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100+ Best Wedding DJs in Melbourne, Victoria (2024)

When planning the music for your wedding, it is important not to underestimate the effect of entertainment on a ceremony and reception. The right music is essential in order to create an appropriate backdrop and desired tone for your event.

Today, couples increasingly turn to the services of a disc jockey for wedding reception entertainment. While live music offers the excitement of actual performance, a DJ can offer convenience, a diverse selection, authentic versions of songs, better volume control and, usually, lower prices.

In addition, a DJ is likely to have the most recent hits and any special or unusual songs that a band may not have learned yet as part of its repertoire. Some couples are even hiring a DJ to alternate with a live band throughout the reception. This arrangement creates a mixed, vibrant playlist that keeps the environment on the dance floor young and fresh.

On the hunt of Wedding DJs in Melbourne, Victoria? Finding the right wedding DJ can be a stressful endeavour. After all, there are so many options and prices out there to consider.

So, finding a wedding DJ that offers supreme service and a carefully curated selection of equipment is a true life-saver.

To help you get started on your wedding DJ hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite Wedding DJs from right across Melbourne, Victoria.

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    Ultimate List of Best Wedding DJs in Melbourne, Victoria

    Melbourne Entertainment Company -Wedding DJs

    melbourne entertainment company

    1300 858 981

    The Melbourne Entertainment Company is a comprehensive wedding & events entertainment supplier. We deliver a refreshing, personalised service to each client for every event. We are highly active in the Melbourne wedding/event market delivering over 700 events last year. With a more than a decade of experience, we understand the need for a bespoke, memorable and premium service.
    Offering elite DJs, DJ-Sax, Acoustic Solos, Duos, Trios, Bands, Singers, Guitarists, Saxophonists, Percussionists, Photographers and Roving Performers. MEC is your friendly, reliable and knowledgeable go-to provider for seamless corporate, wedding and function entertainment.



    This will be achieved by providing a consistent and reliable service to our customers time and time again, and fostering our strategic relationships with various venues and partners. Our youthful and professional staff are committed to ensuring each event is entertaining and enjoyable for all guests through every performance.
    We will continue to use only the highest quality entertainers, musicians, performers and staff. It is our benchmark that 100% of our clients will receive an outstanding and energetic performance which everyone will remember and talk about for years to come.


    Our core values are to be young & fresh, flexible and reliable. Our business was formed over a decade ago on the premise that nobody should have to put up with a daggy, out-of-touch has been DJ who’s playing the chicken dance to a dead dance-floor. Nothing made us cringe more than seeing some of the poorest, unprofessional budget entertainers that ruined the evening.
    Entertainment unfortunately doesn’t have the luxury of being unprofessional and has the potential to ruin up 60-70% of your wedding if done poorly. Many couples will try to save on entertainment, willing to risk their $30-$40,000 wedding on a cheap DJ. If you’re wanting to create memories that last and have your guests raving about the best wedding of the year, then you need to invest in high quality entertainment.


    100% satisfaction is the benchmark that we hold ourselves accountable to. Our standard can be viewed across the more than 800 5-star reviews we hold across GoogleFacebook and Easy Weddings. Our vision is to have our talent going above and beyond for every single client, ensuring that we’re doing everything within our power to keep them ecstatic about the level of service they’re receiving.


    Nothing beats the performance and the crowd interaction that an incredible live band can provide. The experience that the music is actually being made, produced & delivered live right before your very eyes! It’s encapsulating, invigorating & all encompassing.
    The most talented professional event and wedding bands Melbourne has to offer will create a vibe that your guests will not shut up about at your hangover brunch the next day. “How incredible was that Cover Band Singer!?” “The drummer was so hot!” “What about that Sax solo in the Jazz Band?!”
    It’s our job to create the memories that last a lifetime. It’s our job to guarantee when you hire a band Melbourne Entertainment Co ensures that everyone from your grandma, to bridal party, to your niece/nephew is dancing around to your favourite requests and d-floor hits.
    melbourne entertainment co wedding entertainment


    When it comes to looking for an Acoustic Duo or the best wedding singer Melbourne Entertainment Company has the most talented artists and greatest diversity of choice. Hire an incredibly talented Event / Wedding Acoustic Duo or guitarist who will knock your socks off. These Acoustic soloists and duos will serenade you down the isle, or provide the perfect chill background vibes at your cocktail event. There are vocal virtuoso’s who can play guitar, piano or use loop pedals to create a multi-instrumental soundtrack live before your very eyes. With so much acoustic talent on offer, you’ll have trouble narrowing it down to your favourite soloist. If you’re not sure sure about whether or not to book a DJ or an acoustic musician, and don’t have the budget or both: check out our amazing complete soloists who can tick both boxes for you.
    Explore some of Melbourne’s most incredibly talent performers available for hire. Our artists are committed to creating the most memorable and magical of experiences whenever they perform.

    DJ First - Wedding DJ Melbourne


    0412 933 934

    We appreciate you thinking about the DJ First crew for your upcoming special occasion. The purpose of this website is to make scheduling a DJ convenient, simple, educational, and stress-free while also disseminating crucial information and data about our distinctive and specialized DJ service situated in Melbourne.

    Since our inception in 1980, we had come a long way. Today, DJ First offers a group of skilled disc jockeys in Melbourne at a cost and package you can afford. Eight devoted, dependable, hard-working DJs who take pride in their work make up the multi-system DJ First firm. Every DJ has a wonderful personality and can communicate with you and your guests with ease. All of our DJs arrive with a can-do attitude and are eager to assist in any way they can. You only need to ask. As a result, your event will go off without a hitch from our end.

    Blue Planet Entertainment - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    blue planet entertainment

    1300 738 736

    At some time, almost every organization hosts an event, and one thing is for sure: these gatherings aren't intended to resemble anything like board meetings or conferences. After all, such events are a fantastic method to draw in new clients and customers as well as leave a positive impression. Your soiree might be covered by the media and mentioned in reputable business publications and magazines, so you'll need to use your imagination to make it stand out. For whatever occasion, whether a Christmas party, roadshow, product launch, or end-of-financial-year celebration, our experienced events management firm will develop original and cutting-edge suggestions for corporate entertainment.

    FAQs About Wedding DJ

    How much does a wedding DJ cost? The average cost of a wedding DJ is around $1,200, but this doesn't reflect the wide range of prices you're likely to see while planning your event. In reality, you'll see DJ companies charging anywhere from $600 up to $3,500.

    Large weddings may mean a higher DJ bill if additional speakers, microphones or upgraded sound equipment are required to properly serve the crowd. Costs may increase if the wedding DJ is required to set up outdoors because additional equipment such as power cords and other items may be needed.

    “A budget begins with a guest list that informs most of your costs. Be prepared to spend the most (around 40 percent) on taking care of guests' basic needs—that's venue, food, and beverage." ... The remaining amount includes fixed costs like your photographer, videographer, and entertainment.

    The average U.S. wedding cake costs around $350, according to Thumbtack, an online service that matches customers with local professionals. On the lower end, couples spend around $125 and on the higher end, they typically spend upward of $700—often over $1,000!

    While the national average cost of a wedding dress is $1,631 (including alterations), dress prices are based on various factors and generally range from $500 to $4,000. By shopping at large retailers and getting a machine-made gown, you can easily land on the lower end of the spectrum.

    WPA DJ - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    w.p.a. dj

    1800 454 855


    A complete wedding and event entertainment provider is The Melbourne Entertainment Company. For every occasion, we offer each client a unique, refreshing service. We were very busy in the Melbourne wedding and event sector last year, hosting over 700 events. With more than ten years of expertise, we are aware of the demand for a personalized, distinctive, and high-end service.

    Elite DJs, DJ-Sax, Acoustic Solos, Duos, Trios, Bands, Singers, Guitarists, Saxophonists, Percussionists, Photographers, and Roving Performers are available. MEC is your go-to source for flawless corporate, wedding, and function entertainment. They are amiable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable.

    DJ Kwenda - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    dj kwenda

    +61 439 308 671

    Professional wedding DJ hire service

    With his musical imagination and unwavering expertise, DJ Kwenda will work with you to create a seamless soundtrack to represent your vision for your most memorable day, whether it is elegant and timeless, personal and romantic, or just laid back.

    The images in DJ Kwenda's media galleries attest to his extraordinary expertise and experience in the field of wedding entertainment. Those who have trusted him with their wedding music regularly give him the highest praise, as do their guests, the reception location, and other wedding vendors.

    DJ Michael - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    dj michael

    0401 264 931

    About DJ Michael

    DJ/MC Michael will get the party started and make sure your guests have a good time because he is a skilled and experienced professional. An Arabic/English DJ in Melbourne named DJ Michael is prepared to breathe life into your event.

    DJ Michael pursues his love of music professionally by performing as a mobile DJ for weddings that call for English, Italian, Greek, Arabic, and commercial top 40. In order to create a lively and energetic atmosphere for you and your guests, DJ Michael is here to assist you in setting the proper mood for your wedding.

    He can play a wide variety of genres, including R&B, top 40, rock 'n' roll, the greatest songs from the 1980s and 1990s, and world music. He is open to requests.

    Only Dj’s - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    only dj's

    0424 865 327

    Music is our passion!

    A passion for music is the one thing that Every Event Must Have According to Only DJs Melbourne. At Only DJs, we believe that our job is to be Melbourne's greatest mobile DJ for hire. With our vast music library, we have you covered whether you need an R&B DJ, House DJ, Club DJ, or Rock DJ.

    All of James' DJs have benefited from his years of expertise, and as a result, they are now recognized as some of Melbourne's top R&B DJs, House DJs, or Rock DJs for hire.

    Party Hire Productions - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    party hire productions

    0411 095 967

    About Us

    The best DJ entertainment for corporate, private, and wedding events! In addition to music, we also offer unique effects including bubble machines, dry ice machines, themed colored mood lighting, and much more!

    Look no farther if you require skilled entertainment for a special occasion. With over 23 years of business expertise and offering professional DJ entertainment since 1995, PHP can assure you that you won't be dissatisfied. For a service that has won awards, contact us today!

    Check out our party rental equipment and special effects, as well as what our customers have to say about our services, here.

    Wedding Sounds - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    wedding sounds

    1300 300 141

    Our offerings are unique, personalized, professional, and fun. Award-winning specialists that work with you to make sure everything is perfect, stress-free, and of the highest caliber produce entertainment of the highest caliber while using high-end tools and supplies.

    About Wedding Sounds

    Giving our delighted couples the night of their dreams is what Wedding Sounds is all about. We play YOUR music instead of playing ours. Every show we produce benefits from our years of experience and creativity. Moreover, we LOVE what we do! We help you plan the entertainment for your special day in a simple and stress-free manner. Organizing your reception is straightforward with our online client portal.

    How it all began.

    Jay Allen, the manager of Wedding Sounds, began his career as a wedding entertainer 20 years ago and is now one of Victoria's most renowned and in-demand wedding DJs and MCs. The DJs and MCs on Jay's hand-selected and individually trained staff have maintained his high standards of performance and client care.

    Bruce Harrison - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    bruce harrison

    0405 103 258

    a DJ and MC service for your wedding that is customized for you, your guests, and your traditions. I'm delighted to have worked with a variety of couples over the course of almost 20 years, people from many various ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds.

    I frequently work in Melbourne Metro, The Dandenong Ranges, The Yarra Valley, and The Mornington Peninsula. If you're elsewhere, I'd be pleased to talk with you about your plans. It's all about you, your family, and your friends at your wedding. Every single wedding is completely different and unique.

    Since I firmly believe in the value of a couple working with someone who will be there on one of the most significant days of your lives, I never wanted a "team" of DJs when I first started my business.

    Sonic Weddings - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    sonic weddings

    1300 668 290

    Sonic Weddings is passionate about music, but we live for uniting people of all ages on the dance floor. We're dedicated to giving your day the ideal energy and environment, and we have the ability to read a crowd and change the music to keep the dance floor packed.

    At Sonic Weddings, we think that the music you choose for your wedding is one of the most crucial aspects of the day. The lovely day you worked so hard to create deserves to be celebrated with a lively dance floor!

    Luke, the sole DJ at Sonic Weddings, takes pleasure in providing a high-quality, individualized, and seamless service so that you can relax entirely on your special day. For the past 13 years, he has been a DJ at events and weddings all around Melbourne and rural Victoria. This is not a DJ booking service; when you reserve Luke, Luke is available.

    DJ Masters - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    dj masters

    1800 9966 36

    DJ in Melbourne

    Every occasion has the ideal music. Music has great power. It gives an event its unique character and adds something extra to the memories associated with it. You don't trust just anyone to handle it because of this. For every occasion, DJ Masters provides the best DJs Melbourne has to offer. Our staff of skilled wedding, party, and corporate DJs in Melbourne is dedicated to planning the event you have in mind.

    With our premier Melbourne DJ service, your event will include a professional DJ and specially created entertainment. Powerful tools, wireless microphones, lighting, complete control over music choices, and a skilled MC service are all included in the price.

    You have as much control over the music choices as you'd like because your vision is crucial. Alternately, if you specify the idea and mood you want to convey, we may make the perfect soundtrack for you.

    Ultima Music - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    ultima music

    0401 803 124

    Premium Melbourne DJ services at affordable prices! Whether it's a wedding, a birthday celebration, or Christmas, music is essential to any successful event. Hiring a skilled, experienced DJ is a great method to guarantee that your event will feature quality music. You can be confident that the music you want will be played at the right volume levels when you hire a mobile DJ from Ultima Music.

    Additionally, a club DJ can assist you by choosing and spinning a fantastic playlist for nonstop fist-pumping. When you need a disc jockey to play music for everyone at your wedding, from your five-year-old flower girl to your great-uncle, it might be very difficult. It can be a little intimidating because there are more than 10,000 songs available! However, everything will be handled well in advance of your event thanks to our fantastic Melbourne DJ Hire Service, leaving nothing to the last minute.

    Midnight DJ’s - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    midnight dj's


    Since 1995, we've been providing couples with the wedding entertainment of their dreams. Now it's your turn. chosen by wedding couples as Melbourne's top DJ, MC, and photo booth company. For your next event, Midnight DJ's & Photo Booth is the best option. Whatever the size or scope of your event, they bring a wealth of expertise. Any event must include entertainment because it may make or break the event. Don't put your special day at jeopardy by becoming stressed out during the planning process.

    Let Midnight DJs help you plan your upcoming event. They will also oversee the entire night to ensure everything goes as planned and according to your expectations. Call right away to arrange a casual conversation or coffee meetup. "Let us demonstrate how we can turn your upcoming event into a huge success."

    Black Tie Events - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    black tie events

    0400 447 553

    We have overseen more than 400 successful weddings and events, so we can assure you of a stress-free, enjoyable evening. There is a wide range of music available, including R&B, house, Old School, music from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, as well as modern music. In Melbourne, the surrounding suburbs, and the Yarra Valley in Victoria, we provide MC and DJ services. We are dependable, have a backup team, and have never missed an event.

    Look no further than Black Tie Events if you're looking for the greatest wedding DJ in Melbourne. Mark Girdwood, a highly skilled DJ in Melbourne who formerly worked for 15 years in radio, is the face of Black Tie Events. Mark performs as both a wedding MC and a wedding DJ in the Yarra Valley. To make sure that all of your events, formal or informal, will be unforgettable, he also provides party DJ rental in Melbourne and corporate DJ hire in Melbourne in addition to weddings.

    Kenny Fantastic - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    kenny fantastic



    I see to it that everyone participates in a dance. There are some tunes that make people want to dance. I can arrive completely prepared to make your wedding perfect with a little advance planning and knowledge of how your families operate.

    As a DJ, it's crucial to put the demands of the room above my own preferences. I observe how people are responding and adjust what I play in response to their behavior. I welcome requests and will perform any of your favorite songs.


    Let's create a wedding playlist that is unbeatable. We may meet so that I can learn more about your musical tastes. I have a variety of questions I may ask to speed up the procedure. The best course of action is to mix playlists to create something you both enjoy. Additionally, it helps me to understand your preferences so that I can cater to them.

    Insatiable Nights - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    insatiable nights

    0426 492 056

    Melbourne Wedding and Party DJ Service

    The experienced Melbourne DJ hire firm Insatiable Nights can handle all of your music and event demands. Insatiable Nights, which specializes in weddings, serves all of Melbourne. Therefore, no matter how big or little your event is—a wedding, an engagement party, a birthday party, a corporate event, or a social gathering—let Insatiable Nights create a lively and memorable atmosphere for it!

    Professional DJ Hire

    I have been active in the Melbourne DJ scene for over 15 years, working as a mobile DJ and MC as well as in nightclubs. The core of Insatiable Nights, where I work to forge professional relationships with clients looking for an enjoyable, memorable, and hassle-free event from their Mobile DJ, is my enthusiasm for entertaining people.

    Night Of Your Life DJ Hire - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    night of your life dj hire



    Hello everyone, I'm Jerry. I'm a DJ who is 30 years old, therefore it goes without saying that I love music. I've been a DJ for more than ten years, both domestically and abroad. I absolutely adore what I do, and the fact that music makes everyone around me and me happy makes me confident that the music I play will do the same for your event. I can assure you that it will be an occasion that your visitors won't soon forget. I've always wanted to be a musician, but instead I ended up being interested by music mixing in my spare time, which quickly led to a full-time job as a wedding and events DJ. I'm delighted to inform that since my first DJ performance, I've had the chance to work with a variety of incredible clientele and earn priceless experience. Please get in touch with me to learn more about my fees and available dates. You may be confident that cooperating with me will be a good decision.

    Music With Memories - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    music with memories

    0433 345 544


    Being from the Yarra Valley, where I was born and bred, I count myself extremely fortunate to call a small patch of land near Mount Evelyn home. I wake up every day feeling more and more in love with the neighborhood and its environs, which is a suburb called Mount Evelyn that is situated right in the middle of the Yarra Valley.

    I feel as though every single one of the magical wedding locations I am within 15 minutes of are a second home because I am located in the center of the Yarra Valley. I am very appreciative that our shared enthusiasm for weddings has allowed us to develop lifetime ties with the nearby wedding venues and vendors!

    I've always had a unique way of hearing music, even as a small child. I hear every pulse and note in a music that other people frequently wouldn't hear. I've always had a passion for music! I first felt a connection to a set of drumsticks when I was ten years old. A few years later, I was performing in bands at weddings, parties, and neighborhood bars.

    iDJS Entertainment - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    idjs entertainment

    1800 765 579


    For your party, wedding, or other event, hire the greatest DJ and let us handle the music. We know how important music is to gatherings, so by using an individualized approach, we can choose the perfect DJ for your gathering. We are passionate about what we do, and we will guide you through the entire booking process while patiently and empathetically responding to any of your inquiries.


    Whatever your music entertainment needs are, we've got you covered thanks to our professional, talented, and incredibly approachable DJs as well as our incredibly user-friendly DIY equipment line.

    We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and unmatched client experience. We are passionate about what we do, and we will guide you through the entire booking process while patiently and empathetically responding to any of your inquiries.

    JAMM Events - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    jamm events

    0420 317 009

    Who Are We?

    A DJ and entertainment company situated on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula is called JAMM Events. For weddings, parties, corporate events, and other occasions, we offer a variety of entertainment and event solutions. Utilizing only the greatest Melbourne DJs, Live Musicians, and MCs to guarantee that your upcoming event runs well from beginning to end.


    The JAMM Events experience is truly unique in that we do not use outdated techniques, cheesy interaction skits, pre-set playlists, or shiny blow up props at our events. Genuine DJs with a background in the nightlife, audio, and lighting industries used their experience to produce JAMM Events. Every one of our performers is incredibly creative, gifted, passionate, and, of course, energetic. Every event is special to us, and we believe that you should have an experience that reflects your sense of style, preferences, and ideals.

    Remarkable Receptions - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    remarkable recpetions

    0409 218 172

    Make a statement as soon as you enter the reception area at your first event as husband and wife. The grand entrance into your reception—the second entrance—gives everyone another opportunity to view your dress, your guy, and the wedding party's outfit in action. The first entrance was during the ceremony.

    You'll appear extremely wealthy. Most people waste this time. When we meet, I'll demonstrate to you how to design a grand entrance that will be a raucous five-star rollick for you and your wedding party.

    Your event's opening will determine how the entire wedding reception will seem. Additionally, laughter is a free gift from life. Let me introduce you to a few amusing, quick smile-makers that we utilize to keep dinner guests interested.

    Sounds Allwright Entertainment - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    sounds allwright entertainment


    Best DJ Hire in Melbourne

    Our company, Sounds Allwright Entertainment, has established a solid reputation for providing the best DJ hire service. We are a highly regarded DJ hire business with the skills to make your event a smashing success. We specialize in offering any music mix to provide the proper mood for an occasion and have the best DJ ability. We can accommodate your demands whether you're looking to hire a DJ in Melbourne for a wedding, a birthday, a corporate event, or a school function. We can prolong an incredible musical experience with the greatest packages created to meet your specific demands.

    Matt Black Entertainment - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    matt black entertainment

    0400 282 059

    Hire a musician

    Hire Melbourne's top DJs, soloists, acoustic duos, and wedding bands. Exceptional live entertainment for your wedding, business event, or gathering. As a boutique wedding and event vendor, Matt Black Entertainment only hires a small, committed team of performers in order to uphold the highest standards. In other words, you get exactly what you see. Today, hire a musician!

    Wedding & Corporate DJs

    Our party DJs, both male and female, enjoy dancing with you. In particular, they adore requests! Above all, they are personable and nice, and they will cooperate with you to create the event's soundtrack and ensure its success. Professional decks, audio, and lighting round out the offering.

    Our team

    A specialized provider of entertainment is Matt Black. We don't send out haphazard bands of musicians that have never played together before because we have hundreds of performers on our books. In order to maintain a high level of performance and service, we keep our team small. Because of this, you can be certain that if you work with us, you'll get a selection of the artists and DJs you see on this page. Ask if you need anything from someone in particular; don't be shy!

    Josh The Wedding DJ Melbourne

    josh the wedding dj



    Josh is a Melbourne-based DJ with more than 10 years of experience playing weddings and other private events as well as bars and nightclubs. He used a digital vinyl setup, which involves using actual vinyl turntables to alter music files on a laptop. This gives your event a more upscale appearance when combined with the personalized DJ table.

    How does the music sound? Let's face it, you don't want the DJ at your wedding to play the same set they would at CLOUDNINE (a nightclub) at 2am, but you also don't want generic wedding tunes played one after the other with no mixing. Josh really shines in this situation. His DJ performance achieves the perfect balance between traditional wedding mixes and nightclub music, and he has the ability to read a crowd to get your friends and family up and dancing. To see what we mean, listen to the mixes below.

    Absolute Class Discos - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    absolute class discos


    Our Wedding DJs Melbourne & Wedding MCs Melbourne

    Since 1988, we have been offering Melbourne wedding DJs, wedding MCs, and the highest caliber mobile disco systems throughout Victoria. Over 2,500 Melbourne wedding receptions in the city of Melbourne, its suburbs, the Yarra Valley, the Mornington Peninsula, and throughout the entire state of Victoria have benefited from our provision of Melbourne wedding DJs/MCs and Melbourne mobile disco systems.

    MASTER OF CEREMONIES - PROFESSIONAL WEDDING MCS (which is included at no charge)

    Every single one of our highly skilled, professional wedding reception DJs is quite familiar with the numerous events that must occur as well as the typical sequence in which those events occur.

    They introduce the bridal party, plan and coordinate the cake-cutting, and then organize and introduce each speaker throughout the speeches. If any of the speakers require any on-the-spot advise regarding who should say what or when, our very skilled Melbourne wedding DJs are more than happy to oblige.

    BAE DJ Hire - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    b.a.e dj hire

    0432 861 161

    In contrast to the conventional "Wedding DJ," we at BAE collaborate with our clients to design truly distinctive experiences. Each of our DJs has more than ten years of experience entertaining crowds in Europe, Asia, and Australia at various events.

    The planning process is made simple by our highly competent team, who will create a music package specifically for you. We'll make sure your event is a success, whether it's your wedding, birthday, engagement, or corporate event. Don't trust us? See what our pleased customers have to say!

    Ministry of DJs Entertainment - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    ministry of djs entertainment

    +61 401 270 184


    A boutique entertainment company called Ministry of DJs specializes in connecting you with the best DJs and musicians in Sydney and Melbourne for your special occasion. We have over 15 years of experience in the business and are passionate about creating unforgettable events through the music we play and the services we provide, whether it be a wedding, corporate event, private party, or other event.

    Ministry of DJs is pleased to provide experienced, affable, and knowledgable DJs who can read a crowd and get the party going. We also have the option of adding live performers, such as saxophonists, bongo players, acoustic guitarists, and even live singers to support the DJ, to your event.

    All of the DJs and artists who represent the Ministry of DJs brand are vetted, skilled, and true experts in their fields.

    Halogen DJs - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    halogen djs

    0413 335 175

    Welcome to Halogen DJs

    Our Melbourne DJ services strive to provide top-notch client care in addition to our cutting-edge sound systems and effect lighting, which are appropriate for all events and occasions. We are proud of the services we provide and cater to a variety of locations, including hotels, bars, pubs, nightclubs, and reception centers. No matter the location or occasion, our amiable, skilled mobile DJs will be glad to emcee the event and engage the audience. Additional MC services are also available upon request. As a developing business, we constantly strive to raise the caliber of our equipment and client service. We are devoted to making your special event a success.

    Adam Spencer - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    adam spencer


    Congratulations on finding the love of your life!

    You are now prepared to enjoy your big day! When you choose DJ Adam Spencer, you get a resident club DJ with ten years of expertise who is also personable and well-groomed. You obviously want all of your guests to have a blast and delight in dancing to some excellent music, right? It's important to cater to a mixed-age crowd, and I have vast experience performing at weddings and engagement parties!

    I have a strong interest for music and am familiar with tunes for all audiences. The variety of musical styles in my library is enormous. I'll create the fun environment you want at your next gathering!

    DJ Karan Productions - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    dj karan productions

    0433 949 546

    Why Us

    We have more than ten years of industry experience. We deliver experience and energy unmatched by anybody else, having performed all around Australia and beyond. We specialize in Bollywood, Punjabi, and R&B fusion music. Our cutting-edge DJ installations will elevate your event to a new level.

    We have something for everyone, whether you want a straightforward setup or you want to wow your visitors with our Premium Setup Range, thanks to our Most Popular Packages, which range in price from $900 to $4500. Other DJs cannot compare to our experience in the events and entertainment industries.

    DJ Eddy Mac - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    dj eddy mac

    +61 412 077 077

    HEY, I’M EDDY!

    In Melbourne, I work as a DJ and have always enjoyed weddings. I've been DJing for over a decade and co-founded One More Song with my business partner Aleks (who also DJs!). Some reviews, sample mixes, and Instagram links are included below.

    But before, I need to vent about a few things... If you're looking for a DJ that will accept a booking fee and then vanish until a few days before your wedding, then... Your DJ is not me. If you want a DJ who’ll leave awkward gaps between each song they play … Your DJ is not me.

    If you're looking for a DJ to play The Nutbush, Macarena, and Chicken Dance,... Your DJ is not me. If you want a DJ who will spend the majority of the evening screaming orders for partygoers to "put their hands in the air,", Your DJ is not me.

    DJ PeterD - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    dj peter d


    Even if you are only looking for an MC in Mornington, check out our Youtube account. As a DJ in Mornington, we love to create memorable moments at your events. Visit our contact page to get in touch with us about your next event anywhere in Victoria, and feel free to look us up on Facebook.

    About Us

    Would you like a no-stress event?

    Allow us to assist you and reduce the stress of your upcoming event. As a prominent Wedding DJ and Master of Ceremonies on the Mornington Peninsula, we have the experience to help make your event stress free. We are on the recommended supplier list for many of the Peninsula's venues because we collaborate with them to ensure the success of every event.

    On Cue Entertainment - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    on cue entertainment

    0433 521 324

    Professional DJ & Karaoke DJ hire is offered by Melbourne-based On Cue Entertainment for a variety of events and occasions in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. Services offered include wedding DJs, birthday party DJs, corporate event DJs, and karaoke DJs, among others, and they are adaptable in entertaining a range of age groups and demographics.

    Our Services

    On Cue Entertainment offers a variety of services to meet and satisfy all of your celebration needs, whether it's your wedding, birthday party, or corporate event.  All packages include with a professional wedding DJ, corporate DJ, party DJ, or karaoke DJ, as well as high-definition audio speakers, expert lighting, and a wide selection of music spanning the 1950s to today's top 40.

    Paper Hearts - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    paper hearts

    +61 411 217 158


    created by Amelia & Ryan, a married couple. Through friends, Amelia & Ryan connected and immediately fell in love. PAPER HEARTS was created out of a love for live music and dramatic vocal harmonies. With positive feedback from customers, other vendors, and wedding venues alike, word of mouth swiftly spread, and PAPER HEARTS soon found themselves serenading wedding guests year-round.

    Paper Hearts expanded the family to include a carefully curated selection of their most talented friends in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Hobart in response to the increasing demand for their distinctive services and their desire to connect all aspiring couples with high-end wedding entertainment.

    From intimate acoustic love ballads to rousing dance floor favourites, PAPER HEARTS play everything from wedding ceremonies and canapés sets to receptions and corporate parties.

    Wedding Band Collective - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    wedding band collective

    0418 110 879

    For your wedding or event, we specialize in supplying incredibly talented wedding bands, solo/duos, and DJs of any genre throughout Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Hobart.

    Hello everyone I'm Ben, and I run Wedding Band Collective as its owner and director. Since I majored in music at university, I have played in and managed bands. Now that I am a professional musician, I also DJ.

    I had the good fortune to join a few bands when I was just out of college and they took me on tours and recordings throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Europe a few years ago. At a show in Germany while I was on tour, I met the love of my life, and fortunately for me, she decided to go to Australia. I stopped touring after that and have since concentrated on playing and securing gigs in Melbourne, where I was born and raised. ​

    Top-Notch Entertainment - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    top notch entertainment

    0417 014 174

    Music solutions for Your Wedding Day

    To arrange the music for your wedding day as a whole, work with just one business. Everything will be handled with ease if you hire one entertainer to plan the music for your ceremony, provide entertainment for your guests over pre-dinner drinks, and then serve as your wedding DJ and MC during the reception.

    About Top-Notch Entertainment Pty Ltd

    For weddings, schools, business events, and other special occasions, we specialize in offering expert entertainment solutions. We have the solution for you whether you need a Wedding DJ for your reception, a guitarist for your wedding ceremony, or merely a Professional MC to organize and handle your reception.

    Woo hah DJs - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    woohah djs

    1300 966 425


    Experience and attention to detail reduce your stress levels. Selecting the correct vendors may make a world of difference when it comes to arranging your wedding. We place the utmost importance on memorable occasions like your arrival and the first dance because of this at Woohah. Our DJs have years of experience performing at weddings all throughout Melbourne, which has given them a plethora of knowledge. Our experienced bookings team will also be there for you throughout the planning process should you need a guiding hand.

    The appropriate DJ with us is the key to success. We make an effort to comprehend your musical preferences so we can match your crowd with the skilled DJ who will be most effective. After then, it's up to you to handle the night as you see fit. When you're ready, we'll talk about choosing the appropriate music for each situation. Finally, we double-check important details like our estimated time of arrival or any song requests before handing the controls to your DJ for the evening.

    Griffin Alliance - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    griffin alliance

    03 9994 1701

    About us: Daniel Toop

    We appreciate you coming by to have a look. We would love to collaborate with you to make your spectacular event a huge success if you're thinking about organizing one. Since 2003, I've had the chance to collaborate with some of Victoria's and the world's top DJs, artists, marketers, and hospitality minds and hearts.

    I specialize in mixing together music from various eras and genres to keep the dance floor packed. I have been a professional DJ for fifteen years. I'm your DJ if you like lots of dancing.

    DJ LUVD - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    dj luvd

    0425 227 928


    LUVD has always enjoyed listening to music. He danced frequently on stage as a street dancer with a group named "The Boyz 046." He acquired the moniker "DJ Bobo" throughout his youth and was lucky to have a number of opportunities to perform for private events. After falling in love, he started spinning and mixing.

    LUVD participates in a number of philanthropic initiatives with the goal of providing aid to the underprivileged and those in need. Additionally, he wants to encourage the development of the local communities in Melbourne and Sri Lanka.

    Ashley Keswick - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    ashley keswick

    0488 01 11 02

    About - DJ Hire Melbourne

    Discover more about DJ Ashley, including tracks/mixes and reviews from DJ clients... Melbourne DJ Hire - Vinyl DJ (Front View) Let me bring your event to life with my 20+ years of expertise in the music and entertainment sector as a DJ and live remix performer at parties, clubs, and bars throughout Melbourne and interstate!

    A party to remember is created by a combination of dance floor-filling music, booming sound, and spectacular effects lighting. You can select any or all of the music to fit the event, or you can let me do what I do best, which is to assess the crowd, cater to their musical tastes, and get the party started on the dance floor!

    Since I was in my early teens, I've been playing records on turntables, and I still frequently mix with vinyl now. Nothing beats the pleasant sound of vinyl records playing on a good sound system while dancing.

    Uptown Sound - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    uptown sound

    +61 403 738 748

    Hi, I’m Lawrence Spataro.

    I founded Uptown Sound because, as a music lover who was sick of hearing the same old playlists played at events after events, I wanted to offer a distinctive and customized experience to individuals who wanted to play their music loud and proud. Want to start the night with a reggae-inspired island theme or a Hawaiian luau? Sure!

    Do you want a David Bowie-themed event? No problem. I have almost 50,000 songs in my library, ranging from Darude/Sandstorm to 1950s rock 'n' roll. Send me a message using the "Get in touch" button below so that we may connect over your favorite musician and determine the ideal mood for your occasion.

    Fedora Productions - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    fedora productions

    0458 333 673

    We are Fedora Productions.

    We provide an exceptional Pro Audio service. Fedora Productions has been providing excellent sound engineering and DJ services throughout Melbourne for many years, which has allowed us to significantly expand our service offerings. Any event, no matter how big or little, is covered by Fedora Productions.

    Mobile DJ

    All event kinds, including weddings, engagements, corporate events, presentation nights, debutante balls, school discos, birthday parties, and even kids' events, are catered to by our mobile DJ hire services. Our professional Disc Jockeys receive audience-specific training. They will play the music you request and what is necessary at the time. Additionally, we provide experienced wedding MCs for your very special day.

    Let our skilled Master of Ceremonies assist in keeping your wedding reception lively and on time. Only the best sound and lighting equipment are used by Fedora Productions. Periodically, all of our equipment is tested and tagged. To protect the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved in the function, we also adhere to Australia's strict OH&S regulations.

    yarra valley most popular wedding venue

    Miss Rosie - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    miss rosie

    0418 565 147

    Melbourne Wedding, Event + Party DJ

    I have over ten years of experience as a DJ and entertainer in Melbourne and Australia, and I specialize in customized, fashionable, and enjoyable DJ entertainment. My services include guidance with music selection and accommodate all party music styling. R&B, HipHop, Commercial Dance, 80s, 90s, and 2000s music mixes are my areas of expertise.

    Radioactive Mobile Disco - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    radio active mobile disco

    (03) 9354 9872


    Since I was 17, I have worked with my cousin to perform mobile discos and DJ. I chose to continue the business when he retired a few years ago because I loved doing it so much and past customers kept calling to hire me!

    I've pretty much seen it all as a roadie and party host, from extravagant weddings to wild 21st birthday parties to performing to an audience of 5000 bikers in a paddock in the pouring rain from the back of a semi!

    Since I really think that people will refer you to their friends if you offer a good service, I mostly rely on word-of-mouth promotion. I frequently perform someone's 18th birthday, 21st birthday, engagement, and wedding! and all of their buddies in between! Don't believe anything I say. Read the endorsements that my prior clients sent to me.

    Progressive Entertainment - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    progressive entertainment

    0414 579 663

    About Us

    Progressive Entertainment, which was founded by Colin Lafrank (Dj Rails) and has been around for more than 24 years, has developed alongside the Melbourne music industry and has always aimed to be the best at what they do. Progressive Entertainment, which began as a single DJ in Melbourne, has expanded into a company that currently hosts more than a dozen DJ and MC concerts each week throughout the entire state of Victoria.

    Being forthright, honest, and having a sincere desire to make your event unforgettable are the guiding principles on which Progressive Entertainment was built. The bar has been lifted in the Victorian DJ industry by Progressive Entertainment with the most modern music and retro collection, sound, and lighting.

    Progressive Entertainment has organically expanded into other industries, offering services including jukeboxes, picture booths, wedding cars, lighting and sound hire/sales, and many others.

    Moving Melodies - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    moving melodies

    0413 52 55 67

    What We’re About

    For all attendees at your event, Moving Melodies Dj Service offers a warm environment. We can tailor each DJ event to your unique requirements for a successful and enjoyable event thanks to our 21 years of experience, music expertise, and resources.

    A complimentary one-hour consultation, early setup, a premium sound system, a wireless microphone, trained master of ceremonies duties, and numerous lighting options tailored to your event are all included in our professional DJ service.

    Lark Music - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    lark music

    +61 1300 935 425

    Leading musicians and DJs for exceptional weddings, corporate events, and private parties are available from Lark Music in Australia. If you're looking for festival-quality live bands, a wedding DJ who will get the party started, or chic acoustic musicians, we perform all around Australia and South East Asia. We'll provide you the soundtrack to the time of your life.

    Live bands and DJs for epic weddings.

    You play your strongest cards when life hands you a wonderful person. Despite our excellent musicianship, what truly distinguishes us is our ability to make those life-altering events into something genuinely memorable. Every moment of your wedding is safe in our hands, from a magnificent acoustic highlight during your ceremony to our live band energizing that dancefloor or a blasting DJ set at the afterparty.

    Simply said, we understand it. You'll adore the unmatched vigor, extraordinary talent, and razor-sharp professionalism of Lark's live bands, DJs, and acoustic performers. We are prepared when we show up to provide your guests experiences they will remember for years to come. What a wonderful wedding!

    SpinamixDJ - Wedding DJ Melbourne


    0411 352 715

    Our Philosophy

    With every customer visit to our head office, SPINAMIX DJ offers tea, coffee, and cookies in an effort to give professional service. We may meet with you in the comfort of your home or we can invite you to our office to discuss your plans for your event.

    To the best of our ability, SPINAMIX DJ can answer any questions you may have. We also strive to guarantee the quality of the service we offer by making sure that all of your music preferences are played on the night of your celebration and that a prepared schedule plan is in place so you won't have to constantly manage the event.

    Primary DJ - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    primary dj

    0438 543 589

    In Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula, and the Yarra Valley, Primary DJ specializes in providing event DJ and MC services. Our staff will go above and beyond to make sure your event is remembered for all the right reasons. We are devoted, enthusiastic, and trustworthy.

    We implore our potential customers to think carefully about the value of entertainment at any event, including your wedding. Your visitors will have a memorable experience thanks to the best entertainment at the most affordable costs.

    DJ Arry Entertainment - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    dj arry entertainment

    +61 433 320 822


    For more than 6 years, DJ Arry has been bringing events of all sizes to life. Whether it's a lavish wedding or a small gathering, we can offer uniquely creative and technical solutions to make each event uniquely yours.

    Our idea is straightforward: we want to make your wedding, corporate event, or any other event a riveting moment that people will never forget and will remember for years. Whether it's reshaping the space with our lighting, retaining your audience's attention with top-notch audio, or guaranteeing your dance floor is crowded all night. We can make your occasion unforgettable!

    Essential Groove - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    essential groove

    +61 438 828 856


    We excel at weddings. We are aware that you want to spend this important event with your loved ones and closest friends. Your guests will be entertained and on the dance floor thanks to live music at your ceremony and reception!


    For business clients, live music is something we have a lot of experience doing. We work with you to make sure your visitors have an amazing time at your upcoming event, conference, product launch, or awards ceremony.


    We provide catering for a variety of private events, including milestone celebrations, birthday parties, debutante balls, and social gatherings. Whatever the event, our repertoire is adaptable and can be tailored to fit. It makes sense to hire a skilled and experienced musician because live music is a need for weddings.

    Rutherford Entertainment - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    rutherford entertainment

    1300 736 689

    Our committed team is looking forward to working directly with you to handpick the ideal talent for your perfect day, whether it be delivering the ideal soundtrack as you walk down the aisle or generating an electrifying party environment to celebrate your wedding day with family and friends.

    In order to make your wedding feel especially special from beginning to end and to ensure that your guests will be talking about it for years to come, we work hard to offer a customized entertainment experience.


    Rutherford Entertainment, which was established in 2011 by founding director and DJ Nick Rutherford and partner Nicki, was inspired by the couple's mutual love of music and their conviction that their customers should receive entertainment that is specifically tailored to their needs.

    Ten years later, Rutherford Entertainment has expanded to provide personalized, premium entertainment experiences across the globe while steadily growing our talent pool to offer our clients the best entertainment in Australia.

    Mornington Peninsula DJ Hire - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    mornington peninsula dj services

    0411 042 516

    Our experience

    We have the capacity to blend amongst a wide variety of musical genres through engaging with a wide range of them. This gives us the assurance that we can satisfy your musical requirements for your event. We have a passion for music that comes from years of devoted listening as well as from mixing as DJs. From this, we have developed a profound grasp of how to entertain and interest an audience in events.

    Our equipment

    We employ cutting-edge mixing equipment that enables us to deliver music with higher sound quality for any event scenario you desire. Additionally, this mixing configuration permits the usage of microphones, allowing you to select a person to MC your event if necessary.

    Top Dog Entertainment - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    top dog entertainment


    Top Dog has been Melbourne's go-to source for first-rate entertainment since it was founded in 1990. Only professionals and seasoned artists who can start any party are on our entertainment team.

    Our office staff prides itself on providing creative solutions that go above and beyond expectations in return. With such a wide range of entertainment, we can handle anything from a chic birthday dinner to a memorable wedding to Melbourne's illustrious Spring Racing Carnival!

    We look forward to sharing our knowledge about how entertainment can help create memorable events every day. What we do, we adore. What a great industry we are a part of – working with people who are planning ‘once in a lifetime’ parties!

    Mercury DJ Hire - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    mercury dj hire

    Planning your dream wedding?

    We believe that the music played at your wedding should be entirely and utterly yours. Celebrate your past, your achievements, and any other noteworthy events with the individuals who helped you get to where you are now. We try to take in as much information as we can about how you want your music so that we can completely comprehend what you want to hear when you walk into your celebration as newlyweds.

    Our award-winning DJs' meticulous attention to detail when selecting the music for your wedding, as well as their acute perception when reading a room, set them apart from other DJs in the business. You may immerse yourself in the music and the moments because they know how to produce a clear sound that is not only heard but also configured to adapt to your receiving environment for optimum effect. Since sound is our specialty, we can handle anything from your MC's opening remarks to the closing track and everything in between.

    Party DJ Hire - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    party dj hire



    How shall we put it? We enjoy having fun and are passionate about the healing power of music. This enthusiasm ultimately led to helping others plan spectacular celebrations and events for all kinds of special occasions. We feel that the little extras can really transform a good night into a spectacular one, which is why we go above and beyond for all of our clients.

    We take great delight in being one of Melbourne's top DJ suppliers, and this is evident in our competence, dependability, and capacity for customer interaction. We're convinced that after you've worked with us, you won't need to look for another DJ hire business.

    Wedding DJ Melbourne

    wedding dj melbourne

    The premier DJ, MC, and singer agency in Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula, and the Yarra Valley is Wedding DJ Melbourne. This is not an error. Simply said, you must possess considerable expertise and the necessary skills to produce outstanding results at every event in order to join this unique organization.

    Our staff will go above and beyond to make sure your event is remembered for all the right reasons. We are devoted, enthusiastic, and trustworthy. We implore our potential customers to think carefully about the value of entertainment at any event, including your wedding. Your visitors will remember your event for years to come if you provide top-notch entertainment.

    Melbourne Interactive Entertainment - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    melbourne interactive entertainment

    0418 957 155

    Wedding DJ Melbourne


    We offer incredible DJs or a special mix of DJs and live musicians for weddings, corporate events, and private parties. While the live musicians deliver the dynamic, visual, and engaging experience of a live band, our DJs can play an infinite amount of the songs you know and love.

    We'll lead you and your attendees on a musical journey to ensure that every moment of your event is accompanied by the ideal musical setting. We have dedicated ourselves to offering incredibly diverse entertainment in Melbourne and its surroundings, rural Victoria, and interstate since 2007.

    Melbourne DJ Services - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    melbourne dj services

    Wedding DJ & MC Services

    We offer DJ and MC services for weddings in Melbourne. The process of hiring a wedding DJ shouldn't be difficult or expensive for any couple. This is why we think it's important to offer everyone in Melbourne access to high-quality DJ services. If your objective is to identify the ideal group that you can trust, has a good reputation, and is within your price range.

    Hopefully, our group will meet these criteria. You may unwind and trust that we have taken care of everything. Without sacrificing the individualized level of service, you gain the advantages of hiring a professional DJ service.

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