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Top 50 Wedding Cake Shops in Melbourne (2024)

In the lead up to your wedding, there are a whole lot of decisions you need to make. From what flowers to have for the ceremony to how much booze should be offered at reception drinks; and where your guests will stay when they come from out of town. The list goes on and on. 

One decision that is often overlooked in favour of more glamorous choices is where you get your cake made. It's important not just because it helps tie everything together visually but also because it can help set the tone for the day with its flavour profile - chocolate or lemon? 

After all, this is one treat that everyone will enjoy! So if you're looking for Melbourne's best cake shops, then read on... 

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    Ultimate List of the Best Wedding Cake Shops Melbourne

    Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses - Wedding Cake Shop Melbourne

    ferguson plarre

    03 9563 3353

    Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses has always been and will continue to be a family-owned and operated business. Our illustrious history dates back to the 1800s. Early European ancestors can be found in the Ferguson and Plarre families, who arrived in Australia more than 110 years ago.

    For a kids' celebration, little cakes and sweet treats are ideal. Maybe you're enjoying an afternoon tea with your girlfriends or a morning tea at work. Our selection of sweet delights and mini cakes, many of which have won awards, has something for everyone, even if you are simply looking for a snack. You may order delectable biscuits, cupcakes, donuts, muffins, buns, slices, and tarts online and pick them up later. Your taste buds will appreciate your trust in us.

    Fantasy Cakes - Wedding Cake Shop Melbourne

    fantasy cakes

    03 98558227

    Every Day Cakes

    It is more important than ever to make sure that those commonplace occasions are still commemorated and that joy and happiness are shared. The contactless delivery of our newest line of "Every Day Cakes" to your Melbourne home or business is available, and they are made to delight.

    Say Happy Birthday with our Custom-Design Cakes

    Our cakes, which are created and baked in our boutique studio, are the perfect way to dazzle party guests. Whether it's a 21st party, a 50th, or your relative's 100th birthday, we're committed to making your festivities exceptional and adore making cakes for those significant milestones.

    Make Your Wedding Day Timeless

    We understand that you want to create a flawless day to remember for your once-in-a-lifetime union. Don't worry, though; our designers have years of experience crafting exquisite masterpieces just for you, ensuring that you say "I do" in the most elegant and delectable way possible.

    Regnier Cakes - Wedding Cake Shop Melbourne

    regnier cakes

    0407 361 020

    Weddings and Engagements

    Regnier Cakes takes great pleasure in its wedding and event cakes, but it is aware that sometimes you just cannot give the necessary notice for unique designs. You should choose from the express range listed below. Choose your own colors and flavors, and receive your order in a short amount of time at the last minute.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Fondant has a much more candy-like flavour than rich and soft buttercream. Many couples find the flavour of hard, candy-like fondant icing to be less pleasant than buttercream. 

    Buttercream is soft and must be spread by hand, meaning it will never lay as flat on the surface of a cake as a firm, smooth fondant. So if you’re dreaming of an architectural cake with intricate designs, buttercream is not the icing for you.

    Be sure to try both options at your cake tasting and discuss which option is best for you with your cake baker!

    Generally, a slice of cake that is 4 inches tall, 1 inch wide, and 2 inches in length. This is the standard size of a slice of wedding cake.

    Do yourself a favour and do as much of the work ahead of time, including baking the cakes; the cake layers will hold, wrapped tightly in plastic wrap, in the freezer for up to 2 weeks. 

    It’s also much easier to work with cold cake, so even just freezing it the night before is helpful.

    Depending on cake size, serving sizes, and what decorations are included in the design, wedding cakes can vary in price. 

    Will you be serving coffee sized portions or serving your cake for dessert? How many guests do you need to serve? Do you have a topper, or do you want fresh flowers in your decorations as well? 

    Before deciding how much to spend on your cake, consider what is included in that cost.

    The average wedding cake around Australia costs $537. So couples in Western Australia and Victoria can expect to pay a bit above average for a cake. 

    Don’t forget to factor delivery in with your cake cost as well. It may be tempting to save costs by having someone pick it up yourself, but many suppliers don’t allow this. Don’t run the risk and pay the extra for delivery, and you won’t regret it!

    As the centrepiece of your reception, your wedding cake needs to be beautiful and delicious. Keeping it that way can be harder than you might expect, however. 

    Wedding cakes are often made several days before they’re cut and involve a wide variety of delicate and unstable ingredients. Some do well in the refrigerator until the big day, but others should never experience cold temperatures. 

    You can figure out how to keep your wedding cake fresh before and after the wedding by examining its ingredients.

    Cake Type

    Most kinds of cake do well outside the refrigerator, but some frostings and fillings fare better with chillier conditions. For instance, delicate and fluffy white cakes contain relatively little fat and dry out easily in the fridge, but denser and fattier yellow or chocolate cakes can withstand the cold. Old fashioned fruitcakes are traditional for some weddings. They are extremely durable and stay fresh in or out of the refrigerator, as long as you keep them moist.


    The biggest reason to refrigerate a wedding cake is to preserve the frosting. Many fat-based frostings spoil, crust or melt easily when you expose them to temperatures above 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Always refrigerate cakes topped with whipped cream, cream cheese frosting and American, Swiss or French buttercream since these icings are very heat-sensitive. Italian buttercream, ganache and fondant do not require refrigeration for the first day or so as long as you can keep them cool. Marzipan and royal icing are very stable and make excellent choices for hot weather wedding cakes. If your cake includes meringue or seven-minute icing, refrigeration could damage the structure and produce weeping, fallen toppings.


    Many modern wedding cakes include delicate fillings that need cold temperatures to stay fresh. Many chefs recommend refrigerating any cake filled with fresh fruit or whipped cream. The refrigerator makes a good place to store wedding cakes filled with lemon curd, custard, pudding or cream-based ganache. In general, if you wouldn’t store the filling at room temperature, refrigerate your cake.

    Long-Term Storage

    Many couples reserve part of their wedding cake for the first anniversary. If you want to keep your cake for later consumption, it’s best to store it in the freezer, not the refrigerator. Remove all the large decorations and ornaments, along with any unwrapped cardboard cake supports. 

    Place the whole piece of cake in the freezer for 20 to 30 minutes to let the icing become firm. Please remove it from the freezer and wrap it carefully with plastic wrap to avoid gaps. Cover the plastic with two or more layers of heavy aluminium foil, then place it in a box or other storage container. 

    The fewer options you allow for air to reach the cake, the fresher it will remain. Defrost the frozen cake one day before the anniversary, removing the wrapping only about two hours before you eat it.


    Nikos Cakes - Wedding Cake Shop Melbourne

    nikos cakes

    03 9569 6333

    Quality Cakes has grown from its modest beginnings in 1987 to become a reputable supplier in Melbourne's booming cake market. Founders Nick and Tass Poupouzas and their devoted crew have created some of the most magnificent and one-of-a-kind cake designs via a dedication to quality and service.

    Our talented team of pastry chefs, cake designers, and artistic decorators will work with you to create your ideal cake so that it exceeds your expectations in terms of both appearance and flavor as the focal point of your special day. Anything you may imagine, we can make a reality!

    We cordially invite you to visit us for coffee and a look around our showroom, which is situated above our humming cafe. You are sure to find a design that matches your taste, theme, and budget with the widest selection of flavors in Melbourne and over 90 stunning cakes on display.

    A Little Bit Fancee - Wedding Cake Shop Melbourne

    a little bit fancee

    041 041 6999

    About Me

    A Little Bit Fancee is a bustling Melbourne-based company that produces highly praised and in-demand cakes, macarons, and sweets. It was founded in 2009 by Cristina Cvetkoski. I specialize in wedding cakes, but I also love everything related to special occasions, such as birthdays, christenings, and baby showers. This has contributed to my reputation for providing impeccable care and attention to both my work and the clients I serve.

    My goal is to make your experience fantastic, and the first consultation is where I start. I will work with you to create a distinctive and memorable cake for your event with only a few straightforward questions. I then make sure that your cake, macarons, and pastries are expertly cooked and delivered. My knowledge will be available to you at all times.

    Smashed Piñata Cakes - Wedding Cake Shop Melbourne

    smashed piñata cakes

    451 309 140

    Early in 2017, Smashed Piata Cakes was founded after Malvern mother Kristy created the most amazing Smash Cake for her son's birthday. Kristy had so many requests after his celebration. Smashed Piata Cakes was created at that time.

    Only the best ingredients are used in Smashed Piata. We use only the best Belgian chocolate to make our chocolate domes. It's a unique dessert that is so weird and intriguing. Contact us to talk about your Smash Cake!

    Isher Eggless Bakers - Wedding Cake Shop Melbourne


    (03) 9543 5479

    Welcome to

    We are one of the greatest cake shops in Melbourne for all of your special events. We are based in Clayton and provide eggless and vegan cakes nearby. A cake to us is more than just a typical treat. It stands for joy, love, and festivity. We are dedicated to making the most delicious, distinctive, and magnificent cakes for Melbourne residents. I serve you delicious cakes that are specially made for you and will melt in your mouth.

    Isher Eggless Bakers takes pleasure in providing the best products and services to its clients. Our specially created cakes include anything from distinctive birthday cakes to classic wedding cakes. We provide cakes for all kinds of events, such as corporate gatherings, product launches, anniversaries, and baby showers. Treat your guests to a world of all-things-sweet at your next event for a special and unforgettable experience.

    Cakes of Distinction - Wedding Cake Shop Melbourne

    cakes of distinction

    03 9375 1583

    Welcome to Cakes of Distinction

    For all occasions, Cakes of Distinction specializes in making elegantly handcrafted cakes. Every wedding cake is unique and designed to fit the personality and aesthetic of the occasion. With over 30 years of experience, owner Maria Shaw has created many award-winning designs that are inspired by current trends in colour, style, texture and technique, with a shared emphasis on beautiful florals.

    Without a piece of excellent cake, no gathering or celebration is complete. With our custom cakes in Melbourne, we help to make your special occasions even sweeter. Any occasion will be made special by our distinctive and delectable cakes from Cakes of Distinction. Our specialty cake shop in Ascot Vale, Victoria, is the best place to purchase cakes for special events.

    Our cakes not only taste fantastic, but they also look fantastic. Our shop's sinfully scrumptious cakes will have everyone at your celebration begging for more. We provide a stunning selection of elegant wedding cakes that can be as straightforward or as complex as you choose.

    Sophisticakes - Wedding Cake Shop Melbourne


    0422 504 059

    WELCOME TO Sophisticakes

    I'm Sarah, and I'm Sophisticakes of Melbourne's head baker. My passion is making mouthwatering cakes, cupcakes, macaroons, and other sweet delights with unique designs for special occasions at home and at work.

    I can take care of all of your cake needs, whether it be for a birthday, an engagement, a wedding, a baby shower, or just a treat for yourself! I go through every step of your event’s dessert journey to ensure the perfect cake is created for you and ensure all your cake dreams come true!

    Although we specialize in little cupcakes, we also make huge cakes, cookies, and other baked goods for any occasion or theme. Every Sunday, we "typically" visit the Arts Centre Market in St. Kilda Road, Melbourne, however at the moment, we are unable to do so because of COVID-19.

    Cakes by Nilu - Wedding Cake Shop Melbourne

    cakes by nilu


    For all occasions, we specialize in the design and production of exquisite, masterpiece-caliber cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, and sugar cookies. No matter the occasion—weddings, birthdays, corporate events, baby showers, engagement parties, anniversaries, baptisms, christenings, or communions—our cakes never fail to wow guests with their exquisite looks and delectable flavors. To make your special event even more remarkable and unforgettable, we can assist you in selecting the perfect cake. To experience an edible work of art, get in touch with us.

    Gula Gula Cakes - Wedding Cake Shop Melbourne

    gula gula cakes

    Aside from Melbourne? Not to worry. You can organise your order to be delivered to a friend, family, or loved one here in Melbourne from virtually anywhere in the world. We are a small bakery that specializes in creating custom cakes and pastries on demand for any occasion. We are wholly Australian-owned and were founded in Melbourne by Melbourne residents. Our tagline, "Connecting legacy with contemporary cake culture," served as the impetus for creating this business from scratch.

    Kat’s Cakes - Wedding Cake Shop Melbourne

    kat's cake

    0409 421 504

    Custom cakes are the specialty of Melbourne-based Kat's Cakes, a small professional company. In order to combine her passion for baking and making people happy, Katrina founded Kats Cakes in 2002. Through perseverance and dedication, Katrina has developed into a leader in the Melbourne cake market with more than 20 years of expertise and over 10,000 cakes produced.

    After spending many productive years establishing a solid reputation in Fitzroy North, Kat's Cakes moved their workshop there. Custom cake design is approached with a new and creative perspective by Katrina and her team. She is adaptable with design style thanks to her experience; she is personable yet professional and takes great care in making sure each cake is flawless in its own right.

    Marciano’s Cake - Wedding Cake Shop Melbourne

    marcianos cakes

    (03) 95435962

    Melbourne's finest South American cakes.

    For all occasions, including weddings, 21st birthdays, birthdays, christenings, and engagements, we provide a wide selection of speciality cakes and savouries. Spanish bread and traditional empanadas (pies) are baked everyday. We specialize in authentic, home-cooked Spanish dishes that are only available in Australia.

    Our cakes are all custom-made utilizing only the best ingredients. For a distinctive aesthetic, you can even bring in your own photos and print them as edible graphics. In 1996, Marciano's Cakes opened for business.

    Sweetcheeks Cookies and Cakes - Wedding Cake Shop Melbourne


    0425 207 307

    Danielle, a third-generation cake decorator based in Langwarrin in Melbourne's South East, has years of expertise making specifically designed custom cakes, cookies, and cupcake favors for all events. She inherited her mother's and grandmother's passion for perfection.

    Danielle takes tremendous delight and pleasure in crafting unique sugar sculptures that taste as good as they look. Using only the freshest, real ingredients; you’ll get a moist and flavoursome bite every single time – and with a wide variety of flavours and fillings (as well as the option to create your own!), there’s something for everyone!

    Cakes & Cookies from Sweetcheeks While we specialize in Corporate Branded Logo Cookies and Wedding Cookies and Cakes, clients keep coming back for more delectable delights. There are also birthdays, baby showers, christenings, work functions, product launches, and just about any other reason to enjoy one of Danielle's sweet delicacies!

    Creative Cake Art - Wedding Cake Shop Melbourne

    creative cake art

    0423 018 911

    About Sarah

    Creative Cake Art was set up by Sarah Theaker in 2007. Sarah was born in London and trained in 3D illustration. It was while working at a children’s art centre that she first became interested in cake sculpting, after seeing (and tasting) the children’s cakes at birthday parties held there

    Sarah moved to Melbourne after meeting her Australian husband Chris in London. A cake store was then started by her a few years later. Sarah has decorated hundreds of cakes for weddings, birthdays, special occasions, and other business events throughout the years and has won awards for her work. In order to focus on being a mother, she closed the store in 2012 and began working from home on a lesser scale.

    Floriana Cakes - Wedding Cake Shop Melbourne

    floriana cakes

    03 9543 1639

    Welcome to Floriana Cakes

    Christmas break is from December 25 to January 18. We apologize for the inconvenience and wish you a happy and safe new year.

    Please take some time to look over our wide selection of novelty, wedding, and special occasion cakes when you visit Floriana Cakes. For more than 30 years, we have been making and designing cakes of the highest caliber. Invite us to your upcoming event so you may enjoy the delectable cakes we are known for. With flavors and fillings like Continental, Chocolate Mud, White Mud, Red Velvet, Jam & Fresh Cream, Tiramisu, Bacio, Mars, Puff Pastry, Chocolate Mousse, Gelati, Cheesecakes, and Buttercake, there is no end to what may be created. Additionally, we provide a variety of cannoli, profiteroles, and various baby cakes. We are open seven days a week and do fresh baking.

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