Top 50 Security Guard Companies Melbourne, Victoria (2024)

When it comes to protecting your premises, one of the first things you need is a security guard. As the number of businesses that are opening in Melbourne continues to grow, more and more people are becoming security guards. 

This is a great opportunity for those who want to get into this line of work but don't have the necessary qualifications or experience. There are many benefits to being a security guard including working outdoors, flexible hours, no dress code requirements, and good pay.

However, finding the right company for this task can be difficult - there are so many out there who claim to do a great job but actually don't. This blog post will help you find the best security guard companies Melbourne has to offer! 

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    Ultimate List of Security Guard Companies in Melbourne

    Group One Security - Security Guard Company Melbourne


    Group One Security Services is a prominent security company based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. They specialize in offering comprehensive security solutions to individuals and businesses in the region. With a strong emphasis on customer safety, Group One Security Services employs well-trained security guards who are available for hire to ensure the protection of clients and their belongings.

    The company prides itself on prioritizing the safety of their customers above all else. To achieve this, they equip their security officers with the latest electronic security equipment and reliable alarm systems. By leveraging these advanced technologies, Group One Security Services ensures that both residential and commercial properties are safeguarded against potential threats.

    In recognition of the urgent nature of security concerns, Group One Security Services operates round the clock, providing immediate responses to any security issues or inquiries. Their commitment to being available at all times underscores their dedication to customer satisfaction.

    As one of Melbourne's premier security companies, Group One Security Pty Ltd has earned a stellar reputation for delivering high-quality services. Their extensive experience in the security industry has allowed them to cater to a diverse range of clients across various sectors. By assembling a team of highly trained security professionals, they offer tailored security services to meet the unique needs of businesses and individuals alike.

    Group One Security Services specializes in providing top-notch security guard services to the commercial, industrial, and construction sectors in Melbourne. Their expertise in these areas enables them to offer comprehensive protection and risk mitigation strategies specific to each sector's requirements.

    Hawk Eyes Security - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    hawk eyes security security guard company melbourne

    03 9687 9024

    An Australian business with significant coverage of Melbourne is called Hawk Eyes Security. If it is appropriate for the job of security, Hawk Eyes Security can also offer assistance in other business sectors. Since our establishment in 2008, Hawk Eyes Security has been able to develop into a national security organization as a consequence of our diligent work and committed services. Our office is situated on level 2 of Footscray Market in Footscray, Melbourne, at 81 Hopkins St. We provide support for our sites and channel partners throughout Victoria from here.

    Building trusting connections based on high standards of professionalism and sensitivity to customer needs allowed for this expansion. We are now able to provide a more complete service, competitive pricing, and a broader range of talents and capabilities that are exclusive to a business with the size of Hawk Eyes Security thanks to our growth.

    Static Guarding

    This can include providing manned services at entry points, watching over equipment or assets to prevent loss, crowd management, event security, scene securing, or personal protection—basically anything that calls for someone to be present on site. Making ensuring the provided guards are suitable for the circumstance is a crucial component of static guarding. This could entail possessing particular personality traits, training, or abilities that are tailored to the requirements of the clients.

    SecurT - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    securt security guard company melbourne

    1300 599 980


    Security solutions expert SecurT offers expert security services to both people and companies. We employ cutting-edge technology to deliver the best security services at the most reasonable rate. From security guards and high-tech CCTV systems to event security and more, we have the skills and expertise to manage the safety and security of a range of premises, industries and occasions.


    There are a few factors to take into account while selecting your security provider. Every situation is unique, and every task is different. Depending on the number of security guards, the duration, and the nature of the operation, our client's needs could change. At SecurT, we'll collaborate with you to comprehend your needs, offer clear pricing, and give security services based on our evaluation.

    AIG Security - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    aig security security guard company melbourne

    1300 600 573

    At AIG Security, we prioritize giving our clients smart, individualized security solutions while placing them at the center of our business. In Melbourne and Adelaide, we are leaders in the provision of security services, such as security guards, patrols, and alarm systems.


    Guards from AIG Security stand out from the crowd. We offer an unmatched level of service that is highly individualized for each of our clients. We have made investments in cutting-edge real-time reporting technology that provides key information to manage security issues as effectively and efficiently as possible.

    All of our security personnel must first fully comprehend our clients. AIG security guards receive training on the industry that their specific customer operates in and the customer’s target market, followed by an in-depth assessment of the customer’s physical location and layout to identify the key security risks. This gives our guards the specialized knowledge needed to develop security mitigation measures that are particular to each of our clients.

    FAQs About Security Guards

    Security guards patrol and monitor activity at a location or property. They may use alarms and surveillance equipment, control access at a gate, or patrol a property on foot to ensure safety and security on the premises. Security guards also serve as a crime deterrent, watching for potential criminal acts.

    Well, whether you plan to hire someone to work at a mall or an office building, they will have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. They will have the lives of actual living, breathing humans on their hands and must be capable of protecting your clientele.

    To this end, a security guard needs a certain skill set. Security companies like yours must be picky when hiring new people. The candidates need to be mature and trustworthy people who can get the job done effectively.


    A great security officer is always alert and focused on their surroundings. They must avoid as many distractions as possible, or they might miss something important or overlook something that could put lives in jeopardy.

    They also need quick reflexes. It’s not just about noticing the crime anyone can do that. The difference is that they must be able to quickly analyze the situation react, and figure out how to address it.


    A security guard is responsible for securing access to buildings and protecting businesses from crime, so they must be honest and trustworthy. A client needs to be able to look at your employee and think, “Yes, I’m safe with this person.”

    When you have an untrustworthy security guard, he or she may steal or do who knows what else, which is why most security companies run a thorough background check before hiring any guard candidate.

    A quality candidate will present themselves well. First impressions mean a lot because they will probably decide if they are trustworthy within the first conversation.

    They must also maintain your trust. If they give you no reason to question them, then their employment in your company should go smoothly.

    Physical Fitness

    Ideal candidates need to be in a healthy weight range and exercise regularly. An unfit guard might not be able to protect people as well as a fit one, and being in good shape will lead to mental alertness.

    There is always a chance for a confrontation in this job field, so guards must be prepared to keep offenders at bay.

    Not only do they need to be physically fit, but they need to look reputable, too. They should have a clean, neat uniform that’s always tucked in. If they look well put together, that will make them and your company look good in the eyes of your client and the public they serve.

    Good Communication Skills

    A good security guard has to be able to communicate effectively with good written and speaking skills. Clear communication can be a deciding factor in handling a sticky situation, so ensure your guard candidate knows how to use their words.

    Good written communication skills allow them to carefully and accurately document each important incident and the facility’s status at the end of their shift.

    This security guard skill will let them get closer to your client’s customers and the clients themselves. Considering that most of their interactions will be with your client, they need to have an upbeat, friendly attitude and represent your company brand well.

    Ability to Serve Client’s Needs

    Your employee needs to be detail-oriented because they have to perform several tasks and remember much information to serve clients.

    Each security officer is given a post, and at that post, they will find a list of instructions based on your needs, so it’s important that they can follow directions.

    They should be trained on these specific orders with your client before assuming the post. For this, they need a complete understanding of security operations so that they can meet your client’s needs.

    They must professionally perform these tasks, so they must be educated and trained to maintain a steady career.

    Leader and Team Player

    Security guards tend to work alone. But, they still need leadership skills. In some cases, security guards work in a group to ensure the perimeter of a business is completely secure.

    When these rare instances occur, each guard needs to know the difference between when it’s time to assert themselves and take control and when to stand down and take orders.

    If they know this difference, then operations will be able to move a lot smoother. The situation can be quickly resolved, and the facility can go back to being safe and secure.

    • Observation of crime against a person.
    • Keeping the people out of the dangerous hazards area.
    • Being alert to the dangerous situation of hazards.
    • Ensuring a safe environment.

    A security guard may be asked to escort employees, particularly if they are going to their car late at night. Security guard always looks for anything that may cause a fire and accident.

    It is the most important responsibility of the security guard to make sure the employee works safely, and no one is put in danger.

    If there is a crowd gathered on the site or labour dispute and protested against the company’s management, security guards take charge to make sure no one is hurt there.

    To an untrained eye or a casual observer, there is no distinction between a security officer and a security guard—they both appear to perform the same tasks.

    Since the purpose of both roles is similar, it’s easy to confuse the two positions—in both roles, keeping someone or something safe is the priority.

    This confusion exists even at the state level. Though most states require the two roles to be differentiated, the terminology isn’t uniform. On top of that, the roles do not have a universal definition.

    Even most licensing agencies do not make a distinction between security guards and security officers. Most of them use these two terms interchangeably.

    However, apart from the similarity in priority, there are many differences between a security guard and a security officer. These differences range from the training requirements to expectations and scope of responsibility.

    To determine whether to hire a security guard or security officer, you need to consider the scope of the security job you would like done. If the tasks need additional experience and expertise, then hiring a security officer is your best bet.

    Alternatively, if the role is not extensive and the risks involved are minimal, opting for an adequately-trained unarmed security guard would be better.

    When deciding which security personnel to go for, ensure that the potential candidate’s training matches your needs.

    Increase The Peace Security Services - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    increase the peace security services security guard company melbourne

    0431 897 140

    ITP was founded in 2011 by managing director Ray Raydan as a specialized security company with a customer service focus. ITP's guiding principle is to offer every client personalized, high-quality service.

    Corporate Security

    We place the utmost emphasis on ensuring that our highest standard of service is reached. With our comprehensive security training and history in the field, we are connected to security information and clearances on all levels to access and develop the right perceptions to guarantee that you always have access to the best qualified security experts available. We have more than 60 uniformed, professionally trained, armed and unarmed security guards on staff.


    ITP was established with the intention of leading and innovating the field of unarmed security guard services. ITP is supported by a solid set of guiding principles and values that place an emphasis on a dedication to our clients and staff. After more than twenty years in the business, Ray realized that what clients really wanted was a security company that cared about its employees and was dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

    Alfa Security Services - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    alfa security services security guard company melbourne

    1300 19 18 66

    Our security services at Alfa Security Services go above and beyond simple security defense. We are a dependable security service provider because of our excellent service, quick response, and professionalism.

    Looking for Static Guards?

    In addition to protecting your company, a physical security presence can give it a more personal touch. We collaborate with you to understand your security requirements, after which we appoint security personnel who are compatible with your environment, culture, and demands.

    Our skilled and qualified guards will take care of your issues whether you need dependable gatehouse security for an industrial location or you need experts to manage access to a busy corporate office. Alfa Security's manned security guards provide much more than just a security presence and the occasional patrol; they are proactive and competent, ensuring that you receive the outcomes you want.

    Security Services Management - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    security services management security guard company melbourne

    03 9763 3010

    Protecting what Matters

    As a leading company in the security sector, Security Services Management is a specialized security supplier. Security Services Management is still able to manage challenging and unusual situations with high levels of service.

    Our Mission

    We are dedicated to provide our clients a superior security solution that will meet their needs and go above and beyond their expectations through thorough planning, prudent management, and the application of top-notch methods and processes. In addition to fostering a supportive and forward-thinking workplace for our employees, we seek to establish solid, long-lasting professional connections with our clients.

    Guard Services

    SSM is well-versed in delivering guard house security services and has a sizable clientele. SSM has developed a stellar reputation for offering expert guard services that function as a logical extension of the client's staff. We evaluate every aspect of the facility's preferred methods and intended outcomes to make sure the transition process to client needs goes as smoothly and efficiently as feasible. In order to create a service that meets both client and site criteria, we identify the necessary personality attributes and experience of Officers.

    Unified Protective Group - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    unified protective group

    1300 884 058

    Unified Protective Group Pty Ltd (Unified), a reputable security provider with headquarters in Melbourne, offers security services to residential, commercial, industrial, and construction clients throughout Victoria. We offer Concierge, CCTV, CCTV installations and service, Static guards, Mobile Patrols, Alarm Monitoring and Response, Retail / Loss Prevention guards, Event guards, and Static guards. To prevent loss or damage to property, businesses, and people, we employ highly qualified security staff and cutting-edge security technologies. Our team is dedicated to upholding a standard of service based on excellence, professionalism, and integrity.

    Our security staff have gone through rigorous job screenings and certified training programs in Australia. We make sure every employee complies with ongoing compliance standards and receives an orientation at each site where they will be working.

    To guarantee that our personnel has the resources and know-how to deliver and maintain a consistently high level of service, we continuously supervise them. We communicate with our clients frequently, and we appreciate any criticism of our work. We have invested in and created a comprehensive technological solution for the operations structure that covers the entire range of guard management, from rostering and deployment to live location management of rostered guards.

    Safezone Security Services - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    safezone security services security guard company melbourne

    1300 001 178

    Our goal at Safezone Security Services Pty Ltd, an Australian family-owned company, is to offer dependable, competent, and fully insured security guards throughout Melbourne and rural Victoria.

    By offering efficient administration of physical security guard services through the attentive protection of assets vitally, organized communications, and integrated technical measures if necessary, Safezone Security is changing the security business. Our private security firm in Melbourne offers qualified, professional security guards for every purpose, including hiring security guards for individual, corporate, or large events.

    Since we consider ourselves to be a part of our clients' team once we are engaged, we as a corporate entity always work to seamlessly integrate with their vision. Through our commitment to giving our clients the greatest security guard rental service the market has to offer, we can provide you high-quality successes with our security guard services in Melbourne.

    Mission Security Services - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    mission security services security guard company melbourne

    1300 746 464


    At Mission Security Services, we're dedicated to giving you a thorough security service that operates openly to give you a team of security service providers that you can rely on. By providing them with the greatest security services in Melbourne, we put a lot of effort into not just meeting but frequently exceeding our clients' expectations. Mission Security Services, which was formed and is led by highly skilled security professionals, focuses on providing our Melbourne security guards with the necessary management and interpersonal skills to ensure their safety. We distinguish ourselves from other security guard companies in Melbourne for the straightforward reason that we give our clients' security and safety the ultimate priority. You should thus go no farther than Mission Security Services if you need a thorough security firm in Melbourne that can guarantee that your residential or commercial area is kept totally safe.

    Church Security

    In order to offer complete security services in Melbourne, we have adopted a security model that incorporates several church security techniques from around the globe. Our security officers in Melbourne are hired following a careful screening process and receive the necessary training to guarantee that the safety requirements of any religious congregation in churches are met. To ensure that your religious events can run without interruption, we provide training for our security staff and guards.

    Concierge Security

    Our concierge security services are one of the primary reasons why we are often regarded as one of the best security guard companies in Melbourne. We can offer complete security services in Melbourne for both residential and business regions by properly educating our concierge security staff. We can provide you with a team of security specialists who are ideal for the job based on your needs.

    MA Services Group - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    ma services group security guard company melbourne

    03 9339 3509

    Security Services

    Commercial security services are provided by MA Services Group to a variety of clients in various sectors of the economy. We work with clients of all sizes, from neighborhood convenience stores to multibillion-dollar multinational corporations. Our corporate headquarters are in Melbourne, Victoria, and we offer our services all throughout Australia. The cities where we have offices are Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth.

    Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Security Service

    You may feel secure when you work with a commercial security services provider for your organization. Your employees and customers feel safe and protected. The presence of security staff demonstrates to them your concern for their security and well-being. It gives you control over unknown safety-related events that could happen in the near future.

    Why Choose MA Services Group?

    In today's environment, it is crucial for businesses to safeguard their operations against any event that could endanger the lives of their customers or staff, in addition to organized crime. For us, offering security is more than simply a service; it's also the results that our clients try to give to their end users, stakeholders, staff members, and clients!

    Hillside Security - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    hillside security security guard company melbourne

    1800 445 577

    The International Bodyguard Association (IBA), CM3, The Vic Employers Chamber of Commerce and Industry, The Australian Security Industry Association (ASIAL), and Hillside Security are all recognized as Australia's top security firms (VECCI). We urge you to learn more about our services to see how we can more effectively secure your people, property, and assets. Our organization is consistently rated as Australia's top security company by our clients.

    Security Guards and Officers

    "A tailored solution for the security of people, assets, and property" To establish, manage, and make sure that a secure and safe environment is present in any application, our highly qualified team of expert security officers in Australia is deployed. Retail, business, and industrial applications, as well as special events, fall under this category.

    We at Hillside Security are honored to be among the top private security firms in Australia and Melbourne. The protection of people, property, and priceless valuables is our primary focus when offering our security guard services in any situation. Our skilled security staff has provided protection for a long time in both domestic and foreign markets, providing us the wide range of knowledge required to handle any security issue.

    National Protective Services - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    national protective services security guard company melbourne

    1300 659 809

    Every year, a long list of Australian residential, commercial, industrial, not-for-profit, and governmental organizations receives unmatched customer-driven and targeted protection services from National Protective Services.

    In 1988, National Protective Services got going. Since then, the business has offered its customers consistency, consistently outstanding customer service, and broad experience. This knowledge comes from a business with a long history in the security sector and a culture of closely collaborating with a broad range of clients to forge durable relationships that support the goals of its clients.

    The company has always placed a strong emphasis on innovation, which has helped us win numerous accolades in areas like customer service, ethics, and training. Our CEO, Rachaell Saunders, has been featured prominently in numerous advertising campaigns for companies like Monash University, Australian Super, and Industry Super. She was a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.

    G-SEC Security - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    g sec security guard companies melbourne

    03 8658 0599

    Through electronic security equipment, a cutting-edge control room, and security patrols on the street around-the-clock, G-SEC Security is committed to safeguarding your assets and property.

    Protect Your Property, Stock & Employees with 24/7 On-Premises Guards

    G-SEC Guards may be the ideal solution for your company if you are dealing with theft difficulties, want to provide more protection for your employees, or want to stop vandalism. For the maximum level of safety for your company, we can station highly trained security officers on-site full-time. Alternatively, we can arrange for routine security to be present at your location during particular times of the day.

    About Us

    Nearly all security-related jobs in Melbourne can be handled by G-SEC Security, a security services company. Due to their extensive training, Victoria-issued licenses, and years of expertise, our personnel is qualified to perform this task and can be trusted to provide the most value for the money. Since Guardian has been offering security services for over ten years, we have built up one of Victoria's largest clienteles thanks to our cutting-edge technology, highly skilled staff, and consistent investment in new growth.

    Wilson Security - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    wilson security security guard company melbourne

    1300 945 769

    Who are the people keeping you safe?

    Personnel at Wilson Security are chosen and trained based on a carefully crafted set of key skills. Every applicant goes through a thorough selection procedure, which may include reference checks, literacy and numeracy assessments, and police checks. The goal of Wilson Security is to safeguard your future. We offer security solutions in Australia to clients of all sizes and industries as one of the top security firms.

    Our team of over 6,500 security experts collaborate directly with our clients to provide security solutions that are always geared toward safeguarding their operations and assets. We take great satisfaction in being one of Australia's top suppliers of integrated security solutions, having been in business for more than 20 years. This means that we collaborate with you to assess your organization's needs swiftly and provide what it need to provide a safe, secure, and productive workplace.

    Wilson Security has a solid foundation because it is a part of the Wilson Group, which has been active in the Australian market since the 1960s. This affiliation enables us to deliver dependable and client-centric solutions as well as find new opportunities to improve the security services we offer our customers. This enables us to capitalize on our core competencies and provide our clients creative, integrated services that draw on the wider Wilson Group skills, including those in the security, healthcare, storage, and parking sectors.

    YPG Risk - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    ypg risk security guard company melbourne

    1300 690 090

    In Melbourne, YPG Risk offers thorough and in-demand security services. When local clients want to make an investment in tried-and-true security options for a particular event or in VIP bodyguard services for particular people, they come to us.

    Our staff is committed to strengthening our clients' personal security, safeguarding their assets, and securing their proprietary information while delivering peace of mind to them through proactive security services.

    The managing director of YPG Risk has been working in the security industry since 1999, meaning our clients can be confident they are investing in a knowledgeable and well-established service when they hire us. All of our employees wear Safariland body armor while working, and we use cutting-edge software such as Rapid radio systems, Axon body cameras, and Axon fleet dash and monitoring software.

    Supreme Security Protection - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    supreme security protection melbourne

    0497 777 789

    We will help companies to become more successful in Providing Security Guards in Melbourne.

    In order to meet all of your security needs, Supreme Security Protection creates and provides top-notch services to security officers in Melbourne for your company. In Melbourne, SSP Australia is widely known among all the security firms. Contact us right away to stop hiring security.

    What sets us distinct is our knowledgeable, forward-thinking management team's dedication to treating customers and staff with dignity and respect. You'll find that we can provide you with a level of professionalism that the national providers find difficult to match because to our local expertise and personalized service. In order to ensure that our services keep becoming better, we ask both customers and workers to complete surveys, which we then discuss at our management review meetings.

    Supreme Security Protection delivers the best solution for any security need. All SSP employees may be easily recognized by their distinctive outfits. Each member of the team has received professional training and has obtained a Security Guard/Crowd Control license. Where necessary, or based on client specifications, our activities and dress requirements can be tailored for any event or occasion.

    Guardia - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    guardia security guard company melbourne

    (03) 9863 9700

    Guardia is one of Australia's top security companies in Melbourne and has many years of expertise providing security services there. They only hire the best and most qualified personnel. Guardia Risk has been offering professional and knowledgeable services to government agencies, multinational corporations, maritime, entertainment, and non-governmental organizations. Guardia Risk was founded and has its headquarters in Melbourne. It also has offices in the Brisbane area, Sydney, and the ACT that provide security services.

    Working in Melbourne, throughout the nation, and internationally, Guardia has perfected a strategy for providing the best private security services Melbourne has to offer. With a focus on the needs of the client, we conduct in-depth interviews with both new and recurring clients to determine any particular variables affecting their security situation. We learn how to apply our experience and skills to meet your needs as we get to know you and your organization.

    The security services offered by Guardia are merely a beginning point for your consideration, since we are capable of adjusting to nearly any security scenario thanks to the breadth of our knowledge and experience.

    Security Concepts - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    security concepts security guard company melbourne

    1300 044 980

    Security Guards Hire Melbourne

    Security Concepts Services provides licensed security guards and crowd controllers in Melbourne. Other specialized services that we offer include Covid-19 temperature screening and monitoring. Please feel free to browse the list of services below and contact us by phone or email after doing so.

    If you can't find the precise security service you need, let us know and we'll create it especially for you. We provide superior, courteous and carefully selected security guards to all our clients. We also have our own online learning management system that we use to provide refresher training to all of our security employees every three months.

    Office Building Security Guards

    Melbourne office building security guards you can be proud of for your business. Although they hold security licenses, our office building security guards can act as your front desk employees, concierge staff, or customer service officers. To watch over your office, site, or facility overnight, we can supply after-hours office building security guards.

    Lite Security - Security Guard Company Melbourne

    lite security security guard company melbourne

    (03) 8529 9950


    Whether you’re looking to start a career in the security industry or refine your skills for better employment opportunities, Lite Security offers quality, competitively priced security courses from our Brunswick, Melbourne campus. Get in touch with us to find out more about HLTAID003 - Provide First Aid and HLTAID001 - Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, two of our nationally recognized certificate programs.


    Contact Lite Security to discover more about our excellent training if you're interested in working as a security guard in office buildings, industrial or construction sites, or shopping centers. Security officers are trusted with duties including policing neighborhoods, guarding people and property, and stopping theft.

    We can assist you with everything from helping you select the best training program to providing advice on job opportunities. Since 2015, we have trained national and international candidates for the security sector. If you want to begin a career in the security sector, get in touch with us.

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