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50+ Best Meeting Rooms in Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

In our connected and smart workspaces, business meetings are still an important aspect of work. While meetings are important, our modern times have seen a change in the format and spaces used for business gatherings. 

Meetings are an integral part of almost every business, whether they are held with your employees or your clients. Therefore, having a perfect meeting room can play its role in several ways. Do you have a proper meeting room for your business that is equipped with high-quality office furniture and all other necessary facilities? If not, then it's about time you think of upgrading your meeting rooms or taking your meetings to a perfect meeting room.

Let us help you find one. Here are our best meeting rooms in Melbourne, Victoria.

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    Ultimate List of Meeting Rooms Melbourne

    Christie Spaces - Meeting Rooms Melbourne


    christie spaces meeting rooms melbourne
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    1800 806 067

    We help people visualize a more favorable work-life balance. Because of the attractively built and adaptable rooms we provide, people and businesses can grow. We have over 40 years of experience providing adaptable office space and conference facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. We are proud to be industry leaders and to be able to offer our customers an unrivaled combination of true flexibility and genuine assistance.

    We provide more than just a place for you to work; we also provide a community in which your business can thrive. We facilitate our members' interaction and networking in a variety of fields by hosting a wide range of professional and social events.

    We are an Australian-owned and operated company that provides luxury office space in six different Central Business District locations. We can provide the appropriate location for you to achieve your business objectives, whether you require full-floor offices for a large staff or are launching a start-up in a hot desk environment.

    Servcorp - Meeting Rooms Melbourne


    servcorp meeting rooms melbourne
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    1300 409 753

    Are you ready to embark on your own Servcorp adventure?

    Your company has the potential to grow and develop alongside us, and we will be there to help you at every step of the way.

    Because we are so confident in the quality of our product, team, locations, and service, you can join us right now on convenient month-to-month terms.

    You have complete control over all of the Servcorp Services you use, as well as the ability to view your invoices online, thanks to Servcorp Home, our one-of-a-kind client interface. This ensures complete financial transparency. You will be able to quickly modify your call handling instructions and plan meetings at any Servcorp location in the world by using Servcorp Home.

    CLIK Collective - Meeting Rooms Melbourne

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    0390 282 543

    CLIK Collective was founded with the intention of making e-commerce business management easier.

    Coworking spaces are designed with the needs of the e-commerce community in mind.

    We are aware that you have bravely embarked on a path to make your ideas and dreams a reality. Many e-commerce businesses embark on this journey, which usually begins at home or in a small office. It also takes a significant amount of time, dedication, belief, and drive to expand.

    Every team needs a flexible space.

    As you prepare to take the next significant step in this exciting adventure, our adaptable spaces, services, and diverse community will provide you with the atmosphere and resources you need to support your business.

    Private offices can be leased on a month-to-month, quarterly, or annual basis. Arrive fully equipped or with the option of designing your own space on your own schedule. There are several office sizes available, ranging from nine square metres (m2) to more than forty square metres (m2).

    FAQs About Meeting Rooms

    A fundamental component of any smart workplace configuration is a high-tech conference room. Smart meeting rooms are powered by intelligent technology that integrates hardware and software tools into the meeting space to create a highly productive meeting experience for remote as well as in-person attendees. This can be accomplished by integrating hardware and software tools into the meeting space.

    The difference between a meeting room and a conference room is that a conference room is often much larger than a meeting room, and it is utilised for activities such as holding video conferences or conference calls so that members of the public can participate in the meeting. In contrast, a typical meeting room is not equipped with the technology necessary to host video or audio conferences.

    Renting a conference room also ensures that the event will run smoothly because attentive staff will be available to assist you whenever you require it. The amenities are an essential component of modern gatherings. WIFI, conference equipment, and possibly virtual meeting software are all things that are required to successfully host an effective and productive meeting.

    First things first: although all events are meetings, not all meetings are events and vice versa. Now, let's get down to the nitty-gritty of the situation. When people talk about events, they are almost always referring to Special Events. Special Events are occasions that can be hosted by for-profit businesses or charitable organisations.

    A hotel's image can be enhanced by serving as the location of a significant conference or event, which is especially true when the event is attended by dignitaries or other notable figures from a specific industry.

    MicDrop - Meeting Rooms Melbourne


    micdrop meeting rooms melbourne
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    1300 020 635

    Mind-expanding and heart-stirring spaces.

    MicDrop's mission is to revitalize the concept of corporate event planning by providing cutting-edge event spaces and event support services.

    No beige ballrooms here. There are no available tired conference rooms. Simply chic, well-lit spaces designed to stimulate the senses, as well as the mind and emotions.


    The newest addition to the family is shown here. Because of its proximity to the South Melbourne market, the odor of the dim sims can almost be detected. When it comes to fashion and elegance, however, it is in a league of its own.

    MicDrop South Melbourne is a creative event space with a generous 213 square metres corner location and views of the surrounding metropolis. Concrete floors, an abundance of natural light, first-rate audiovisual technology, and an atmosphere unrivaled in the city.

    Workspace365 - Meeting Rooms Melbourne


    workspace365 meeting rooms melbourne
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    1800 967 563

    Workspace365 is Australia's leading wholly-owned and managed serviced office network, as well as a corporate coworking space. Workspace365 currently offers 18 prime locations spread across Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

    Our management team has years of experience and always thinks long term. Our customers stay with us for an average of two to four years, which demonstrates that we place a high priority on meeting our customers' needs and are able to provide truly adaptable solutions.

    Our management team is led by Michael Benson (Melbourne) and Brian Challen, our Joint Chief Executive Officers (Sydney). Both have extensive experience in the service office and coworking markets and have earned a high level of respect.

    Both of our CEOs believe that our customers should have unrestricted access to our company's senior management, and implementing this philosophy is a key component of our expansion strategy in Australia.

    Our adaptable office spaces are designed to provide our customers with modern, collaborative serviced offices and coworking spaces, with a focus on networking and the growth of our customers' businesses at their own pace.

    The Cluster - Meeting Rooms Melbourne

    the cluster meeting rooms melbourne
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    03 9008 5989

    Since its inception in 2010, The Cluster has been dedicated to creating an environment in which businesses can thrive and feel connected. Creating a fruitful coworking community that challenges the status quo and offers a "new way of working" in which you are surrounded by genuine friends and connections. We create upbeat environments where we can do our best work and feel our best in everyday life. In Australia, The Cluster was a forerunner in the concept of shared office space.

    The Cluster joined the Hive family in 2021, becoming a member of Asia-largest Pacific's and most well-known boutique coworking network. This network is part of a larger family of over 20 sites spanning Australia to Japan.

    Work By Amber - Meeting Rooms Melbourne


    work by amber meetingrooms melbourne
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    03 9117 0963

    Creating a vibrant and engaging community

    In the bustling city of Preston, there is now a much-anticipated and intriguing coworking and serviced office space. Work by Amber has collaborated with regional manufacturers and suppliers to create a completely new hygienic and environmentally friendly workplace in this modern era.

    Work by Amber provides coworking space, private office space, and even a recording studio to local businesses. This motivating setting will help you work in the way that best suits your needs by incorporating design, creativity, and a positive environment into your work.

    Make your customer the protagonist of your story.

    Being willing to try new things is an essential component of creative thinking. Work By Amber provides the amenities you need to perform at your best, allowing you to maximize your productivity from the start of your membership. Make a decision that is important to both your company and your customers.

    Hub Australia - Meeting Rooms Melbourne

    hub australia meeting rooms melbourne
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    1300 482 613

    Hub is Australia's largest privately-owned flexible workspace operator, providing premium workspace solutions to help businesses and their employees enjoy coming to work. Hub is Australia's largest flexible workspace provider.

    The Leading Premium Flex Partner in Australia

    • Since its inception in 2011, Hub Australia has been recognized as Australia's coworking pioneer.
    • National network of professional, high-quality workspaces Market-leading customer service
    • The best option for businesses and property owners
    • Genuine, adaptable, and reliable local workspace partner

    Workplace Knowledge

    Hub ensures that all of its members and staff have access to safe and healthy workspaces by maintaining certified commitments to safety initiatives and the well-being of our community as well as the environment.

    • Individualized customer service
    • A strong emphasis is placed on work experience.
    • A wide range of offices, suites, desks, and flexible spaces are available.
    • Cutting-edge design, fit-out, technology, and amenities

    Ross House Association - Meeting Rooms Melbourne


    ross house association meeting rooms melbourne
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    0396 501 590

    Ross House is Melbourne's only self-managed and community-owned not-for-profit building.

    Ross House has been an important part of Melbourne, Australia's community of people concerned with social justice and the environment, since 1987. It is the only building in town that is self-managed and owned by the entire community.

    Ross House provides a space for community organizations to grow, connect, and progress. Over fifty small non-profit organizations working for environmental and social justice share office space in the five-story heritage-listed Ross House building on Flinders Lane, which is on the National Register of Historic Places. Furthermore, anyone who is interested can benefit from Ross House's reasonably priced conference room rentals and other available services.

    By using these facilities, you are helping the Melbourne campaign for social justice and environmental preservation.

    The Wurundjeri people, who have traditionally owned this land, continue to live on the land where Ross House is located.

    PULLMAN Melbourne on the Park - Meeting Rooms Melbourne


    pullman melbourne on the park meeting rooms melbourne
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    03 9419 2003

    The Pullman Melbourne on the Park is conveniently located near the city's main commercial, gastronomic, sporting, and cultural districts.

    Discover how Melbourne's culture, business, food, and sports hubs combine to make it a city of invention, and take inspiration from the city's entrepreneurs and creative minds, who are only minutes away by tram or train. Take the scenic route and clear your mind with a stroll through Fitzroy Gardens, or cross the street to the MCG, Rod Laver Arena, and Melbourne and Olympic Parks for sporting events and concerts. Take the scenic route and clear your mind with a stroll through Fitzroy Gardens.

    Do you need to connect with people and initiatives? Make yourself at home in our ground-floor connectivity lounge. It has fast Wi-Fi as well as an environment that encourages creativity. This environment has a variety of seating options as well as several connection ports for collaborative or solo endeavors. Want to do more work in private? Wireless Internet access is available throughout the hotel.

    CreativeCubes.Co - Meeting Rooms Melbourne


    creativecubes co meeting rooms melbourne
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    1300 228 233

    Because of the fast-paced nature of modern business, finding and acquiring an office in a premium location that is flexible enough to grow and shrink with the size of your company on short notice can be difficult.

    This is where CreativeCubes.Co comes in; by providing culture, workplaces, and services, we transform buildings into collaborative communities. These communities provide a platform for people from all walks of life to start and grow their businesses!

    The driving force behind everything we do is an undivided focus on each and every individual. We surround our community members with happiness and support them through four pillars (workspaces, events, wellness, and fuel) so that they can focus on the things that matter to them.

    Space&Co. - Meeting Rooms Melbourne


    space co. meeting rooms melbourne
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    1300 373 963

    Space&Co. It was founded to address the issue of a professional labor force seeking greater flexibility, and this is precisely the foundation upon which our company is built. When you make progress, we make progress, whether it's modernizing and expanding our workspaces or looking for new and innovative ways to conduct business.

    Our goal is to keep our offices customized and spacious, which is one way we differ from standard coworking spaces. We are not in the business of crowding in extra workers for profit, nor are we in the business of charging hidden fees. Our adaptable office spaces are designed to meet the needs of all types of businesses, from large corporations to sole proprietorships, and they house an influential community of business owners and executives from a wide range of industries. Our venues come to life because of the diverse people who work there, their energy, and their commitment to success.

    United Co. - Meeting Rooms Melbourne

    united co. meeting rooms melbourne
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    03 7018 8889

    Experience a better Workspace

    Innovative Shared Office Space and Coworking in Melbourne

    United Co., a shared office environment with a focus on health and fitness, is located in the heart of Melbourne. It is our goal to empower and excite individuals at work by creating inspiring environments that promote a healthy work-life balance. We bring people together, promote cooperation, actively engage our members, and provide them with the tools they need to succeed. You can save money while increasing productivity by working in the most effective way possible, thanks to a workspace that is both flexible and technologically advanced.

    Flexible Workspace

    United Company's superior office space is available to Melbourne businesses. When you use flexible alternatives, which are a beneficial alternative to traditional office leasing, you will be able to work how, when, and where is most convenient for their schedule. Members have round-the-clock access to the coworking space, flexible office space, hot desk space, shared breakout areas, meeting and conference rooms outfitted with cutting-edge technology, and virtual services to assist them while working from home.

    Novotel - Meeting Rooms Melbourne


    novotel meeting rooms melbourne
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    0396 675 808

    The first Novotel opened in 1967 in Lille Lesquin, France, and is Accor's "legacy brand." Novotel was Europe's first hotel brand to provide a high-quality, consistent, and modern hotel offering with a focus on the client. This offering was inspired by the Holiday Inn hotel chain.

    When it introduced its multi-service concept, the Novotel was years ahead of its time, including a breakfast, a private toilet, an in-room TV and telephone, air conditioning, leisure facilities, meeting rooms, and a variety of food and beverage options.


    The Novotel network grew quickly around the world; the Novotel Sydney, the brand's first flagship hotel in Australia, opened in Darling Harbour in July 1991. Novotel has seen tremendous growth in Australia since then, expanding its portfolio to 26 hotels with a total of 5,608 rooms by the end of 2013.

    Novotel is a hotel chain that is modern, well-designed, and highly efficient, and they are dedicated to catering to all types of travelers.

    Mercure Hotel - Meeting Rooms Melbourne


    mercure hotel meeting rooms melbourne
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    0393 291 789


    A peaceful North Melbourne hotel close to the CBD.

    The Mercure North Melbourne welcomes you with the best of both worlds: easy access to the city center as well as a calm refuge away from the distractions found in other CBD hotels. Our luxurious four-star hotel is more than just a place to stay; it is also a destination in its own right. Relax in tastefully renovated accommodations that are packed with thoughtful features like free Wi-Fi and luxurious pillowtop bedding.

    The Mercure North Melbourne provides a number of thoughtful amenities, as well as a convenient location and recently refurbished guest rooms, with the goal of making your stay as comfortable as possible. Stay connected to the outside world with free Wi-Fi access in your room and throughout the hotel. Take advantage of the fact that the outdoor pool is open throughout the year.

    Cliftons Venues - Meeting Rooms Melbourne


    cliftons venues meeting rooms melbourne
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    1300 479 223

    A remarkable event experience starts at Cliftons

    Cliftons is your dependable partner for global conference and event management solutions. We are a conference organizer for events of all sizes, and we are not restricted to a single venue or platform. We will work with you to find the best location for your in-person, online, or hybrid conference, whether it will have a direct or indirect physical impact on attendees.

    Creating Remarkable Experiences Since 1997

    Cliftons Venues has grown and changed over the last two decades, now offering a flexible workplace, hybrid events, event production, and other services in addition to their original offerings. Discover a fantastic corporate event experience in any of Cliftons CBD's modern venues, either virtually or by combining the two modes of participation.

    We at Clifton's are ecstatic about the opportunities that await us. Furthermore, we couldn't be more excited about the next step in our mission to provide you with unforgettable experiences.

    Victoria University - Meeting Rooms Melbourne

    victoria university makeup courses melbourne
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    03 9919 4003

    For more than a century, Victoria University (VU) has made higher education accessible to students in Melbourne's western suburbs and beyond.

    VU is one of only six Australian universities that offers instruction at both the Technical and Further Education (TAFE) and higher education levels. You can start your education at any time, from certificates to diplomas, degrees, and postgraduate courses; you can also switch between courses to achieve your goals, no matter where you start.

    Our adaptable learning and teaching style contributes to the success of our strategic plan.

    One of our primary goals for the future is to continue our tradition of producing beneficial outcomes for the fields of education and industry, as well as for our community.

    Treacy Centre - Meeting Rooms Melbourne


    treacy centre meeting rooms melbourne
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    03 8359 0103

    Premier Function and Event Centre in Melbourne

    We would like to extend a warm welcome to the Treacy Centre, which is housed in an exquisite Victorian mansion and gardens in the lovely area surrounding Melbourne's Royal Park. The Treacy Centre in Melbourne is ideal for special events and business conferences, and it is only three minutes from the central business district.

    Your event at Treacy Centre will be flawlessly coordinated by our experienced event organizers, ensuring that it will be memorable for all of the right reasons. If you have any questions for our staff, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to or calling us at 03 8359 0101.

    We look forward to assisting you in the planning of a fantastic event.

    Waterman - Meeting Rooms Melbourne

    waterman meeting rooms melbourne
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    1800 312 593

    We are a provider of premium flexible workspaces in Melbourne, Australia.

    Since opening our first location in July 2016, we have provided 14,000 square metres of flexible workspace across three different locations. These include the multi-award-winning Caribbean Business Park in Scoresby and Chadstone, Australia's largest shopping mall. The construction of brand-new business centers has recently begun, and more are planned.

    Our goal is to create productive workplace environments that are conducive to the company's growth. We intend to achieve this by focusing on the development of large functional spaces, the formation of collaborative communities, and the provision of relevant support services to businesses of all sizes, from micro to macro.

    Meeting Rooms Hire Melbourne

    Meeting rooms allow you to meet with potential clients, business partners, employees, or interviewees in designated areas. Because of the variety of dimensions, layouts, features, and functions, you can choose the room that best meets your needs.

    You can hold your next workshop, training day, or client pitch in one of our meeting rooms, board rooms, or training centers, all of which are elegantly designed.

    The Savoy Hotel on Little Collins - Meeting Rooms Melbourne


    the savoy hotel on little collins meeting rooms melbourne
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    03 9622 8889

    The Savoy Hotel on Little Collins Melbourne

    The Savoy Hotel on Little Collins Street offers guests an ageless and exquisite haven to escape. Because this hotel is in the heart of Melbourne, you won't have to travel far to enjoy everything this vibrant city has to offer. Throughout its rich and eventful history, the Savoy Hotel on Little Collins has hosted a number of renowned people and guests from all over the world. Many of Australia's most accomplished people began their careers in its immediate vicinity.

    As soon as you step inside, you will be captivated by the hotel's allure, and the stories it has to tell will inspire and motivate you. The structure was built in 1866 and is now well into its second century. Because it is authentically styled and blends current design with its Art Deco origins, the hotel is intriguing in its distinct character and charm. Warm woods, mirrors, and brass accents, complemented by plush sofas and armchairs, give the lobby's elegant design a welcoming and distinguished sense of arrival.

    Central House - Meeting Rooms Melbourne


    central house meeting rooms melbourne
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    1300 886 779

    Central House was founded by APSO and The Commons, two of the most successful companies in the flexible office space market. Both groups collaborated to create an innovative, adaptable work environment suitable for businesses of all sizes. The Central House can provide assistance to businesses at any stage of development. There are options available for any business, no matter how large or small, whether it employs one or fifty people.

    With nine locations in Melbourne, Adelaide, and Brisbane, APSO is a seasoned player in the serviced office industry with a wealth of relevant knowledge. The Deague Group's decision to provide this premium level of flexible workplace in the newly completed 101 MORAY building, which is owned and managed by the Deague Group, was a logical next step.

    The Commons is a market leader in collaborative and flexible office space. They now have five locations in and around Melbourne and Sydney, including a brand new Melbourne location in Cremorne.

    Mantra - Meeting Rooms Melbourne


    mantra meeting rooms melbourne
    Screenshot taken from

    07 5665 4417

    Mantra Hotels, Resorts & Apartments

    Everyone can find a place to live in Mantra. Mantra is a place where you can always find a friendly smile, a refreshing escape, and a cozy spot to enjoy the simple pleasures that life has to offer. It is also the birthplace of the famous Australian holiday.

    When traveling for business or pleasure, Mantra's extensive selection of hotels, resorts, and apartments throughout Australia and New Zealand provides the ideal place to stay.

    The Mantra brand has a diverse portfolio of properties on the world-famous Gold Coast, including several Surfers Paradise accommodation icons. Another popular destination for those looking to get away from it all is Mooloolaba, which is home to the chic Mooloolaba accommodations provided by Mantra, which are perched high above the breathtaking stretch of coastline.

    Quest Apartment Hotels - Meeting Rooms Melbourne


    quest apartment hotels meeting rooms melbourne
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    1800 334 034

    Quest Apartment Hotels is a member of The Ascott Limited, which operates the world's largest network of serviced apartments. Quest has been in business for 33 years and has established 170 locations throughout Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Fiji.

    These locations are classified into three types: metropolitan, regional, and suburban. These contemporary areas have been thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of Quest's primary target audience, which is the modern business traveler. Quest strives to make business travel as easy as possible.

    Quest hotels are owned and operated independently by enthusiastic local business owners who have a financial stake in the company. This type of ownership is known as "skin in the game." Quest has established itself as a trustworthy partner for its most important stakeholders as a result of the unwavering dedication of these hardworking professionals to the sustained growth of their various companies.

    Apso - Meeting Rooms Melbourne


    apso meeting rooms melbourne
    Screenshot taken from

    1300 211 743

    APSO (Asian Pacific Serviced Offices) is Australia's most inspiring serviced office specialist.

    Our premier business addresses in Melbourne, Adelaide, and Brisbane are easily accessible by car or public transportation, and we offer fully furnished office space, virtual offices, and meeting rooms in all three cities.

    Turn the key to your fully furnished office, which comes with a variety of flexible lease terms and an all-inclusive price tag, and you can immediately begin using the space, which features inspiring workstations for one to fifteen people.

    Our welcoming team is on-site to assist with all of your administrative needs and to greet your customers with a friendly, smiling face whenever they visit your business. Our goal is to assist your company at all stages of its growth as a business.

    Our well-staffed business centers provide meeting rooms, secretarial services, phone answering, and a variety of other onsite business services to all of our customers. All of our customers have access to these services.

    Rendezvous Hotel Melbourne - Meeting Rooms Melbourne


    rendezvous hotel melbourne meeting rooms melbourne
    Screenshot taken from

    03 9250 1889

    The Rendezvous Hotel in Melbourne is widely regarded as one of Australia's best historic hotels. This Melbourne city centre hotel has an excellent location in the heart of the central business district, making it ideal for both business and leisure. It is located on Flinders Street, only three minutes' walk from Flinders Street Station, and overlooks the beautiful Yarra River.

    Meetings & event spaces

    This heritage-designated hotel retains much of the allure and melancholy of bygone eras while embracing a refined air.

    The hotel is located in the heart of the CBD and offers eleven meeting and event spaces that are unique, flexible, and stunning in their heritage elements. It spans over 1100 square metres across two levels and can accommodate any type of event. We handle everything from large business conferences and elaborate galas to more intimate get-togethers and low-key corporate events.

    Victory Offices - Meeting Rooms Melbourne


    victory offices meeting rooms melbourne
    Screenshot taken from

    1300 788 293

    Victory Offices serves as an incubator for company growth for our members by providing them with one-of-a-kind locations, lounges, and opportunities to help their businesses prepare for the future. We are industry leaders, and we continue to set the bar for adaptable and environmentally friendly office space solutions. We prioritize creating an experience, providing value to customers, and building a profitable and sustainable business for the future.

    Victory Offices has experienced tremendous growth since its inception in 2014. We have received numerous awards over the course of our journey in recognition of our outstanding achievements in both service and innovation. Furthermore, we are pleased to announce that our company is now publicly traded on the Australian Securities Exchange. This demonstrates our commitment to providing opportunities that will lead to success and growth.

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