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10+ Best Private Schools in Melbourne, Victoria (2024)

What type of school are you looking for? Are you looking for the best private schools in Melbourne, Victoria? If so, then have a look at this blog post.

Here we will help to guide and inform parents about all the best private schools in Melbourne, Victoria and how they can find them.

It is important that parents do their research before enrolling their children into any school as it can be a huge investment with lifelong consequences.

It's a difficult decision to choose the best private school for your child. There are so many factors and variables that can influence whether they thrive or not. You may even be wondering if it's worth it at all!

We've compiled a list of some of Melbourne's top schools to help you make the right decision. Here we go:

List of Most Popular and Affordable Private Schools in Melbourne

Oakleigh Grammar Private School Melbourne

oakleigh grammar

Admissions Phone Number: (03) 8554 0014

General Contact Phone Number: (03) 9569 6128

Early Learning CentreYes
Primary SchoolYes
High School Yes
Course RangeELC to Year 12
Main GenderCo-Education
Boarding SchoolNo
Estimated No. of Students900
School FeesLow

Link To School Fees Page:

Oakleigh Grammar is one of the Top Private Christian Schools in Melbourne’s South East

offering excellence in coeducational learning from ELC through to VCE.

We are dedicated to building resilient lifelong learners, responsible global citizens and empowering young minds.

Learning at Oakleigh Grammar

  • Early Learning Centre
  • Junior School
  • Middle School
  • Senior High School
  • Learning Enhancement
  • Arrowsmith Program
    • Arrowsmith Program
    • Arrowsmith Online Program
    • Barbara Arrowsmith
  • Co-Curricular
    • Sport
    • Music
    • Camps
    • Performing & Visual Arts
  • Greek Language Centre
  • International
    • International Study
    • Short Study

Why Oakleigh Grammar?

Oakleigh Grammar strives to create quality learning opportunities for every student to reach their full potential.

Our dedicated teaching staff work collaboratively and embrace opportunities for professional development, ensuring that our educational programs remain at the forefront of contemporary education. Small class sizes and additional teaching support ensure that each child’s learning needs are met through challenge for those who are talented, and additional support for those who have areas of difficulty.

Our School ensures that every child is known personally and places the utmost importance on student welfare and safety. Oakleigh Grammar is a multicultural environment with Christian values, where diversity is celebrated and inclusion is encouraged.

Together, we provide our students with a strong sense of belonging to the Oakleigh Grammar School community.

The Oakleigh Grammar Advantage

Internationally Renowned Learning Programs

We are an International Baccalaureate School offering world class programs, including the Reggio Emilia philosophy in our state-of-the-art Early Learning Centre and the Leader in Me process from Prep to Year 5. We are a certified Franklin Covey Leader in Me Lighthouse School which recognises the school’s capabilities to embrace the paradigms and practices of empowerment allowing for transformational change to become apparent.

The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme is a framework of our learning from Year 6 to 10 and encourages students to become creative, critical and reflective thinkers. Whilst The Arrowsmith program enables students to become more effective, confident and self-directed learners. At Oakleigh Grammar, we offer a genuine commitment to ensure your child will be engaged through a range of contemporary learning programs.

Learning Enhancement

Catering for the diverse educational needs of our students.

The Learning Enhancement Department provides specialised support for individual students. Oakleigh Grammar is committed to delivering programs, which meet the needs of the child – from those who may require learning intervention and classroom support to those who show a need for extension and stimulation.

Following parent and teacher referrals to the Learning Enhancement Department, further assessments identify the individual needs of each student, allowing specific skills to be targeted using evidence based strategies, programs and interventions.

A Dedicated Co-educational School

Share in the joy of learning and growing together.

At Oakleigh Grammar, we endorse the principle of boys and girls developing reciprocal respect and understanding for each other. Working and learning collaboratively in both academic and co-curricular activities, most authentically reflects the wider world in which they will ultimately dwell.

The ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, advocated co-education, for it promotes “a feeling of comradeship”, of trust, confidence, respect and cooperation.

A Global Perspective

Oakleigh Grammar honours its commitment to cultural diversity by providing countless opportunities for students to develop global citizenship. With close to 40 different cultural backgrounds represented in the student body, we continue to add new celebrations to the School Calendar so that students can share their stories with peers through traditional customs, song, dance and cuisine. The Chinese (Mandarin) language program provides for sister-school partnerships in China. Travel abroad and cultural exchange programs allow students to enhance their intercultural Understanding in preparation for life in an increasingly global society.

Co-curricular enrichment

Students explore their interests and talents through Co-curricular activities, social leadership initiatives and camps which focus on experiential learning, teamwork and the development of character and independence.

The co-curricular enrichment extends in Year 9 with the ‘9Ways’ program, a classroom and experiential educational program designed to meet the unique needs of Year 9 students as they approach early adulthood. The experiential component of 9Ways includes a series of themed experiences throughout the year such as Community Service, Outdoor Education and Cultural Diversity. Students are given ‘ownership’ of the 9Ways Centre which provides them with a social and collaborative learning space.

A Nurturing Community

Our School ensures that every child is known personally and places the utmost importance on student welfare and safety. Oakleigh Grammar is a multicultural environment with Christian values, where diversity is celebrated and inclusivity is encouraged.

Our Vision, Mission & Values


To be a leading co-educational school that delivers quality education at international standards.


To create quality learning opportunities for every student to reach their full potential.


Our ethos is inspired by:

  • Hellenic Traditions
  • Orthodox Christian Values
  • Diversity and inclusivity
  • Excellence and effort
  • Responsible citizenship
  • Innovation
  • A Zest for Life

Our International Baccalaureate Commitment

In line with the International Baccalaureate Mission Statement, Oakleigh Grammar values education that goes beyond academic development. The School encourages students to develop awareness beyond the individual and his or her immediate community.

Our Child Safety Commitment

Oakleigh Grammar is committed to the protection and safety of all students under our care. All staff and volunteers are required to hold a Working with Children Check.

How to Apply?

Oakleigh Grammar is an independent, co-educational, open entry School. Students of all learning abilities, nationalities and faiths are welcome.

We enrol students from 2 years of age for our Early Learning Centre Toddler Program through to VCE.

Major intakes are at Prep and Years 6 & 7, however, students are accepted into all year levels, where vacancies exist in the year level requested.

Follow our Step by Step Enrolment Process to Apply!

Step One

Read our Conditions of Entry

Step Two

Read our Student Admissions Guidelines

Step Three

Download and complete the Application for Enrolment or complete our Online Application Form

Step Four

Please provide copies of the following documents together with the Application for Enrolment.

  • Photocopy of Birth Certificate
  • A copy of the student’s two previous school reports and/or relevant NAPLAN reports
  • Registration Fee of $100 (non-refundable)
  • Family Admission Fee $500 (non-refundable)
  • Copy of immunisation records (ELC enrolments only)
  • Copy of visa (visitors and temporary residents only)

*A separate application form must be lodged for each student.

Priority for admission is given as follows:

  • To siblings of existing or past students
  • To children of permanent staff members
  • To children who attended the Early Learning Centre who continue on to Prep
  • To children of former students
  • By date of application

Our Location

Located in Oakleigh, Oakleigh Grammar is easily accessible by train and bus services, plus offers door-to-door bus services to selected suburbs.

Located in Oakleigh, in the heart of Melbourne’s South-East, a suburb known for its vibrancy and culture, Oakleigh Grammar is only a five-minute drive to Chadstone Shopping Centre.

Public Transport

Oakleigh Grammar sits in between both Oakleigh and Hughesdale railway stations and is a short 10 minute stroll from bus hubs offering public transport connections across Melbourne. Detailed information is available from Public Transport Victoria (PTV) as well as regional timetables and routes maps for all services across the Cities of Bayside • Boroondara • Darebin • Glen Eira • Greater Dandenong • Kingston • Knox • Manningham • Melbourne • Monash • Port Phillip • Stonnington • Whitehorse • Yarra and Yarra Ranges.

Door-to-door bus service

Oakleigh Grammar manages customisable private buses services offering safe and friendly door-to-door pick-ups and drop-offs across Melbourne. Our busses are driven by Oakleigh Grammar staff members, who all maintain a current Working With Children Check and are part of the School Community.

Families may choose both morning & afternoon services or a one-way (morning or afternoon) service. The fee for using the bus is added to the student’s account at the start of each Term and payable with regular school fees.

Availability and routes may vary periodically depending on demand and individual student requirements.

An example of our extensive list of suburbs can be found in the Google Map.

Academic and General Excellence Scholarships

Oakleigh Grammar seeks to encourage talented, motivated and civic-minded students who have the potential to make a contribution in leadership and academic capacity and join our current cohort of students in a wide range of School activities.

Scholarship examinations will take place for all students one year prior to the anticipated year of entry. Following the release of the exam results, interviews are held with students during term 2. Successful applicants will receive a scholarship offer for entry into Years 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 commencing from the start of the school year.

Oakleigh Grammar in conjunction with the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), will hold the Scholarship exams for all students entering into Years 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Successful applicants will be curious learners, active sports participants, musically talented or community-focused.

To apply for a General Excellence Scholarship, a student will have a good academic standard, plus excellence in at least one of the following: sport, music, leadership, community service.

All scholarship candidates (including current Oakleigh Grammar students) must sit the ACER examination and also provide the following information when lodging their Scholarship Application form with ACER.

  • School report
  • Naplan test results (most recent)
  • Certificates of achievement
  • Sporting ability/achievements
  • Music ability/achievements
  • Leadership achievements and Community Service.

All scholarship applicants must include this information with their application, including levels attained.

All students applying may like to include a reference from a teacher, principal, sporting organisation, church group, community service organisation, etc. (this is not essential).

Interviews will be held with the Heads of School after the student scholarship exam results have been released.

All applications are completed online via for the Primary test applications and for the Level 1 & 2 test applications.

For further information regarding Scholarships, please contact our Admissions Office on (03) 8554 0014 or by e-mail to:

Caulfield Grammar Private School Melbourne

caulfield grammar school


constructed in 1881 Leading independent co-educational Caulfield Grammar School with five campuses and 3320 students, along with 700 full- and part-time staff members and more than 400 sports instructors.

Our size and scope enable us to offer a wide variety of comprehensive and well-balanced curricula to our pupils. However, since students are dispersed over several campuses, we don't feel "too huge." We enjoy all the advantages of scale without ever having students feel like little fish in a huge pond.

Three campuses in Melbourne are available for daily instruction: Wheelers Hill, Malvern, and Caulfield. Our students can take advantage of special education programs at our campuses in Yarra Junction and Nanjing, China.

Shelford Girls’ Grammar Private School Melbourne

shelford girls' grammar

03 9524 7338

Why Shelford?

We are a small, inclusive school with a lovely feeling of community and a long history of educating females. For over 122 years, Shelford has been a strong advocate for girls’ education, preparing girls and young women for a complex and changing world.

Our school offers a wide variety of disciplines for junior school students up through VCE level and has a strong academic history. Shelford offers outstanding visual and performing arts instruction, a wide range of sporting possibilities, and a robust co-curricular curriculum that includes debate, study trips and camps, and a special Year 9 Challenge program.

Nurturing and challenging

Our children thrive because they are exposed to a supportive, stimulating, and challenging learning environment where they are inspired to be brave. In a friendly, upbeat environment where high standards and the quest of excellence are ingrained in the School's history, our girls are free to explore, be inquisitive, and try new things.

St Kevin’s College Private School Melbourne

st kevin's college

9822 0910

In a setting that promotes knowledge and scholarship, St. Kevin's has established a strong academic legacy where each boy is encouraged to take charge of his own studies.


Edmund Rice Tradition And History

Inspired by Christ's changing vision of humanity, the contemplative ethos of St. Kevin and Glendalough, and. In this vein, we strive to create a warm and welcoming community that will give a powerful witness to the principles of the Gospel.

Vision & Values

In a setting that promotes knowledge and scholarship, St. Kevin's has established a strong academic legacy where each boy is encouraged to take charge of his own studies. In the context of the Catholic tradition, we work toward the holistic development of each individual, merging their spiritual growth, academic achievement, cultural awareness, and involvement in sports.

The foundation of the St. Kevin's community is family. This nationwide extended family of students, professors, parents, and former students, in the Edmund Rice tradition, establishes a community that is steadfastly dedicated to the Christian education of young men.

Strathcona Girls Grammar Private School Melbourne

strathcona girls grammar

03 8779 7509

Every girl at Strathcona discovers a trajectory as distinct and full of possibility as she is, thanks to Strathcona's role as the engine of a life-shaping momentum. We are proud of the Strathcona girls for defying private school norms on their own journeys. Action, purpose, and fulfillment come first, and the school's slogan, "Bravely, Faithfully, Happily," perfectly captures this.

Girls develop and flourish thanks to a culture of academic success and a wide range of extracurricular activities. At Strathcona, these concepts are more than just abstract concepts. We give them motivation based on each girl's individuality and personal goals. A student's character develops as her voice and identity do.

And this is where Strathcona really distinguishes itself. A Strathcona girl is harmonious in body, spirit, and intellect. Her strong sense of identity is based on decency, honor, compassion, bravery, and true community spirit. Being prepared for life is more about developing within than it is about bettering others. In essence, Strathcona gives its students the chance to find their true selves and pursue their potential by being authentic.

Kilvington Grammar School Melbourne

kilvington grammar school

03 9578 6230

Single-gender classes. Co-ed school.

We provide single gender classes in English, Science, PE, and Health for students in grades Y7–Y9 so they can benefit from a variety of educational opportunities at a crucial juncture in their development.

Big on learning. Big on care.

Your child will have every opportunity to succeed because to our famous wellbeing program, great and enthusiastic teaching team, and other factors.

Our education philosophy

At Kilvington, we work to achieve academic success within a real-world, welcoming, and collaborative teaching and learning setting. The progressive growth of information, skills, and understanding is supported by learning that is broad, deep, and challenging. The regular observation, evaluation, and timely feedback of students' learning inform this process.

Camberwell Grammar School Melbourne

camberwell grammar school

03 9835 1774

Every boy in our care receives the greatest education possible at Camberwell Grammar School in order to prepare him for life beyond school. Our school's motto, Spectemur Agendo (By Our Deeds May We Be Known), urges our students to conduct honorably and to keep their promises. A.B. Taylor founded our school in 1886 for "the boys in the local community."

There are many different ways to learn here. On the playing field, on stage, and in the debate, students have the chance to participate completely.

It takes a lot of time and effort to provide the kind of education that encourages kids to be inquisitive, pose probing questions, and engage in respectful and reasoned debate. But if we want to create a future in which people can question the status quo, stand up for their rights and the rights of others, hold governments accountable, and actively engage in public conversation, it is crucial. For our pupils to enjoy fulfilling lives, it is equally crucial. In order to educate our children what it means to be a decent person, a good man, and an active citizen, such education takes a clear vision and hard labor. This is a vision of education that is transformative and seeks to improve and humanize the world. At Camberwell Grammar School, it is our aim.

Sacred Heart Girls' College Private School Melbourne

sacred heart girls' college

03 9568 5483

The Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions (RNDMs), who founded our college, continued Euphrasie Barbier's excellent traditions. She was the one who dreamed of a world where "everyone would be loved, honored, and respected for the magnificent gifts of their individuality and the amazing treasures of our oneness."


Sacred Heart Girls' College, Oakleigh is a fantastic academic and religious community, and it brings me great pleasure to introduce you to it. It is a community that enables young women to fully participate in life as they mature and develop in anticipation of their journey through life, a journey that is still being played out while they pursue secondary education.

Together with our families, we help each student acquire the qualities and abilities necessary for lifelong learning, including initiative, excellence, self-awareness, generosity of spirit, confidence, integrity, honesty, creativity, and comprehension of their spirituality.

Korowa Anglican Girls’ Private School Melbourne

korowa anglican girls'

03 8808 8883

Our goal is to raise young women who are self-aware, self-assured, and capable and who recognize their responsibility and ability to have a positive impact on the world. We firmly believe in the virtues of courage, respect, honesty, and service as well as the efficacy of kindness. Be courageous, devout, sincere, charitable, and kindest of all.

Mission and Values

Cash flow planning, wealth creation, salary sacrifice, self-managed Superannuation, industry-based Superannuation, redundancy, estate planning, and risk management are all services we provide to clients. We use a comprehensive, values-based financial life planning strategy that combines technical know-how with an individualized financial plan to help clients achieve their life goals.

Our student-centred approach draws on the natural curiosity and interests of the individual. Since 1890, Korowa has been a pioneer in the education of females. It is famous for its academic quality, wide range of activities, and supportive community.

Fintona Girls’ School Melbourne

fintona girls' school

03 9830 1383

One of Melbourne's top independent girls' schools, Fintona Girls' School has a long history of providing girls with the finest caliber of education. classes from ELC to Year 12 are available.

Fintona is a warm and friendly school where girls receive an outstanding education.

One of the top independent girls' schools in Melbourne, Fintona has a long history of providing girls with the finest caliber of education. Fintona is routinely ranked among the top girls' schools in Victoria and is renowned for producing exceptional VCE and NAPLAN results.

Fintona is a non-denominational school that serves females only from Prep to Year 12 and provides a co-educational early learning program for boys and girls. It is located in the inner eastern suburb of Balwyn. From ELC through Year 4, the International Baccalaureate is taught. Our friendly, supportive and caring environment, together with our broad-based curriculum, provide girls with a variety of experiences that challenge them beyond expectations, as well as establishing skills to help them cope with life beyond school.

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