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Top 20+ Male Strippers Sydney, New South Wales (2022)

Are you looking for a list of Sydney's top 20 male strippers? Look no further! This article has everything you need to know about booking a hot, ripped man to take your clothes off. Whether you're planning a bachelorette party or want a sexy surprise for your partner, these guys will leave you feeling hot and bothered. So read on and find the perfect performer for your next special occasion.

How much does he cost? What should I wear? Will my guests be uncomfortable? These are just some of the questions that may be running through your mind right now. Don't worry - we'll answer all of them! Keep reading to learn more about hiring a Top 20+ Male Strippers in Sydney, New South Wales, for your big day.

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    Ultimate List of Male Strippers in Sydney, New South Wales

    Magic Men Male Strippers Sydney

    magic men

    1300 624 426

    About Magic Men

    Whether you're celebrating a birthday, hosting a hens night, bachelorette party or just having a fun girls night in Melbourne, our hot and hunky male strippers and cheeky topless waiters are sure to make your ladies night one to remember. The Magic Men can visit suites, private function venues and residences around Melbourne for private shows just for you and your guests.

    Each Magic Man has the body, the moves and the charisma to excite and delight – delivering more than just a set routine. Our male strippers are also talented dancers and tailor a smart and sexy show to suit your tastes perfectly. Different shows are available to fit with the theme of any HENS PARTY. So if you're looking for the best MALE STRIPPERS has to offer and cutest topless waiters to add a bit of magic into your next event, contact us today! Make your party a night to remember. We guarantee unforgettable shows to spice up your:

    Check out the hot show packages and profiles of the Magic Men via the buttons below. But, trust us, they're even hotter in real life. Country girls! Our hunks love to travel and will happily head out across Victoria to make sure you and your friends can enjoy all the sizzle of a MALE STRIP SHOW, no matter where you are.

    Our Services


    Our most popular party favourite. Get our all-inclusive drinks and show package. Our best value for money package for any group size


    Our most popular party favourite. Get our all-inclusive drinks and show package—our best value for money package for any group size.


    Our most popular party favourite. Get our all-inclusive drinks and show package—our best value for money package for any group size.

    Young Gunz Entertainment - Male Strippers Sydney

    young gunz entertainment

    0416 782 270

    About Young Gunz Entertainment

    Young Gunz Male Strippers, From the stage to your party! Hire one of our Male strippers to entertain your party.

    When choosing a stripper to entertain your party, Young Gunz makes it easy. What you see is what you get. Our guys are quality stage performers that provide a fun, entertaining and comedic show for you and your guests. Picture one of our police strippers knocking on your door to surprise your party with a full costume dance routine for your birthday girl or hen!

    Our Services

    Below are our base rates which are subject to change pending an enquiry. In addition, we offer discounts depending on your party's location, time, and date. We may also add a travel fee depending on your location and the performer you select.

    • topless waiters $90 per hour / minimum 2 hours
    • food and drink service / party games / waiters dressed in black bow tie / black pants / black dress shoes / topless
    • brief waiters $95 per hour / minimum 2 hours
    • food and drink service / party games / waiters dressed in black bow tie / black briefs / apron / topless
    • budget smugglers $100 per hour / minimum 2 hours
    • food and drink service/party games/waiters dressed in colourful budgie smugglers
    • g string strip / full costume dance routine down to g string +photos with guests $270
    • full nude strip / full costume dance routine down to full nude +photos with guests $330
    • leafy life art / 1-hour art class with a leaf-covered model $300 (add $10 per person for drawing equipment
    • nude life art/1-hour art class with full nude model $360 (add $10 per person for drawing equipment)
    • combo deals:
    • double barrel
    • 2 x male strippers are performing a synchronised duo show + photos + videos + stripper dollars!
    • down to g string $600
    • down to full nude $660
    • lock and load
    • 1hr waiter + strip
    • our entertainer will provide topless waiter service for 1 hour, serving drinks and playing party games followed by a full costume dance routine.
    • down to g string $399
    • down to full nude $450
    • young guns twister
    • 2 x topless waiters plus one show
    • enjoy drink + food service from 2 of our topless waiters for 2 hours with party games (including a hilarious twister game) followed by a full costume dance routine.
    • down to g string $600
    • down to full nude $65

    The 5 Star Cruises Male Strippers Sydney

    the 5 star cruises

    0426 617 400

    About The 5 Star Cruises

    Here at 5-Star Cruises, we have all the experience and knowledge you would expect from Sydney's no1 Bucks and Hens party cruise organisers. We have been involved in the entertainments sector for well over ten years and have helped develop this niche of the boat charter industry.

    We have owned several boats, so we have first-hand knowledge of the ideal vessel for any party event. This is invaluable and a must for the perfect event to happen. However, choose the incorrect yacht, and things can be hard work when all you want to do is enjoy your day.

    We have created our systems to help the client get fast quotes and responses when choosing the package they are looking to book. Efficiency is one of our business beliefs, and we are always trying to improve them daily. 

    We have three members of our team who have been involved pretty much from the beginning of 5-Star Cruises. 

    • Danny: The guy who designs and maintains the website and helps with the technology part of the business. His role is to make sure all the processes run smoothly and improve systems and procedures. 
    • Cassie: She is organising the admin part of 5 Star. Also, she deals with payments, deposits and leases with the boat owners to book in your time and package preferences.
    • Ebony: Ebony is the perfect person to assist you with all the questions and special requirements you may have when trying to pick the best elements to suit your needs. She will be your first contact with 5 Star and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to assist you all the way. As you can see, we have everything covered, and that's why we are the best at what we do.

    Our Services

    Exclusively yours for the duration of your cruise, you and your best girls can take to the ocean and admire the iconic Sydney Harbour views and the beautiful surrounding bays and beaches.

    All you need to do is pick one of our perfect packages (all of which can be customised for a hens party cruise as unique as the bride herself), grab your girls, your bikinis, and your playlist and hop. Onboard; we'll do the rest!

    From round-trip transport to food and drink and even where to continue the party afterwards, let us take care of the finer details whilst you relax with a glass of bubbly and focus on snapping that picture-perfect Instagram pic with your ladies.

    Want to add an extra topless waiter to keep the refreshments flowing and the temperatures rising? Swap the canapés for a buffet, so no one has to be tucked up in bed by 7 pm? Fancy belting out your favourite karaoke tunes, or prefer to dance the day away? Customise your cruise to your heart's content. We have multiple beverage packages to satisfy all your alcohol needs.

    You have not seen anything that's just right? You can even build your package; the world is your oyster with 5-Star Cruises by your side. So contact us, or chat to lovely Ebony using our live chat, and get the party started today!

    Price Guides For A Hens Party Cruise

    Here at 5 Star, we want to make your Hens boat party a memorable one. For this reason, we only specialise in organising private party cruises. This means it's only you and your squad aboard for the entire duration of your cruise.

    Private hens cruise range in price depending on the time of year, specific cruise times, and your food, beverage, and entertainment needs, but in general, you'll be looking at around $89 per person for a group of 25 and $110 per person for a group of 20.

    FAQs About Male Strippers In Sydney

    Late bookings are accepted, but we cannot guarantee that we will send your preferred stripper.

    All of the Hotshots have a range of novelty costumes available, including Policeman, Fireman, Cowboy, Pizza delivery guy and the list goes on! Please note that specific costumes depend on the performer available.

    While we do the best we can to ensure that your dancer arrives on time, sometimes things such as traffic, weather, or delays at a previous booking may affect the arrival time of our stripper. For this reason, we ask you to give us a window of at least 30-60mins for when your dancer can arrive.

    You must be 18 years of age or older. You also must have a valid State ID Card, a valid Drivers License, or a valid Passport to prove your age, regardless of how old you are. If you do not have one of these valid ID's, you will not be permitted entrance.

    Yes. Our male strippers travel to your location in and around Nashville, TN. They will perform anywhere male strippers are allowed by law, including limos and party buses. Be aware that there may be travel fees for parties outside downtown.

    Male Strippers Sydney

    male strippers sydney

    1300 624 426

    About Male Strippers Sydney

    I hear a knock at the door, who on earth could it be? OMG, the party just started in sizzling style! It might be your bachelorette party or your birthday, whatever the occasion is – hiring a male stripper is THE way to turn a party into one hell of a night to remember. This is your chance to let your hair down, get the drinks flowing and make the most of your last night as a single lady. But beware, the boys in question are so hot, and they’ll make you sweat. They’re ready to tease and please and make your every wish come true.

    • Costumes
      • Not only can you request which sizzling stripper you invite to the party, but you can also request their attire to suit your theme or fantasies. Are you sick and need a paramedic? Love a man in a bow tie? Or fancy a firefighter? Whatever turns you on can be arranged, and you’ll be surprised how sexy they truly are. Not only will they dress to your wishes, but their prop selection will also surprise and delight. 
    • You can double up or more.
      • Is one stripper not quite enough? Not a problem! For $510, you can double up and have the pleasure of two cheeky chaps treating you to their moves, or if you are a glutton for punishment, you can relish a triple threat with three, I repeat, three devilishly dirty strippers doing their thing to please you. 
    • Be in charge of your party.
      • Although the male stripper will set your party on fire, it’s still important to make sure you have some entertainment up your sleeve to make the night fun-filled from beginning to end. You could try these top three hen party games:

    Our Services

    • Topless waiters
      • Hiring a topless waiter alongside your stripper is an easy decision. These buff butlers can be with you for the duration of your party if you wish. Not only are they gorgeous, charming and irresistible, they are also great to help with some of the last-minute party preparations, serving refreshments and leading pre-prepared games so you can join in with more of the fun. These boys are also great mixologists, and so if you provide the alcohol, they will mix, shake and stir their way into your heart.
    • Visit the Strip Club
      • If you’re a party animal and love the night scene, why not visit one of our strip clubs. Here you get more boys for your money, all doing their thing on the stage for you to enjoy. The performance aims to tease, leaving just enough to your imagination and wanting more. Sydney prices range from $35 to $85 per person, depending on which saucy package you like.

    Magic Men Live Male Strippers Sydney

    magic men live male stripper sydney
    magic men live male stripper sydney
















    1300 624 426


    Planning on hiring a male stripper on your next girls night out? You may be tired of the usual and common ideas for a party, and for a change, you want something fun and exciting on a different level.

    Magic Men of Sydney presents breathtaking performances that spell excitement and fun. These guys will blow your mind as they take you to experience the next level of entertainment that only they can give. For a truly memorable event that is meant to last a long time, our male dancers will deliver an out of the box party that will be the talk of the town.

    The best strippers can only be found in Magic Men. With their dedication to providing the finest performances, their skills and talent are constantly being honed. Trust these hunks to provide you with great entertainment right where you need them. Book these men for an incredible hens night party you will never forget.

    Male Entertainers For Your Party

    Hiring a male entertainer in Sydney is not as hard as you think if beforehand you know what you are looking for. There are lots of companies offering adult entertainment through exotic dancers and it is a wise idea to go over these tips to make things easier for you

    TIP #1

    You should get information about the different agencies that provide exotic dancers for entertainment purposes. Try to skim over the information on their websites. Read customer reviews online. Better yet, you may ask for recommendations from friends or acquaintances that have experienced booking for such companies. From there, you can manage your expectations about your stripper.

    TIP #2

    Check the website of the company where you plan to hire your man. Look for the photos of the men that you can choose to book. You can usually find the profile of the guys along with his photo. This gives you the first impression of the men you are going to book.

    TIP #3

    When choosing a guy, consider the preferences of your hen. You may ask her what she likes. Selecting an entertainer is a fun night of get-together. Round up the girls and browse through the guys’ profiles. Have your picks and check their availability.

    TIP #4

    Book in advance. More often than not, you will choose an experienced dancer who is popular among girls, and chances are he has a fully booked schedule. That is why you must make your bookings as early as possible to avoid this scenario.

    TIP #5

    Prepare to give your deposit. It is usual for the company to ask for advance payment. The remaining balance is paid through the guy on the day of the event.

    Mind Your Manners

    As soon as the stripper arrives, everyone becomes so excited in anticipation of a great show ahead. It is but natural to act thrilled, but don’t let emotions overrule your common sense. Remember that the hunk performs purely for entertainment purposes, and he is professionally trained to dance.

    During the performance, do not go overboard by doing these things without his permission – touching his body and taking photos of his moves. Do not touch where it is not appropriate, and do not take photos that may compromise his privacy. The rule is to ask permission from him.

    While he performs, show your admiration by clapping your hands and cheering him on. It is a big boost for him to see you enjoying his show. Tips are greatly appreciated, too, because our entertainer’s hard work is admired and recognised.


    Prepare a list of your guests for your hens night. This requires careful consideration because you don’t want some people to be left out, or there might be some guests who would not want to see a strip show. Tell them beforehand that the highlight of your night is a male dancer’s performance, and make sure that they will look forward to it!


    It is very common to have a male entertainer perform at a hens night party, but the excitement and thrill it brings are not ordinary. Your bride-to-be deserves this event of a lifetime, and here are some of the reasons:

    1.     This is your bride-to-be’s last night out as a single girl;
    2.     This is probably the last opportunity for her to see, touch and feel a hot hunk’s body (aside from her husband, of course) for the remaining days of her life; and
    3.     This get-together will be a rare occurrence in the future as you go on with your daily busy lives.

    For other celebrations or events such as a girls night out, it is perfectly fine to have a stripper perform, after all, it is your choice to have a little bit of extraordinary fun with your girlfriends.


    One of the things to consider when hiring a male entertainer is the venue of the party. For your private event, it is important to choose an appropriate place for him to dance. It can either be your home, your friend’s home or some space you can rent.

    If you decide to have it at your home or your friend’s, make sure that it has a space wide enough for the male dancer to perform. You also need to consider the privacy of the place. Think about your neighbours who would not be comfortable with what they see and hear from your place. You could always consider going to a male strip club.

    In renting a private place such as a hotel room, make sure that your event is allowed in that place. Inform management of your planned activities to avoid any inconveniences.


    You can request your chosen guy to wear a costume in his performance at your private party. There are many options to choose from – police officer, fireman, construction worker, doctor, whatever – suggest what you want. Having these costumes as part of the show gives added attraction especially when your man slowly takes it off for you. Aside from the sexy routine, nothing is better than to see a man in uniform, right ladies?


    Celebrate in style with Magic Men live at your place. We have choices of a strip show for you and your friends to enjoy. Select what you think is the best option for you. Make your night memorable when you hire us.

    All of our shows will guarantee you the finest entertainment with lots of laughter and enjoyment. Choose from these – partial strip show, full strip show and double trouble show.

    Partial strip show – For 15 to 20 minutes, our hot man will gamely perform while removing his clothing down to his G-string. This is very cheeky and sexy.

    Full strip show – This is the ultimate stripper’s performance that you will witness for 15 to 20 minutes. See your hunk move, removing his clothing little by little until he is down to nothing. Do not dare to hold back your stunned expression on this one!

    Double trouble show – Two heads are indeed better than one. Try booking two hunks for a truly pleasing experience. Let them perform one after the other or together, it is your choice. This show will last for 30 to 40 minutes.

    Priced from $280 to $510, you will get your money’s worth with these shows that will keep you on your toes all throughout the evening.

    Cheeky Male Strippers Sydney, New South Wales


    0403 714 653

    About Cheeky

    Exclusively to Cheeky Strippers, every booking comes with free entry and free drinks for all of your guests at our locations in Melbourne or Sydney nightclubs. We specialise in private bookings as we are the only male and female stripping agency in Melbourne and Sydney that guarantee the hottest male and female strippers and topless waiters at your next hens night, bucks party and birthday party, or we’ll refund your money if you’re not 100% satisfied with our service.

    We can also organise party buses & limo’s, accommodation, low & high-end catering, pole/belly dancing, boat cruises and much more. We have the sexiest male and topless female waiters in Melbourne and Sydney who will serve food & drinks, they will also run games & activities that will have the whole group engaged and entertained. Our male and female strippers in Melbourne and Sydney comprise talented acrobats, break dancers, aerialists and professional stunt performers. There is no doubt you will be entertained and left wanting more.

    Our Services

    • THE SHOW
      • Hire Cheeky male and female strippers for one of the most tempting strips shows in Sydney at your home or a venue. Our shows are fully choreographed and themed to suit the occasion and mood of your celebration. And if you request, our strippers will bear it all – for no extra cost.
    • HOW LONG
      • All our strippers perform for 15 – 20 minutes.
      • Our prices start from the $195 full monty for a city location + free entry and drinks at Bond Bar.
      • Our performer’s service all suburbs of Sydney and New South Wales areas.

    Male Strippers Sydney

    male strippers sydney

    0450 249 653

    About Male Strippers Sydney

    Hot Male strip shows start from $195, yes, that’s right hot Male strippers in Sydney CBD from $195 that price can not be beaten, so what are you waiting for? Give us a call or drop us a text on the number about the top left-hand side of this great male stripper website today and book a quality budget male stripper in Sydney CBD.

    Our Services

    Male strippers in Sydney

    Are we looking for a hot male stripper in Sydney? Over the years, Adult Events has been known for our hot male strippers and also our topless waiters. The hunks come to your harbour cruise, home, hotel and clubs almost anywhere, day or night. Everybody knows by now all you girls love a sexy man in uniform, so our hotties are ready to put on an awesome show for you with outfits like a sexy policeman, hot Fireman, smooth criminal, army, navy and gentleman. Whatever the consistent theme, we are sure our sexy guys would be a great hen’s night idea and awesome entertainment for you next hen’s night or birthday party.

    If you have never booked a sexy male stripper, don’t stress, it is simple – look on this page and click on the guy’s photos to view their bios and find a hot guy you and your guests like the most. Then give the friendly team at Adult Events a call on 0424 004 441 or send us an email by going into the contact + booking tab at the top of the page.

    Don’t stress if you have booked a hotel and still won’t know the hotel room number until the day you check in to your room. Your sexy male stripper will call when he is not far from the event and call you in the hotel’s lobby to be ready for him. He will arrive with a music player and tracks to put on to start his dance. Also, if you would like to book a topless waiter, g string strip show or a full nude strip show, check the guy’s bios to see what they offer.

    Full Nude Strip Show

    This is a great hen’s night idea. This is one of our hot male strippers stripping down to just a tiny, just g-string, then down to NOTHING! Everybody tells us this is very popular for 21st birthdays and a great idea to embarrass the hen on hen’s nights. She will not forget this one in a hurry. A male full nude strip show is 10 to 15 minutes. (18+).

    Male G -String Strip Show

    This show involves stripping down to just a tiny G-string. Can you picture a hot man in a sexy fireman outfit or a hot policeman outfit knocking on your door to put on a show for your next event? It is tame yet tasteful and appropriate for most crowds and a great hens night idea. The duration of the male G-string strip show is up to 10 to 15 minutes. (18+).

    Please note that we ask that you pay your entertainer before starting the strip show. After your event, we will also ask you to send us an email and let us know how our workers went on the job so we can continue to provide you and your guests with the hottest adult entertainment in Sydney.

    Sydney Topless Waiters & Male Strippers

    sydney topless waiters & male strippers

    0404 106 656

    About Sydney Topless Waiters & Male Strippers

    From G-String strip teases to fullmonty strip shows, we have Adelaide strippers performances to suit your wildest fantasies. Firstly our male strippers are skilled performers who love to put on a heart-racing show. Secondly, these drop-dead gorgeous guys perform the most entertaining shows you will ever experience. Finally, these guys are the experts in keeping a crowd entertained with their daring show. Which are not for the faint-hearted! You won’t be disappointed. As the best male strippers in Adelaide, we know how to put on a show.

    Our Services

    In search of some seriously entertaining fun for a special occasion? Choose one of our hot hunks to take your hens birthday night to the next level. Therefore our shows are every ladies fantasy, and they never fail to disappoint. These hot hunks like to go further and get wild, turning you on as they get heated. Watch them tease and tantalise the crowd, and your friends will go wild. Choose between our strip shows, then sit back and enjoy the raunchy action in front of your eyes. Secondly, if you search for a female stripper or topless waitress, check out Busty Babes Australia.

    Twin Pecks All Male Revue Sydney Male Strippers

    twin pecks all male revue sydney

    0466 973 257

    About Us

    Lots of super-fit sexy men serving and performing for your pleasure! Before the show starts, you will be greeted at the door by your fabulous compere for the night, along with the Twin Peaks Crew, ready to serve you champagne and escort you to your table. Once inside, you’ll be escorted to your table and given your complimentary tipping dollars, and there will be a gourmet selection of platters for you to enjoy before you get to watch the first Twin Peaks hot show.

    Your super sexy Topless Waiters will serve your drinks and food all night; you do not need to leave your seat unless, of course, you are selected to be in a show! The evening is broken into two separate performances (each featuring a different Twin Pecks Guy). In addition, the hen or your nominated special guest is given loads of extra special attention throughout the evening. In total the evening will last for 3 hours, so bring your enthusiasm, because if you’re going to book the Twin Pecks Cabaret, then things are going to get very hot.

    Our Services

    Are you looking for an activity with a cheeky side? Then, you should try Afternoon Tease! Located at our all-new high-end Sydney City venue. Afternoon Tease has all the perks of Afternoon Tea, the gorgeous sweets and of course the lovely tea, but with the added benefit of it all being served by a Topless Twin Pecks Waiters. Afternoon Tease is the perfect activity for a group that just want to relax before the big night ahead.

    Cost: $80.00 per person

    SELECTED SATURDAY’S 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm


    A glass of sparkling wine on arrival

    A selection of finger sandwiches, petit fours, sweet and savoury pastries (High-Tea style)

    Topless waiters more than any other venue in Sydney

    2 HOT & SEXY shows.

    Extra attention for the special guest

    Table Service

    *Drinks are an additional cost

    Male Strip Club Male Strippers Sydney

    male strip club sydney
    male strip club Sydney








    1300 624 426


    I hear a knock at the door, who on earth could it be? OMG, the party just started in sizzling style!

    It might be your bachelorette party or your birthday, whatever the occasion is – hiring a male stripper is THE way to turn a party into one hell of a night to remember. This is your chance to let your hair down, get the drinks flowing and make the most of your last night as a single lady. But beware, the boys in question are so hot, they’ll make you sweat. They’re ready to tease and please and make your every wish come true.


    Not only can you request which sizzling stripper you invite to the party, but you can also request their attire to suit your theme or fantasies. Are you sick and need a paramedic? Love a man in a bow tie? Or just fancy a fire fighter? Whatever turns you on can be arranged and you’ll be surprised how sexy they truly are. Not only will they dress to your wishes, but their prop selection will also surprise and delight.

    You can double up or more.

    Is one stripper not quite enough? Not a problem! For $510, you can double up and have the pleasure of two cheeky chaps treating you to their moves or if you are a glutton for punishment, you can relish a triple threat with three, I repeat, three devilishly dirty strippers doing their thing to please you.

    Be in charge of your party.

    Although the male stripper will set your party on fire, it’s still important to make sure you have some entertainment up your sleeve to make the night fun-filled from beginning to end.


    Now you have the details and the know-how, what are you waiting for? Start scrolling, find the perfect match for you and begin a seductive journey to plan the hens party you’ve always been tempted by but not made a reality.
    The time is now, the night is yours and the fun definitely starts here!

    Magic Hens -Male Strippers Sydney

    magic hens male stripper sydney
    magic hens male stripper sydney












    1300 411 874


    Sydney – Famous for the magnificent Opera HouseDarling Harbour, coastal metropolis and home to some of Australia’s sauciest, sexiest, sizzling male strippers.

    If you’re looking for a night you won’t forget, make sure you head over to Sydney, because that’s where the party is. Girls, grab your ladies and make some noise because tonight is yours and these exquisite specimens want to excite and delight you in their one-of-a-kind shows.

    Whether you’re after an all-out wild night or a tasty teaser, Sydney’s male strippers can accommodate your wishes and make you feel fantastic.

    Have You Ever Thought of Hiring a Male Dancer?

    Hiring a male stripper may be something you haven’t thought of before, but believe me, it’s well worth it and if you’re organising a bachelorette party, you’re definitely in the right place. Magic Hens is the home of all things sexy.

    Not all ladies are up for an all-out night in a strip club, but inviting a saucy dancer into your home for a more intimate and personalised performance is an option to make sure you get the best of it all. When a ridiculously hot entertainer is invited in, his attention is on you which means you can enjoy as much or as little of him as you desire.

    So, if you’re still unsure as to whether hiring a male stripper is for you, here are the top 10 reasons why you definitely should!


    Male strippers have always been around, but the practice became somewhat mainstream in the 70s and 80s throughout Canada and the US. Of the movies made male strippers celebrities, and everyone seems to forget that Australia’s favourite gardener, Jamie Durie got his big break as a member of international stripping phenom, Manpower.

    But, for some reason, female strippers have always enjoyed a bit more of the spotlight. A lot more movies and documentaries have been filmed inside their haunts, particularly when compared to their male counterparts.

    Wild boys Afloat Male Strippers Sydney

    wildboys afloat

    (02) 9809 1666

    About Wildboys Afloat

    Set sail on the sexiest night of your life! Wild boys Afloat is the ultimate girls night out. You'll enjoy an amazing cruise on the sparkling Sydney Harbour, incredible inclusions and, of course, entertainment from our Wild buff boys! So whether you're looking for a hot hen's night, a birthday party to remember, Mum's night out or Ladies night out with a difference, our exclusive Sydney Harbour cruise is for you. With food, drinks and entertainment sorted, you're guaranteed to have a cruisy night out.

    Our Services

    3.5 hour cruise on Sydney Harbour departing from the Star Casino Wharf

    All-inclusive beverage package with table service: strawberry champagne cocktail on arrival, red, white and sparkling wine, house spirits (vodka, gin, rum, whiskey), beer and non-alcoholic beverages

    Substantial hot and cold seated dinner buffet

    Reserved seating for you and your ladies

    Male Event Host to entertain you

    Male Waiter Service for that extra special touch



    Exclusive strip shows from Sydney's hottest strippers

    Our package is just $95* – ALL INCLUSIVE! All the food, drinks and entertainment you'll need for a perfect night out!


    Meet your Wildboys host to check-in and collect your tickets at 6:45 pm sharp – boat departs at 7:15 pm (we cannot wait for any late arrivals, so please ensure your ladies are on time)

    The Star Casino Wharf is located opposite the Star Casino at 54-56 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont, 2009.

    Bare Nights Male Strippers & Male Strip Show

    bare nights male strippers & male strip show

    1300 522 829

    About Bare Nights Male Strippers & Male Strip Show

    Bare Nights provides topless entertainment to spice up your next party. Our experienced wait staff have worked at Hens Parties, Corporate Events, Birthday Parties and Promotions.

     Not only do our topless waiters serve drinks, but they also run games, mix cocktails, cook BBQ's and clean up as they go, leaving everyone at the party to relax and enjoy the night.

    The directors of Bare Nights have years of topless waitering experience between them and know what is required to make your event one remember. We have selected only quality staff who we know personally. We guarantee you will be positively shocked by our service.

    We provide only the highest level of service and can personalise to your specific requirements. We are continually receiving excellent feedback due to our quality waiters. As a result, several waiters are booked up to 3 months in advance. So ensure you get in early to book your favourite waiter.

    Our Services

    You will be amazed at the versatility of our topless waiters. We have provided services at many social events, from hens parties and Divorce parties to Birthday parties and Hosting corporate functions. Our handsome waiters have been handpicked for their fun and professional attitude. They will initiate games, serve drinks and even do body shots!

    For Hens parties, we understand how stressful it can be for a Bridesmaid to organise a Hens party as they often involve several circles of friends. A topless waiter is the perfect ice breaker and will be sure to create a special night. Our waiters will fit any event you have in mind, from Ladies nights to Netball functions. We will raise the energy levels of your function with our waiters interacting with guests and ensuring everyone is entertained.

    Bare Nights offers topless wait staff to spice up your next corporate function. Our waiters have worked at events for Virgin Mobile, Social Diary and Triple M. Your clients will be impressed by our attractive waiters. The latter can greet guests upon entry, hand out promotional material and serve champagne.

    Glamour Promotions Male Strippers Sydney

    glamor promotions

    1300 933 292

    About Glamor Promotions

    Female & Male Strippers, Topless Waitresses Hire

    The Hottest Strippers in Australia. Male and Female Entertainers, Strippers and Topless waitresses for Bucks Night, Stag Parties, Hens Parties, Boat Cruise and Poker nights.

    Glamour Strippers offers only the best strippers in every major city in Australia. Our glamour male and female strippers will make your night special and the one to remember. In addition, our sexy girls can spice up your Private Poker Party! We offer lingerie Poker Dealers, lingerie or topless waitresses and all other entertainment you desire for your Ultimate Poker Night.

    Bucks Party and Hens Party Packages

    Glamour is working hard to ensure you have a wide range of Bucks and Hens Party packages and deals available to suit any budget. Entertainment only packages are available if you're having a tame event at your house or hotel and just want a few strippers and waitresses. We also have all-inclusive Party Boat Cruise packages in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Perth, if you just want to turn up and party! We will make sure your event is planned and budgeted to suit you, contact us today to discuss. 

    Poker parties in the privacy of your home or at the venue is another popular way to celebrate that special event. All our girls know how to deal cards and love a game of strip poker if you, dear.

    You now can book your Bucks Party and Hens Party packages or strippers online with our easy-to-use booking system. See our new Glamor Entertainment site for more details and book your party online today.

    Our Services

    Bucks & Hens Party Strippers for hire

    If you are looking for an entertaining and seductive strip show for your next event, then look no further! Glamour strippers have you covered. We have all types of exotic female dancers and male hunk strippers available. You can see all our amazing dancers on our w, website, see their profiles and decide which one of the beautiful people you prefer to perform at your event. It might be hard to pick or choose the right person, and they are all so beautiful and talented. So if you are having such a dilemma, feel free to contact our friendly Glamor staff. This is what we are here for, to help you organise your event and advise you on the best entertainers for your type of party.

    Male strippers are great entertainment for any Hens party celebration. Treat The Hen to a male strip show butler and maybe even a male topless waiter on her special day. If you want the best, book your strippers with Glamor.

    To book your female or male strippers online, visit our sister site Glamor Entertainment Strippers. Glamour female strippers available for bucks party hire Australia Wide. We have beautiful strippers available in every major city in Australia: Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Canberra, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth. See the online stripper gallery and select the dancers you like to attend your bucks party or poker night.

    Rockfish Male Strippers Sydney, New South Wales


    02 9211 7900

    About Rockfish

    Rockfish Catamaran Charters has been operating since 2010, providing customers with unforgettable experiences sailing Sydney Harbour. Hire one of three Catamarans for your event or day out on the Harbour. So whether you are celebrating a birthday, organising a Work Event, or you are simply a group of family or friends taking a day out, Rockfish Catamarans will provide the opportunity for your group to experience a carefree day on the most beautiful Harbour in the world. Our Catamarans are available year-round for affordable hire. Perfect for any occasion, your charter will include a Rockfish Skipper and deckhand and cater to up to 40 guests.

    Our Services

    Attention all lucky Bridesmaids! Are you in charge of the big Hens Day for your special Bride to Be? Look no further than Rockfish Catamaran Charters. Jump onboard Rockfish and meet our super friendly crew. We will let you know about the boat and head out to check out the awesome views of Sydney Harbour to make sure you get the perfect pic for your Instagram! Our catamarans are perfect for private Hens Parties, featuring spacious cabin areas and fore-decks to fit up to 20-30 people. This is perfect for any fun games you may have planned for the day!

    If you would like to add a little entertainment to your party, we can organise your very own Topless Waiter to serve drinks and give the girls a bit of eye candy 😉 Make sure to lock in your Hens Party with Rockfish and make it a cruise to remember!

    Hens Charter Package Inclusions

    • 4 Hour charter on Sydney Harbour
    • Short cruise and anchor at Harbour location for up to 3 hours
    • Swimming is permitted.
    • BYO Music – Bluetooth and AUX available. Surround Sound Speakers.
    • BYO Drinks, Food and Ice.
    • Skipper and Deckhand/Host.
    • Antipasto Platters from $20 per person (Optional Extra)
    • Cheese Platters from $15 per person (Optional Extra)
    • BBQ Lunch/Dinner packages from $15 per person.
    • Topless Waiters from $125 per hour (Minimum hours apply)

    Charter Pricing

    • Rockfish 1 – From $1800.00
    • Rockfish 2 – From $2000.00
    • Rockfish 3 – From $2400.00

    Pricing is subject to availability. Weekend surcharges apply. BYO.

    Sydney Topless Waiters - Male Strippers

    sydney topless waiters

    0457 466 599

    About Sydney Topless Waiters

    There's a reason that our topless waiters are the most popular in Sydney. With jaw-dropping good looks, charismatic personalities and unbelievable sex appeal, it's safe to say that our topless male waiters have it all – and then some. Our carefully selected male models aren't just fabulous eye candy, they're talented too! So whether you're a maid of honour planning the perfect hen's party, or you want to take your girl's night out to a whole new level, our topless waiters give you the best bang for your buck when it comes to steaming hot professional entertainment.

    You'll keep the good times rolling all night long with one of our guys to help things along. Our topless waiters keep the drinks flowing, the atmosphere electric and the party rocking. Are you feeling daring? Ready for the full monty? Skip the topless option and go straight for a nude waiter to heat things and entice and delight your guests. Serving drinks isn't all these talented men can do. Let them showcase their skills for you in one of our delightfully naughty shows. Get hot and heavy with a sexy fireman show, or end the evening with a steamy R rated number guaranteed to leave your guests wanting more.

    We were looking for something that brings some serenity without sacrificing sensuality? So put your creativity and skills to the test in one of our popular nude male life drawing classes. Choose one (or several) of our exquisite models and recreate their stunning physiques and gorgeous good looks with your favourite art medium. Visit our model page to get a feel for the personalities and looks of our topless waiters in the Sydney area and find the perfect male model for your event.

    Our Services

    • DRESSED WAITERS: Want to add a bit of spice to the mix for your next event, but keep it more sophisticated? Sydney Topless Waitresses dressed male waiters are the way to go. Think James Bond but without the English accent, although we can organise that if you want! Our dressed male waiters may be wearing more but will still give you and your guests the full experience with all the strings attached. $100 per hour per guy
    • G-STRING WAITERS: Looking for a fun and sexy way to entertain your guests at your next event? Our male waiters will serve drinks and canapés in just their G-String, giving you an eyeful of what they have to offer! We'll ensure that every guest has a great time with our sexiest G-String waiters. They're not just eye-candy – they'll also pour drinks, set up tables, take orders and more! Sophisticated and sexy. What more could you ask for in a sexy man in nothing but a G-String? $120 per hour per guy
    • TOPLESS WAITERS: We all love gorgeous men, right? Well, how about a gorgeous man with his shirt off for your event to spice things up? They will mingle with your guests, mix drinks, serve food and dance the night away with you ladies whilst you're toasting whatever your event may be. Feel free to ask for photo's with our guys whilst you have the chance because once they've gone, you will want the memory to last. $110 per hour per guy
    • NUDE WAITERS: Want something to make your event that much more exciting? Our guys also take it all off and will wander around completely nude with nothing more than a smile to keep you entertained. You will certainly need a cooling-off period after they have finished. We recommend that you take a good look up and down and take a mental photograph as no photography is allowed, and you may want to keep that image for later! $160 per hour per guy

    Get Loose Male Strippers Sydney, New South Wales

    get loose

    02 8208 3395

    About Get Loose

    Leaders and pioneers, but mainly just super hard-working party planners, Get Loose has organised thousands of parties for tens of thousands of people across Australia. We started a party planning service for Bucks and Hens parties in 2013 and made our mark teaming up with venues and suppliers to create unique experiences and party packages. Since then, we have grown our network around the country and expanded our services to Birthdays and Corporate Parties to create the ultimate Party Planning Hub for all occasions. Today we give you everything you need to plan your party in one place, connecting you with the best suppliers, experiences and packages you will find, saving you time and money, and most importantly, ensuring you have the ultimate party! As featured on Channel 9, SBS and MTV, we love what we do, and so will you. Meet your head party planner Jason on LinkedIn or connect on Facebook.

    Our Services

    Were you planning a hens party in Sydney for your friend, sister, or yourself? Looking for a true one-of-a-kind, classy hens party idea? Let the team behind Get Loose help. Here's a quick sample of our hens night packages. Sydney locals choose us to deliver the fun, so don't settle for second best – make your party one to remember.

    • Hens packages Sydney: Grab the girls and head to Sydney's exclusive waterfront. Enjoy delightful drinks, a decadent three-course meal, a cheeky topless host, and all-night dancing. Our premium waterfront experience truly is a cut above. Design a package that suits you.
    • Pole Class Package: Step outside of your comfort zone with your best girlfriends and give the seductive art of pole dancing a try. Head to the world-class Bobbi's Studio for a private lesson and then take to the water on a four-hour, all-inclusive cruise across Sydney's iconic Harbour.
    • Harbour cruise packages: Get Loose offers Sydney's best Hens Party Boats. Choices of Catamarans, Cruisers or Yachts to suit your budget. Customise and design your hen's cruise package for only $89 per person.
    • Fine dining hens party Sydney: It's one of the classiest hen party ideas Sydney has to offer. Kiss single life goodbye with a fine dining, three-course meal served by a topless waiter. Oh, and don't forget the surprise strip show – keep it a secret from the bride for some truly ab-busting laughter.
    • The night of your life awaits: Whatever you are looking for, the Get Loose team are ready to help you organise the best hens party Sydney has to offer. Let's get started! Contact our friendly team or click on one of the many hen's party packages on this page.

    Topless Waiter - Male Strippers Sydney, New South Wales

    topless waiter

    0423 370 183

    About Topless Waiter

    It is a fact that topless male waiters have always been the ultimate source of excitement and entertainment for women attending hen parties. Since all the stag and hen parties need to be filled with so much fire and fun, shirtless male waiters are one of the ways to fulfil this purpose. Hen parties are organised specially for the bride and hosted by either the bride or a friend a few days before the wedding.

    The purpose of this hens party is to allow the bride to enjoy her last days as single and allow her to do something that she would not prefer to after her marriage. So before a woman gets married and starts a new life with her partner, hens parties are a great way to remember and enjoy the last day or night of freedom.

    Like other parties, there is something special and unique about hen parties. Just as the sexy and hot lady strippers are well-known elements at stag parties, good-looking male topless waiters in Sydney are extremely in demand at hen parties and dinners. These topless waiters are the most important entertaining factors at such parties. Everyone wishes to have a lot of fun, play games, perform novel activities with some fire and make the whole night memorable.

    Our Services

    We have shirtless male bartenders all over Australia. You have come to the right place if you want to hire a hens night Topless waiter. All the guys do their absolute best to be punctual to all jobs. They make sure they leave the girls as happy as possible with their work. If you were wondering what a Topless waiter does PREDOMINANTLY besides serving drinks and food? They are there to help create some atmosphere and help get the party started by socialising with girls, so they feel comfortable at the party.

    Studio Relax Gentlemens Club - Male Strippers Sydney, New South Wales

    studio relax gentlemens club

    02 9567 9494

    About Studio Relax Gentlemens Club

    For your pleasure, at your service. Our premises are located at a very secluded location in Rockdale with secure parking right at the door. Check out the profiles of our stunning ladies below. 

    Our Services

    Catering to your every fantasy with a beautiful selection of ladies, you are sure to enjoy your stay with us. See below to find out more about our adult entertainment services and rates. Our staff are also always on hand to answer any questions you may have about our stunning ladies and services.

    Black Label Hunnies Male Strippers Sydney

    black label hunnies

    04 234 58 411

    About Black Label Hunnies

    Hello and welcome to Black Label Hunnies. Come in, make yourself comfortable, and take a look around. Do you like what you see? You probably should because what we do is provide the hottest, sexiest, and most flirtatious female strippers in the Sydney area for your private events.

    Full of personality, our sexy female strippers are not just hired for their outstanding beauty and impressive moves. We understand that whether it's a bucks party, a birthday party, a divorce party or even a poker night, you want more than just a doll to look at. Our in-demand girls bring more flirty fun than any other agency has to offer.

    The girls at Black Label Hunnies all have individual qualities of personality and seduction; they will tease, tantalise, and take you to a new level of pleasure that you thought was unachievable, such is the erotic temptation of our girls.

    Our Services

    Choose from our SEXY smorgasbord of lingerie babes to serve at your next event. If you're looking to give yourself some edge whilst still keeping it classy, then our topless waitresses might just be the answer. Having a gorgeous, professional topless waitress serve drinks and canapés at your event is a fantastic way to add a little sex appeal and get people talking. For wilder nights like a bucks celebration, having nude or topless waitresses serve at the beginning of the night sets the tone for more intense entertainment later on in the evening. Our gorgeous girls are available to serve in lingerie, topless, or completely nude at your Sydney event or celebration.

    We Do Waitress With A Raunchy Difference

    Black Label Hunnies are just the social lubricant every party needs! Young, fit and sexy, the BLH waitresses are something else, they'll serve you ice cold beers, a G-string and a smile or even less if you so choose. All of our servers in Sydney are experienced in topless waitressing and perfectly adept at mingling with your guests and making sure that everyone has a good time.

    Duration: Minimum of 3 hours unless the lady also has a show booked, in which case any duration applies.

    Generally, we prefer to book TWO or more lingerie waitresses at each booking; however, if your budget only allows you to book one lady on her own- there will be an additional $50 for her security guard to pick her up drop her off at your booking.

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