Top 30 Best Melbourne Airport Parking (2022)

Are you planning a trip to Melbourne? If you're flying in or out of the city's airport, your best option for Parking is with Melbourne Airport Parking. With over 3,000 spaces available and an on-site shuttle service that will take you straight to the terminal door, it's never been easier or more convenient to park at Melbourne Airport.

If you are travelling, be sure to find an affordable parking option before you arrive. There are a plethora of parking options available at many different price points and locations near the Airport. To help with your decision-making process, we have compiled this list of 30+ top Melbourne airport parking providers that offer competitive prices on their services.

For safe and affordable airport parking, we've got you covered. We offer the best deals at Melbourne Airport Parking. Whether it's private or shared, we have your needs covered. Don't wait to book!

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    Ultimate List Best Melbourne Airport Parking

    Jetaway Melbourne Airport Parking

    jetaway airport parking

    03 9334 2048

    Jetaway Airport Parking is conveniently located in Tullamarine, less than 5kms from Melbourne Airport. They are a well-established business that provides an efficient, personalised, and friendly service, all at a competitive price.

    Both short term and long term parking is available for all travel occasions and are open 24/7 for your convenience. The shuttle bus is free and runs on demand to ensure you get to the Airport and back promptly. The premises also have CCTV, floodlights and a locked gate to give you peace of mind.

    Our Offerings 

    • Value For Money 
    • Loyalty Program
    • Free Shuttle 
    • Always Open 
    • Safe And Secure 
    • Valet Service

    Parking Port - Melbourne Airport Parking

    parking port

    03 9310 5536

    This airport car park has received the WOMO service award four years in a row (2015-2018). It offers both short term and long term parking for all types of vehicles. They don’t have height restrictions for trucks! For your transport needs, Parking Port has a courtesy shuttle service that is completely free.

    Truck Parking Services

    Parking Port provides a variety of services to suit all your parking needs. Whether you’re looking for the best value long term airport parking in Melbourne or just somewhere handy to park for the day, we’re here to help.

    • Tullamarine Airport short term and long term parking
    • Long term vehicle storage of all sizes
    • Truck parking and motorhome parking (no height restriction)
    • Fully secured Parking with security fences, regular surveillance etc.
    • Courtesy shuttle service to and from the Airport
    • Online and phone bookings (also required for short term parking)
    • Keyless bays (take your keys with you, $10 Fee)

    Ace Melbourne Airport Parking

    ace airport parking

    03 9330 2001

    Probably one of Tullamarine’s most popular parking services, Ace Airport Parking has all the advantages of Tullamarine’s Airport parking, minus the high costs. Having won the WOMO service award every year since 2012, it’s easy to see why we included it at the top of our list. Let’s delve deeper, though, and see what makes Ace Parking a great option.

    Firstly, Ace Parking gives you many options suiting both your budget and your needs. For around thirty dollars, you can access outdoor self-parking. For thirty-seven dollars, you may access undercover Parking, and for forty-five dollars, you get undercover valet parking. Shuttle services are also offered.

    Security is also really good as the premises has 120 Cctv’s and monitoring is done 24/7.


    • Melbourne Airport Self Parking
    • Short Term Parking
    • Long Term Parking
    • Car Rental
    • Valet Parking

    Airport Parking FAQs

    While there are plenty of airport parking lots that are safe as houses and well-guarded, it’s still a great idea to take a few precautions to make sure of your car’s safety. 

    • Don’t leave anything in your car that could tempt a thief to try to break into your car. That includes any electronic equipment, chargers, sports gear, or even loose change.  
    • If your parking lot allows you to choose your spot, always choose a well-lit area as close to the gate/exit or elevators/stairways as possible. 
    • Similarly, choose a spot where your car is clearly within sight of a surveillance camera. This can be a deterrent to would-be thieves.  
    • If you can afford it, invest in anti-theft gear like steering wheel locks and gas tank locks.  
    • Make sure not to leave your parking ticket or travel itinerary in a very visible part of your car. This will let anyone looking into your car know exactly how long you will be gone.  
    • Make sure you lock all your doors when you leave. It does sound rather obvious, but quite often, when you’re rushing to catch your flight, you may end up forgetting to lock up!  

    The next time you’re flying, make sure you book your spot at a short-term or long-term airport parking lot that can keep your car safe. That way, you’ll have peace of mind while you’re away. 

    One of the most common dilemmas of travellers is where to park their cars while they are away. Some travellers may be gone for only a couple of days, while others may be away for months at a time. 

    Regardless of how long you plan to be away from home, thinking of where to leave your car parked is often mind-boggling.

    But did you know that you actually can leave your car parked at the airport for a week, or even for months at a time?

    So yes, you definitely can because most airports offer long-term parking to cater to the needs of travellers.

    Arriving early shouldn't be a problem in most cases but bear in mind you may only be permitted to access the car park up to 2 hours earlier than planned. If your early arrival takes you into the previous 24-hour period, you will be charged an extra day's parking.

    Some lots are gated, guarded, well-lit, have 24/7 security and camera surveillance. If you choose to park at such a lot, your car will be far more secure than if it was in a garage that’s open to the public. 

    On the other hand, you also have lots that do not offer much security but are way cheaper than the other lots. The safety of your car in an offsite airport parking lot will ultimately depend on the type of lot you choose. 

    Since you definitely can leave your car parked at the airport, the next question would be how much would it cost you. That depends on how long you intend to leave your car there. 

    A couple of days to a few weeks is usually considered short-term parking while leaving your car parked for months is already considered long-term vehicle storage. 

    While most airports do offer long-term parking, it may not be the best option for you in terms of costs. Thereby, check out some off-airport parking lots that are usually half the price compared to airport parking.

    Andrews Melbourne Airport Parking

    andrews airport

    03 9334 5777

    One of the largest, if not the largest, airport parking service provider, Andrews Airport Parking is yet another alternative to Melbourne Airport’s in-house Parking. It’s popular too, as it has a rating of 4.5/5 on Facebook, drawing from reviews of close to a thousand customers.

    This car parking service offers outdoor, undercover and valet parking, carwash services, jump start services drop off and collection. It’s important to note that according to their site, drop off and collection services come at a one-way fee of $55 or a return fee of $110.


    Andrew’s Airport Parking’s mission is to develop and maintain the best team possible, who commit to consistently deliver excellent service to our customers at value for money prices.

    Pink Elephant Melbourne Airport Parking

    pink elephant

    03 9338 3513

    Reevo gives Pink Elephant a rating of 94 %, drawing close to fifty thousand customer reviews! With a rating like that, we’d be fools not to include it on this list. To qualify for such a high rating, let's take a look at what they offer.

    As indicated above, their one-day parking rate is twenty-four dollars. In general, though, long term parking is comparatively cheaper than Their parking services, including the classic outdoor and indoor Parking. Extras include an on-demand free shuttle and a car detailing service.

    Pink Elephant Airport Parking Offers A Wide Variety Of Services Including: 

    • Cheap Melbourne Airport parking
    • Indoor and Outdoor Parking
    • On-Demand Courtesy Shuttle Service
    • Automotive Detailing Service
    • Auto Care Servicing and Mechanical Repairs
    • New Car Warranty Service
    • Vehicle Handbook Servicing
    • Road Worthy Certificate

    JetPort Melbourne Airport Parking

    jetport airport parking

    03 9999 2626

    Claiming to be the “hotel for your car”, JetPort Parking also makes this list for several reasons. Firstly, their pricing is competitive at fifty dollars for three days. Included in the price is a free shuttle service powered by 13 shuttle buses that run 24/7. Mind you. The shuttle service is child-friendly too.

    Beyond that, this car park also offers free wifi at their waiting lounge, a dedicated motorbike parking space complete with lockers for the gear. With the kind of amenities JetPort offers, few parking services could be as hassle-free as this car park.

    Car Servicing

    • Log Book Service
    • Essential Service
    • Essential Service Plus
    • European Essential Service
    • European Essential Service plus
    • Wiper blade replacement
    • Air conditioning, sanitisation and rejuvenation
    • One year nationwide roadside assist

    A1 Melbourne Airport Parking

    a1 airport parking

    03 9330 4442

    Although this airport car park doesn’t have indoor Parking, it makes up for it with their great rates and a shade cloth cover at a cost. A1 Airport Parking also has twenty-four-hour access as well as a free shuttle service. Luggage assistance is also complimentary, and at a small fee, the staff will clean your car, keeping it in good condition until your return.


    • 24-hour access
    • 24-hour Security
    • Free Shuttle Service
    • Valet parking
    • Luggage assistance
    • Covered Parking
    • Car Wash

    Easy Melbourne Airport Parking

    easy airport parking

    1300 013 435 

    Easy Airport parking is one of Tullamarine’s first airport car parks. It has been in operation for over 20 years! Located just a few minutes away from the Airport, this is a truly easy and hassle-free airport parking option. Moreover, Easy Parking is open every single day of the week throughout the year.

    The parking service offers an on-demand shuttle service for your convenience, as well as car servicing at a fee.


    We offer a full range of internal and external hand car wash, vacuum and detailing options for our customers. Our hand car wash services start from just $20. Would you mind speaking to our check-in staff to organise your wash of choice?


    We have Secure Indoor and Secure Outdoor Parking to suit all budgets.


    The best time to get your car serviced is when you are not using it. Come back to a serviced or repaired car. Our mechanics are all licensed and approved. Need panel beating or body repairs? We can arrange it for you as well.

    Corporate Smart park - Melbourne Airport Parking

    corporate smart park

    03 9330 2302

    Our company is based on the belief that our customer's needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

    Our proud history goes back some 35 years when air travel was still a rarity for the general public. Most of our customers were corporate flyers expecting a very high level of service and fast Airport transfers. Ultimately their time was precious.

    Over the years, we worked hard at establishing our reputation with many loyal customers, based on the main premise that we would never buy or lease open land to compete with many of our competitors. We always resisted the temptation of charging undercover parking rates, then just parking cars in the open. This has been the underlying reason why we have gained the trust of our loyal customers. These frequent flyers expect to get what they pay for, and we aim to give them just that.

    We are proud to say we have never had to advertise or give away commissions to attract customers. Word of mouth has served us well and created the company we are today.

    We hope you will join our family of happy long term customers.

    Our Service

    At Corporate Smart park, you don't have to do a thing. Just drive into our reception area. We will book your vehicle for you, give you a receipt and off you go. We will ask you for the earliest return date, but you can change that by a simple phone call.

    Coming back later because of flight delays or business meetings is not a problem either. Just give us a call when you know your new flight details, and we will be ready awaiting your call for pickup.

    We understand you have more important things on your mind than to concern yourself with parking your car. Leave that to us.

    Alpha Melbourne Airport Parking

    alpha airport parking

    1300 661 242

    Alpha Airport Parking is part of the Alpha Group of Companies. We have Airport Parking facilities in Brisbane, Melbourne and the Gold Coast. We pride ourselves on great customer service and competitive rates on all four of our products – Airport Parking, Car Cleaning, Car Hire and Car Finance.


    • Car Detailing
    • Free Shuttle Service
    • Secure Parking
    • Indoor and Outdoor Parking

    Why Choose Alpha Airport Parking?

    Parking with Alpha is one of the cheapest and most secure options for your upcoming trip. 

    Our locations are close to Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne airports.

    Alpha Airport Parking provides both undercover and outdoor parking options, with quick and 

    convenient shuttles are running to and from the Airport.

    Discount Melbourne Airport Parking

    discount airport parking

    03 9335 6784

    Cheap discounted Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine), Cheap airport discount parking, highly secure while still promoting a cheap rate, proximity to Melbourne Airport. Long term and short term airport parking.

    Let's face it, when you are lying on the deck chair smothered in the sunshine, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your car is SAFE or whether it is being damaged or broken into by persons unknown.

    We guarantee your car will be parked on our secure premises and that your car will be returned to you in the same condition as when you left it with us.

    We guarantee speedy transfer to and from the airport because our staff to customer ratio is easily the best in this business, allowing us to be equal to, or faster than, most of our competitors.

    * High-Security Outdoor Parking Available *

    Due to the recent increase in crime in our fair city, we have installed a 'state-of-the-art security system throughout our premises.

    All Outdoor vehicles are parked in a fully electrified fenced yard with RF beams and CCTV cameras. This system is monitored 24/7 by not only our staff but also an external 3rd party to ensure double the number of eyes protecting your vehicle.

    All vehicle keys are kept in a locked and alarmed key room, also monitored 24/7.

    "The Cheapest Undercover Airport Parking In Melbourne"

    From time to time, we offer special rates to our customers for both undercover and outdoor Parking. While these rates may be cheaper, you still get the same quality service and attention you always get when using our facilities.

    We welcome the opportunity to deliver you the best service in the industry.



    Goodyear Melbourne Airport Parking

    goodyear airport parking

    03 3531 5455

    Were we looking for an affordable solution for short and long term parking while at Melbourne Airport? Here at Goodyear Airport Parking, we supply secure car parking for customers using Melbourne Airport at an affordable price as well as quick transfers. We pride ourselves on our excellent personal service that ensures the satisfaction and convenience of every customer.

    No more waiting for taxis, no more expensive car parking fees and no more queuing for a bus to take you to the long term parking at Melbourne Airport – our service is quick, easy and affordable.

    Why leave your expensive car parked outside when you can have it safely parked undercover in our garage? When you are making the trip to Melbourne Airport, undercover Parking offers convenience and peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is being looked after. We’ll get you to your flight quickly and garage your car in a secure, alarmed, and video monitored factory.

    Whether you need our services for an extended period or intend on Parking at Tullamarine for the short term, we can easily cater to your needs.

    Just phone us on your return, and we'll pick you up and bring you back. We’ll have your car waiting for you. It’s that easy!

    Best of all, it won’t cost you a fortune. Check our car park prices – it's cheaper than you think! This offers great value when it comes to Melbourne Airport off-site undercover parking, and you’ll even get a 10% discount for booking online.

    We accept bookings for departures and arrivals 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so no matter what time your flight leaves or arrives back, we'll be there for you.

    All cars are parked in locked, alarmed, and CCTV monitored factories for your peace of mind.

    Please make a booking today to take advantage of our convenient service. You can now view and update your booking details with us online through this site.


    • Undercover Parking Only
    • CCTV and alarm monitored factories
    • Book Now, Pay Later
    • No Credit Card Required
    • Only 5 mins. to Melbourne Airport
    • Pick up within minutes
    • All flight times catered for - 24-hour service.
    • Short term or Long term Parking
    • Perfect for the business traveller or that holiday!

    Melrose Melbourne Airport Parking

    melrose airport parking

    9535 3625

    Melrose Airport Parking provides short term and long term parking for those travelling from Melbourne Airport. We are a family-owned and operated business that has been operating since 1994.

    We have a close-knit group of employees who work hard to ensure we give the customer the best possible service. We have a great location on Melrose Drive, just off the Western Ring Road and Tullamarine Freeway, allowing easy access to and from the car park. We are the closest car park to the Airport and pride ourselves on our prompt service and excellent relationships with customers.

    Many of the people that walk through our doors are not just customers but have become friends of Melrose and the staff. We not only see holiday travellers, but we look after some of Victoria's biggest and best sporting clubs and businesses. We hope to strengthen these relationships and look forward to creating new ones.

    Over the years, we have taken on board many additional services that we offer. We’re always striving to build on our services and improve on the existing ones because we understand that as the lifestyle and travel needs of our customers change, Melrose Airport Parking adjusts accordingly. This commitment ensures that we remain relevant to the customer and that we are ever-evolving as a business.

     What We Offer

    • Personalised, Prompt valet service
    • Short term and long term parking
    • Safe and Secure Parking, 24/7
    • On-demand shuttle service to Melbourne Airport
    • Luggage assistance
    • Car wash packages
    • Vehicle services and repairs
    • Corporate travel

    United Melbourne Airport Parking

    united airport parking

    03 9335 5736

    United Airport Parking offers the best car parking facilities near Melbourne Airport at the most competitive prices. From our security camera surveillance to our licence plate recognition technology, we are proud of the cutting edge systems we have incorporated into our Melbourne airport parking facility to ensure your vehicle is in safe hands during your trip. 

    United Airport Parking was one of the first car parking facilities in Melbourne to be built near Tullamarine Airport. It had been providing the Park & Fly service with cheaper airport parking options for travellers to and from Melbourne since 1991.

    Browse our website for more details on our secure multi-level car park near Tullamarine Airport and get a quick quote with our simple to use rate calculator. You can then book your Tullamarine airport parking online in less than a minute with our online booking form to secure your parking spot.

    At United Airport Parking Melbourne, we look forward to making your journey easier.

    Our Park & Fly Service

    Our Car Park Facility

    • United Airport Parking’s Park & Fly facility is a multi-level, well-built, modern, clean & illuminated car park.
    • Every floor has been colour-coded to ensure you can easily find your car.
    • All four levels of parking bays are undercover except for those on the rooftop.
    • We have implemented licence plate recognition technology for secure entry and exit.
    • Proximity to Melbourne airport – Our parking facility is located on adjoining Airport land in Tullamarine and is only a few minutes drive away from the terminal.
    • Securely monitored 24 hours /7 days a week.
    • Friendly staff are always on-site for your assistance and convenience.

    Our Courtesy Transfers

    • Courtesy shuttle buses run 24/7 – 365 days a year.
    • Shuttle buses run at regular intervals, so you don’t have to wait long for transfers.
    • Our shuttle buses are bright blue and yellow, making them easily identifiable.
    • All shuttle buses are fitted with onboard security cameras.
    • All shuttle buses are cleaned daily and well maintained with annual roadworthy safety certificates for your comfort and peace of mind.
    • All shuttles are fitted with a GPS tracking system to provide a safe and efficient service.
    • Only a short drive to the Melbourne Airport terminals

    Our Points Of Difference

    • Wide driving lanes and spacious car spots, making parking a breeze
    • The total lock-up facility, so you can park your vehicle and hang onto your keys for total peace of mind.
    • Easy to use payment options – pay for your airport parking at the end of your trip. We accept all major Credit cards.
    • Dedicated disabled spots are available next to the shuttle bus area on the ground floor.
    • Generous 2.4-metre height clearance in our car park
    • Baggage trolleys available for moving luggage to and from your car
    • Corporate and frequent traveller rates and accounts are available.

    Parkos - Melbourne Airport Parking


    03 3514 5215 

    Are you looking for affordable car parking at one of the regional airports in Australia? Parkos compares airport car parks which offer short term and long term parking. 

    You can find us at Melbourne Airport, Perth Airport, Sydney Airport and many more. You'll find a complete overview of all of our independent car parks near these airports in Australia. 

    You'll find lots of information about their services and rates. Park your car with no fuss at the best rate in the regional or international Airport you've selected and make big savings on your parking costs.

    In addition, we offer an overview of all parking providers and their services such as valet or shuttle parking, indoor Parking, payment methods and location. Park your car without any moments of stress at each Airport with a pre-booked safe location for long term parking at Europe's leading online comparison site for parking providers at or nearby airports. 

    We offer an extensive overview of reviews of the parking providers. Only customers can write a review, making them 100% genuine. This enables you to choose the best parking place, which contributes to stress-free travel.

    Want affordable and safe Parking? You're in the right place!

    Why you should use Parkos

    • All of the car parks we list are personally inspected.
    • We guarantee the lowest price.
    • Changing or cancelling your booking is free.

    Absolutely - Melbourne Airport Parking


    03 4014 9954

    Offering over 1000 parking Bays with good old fashioned service, Absolutely Airport Parking is the place to entrust your Vehicle! Offering certainty on your shuttle transfers, you can plan your time and full security for your asset while you are away with CCTV and a 24-hour staff. You can enjoy your Holiday or other trips with Peace of mind.

    Park with confidence

    Our team will make sure that your parking experience with us is hassle-free and convenient.

    Protection for your car

    Did you know that Melbourne airport is one of the five worst spots around Melbourne for car theft? By Parking with us, you are protecting your car from theft damage and keeping it safe during your trip away.


    With Valet Parking, you just drive up and leave us your keys. We will make sure your car is parked in the bay reserved for you, whether indoors or outdoors. Our shuttle bus takes all the hassle out of negotiating airport traffic conditions and the ever-changing lanes. You just jump on and jump off, Absolutely simple!

    $$$ Savings passed on to you

    We know that when you plan your trip, the last thing you are thinking about is Parking, that's why we offer great service and low rates to ensure that your Parking is not only smart, it is cost-effective, leaving you with more $$$ to spend on your trip.


    Plane delayed? Want to stay another day or week? No problem, at absolutely Parking, we can accommodate your request to ensure that the last thing you need to worry about is your vehicle and your Parking!

    Busy Beaver Melbourne Airport Parking

    busy beaver

    03 9335 2567

    Busy Beaver Airport Parking is conveniently located just off Melbourne’s new entrance to the Airport, Airport Drive.

    Since 2011 Busy Beaver Airport Parking has offered secure undercover and outdoor Parking with complimentary shuttle transfers to and from Melbourne Airport. We pride ourselves on being a friendly and vibrant team, ensuring your travels start in the best possible fashion. 

    Whether you travel for business, pleasure or are in FIFO and Mining industries, The Beaver can offer you a Perfect airport parking solution.

    Taking advantage of the great value for money at Busy Beaver Airport Parking is so easy.

    Book online or over the phone and arrive at 16 Tullamarine Park Road, Tullamarine, 45 minutes before you want to arrive at Melbourne Airport. Our friendly and experienced customer service officers, bus drivers and yard staff take care of the rest.

    You and your luggage will swiftly move to a courtesy shuttle, operating on-demand, that transfers you to Melbourne Airport. The drop and collection zone is central to all terminals. 

    Meanwhile, your vehicle is valet parked in secure areas of our facility, with no public access. 

    Enjoy your travels, knowing that in return, you can either use our mobile phone pick up function or call Busy Beaver to have our courtesy shuttle collect and return you to your vehicle, ready and waiting for you to drive away.

    Busy Beaver is staffed, open and provides shuttle service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our premises are secured with comprehensive CCTV network surveillance. Our shuttle buses carry baby capsules and booster seats for our youngest customers. We have jumper cables on-site for those unavoidable flat batteries. If your travel plans change either before or during your time away, amendments to your booking are without penalty. All of this is standard service at Busy Beaver Airport Parking.

    Melbourne Airport Parking Services

    At Busy Beaver Airport Parking, we offer a range of services that come standard when you book any type of airport parking with us and also a range of extra options that will mean your car is in better condition when you return from travel than when you left it.

    Airport Parking Open 24/7

    We are open 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days of the year to ensure that no matter when you fly, we’re there for you to drop off or pick up your vehicle.

    Strong Vehicle Security

    You take pride in your car, and we do too. While travelling, it’s important to know that it will be kept safe from the general public, incidents, and the elements. Trust Busy Beaver to look after your vehicle while you’re away.

    Free Airport Parking Shuttle Bus Service

    Avoid the crowds, the stress of train and bus delays, lugging your luggage around and smelly taxis or other private car services with our free shuttle service! We offer up to five shuttle buses in continuous operation to ensure quick airport pick-up and drop-off.

    Car Cleaning

    We offer a broad range of optional car cleaning services that will ensure that you come back to an immaculate, showroom condition car. Choose from an outside clean, indoor clean or go all out with our Deluxe Clean!

    Car Servicing

    Ran out of time to get that headlight fixed, or been meaning to book your car in for a service before you go away? When you choose Busy Beaver for Airport Parking in Melbourne, you have the option to book mandatory servicing or additional repairs from fully qualified, expert mechanics.

    Sydney Melbourne Airport Parking

    sydney aiport

    03 3657 4677

    As an airport with a huge amount of traffic running through it every year, Sydney Airport offers ample Parking throughout its three terminals. It offers separate car parks for domestic and international passengers, as well as valet parking options at T1 and T2. Historically there has been a shortage of off-airport parking facilities. Still, in 2018, two brand new multi-deck near-airport car parks were opened, changing the airport parking landscape in Sydney and providing great quality, competitive options for customers on different budgets.

    Long term parking Sydney airport

    Like P1 and P2, the P3 car park offers normal stays between 0-30 minutes and 3-24 hours. However, the set charge for each additional day is much less than it would be in P1 and P2. For this reason, P3 is the better option for domestic passengers who wish to leave their car at the airport for an extended period. It takes around eight minutes to walk from P3 to either domestic terminal.

    The Blu Emu Car Park is the budget parking option for domestic passengers wishing to leave their cars at the Airport for one day or more. A free shuttle bus takes you from The Blu Emu Car Park to the Domestic terminals in about 15 minutes.

    Valet parking Sydney Airport

    You’ll find a valet service on Level 3 of P1 and P2. There is also a drive-up valet service on the departures roadway of Terminal 2. The standard valet services allow you to drive up, leave your car with an attendant and head straight to the check-in desk.

    Virgin Australia offers a premium-class valet service outside its business lounge in Terminal 2, exclusive to its ‘Velocity Gold’ and 'Velocity Platinum’ customers.

    Sydney International airport parking

    The large International car parks are just opposite Terminal 1 (T1). P7 is a multi-storey car park with clever lighting that makes it quick and easy to find your parking bay. Normal rates are charged in P7 for anywhere between 0-15 minutes and 3-24 hours, and you will incur a set premium charge for each day your car sits in P7 beyond these 24 hours. The first 15 minutes in P7 are free, making it great for picking up or dropping off.

    Ballina Byron Gateway Melbourne Airport Parking

    ballina byron

    02 6681 0555

    The Airport carpark is currently undergoing an upgrade. An additional 100 car parking spaces will be provided as part of this upgrade project. The airport carpark upgrade is expected to be completed in December 2021 (weather and site conditions permitting).

    Passengers and staff are encouraged to arrive at the airport earlier to avoid inconveniencing traffic delays and parking changes. 

    The following traffic and parking arrangements are now in place:

    • The short term car park is now closed to the public.
    • Public Parking is temporarily located in the long term carpark.
    • The passenger drop-off zone has been moved to the shuttle bus parking area. 
    • All taxis, buses and rideshare vehicles need to use the area currently marked ‘Taxi Rank’ to drop off and pick up passengers.

    Car Parking Information

    Car parking at Ballina Byron Gateway Airport is conveniently located at the front of the terminal building. As part of our ongoing commitment to improving facilities for our guests, the Long Stay Car Park is fenced and now includes underground spaces.

    Both Short Stay and Long Stay parking areas are only a short stroll from the terminal.

    Car Parking Rates

    2 hours – $2.00

    Day – $8.00 (day of issue only)

    Overnight – $14.00 (per night, expiring midnight the next eve. Example: park at 7 am on Friday and return at 5 pm on Sunday, two nights x $14 = $28) The Parking Machines will calculate the amount due. Please follow the instructions on the machine.

    Gold Coast Melbourne Airport Parking

    gold coast airport

    617 5589 3525

    As the closest Airport to one of Australia’s most iconic holiday hotspots, visitors at Gold Coast Airport are well-served by a wide range of on- and off-site parking options. Wherever you’re going, however long you’re away for and whatever your budget might be

    Parking & Transport

    • Gold Coast Airport Parking
    • Ground Transport
    • Gold Coast Car Hire
    • Pick Up & Drop Off

    Adelaide Melbourne Airport Parking

    adelaide airport

    61 8 8308 3452

    Use this section to learn more about Adelaide Airport Limited as an organisation. Here you will find information about our policies and history, as well details you might require for accessing specific parts of the Airport if you are a partner.

    Adelaide Airport Parking Cost

    These are our cheapest prices based on the daily price when staying for a week in a month. To get prices accurate for you, use the search box above to compare prices for your parking dates.

    Terminal car park (short- and mid-stay)

    ADL’s Terminal Car Park provides premium Parking closest to the main terminal building and has the bonus of being secure and covered. There is a sheltered walkway between this car park and check-in, making it particularly convenient for those dropping off or picking up friends or passengers travelling with children.

    The Terminal Car Park offers parking rates starting at 0-30 minutes and increasing in hourly increments up to 34 to 48 hours. Any parking beyond 48 hours incurs a set daily charge.

    This car park features 24 dedicated spaces (six on each level) for vehicles displaying a disability parking permit, and their locations are signposted by blue parking guidance lights. Lifts are situated immediately adjacent to the spaces for ease of access.

    Long-stay Parking

    The long-term car park at Adelaide Airport takes less than 10 minutes to reach on foot from the terminal, but bus transfers are available. The free shuttle bus service operates every 20 minutes, commencing at 4.30 am from the car park. The last departure is 11.20 pm from the terminal.

    This car park offers good value parking for longer periods, with rates for stays of one to seven days, so it is perfect for those wanting to leave their vehicle while on a family holiday or lengthy trip. Stays of longer than seven days incur a set daily charge, but this is typically cheaper than the daily rate in the Terminal Car Park.

    Priority parking is available adjacent to the entry/exit area of the long-term car park, and you can use to find great deals on park and ride services located close to Adelaide Airport.

    Pick-up and drop-off

    The Adelaide Airport pick-up and drop-off zone are conveniently located near the entrance to the Airport on Sir Richard Williams Avenue. Ground transport staff in this area will direct you to the nearest parking space. If you only park here to pick up or drop off passengers, you are only permitted to stop in the far-left lane.

    Canberra Melbourne Airport Parking


    61 2 6275 3523

    Canberra Airport’s goal is a simple but ambitious one – to be the best small Airport in the world.

    With a stunning, modern terminal, thriving business precincts, and daily international flights, Canberra’s world-class Airport is well on the way to achieving this goal.

    Canberra Airport is managed by Capital Airport Group Pty. Ltd (CAG), which purchased the Airport from the Commonwealth Government in May 1998.

    Formed initially by Canberra businessman Terry Snow and his son, Stephen Byron, the Capital Airport Group’s background was developing quality commercial properties in Canberra and Sydney.

    From a small airport surrounded by sheep paddocks, CAG has transformed Canberra Airport into a thriving precinct. Today it comprises the terminal, Fairbairn RAAF base, Brindabella Business Park and Majura Park, which includes Majura Park Shopping Centre, home to Australia’s largest Woolworths and Canberra’s only Costco.

    CAG is also responsible for Canberra’s most remarkable new suburb – Denman Prospect and Constitution Place, a $300 million development in the heart of Canberra City.

    Canberra Airport boasts several award-winning buildings, including the Vibe Hotel, 14 & 16 Brindabella Cct and, of course, the stunning airport terminal.

    CAG is committed to design and public art, with sculptures and works of art dotted throughout the airport terminal, neighbouring business precincts and Denman Prospect. These range from large installations by world-renowned artists such as Andrew Rogers, Phil Price and Virginia King to a delightful collection of aluminium planes made by local school children.


    • Parking maps
    • Parking rates
    • Parking fare calculator

    Canberra Airport parking

    Canberra Airport offers some different airport parking options, all of which are within walking distance of the main building, and you can use any of the official airport car parks for short or long stays. All parking areas close half an hour after the arrival of the last flight and re-open at 4 am each morning. There are disabled parking bays in both the indoor and outdoor car parks.

    Indoor Parking

    CBR has two multi-storey car parks: Blue and Green. These indoor parking areas have 1,000 parking bays, with red and green LED lights to indicate whether a parking bay is occupied or available. You can leave your car in these areas for less than 20 minutes if you wish, but you then pay different rates for 21-40 minutes, 41-60 minutes, 1-1.5 hours, 1.5-2 hours and every hour after that up to five hours. You’ll then be charged the same rate for Parking in Blue or Green for any time between five and 24 hours.

    After one day of Parking, you incur different rates for two, three and four days. After four days, there’s a smaller set rate for each additional day.

    Outdoor Parking

    The two outdoor car parks at CBR go by Yellow and Red. Each of these parking areas has 450 bays, and you will incur an initial charge for Parking for 10 minutes or less. You then pay different rates for 11-20 minutes, 21-40 minutes, 41-60 minutes, 1-1.5 hours, 1.5-2 hours, 2-3 hours and every hour after that up to five hours.

    As with the indoor car parks, the Airport charges the same rate for stays of between five and 24 hours. There are also different rates for stays of two days, three days and four days and a set price for each additional day beyond that.

    Express pick-up zone

    The Express Pick-up area is on the ground floor of the Green indoor car park, just 65.6 feet (20 metres) from the arrivals hall. You can park here for up to five hours.

    Free pick-up area

    The free 10-minute pick-up area is in the Red outdoor car park. After your initial free 10-minute stay is up, you must pay normal outdoor parking rates to park there.

    Mackay Melbourne Airport Parking

    mackay airport

    61 7 4957 4636

    Situated in picturesque South Mackay on the famous Pioneer River and 970 km north of Brisbane, Mackay Airport processed 763,000 passengers in 2017, making it Australia’s 14h-busiest air hub.

    There are hundreds of parking spaces available across Mackay’s Covered Car park, Short Term Car Park and Long Term Car Park facilities, so provided that you plan, you won’t struggle to stow your vehicle safely.

    MKY currently focuses on domestic flights to Brisbane, Cairns, Rockhampton, Townsville and Hamilton Island. Still, you can also reach New Zealand destinations like Auckland, Dunedin and Wellington from here, with only a one-stop layover.

    Mackay Airport Airport Parking Cost

    Car ParkTransfer time (mins)Daily Rates FromLong Term Parking - Onsite - Uncovered - Mackay Airport$13.43Short Term Parking - Onsite - Uncovered - Mackay Airport$14.43Short Term Parking - Onsite - Covered - Mackay Airport2$25.71

    These are our cheapest prices based on the daily price when staying for a week in a month. To get prices accurate for you, use the search box above to compare prices for your parking dates.

    Accessible Parking for disabled drivers is provided at Mackay Airport.

    You’ll find signposted accessible parking spaces in all official airport parking facilities. Parking for passengers with limited mobility in the Short Term Car park is situated close to the entrance to the terminal. In contrast, accessible Parking in the Long Term Car Park is next to the terminal walkway.

    All Mackay Airport Car Parks are open 24/7, all year round, so you should never struggle to book a space.

    Cairns Melbourne Airport Parking

    cairns airport parking

    0488 535 463

    Cairns Airport Parking is an off-airport facility in North Cairns. It is a locally owned and operated family business established in 2007 servicing short and long term parking customers going to Cairns Airport or other Cairns destinations. We operate a locally renowned valet parking service from the early hours till Closing every day of the year, except Nominated Public Holidays, with the sole aim of providing a quality, tailored service for our customers at an affordable price.

    As with the original Cairns Airport Parking, there are no extra charges, no hidden card fees & no admin costs. It's simple - the price you are quoted online - is the price you pay—parking with a smile.  

    Outdoor Parking

    T1 Budget is an outdoor parking area, just a 1-3 minutes' walk from T1 and 5-10 minutes to T2 via a 1,640-foot (500-metre) walkway. It's free to park there for 10 minutes or less. After this, you will pay different rates for stays of 10-30 minutes, 30-60 minutes, 1-2 hours and 2-3 hours. You then incur a small charge for each additional hour up to one whole day. There are also different rates for stays of 1-2 days and 2-3 days. Beyond this point, you pay a fee for each additional day (or part thereof).

    Covered Parking

    The T2 Covered car park comes with a cyclone-rated shelter to protect you from sun and rain. This 'premium' parking area provides 20 per cent more space per bay than its uncovered alternative. It takes just a couple of minutes to walk from T2 Covered to the Domestic arrivals area.

    You may park here free of charge for 10 minutes or less. After this, you pay different rates in small increments up to 2-3 hours. After three hours, you must pay an additional charge for each hour you stay in the car park for up to 24 hours. For stays of longer than 24 hours, there are rates for stays of 1-2 days, 2-3 days and 3-4 days. You then pay a fee for each additional day (or part thereof) after four days.

    We Park & You Ride

    We run some modern minibuses that operate – on-demand as soon as you

    arrive at Cairns Airport Parking, 397 Lake St, North Cairns, next to Cairns Airport. We'll help you with your luggage, check you in and take you straight to the Cairns airport terminal door - no delays! As it's only 3 minutes door to door to Cairns Airport. We park your car.

    When you return, just give us a call from the Courtesy Coach Pick up Area

    and we'll be with you right away if we aren't already there!

     We Guarantee to provide you great value for money for airport parking when going to Cairns Airport - a fully secure car park, at an affordable price with a complete focus on

    providing you with exceptional service. Parking with a smile. 

    Perth Melbourne Airport Parking

    perth airport

    4525 335 345

    Whether you’re due to board an international, domestic or regional flight, Perth Airport offers ample Parking in every one of its terminals. All car parks are protected by 24-hour security patrols and CCTV.

    Short-term Parking

    You will find short-term Parking at T1, T2, T3 and T4. The short-term car parks have pick-up and drop-off areas at the front.

    Short-term Parking is also very convenient if you’re going on a short business trip or mini-break and don’t want to park too far away. The short-term car parks at each of the four main terminals are just two or three minutes’ walk from check-in.

    You may leave your car in the short-term car parks for as little as 10 minutes or less or as long as 12 days at standard rates. You will incur an additional premium charge for every day you spend in the car park beyond that timeframe.

    Long-term Parking

    Long-term parking is also available at T1, T2, T3 and T4. The Airport charges a standard rate for stays of between one hour and nine days, which is a shorter timeframe than the stated short-term option. Despite this, the charge for additional days in long-term Parking is much smaller than in the short-term. For this reason, it makes more sense to use the long-term parking areas for extended trips.

    Long-term car parks are further away from the terminals than their short-term alternatives. However, a shuttle bus runs every 10 minutes, 24 hours a day. The shuttle bus offers full disabled access.

    Fast Track parking

    Fast Track parking is PER’s business-class option and is available at T3 and T4. These car parks feature 230 wide parking bays. The spaces are covered to keep you out of the rain while you make your way to check-in and to help protect your car from the elements while you’re away.

    Fast Track parking is available for between 0-2 hours and 11-12 days at the normal rate. You will incur a set premium for each additional day of Parking beyond 12 days. Located just one minute’s walk from the terminal, this option is perfect if you’re pushed for time.

    Regional Terminals parking

    If you’re chartering a private flight to another regional airport, this is the parking option for you. The car park is just a couple of minutes’ walk from the check-in point, and you may leave your car there for as little as 0-10 minutes or as long as 7-8 days at the usual rate. There is a small set charge for each additional day your car stays in Regional Terminals parking beyond eight days.

    Sunshine Coast Melbourne Airport Parking

    sunshine coast airport (1)

    61 1300 993 424

    Welcoming almost 1.3 million passengers in the 2018/19 financial year, Sunshine Coast Airport is one of the fastest-growing and 14th busiest airports in Australia.

    Sunshine Coast Airport Pty Ltd operates and manages Sunshine Coast Airport, the gateway to the Sunshine Coast and Noosa regions, under a 99-year lease from Sunshine Coast Council, which commenced in December 2017.

    Sunshine Coast Airport is responsible for safe and secure operation, maintenance, commercial development and strategic planning.

    Sunshine Coast Airport Pty Ltd is a private company ultimately owned by small scale investors through their stake in Australian superannuation funds. 


    Sunshine Coast Airport offers three on-airport car parking options for picking up, dropping off, short trips or long stays: ParkTerminal, ParkCovered and ParkSaver. All are conveniently located and within easy walking distance of the terminal. Whichever you choose, booking online in advance secures your spot and saves you money.

    Online Booking Terms & Conditions

    Promotional Special Conditions

    • Save up to 40% compared to drive up rates when you book nine consecutive days or more.
    • $9 a day when you book 14 consecutive days or more in the ParkTerminal Car Park
    • Bookings must be made at least 12 hours before the entry time of the booking.
    • Spaces are limited and subject to availability.

    Launceston Melbourne Airport Parking

    launceston airport

    61 3551 524 535

    Australia Pacific Airports Corporation (APAC), in conjunction with the Launceston City Council, acquired the lease for Launceston Airport in May 1998.

    The Airport is majority Australian owned and is managed locally for the benefit of the region. We are committed to the long-term safe and secure operation of the Airport. Australia Pacific Airports Corporation Limited (APAC) operates two Australian airports – Melbourne (Tullamarine) and Launceston.

    Launceston Airport Parking Cost

    • Car Park: Drive Park Fly
    • Transfer time (mins): 2 
    • Daily Rates From $10.57

    These are our cheapest prices based on the daily price when staying for a week in a month. To get prices accurate for you, use the search box above to compare prices for your parking dates.

    Brisbane Melbourne Airport Parking

    bris bane airport

    61 7 3406 6342

    When travelling from Brisbane Airport, it's difficult to know where to find the best value airport parking. That’s why is here! Gateway Airport Parking is a popular choice and often the cheapest in Brisbane. This car park is, on average, a 10-minute shuttle journey to and from the Airport with shuttles running on demand. 

    It's a park and ride option meaning it is offsite and not owned or operated by the Airport. Because it is independently run, it can offer great value, great security and great service. A range of extra options can be provided, such as servicing and valeting. You can find out more about this on arrival by asking at reception.


    • Parkhurst
    • sparkling
    • ParkPremium
    • Guaranteed Space
    • Parking Customer Service
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    Long-stay parking Brisbane airport

    At Brisbane Airport, the official option for long-stay Parking (over four hours) is the 'ParkLong' facility. Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, this parking service comes with valet and car wash facilities, as well as access to an open-air, overhead vehicle car park.

    Sparkling is located just a short walk away from the International and Domestic Terminals and is easily accessible via the covered SkyWalk. ParkLong for passengers using the Domestic Terminal is situated on levels 5-9 of the multi-level car park and all levels in the long-term car park.

    Premium parking

    ParkPremium' on level 3 of the multi-level car park is the closest parking facility to the Domestic Terminal and is only available to passengers taking domestic flights. With bays located next to the covered SkyWalk, this service offers undercover Parking with express entry and exit vehicle ramps. Height restrictions apply in this car park, and disability parking is readily available.


    ParkValet' at Brisbane Airport is a convenient parking service that allows you to pre-book online, drive straight up to the valet and hand over your keys. This will save you the hassle of searching for a parking space, and you can rest assured that your car will be safe and secure, as the facility offers 24-hour surveillance. Car wash facilities are also available through ParkValet.

    Newcastle Melbourne Airport Parking

    new castle airport

    61 2 4928 4535

    Nestled 9.2 miles North of Newcastle in Port Stephens, New South Wales, Newcastle Airport served 1,272,634 customers in 2017/18 and is Australia’s 13th busiest Airport.

    It currently boasts 2078 car parking spaces, and with passenger numbers steadily increasing year on year, 157 additional spaces have recently been created.

    Although Newcastle currently focuses on direct domestic flights, it became internationally ready in 2017/18 and recently announced an international flight to Auckland, New Zealand.

    Onsite parking options at Newcastle (NTL)

    There are several official onsite airport parking options at Newcastle – the Premium lot, two Short Stay facilities, Long Stay and Long Stay Saver.

    The Short Stay and Premium car parks are located close to the terminal building, with both Long Stay options situated just slightly further away, and none are more than 10 minutes walk from the main building.

    These official options are also complemented by well-appointed offsite facilities operated by trusted private firms, so there’s plenty of choice for the discerning traveller.

    And as you’d expect from a modern, inclusive airport Down Under, every option is firmly focused on excellent customer service, flexibility and accessibility.

    Parking & transport

    • Parking
    • Pick-up & drop-off
    • Public transport
    • Taxi & rideshare
    • Car rentals

    Hobart Melbourne Airport Parking

    hobart aiport parking

    03 6248 4667

    Are you trying to get the best deal on Parking at Hobart International Airport? We’ll search hundreds of spaces to find the ultimate space for you and your vehicle when you fill out our online booking form.

    The main Airport for Tasmania, a travel hub for travel to the Antarctic and the 9th busiest Airport in Australia, Hobart International Airport, is a major South Australian travel hub. If you’re flying from the Airport, you will be competing with over 2 million yearly passengers for the best spot, so let us give you the edge. Simply book your Parking with us, and you’ll be able to reserve the space of your choice while also saving up to 60% on the price of Parking.

    Hobart Airport Parking Cost

    Car Park

    • Airport Parking - Valet Park and Ride - Open Air:    3 $11.43
    • Airport Parking - Valet Park and Ride - Undercover: 3 $19.43

    These are our cheapest prices based on the daily price when staying for a week in a month. To get prices accurate for you, use the search box above to compare prices for your parking dates.

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