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Top 50 Wedding Caterers in Melbourne (2022)

Are you getting married and looking for a caterer? You're in the right place! If you live in Melbourne, we'll give you our top picks of wedding caterers. Wedding catering is an important decision because it can make or break your day.

We've compiled a list of the top wedding caterers in Melbourne. These are reputable providers with years of experience in catering for weddings, conferences and other events. You can be confident that you'll get quality service from these companies.

We hope this post helps you find the perfect catering company for your event!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Catering is defined as the business of providing food services at a remote location such as a hospital, hotel, cruise ship, or events like weddings. A wedding catering service, then, is a caterer that provides food and beverage to a wedding party and can be part of a wedding package or can be hired independently.

    The type of catering service is often responsible for all aspects of the event planning. This most often includes (but is not limited to): menu design and preparation, cuisine creation and presentation, plate and dinnerware rentals, and arranging appropriate pre-event, event, and clean-up crew staffing.

    A caterer works closely with clients to design, prepare, and serve menus for events, including wedding dinners, charity balls, holiday brunches, office lunches, and any other occasion where people gather and consume food. ... Caterers spend considerable time developing menus, a unique style, and a business plan.

    Working as a caterer or for a catering company does not typically require any formal education. Community colleges or culinary education programs offer classes or associate degree programs in areas that may be beneficial for running a catering company.

    Full service means you'll have bartenders, kitchen staff, the front of house and servers, everyone in place to set up tables, the scullery or service area, manage portions, bus away dirty plates and glasses, and pack everything away at night. Overseeing the catering team is your event captain.

    Ultimate List of the Best Wedding Caterers Melbourne 

    Catering by Chefs - Wedding Caterer Melbourne

    catering by chefs

    0407 633 321

    Birthday, Party And Event Catering In Melbourne Specialising In Fantastic Food And Great Times.

    At Catering by Chefs, we are known for being a special events catering company in Melbourne. We provide tasty party catering to a variety of happy customers at different events and functions.

    We make sure to serve you the finest food, handpicked by our experienced home caterers to organise the perfect function.

    Whether it’s BBQ catering, a cocktail party at home, a large corporate event, or simply looking for birthday catering in Melbourne, we’ve got you covered. We’re ready to cater for all types of parties.

    Our professional party catering in Melbourne consists of experienced chefs. Our team will work with you to create the perfect menu. We’ll suggest ways to craft an exceptional home catering experience for your guests.

    Cooking appliances or getting fresh products will be the least of your worries. Our food catering experts will make sure that all equipment and food items are top quality for your event.

    When it comes to choosing the cuisine, Catering by Chefs will craft the perfect menu for an unforgettable, finger-licking catering experience. From traditional Aussie BBQ to a range of intricate Asian appetisers, we offer it all.

    Catering by Chefs are also experts in themed events. We tailor a menu to your taste and liking to make your big day a memorable one. We encourage you to browse through our gallery and our menus and explore your options.

    Melbourne’s Best Wedding Catering Service

    Planning to get married in the not too distant future? Lucky for you and your partner, wedding catering has been our speciality since our inception. We can provide you with Melbourne’s most exquisite buffet for your special day. From full meal serving to simple platters and canapés, we’ve got your wedding catering concerns sorted with the extensive menus available for selection from our expert chefs.

    We can also happily accommodate themed marital events or bridal parties, providing meals that fit in with the desired style of your big day in Melbourne. 

    Our Chefs Will Work Closely With You!

    We understand perfectly that this is the biggest day of both of your lives, and we go to great lengths to ensure that it moves along with ease, providing enjoyment for all. Working with our event management, we can best grasp what you want your event to be. Using this knowledge that you’ve provided, our event managers will do all of the hard work to make sure that your function is one that you’ll never forget!

    Our event management team will be dressed in appropriate attire and inspire others with a smile on their face, wherever your wedding event is in Melbourne.

    Tailoring The Menu To Both You And The Taste Of Your Guests

    Providing meal options that comply with everyone’s dietary requirements may be hard for others, but not us! Our wedding caterers are willing to work closely with you to ensure that no one on your guest list goes wanting on the day or for the bridal party prior. We can accommodate those who have any allergies easily and effectively, and we aim to provide you with nothing less than a service that your guests will be talking about for years to come!

    We can also provide exciting platters for your event or bridal party, from a great selection of antipasto to our hot and tasty finger foods, as well as our renowned cocktail canapés.

    We Can Cater For Any Size Of Wedding, Anytime, Anywhere

    With the rise in popularity of destination weddings, we have made it our duty to be available on hand, wherever your grand occasion is going to be set in Melbourne! Our event managers will make your life easy, delivering the meals to your location, freshly prepared and ready to go. We can also easily provide wedding catering for both extremely large and intimately small events, making sure that you, your partner, and your guests will enjoy the food available.

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    Who We Are

    Qualified Chefs & Waiters with restaurant and catering experience

    “Catering by Chefs is the Premium Catering Company in Melbourne renowned for its highest quality food and outstanding service.”

    Phil, the Owner and Executive Chef, has 20 years of Catering and Chefing experience throughout Melbourne and Regional Victoria.

    What We Can Offer You

    Catering by Chefs is a unique merging of highly experienced chefs and wait staff with the finest, freshest quality ingredients and food. Our staff bring with them decades of knowledge gathered from some of Melbourne’s most renowned fine dining restaurants, event caterers and hundreds of unique weddings, in-home celebrations and corporate functions.

    Moreover, we have a list of vendors from who we source our ingredients that enables us to cater to any event (we recommend a vendor management system).

    Our cooking is inspired by contemporary and international influences such as Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Asia cuisines. 

    Fingerfood People - Wedding Caterer Melbourne

    fingerfood people

    1300 000 334


    The Fingerfood PEOPLE specialise in delicious and affordable Fingerfood. We are the Event Catering people. Our party food reflects our commitment to exceptional quality at affordable prices. Our prices are disclosed upfront, and we do not impose hidden charges. We cater for all types of events – corporate or private, large or small, formal or casual. Offering a large selection of delicious party foods, you can choose one of our easy to order finger party food packages or completely customise your selection. FINGERFOOD PEOPLE also has a large range of Fresh foods, refer to our Even More Menus for all the delicious food available.

    Staff option: This is our most popular option where our friendly, fully trained professional staff come to you. They arrive at your party event in full uniform at the pre-arranged time along with their catering kit, which includes all the necessary utensils and equipment to enable them to cook and serve your guests. At the end of our allocated time, we clean up and go. All that’s left for you to do is enjoy your function. We take care of all the details, from preparation to clean up.

    Do It Yourself: All of our Finger food is ready to heat and serve. Simply turn your oven on and place the food in for approx 5-10 minutes. It’s that easy. Our driver will arrive with your food in a pre-packed polystyrene eski, ensuring all your food is kept cold. Delivery charges apply.

    Fingerfood People also has a large range of Fresh foods. Refer to our Even More Menus for all the delicious food available.

    Let the Fingerfood People Give You Some Help

    Let’s face it, Catering for a wedding can sometimes be very exciting as well as a little bit stressful. This can often be the case when there are larger numbers of people who will be attending, a variety of dietary needs and a variety of age groups on your special day!

    Let our professional and experienced staff take care of your special event.

    Finger food People have taken the stress out of catering with a large selection of menus for your special occasion.

    For more information or advice on choosing a menu and book for your party event, call one of the FINGERFOOD PEOPLE team.

    Fabulous Catering - Wedding Caterer Melbourne

    fabulous catering

    1300 850 729


    Fabulous catering is the leading events catering company in Australia! With offices in the major cities of Sydney and Melbourne, we are equipped to look after all your function requirements.

    Our friendly office staff will take care of your order when you are ready to book. We can run you through the entire range of our products and give you all the information you require, making catering for your next function a breeze.

    Your search for the perfect Catering Service in Melbourne ends here with

    From delicious gourmet food to decadent desserts, Fabulous Catering is Melbourne’s best catering company dedicated to making your next event or celebration everything you desire. At Fabulous Catering Melbourne, we strive to surpass the level of service and versatility offered by other catering companies – providing top-quality catering services at affordable prices and incredible food that will impress your guests. With Fabulous Catering taking care of all of your catering needs across Melbourne, your next function is sure to be stress-free and fun! Our uniformed staff will arrive at the location of your event, be it a venue, a private home or a business address. They take care of all the elements of the catering and work incredibly efficiently.

    Want to make sure the guests at your party, wedding, corporate function, or whatever event you’re hosting are well catered for?

    From our base in Melbourne CBD (as well as various other locations across Australia), we provide gourmet catering services that can be tailored to suit any event. No job is too big or too small for our professional team of caterers – call us today to see how we can make your event fabulous!

    Have dietary requirements? Budget restrictions? Specific needs to make your event perfect?

    Leave all of that to the experts at Melbourne’s favourite caterers, Fabulous Catering. We have been able to provide premium quality food and beverage to countless clients around Victoria and across Australia – browse through our various options today or contact us for more information.

    Frequently Asked Questions - Wedding Catering

    Looking for the perfect food provider might seem a tedious task, if not impossible. After all, the word perfect is very subjective.

    Hence, a perfect caterer is someone who can provide you and your significant other the best service that suits both of your wants and needs.

    Speaking of your wants and needs, you also have to consider a lot of things when booking a wedding caterer.

    Next in line of priority are your guests. Finally, you have to choose a wedding caterer that will also impress your visitors. After all, your food provider has one of the most budget allocations in your wedding budget plan.

    Here are some tips that might help you in picking which caterer to book for your wedding day:

    • Prepare The Wedding Budget and Guest List
    • Check Out Wedding Packages / Offers
    • Trim Down Your Candidates
    • Do Not Be Afraid To Negotiate
    • Choose The Best

    When booking a wedding supplier, be it catering, event styling, florist, and others, always pick the best.

    Clients typically book wedding caterers 6 to 12 months before their wedding date to lock in the vendor and have plenty of time to discuss the menu. 

    It is possible to book your caterer with less time, but the sooner you start planning, the more likely your preferred caterer will be available.

    But just what more can you expect your caterer to offer? Unfortunately, some folks don’t know what to expect, and that allows some caterers to get away with offering subpar service or skipping out on some tasks they usually perform. 

    Your caterer will want to review your food likes/dislikes (while keeping your guests in mind as well), cuisine preferences, certain dishes that are special to the two of you as a couple, any allergies/dietary restrictions, favourite restaurants, etc. before they share a proposed menu with you for the tasting.

    Your wedding caterer does not need to be your caterer. Many will offer services that go above and beyond the food considerations of your wedding; some offer full-scale event planning services. Keeping everything with one organization can help ensure everything at your wedding works very well together—and that everything goes off without a hitch.

    You may not get to taste the dishes that will be on the menu at your wedding, but you will get an idea of the quality and presentation of the catering as well as the services.

    These tastings are, usually, free. *Call the venue to book your tasting and give plenty of notice.

    As one of the biggest expenses in your overall wedding budget, some couples find catering costs to be a bit more than they’d anticipated. 

    While every couple should expect to allocate about half of their total budget toward reception costs—catering services included—there are ways to save money on wedding catering without sacrificing a delicious meal for all. 

    Experts agree that if a couple is willing to build a strategic menu, skip the plated dinner, and think outside the box, there’s plenty of room to keep catering costs right on track.

    Ready to save yourself some money while still serving up something great? We’ve got the top clever ways to save money on wedding catering, straight from the pros.

    • Book special offer rates.
    • Go for budget-friendly foods. 
    • Skip the plated full-service dinner. 
    • Opt for a weekday.
    • Go casual for cocktail hour. 

    As long as your catering company approves it in advance, couples could bring in their own crowd-favourite bites like nuts and snack mix varieties to tide over guests until dinner.

    Big Flavours - Wedding Caterer Melbourne

    big flavour


    When you think of an event, one of the first things that come to mind — for better or worse — is the food. You remember the flavours, the presentation, how each bite made you feel. Food should be a big deal! When it comes to planning your event, the food is going to be one of the things remembered long after. If nobody calls you afterwards to ask which event catering company did your food catering, it wasn’t that memorable. We want to be asked about, for people to talk about your event for long after.

    We want your recommendation and will go to amazing lengths to earn it.


    When you have a wedding to plan, the last thing on your mind may just be the food. With dresses, bridesmaids, flowers and fun to think about, it can sometimes be easy to overlook your menu entirely. If you want to impress your guests and give everyone an experience they won’t forget, though, you’ll do what smart brides do and plan ahead and hire us, Big Flavours – the best wedding food catering service in Melbourne.

    Choosing Your Wedding Menu

    We can get started as early as possible with your planning. The more prepared you are for your big day, the better off you – and your food – will be. We have everything you need to plan the wedding menu of your dreams.

    While planning the wedding menu, we are going to ask you to consider the number of guests you’ll have, as well as the overall demographic you’re welcoming. Will there be any children? If so, and an open bar probably isn’t ideal. Are there dietary restrictions or cultural traditions you need to be wary of when choosing your menu? All of these needs are to be considered beforehand, so no one goes home hungry.

    Lastly, we have the experience to offer the best but remember: no one knows your vision and your guests like you do. Accept suggestions, talk through ideas, but ultimately: let the idea of what your guests would enjoy being the winner.

    Consulting Your Wedding Caterer For Your Wedding Catering In Melbourne

    Of course, the grandest plans can become the best with a caterer who can pull it off for you. Fortunately for you, we at Big Flavours offer exquisite and exotic wedding catering services in Melbourne. We offer everything from the lightest fare to the grandest meals, all perfectly tailored to meet the expectations of you and your guests. Not sure what you want yet? We can handle that, too. Talk to us about our multiple menu options, including accommodations for dietary restrictions and cultural preferences. Still, not seeing what you’d like? We offer fully customised wedding menus upon request. Contact us today for more information on how we can make your Melbourne wedding food catering experience as perfect as the person you’re marrying! (Well, almost!)


    Big Flavours is a Melbourne based catering company committed to providing our customers with amazing food and impeccable service. We have 14 years of experience working in the hospitality industry, with our head chef working in some of the best dining establishments such as Maze by Gordon Ramsey, Vue de Monde by Shannon Bennet and Circa, the Prince by Paul Wilson in Melbourne, to name a few.

    Our food is all about ‘Big Flavours’. We believe in using only the best and freshest produce to create our signature dishes. We put all our passion and creative magic into the food we create to bring you a unique and memorable experience. Our vast menu options reflect seasonal flavours and cater to all occasions. Our produce is locally sourced wherever possible, we are committed to supporting local businesses and avoiding food wastage. Our love for food and bringing people together at the table sings in every dish we prepare

    Essential Catering and Events - Wedding Caterer Melbourne

    essential catering & events

    3 9761 4183

    delicious food. flawless events.

    from a team of friendly experts.


    We understand the ins and outs of delicious food and flawlessly run events. No matter your occasion, venue choice, menu style or dietary requirements, our friendly team of experts have the hands-on experience and knowledge to build you the perfect food experience.

    Wedding Catering Melbourne

    fantastic wedding catering in Melbourne

    Essential Catering & Events understands that every wedding is unique, that is why we offer a range of flexible catering solutions at competitive and affordable rates to make your wedding a truly unique and memorable occasion!

    Essential Catering & Events has been arranging wedding catering in Melbourne for 11 years and always brings a touch of magic to celebrations, be it an elegant cocktail party, a formal sit down dinner or a casual buffet menu. Essential Catering & Events prides itself on our attention to detail, delicious food and exemplary service.

    Yarra Valley Wedding Catering That Stands Out

    We can help with wedding catering in the Yarra Valley and promise to leave you totally impressed. Our expert event management team have established relationships with quality suppliers to ensure that your celebration is wonderful and stress-free. We have extensive experience working within the Yarra Valley and are recognised as a trusted name within the industry. Design your own menu by choosing from our buffet options, carvery meals, shared platters, street foods, plated menus, plus so much more. Trust that we have all of your needs sorted and will provide a wedding catering service in the Yarra Valley that makes the perfect accompaniment to your special occasion.

    ACC Catering - Wedding Caterer Melbourne

    acc catering

    03 9555 4009

    Create the perfect event for your special occasion with Melbourne’s award-winning caterer. After 30 years of catering in Melbourne, have peace of mind your next private or corporate catered event will be a huge success.

    Specialising in corporate catering, wedding catering, funeral catering, gourmet BBQ catering, corporate & conference catering, finger food catering, spit roasts, Christmas party catering, cocktail party catering and birthday parties of all styles. ACC Catering combines delicious cuisine, a variety of beverage packages, exemplary service, amazing venues and themed ambience to guarantee your events success.

    ACC’s award-winning catering team pride itself on creating a handcrafted menu that achieves a sense of occasion’. We aim to excite your guests with creative menu items that are beautifully presented, and we guarantee that no guest will leave your event hungry.

    Catering and Event Planning

    ACC Catering’s Event Coordinators are passionate about our event planning services and leave nothing to chance. We are proud to introduce a range of catering and event management solutions that include event decor, audiovisual, security and our stable of 30 amazing venues in Melbourne CBD; Surf Coast; Mornington and Bellarine Peninsula creating the perfect setting and backdrop for your event.

    Wedding Catering in Melbourne

    When you are ready for a lifetime of love and commitment, look no further than the Wedding Planners that are members of the award-winning ACC Wedding Catering Team.

    With over 30 years of experience, our Wedding Coordinators will bring your dream wedding to life, from the perfect menu, beverage package and venue locations. We can manage your wedding from beginning to end, with established relationships with suppliers throughout Melbourne, Yarra Valley & Mornington Peninsula; we have everything you need to ensure your wedding is all you imagined it would be.

    Special events must be, as the name suggests, special. It’s your event: enjoy it with your guests. It’s ours to co-ordinate.

    Going Gourmet - Wedding Caterer Melbourne

    going gourmet catering

    (03) 9543 8819

    Melbourne’s Leading Gourmet Catering Company

    When it comes to delicious cuisine and first-class service, there is no better team in the business. At Going Gourmet, our company offers exceptional gourmet food catering services in Melbourne for a variety of parties and events with a focus on the highest quality of service possible. With anything from delicious, bite-sized cocktail nibbles to succulent buffet menus, we can provide you with a culinary experience to remember for your birthday, engagement, wedding, conference and anything else!

    Party catering with a difference

    Founded in 2010, our catering company has grown from a small team of hospitality professionals and passionate chefs into a local favourite for both private and corporate clients, whether they’re hosting a party or event across Melbourne. We combine great food with reliable service, and our gourmet catering has helped hundreds of events go from good to unforgettable. With many catering companies operating in Melbourne, we are always honoured to be a part of your special events and have catered for many magnificent weddings. You can check out their testimonials to see what they have to say about our caterers in Melbourne.

    Get your tastebuds tingling with degustation catering

    It doesn’t matter where the party is, if you need us we can be there, our catering company offers affordable degustation options and our caterers are available across Melbourne CBD all the way to inner regional areas. From grand events to a private party at home, we have provided excellent hospitality and gourmet food to locations that competing catering companies in Melbourne have refused to travel to. We are backed up by extensive industry experience and quality resources that enable us to deliver exceptional standards each and every time. As caterers, we have a huge variety of different menus for you to choose from, from gourmet degustation to gourmet BBQ, so there will always be the perfect option for any event.

    Talk to the team

    To find out what makes us stand out from other catering companies in Melbourne, call the professionals from Going Gourmet. If you prefer, send us a message online, and we will get back to you at a time that suits you — remember, we are always happy to help you out, so don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss what we can offer you!

    Fat and Skinny Catering - Wedding Caterer Melbourne

    fat and skinny catering

    Fat and Skinny Catering is a cheerful Melbourne catering team making grouse food for grouse people. Laughing, dancing and cooking is the soul food for our lives. We would be delighted to make catering easy for you and create a feast that has you relishing in the joy of sharing delicious food.

    We will come to you with everything we need to take care of your wedding or party guests – lots of delicious food, awesome staff, beautiful serving-ware and all the gear needed to make a pearler of a party. 

    No matter what kind of event you’re hosting, Fat and Skinny is the Melbourne catering team to help you out. We can take over your kitchen at home to create party food to knock your guests socks off or bring food to your chosen venue to cook food to fuel your guests for hours of dancing and frivolity. If you need food for work, we’ve got you covered too.




    Your wedding catering is the feast that fuels the massive party to celebrate the greatest love of your life. Your own private universe with all your favourite people, eating dinner, having a dance, big smiling, ugly laughing and feeling all the feelings. And if there was EVER a reason to have a massive party, it’s because you fell in love. We make unpretentious, full-o’-flavour wedding food that’s beautiful to boot. And since there’s nothing worse than being hungry at a wedding, we’ll make sure there’s lots of food, so no one needs a Macca’s run on the way home. 

    We know weddings can be stressful and expensive. But it’s so worth it. Getting married matters to the very idea of being human - love and connection are the survival instincts that mean we are alive in the first place. You’ll definitely make some of the greatest memories you’ll ever have. 

    We are the most love-struck wedding caterers in Melbourne, we love the love as much as we love the food, and we’ve got your back all the way. 


    We’re big fans of abundance cos no one likes a tight-arse. We choose more food, more fun, more love, more everything every time, and we want to share it all with you. Our menus have options for eating standing up or sitting down or a bit of both. You are welcome to mix and match to create your perfect feast.

    Our stand-up menus are proper full-sized dinners served in combinations of handmade finger food, mouth-watering dinner pots, beaut burgers, mini desserts and gazing platters. It’s a hungry day of emotions, half-eaten sambos and half-drunk mimosas. We designed substantial stand up menus so you can talk, eat and hold your wine without dropping a beat. Your guests can mix, mingle and nibble on lots of beautiful food without the hassle of a seating plan.


    We reckon gathering around good food is one of the happiest things you can do. Our banquet menu is perfect for sitting down and sharing plentiful plates of simple, hearty and delicious fare with your loved ones. Served on abundant platters, our shared dining has enough for everyone to have more of everything.

    Fat and Skinny offers wedding catering services all over Melbourne. Whether you’re having a wedding at home, in a garden, warehouse, brewery, bar, farm, hall or winery – we’re able to get in, set up and get the food flowing to your guests. 

    Extra Bits And Bobs.

    All of our wedding catering menus can be mixed and matched to suit you. And to make life even easier, we are happy to provide smiling bar staff to look after your libations. We figure if you buy the booze and we serve it, it might save a pretty penny in your budget. All bar staff have responsible drinking of alcohol certificate and are guns at pouring a drink.  

    And to make it a bit more chill for the littlies, we can warm up party pies, sausage rolls and chicken nuggets with sauce for a few bucks a pop. We know it’s not a balanced meal, but it’s easier if they are fed and happy with the minimum of fuss. Hungry, tired and kids don’t go well together. Not in a sentence, and not at a party. They are welcome to try anything we’re serving if they’re interested. We also offer medium humans under 12 on your chosen menu for 1/2 price.

    Just let us know if either of these float your boat, and we’ll sort it out for you.  

    The Fat And Skinny Catering Crew

    The best teams are made up of a bunch of nobodies, who love everybody, serve anybody and don’t care about becoming somebody.

    Fat and Skinny are a happy team of fabulous humans who love to cook, dance, laugh and eat. Our hospitable hospitality crew are a quick-thinking and quick-moving lot. We do fun stuff like drink champagne, listen to really loud tunes, and try not to wet our pants laughing. 

    We take the business of feeding a crowd very seriously, but we don’t take ourselves very seriously at all. We always want more food, more fun, more love, more everything.

    Diamond Blue - Wedding Caterer Melbourne

    diamond blue

    1300 546 145

    Melbourne’s Best Catering Company – Diamond Blue

    If you are looking to impress your guests at your next Melbourne function, look no further than Diamond Blue Catering. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality cuisine for any event. Our experienced chefs design menus for events of all kinds – from birthday parties to Christmas celebrations, corporate functions, weddings and even funerals.

    Why We’re The Best in Victoria

    Diamond Blue Catering have been providing affordable, professional catering services to Melbourne and surrounding areas for over 10 years. Driven by the passion of Chef and Manager Todd Graham, our catering services provide both exquisite menu options and outstanding customer service that will leave you and your guests feeling like VIPs.

    Diamond Blue Catering provides event catering services from start to finish. From customising gourmet menus to delivering only the finest cuisine and clean up, we leave your venue with nothing but an exceptional experience.

    Gourmet Catering Services

    Our expert caterers offer extensive menu options to suit all occasions. Carefully crafted to work with any sized budget and function, we can make your event a memorable one. Tantalise your tastebuds with a selection of gourmet finger foods like salmon tarts or mini-cheeseburgers. Astound your wedding guests with a lavish dinner party. We also have an impressive spit roast catering menu with high-quality spit roast meats cooked by professionals.

    Event Catering Services

    We offer catering services to enhance any occasion that requires exceptional food. Our experienced team can plan for any sized event and specialises in weddings, birthday parties, cocktail parties, corporate functions and funerals. Our menu flexibility also offers scope to cater for breakfasts, afternoon teas and formal dinner parties! We listen to our client’s needs and work closely with them to design delicious gourmet menus to meet their exact requirements.

    Wedding Catering Melbourne

    Choose from one of our customisable wedding catering menu options to suit your event’s budget and vision

    Diamond Blue Catering is proud to offer you the finest event and wedding catering services Melbourne has to offer. When couples want one less thing to worry about on their wedding day, they turn to Diamond Blue.

    As experienced wedding food caterers, we understand that your wedding catering should be completely tailored to your individual tastes. For that reason, we do not offer a specific set menu but instead allow you to completely customise your menu, taking into account your budget, event style and overall wedding vision. We allow you to choose options from all of our different event menus.

    Whether you want gourmet-style delicacies for your guests, mouth-watering canapes or a large-scale gourmet BBQ that everyone can enjoy, Diamond Blue Catering will strive to meet your needs. We ensure your every requirement is taken care of with minimal fuss. Our services are flexible, simple and will keep all your guests more than satisfied.

    We are proud to have developed a name as a professional caterer, delivering high-quality wedding dishes with a personal touch. If nothing but the most professional and trustworthy event catering will do, please complete the form on the right to enquire how we can make your wedding an event to remember. Alternately, feel free to give our friendly team a call on 1300 546 144.

    We Take Pride In Exceeding Client’s Expectations

    Alongside providing the best catering food in Melbourne, Diamond Blue Catering takes pride in exceeding client’s expectations in customer service and affordability. We are the benchmark for exceptional service standards in the industry.

    If you would like us to cater for your next event, or if you would simply like further information about our menu options, please contact us online or call direct on 1300 546 144.

    About Diamond Blue Catering

    Diamond Blue Catering is a catering service that cares about quality. Since 2006, we have been bringing a style of catering to Melbourne that is both professional and affordable. Our service was founded by chef Todd Graham.

    Todd is a Melbourne local and a top chef in the industry with over 18 years of experience in various restaurants and hotels throughout the area. Diamond Blue Catering was born out of his love for food and the food industry. We offer a unique selection of exquisite catering options, ranging from gourmet finger foods to more notable options, including spit roasts and gourmet BBQs, with many more in between. Our team of caterers are dedicated to their craft and are excited to bring an enjoyable catering experience to Melbourne.

    The Caterers Melbourne Trusts

    Our caterers pride themselves on customer satisfaction and professional service, ensuring you can relax and enjoy your big day while our caterers serve the finest catering food Melbourne has to offer. We promise to always deliver the finest quality food at the most affordable price while also ensuring that our caterers are always on time, courteous and professional in all catering service matters. When it comes to caterers you can rely on, think Diamond Blue.

    Fat Cats Food Van and Fancy Catering - Wedding Caterer Melbourne

    fats cats

    0448 565 320



    Allow us to introduce ourselves! Fat Cats Food Van and Fancy Catering started out of a voracious appetite for food. Cooking it, researching it, refining it and finally enjoying it. Our head chef and Top Cat Adrian has been obsessed with cooking since first helping his mum out in the kitchen as a little tacker. His obsession with food ultimately led him to create Fat Cats food van and fancy catering in 2013, a unique Melbourne-based mobile wedding and other event catering service.

    Quickly expanding into one of the best food truck caterers, corporate caterers and wedding caterers in Melbourne, Fat Cats offers something unique - affordable catering that’s delicious, fresh and flavour packed! We’re constantly on the move, so if you’re looking for mobile food catering in Victoria, we can travel to you!

    Adrian has catered for a multitude of weddings and other events, both corporate catering events and private gigs, in and around Melbourne. Adrian truly loves collaborating on unique menus to suit your individual event, dietary requirements and budget. See our most popular wedding and other event catering menus below. Whether it’s a music festival, engagement, wedding, office, training or university event or a private gig, Fat Cats aims to create memorable experiences with food, friends and colleagues. Check out our blog for the run-down on some of our most recent wedding and food van catering gigs. 

    Crystal Palace Catering - Wedding Caterer Melbourne

    crystal palace

    03 9650 9338

    Welcome to Crystal Palace Catering

    Crystal Palace Catering is about giving you and your guests an experience. We are a service-focused company that just so happens to do exceptional banquets. With over thirty years of professional experience in the food and hospitality industry, let us confidently provide the outstanding level of food and service that you deserve.

    For over 40 years, we’ve been delivering an exceptional experience that exceeds our client’s expectations

    Quality Food

    Our specialty banquets complete your event. Specially prepared just for you. We deliver on quality, freshness and flavour. We cater for all occasions.

    Service Excellence

    We specialise in providing excellent food, but it would be lost without our outstanding service. From your first moment with us to the farewell at the end of your perfect evening, we strive to always go the extra mile.

    Industry Experts

    Planning a function can be stressful and a huge task! Contact us and have one of our friendly consultants walk you through it.

    Wedding Banquets

    A reputation for superb wedding banquets

    At Crystal Palace Catering, we are all about creating the perfect day for you. Our culinary creations uphold generations of traditions and recipes with a modern touch. We pride ourselves on our limitless options to design the perfect degustation for your special day and exceptional service to match. From the taste to our presentation and our service, we put careful care into all of the details to leave a memorable lasting impression for years to come.

    Spitting Image Catering - Wedding Caterer Melbourne

    spitting image catering

    (03) 9890 0128

    We can provide food catering for various events that require something unique and memorable such as a spit roast in Melbourne. From party catering and buffet catering through to wedding catering and corporate event catering, there’s nothing we can’t help you with.

    In addition, our professional caterers offer a range of mouth-watering menus featuring quality spit roast meats and much more. This includes classic to gourmet spit roasts and BBQs, finger food, buffets, sit down formal meals and rustic grazing platters.

    Wedding Food Catering In Melbourne

    The team at Spitting Image Catering understand that every wedding is unique, so when it comes to wedding catering in Melbourne, we offer a wide range of options to create a truly memorable occasion.

    Mark Longmuir and the team at Spitting Image Catering have been chosen by Melbourne couples for more than 25 years to help create the Perfect Wedding Day. We are the wedding food catering team you can trust for a seamless event from beginning to end.

    Whether you’re planning an elegant cocktail party, a casual style spit roast buffet, a gourmet BBQ, rustic platters, or a formal sit down meal, we will deliver delicious food, professional service and exceptional value for money. We listen to your needs and customise the perfect wedding food catering menu for your special day.

    The owner Mark Longmuir can mix and match the drinks, food and service to suit your particular requirements. The options are limitless!

    Wedding Catering Menus

    When it comes to wedding catering in Melbourne, we can tailor a personalised menu for the main course only or provide a lavish six-course degustation style menu including a drinks package and all staff… it’s your wedding, and it’s your choice!

    We offer a diverse range of freshly made, healthy and tasty food that will suit everyone’s tastes. Our menus include a variety of allergy-free options so every dietary requirement can be catered for with ease.

    Wedding Management

    Our experienced team, lead by Mark Longmuir, can offer wedding food catering advice and solutions to meet all your needs and ensure a worry-free wedding from start to finish.

    We also offer a range of full-service beverage packages to complement your wedding food catering.

    Our beverage packages include drinks, glassware, refrigeration, bar equipment, bar trestles, linen cloths, set up and pack down.


    We provide wedding catering Melbourne-wide as well as in-country Victoria, from Portsea to Port Arlington, Blairgowrie to Brighton and Gembrook to Geelong. So please call us or email to discuss your requirements today.

    Whether it’s a private party, a corporate event, or a wedding, there are few things more important than making sure your guests are served by friendly and professional staff and serving food that’s of the highest quality.

    Yum Catering - Wedding Caterer Melbourne

    yum catering

    03 8814 4150

    Here at Yum Catering Melbourne, we provide the ultimate selection of wedding, party and corporate catering within the region.

    As industry innovators, we are always looking to provide unique and tantalising experiences through visually impeccable presentations and incredible taste sensations. Allow our Melbourne catering team to be a part of your next event, and you will not regret it!


    Our caterers have a long and esteemed history in the industry and are renowned for supplying only the best quality food and beverages. Whether you are in need of a proficient party caterer or a team of competent corporate caterers, we have the capacity to deal with all your requirements, regardless of the size and type of event you have planned.

    We know people are different and have varying dietary requirements. Therefore, we have crafted a diverse menu that enables us to provide something for everybody. We also understand that prompt and reliable service is essential in this industry, therefore, we guarantee to have everything prepared in accordance with your specifications and, most importantly, on time!

    We also offer a variety of Moroccan dishes, Mexican cuisines and Spanish paella catering services, perfect for those seeking to spice up their event. While our event and corporate caterers boast all the essential skills, knowledge and experience to ensure your next function will boast the best quality service, food and beverages.


    To ensure maximum taste and quality, every item is created in-house and fresh on the day. From weddings and birthdays to corporate events, private functions and parties, our highly skilled and diligent culinary experts can accommodate for event catering of all descriptions. Additionally, we also offer delicious tagines, divine cuisines and specialty paella catering services.


    Your wedding is sure to be one of the most important and happy days of your life, and we are ready to play our part in making your special day as memorable as possible. If you’re looking for the best wedding catering in Melbourne, then the team at Yum Catering have got you covered.

    We will work with you to create the perfect menu to suit your wedding theme and budget, and our experienced chefs are ready to cater to each of your guest’s individual dietary requirements.

    We have the knowledge and contacts to assist you with recommendations and will tailor the perfect menu for any size wedding at an affordable price.

    We have a large flexible menu ready for you to select from and customise for your event. You will be pleasantly surprised by our beautiful presentation and very generous portion sizes. All our food is prepared fresh and in the house to ensure that we live up to our commitment of having the highest standards in Melbourne for Wedding Catering.

    As Yum Catering is one of Melbourne’s leading wedding catering companies, you can be sure our delicious food will have your guests saying YUM!


    Congratulations to all the newly engaged fabulous Australian couples! Yum Catering is looking forward to being your wedding caterer of choice! We’ll work with you to help your long-awaited day to be perfect! You deserve it!

    Yum Catering has catered many same-sex weddings in Melbourne with raving reviews from our customers, so let us help your day to be everything you ever dreamed it would be. Your friends and family will be bursting with pride for you and your loved one, and so will we.


    Yum Catering has become a leader for delivering a fresh vision that continues to surpass the competition. Owner and Executive Chef Paul Le Noury is the man at the helm and has built a solid reputation with his innovative menu ideas that have tantalised taste buds all over Melbourne.

    You will be impressed by his vast experience, impeccable service, uncompromised quality and tireless dedication. He has the backing of a creative team that shares his vision of providing the best service in the business.

    Yum Catering adds a spark to private and corporate events, and now the brand has an exciting new direction. The growth of the company has seen it diversify with a base in the heart of the city. This will give us a strong emphasis on corporate catering – as we can offer free quick delivery and can take last minute orders.

    HC Catering - Wedding Caterer Melbourne

    hc catering

    (03) 9056 5586

    We have over thirty years of industry experience. We can provide stress-free catering with above and beyond service! Whether it’s a small event in your home or garden to a larger event at a venue, HC Catering can do it. We also host regular events at our boutique venue, Hurstbridge Haven.


    • Engagements, Weddings & Anniversaries
    • Parties
    • Team Building & Corporate Events
    • Oven Hire
    • School Events, Sporting Club Events & Fundraisers
    • Festivals
    • Wakes
    • and much more…


    • RSA Qualified Bar Staff
    • Dedicated Customer Service Team
    • Trained Chefs & Food Attendants
    • Extensive Drinks Packages – Use ours or customise your own
    • Marquees, Tables, Chairs, Crockery & Glass Hire
    • Network of Other Providers – your one-stop-shop!


    • Exceptional customer service.
    • Over 30 years of professional industry knowledge and experience.
    • Above & beyond service for you and your guests.
    • Experience HC Catering at a Tasting Night.
    • Customised quotes to suit your needs.

    Spit Roast Catering - Wedding Caterer Melbourne

    spit roast catering

    03 9699 8445

    Spit Roast catering in Melbourne is about helping our customers and their guests celebrate their special occasions.

    Spit Roast catering company help take the stress of entertaining by supplying the highest quality of meats, salads, and food to you and your guests.

    Spit Roast catering, As professional caterers in Melbourne, we take pride in all our food and always provide to you the freshest produce available. Our location, which is directly across the road from the South Melbourne Market, guarantees freshness and quality!

    We have always been a family business, and we are proud of the fabulous food we produce! Our spit roast caterers cook melt-in-your-mouth roast meals for any kind of event. Enjoy our exceptional food catering Melbourne wide.

    Wedding & Engagement Catering Melbourne

    Have one less thing to worry about on your special day with Spit Roast’s premium wedding catering and engagement catering service. You have full control over your engagement or wedding catering. Enjoy the company of your loved ones while our dedicated catering staff take care of your and your party. At Spit Roast, we have been providing our wedding and engagement catering in Melbourne for over 30 years. Our expertise in quality catering service has entertained guests all over Melbourne. From the banks of the Yarra River to your own backyard, our Melbourne wedding catering and engagement party service are dedicated to making your event one remember.

    Wide Selection Of Wedding Catering and Engagement Catering Food

    We understand planning for your wedding day or engagement party can be stressful. Let us provide you with engagement and wedding catering solutions to suit your needs. From sit down meals, self-serve buffets or cocktail style wedding receptions, our versatile menu is customisable to suit your tastes.

    Entice your guests with our wedding catering’s classic finger food items and a variety of gourmet platters. Try out our succulent spit roast meats. Or have a sit-down banquet with your guests and our buffet setting or fulfilling roast meals. Some highlights of our enticing menus include:

    Classic Finger Food: Served hot or cold. We have everything from sushi rolls, point sandwiches and frittatas to samosas, cocktail spring rolls and honey soy chicken medallions.

    Sensational Self-Serve: Try out our classic range of spit roast beef, juicy leg of lamb and succulent pork, or go beyond and have our special turkey breast, roast leg of ham or tasty chicken pieces.

    Desserts: Indulge your guests with our assortment of petite desserts such as New York Baked Cheesecake, Baileys and Kahlua Pipes, Triple Choc Mousse and more.

    We have our full menu available online.

    Still unsure of how to feed your guests? As Melbourne wedding catering specialists, we recommend that on arrival, your guests are served with 3-4 canapes from our finger food menu. Followed by a Roast Main Meal and Desserts.

    Don’t need a complete dine-in setting? We also have beverage packages or wait for staff to serve your food. Enjoy an intimate night with our Melbourne engagement catering service. However, you decide to cater for your wedding day, you’re spoilt for choice at Spit Roast Catering Company.


    In 1982, Brian MacDonald started Mac’s Roving Roast, The business was renamed The Spit Roast Catering Company 1983….

    The Spit Roast Catering Company has been providing exceptional Catering Services throughout Greater Melbourne for over 35 years.

    We took over from Brian in 2002 and continued running it as a family business. We are proud of the fabulous food we produce!

    We have catered for all types and sizes of functions, including the St Kilda Film Festival (1000 guests), Planet Shakers Conference (1500), a number of Corporate Christmas Parties exceeding 1200 guests.

    But our specialty is catering for any size function, from 15 guests or more! But more importantly, we can cater anywhere: On the Banks of the Yarra River, or in The Botanical Gardens, at a Local Bowles Club or even in Your Office or at Your Home!

    We have always been located across the road from The South Melbourne Market, which guarantees you the very freshest produce available.

    Moreish Catering - Wedding Caterer Melbourne

    moreish catering glazing table melbourne

    0412 511 468

    MoreISH Catering are an award-winning, dynamic, innovative catering company whose passion and focus is to create MoreISH food with a modern edge. Our creations ooze class, style and sophistication, leaving you and your guests full, amazed and in awe. We believe that great events are those where family and friends are touched by the air of love and celebration and greeted with generous food and a spirit of genuine hospitality.

    We source quality market-fresh local produce (on the Mornington Peninsula) which enables us to create menus that excite and tantalise. Each and every item is handmade in our Commercial kitchen right down to our mini tartlets and only use ingredients with names, not numbers, so you can enjoy a fresh restaurant-quality experience.

    MoreISH Catering specialises in the catering of Weddings, Engagements, Corporate Events, Birthdays and Special events based on the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne Metro and surrounding areas.

    • Award-winning Wedding Catering voted by brides in Victoria 2015 at the ABIA awards
    • Market leaders
    • Uses quality market-fresh local produce (Mornington Peninsula). Each item of food is homemade in our commercial kitchen
    • Creates MoreISH food with a modern edge
    • Our food oozes class, style and sophistication
    • Menus will excite and tantalise
    • Happy to create menus to suit your style or theme
    • Testimonials – we are humbled by all the kind words and thanks

    Why Moreish Wedding Catering

    MoreISH Catering, market leaders, are a dynamic, innovative catering company that specialises in the catering of weddings and special occasions on the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne Metro and surrounding areas.

    Our creations ooze class, style and sophistication, leaving you and your guests full, amazed and in awe. We believe that great events are those where guests are touched by the air of celebration, excitement and love and are greeted with generous food and a spirit of genuine hospitality.

    We source quality market-fresh local produce (on the Mornington Peninsula) which enables us to create menus that excite and tantalise. Each and every item is homemade in our commercial kitchen, right down to our shortcrust tartlets, to ensure you enjoy a fresh restaurant-quality experience with MoreISH food that bursts with flavour.

    Award-Winning Quality

    We have built a reputation as market leaders who will provide you with “An Experience in Excellence” and are proud to have won best wedding caterer in Victoria at the 2015 ABIA awards (Australian Bridal Industry Awards). Our expertise and experience can reassure you of award-winning food and service. Please refer to our Testimonials; we are truly humbled by all the kind words of thanks.

    Have a chat!

    We would love to have a chat with you about your wedding day and put together some quotes for you to have a look at, perhaps hold a tasting and discuss and or create your run sheet so you will have a fantastic idea of how your day will flow. We also have an awesome network of handpicked suppliers we can introduce you to to ensure you are surrounded by professionals who gel as a team to make your day exceptional!

    Priors Catering - Wedding Caterer Melbourne

    priors catering

    03 9578 5739

    EXPERIENCE High-Quality Catering

    Family Run Business

    At Priors Catering, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and ability to adapt to your needs. Contact Chris via telephone or fill our online form to discuss your requirements in detail.

    Professional Event Catering

    Whether catering for a small, private function or a large corporate event, our team of hands-on chefs and co-ordinating staff will develop a tailor-made solution for your catering needs.


    We are recognised as the best wedding caterers in Melbourne as we have rich experience in wedding food catering for weddings held according to various cultural traditions. We are also one of the leading caterers for engagement party catering.

    We realise the importance of weddings and engagements, and so, we make sure that every dish prepared by us is delicious and aromatic. Seamlessly fusing flavour with fresh, local ingredients, our talented chefs will whip up the perfect menu to ensure an exquisite culinary experience for you and your guests. With our wedding catering services and engagements catering services in Melbourne, we serve vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food. We’ll be right by your side from start to finish to ensure every aspect of our catering goes flawlessly – just as you’ve envisioned on your special day.

    We design cheap wedding catering packages without compromising on quality and variety for clients who arrange wedding festivities on a tight budget as we understand that a wedding can be an expensive affair. 

    Who We Are

    A Perfect Blend of Sensational Food, Inspiring Ideas and Professional Staff

    Based in Hawthorn Road, East Brighton, Priors Catering pride ourselves on being the high-end supplier of both private and corporate catering as well as striving to meet and accommodate the needs and specific requirements of all of our clients. We are an Australian-owned, family-run business constantly working to turn every meal into a feast. Whether you are after catering for a small, private function or a large corporate event, our team of hands-on chefs and co-ordinating staff will endeavour to cater for all your needs and develop a tailor-made solution to your catering needs.

    Food & Desire - Wedding Caterer Melbourne

    food & desire

    03 8646 6009

    Hospitality Catered to You.

    Food & Desire is hospitality catered to you. It begins with food – sustainable, delicious, and inventive. Food that is experienced in our own event spaces, restaurants, and cafes, or anywhere you like—events that are tailored to the occasion, from weddings to parties or corporate events.

    Memories made here will last a lifetime; we’ll make sure of it.

    From intimate to spectacular, weddings require a special touch to bring your dreams to life. Working closely with you, we will develop menus and themes, source locations and any unique requirements to fulfil every desire of your day.

    Partnering with Food & Desire ensures distinctive catering presentations with an emphasis on seasonal Australian produce from our local suppliers and growers. Our food style is creative, responding directly to your needs by tailoring and designing our menus to best represent the spirit of your wedding and personal taste.

    Wedding Catering

    There are endless ways to realise the potential of your event, and the perfect venue is the first point of contact. Along with our own venues across Melbourne, we can bring the party to all types of locations, landscapes and backdrops. If there’s somewhere special or somewhere personal to you, we can make that happen too. All you need to do is ask.

    Who we are, what we do and what we stand for

    Food & Desire started work in 2001 with Asaf Smoli and Leigh Worcester.

    Some of those initial concepts – like curating and creating moments to last centred around delicious food – don’t go away. And in 20 years, what we’ve discovered is that we just keep getting better but never stop learning. We love what we do and want to make sure you feel the enthusiasm we do for events and planning, food and catering – we are hospitality experts, and that’s what we think you need to know about us!

    We are proud to offer several of our own spaces too. Spaces like Half Acre in South Melbourne provide flexibility and intimacy – depending on your event – and can be designed and altered to suit weddings and parties through product launches. Venues like Carousel in Albert Park, Aerial at South Wharf and Harbour Room in St. Kilda can be moulded and shaped into anything your heart desires, all you need is to ask.

    If anything, 20 years on, we are even more passionate and enthusiastic about our offering. Time has brought experience, but more importantly, the ability and confidence to offer so much more – just tell us what you want or let us plan the impossible! At the end of the day, leaving you with an event or occasion that is personalised, timeless, memorable and executed with care and thought is the reason we get up in the morning.

    Devour It Catering - Wedding Caterer Melbourne

    devour it catering 8

    (03) 9376 0719

    At Devour It Catering Melbourne, we are a catering company providing the freshest food and the finest service for events, corporate and wholesale.

    We’re a catering company servicing Melbourne

    Need Peking duck for that posh event? Brunch for the board? Or quiches for the cafe? You’re in the right place. At Devour It, we cater for events, offices and food stores. We deliver top-notch catering Melbourne wide.

    Taste. Presentation. Service. These are the three things behind everything we do. They’re what drives us everyday, as we prepare the finest food, fresh, from our catering company kitchen in Kensington.

    Choose from our range of scrumptious sandwiches, classic canapes and juicy BBQ meats. Or, call us, and let us tailor a package that’s perfect for your function or corporate event.

    Devour it Catering- It’s Your Complete Melbourne Catering Experience

    From a humble beginning in 2007, Devour it catering has grown from an idea into one of Melbourne’s most dedicated corporate and event caterers. It’s amazing that not only do we get to live in one of the world’s most vibrant cities, we also are honoured to be able to contributor to the ever-evolving landscape that is the world-famous Melbourne food and hospitality scene.

    For us, its all about the food. From constantly improving our service and products to developing new menus and using the latest ingredients, we simply love what we do.

    Aussie Catering - Wedding Caterer Melbourne

    aussie catering

    0408 333 804

    Welcome to the Aussie Catering Company, high-quality professional caterers for Weddings, Parties and Corporate Events across Melbourne

    Whatever your requirements are, we have built a reputation for supplying mouth-watering and affordable catering. Recognised as one of the very best caterers in Melbourne, we are proud to service the needs of our growing clientele.

    All of our menus have been well researched and provide an opportunity for guests to savour the taste of our freshly prepared dishes. With over 30 years of experience, we are the right choice for your party, corporate, wedding or wake catering.

    About Us

    Established in 1980 by Scott Watson, Aussie Catering Company has witnessed a multitude of changes in the Catering Industry over the past 28 years. Growing from strength to strength and an ever-increasing client base prompted a move to new larger premises; therefore, in 1988, Scott Watson designed and built the Catering Complex now home to Aussie Catering.

    Each year Scott and his team of dedicated staff provide their catering services up to 1000 functions per year, catering a wide variety of events all over the greater Melbourne metropolitan area.

    From the initial point of contact, you will quickly understand Aussie Catering Company’s dedication to consistently maintain superior levels of service and customer commitment.

    Our vast range of menu selections are designed to impress your most discerning guests, prepared to utilise the freshest of produce, innovative menu items and ingredients sourced from leading suppliers and serviced by our friendly, uniformed and trained Chefs, Food Service and Beverage Service Staff.

    Catering a wide range of events from Corporate Product Launches, Charity Auction Evenings, Weddings, Engagements and through to Company Get-Togethers, Boardroom Lunches or 21st Birthdays, you can be assured of a function that will be enjoyed by all in attendance and an occasion to be warmly remembered.

    Handcrafted Catering - Wedding Caterer Melbourne

    handcrafted catering

    1300 601 901


    Our Melbourne-based wedding catering services are everything you need to create an exquisite menu for your special day. We understand that the food at your wedding should captivate you and your guests. 

    It should leave you all feeling as though you’ve shared a memorable moment that reflects your personal taste and style. This is why Handcrafted Catering offers a number of delicious options that are all hand-made from the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients.


    Started in 2014, Handcrafted Catering is a family run business dedicated to creating imaginative menus, ingenious food and inspiring events.

    At Handcrafted Catering, we create uniquely fresh and exciting gourmet finger food for functions all around Melbourne. We cater for weddings, birthday parties, corporate functions and funerals, providing guests with delicious canapes and party food that will keep them talking long after the event is over.

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