Top 20 Security Guard Companies Hobart, Tasmania (2024)

What do you look for when choosing a security guard company? Price, experience, licensing and insurance are probably some of the top factors on your list. But have you ever considered how well the company hires and trains its security guards? You should. A good security guard company will take the time to properly train its employees, which can mean the difference between keeping your property safe and facing a costly breach. 

To help you get started on your security guard hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite Security Guard Companies from right across Hobart, Tasmania.

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    Ultimate List of Security Guard Companies Hobart, Tasmania

    ​Security INC - Security Guard Company Hobart

    security inc

    1300 012 401

    Security Services: Corporate Security Services, Concierge Security Services, Security Guarding & Security Patrols, Static Guarding & Crowd Control, First Line ATM Maintenance & Response Services, Investigations.

    Security alarm sales and installation, as well as security camera sales and installation, are provided by alarms and cameras.

    Matrix Security - Security Guard Company Hobart

    matrix security integration

    1300 35 45 25

    Security Monitoring

    A locally owned and operated Tasmanian control room will monitor your alarm system 24 hours a day, seven days a week, giving you peace of mind that you will be notified of any significant activity relating to your alarm system. Matrix Security Integration can set up security monitoring for your home or business.

    The control room can monitor both regular duress buttons and medical duress buttons if we have installed duress buttons as part of your alarm system. You may rest easy knowing that help is on the way in an emergency by pressing the appropriate duress button, which will either contact the police or an ambulance service.

    On request, CCTV System monitoring is also available. The CCTV system(s) can be continuously watched, or more typically (when placed along with a monitored alarm system), they can be used to verify an alarm system activation via video, depending on your exact requirements. Matrix Security Integration strongly advises adding security monitoring as an add-on service to your alarm and/or CCTV systems, if your budget allows.

    Kevlar Security Solutions - Security Guard Company Hobart

    kevlar security solutions

    0408 303 604

    An entirely Tasmanian-owned provider of security services is Kevlar Security Solutions Pty Ltd. Physical security services, such as security patrols, alarm monitoring and response, static guards, and event services, are our area of expertise. We distinguish ourselves from the competition by offering services that are flexible and responsive to the needs of our clients and security people that are highly trained, dependable, and qualified in a variety of security and associated tasks.

    With a combined 40 years of experience in the security sector, our director, CEO, and operations manager, we are able to offer clients professional guidance on the most suitable, acceptable, and affordable security choices for their needs. Our entire personnel is trained and experienced, guaranteeing that our customers receive security services that are dependable and competent.

    FAQs About Security Guards

    Several high-profile celebrities and CEOs also use bodyguards. In addition, wealthy people may have a bodyguard in some countries or regions (e.g., in Latin America) when they travel. In some cases, the security personnel use an armoured vehicle, protecting them and the VIP.

    Likewise, why do people have bodyguards? A bodyguard is great for people with special needs. Aside from protection, bodyguards can assist people with special needs in many ways, such as holding them when they need support, leading them through the way, helping them carry and handle things they need, helping them seek help when they need it, and so on.

    Similarly, you may ask, do I need a bodyguard if I'm rich?

    Hiring a personal bodyguard can help you maintain peace of mind. Divorcees and Victims of Domestic Disputes may consider hiring personal security if they feel they are still under threat. In addition, wealthy Individuals often hire private protection to protect themselves from thieves and those who may want to harm them.

    It is the role of a security guard to protect people, property and information. However, they have different obligations to different groups.

    First, as a security guard, you are responsible to your employer to ensure their property security and protection. This will involve:

    • Making the best and most complete effort to ensure premises and property are protected appropriately and effectively against various natural and criminal threats. This includes vandalism, theft, and anything else that might damage the property. A fire or a single burst water pipe can easily damage a business than a burglar.
    • Detecting, preventing and then reacting appropriately to the commission of criminal or any other damaging actions on or against the client's property.
    • You must perform your duties professionally and thoughtfully, enabling the client to have confidence that they will not lose business, face a civil lawsuit, or be portrayed negatively in the press.
    • Second, the public is responsible. A security guard is often assigned to protect the public from loss or injury while on the client's premises. This includes:
    • Keeping the public out of harm's way by keeping them away from dangerous areas or actions where they might hurt themselves or directing them around hazardous work areas,
    • There is a responsibility to cooperate with law enforcement officials, where necessary and appropriate, such as detaining someone who has committed a criminal offence. A security guard may be able to supplement the efforts of police, either by performing preliminary investigations, preventing the commission of a crime, or securing a crime scene until the police can arrive. Security personnel also provide valuable information to the police regarding building layouts, entries and exits, and hazardous conditions.
    • In emergencies, people sometimes look to security guards as potential authority figures for leadership and guidance.
    • Because of their knowledge and authority, security guards can also assist other emergency personnel. Using that knowledge can get firefighters or emergency medical teams to arrive on-site faster and safer.
    • When criminal charges have been appropriately made as to the result of information a security guard gave to the police and the proper procedures were followed in making an arrest, the security guard will be expected to testify to the court professionally.

    Security Guards are employed by businesses and organisations often for two main reasons, to deter threats such as theft and vandalism and to deal with these issues if they arise.

    But what are security guards legally allowed to do? As they are employed to deal with crime, they often have the same or similar rights and powers as those who work in the police force.

    However, this is not the case; security guards have no more rights or legal authority than members of the general public (you could even deny speaking to a guard if you did not want to).

    This, of course, raises further questions on what it is precisely that a security guard is allowed to do when dealing with customers or potential threats. 

    The force used by a security guard must be of a 'reasonable' amount, so in that case, this means that any levels of force such as physical restraint and grabbing must only be used when completely necessary and when in the process of detaining someone.

    This could be if you attempt to escape after committing an offence or believe that you could cause damage to yourself or others in the vicinity. 

    Construction Sites

    A construction company cannot rely solely on the police for security within today's society. If left unattended, a construction site could lay victim to vandalism, crime, and theft.

    Health Care Centres

    Many unique security challenges impact health care facilities. With a constant flow of patients, employed staff and visitors, this fast-paced environment requires uncompromising attention to discretion and confidentiality.

    Retail (and Wholesale) Establishments

    A security guard's main job in a retail establishment is to keep a watchful eye on staff, stock and customers. Within the retail environment, the guard must protect both the safety and well-being of both customers and employees.

    Manufacturing and Industrial Companies

    Manufacturing corporations are becoming prime targets of vandalism, theft, disputes, property damage, equipment theft, and tampering. A security guard can log vehicle entry and exit of the building, verify drivers, clear visitors, and direct contractors to their appropriate locations.


    Museum security guards know the overall protection and conservation of important items. A museum security guard can keep some priceless art and exhibits safe from thievery, damage, and tampering.

    Financial Facilities

    People, customers, and a financial institution's operational information all need to be protected. Security guards provide access control, armed/unarmed guarding services, monitoring security electronics, patrol, parking security, and workplace violence prevention.

    Hotels and Hospitality

    Hotel guests bring valuables into their rooms, and it is the guard's job to ensure they are staying in a secured environment. Hotel security guards also patrol the hotel and respond to complaints and calls for help.

    Education Institutes and Public Schools

    Considering that education institutions and public schools house very important people, children both young and old, it may be the place security is needed the most. In addition, due to a rise of fatal shootings, drugs and safety issues, schools may need to provide security to patrol the institution and surrounding area.

    Residential and Retirement Communities

    Feeling safe where you and your children live is one of the most important things that hiring security will provide for families. In addition, security companies can provide custom solutions to ensure peace of mind to residents. As a result, theft, vandalism, and trespassing are significantly reduced.

    Wilson Security - Security Guard Company Hobart

    wilson security security guard company melbourne

    1300 945 767

    Customer service training for your company's concierge and customer service workers, who are also security-licensed. On-site security includes screening, asset protection, and access control/gatehouse. Mobile patrol personnel that react to alarm signals. employees of the control room who keep an eye on the alarms and the cameras. To guarantee that your employees is taken care of in the event of an emergency, we offer paramedic and emergency services. All security service requirements can be handled by our personnel in a courteous and professional manner. We offer security personnel that control traffic for your company. Our industry-leading covert team makes it harder for organized retail criminal groups to function in your establishment. Students and staff are escorted by our security professionals between buildings, in campus parking lots, and at local public transportation hubs. Buses traveling through troubled areas and hotspots are escorted by our mobile patrols. We can remotely access your cameras to verify a genuine alarm activation via video. Highly skilled roaming guards who can travel between places quickly are something we can offer.

    The goal of Wilson Security is to safeguard your future. We offer security solutions in Australia to clients of all sizes and industries as one of the top security firms. Our team of over 6,500 security experts collaborate directly with our clients to provide security solutions that are always geared toward safeguarding their operations and assets. We take great satisfaction in being one of Australia's top suppliers of integrated security solutions, having been in business for more than 20 years. This means that we collaborate with you to assess your organization's needs swiftly and provide what it need to provide a safe, secure, and productive workplace.

    MSS Security - Security Guard Company Hobart

    mss security

    1300 759 808

    One of the top security firms in Australia, MSS Security, has unmatched expertise in securing some of the most prominent sites in the country. We appreciate the variety of our clientele, which includes both large national accounts and smaller local contracts. Our clients profit from our client-centered, tailored service with quantifiable outcomes. Fully qualified, conspicuously dressed security guards who adhere to the demands of the customer provide their services. In order to find any security concerns, HSE risks, damage, vandalism, or equipment defects, these services also involve internal and external roving patrols and inspections of client properties.

    With infrastructure in every state and territory, MSS Security offers comprehensive security services to all market areas. It also employs more than 6,000 people. This range offers our customers adaptable solutions for all of their security requirements. We have a widespread regional presence in addition to a national infrastructure that includes offices in all state and territory capitals. Including Arts, Events & Recreation, Aviation, Commercial Property, Data & Communication, Education, Energy & Resources, Financial Services, Government, Health, Industrial & Manufacturing, and Maritime & Logistics, MSS Security operates in all of these business sectors. Our specialized business, MSS Strategic Medical and Rescue, provides heavy construction, mining, and natural resource industries with industrial medical, emergency response fire, and rescue services.

    Coverall Security - Security Guard Company Hobart

    coverall security

    0439 552 974

    Since 1991, Coverall Security has given Tasmanians a sense of security. To safeguard your company's assets, personnel, and people inside of them, our seasoned professionals provide security services. We are dedicated to providing cutting-edge technological solutions for access control, CCTV, and alarm systems, as well as industry best practices for security guards, commercial patrols, and alarm response.

    Commercial, corporate, and governmental sectors make up our primary market. Such customers expect a high level of service that goes beyond the basic provision of protection and includes procedures for continuing risk reduction. Being proudly Tasmanian and serving the entire state, our level of craftsmanship, superior technology, and provision of the full range of security services puts us in an ideal position to satisfy the high standards of organizations needing professional protection.

    Several high profile government departments, including the Department of Premier & Cabinet, Treasury, Department of Health & Human Services, Department of Education, Department of Health & Human Services, Department of Premier & Cabinet, Department of Justice, Department of Primary Industries Water & Environment, Department of State Gro., have relied on Coverall Security for years to provide daily patrol, alarm response, and monitoring services.

    Thomas Paul security - Security Guard Company Hobart

    thomas paul security

    (03) 6331 4178

    The goal of Thomas Paul Security is to make Tasmania a better, more secure place. Both security and public relations are important to us. To maximize safety, peace of mind, and protection, we are committed to offering professional security services. All of our actions are grounded in the law and a strong sense of justice and fairness, and we always work to uphold our reputation as a firm with high morals by setting an exemplary example for others to follow. We work hard to set the standard for security in Tasmania. Our organization is dedicated to safe work practices, ongoing professional growth, and doing what is "right" in order to enhance the reputation of our sector and significantly increase public safety and security.

    Security is now a necessity rather than a luxury because we are living in historically unusual times. Thomas Paul Security has a solution designed to meet your unique needs, whether you require protective services for that corporate event defending property or protecting your employees, your home or business. Since Thomas Paul Security is continuously striving to stay one step ahead, we can guarantee complete security, confidence, and peace of mind as your security provider.

    Mekina Technologies - Security Guard Company Hobart

    mekina technologies

    1300 300 439

    In Tasmania and the neighboring areas, Mekina Technologies offers security systems for your home or place of business. We're committed to providing you with reliable solutions. We take the time to get to know you and your company because of this. You can rely on our staff to give you access to the newest technologies. Mekina Technologies Pty Ltd is a Tasmanian-owned and -operated company committed to offering excellence in customer service, installation, and upkeep of Security, Fire, Voice, Data, and Communication Networks at the highest standards and most reasonable costs. Mekina Technologies Pty Ltd offers a full range of property maintenance and delivery services with a small workforce made up of a comprehensive range of skilled management, professional, technical, administrative, and operational trades personnel, all with the necessary qualifications, licences, and accreditations.

    Additionally, Makina Technologies Pty Ltd has formed strategic alliances with selected industry champions in the maintenance and service delivery field in order to better position our efforts to provide Tasmania’s best and most innovative installation and maintenance service. In order to increase productivity and efficiency, enhance service delivery, deliver lower maintenance costs, and achieve customer satisfaction with the maintenance and delivery process, it is always our goal to work closely with our customers. Mekina Technologies Pty Ltd provides a wide range of services, including automatic door controls, electrical, voice, data, and security.

    Tasmanian Protective Services - Security Guard Company Hobart

    tasmanian protective services

    (03) 9385 7438

    For all of their security requirements, both large and small businesses rely on Tasmanian Protective Services. Managers of office buildings, factories, warehouses, retail shops, hotels, apartments, car dealerships, shopping malls, and more are confident in the quality of the service they receive. 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The policy of Tasmanian Protective Services is to adhere to Australian Standard AS 4421 - 1996 Guards and Patrols and to attain and maintain National Standards of Performance for the Private Security Industry. Any client relationship will be established by an appropriately trained person who listens to the customer, identifies needs and ensures their requirements are maintained, and expectations are clear and mutually understood.

    uniformed patrol officers driving brightly-marked or unmarked vehicles around your property. On your premises, qualified, skilled, and customer-focused Security Officers or Crowd Controllers in uniform or casual attire. The top qualified security officers in Tasmania are ready at all times to offer a prompt, dependable, and secure service. For persons who are at risk because of prominent roles, wealth, or other high-profile circumstances, Tasmanian Protective Services can provide Agents. Since the Agents will be discrete, only you will be aware that you are receiving protective services. Our Special Agents will offer covert protection that fits the client's lifestyle, improving rather than impeding the client's and his or her family's regular way of life. The agent supporting you may serve in a variety of security capacities, including as a personal assistant, a corporate chauffeur for the kids, or a driver. Alarm systems, cash collection, process serving, electronic surveillance, tactical countermeasures, and investigations are some of the services available.

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