Top 50 Waterproofing Services Contractors in Melbourne (2024)

If you are a homeowner concerned about the waterproofing of your house, then this blog post will help you find some services contractors to work with. In this article, we’ll be discussing some questions that might come up when dealing with these services and what type of service would be best for your home.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a waterproofing service contractor. The first is the type of project you have, determining what kind of waterproofing system is needed. If your home needs repairs, we recommend hiring a professional for these projects rather than doing it yourself. 

Next, you’ll need to decide whether or not you want to hire someone based on location and price. Whatever your decision may be, make sure they’re licensed with the state before signing any contracts!

To help you get started on your Waterproofing Services hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite Waterproofing Services Contractors from right across Melbourne, Victoria.

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    Ultimate List of Waterproofing Services Contractors in Melbourne

    Hitch Property Constructions - Waterproofing Service Contractor Melbourne

    hitch property constructions

    1800 22 1111

    Hitch Constructions is Australia’s leading internal & external waterproofing company in spray applied protective coatings and membranes. A professional waterproofing system will extend the life of your assets and increase the durability of the structures. We offer water leak investigation works, diagnosis and reporting for any water ingress issues with water tests/blood tests to determine the location of the leak and the most suitable waterproofing system to rectify the issue.



    Located in metropolitan areas of Melbourne, Hitch Constructions is a family-owned business that specialises in all aspects of waterproofing in the building, residential and construction industry. To put it simply, waterproofing will make any structure of your choosing water-resistant.

    This means that it will be unaffected by any dampness or aqueous bodies. By applying waterproofing solutions to your building, you will be able to prevent water from entering your structure. We at Hitch Constructions can present you with a number of renovations solutions thanks to our extensive range of membranes and coatings.


    With a combined 10 years of experience, our team of highly skilled waterproofing experts deliver superior waterproofing solutions to Melbourne’s residential, construction and building sector. In the course of the last decade years, we’ve developed a dependable status for delivering exceptional waterproofing services and quality workmanship, with a great proportion of our business originating from repeat clients and referrals.


    Leaks from bathrooms, showers and wet areas can cause extensive damage to your home or business. Even a small leak can result in expensive repairs over time. The solution is simple: if you have a leak from your bathroom, shower or wet area, call us today for a free quote and prompt service.


    Polyurethane membrane and joint sealant to balconies to provide a durable and flexible waterproof coating. Is the damage caused by these external leaks so severe they can no longer be ignored?


    Leak detection is a highly specialised service that can pinpoint precisely what is causing water damage to your property. It also addresses what needs to be done to rectify the issue and what will need repairs to make sure everything that has been affected by the water damage is completely fixed. 


    Balconies, retaining walls and basement blockwork services. Do you require quality external waterproofing that won’t cut any corners? External waterproofing is an essential part of any build, and poor quality or incorrectly done works can cost you thousands in repair bills and additional time.


    Application of fibreglass waterproofing system to ensure a strong, durable and toughen waterproofing application. As an often overlooked procedure, failure to waterproof your bathroom can potentially cause serious damage.


    Our team of licensed waterproof repairers use the latest methods and systems to remediate these issues – liquid, PVC and torch-on membranes. Our waterproofing repair works include balcony replacements, leaking showers and bathroom repairs.

    Home Renovations - Waterproofing Service Contractor Melbourne


    home renovations caulking & regrouting contractors melbourne

    1800 22 1111

    We have years of experience in the tiling and waterproofing industry, so we know what our clients need and want. Any section of your home or place of business can be waterproofed by our highly skilled and fully qualified waterproofing technicians.



    For the past 15 years, we have been waterproofing. We have an Internal and External Waterproofing Service NSW Contractor License. Our mission is to constantly offer clients the best waterproofing solutions possible at very reasonable costs. Every assignment for one of our clients receives our commitment to excellence and accuracy.

    At Home Renovations, we make sure that the waterproofing project for your new home or bathroom renovation lasts. This results from knowing how to choose high-quality products for your project. You'll feel confident when the project for your bathroom(s) or wet spaces is finished thanks to our pride in our work.


    For all types of structures, internal waterproofing is critically essential. Correctly built waterproofing prevents water and moisture from penetrating the building's structural areas, potentially averting harm.


    Home Renovations provides balcony leak repairs around Melbourne. A balcony leak can cause substantial structural damage in addition to the apparent inconvenience it causes you and your building's neighbors. Not only can this damage be structurally profound, but if left unattended for long enough, the risk to human life and extraordinary expense is possible.


    Your property can suffer significant damage from leaks. Home renovations can help you find leaks in any pipes around the property or repair any damage they may have caused.


    For more than 15 years, we have focused on outdoor waterproofing and leak repairs for homeowners, property managers, business owners, and builders. We provide high-caliber work, customized solutions, and good value for everything from waterproofing concrete to balcony waterproofing and new roof repairs.


    For any home, bathroom waterproofing is crucial. To ensure long-lasting protection, we attach a robust piece of fiberglass. It might be terrible if you don't waterproof your bathroom.


    Maybe the waterproofing was done improperly before you recently purchased the home? Or perhaps you hired someone else, and they performed poorly? Then Home Renovations can assist you!



    Home Renovations is here to make sure that your home or place of business in Melbourne doesn't turn into a leaky nightmare, whether you're a builder, project manager, or home owner. Any home or business in Melbourne has to have properly installed waterproofing, and since we have completed over 600 projects to date, you can rely on us to handle this important step of the waterproofing process quickly and competently.


    For all types of structures, internal waterproofing is critically essential. Correctly built waterproofing prevents water and moisture from penetrating the building's structural areas, potentially averting harm.


    For more than 15 years, we have focused on outdoor waterproofing and leak repairs for homeowners, property managers, business owners, and builders. We provide high-caliber work, customized solutions, and good value for everything from waterproofing concrete to balcony waterproofing and new roof repairs.


    Without removing tiles, Home Renovations offers a cost-effective option to seal your shower, bath, or balcony. We employ a specially designed epoxy seal that is so powerful & long-lasting that we can confidently provide an unrestricted 25-year guarantee.


    Maybe the waterproofing was done improperly before you recently purchased the home? Or perhaps you hired someone else, and they performed poorly? Then Home Renovations can assist you!


    Home Renovations provides balcony leak repairs around Melbourne. A balcony leak can cause substantial structural damage in addition to the apparent inconvenience it causes you and your building's neighbors. In addition to the potential for significant structural damage, if the problem is ignored for a long enough period of time, there may also be a risk to human life and extremely high costs.

    Australian Waterproofing Company - Waterproofing Service Contractor Melbourne

    australian waterproofing company

    0431 606 906

    Trusted Waterproofing Service in Melbourne

    Regardless of whether it is a home, commercial, or civil project, we at Australian Waterproofing Company recognize that every one of them represents someone's investment. In the construction industry, it's common to hear the figure that waterproofing, which makes up 1.8 percent of construction costs, is the cause of 83 percent of building fault complaints. You are ensured not to end up as a statistic when you work with the Australian Waterproofing Company to waterproof your building in Melbourne. One of Melbourne's top waterproofing companies is Australian Waterproofing Company. To waterproof your building, we employ top-notch materials. At Australian Waterproofing Company, we provide commercial and residential waterproofing as well as corporate body rejuvenation in Melbourne.

    What We Do!

    The expertise of Australian Waterproofing Company Pty Ltd span a wide spectrum of waterproofing. We offer a wide range of services, including brand-new construction as well as corrective rectifications and restorations. We are also able to install waterproofing membrane systems in Melbourne and impart technical expertise throughout your project.

    Our professionals finish every project as if it were their own since they are dedicated and skilled in their approach to waterproofing. We are dedicated to completing all projects to the highest standards, on time, and within budget. We have a wealth of knowledge regarding products and application procedures at our disposal.

    Waterproofing Services Contractors FAQs

    Waterproofing is a fundamental construction requirement. Modern buildings are waterproof, using membranes and coatings to protect the integrity of the structure. However, every year, many households and commercial premises report damage and problems that may be associated with inadequate waterproofing of buildings. If you do not stop water penetration on time, it will cause serious damage to the building.

    The service life of a structure depends on its stability, which affects the ingress of water. Therefore, the waterproofing of the building is very important, and in recent times more attention has been paid to it.

    Protects Interiors From Water Damage

    The inner part of your home is usually exposed to many unpredictable weather elements like sun rays and rains. This includes walls, floors, the foundation and even the insulation. How much ever you try to get your walls sealed by using steel, concrete, etc., during the construction, they do crack and get rusted.

    Waterproofing your home protects the walls from creating a seepage. It will help prevent water damage from occurring, promoting a healthy, strong start in your fledgling.

    Prevents Onset of Health Problems

    When moisture finds its way to enter your walls and ceilings, it builds up the growth of mould and mildew. This creates spores, which again lead to many health problems. Spores get projected into the air, and when you breathe in, they will travel to your lungs that can cause health problems. It’s always preferable to have waterproofing done to your home at the right time, to keep you and your family away from such unexpected health problems.

    Saves Your Money

    Waterproofing your home might While waterproofing your home often makes you feel like a daunting task, the cost of the process also seems like a blow to your budget. But, prevention is always better than cure. It is best to think of it as a long term investment that makes money during the building’s lifetime.

    Instead of being taken aback by the costs of waterproofing your home, what you need to keep in mind is to solve not the short term problem but the long term one.

    Promotes Long-Term Comfort

    Waterproofing helps to seal a new construction site early, which has been found to promote long term comfort. The measures that are taken help reducing the moisture in the interior of the building. It makes it more comfortable to live in a while also providing a foundation for further work later on. Thinking about this early can help prevent headaches about the matter later.

    Waterproofing is best done when the home is being built or renovated. Still, professional waterproofers can use many approaches to sell your home regardless of its age or condition.

    Any area of the home that will be exposed to moisture should be waterproofed. Some of the areas that deserve the most attention include basements, bathrooms, balconies, the roof and the kitchen.


    A worker making sure to waterproof house Bathrooms require extensive waterproofing because they come into direct contact with water daily. To prevent the buildup of excess moisture and leaks, it is essential to waterproof your bathroom’s walls, floor and ceiling. The area behind the shower is particularly vulnerable, so it should be made using a wallboard rated for moist environments and sealed.

    Tile is a great choice for a bathroom floor because it works well at keeping water from seeping through to floorboards, but the grout needs to be sealed each year to avoid water getting into and behind it. Finally, the ceilings should be covered in waterproof paint, while a vent can help bring moist air out of the bathroom.


    Because balconies are often exposed to elements such as rain, snow and wind direction, they are highly susceptible to seepage. Waterproofing is especially important if your balcony is wood-framed. However, concrete structures can also benefit from an extra layer of protection against cracks, mould, mildew and the sun’s UV rays. Waterproofing a balcony is a job that is best left to the experts.


    The roof of your home is one of the most important places to waterproof because it must stand up to the greatest exposure to wind and wet weather conditions such as rain and snow. If water makes its way through your roof, it can end up seeping through the entire home and causing extensive damage that can be very costly to repair.

    Many people think of their roof as only involving the shingles, as they are the most visible part, but shingles alone are just one part of the equation and will not keep water out on their own. The roofing underlayment beneath the shingles is also important, and this is where waterproofing protection should take place.


    Waterproofing the counters, cabinets, and backsplashes near the stove and sink can make a big difference in the kitchen. Cracked countertops can cause water to seep and accumulate inside, while the cabinet under the sink is a prime place for mould to grow. Kitchen waterproofing is often carried out in the form of surface treatments and sealing joints.


    Waterproofing houses while painting on the ground basement are susceptible to dampness, condensation, mould and flooding, and waterproofing is essential in this area of the home. Because your basement can be thought of as being part of the home’s foundation, it deserves extra attention to avoid settling and cracking from water damage. This is particularly important if you store valuable possessions in your basement.

    A Waterproofing Contractor With A Good Reputation

    It is essential to hire a waterproofing contractor who has a good reputation. Ideally, you will want to ask family and colleagues in your area if they can recommend a company with whom they have had positive experiences.

    You should also research potential waterproofing contractors online and look at their reviews, particularly any trends you notice in comments about their services. It is also good to check with governmental agencies to find out whether any judgments or complaints against the company you are considering have been filed.

    You will want to make sure that the waterproofing contractor you hire is licensed, bonded and insured. In addition to asking about their status in this regard, you should verify the information they provide you. Properly waterproofing a foundation or basement is a major project that could have serious repercussions for the structure of your home, so you need to ensure you are hiring a true professional.

    A Contractor That Can Tell The Signs Of Damage

    Not all signs of water damage in your home are as obvious as puddles of water on your basement floor after a downpour. Some of the more common signs of water damage in your home include peeling paint, damp spots on your basement walls and rust on tools or appliances.

    However, some of the less obvious signs may be harder to detect, such as cracks in basement walls, an unusual odour, or the presence of a chalky white substance on the walls.

    You’ll want to choose a contractor who knows how to carefully inspect the entire basement area to address potential problems before they grow out of control, in addition to correcting any existing issues.

    A Contractor With A Clearly Outlined Estimate

    Waterproofing contractor working outside on a nice day, be sure to determine if the contractors you are considering are willing to stand behind their work. For example, one waterproofing contractor might suggest an inexpensive and quick fix, but it may not be the best option if they are not willing to give a warranty. It is a good idea to get multiple quotes, but be sure to take quality into account when you are comparing prices.

    A Waterproof Contractor With A Detailed Proposal And Contract

    Your waterproofing contractor should provide you with a detailed proposal and contract that lists everything involved in the work in writing. Ensure you understand what is included, or you could end up paying even more later. If any point of the contract is not detailed, be sure to ask for the specifics in writing. This can protect you if the work is not carried out as expected.

    Experience and Expertise Matters

    Most professional waterproofing contractors will have professionally trained and experienced staff members. They can quickly find out the root cause of water leakage, although you may find it to be a time-consuming task. They are capable of facing any unexpected situations and challenges during a waterproofing project.

    Additionally, they have the right skills and equipment for repairing existing damages. These professionals provide the best advice on waterproofing your basement or roof based on their experience. Rather than taking up waterproofing as a DIY job and spending a lot more in the future, opt for professional assistance, and have a job well done!

    The utilisation of Latest Technologies 

    This is one of the main benefits of getting waterproofing services from professional waterproofing contractors. These contractors are aware of the latest waterproofing technologies, which help waterproof the bathroom smartly. So you can be assured of using the most efficient and cost-effective waterproofing services that last.

    Detailed Quotation 

    This is also a prime reason why many people opt for professional waterproofing services. After analysing all the consequences, experienced contractors will give you details about how much money you need to invest to avail their services. This will help you to plan your budget accordingly.

    Quality Control

    Professional waterproofing contractors will use high-quality materials, and they ensure that their services are provided in the best possible way. This prevents the building from potential damages. Moreover, professional contractors will provide services with a warranty. Additionally, they will appoint on-site supervisors to take care of the work and monitor overall progress.

    Provide Insured Services 

    Insured services are helpful to avoid monetary losses due to damage to your property during the waterproofing process. Therefore, it is always best to hire a professional contractor who provides insured waterproofing services.

    Monetary Benefits 

    A high-quality waterproofing service is a one-time investment. Therefore, it may seem costly at the time of investment. Still, it effectively prevents unwanted future expenses since an experienced professional contractor makes sure that your property is protected against water leakage for several years.

    Survey and Inspection

    Professional contractors conduct overall surveys and field inspections to determine the vulnerable spots and root causes for water leakage. They undertake several tasks, such as visual inspection, laboratory testing, and humidity measurement. Once the leakage has been detected, they will give you an estimated cost before starting the waterproofing process.

    Cementitious Waterproofing

    This method is the easiest because the materials are easily available from masonry product suppliers. Moreover, they are easy to mix and apply in internal wet areas like toilets. However, this method doesn’t go through the contract and expansion process because it is not exposed to weathering and sunlight.

    Cementitious methods of waterproofing can be used for a waterproof deck coating, such as those in bridges, dams, sewage and water treatment plants, and tunnels.

    Liquid Waterproofing Membrane

    This type of coating uses a primer coat a couple of topcoats applied via roller, spray, or trowel. Compared with cementitious waterproofing, this offers more flexibility. This is because it turns into a rubbery coating on your wall when the liquid cures.

    The elongation properties of such a method will reach as high as 280 per cent. However, it will depend on the type of polymer that the manufacturer uses to apply liquid waterproofing.

    Bituminous Coating Waterproofing

    Another way to waterproof a building construction is via bituminous coating. Its polymer grade and reinforced fibre properties provide flexibility and protection against water. This method is also referred to as asphalt coating, which is excellent in concrete foundations.

    However, the bitumen-based materials in this coating option may not be suitable when exposed to sunlight. This is due to the fact that it becomes fragile and brittle in the long run. You may modify it using more flexible materials like acrylic or polyurethane-based polymers.

    Bituminous Membrane Waterproofing

    If you opt for a waterproof deck coating, you can pick this method because it has been used for low-sloped roofs because of its proven performance. It is self-adhesive due to the composition of asphalt, filler, and polymers. Moreover, it also has certain oils and resins added to improve adhesion.

    It also has covered and exposed types of torch on the membrane. The exposed type can withstand the wear and tear of the weathering process due to the granular mineral aggregate.

    Polyurethane Liquid Membrane Waterproofing

    Another form of waterproofing is the polyurethane liquid membrane, which is somewhat an expensive option. It is used in flat roof areas and those exposed to weathering. Nevertheless, this type of waterproofing is highly flexible, but polyurethane is quite sensitive to moisture content.

    So when you apply this method, see to it that you evaluate the concrete slab for moisture content. If not, you will notice that a de-bonding or peeling of the membranes will occur over time.

    Overall, you can check any area around the building that requires waterproofing, such as bathrooms and kitchen, basement, balconies, decks, green roofs, swimming pools, walls, and water tanks, among others.

    Thus, you can determine which type of waterproofing method can be applied in any particular setting. You may also refer to professionals to ensure that what you are doing is right.

    AWS Services Group - Waterproofing Service Contractor Melbourne

    aws services group

    1300 665 326

    Excellence in Everything We Do

    AWS is regarded as a leader in the sector because of its emphasis on better systems, affordable solutions, and the use of cutting-edge, environmentally friendly materials. We take great pleasure in offering exceptional customer service and completing projects on schedule and under budget.

    Why choose AWS?

    In the commercial, civil, and strata industries of building waterproofing and concrete remedial repairs, AWS Services is a market leader and the go-to option. We manage every job from beginning to end and offer enduring, assured solutions.

    With the greatest staff in the business, AWS can provide you with the concrete repair services that are most appropriate for your needs. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and affordable results. Our broad client list, which includes reputable government agencies, construction firms, local governments, and strata management firms, many of which are repeat customers, serves as additional evidence of our skill.

    Eastern Sealant Services - Waterproofing Service Contractor Melbourne

    eastern sealant services

    0401 171 146

    specializing in all areas of caulking products and services. You can depend on Eastern Sealant Services for the best product and skilled workmanship whether you are building, extending or repairing. Located in Melbourne's Eastern suburbs, Eastern Sealant Services is a small business that offers a variety of professional caulking services.

    With a family history of caulking specialists, we offer the expertise and a committed team with in-depth knowledge of the market. According to the construction industry, appropriate caulking only accounts for 1.8 percent of construction costs but, if not done correctly the first time, causes 83 percent of building faults. Therefore, picking the appropriate caulking contractor is crucial.

    We at Eastern Sealant Services are professionals and can offer you caulking solutions that are long-lasting, efficient, and affordable to fit your needs. No matter what you need sealed, whether it's a bathroom, window frames, construction/expansion joints, concrete, or aluminium panels, we can handle it with a high-quality product and finish.

    Austin Waterproofing - Waterproofing Service Contractor Melbourne

    austin waterproofing

    03 9782 9629


    Melbourne Commercial Waterproofing Do you want to ensure that your company is shielded against water damage? With our experienced business waterproofing in Melbourne services, the staff at Austin Waterproofing can offer knowledgeable help. We customize our services and solutions to meet the unique needs and standards of your company.

    Commercial Waterproofing

    PVC Waterproofing in Melbourne At Austin Waterproofing, we can offer a sheet of polyvinyl chloride that is both durable and flexible and is used as a PVC waterproofing membrane. This cutting-edge roofing material is a high-tech way to safeguard flat rooftops. Even in wet and icy weather, our highly skilled and experienced team uses specialized equipment to complete the task. …

    PVC Waterproofing

    Green roofs are becoming more and more well-liked because of all the practical and aesthetic advantages they offer, according to Green Roof Waterproofing in Melbourne. They not only increase a building's worth and improve the moods of those nearby, but they also purify the air and lower the surrounding temperature. within Austin Waterproofing.

    Stone Care And Repairs - Waterproofing Service Contractor Melbourne

    stone care and repairs

    (03) 9555 5859

    Waterproofing & Membranes

    Rooftops, planter boxes, balconies, and common areas all have waterproofing. For all outdoor spaces, including balconies, planter boxes, rooftops, and communal areas, SCR provides the best waterproofing solutions on the market. If you have water damage or damaged tiles, you can trust SCR Melbourne to handle the work correctly.

    Whatever you need sealed, SCR has a membrane for both business and residential clients. Prior to retiling, we can waterproof leaking balconies and outdoor spaces, apply membranes and epoxy waterproof seals to pool and pond regions and install trafficable membranes on rooftops and outdoor spaces.

    Who we are

    Balcony repairs in Melbourne will benefit from the ethical work standards introduced by SCR, a devoted team of tilers and stone masons. According to SCR, every homeowner has the right to a tiled and waterproofed balcony that meets Australian standards. The SCRs professional staff, led by Director Fergus Lagan, has more than 40 years of collective industry expertise. Stone Care and Repairs, a fully insured and registered business, was founded in 2007 and specializes in waterproofing, tiling, and stone restoration services.

    AWC Group - Waterproofing Service Contractor Melbourne

    awc group

    0482 499 576

    Less Talk, More Action

    The AWC Group strives to offer the waterproofing industry's best service and craftsmanship. Our goal is to deliver superior solutions and support. Your expectations and requirements are the centres of our attention throughout the entire process, from start to finish.

    We are a small service-oriented business with an emphasis on delivering high-quality, timely service. We put a lot of effort into creating wonderful relationships with each of our customers. Our goal is to earn your contentment.

    Xtreme Seal - Waterproofing Service Contractor Melbourne

    xtreme seal

    1300 658 006

    Waterproofing Services in Melbourne

    We at Xtreme Seal are specialists in rebuilding and corrective work. We are the firm to call if you need bathroom and balcony waterproofing in Melbourne. With a variety of highly skilled specialists on our staff, we can fix leaky balconies, regrout showers, waterproof bathrooms, seal and waterproof showers, and more.

    We have extensive experience in the field, so you can be sure your project is in good hands with us. We can evaluate the issue, walk you through the potential solutions, and then work quickly to deliver the best option for you.

    Choose the trusted experts in Melbourne.

    In addition to offering reasonable costs, we also promise consistently high-quality service. Our reputation as one of Melbourne's most sought-after bathroom and balcony waterproofing contractors has been established as a result of this commitment. When you get in touch with us, learn why people select us. We take great delight in always offering outstanding customer service, and we want you to have a good call with us.

    Budget Seal - Waterproofing Service Contractor Melbourne

    budget seal

    1300 907 105


    Shower repair and sealing are the areas of expertise for Budget Seal. No tiles are removed or damaged throughout our process. We are dedicated to employing top-notch materials that are durable against mould, wear, and cleaning agents.

    Showers are prone to mould and mildew growth, grout deterioration, and soap scum development, all of which can be dangerous if left unchecked. All deteriorating inferior grout and internal silicone are removed as part of our total shower repairs, and new, high-grade materials are installed in their place.


    Each Budget Seal technician has undergone the most rigorous training possible. By providing the most cutting-edge products available, first-rate service, and affordable prices, Budget Seal's technicians have grown to become one of the most trusted and respected organizations in the country for showers and balcony sealing.

    Melbourne Waterproofing & Tiling - Waterproofing Service Contractor Melbourne

    melbourne waterproofing & tiling

    0413 722 043

    Our team of fully qualified and registered waterproofers will give your wet area the preparation required, strictly following Australian Standards and using only the best quality products. Our work is of the highest calibre. When each job is finished, a certificate of compliance is given to you, giving you the comfort and confidence you require for such specialized work.


    Melbourne Waterproofing and Tiling is a Melbourne-based company that specializes in all your waterproofing and tiling requirements, whether you're a homeowner updating your bathroom or any other tiled area, a builder needing our services throughout the entire home, commercial properties, or larger projects, like apartments and shopping centres. No task is too small or too large!

    If a task is worthwhile, it should be completed effectively. That is our company's credo, which guarantees the highest quality work and a keen eye for detail to provide you with the greatest finish. You can be assured that you are in good hands because the tilers and waterproofers you are working with have more than ten years of experience in the field and can provide you with advice on materials, processes, and decision-making.

    Pasco Construction Solutions - Waterproofing Service Contractor Melbourne

    pasco construction solutions

    +61 3 9429 9112

    Why choose Pasco?

    Our deep understanding of the business helped us to spot a need for the delivery of a wide variety of waterproofing and sealant solutions in the commercial and residential building sector. We have been able to fill this gap by offering a variety of specialized products and value-added services thanks to our extensive industry expertise and experience spanning over 30 years.

    We concentrate on the building industry's waterproofing and sealant sector with our extensive and superior product line. We have been able to get goods of the greatest quality and at the cutting edge of cutting-edge technology thanks to our extensive network of local and international suppliers.

    Our continual goal is to locate a market need by collaborating closely with specialized contractors, builders, and specifiers to find high-quality goods that will satisfy their requirements at a reasonable price. Our technical proficiency in waterproofing enables us to provide our stakeholders with expert guidance in addition to our product line. By suggesting the best system or product for a given application, we are able to provide solutions.

    Westside Sealants - Waterproofing Service Contractor Melbourne

    westside sealants

    03 9394 1109

    Our Popular Services

    Caulking, waterproofing, fire-rated sealants, repairs, and leak repairs are just a few of the expert services our team provides. Additionally, we provide caulking services for tilt slabs, expansion joints, windows, bathrooms, brickwork, paving, swimming pools, and windows.

    From New Constructions to Renovations

    Whether your project is for a residential or business site, we can assist. With the help of our sealant services team, prevent further damage to newly constructed or renovated areas.

    Workmanship and Quality Product

    We regularly give our technicians skill training so that you will obtain work that is of a high calibre. To give you things that will last, we exclusively employ materials of the highest calibre.

    Megasealed - Waterproofing Service Contractor Melbourne


    1300 658 008


    Owner of Megasealed - Melbourne Central, Monique Hill offers leak detection without removing tiles, tile sealing, shower repair, and skilled and affordable repairs of leaky showers and balconies. The 8-person, the amiable crew is eager to assist you in resolving your balcony and bathroom leak problems.



    Shower waterproofing is Megasealed's area of expertise, along with the non-destructive repair of leaking showers. Our ISO-accredited sealing method is used to cover and seal underneath leaky tiles, focusing on the waterproof membrane inside to create a complete seal.


    Without spending a fortune on a complete remodel, give your bathroom a new lease on life! When silicone or grout becomes mouldy or discoloured, cleaning becomes next to impossible. A Megasealed Bathroom Rejuvenation will help you save time, trouble, and money.

    Onpoint Waterproofing - Waterproofing Service Contractor Melbourne

    onpoint waterproofing

    0403 462 600

    About Us

    Bathrooms, walk decks, second floor and balcony waterproofing, as well as any tiling jobs, are Onpoint Waterproofing's areas of expertise. We deal with porcelain, limestone, blue stone, sandstone, mosaic, stack stone, terracotta, and ceramic tiles, among other varieties. Additionally, we offer remodelling, roof leak repairs, and waterproofing for unique items like planters.

    What is waterproofing?

    In the construction of a building, waterproofing is necessary because concrete by itself is not watertight unless additives are used.

    The traditional method of waterproofing uses "membranes," which entails applying one or more layers of a membrane to act as a barrier between the water and the building structure and stop water from passing through.

    Real Tiling and Waterproofing - Waterproofing Service Contractor Melbourne

    real tiling and waterproofing

    0403 236 450

    Tiling Services you can trust

    Melbourne-based real tiling and waterproofing company. Over the years, we've finished thousands of tiling projects on residential, commercial, and industrial sites. We take pride in our reputation as a dependable tile company that delivers work on schedule and to the highest calibre.

    Along with residential clients, builders, real estate brokers, property managers, designers, and architects, Real Tiling and Waterproofing also serves residential clients. We partner with you from beginning to end to ensure you achieve your goals, and we eagerly anticipate assisting each of our clients with their renovations.

    We are a fully licensed professional waterproofing.

    We have years of experience in the tiling and waterproofing industry, so we know what our clients need and want. Any section of your home or place of business can be waterproofed by our highly skilled and fully qualified waterproofing technicians.

    Sure Seal - Waterproofing Service Contractor Melbourne

    sure seal

    0431 819 790

    Waterproofing services

    We offer a complete selection of waterproofing services. Our areas of expertise include new construction, remodelling, bathrooms, balconies, water testing, and leak detection. Negative grade membranes, UV stable and trafficable membranes, and basement taking - retaining walls are additional services.

    All Waterproofing Membranes - Waterproofing Service Contractor Melbourne

    all waterproofing membranes

    0418 373 568

    All employees of Waterproofing Membranes have received accreditation as authorized installers for the use of Waterproofing Membranes. Because safety is a top priority, every member of our crew has a license to operate EWP (Elevated Working Platforms) equipment.

    About Us

    The fact that Alan Donovan and his qualified employees have all received accreditation as authorized installers for the installation of waterproofing membranes is crucial in and of itself. All Waterproofing Membranes takes pride in providing excellent customer service and works hard to stay on schedule. If we are going to be late, we'll call ahead and let someone know.

    Because safety is a top priority, every member of our crew has a license to operate EWP (Elevated Working Platforms) equipment. The team at All Waterproofing Membranes is completely covered by insurance. There is no loud music or dogs present at any Waterproofing Membranes locations, and all sites will be completely cleaned up when work is finished.

    Monaco Waterproofing - Waterproofing Service Contractor Melbourne

    monaco waterproofing

    0404 036 776

    Extensive Knowledge

    Our lengthy past has shaped our vast body of knowledge. We take great pleasure in our craftsmanship, and we want to help the builders we deal with avoid future problems by educating them.

    Qualified Contractors

    Monaco Waterproofing has been in business for over 18 years, and we only engage with other highly qualified contractors to do the job at hand. We have a solid reputation to uphold for consistently providing high-quality work on every assignment we undertake.

    High-Quality Materials

    The high-quality materials we use are one of the reasons we can support ourselves. If you decide to work with waterproofing contractors who cut corners and use low-cost, subpar materials, it could end up being a very expensive error.

    Universal Tradesman - Waterproofing Service Contractor Melbourne

    universal tradesman

    1800 411 812


    Do you wish to revitalize your home without having to rebuild it even though you love where you now reside? Well, perhaps you might consider remodelling! Bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and even secret areas or man caves are all covered by our restoration services! In addition, we provide all of the trades associated with renovations (such as painting, tiling, re-stumping, and more) for any situation in which you don't require a complete renovation.


    If you're planning on building, rebuilding, or even just conducting a fix-up, waterproofing is a basic trade that you require! Our tradesmen at Universal Tradesman are certified and accredited with Ardex membranes, and it's also one of our primary services. Along with our specialized leak detection and recovery services, our waterproofing services cover both internal and outdoor works. We work with both homeowners and builders, and we would love to talk to you about your waterproofing requirements.

    Repairs And Maintenance

    Do you think your house may need some tender loving care? Well, if you're not good with tools, don't worry; we are! From a decaying window sill to patching and painting the dings and dents in your wall, we can handle any repair or maintenance task you may have. We have skilled, experienced employees in a variety of trades, as well as handymen with years of experience fixing every kind of property issue. We can assist you if you live in Melbourne's South East.

    Bravada - Waterproofing Service Contractor Melbourne


    +61 1300 272 824


    Bravada, which began with a team of seven in 2014, now has over 40 employees and has earned a reputation as the industry standard for quality, reputation, innovation, and customer service among suppliers and industry bodies. In addition to offering top-notch waterproofing solutions for all construction areas, from the ground up to the roof and everything in between, Bravada has developed a reputation for having unmatched expertise in remedial works.

    In addition to its core waterproofing services, these specialty services allow Bravada to offer a one-stop-shop for a variety of repair and remedial works not typically provided by mainstream contractors like plumbers, builders, painters, tilers, and the like to clients like asset owners, owners committees/body corporates, residential/commercial property managers, and residential/commercial builders (warranty departments).


    As a Registered Building Practitioner with the Victorian Building Authority and the majority of its Applicators already holding a Certificate III in Waterproofing from Melbourne Polytechnic, the highest level of accreditation available in our industry, Bravada is far ahead of the curve in the waterproofing sector.

    Watertite - Waterproofing Service Contractor Melbourne


    03 9645 6309

    We are aware that safeguarding structures from the harm that water and the elements may cause to them presents a significant challenge for architects, engineers, and construction firms. Although waterproofing may only make up a small portion of the entire cost of construction, it is an essential component of a successful building project and can affect how long a structure lasts. We also recognize that our customers want tried-and-true products and application platforms.


    Our team is available to assist you with your project at every stage, from the preliminary design phase to the application and final inspection. To provide the best long-lasting and affordable solution for your project, we can help you with the numerous system requirements and product options that are available. For you, we can handle the administration of the design, specification, and application delivery. There is no intermediary.


    We excel at defending your infrastructure against water's destructive impacts. Our objective is to provide waterproofing solutions that are accommodating, effective, and reasonably priced and that meet or surpass your expectations.

    Aquaseal - Waterproofing Service Contractor Melbourne


    0450 111 769


    Some of the more difficult and technically demanding areas that need waterproofing include flat roofs and balconies. High temperatures in the summer and cold temperatures in the winter, along with the brunt of winds and rain immersion, place them under some of the harshest strains.

    Insufficient and inappropriate structural waterproofing can result in costly remedial expenses, therefore picking a comprehensive and capable membrane system is crucial. We provide Heat Welded and Cold Welded sheet membrane systems in collaboration with industry leaders in membrane technology manufacture. Liquids may be useful in particular situations.

    Accredited Ardex Butynol Installers, Aquaseal Waterproofing Systems installs WPM 750 Heat Welded and 1.5mm Sheet Rubber for flat roofs, balconies, planters, and more. A very adaptable heat-welded sheet called Projex Cosmofin welded PVC membrane is another thing we install. In a repair or restorative situation, Cosmofin can be applied over a leaking balcony and installed as a decoupling membrane.

    National Tilers - Waterproofing Service Contractor Melbourne

    national tilers

    0431 443 418


    We assure you that we do our work in compliance with Australian requirements because we are qualified waterproofers. We only work with reputable names and products. To ensure there is never another problem, we apply a bond breaker bandage to every edge. We make sure that everything is well-sealed by applying 2-3 coats.


    These days, balconies with leaks are fairly frequent. The main causes are improperly installed waterproofing membranes or tiles that don't fall properly into the drain. Get it looked out right away because the costs involved, if not rectified, might be significant.


    There are numerous reasons why a shower can be dripping. The improper application of the membrane is one of the key causes. There may be movement in the house or perhaps the item is past its use-by date. Plaster and wood can be ruined by a leaking shower, costing you hundreds of dollars in repairs. Don't wait any longer; get it checked out right away!

    Proform 1 - Waterproofing Service Contractor Melbourne

    proform 1

    0404 145 615

    Waterproofing Melbourne

    Proform 1 Waterproofing has over ten years of experience in the waterproofing sector and is aware that every waterproofing job is unique. Because of this, Proform 1 is the brand you can rely on for all of your waterproofing needs.

    What do you get from Proform 1?

    For their construction projects, many builders and developers forego hiring experienced waterproofers. They rely on low-cost, unlicensed waterproofing contractors to complete the work as quickly as possible for them. These contractors just apply to waterproof like paint. They don't follow Australian guidelines.

    Proform 1 is unique in that we are licensed waterproofing contractors with years of expertise whose goal is to offer qualified waterproofing services for residential and renovation projects across Melbourne.

    Waterproofing Protection Specialist - Waterproofing Service Contractor Melbourne

    waterproofing protection specialist

    0455 542 001

    Services We Provide

    We work with residential, business, and industrial clients as well as builders and other contractors in all Melbourne suburbs. Whatever the size of the job, we will work closely with you at every step of the way to make sure you get a result you’re happy with.


    When remodelling or starting from scratch, you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your investment will be safeguarded for many years. We are experts in waterproofing basements, balconies, and bathrooms around Melbourne. You can be confident that your home is in good hands with us because we offer a seven-year guarantee and the highest quality products.


    Not only are repairs for water damage expensive. It could harm your equipment and products, halt your business, and increase your costs. Invest in top-notch waterproofing for your balconies, basement storage areas, and restrooms to safeguard your company. We work with companies of all sizes and shapes, and we provide a seven-year guarantee so you know your waterproofing will continue to function properly for years to come.

    A Better Build - Waterproofing Service Contractor Melbourne

    a better build

    0418 802 275

    The Melbourne-based company A Better Build Waterproofing & Building specializes in offering waterproofing and construction services. A Better Build approaches all works, big and small, with the same high level of care since they are dedicated to service, quality, environmental care, and safety.

    We ensure top-notch outcomes while offering a broad range of professional waterproofing & building services in accordance with Australian Standards. We are prompt, courteous and, above all else, dependable. When we say we'll arrive at 8:00 am, we'll arrive at 8:00 am regardless of the weather.

    You can trust A Better Build Waterproofing & Construction for open assessments and dedication to finishing the job well, on schedule, and within the specified price.

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