Top 30 Marble Stone Benchtops Companies Melbourne (2024)

Do you want to make your kitchen look a little more luxurious? Getting marble stone benchtops can do just that. You may not know where to start when it comes to finding the best company for this service, and we're here to help. With a wide variety of companies in Melbourne, we can provide you with all of the information you need to make an educated decision on what is best for your home.

The marble stone benchtops are a popular option for many people. One of the most important things to consider when purchasing this countertop is making sure it will fit in your kitchen space. You want to make sure that you measure all the dimensions and measurements for your home, as well as what appliances you have or plan on having, before deciding on which company to go with. Many different types of stones are available, from granite, travertine, limestone, and more, so finding one that best fits your needs should not be too difficult!

To help you get started on your Benchtop Company hunt, we've rounded up our favourite Marble Stone Benchtops Companies from right across Melbourne.

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    Ultimate List of Marble Stone Benchtops Companies in Melbourne

    European Marble Centre - Marble Stone Benchtops Company Melbourne

    european marble centre

    (03) 9555 8621

    About European Marble Centre

    With over 40 years of experience in stone fabrication and installation, we are a family-run firm that will only give you the greatest guidance and ongoing support.

    Latest Technology

    We are able to provide you exceptional precision and quality through an eco-friendly manufacturing facility by utilizing the most recent masonry cutting technology, including CNC equipment.


    For your residential or business projects, our knowledgeable and helpful staff can offer advice on the best ways to use marble, granite, and reconstituted stone.

    Display Showroom

    Visit our Moorabbin showroom to see the beauty of our wide selection of the world's best marbles, granites, and reconstituted stones.

    Customer Service and Price

    We promise to provide you with the highest caliber work and customer care at a price that is extremely reasonable.

    Zenstone - Marble Stone Benchtops Company Melbourne


    +61 3 9330 0034

    High-end, premium stone and porcelain countertops in Melbourne

    Once you have some experience working in the architectural, building, or interior design fields, you begin to recognize which aspects of house design are timeless and can survive passing trends. The benchtop is one such design element that will always take center stage in any chic and opulent home. You can depend on Zenstone to give you one of the best stone and porcelain benchtops in Melbourne and throughout Australia, whether you choose high-quality stone benchtops or a design made from porcelain slabs.

    Why Choose Zenstone?

    The Zenstone Company has over 40 years of experience in the fabrication and installation of stone and porcelain surfaces, including sourcing, importing, and fabricating. By comprehending the sourcing and makeup of raw materials, as well as paying attention to the manufacturing and quality control procedures, Zenstone's employees have traveled the globe to find the ideal items from the ground up.

    Specialist Suppliers of High-End Stone

    Our company has joined forces to bring you the best products the market has to offer in terms of technological innovation, robustness, manageability, and sustainability, all the while keeping the highest standards of exquisite elegance and visual beauty. Our porcelain and stone goods are geared for interior designers and architects. You can rely on Zenstone to be able to deliver a high-quality product that satisfies your customers' expectations when they come to you searching for porcelain benchtops or a stone top vanity.

    Daniels Marble House - Marble Stone Benchtops Company Melbourne

    daniels marble house

    03 9387 9804


    We are a small family business that has been operating in Brunswick East, in the center of Melbourne, since 1988. We serve the Greater Melbourne area. For more than 22 years, we have worked with marble, granite, and all other types of stones. We also provide for the new manufactured goods, or, those have appeared on the market in the previous ten years.

    We are open to all new inquiries and rely heavily on excellent referrals from our existing and former customers. Let us help you make a perfect choice, whether it be for a new kitchen benchtop.


    For custom Marble, Granite, and Travertine tile needs in Melbourne and the nearby areas, we can accommodate all requests. From providing the best benchtops, fireplace surrounds, and other fittings for local people to the neighborhood trades and services. Come to Daniel's Marble House to browse our extensive selection of goods if you're looking for something unique with a sturdy finish, assured quality, and professional service.

    You don't have to wait for the stock to arrive because we can provide to your precise demands and have a large variety of supplies on hand. Today, we have everything you require right here in the warehouse!

    Marble Stone Benchtops Companies FAQs


    Those familiar with interior design will not be surprised to find granite listed first here. Granite has long been the premier choice of designers and builders for countertops due to its beauty and durability. Put simply. There is no better natural stone option for a countertop.

    Once found almost exclusively in high-end homes due to its cost, granite has become increasingly common as the "go-to" stone for countertops. In recent years, both supplies of granite slabs and the number of alternatives have increased, which has helped moderate prices. Yet its reputation as a premium option remains. Granite defines elegance and can easily elevate a kitchen's design with its conspicuous presence on islands or other countertops.

    One can find granite slabs in various colours and styles (Opustone carries well over a hundred varieties). This allows it to complement almost any kitchen or bathroom design.

    Granite is an igneous rock formed naturally deep in the Earth's crust, where extreme pressure and temperatures above 2300° F causes small particles of quartz and feldspar to fuse. This gives granite its signature speckled or mottled appearance, which helps conceal seams and its remarkable hardness and superior heat resistance.

    Before being used as a stone countertop, granite slabs should be treated with sealant. This will close up any small crevices or pores, make it safe for food preparation, and prevent staining. Like marble (see below), granite countertops should be resealed regularly, preferably once a year. Explore Granite


    Like granite, quartzite is a naturally occurring stone that offers beauty and substantial durability to countertop surfaces. Although it is gaining popularity, it is less commonly used than granite, possibly because it tends to be a slightly more expensive option.

    Quartzite (not to be confused with quartz, below) is a metamorphic rock formed naturally when quartz sandstone is subjected to extreme pressure and temperatures as granite. The individual grains of quartz and cementing materials recrystallise into an interlocking mosaic with a smooth, glassy surface. Impurities and cementing materials in the original sandstone may add colour to the quartzite and migrate together into streaks that make quartzite resemble marble.

    As a natural stone countertop option, quartzite has one significant advantage over granite. It has greater density, which makes it more resistant to chipping, staining, or scratches. The fact that it can resemble marble makes this advantage even more significant, as many still consider marble the most luxurious stone countertop option.

    Like granite, quartzite countertops also require regular sealing but virtually no other maintenance. Explore Quartzite


    Rounding out the trio of top natural stone countertops is dolomite, a lesser-known stone that is slowly gaining popularity as a more durable and less expensive option than marble. It is often called "dolostone" to avoid confusion with the mineral dolomite, even though the mineral is a significant part of the stone's makeup.

    Unlike granite or quartzite, dolomite is a sedimentary rock that forms naturally when limestone comes into contact with magnesium-rich groundwater and undergoes a chemical change. As a result, it comes in shades of white or grey and usually contains streaks that resemble marble better than quartzite.

    This is significant because although dolomite is not quite as hard as granite, it is still much harder than marble, making it a more scratch- and chip-resistant option.

    Although dolomite sources are plentiful, its relative lack of colour variance can limit its usefulness as a marble substitute. Like the other natural stone options, dolomite countertops also require regular sealing to prevent staining. Explore Dolomite


    Marble is listed here primarily because of its status as a premium design choice. Having been used in classical sculpture and as an upscale building material for centuries, most people naturally equate marble with opulence.

    Marble is a metamorphic rock naturally formed by subjecting limestone or dolomite to extreme pressure in the Earth's crust. Impurities allow the marble to form in a wide variety of colours and styles (Opustone offers more than 250), which lends to its desirability as a design element.

    However, despite its popularity, marble stone countertops are not as durable as the other options here. It is porous, making it extremely susceptible to stains if it is not regularly treated with sealant. It is also not as hard as dolomite, granite, or quartzite, which means it is more prone to scratches or chipping. Explore Marble


    The different activities in a kitchen will determine which countertops are most suitable. For example, a very busy kitchen where hygiene is the highest priority will do great with stainless steel tops. On the other hand, a baker's kitchen will need a marble work surface, while a family-friendly kitchen needs durable finishes like solid surfacing or engineered stone.

    A second consideration under functionality is your choice of sink. Some surfaces, like marble, granite and quartz, can successfully accommodate an under-mount sink. However, if you are considering an integrated sink, then you will need to choose solid surfacing or concrete. Natural stone can also be fashioned into integrated sinks by joining slabs together. This is an especially popular solution with soapstone.


    If budget is your most important consideration, then post form tops will be most suitable: they are easy to order and simple enough to install by a DIY enthusiast. Concrete is another affordable option but is best done by a professional. On the opposite side of the scale is a natural stone like marble, granite and soapstone, and some specialist finishes like copper and brass.

    The cost of natural stone countertops

    How much your kitchen countertops will cost depends on several factors, starting with the type of stone you choose. Marble tends to be one of the costliest options, while engineered quartz is a little more affordable since it is manmade. Here's a comparison of some of the prices of natural stone countertops according to Home Advisor:

    • Marble – $15 to $190 per square foot
    • Granite – $15 to $140 per square foot
    • Quartz – $15 to $70 per square foot
    • Limestone – $10 to $70 per square foot

    As you can see, these price ranges are very wide. The cost depends on the origin and quality of the stone, whether you choose slab or tile countertops, the installation rates of whoever you hire, and any extras you choose, like edge profiles and finishes.

    Compared to laminate's average prices of $8 to $27 per square foot, some materials represent a premium. But here are some of the ways investing in natural stone countertops pays off…

    They're built to last.

    When something costs more, it should indicate its higher quality and durability. For example, granite countertops and other natural stone countertops are strong and durable, meaning they'll last a long time in your home and stay in good condition.

    They add value to your home.

    If you plan on selling your home soon or at any point in the future, granite or marble countertops could be a big selling point. Investing in new countertops makes your home more likely to sell and could even get it off the market at a higher price.

    They add amazing visual appeal.

    If you're not planning on selling, then natural stone countertops are worth the investment for your enjoyment. Natural stone comes in an infinite range of colours, patterns, and styles, so you can find a slab that belongs in the kitchen of your dreams.


    Quartz countertops are the easiest natural stone to take care of. They are engineered using ground stone and resin, so they don't require regular sealing like most granite and marble countertops do. This stone is non-porous, so it does not easily stain or etch. Other than cleaning regularly, quartz doesn't require any ongoing maintenance. It's a great choice for a busy kitchen. This engineered stone is comparable in price to granite and synthetic solid surface countertops.


    Soapstone is very dense and naturally non-porous. Just like quartz, this countertop doesn't have to be sealed or polished. Instead, many people apply mineral oil to soapstone semi-regularly to help even out the natural darkening in the stone. Other than that, there is no additional maintenance. Soapstone doesn't stain easily, and it offers excellent heat resistance. While the look of soapstone isn't for everyone, many people enjoy this low-maintenance material's rustic style and natural patina.


    While many granite countertops require annual sealing, overall, the stone is generally easy to care for. Granite is very durable, so it's very difficult to scratch. It has a high heat resistance and doesn't easily crack or chip. When properly sealed, the stone doesn't stain, so if you clean up spills quickly and ensure the sealer is strong, there's very little maintenance to worry about.

    While no counter is 100% maintenance-free, most natural stones offer great durability and more pros than cons for long-term value. If you enjoy the look of natural stone and are looking for a durable material that can often last a lifetime, the amount of maintenance for most stones is minimal. Learn more in our countertop education centre if you have questions about which countertop might best suit your household and lifestyle. 

    Daily Care

    Splashes of acidic foods and drinks like tomatoes, citrus fruits, sodas, coffee, wine, fruit juice, and even vinegar will damage marble. When you use a marble countertop for food preparation, you will need to wipe up any spills immediately. It may be a good idea to put down a protective sheet, such as silicone or plastic, while working on a marble countertop. Or, use a large cutting board and do your prep work on it.

    Marble is tolerant of hot pots and pans, but you should always protect it with a trivet. Use placemats and coasters under plates and glasses when serving on a marble countertop. Immediately after each meal, clean the countertop before you go on to other tasks.


    Dust at least once a week with a soft microfiber cloth. For wet cleaning, use a damp cloth and a pH-neutral cleaner designed for stone. Check with your countertop company for their recommendations. It is common to use mild dish soap and water. Put it in a spray bottle and spray the counter. Wipe and scrub gently with a damp cloth. Rinse the towel and wipe until all of the suds are gone. You can then dry the countertop with a soft towel.

    Do not use regular cleaning products that can etch the stone surface over time. Especially avoid cleaning products that include vinegar, bleach, ammonia, lemon juice, orange, or other citrus foods. Never use abrasive cleaners that will damage and dull the finish. Be sure to discuss this with any visitors or relatives who are staying with you or helping prepare a holiday feast. Have the appropriate cleaning products available, and think of moving all of your vinegar to a locked cabinet.

    Regular Maintenance

    Seal the countertops regularly, as recommended by the manufacturer. Be sure to reseal when water fails to bead up when it splashes on the surface. Sealing will help prevent stains and damage and keep the marble countertops looking beautiful. However, some marble surfaces do not need sealing, so you must check to be sure you are not adding sealers that will just remain on the surface.

    For mild etching, look for a marble polishing powder approved for that use and follow the directions. Stains will need to be dealt with according to what caused the stain. A baking soda poultice is a general solution for many stains. To make it, mix baking soda with a little water, spread it on the stain, and cover it. After 12 to 24 hours, gently remove the paste and wipe the area with a damp cloth.

    Smartstone - Marble Stone Benchtops Company Melbourne


    +61 1300 888 608


    Smartstone, which was founded in 2002, has lately expanded its distribution to the US, Singapore, and New Zealand markets, making it the fastest-growing distributor of engineered quartz surfaces in Australia. Architects, interior designers, renovators, builders, and developers now all know and trust Smartstone. Smartstone is a popular option for both residential and commercial kitchen benchtops and is suitable for many interior applications.

    Every Smartstone product has been certified as safe and environmentally friendly, as well as meeting the highest criteria for aesthetics, quality, innovation, and value. Due to its exceptional durability, low moisture absorption, strong resistance to heat, scratching, chipping, and cracking, as well as its resistance to acids, oils, and liquids, Smartstone outperforms natural stone such as marble. There is a 15-year Limited Warranty included with Smartstone.

    The gorgeous collections from Smartstone include some unique hues that aren't found anywhere else in the world. Our spectacular veined surfaces, created with cutting-edge technology, have quartz veining that is the most realistic-looking currently available. Due to high demand, the Naturale Collection of honed benchtops was created to combine the numerous useful qualities of Smartstone with a semi-matte surface aesthetic.

    Sky Marble - Marble Stone Benchtops Company Melbourne

    sky marble

    (03) 8774 2255

    A Leading Melbourne Custom Stone Provider.

    Sky Marble only provides the best materials and workmanship available. We work with a broad spectrum of clients, from commercial to residential, and we deal with stone and granite in addition to marble. If you'd like to see what we can do for you, we'll give you a free, no-obligation quote. You will be satisfied with our customer-focused service, premium products, and affordable prices.

    About Our Company

    Sky Marble is an expert in stone, including marble, granite, and slate. From kitchen benchtops to bathroom vanities, Sky Marble concentrates on selling and installing outstanding grade stone, granite, and marble. Sky Marble has you covered for all of your marble, stone, or granite needs, including the initial consultation as well as supply and installation.

    Sky Marble only provides the best materials and workmanship available. We work with a broad spectrum of clients, from commercial to residential, and we deal with stone and granite in addition to marble. If you'd like to see what we can do for you, we'll give you a free, no-obligation quote. You will be satisfied with our customer-focused service, premium products, and affordable prices.

    Tivoli Marble - Marble Stone Benchtops Company Melbourne

    tivoli marble

    (03) 9543 9041

    At Tivoli Marble, we take great pride in our superior craftsmanship and first-rate customer support. We have a longstanding reputation in the Melbourne community as a world-class provider of high quality natural and engineered stones for primarily residential and some commercial projects.

    Due to our years of expertise, we have developed solid relationships with suppliers in the quarry and stone trader industries, enabling us to provide our clients with outstanding stones to meet their design and ornamental needs.

    Our skilled craftsmen construct stunning kitchen and bathroom benchtops, splashbacks, flooring, moldings, and figures according to your specifications. Additionally, we provide a range of masonry and stonework-related services, such as technical support, specialized goods, expert design and aesthetics advice, and maintenance guidance.

    Modern Stone Art - Marble Stone Benchtops Company Melbourne

    modern stone art

    1300 178 664

    Our Experience

    Our stone specialists have been providing our customers in Victoria with high-quality stone goods for more than 20 years.

    Dynamic and innovative

    A dynamic and creative team, Modern Stone Art. Our company wants to stay ahead of the competition in Australia's stone market. We provide our clients with the latest and finest quality products.

    Professional Services

    We promise to offer our customers high-quality services at pricing that are quite reasonable. A stone product of the greatest quality will be a wise investment for your home.

    Ascend Stone - Marble Stone Benchtops Company Melbourne

    ascend stone

    +613 9460 8282

    Ascend Stone provides high-end home renovators, builders, architects, developers, and landscape designers with wholesale and retail stone materials. Finding the ideal stone to meet your precise specifications is simple with our goods and helpful service. Ascend Stone is a group of master stonemasons and designers who produce magnificent works of art. For use in landscaping, commercial projects, kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas, we offer both natural and engineered stone.

    We are able to design and tailor our entire range to meet your unique requirements. With two showrooms, Ascend Stone can supply high-quality stone to your own piece of Australia. The company primarily services Victoria and New South Wales.


    High Range Granite offers not only a superb surface material but also a distinctive personality all of its own. Over millions of years, each rock has transformed into a unique work of art. After that, we manually cut and style it to reveal its genuine characteristics.

    Over the past few years, quartz surfaces, such as those made by businesses like Quantum Quartz & CaesarStone, have grown in popularity and are fantastic materials for kitchen and bathroom benchtops, especially when choosing a light-colored stone surface. This material is also available in floor and wall tiles, and the consistency of their colors makes them the ideal choice for interior designers.

    Classique Stone - Marble Stone Benchtops Company Melbourne

    classique stone

    03 9562 8151

    Classique Stone Guarantee

    Our 10-year warranty applies to each and every one of our natural stone countertops. The most cutting-edge stone masonry technology is used in the production facility that Classique Stone owns and runs. We offer CNC Bridge Saws, inline edge polishing equipment, surface polishing equipment, and honing equipment. Additionally, we have 20 highly skilled and qualified masons on staff who have mastered the art of stonemasonry and only provide the best services.

    Our Services

    Our products can be used in a variety of home and kitchen construction or renovation projects because we are a top provider of natural stone. Additionally, we collaborate with a variety of companies, churches, eateries, and hotels in Melbourne and around Australia. Visit our Gallery to see a variety of possibilities for successfully completed natural and marble stone projects.


    We are one of Melbourne's leading suppliers of natural stone and marble, providing both natural and artificial options for our products. With the help of our selection, you may create any kind of impression for your project, including modern, edgy, classic, etc. For your project, we have a huge selection of designs including Onyx, Blue Stone, Limestone, Marble, and Granite, among others.

    Our Projects

    All around the nation, we have worked with some of the most prominent architects, builders, residences, hotels, churches, and eateries. We are qualified to work on a wide range of projects that will satisfy all of your construction needs. View some of our completed work in our Gallery.

    Olympus Stone - Marble Stone Benchtops Company Melbourne

    olympus stone

    0400 060 285

    Based in Melbourne, Olympus Stone is a renowned stone business with more than 20 years of experience. We cater to a wide range of domestic and business customers all across Melbourne and specialize in the production and installation of stone goods. We can help you with anything from the initial consultation of your marble, stone, or granite requirements through supply and installation. Look no further than Olympus Stone if you're seeking for a reputable, family-run stone business that can handle the whole fabrication and installation of a variety of stone items in a high-quality and reasonably priced manner.

    About Us

    Based in Melbourne, Olympus Stone is a renowned stone business with more than 20 years of experience. The business serves both residential and commercial customers around Melbourne and specializes in the production and installation of stone goods. We specialize in a wide range of granite, marble, and stone items of the highest caliber.

    Caesarstone - Marble Stone Benchtops Company Melbourne


    1300 119 110

    Welcome to Caesarstone, the top quartz surface brand in Australia. For kitchens, bathrooms and laundries at home or as part of a cutting edge commercial project, Caesarstone has a design solution that you will be truly proud of.

    We'll have the solutions here if you need help choosing color and material combinations. Alternatively, you can stop by one of our showrooms to chat with a professional and get the help you require. Demand Caesarstone for the best design and tested durability for total peace of mind.

    About Us

    Caesarstone® is a manufacturer of high-end, premium quartz surfaces that was established in 1987 not far from the historic Roman city of Caesarea. Applications in home and commercial interiors include furniture, wall paneling, bathroom vanities, kitchen countertops, splashbacks, and more. Caesarstone®, a pioneer and industry leader, takes great pleasure in its continuous dedication to R&D, innovation, and the highest quality standards.

    Topform - Marble Stone Benchtops Company Melbourne


    (03) 9462 6667

    Who we are

    One of the biggest benchtop, door, and post-forming manufacturers in Australia, Topform has a reputation for being a pioneer in its industry. It is dedicated to producing goods of the highest caliber and to providing excellent customer service and manufacturing.

    What we do

    Benchtops made of laminate, granite, reconstituted stone, and marble are Topform's specialty. Topform's extensive range is made possible by the specialized tools, machinery, and supplies that are only used at their manufacturing plant.

    How we do it

    Topform runs a cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Victoria, Australia, that makes benchtops, doors, and other goods that satisfy top-notch standards using unique and cutting-edge technologies, premium materials, and superb craftsmanship. Customers are guaranteed exceptional solutions and benefits both now and long into the future thanks to this competitive edge, as well as a sincere dedication to continue investing in their employees, research and development, and the maintenance of their strong and exclusive supplier network.

    Istonz - Marble Stone Benchtops Company Melbourne



    Marble Stone Benchtops Melbourne

    Greetings from Istonz! We are a leading supplier and producer of granite and stone benchtops in Melbourne at competitive prices. For any interior design, we specialize in bespoke cutting and finishing of marble benchtops in Melbourne. We're here to suit your needs in the best way possible, from lovely kitchen benchtops to magnificent bathroom vanity units that really put the finishing touches on your ideal kitchen.

    We have 20 years of experience in selling and custom creating a variety of stones, including Caesarstone benchtops from Melbourne quarries, quantum quartz, granite, and marble. There is no doubting that stone is a unique material, and Istonz recognises the many ways in which stone is superior to other building materials. For astonishing outcomes, our team seeks to integrate traditional stone masonry principles with cutting-edge technology.

    Willis Bros. - Marble Stone Benchtops Company Melbourne

    willis bros.

    (03) 9303 7562

    Company Profile

    The family-run stone and benchtop business Willis Bros. Marble & Granite is situated in Carrara on the Gold Coast, Smeaton Grange, NSW, and Somerton, Victoria. From the very beginning of our customer interactions until the project is finished, we take great delight in our efficiency. Willis Bros. offers customers the greatest products and services in a knowledgeable and individualized manner.

    Since its founding in 1996, Willis Bros. has provided the most memorable natural stone products throughout Australia. Every customer receives high-caliber work, consistent, affordable prices, quotations that are ready in 24 hours, and quick, dependable service.

    We guarantee that we'll offer the highest quality suppliers, designs, and on-time delivery whether you're seeking for bathroom design ideas or modern kitchens. With 19 years of experience, we effectively design kitchens, bathrooms, shopfitting, stairs, fireplaces, furniture, and sinks for both commercial and residential projects.

    The Marble House - Marble Stone Benchtops Company Melbourne

    the marble house

    +61 3 9822 2502


    The Marble House has one of Australia's largest selections of marble, granite, limestone, onyx, and travertine. We import natural stone in a variety of finishes to meet the needs of your project, including polished, honed, brushed, antique, and sandblasted. We import the highest quality stone from Europe, South America, and Africa to supply both the domestic and commercial markets in Australia and New Zealand.


    Famous architect Stavros Katsifolis founded The Marble House in July 1986, and it quickly opened its first showroom in the Malvern neighborhood of central Melbourne. The showroom, which was unique in its field, quickly emerged as a hub for both the residential and commercial markets, drawing architects, interior designers, builders, and members of the general public who were given the chance to view one of the broadest selections of natural stone sourced from all over the world as well as additional architectural design services.

    Pietra Gallery - Marble Stone Benchtops Company Melbourne

    pietra gallery

    (03) 9706 8654

    Breathtaking Stones and Tiles

    Pietra Gallery is a classic manufacturer of real stone, porcelain tiles, pavers, and hard-to-find indoor and outdoor stone arrangements. Pietra Gallery's high-quality items, sourced from quarries in Italy, Brazil, Greece, Iran, and Turkey, bring beautiful places to life.

    Welcome to Pietra Gallery

    We are one of Australia's top producers of natural stone products and are based in Melbourne. Natural Stones are directly imported by us from numerous quarries all over the world.

    In terms of choosing, acquiring, and providing natural stone from different nations, Pietra Gallery has attained a high level of skill. The business supplies the greatest stones to various consumers and offers a wide range of stone products to all customers. We are able to provide natural stones of the highest caliber at cheap prices thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the various quarries across the globe.

    Baltic Stonemason Professionals - Marble Stone Benchtops Company Melbourne

    baltic stonemason professionals

    +61 3 9791 7945

    For all your granite and marble needs

    Granite? Marble? Limestone? Regardless of your preferences, Baltic Stone can give you the ideal natural stone to make your kitchen or bathroom the most opulent space in your house. It's crucial to take the time to pick the ideal natural stone to fit your home and your needs because granite, marble, and limestone come in so many different colors and patterns. As seasoned importers of granite and marble, we take great satisfaction in offering a wide selection of premium natural stones. You may be sure that with Baltic Stone you'll be able to locate the perfect natural stone to match and accentuate your kitchen or bathroom or to accentuate that special home renovation project.

    We are able to consistently provide high-quality goods at competitive prices thanks to our personal selection, inspection, and quality control of our international suppliers. Craftsmanship, the employment of seasoned tradespeople, and the choice of superior-quality materials are crucial to each job.

    In addition to making your kitchen or bathroom a more attractive environment for you and your family to enjoy, a granite or marble finish boosts your home's resale value, frequently by a sum that exceeds your initial expenditure.

    Lithostone Quartz Surfaces - Marble Stone Benchtops Company Melbourne

    lithostone quartz surfaces

    (03) 9354 5363


    With the parent firm dominating the natural stone market for more than 30 years, Lithostone has been a driving force in the engineered stone sector for the past 7 years. Made from natural quartz and various particles, each engineered stone surface is perfect for kitchen and bathroom benchtops, splashbacks, as well as living spaces or various commercial uses.

    Because of its high-quality attributes, which can survive exposure to extreme wear and tear while guaranteeing longevity, the surfaces will always seem brand-new. All foreign suppliers of Lithostone have been thoroughly screened and picked because of their high-quality goods and reliable, ethical business methods.

    NSF and Green Guard certifications are held by our vendors. It is exceedingly hard to scratch and even harder to stain thanks to its great durability, resistance to heat, and scratch resistance. With a 15-year limited warranty, it has been widely used in the market by architects and designers. Any design application is enhanced by Lithostone's elegant 28-color palette, which ranges in texture from delicate mineral specks to distinctive veining.

    Parthenon Marble - Marble Stone Benchtops Company Melbourne

    parthenon marble

    03 9499 8834

    Who we are.

    Since its founding in 1981, Parthenon Marble has expanded into one of the biggest businesses in the manufacturing and distribution of imported marble and granite. Parthenon Marble is renowned for its fine craftsmanship and dependable service and uses only the most modern computerized production equipment. We are confident that you will be pleased with the decision you make from our large assortment of hand-picked natural stone goods.

    Parthenon Marble has established enduring connections with quarries all around the globe and has earned a reputation for locating exceptional resources and goods.

    Our stone product line includes granite, marble, limestone, travertine, onyx, reconstituted stone, and our newest semi-precious stones. Parthenon Marble's stone fabrication and installation services include, among other things, kitchen benchtops and splashbacks, vanity tops, bath, spa, and mirror surrounds, shower bases, bar tops and serveries, laundry benchtops, staircases, columns, fireplaces, tables, and pedestals.

    ABA Stone - Marble Stone Benchtops Company Melbourne

    aba stone

    03 9763 2423

    A Fresh Outlook on an Old Tradition


    Since its founding in 2000, ABA Stone has provided natural and engineered stonework for fireplaces, outdoor spaces, kitchens, bathrooms, and other applications. Reach out to our team in the South Eastern Suburbs when you have a project that needs assistance because we specialize in both renovations and new construction.


    We are committed to providing our customers with stunning and useful stone benchtops. We will create your benchtop regardless of whether you want it to be made of marble, dolomite, or another material.


    The focal point of any room might be a fireplace if it is built well. If this is the design you have in mind for your home, let us assist you by providing a hearth, mantle, and surrounds for your fireplace in the stone of your choice.


    Our team will provide you with the outdoor space stonework you want, collaborating with you on everything from design to delivery and installation. We create BBQ patios, outdoor kitchenettes, and more.

    RHF Quartz Stone Australia - Marble Stone Benchtops Company Melbourne

    rhf quartz stone australia

    1300 743 787

    Since its establishment in 2008, RHF Quartz Stone Australia has been a supplier of high-quality stone made from quartz crystal (93 percent), resin, and a negligible quantity of inorganic pigment. This stone is manufactured under vacuum and using a technology known as heterogeneous material aggregation.

    With high temperatures, high pressures, grinding, and polishing, it is hardened into products with defined thickness. Because it contains a significant amount of quartz crystal, it has a rigid, compact structure that is unmatched in terms of resistance to abrasion, compression, scratching, high temperatures, corrosion, and penetration.

    Renovation Benchtop Only

    You will need to speak with a qualified fabricator. Our staff would be happy to point you in the appropriate route since we deal with a variety of stone fabrication.

    Commercial Support

    If you have a professional inquiry, please call our sales consultant. If you are new to us, we will assign one to you to help with your inquiries.

    Stonaa - Marble Stone Benchtops Company Melbourne


    0423 402 275



    Because of its greater usefulness and aesthetic appeal, quartz stone is a type of manufactured stone. The quartz stone's sleek, contemporary surface is impermeable, mold and mildew resistant, and scratch-resistant.

    At Stonaa, we emphasize the fusion of beauty and design with superior quality and usability. You choose our quartz kitchen benchtops in Melbourne's Dandenong and 20+ years of experience and knowledge. No matter how difficult your job is, we will turn your creativity into reality.


    Find the ideal kitchen benchtop overlays in Melbourne, whether they are made of natural or artificial stone, today! Our main specialties at Stonaa are natural and synthetic stone benchtop overlays, including quartz, granite, and marble.

    For kitchen resurfacing in Melbourne, we have a specialized collection of engineered stone benchtops to fit any type of application. Our beautiful stones will completely alter your environment, whether it is for kitchen countertops overlay, vanities, outdoor kitchen countertops, barbecue countertops, landscaping, or swimming pools. This is because we recognize how distinctive each engineered stone is.

    Benchtops Rejuvenated - Marble Stone Benchtops Company Melbourne

    benchtops rejuvenated

    0410 611 496


    Benchtops Rejuvenated provides all the kitchen services you'll need. We are specialists in cutting-edge designs. We can execute all of your kitchen upgrades, from benchtop replacements to full kitchen makeovers. We have expertise updating vintage kitchens on a limited budget while bringing them back to their previous splendor. Contact us to discuss your kitchen renovation and set up a free quote right away.


    Our designers and technicians can handle any job and project you have for your kitchen. No task is too minor or too big for us to handle. Get in contact if your kitchen needs a small renovation and has seen better days. Your kitchen can be given new life so that it looks lovely and is practical. Let us know how you picture your ideal kitchen, and our helpful staff will work with you to make your vision a reality.


    Family-run and -operated Benchtops Rejuvenated began operating in the kitchen restoration sector in 2003, specializing in benchtops and related services. Later, as demand increased, we expanded and began performing partial kitchen renovations and facelifts. When it comes to kitchens, we are passionate about design, innovation, and technology.

    Bench Top City - Marble Stone Benchtops Company Melbourne

    bench top city

    +61 3 9793 3919


    a family company with Australian ownership. In 1987, Bench Top City Pty Ltd started manufacturing doors and benchtops. We've advanced to the point where we can make laminate products using the best techniques available worldwide. In addition to offering a cut-to-size program on our selection of imported European laminate and board goods, we manufacture bench tops using all laminate brands. We are situated in Melbourne, Victoria, in Dandenong South.


    From Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm, we are open. (Fridays are currently off-limits due to COVID-19) You can comfortably examine all of the design alternatives for your project in the comfort of our showroom.


    In addition to offering a cut-to-size program on our selection of imported European laminate and board goods, we manufacture bench tops using all laminate brands.


    Bench Top City Pty Ltd is a reliable partner for premium wood-based panels with exceptional ornamental surface knowledge, customer-focused service, and a continual focus on sustainability in all its forms, including social, ecological, and economic.

    AU Stone Company - Marble Stone Benchtops Company Melbourne

    au stone company

    1300 781 284


    No matter what your budget is, we can accommodate you! We can cover your worn-out laminate countertops with either our 12mm or 20mm & 40mm borders quartz stone overlay benchtops in addition to supplying fully customized Caesarstone benchtops, marble look benchtops, and reconstituted stone benchtops in Melbourne.

    Without interfering with your hectic schedule, we completely install your fashionable new stone benchtop in only one day. We handle everything for you, removing the stress associated with refurbishment. We adhere to stringent deadlines and are always on time! You won't ever be in the dark about how long the installation of your stone benchtop will take because we take scheduling extremely seriously.

    We provide the most effective, inexpensive, and straightforward renovation method with a 12mm or 20mm & 40mm edges stone benchtop overlay, as opposed to replacing your entire kitchen countertop. For your kitchen makeover, don't go overboard with the costs; at AU Stone, we can take care of your stone kitchen benchtops as well as your stone kitchen, laundry, and bathroom splashbacks in Melbourne. Why not think about reconstituted stone if you want a less expensive choice that isn't lacking in quality or toughness?

    Konnect Kitchen Store - Marble Stone Benchtops Company Melbourne

    konnect kitchen store

    03 9796 3338

    Kitchen Design & Renovation Specialist in Melbourne

    Are you seeking for specialized and distinctive solutions for your opulent kitchen or small kitchen on a tight budget? You're in the correct place, then! As a result, we are able to connect with a variety of Melbourne homes. At Konnect Kitchens, we specialize in creating stunning and incredibly functional kitchen designs for any sort of kitchen area – big or tiny, basic or complex.

    Melbourne's Experienced Kitchen Designer!

    Working with a skilled team makes it simple to see an outstanding design come to life. Your new kitchen's construction has been meticulously thought out and handled. We ensure that your vision is realized. The expert in kitchen design and renovation in Melbourne is Konnect Kitchens. Our selection offers low-cost, high-quality goods to you, the consumer!

    Welcome to Our Fast-Growing Kitchen Renovation Store…

    To make it simpler for DIY homeowners to complete that small task themselves, the Konnect Kitchen Store in Melbourne was founded to provide high-quality kitchen supplies without the hefty price tag. Besides, it enables builders and home renovators to market a massive range of kitchen products, which includes hinges, runners, cabinet accessories, storage solutions, soft close components, kitchen appliances and everything to help complete the task. To better serve you, we are constantly expanding our product selection!

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