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Top 30 Security Camera & CCTV Systems in Perth, Western Australia (2024)

If you are reading this, then it is safe to assume that you have either been thinking about getting a security camera system installed in your home or business, or you are already invested but want to know more about the types of systems available. 

Safety can be a number one priority in your home or business, which is why it's important to install the best security camera system you can. Whether you are looking for CCTV systems or surveillance cameras or know how many cameras work best when installed in your location.

We've created an ultimate list of Security Camera & CCTV Systems in Perth to save you time and money.

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    Ultimate List of Security Camera & CCTV Systems in Perth, Western Australia

    Smart Security - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Perth

    smart security

    08 6220 7570

    As a result of the COVID-19 "Corona Virus," Smart Security recognizes the value of your health as well as the health of our own employees. Because of this, we have formally established processes to help ensure everyone's safety when performing any work at your home or place of business.

    Since more than 20 years ago, Smart Security has provided company owners and homeowners in Western Australia with alarm and camera systems that are both commercially and domestically oriented. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs, whether you are searching for high-quality security alarm equipment that you can use to monitor your house or place of business around-the-clock or you are interested in one of our home security alarm systems for Perth residential homes.

    Additionally, we create and offer Perth customers cost-effective wireless home security systems that are quite efficient at discouraging neighborhood robbers, vandals, and other offenders. These systems have capabilities including entrance keypads, window shock sensors, remote panic alerts, and round-the-clock monitoring. We can provide and install a system that is tailored to your specific requirements at a reasonable price, whether you have a priceless collection of antiques that you want to protect from neighborhood burglars or you simply want to make sure that your home is a safe place for your family at all times.

    Decode Security & Data - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Perth

    decode security & data

    08 6102 8004

    Decode Security & Data will provide each home and business with an adaptable and trustworthy home security solution that suits their needs and price range.

    We firmly believe that solutions are better explained in person to help clear up any confusion because we don't always think we can develop the ideal security packages for you based on an emailed floor plan. We may visit you so you can see for yourself the degree of individualized attention we provide, but most importantly so you feel included and informed in the choices made regarding your new security system.

    Working with a smaller company does not require you to sacrifice the caliber of the CCTV cameras you select. You still have the choice to choose from a wide range of high-end yet affordable IP security products, including clear black and white night-time infrared and 24/7 full-color security cameras, because we have the exact same access to all of the top manufacturers that our larger competitors have.

    Crown Security - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Perth

    crown security

    08 9400 6001

    Crown Security, a Perth, Western Australia-based company, specializes in customized security systems, which might include cameras, alarms, access control systems, home automation and integration solutions, and more. We are fully prepared to develop, provide, and install integrated security cameras, alarm systems, and electronic solutions that are customized to meet the specific demands of each customer, from simple to complicated systems. Since our establishment in 1994, we have been proudly owned and operated by Western Australians. As Perth's leading provider of security systems, we have installed alarm systems, security cameras, access control systems, and home automation and integrations throughout Perth. Contact us right away to learn more about what Crown Security can accomplish for you.

    At Crown Security, we recognize the value and significance of setting up a long-term security system to safeguard your company. One of the top security firms in Perth, Crown Security, is a supplier and installation of commercial security systems and technology solutions and holds a Cm3 OHS accreditation. We specialize in access control systems, commercial security alarm systems, and CCTV cameras for Perth businesses. While some of our clients may need a system to secure their office's front door, others may need enormous industrial-sized security systems. Before proposing a Crown security system, we must learn more about your company because every customer has different demands. From the beginning phases of design to installation, we oversee commercial security projects to make sure our clients have a system that satisfies their needs.

    Security Camera & CCTV Systems FAQs

    Deterring Criminals

    The mere presence of an outdoor camera can deter criminals, but it’s extremely dangerous to rely on dummy cameras because seasoned burglars will typically spot them from a mile away. In most cases where thieves do their research first and find out that there are security devices present at homes before they choose which one to rob; these professionals know how easy (and often hilarious) certain types of surveillance footage is for law enforcement officials later in investigations especially when coupled with other helpful tips such as audio recording capabilities or motion detectors so homeowners have peace knowing something might happen if nothing else does after setting up this type protection equipment!

    Aiding the Police

    In the event of a burglary, your professionally-installed security cameras will have captured footage in high definition. Police can use these videos and images to identify suspects who committed this crime against you as well prevent future ones from happening again by catching them on tape!

    Checking in on the Family

    A camera security system is a must for any family that has working parents. Imagine the hassle of having to constantly check in on your children while you're at work, only to find out they're safe and sound when it's time for bed-time! With this nifty device installed around their house or business premises there will always be peace of mind knowing what’s going on with those little ones during waking hours.

    Don’t forget the pets!

    You love your pets but do you enjoy leaving them home alone? The answer is always no. You can check in on the status of their care by using a professionally installed security camera system that will allow remote viewing from anywhere with an internet connection, which means they are never left entirely dependent upon others for safety or exercise!

    Insurance Benefits

    A high-definition security camera is a great way to document your home and prove any insurance claims. In the event of burglary, this equipment will allow you make an easy claim with ease because it provides footage that can't be denied or altered by vandals! Not only does having one save time after such as crime but also leads many companies offer discounts on their services if installed correctly which could bring down costs even more.

    It’s hard to imagine life without the Internet these days, but what about when you need your IP security cameras? If there is no connection available at all (i.e., outside), then it may be difficult for an installer or camera viewer alike. But if one has access only through another network in their own home - like wireless routers which could act as conduits between devices on different networks--installation becomes much easier!

    Yes, it is possible to install your IP security camera without connecting it to the Internet. But without this Internet connection, you can only access your cameras from devices located on the same network as the cameras themselves

    Continuous video recording, also called 24/7 recording, is a luxury that you most likely don’t need. Unless you want to record every moment of the day on your property, you can skip this feature, which can be expensive on wireless cameras and uses a lot of Wi-Fi bandwidth and internet data.

    Another feature you probably don't need is an extremely wide field of view, which can distort the image. A 130-degree field of view is usually sufficient.

    Finally, modern Wi-Fi security cameras have a host of smart features to give you more detailed information about what’s going on in your home without you having to pull up the video feed. These software-based features tend to increase the price of the camera and aren't essential, although they're nice to have. They include features such as person detection, which allows the camera to alert you that a person is on your property, rather than just telling you motion was detected.

    The ability to set activity zones means the camera will only notify you about motion in a certain area of the image (ignoring, for example, a tree that frequently blows in the wind). Other nice-to-have smart features include the ability to work with smart home systems, such as Amazon’s Alexa Google’s Assistant and Apple’s HomeKit, and to integrate with smart door locks to allow for secure in-home deliveries.

    A wide variety of cameras exist that you may need to fulfill your task of increasing home security. Once you have an understanding of how many cameras you need to efficiently monitor your home, you have to consider which cameras may be right for the job. 

    One choice is that of wired surveillance cameras. Wired cameras can be used indoors or outdoors, and they are typically connected through either coaxial cable or ethernet cable. One issue you may run into with wired home security cameras, though, is that they often require professional installation. 

    A great choice of home security cameras would be wireless cameras, which are sometimes called Wi-Fi cameras or IP cameras. These cameras typically have app availability and Wi-Fi capabilities. Installing these security cameras is also relatively easy given that they can transmit video wirelessly, but they may still need to be plugged into a power source. They also typically need enough space for a wall-mount of some kind. Outdoor wireless cameras often have a better field of view than their wired counterparts as well—roughly 130 degrees or more. 

    You can also get wire-free outdoor cameras. These have motion detection and only record when detecting movement. Wire-free cameras often have similar features to wireless cameras, but they cannot record continuously due to being battery-powered. Their batteries are often rechargeable as well. 

    Floodlight cameras are another great addition for outdoor home security. These cameras can either be hardwired to already existing lights, or they come with a large floodlight. Floodlights will be turned on through motion detection recordings that light up whatever the camera is on, so you can be certain that you capture whatever comes across the view of the camera. These cameras are often wireless. 

    A popular type of camera for home security is that of a doorbell camera. These cameras replace standard doorbells with one that can record motion-detected video. They also start recording with two-way audio when someone rings the doorbell. You can typically access them through any smart device, which allows you to communicate with whoever may be there. Most video doorbells will have to be hardwired into your existing doorbell, but some also can be battery-powered. 

    It’s Easy

    If you choose to tackle CCTV installation yourself, there are a lot of things to consider. Which cameras do you need? What recording device is the best? How do you feed wire through the walls? What’s the proper camera mounting position?

    With the number of options available on CCTV security systems, it can be confusing to determine what’s right for you. Then, when you pick your options, you have to figure out how to install it.

    Hiring a professional makes everything easy. They’ll handle the entire process from start to finish, so you don’t have to do anything but sit back and watch—and even then, only if you want to. You’ll have a brand-new CCTV security system installed in your home or business without lifting a finger or interrupting your busy schedule.

    Don’t Worry About Purchasing All the Components

    There are a lot of parts in a CCTV system. Besides the obvious components like the cameras and recording device, you’ll also need wire, screws, mounts, and other specialty tools to help with installation. Save yourself the multiple trips to the hardware store and hire a professional.

    They’ll bring all the components needed for a quick and easy installation. Don’t bother doing the maths to determine how many metres of wire you need. The pro will bring it!

    Get the Best Equipment

    With a DIY CCTV installation, you’re limited to the equipment you know how to install. Sometimes, that might not be the best equipment. If you hire a pro, there aren’t any limitations. You can get the security solutions you need, no matter how complicated they might be.

    It’ll Be Done Right the First Time

    There’s always some trial and error when you try something new. When it comes to baking a casserole, that’s not a big deal. When it comes to your home or business security, errors are a bit more serious. You don’t want to make a mistake and leave your property vulnerable to intruders.

    If you hire a pro, there’s no trial or error. They know what they’re doing, so it’ll be done right the first time. You won’t need to go back and make repairs, adjust the cameras, or install software patches. Once installation is complete, you’re good to go. Don’t think of it as an installation fee; think of it as an installation guarantee!

    You’ll Get Expert Security Suggestions

    You might not know the most effective locations for your cameras, but a professional does. When a professional handles your CCTV installation, they’ll give you expert advice to strengthen your home or business security, offer equipment or upgrade suggestions, and know exactly where to place your cameras for maximum coverage. Sure, you can ask Google for that information, but Google won’t be able to offer customized advice for your unique property.

    Professional Maintenance and Support

    If you handle CCTV installation yourself, who will help you if you run into problems? The little instruction booklet will only help so much, and being on hold with customer support for 45 minutes at a time is just frustrating. With a professional, you’ll have someone who knows your system inside and out to help you with support and maintenance down the road.

    Peace of Mind

    The real reason to hire a professional to handle CCTV installation is for peace of mind. You’ll know that your system was installed correctly and is ready to fulfill your unique security needs. Your safety is too important to trust to anyone except a professional.

    EF Electronics - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Perth

    ef electronics

    0422 229 572

    EF Electronics is committed to assisting you in locating the best supplies within your price range. We've worked hard to build enduring connections with our clients since 2000 and promise that they can depend on us for straightforward pricing and high-quality products with no hassles. Give us a call and let us know what we can do for your house or office. We're here to take care of everything so you don't have to. Avoid being duped by low-quality products on the market; all of our products are of the best quality, and you can always be confident that the work is done correctly the first time by a licensed professional.

    Have you constructed a tall fence to surround your home? Do you always close the front door? Without a doubt, you will do everything in your power to keep your family and home safe, especially if you are required to work outside. But do you believe this will be sufficient to stop criminals? Sadly, this is not the case. You might need to install a security system at your home for high-level protection against burglary if you want round-the-clock security. In terms of security and protection for both homes and offices, CCTV Cameras are one of the most popular and preferred options. To ward off burglars and protect your property from becoming a target, you can get high-quality CCTV cameras from EF Electronics. Our products are very adaptable for usage in both the home and the workplace.

    Casa Security - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Perth

    casa security

    08 9460 5717

    With experience working with residential, commercial, and governmental sites, Casa Security provides specialized CCTV camera system design, installation, and monitoring services. Each year, we carry out numerous CCTV installations and provide a large number of CCTV cameras for various business applications. We usually handle specialized applications as system integrators while offering CCTV design options. We are also one of a select group of carefully chosen Australian businesses that has earned Bosch Security Certified Partner designation. Because of our position, we are able to offer solutions that are unique. The best part is that we can provide a full three-year guarantee on all Bosch goods with advanced replacement warranties, ensuring that any equipment still under warranty is replaced rather than taken out for repair.

    Thanks to Casa Security, protecting your home and family around-the-clock will be simple. Both residential and commercial security camera systems can be designed, customized, and installed by our professionals who are completely qualified and experienced in doing so. They'll be able to suggest the best kind of CCTV security camera system for your residence, place of business, retail space, or warehouse. The skilled security specialists at Casa Security are aware of the ideal crevices to conceal the CCTV cameras to ensure complete coverage. This is something you won't receive if you choose to install your home or business security system yourself or by using an unlicensed professional. It is advised that you combine additional security system solutions offered by Casa Security into your CCTV camera installation because it is only the first step toward complete security.

    Tecsec Security - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Perth

    tecsec security security camera & cctv systems perth

    1300 881 262

    For more than 30 years, Tecsec Security Solutions has provided services and products to companies in Western Australia as Perth's security experts. We deliver quick, high-quality work on projects of a huge size while still offering every client, large and small, the personalized care typical of small businesses. Based on the requirements of your company, our knowledgeable sales and service personnel is dedicated to offering a range of solutions and providing ongoing support after installation. From early advising, through design, to final installation, connection with other systems, and system training during handover, Tecsec offers a customized solution.

    CCTV cameras are often the first line of protection for businesses when it comes security. We offer specialized CCTV solutions using digital and analogue IP cameras. Our IP CCTV camera systems can be used for a variety of security tasks, such as automatic number plate identification, POS monitoring, and theft prevention. We aim to provide complete security solutions that go beyond CCTV. We specialize in CCTV, Alarm, and Access Control packages as well as specialized business solutions. Among our suggestions are DNA Tagging, Audio Visual Integration, Counterfeit Money Detection Tracking, among others. Along with any of our security solutions, we also offer digital signage and audio system installation services.

    Andrews Home Services - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Perth

    andrews home services

    08 9273 4010

    The maxim "more is better" applies when it comes to home security cameras. Regardless of your home's needs, our security packages provide everything you need to feel protected. In addition to being helpful for keeping an eye on the kids or pets while you are gone, many cameras serve as a deterrent for any thieves or vandals. Camera concealment is likewise a thing of the past. You want people to be able to see that your home is completely protected with the most recent security measures. Perth's crime rate is on the rise, and security camera installation is growing in popularity. For enhanced security, you may now access the most recent CCTV systems from your Smart TV, computer, or smartphone. We are a neighborhood family business that installs security cameras and are completely licensed and insured. For local guidance and online reservations, chat with us right now online.

    install security cameras Today, a local security camera installation in Perth installed security cameras. For residential and business clients, we install home security camera systems. Chat with us right now online. For a quote on installing CCTV at your home, contact us. Thanks to your #1 Perth CCTV Installers, you may feel safer right now. Watch CCTV from anywhere using your smartphone or smart TV, and always be on the lookout. From nanna’s house to big city buildings, we are a local family owned and run business covering all suburbs, we can usually get out the same or next day and won’t charge you the earth compared to the big boys. We promise all of our work will be completed without a hitch, snarl, or callback!

    CCTV Security Camera Warehouse - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Perth

    security camera warehouse

    (08) 6147 7452

    One of the largest CCTV stockists in Australia is the CCTV Security Camera Warehouse in Perth. Official distributors for Dahua, Hikvision, Milesight, and Univision. The largest supplier of DIY CCTV systems in Perth is The CCTV Security Camera Warehouse. IP cameras, data racks and cabinets, CAT5e and CAT6/6A cable, network video recorders, and Speak to a member of our helpful and friendly staff about your next CCTV purchase by stopping by our showroom or giving us a call. Please send us a note using our contact form if you are unsure of which kind of CCTV will best serve your needs. We will respond as soon as possible.

    The Installers - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Perth

    the installers

    (08) 6244 5189

    We're honored to be WA's leading electronic specialists! Our knowledgeable team purchases cutting-edge equipment from reputable local producers. After that, your equipment is put up in a professional manner in your home. Oh, my, is it swift! And with years of installation experience, we ensure that your equipment operates without a hitch right away. In residences all throughout Perth, we specialize in installing digital TV antennae. For the best TV coverage, we also sell and install signal boosters for TVs, home theater systems, burglar alarms, and phone and data cables. Whatever you need, The Installers complete the work correctly. Visit our website to learn more. Or get in touch with our Perth office to discuss technology. Customers in the Mandurah region should use our recommended partner, Mandurah Antennas. Security Installers (WA) PTY LTD Security Agents Licence No. SC 61906 is the business name used by the Installer.

    High-quality security camera installation is provided by the installers. CCTV systems are growing in popularity as the demand for them increases and technology advances. It's a tremendous benefit to be able to observe who is outside your house while you're safe inside. A 12- to 36-month warranty is included with each of our security camera systems. We have specialized CCTV installers to provide the optimal configuration for you. For the finest picture quality and system longevity, we only use high-grade components. Get in touch if you would like a free quote or have any questions about our Security Camera Systems. Installing CCTV? Make a reservation today!

    Court Security - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Perth

    court security

    (08) 9240 4045

    A security camera business with a focus on the Greater Perth region is called Court Security. We will supply, install, and support the CCTV systems from your preferred manufacturers. Security camera installers in the Perth area.

    To create your security camera system, Court Security will travel to your Greater Perth residence or place of business. Free quotes are available. If you require a pricing right now, enter your address in the "contact us" section of our website. Within hours, we'll get back to you with a price. You can accept our electronic quotation that we create and send to you online. Our WA Police Licensed Security installation crew will finish your security camera system to your total satisfaction after receiving your approval. Check out our Google reviews to get proof of our happy clients.

    Home security is crucial given the high crime rate in Perth. You’ll be surprised at how effective a security camera system is at improving your home security. Moreover, how quickly and cheaply you can accomplish this. You can use a phone app to view live footage from your home security cameras. Please get in touch with us for a free quote.

    Connect and Protect - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Perth

    connect and protect

    1300 443 449

    One of Perth's most reputable, skilled, and knowledgeable installations and suppliers of IP CCTV security systems is Connect and Protect. We will work with you to fully design, install, and set up a customised full high definition security system that will help you deter intruders and protect your property, whether you're looking for a home security camera system to monitor your front door or an entire office CCTV and alarm fit-out to help secure your business. Avoid squandering time and money on subpar low definition cameras or fumbling around with installation and setup guides! To ensure that there is no delay in setting up your security system, we have devised a speedy, hassle-free design and installation process for you since we care about your security. We also offer a lifetime installation warranty to support this.

    What’s more, we only use state of the art Hikvision video surveillance products designed to ensure you get breathtakingly clear footage, ample recording storage and the ability to monitor your property from virtually anywhere on mobile. Speak with us today about the system that will work best for you if you want peace of mind and increased security for your home or place of business.

    Access 1 Security Systems - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Perth

    access 1 security system

    1300 855 782

    Do you have coverage in all sections of your building or place of business? Consider how secure you would feel if you knew who or what was near your home or place of business. How secure would you feel observing your surroundings through your cameras if you knew that all crucial locations were being watched by the best IP network security cameras available? You have the option of seeing the security cameras on-site as well as remotely, with the use of a straightforward smart phone app or on your computer.

    Investing in the appropriate products is one thing, but the level of protection varies depending on the type of business or residence. With their extensive industry experience, Access 1 Security Systems is able to offer specialized CCTV systems that are tailored to each company's or homeowner's needs, covering all key locations and potential entry points for security breaches. The Milesight series is suggested by and installed by Access 1 Security Systems. With Starlight technology, Milesight provides a range of high-quality IP cameras, including 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 12-megapixel cameras (being able to supply coloured images in low light environments). All Milesight cameras have a polished, professional appearance while being vandal-proof.

    Castle Security - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Perth

    castle security

    08 9303 9245

    In Perth, Western Australia, there is a well-known security business called Castle Security. Since we are a family-owned business, we have focused on designing, supplying, and installing commercial, industrial, and governmental security systems. Our clients are spread throughout Western Australia's rural areas and the Greater Perth Area. Our varied range of security services can all be adapted to fit the specific security demands of business owners, both large and small, as well as local councils and other government clients. We design and install alarm systems throughout Perth. We can create a cost-effective security system that safeguards your property and gives you peace of mind, whether you're searching for CCTV cameras, access control, or security alarms for your place of business.

    A family-owned business in Western Australia, Castle Security specializes in the design, provision, and installation of commercial, governmental, and residential security systems throughout the Perth Metropolitan Area and all of Western Australia's rural areas. We have developed a reputation as a company you can rely on over the past 30 years because we recognize the value of honesty, openness, and above all, reliable security services for the protection of your home or place of business. Behind Castle Security's stellar reputation is a group of individuals that take the time to thoroughly comprehend your needs and budget.

    Protect West Security - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Perth

    protect west security

    (08) 9240 4132

    The newest security products at the best costs are now available to secure your home or place of business. We won't be beaten on pricing or quality because we have more than 25 years of experience in the Perth security sector. We provide you with the cheapest pricing for the sale and installation of CCTV systems using Hikvision products, one of the biggest producers of CCTV equipment in the world today. Up to huge systems with 32 cameras or more, we can offer systems with 1 or 2 cameras.

    Although we represent most alarm manufacturers, we strongly suggest the Canadian-made Paradox system. For small workplaces, houses, and factories that need more than 30 detectors, we provide and install basic alarm systems with 2 or 3 detectors. Access control swipe card entry points are another area of expertise for us. Everything will work by paradox. The greatest bargain CCTV systems Perth has to offer are fully serviced and installed by Protect West Security. We have more than 25 years of experience in the distribution and setup of network video surveillance systems and the newest megapixel ultra high definition IP cameras.

    Aust-Guard Security - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Perth

    aust guard security

    1300 883 899

    Since 1988, my company, Mark Schwarzer Security, has offered high-quality, reasonably priced security solutions to homeowners and businesses in Western Australia. We always go above and beyond to guarantee that our clients receive the security solution that best suits their needs thanks to our extensive knowledge in all facets of commercial and residential security and a passion for unmatched customer service. We are the go-to experts for commercial and residential alarm systems in Perth and WA because of our enthusiasm for providing the highest possible levels of security and dedication to our customers.

    Aust-Guard Security can provide advice on the wide selection of alarm and security systems we sell, whether you're searching for a home alarm system for your Perth house or a security alarm and monitoring system for your place of business. You can rely on Aust-Guard for all your security needs because they have more than 20 years of experience assisting, supplying, and installing security and monitoring systems for home and business owners across Western Australia.

    SMS Security - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Perth

    sms security

    08 6220 7552

    We at SMS Security are aware of the difficulty finding the ideal alarm system causes for customers in Perth. We have installed several Home Alarms, Perimeter Alarms, and CCTV Security Systems for business and residential customers throughout metropolitan Perth and regional Western Australia throughout our 25 years in the security industry. When selecting the best security system, many different elements that are unique to each case must be taken into account. Here's where we step in. By attending your premises to provide a free quotation or simply having a detailed discussion over the phone we can properly assess all the relevant factors and provide you with the right advice to ensure your home & business security needs are met at an affordable price.

    Home security requires being proactive because residential buildings are a popular target for thieves and vandals. Installing CCTV cameras in your Perth residence is one of the nicest things you can do. SMS Security has all the tools and knowledge you require. You can acquire the security camera that best suits your needs and budget thanks to Perth's top CCTV systems and large selection of security cameras.

    Monitored 24 Seven - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Perth

    monitored 24 seven

    1300 914 248

    Who Are We?

    The preferred security alarm system provider in WA is Monitored 24 Seven Pty Ltd. We specialize in the supply, installation, and maintenance of security alarm systems, audio and video intercom, access control, CCTV, and fire protection systems as the industry leader in integrated security. Residential customers, small- to medium-sized businesses, large corporations, and governmental organizations make up our esteemed client list.

    24 hour surveillance Seven is a privately held, West Australian business with over 30 years of industry experience and a highly specialized team. Since our company's founding, we have supplied, installed, and maintained tens of thousands of home and commercial alarm systems throughout Western Australia. With our Grade A1 alarm monitoring center, which meets the highest Australian Standards and was constructed with redundant IT systems and other top-notch features, we have the ability to monitor and maintain the majority of current alarm systems. Our amiable staff takes great pleasure in their dedication to providing high-quality work and courteous service. All of our technicians are Certified Security Installers and Advisors.

    Total Security Systems - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Perth

    total security systems

    (08) 9474 5667

    Total Security Systems is a dynamic, privately held business based in Western Australia that services the Australian markets with high-end, all-encompassing electronic security solutions. In 2001, the company opened for business. We serve the mining, industrial, commercial, governmental, and retail industries as Perth's top supplier of security systems. Regardless of the size of the business or project, we promise to provide the highest level of service and response to each client's needs. Utilizing the latest technologies we are committed to custom design & integration of high quality security management systems (SMS).

    It is crucial for your organization to be fully protected in an ever-changing world to offer insurance for employees and fixed assets. Total Security Systems promises all customers complete dedication, adaptability, and professionalism. We specialize in perimeter alarm security, monitoring, CCTV camera and video surveillance, access control systems, alarm systems, and 24 hour guard response. We are able to provide our customers some of the greatest security equipment in the world together with unparalleled local assistance since we are carefully chosen and authorized channel partners of high-quality goods like the CARDAX SMS platform and Indigo IP CCTV systems.

    Security Perth - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Perth

    security perth

    9313 1882

    We set up and look after almost all security camera systems. We provide high-quality CCTV solutions for homes and businesses, ranging from analog upgrades to the newest 4K Resolution Security Cameras. Security Perth is your neighborhood CCTV authority. For any type of residence or place of business, we provide a comprehensive selection of security cameras. When it comes to retrieving finer information like facial or number plate recognition, the size of the captured image is crucial. The amount of storage needed increases with the resolution of your captured photographs. Our systems are built to provide up to three months' worth of events. No matter how good the picture is, if the system is challenging to operate, it won't matter. We'll even personally train you on how to utilize our system because it is really user-friendly. We will set up remote viewing and playback via your mobile devices as part of the installation process. There's a strong possibility we can fix your security camera system if it's acting up. We have seen it all with our certified security technicians. They have installed, upgraded and repaired all the CCTV systems over the years and have experience with the old style Analogue cameras right through to todays top 4K systems.

    Did you know that the coaxial wires in your old, grainy CCTV cameras can be reused in the new, high definition models? The outcomes are astounding and will astound you. This is the most economical approach to update your current security cameras because running new CAT5/6 cables is one of the biggest expenses for new CCTV systems. Visit our Belmont showroom so we can demonstrate the improved image quality you'll receive when you replace your security cameras.

    Rapid Alarms - Security Camera & CCTV Systems Perth

    rapid alarms

    (08) 9468 7319

    With the most cutting-edge, high-quality equipment available today, together with years of knowledge, you can protect your home and place of business. We are a reputable local company with roots in Perth that helps Western Australian families and businesses feel safer every year by installing security alarm and CCTV systems.

    For our CCTV installations, we only employ the most well-known and high-quality CCTV brands on the market, such as Hikvision and Dahua. This guarantees that your CCTV camera system is keeping your home and place of business safe even after the warranty has expired. From CCTV systems with just one or two cameras up to those with hundreds, we install them all.

    Because of our purchasing power, we can offer the top alarm system brands for homes and businesses at the most affordable costs. Not all alarm systems are equal and when your looking to purchase, be sure to discuss all of your options with us so we can custom design your alarm system to meet all requirements.

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