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Best 25+ Laser Clinic in Mt. Eliza, Mornington

Laser skin treatments are a great way to improve the appearance of your skin. In this blog post, we'll explore the best laser skin clinics, around Mt. Eliza, Mornington which can produce safe and effective results for our clients in Mt Eliza, Mornington. 

Laser treatments can be used on any area of the body where hair needs removing but they work best when targeting larger areas such as the back, chest or legs. The most common type of laser treatment is called IPL which stands for Intense Pulsed Light and it works by breaking down the pigment in each follicle so that new hairs cannot grow there again. 

In order to find out what type of treatment is right for you, it's important to make an appointment with one of the many qualified medical professionals. Check this list and save your time. 

Ultimate List of Best Laser Clinic Mt. Eliza, Mornington

Tightskinco Laser and Cosmetic Clinic Mt. Eliza, Mornington

tightskinco laser and cosmetic clinic mt. eliza, mornington

(03) 9787 6286

Aesthetic cosmetic clinic Tightskinco offers cutting-edge laser, radiofrequency, hifu, cosmetic injectable, and advanced cosmetic peel procedures. Tightskinco concentrates on the skin for skin tightening, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, acne scars, active acne, and scar revision. We provide skincare that is at the top of its field and contains potent components. Tightskinco provides a first-rate clinic experience in a welcoming and professional setting at its magnificent facilities. Our highly qualified staff is a reflection of our exacting standards, the services and goods we provide, and our depth of expertise.

Permanent Reduction in Hair for Silky Smooth Skin

On all body parts and for Fitzpatrick I–VI skin tones, Tightskinco offers permanent reduction of your unwanted hair in a safe and economical manner. One of the most cutting-edge and creative dual Nd: YAG & Alexandrite medical grade lasers is what we employ. By selectively concentrating heat solely on the melanin pigment with qualities of high melanin absorption, this method emits a wavelength of light at 1064 nm and 755 nm. It precisely seeks for and kills hair follicles while sparing the surrounding skin tissue.

One of the quickest hair removal methods, the technique is essentially painless. It is run by skilled laser experts that are certified in their craft, guaranteeing excellent outcomes in a welcoming and professional clinic setting.

Results Laser Clinic Mt. Eliza, Mornington

results laser clinic mt. eliza, mornington

(03) 9966 7801

Achieve skin that is as smooth as silk with a quick zap! Our skilled clinical therapists use Candela GentleLase Pro and GentleYag Pro technology, both of which are of medical grade, in order to efficiently eradicate unwanted hair for a wide variety of skin types. We personalise your treatment plans! During the course of the complimentary consultation that we provide, our therapists will analyse the type of skin you have as well as the unwanted hair on your body, and they will devise a treatment plan depending on your preferences. Because we use Candela GentleYag Pro equipment, for instance, we are able to successfully treat patients who have darker skin types.

Highly Qualified Therapists

For you, quick and efficient outcomes! Nearly 50 clinics around the country are operated by Results Laser Clinics, and each one has a staff of highly skilled therapists who have received training in the most recent laser hair removal technology. You can count on affordable costs and flexible appointment hours since we're committed to helping you get the best outcomes possible.

Proprietary Prescription Techniques

Make sure that our treatment plans are adapted to the specific needs of each individual client and are supported by our adage "Results the First Time, Every Time." We collect feedback from you after each treatment and monitor our Net Promoter Score in order to continually improve the quality of our customer service and set a higher bar for ourselves.

Peninsula Aesthetics Laser Clinic Mt. Eliza, Mornington

peninsula aesthetics laser clinic mt. eliza, mornington

0432 846 535

The Peninsula Aesthetics business works with a wide range of skilled cosmetic doctors who supervise and script all patients. Registered cosmetic nurse injector Alysha started Peninsula Aesthetics. Practicing in the fields of cosmetics, surgery, medicine, and pediatrics, Alysha has been a Registered Nurse Division 1 with The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) for 17 years. When a customer comes to visit Alysha, she has a clear objective: "When clients come to see me, my goal is to create the greatest version of you while enhancing your natural beauty."

Mount Eliza, which is located on the Mornington Peninsula and is known for its natural beauty, is the major office of Peninsula Aesthetics. Dermal filler injections, anti-wrinkle injections, and spray tanning are among the cosmetic procedures that may be found on Peninsula Aesthetics' menu of services. In addition to these brands, Peninsula Aesthetics carries products from Aspect Skin, Coastal Body & Co., Eyenvy, and Indigo Flame Soy Candles. The Peninsula Aesthetics company collaborates with a diverse group of highly trained cosmetic specialists that oversee and provide prescriptions for all of its patients.

Pink Laser Clinic - Laser Pigmentation Removal Melbourne

pink laser clinic laser

1300 549 008

Our goal is to bring out the most exquisite version of you by working with your natural beauty to enhance, correct and provide you with proven anti-ageing and skincare solutions that are backed by science and performed by experienced Dermal Clinicians, Doctors and renowned Professionals. Every therapy we provide has been carefully chosen to be the least invasive while yet being the very best.

Which chromophore will be primarily targeted by the laser and eliminated selectively depends on the laser's wavelength. According to clinical trials, the Nd: YAG 1064 nm wavelength can be used to target deeper-lying chromophores while the KTP 532 nm wavelength is more efficient for treating surface lesions. Furthermore, the QX MAX laser system from Fotona, which uses Q-switched light, is particularly efficient because of its strong peak powers and selective nature, which allow it to just break apart pigments and not cells. In other words, pigment degradation is possible without ablating the skin.

Q-Switched lasers are acknowledged as the best instrument for safely and successfully treating benign pigmented lesions by the medical community. Fotona's QX MAX laser system efficiently removes all common pigmented lesions by combining 4 laser modes into an enhanced, potent solution. The revolutionary R-HX handpiece from Fotona creates a totally flat hexagonal laser beam profile, enabling more accurate and consistent coverage. In procedures for removing pigment from the skin and lightening the skin, the laser beam profile's homogeneity is crucial. Due to the equal distribution of laser energy throughout the treated area, it guarantees patient safety throughout treatment. Precision and safety are increased by the OPTOflex articulated arm of the system. Absolute uniform beam profiles are produced using OPTOflex. During processes, its ergonomic form enables simple and natural hand movement.

MP Skin Check- Laser Clinic Mt. Eliza, Mornington

mp skin check laser clinic mt. eliza, mornington

(03) 5974 1960

We are a cutting-edge, specialized skin check practice located in Melbourne's Mount Martha. We use cutting-edge imaging technology to conduct thorough skin cancer examinations and do minor surgical operations. Our medical professionals will walk you through all of your treatment options while offering evidence-based skincare advice. Every time you visit, we work hard to give you the best medical care possible along with a positive experience. The Skin Cancer College of Australasia has accredited the bulk of our doctors, all of whom are skin cancer specialists.

MP Skin Aesthetics

We are a group of qualified nurses with medical training who work as dermal clinicians in Mount Martha. We provide a variety of laser, injectable, and aesthetic skin treatments that are managed and overseen inside of a medical office. Your issues will be evaluated by our knowledgeable, compassionate staff, who will then offer you cutting-edge, secure, and clinically tested options to renew and revitalize your skin.

A benign anti-aging laser called Laser Genesis and Rejuvenation targets redness, improves the look of pores and wrinkles, and may even help fade scars. Laser Genesis is a non-invasive, virtually pain-free treatment that may help treat redness, scars, fine lines, wrinkles & rosacea.

Skiin Laser Hair Removal Clinic Melbourne

skiin laser hair removal clinic


For residents of Melbourne, Skiin is pleased to present an innovative new laser genesis treatment. Laser genesis treatment can address skin issues such excessive redness, scars, uneven textures, large pores, fine lines, and wrinkles that are often linked to early indications of aging and sun exposure. Our laser genesis for rosacea and other skin diseases is a non-invasive process that is minimally painful and doesn't require any recovery time. This makes it a convenient and secure option for treating a wide range of skin diseases.

The upper dermis layer of the skin is softly heated by Laser Genesis using light energy that is transformed into thermal energy. The skin's healing reaction and the release of growth factors are triggered by this heating mechanism. Collagen, a structural protein of connective tissue that improves the strength and suppleness of tissue, is stimulated by this reaction. Additionally, the soft coagulation of minute dilated capillaries can be used to lessen redness.

An wonderful rejuvenation procedure that practically anyone can receive is laser genesis. It is advised for individuals who want to see a general improvement in the tone, texture, and health of their skin as well as for customers who want to delay the onset of aging symptoms.

The Beauty Emporium Laser Skin Clinic Mt. Eliza, Mornington

the beauty emprorium laser skin clinic mt. eliza, mornington

9787 2323

The Beauty Emporium, a popular face spa on the Mornington Peninsula, is situated in the center of Mount Eliza. Come and experience the exclusive attention of our professionally trained personnel in a discreet and private atmosphere. A warm, welcoming grin will be waiting to welcome you when you arrive. Relax, unwind, and sense at home. You might not want to leave once you get comfortable. To meet your needs and preferences in terms of attractiveness, we provide a variety of services. Advanced facial treatments, exfoliating peels, manicures, pedicures, waxing, microdermabrasion, head-foot-hand massages, makeup application, specialized laser procedures, and more are all part of our service menu.

Before you even enter the room, locate where we are. In Mount Eliza, we have lovely spa suites with stunning 360-degree views. Learn to appreciate the luxury of the vistas of nature and picture yourself here. The Cutera Excel V + is the newest member of our team. It is regarded as the absolute best method for skin renewal. The Excel V+ is a 3-in-1 laser that has a 532nm wavelength for treating surface redness and tiny veins and a 1064nm wavelength for treating bigger veins, capillaries, and benign pigmented lesions.

Hands-On Beauty Laser Clinic Mt. Eliza, Mornington

hands on laser


We are a group of physicians and dermal laser therapists who have completed training in laser safety. Every time you visit, we deliver an exceptional experience that will leave you feeling reenergized and self-assured. We do this by fusing our years of experience with a strong enthusiasm for what we do. We take pride in our friendly and professional demeanor, and we're here to walk you through every stage of your therapy, from your individualized assessment to the wonderful outcomes we consistently produce for you.

Our clinic's facilities have been carefully chosen and created to provide you with nothing less than the best. Our medical grade equipment is FDA and TGA approved and delivers quality and expert results for a variety of treatments, including laser and IPL procedures as well as non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

We offer three different hair removal techniques, all of which have quite different processes and outcomes. An age-old practice, waxing has been modernized through technique. Growth begins to develop 3–4 weeks following treatment with this procedure, which results in a temporary elimination. In order to permanently remove ingrown eyelashes from the eye area, Charles E. Michel, M.D. pioneered electrolysis more than a century ago. In 1916, the approach developed into a workable technique for getting rid of excessive body and facial hair growth. To increase safety and effectiveness, the treatment has undergone substantial changes since then.

Vivallure Laser Clinic Mt. Eliza, Mornington

vivallure laser skin care


vivAllure, a cutting-edge aesthetic clinic founded in 2017, offers non-invasive facial and body treatments to enhance physical attractiveness. Our main goal at vivAllure is to make our customers feel good about themselves and confident in their own skin. Using cutting-edge technology, we carry out precisely designed treatment approaches to address unique customer demands. The safety, client care, and best results key values of vivAllure are at the heart of our treatment procedures. At vivAllure, we view aesthetic care as an artistic way to enhance your attractiveness while retaining your true self.

Hair Laser Removal Melbourne

Laser light pulses are used during the laser hair removal procedure to kill hair follicles and stop them from sprouting again. Laser hair removal, a common method of hair removal, can help you get rid of unwanted hair permanently. Laser hair removal is a well-liked and successful method for removing unwanted or extra hair, and it offers the ideal long-term treatment.


Laser hair removal offers a practical, durable and cost-effective treatment solution for both men and women. The demand for treatment among males is rising despite the fact that women are the ones who use laser hair removal the most frequently. Because of this, laser hair removal remains the most popular energy-based aesthetic procedure.

Vanish Laser Clinic Mt. Eliza, Mornington

vanish laser clinic mt. eliza, mornington


Listening rather than just addressing a skin disease or concern is the first step to having beautiful skin. Our areas of expertise at Vanish laser & skin are laser, skin, and beauty. Our clinic serves Surrey Hills and the neighborhoods nearby. The dedicated and passionate specialists on our team of cosmetic nurses, dermal clinicians, and specialty therapists are committed to provide competent, affordable, and accessible cosmetic and beauty treatments that are catered to your unique goals and concerns. The clinic provides a variety of remedial therapies in addition to results-driven skincare treatments.

To assure excellence, our non-surgical skin clinic is outfitted with specially chosen, medical-grade, globally recognized technology that is TGA approved. As a result, our wide array of world-class aesthetic treatments offers a revolutionary and results-oriented experience.

Surrey Hills Most Trusted Professionals In Hair Removal And Skin Treatments

In addition to Brazilian laser hair removal, sophisticated dermal therapies, cosmetic injectables, beauty therapies, specialized waxing, and master brow shaping, Vanish specializes in hair removal. We are here to listen to you, offer you sound counsel, and ensure that you receive a service that makes you feel secure and at ease. Skin health, a deeply personal journey that can influence the core of who you are and how you may feel, is our passion.

A1 Skin Laser Clinic Mt. Eliza, Mornington

a1 skin laser clinic mt. eliza, mornington


Results-oriented skin and body treatments are offered by A1skin. In this cutting-edge skin clinic in South Melbourne, skilled therapists offer skin and body treatments like basic and expert facials, body treatments, and waxing. We are The DMK Skin Clinic South Melbourne. At a1skin, our goal is to offer our customers the greatest skincare products, services, and individualised care possible during their relationship with us. With the assistance of our passionate and dedicated employees, we are dedicated to creating and maintaining enduring successes. We believe that everyone deserves glowing skin.

Laser hair removal is the process of permanently reducing hair by repeatedly exposing the hair follicle to laser light pulses. Treatments can be used on people with a variety of skin and hair colors. However, it is always advised to speak with a qualified doctor who can plan a course of action for you to take in order to obtain the best results.

How long treatment takes depends on the area of treatment but on average, it takes approximately 15 – 30 minutes for most of our treatments. Your skin type and hair color will determine how many treatments you require. And the majority of clients need 8–10 sessions to attain their ideal results, and after that, they almost always need a maintenance treatment once a year? The type of treatment required depends on the area being treated, and it must be done at regular intervals. For instance, the face might be treated every 2-4 weeks, whereas the chest, back, and legs might be treated every 8 weeks.

Dermacare Laser Clinic Mt. Eliza, Mornington

dermacare cosmetic, laser and skin clinic melbourne 2021 12 13 03 26 19


For every procedure, at DermaCare Cosmetic & Laser, we have painstakingly and meticulously chosen the safest, most efficient cosmetic aesthetic treatments, laser skin, and laser hair removal technology. Our Moonee Ponds clinic, located just north of Melbourne's downtown, provides the best treatments for all skin issues, including acne, acne scarring, leg or facial spider veins, rosacea, pigmentation brown spots, sun damage, and more. We also offer dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, laser hair removal, laser hair reduction, and other procedures.

We are available to hear about your requirements, offer guidance, and provide support at every turn. We are aware that even the smallest adjustment can have a profound impact. So why not schedule a free laser and skincare analysis with our knowledgeable staff now.

Laser Hair Removal In Melbourne

Historically, the standard treatments for excess hair were plucking, shaving, waxing, and chemical depilators. Unfortunately, some are unpleasant, messy, and only fleeting. The goals of laser hair removal are to lessen folliculitis and ingrown hairs, as well as the quantity and density of new hair growth.

The medical laser hair removal procedure is simple, unlike other therapies! It does not require the use of lotions, gels, pre-treatment waxing, or needles. A breakthrough in medicine is laser hair removal. The hair follicle, which is located just beneath the skin's surface, is absorbed by the laser beam as it passes through your skin during the hair removal procedure. The heat produced by the laser light kills the follicle. The laser beam's enormous diameter allows it to concurrently affect a lot of hairs.

Albert Park Laser Clinic Mt. Eliza, Mornington

albert park laser clinic mt. eliza, mornington


Helping someone feel at ease in their own flesh is the best feeling in the world. We at Albert Park Skin & Laser Clinic can assist with a variety of skin and aesthetic issues. Permanent hair removal, waxing, skin renewal, laser treatments, facials, ear candling, eyelash and eyebrow enhancers, and many other services are offered as part of our skin, beauty, and laser treatments.

With more than 40 years of experience in the skincare and beauty sector, we take great pleasure in offering individualized, practical treatment. South Melbourne, Port Melbourne, and the Melbourne CBD are all a short drive from our Albert Park skin and laser clinic. Call us now to schedule an appointment if you want professional guidance and reasonable skin and cosmetic treatments. So use the beauty services offered by Albert Park Skin & Laser Clinic today to bid your skin issues farewell and welcome a confident new you.

Collin Cosmetic Laser Clinic Mt. Eliza, Mornington

collin cosmtic clinid


Can you imagine never again having to deal with shaving or waxing? You may now thank efficient, aesthetic laser hair removal procedures. The best cosmetic investment you will ever make is this long-lasting, safe procedure.

We acknowledge that there are now innumerable salons, spas, and clinics that provide laser hair removal, frequently at prices that are excessively low, and that it is done everywhere from shopping malls to hair salons to nail salons to peoples' garages. Chain clinics frequently employ cost-effective hair removal as a marketing gimmick to draw clients before pressuring and upselling them into more expensive procedures. All of this has occurred because there are no regulations in Victoria regarding laser hair removal, the caliber or safety of the equipment being used, the appropriate locations for their use, or any minimal standards for the training of individuals who use these devices.

About the condition

There are many places on the body where men and women would like to be hair-free, but until recently, finding a permanent solution seemed impossible. But now, depending on your hair, we can help you prevent the skin discomfort caused by shaving and waxing with permanent laser hair removal in just 4-6 treatments. Women most frequently prefer to have their legs, underarms, bikini line, and face treated with laser hair removal. The back, shoulders, upper arms, and chest are frequently affected in men.

Advanced Skin and Laser Clinic Mt. Mt Eliza, Mornington

advanced skin and laser clinic mt. mt eliza, mornington

03 9787 7475

Our goal at Advanced Skin & Laser is to help both our female and male clients look and feel better about themselves by offering the highest standard of non-surgical remedies and the most potent available treatment options. With the additional expertise and professionalism of Dr. Romero and James Barrett in our medical clinic, who have over 15 years of experience in injectable wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers at this location, the highly qualified staff collaborates as an experienced team of Paramedical Aestheticians, Australian Government certified Laser and IPL Technicians with over 17 years of experience, and these technicians' knowledge and professionalism.

Intense pulse light (IPL) targets pigmentation, brown spots, sun spots, general sun damage, freckles, red vessels, broken capillaries, redness/rosacea, and uneven skin tone. Additionally, it stimulates collagen, which results in skin that is lighter, brighter, and younger. When brown spots are treated, the area will get darker for a few days after the procedure, and starting on day 4, the skin will start to peel off, revealing a fresh, youthful complexion. Usually, red vessels disappear right away. However, some individuals experience what they liken to a milk sunburn for one to two hours.

Depending on skin tone and hair color, hair removal is an efficient method for progressively permanent hair removal in all body locations. The color of the hair root serves as the "target" for IPL hair removal. The hair follicle receives brief energy (pulse) bursts that heat the area where the hair is nourished; as a result, when this area is destroyed by heat, the hair can no longer grow.

Australian Laser and Clinic Mt. Mt Eliza, Mornington

australian laser and clinic mt. mt eliza, mornington

(03) 5975 2533

We help Australian men and women achieve beautiful skin through a variety of laser, skin, and cosmetic procedures. If you battle with excess hair, ageing, skin problems or blemishes, or even a regretful tattoo, you've come to the right spot since we've helped others just like you for more than 20 years. Each of our doctors, nurses, and therapists has through extensive training and certification, so you can rest assured that you are getting care from the best in the business.

Laser Hair Removal- Permanent Hair Reduction

One of Melbourne's oldest and most recognized clinics, Australian Laser & Skin Clinics was founded more than 20 years ago. Our Melbourne laser clinics are staffed by a group of doctors, nurses, and paramedically trained clinicians who are laser safety certified and have completed well over 5 million treatments there. To ensure safe and effective outcomes, we exclusively use Class 4 medical-grade lasers and equipment that has received TGA and FDA approval. We have 14 convenient sites throughout the Melbourne metropolitan region, including the CBD, where we provide men and women with cheap laser treatment. treatments for the face, legs, Brazilian region, entire body, and more.

You won't ever need to shave or wax again thanks to our treatments, which are clinically validated and efficient. Medical-grade Laser Hair Removal, in contrast to conventional treatments, destroys the follicle's root, eliminating unwanted hair and stopping further development. While beauty-grade equipment can only promise hair reduction, our devices guarantee focused outcomes that offer a long-term solution to undesired hair. The pigment in the follicle called melanin attracts medical grade removal. The root within the follicle is destroyed by the laser's conversion to heat energy, which also stops further growth. So forget unpleasant creams for hair removal and uncomfortable waxing. Our Laser Hair Removal technique is quick, simple, and painless, and the outcomes in terms of reduced hair are permanent.

The Skin Boutique Laser Skin Clinic Mt. Eliza, Mornington

the skin boutique laser skin clinic mt. eliza, mornington

03 9650 3111

The Skin Boutique brand is expanded by Mount Eliza to provide a distinct and spotless environment that gives unparalleled skincare experiences, focusing on the professional and cutting-edge procedures and skincare that The Skin Boutique is recognized for. We are a reputable skin care business that places a major emphasis on offering useful and effective services and products so you can completely enjoy your gorgeously individual skin!

Your skin journey has just begun!

Our top aim at The Skin Boutique - Mount Eliza is improving the health of your skin with individualized clinical treatments and the best cosmeceutical products in a serene yet professional setting. While our medical-grade laser hair removal is well known, we also take great pleasure in our top-notch clinical skin treatments and cosmetic injectable services. Through a customized consultation, our staff of highly qualified therapists can suggest the best course of action for your skin-related problems.

You may make purchases, receive online skin consultations, and receive treatments at home with the help of The Skin Boutique's interactive website. They are the ideal solution to maintain good skin in between appointments because they were created for usage in the comfort of our own homes.

Peninsula Dermatology Laser Skin Clinic Mt. Eliza, Mornington

peninsula dermatology laser skin clinic mt. eliza, mornington

9770 978

General dermatology, skin cancer care, and cosmetic dermatology are just a few of the services offered by our team of expert dermatologists and dermatology nurses. Our brand-new, cutting-edge facilities are furnished with contemporary counseling rooms, specially designed operating rooms, and laser treatment rooms. Additionally, we provide the most recent Fraxel Dual, Clear & Brilliant, Cutera Excel V, and Cutera HR medical-grade lasers.

Delivering photothermal radiation to the hair follicle as part of laser hair removal inhibits the growth of the hair follicle. Modern IPL and laser systems are made to only transmit this energy to the hair follicle itself, protecting the surrounding skin from harm. The main idea behind laser treatment for any skin condition is selective photothermolysis.

Since IPL stands for "intense pulsed light," these devices are not real lasers by definition. IPL is essentially a very strong light with the desired wavelength added through a filter. IPLs typically have a fairly wide filtered wavelength, which makes it less particular to the hair follicle. Lasers emit light coherently at a certain and precise wavelength, setting them apart from IPL devices.

Pure Med Laser Skin Clinic Mt. Eliza, Mornington

pure med laser skin clinic mt. eliza, mornington

03 8787 7755

The distinctive dual-wavelength MultiPlexTM laser platform, one of the most cutting-edge laser technologies currently available, is used by PureMed Laser Clinic to provide a wide range of laser treatments. At our clinic, you will receive a cost-effective, painless, and obligation-free skin assessment and consultation supported by our expert expertise, a customized treatment plan created just for you, and most importantly, effective and defined results.

Laser Hair Removal

The most cutting-edge, secure, and highly successful procedure for the best-looking outcomes. At PureMed Clinic, we remove unwanted hair growth using the latest cutting-edge laser technology. This device targets hair at its root by halting each hair follicle's process of renewal while having no negative effects on the surrounding skin. It is effective, safe, and backed by science.

We can quickly and effectively address a wide range of hair colors and types on your body and face while precisely customizing the procedure to suit your skin type by utilizing both the gold standard 755nm Alexandrite and 1064nm Nd: YAG lasers and a unique, integrated ZimmerSmart Cool TM cooling system.

Facelab Laser Skin Clinic Mt. Eliza, Mornington

facelab laser skin clinic mt. eliza, mornington

300 255 800

At Facelab, we can make your skin look younger and healthier while enhancing the color, tone, and texture of your face. With aging, collagen degeneration causes skin laxity, wrinkles, and a decrease in tissue volume. While laser rejuvenation is a non-invasive method to accomplish good transformation, re-volumizing therapies can be helpful.

With the use of cutting-edge Fotona laser technology, we can treat a wide range of skin issues with our laser skin resurfacing or laser skin tightening procedures. FaceLab's cutting-edge Medical Grade lasers and skilled laser-certified physicians work together in a welcoming setting to deliver excellent results while keeping patients comfortable.

Sun and Skin Laser Clinic Mt. Eliza, Mornington

sun and skin laser clinic mt. eliza, mornington

03 5902 8696

The Sun & Skin Medical Centre is the name of the "Skin Care Center for Excellence" located on the Mornington Peninsula. We are dedicated to offering the highest quality of care in every facet of skin care, including mole mapping, comprehensive skin exams, the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers, as well as aesthetic and cosmetic operations.

On the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, our mission at Sun and Skin is to create a world-class facility for the early identification and treatment of skin cancer. We take great pride in being the only accredited skin cancer clinic in Mount Eliza, and we only deliver the most cutting-edge instruments and treatments for our patients. We begin the process of providing tailored care with skin inspections and mole mapping for the purpose of diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up.

Additionally, we provide our patients with a wide variety of aesthetic and cosmetic procedures. We are dedicated to creating natural-looking outcomes in a secure medical setting and believe in enhancing natural beauty with painstaking attention to detail. Our qualified team of board-certified doctors, led by Dr. Ann Michael, is dedicated to giving you the best care possible for all of your skin requirements.

Skin Peninsula Laser Clinic Mt. Eliza, Mornington

skin peninsula laser clinic mt. eliza, mornington

03 5902 0650

We have established medical clinics in the following locations: Toorak, Sydney, Hampton, and Port Melbourne. We cannot contain our excitement about unveiling our plan to the Mornington Peninsula. The SKIN experience is designed to provide our well-informed customers a method that is in no way invasive and is based on both scientific research and natural elements. One of our specialities is a treatment that makes use of a variety of cutting-edge technology, all of which we have invested in and put to regular use.

The skin team is committed to developing a relationship with each of its customers and escorting them through a journey. In our calm, caring environment, we give the greatest level of care while delivering high-quality, results-driven therapies. unwelcome hair Natural permanent painless hair removal is the solution!

Many people feel they cannot continue their quest for a hair-free body since Laser Hair Removal can be so unpleasant. IPL therapies, also known as intense pulsed light treatments, are more popular than laser treatments because of this. IPL has a reputation for being more comfortable and equally successful in permanently removing hair from the face and body.

As a more comfortable alternative to laser hair removal, we believe the SKIN LIGHT IPL system at the skin provides excellent results (up to 30% decrease on the first session). IPL uses a scattered light that is fired straight through a hair reduction lens to destroy the hair follicle with less pain and discomfort than other other progressive, permanent hair removal techniques, which use a single light beam that is focused on a single hair follicle.

Victorian Cosmetic Laser Clinic Mt. Eliza, Mornington

victorian cosmetic laser clinic mt. eliza, mornington

9882 0951

At Victorian Cosmetic Dermal Clinics, we provide a selection of high-quality medical laser procedures. Senior therapists who have undergone extensive training and experience provide all of our cutting-edge laser treatments. Do you feel self-conscious because of your facial veins? Would you wish to have a complexion that is clear and looks younger? You are not required to tolerate your facial veins in any way.

Deep pore cleaning, scar healing, pigmented lesion treatment, and wrinkle and fine line reduction are all benefits of laser facials. For young guys in Melbourne who take pleasure in their looks and who want to look and feel their best, unwanted hair is becoming a bigger problem. Up until recently, laser hair removal was our area of expertise at Victorian Cosmetic Dermal Clinics. We provide the greatest care at the most competitive cost.

At Melbourne's Victorian Cosmetic Dermal Clinics, we execute tattoo removal safely and successfully using the highest grade medical laser.

Skin Tuition Laser Clinic Mt. Eliza, Mornington

skin tuition laser clinic mt. eliza, mornington

(02) 9398 2112

The Randwick neighbourhood of Sydney, which is located to the east of the city, is home to a beauty company called Skintuition. This company is all about excellent beauty finishes and glowing skin. We are fully results-driven, and as a result, we only employ cosmeceuticals and cosmetics that are specific to our salon and are of the highest quality. Our objective is to provide services catered exclusively to women that are both pleasurable and evocative of a spa environment.

Many of Skintuition's devoted customers simply don't have the time to visit several skin care facilities, beauty salons, and manicure, brow, and blow bars. They are also aware that different sources may have different results and therapeutic qualifications. As a result, Skintuition provides the finest of the best in one location at an affordable price. You can depend on our expertise and training, as well as the wonderful salon experience you'll have—one that's friendly and includes a few smiles!

Impress Cosmetic Laser Clinic Mt. Eliza, Mornington

impress cosmetic laser clinic mt. eliza, mornington

0458 394 022

At Impress Cosmetic Medicine, we are committed to delivering service that is of the highest possible quality, is conducted in a professional manner, and is tailored to each individual patient. Our area of expertise is in the provision of a wide range of non-surgical cosmetic procedures, as well as the sale of luxurious skin care products. Our goal is to discreetly improve or restore a person's traits while retaining the natural harmony and balance of their face. This is our primary focus when performing facial cosmetic procedures. Taking the time to carefully evaluate each individual in order to devise a treatment plan that is individualised for that person is the most important factor in obtaining these results.

You are more than welcome to schedule a meeting to go over your alternatives. Our goal is to comprehend your needs and offer a realistic evaluation of the outcomes you anticipate. A more young, natural-looking appearance is what we strive for.

My Skin Clinics - Laser Clinic Mt. Eliza, Mornington

my skin clinics laser clinic mt. eliza, mornington


MySkin Clinics is a family-run and -owned business that has been trusted for more than a decade. They have twelve boutique skin clinics located all across Victoria and a customer list that is continually growing. Because of the singularity of our offering, we have come to be identified with tenderness. Each MySkin Clinic is one of a kind and features luxurious accommodations, state-of-the-art equipment, and a warm and relaxed atmosphere for the patient's convenience.

At MySkin Clinics, unwelcome hair can be permanently decreased in a way that is both safe and cost-effective. Laser technology that is at the forefront of its field and of the highest medical quality is utilised by our highly qualified Skin Therapists, who are experts in the treatment of all skin tones and forms of hair.

Laser hair removal needs to be done in different ways for each client, depending on their needs, skin type, and skin tone, among other things. The MySkin Clinics use medical-grade practise tools that are known all over the world. Because of this, our equipment gives the best treatments, and our highly trained Laser and Skin Therapists talk with clients carefully to figure out which laser will work best for them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Treatment

Yes. Laser skin treatments for resurfacing skin will remove wrinkles. Depending on the type of laser system being used and how well your body responds to treatment, laser treatments can reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles, smooth out moderate wrinkles, and eliminate mild wrinkles.

You'll have some redness and swelling. You may also experience itching or stinging for a few days after the procedure. Depending on the treatment, some people may have what looks like a severe sunburn. The skin will be raw, oozing and may even blister.

Moisturize your treated skin. Right after the treatment is done, you'll have ointments applied to the area to help the healing start and to prevent infection. Once you stop using the ointment, you'll need to keep the skin moisturized with approved lotions and protective skincare treatments.

Avoid hot baths and hot showers for 48 hours. Avoid anything that involves chlorine (e.g. swimming) for 48 hours. Avoid make-up on the treated area for at least 48 hours. Avoid the application of perfumed products or bleaching creams for 48 hours.

The most common (and expected) side effect is a darkening of the more superficial brown spots of the areas being treated. This darkening of superficial brown spots will flake off after about 7-14 days.

Showering immediately after a laser hair removal session is not recommended. When you have a laser treatment the skin will remain sensitive to heat for a period of 24-48 hours. Keep the skin cool and free from perfumed or scented products during this time.

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