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Top 50 Security Guard Companies Sydney, New South Wales (2024)

Many people wonder what they should look for in a security guard company, and as many such companies come out with the promise of how good their services are. 

The key to having a successful business is keeping everyone safe. So if you’ve been looking for the best security guard companies Sydney has, then look no further! Below, we’ve created a list of the best security guard companies in Sydney. 

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    Ultimate List of Security Guard Companies in Sydney

    BSMS Security Guard Company Sydney

    bsms security guard company sydney

    1300 889 050

    Leading Australian supplier of integrated security solutions is BSMS Security. We serve a variety of sectors and market segments and are experts in providing security solutions to "New Age Well Informed Customers." BSMS Security gives you access to top-notch security, well-trained guards, and cutting-edge equipment that will safeguard your property, employees, and/or residents around-the-clock. Our security staff maintains a noticeable presence while showcasing a wide range of abilities, from basic guarding to highly specialized security duties.

    Focus on Specialisation

    Our emphasis on specialization, individualized training, and awareness of the customers and their demands are fundamental elements of our business strategy. Our business at BSMS Security is client-focused, and safety and security are key components of what we do. We have been able to achieve consistent growth and profitability across all of our markets by concentrating on solutions that are tailored to the specific demands of the customer.

    BSMS Security offers the best security solutions in the industry thanks to our Command Centre/Base of Operations (CCBO), which is staffed by our professional workers and is outfitted with cutting-edge communications and information technologies.

    Intech Security Guard Company Sydney

    intech security guard company sydney

    1300 997 640

    Security guards with professional training, experience, and qualifications are Intech Security's specialty in the Sydney metro area and surrounding regions, including Southern Highlands. We guarantee to provide service to a variety of manufacturing facilities, corporate offices, storage & distribution facilities, retail establishments, and shopping malls. All required qualifications, including RSA, OHS, Fire Warders, and First Aid, are held by our security guard staff. The selection of qualified personnel for particular locations, situations, and customer requirements is a significant focus of our operations.

    Professional Security Guards Services

    For a variety of locations, including retail security, construction sites, corporate offices, corporate storage facilities, distribution centers, manufacturing & industrial facilities, Intech Security specializes in providing fully trained, experienced, and qualified guards. Our team members are certified in a variety of fields, including security, operations security control room, maritime, air, and rail. Our operations place a high priority on choosing the best personnel for particular tasks, roles, and client demands.

    Citiguard Security Guard Company Sydney

    citiguard security guard company sydney

    1300 662 463

    Dependable Security Services in Sydney

    Citiguard offers security services to individuals, organizations, and the government. This has been our practice since 1966. In addition, we are entirely Australian. Our ability to supply high-quality security service solutions and our more than 50 years of expertise working as a security agency for homes, businesses, and governmental buildings in Sydney and Australia are two of our greatest strengths. Alarm systems, security guard hiring, monitoring, and additional CCTV are all part of our service. We also have a base in Sydney.

    Security Guard Hire

    With more than 50 years of experience as a security company, Citiguard Protection Services, Sydney, has the expertise to provide security guard services you can trust. We only work with licensed, credentialed security personnel. Additionally, the security guards must hold both a valid First Aid Certificate and an OH&S Green Card. It is possible to hire a private security guard on a temporary or permanent basis. Citiguard provides guard services for business and commercial guards as well as for your events and parties.

    FAQs About Security Guard

    Security guards patrol and monitor activity at a location or property. They may use alarms and surveillance equipment, control access at a gate, or patrol a property on foot to ensure safety and security on the premises.

    Security guards also serve as a crime deterrent, watching for potential criminal acts.

    Storage and security requirements for firearms and ammunition in the security industry are similar to those of private firearms owners. Security officers carry company-issued firearms that are signed in and out daily.

    In retail stores, guards protect people, records, merchandise, money, and equipment. They may work with undercover store detectives to prevent theft by customers or employees, detain shoplifting suspects until the police arrive, or patrol parking lots.

    In-office buildings, banks, hotels, and hospitals, guards maintain order and protect the organization’s customers, staff, and property.

    In museums or art galleries, guards protect paintings and exhibits by watching people and inspecting packages entering and leaving the building.

    In factories, government buildings, and military bases, security guards protect information and products and check the credentials of people and vehicles entering and leaving the premises.

    At universities, in parks, and at sports stadiums, guards do crowd control, supervise parking and seating, and direct traffic.

    At bars and nightclubs, guards (or bouncers) keep underage people from entering, collect cover charges at the door, and maintain order among customers.

    Guards who work as transportation security screeners protect people, transportation equipment, and freight at airports, train stations, and other transportation facilities.

    There are different types of security guards, and it is important to have the right type of security personnel assigned to the right security appointment. Here are some of the different types of security guards and what you can expect from their services.

    • Unarmed Security
    • Armed Guards
    • Corporate Security Guards
    • Warehouse Security

    Security Guards entail many responsibilities and should always be on the go. They have to be vigilant and alert at all times. The job of a security guard is not ordinary and easy, but it is challenging because they have to protect properties and people.

    Launching your business is a dream come true, yet you have to deal with the fact that theft and crime can occur. If you think your company is safe and nothing bad can happen on the premises or harm the people working there, you’re mistaken. The security and safety of your business and your employees is critical, and looking to hire security guards is important. Hiring well-trained and experienced guards create a haven for immediate and lasting peace of mind. 

    When you hire qualified security guards, they can detect any suspicious activity on the spot. In addition, they are trained to deal with alerting situations that may jeopardize your business. If you want to afford executive protection for your business, staff, and clients, you must hire security personnel.

    The best way to provide this protection is to hire security guards trained to secure your business from any possible threats. Make sure you hire high-qualified guards who will contribute to the safety of your business. They can be assigned to the front desk to help customers and answer their queries. Additionally, they will keep their eyes on any suspicious individuals who may cause trouble.


    Corporate Security Australia

    corporate security australia

    1300 233 684

    Rated one of the best security companies in Sydney

    Commercial security services

    We provide a variety of security services, among them commercial security for companies. Are your assets, sites, and employees in need of dependable, vetted security guards to keep them secure from liabilities and harm? Request a free quote from our commercial security firm right away.

    Are you trying to find a private security company that can offer private security guards, private security services, bodyguard hire, residential security hire, and more? Our highly trained security team has you covered all over Australia. Get more information or request a free estimate from us right away. Hello… Did you know that we genuinely care? We do. We enjoy what we do, and we started this business to help protect our community from risk, responsibility, and danger.

    Partisan Protective Services - Security Guard Company Sydney

    partisan protective services

    1300 949 995

    Leading Sydney Security Company

    Owners of homes and businesses in Sydney and the Central Coast can get complete protection services from Partisan Protective Services, one of Sydney's top security companies. Our Seven Hills and North Wyong corporate offices serve as the management hub for security services for Sydney and the Central Coast.

    Our extensive experience and commitment to safety have taken us to the forefront of the security industry in New South Wales. We can offer you the most recent protection possible by keeping up with the most recent technological advancements in the market. No other security firm in Sydney or the Central Coast provides the breadth of services or the degree of expertise we do.

    Our mission is to provide you with peace of mind, whether you require an area to be patrolled by mobile patrols or an event to be watched over. With Partisan Protective Services, you are always getting the most comprehensive security for your money. You can rely on our security expertise because we have over 30 years of experience. We are official members of the Australian Security Industry Association, fully certified in OHS/WHS capability and licensed.

    Risk Protect Security Services - Security Guard Company Sydney

    risk protect security services

    0467 517 713

    As a security firm with an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certification, Risk Protect Security Services takes pleasure in its capacity to offer top-notch services that satisfy clients and pertinent legal and regulatory criteria. Our company is dedicated to quality, and we are always working to develop and enhance performance.

    As a security firm with OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health & Safety System certification, Risk Protect Security Services always prioritizes the health and safety of its stakeholders and strives to provide the finest working environments for its staff.

    Our security services are offered to all West Australian businesses, including office buildings, warehouses, industries, shopping malls, medical facilities, pharmacies, residential areas, assisted living facilities, schools, and universities.

    Optimum Security Services - Security Guard Company Sydney

    optimum security services security guard company sydney

    1300 449 881

    Security Agency Sydney & Across Australia

    Locals in Sydney rely on the privately held Australian security firm Optimum Security Services. Security services are provided to people, businesses, and the government in Sydney and all of Australia by Optimum Security Services, which has its headquarters there. We also provide superior, affordably priced, and reliable security systems, security guard hiring, and mobile patrols with flexible solutions for all of our clients' security needs.

    With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and other cities, in addition to a sizable presence in outlying areas, we have a nationwide infrastructure. Optimum Security works in all market sectors, including government, health, industrial & manufacturing, maritime & logistics, aviation, commercial real estate, education, energy & resources, and arts, events & recreation.

    Southern Cross Group - Security Guard Company Sydney

    southern cross group security guard company sydney


    About Us

    One of Australia's top suppliers of integrated service solutions is Southern Cross Group. We are dedicated to customer service and quality. We concentrate on a variety of complete Facility and Technology service solutions as one of the few entirely Australian-owned businesses. We provide a broad range of individualized, integrated, and cutting-edge solutions with value additions to over 800 customer sites across Australia by collaborating with clients.

    Since 2005, Southern Cross Group has seen a spectacular reaction to their management and business methods, which has resulted in success and long-term expansion throughout Australia. By collaborating closely with our clients to guarantee we produce the intended results, we continue to grow our client roster and land prominent locations.

    Southern Cross Group places a high priority on community engagement. Our Big Kitchen, The Lysicrates Foundation, OzHarvest, Ride for Remembrance, The Long Walk, Vinnies CEO Sleepout, and other charitable projects are supported by management and staff who also take part in them.

    SJK Security - Security Guard Company Sydney

    sjk security security guard company sydney

    02 97462152

    About Us

    An Australian-owned company with a nationwide presence, SJK Security Consultants Pty Ltd is established in Granville, Sydney. A reputable medium-sized security company with experience in static guarding services is SJK Security Consultants. Being the best in our selected markets is our aim. Our company's motto, "Distinction in Security," reflects this aim. Bringing together experts to provide the best security solutions for our clients is a key component of our expertise. We are dedicated to offering exceptional service at the most competitive pricing while exceeding our customers' expectations. Residential structures, shopping malls, warehouses, and railroad terminals are among our clientele.

    High caliber, professional officers are guaranteed by thorough screening processes and careful staff selection. Our security staff go through a thorough pre-selection procedure; all officers must submit written applications, present valid security licenses, submit to reference checks, and participate in a three (3) month induction program. Our supervisor is engaged in the situation, supporting the officer and providing any questions that may arise. The Director speaks with the officer again to confirm the employment terms at the conclusion of the period.

    Allegiance Security - Security Guard Company Sydney

    allegiance security security guard company sydney

    02 9905 9198

    Over 30 Years of Security Services!!

    Since our humble beginnings in the early 1980s, Allegiance Security has spent more than 30 years offering security, forensic, and risk management services to a wide range of clients in Sydney and across Australia. By taking part in numerous successful international projects and developing solid networks over the years, we have also built on this excellent foundation for the next 30 years. The Allegiance name would unquestionably be a valuable asset to your company given its track record, established reliability networks, and respectable capabilities. We are proud to be the Northern Beaches' security provider.


    Executives, VIPs, and other strategically important human resources are protected by close protection teams from Allegiance Security. Security escorts may be arranged internationally. All operational briefs are shared with clients or principal representatives in accordance with our policy (whenever practical). As a result, every assignment will go off without a hitch, and everyone will be at ease. Our close protection teams must be carefully chosen, thoroughly screened, and given specialized training before they can participate in any mission.

    WSFM Group - Security Guard Company Sydney

    wsfm group security guard company sydney

    02 9790 8963

    The WSFM Group offers a variety of specialized integrated service solutions to meet your company's demands and takes pleasure in offering commitment and high-quality service.


    A reputable provider of integrated services, WSFM Group takes pride in its dedication to and devotion to its customers' needs. To meet your unique business demands, we provide a variety of services solutions, including security and cleaning.

    Maximum Protection Security - Security Guard Company Sydney

    maximum protection security security guard company sydney

    1300 954 670

    Welcome to Maximum Protection Security

    All firms and businesses can hire security guards from Maximum Protection Security who have received extensive training. With 26 years of managerial expertise in the security service sector across all facets of security services and solutions, our security services are among the most dependable and trustworthy security service providers on the market today.

    According to the NSW government, each of our security officers is fully licensed and insured. Corporate Sites, Commercial Sites, Shopping Centers, Hotels, Retail Stores, Building Sites, Bank Institutions, Medical Practices, Hospitals, Carpark Management, and Government Sites are among the places where we provide security services. Security services for venues and the education sector.

    Our security services have approached the field of contract security in a distinctive way. Our security services in Sydney are specifically designed to satisfy the requirements and expectations of our customers. Many of our rivals use guards that have undergone minimal training and screening. Our security guard service strategy is based on the pro-active principle of uniformed, excellently trained security professionals who are well-groomed.

    Allied Integrated Management - Security Guard Company Sydney

    allied integrated management security guard company sydney

    1300 003 459

    About Us

    Australian-owned Allied Integrated Management is a leading national provider of unique and tailored solutions. Allied Security Management was founded in 2013 and is one of the five separate companies that make up the Allied Integrated Management group. It provides a broad variety of security services, from security people to security risk management.

    We serve all sectors of the economy that need our security services and have worked with well-known business figures as well as regular people living in their homes. The term "Allied" was inspired by the concept of developing a united approach to providing a comprehensive service solution and becoming a full-service provider.

    Our goal is to become the premier provider of integrated services where long-term customer and staff satisfaction is maintained. Our mission is to be the preferred integrated services provider by delivering exceptional customer service and innovation through our friendly, highly trained professional staff who will respond, rectify and resolve our clients’ business needs.

    4Front Security - Security Guard Company Sydney

    4front security security guard company sydney

    1300 952 286

    Our seasoned management team, which was established in 2016, has more than 30 years of combined security sector experience. Our outstanding team, dedication to excellence, dependability, and affordable pricing have helped us land a number of high-profile contracts.

    Our security officers at 4Front Security go well beyond merely keeping an eye on doors and windows to create a sense of safety and authority. Along with those essential jobs, we are equipped to document everyday activity abnormalities, look into disruptions, deal with guests, and cooperate with the local police and fire services in an emergency.

    Static Security Guards in Sydney

    Our senior management team carefully selects each of our security officers based on their professionalism, interpersonal skills, and prior relevant experience. All of our security officers are trained and licensed. Our in-house training covers a wide range of topics, including trespassing, safety, bag and body searches, communication, observation and report, and powers of arrest.

    MA Services Group - Security Guard Company Sydney

    ma services group security guard company melbourne

    03 9339 3500

    Security Services

    MA Services Group offers business security services to a range of clients in different spheres of the economy. From small neighborhood convenience stores to huge multinational corporations, we work with a variety of clients. We provide our services all across Australia, with our corporate headquarters located in Melbourne, Victoria. Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth are the cities where we have offices.

    Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Security Service

    You may feel secure when you work with a commercial security services provider for your organization. Both your staff and clients experience a sense of security. The presence of security staff demonstrates to them your concern for their security and well-being. It gives you control over unknown safety-related events that could happen in the near future.

    Highland Security Services - Security Guard Company Sydney

    highland security services security guard company sydney

    1300 445 268

    Highland Security first started operating in 1982. Our family-owned and -operated business has been operating in Australia for more than 38 years and has seen a number of changes during that time. We remain technologically up-to-date, adhere to industry standards, and only hire trustworthy, knowledgeable personnel. Since many of our staff members have worked for us for more than ten years, they can offer our clients real-world experience from their time spent working in the industry.

    No automated answering services, no menus, just real individuals who will connect you to a member of our helpful staff. The support is friendly and expert. We are pleased to announce the October 2012 launch of our new headquarters in Castle Hill, which includes a cutting-edge Monitoring Center.

    Static Guards

    Our static officers understand how important it is to represent the customer at all times and to conduct themselves in a professional manner. A mobile phone and two-way radio are provided for each officer. This maintains a constant connection between our Patrol Officers and 24-hour control room.

    Security Australia First Ever

    security australia first ever

    02 8005 0508

    Your peace of mind is our passion

    The SAFE security team has you covered when it comes to safeguarding your peace of mind. With a personal touch and the highest professional standards, we are able to provide top-notch security guard solutions and services. The best of both worlds is what we provide. This is due to the fact that we offer individualized service and the support of Australia's fastest-growing privately-owned security services company.

    We deliver fully integrated security services solutions and keep the businesses we work with informed and involved throughout the process thanks to our experience, understanding of our industry, and dedication to building strong, lasting relationships with clients of all kinds.

    Working with SAFE gives you access to a scalable service that can develop or adapt to your company's demands. You have access to a security firm whose employees have years of expertise, are highly skilled, and can provide exceptional customer service. You receive cutting-edge security methods and equipment to guarantee that your company is shielded from the most recent dangers.

    Security Hire Sydney

    security hire sydney

    0467 555 774

    Our executive team set the tone for our distinctively individualized approach to security services. Each of our security managers has experience as a security operative in the security sector. We were exposed to several facets of the security profession before joining Security Hire Sydney (SHS), along with the problems and challenges they brought.

    Static security, venue security, mobile patrol security services, and electronic security were among the numerous industries represented. The knowledge our team acquired was important in building a company that might alter the way security is delivered. One of the primary strategies our team has used is an informal strategy for improving services by fostering relationships and rapport with our clients and consumers.

    Always Synergy - Security Guard Company Sydney

    always synergy security guard company sydney

    1300 479 634

    For more than 15 years, Always Synergy has offered expert security and training services throughout New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, and the ACT. And is a service provider that the NSW & QLD Governments have approved. In addition, we are an authorized training organization (RTO). When you work with Always Synergy, you purchase dependability and quality.

    Always Synergy offers skilled, experienced, and qualified staff to meet and align with your security demands, whether they are immediate, short-term, or long-term. To meet all of your security needs, Always Synergy offers comprehensive security solutions.


    There are many advantages to working with Always Synergy, such as their stellar reputation, superior security guards and staff training, and award-winning customer service. But working with Always Synergy has its best advantages thanks to our people. Our team takes the security of your business as seriously as you do in order to make sure that all of your needs are met.

    Pinnacle Protection - Security Guard Company Sydney

    pinnacle protection security guard company sydney

    (02) 8959 9433

    A Reputable Security Service Company In Sydney

    Pinnacle Protection has provided expert security and training services in Sydney, Illawarra, Wollongong, the Northern Beaches, and the Newcastle region for more than 20 years. We are proud of our high-quality security personnel.

    Our clients that need protection for their structures, facilities, visitors, events, and more can choose from a wide selection of security services and solutions we provide. Our security staff can help you with any task because they are highly qualified and have outstanding customer service abilities. With our customer-focused approach, we stand out among Sydney security companies so that you obtain just the best and are happy with our influence.

    Site Security & Traffic Control - Security Guard Company Sydney

    site security & traffic control security guard company sydney

    1300 007 782

    Professional Security Guards Sydney

    You can feel secure knowing that our static security guards will regulate access to important areas like a worksite or offer security for equipment, ensuring its safety and loss prevention. Crowd control, event security, and manned entry point services are all offered by SSTC Guards.

    Our K9 Security Guards provide the highest level of protection. Aside from being frightening to look at and hear, trained security dogs are also very dependable and intelligent enough to assess situations correctly.

    Our Mobile Patrol service can supply you with an officer who can respond to alarms and dispatches from various alarm monitoring stations if you have a remote site or even numerous sites, or if you simply don't want someone on duty around-the-clock. Through a walkthrough to look for damage or potential risks, they will also make sure the facility is safe.

    Eagleyes Group - Security Guard Company Sydney

    eagle eyes group security guard company sydney

    02 8208 8638

    Our People Are Our Strength

    Group Eagleyes Pty Ltd. Eagleyes Security is wholly owned by Australians and provides a distinctive array of specialized services. "Licensed Professional Security Operatives" are employed by Eagleyes Security in all professional, private, industrial, and commercial sectors, including the security sector.

    Eagleyes Security was founded with the following goals in mind: To Manage and Enhance the Organization's Overall Performance; To Achieve and Maintain a Reputation as a Leader in Quality Security Services Throughout Australia. Eagleyes Security was founded with the following goals in mind: To Manage and Enhance the Organization's Overall Performance; To Achieve and Maintain a Reputation as a Leader in Quality Security Services Throughout Australia.

    Hire a Security Guard Company Sydney

    hire a security guard company sydney

    1300 437 663


    Hire a Security Guard, which was founded in 2010, is a trusted brand in the security sector when it comes to providing complete security solutions at an affordable price. Our primary goal at Hire a Security Guard is to give you realistic, customer-focused solutions that are created with the utmost efficiency and expertise, guaranteeing top-notch safety against any dangers and keeping you and your property secure. Our trained and certified security guard staff has vast work experience in a variety of security-related fields. Additionally, we are accessible around-the-clock to meet your security needs whenever you need security services.


    We are available to you whenever your home or business requires a reliable security partner. By virtue of our unparalleled labor, unrelenting efforts, and highest professional standards, we have established ourselves as a reputable and trusted security service provider in the security business with a combined experience of more than 10 years. As a result of our proactive attitude, punctuality, politeness, and gesture of being prepared to react, we have gained your trust and are inspired to provide greater service each time you make a request.

    Urban Protection Group - Security Guard Company Sydney

    urban protection group security guard company sydney

    (02) 8197 9550

    About Urban Protection Group

    Since 2011, the corporate, retail, logistics, hotel, and government sectors have benefited from the customized and intelligent security solutions offered by Urban Protection Group, an internationally accredited specialist security firm. We are committed to offering you a highly responsive, custom security solution that will safeguard your interests, your possessions, and your profit margin.

    By virtue of our international accreditation, we can guarantee that our services are founded on policies, practices, and standards that produce superior outcomes and that they are always current with the best practices and security technologies.

    To guarantee that they are motivated to produce the best results for our clients, we have high requirements for our team in terms of experience, attitude, communication skills, and presentation. We also provide them with continual training and assistance.

    GMT Security - Security Guard Company Sydney

    gmt security security guard company sydney

    1300 56 66 59

    WELCOME GMT Security

    Our manned security and safety services are provided by skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced staff to give complete solutions you can rely on around-the-clock. We can offer skilled and dependable static and mobile manned security solutions that put effective controls in place precisely where you need them, whether you need customer-facing security for your commercial premises, mobile patrols for vacant properties, or traffic management for a construction and infrastructure site.

    Security Guards

    At GMT Security, we make sure that our security personnel' main priority is professionalism. Our team is conscious of the necessity to combine service and protection to maintain the highest level of client satisfaction because we serve as the initial point of contact for many organizations, employees, and customers.

    We provide cost-effective site supervision services that use a high level of security. Our top goal is keeping your site safe, thus we have invested much in oversight to make sure that this is done.

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