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Top 7 Shepparton Accommodation & Places to Stay, Victoria (2024)

When you’re visiting Shepparton, choosing the best accommodation and places to stay can be hard. Let us help by providing a list of our favourite hotels in Shepparton, as well as some helpful tips for how you can make your visit even better!

Join us on our blog, where we discuss all things travel, including the best places to stay! We hope that this article will help you find accommodation in Shepparton that is perfect for your needs. Happy travels!

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    Ultimate List of Accommodation & Places to Stay in Shepparton, Victoria

    L’Barza Apartments Shepparton

    l'barza apartment

    1300 799 377

    Accommodation in Shepparton

    For individuals seeking better accommodations, services, and quality in Shepparton, L'Barza Apartments provide both short-term and long-term lodging options. Because you don't enter a reception or lobby area when you arrive at our serviced apartments, you immediately feel at home. This sets us apart from other serviced apartments.

    Superior Serviced Apartments in Shepparton

    Private apartments are the greatest lodging option for travelers on business or for leisure within 1 km of Shepparton's CBD. For individuals searching for exceptional accommodations, services, and quality in Shepparton, we provide both short-term and long-term accommodations. All of our apartments are located within a 1-kilometer radius of Shepparton's downtown, giving our guests easy access to local businesses and entertainment while still maintaining a high level of privacy.

    About L’Barza Apartments in Shepparton

    For individuals searching for exceptional accommodations, services, and quality in Shepparton, we provide both short-term and long-term accommodations. Because you don't enter a reception or lobby area when you arrive at our serviced apartments, you immediately feel at home. This sets us apart from other serviced apartments. Our apartments serve as your home away from home even though they weren't designed to be serviced apartments. All of them are conveniently located near the CBD and have private courtyards, big flat-screen TVs, DVD players, and free wireless internet for surfing the web and sending emails.

    Every apartment comes with top-notch linen, a fully furnished kitchen (full-size fridge, oven, gas cooktop, microwave, dishwasher, health grill, etc.), laundry (washing machine, dryer, and clothesline), and air conditioning and heating. Our flats are roomy and located in peaceful neighborhoods. We provide two-, three-, and four-bedroom apartments with remote-controlled lockup garages and secure entrances from the garage into the flats. Parking is covered at our one-bedroom flats.

    Victoria Lake Holiday Park Shepparton

    victoria lake holiday park

    1800 880 079

    Welcome to Victoria Lake Holiday Park, Shepparton

    The ideal place to start exploring Shepparton is Victoria Lake Holiday Park. Fill your time with outdoor activities like fishing, canoeing, cycling, swimming, and birdwatching in this natural bush setting, which is located just 15 minutes from Shepparton's CBD's stores, clubs, and cinema.

    Explore the vineyards, museums, and other attractions in Greater Shepparton, and take use of the Aquamoves splash park and entertainment area. Then unwind in your cozy cabin or spend the night outside on a camping or RV site that has all you need. Grab the family and reserve a stay at Victoria Lake Holiday Park for your upcoming vacation. The park is surrounded by parkland and offers quick access to the Goulburn River.


    Every traveler and budget can find cabin accommodations at Victoria Lake Holiday Park in the heart of Shepparton. From your verandah, take in the company of family or friends while admiring the lovely Victoria Lake, which is visible from many cabins. All cabins have air conditioning and heating, a full kitchen with a burner, oven, microwave, and refrigerator, a dining area, a bathroom, a sofa and lounging area with a DVD player and a television, and a veranda with patio furniture. With absolute lake frontage, a guest laundry, a communal BBQ area, and all the conveniences of home, you can unwind on vacation.

    Book your Holiday Cabin in Shepparton

    Your next vacation can be spent in a family-friendly setting at Victoria Lake Holiday Park. We're confident you'll make some fantastic memories with a selection of cabins to pick from and a number of renowned Shepparton attractions just a short drive or walk away. Soon, we want to have you join our welcoming team.

    Quality Hotel Parklake Shepparton

    quality hotel parklake shepparton

    03 5821 5821

    What Is Happening At The Parklake

    Looking for something fresh? Soon, our brand-new menus will be available. Rigatoni Matriciana, Paella, and Wagyu Burger are just a few of the delectable foods that we will be providing, all of which are ideal for sharing with friends and family.

    Parklake Functions

    The elegant function rooms at Parklake are the ideal location for your upcoming celebration, professional meeting, or special event. Book a consultation with one of our expert function managers today for assistance in flawlessly planning your event!

    Rooms and Suites

    The ground level location of our Standard Rooms makes them ideal for transitory stays. Queen bed, LED TV with Foxtel, free Wi-Fi, and convenient access to all hotel amenities are all included in the room features.

    Enjoy the absolute comfort of our opulent Grand Apartments. King bed, double sofa in the living area, two 42" TVs with Foxtel, free WiFi, 2-person corner spa, kitchenette, washing machine, and dryer are all included in the accommodation.

    Enjoy your upcoming family vacation next to Shepparton's parks and playgrounds. A Queen Bed and 2 Singles or 2 Queen Beds, a 42" TV with Foxtel, free Wi-Fi, and easy access to all hotel amenities, including two indoor heated swimming pools, a spa, sauna, and a restaurant, are included in our family room.

    Accommodations Frequently Asked Questions

    Start With an Aggregator Site…

    It’s helpful to begin your hotel search with the accommodation-focused aggregator site of your choice (such as,, or Trivago). These sites can give you a general idea of your hotel options in a city or even a specific neighbourhood, which is especially useful if you’ve never been there before.

    If you’ve got firm plans and can book everything for your trip simultaneously, it’s also worth looking at a bundled deal (hotel + flight, or hotel + car) from a site like Expedia, as these can sometimes save you money.

    ...and Don’t Forget to Log In

    In some cases, having an account at one of the aggregators listed above means you’ll see members-only prices that are lower than the prices shown to people who use the sites as a guest. When creating an account is free and could grant you access to better deals, there’s no reason not to sign up.

    Compare Rates with Hotel Websites

    Once you’ve got an idea of your hotel options and you’ve got a few favourites, it’s time to open a new window and go straight to that hotel’s official website. Most hotel sites have their booking system, so you can search again to see if the room rates are different.

    Even if they’re roughly the same, check the hotel’s site for other potential perks you won’t find on an aggregator—like free WiFi, parking, or breakfast. These sometimes come in the form of “package deals” advertised on the hotel’s site.

    Call the Hotel Directly

    Calling the hotel directly—not through the centralised, toll-free reservations number—gives you a chance to negotiate a better room rate. If you see a lower price on an aggregator site, don’t hesitate to call the hotel’s front desk to see if they can offer a better deal or at least match the lower price. The people who work at that specific hotel are far more likely to arrange things like a discount or a room upgrade than people at a call centre.

    Consider All-Inclusive Deals

    Whether you’re looking at a hotel’s website for a basic package that offers complimentary breakfast with the room or you’re browsing resort vacation package options, bundling sometimes makes sense as a money-saving tool. By bundling separate things you would otherwise pay for—from breakfast to resort activities to equipment use—into an “all-inclusive” deal, you might be able to save quite a bit of money on your overall trip (even if the cost of the room doesn’t change). This is also a helpful way to stay on budget when you travel since there are fewer unforeseen expenditures along the way.

    Where you spend the night depends on the type of trip you want to have. Hostels are great for having a social experience and meet other travellers. Airbnb is helpful to feel at home while abroad and gain different experiences not typically had with hotels. And hotels are well-known accommodations with lots of perks and amenities. 

    Don’t be Afraid to Search for a Hostel.

    YES, hostels are safe! Ignore that lousy reputation they got after Quentin Tarantino’s movie. 

    In my almost nine years of long term travel, hostels have usually been my first choice when looking for a place to stay. Some of the best hostels have the same amenities hotels do but at a fraction of the price. 

    Hostels are great to meet people. They tend to encourage social gatherings and often help you plan activities, from getting to know the city on a walking tour today most significant tours to main sights and bar-hopping with your hostel mates. 

    Hostels offer both private and dorm rooms, so you have the flexibility on how personal or social you want to be. And of course, dorm rooms are much cheaper if you need to save money!

    Location, Location, Location

    Usually, the more centric your accommodation, the more expensive it is. But, I always recommend doing a bit of value engineering to see if cheaper accommodation slightly outside of the city is the best option or not. 

    Ask yourself, how much time will you spend travelling from your hotel to the city centre? How much will that taxi or public transportation cost? Then, add that up for the number of times you’ll do that and compare it to the price and convenience of having a centric room. 

    Plan Ahead if You’re Traveling During High Season

    It’s rare for a city to sell out every room, so even during high season, you’ll find a place to stay. But, if you want a cheap and clean place, in a good location, and gives you value for your money, then you must plan. 

    High season trips should be planned for at least a few months, especially to places like Iceland, which currently have more tourism than the accommodation infrastructure available. 

    Avoid Paying Full Price for a Hotel Room

    Sites like Priceline and Hotwire offer excellent discounts on brand name hotels. The catch (sometimes) is that you won’t know the exact hotel name until after you book it. But, you’ll learn how many stars it has, its quality, amenities, approximate location, and more information to help you choose. 

    Also, the site and app Hotel Tonight offer the same kind of discounts for rooms needed on the same night of the booking.

    Earn and Redeem Points and Miles for Free Stays

    Nothing beats free! 

    If you have a preferred hotel brand, try to be a frequent guest to accrue miles and points with them, which can be redeemed for free stays. 

    The nice thing is that those miles and points can be earned by using your branded credit card on everyday purchases most of the time. This technique is commonly known as Travel Hacking. 

    Look beyond Hotels and Hostels

    There are so many other accommodation options out there that span beyond hotels and hostels. From guesthouses, apartments on Airbnb and other apartment rental sites to housesitting and even Couchsurfing, the possibilities to have budget-friendly to free accommodation are endless. 

    Your Destination

    Are you travelling domestically or internationally? To a familiar city or one, you’ve never been to before? What is the geography like—urban, coastal, mountainous? Your destination will play a significant role in where you choose to stay.

    If you’re visiting open countryside or a small beachside village, there may be fewer feasible options for hotels, but there might be a more comprehensive selection of home rentals. If you’re visiting a large city, your options will be numerous.

    Don’t forget to take into consideration the safety factor of the place you plan to visit. For example, if an area is notorious for its higher crime rates, a well-established hotel may be a better option than a shared hostel dorm or home rental. On the other hand, if the site is widely regarded as safe and hospitable, renting a room in an apartment with a local host will be a more immersive, authentic experience.

    Your Budget

    The budget will likely play the largest role in influencing where you want to stay during a vacation. Consider the total amount of money you are able and willing to spend during your travels. How much of that money do you feel comfortable allocating toward lodging? How much of your money will it require for you to feel safe, comfortable, and content? If you have a lower budget, opt for hostels or a rented room in an apartment or home. If your budget is more significant, perhaps you can afford a luxurious hotel experience or an entire home rental.

    Your Desire for Convenience

    When you travel, how important to you is convenience? Different accommodations come with other amenities and services. Hotels offer amenities like in-room dining, laundry, toiletry access, medical help, WiFi, airport transfers, and access to concierges, who can facilitate booking and reservation processes.

    Apartment or home rentals might not guarantee WiFi. Still, they often include gestures from the host like homemade cake, wine, or a book of recommendations, in addition to basics like towels and linen. Hostels generally don’t provide their guests with toiletries or towels. Still, they offer city maps, family-style dinners, and incredible discounts on activities like guided tours. Bar crawls adventure sports or concerts.

    Your Travel Companions

    Your travel companions—or lack thereof—can significantly affect where you will want to stay. If solo travel is your thing, you might find it more affordable to stay in a shared dorm at a hostel rather than reserve a hotel room.

    If you crave company but still want privacy, renting a room in an apartment is a fantastic alternative. If you’re with friends, but each wants your beds, a hostel is ideal. If you’re travelling with a large family or organised group and want to share the same space, a rental is probably the best option.

    Finally, if you’ll be with your significant other and enjoy a romantic, secluded area, an upscale hotel or private apartment would work best.

    Your Activities

    Take some time to map out your vacation activities. Do you plan on sightseeing all day, exploring the outdoors, or taking a day trip? Maybe you enjoy relaxing with a book or sipping your morning cup of coffee with a view. How often you plan to be where you’re staying is a significant factor in choosing accommodations that will give you the most for your money.

    If you plan to use every hour of daylight walking around a city and taking in its sights, then you can afford to be less indulgent and more practical with your choice in lodging since you won’t be there very often. On the other hand, if you plan to read by the pool and lounge on the beach during your vacation, perhaps you want accommodations where you can feel equally comfortable spending your downtime.

    Your Language Skills

    Are you travelling somewhere where you speak the local language? If so, you probably have more accommodation options. If you don’t say a word of the local language in the place you’re visiting, then a hotel—with a multilingual staff and helpful concierge workers—is a great option.

    Hostels will also have bilingual or multilingual staff, helpful translation signs, and organised group activities where the logistics are handled for you. On the other hand, if you have a decent grasp of the local language and want to practice speaking it, a rental is your best option. With that, you can share someone’s home, cook meals together, and have ample opportunity to converse.

    Your Eating Habits

    How do you plan to experience the food in another city and culture? Do you enjoy dining out every meal, eating at local markets, grabbing some street food, or doing some combination of all three? If you prefer cooking easy, occasional meals during your travels, look into hostels, which usually have community kitchens where you can store groceries and cook a few essential dishes.

    If you love sharing authentic homemade meals, book a room at bed and breakfast. If you have dietary restrictions and need to make a lot of your food, go for a rental with a fully equipped kitchen. If you like to dine out without going very far, opt for a hotel that has a café or restaurant.

    Your Personality

    How do you recharge after a long day of exploring an unfamiliar place? Do you like socialising, or do you prefer to be on your own? Do you stay up late or go to sleep early? Do you set the alarm or wake up naturally? Do you like to have a set routine or be spontaneous? How do you deal with stressful situations?

    Hostels are attractive options for laid-back individuals who love constant stimulation and meeting new people. At the same time, rentals are ideal for those who enjoy a peaceful environment and the comforts of home.

    If you’re a combination of the two, opt for a hotel or a private room in an apartment or hostel. Consider what brings you comfort and what causes you frustration during travel, then factor that in when you decide which stay is right for you.

    Choose a hotel according to the type of destination

    Are you touring internationally or domestically? To a familiar place or one, you have never been to before? What is the geographical location like – coastal, urban, mountainous?

    The destination of your trip plays a crucial role in finding an ideal hotel. For example, if you plan a trip to a small beachside village or the open countryside, there might be fewer options for good hotels, but there may be broader home rentals. On the other hand, if you are tripping to a large city, your options for accommodation will be copious.

    Also, you should not forget to take into consideration the security factor of the destination. For example, if your goal is notorious for high crime rates, a well-established hotel will be a better option than a home rental or a shared hostel dorm. On the other hand, if the destination is widely regarded as warm and safe, renting a room with a local host can be a more authentic experience.

    Spend on hotels according to your budget

    Your budget plays a vital role in influencing where you want to stay during the trip. You should consider the total money you are willing to spend during the trip. How big of an amount do you want to spend on lodging? How big of an amount will it require for you to feel comfortable, safe, and content? If your budget is low, you can opt for a rented room in apartments or hostels. If your budget is high, you can think about luxurious hotels or an entire home rental.

    A money-saving tip

    You can also book a hotel through online booking services. These days, many online portals and service providers are providing online hotel booking services at discounted prices. In addition, these portals offer various coupons or first time booking benefits. You can avail of these benefits, and I’m sure you will book tickets at 50%-60% cheaper rates. Additionally, you can read hotel reviews and see pictures of the hotels on these portals, and you can make your decision according to it.

    Make your decision according to your travel partner

    Your companions n the trip can have a significant effect on where you’ll desire to stay. For example, if you are travelling solo, you may find it more pocket friendly to stay in a shared dorm at a hostel rather than reserving a hotel.

    A room rental in an apartment is a good alternative if you crave company but still want privacy. If you are with your friends and each wants separate beds, a hostel facility is an ideal choice. If you are tripping with an organised group or your family and want to share the same space, a room rental is probably a good option. On the other hand, a romantic, secluded area, a private apartment or an upscale hotel would work best.

    The best day of the week to book your hotel at the lowest rates, both for domestic and international travel, is Friday and sometimes Saturday, according to travel aggregator Kayak's Global Hotel Survey and the Airlines Reporting Corporation.

    The most expensive days to book are Monday through Wednesday when most people are searching. Tuesday is the single priciest day for domestic hotels, and Monday/Wednesday is the most expensive for international hotels. But as the week slides into the weekend, hotel searches drop by as much as 30 per cent, and the rates tend to drop off, as well.

    The calculations get a little trickier here. Kayak found that if you’re not risk-averse and can wait until the last minute, say one to three days before your planned check-in date, you can save a lot of money.

    One reason is that hotels typically have a 24- to 48-hour cancellation policy and do see cancellations come in just ahead of that window via those looking to avoid being penalised. So rather than have those cancelled rooms go unused, the hotels will cut rates to fill them.

    A 2018 study by SAP Concur, a company that assists businesses with travel and expense management, found the same results for booking hotels in Europe: Most hotel bookings are made a month or more out when rates are the highest. As a result, travellers who wait three or fewer days before their check-in date to make a reservation will save the most money.

    Country Home Motor Inn Shepparton

    country home motor inn


    It is our joy to provide excellent customer service at a competitive price at Country Home Motor Inn. Come and enjoy our ground-floor apartments, which are all very peaceful and cozy and come with new queen-size beds, reverse-cycle air conditioning, Foxtel with 55 channels for no additional charge, and free Wi-Fi. Give yourself a night off and have a great breakfast delivered right to your room so you can eat in bed!

    You can spend a leisurely day sitting by the pool and socializing with friends in our covered barbecue area. An on-site parking lot is available at our motel, including a double space in front of each room. If necessary, a truck or trailer can also be parked there. The Country Home Motor Inn, proud members of the Golden Chain, is the place to stay whether you're looking for lodging in Shepparton for yourself, family, or friends.

    Riverside Cabin Park Shepparton

    riverside cabin park

    03 5823 1560


    If you're going away for the weekend, attending a business conference, traveling with family, on your own, or just taking a break with friends, Riverside Cabin Park is ideally located in the bustling town of Shepparton. On the banks of Broken River in Shepparton, you may find fully self-contained cabins that are welcoming to families. Several neighborhood activities, such as vineyards, galleries, golf courses, and restaurants are accessible by car. You can also find some of Victoria's best walking, cycling, and fishing spots by driving there.

    Riverside Plaza is a shopping center just next door that houses Coles, KFC, Harvey Norman, Fun City, and over 18 specialty shops that sell everything from fresh food and sweets to home goods and gifts, hairdressing and beauty products, doctors' offices, chemists, newsstands, and gyms.

    Spacious family-friendly cabins accommodation

    Select cabins nearby that come with kitchens, baths, family spaces, and separate bedrooms. Family-friendly amenities include roomy rooms and generous living spaces. There is a covered veranda with patio furniture on each cabin so you can take advantage of the tranquil mornings and languid afternoons.

    Addison Motor Inn Shepparton

    addison motor inn

    03 5831 8289

    Welcome to Addison Motor Inn

    Both business and leisure travelers will find the Addison's comfort and style to be ideal. The Shepparton Private Hospital, Goulburn Valley Health, and the town center are all conveniently close by. Its convenient location puts Shepparton's city center within walking distance and allows for rapid access to the area's numerous other facilities and attractions. The Shepparton RSL club, Shepparton Golf Club, and Shepparton Sports Stadium are all close by.

    The luxurious hotel offers a mix of Executive and Superior Rooms, with kitchen amenities in the Superior Rooms. Each room has a flat-screen TV, hardwood furnishings, microwaves, toasters, tableware, and silverware, as well as split-system heating and cooling. There is a private bathroom in every room. A leather recliner and a desk are provided in the rooms. An outdoor pool, free Wi-Fi, BBQ grills, and free secure on-site parking are available as extras. We are eager to have you stay with us at the Addison Motor Inn!

    There is lodging for both corporate and leisure travelers. The motel has a range of 4 star rooms, including Superior rooms with cooking facilities and Executive rooms with microwaves there is something for everybody. Direct booking discounts, corporate rates, gated on-site parking, free Wi-Fi, and Foxtel are all available. There is also an outdoor pool. Extra touches include magnifying mirrors, courtyard rooms, recliner chairs, gym memberships with Advance Fitness (conditions apply) at no charge for our customers.

    Central Shepparton Apartments

    central shepparton apartments

    0428 194 790

    The Central Shepparton Apartments offer 2 bedrooms of roomy, contemporary lodging. They have a fully functional kitchen, a big screen TV, a DVD player, free Wi-Fi, laundry, and some apartments include a double spa bath with lake views. They are also attractively furnished. The apartments are situated right across from Lake Victoria, which has walking trails, playgrounds, a seasonal canoe rental program, a skate park, and covered barbecue areas. The CBD, a leisure center, an outdoor pool, and your choice of à la carte, cafe-style, family dining, or fast food alternatives are all within walking distance of the flats.

    Shepparton Central Apartments are conveniently located about two hours north of Melbourne and offer accommodations for any need, whether it is for a family vacation, business travel, or that special weekend in a premium spa apartment.

    Lake View Apartment

    Two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a downstairs powder room are all included in the Lake View apartment, which provides views of Lake Victoria. With a view of Lake Victoria, the master bedroom features a personal balcony. When reserving the unit, a preferred bedding arrangement can be specified. Apartments can be set up with 2 queen beds, 1 queen bed and 2 single beds, 4 single beds, or any combination of them. A fold-out double divan is also available in the lounge.

    A full-sized oven, dishwasher, microwave, tea and coffee making facilities, separate living and dining rooms, a large screen TV, a DVD player, independently regulated air conditioning and heating, a hairdryer, and a laundry room with a washer and dryer are among the other amenities. In addition to free Wi-Fi, visitors also get a starter box of toiletries and tea/coffee.

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