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Top 20 Security Camera & CCTV Systems in Hobart, Tasmania (2024)

It's important to have a security system in your home or business. Security systems are beneficial because they can alert you when there is an intruder, they can provide evidence if needed, and they protect your property from potential losses. They can also provide peace of mind for owners who work away from their homes but want to keep an eye on their property when they're not around.

The right security camera system will help you monitor what's going on at all times and allow you to feel safe about leaving your belongings behind. Whether you need a simple video surveillance system or full-fledged security monitoring, some options can meet any budget or needs. 

To help you get started on your security camera hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite Security Camera & CCTV Systems from right across Hobart, Tasmania.

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    Jim's Security - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Hobart

    jim’s security

    131 547

    About Jims

    Jim Penman founded Jim's Group as a side hustle while finishing his PhD in history. In 1982, it began operating full-time, and in 1989, it was franchised. There are already close to 4,000 Franchisees throughout four nations, and that number is expanding at a rate of roughly 200 each year. The best conference center in Melbourne, which is owned by Jim's Group, is utilized for meetings, events, and employee training.

    There are no company-owned firms; all work is performed by franchisees and authorized operators. All Divisions, with the exception of Mowing, are partnerships with people with relevant industry knowledge, and franchisor rights are likewise privately held. Jim is the group's owner and CEO full-time. He is contentedly married, has 10 kids, adores his job, and has no intention of ever retiring!

    Payless CCTV - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Hobart

    payless cctv

    (03) 9020 7275

    Payless CCTV in Tasmania provides you with expert CCTV installation services so you can keep your attention on operating your business successfully or maintaining the safety of your home. Whether you're a homeowner or a company trying to protect your customers, employees, and assets, Payless CCTV has the perfect security solution for you.

    In the modern era, security is always on our thoughts, and we frequently check to make sure that the windows and doors of our homes and businesses are closed. Even with all these security measures in place, crime still affects us severely on occasion, and despite our best efforts, we can never manage to catch up to the thieves. Would it not be convenient to be able to identify the troublemakers on your property? be able to locate and identify them?

    We can help with your residence or place of business, though. With the most recent advancements in infrared technology, our systems can operate in complete darkness and provide images that are on par with those of daylight. We put in mechanisms that are adaptable to changing conditions and allow for future flexibility.

    Mekina Technologies - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Hobart

    mekina technologies

    1300 300 439

    Security Systems for Your Space

    Your business, house, or industrial facility can benefit from security systems that Mekina Technologies can design, implement, and monitor. Each system is customized to meet your unique demands. We employ a classic dialer, GSM, or GPRS for all monitoring, which is carried out by our monitoring center in Tasmania. Additionally, our team may access your IP system.

    Our Data and Telephone Cabling

    Mekina Technologies can provide data and phone cabling solutions for your office, home, or government location. We'll make sure your networking is tailored to your needs. If you need electrical systems installed or renovated in your home or place of business right away, our team can help.

    Making Smart System Decisions

    We are capable of more than only data and cabling and security solutions. Fire alarm systems are also offered by Mekina Technologies. These systems meet your needs and follow the rules set forth by the government. Additionally, our group offers video surveillance using analog or digital IP systems. For you, we can also remotely watch the video.

    Mekina Technologies Pty Ltd is a Tasmanian-owned and -operated company committed to offering excellence in customer service, installation, and upkeep of Security, Fire, Voice, Data, and Communication Networks at the highest standards and most reasonable costs.

    Security Camera & CCTV Systems FAQs

    Now that you have chosen the best positions for your new security cameras around your business, you'll need to consider the optimal height for your CCTV cameras. There are a few things to consider before finalising the install height of the security camera, including:

    • Mounted too low will be the focal point of vandalism and easily accessible for thieves.
    • Mounted too high or far away from the monitored location will potentially lead to pixelated images when zooming in on an area which can disrupt the identification of faces.
    • Mounted to hide the camera could interrupt your viewing angle and block the necessary line of sight.

    An install height of 2.5m or 5m is usually the most common for businesses, but it completely depends on the property or room you are installing them in. Security cameras at 2.5m high provide you with a better close-range view of the area and provide higher quality images as they are closer to the subject. At 5m, you increase the capacity to capture more surroundings with a wider angle but may cause image distortion when zooming in.

    Investing in your business's security can be expensive, but it will potentially save you thousands in lost/damaged equipment and reduced productivity when preventing vandalism and theft. Consequentially, having a remote security system in place will also contribute to lowering your insurance costs.

    Installing CCTV cameras on your business premises is a task you can carry out yourself. However, choosing a professional installation can save you both time and frustration to ensure you get the best viewing angles and prevent blind spots. This will also accommodate any concerns from staff or your insurance company regarding ample coverage.

    In addition, battery-powered security cameras are easier for the end-user to install. Still, many widespread security solutions run on the main power. In addition, they must be connected to the Internet to make the most available features such as remote monitoring and alert systems.

    Farsight works closely with several professional CCTV installation companies in the UK and is happy to discuss options with you to ensure you get the best possible service and installation for your commercial property.

    If you do opt to install your security cameras, check to ensure this will not affect your insurance policy and make sure to test your system fully, guaranteeing there are no blind spots and sensitive areas are monitored without infringing on staff.

    This is a particularly important step when connecting cameras via Wi-Fi and will highlight any signal or networking issues before you have permanently fixed your camera to the wall. In addition, both indoor and outdoor cameras will need to be maintained and cleaned. Keep this in mind for installation and ensure that cameras can be easily reached without causing unnecessary risk to employees.

    How Many Outdoor Cameras Do You Need?

    The number of security cameras you need outdoors will depend on your home's exterior. You want to make sure that you can cover any door or window, as well as your yard, driveway, and garage.

    Think of anywhere outside that you may need to monitor for activity, deter intruders, or potentially gather evidence. Keeping those outcomes in mind, purchase enough outdoor cameras to cover those important areas. Depending on the size of your home, you will likely need three to five cameras to cover all those areas. 

    How Many Indoor Cameras Do You Need?

    The number of indoor security cameras you need depends on similar factors to that of outdoor cameras. Keep in mind that you want them to serve the same purposes as outdoor cameras while monitoring your living room, kitchen, stairwells, and hallways.

    Provide enough cameras to cover important areas such as those, and you will be able to increase your home's security easily. Once again, three to five cameras to cover those areas should be efficient. 

    A wide variety of cameras exist that you may need to fulfil your task of increasing home security. However, once you understand how many cameras you need to monitor your home efficiently, you must consider which cameras may be right for the job. 

    One choice is that of wired surveillance cameras. Wired cameras can be used indoors or outdoors, and they are typically connected through either coaxial cable or ethernet cable. However, one issue you may run into with wired home security cameras is that they often require professional installation. 

    A great choice of home security cameras would be wireless, Wi-Fi, or IP cameras. These cameras typically have app availability and Wi-Fi capabilities. Installing these security cameras is also relatively easy given that they can transmit video wirelessly, but they may still need to be plugged into a power source.

    They also typically need enough space for a wall-mount of some kind. Outdoor wireless cameras often have a better field of view than their wired counterparts—roughly 130 degrees or more. 

    You can also get wire-free outdoor cameras. These have motion detection and only record when detecting movement. Wire-free cameras often have similar features to wireless cameras, but they cannot record continuously due to being battery-powered. However, their batteries are often rechargeable as well. 

    Floodlight cameras are another great addition to outdoor home security. These cameras can either be hardwired to already existing lights, or they come with a large floodlight.

    Floodlights will be turned on through motion detection recordings that light up whatever the camera is on, so you can be certain that you capture whatever comes across the view of the camera. In addition, these cameras are often wireless. 

    A popular type of camera for home security is that of a doorbell camera. These cameras replace standard doorbells with one that can record motion-detected video. They also start recording with two-way audio when someone rings the doorbell.

    You can typically access them through any smart device, which allows you to communicate with whoever may be there. Most video doorbells will have to be hardwired into your existing doorbell, but some also can be battery-powered. 

    It's Easy

    If you choose to tackle CCTV installation yourself, there are a lot of things to consider. Which cameras do you need? What recording device is the best? How do you feed the wire through the walls? What's the proper camera mounting position?

    With the number of options available on CCTV security systems, it can be confusing to determine what's right for you. Then, when you pick your options, you have to figure out how to install them.

    Hiring a professional makes everything easy. They'll handle the entire process from start to finish, so you don't have to do anything but sit back and watch—and even then, only if you want to. You'll have a brand-new CCTV security system installed in your home or business without lifting a finger or interrupting your busy schedule.

    Don't Worry About Purchasing All the Components.

    There are a lot of parts to a CCTV system. Besides the obvious components like the cameras and recording device, you'll also need wire, screws, mounts, and other specialty tools to help with installation. So save yourself multiple trips to the hardware store and hire a professional.

    They'll bring all the components needed for a quick and easy installation. So don't bother doing the maths to determine how many metres of wire you need. The pro will bring it!

    Get the Best Equipment

    With a DIY CCTV installation, you're limited to the equipment you know how to install. Sometimes, that might not be the best equipment. However, if you hire a pro, there aren't any limitations. You can get the security solutions you need, no matter how complicated they might be.

    It'll Be Done Right the First Time.

    There's always some trial and error when you try something new. When it comes to baking a casserole, that's not a big deal. However, when it comes to your home or business security, errors are a bit more serious. You don't want to make a mistake and leave your property vulnerable to intruders.

    If you hire a pro, there's no trial or error. They know what they're doing, so it'll be done right the first time. You won't need to go back and make repairs, adjust the cameras, or install software patches. Once installation is complete, you're good to go. Don't think of it as an installation fee; think of it as an installation guarantee!

    You'll Get Expert Security Suggestions.

    You might not know the most effective locations for your cameras, but a professional does. When a professional handle your CCTV installation, they'll give you expert advice to strengthen your home or business security, offer equipment or upgrade suggestions, and know exactly where to place your cameras for maximum coverage. Sure, you can ask Google for that information, but Google won't offer customised advice for your unique property.

    Professional Maintenance and Support

    If you handle CCTV installation yourself, who will help you if you run into problems? The little instruction booklet will only help so much, and being on hold with customer support for 45 minutes at a time is just frustrating. With a professional, you'll have someone who knows your system inside and out to help you with support and maintenance down the road.

    Peace of Mind

    The real reason to hire a professional to handle CCTV installation is for peace of mind. You'll know that your system was installed correctly and is ready to fulfil your unique security needs. Your safety is too important to trust anyone except a professional.

    HOME SMARTS - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Hobart

    home smarts


    With dependable security products, House Smarts can assist you in protecting your home or place of business. We provide solutions for intercoms, door access control, alarm systems, and CCTV surveillance.


    We primarily concentrate on IP Security Systems for CCTV. Hikvision, Axis, and Milestone systems are provided and installed by us. We provide a design and execution service for installations of all sizes. Our expertise includes installing across many buildings on the same site as well as setting up complete wireless solutions to handle outdoor installations.

    Alarm Systems

    If you want to secure your house or place of business, Home Smarts can provide you with an alarm system that will meet your needs. With integration into third-party products, we are able to create a system that will cover every ground. We have experience with complex multi-site systems as well as straightforward solutions for the house.

    Eyewitness - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Hobart


    1800 030 905

    Smart Phone Accessible Digital Ip Surveillance Solutions You Can Trust:

    Eyewitness Security Cameras Pty Ltd is known for offering trustworthy, affordable video surveillance (CCTV) systems. Modern, multi-megapixel Network Video Recorder-based systems are available from Eyewitness Security Cameras P/L at competitive pricing. Eyewitness Security Cameras has a corporate office, and technical support base on Queensland's Sunshine Coast has an agency agreement with Jangair Electrical in Townsville and has tech support branch offices in Devonport and Hobart in Tasmania.

    Our business places a strong focus on not only the caliber of the original surveillance installations but also the dependability of the backup and support provided after the sale, since we believe this is an area in which many companies utterly fall short.

    Aegres - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Hobart


    03 6231 5301

    We Are Creative Tech Engineers With Passion…

    We are obsessed with technology, and we love sharing our knowledge with you and your company. A round hole does not fit a square peg. Finding the appropriate responses to your inquiries and creating the last component of the puzzle are important to us at Aegres. Together with our clients, we creatively investigate the range of technology possibilities and work to create innovative solutions that are sure to dazzle.

    We'll offer innovative ideas that are exciting from conception to completion and will impress even the most discriminating eye. We want you to share our passion for what we do. Accept what is outside the box. Please tell us a story.

    Matrix Security Integration - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Hobart

    matrix security integration

    1300 35 45 25

    About Us

    Incorporated in 2012, Matrix Security Integration is a Tasmanian-owned and -operated company. The address of our southern office and showroom is 149 Main Road, Moonah. The address of our Ulverstone showroom and northern office is 1/81 Reibey Street. Since our establishment more than 8 years ago, we have expanded, going from 2 local Tasmanian employees to 10, spread out around the state. Our company's guiding principle is to offer customers in Tasmania a quality of service that we and a major portion of our expanding clientele consider to be unmatched.

    Smithlocks in Moonah was purchased by Matrix Security Integration in November 2015. After the acquisition, we moved to the location where Smithlocks had been doing business for a while—149 Main Road, Moonah—and we still call it home today.

    4C Surveillance Systems - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Hobart

    4c surveillance systems

    (03) 6424 24 13

    At 4C Surveillance Systems, we take pleasure in offering the best possible service and knowledge to each and every one of our clients. The design, supply, and installation of security, CCTV, access control, and alarm systems are 4C Surveillance Systems' areas of expertise. They provide services throughout Tasmania. Our customers are guaranteed efficient and trustworthy security since we only use well-known items and tried-and-true technology.

    You can feel secure knowing that your security is being monitored around-the-clock in our ASIAL-certified control room. 4C Surveillance Systems will assist you whether you need a new security system, repairs for your current equipment, or just some professional advise.

    Cctv Surveillance

    For business purposes, we can design and install a wide variety of CCTV systems. both huge industrial settings and private residences. Whether you require the latest IP based system or simply want to upgrade an existing analogue system to Full High Definition at minimal cost, we can deliver a system that fits your needs and budget.

    Jim's Antennas - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Hobart

    jim's antennas

    131 547

    About Jim's Antennas

    As a division of the Jim's Group of businesses that specializes in high-quality antenna installations and repair, Jim's Antennas opened its doors in June 1999. Over 150 qualified technicians working for Jim's Antennas currently service every region of Australia. The technicians at Jim's Antennas have extensive training in all facets of audio and visual services, including video intercoms, extra TV and stereo points, digital and analogue antenna systems, digital upgrades, plasma, LCD, and LED installations, home theater, surround sound, telephone, and data services. The technicians at Jim's Antennas are Digital TV Experts who make it their business to stay up to date with current developments in the field.

    ZAXSONS - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Hobart


    0412 901 202

    Cctv & Security

    Using home and security camera systems, you may increase the security of your Hobart property. ZAXSONS is here to help, whether you need a simple camera over your front entrance or the newest video systems stretched across multiple buildings on one site or numerous locations. We are experts in installing CCTV systems, security integration, and all other kinds of security camera systems in Hobart.

    The knowledgeable staff at ZAXSONS can assist with anything from basic security cameras to make you feel safer at night to complete security alarm and CCTV systems for shopping malls, marinas, or other big or commercial sites.

    With the most up-to-date technology, a focus on high definition, and the highest standards for installation, ZAXSONS can provide the highest level of protection for your home or place of business, whether it's from a legal situation, to ensure the safety of your customers and employees, or simply to make sure your loved ones are safe.

    Golden Security - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Hobart

    golden security

    03 6231 1004

    Security Alarms

    All security alarm systems are monitored by the ASIAL Grade A1 Control Room at Golden Electronics around-the-clock, seven days a week. Through our Central Station Center here in Tasmania, we provide Monitoring support to the entire nation of Australia.

    Professional Monitored Alarm System

    Zero Locked-In Contracts Golden Electronics Professional Alarm's 24/7 back-to-base monitoring in Tasmania by its ASIAL A1 Certified Control Room enables us to provide a range of services and products that are tailored to each customer's unique needs across Australia.

    Whether your alarm is on or off, every alarm system is watched 24 hours a day. This covers, among other things, the detection of errors, theft, fire, medical emergencies, and panic.

    Contact Group - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Hobart

    contact group

    (03) 6231 0944

    Ip Cctv

    In today's industry, IP networks have evolved into a prerequisite for the majority of structures. This technology creates the backbone to which an IP CCTV equipment can connect, whether it is a structured cabling solution in a commercial setting or even a wireless network in a small/home office scenario. Adding IP CCTV equipment to your business is typically a cost-effective endeavor because this infrastructure is typically already present. Even the connected IT devices can provide electricity to an IP camera.

    IP surveillance solutions provide you with a host of benefits over traditional analogue systems in this new environment. Digital data is created from images, allowing for more flexibility, improved performance, and simpler installation. The most crucial problem of all is addressed by IP Systems: decreasing your total cost of ownership.

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