photography studios, fashion and media sets, retail cosmetic counters, and make-up studios are common places to find freelance make-up artists. Fashion shows and photoshoots are others.

    VIZIO MAKEUP ACADEMY - Makeup Courses Melbourne

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    1 800-951 0793

    Online Makeup Courses

    Certified professional makeup artist.

    Vizio Makeup Academy aims to bring out the best in each student. We're a reputable cosmetics academy that teaches makeup artistry worldwide. We have a stellar reputation for the quality of our education for working adults interested in this profession.

    Online Makeup Courses use our cutting-edge learning management system. After enrolling, you'll have access to course chapters, videos, quizzes, and makeup assignments.

    Our knowledgeable educators will also give you thorough feedback. They'll look over your makeup assignments and offer individualized advice.


    You can earn a professional makeup artistry degree after completing our training program. This certification proves you've completed a Vizio Professional Makeup Artistry Course and are ready to enter the industry.

    You'll have the skills to build a successful and lucrative career as a freelance artist, film/TV professional, or wedding specialist. You've finished the course.

    Some think becoming a successful makeup artist is difficult. They let this belief stop them from achieving their goals. With the right training and knowledge of makeup artistry, your career will take off.

    Melbourne Makeup School

    Melbourne Makeup School World-Class Makeup Training For Your Exciting New Career

    Melbourne is Victoria's capital and largest city. Melbourne Makeup School is located in Victoria, Australia's second-largest city. Melbourne is also the fourth most expensive city in the world. This city excels in tourism, entertainment, education, healthcare, and retail. It's Australia's economic hub and a great place to launch a cosmetics career. Given your academic background, enrolling in a Melbourne cosmetics school is the best choice for your future.

    Marvellous Melbourne

    Melbourne's friendliness, dynamic environment, and easygoing lifestyle are well-known. Melbourne's diverse cultural traditions and cuisines complement its boutiques, family-friendly activities, tourist sites, art galleries, and museums. If you enjoy clubbing and nightlife, you'll do well in this environment. The City Circle Tram loop is a free system that takes you to the Royal Botanic Gardens and Healesville Sanctuary, which contain many native creatures. Animal lovers should visit the SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium and Australian Shark and Ray Centre in Melbourne. Learn about Melbourne's history, including its indigenous people, at the Melbourne Museum. Melbourne's NGV International Art Gallery is a must-see. Melbourne has some of the world's best restaurants, galleries, and boutiques.

    Saphire Makeup & Hair Studio - Makeup Courses Melbourne

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    0408 174 113

    Makeup for beginners. Makeup class? Have you always been creative and want to work in makeup? Saphire Makeup and Hair Studio can help. Take a chance and learn from an expert.

    Master makeup artist Saphire Gaskas has taught private comprehensive starting makeup classes for years. Students learn bridal, fashion editorial, and photography makeup. This course covers eye techniques, contouring, product knowledge, corrective makeup application, mature age makeup, day and glamour makeup, and more.

    In the vast and dynamic cosmetics industry, many alumni have achieved greatness. You could be one! Saphire can help you realize your full potential by using her knowledge and experience.



    • Product knowledge and understanding your tools
    • Foundation application & colour coding
    • How to define and understand different eye shapes
    • Various eyeliner techniques
    • Full lash and individual lash application
    • Eyebrow shaping techniques
    • Lip shaping techniques
    • Face Contouring & Highlight Strobing techniques
    • Day and evening and glamour makeup
    • Mature age makeup
    • Bridal makeup application
    • Fashion and photography makeup
    • Runway makeup
    • OH&S Health Safety and Hygiene


    Makeup for beginners. Saphire Makeup and Hair Studio training. Start your makeup artistry career by calling 0408174112 or filling out the contact form. You can succeed in any cosmetics subfield like our previous students. Don't miss out on the next appointment; call now.

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