Top 30 Sheet Metal Fabricators in Melbourne (2022)

Sheet metal fabricators are professionals who specialise in the production of various sheets of metal. They do this by cutting, bending, and forming different types of sheet metal. Sheet metal is a type of material with many uses for just about anything you can think of, including automobiles, aeroplanes, buildings and more! 

It’s important to hire a professional for this work because companies could be seriously hurt if they don’t have qualified people doing quality work. On top of that, individuals need to know what they’re getting into before making any commitments, so they don’t end up with regrets later on down the road. 

To help you get started on your metal fabricator hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite Sheet Metal Fabricators from right across Melbourne.

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    Ultimate List of Sheet Metal Fabricators in Melbourne

    Australian General Engineering - Sheet Metal Fabrication Melbourne

    australian general engineering

    (03) 9540 4900

    Offering Solutions to All Sheet & Metal Fabrication Requirements


    The team here at Australian General Engineering can provide you with both high-quality and high-speed results for all your metal CNC laser cutting requirements. 

    We utilise a state-of-the-art, Swiss-made Bystronic 5200W CO2 laser cutting system with a transfer processing table and automated sheet loading to reduce costs and increase output. Using this high-grade equipment, we provide quality, precision work with efficient turnaround times. Materials typically cut on our Bystronic 5200W CO2 include:

    • Mild steels up to 20mm
    • Stainless steels up to 16mm
    • Aluminium up to 10mm

    Cost-Effective Turret Punching

    Our highly experienced team of machinists and engineers offers an all­ in-one fully automated turret punching and sharing service. It is fast, accurate, and more cost-effective than laser on most materials up to 6mm thick. 

    So if your sheet metal components require piercings such as round holes, square holes, rectangular holes, dimples, or other perforations, we recommend you explore the option of having your components made by our fu11y automated CNC turret punch line.

    In many cases, turret punching offers you a lower cost per component than laser cut parts. Send us your inquiry, and our team will inform you of the best options.

    Hi-Tech Brake Pressing & Folding

    The team here at Australian General Engineering utilises state-of-the-art LVD CNC press brakes. These have a patented laser angle measurement with the Easy-Form® in-process laser angle monitoring and correction system. 

    Thanks to their integration with a full offline program and process simulator via CADMAN-B 3D software, complex jobs are now made easy. Quick change-over is supported by upper and lower hydraulic tool clamping and a user-friendly control panel, making it easy for any operator to quickly set up the machine.

    Fabrication Services

    When it comes to providing quality metal fabrication in Melbourne, you don’t have to look any further than the team here at Australian General Engineering. Our professional team are dedicated to providing our services on time and within the agreed budget.

    From precision laser cutting, turret punching, folding, and CNC machining to heavy metal fabricated components, and we have every aspect of your metal fabrication needs covering.

    Since our inception, Australian General Engineering (AGE) has expanded to market-leading sheet metal and general metal fabrication service providers/manufacturers. Operating with production and logistics facilities of over 4,000m2 in Melbourne and similar in Vietnam, we are ideally positioned for increased manufacturing demands. 

    About Australian General Engineering

    For more than 25 years, Australian General Engineering has delivered exceptional craftsmanship and service to the area’s most well-non and respected mechanical businesses around Melbourne, metal fabrication professionals, corporations and institutions. We process more than 1000 tons of metal every year, including aluminium, customised stainless steel, galvanised steel, black iron steel and colourbond. From smaller sized, custom-made style options to the most intricate design-build and spec commercial, industrial and institutional sheet metal projects, we provide high-quality products.

    Our team of skilled experts has unparalleled industry experience and utilises our fully equipped, 4,000 m2 in Melbourne and similar in Vietnam centre that features the latest and greatest in fabrication technology. Excellent value. Exceptional craftsmanship. And top quality items delivered on time. That’s the Australian General Engineering promise to you.

    Ridgeback Service Bodies - Sheet Metal Fabrication Melbourne


    1300 131 574


    We build the best work trucks & service bodies in Australia.

    Ridgeback has been an Australian premier ute & truck body manufacturer specialising in aluminium service bodies since 1996. With corporate headquarters in Melbourne, Victoria, we build and deliver service truck bodies all over Australia.

    Ridgeback Ute & Truck Service Bodies are built to manage the toughest workloads with an innovative design that guarantees robust and heavy-duty core bodies. Our team is ready to help you with your fleet needs.


    Ridgeback designs and builds premium aluminium service truck bodies in Australia. We provide the best fleet solution for all major Australian industries. Our service truck bodies are designed and manufactured to exceed the needs of any application.

    Whether you need a body that can handle all your tools or welding equipment, Ridgeback has innovative designs and features to meet your individual needs. If you’re looking for a work vehicle, ute or truck that gets the job done, look no further than a Ridgeback Service Bodies. We make the best work vehicles in Australia!


    Ridgeback Service Bodies’ high-quality products are strategically designed using state-of-the-art materials, specifically constructed to provide ample, adjustable storage whilst keeping your equipment and tools safe. Our commitment to our clients proudly spans 25 years and ensures your new service body not only looks great but also adds a heightened level of organisation and efficiency to your day!

    Unique Fabrication and Engineering - Sheet Metal Fabrication Melbourne

    unique fabrication and engineering


    Our Services

    • structural steel fabrication
    • Metal Fabrication
    • Swinging & Sliding Gates
    • Manual/Automated Gates
    • Custom made fences
    • Tubular Steel and Pool Fences
    • steel Picket Fence
    • Handcrafted wrought iron products
    • steel balustrade and Handrails
    • Engineering tools and Metal Machining

    Why Choose Us

    • Builders, Architects and Designers love us because we bring in cost-effective alternative designs that do not compromise the desired outcome but complements their skills.
    • Capable & competent, striving to please the customer.
    • Thorough knowledge of building codes, council regulations & OHS requirements
    • Supporting Australian Jobs & Australian People

    About Us

    Our company has proudly been servicing Melbourne customers for the past 5 years. Our experience, dedication & commitment allows us to continually deliver & successfully meet the needs of our customers. Our Team of Specialists work with all forms of aspects Steel, and We are experts when it comes to all your styles, designs & structural ideas put to structural steel(commercial& residential), Gates(Automated or manual), Fencing and engineering services(tool making and machining).

    Our Design, Toolroom and Production Engineering teamwork in close harmony with customers to ensure their specifications are met in the most cost-effective manner.

    Sheet Metal Fabricators FAQs


    One of the first factors to consider when hiring a metal fabrication contractor is whether the company you’re considering has the capabilities to meet your business needs. Metal fabrication companies often have specialties, and it’s pertinent to confirm that the contractor you’ve got your eye on has the capabilities to produce the metal product you need to your specifications.

    If your project is roofing steel, you’ll want to ensure the contractor can make architectural fabrication, for example. The same holds if you need auto parts fabrication. The company you choose must have the capabilities to fabricate metal for auto parts.

    Since different fabrication processes can have starkly different requirements, you must make sure the company you’re considering has the type of metal requirements to suit your project. Then, find out whether the metal fabrication contractor can complete the project in-house.

    Don’t hesitate to ask about the company’s materials and specific production services, such as welding, fastening, and finishing. Have the details of your project ironed out so that you get the most accurate information from the contractor?


    The metal fabrication company you choose should have extensive experience with the type of project you’re doing. It isn’t enough if the contractor has completed a similar project once or twice before.

    Metal fabrication is a highly complex and skilled trade where mistakes can be quite costly. A fabricator with a high level of experience fabricating for projects like yours will work efficiently and minimise mistakes.

    It’s a good idea to inquire about similar projects the company has completed. The answer will give you a good idea of whether the contractor has the experience necessary to complete your project with confidence.


    Finding out what industries the metal fabrication company you’re interested in has served will provide insight into whether it can handle demanding projects. It will also give you a clue as to whether the fabricator is consistent.

    Industries such as biotechnology, food processing, automotive, and chemical have high standards, very tight regulation, and demand the highest quality finished products. If the contractor you’re considering has experience serving these industries, chances are it delivers exemplary service and products.

    Request that the contractor provides a list of the industries it has experience serving and use that as a guide.


    Not all metal fabricators are created equal, and not all metal is identical. Ensuring that the result is of the best quality should be your number one priority. A good metal fabrication company uses only the highest quality materials.

    Ask the fabricator about the metal quality it uses to complete projects. You’ll need to make sure the contractor uses the good grade of stainless steel necessary for your business needs.

    The company you’re considering should have no problem explaining the quality of the steel they use. However, avoid any fabricator that offers a vague response regarding material quality.


    The ability to complete your project in a timely fashion is another crucial aspect. It’s inadvisable to consider hiring a fabricator with a history of running behind and completing projects late. You likely have other parts of your project that can’t move forward without having the fabrication completed.

    A reliable metal fabricator can provide an accurate timeline of the process for your project from start to finish. Ensure that the schedule contains all the steps, from ordering material to delivery of the final product.

    A good fabricator will have experience working in this capacity and will be able to guide you through the process.  


    A company’s experience, especially with a specific type of job, can help make the decision a lot easier.

    Don’t stop at asking how many years they’ve been around. While working with a business in the industry, a substantial amount of time can be comforting, inquire about the style of products managed and industries served. For example, even a company that has been working in sheet metal fabrication for 50 years may be of little use if they’ve never tackled a project similar to yours.

    Here are some additional experience-related questions to ask when meeting with a potential fabrication partner:

    • Have they worked on products similar to the one you’re proposing?
    • What experience do they have in your industry?
    • What employees or specialists do they have that work in your industry?
    • Do they have the capabilities to powder coat and finish your products?

    When asking about their experience, the goal is to make sure this company can prove a level of competence in projects that make you feel secure about working with them.


    Even a very experienced company may not have the necessary equipment to see your product through to completion. Therefore, when speaking with a sheet metal fabricator, be specific about your requirements and timeline to ensure they’ll have the necessary equipment.

    Ask questions like:

    • Do they have the right equipment and materials available for your type of job?
    • Can they handle the type, grade, and gauge of metal required?
    • With what kind of supply chains do they work?
    • How much of your job can they complete in-house?
    • Can their facilities handle the job on your timeline?


    Professional sheet metal fabricators often have additional services beyond sheet metal fabrication and can save costs and reduce delivery timelines by not shipping products to multiple manufacturers.

    Services to see if your sheet metal fabricator offers to include:

    • Precision Machining
    • Mechanical Assembly
    • Powder Coating
    • Inventory Management
    • CAD Services 

    Your sheet metal fabricator’s capability to finish the project goes beyond their services – it also includes their schedule. By working with a company that provides a full range of services from engineering through inventory management, you gain a partner who can help oversee all aspects of your work, identify additional cost-savings, and have your product completed under one roof.


    Once you’re confident they have the experience and tools necessary to complete your product, make sure to inquire about their availability in terms of scheduling and the workforce they have to offer.

    For example, suppose a company has all your necessary qualifications but won’t accommodate specific deadlines. In that case, it may be time to look into other companies or decide to put the work on hold for the time being.

    Sheet metal fabrication is turning flat sheets of steel or aluminium into metal structures or products by cutting, punching, folding and assembling. Sheet metal can be cut, bent or stretched into nearly any shape, generally done by cutting and burning the metal.

    Special tools, such as band saws and chops saws, can also be used in the sheet metal fabrication process. These ensure even cutting throughout the process. Cutting torches are capable of cutting large sections of sheet metal with minimal effort. Sheet metal fabrications use press brakes, which ease sheet metal fabrication by helping to create sharp bends and angles within the metal. 

    There are various press brakes, which have different functions and are used for different purposes. One of the other main factors in sheet metal fabrication is welding. Once all the components are formed, they are then assembled and tack welded into position. Many welding techniques can be used in sheet metal fabrication to prevent warping or any other abnormalities. 

    These techniques include covering the metal with sand during the cooling process, special straightening process, welding in a staggered manner and using a stout fixture. Straightening defected metal can be achieved by using an oxy-acetylene torch.

    Heat is slowly applied to the metal to remove any abnormalities. The metal is usually finished by being sandblasted, primed and painted. This then ensures the metal looks fantastic and then is ready to be sent to the client.

    Sheet metal workers are typically employed at construction sites, in metal shops, or at manufacturing plants. They can specialise in fabrication, installation, or maintenance, though most are skilled in all three areas.

    Sheet metal workers employed by a factory, however, are traditionally unskilled, performing only one repetitive task. All sheet metal workers use specialised equipment where they cut, form, or weld sheets of metal to create useful products for commercial and industrial applications.

    To fabricate sheet metal, the worker must first create or study given plans, blueprints and specifications. Next, they determine what processes, equipment, and type of metal will be needed to create the product or part. They then measure and cut the materials according to specifications laid out in the plans. 

    Measuring is done with tapes, rulers, or stamping equipment. Saws, plasma cutters, and drills are then used to create precise cuts. Sometimes sheet metal workers perform this work by hand; in other cases, they use computer-controlled equipment to perform detailed and accurate work. 

    After the metal is cut, workers bend the metal if necessary. Before assembly, workers use callipers, micrometres, and other measuring equipment to ensure accuracy. When all pieces of the part or product are ready, they are joined together with screws, rivets, bolts, or welds.

    At construction sites, sheet metal workers install the products created in the factory or sheet metal shop. Next, workers perform further assembly work, joining ducts, seams, and tubes if the product is in pieces. Next, the pieces are joined end-to-end and then lifted or dropped into place. The worker must then secure the pieces with metal hangers and brackets. 

    Often, they are required to make adjustments or alterations at the site. They use tools like punches, drills, hammers, and welding equipment to make alterations and ensure equipment is installed safely, functionally, and correctly. In some cases, pieces are fabricated onsite, then installed and welded, interlocked, or bolted in place.

    Many sheet metal workers specialise in maintenance. They service existing roofing, air-conditioning, ventilation, and heating systems to ensure energy-efficient and work properly. If repair is necessary, sheet metal workers use hammers, drills, and other equipment to fix the product and then test and adjust the system to ensure it functions correctly.


    Although experience is one of the most critical factors, you shouldn’t consider just the time served in the metal fabrication industry. You also need to know how experienced the company’s current staff is and what type of projects they have handled to date.

    If the company hasn’t worked on projects similar to yours or has experienced employees on the payroll, it wouldn’t be a good fit for your organisation. For example, an auto parts metal fabricator may not necessarily have the technical expertise to undertake an architecture-related project.


    When taking a closer look at the workforce, you will need to consider two factors: their skills/certifications and individual work experience. The lack of a skilled workforce is of particular concern in the manufacturing sector right now. You will also need to know the total number of employees on the company’s permanent payroll.


    Whether it is a small or a big project, you can’t compromise on quality standards. Apart from the standards prescribed by the regulatory authorities, your product or equipment will also need to pass in-house quality tests of your own. Therefore, you should be aware of any in-house standards that would meet or exceed any demands for the project.

    Competitive Prices

    A metal fabrication company is going to take away a big chunk of your total project cost. So, you have to hire the one offering the most competitive prices. Chances are, you will receive quotes from multiple companies. However, a slam-dunk cost comparison isn’t the right way to analyse the quotes. Likewise, going for the lowest quote may not necessarily work in your favour either.

    Resources and Equipment

    The company you choose should use the most cutting-edge metal designing and manufacturing technology. This includes everything ranging from storing materials to preparing the final product for delivery. The company should also focus on automation. The higher the levels of automation, the lower are the chances for costly quality-control mistakes.

    Financial Stability

    The financial stability of a metal fabrication company is as important as its technical knowledge. Your project may require the fabrication company to hire more technicians, increase their production capacity, and invest in new technology. Only a company with sound financial health can provide for these expenses.

    Customer Service and More

    Customer service is at the heart of building a long-term relationship with a metal fabrication company. While you may not find out much about their customer service initially, talking to its ex-customers and existing ones is a good idea.

    Merit Manufacturing - Sheet Metal Fabrication Melbourne

    merit manufacturing

    (03) 9305 4889

    Based in Melbourne, Merit is a family-owned company specialising in manufacturing various metal and steel components. We provide services to commercial clients from various industries all over Australia and South East Asia, with a strong commitment to high-quality standards across our entire range of services. Having been in the game for more than 30 years, the Merit team are true specialists in the areas of metal stamping, roll forming and the production of all metal components, including locking rings. We have established ourselves as one of the premier press and consolidated metals specialists in the industry and take pride in delivering the best to our customers.

    About Merit Manufacturing

    Founded by Michael George in 1983 in a small garage in Niddrie, Victoria, making tooling for the Press metal and associated industries. Michael moved operations to Tullamarine and then settling in our Campbellfield location, building a 2500SQm Pressed metal parts & roll-forming Factory. We became the largest locking rings supplier for the rigid packaging industry in Australasia. In 2015 Wade George became owner-operator and diversified the company to include sheet-metal engineering & fabrication.

    MCI Metal Stamping bought Great Doherty Sheet-Metal Products, an industry leader in sheet metal fabrication, in 2017. With this acquisition, MCI Metal Stamping evolved into MERIT MANUFACTURING as it is known today, providing a vast range of repetitious manufacturing and associated services.

    Now with over 30 years of experience, MERIT MANUFACTURING has been designing, manufacturing and supplying a wide range of strip & sheet metal and roll-formed components and assemblies. These products are designed to suit a diverse range of industries and many applications. MERIT MANUFACTURING prides itself on being family-owned and runs the company.

    Spamco - Sheet Metal Fabrication Melbourne


    03 9416 9523

    Metal Fabrication Excellence Since 1923

    Spamco, one of Melbourne’s leading metal fabrication specialists, has been working hard for almost 90 years to provide the best metal fabrication services to architects, joiners, shopfitters, manufacturers and retail businesses.

    We work with all types of sheet metal: light gauge, mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel, brass and other non-ferrous metals to manufacture a wide variety of metal products.

    Our approach to service and quality is backed by our experience and knowledge of all things metal.

    Understanding Your Needs and Making it Happen

    We pride ourselves on being able to work with you from initial concept and design through to manufacture and completion. We’ll utilise experience and understanding to make sure that your metal fabrication needs are met and delivered on time and to budget.

    FORM2000 - Sheet Metal Fabrication Melbourne


    +61 3 9580 7245

    Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

    FORM2000 is a fully automated sheet metal manufacturer located in Melbourne specialising in fabricating sheet metal components for OEM manufacturers’ end products.

    Our advanced automated sheet metal production facilities provide an integrated end-to-end supply solution while ensuring clients’ sheet metal components are delivered to meet the tightest of manufacturing schedules. We provide a complete end-to-end sheet metal manufacturing service from product design through prototyping, production to delivery. Our highly experienced production team custom designs and manufacture to exacting specifications and to the highest quality and sheet metal finishing standards.

    FORM2000 is a sheet metal fabricator located in Melbourne, supplying clients with custom sheet metal products Australia wide.

    Contact us today to discuss your sheet metal requirements.

    Sheet Metal Products & Components

    FORM2000 invests in ensuring we offer the latest in sheet metal factory automation technology, allowing us to run high mix and varying volumes of OEM sheet metal components to meet the needs of multiple sheet metal OEM clients and/or product variations.

    Our Melbourne based factory facilities can easily accommodate small, large, simple or complex custom sheet metal component manufacturing projects depending on the application.

    Precision automated sheet metal fabrication machinery and refined production processes allow us to push the boundaries of design innovation and to manufacture sheet metal components not previously available in sheet metal manufacturing.

    FORM2000 is more than just a sheet metal factory. Our approach is to work with clients to help them achieve amazing results from sheet metal products with great attention to design, optimising production, utilising advanced sheet metal fabrication techniques and delivering a high-quality, consistent end product.

    Advanced Sheet Metal Manufacturing

    FORM2000 works with our customers to develop fit-for-purpose custom sheet metal products. We offer a collaborative design process that starts with concept development. Once your requirements for sheet metal products are understood and agreed upon, our design team develop 3D concepts, assess buildability and provide cost estimates. Sheet metal product prototypes can be manufactured for assessing fit and built form. Once the design is approved, our engineers plan the manufacturing process and provide final costings.

    Of course, you might know exactly what you want and can provide final specifications. Whatever your sheet metal fabrication needs, FORM2000 provides you with the fastest path toward a delivered high-quality sheet metal product to suit your supply chain.

    When it comes to sheet metal fabrication, manufacturing sheet metal products and understanding sheet metal OEM product requirements and sheet metal supply chain solutions, FORM2000 delivers the best solution.

    Manufacturing the Future

    FORM2000 is a leading Australian OEM sheet metal product components manufacturer with over 30 years of experience. The sheet metal manufacturing capabilities in our Melbourne factory make us your complete one-stop-shop, offering total custom sheet metal solutions. FORM2000 pushes the design envelope to demonstrate the amazing custom capabilities of sheet metal manufacturing.

    Collaborative Manufacturing Approach

    A thorough understanding of client needs and a collaborative approach throughout the concept and design stages ensures the final sheet metal product is delivered to specification at the most competitive price.

    High-Tech Sheet Metal Facilities

    Our high-tech robotic sheet metal product component manufacturing machinery is housed within a 7,000 m2 state-of-the-art sheet metal factory facility in Melbourne (Australia), offering our customers the latest in sheet metal fabrication technology and delivering a fully integrated supply chain solution.

    Westberg Sheet Metal Fabrication Melbourne

    westberg sheet metal

    (03) 9459 4601

    Metal Fabrication Melbourne - Westberg Sheet Metal

    Our steel and aluminium fabrication experts at Westberg Sheet Metal specialise in the design and manufacturing of custom components. We provide high-quality, fast, and reliable services, including complete end-to-end sheet metal fabrication solutions. Our expert design team works with your drawings, sketches or samples to deliver a complete design service. We also manufacture prototypes and perform pilot runs to ensure you get the result you are looking for.

    Our Process

    Westberg Sheet Metal in Melbourne is a one-stop shop for all your metal fabrication needs. From the first step to the final product, our sheet metal fabricators ensure that you receive a solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

    With every client who comes our way, we start by discussing the project with them until we fully understand their requirements. We’re happy to work with any sketches you provide, or we can employ our team of certified CAD designers and mechanical engineers who will design everything for you. Once we establish what’s required, we’ll devise a strategy to create the product you need. If you wish to be involved, we’ll guide you through the process of steel and metal fabrication, explaining what it may entail in your specific case.

    At Westberg Sheet Metal, we have a metal workshop that’s well equipped to handle all stages of the process, including design, cutting, bending, welding, assembly and finish. We have years of experience delivering fabricated metal products from our factory in Melbourne, as well as having a skilled engineering team to ensure your order is professionally designed.

    The Highest Quality Sheet Metal

    To produce the highest quality sheet metal, we utilise the best materials and state-of-the-art equipment. We collaborate with only the biggest names in the industry for high-quality products that meet our stringent standards. To get the job done, our factory for metal fabrication and aluminium fabrication in Melbourne is equipped with:

    • Flatbed and Tube Laser Cutting
    • Guillotine X 3 metre
    • Brake presses X 3 metre
    • MIG and TIG welding of stainless steel, aluminium and steel
    • State-of-the-art jigging benches
    • Machine shop and assembly

    Our custom metal fabrication in Melbourne can be used for electrical enclosures and ducts, shopfitting and interiors, architectural and street furniture, transport, machine guards, and other applications. We’re confident that you’ll be satisfied with our reliable service and fast turnaround times.

    McKean’s - Sheet Metal Fabrication Melbourne

    mckean’s sheetmetal fabricators

    (03) 9796 3743

    Welcome to Mckean’s Sheetmetal Fabricators Melbourne

    Ensuring customer satisfaction by quickly providing the product you want at an agreeable price.

    McKean’s Sheetmetal Fabricators is a Melbourne-based sheet metal fabrication and steel supply Australian company that is committed to superior customer satisfaction by providing the product you want, when you want it, at an agreeable price. Our products, services and business practices are of the highest quality at all times, meeting and often exceeding our customers’ expectations.

    We Offer Various Sheetmetal Fabrication Services

    Our Services are classified into three categories, namely: Fabrication, Material, and Equipment Services. Our fabrication services include general fabrication, welding – MIG, TIG, oxy of aluminium, stainless steel & mild steel, guillotining, brake press/ folding, roller plasma cutting, laser cutting, safety guarding, light engineering work, tool boxes, electrical cabinets & cubicles, hoppers, custom made products/ special projects, stair treads, handrails, trailer fabrication, and flashing.

    McKean’s Sheetmetal Fabricators was established in 1989 with Trevor McKean, the original owner and managing Director of McKean’s Sheetmetal. He worked hard to establish a reputation for reliability, quality and service, to all of his customers.

    In July 2011 – Tim, Trevor’s first apprentice, became the full owner and Managing Director of McKean’s Sheetmetal. Tim worked with Trevor for 19 years as an employee and part-owner and has continued to work hard with a strict emphasis on reliability and quality of service to this day. We would love the opportunity to work with you and add you to our growing list of extremely satisfied customers.

    Our Commitment

    We are committed to providing a safe and clean environment for all employees and visitors. We conduct our business in an ethical manner and with the utmost integrity, upholding all the laws and regulations of the places in which we operate.

    We are specialists in prototype and short-run sheet metal projects, so we can do anything from a job that is fairly simple to something complex that requires sheet metal to be cut, folded or welded to certain specifications. Unlike other industries, we have no minimum order requirements. We can accept drawings in many different formats. We offer competitive prices for larger runs.

    Sheet Metal Fabrication and Steel Supply Australian Company

    We are a Melbourne based sheet metal fabrication and steel supply Australian company established in 1989. Trevor McKean, the original owner and managing Director of McKean’s Sheetmetal, worked hard to establish a reputation for reliability, quality and service, to all of his customers. In July 2011 – Tim, Trevor’s first apprentice, became the full owner and Managing Director of McKean’s Sheetmetal. Tim worked with Trevor for 19 years as an employee and part-owner and has continued to work hard with a strict emphasis on reliability and quality of service to this day. We would love the opportunity to work with you and add you to our growing list of extremely satisfied customers.

    Superior Sheet Metal Fabrication Melbourne

    superior sheet metal

    (03) 9357 8813

    Welcome to Superior Sheet Metal Website

    Superior Sheet Metal is the expert when it comes to turning your vision into reality. Our large team of highly skilled tradespeople can produce pretty much anything from your choice of high-quality materials.

    We are proud to provide our sheet metal skills and expertise to a wide range of industries and customers right across Melbourne. Our dedication to servicing your sheet metal needs is second to none. Our proven processes and commitment to quality means that you get the right sheet metal fabrication outcome on time and on budget.

    Our large, fully equipped workshop gives us the ability to create all sizes of metal projects, or our skilled tradespeople can visit you to complete specialised onsite work and metal repairs.

    Check out some examples of our work in our sheet metal project gallery, see a full description of our sheet metal skills and capabilities or contact us today to discuss your next sheet metal project.

    Tullamarine Sheet Metal Fabrication Melbourne

    tullamarine sheetmetal

    03 9335 1311 

    Sheet Metal Fabrication Services in Melbourne

    Tullamarine Sheetmetal (TSM) has been established in Airport West since 1981. We are a privately owned and operated Australian company focusing on Laser Cutting, Powder Coating & Sheetmetal Fabrication which is done all in house by the latest technology in Laser Cutting, Powder Coating, Folding, Punching and Welding equipment. We have 7,000m² of manufacturing facilities, backed by a large and highly skilled team. With considerable experience in manufacturing Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Mild Steel products, our aim is to provide excellent quality and expertise at competitive prices. 

    Maintaining the Best Standards in Steel Work in Airport West

    Whether you are an industrial, commercial or domestic client, you can count on TSM to always maintain the highest standards in steelwork or any of our additional services. We consider quality to be a constant, non-negotiable factor that occupies our focus and drives our success.

    By developing close alliances with customers and suppliers, we are able better ensure that expectations are met and exceeded. For more information, speak with us at Airport West.

    Quality Metal Products in Airport West

    Sheetmetal that will stand the test of time

    Tullamarine Sheetmetal is a leading supplier of comprehensive sheet metal fabricators in Airport West. We work in Steel, Aluminium & Stainless Steel. We have the capability to undertake a wide range of services, including laser cutting, saw cutting, bending, manual and robotic welding, and more. Our metal products are of the highest possible quality. With hassle-free services and a full selection of products and services, TSM is your metal fabrication and sheet steel, specialist. 

    Experienced Professionals

    Tullamarine Sheetmetal is comprised of an experienced team of professionals who are dedicated to providing top quality metal products for a range of purposes. No job is too big or too small for our team. We can undertake small production runs or large-scale projects. Call us in Airport West to find out more. 

    On-Time, on Budget

    When you source your sheet metal from TSM, you can rest assured that your job will be completed on time and on budget. Efficiency is a key element of our services, and with our help, you can keep your project or processes moving forward. 

    Cost-Effective Solutions

    Tullamarine Sheetmetal is your perfect outsourcing partner. Trust us to manufacture your metal products, and you’ll get quality results delivered on time, and all at competitive rates. Considering the premium level of our sheet metal, cutting, bending, and welding services, you’ll be surprised at the prices we offer. Speak to us in Airport West today. 

    Stainless Steel Fabrication Melbourne

    stainless steel fabrication melbourne

    (03) 9761 6405

    If you are looking for a reliable, affordable stainless steel solutions manufacturer in Melbourne, trust Yarra Ranges Steel to provide high-quality materials. We have a commitment to generating high-quality product supplies.

    As we are the top stainless steel fabricators and manufacturers in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, we can provide stainless steel rods, sheets or tubes to your unique specifications, right down to the smallest margin. Likewise, we manufacture different kinds of steel & metal products, depending on the different thicknesses that are suitable for different purposes.

    With our Fabricate our product to your needs, ensuring that no matter what purpose you require stainless steel for, the job will get done with the highest quality materials available in Melbourne.

    Whether for your home or business, having high-quality stainless steel splashbacks is a key part of any kitchen. Stainless steel has long been used in commercial kitchens because of its ability to sustain in the kitchen and how easy it is to keep it clean and hygienic. If you want to use stainless steel for your Melbourne kitchen, speak to the team at Yarra Ranges Steel for an ideal solution.

    Why Stainless Steel Splashback Fabrications Melbourne

    Stainless steel splashbacks are highly popular in both commercial and, increasingly, domestic kitchens. Now, more and more domestic customers are approaching Yarra Ranges Steel for stainless steel splashbacks in their Melbourne home, recognising the value of the material. In both commercial and domestic settings, stainless steel splashbacks prove to be durable and give a contemporary look. Furthermore, stainless steel kitchens do look beautiful and are also quick and easy to clean.

    For the highest quality stainless steel splashbacks in Melbourne, either for your home or commercial kitchen, talk to Yarra Ranges Steel to get a quote.

    Metal Fabrications Melbourne

    When you need a quality job done, only trust the best metal fabricators in Melbourne, Yarra Ranges Steel. Our highly skilled staff are simply the best metal fabricators in Melbourne and work with a real passion for the work that they do. When equipped with the latest machinery, our staff can provide the best quality Steel fabrication in Melbourne, in accordance with your requirements.

    Whether you need metal fabrication in Melbourne for domestic, industrial or commercial purposes, our team will complete the job with your specifications in mind. Cutting, shaping, bending and building are all tasks we are highly skilled in. Therefore whether you need metal furniture, windows or anything else, trust our Melbourne sheet metal fabricators to customise to your needs. , With over 35 years of industry experience, you expect great service.

    A. & G. - Sheet Metal Fabrication Melbourne

    a&g sheetmetal fabricators

    (03) 9357 5886

    The A&g Difference

    A&G is an Australian family-owned and operated business that has been servicing the community since 1991. With 30 years in the fabrication industry, manufacturing pressed metal door frames. We pride ourselves on our quality products and exceptional service.

    With the knowledge and expertise of our fabrication team, our state of the art machinery, and the various manufacturing techniques we employ, we can produce one-off runs through to high volume production and everything in between.

    You can contact our experienced staff to enquire about fire-rated pressed metal door frames, advanced laser cutting, prototyping, brake press folding, and our extensive range of fabrication services. With in-house 3D CAD design, we are the complete end-to-end solution.


    Do your projects require something different? We have the expertise to design and fabricate exactly what you need in-house. With our state of the art facility, we are a one-stop shop.

    Our highly skilled fabricators turn dreams into reality by utilising a wide range of equipment and processes such as:

    • Welding
    • Turret Punching
    • Guillotining
    • Press Brake Folding
    • Laser Cutting
    • Powder Coating
    • CAD Design

    State of the Art

    Need your parts folded? We have the solution for you. With three Brake Presses in our facility, we are able to fold a wide range of parts, from intricate pieces to large components up to three meters wide. Combining our CNC Press Brakes with our highly skilled technicians, we can fold your parts with the highest accuracy with minimal effort.

    Laser Cutting

    A&G offers precision laser cutting utilising state of the art fibre laser, enabling accuracy of +/- 0.1mm. We can cut intricate parts rapidly for both high volume productions runs and one-off creations. This allows us to be the perfect end-to-end solution from CAD design and prototyping up to large-scale fabrication and fulfilment.

    Catten Industries - Sheet Metal Fabrication Melbourne

    catten industries

    +61 3 9720 5778

    Constantly Future-Proofing Our Services

    Catten Industries have in-house capabilities and mature MRP/ERP systems that allow us to control quality, lead times, and delivery. Constantly looking for opportunities to upgrade and automate areas, Catten Industries stays at the forefront of Sheet metal manufacturing and development with longstanding employee relationships, ensuring a consistent, quality product.


    Working with our experienced Engineers through the use of Solidworks, we are able to provide 3-dimensional drafts and models of any design you require. We have the ability to program our machines to import files from Solidworks using our machine programming software package (Radan), ready to manufacture. 


    Our experienced Engineering team has hundreds of combined years in Sheetmetal and Metal Fabrication, knowledge and know-how. 

    Laser Cutting & Metal Shearing

    Our laser cutting capabilities range from (1.5M x 3M bed), complementing our three Turret Punch Machines and Guillotine with both Bandsaw/Brobo cutting capabilities. We also punch, shear and cut varying thicknesses and materials, including but not limited to Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium & Brass/Copper Sheet, Rod, SHS, RHS, Tube and Angle. 

    Folding/brake Pressing, Rolling/swaging Metal Stamping

    We utilise a variety of (eight) CNC Brake Presses to ensure the accurate and efficient forming of products into various shapes and sizes with the capabilities to fold metal products with complex angles and tapers.

    Fastener Insertion

    Catten have a number of insertion machines, including auto-feed capabilities, enabling accurate and speedy insertion of captive fasteners and standoffs into products.

    Metal Finishing

    Our finishing includes but is not limited to: Powder coating (In house), wet spraying ext, screen printing ext, plating, anodising ext, galvanising ext, oven baking, chrome ext, nickel or zinc plating ext. 

    Turrets, CNC Punching & Forming

    Fully equipped with well maintained CNC Punching machinery, including Strippit, Amada and Finn-Power Turret Punch machines, with a large library of tooling, providing the forming and accuracy required to achieve specifications while keeping unit costs to a minimum. 

    Welding & Dressing

    When it comes to welding and dressing, we cut no corners. With numerous welding bays available, Catten has the capability to manually MIG, TIG, Spot-weld, Grinding, Sanding, Dressing and Robot Welding and Finishing of welded parts. We also take the care to deburr and polishing, prior to finishing your product.

    Powder Coating

    We offer internal powder coating solutions. Both large batch oven and automated conveyor line systems are available with a range of colours and textures to achieve the required protection. 

    Product Assembly, Packaging and Deliveries

    Packaged goods suitable for local, interstate or overseas shipment. Whichever your preferred method, Catten has the capability. Limited but not exclusive to stretch wrapping, bubble wrap, air or sea freight packs, crates, stillages or pallets for local shipment. 

    Our Story

    Established in 1994 to provide a quality sheet metal fabrication service to a variety of industries, Catten Industries is proudly owned and operated by Ian and Latinka Cubitt and their family.

    With extensive experience in the sheet metal trade, producing quality metal products and with a lifelong knowledge of systems and innovation. Together, they lead a team of dedicated employees providing “Sheetmetal solutions from concept to completion”.

    Our Australian company operates from the East of Melbourne’s industrial heartland, Bayswater, Victoria, from a modern factory of 2,564 square metres (27.598 square feet). We service many different industries, including Building, Electrical & Electronics (Including switchboards), Transport, Shopfitting / Display / Point of Sale, Communications, Furniture, Material handling, General Engineering and Defence. In fact, if you require anything manufactured out of metal, Catten Industries have the experience and knowledge to work with you to provide a solution for all of your metal requirements.

    Catten Industries is a Precision Sheetmetal Manufacturer of many different products for many different industries. Our sheet-metal facility incorporates a dedicated engineering team who can assist with the design and development, managing projects by our motto: “Sheetmetal solutions from concept to completion” with the right machinery, operated by highly skilled staff who maintain the highest standards of metalwork for all of your needs.

    G.E.G Sheetmetal Manufacturers - Sheet Metal Fabrication Melbourne

    geg sheetmetals

    +(61) 3 9308 8490

    With over 40 years of experience in sheet metal fabrication and powder coating, G.E.G Sheetmetal only produces high-quality industrious products. As a family-owned and operated business since 1988. G.E.G Sheetmetal has an esteemed reputation in the fabrication industry.

    Fabrication and Powder Coating specialists

    Whether it be toolboxes or custom fit containers for utility vehicles, we fabricate to your specifications using a variety of different metals. These include stainless steel, mild steel, galvanised metal and aluminium. It doesn’t matter if you require fabrication on a large scale or just for a small one-off job. Our services include guillotining, bending notching, and MIG. TIG. Stud and spot welding. No matter the requirements, we provide quality work that is both versatile and enduring.

    We also offer powder coating, all of which is done onsite. We only use the highest quality paints. These paints come in a large spectrum of colour swatches that we can match to your business, brand or personal needs.

    Sheetmetal Fabrication in Campbellfield

    Our service is to manufacture a quality product to your specifications. As masters of metalwork, we operate out of the northern suburbs of Melbourne, fabricating on both a small and large scale.

    With over four decades of collective experience, we have a strong reputation in Melbourne’s metal fabrication industry. With such a resourceful knowledge base, we can advise the best materials, processes and production timelines to manufacture whatever you require. We also offer a full range of air filter frames and Hepa modules in galvanised, stainless steel, powder-coated, zinc plated and aluminium materials. Trust G.E.G Sheetmetal to manufacture the best quality at competitive prices.

    Brampton Sheet Metal Fabrication Melbourne

    brampton sheetmetal

    (03) 9729 8878

    Welcome to Sheet Metal Manufacturing Services

    Brampton Sheetmetal is a sheet metal manufacturing company based in Melbourne that is fully committed to providing quality parts for our clients with guaranteed precision and efficiency. Our 25 years of experience, as well as our focus on customer satisfaction, is what has helped position us as an industry-leading sheet metal manufacturer.

    Our Melbourne sheet metal specialists work closely with all of our customers to ensure that we reach an understanding of the component part design you need. At Brampton Sheetmetal, we use 3D SolidWorks that are fully integrated with our state-of-the-art machinery to produce small or large runs of accurate metalwork.

    Our Services

    Our sheet metal experts provide a comprehensive range of sheet metal manufacturing services to suit your needs. Some of these include:

    • Laser Cutting – We utilise innovative laser cutting technologies to produce accurate, high-quality cuts. We can cut a variety of materials with varying degrees of thickness.
    • Punching – We utilise accurate and efficient sheet metal punching machinery to produce holes, dimples, louvres and countersinking when manufacturing metal parts.
    • Brake Press/Folding – We use cutting-edge technologies to achieve precise folding and bending results for metal parts of any size.
    • Fabrication – Our metal fabrication technicians utilise a variety of welding methods to create metal structures that match your requirements and specifications.
    • Final Assembly – We offer additional subcontracting, powder coating, spray painting, tube bending and screen printing services.

    Our highly trained and experienced sheet metal manufacturers constantly strive to keep up to date with the industry’s emerging innovations. We also aim to provide our clients with better metalwork products and services at competitive prices.

    Sheet Metal Design

    Brampton Sheetmetal works with you to produce the perfect design for the products you need.

    At Brampton Sheetmetal, we aim to simplify the design process. We work closely with you to produce high quality, functional sheet metal products and can deliver a sheet metal design that’s right for you.

    We have a comprehensive range of state of the art sheet metal manufacturing machinery ideal for laser cutting, punching and folding. Our manufacturing capabilities are diverse and flexible. Any component part we design for you is created in 3D SolidWorks, ensuring a precision reproduction with a fast, cost-effective turnaround.

    We pride ourselves on our customer-driven approach of delivering excellent quality to our sheet metal design and manufacturing customers. Call 03 9729 8877 or visit us at our Boronia factory to talk through your designs with one of our experts. We provide Australia-wide delivery, so no matter where you are based, we can help you out.

    Virtual Prototyping Vpss

    Brampton Sheetmetal uses the latest in Virtual Prototyping Simulation software to verify your project in 3D, ensuring that your sheet metal designs are manufactured correctly the first time and every time thereafter.

    The VPSS system allows Brampton Sheetmetal to achieve highly accurate print-to-part processing the first time, without the need for wasteful prototypes.

    Virtual Prototype Simulation Software uses a comprehensive database of information and parameters from the factory’s actual machines, tools and materials in generating accurate 3D CAD models, using actual data guarantees that the model on the screen will be accurate to the finished product with no prototyping or defects.

    ControlFab - Sheet Metal Fabrication Melbourne


    03 9761 8249

    ControlFab is a sheet metal fabrication company specialising in high-quality stainless steel fabrication and cutting services. For 20 years, the stainless steel manufacturers at ControlFab have been supplying longstanding clients with premium plasma cutting and stainless steel fabrication in Melbourne at cost-effective prices. We manufacture quality stainless steel products to architect design or client specifications.

    If you’re after affordable and durable stainless steel benchtops, stainless steel grates, a stainless steel sink or plasma cutting services, you’ve come to the right place. ControlFab manufactures a wide range of beautifully crafted products that are high-quality, durable and built to last. Our sheet metal fabrication solutions are ideal for industrial or commercial purposes, and our stainless steel fabricators have a healthy history of servicing clients in Melbourne and its surrounding areas, as well as national businesses.

    Our Available Stainless Steel Fabrication Services

    Our stainless steel manufacturers and fabricators in Melbourne have the experience and know-how to produce high-quality and cost-effective stainless products for different industries. Using the most up-to-date metal fabrication machinery, our sheet metal and stainless steel fabricators in Melbourne manufacture stainless products for a number of clients such as major supermarkets, supplying products like benchtops, bowls, racking, hoppers, and purpose-built items in any thickness or finish. As leading steel manufacturers and stainless steel suppliers in Melbourne, our range of high-quality, durable products includes:

    Stainless grates and tundishesStainless handrail products stainless steel benchtopsSteel structures, staircases and ladder stainless steel bench itemsStainless sink solutions stainless cabinets

    A trusted supplier of quality stainless steel products and steel fabrication in Victoria, our stainless steel fabricators, can also cut sheet metal to any size. ControlFab additionally has extensive experience in manufacturing benchtops and grates. So if you’re after a stainless steel sink, bench or handrail, ControlFab has a solution for you with our metal fabrication in Melbourne.

    High Definition Plasma Cutting Solutions

    Our plasma cutting service always meets the highest Australian standards. Using your materials or ours, we can work to individual specifications to customise a product for you.

    With a table size capacity of 3.6m x 9.6m, the professional team at ControlFab has years of experience in providing clients with effective plasma cutting services.

    Stainless Steel Fabrication in Melbourne

    Whether you need sheet metal fabrication or stainless steel fabrication, our expert stainless steel manufacturers are among Melbourne’s best. The strong relationships ControlFab has built with a variety of clients over the years is testament to the quality of our stainless steel fabrication services. Our range of products built to client specifications includes:

    • Industrial fans and hoppers
    • Heavy and light gauge hoppers, silos and ducting cones
    • Handrails and balustrades
    • Security storage gates
    • Trolley bays
    • Loading dock ladders

    Metal Cutting, Folding and Guillotining Services

    From steel cutting to plasma cutting, our metal cutting services can be applied to any metal. Our stainless steel suppliers in Melbourne are experienced in folding and guillotining techniques for industrial and commercial purposes. Our stainless steel manufacturers in Melbourne also work closely with all our clients to ensure the best quality products can be produced.

    Professional Quality Control for Stainless Steel Fabrication

    Our stainless steel fabricators pride themselves on their ability to work efficiently and productively in order to meet tight deadlines. At the same time, we are constantly conscious of health and safety requirements and quality control. During our many years in business and our involvement with numerous clients, this has been an integral part of our production process and is of the utmost importance to all our staff. Our experienced stainless steel fabrication team follow a simple but effective quality control procedure from the commencement of the metal fabrication job right through to its completion.

    Stainless Steel Fabricators With Long-Lasting Client Relationships

    With 20 years of experience in the industry, ControlFab has built and fostered strong relationships with a range of clients on a state and national level. The quality of our sheet metal fabrication and plasma cutting services ensures we are a leading manufacturer of high-quality, durable metal products in Melbourne. With our metal cutting and fabrication solutions, we can customise a product to suit your needs or work to architectural designs. It’s part of our endeavour to provide experienced personal service as leading stainless steel and sheet metal fabricators.

    Aston Precision - Sheet Metal Fabrication Melbourne

    aston precision

    03 8595 6707

    The Highest Quality Sheet Metal

    Aston Precision Steel Fabrications and its fabricated steel and metal fabrication Melbourne products can be widely used in all construction and development projects, from residential, Shop Fitting and commercial projects to government, community and everything else where precision metal components are required. If it is in Steel and needs to be fabricated, then Aston Precision Team is your go-to steel shop.

    Fabricated and manufactured steelwork can be used to form the all-important framework of an office building, the foundations of a secure perimeter fence around a local Melbourne playground or sporting facility or a backyard swimming pool, even construction of a handrail for the elderly’s safety for just a few ideas, Steel is an essential part of the building.

    When you need superior quality, Steel fabricated and installed on your next project, trusting Aston Precision Fabrications to supply you with precision-quality steel component’s is the way to go. We have precisely what you need at the right price, provided to you with many years of expertise.

    We offer an extensive range of products, accessories and services that will help elevate your project to the next level. 

    Aston Precision Team has over 20 years of experience in the Sheet Metal Manufacturing field. They have been offering locals and businesses in Melbourne, Dandenong and Bayswater areas, and all across Australia a comprehensive range of steel construction and Sheet metal fabrication products and services. We value making some long-established friends/customers along the way and providing first-class customer service.

    Aston Precision offers a wide range of products and services.

    These include:

    • CNC Machining
    • Laser Cutting
    • Metal fabrication
    • Press Brake folding
    • MIG and TIG welding on Stainless and Mild Steel.

    AusForm - Sheet Metal Fabrication Melbourne

    ausform sheet metal

    0418 501 992

    Welcome to Ausform Sheet Metal

    Ausform Sheet Metal Pty Ltd is a privately owned company based in Keilor East, Victoria, which was established in 1990. We specialise in the custom manufacture of sheet metal components.

    We are proud to offer our sheet metal skills and expertise to a wide range of industrial, commercial or domestic customers across Victoria. The advancement of our production machinery and technology constantly enable us to offer an extensive range of services to our valued customers on time and on budget.

    Who Are We?

    We simplify sheet metal fabrication projects for low-high volume, high-quality production. We offer sheet metal fabrication services, ranging from precision CNC bending, CNC punching, MIG, TIG & spot welding, and product assembly.

    Our facility is equipped to handle prototype, short & long run production work at competitive prices. We can work with steel, stainless steel, aluminium.

    Why Choose Us?

    We are 100% Australian owned and operated to produce quality sheet metal products at a reasonable price. We have catered for a large number of customers with diverse requirements ensuring all the products we manufacture meet the highest industry standards.

    We are capable of offering a complete manufacturing process from design, prototyping and production run to meet customer satisfaction.

    Range Of Services

    In Ausform Sheet Metal Pty Ltd, we are capable of offering High-Quality CNC Laser Cutting, CNC Turret Punching, CNC Press Brake Folding, NC Guillotining, Fastener Insertion, Polishing and Finishing, General & Precision Sheet metal Fabricating, Electrical Cubicles, Component Cubicles, Power Coating as req., Color Bond Flashings for Plumbers, CAD/CAM Facility, Prototyping, Tig, Mig, Oxy & Spot welding.

    We, Ausform Sheet Metal Pty Ltd, is one of the most reliable sheet metal fabricators in the industry in producing high-quality sheet metal fabrication and components. Ausform Sheet Metal Pty Ltd is a privately owned, Australian operated company based in Keilor East, Victoria.

    Our Mission is a commitment to continually developing technology, service and quality in all activities in order to provide our customers with the best possible products and services.

    We are not just another supplier of sheet metal manufacturers. We will find solutions that best suit your specifications.

    No matter how complex your request, every detail is taken care of from estimation right through to finished sheet metal production. Our staff is tremendously experienced, flexible and qualified to exceed your specification under the quality management system.

    We, Ausform Sheet Metal Pty Ltd, have a history of helping Australia based lighting manufacturing companies to reduce their sheet metal fabrication costs and improve the quality of their sheet metal components. We have many standard CNC punching tools for our CNC punch presses producing commonly used cutouts for lamp holders, reflectors and gear trays, keeping production set-up costs to a minimum when considering your new sheet metal work lighting projects. We have lots of examples of sheet metal projects that we have completed recently, including 2D gear trays, reflectors, springs, fibre optic lighting housings, all manufactured at our factory.

    The quality of the service we offer to our customers has persistently been advanced according to the newest technology to meet the product accuracy. Our all services facilitate us to manage a sheet metal component throughout the manufacturing process, from designing, prototyping through to the final quality production.

    FJB Sheet Metal Fabrication Melbourne

    fjb sheet metal

    0409 641 950

    Welcome to Fjb Sheet Metal,

    Based out of Melbourne and Ballina, FJB Sheet Metal is Australia’s premier manufacturer of custom metal products. Specialising in all aspects of general work within the metal industry, FJB Sheet Metal predominantly works with Stainless Steel and Aluminium. However, we are in no way limited to these and can work with any metal material that suits your project requirements. Our services are diverse. 

    Having worked with companies involved in new projects as well as refurbishments in both government and private sectors. We have created custom metal work for schools, hospitals, industrial manufacturing plants, local councils and companies within the food industry, to name a few. 

    We offer design services where required utilising ‘Solid Works 3D Cad’, and our manufacturing supports our architectural supply with ‘Laser Cutting’ for feature products. To find out if FJB Sheet Metal can support your businesses next project requirements, I would like to personally invite and encourage you to contact us.

    Products & Services

    We are experts in our field and provide only the highest quality products & services for your project, including but not limited to:

    • TIG welding
    • MIG welding
    • ARC welding
    • CNC press brake
    • Plate sheet rolling
    • Lean manufacturing assessment & implementation
    • Machinery installations
    • Onsite welding
    • Maintenance
    • 3D CAD drafting
    • Machinery repairs
    • All aspects of metal fabrication
    • Design & manufacture
    • Project management
    • Pump manifolds
    • Pump & motor bases
    • Electrical cabinets
    • Electrical bus bars
    • Balustrading
    • Stainless steel food hoppers & equipment
    • Stainless steel & aluminium

    Since early 2000 FJB Sheetmetal Pty Ltd have been building our stainless steel sheet metal enclosures for our copper tube and stainless steel annealing systems which we sell all around the world, over the years, with FJB’s experience in design and manufacturing, we have developed our sheet metal products to remove most of the machining from these enclosures; this has dramatically reduced our manufacturing costs and kept us competitive in the world market.  

    Without their knowledge and development of their laser cutting and folding techniques to produce our products, we would not be in the same market position. With our long relationship with FJB, they will go to any length possible to achieve the tight deliveries and the change in design as we go along through the engineering process. 

    They are very accommodating and always helpful, and operate in a very professional manner. Their skills and finish on the product are of a very high standard. In more recent years, we have expanded the products we give FJB into our water systems and mild steel fabrications, and they are able to put their hand to anything we throw at them and are cost completive.

    Mitcham Laser Cutting Services - Sheet Metal Fabrication Melbourne

    mitcham laser cutting service

    03 9873 8649

    Mitcham Laser Cutting and Metal Fabrication (MLCS) is a family-owned business based in Mitcham Victoria, with a vision to provide high-quality sheet metal fabrication solutions to our expanding client base.

    MLCS recognise the importance of high-quality machinery, tooling & workmanship to produce a quality product. We source the latest technology and most advanced machinery from renowned manufacturers such as Salvagnini, Amada, Safan, MultiCam and Fronius, to name a few.

    We can also utilise our relationships with local businesses to provide value-added services such as Powder Coating, Zinc Plating & other specialised services. Everything from an idea to delivery!

    MLCS offer our services to clients across Australia in industries such as Building & Architectural, Health & Medical, HVAC, Audio/Visual, Emergency Services and many more.

    Any Steel - Sheet Metal Fabrication Melbourne

    any steel fabrication

    9460 8745

    Any Steel Fabrication is a custom steel fabricator located in Melbourne’s northern suburb of Campbellfield. Our site sits within 700 meters of the Hume Highway and just 15 minutes from Melbourne Airport.

    We offer affordable pricing and quick production times. Our work varies from small to large scale jobs. We pride ourselves on completing all manufacturing in-house at our factory premises, creating a product that aligns with the specifications of our customers.

    Since 1991, Any Steel Fabrication has focused on maintaining quality and highly detailed services - with processes and outputs that meet the requirements of all industries.

    Building Strong Client Relationships

    We focus on providing an output that aligns with the customer’s needs. Any Steel Fabrication can produce a product based on an idea, drawing or specifications.

    Cost-Effective and Timely

    We maintain competitive pricing and work with customers to meet their budget requirements. Any Steel Fabrication also produces a product within pre-determined time frames.

    In-House Manufacturing 

    All manufacturing is completed in house, in our factory in Campbellfield. All our staff are guided and trained in accordance with industry requirements to maintain a safe work environment.

    Our Mission

    Any Steel Fabrication specialises in the manufacturing of products addressing the requirements of the customer. We tailor our services to provide a customised product that adheres to the customers’ ideas, drawings and specifications.

    Our skilled team offers over 100 years of experience in mild, stainless and aluminium fabrication. We are dedicated and committed to producing an output of exceptional quality that satisfies our customers and meets their needs.

    We aim to build and maintain strong customer relationships for every project we take on board. Our commitment to our customers includes meeting pre-planned timelines, schedules and progress checks from start to finish.

    We have a qualified team that works on our premises. All our staff are fully trained and qualified in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards. As an organisation, we pride ourselves on maintaining both a safe and inclusive work environment for all our employees, which is proven by our employees’ commitment to Any Steel Fabrication.

    We have experienced exceptional growth since the establishment of Any Steel Fabrication and are constantly looking to grow our team even further.

    If you believe you are suitable for a position within our business, please do not hesitate to email to enquire about your suitability. 

    Metfab - Sheet Metal Fabrication Melbourne


    (03) 9720 2654

    We Are More Than Just Steel

    Established in 1998, Metfab has grown from a one-man operation servicing a small client base to a 15 strong team boasting a wealth of metal fabrication expertise.

    Metfab is a proud provider of engineering and metalwork services to Parmalat (Pauls Milk), General Mills (Latina Pasta), ULS Group, Bitu-Mill, Prime Engineering, Country Fire Authority, Metropolitan Fire Brigade, and John Holland Constructions, naming just a few. Metfab is committed to forging strong working partnerships with our customers by providing superior metal products supported by excellent customer service.

    Steel Merchants Melbourne

    Do you have a reputable large scale business and require steelworks from a company that has a name in the steel industry and has been serving some of the most highly recognisable businesses and industries in Melbourne?

    Then you might have heard of Metfab steel merchants in Melbourne. We have been serving Melbourne for years providing quality service on a level that is hard to match. Our steel products are premium, and steel supplies are always plentiful. Metfab is an expert in steel, providing a fast process that will give you the steel you need to get the job rolling.

    Selling Steel for Industry and Diy

    As a premium steel solutions business, we offer custom metalwork, mild steel products, weathering steel products, as well as retaining wall posts as part of our range to suit industrial steel needs and your everyday joe in their DIY projects. Metfab supplies steel on a very broad range. There is no limit to our reach when it comes to steel products. Our metal fabrication works are top quality, having been the company many businesses have turned to, and still do, for the most difficult metal works.

    Steel Fabricators Melbourne

    Are you a contractor that needs structural steel products that provide strength and durability? Do you need a variety of structural steel products and are in search of structural steel fabricators in Melbourne that can provide everything you need? Metfab can help accomplish your goal of a strong and impervious structure.

    We have been providing metal products and fabrications in Melbourne, Australia, for years and have accomplished a name in the market. Through our experience and expertise in job executions as well as the huge variety of products, we are able to satisfy all your commercial, residential and industrial needs.

    Our workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and our metal fabrication team have many years of experience, through which we provide you with flawless structural steel fabrications. The machinery that we use includes:

    * CNC Press Brakes

    * Plate Rollers

    * Centre Lathe

    * Tube and RHS Section Rollers

    * Guillotine

    * TIG an MIG Welders

    * Brobo Saw

    * Plasma Cutting

    * Access Crane Trucks

    * Other Heavy-Lifters (Vehicles)

    * Waterjet Cutter

    We specialise in structural steel fabrication such as staircases, mezzanine floors and platform construction, balustrade, handrails, cable works and conveyor systems design, just to name a few. We can also provide problem-solving advice in relation to Safety Solutions at your workplace.

    We provide structural steel in Melbourne in the form of channels, beams, angles, lintels & retaining wall steel.

    Structural Steel can be: Lintels Structural Angles Retaining Wall Steel Metfab brings you structural steel products that will fulfil all your construction needs.

    Grenenger - Sheet Metal Fabrication Melbourne

    grenenger sheet metal

    (03) 9068 5934

    Sheet Metal Fabricators | Werribee

    Founded in 2011, Grenenger Sheet Metal offers excellent sheet metal fabrication, stainless steel repair and customised toolbox services to home and business owners across Melbourne’s Western suburbs and beyond. We work with zinc, aluminium, mild and galvanised steel. Contact us today for a professional assessment and quotation.

    Our Services

    Grenenger Sheet Metal offers a wide range of metalworking services to suit your needs, including:

    • Guillotining – our 3m guillotine is capable of cutting 6mm mild steel and 4mm stainless steel.
    • Brake press bending
    • Band saw cutting
    • Welding
    • Heavy wall pipe bending – we can handle pipes up to 50mm in diameter
    • Laser cutting
    • Powder coating

    Our top-quality supplies and equipment ensure all projects are delivered with unmatched high standards.

    Contact us today for more information.

    About Us

    Our aim at Grenenger Sheet Metal Industries is to satisfy the needs of the metal trade industry. Whether it is general sheet metal fabrications, repairs to stainless steel catering equipment, benches and benchtops, to making custom-sized and designed tool boxes for trucks, trailers and utes - we can help you!

    Why Choose Us?

    • 20 years experience in the sheet metal fabrication trade
    • We work with stainless, aluminium, mild steel, galvanised steel and zinc.
    • We only use the best equipment available, making sure that our end product is delivered to you with exceptionally high standards.

    Swift Metal Fabrication Melbourne

    swift metal fabrication

    03 8774 3091

    Sheet Metal Manufacturing in Melbourne

    Established in 2009, Swift Metal Fabrication is a locally owned and operated business specialising in sheet metal and light engineering solutions. Based in Dandenong South in Victoria, we proudly service customers throughout Australia. 

    Why Us?

    Here at Swift Metal Fabrication, we take great pride in our craftsmanship, and we always deliver what we promise on time. Our team of master technicians works tirelessly to get the job done right, and our friendly service and competitive prices often see us develop long-term relationships with our customers.

    Wide Range of Applications

    Our aim is to provide top-end sheet metal and tubular steel manufacturing to a range of industries, including:

    • Electrical
    • Building and construction
    • Marine
    • Shopfitting and retail
    • Sporting and outdoor recreation
    • Hydraulics
    • Automotive
    • Mining

    From the initial idea and drawings to design and manufacture, our professional and highly experienced team will create a product that suits you perfectly. Whatever you’re after, we have the solution and offer a comprehensive range of metal fabrication services.

    Sheet Metal and Tubular Steel Manufacturing

    At Swift Metal Fabrication, we offer leading steel fabrication and metalwork services in Melbourne to meet your every requirement. Whatever field you work in and whatever you’re looking to achieve, simply bring us the problem, and we’ll provide the solution!

    Our professional and highly motivated team have over 55 years of combined industry experience and are guaranteed to devise an idea that suits your needs perfectly. We will then handle the entire process with minimum hassle, from drawing to designing to manufacturing the final creation, ensuring that everything stays within your budget and deadline.

    Metalwork Services

    We provide a range of expert metalwork and steel fabrication services throughout Melbourne, including:

    • Design and manufacture, from concept to completion
    • Sheet metal and tubular steel fabrication
    • MIG and TIG welding of stainless steel and aluminium
    • Turret punching
    • Guillotine
    • Brake pressing and folding
    • Laser and plasma cutting
    • Metal spinning
    • Rolling and forming
    • Abrasive blasting
    • Metal polishing
    • Powder coating

    We always aim to develop longstanding relationships with our customers. To this end, we always deliver fast turnaround times and outstanding results, offering free, highly competitive quotes before we get started.

    Are you looking for reliable steel fabrication or other steelwork services in the Melbourne region? Swift Metal Fabrication can help. With our combined experience, industry knowledge and expert services, we can provide you with the steel fabrication services your commercial or industrial business needs.

    Our steelworkers work with you to meet your project design and specifications. Together, we can complete your project on time and ensure it meets all the necessary specifications and regulations. At Swift Metal Fabrication, we are dedicated and experienced in the job at hand. We also offer friendly and competent service. Our goal is to help you with your steelwork needs.

    Are you ready to learn more about our steel fabrication services in Melbourne? Give us a call on 03 8774 3090 to get started. We’ll answer any questions you have and offer you a free quote before we get started on your commercial or industrial project. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, and we’ll work hard to make sure you’re happy with the results of our steel fabrication services.

    You can also send us a message or enquiry through our contact page, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with answers and quotes.

    KNS Metal - Sheet Metal Fabrication Melbourne 

    kns metal

    (03) 9706 4809

    Melbourne’s Go-To Sheet Metal Fabricators

    We are experienced sheet metal fabricators servicing greater Melbourne, with a team that has extensive experience in the industry. Our expertise ranges from CNC folding and laser cutting to turret punching, metal perforations, MIG/TIG/Spot welding, powder coating and more.

    An Australian family-owned business with an established market position, our network of suppliers and partners in the metal and engineering industries has given us the insight and hands-on experience needed to navigate every project with precision, processing and production.

    With custom design projects and specifications readily accommodated by our manufacturing team, we never settle for less than high-quality finishes and consistent, timely deliveries. Continually relying on leading technology to meet our commitment to providing quality materials and outcomes, CNC, CAD, and CAM applications ensure that every piece we make hits the mark every time.

    If you’re looking for a local provider who knows the ins and outs of this trade, speak with our in-house specialist team today to see how you can leverage expedited services to streamline your manufacturing process.

    Quality Sheet Metal and Steel Fabrication in Melbourne

    As a leading manufacturer, we are your industry go-to for sheet metal fabricators and can customise most materials to meet your project’s needs. We produce superior projects with the use of multiple 7 axis CNC press brakes. We’re also equipped with laser safeguarding systems to help further achieve your most precise results. Some of the features of our CNC Folding services include:

    • 250-tonne bending force
    • 4200mm bending length
    • Can accommodate all sized parts in mild steel, aluminium, and galvanised and stainless steel
    • Fold up to 0.5mm to 8mm material thickness and up to 4200mm in length.
    • Services: 7 axis CNC (Y1, Y2, X, R, Z1, Z2 & Crowning)

    Knowing that many projects will require our team to customise cutting solutions to our client’s specifications and design, we work with your team every step of the way to give you the perfect result every time.

    Experienced Professionals Backed by Years of Experience

    Instead of outsourcing your manufacturing and cutting to overseas suppliers, speak with our team to see how you can streamline your production processes from an Australian provider who understands the local market. With the capacity to accommodate small scale projects up to large commercial needs, we have a reputation as a go-to-market provider that regularly surpasses our client expectations and needs.

    Dedicated to maintaining our position as one of Melbourne’s leading professionals in the field, our commitment to quality, customer service and efficiency guides all of the work that we do. From hands-on design consultations to manufacturing and delivery, we work to nurture our client relationships and industry partnerships to retain our status in the metalworking game.

    Rest assured that your parts, processes and production are in good hands. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can provide you with excellent products and services, speak with one of our in-house experts today.

    Who We Are

    Melbourne’s Leading Providers of Cutting-Edge Sheet Metal Fabrication

    KNS Metals is a specialised manufacturer purely focused on cutting, punching, forming, and fabrication, represented by a knowledgeable and experienced team with over 30 years of industry experience. KNS Metals is an Australian family-owned business that has established a network of suppliers and partners in the sheet metal and engineering industry. The company ensures that high-quality sheet metal parts are manufactured and delivered on time to our valued customers. Our engineers strive to exceed the expectations of our customers to enjoy a long-term business relationship. The parts are manufactured to the design drawing specifications provided by the customers. We deliver manufactured parts in packaging prepared to the customer specifications with timely communication at every stage.

    KNS Metals strive to manufacture and supply the most effective and efficient solutions within our capabilities for meeting the specified requirements of the small- and large-scale commercial projects.

    We use state of the art technology of CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) and CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing) that ensures high precision is achieved to meet the design specifications, quality, finish packaging, and timely deliveries consistent with the agreement.

    In the recent past, we have expanded our facilities, adding most modern equipment such as Fibre-Optic CNC laser cutting fully automatic light to heavy sheet metal cutting machine of high precision.

    Roofing & Sheetmetal Centre - Sheet Metal Fabrication Melbourne

    roofing & sheetmetal centre

    03 9791 5356

    Everything Sheetmetal from the Roof Down

    From our Melbourne based workshop, Roofing & Sheetmetal Centre makes a broad range of metal products. We specialise in metal roofing and building products, including custom made items like flashing, roof penetrations and rain heads, or standard roofing products like roof sheets, downpipes and gutters.

    Roofing & Sheetmetal Centre fabricates steel products from Australian Bluescope® Steel including Colorbond®, Colorbond Matt® and Zincalume®.

    Our product range includes:

    • Roofing products and rainwater goods – flashing, vented and non-vented ridge, rain heads and sumps, custom gutters, flue cowls and china caps; roof, skylight and chimney penetrations.
    • Flashing – apron soaker, apron flashing, barge capping, box gutters, capping, chimney flashing, corner moulds, curved and tapered flashing, fascia covers, parapet capping, pressure flashing, ridge, and valley gutters.
    • Windows and Door parts – louvres, roller shutter pelmets, garage door corner moulds, door tracks, taper plates, steel door covers
    • Metal Building Materials – pipe protection guards, box gutter brackets, top hat battens, roof battens, roof vents
    • Roof height safety equipment – access hatches, control panel doors, wire safety mesh, fixing strips, harness kits and roof anchors

    Roofing & Sheetmetal Centre also supplies roof sheets in a range of profiles, including Colorbond®, Zincalume® and Galvanised Steel, as well as gutters, downpipes and accessories. We are happy to source the roofing profile that you are looking for or provide advice when you need assistance.

    Let Our Expert Team Help You

    For more than 30 years, Roofing & Sheetmetal Centre has operated throughout Melbourne, supplying a range of top quality sheet metal products to hundreds of commercial and residential projects.

    Our team are professional and qualified tradespeople who strive to deliver quality outcomes for our customers.

    We’d be happy to talk to you about your requirements, so please feel free to give one of our team a call.

    Star Sheet Metal Fabrication Melbourne

    star sheetmetal

    (03) 9314 0546

    Star Sheetmetal offers an infinite range of fabrication services in Steel / Stainless Steel & Aluminium, from structural and architectural steel to Transport and Industry uses.

    Star Sheetmetal has been servicing Transport, Industry & Construction since 1998 and the man who owns the business, Graeme McDonald.. also runs the business!

    Star Sheetmetal prides itself on being known for high standard quality workmanship, skilled tradespersons, prompt service& competitive prices! We are able to provide a design service or manufacture from drawings provided.

    With a well-equipped workshop and the implementation of expertly qualified staff, no job is too big or too small for Star Sheetmetal!

    About Us

    Welcome to Star Sheetmetal. We’re a small family-owned and run business based in Melbourne, with our service largely concentrated on the supply of metal and steel fabrication to a range of industries across metropolitan and regional Victoria.

    When Graeme McDonald purchased the Star Sheetmetal business in 1998, our projects at the time were larger in quantity but smaller in scale. We were fabricating and supplying a great volume of work to many industries, including the electrical and transport industry. However, since 1998 the company has achieved noticeable growth in each industry it services, with our projects expanding to include many architectural steel projects for both commercial and residential applications.

    Expert Service and Advice Across a Range of Industries

    Star Sheetmetal has generated significant growth in the supply of materials to a range of industries, providing a large volume of service to areas as diverse as:

    • Transport
    • Construction
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Food processing
    • Commercial laundry
    • The automatic gate and revolving door industry

    We’ve supplied architectural steel for a variety of commercial projects, including fabricating the blue steel ribboning that adorns the façade of the famous ‘Phoenix on Flinders’ building in Melbourne’s CBD. We’re also proud to be involved with many residential architectural projects, fabricating many stunning staircases, balconies and terrace fitouts that have used perforated and/or heavy gauge steel.

    As a result of their high standard of quality, many of our projects have been featured in architectural magazine publications both in Australia and internationally, as well as on television shows such as ‘Building Houses Australia’ and ‘Better Homes and Gardens.

    Our Vision

    At Star Sheetmetal, we remain as committed as ever to fulfilling our reputation for providing world-class, high-quality constructions. Our core values focus on fabricating, supplying and installing steel that fits together perfectly. This is what sets us apart from our competitors – we believe it is imperative that our steel is supplied to perfectly fit the intended application the first time. To help ensure this, we have the genius ingenuity and problem-solving skills of our head of operations, Graeme McDonald.

    Graeme both owns and runs the business; his finger is on the pulse of each and every project that leaves the premises. His problem-solving skills and eye for quality control are also at the forefront of our internal training and leadership program. It is essential to our operations that Graeme can trust each of his trained sheet metal workers and fabricators to self assess and scrutinise the quality of the workmanship they put their hand to. It is our belief that this is the essence of our successful small family run business – we are a team who work together and understand what is expected of our brand.

    Nextgen Metal Fabrication Melbourne

    nextgen metal fabrication

    0436 027 184

    Welcome and Thanks for Dropping by Our Website!

    Nextgen Metal Fabrication is a western Melbourne based, locally owned business servicing the Melbourne metro area and beyond.

    Our friendly team can help you with:

    • the trailer builds or repairs,
    • horse float repairs,
    • structural fabrications,
    • sheet metal work
    • residential and farm gates,
    • as well as any metal fabrication project you have in mind, including lift shaft cage hire.

    We have the capacity to complete MIG and TIG welding, punching and shearing, folding, guillotining, steel rolling, machining, powder coating, painting and galvanising and can complete laser cutting with 48 hour turnaround time.

    With decades of experience and having delivered finished products to hundreds of customers, Nextgen Metal Fabrications can turn your idea or design into reality on time and on budget.

    Used in countless applications across a wide variety of industries, sheet metal work is one of the most varied services we offer.

    Whether you need:

    • sheet metal cutting,
    • folding,
    • punching,
    • laser cutting
    • or powder coating

    We have the expertise to deliver a superior product every time.

    With all relevant training to adhere to Australian safety and compliance standards, our team will listen to your needs, help you finalise your design and fabricate sheet metal to your specifications.

    We also offer onsite installation and welding to ensure your project is finished to a superior standard. With decades of experience and having delivered finished products to hundreds of customers, Nextgen Metal Fabrications fabricate sheet metal for your project, on time and on budget.

    Flash - Sheet Metal Fabrication Melbourne

    flash fabrications

    (03) 9369 5585

    Expert fabricators in mild steel, sheet metal, aluminium, stainless steel and the manufacture of balustrade and pool fencing.

    Flash Fabrication is located in Hoppers Crossing and is a company with over 10 years of experience in the fabrication business.

    Over those years, we have accrued vast experience in metal fabrication for architectural uses, with projects ranging from; perforated facades on multi-story buildings in the heart of Melbourne to supplying and installing your domestic glass pool fence or balcony balustrade.

    Our services include:

    • Balustrades
    • Screens
    • Staircases
    • Railings - steel, aluminium and stainless steel
    • Architectural Steel fabrication
    • Pool fencing - steel, aluminium and stainless steel
    • Custom fabrication in stainless steel, mild steel & aluminium
    • General metal fabrication work, including:
      • Guillotining & Folding - up to 3m/m thick at 2400 long
      • Welding - MIG, tig, arc.
      • Onsite welding
      • Corten steel decorative designs
      • Perforated panels
      • Laser cutting
      • Engineering resources available

    Flash Fabrications are proud that we have built a reputation over the years in supplying; quality in product, service and price. We service all locations in the Melbourne metropolitan area and rural Victoria.

    About Us

    Flash fabrications were established in August 2004 by David Marsh, who is still the current director.

    Flash Fabrications employs a range of specialised, highly qualifies tradesmen from Class A Sheetmetal workers, boilermakers and fitters, giving us a broad knowledge across all the metal trades.

    Our factory is fitted out with all the latest welding, cutting and folding equipment and is always in a clean and professional condition at all times.

    We strive to be the answer to all metal fabrication and installation projects throughout Victoria. Flash Fabrications works hand-in-hand with builders and architects and invite them to our company to be involved from the office to the workshop floor; we are always searching for the best end results.

    Flash Fabrications specialise in customised and architectural metal fabrication in the construction industry and pride itself on being involved in unique projects throughout Melbourne.

    Programmed Engineering - Sheet Metal Fabrication Melbourne

    programmed engineering

    (03) 9547 5245

    Welcome to Programmed Engineering

    PESA is a privately owned company based in Westall (Clayton South) Victoria. PESA Specialises in the custom manufacture of precision sheet metal components, sub-assemblies and fabrications.

    Since our establishment in 1968, our production capabilities and machinery are constantly being upgraded to keep pace with today’s technologies and work practices. PESA takes great pride in knowing that repeat business from customers over the last 43 plus years is still growing strongly.

    Our extensive range of services includes high-quality laser cutting, CNC Turret Punching,7 Axis NC Folding, Fastener Insertion, Welding-MIG, TIG and Spot Welding, Polishing and Finishing with a variety of surface coatings in painting or plating available. We are able to offer a complete manufacturing process from the design and prototype stage through to the full production run. Whether your job run is big or small, we ensure that our customers receive the quality and consistent accuracy that they require.

    We pride ourselves on our commitment to personal service and old fashioned attention to detail in a world becoming increasingly focussed on fast and flimsy materials. When you order sheet metal fabrication and or parts from PESA, you know that the products you receive are built to last. Our commitment to durable and effective sheet metal fabrication is unrivalled.

    About Us

    Programmed Engineering Services Australia Pty Ltd (PESA) has been producing premium quality sheet metal fabrication and components for more than 43 years. PESA is a privately owned company based in Clayton in the southeastern suburbs of Melbourne. We specialise in the custom manufacture of precision components using the latest laser cutting, traditional turret punching, sheet metal folder processes and finishing techniques.

    A History of Dedicated Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

    PESA was established in 1968 and has since manufactured high-quality sheet metal components for thousands of clients. We still use some traditional techniques such as turret punching and brake press folder systems. However, we’ve also moved with the times and utilise precision laser cutting to achieve clean burr-free blanking.

    Our services as sheet metal fabricators have constantly been upgraded to keep pace with today’s technologies and work practices. Our extensive range of services include laser cutting, CNC Turret Punching, 7 Axis NC Folding, Fastening Insertion, Welding – MIG, TIG and Spot Welding, Polishing and Finishing with a variety of surface coatings in painting or plating available.

    All of our services enable us to manage a variety of sheet metal components throughout the manufacturing process, from the design and prototype stage through to the full production run (large or small). Our sheet metal fabricators’ level of personal service and high-quality manufacturing processes ensure that all our customers receive the quality and consistency they require.

    PESA Equals Superior Quality

    Because we’ve been in business for over 43 years, we know how to manufacture sheet metal fabrication to the highest standards. PESA takes great pride in supplying many of Australia’s leading manufacturing companies in the electronics, telecommunications, scientific, medical, commercial catering, chemical and food processing industries.

    Our name is synonymous with high quality and cost-effective precision-built sheet metal components. Our laser cutting, CNC Turret Punching, 7 Axis NC Folding, Fastening Insertion, Welding-MIG, TIG and Spot Welding, Polishing and Finishing with a variety of surface coatings in painting or plating available. Our processes are efficient to ensure we deliver our services on time. Whatever your needs when it comes to sheet metal in Melbourne, PESA can customise a solution to suit your requirements.

    McKinna Group - Sheet Metal Fabrication Melbourne

    mckinna group

    03 9580 4441

    Full Solution Provider

    McKinna offers a fully integrated solution with a track record of delivering major commercial + residential projects and contract manufacture products from design to installation, ensuring the highest quality to Australian standards.

    With a fully trained team of installers, we provide high-quality outcomes, managing the project from start to finish.

    ◎ Highly Skilled Staff & Technology

    ◎ Quality Materials & Process

    ◎ Advanced Operating Facilities

    ◎ Full Traceability

    Over our sixty-plus years in business, we have been involved in thousands of projects. From one of kind, custom prototype builds through to repetitious large production runs. Over the last 10 years, we have seen a major increase in architectural cladding metalwork. This can be seen on our home page or by looking through some of our more recently completed projects.

    McKinna has created a digital traceability supply chain to improve efficiency and minimise waste.

    Local Community

    Working with TAFE, Councils and training providers to support initiatives that help young people gain employment skills and confidence.

    Social Reach

    Facilitate factory tours and projects with local schools to educate on the benefits of sustainable engineering.


    Develop capital investment strategies and relationships to support local manufacture and supply chains.


    Reduce the amount of energy we use while moving to a renewable energy source.

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