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Top 20+ Male Strippers Sydney, New South Wales (2024)

Are you looking for a list of Sydney's top 20 male strippers? Look no further! This article has everything you need to know about booking a hot, ripped man to take your clothes off. Whether you're planning a bachelorette party or want a sexy surprise for your partner, these guys will leave you feeling hot and bothered. So read on and find the perfect performer for your next special occasion.

How much does he cost? What should I wear? Will my guests be uncomfortable? These are just some of the questions that may be running through your mind right now. Don't worry - we'll answer all of them! Keep reading to learn more about hiring a Top 20+ Male Strippers in Sydney, New South Wales, for your big day.

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    Ultimate List of Male Strippers in Sydney, New South Wales

    Magic Men Male Strippers Sydney

    magic men

    1300 624 426

    About Magic Men

    Whether you're celebrating a birthday, hosting a hens night, bachelorette party or just having a fun girls night in Melbourne, our hot and hunky male strippers and cheeky topless waiters are sure to make your ladies night one to remember. The Magic Men can visit suites, private function venues and residences around Melbourne for private shows just for you and your guests.
    Each Magic Man has the body, the moves and the charisma to excite and delight – delivering more than just a set routine. Our male strippers are also talented dancers and tailor a smart and sexy show to suit your tastes perfectly. Different shows are available to fit with the theme of any HENS PARTY. So if you're looking for the best MALE STRIPPERS has to offer and cutest topless waiters to add a bit of magic into your next event, contact us today! Make your party a night to remember. We guarantee unforgettable shows to spice up your:
    Check out the hot show packages and profiles of the Magic Men via the buttons below. But, trust us, they're even hotter in real life. Country girls! Our hunks love to travel and will happily head out across Victoria to make sure you and your friends can enjoy all the sizzle of a MALE STRIP SHOW, no matter where you are.

    Our Services

    Our most popular party favourite. Get our all-inclusive drinks and show package. Our best value for money package for any group size
    Our most popular party favourite. Get our all-inclusive drinks and show package—our best value for money package for any group size.
    Our most popular party favourite. Get our all-inclusive drinks and show package—our best value for money package for any group size.

    Young Gunz Entertainment - Male Strippers Sydney

    young gunz entertainment

    0416 782 270

    About Young Gunz Entertainment

    Male strippers from Young Gunz, from the stage to your party! Engage one of our male strippers to provide entertainment for your event. Young Gunz makes it simple to select a stripper to amuse your guests. You get exactly what you see. Our guys are skilled stage actors that provide you and your guests a lively, amusing, and funny show. Imagine one of our police strippers coming to your door and performing a full dance routine for the birthday girl or hen party!

    Our Services

    The base charges listed below may change pending an inquiry. In addition, we provide discounts based on the place, time, and day of your event. Depending on your location and the artist you choose, we can also impose a trip charge.

    The 5 Star Cruises Male Strippers Sydney

    5 star cruises hens party ideas sydney
    5 star cruises hens party ideas sydney

    0426 617 400

    About The 5 Star Cruises

    We at 5-Star Cruises are Sydney's top-rated Bucks and Hens party cruise planners, and we have all the expertise you would expect. We have been working in the entertainment market for well over 10 years, and we have contributed to the growth of this area of the boat charter business.

    We have owned several boats, so we have first-hand knowledge of the ideal vessel for any party event. This is crucial and necessary for the ideal event to take place. The wrong yacht, though, might make things difficult when all you want to do is relax for the day.

    Our tools were developed to assist clients in quickly obtaining bids and responses when deciding on the package they wish to book. One of our business tenets is efficiency, and we work hard to increase it every day.

    FAQs About Male Strippers In Sydney

    Late bookings are accepted, but we cannot guarantee that we will send your preferred stripper.

    All of the Hotshots have a range of novelty costumes available, including Policeman, Fireman, Cowboy, Pizza delivery guy and the list goes on! Please note that specific costumes depend on the performer available.

    While we do the best we can to ensure that your dancer arrives on time, sometimes things such as traffic, weather, or delays at a previous booking may affect the arrival time of our stripper. For this reason, we ask you to give us a window of at least 30-60mins for when your dancer can arrive.

    You must be 18 years of age or older. You also must have a valid State ID Card, a valid Drivers License, or a valid Passport to prove your age, regardless of how old you are. If you do not have one of these valid ID's, you will not be permitted entrance.

    Yes. Our male strippers travel to your location in and around Nashville, TN. They will perform anywhere male strippers are allowed by law, including limos and party buses. Be aware that there may be travel fees for parties outside downtown.

    Magic Men Live Male Strippers Sydney

    magic men live male stripper sydney

    1300 624 426


    Planning on hiring a male stripper on your next girls night out? You may be tired of the usual and common ideas for a party, and for a change, you want something fun and exciting on a different level.
    Magic Men of Sydney presents breathtaking performances that spell excitement and fun. These guys will blow your mind as they take you to experience the next level of entertainment that only they can give. For a truly memorable event that is meant to last a long time, our male dancers will deliver an out of the box party that will be the talk of the town.
    The best strippers can only be found in Magic Men. With their dedication to providing the finest performances, their skills and talent are constantly being honed. Trust these hunks to provide you with great entertainment right where you need them. Book these men for an incredible hens night party you will never forget.

    Male Entertainers For Your Party

    Hiring a male entertainer in Sydney is not as hard as you think if beforehand you know what you are looking for. There are lots of companies offering adult entertainment through exotic dancers and it is a wise idea to go over these tips to make things easier for you

    TIP #1
    You should get information about the different agencies that provide exotic dancers for entertainment purposes. Try to skim over the information on their websites. Read customer reviews online. Better yet, you may ask for recommendations from friends or acquaintances that have experienced booking for such companies. From there, you can manage your expectations about your stripper.

    TIP #2
    Check the website of the company where you plan to hire your man. Look for the photos of the men that you can choose to book. You can usually find the profile of the guys along with his photo. This gives you the first impression of the men you are going to book.

    TIP #3
    When choosing a guy, consider the preferences of your hen. You may ask her what she likes. Selecting an entertainer is a fun night of get-together. Round up the girls and browse through the guys’ profiles. Have your picks and check their availability.

    TIP #4
    Book in advance. More often than not, you will choose an experienced dancer who is popular among girls, and chances are he has a fully booked schedule. That is why you must make your bookings as early as possible to avoid this scenario.

    TIP #5
    Prepare to give your deposit. It is usual for the company to ask for advance payment. The remaining balance is paid through the guy on the day of the event.
    Everyone becomes incredibly pumped in expectation of a wonderful show as soon as the stripper shows up. Acting happy is only natural, but don't let your feelings take precedence over good judgment. Keep in mind that the man dances only for entertainment, and he has formal dancing training.
    Do not go beyond during the performance by caressing his body or recording his movements on camera without his consent. Avoid touching him in inappropriate places and refrain from taking pictures that might violate his privacy. It is customary to request his approval.
    Show your admiration for him by applauding him during his performance. For him, seeing that you are enjoying his show is very encouraging. Because of how much the hard work of our performer is respected and valued, tips are also very welcomed.
    Make a guest list in advance of your hens night. This needs to be carefully thought out because you don't want to leave out any guests or assume that everyone will want to witness a strip display. Make sure they are excited for the male dancer performance by informing them in advance that it will be the highlight of the evening.
    It is fairly typical to have a male performer at a hens night party, but the thrill and adrenaline it provides are not typical. Here are some reasons why your future bride deserves to experience this once-in-a-lifetime occasion:

    This is your soon-to-be bride's last night out as a single woman; it is likely the last time she will ever get to see, touch, and feel a hot man's body (aside from her husband, of course); and this get-together will become increasingly seldom as you go about your busy daily lives.

    It is acceptable to have a stripper perform for other occasions or parties, such as a girls' night out. After all, it is your decision to have a little bit of special fun with your buddies.
    The location of the party is one of the factors to take into account when selecting a male entertainer. Selecting a suitable location for him to dance is crucial for your private celebration. It could be your house, a friend's house, or a rental place.
    If you choose to host it at a friend's or your own house, make sure there is adequate room for the male dancer to perform. You should also take the location's privacy into account. Consider your neighbors who might not be at ease with what they observe and hear coming from your home. There's always the option of visiting a male strip club.
    Make sure your event is authorized there before reserving a private space like a hotel room. In order to prevent any hassles, let management know what you have planned.
    You can ask the gentleman you've picked to perform at your exclusive party to wear a costume. There are numerous possibilities available, like police officer, firefighter, construction worker, doctor, and whatever else you desire. Just say what you want. These costumes add to the attraction of the show, especially when your lover gently removes them for you. Nothing, women, is better than to witness a man in uniform, aside from the attractive routine.
    The length and price of a strip show
    Enjoy a live performance by the Magic Men during your celebration. We can provide you and your guests with a variety of strip shows to enjoy. Choose the solution you believe is best for you. When you hire us, you can make your night special.
    Every one of our performances will ensure that you have a great time while laughing a lot. The half strip show, full strip show, and double trouble show are your options.
    Partial strip show - Our sexy man will willingly perform for 15 to 20 minutes while stripping off all of his clothes except for his G-string. This is sexy and incredibly cheeky.
    Full strip show: For 15 to 20 minutes, you will witness the pinnacle of strippers' performances. Watch as your hottie gradually strips off each layer of clothing until there is nothing left. Don't even try to hide your reaction of awe at this one!
    Two heads are definitely better than one, according to the Double Trouble show. A genuinely enjoyable time can be had by booking two hotties. You can choose to have them perform separately or simultaneously. 30 to 40 minutes will pass throughout this performance.
    You will receive value for your money with these shows, which range in price from $280 to $510. They will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire evening.

    Male Strippers Sydney

    male strippers sydney

    1300 624 426

    About Male Strippers Sydney

    Who on earth could it be when I hear a knock at the door? OMG, the celebration has just gotten hot and heavy! Whatever the occasion, whether it be your birthday or your bachelorette party, hiring a male stripper is THE way to make it a night to remember. This is your chance to have a good time, drink a lot, and enjoy your last night as a single woman. The boys in question, however, are quite hot and will cause you to perspire. They are prepared to tease, appease, and grant all of your wishes.

    Cheeky Male Strippers Sydney, New South Wales


    0403 714 653

    About Cheeky

    At our venues in Melbourne or Sydney nightclubs, every booking includes free admittance and free drinks for all of your guests exclusively for Cheeky Strippers. Since we are the only male and female stripping agency in Melbourne and Sydney to guarantee the sexiest male and female strippers and topless waiters at your upcoming hens night, bucks party, or birthday party, we specialize in private bookings. If you're not completely satisfied with our service, we'll refund your money.

    Additionally, we can arrange for accommodations, low- and high-end catering, pole dancing, boat tours, and much more. We have the sexiest male and topless female waiters in Sydney and Melbourne who will serve food and beverages and organize games and activities to keep everyone involved and entertained. Acrobats, break dancers, aerialists, and stunt performers make up our male and female strippers in Melbourne and Sydney. There is no doubt that you will enjoy yourself and want more.

    Sydney Topless Waiters & Male Strippers

    sydney topless waiters & male strippers

    0404 106 656

    About Sydney Topless Waiters & Male Strippers

    We offer Adelaide strippers performances to fulfill your wildest dreams, from G-String strip teases to fullmonty strip shows. First off, our male strippers are accomplished performers who like putting on a frenzied display. Second, you will never see shows as fascinating as those put on by these stunning men. Finally, these guys are masters at entertaining an audience with their daring performance. they are not for those who lack courage! You won't be let down. We put on a show because we are Adelaide's top male strippers.

    Our Services

    Looking for some genuinely amusing fun for a special occasion? Pick one of our hot guys to elevate your hens' birthday celebration. Our shows are therefore every woman's fantasy, and they never let us down. As they heat up, these beautiful hunks prefer to go further and get wild, turning you on. Your friends will go wild as they tease and entice the crowd. Select one of our strip shows, then kick back and watch the sleazy action unfold. Second, visit Busty Babes Australia if you're looking for a female stripper or topless waitress.

    Twin Pecks All Male Revue Sydney Male Strippers

    twin pecks all male revue sydney

    0466 973 257

    About Us

    Lots of beautiful, super-fit males serving and entertaining you! Before the performance begins, the Twin Peaks Crew and your amazing compere for the evening will meet you at the door and be ready to serve you champagne and lead you to your table. When you enter, you will be shown to your table and given your gratuity money. There will also be a gourmet selection of platters for you to savor before you get to see the first Twin Peaks hot show.

    You won't have to get up from your seat the entire night because your incredibly hot Topless Waiters will be serving you food and drinks—unless, of course, you're chosen to be in a show! The evening consists of two distinct performances (each featuring a different Twin Pecks Guy). Additionally, during the evening, the hen or your designated special guest receives tons of additional special attention. Bring your enthusiasm, because if you choose to book the Twin Pecks Cabaret, things are going to get quite heated over the course of the evening's three hours.

    Male Strip Club Male Strippers Sydney

    male strip club sydney

    1300 624 426


    Who on earth could it be when I hear a knock at the door? OMG, the celebration has just gotten hot and heavy! Whatever the occasion, whether it be your birthday or your bachelorette party, hiring a male stripper is THE way to make it a night to remember. This is your chance to have a good time, drink a lot, and enjoy your last night as a single woman. But take care—those boys are so hot they'll make you perspire. They are prepared to tease, appease, and grant all of your wishes.


    What are you waiting for now that you have the knowledge and the specifics? Start scrolling, pick your ideal match, and set out on a tempting quest to organize the hens party you've always been tempted to throw but never got around to. The fun surely begins now that the moment has come and you have the night to yourself!

    Magic Hens -Male Strippers Sydney

    magic hens male stripper sydney

    1300 411 874


    Sydney is a coastal metropolis known for the majestic Opera House, Darling Harbour, and some of Australia's sexiest, sauciest male strippers. Sydney is the place to go if you want a night you won't soon forget because that's where the party is. The night is yours, and these magnificent specimens want to wow and enchant you with their one-of-a-kind performances, so girls, grab your ladies and make some noise.
    You might not have considered hiring a male stripper before, but if you're planning a bachelorette party, you're definitely in the correct place. All things erotic may be found at Magic Hens. Not all women are up for an all-out night in a strip club, but you can make the most of it by having a naughty dancer perform in your home for a more private and customized experience. A stunningly attractive entertainer is invited in, so you may enjoy as much or as little of him as you like because he is focused on you.

    Wild boys Afloat Male Strippers Sydney

    wildboys afloat hens party ideas sydney

    (02) 9809 1666

    About Wildboys Afloat

    Take off on the most seductive night of your life! The best girls' night out is at Wild Boys Afloat. You'll delight in a spectacular voyage along Sydney Harbor's gorgeous waters, fantastic inclusions, and, of course, entertainment from our Wild buff lads! Our private Sydney Harbour cruise is for you if you're searching for a sizzling hen's night, a birthday party to remember, a mom's night out, or a ladies night out with a twist. You can be sure to enjoy a fun night out because you've taken care of the food, beverages, and entertainment.

    Bare Nights Male Strippers & Male Strip Show

    bare nights male strippers & male strip show

    1300 522 829

    About Bare Nights Male Strippers & Male Strip Show

    Topless entertainment is available from Bare Nights to liven up your upcoming event. Our knowledgeable wait staff has expertise working at promotions, birthday parties, corporate events, and hen's parties. Our topless waiters not only serve drinks but also manage games, mix drinks, cook BBQs, and clean up as they go, allowing partygoers to unwind and enjoy the evening.

    The directors of Bare Nights have years of combined experience working as topless waiters, so they are aware of what is needed to make your occasion memorable. We exclusively chose qualified employees who we are familiar with firsthand. We promise that using our service will positively wow you. We only offer the best service possible and can tailor it to meet your unique needs. Due to our amazing waiters, we consistently get great reviews. As a result, many waiters have reservations up to three months in advance. So make sure to arrive early to reserve your preferred waiter.

    Glamour Promotions Male Strippers Sydney

    glamor promotions

    1300 933 292

    About Glamor Promotions

    Hire The Hottest Strippers in Australia, Female & Male Strippers, Topless Waitresses. Strippers, topless waitresses, and male and female performers are available for poker nights, stag and hen's parties, boat cruises, and bucks' evenings.

    In every significant Australian city, Glamour Strippers exclusively offers the greatest strippers. Your night will be memorable and special thanks to our glitzy male and female strippers. Furthermore, our hot girls may add some spice to your private poker party! For your Ultimate Poker Night, we provide lingerie poker dealers, lingerie or topless waiters, and any other entertainment you might like.

    Rockfish Male Strippers Sydney, New South Wales


    02 9211 7900

    About Rockfish

    Since 2010, Rockfish Catamaran Charters has been offering its clients unique sailing experiences in Sydney Harbour. For your occasion or day out on the harbor, hire one of the three catamarans. Therefore, Rockfish Catamarans will give your party the chance to spend a carefree day on the most picturesque Harbour in the world, whether you are celebrating a birthday, planning a work event, or you are just a group of family or friends having a day off. All year long, our catamarans are reasonably priced to rent. Your charter will have a Rockfish Skipper and deckhand and can accommodate up to 40 people, making it ideal for any occasion.

    Sydney Topless Waiters - Male Strippers

    sydney topless waiters

    0457 466 599

    About Sydney Topless Waiters

    Our topless waiters are the most well-liked in Sydney for a reason. Our topless male waiters are undeniably attractive, charismatic, and unbelievably seductive. They possess all of these qualities, and then some. Our carefully chosen male models aren't simply gorgeous looks; they're also talented! Therefore, our topless waiters provide you the finest value for your money when it comes to steaming hot professional entertainment, whether you're a maid of honor arranging the ideal hen's party or you want to up the ante on your girls' night out.

    Get Loose Male Strippers Sydney, New South Wales

    get loose

    02 8208 3395

    About Get Loose

    Get Loose has planned thousands of parties for tens of thousands of people around Australia. They are leaders and innovators, but mostly just incredibly diligent party planners. In 2013, we launched a service for organizing Bucks and Hens parties, and we quickly established ourselves by working with suppliers and venues to develop distinctive experiences and party packages. Since then, we have expanded our network across the nation and added birthday and corporate parties to our list of services, resulting in the ultimate party planning hub. Today, we provide you with everything you require to organize your party in an one location, introducing you to the greatest vendors, activities, and packages available, saving you time and money, and, most importantly, guaranteeing you the best party possible. We enjoy what we do, and you will too, as seen in our appearances on Channel 9, SBS, and MTV. Find Jason, your chief party planner, on LinkedIn or add him as a friend on Facebook.

    Topless Waiter - Male Strippers Sydney, New South Wales

    topless waiter

    0423 370 183

    About Topless Waiter

    The ultimate source of excitement and pleasure for women attending hen parties has always been topless male waiters. Shirtless male waiters are one approach to achieve this goal since all stag and hen parties need to be filled with a lot of fire and excitement. A few days prior to the wedding, the bride or a friend hosts hen parties that are specifically planned for her.

    The goal of this hens party is to give the bride one final chance to enjoy being single and to do something she wouldn't normally do after being married. Hens parties are a fantastic way to celebrate the final day or night of independence before a woman marries and begins a new life with her spouse.

    Studio Relax Gentlemens Club - Male Strippers Sydney, New South Wales

    studio relax gentlemens club

    02 9567 9494

    About Studio Relax Gentlemens Club

    At your pleasure and disposal. Our facilities are fairly remote and have safe parking right outside the door in Rockdale. View the profiles of our gorgeous women below.

    Our Services

    You will undoubtedly enjoy your stay with us as we cater to all of your fantasies with our lovely assortment of females. For more information on our adult entertainment offerings and prices, see the table below. Additionally, our team is always available to address any queries you may have regarding our lovely ladies and services.

    Black Label Hunnies Male Strippers Sydney

    black label hunnies

    04 234 58 411

    About Black Label Hunnies

    Thank you for visiting Black Label Hunnies. Make yourself at home inside and have a look around. What you see, do you like it? We offer the prettiest, hottest, and flirtiest female strippers in the Sydney area for your private occasions, so you should probably do it.

    Our attractive female strippers are hired for more than just their exceptional beauty and skillful skills; they are also full of personality. We recognize that you want more than just a doll to look at, whether it's a poker night, divorce party, birthday party, or bucks party. More flirtatious fun is provided by our in-demand girls than by any other agency.

    The sensual temptation of our females will tease, tantalize, and lead you to a new level of pleasure that you thought was impossible. All of the girls at Black Label Hunnies have unique attributes of personality and seduction.

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