Top 20 Security Guard Companies Perth, Western Australia (2023)

One of the important decisions you will make when starting your business is who will provide security for your property. Security guard companies provide a vital service for businesses, both large and small. It's important to do your research before selecting a security company to ensure that you get the best service possible. There are many factors to consider when making this decision, including cost, experience, and the company's size. 

Many security guard companies are available, so it can be tough to decide which one is the best fit for your needs. This guide will help you compare different security guard companies and make an informed decision.

We've created an ultimate list of Security Guard Companies in Perth, Western Australia to save you time and money.

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    Ultimate List of Security Guard Companies Perth, Western Australia

    Risk Protect Security Services - Security Guard Company Perth

    risk protect security services

    1300 799 678

    a rapidly expanding Australian-owned security firm founded with the aim of offering security solutions to organizations, people, and the entire West Australian community. As a security firm with an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certification, Risk Protect Security Services takes pleasure in its capacity to offer top-notch services that satisfy clients and pertinent legal and regulatory criteria. Our company is dedicated to quality, and we are always working to develop and enhance performance.

    As a security firm with OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health & Safety System certification, Risk Protect Security Services always prioritizes the health and safety of its stakeholders and strives to provide the finest working environments for its staff.

    Our security services are offered to all West Australian businesses, including office buildings, warehouses, industries, shopping malls, medical facilities, pharmacies, residential areas, assisted living facilities, schools, and universities.

    Eve Security - Security Guard Company Perth

    eve security

    0448 050 058

    About Us

    EEVE Security Pty Ltd is a wholly owned and operated West Australian business that specializes in crowd control, concierge services, static security guarding, and event security. Since all members of our senior management team own and run the company, unlike larger, diversified security firms, providing excellent customer service and providing high-quality security services are essential to our success.

    We are a small company that can provide everything from daily static guards to weekly patrols. This implies that EEVE can create a solution just for you, no matter what you need! Security officers undergo on-site training that is site-specific, which is monitored by management to make sure they have a complete understanding of all contract requirements. This training covers information on the job site, the contract's scope of work and specifications, and standing orders and protocol implementation.

    Western Australian Security Personnel - Security Guard Company Perth

    western australian security personnel

    08 9497 5825

    We are offering security services to Perth, Western Australia, including crowd control, security guards, bodyguards, and event workers. Professionalism, value for money, reports of incidents, confidentiality, and a package tailored to their needs are all provided to our clients. Our claim to be Western Australia's top security provider is supported by a sound and well-thought-out business model, which we continuously communicate, train, and supervise. All of our employees have received training to follow the site specifications stated by our clients.

    FAQs About Security Guards

    The force used by a security guard must be of a 'reasonable' amount, so in that case, this means that any levels of force such as physical restraint and grabbing must only be used when completely necessary and when in the process of detaining someone.

    This could be if you attempt to escape after committing an offence or believe that you could cause damage to yourself or others in the vicinity. 

    A security guard cannot search you or your possessions without your consent if you are present and conscious. This includes searching your bag and searching your car.

    This also applies to security guards who believe that they have caught a shoplifter, as they too are not permitted to conduct a forced search if the person does not permit them; in this scenario, they would have to detain the suspected shoplifter until a police constable arrives and can conduct one. 

    However, there are some scenarios in which a search could be done without the person's consent: 

    • If a bag or any other type of belonging or possession has been left unattended in a suspicious circumstance, they have the right to search it as it could threaten the safety of those nearby. 
    • If the person is unconscious and trying to identify them to help them, then the security guard is allowed to search their bag for this.

    Report Criminal Activity

    One purpose of a security guard is to keep an eye out for criminal activity. If a crime occurs, they will promptly report the crime to local law enforcement. They will also work with law enforcement to relay pertinent information to help apprehend offenders. 

    Monitor Property for Unusual or Suspect Behavior

    Another role of a security guard is to monitor the property to prevent crime by keeping an eye out for potential trespassers, vandals, theft or other criminal activity. Additionally, they may help with ingress and egress activities by inspecting bags or packages and patrolling premises. Officers may also assist in opening and closing the building and restricting access to authorised personnel. 

    Property damage from vagrants and other trespassers is a serious issue with many properties and security officers' most common activity. Having an officer on-premises to deter this type of criminal activity can save money from fewer damages and the time and energy spent on cleanups.

    The Physical Presence of a Security Guard Can Help Deter Criminal Activity

    One of the best ways to have the presence of a security guard is their physical presence. A uniformed guard will message potential thieves or wrong-doers that they are being watched. The physical presence of a security guard is more effective than that of a security camera or a surveillance sign. While a security camera may deter some, others do not trust that the surveillance system is actively being monitored or reviewed only in an incident. Additionally, security cameras are purely reactionary devices, often used after an incident.

    It is common knowledge that anyone closely watched is less likely to engage in unlawful or harmful behaviour. In addition, the simple presence of a security guard will encourage people to remain on their best behaviour at all times and not tempt fate.

    As you can see, the physical presence of a security guard, whether armed or unarmed, is a needed deterrence to crime and unjust behaviour. Therefore, it is wise for a business to invest in private security officers to help protect their business and prevent theft, vandalism or other unlawful acts.

    You Live in a High Crime Area

    If you live in an area with many burglaries or home invasions, a home security system is a good option for you. There are several types of home security systems, some of which have 24/7 monitored service, and others that are self-monitored and alert you via email or texts to your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

    Your Business Is in a High Crime Area

    Businesses can also benefit from a professionally installed security system, particularly in an area where the crime rate is high. Businesses that involve a high volume of cash transactions and those that deal with high-end goods are especially good candidates for a security system with 24/7 monitoring.

    You Are a High Profile Person

    If you are a "high profile" individual, such as a celebrity, politician, or wealthy person, you may feel the need to have a personal bodyguard. People in this group tend to be targeted for overzealous fans, thieves, and individuals who wish to hurt them physically. In this scenario, a personal bodyguard service is a smart choice.

    You or Your Business Transfers Cash or High-End Goods

    Suppose your business needs to move cash deposits to a bank or ship expensive items, such as jewellery, electronics, or even sensitive materials like pharmaceuticals. In that case, you may need additional security systems. For example, fundraising events that bring cash donations may need protection when transporting their end-of-event donations to a bank. In this instance, you can hire a security guard service on a short-term basis to stay with staff during the trip to the bank until the funds are secure. You can also hire them to travel with goods during transport or provide guards in patrol cars to monitor the car or truck making the delivery.

    You've Received Threats to Your Safety or Life.

    If someone has threatened your safety or your life, or if you have a stalker, you may find it necessary for peace of mind and safety to hire a personal bodyguard. For example, if you have filed a restraining order against someone, but they disregard it, a bodyguard may be beneficial. Likewise, if you witness a high-profile court case and feel unsafe, a bodyguard may be a wise choice. A personal bodyguard service that stays with you 24/7 is a safe option in these scenarios. You may also want to hire a security guard service to patrol your property and keep an eye out for prowlers.

    Construction Sites

    A construction company cannot rely solely on the police for security within today's society. If left unattended, a construction site could lay victim to vandalism, crime, and theft.

    Health Care Centres

    Many unique security challenges impact health care facilities. With a constant flow of patients, employed staff and visitors, this fast-paced environment requires uncompromising attention to discretion and confidentiality.

    Retail (and Wholesale) Establishments

    A security guard's main job in a retail establishment is to keep a watchful eye on staff, stock and customers. Within the retail environment, the guard must protect both the safety and well-being of both customers and employees.

    Manufacturing and Industrial Companies

    Manufacturing corporations are becoming prime targets of vandalism, theft, disputes, property damage, equipment theft, and tampering. A security guard can log vehicle entry and exit of the building, verify drivers, clear visitors, and direct contractors to their appropriate locations.


    Museum security guards know the overall protection and conservation of important items. A museum security guard can keep some priceless art and exhibits safe from thievery, damage, and tampering.

    Financial Facilities

    People, customers, and a financial institution's operational information all need to be protected. Security guards provide access control, armed/unarmed guarding services, monitoring security electronics, patrol, parking security, and workplace violence prevention.

    Hotels and Hospitality

    Hotel guests bring valuables into their rooms, and it is the guard's job to ensure they are staying in a secured environment. Hotel security guards also patrol the hotel and respond to complaints and calls for help.

    Education Institutes and Public Schools

    Considering that education institutions and public schools house very important people, children both young and old, it may be the place security is needed the most. In addition, due to a rise of fatal shootings, drugs and safety issues, schools may need to provide security to patrol the institution and surrounding area.

    Residential and Retirement Communities

    Feeling safe where you and your children live is one of the most important things that hiring security will provide for families. In addition, security companies can provide custom solutions to ensure peace of mind to residents. As a result, theft, vandalism, and trespassing are significantly reduced.

    All Security Services Perth - Security Guard Company Perth

    all security services perth

    1300 558 336

    About Us

    One of the security firms in Perth with the highest growth is All Security Services, which is owned and run by West Australians. In response to new and evolving client needs, we, as a provider of certified uniformed and plain-clothes guards, have quickly grown, expanding out to encompass its myriad Security services.

    With the knowledge and dedication to deliver quality service, All Security Services Perth can handle the requirements of both large and small security clients. We offer a professional, adaptable style and produce a solution that brings peace of mind while maintaining a fair price by customizing security to our clients' demands while also looking to their future needs.

    All Security Services Perth can make anything secure, from parking lots to multi-story buildings, from small companies and shops to major organizations. Security is now essential for both individuals and organizations due to rising crime rates, including theft and damage.

    NPB Security - Security Guard Company Perth

    npb security

    (08) 6278 5667


    Thankfully, the traditional strategy of using security personnel only as a physical deterrent has long since disappeared. In today's world, you need your security guards to be multitalented, competent, and aware of safeguarding not only your people and assets but also your brand.

    Our security officers at NPB Security rely on their training and experience to provide exceptional client service. We ensure that our security employees are prepared to avoid and handle security crises if they do happen by offering comprehensive training and cutting-edge technologies.

    They can do so much more, though. Our multi-skilled security guards always go above and above, performing gatehouse responsibilities at mine sites, providing building concierge services, and even recognizing site safety or maintenance problems.

    Davik Security - Security Guard Company Perth

    davik security

    1300 141 930


    With some of the biggest businesses and events in Western Australia, Davik Security has worked for more than 40 years. Davik Security, one of the top security firms in Perth, has worked with some of WA's most famous entertainment venues and events for more than 40 years and is the top security firm in Perth. Our team is committed to your safety and works hard to make sure your clients have a positive and secure experience.

    Different security issues are raised by various events. From trade shows, festivals, late-night entertainment venues to a busy Saturday at your local chemist or shopping centre, Davik Security has strong planning and management strategies to provide an optimal service meeting our client's specific requirements.

    When engaging with your customers, clients, and staff during the planning, management, and execution phases, our team's main priority is providing excellent customer service. Davik Security may have a positive effect on your brand's reputation while ensuring your customers and workers are safe and having a good time in addition to protecting your property and assets through strategic planning and in-depth understanding of your particular objectives.

    WAN Security Group - Security Guard Company Perth

    wan security

    08 9351 9453


    WAN Security Group is a locally run and owned business with Australian ownership. We make sure Perth's security services are of the finest caliber for our customers. We take an honest approach to every task, take the time to comprehend the requirements, and evaluate each one on its own merits, making sure we cover all service areas for each specific job. We offer a cost-effective solution with individualized service supported by motivated and professional Perth Security Guards.

    Our security officers at WAN Security Group concentrate on using their education and experience to provide outstanding customer service. All of our employees are educated, certified, tech savvy, and street smart. This guarantees trust in workplace safety to stop safety mishaps.

    Our multi-skilled security staff always goes above and beyond in providing the service, whether it's managing the gatehouse at the mine site, designing attendant solutions, identifying risky situations that compromise security, or maintaining security perimeters.

    Perth Security Services - Security Guard Company Perth

    perth security services

    08 93355 661

    Our Security Staff

    We presently employ more than 160 people, with more than half of them working in permanent employment and the others filling in-between positions as needed. Perth Security Services takes pride in the caliber and professionalism of its employees, and they make sure that each one of them is in possession of a valid security guard license and first aid certification.

    Security is centered on a changing environment. We understand the value of staying current with developments and advancements because we were among the first security firms in Perth. Perth Security Services is dedicated to openness, ongoing development, advancement, and expansion, which has helped us establish our reputation as one of the most dependable and trustworthy security services. Every action we do is aimed at ensuring the highest level of security and exceeding client expectations.

    Griffon Alpha - Security Guard Company Perth

    griffon alpha

    1300 777 124


    Griffon Alpha supply trained, experienced security professionals to homes and businesses throughout Perth, along with crowd control and special event security. We customize our services to meet your precise needs since we recognize that every setting and circumstance need a distinct level and approach to security.

    We are able to provide a tested security solution you can rely on to secure what really matters to you because of our years of experience serving clients across Perth in every area of security.

    Our security officers are among the best in the industry; they have received professional training, experience, licenses, and police clearances. They are supervised by our knowledgeable management team, which can plan jobs at any level, resolve problems, and offer recommendations and solutions to any security-related issue. Make Griffon Alpha your first call if you're seeking for trusted security services in Perth. Contact us right away.

    Baaz Security - Security Guard Company Perth

    baaz security

    1300 292 220

    a security service provider that is wholly owned by Australians and is run out of Perth, Western Australia. We are a security service firm that is aware of what businesses, gatherings, and other gatherings want and require in terms of privacy and security. All of our clients are delighted with the work that our security guards do, making our security services one of the best in Australia. We ensure that the security guards we hire are aware of the need of respecting and prioritizing the needs of the clients.

    Confido Security - Security Guard Company Perth

    confido security

    08 6380 2838


    Providing active management, security staff, and crowd control services for a variety of industries, Confido Security is a cutting-edge security and crowd control service.

    Our primary goal is to provide a service you can completely rely on; in fact, the word "Confido," which is a Gaelic word that means "I Trust," expresses this goal. Teal, the color of our company, also conveys a lot about our values. We are precisely this—a dependable and accommodating business that centers its operations on accommodating and meeting your demands. The color recognized to symbolize communication and clarity of thought is believed to represent these things.

    Security Guard Services in Perth

    Confido Security provides customers with a customized security system that safeguards assets, people, and locations. With our security guard services in Perth and the surrounding areas, we place a great emphasis on exceeding the expectations of our clients.

    MSS Security - Security Guard Company Perth

    mss security

    1300 759 808


    With infrastructure in every state and territory, MSS Security offers comprehensive security services to all market areas. It also employs more than 6,000 people. This range offers our customers adaptable solutions for all of their security requirements.

    We have a widespread regional presence in addition to a national infrastructure that includes offices in all state and territory capitals. Including Arts, Events & Recreation, Aviation, Commercial Property, Data & Communication, Education, Energy & Resources, Financial Services, Government, Health, Industrial & Manufacturing, and Maritime & Logistics, MSS Security operates in all of these business sectors.

    Core Security - Security Guard Company Perth

    core security

    (08) 6336 8081

    Professional security, safety, and risk services are what Core Security Australia does. Crowd controllers and security personnel are available from us. that is certified in first aid, has been trained by us, and is licensed so that they can respond effectively to any security circumstances that may arise on your property.

    To lower the danger to your license and provide your clients with a welcoming and safe environment, we make sure that our guards go above and above the basic standards set by Police Licensing and RGL.

    Your Safety Is Our Priority

    Any business' ability to continue operating and to offer layers of safety for its staff and assets depends on its ability to maintain security. An officer in a uniform will serve as a conspicuous deterrent to potential troublemakers and criminals.

    Accord Security - Security Guard Company Perth

    accord security

    08 9456 2623

    About Us

    One of WA's oldest security firms, Accord Security Pty Ltd was founded in 1998. We are a privately held, entirely WA-owned firm that provides staff and services to a broad range of companies, including national retail chains, manufacturing, warehouses, government agencies, and several other sectors. We are able to offer a wide range of security services thanks to our solid infrastructure and highly qualified management staff.

    Accord Security Pty Ltd began with one single mobile patrol contract, and within five short years, we became an entity with over 120 security personnel. Over 4,000 man-hours of coverage are provided by us each week.

    We currently hold numerous major contracts from a range of renowned national and international businesses as well as government agencies.

    Gold Security Group - Security Guard Company Perth

    gold security group

    +61 8 9443 9801


    A premier supplier of high-quality security and emergency services to the mining, governmental, tertiary education, and corporate sectors, Gold Security Group (International) Pty Ltd.

    GSG is a fully equipped, quality-endorsed service provider with a team of highly qualified employees that have received training and real-world experience. Since the company's founding (1999), GSG has overseen its expansion to become a well regarded and acknowledged provider of expert security and emergency services.

    By instituting thorough hiring and selection procedures, high levels of management oversight and support, training, and competitive compensation packages, GSG retains quality workers.

    Security Squad - Security Guard Company Perth

    security squad

    0479 179 865

    The Best Security Services Company -Security Squad

    We are the top security service provider, and our security guards provide excellent security services to meet all of our valued customers' security requirements. Security Squad has been a Licensed, Insured, and Bonded Business since May 2015 as a supplier of licensed uniformed and plain-clothed guards.

    We have the knowledge and tools necessary to offer a high-quality security service that satisfies the requirements of both large and small security clients. The skilled and adaptable approach used by Security Squad allows us to cater our security services to each client's specific requirements. Will offer a service, bring peace of mind, and keep a competitive price while also considering their future demands.

    From parking lots to multi-story buildings, Security Squad offers security for small enterprises in retail to major corporations. Services like those provided by Security Squad are now more essential than ever for both individuals and companies due to rising crime rates, theft, and damage.

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