Top 50 Security Guard Companies Melbourne, Victoria (2022)

When it comes to protecting your premises, one of the first things you need is a security guard. As the number of businesses that are opening in Melbourne continues to grow, more and more people are becoming security guards. 

This is a great opportunity for those who want to get into this line of work but don't have the necessary qualifications or experience. There are many benefits to being a security guard including working outdoors, flexible hours, no dress code requirements, and good pay.

However, finding the right company for this task can be difficult - there are so many out there who claim to do a great job but actually don't. This blog post will help you find the best security guard companies Melbourne has to offer! 

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    Ultimate List of Security Guard Companies in Melbourne

    Hawk Eyes Security - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    hawk eyes security security guard company melbourne

    03 9687 9024

    Hawk Eyes Security is an Australasian company with extensive coverage across Melbourne. 

    Hawk Eyes Security can also provide assistance in other business areas if suitable to the role of security.

    As a result of our hard work and dedicated services since forming in 2008, Hawk Eyes Security has been able to grow into a national security company.

    Our office is located at Footscray Market, level 2, 81 Hopkins St Footscray, Melbourne. From here, we support our sites and our channel partners across Victoria.

    This expansion was made possible by building strong relationships based on high levels of professionalism and attention to client needs.

    This growth has also allowed us to offer a more comprehensive service, competitive pricing, and a wider set of skills and capabilities that only comes from a company with the scope of Hawk Eyes Security.

    Static Guarding

    This may involve manned services on access points, the guarding of equipment or valuables as part of loss prevention, crowd control, event security, scene securing, or personal protection, essentially anything requiring a person being onsite.

    The key ingredient in static guarding is to ensure the guards supplied are appropriate for the situation. This may include having certain personality types, training, or skills that are specific to the clients’ needs.

    Hawk Eyes Security is expert at assessing the client’s needs and then identifying and supplying the right personnel required.

    We can supply security guards for any situation offering experienced, dependable staff that are specialists in their chosen security field. All our guards have had ethical, physical, and decision-making training that enables them to deal with any situation that may arise.

    Our internal structure also allows for support to be available for every security guard, wherever in Australia they may be posted for security duties.


    It’s always important to ensure the security guards you are working with have been appropriately vetted by the security company and by yourself.

    Hawk Eyes Security guards undertake a rigorous training and selection process to ensure their suitability for the role.

    Our training and vetting processes involve assessments by our managers and by regulatory authorities such as the Police to keep only qualifying personal in these roles.

    To ensure you are getting guards of the highest standard, the following should be checked:

    • Sight the guard’s security licence and ensure it is up-to-date
    • Ask the guard about their experience with the company
    • Ask the guard about the training required to be employed

    Our mission is to exceed our client’s specific security needs by delivering the highest quality of security staff based on trust and confidence.


    We are 100% owned by management and staff.

    • This provides Hawk Eyes Security with a unique succession plan as senior management are also owners of our business.
    • Our management team is experienced and equipped to deal with any client issues.
    • Our flat management structure allows for quick and accurate communication.
    • Across our management structure, we have over 100 years of combined security management experience.
    • We invest and support local businesses by buying all our equipment locally.

    We promote from within, train our staff to the highest levels and offer an incentive to those staff to provide service levels above the expectations of our clientele. Staff training is systemic within our structure, and our company culture ensures that high achievers are rewarded and retained, this once again results in our service exceeding customer expectations.

    SecurT - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    securt security guard company melbourne

    1300 599 980


    SecurT is a security solutions specialist providing professional security services for both businesses and individuals. We use the latest technology to provide the highest quality security services at the most cost-effective price. From security guards and high-tech CCTV systems to event security and more, we have the skills and expertise to manage the safety and security of a range of premises, industries and occasions.


    One of the ways to protect yourself, your home, or your assets is to employ a security guard.

    SecurT has been in the security industry for over 17 years, and our Melbourne security guards have been engaged under:

    • Residential Security Guards
    • Business Security Guards
    • Bodyguards
    • Patrol Guards
    • Stationary Guards
    • Government Security Guards
    • Uniformed & Plain Clothed Security Guards
    • Event Security Guards


    Depending on the engagement your security personnel may cover:

    • Mobile and foot patrols regularly
    • Reporting of any kind of suspicious activity
    • Monitor and control the movement of visitors, personnel, and vehicles
    • A search of vehicles and personnel
    • Registers and logbooks
    • Monitoring of CCTV surveillance
    • Fire Wardens
    • First Aid Qualified
    • Enforce Covid Check-in


    When it comes to choosing your security company, there are a few things to consider.

    Every situation is different, and no two jobs are the same. Our client’s needs may vary on the number of security guards, the length of employment, and the scope of the job.

    Here at SecurT, we’ll work with you to understand your requirements, provide transparent pricing and deliver security services based on our assessment.

    We must understand what you’re trying to accomplish and which security concerns you’re trying to address and tailor a solution that suits you.


    SecurT’s management team has a combined 30+ years of experience in the market.

    Trusted by global retail brands and government bodies.

    Our Melbourne Security Guards are handpicked by our senior management based on their professionalism, communication skills, and relevant experience to the job.

    • All guards have a minimum of 12 months+ of relevant experience.
    • Professionally trained.
    • Fully insured.
    • Licensed and Accredited.
    • Police background check and compliance.
    • 24/7 operation centre for rapid response.

    Our ongoing training covers a variety of situations such as:

    • Risk assessment, conflict de-escalation, powers of arrest, observation and reporting, bag and body search, CPR, first aid, trespass, and safety.
    • Depending on the job, our guards can wear a casual polo for discreet/undercover operations.
    • Professional business shirt or corporate suit in commercial settings.
    • Industrial Hi-Vis for construction sites and warehouse employment.



    With 17 years’ experience within the industry, founder and CEO Z. Shalhoub has the expertise needed to provide a diverse range of premium security solutions that meet any need.  

    SecurT was created to enhance the level of service provided to customers within the security industry and to provide tailored high-tech solutions to meet customers’ ever-evolving needs.

    With a strong focus on compliance, SecurT is closing the gap within the security industry, ensuring the highest compliance levels are consistently maintained. A lack of compliance can present challenges when it comes to taking relevant actions, so ensuring complete compliance is a critical part of the process.

    The team at SecurT also saw an opportunity to provide innovative digital solutions in a market that he deemed at risk of slowly becoming outdated in today’s fast-paced digital world. The slow digitisation of the security industry in Australia Southern Hemisphere has been leaving customers open to digital threats, which pose a major security risk. The SecurT team pride itself in providing innovative solutions that are at the forefront of technological advancements, providing much needed digital security solutions.

    Whatever your security need, we guarantee the highest quality solutions at the best price. We service a range of customers and locations, including residential properties, commercial properties, events and more.

    Let us help you secure what’s important.



    At Securt we endeavour to provide you with the most cost-effective and professional security for your peace of mind.


    Our security officers are full trained, certified and passed through national police checks to deliver security services and customer relations professionally.


    We are insured to cover any liability up to 10 million. Your assets will be protected under our watchful eyes.


    Securt offers vast experience with asset protection, security guard, alarm response service, all at cost-effective rates.


    We follow an agile approach in developing best in class practices and systems across varying client environments and commercial needs.

    AIG Security - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    aig security security guard company melbourne

    1300 600 573

    At AIG Security, we put our clients at the centre of our business, and our priority is to provide smart and customised security solutions. We are at the forefront in providing security services in Melbourne & Adelaide, including security guards, patrols and alarm systems.


    AIG Security guards stand out from the rest. We provide an unparalleled standard of service that is highly personalised for each of our customers. We have invested in high-end real time reporting technology that delivers vital information to manage security incidents in the most efficient and effective manner.

    The first job of all our security guards is to understand our customers’ inside-out’. AIG security guards receive training on the industry that their specific customer operates in and the customer’s target market, followed by an in-depth assessment of the customer’s physical location and layout to identify the key security risks. This allows our guards to become equipped with the specific knowledge required to determine security mitigation strategies that are unique to each of our customers.

    AIG security guards undergo a rigorous selection process. They are highly qualified with the latest industry training and hold all the relevant accreditations. Our security guards operate in a highly professional manner and adapt to any working environment. Respecting your customers and upholding your workplace values is integral in how we conduct our security processes on your premises or event locations.

    Furthermore, AIG will work with you to define key performance measures regarding meeting security objectives. Our monitoring and reporting systems measure the performance of our security guards against security objectives set, and we report to you on a regular basis. It is important to us for our customers to feel well informed and know that we are meeting and exceeding expectations by providing tangible results.


    • Private Function Guards
    • Emergency 24 hour Guard Service
    • Rapid Response Community Protection Units
    • ​Risk Management
    • Uniformed Officers
    • Australia’s longest serving Security Team Celebrating 35 years of service


    • Highly professional Security Guards​ adaptable to every workplace environment
    • We take every step to know our client, their event/venue and the physical environment that will be taken place at. This ensures that we never miss a beat.
    • In depth monitoring and reporting of our security guard performance to demonstrate we are meeting your objectives.
    • We deliver a customised security strategy for every event or venue by looking at every aspect and detail carefully.



    The co-founders of AIG Security were serving in the Royal Australian Navy and at a national Paper Mill, where they witnessed the security industry’s short comings first hand. From their direct experience in dealing with multiple security companies, they established AIG Security in 1978 with a single thought in mind, “Providing Superior Service to Clients”.

    AIG Security is a security business that differs from the rest. The founding principle of AIG Security is a focus on service excellence and high-end results. Since its creation, AIG Security has remained a competitive force within the industry. Our expertise has been developed through first-hand experience and ongoing industry-specific training. It is our attention to detail, our thirst for innovation and knowledge and our pride in our services that makes us unique within the industry. Furthermore, our company’s core values are founded on martial arts principles were place a high emphasis on self-control when placed in dangerous situations always results in the best outcomes. The principles of control that are used in martial arts are taught to our staff to manage their reactions and control their emotions in conflict situations.

    Stepping into the 21st century, the AIG Security team made a conscious effort to develop a system that covers most areas of security, from the smallest client to the biggest. Our focus and investment in quality practices and systems underpin our success, and we share this success with our clients.

    FAQs About Security Guards

    Security guards patrol and monitor activity at a location or property. They may use alarms and surveillance equipment, control access at a gate, or patrol a property on foot to ensure safety and security on the premises. Security guards also serve as a crime deterrent, watching for potential criminal acts.

    Well, whether you plan to hire someone to work at a mall or an office building, they will have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. They will have the lives of actual living, breathing humans on their hands and must be capable of protecting your clientele.

    To this end, a security guard needs a certain skill set. Security companies like yours must be picky when hiring new people. The candidates need to be mature and trustworthy people who can get the job done effectively.


    A great security officer is always alert and focused on their surroundings. They must avoid as many distractions as possible, or they might miss something important or overlook something that could put lives in jeopardy.

    They also need quick reflexes. It’s not just about noticing the crime anyone can do that. The difference is that they must be able to quickly analyze the situation react, and figure out how to address it.


    A security guard is responsible for securing access to buildings and protecting businesses from crime, so they must be honest and trustworthy. A client needs to be able to look at your employee and think, “Yes, I’m safe with this person.”

    When you have an untrustworthy security guard, he or she may steal or do who knows what else, which is why most security companies run a thorough background check before hiring any guard candidate.

    A quality candidate will present themselves well. First impressions mean a lot because they will probably decide if they are trustworthy within the first conversation.

    They must also maintain your trust. If they give you no reason to question them, then their employment in your company should go smoothly.

    Physical Fitness

    Ideal candidates need to be in a healthy weight range and exercise regularly. An unfit guard might not be able to protect people as well as a fit one, and being in good shape will lead to mental alertness.

    There is always a chance for a confrontation in this job field, so guards must be prepared to keep offenders at bay.

    Not only do they need to be physically fit, but they need to look reputable, too. They should have a clean, neat uniform that’s always tucked in. If they look well put together, that will make them and your company look good in the eyes of your client and the public they serve.

    Good Communication Skills

    A good security guard has to be able to communicate effectively with good written and speaking skills. Clear communication can be a deciding factor in handling a sticky situation, so ensure your guard candidate knows how to use their words.

    Good written communication skills allow them to carefully and accurately document each important incident and the facility’s status at the end of their shift.

    This security guard skill will let them get closer to your client’s customers and the clients themselves. Considering that most of their interactions will be with your client, they need to have an upbeat, friendly attitude and represent your company brand well.

    Ability to Serve Client’s Needs

    Your employee needs to be detail-oriented because they have to perform several tasks and remember much information to serve clients.

    Each security officer is given a post, and at that post, they will find a list of instructions based on your needs, so it’s important that they can follow directions.

    They should be trained on these specific orders with your client before assuming the post. For this, they need a complete understanding of security operations so that they can meet your client’s needs.

    They must professionally perform these tasks, so they must be educated and trained to maintain a steady career.

    Leader and Team Player

    Security guards tend to work alone. But, they still need leadership skills. In some cases, security guards work in a group to ensure the perimeter of a business is completely secure.

    When these rare instances occur, each guard needs to know the difference between when it’s time to assert themselves and take control and when to stand down and take orders.

    If they know this difference, then operations will be able to move a lot smoother. The situation can be quickly resolved, and the facility can go back to being safe and secure.

    • Observation of crime against a person.
    • Keeping the people out of the dangerous hazards area.
    • Being alert to the dangerous situation of hazards.
    • Ensuring a safe environment.

    A security guard may be asked to escort employees, particularly if they are going to their car late at night. Security guard always looks for anything that may cause a fire and accident.

    It is the most important responsibility of the security guard to make sure the employee works safely, and no one is put in danger.

    If there is a crowd gathered on the site or labour dispute and protested against the company’s management, security guards take charge to make sure no one is hurt there.

    To an untrained eye or a casual observer, there is no distinction between a security officer and a security guard—they both appear to perform the same tasks.

    Since the purpose of both roles is similar, it’s easy to confuse the two positions—in both roles, keeping someone or something safe is the priority.

    This confusion exists even at the state level. Though most states require the two roles to be differentiated, the terminology isn’t uniform. On top of that, the roles do not have a universal definition.

    Even most licensing agencies do not make a distinction between security guards and security officers. Most of them use these two terms interchangeably.

    However, apart from the similarity in priority, there are many differences between a security guard and a security officer. These differences range from the training requirements to expectations and scope of responsibility.

    To determine whether to hire a security guard or security officer, you need to consider the scope of the security job you would like done. If the tasks need additional experience and expertise, then hiring a security officer is your best bet.

    Alternatively, if the role is not extensive and the risks involved are minimal, opting for an adequately-trained unarmed security guard would be better.

    When deciding which security personnel to go for, ensure that the potential candidate’s training matches your needs.

    Increase The Peace Security Services - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    increase the peace security services security guard company melbourne

    0431 897 140

    ITP was established in 2011 by Managing Director Ray Raydan as a niche customer service focussed security organisation.

    The ITP philosophy is to provide high quality, dedicated and personal service to each and every client.

    Corporate Security

    We ensure the utmost importance in assuring our highest level of service is being met. With our extensive security training and experienced background, we are tied into security information and clearances on all levels to access and make appropriate perceptions to ensure the proper selection of trained security personnel is available to you at all times.

    We employ over 60 uniformed, trained, professional security officers, both armed and unarmed.


    ITP was formed with the goal of becoming a leader and innovator of unarmed security guard services.

    ITP is grounded by a firm set of operating principles and values that emphasise a commitment to our clients and employees.

    20 YEARS ON

    With over twenty years in the industry, Ray recognised that the customer’s desire is a security provider that was committed to customer service and cared about its people.

    Our Story

    Commitment and values

    Ray instilled his own personal commitment to “treating others as you would want to be treated.” along with his passion for customer service which became the cornerstone that formed ITP.

    The foundation

    With the foundation laid, Ray has assembled an experienced management team of security professionals who bring their own unique experience and a strong set of values to the team.

    Alfa Security Services - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    alfa security services security guard company melbourne

    1300 19 18 66

    At Alfa Security Services, our security services go beyond just basic security protection. Our quality service, rapid response and professionalism make us a trusted security service provider.

    Looking for Static Guards?

    A physical security presence can go a long way to not only protect your business but add a personal touch. We work with you to develop an understanding of your security needs, then appoint security officers to match your environment, culture and requirements.   

    Whether you’re looking for reliable gatehouse security for an industrial facility or you require professionals to control access to a busy corporate office, our experienced and professional guards will take care of your concerns. Alfa Security Services specialises in providing professional and reliable guards to:-

    • Licensed Venues

    • Mobile Patrol

    • Personal Protection

    • Private Functions

    • Corporate Events

    • Sporting Events

    • Static Security

    • Body Guards

    • Birthday Parties

    • Construction Sites

    • Retail Security/Loss Prevention

    • Shopping Centers

    Offering much more than a simple security presence and the odd patrol, Alfa Security’s manned security guards take a proactive and professional approach, so you get the results you want.

    Whether your security requirements are big or small, we can tailor a solution just for you. Call us today on 1300 19 18 65 or complete our online quote form for a quick, no-obligation quote.

    Looking for a Reliable Corporate Security Company?

    Alfa Security Service strives to deliver efficient and reliable security solutions to our customers by providing professional and experienced guards.

    • Concierge Security

    • Reception Security

    • Office Security

    Hotel Security

    • Educational Facilities

    • Health Security Services

    • Local Government

    Whatever sector your organisation is in, our highly-trained security guards can provide a range of services, from access control and CCTV surveillance to concierge duties and mobile patrols, guaranteeing you the very best protection.

    Alfa Security is a motivated, dedicated and customer-focused security company.

    Why Choose Us

    At Alfa Security Services, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest standard of professional and effective security services. We are an Australian owned family business that operates throughout Victoria and is a leader in providing exceptional value for money.

    Alfa works directly with our clients to assess the best options at affordable rates in order to provide additional security and protection options.

    Our expertise in the security industry ranges from visual and physical deterrence at your front door to close personal protection at your side. We customise each construction project security assignment to the specific individual needs of the client. Our security professionals have various experiences in security that give our clients the flexibility and tailored service solutions they require.

    We provide accessible services scalable to your needs.

    We focus on delivering reliable security services by deploying professionally trained and personable security guards to assist you with your security requirements. Our affordable security solutions are developed in accordance with industry standards and can be tailored to your business, event or venues needs.

    Businesses, community groups, and private organisations of diverse size and demands have benefitted from the services of Alfa Security Service. Our network of officers in the field, led by a team of dedicated professionals, are experienced and equipped to develop full-service security programs for organisations of all sizes.

    Security Services Management - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    security services management security guard company melbourne

    03 9763 3010

    Protecting what Matters

    Security Services Management as a specialist security provider is recognised as a leader within the security industry. Security Services Management continues to provide high levels of service to resolve often complex and unique situations.

    Our Mission

    Through comprehensive planning, sound management and the implementation of high-quality systems and procedures, we are committed to providing our clients with a superior security service designed to satisfy their requirements and exceed their expectations. We aim to build strong long term professional relationships with our clients and create a positive and progressive working environment for our employees.

    Guard Services

    Guard Services – Static Guarding/Guard House

    SSM has a large client base and abundant experience providing guard house security services. SSM has acquired an exceptional reputation for providing professional guard services as a natural extension of the client’s workforce. To ensure the transition process to client requirements runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, we assess all components of the facilities preferred procedures and desired outcomes. We design and cultivate a service identifying the required personality traits and experience of Officers best matched to meet the site requirements and client expectations.

    Security Officers are carefully screened and selected, meticulously trained, continually monitored and evaluated on an ongoing basis to ensure the professional delivery of our services meets the demands of our clients.

    SSM Guard Services include:

    • Professional development of client lead corporate security philosophies
    • Formulating and implementing asset, property and personal security strategies and policies
    • Continual review of implementation and management of security contracts
    • Developing site and client specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
    • Identifying risk management issues
    • Development of reporting mechanisms

    Australian Owned & Operated

    Established in 1999, SSM provides uniformed security personnel, consulting, investigative services and specialised security solutions.

    Event Security

    SSM has extensive experience in the management of event security and a proven ability to manage security-related risks.

    Guard Services

    SSM offers professional guard services as a natural extension of the client’s workforce.

    Corporate Services

    SSM offers a broad variety of corporate security services, including concierge and reception personnel.

    Our Clients

    Our clients range from first-generation businesses with one stakeholder to multinational corporations and professional groups.

    Unified Protective Group - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    unified protective group

    1300 884 058

    A leading Security provider based in Melbourne, Unified Protective Group Pty Ltd (Unified) is a security company that provides security services to commercial, industrial, construction and residential clients across Victoria. We provide Static guards, Mobile Patrols, Alarm Monitoring and Response, Electronic security installations and service, CCTV, Concierge, Retail / Loss Prevention guards and Event guards. We hire highly qualified security personnel and use advanced security systems to protect against loss or damage to property, businesses and people. Our team is committed to maintaining a service level that is built upon excellence, professionalism and integrity.

    Our security personnel have undertaken accredited training programs in Australia and have undergone rigorous employment checks. We ensure that all staff meet ongoing compliance requirements and are given an induction for each site to which they will be deployed. 

    We provide ongoing supervision to ensure our staff are given the support and skills to meet and maintain a consistent high level of service. We regularly liaise with our clients and welcome any feedback on our performance.

    Within the operations structure, we have invested in and developed a holistic technology solution encompassing the full gamut of guard management from rostering and deployment to live location management of rostered guards.

    We operate our own operational contact centre and pride ourselves on being on call to our clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you need security resources, we can guarantee you a rapid response; depending on the location, we will endeavour to dispatch security staff to your site within the hour.

    Safezone Security Services - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    safezone security services security guard company melbourne

    1300 001 178

    Safezone Security Services Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian, family owned business, our aim is to provide professional, reliable and fully insured security guards across Melbourne and regional Victoria.

    At Safezone Security, we are redefining the security industry, providing effective management of physical security guards services through the careful protection of assets critically, structured communications and integrated technical measures as required. Whether your need is for individual, corporate large event security guards hire or anywhere in between, our private security company in Melbourne provides professional, experienced, trained and affordable security guards services in Melbourne like no other based on three principles:

    • Service excellence
    • A happy, motivated and disciplined security guard workforce in Melbourne
    • Technological innovations

    Safezone Security is a trendsetter and undeniable leader in security service quality. This growth is also being brought by the founder’s ultimate competence, and determination in managing a security guards hire business providing private protection and security services for companies, families, events, institutions with international standards:

    • Quality management system
    • Occupational health and safety
    • Environmental Management

    As a corporate, we always strive to seamlessly integrate with our client’s vision as we believe that once we are engaged, we part of their team. With our security guard services in Melbourne, we can provide you with high-quality accomplishments through our determination in providing our clients with the best security guard hire service the industry can offer.

    So if you are looking for top-notch security guard services in Melbourne or the best security hire company in Melbourne, then please look no further, SAFEZONE Security is your best choice. Safezone is INDUSTRY-LEADING SECURITY SERVICES and offers affordable security guards for hire all over Melbourne. I invite you to be part of our inspiring journey.


    At Safezone Security, we’re dedicated to delivering the best security guard services in Melbourne with a high level of excellence and professionalism. Our highly-trained security professionals are licensed, fully insured to ensure your businesses and assets security and safety 24/7. So when you work with Safezone Security Services, you are working with a team that is dedicated to protecting you, your assets and businesses across Victoria. Safezone SS is an affordable and top-rated security services provider that you can rely on. We have an in-depth knowledge of the security industry and provide a well-rounded security guards around the clock across Melbourne and regional Victoria.

    Our professional security guards are not only ideal when you want a physical security presence to protect individuals, assets, businesses, but also they are well capable of enforcing covid-19 guidelines within any commercial activities.

    We recruit and select our security personnel based on stringent criteria, then take them through rigorous trainings in security competence, human character and communication skills. A combination of consultation, site instructions, and hands-on management ensures that our quality security services are delivered to the highest standard.

    We do not settle for low-quality results as we are committed to giving our clients integrated service with perfect execution and expert training; hence, we are proud to quote, “SAFE ZONE IS THE BEST SECURITY SERVICES COMPANY IN MELBOURNE AND VICTORIA”.

    With our expertise and experience, we have become one of the most trusted security services providers in the industry and the best security company in Melbourne to offer private security guards assessed with the Covid -19 safety and requirements.

    To hire our affordable security guards in Melbourne 24/7. Please request a quote, or to discuss security options please, contact us today. Our support team is ready to help you anytime.  

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to bring the highest quality security services and state-of-the-art technology from world-class suppliers to develop new services in the growing but challenging markets of Melbourne, Victoria. We aim to provide quality, reliable, accountable security services through our responsible, committed and highly motivated, skilled and professional team and also to be effective, timely in responding to customer needs and requests.

    Powerful insights combined with unmatched policy and post order implementation ensure the Safezone Security team is always connected and engaged, situationally informed and armed with the right recommendations to effectively create safer, more secure environments.

    We offer below security services across Victoria:

    • Security for events across Melbourne and regional Victoria

    • Private Security guard hire Melbourne and regional Victoria

    • Corporate security Melbourne and regional Victoria

    • Retail security services Melbourne and regional Victoria

    • Loss prevention officers Melbourne and regional Victoria

    • Mobile Patrol Security Melbourne and regional Victoria

    Our Commitments

    At Safezone, we firmly believe in providing you with exactly what you need; hence we aspire to be the very best at what we do -providing you with a battery of world-class, professional security services to Melbourne’s homes and business owners and its many crucial industries. We strive to accurately identify the needs of our clients and to address them by designing, implementing, managing proven cost-effective security solutions.

    Our commitment to integrity, discipline and excellence help us to locate the best talent in the market of officers and thus a competitive advantage in Victoria. We aim to ensure that our private security services are suitable, competitive and of the highest standard having regard to the Victoria environment.

    We are here to protect the people whom we serve, and their safety is our core concern. If you are a victim, an individual, or have a business in Victoria and are searching for any high-quality security services in Melbourne, Victoria, don’t hesitate to call us. You will receive security services from experts at a reasonable rate. Please give us a call and let us take care of all your security needs. Thank you for your valuable time, and we look forward to collaborating with you in the near future. 

    Mission Security Services - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    mission security services security guard company melbourne

    1300 746 464


    At Mission Security Services, we are committed to providing a comprehensive security service that operates with transparency to bring to you a trusted and highly reliable security service team. We focus on not just meeting our clients’ expectations but often exceeding them by giving them the best security services in Melbourne. Headed and founded by highly experienced security professionals, Mission Security Services focuses on training our security guards in Melbourne to get them equipped with the right interpersonal and management security skills to ensure their safety. When it comes to security guard companies in Melbourne, we stand apart for the simple reason that we treat our client’s security and safety with utmost importance. So, if you need a comprehensive security company in Melbourne that can ensure that your residential or commercial space is kept completely safe, then look no further than Mission Security Services.

    Church Security

    We have adopted a security model that adapts multiple church security practices around the world to provide comprehensive security service in Melbourne. Our security guards in Melbourne are hired after a thorough vetting process and duly trained to ensure that the safety needs of any religious congregation in churches are taken care of. We provide training for our security guards and officers to enable your church proceedings to go on without having any concerns.

    Concierge Security

    Our concierge security services are one of the primary reasons why we are often regarded as one of the best security guard companies in Melbourne. By training our concierge security staff, we can provide comprehensive security services in Melbourne for both residential and commercial areas. Based on your requirement, we can give you a team of security experts who would be perfect for the job.

    Construction Site Security

    Every construction site requires thorough security, as there is a perpetual risk of the theft of raw building materials and vandalism. While fences and lockable gates only provide a limited amount of security against potential intruders, our security guards in Melbourne can ensure that any kind of theft or vandalism is completely prevented. Our security officers are traine to provide thorough security Services in Melbourne.

    If you are looking for a comprehensive security company in Melbourne that provides thorough security services, then reach out to Mission Security Services today. Our security services in Melbourne are highly touted for the high level of professionalism displayed by our security team. Our team members have been thoroughly trained in providing security for a multitude of different purposes. This is why out of all the security guard companies in Melbourne, our services stand a notch above the rest. Don’t take chances when it comes to something like your safety. Go for the best provider of security services in Melbourne and contact Mission Security Services today.

    About Us

    ​Hillside Security is Australia’s premier security company, endorsed by The Australian Security Industry Association (ASIAL), The International Bodyguard Association (IBA), CM3 and The Vic Employers Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI). Specialising in tailored security design, systems implementation, and asset protection, we exist to serve both the public and private sectors, with a focus on delivering unparalleled customer service and transparency for your assurance.

    With an elite team of security professionals working around the clock, Hillside Security implements the latest in surveillance and protection technologies to ensure that our clients can enjoy true peace of mind.

    Since 1999, Hillside Security has been Australia’s trusted choice for protective services and tailored security services solutions. Our strength and ability to consistently outperform others lies within the culture of our expanding and reliable team. Recognising and rewarding innovation, we are relentless in our commitment to providing excellence in service to thousands of Australian people and businesses.

    Consistently ranked by our clients as Australia’s best security company, we invite you to enquire about our services to find out how we can better protect your people, property and assets.​


    Hillside Security is a true leader in protectionary innovation. We are steadfast in our commitment to administer educational training at every level of our organisation to ensure our people are at the forefront of the industry and able to provide no less than the very best in care and protection.

    As Australia’s best security company, it is in our nature to seek out and adopt cutting edge technologies that enable us to better protect the people, property and assets with which we are entrusted.

    Servicing Victoria, ACT, New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania, we have an army of security professionals at your disposal, anytime, anywhere.

    With far-reaching coverage, our advanced monitoring, a large network of security professionals and Australia’s most innovative patrol fleet, Hillside Security is your front-line protection against criminal interference.

    There is no better security solution than our seamless and hassle-free suite of services.

    MA Services Group - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    ma services group security guard company melbourne

    03 9339 3509

    Security Services

    MA Services Group offers commercial security services to its wide range of customers from different industries. We serve customers of all sizes, from a small retail shops in your locality to multibillion-dollar global companies. We provide our services across Australia, and we have our corporate office in Melbourne, Victoria. Our office locations are in Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth.

    Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Security Service

    Hiring a commercial security services company for your business gives you peace of mind. Your employees and customers feel safe and protected. Having security personnel around shows them that you are concerned about their well-being and safety. It puts you in control of unforeseen circumstances related to safety that might occur in the near future.

    Additional Benefits:

    • Responsible security personnel looking out for the well-being of employees, and customers
    • Always looking for any signs of suspicious activity or threats
    • Risk assessment based on both Internal as well as External factors
    • Builds a positive brand reputation in the minds of your stakeholders.

    Our Services includes:

    We provide a range of different services and skillsets to our event/venue clientele, including the following:

    • High-Risk Crowd Management– We ensure to reduce the risk of your event by applying the right strategies and managing the high-risk crowd.
    • Major Event Security– Our Team provides comprehensive security services for any major events by ensuring the safety of your guests and staff.
    • Traffic Management- We have a team of well-trained security personnel to manage the traffic flow of your business.
    • Risk Assessments- We specialise in carrying out a risk assessment for your business and ensuring the safety of your property.
    • Risk Assessments- We specialise in carrying out a risk assessment for your business and ensuring the safety of your property.
    • Covert Operatives- Our highly trained personnel covertly operate to protect your business from any potential harm.
    • Intelligence Analysts- Our Intelligence Analysts are fully equipped to get the required information about the threat to your organisation.
    • Merchandise Protection Support Responsibilities- We have highly skilled security personnel to support and protect your businesses merchandise.
    • Mobile Patrol Services– Patrolling Services personnel respond to alarm response and threat based on surveillance for better protection.
    • Control Room Operators– We have the best control room operators to monitor alarms and other security-related activity
    • Alarm Response– Our Security Personnel is proficient in responding to alarm responses.
    • Static and Roving Guards- We provide both Static and Roving Guards who are highly mobile and trained for your business.

    Currently servicing a broad range of clientele across Australia, including national and international brands, we are proud of our record of delivering successful outcomes while maintaining a high standard of service that safeguards our client’s brand and reputation.

    Why Choose MA Services Group?

    In today’s world, it becomes imperative for businesses to protect their business from not just organised crime but also any such prevalent situation which might put the lives of their employees or customers at risk. For us, providing security is not just a service but outcomes that our clients endeavour to deliver to their end-users, stakeholders, employees, and customers!

    • License: MA Services group is an Insured and Licensed Integrated Solutions Company having rich experience in the commercial security services domain. We have built a reputation in the industry for being one of the most sought-after commercial security firms in Australia. Our Security Personnel is hired and trained by industry experts based on a range of carefully crafted competencies.
    • Background Check: Every new hire goes through a rigorous hiring process which includes police verification, background check, language and general literacy, and aptitude tests. We are passionate about meeting and exceeding needs, and we take great pride in harnessing a team environment to promote productivity and accountability.
    • Our personnel take ownership of their responsibilities and work together to become a part of the delivery of your event, function.
    • Our philosophy for success is dependent on the success of our clients: we work together, we succeed together.

    Who we are

    Australian owned, we are solely focused on our local and national markets. Our aspiration is not to be global but globally aware to provide efficient and productive solutions that deliver real benefits such as:

    • Reduction in resourcing volume by 10-15% without service compromise.
    • Enhanced security measures without additional costs.
    • A risk management approach in all activities and duties.
    • Workforce multipliers in productivity without higher management or
    • supervision overheads through leading-edge technologies.

    We are everywhere you need us to be, in every state and territory. We have a service footprint that can be leveraged to provide immediate response and be scalable to your needs. This is underpinned by robust systems and procedural frameworks with a secure financial position, ensuring business stability and sustainability.

    Our approach is to always understand the environment we need to operate in, quantify vulnerabilities and risk climate, plan and manage in order to deliver real and measurable outcomes.

    We believe that while security is a critical service, it can be complemented with additional services to enhance risk mitigation, commercial benefits and reduce management burden. With this in mind, MASG also offers cleaning, facility management services and customer service as separate or integrated offers.

    How we thrive. Our people matter most.

    People are the cornerstone of our business within MASG. Our philosophy and practice are centred on our employees – high calibre professionals with the insight and judgment to bring innovative solutions to our clients. We are, as in business, only ever as good as our people. 

    We aim to create a positive and challenging work environment in which employees can realise their full potential.

    We are proud of our employees and the skills, experience and commitment they contribute to our

    The organisation, we show this through formal and informal recognition and reward programs.

    We identify talent and potential and nurture it because we know the skills and capabilities of our people are our strength and the major source of the contribution to our successful service delivery. Our people and the teams we develop at each contract are key to the long term and sustainable relationships MASG has with each of our customers. 

    Hillside Security - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    hillside security security guard company melbourne

    1800 445 577

    Hillside Security is Australia’s premier security company, endorsed by The Australian Security Industry Association (ASIAL), The International Bodyguard Association (IBA), CM3 and The Vic Employers Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI).

    Consistently ranked by our clients as Australia’s best security company, we invite you to enquire about our services to find out how we can better protect your people, property and assets. 

    Security Guards and Officers

    ‘A tailor-made solution for the protection of people, property and assets’

    Our highly skilled team of professional security officers in Australia is deployed to create, maintain and ensure a secure, safe environment in any application. This includes retail, commercial and industrial applications, as well as special events.

    Here at Hillside Security, we are proud to be one of the best private security companies both in Melbourne and Australia-wide.

    Our top priority in providing our security guard services is to guarantee the protection of people, property and valuable assets in any context.

    Our experienced team of security guards has long supplied protection in both domestic and international markets, giving us the diverse experience needed to handle any kind of security situation.

    We are committed to providing unwavering dedication to professionalism in all aspects of our security service. Our security guard recruitment process is comprehensive and thorough to ensure that we hire only the best private security contractors to work with us.

    All of our security guards have been extensively trained in threat perception, helping them to minimise risk and prevent harm in any situation.

    ​This service includes:

    • Personal protection officers for VIP guests at special events
    • Concierge security, gatehouse security and customer service security officers
    • Covert and non-covert loss prevention security officers for retail establishments
    • Control room security officers to monitor and manage video security feeds
    • Event management and crowd control for large-scale events
    • Safe city officers

    National Protective Services - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    national protective services security guard company melbourne

    1300 659 809

    Professional Security Officers to Defend Your Properties, Assets & People

    With NPS, you’ll get:

    Dedicated Account Manager

    Only be liaising with one person for your entire project.

    Compliant to Australian Standards

    Fully licensed and accredited in quality, OH&S and environment.

    Everything Covered

    Full supply of security equipment, officers and consulting that meets your unique requirements.

    Professional Security Officers to Defend Your Properties, Assets & People

    Don’t overlook security.

    The lack of security measures can bring major destruction to your property and people.

    Get your premium security measures in place professionally, so you can stay in control, be in the know 24/7, and move on with business as usual.

    Customer-driven and focused security services

    Year after year, National Protective Services delivers unrivalled customer-driven and focused security services to a list of residential, commercial, industrial, not for profit and government organisations throughout Australia.

    National Protective Services commenced operations in 1988. Since this time, the company has provided its clients with stability, consistent award-winning customer service and extensive experience. This expertise comes from a company that has a long history within the security industry and a philosophy of working closely with a large and diverse customer base to build strong and enduring partnerships that align with its client's objectives.

    The company has always focused on innovation, and this has assisted us in winning many awards in such categories as; customer service, ethics and training. Our CEO, Rachaell Saunders, was a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award and has been highlighted in many advertising campaigns for other organisations such as Monash University, Australian Super and Industry Super.

    G-SEC Security - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    g sec security guard companies melbourne

    03 8658 0599

    G-SEC Security is dedicated to protecting your property and assets through electronic security systems, a state of the art control room, and security patrols on the road 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    At G-SEC, we can:

    • Help You Find The Perfect System For Your Home or Business
    • Upgrade Your Current Alarm System
    • Provide 24/7 Monitoring For Existing Or New Systems
    • Give You Piece of Mind Your Home & Business Are Protected
    • Give You A FREE Security Assessment and Obligation-Free Quote

    Protect Your Property, Stock & Employees with 24/7 On-Premises Guards

    If you are having issues with theft in your business, want extra protection for your staff, or want to prevent vandalism, then G-SEC Guards could be just the right fit for your business.

    We can place highly trained security guards full time on-site to provide your business with the highest level of protection or provide regular security to attend your site during specific hours of the day.

    At G-Sec, our guard services can provide:

    • Door guards
    • Building guards
    • Register and checkout guards
    • Staff escort services
    • Give You Piece Of Mind Your Home & Business Are Protected
    • Give You A FREE Security Assessment and Obligation-Free Quote

    About Us

    G-SEC Security is a Security Services firm with the resources to handle almost all security-related jobs in Melbourne.

    Our specialist and core services include:

    • Domestic (residential) and commercial security and alarm assessment and installation
    • Domestic and commercial alarm monitoring, including intruder sensors and CCTV
    • Immediate physical security patrol response to alarm conditions 24/7
    • Physical security guard presence

    Our staff are fully trained and licenced in Victoria to carry out this work, and with years of experience, can be relied upon to do a professional job at best possible value for money.

    Guardian has been providing Security services for over 10 years, and due to our state of the art technology, highly trained personnel and regular investment into further development, we now have one of the largest client bases in Victoria.

    Wilson Security - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    wilson security security guard company melbourne

    1300 945 769

    Integrated Security Solutions

    At Wilson Security, we provide an Integrated Security Solution Model to our clients.

    Who are the people keeping you safe?

    Wilson Security personnel are recruited and trained against a carefully designed range of core competencies. Each person undergoes a comprehensive selection process, which may include police checks, literacy and numeracy testing, reference checking and probity clearance.

    Wilson Security is focused on protecting your future. As one of the leading security companies, we provide security solutions for clients of every size and industry across Australia.

    Our team of over 6,500 security professionals work closely with our clients to tailor security solutions that focus on protecting their operations and assets at all times.

    Built over 20 years in business, we pride ourselves on being one of Australia’s leading providers of integrated security solutions. This means we work with you to quickly assess and deliver what your organisation needs to create a safe, secure and successful environment.

    As part of the Wilson Group, which have been operating in the Australian marketplace since the 1960’s, Wilson Security has a strong backing that allows us to deliver reliable and client-centric solutions as well as identify additional ways in how we can better enhance the security services we provide our clients. This allows us to build on our core strengths and provide innovative, integrated services to our clients that tap into the broader Wilson Group capabilities: security, healthcare, storage and parking sectors.

    At Wilson Security, we’re focused on protecting your future.

    What sets Wilson Security apart?

    • We have a 24/7 National Operations Centre, which gives you coverage for emergencies and surge
    • We have a national fleet of cars
    • We work across a range of sectors
    • We have highly trained security personnel backed by efficient systems
    • We focus on solutions and take an integrated approach to tailor a solution to best suit your business
    • Our Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) and Serious Industry Frequency Rate (SIFR) are significantly lower than the industry standards

    YPG Risk - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    ypg risk security guard company melbourne

    1300 690 090

    YPG Risk provides comprehensive and sought-after security services throughout Melbourne. We are the company that local clients turn to when they want to invest in proven and professional security solutions for a particular event or for VIP bodyguard services for specific individuals.

    Our team is dedicated to providing peace of mind to our clients through proactive security services while enhancing their personal safety and protecting their properties and proprietary’s information.

    The managing director of YPG Risk has been working in the security industry since 1999, meaning our clients can be confident they are investing in a knowledgeable and well-established service when they hire us. We use modern and sophisticated software, including Rapid radio systems, Axon body cameras, as well as Axon fleet dash and monitoring software, with all of our staff wearing Safariland body armour when working.

    Our Market Sectors

    YPG RISK is a security company in Melbourne owned and operated by Grant Burton, Grant has built his 22-year career in the security industry.

    • Corporate Security Guards
    • Mobile Patrols & Alarm Response
    • Personal Protection & Bodyguards
    • CCTV & Alarm Installation
    • Asset Protection
    • Retail Security
    • Residential Security
    • Event Security

    Bodyguard Hire

    YPG Risk is the name to remember when it comes to securing proven and professional bodyguard hire services throughout Melbourne.

    Whether you are searching for personal protection or are in charge of arranging security measures for a visiting VIP or group, you will find a suitable bodyguard service with our qualified and experienced team.

    The YPG Risk team is completely dedicated to the job at hand and can quickly adjust and adapt service to meet any given circumstance or scenario that may present itself. That means our clients can be sure they are not just investing in a personal bodyguard to stand near them and give the impression of security, they will be investing in the services of a skilled and highly-trained professional who delivers an attentive and detail-oriented service at all times.

    Bodyguard Security Services in Melbourne

    With years of combined industry experience, there is little wonder why the YPG Risk team is sought-after for bodyguard security services in Melbourne.

    We utilise the very best equipment and software available, such as Safariland body armour, Axon dash fleet and monitoring software, Rapid radio systems, and Axon body cameras, to ensure we can provide the most comprehensive and professional service possible to each of our valued clients.

    Our managing director has been providing security services in Melbourne since 1999, meaning our clients can be confident they are investing in a proven service that has been developed and refined throughout years of collective experience, first-hand knowledge, and passion for the job at hand. Call 1300 690 099 for all further enquiries.

    Security Guard Services

    YPG Risk is proud to be a sought-after and trusted name when it comes to security guard services. We have more than 90 years of combined management experience and employ a qualified and proven team that can adjust their services to meet the demands of any given job or assignment.

    We utilise the very best in modern and sophisticated security software, allowing us to provide the highest level of service and protection to our clients. These systems include Axon body camera, Safariland body armour, Axon fleet dash & monitoring software, and Rapid radio systems.

    So when you want a security guard service that is built on accountability, professionalism, and understanding, make sure you turn to the team here at YPG Risk.

    Trusted Security Guards in Melbourne

    When they work with our security guards, Melbourne clients can be confident that their event is well protected. We provide a range of versatile services to our clients, adapting to the situation at hand to ensure that we can always deliver the highest standard of security services and assistance in Melbourne.

    The managing director of YPG Risk has been in the security business since 1999, meaning clients can always be sure they will receive services and security solutions that have been refined and developed through years of industry-leading experience. Our management structure also includes two former Victoria Police officers, demonstrating that we draw on the years of combined knowledge and skill of our team to deliver a more detailed and attentive security service for our clients that is tailored to suit the demands of the job or event at hand.

    A Proven Security Guard Company with Qualified Personnel

    When clients turn to YPG Risk, they can enjoy complete peace of mind, knowing that they are working with a leading and qualified team of trusted security personnel.

    No matter the optics or the details of the job at hand, clients can be confident in our team’s ability to go well above even the highest expectations in terms of professionalism and awareness.

    So when you’re planning an event or function and are looking for the right team of security guards, our company is the one to remember. For all further enquiries simply call YPG Security today on 1300 690 099.

    About Us

    Australia’s Leading Provider In Security And Entertainment Industry With Over 90 Years Of Experience

    YPG RISK is a specialised security and Risk management company with extensive experience in mobile patrols, alarm responses and servicing the entertainment industry.

    YPG RISK has over 90 years of management experience in the security and entertainment industry, providing a range of services to the industry from Bodyguards, Security guards, Tour security, Construction Sites, Retail, Education to protecting businesses with our elite mobile patrol team.

    With a brand built on exceeding customers expectations, quality and price, the experienced team at YPG RISK have built a strong reputation for creating strong client relationships, accountability, knowledge and understanding.

    Supreme Security Protection - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    supreme security protection melbourne

    0497 777 789

    We will help companies to become more successful in Providing Security Guards in Melbourne.

    Supreme Security Protection design and deliver world-class services to security Officers in Melbourne for your business, and we ensure that all your security needs are met. SSP Australia is well known among all security companies in Melbourne. Contact us today to forget any kind of Hiring security.


    24/7 service

    Whenever any kind of security situation occurs, you’ll get our timely help!


    We have secured your priorities, you can move forwards worry-free.


    We will deploy solutions that will shield you from harm, avoiding the issue.


    We are happy to share our experience and cases with every company.

    Security Systems

    Development of security and fire protection systems for homes and offices.


    We will make safe all that is dear to you, your family or your business.

    About Us

    • We have Highly motivated Security Officers
    • We have Highly Professional Security Guards
    • The Most Successful Security Agency in Melbourne
    • We have been providing crowd control staff and related security services for licensed premises for over 7 years.

    Our experienced, progressive management team and commitment to treating clients and employees with respect and care is what sets us apart. You’ll discover that our local knowledge and tailored service enables us to give you a level of professionalism that the national suppliers struggle to achieve. By asking customers and employees alike to complete surveys, we address any issues at our management review meetings to ensure our services improve continually.

    Supreme Security Protection delivers the best solution for any security need. All SSP staff clearly identified through their distinct uniforms. All staff are professionally trained and fully licensed as Security Guards / Crowd Controllers. Where necessary, or based on client specifications, our activities and dress requirements can be tailored for any event or occasion.

    SSP Security has both full-time and casual employees who are fully trained and equipped.

    Guardia - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    guardia security guard company melbourne

    (03) 9863 9700

    With many years of experience providing security services in Melbourne, Guardia has employed only the finest and qualified staff and is one of Australia’s leading security companies in Melbourne. With origins and headquarters based in Melbourne as well as offices providing security services Brisbane area, Sydney, and the ACT, Guardia Risk has been providing professional and expert services to government agencies, multinational corporations, maritime, entertainment and non-government organisations.

    Working in Melbourne, interstate, and abroad over, Guardia has developed a successful method of delivering the best private security services Melbourne has available. Taking a client-oriented approach, we consult with both new and returning customers extensively in order to identify any unique factors influencing their security situation. As we get to know you and your organisation, we learn how best to apply our experience and professionalism to suit your requirements.

    Guardia’s range of security services serves only as a starting point for your reference, as the scope of our skills and experience allows us to adapt to almost any security situation.

    Security Services

    Guardia is an adaptive security service Melbourne organisation. We have evolved with the times as our home city of Melbourne has grown and become a booming international city. Guardia keeps abreast of the most important developments in local security, so you don’t have to. We ensure all our clients are kept in the loop regarding any potential risks or concerns, as we understand that communication is the key to a successful professional partnership, such as that enjoyed by current Guardia clients.

    Security Services Melbourne

    A preliminary list of the private security services we offer here in Melbourne may include, but will not be limited to, the following:

    • Security guard – Maintain a visible security presence tailored to suit your specific security requirements.
    • Crowd control security services – Our professional private security contractors have licensed crowd controllers licensed by Victoria Police to oversee a variety of events, functions, and gatherings. Guardia knows that the best approach to crowd control is an active one. Our crowd controllers maintain a constant state of vigilance and interaction with guests and organisers to ensure things run smoothly and security risks are addressed quickly or avoided altogether.
    • Event, function, and venue security – With the appropriate RSA certification, our security guard staff and crowd control security have the knowledge and experience to effectively monitor and control events, functions, or venues that serve alcohol. A Guardia security presence at your next private/public event, function, or venue event will ensure everybody has a great time without the hassles of intoxication and disruptive behaviour.
    • K9 security and guard dogs – Guardia in Melbourne maintains a highly-trained, highly-effective K9 unit with a wide range of potential security applications for a variety of clients and their specific security needs. We offer guard dogs, which are able to keep premises, shop, factory, construction site, or other location vulnerable to intrusion or trespass safe and secure. For clients that require greater security capabilities, we also provide a patrol service utilising our K9 unit and their highly trained and experienced handlers. A guard dog security patrol can keep a much larger area secure than other commonly used security services.
    • Armed Guards – Guardia has evolved to become a leading private security provider here in Australia, and we have recently obtained contracts for the provision of close protection and private security in high-risk areas overseas, such as Iraq, Syria, Libya, and the Philippines. Guardia ensures that all of our armed private security personnel are ex-military personnel with the appropriate training and experience. In Melbourne, we provide armed guards to protect high-profile or high-value targets. This includes armed escort services, armed static security guards, and bodyguard services. 

    Our commitment to you

    Our commitment to our clients is to provide tailored care that fits their special needs. Not everybody’s situation is the same. We realise this and use our many years of experience to ensure you get the personalised attention you deserve. Guardia will take the time to develop a deep understanding of your business to ensure you get the best possible security that add real value to your situation.

    We promise you will always be treated with the greatest respect, and all information shared with us or our agents will be dealt with with the strictest confidentiality. We will always have your best interests front of mind in all the work we deliver.

    Furthermore, unlike many competitor firms, we understand that being effective means demonstrating results and not simply talking the talk. This means not only meeting – but exceeding – your expectations and being held accountable for the promises that we make.

    We’d be happy to help you find the best solution for your security needs. Get in touch!

    Security Concepts - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    security concepts security guard company melbourne

    1300 044 980

    Security Concepts Services is a Facilities Services Company in Melbourne. Providing Cleaning Facility Services, Facility Maintenance Staff, and Security Services Provider in Melbourne, Victoria. Our key areas of security services expertise are:

    • Security Manpower Services (Static Guards, Crowd Control Officers, Body Guards, Loss Prevention Officers)
    • Security Consulting Services (Business to Business: New Security Business Start-up, Enterprise Agreement Writing and Security Tender Writing)
    • Security Compliance and Training Manuals – Development and Sale
    • Facilities Cleaning
    • Facilities Maintenance Staff

    Security Guards Hire Melbourne

    Security Concepts Services provides licensed security guards and crowd controllers in Melbourne. We also provide other specialised services, such as Covid-19 temperature screening and monitoring. Please feel free to look through our various services below and give us a call or send us an email.

    If you don’t find the exact security service you are looking for, let us know, and we will design a specific service just for you.

    We provide superior, courteous and carefully selected security guards to all our clients. We also have our own learning management system online training to give all our security personnel refresher training every 3 months.

    Office Building Security Guards

    Office building security guards in Melbourne that your organisation will be proud of. Our office building security guards can serve as your workplace front desk staff, concierge staff or customer service officers but hold security licenses.

    We can provide after-hours office building security officers to look after your office, site or facility overnight.

    Security Concepts Services Pty Ltd is a reliable and trusted brand to our client’s. We have provided manpower security services to many companies and individuals and are able to provide and manage the Facilities Services Team (Security Staff, Cleaning Staff and Maintenance Staff) to your Building Facility. We have also supported many existing and start-up companies with our quality compliance training documents and products.

    Lite Security - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    lite security security guard company melbourne

    (03) 8529 9950


    Based in Brunswick, Melbourne, Lite Security offers a range of training courses in security operations, first aid and emergency life support.


    Whether you’re looking to start a career in the security industry or refine your skills for better employment opportunities, Lite Security offers quality, competitively priced security courses from our Brunswick, Melbourne campus.

    Contact us to learn more about our nationally accredited certificate courses, HLTAID003 – Provide first aid, and HLTAID001 – Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

    We are committed to leading the way in security training and providing our students with the skills and knowledge needed to stand apart from the crowd – and get that job.


    If you’re looking to work as a security guard in shopping centres, industrial or construction sites or in office buildings, contact Lite Security to learn about our top-quality training.


    Security guards are trusted with activities such as protecting property and people, patrolling areas and preventing theft.

    From helping you choose the right training course to advise on employment opportunities, we have you covered. We have prepared local and international candidates for the security industry since 2015.

    Contact us if you’re looking to start a career in the security industry.


    A security guard is employed to protect, watch and guard property. If this sounds like a job you would excel at, contact us to learn more about the entry-level qualifications you will need to start your new career.

    At Lite Security, we provide all the support and help you need to get qualified. We offer recognised security training courses that comply with the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) standards.


    Security industry employees in Victoria must carry licences while patrolling, guarding, watching and protecting property.

    We can help you understand what’s required to enter the security industry as an unarmed guard and crowd controller – and we also know how to go about the next steps to add armed guard, cash-in-transit, guarding with a dog, control room operator and monitoring centre operator to your skillset.

    Contact us if you’re looking to start a new career as a crowd controller or a security guard.

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