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Best Specialty Coffee Shops Around Melbourne That You Can Visit

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    Drinking the best coffee Melbourne has to offer is more than just a necessary morning routine – it's an art. An art that has evolved to become one of man's most beloved rituals. 

    The best coffee shops in Melbourne are renowned for producing some of the best coffee in the world. This title cements their pursuit of the highest quality beans, their constant research and learning of the best methods and practices and their commitment to serving the most nuanced and aromatic coffee available. These Melbourne coffee shops will satisfy the palate of even the most snobbish coffee drinkers.

    It's no secret that Melbourne is renowned for its cafe scene. With an endless supply of cafes that produce good food and coffee, it can be difficult to decide which new brunch spot to hit up, especially when most places have the same carbon-copy ambience. 

    Melbourne's inclusive cafe scene ensures everyone gets a slice of its cake – including those who desire something a little more novel and quirky! From whimsical wonderland to retro chic, these are some of the uniquely themed cafes in Melbourne

    If you are looking for a new place to try with specialty coffee and good food, these cafes should be at the top of your list. 

    Atomica Coffee

    atomica coffee

    Address: 14/167 Beavers Rd, Northcote VIC 3070, Australia

    Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-4pm

    As the first cafe in Melbourne to roast its own coffee in house, you won't question that Atomica Coffee produces the best coffee in Melbourne. They provide boutique coffee roasting and wholesaling to sate the most refined coffee palettes – and noses. They take no shortcuts on quality and always put the product first. The coffee roasters pay tribute to the past while always staying on top of new processes of extraction that are coming through. Their secret is individually roasting, which helps bring out the flavour of each bean.

    Undercover Roasters HQ

    undercover ask melbourne

    Address: 449 Victoria St, Abbotsford VIC 3067

    Hours: Mon-Sun 7 am-4 pm

    Founded in 2011, Undercover Roasters has a passion for coffee, and it speaks in every single cup. Based in Melbourne and Bendigo, this specialty coffee shop sources only the freshest green beans from all over the world, emphasising coffee that is ethically grown, hand-picked, and carefully processed.

    With master roasters working world-class equipment to develop delicious taste profiles that showcase the beauty of each origin, you'll never look at coffee the same way again. In October 2020, the brand opened the doors to a flagship HQ in Abbotsford. The menu is creative and served alongside the finest of coffees with specialty beans from all across the globe.

    Industry Beans

    industry beans cafe ask melbourne

    Address: 3/62 Rose Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065

    Hours: Weekdays 7 am-4 pm, Weekends 8am-4 pm

    Inspired by the movement known as the Third Wave of coffee roasters, Melbournians Steve and Trevor Simmons in 2010 set up a tiny garage and began roasting. Industry Beans has now established itself as one of the most internationally renowned Melbourne coffee shops. This Fitzroy warehouse is a popular coffee roastery, cafe and brew bar that delivers top-quality seasonal coffee from key growing regions in Central America, Africa and Asia.

    Patricia Coffee

    patricia coffee ask melbourne

    Address: Cnr Little Bourke Street & Little William Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

    Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-4pm

    The humble beginnings of Patricia from lawyer's office to shiny coffee bar back in 2012 show that at this Melbourne coffee shop, the beans speak for themselves. Many a coffee blogger has stopped at this now beloved joint to rave about its smooth caffeinated beverages. The quaint space has the character of a European cafe with the contemporary feel (and outrageously good coffee) of the contemporary Melbourne specialty coffee scene.

    Market Lane Coffee

    market lane ask melbourne

    Address: Shop 13 Prahran Market, 163 Commercial Road, South Yarra VIC 3141

    Hours: Mon & Wed 7am-4pm, Tue & Thu-Sat 7am-5pm, Sun 8am-5pm

    Market Lane Coffee hunts for the most distinctive and memorable coffee beans worldwide and roasts them carefully in small batches at their Prahran Market roastery. They only serve coffee that is in season and love to share the story behind each cup. Imagine that delectable cup of coffee you had at the boutique market stall and could never remember the name of – except Market Lane brews in five of the best coffee shops in Melbourne, making it easily accessible and exciting.

    Monk Bodhi Dharma

    monk bodhi dharma cafe ask melbourne

    Address: Rear 202 Carlisle Street, Balaclava VIC 3183

    Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-5pm, Sat-Sun 8am-5pm

    Going to a boutique micro-roastery is like travelling to Italy to get the most authentic Italian cuisine – just without the flight and rich, authentic coffee. Monk Bodhi Dharma is one of the best coffee shops in Melbourne as they roast all their coffee in house and source seasonal and mostly single estate coffee through direct trade. Buy their seasonal coffee from the counter, or let them roast it to perfection with your favourite brewing method.

    Proud Mary

    proud mary cafe melbourne

    Address: 172 Oxford Street, Collingwood VIC 3066

    Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-4pm, Sat-Sun 8am-4pm

    Whether you visit for the fortnightly subscription, a one-off bag of delicious beans from El Salvador or just an exquisite cup of coffee from their in-house roasted blends, Proud Mary will provide you with the best coffee in Melbourne. They pride (that special Mary pride) themselves on delivering the good things in life. All-day breakfast, hearty lunches, fresh juices and homemade cakes are just a few of the things that complement their unparalleled coffee.

    Axil Coffee

    axil coffee

    Address: 322 Burwood Road, Hawthorn VIC 3122

    Hours: Mon-Sun 7 am-4 pm

    Axil promises a sustainably produced product that results in quality coffee in your cup. Their coffee is picked, roasted and served by hand to be enjoyed by you, mug in hand. Their baristas are always striving to learn more about the best coffee methods and products from around the globe, meaning you know Axil is one of the best coffee shops in Melbourne and beyond.

    Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird

    omar and the marvellous coffee bird

    Address: 124 Gardenvale Road, Gardenvale VIC 3185

    Hours: Mon-Fri 6am-4pm, Sat-Sun 7am-4pm

    The traditional myth of the discoverer of the brew, Omar, inspires the founders of one of the top Melbourne coffee shops, Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird. Outcast and on the cusp of death, Omar received a bean-laden branch from a bird, and upon boiling the beans and drinking, the result was revitalised. Coffee is now the second most traded commodity globally, inspiring drinkers and brewers around the world, none more so than founding owners Dean Atkins and Andy Gelman. They believe there should never be compromised on quality, and if it's not the best it can be, they simply won't serve it. They want to get people excited about coffee and the many nuanced flavours that different beans and roasts elucidate.

    The Premises

    the premises

    Address: 202 Bellair Street, Kensington VIC 3031

    Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-3:30pm, Sat-Sun 8am-3pm

    If you want a cafe that understands the froth difference between a cappuccino and a flat white, with staff that don't scoff when you ask for your favourite South American blend, look no further than The Premises. They've got the most delicious meals made with fresh, seasonal produce (the slow-roasted pulled pork with homemade chutney is a must), have friendly staff and of course, some of the best coffee in Melbourne. Coffee industry veterans Alex Anderson and Kate Holloway use high-quality beans from Seven Seeds and, together with their team of baristas, create a homey cafe that is discerning with the top-notch coffee and food they serve, but not the customers they welcome. The premises might serve the best specialty coffee Melbourne has to offer.

    Dukes Coffee Roasters

    dukes coffee roasters

    Address: 247 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000

    Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-4:30pm, Sat 9am-5pm

    Using the world's most innovative and methodic roasting practices isn't just what Dukes Coffee Roasters claim; it's what they do. They have the best selection of seasonal specialty coffee Melbourne has to offer. Their flagship store, Dukes at Ross House, has been bringing Melbournians in the CBD their favourite coffees since 2013. Their coffees are ethically traded and sourced from individual farms or small cooperatives across Central and South America, Africa, and Asia. They then roast fresh daily in Melbourne, producing the country's most intricate and delicate coffee flavours. 

    One Plus Piece Cafe

    one plus piece cafe

    Address: 266 Whitehorse Rd, Balwyn VIC 3103, Australia

    Opening hours: 8 am – 5 pm daily. 

    One Plus Piece Cafe is a Japanese anime lover's paradise, with manga clippings, a bold mural of the Straw Hat Pirates and One Piece figurines adorning the walls. Aside from the fun and quirky interior, the menu is a perfect blend of east meets west, such as smashed avo and eggs served with roti (Indian-style flatbread) instead of bread. 

    Instead of your typical morning coffee, try something more Japanese, like its matcha latte.

    Flipboard Cafe

    flipboard cafe

    Address: 141 La Trobe Street, CBD, Melbourne

    Opening hours: Mon – Thurs, 7 am – 430 pm | Fri, 7 am – 10 pm

    Located at the end of La Trobe Street, Flipboard Cafe is a cafe that makes creative and efficient use of its space with its wooden decor. Resembling a Tetris game, the cafe is split into two levels, with surprises hiding around each corner. As per its namesake, the interior relies on hinges – its seats and tables are good examples of this.

    One highlight that's sure to catch your eye is the wooden row of boxes on the exterior that reveals a cosy seating area for two and has a table made out of recycled papers. It's the perfect urban hangout to sit back and enjoy good coffee while chatting with your mate.

    Little Mule Cafe 

    little mule cafe

    Address: 19 Somerset Place, Melbourne, Australia

    Opening hours: Mon-Sat, 730 am – 330 pm | Sun, 930 am -330 pm

    The Little Mule is every bike enthusiast's haunt for quality coffee. Tucked away in an alley, this hidden gem is modern and chic, with white brick walls, cables hanging from lighting fixtures and various bike parts adorning the roof. 

    The bicycles are not merely for decor – the staff can build and fix your gear bikes too, or you can simply buy a custom bike off the shelf. The cafe offers an extensive breakfast menu (all-day breakfast on Saturdays!) and delicious poached eggs. It's two-in-one – get your bike fixed and grab some grub while you're at it.

    Brother Baba Budan 

    brother baba budan ask melbourne

    Address: 359 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

    Opening hours: Mon-Sat, 7 am – 5 pm | Sun, 9 am – 5 pm  

    The strong smell of freshly ground coffee wafting will lead you to join the suit-clad line of people extending to the streets for the morning cuppa. Named after the world's first coffee smuggler, this pint-sized gem of a cafe has a growing reputation inverse to its size. 

    Brother Baba Budan place could almost be described as having a vintage traders shop feel with the dark wood, warm accents and shelves of coffee beans. What stands out is the canopy of wooden chairs that cover the ceiling. Despite the abundance of seats, the tiny bar only holds a capacity of about 15, with a single communal table. Their focus is on producing good quality coffee. Hence there is not much food beyond bite-sized cakes and pastries.

    Operator 25

    operator 25 ask melbourne

    Address: 25 Wills Street Melbourne 

    Opening hours: Mon – Fri, 7 am – 4 pm | Sat-Sun, 9 am – 4 pm

    Preserving the original concept of the heritage-listed building (built in the early 1900s), Operator 25 transports you back to a 20th-century telephone exchange room. With the brick walls, catchy slogans, hanging cord wires, copper-coloured light shades and timber tables, the cafe's interior design plays into the era of operators that sit at switchboards and connect phone calls.

    The only difference is the comfort and the delectable array of brunch items from the seasonally changing menu – no wonder people are willing to "stay on the line" despite the long queue. 

    Marche Board Game Cafe 

    marche board game cafe

    Address: 63A Abeckett St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

    Opening hours: Sun – Thurs, 11 am – 11 pm | Fri & Sat, 11 am – 12 am

    With over 100 board games ranging from classics like Cluedo and Monopoly to newer ones like Cards Against Humanity, it doesn't matter how many people are at your party. There's something your group can enjoy. A 3-hour session costs $8, and you'll be required to buy drinks on top of that.

    Apart from board games, there is even a private karaoke room with the latest English, Chinese, Korean and even that. Marche Board Game Cafe isn't just a restaurant, and it's an entertainment centre – the perfect place for a fun date activity or even an outing with friends or family. 

    Matcha Mylkbar 

    matcha mylkbar

    Address: 72A Acland St, St Kilda VIC 3182

    Opening hours: 7.30 am – 4 pm, daily 

    This plant-based eatery feels like a modern-day Zen garden that oozes tranquillity. With a minimalistic industrial chic theme (much hipster), Matcha Mylkbar offers something different to locals needing a new Instagramable spot. 

    The cafe's concept makes vegan food appealing to non-vegans – think bacon made from dehydrated mushrooms and poached eggs made from sweet potato, turmeric and coconut milk. Your weekly healthy meal craving can be satiated with Match Mylkbar's pretty dishes, a wide range of lattes options like mushroom and beetroot, and matcha. 

    Lucky for us Melbourne is one of the world's foremost destinations for coffee, producing global barista champions, award-winning roasts, and paving the way for how coffee is brewed and poured world over.
    Melbourne's love affair with coffee can be traced back to the arrival of Italian and Greek immigrants after World War II. As a generation of migrants brought their beloved European-style espresso machines to Melbourne, the espresso boom of the 1950s soon became a way of life.
    The resulting cup of coffee will be well balanced with a full-body, medium acidity with a mildly sweet taste. Some say blue mountain coffee is the smoothest brew they've ever enjoyed.
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