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Top 20 Male Strippers in Brisbane, Queensland [2022]

If you're in the market for some eye-candy for your hens night or bachelorette party, you've come to the right place!

Male strippers are always a popular choice for such events, and we can help you find the best ones in Brisbane. Keep reading to learn more!

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    Ultimate List of the Male Strippers in Brisbane

    Magic Men Male Strippers Brisbane

    magic men

    1300 624 426

    Magic Men Experience

    most popular dude strip show Australian male stripper business award.

    Our sexy and attractive male strippers and witty topless waiters will make your ladies night in Melbourne one to remember, whether you're celebrating a birthday, throwing a hens night, bachelorette party, or just having a fun girls night. The Magic Men can do private presentations for you and your guests in suites, private function locations, and homes throughout Melbourne.

    Each Magic Man has the physique, the charm, and the skills to thrill and please audiences while providing more than just a predetermined routine. Our male strippers can create a classy and seductive display that is just what you want because they are skilled dancers as well. For any HENS PARTY, a variety of shows are offered to match the theme.

    So if you’re looking for the best MALE STRIPPERS MELBOURNE has to offer and the cutest topless waiters to add a bit of magic into your next event, contact us today! Create a memorable evening for your celebration. We promise incredible performances that liven up your:

    Use the buttons below to view the Magic Men's profiles and hot show bundles. They're much sexier in person, we promise!

    country women! No matter where you are, our hotties will gladly travel around Victoria to provide you and your friends the sizzle of a MALE STRIP SHOW.

    HIRE US for your next party and see for yourself why we’re voted

    “Australia’s No.1 Strip Entertainment!”

    Imagine heart-stopping smiles and gleaming muscles. Your attention will be captured, and your heart will be pounding thanks to our male strippers in Melbourne. But it goes beyond merely having good looks. You want male strippers with lots of charisma and swagger, as well as dance moves to match! That is MAGIC MEN's additional magic. If you have a party that is a little further out in Melbourne, make sure you enquire as soon as possible to avoid last-minute disappointments. Our boys travel wherever in Melbourne.

    Topless Waiters Male Strippers Brisbane

    topless waiters male strippers brisbane

    1300 624 427


    One of the most picturesque cities in the world is Brisbane. But you should also be aware that Brisbane has competent, attractive, and topless waiters who can amuse you. With their beautiful and hot waiters, The Men in Action are prepared to serve you right away.

    They have skilled catering employees who have a lot of expertise, so your guests will receive outstanding service when they are served food and beverages. When it comes to serving and interacting with various types of people, our boys in QLD have received thorough training. Therefore, you can hire the topless waiters in Brisbane if you're itching to have a unique party that's full of fun, excitement, thrill, and wild adventure.

    You can join the team in Queensland if you're a man seeking for work, have good looks and a fit body, and are a skilled waiter. You can trust that the Men in Action are experts in their fields when it comes to professional work.

    The Topless Waiters are essential whether you're organizing a hen's night or bridal shower party because they will make the event interesting and fun.


    Birthday parties, divorce parties, and other promotional and business events work well with topless waiters. These men will never let you down, and they'll make sure that every one of your guests has a good time and a good time that night. They are quite skilled at handling the ladies and keeping them all at ease during the entire night.

    To help them enjoy the evening, men in the action can play games with the women, such as "Pin the Penis," or they can pose some questions. They'd be thrilled to join in on the games and fun you've got planned for the party, keeping you occupied and happy the whole time.

    Please feel free to phone the provided number or contact the website if you have any additional queries about MIA. Based on their photos and resumes, you are free to select a model of your choice. They are goal-oriented and will exclusively carry out your requests. The females would undoubtedly go bonkers all night long if you had the stunning and hot topless waiters at your party. What are you still holding out for? Call right away to hire Brisbane's topless waiters to make your celebration wild and insane.

    Bad Boys Australia

    bad boys australia

    0451 033 728

    For your upcoming event, look no further than Badboys Australia. Every feeling the audience has during their new performance erupts into an evening of excitement, titillation, and exploration of the masculine body. Every girl's fantasy and desire are expertly fulfilled by Badboys Australia, who also ensure that every moment is captured forever. Badboys Australia's performance is one that won't soon be forgotten.

    Male strip shows are currently all the rage, and Badboys Australia is unquestionably one of the most popular and profitable male revues in Australia. Having visited the US, Canada, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Bali, Manila, Shenzhen, New Zealand, and of course, our own country of Australia, extensively. The name Badboys Australia has spread beyond the world of women's entertainment.

    Imagine for a moment that your venue hosts a special night out for the ladies with Badboys Australia on the main stage. Beautiful women from all over the world are gathered in the room, waiting for the magic to happen in front of their very eyes. Their excitement grows as the music does. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable evening as Badboys Australia enter the room as the lights set the mood and smoke sweeps across the stage. #GDFR It's about to collapse.

    Male Strippers FAQs

    Do you want to make your event exceptional? Whether it is a dinner, hens, bridal shower, or anniversary party, you desire to make it impressive. Nothing is soothing like the wow sounds from your guests and party attendants. However, this is impossible when you do things as usual.

    You can make your party a lifetime experience by sourcing strip dancers from reputable clubs. The strippers have exotic movements and styles that will amaze your party attendants.

    Having strip and pole dancers will make your party impressive. Every guest will enjoy the moment and have a lifetime memory of that party. However, this crew is not perfect for any party.

    So, you need to assess several aspects before concluding that strippers are the best entertainment crew for the night event.

    If the bride-to-be is a virgin who sips a chocolate drink in the evening while she binge-watches Disney films in her huge robe and fluffy bunny shoes, odds are she won’t be excited with a flock of men that are scantily dressed stripping before her.

    So make sure that the bride is okay with the possibility of male strippers showing up at her party. Since you might have been friends for a while now, you should thoroughly understand her preferences, likes, detests, and so on.

    No one will enjoy seeing an angry and mortified bride when the strippers come knocking. But, unfortunately, that will probably mean the party is over and done. The equivalent goes for other visitors to the bachelorette party.

    It’s understandable if a young lady or two might be timid or even somewhat humiliated by a male stripper. However, if the greater part is running for the front door to escape, you’ve made a terrible movie.

    Before booking a male stripper(s), do a fast mental evaluation and ensure the young ladies at the party will be cool with insufficiently clad fit guys giving lap dances. Likewise – ensure children aren’t home when the strippers get to the venue. If not, you will have a lot of things to explain.

    It is popular to have a theme to let the bride play out her fantasy before her wedding. The common themes include a police officer, a delivery guy for pizza, a firefighter, or a builder, which adds fun and excitement to the whole experience. A few ladies get super excited when they see a Latin male dancer.

    Some love dark male strippers that are dark in colour, while others shiver at the sight of a blonde-haired white hunk with blue eyes.

    You should be able to tell which type will bring the most excitement to your friend since you have an idea of her taste in men.

    It’s her last night out as a single woman, so ensure you go big and get the ideal male strippers for her to complement the event.

    Choosing the Right Venue

    For a successful hens party, you need to select the right venue. A proper selection of the venue will make the event successful. You cannot hire a resort or hotel for such parties, as other guests could be there, and they may feel such parties be offensive.

    If a resort can be fully booked without sharing it with other guests, it could be a good option for you. If you do not get such a resort or hotel, it is better to opt for private villas, mansions, or farmhouses to arrange such parties.

    Getting the Permits Done

    For arranging such parties, you may need to get the permission of the authority of the venue, which you have rented for hosting the party.

    Arranging such parties without permission or the knowledge or consent of the venue owner could lead to dire consequences.

    So, you have to be careful about getting the permits done properly. When you get permission for such parties, you can move on to the process of hiring Brisbane Male Strippers.

    Party at Strip Club

    A party can also be arranged at a strip club, but enjoyment options will be limited at such places.

    You have to deal with a smaller space. Nevertheless, there could be other guests. Another problem is that strip clubs only give permits to a certain number of people.

    If your guest list exceeds that number, it is better to hire a private villa, where a male stripper can be called to perform.

    Creating the Setup

    For the stripping session, proper setup is required. Proper lighting arrangement has to be done. After renting the venue, you need to focus on these things precisely.

    The stage for the strippers has to be done properly, and then proper lighting is needed. For all such arrangements, professional party planners are required. Various veteran event managers are there, offering top-notch services with perfection.

    Give Stress on Age of the Attendees

    Stripping parties are essentially planned for the adults. So, you need to stress the age of the attendees. There must be a minimum age limit for the guests.

    No guests under 21 years old should be allowed to enter the event. Nevertheless, guests over 21 should only be invited to exclusive and naughty bachelorette parties.

    Ideally, your wedding should be all about you and your partner, but understandably, that is not always how it plays out. Often, tradition and the wishes of others tend to get in the way of what you want, and you may end up making sacrifices. However, your hen party is truly all about you. 

    There are no rules and guiding principles for hen's night out parties. You are your rules (and maybe hotel rules where you are holding your party), so do whatever it is that you want to do, including those naughty games and activities you promised yourself you would do during your single days.

    If you feel like letting loose, head to the strip club or bars. If that's not your style, opt for something different – a spa day or group adventures like hiking or skydiving. You're in charge, so take this opportunity and live your dream day. You are guaranteed a good time and will not regret it.

    Because this day is entirely catered to you, it's the best stress relievers you could ask for. It can seem like it only adds to the wedding madness, but it does the exact opposite.

    Take your mind off the stress for a night; let your girls know what you want, and have them take care of the rest. Then, all you have to do is enjoy your day!


    Topless Male Waiters Strippers Brisbane

    topless male waiters strippers brisbane

    0431 328 118


    You have the best party-planning skills in the entire city! You now understand why it's crucial to collaborate with the best on any occasion. Therefore, if you're looking for Brisbane's best topless waiters, look no further. Our topless waiters are hospitable, hot, entertaining, and dependable, and they know how to make your upcoming event perfect. They can manage certain aspects of the evening like organizing activities, preparing drinks, and taking pictures in addition to providing entertainment. Additionally, they are excellent at encouraging more reserved visitors to interact. Because fun should be had by everyone, and we do mean all, whether you're hosting a birthday party, hens party, or girls' night.

    We currently provide service to Kangaroo Point, The Valley, West End, Sunnybank, and Southbank, as well as the central business district (CBD) of Brisbane. Having stated that, we can travel a short distance to additional suburbs.

    Our male topless servers, all of whom are hand-picked by our founder, Ben, based on their social skills and professionalism, have been to a small selection of events over the years, and we have a gallery of pictures from some of those occasions. While we can't guarantee your top choices will be available, we advise getting in touch right away to improve your chances.

    Male Strip Club Brisbane

    male strip club brisbane

    1300 624 426


    Heartbeats are pounding as the lights shine brightly. The scene is set for the Magic Men to steal the show as the crowd waits impatiently on the edge of their seats. As these delicious men reach the stage and promise to take you on the steamiest, dreamiest, and sexiest night of your life, you become captivated by the alluring smell that fills the room.

    The Magic Men, Brisbane's hottest performance, is not to be missed! Your veins will be pumped with the music and excitement of the nation's favorite all-male dance performance thanks to the cast's explosive appeal and sexy gentlemen with debonair looks. These fiery gentlemen will put on a great performance in a stunning dance, music, and light spectacle that will ignite the audience.

    Bare Nights Male Strippers Brisbane

    bare nights male strippers brisbane

    0409 777 015

    A warm welcome from Bare Nights. We are experts at planning spectacular hens nights, birthday parties, social events, and business gatherings. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth are all places where you can see male strippers and topless waiters.

    Sexy Topless Waiters & Hot Male Strippers

    Not only are our guys hot-looking, but our customers are frequently taken aback when their hot servers show up early to assist with setup and stay late to finish cleaning up after serving all night.

    When you hire a topless waiter from us, you receive a cheerful, engaging, and professional who enjoys mingling with customers while providing service. Making sure you have the best time possible is our constant priority. Even better, our multi-skilled boys can mix your drinks and make BBQs!

    Playtime Entertainment Male Strippers Brisbane

    playtime entertainment male strippers brisbane

    0450 588 793

    The amazing entertainers and promotional staff provided by Playtime Entertainment, an elite adult and promotional entertainment agency, will ensure that any event is one to remember. We'll titillate you, make you laugh, and provide entertainment. For your upcoming special event, our talented team of seasoned hot males and sexy gals is a must.

    Male Entertainers & Strippers Brisbane

    Why not ask the Playtime boys over? Our young staff, our buff, will make you laugh and have fun. We will visit you, set up, and serve drinks and canapes while you kick back, relax, and enjoy your friends. Maybe you're thinking of something else, like a BBQ or pool party. In that case, let our attractive pool boys pamper and amuse you. We will carry out your hens night celebration plans, no matter what they may be. Imagine the look on the future bride's face when a buff policeman arrives on the door! Why not surprise the bride-to-be with a theme night or the Full Monty Show? We'll dress accordingly. Any recommendations?

    Hens Night Party Male Strippers Brisbane

    Stop searching because we have what you need. In South East Queensland, you can hire male waiters, male strippers, and male performers for fair prices and first-rate service. For the girls, hot guys, and good times, Playtime Entertainment definitely has the best boys in Brisbane, Gold, and the Sunshine Coasts. Putting together a hens' party? Are you itching for some sexy party action? Have a great time?

    Gold Coast Male Strippers Brisbane

    gold coast male strippers brisbane


    With his crew of dedicated and seasoned performers, male stripper Tommy Gun is back in Gold Coast, Australia, bringing you the best male stripping entertainment that Australia has to offer. Now, speak openly with your stripper and let him know how you want the show to go! Tommy personally runs "Gold Coast Male Strippers," so we take great satisfaction in only representing the BEST PERFORMERS!

    The industry is overrun with "creepy and sleazy" strippers who are represented by agencies that have never even seen them perform (factual information!). You only deserve the best because I personally know and have seen every artist on this website, and because I recognize how important your night is, I stand for the best.

    Tommy is the Gold Coast’s leading innovative male stripper.

    His professionally planned performances are sexy and humorous and are sure to impress and satisfy you! The best of the Gold Coast will be on display; expect top-notch Magic Mike dance techniques, rock-hard abs, audience participation, rip-off trousers, and lots of illicit fun! Tommy may only be reserved in advance; last-minute appointments are not permitted. Book Australia's top male stripper right away!

    Bux Party Male Strippers Brisbane

    bux party male strippers brisbane

    0416 477 925

    Booking a show is a fantastic stags party idea instead of going to a strip club. Hire a female stripper, sometimes referred to as an exotic dancer, erotic dancer, exotic angel, dancer, striper, strippers, stripper, or strippa. Drinks are served by a hot masculine server. He'll undoubtedly make your hens party one to remember. We promise dependability and quality.

    You want to have a good time and see a male exotic dancer being stripped off, but you also want it to be classy and subdued with just a g-string. If a tame approach is required for your daughter’s 18or 21st B’day, then this is the ideal choice of show.

    Your hysterical bachelorette is very funny. Because you don't want your nanna to suffer a heart attack if your male stripper strips entirely naked, you still only want him to remove a g-string, but you do want a little raunch. You must reach a consensus. The dancer in this performance just wears a g-string, but he still intends to raunch it up for the special girl, the ladies, and even nana. It is a dishonest but gentlemanly deed.

    Chocolate Fantasy Male Strippers Brisbane

    chocolate fantasy male strippers brisbane

    0420 592 426


    Whether you're celebrating a birthday, throwing a Hen's Night, Bridal Shower, Bachelorette party, or having a naughty night with your girlfriends, our Brisbane & Gold Coast male strippers & topless waiters will help you forget about your worries and relax. You'll be satisfied after watching Chocolate Fantasy, but you'll still want more.

    HUNKS4HIRE Male Strippers Brisbane

    hunks4hire male strippers brisbane

    0435 071 339

    Sexy Topless Waiters, Male Strippers, Life Drawing Parties, Dance Parties, Art Parties, & Much More

    Want to add some excitement to your party? Topless waiters, male strippers, erotic art workshops, dance classes, luxury yacht rentals, and much more are all available through the 2016-founded Hunks4hire Australia. Thanks to our locations in the CBDs of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Melbourne, and Sydney as well as our ability to travel directly to your home or hotel, we are prepared to help with all occasions.

    What To Expect

    Hunk Related Services:

    What specifically will you receive from our HUNKS? From the time they walk in, the girls will start conversing and having fun thanks to our ripped, good-looking men. Our guys are usually at hens' parties. However, it's not unusual to see some beautiful males with their tops off at birthday parties, business gatherings, or even divorce celebrations!

    All of the Hunks4Hire guys have bartending and general service expertise. When you rent out a separate function area with a bar, some of our personnel also have RSAs for bar work. The games that you girls may have planned are also enjoyed by our HUNKS, and they can even provide suggestions on the spot.

    ​Wildboys Afloat Male Strippers Brisbane

    ​wildboys afloat male strippers brisbane

    1300 55 9458

    What to tell the Girls

    The staff at Wildboys Afloat has created the most affordable package to ensure the best girls' night out. For your upcoming event, our package includes the perfect venue, outstanding entertainment, discounted drinks, and a romantic cruise along the Brisbane River. The best entertainment offered by the consistently skilled Wildboys waiters and performers sets a wonderful mood. So join us for the best birthday, girls' night, hen's night, or just because celebration.

    Join the established business that has been offering the best hens parties in Brisbane for more than 24 years instead of some magic show that appeared out of nowhere and where you never know who will show up in some seedy little club.

    On a fun and entertaining party boat filled with great guys, take advantage of all that Brisbane has to offer. Without a doubt, WildBoys Afloat is the best hens party concept. Booking WildBoys Afloat is the simplest way to ensure that everyone has a great girls' night out, even if you just want to celebrate your birthday with some friends.

    Magic Hens Male Strippers Brisbane

    magic hens male strippers brisbane

    1300 411 877


    Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane are served by Magic Hens, which also offers the best hens, parties, and packages for all kinds of nights. Any special occasion, including hen or girls' parties. We have the ideal package for you because we have been organizing such parties and events for over seven years. Allow us to guarantee a memorable hens party as you relax!

    Do you want to go out and have a wild, exciting, and crazy party with the girls? If so, you've arrived to the correct place. Your go-to spot for the ultimate girls' party is MagicHens by MagicMen Entertainment, which offers a variety of mind-blowing packages and thrilling nude male revues!

    When it comes to male strip clubs and parties in Melbourne, we lead the pack with the best hens party packages in Australia. We offer seductive private dancers as well as daring all-male revue performances. These party strippers are among the sexiest in town, and they can't wait to have a good time with you and your girlfriends.

    Man Crush Entertainment Male Strippers Brisbane

    man crush entertainment male strippers brisbane

    0416 036 373

    Man Crush Is A Top Tier Adult Entertainment Service

    Whether you're celebrating a birthday, organizing a hens night/bachelorette party, or simply having a fun girls night out, your women's night will be one to remember with the help of our elegant and charming Male Strippers, Topless Waiters, Portable Cocktail Bartenders, and Life Drawing Models.

    Your Man Crush Entertainer will catch your attention and get every person's heart pounding with his alluring muscles and heart-stopping smile. However, it’s not just about good looks, you want male strippers who have plenty of personalities with dance moves to impress!

    All of South East Queensland is covered by our services, including Byron Bay, Toowoomba, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast. We anticipate hearing from you if you want a night that you will remember for all the right reasons.

    Exotic X Entertainment Male Strippers Brisbane

    exotic x entertainment male strippers brisbane

    1800 972 838

    Exotic X Entertainment (eXe), one of the best adult entertainment and stripper hire companies in the nation, has more than 1200 models, waitresses, and strippers available throughout Australia. We are the world's top agency for the sexiest waitresses, strippers, and adult performers from Australia. The staff at Exotic X Entertainment takes great pride in giving you a personalized, professional experience with each of our performers.

    Whether it’s for a bucks party, hens party, birthday party or just because, our team of Exotic X Entertainers are sure to set your night on fire!! Every day of the week, our customer service booking managers are available to take and manage your booking. On Friday and Saturday nights, we're open until 10 p.m.

    Our talented and devoted Exotic X Entertainers team may have something for everyone. There is something for everyone, including male and female strippers, XXX show girls, exotic dancers, topless waiters and waitresses, bikini and lingerie waitresses, comedy strippers, professional dancers, and fire twisters. We have something to offer that will make your evening one you won't soon forget.

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