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100+ Best Wedding DJs in Melbourne, Victoria (2022)

When planning the music for your wedding, it is important not to underestimate the effect of entertainment on a ceremony and reception. The right music is essential in order to create an appropriate backdrop and desired tone for your event.

Today, couples increasingly turn to the services of a disc jockey for wedding reception entertainment. While live music offers the excitement of actual performance, a DJ can offer convenience, a diverse selection, authentic versions of songs, better volume control and, usually, lower prices.

In addition, a DJ is likely to have the most recent hits and any special or unusual songs that a band may not have learned yet as part of its repertoire. Some couples are even hiring a DJ to alternate with a live band throughout the reception. This arrangement creates a mixed, vibrant playlist that keeps the environment on the dance floor young and fresh.

On the hunt of Wedding DJs in Melbourne, Victoria? Finding the right wedding DJ can be a stressful endeavour. After all, there are so many options and prices out there to consider.

So, finding a wedding DJ that offers supreme service and a carefully curated selection of equipment is a true life-saver.

To help you get started on your wedding DJ hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite Wedding DJs from right across Melbourne, Victoria.

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    Ultimate List of Best Wedding DJs in Melbourne, Victoria

    Melbourne Entertainment Company -Wedding DJs

    melbourne entertainment co wedding djs bands

    1300 858 981

    The Melbourne Entertainment Company is a comprehensive wedding & events entertainment supplier. We deliver a refreshing, personalised service to each client for every event. We are highly active in the Melbourne wedding/event market delivering over 700 events last year. With a more than a decade of experience, we understand the need for a bespoke, memorable and premium service.

    Offering elite DJs, DJ-Sax, Acoustic Solos, Duos, Trios, Bands, Singers, Guitarists, Saxophonists, Percussionists, Photographers and Roving Performers. MEC is your friendly, reliable and knowledgeable go-to provider for seamless corporate, wedding and function entertainment.



    This will be achieved by providing a consistent and reliable service to our customers time and time again, and fostering our strategic relationships with various venues and partners. Our youthful and professional staff are committed to ensuring each event is entertaining and enjoyable for all guests through every performance.

    We will continue to use only the highest quality entertainers, musicians, performers and staff. It is our benchmark that 100% of our clients will receive an outstanding and energetic performance which everyone will remember and talk about for years to come.


    Our core values are to be young & fresh, flexible and reliable. Our business was formed over a decade ago on the premise that nobody should have to put up with a daggy, out-of-touch has been DJ who’s playing the chicken dance to a dead dance-floor. Nothing made us cringe more than seeing some of the poorest, unprofessional budget entertainers that ruined the evening.

    Entertainment unfortunately doesn’t have the luxury of being unprofessional and has the potential to ruin up 60-70% of your wedding if done poorly. Many couples will try to save on entertainment, willing to risk their $30-$40,000 wedding on a cheap DJ. If you’re wanting to create memories that last and have your guests raving about the best wedding of the year, then you need to invest in high quality entertainment.


    100% satisfaction is the benchmark that we hold ourselves accountable to. Our standard can be viewed across the more than 800 5-star reviews we hold across GoogleFacebook and Easy Weddings. Our vision is to have our talent going above and beyond for every single client, ensuring that we’re doing everything within our power to keep them ecstatic about the level of service they’re receiving.


    Nothing beats the performance and the crowd interaction that an incredible live band can provide. The experience that the music is actually being made, produced & delivered live right before your very eyes! It’s encapsulating, invigorating & all encompassing.

    The most talented professional event and wedding bands Melbourne has to offer will create a vibe that your guests will not shut up about at your hangover brunch the next day. “How incredible was that Cover Band Singer!?” “The drummer was so hot!” “What about that Sax solo in the Jazz Band?!”

    It’s our job to create the memories that last a lifetime. It’s our job to guarantee when you hire a band Melbourne Entertainment Co ensures that everyone from your grandma, to bridal party, to your niece/nephew is dancing around to your favourite requests and d-floor hits.

    melbourne entertainment co wedding entertainment


    When it comes to looking for an Acoustic Duo or the best wedding singer Melbourne Entertainment Company has the most talented artists and greatest diversity of choice. Hire an incredibly talented Event / Wedding Acoustic Duo or guitarist who will knock your socks off. These Acoustic soloists and duos will serenade you down the isle, or provide the perfect chill background vibes at your cocktail event. There are vocal virtuoso’s who can play guitar, piano or use loop pedals to create a multi-instrumental soundtrack live before your very eyes. With so much acoustic talent on offer, you’ll have trouble narrowing it down to your favourite soloist. If you’re not sure sure about whether or not to book a DJ or an acoustic musician, and don’t have the budget or both: check out our amazing complete soloists who can tick both boxes for you.

    Explore some of Melbourne’s most incredibly talent performers available for hire. Our artists are committed to creating the most memorable and magical of experiences whenever they perform.

    DJ First - Wedding DJ Melbourne


    0412 933 934

    Thank you for considering the DJ First team for your next special event. The aim of this web site is to not only provide important information and facts about our unique and specialised DJ service based in Melbourne but also to make the process of booking a DJ convenient, easy, informative and stress-free.

    We had come a long way since our beginnings in 1980. Today DJ First provides Melbourne with a team of professional disc jockeys at a price and package you can afford. DJ First is a multi-system company with eight dedicated, dependable, hardworking DJs that take pride in everything they do. Each DJ has a great personality and can easily interact with you and your guests. All our DJs come with a positive ‘can-do attitude and are more than happy to help in any way they can. All you need to do is ask. So from our end, your event will run hassle-free without any problems.

    All the equipment we use is ultra-modern. It’s simply the best of the best. We don’t take any chances when it comes to organising your professional DJ equipment. You can choose from three professional DJ packages, five hours of entertainment, and add-on any of the other equipment – allowing you to customise your own personal DJ package!

    Our music library is massive. Our songs cover all genres of music styles. We also cater for Italian, Greek, Spanish and Arabic. Our music is digital quality and features specially made CDs for radio station DJs and club DJs. DJ First’s music library contains virtually every song you’ve ever heard on the radio. Your mobile DJ entertainer will mix up the music, interact with your guests, and keep them partying all night long. They also take requests and can make any announcements or even MC the night. All at no extra charge.

    With DJ, First distance is not an issue. We cover the entire Melbourne metropolitan area with a network of locally-based DJs servicing Bundoora, Carlton, Epping, Box Hill, Mitcham, Essendon, Keilor, Greenvale, Werribee, Brighton, Eltham and all suburbs in-between, along with most of country Victoria (a travel fee applies outside the greater Melbourne area).

    Blue Planet Entertainment - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    blue planet entertainment

    1300 738 736

    Expert Assistance In Corporate Entertainment

    Almost every company holds an event at some point, and one thing is for sure – they’re not meant to be anything like a business meeting or a conference. After all, such occasions are also a great way to entice new customers, clients and make a lasting impression. As your soiree may also be covered by the media and featured in reputed business newspapers and magazines, you need some creative thinking to give it a memorable impact. Whether it’s to mark the end-of-financial year, to celebrate a particular achievement or milestone, a Christmas party, roadshow, product launch or any other occasion, our expert events management company will come up with unique and innovative ideas for corporate entertainment.

    Music as a Great Corporate Entertainment Tool

    Almost everyone enjoys music, and nothing can be better to enhance your party. Your employees, clients and customers will dance to the rhythm through the night and retain a lasting impression based on the ‘fun factor. It’s an old saying that music has the ability to heal the mind, body and soul, and you can use this to generate good feelings and close that big deal. As a reputed events management company, Blue Planet Entertainment come up with unique ideas for corporate entertainment, such as incorporating different types of music in your playlist or live performances to cater for the various age and taste of your guests.

    Hiring One of the Top Entertainment Agencies in Melbourne

    There are several entertainment agencies available in Melbourne, but the best choice is Blue Planet Entertainment, the one with the most up-to-date and unique ideas for corporate bands, party entertainers and dynamic acts for your next Corporate Event, Wedding or Private Party. We are a reputable, experienced and professional company that will provide you with everything you need for your event, including a DJ, a recording artist, keynote speaker and more. We also have access to solo performers who provide a sense of exclusivity and capture a certain glamour that will enrapture your party-goers. If you’re planning to hold a large event, then it’s advisable to book your performers well in advance. All our party entertainers are in high demand in Melbourne, so avoid disappointment and book today. Doing so will ensure that everyone who attends your party will be talking about how much fun they had – and they’ll definitely come back the next time you send them an invitation!

    Blue Planet Entertainment and Events Management

    Blue Planet Entertainment and Events is a company with the experience and expertise evolved over a combined period of 30 years in the performance, entertainment bookings and event management disciplines.

    Blue Planet Entertainment and Events deliver outstanding personalised service that ensures the highest quality level of service and satisfaction. Blue Planet Entertainment and Events have built successful ongoing relationships with companies including Coles, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, GlaxoSmithKline, ANZ, Linfox / Armaguard, Westpac, Qenos Australia, Corporate Express, Mercer Australia, and many more.

    Engaging a team or an individual from Blue Planet Entertainment and Events to manage all the aspects of your event will definitely relieve a lot of undue stress otherwise given to an individual or group in your organisation, and individual that often have little or none of the skill sets required to run or organise an event.

    Blue Planet Entertainment and Events Management have long standing relationships with specific production companies, venues and a myriad of suppliers and performers and can give you ideas you may not even know existed. Because they use their suppliers on a regular basis, they receive more like a wholesale price, a bit like buying in bulk.

    When looking for event management, you are more than likely looking for someone with whom you can communicate directly, Is the person you deal with on the phone and emails for weeks and sometimes months prior to the event going to be there on the night? Are you dealing with the decision-maker or the ‘Gatekeeper’?

    Does your event team know who is operating all the different elements of the function on the night?

    You need an event management team that has an intricate knowledge of all the elements of your function. This will include assisting you to develop an event order/running sheet making sure times for meals, speeches, and entertainers are well coordinated to keep things running smoothly and free of stress.

    Give our Event Management team a call today! 1300 738 735

    FAQs About Wedding DJ

    How much does a wedding DJ cost? The average cost of a wedding DJ is around $1,200, but this doesn't reflect the wide range of prices you're likely to see while planning your event. In reality, you'll see DJ companies charging anywhere from $600 up to $3,500.

    Large weddings may mean a higher DJ bill if additional speakers, microphones or upgraded sound equipment are required to properly serve the crowd. Costs may increase if the wedding DJ is required to set up outdoors because additional equipment such as power cords and other items may be needed.

    “A budget begins with a guest list that informs most of your costs. Be prepared to spend the most (around 40 percent) on taking care of guests' basic needs—that's venue, food, and beverage." ... The remaining amount includes fixed costs like your photographer, videographer, and entertainment.

    The average U.S. wedding cake costs around $350, according to Thumbtack, an online service that matches customers with local professionals. On the lower end, couples spend around $125 and on the higher end, they typically spend upward of $700—often over $1,000!

    While the national average cost of a wedding dress is $1,631 (including alterations), dress prices are based on various factors and generally range from $500 to $4,000. By shopping at large retailers and getting a machine-made gown, you can easily land on the lower end of the spectrum.

    WPA DJ - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    w.p.a. dj

    1800 454 855

    We know how important your wedding reception night is, that’s why we go through all details of your wedding reception night with you, either in person or over the phone. As part of our wedding DJ planning agenda, we go through the following:

    Speeches & Formalities

    Songs you want playing at special moments of the night:

    Entrance of the bride and groom, Cutting of the cake, Bridal Waltz, Father & Daughter Waltz, Removal of the garter, Throwing of the bouquet, Farewell circle and a Song list also provided for the rest of the evening.

    Songs you want playing at special moments of the night:

    WPA Wedding DJ Melbourne provide crystal clear sound systems and quality microphones for all speeches and formalities. A cordless microphone can be requested at an extra cost.


    The Melbourne Entertainment Company is a comprehensive wedding & events, entertainment supplier. We deliver a refreshing, personalised service to each client for every event. We are highly active in the Melbourne wedding/event market delivering over 700 events last year. With more than a decade of experience, we understand the need for a bespoke, memorable and premium service.

    Offering elite DJs, DJ-Sax, Acoustic Solos, Duos, Trios, Bands, Singers, Guitarists, Saxophonists, Percussionists, Photographers and Roving Performers. MEC is your friendly, reliable and knowledgeable, go-to provider for seamless corporate, wedding and function entertainment.

    DJ Kwenda - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    dj kwenda

    +61 439 308 671

    Professional wedding DJ hire service

    Whether one envisions their most special day to be elegant and timeless, or romantic and intimate, or simply relaxed, DJ Kwenda will work with you to create a seamless soundtrack to reflect this and give an edge to your wedding with his musical creativity and flawless professionalism.

    Incredibly skilled and experienced in the wedding entertainment space, those who have entrusted DJ Kwenda with their wedding music consistently commend him most highly – as do their guests, reception venue and other wedding suppliers – and the photos in his media galleries speak to this.

    Professional DJ & MC for hire

    Talented & accomplished DJ for weddings, parties & events

    DJ Kwenda has firmly established his career as a full-time professional DJ with more than 16 years of industry experience behind him, having started DJing in his early teenage years. The creativity and the intensity in which he approaches the decks makes for unparalleled music entertainment, and it is this fervour that ensures every wedding he DJs for is the best it can be; reaffirmed through the incredible reviews he continues to amass Internationally recognised and a headline DJ for touring music artists, DJ Kwenda is deeply passionate about his art and through a love-affair with music and undeniable talent, has etched recognition as being one of the finest DJs. As such, and not surprisingly, he has been head-hunted to facilitate DJ classes to educate and upskill both new and upcoming DJs, as well as experienced DJs. His extensive music collection encompasses all genres, and his magic and finesses for DJ’ing is strengthened only by his innate ability to seamlessly fuse and mix all kinds of music, read and respond to any crowd and make each person in a room feel welcome, invited and free of inhibitions.

    DJ Michael - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    dj michael

    0401 264 931

    Professional and experienced DJ/MC specialising in mixed weddings, engagements, birthday parties, christenings, and corporate events.

    ​Arabic, Lebanese, Iraqi, Egyptian, Persian Turkish, Greek, Italian, Afghan, and all the favourites from the 80’s, 90’s, top 40 and old school RnB.

    Specialising in Middle Eastern entertainment with amazing sound and lightning.

    ​Organising Arabic bands, zaffe groups, mizmar, flute, bagpipes, Arabian drummers (tubell players).

    Also, great fireworks and dry-ice packages.

    About DJ Michael

    As an experienced and fully-trained professional, DJ/MC Michael will get the crowd going and ensure your guests enjoy the party. DJ Michael is an Arabic/English DJ in Melbourne who is ready to give life to your party.

    Following his passion for music, DJ Michael works professionally as a mobile DJ for weddings that require English, Italian, Greek, Arabic, & commercial top 40. DJ Michael is here to help you set the right tone for your wedding and bring out a fun and dynamic atmosphere for you and your guests.

    Open to requests, he can play a broad range of genres, including RnB, top 40, Rock n Roll, the best of the ’80s and ’90s and international music.

    Only Dj’s - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    only dj's

    0424 865 327

    Music is our passion!

    For Only DJ’s Melbourne, there is one thing that needs to be at every event, a passion for music. Our philosophy at Only DJ’s is that our job is to be the best mobile DJ for hire in Melbourne. Whether that is an RnB DJ, House DJ, Club DJ or Rock DJ, we will have you covered with our impressive music collection.

    James has passed on his years of experience to all his DJ’s and now they are regarded as some of Melbournes best RnB DJ, House DJ, or Rock DJ’s for hire in Melbourne.

    Why choose Only DJ’s for your Wedding DJ hire?

    • We have a 5-Star Google rating. If our past clients love us, you will too!
    • You will be booking Melbourne’s best wedding DJ’s, who will ROCK the dance floor.
    • When you book your Wedding DJ, you will receive a complimentary event planning concierge service. Click HERE for more information.
    • You get one meet and greet with the business owner and head DJ.
    • We offer flexible payment plans with no setup fees! Click here for more information!
    • We will answer your emails or calls within 2 business hours.
    • You get the best all in one wedding DJ package in Melbourne, and we include everything you need.
    • We have live tracking, so you will know our ETA and see exactly where we are on the day.
    • Every console we use is made up of the same speakers, lights and music collection. Consistency is key for a Great Experience!
    • We have onsite downloaded for last-minute requests.
    • We have a collection of 90,000 songs.
    • Light MC duties are included with some of our DJ’s.
    • Get free set up with every booking.
    • Unlimited email & phone call support.

    DJ J’ELLIS (James Ellis)

    James has a love and passion for music, mixing and performing at events. He has been privileged to be a supporting artist to a number of DJ’s listed in DJ magazines top 100.

    James got into DJing by following his heart at the age of 16. He is publishing a book this year about his career.

    He has had the pleasure of having worked on Mix FM Cyprus, Storm Radio Greece, and frequent guest slots on Kiss FM 89.3 prior to its closure.

    He specialises in Rnb, Rock, Greek, the 90s, & 80s music and much more.

    J’ellis has worked extensively in the Greek music industry in Melbourne as a Greek mobile DJ for hire and worked alongside Georgie T with Greek mix productions and Tropical Sound waves. J’ellis has performed at a number of Greek functions and has been a Greek wedding DJ.

    Party Hire Productions - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    party hire productions

    0411 095 967

    PHP provides the best Wedding DJs in Melbourne that have been helping newlyweds celebrate their special day since 1995. We also provide Mobile Wedding DJ Melbourne. All our professional DJs/MCs have extensive experience in the musical entertainment industry. No beginners here. Our expert mobile disc jockey team is highly recommended by many prestigious wedding receptions across Victoria. We pride ourselves on providing the ‘perfect’ party ambience to complete your fairytale wedding. As well as wedding receptions, our DJs can also provide services during your ceremony.

    About Us

    The ultimate choice in Corporate, Private & Wedding DJ entertainment!! Apart from music, we also provide special effects like Dry Ice Machines (walking on clouds effect), Bubble Machines, themed coloured Mood Lighting, and lots more!

    If you’re celebrating a special occasion and need professional entertainment, look no further. PHP has been providing professional DJ entertainment since 1995, and with over 23 years of industry experience, we can guarantee that you will not be disappointed with us! Contact us today for an award-winning service!

    Be sure to check out our special effects, party hire equipment, and read what our clients have to say about our services here.

    Wedding Sounds - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    wedding sounds

    1300 300 141

    Our packages are Fun, Professional, Unique and Personalised. The highest quality entertainment delivered by award-winning professionals who work with you to ensure everything is exactly how you dreamt, perfect and importantly, low stress—all with top-quality equipment and customer service at an affordable price.

    A lot of what makes a Wedding Sounds special you won’t see on your wedding video. It’s not just our professional performance that makes your day so perfect; it’s what we do ‘behind the scenes that really makes us unique. Not only will you get an amazing, professional wedding expert for your special day, you also have a team experienced in working with other suppliers to ensure that the event you have dreamt about for years is perfect… Our team have been planning and entertaining at weddings for more than a decade, and it is this wealth of experience that makes Wedding Sounds by JLN unique.

    About Wedding Sounds

    Wedding Sounds are about giving our happy couples the night they dream of. We DO NOT play OUR music, and we play YOUR MUSIC... We bring years of experience and creativity to every show we do. And we LOVE what we do! We make organising the entertainment on your special day easy and low stress. Our online client portal makes planning your reception simple.

    How it all began.

    Starting his career as a Wedding Entertainer 20 years Ago, Wedding Sounds manager, Jay Allen, is one of the most respected and requested wedding DJ & MCs in Victoria. Jay’s hand-picked and personally trained team of DJ’s and MCs have continued his high standard of performance and customer service.

    Bruce Harrison - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    bruce harrison

    0405 103 258

    A wedding DJ and MC experience tailored to you, your guests and your traditions.

    I’m proud to have worked with many different couples over nearly 20 years, people who come from many different cultures, backgrounds and nationalities.

    I regularly work on the Mornington Peninsula, Yarra Valley, Melbourne Metro and The Dandenong Ranges. I’m more than happy to discuss your plans if you’re anywhere else.

    Your wedding is all about you, your family and friends.

    Each and every wedding is totally unique and different.

    Every. Single. One.

    So. Let’s get everything right the first and last time.

    I’m Bruce Harrison, and I have been a professional DJ and MC in Melbourne since early 2002.

    When I started my business, I never wanted a ‘team’ of DJs because I truly believe in the value of a couple working with someone who will be there on one of the most important days of your lives.

    So, there is no ‘we’ or ‘us’. The only ‘team’ is the three of us!

    Secondly – I’m not going to get in the way of your professional photographer on your wedding day trying to get a shot of you both at an important moment.

    I also won’t bring a photo booth along to your wedding. Or fireworks.

    There are other people who you can pay to do all that stuff. People who will do the job a lot better than me because that’s their specialty.

    My speciality is being exceptionally awesome at entertaining you and your guests and making everyone’s feet sore the next day.

    I got my start at being a DJ by replying to an ad in the paper which said that I could get ‘paid to party’ and, while there’s a lot more to it than that, I did my first DJ job – a 21st – a week later having absolutely no idea what I was doing except loading a CD and pressing a button which played the song.

    The following weekend, I was the DJ & MC at a wedding. I’d never even been to a wedding before!

    It was a complete train wreck—a disaster in every way. In fact, I probably still have people who want to kill me from that wedding.

    But I stuck at it, and I got a little bit better at it.

    I was with that DJ company for three years.

    When I left, I was the office manager and responsible for recruiting, training and allocating DJs to weddings.

    But I hated not being able to commit to a couple with who I met and formed a connection. I’m simply not a fan of guesswork when it comes to someone’s wedding.

    This is why I never wanted a ‘team’ of DJs when I started my business.

    Today, I perform at many multi-cultural weddings both as a DJ and an MC – very often, I do both, and I totally love what I do.

    As an MC, my style is friendly, inclusive, informative and natural, with just a hint of pommy.

    As a DJ, I have wide musical knowledge, and my music library includes pretty much everything from everywhere.

    I play background music at a level where people don’t have to use sign language and dancefloor music that will keep your guests on the dancefloor until the last song of the night.

    And yes. I do take requests. ☺

    Sonic Weddings - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    sonic weddings

    1300 668 290

    Wedding DJ – Melbourne & Regional Victoria

    Sonic Weddings has a passion for music, but most of all, we thrive on bringing all generations together on the dance floor. We are committed to providing the perfect energy and atmosphere for your day and have the skills to read a crowd and adapt the music to ensure the dance floor is always full.

    At Sonic Weddings, we believe that music is one of the most important parts of your wedding day. All the effort you have put into creating your magical day deserves to be celebrated with a pumping dancefloor!

    Luke is the only DJ at Sonic Weddings and prides himself on delivering a quality, personal and smooth service so that you can feel completely at ease on your big day. He has been DJing parties and weddings for the last 13 years all over Melbourne and regional Victoria. This is no DJ booking service – if you book Luke, you get Luke!

    Sonic Weddings provides a range of flexible services to meet each couple’s needs, including:

    • Wedding DJ & MC services, including a pre-planning meeting
    • Audio speech recording & editing
    • Sound technical support and advice for wedding ceremonies & acoustic musicians
    • Lighting support and advice
    • State-of-the-art DJ, lighting and sound equipment

    Luke is able to DJ at weddings all over Melbourne and also loves travelling to wineries and country weddings all over Victoria – including the Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula, Macedon Ranges, Ballarat, Heathcote, Geelong and the High Country Mansfield region.

    The Sonic Wedding Experience

    For over 10 years, Luke at Sonic Weddings has provided DJ services to weddings across Melbourne and regional Victoria and has built his solid reputation on word-of-mouth.

    Luke offers a personalised service to each couple and understand that each and every wedding is different. Not only is he there to DJ, but he is happy to help out with any other music, sound and lighting requirements. His comprehensive range of DJ services includes the supply of wireless microphones, technical sound support, an audio recording of speeches and acting as MC for your wedding reception.

    Luke recently married his bride Liz in early 2016 and truly appreciate the time, emotion and detail that goes into planning a wedding. He now works closely with his wife on Sonic Weddings, who supports him to build and develop their passion for this business even further.

    Meeting the wedding couple.

    At Sonic Weddings, we love to meet with each couple before their wedding day to develop a relationship and work together to provide a tailored DJ service. We encourage each couple to express their ideas and music preferences to help us build a better picture of you and your guests. We discuss the details of your running sheet and your specific song selections for key parts of your wedding day, including the bridal party entry, bridal waltz and final farewell. Of course, we are always happy to offer advice and suggest tracks for you if you can’t make up your mind!

    DJ Masters - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    dj masters

    1800 9966 36

    DJ in Melbourne

    Every event has the perfect soundtrack. Music is powerful. It defines any occasion, providing something beyond any other element of an event and its memories. That’s why you’re not leaving it to just anyone. DJ Masters brings you the finest DJs Melbourne has to offer for every event. Our team of talented Melbourne-based Wedding DJs, Party DJs and Corporate DJs are committed to creating the celebration you have in mind.

    Our premium Melbourne DJ service means your event is complete with a professional DJ, and entertainment designed for your event. Expect powerful equipment, wireless microphones, lighting, full control over music selections, and a professional MC service at no additional cost.

    Your vision is important, that’s why you have as much control over the music selections as you desire. Alternatively, you can define the idea and feel you’d like to create, and we can create the ideal soundtrack for you.

    Reading the crowd and closely following the mood of your guests to ensure everyone is up and celebrating has been the key talent to our success and status across Melbourne. Fifteen years ago, DJ Masters established a boutique professional DJ service in Melbourne and is now resident to some of Melbourne’s finest venues and event professionals. We are proud to have built an exceptional reputation as the reliable and professional Melbourne DJ and MC service.

    Our mission is simple - to craft and deliver the perfect, unforgettable atmosphere for your event, with professionalism, experience, style, and the perfect soundtrack.

    Professional DJs for Weddings in Melbourne

    You’ve spent countless hours creating a date you’ll remember forever. Let one of our experienced Melbourne Wedding DJs help bring it to life.

    As Wedding DJs and MCs for literally, thousands of unforgettable receptions across Melbourne over the years - weddings are our specialty.

    It can be stressful organising the entertainment and sentimental elements of the big day. The little things make a big difference, and expectations are always high. DJ Masters brings you the finest Wedding DJs Melbourne has to offer. Our team of talented Melbourne-based Wedding DJs and MCs are committed to helping you create the vision you have in mind. Weddings are simply what we do best, making up 80% of our clients. Over the past 15 years in Melbourne, our Wedding DJs and MCs have been a critical element in thousands of magical receptions.

    Our premium Melbourne Wedding DJ service means your event is complete with a professional Wedding DJ, and professional wedding entertainment. You can expect superior equipment, lighting, wireless microphones, full control over music selections, and a professional Wedding MC Service at no additional cost.

    We can provide wireless and portable music / PA equipment to DJ wedding ceremonies at unpowered locations and can even help you compile and project slideshows / visual media you’d like at the reception.

    Your vision is important, that’s why you have as much control over the music selections as you desire. Alternatively, you can define the idea and feel you’d like to create, and we can create the ideal soundtrack for you.

    Reading the crowd and closely following the mood of your guests to ensure everyone is up and celebrating has been the key talent to our success and status as the preferred Melbourne Wedding DJ service.

    15 years ago, DJ Masters established a boutique professional Wedding DJ service in Melbourne and is now resident to some of Melbourne’s finest wedding venues and wedding professionals. We are proud to have built an exceptional reputation as the reliable and professional Melbourne Wedding DJ and MC service.

    Ultima Music - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    ultima music

    0401 803 124

    Premium Melbourne DJ services at affordable prices!

    Birthday DJs, Wedding DJs, Karaoke DJs, Corporate DJs, Club DJs & Kids DJs – you name it!

    Music is the key to any good event, whether it’s a wedding, birthday party or Christmas. An excellent way to ensure good music is going to be played at your event is to hire a professional DJ with experience. When you hire a Mobile DJ from Ultima Music, you can be assured of the music you want at the appropriate sound levels. A Club DJ can also help you by selecting and playing a great mix of music for non-stop fist-pumping. Weddings can be particularly tricky when you need a disc jockey to cater for everyone, from your five-year-old flower girl to your great-uncle. We have more than 10,000 songs to choose from, so it can be a little daunting! But with our great Melbourne DJ Hire Service, all this will be sorted well in advance of your event, leaving nothing to the last minute.

    To arrange for one of our Melbourne DJ Professionals, come and talk to an Ultima Music expert. Our DJs can create the ultimate dance floor experience for your guests. We pride ourselves on customer service and will always give our clients all the time they need, ensuring their requirements are met, and the best possible outcome is achieved.

    Our Melbourne hire service caters to all events and locations around Melbourne and regional Victoria. Ultima Music will soon be sourcing our services to Sydney and Adelaide in the near future, be sure to ask our lovely staff for any updates. We have established ourselves as the market leader in DJ hire, providing some of the best DJs in Australia for private events and weddings. Click Here to get a free quote for Mobile DJ Hire in Melbourne.

    Each and every one of our Mobile DJs has a wealth of practical experience from working at various parties, including weddings, parties, bars, clubs and corporate events. They can adapt to any type of event. We can provide a complete entertainment experience with music from our high-powered speakers and our various lights.

    All of our equipment is of the highest quality and is state of the art. All of our speakers and lighting will be supported on safe and able stands, and our equipment is designed to be mobile, so we can work for your party wherever it is – whether it’s in a small basement in the Melbourne CBD, a large function centre on the Yarra or a beautiful country area in country Victoria.

    We provide great value for money services. We have the best Melbourne DJ prices around. We are also incredibly reliable. We never fail to impress, leaving you to relax and enjoy your special event. So the next time you need to hire a Melbourne DJ, try our great service for yourself. Booking our services is easy, simply give us a call or use our online booking form. We are more than happy to have a chat with you about which services will be best for your event.

    Midnight DJ’s - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    midnight dj's



    Voted Melbourne’s # 1 DJ, MC & Photo Booth Company by Wedding Couples. Midnight DJ’s & Photo Booth are the premium choice for your next event. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to your function, no matter how big or small. Entertainment at any event is crucial as it will either make or break your event. Don’t risk your special day and be stressed throughout the organisation process.

    Let Midnight DJ’s assist you in organising your next event, and they’ll also manage the entire night making sure everything runs smoothly like clockwork, exactly how you imagined it to be. Call now for a friendly chat or a meeting over coffee. “Let us show you how we can make your next event a great success”.


    Wouldn’t it be great if you can hire that one person with who you share your dream wedding details and have them deliver it on the night perfectly exactly how you want it?

    At Midnight DJ’s, there more than just DJ Company.

    There your Wedding Coordinator …There Wedding Planner … There Personal Assistant … There your Entertainment … There your Masters of Ceremonies …They take ownership in assisting and managing your night from start to finish.

    Midnight DJ’s has been in the wedding and corporate industry since 1995.

    They know your function is very special and important to you that’s why they offer you a more personalised and comprehensive service that you’ve never experienced before.

    Prior to event evening, they will ask you a series of questions in developing an understanding of how you would like your special night to unfold, yet they will make suggestions on what works best and in what order. After they have covered everything from Times, Events though out the night and music selections … they will then put together a formal Running Sheet or schedule for everyone to follow at your event.

    Please remember everything, including music, is customised to exactly how you want it to be. Here are some examples of what we call The Main Events …

    Bridal Party entrance … Bride & Groom Entrance … Cutting of the cake … Bridal Waltz … Speeches … Toasting … Father & Daughter Dance … Son & Mother Dance … Garter Toss … Flower Toss … Farewell Arch or Circle.

    They have a vast range of music styles for you to choose from. Songs from the 50’s to the latest top 40 chart hits. Music styles range from 70’s – 80’s Retro, R’n’B Old School & Modern, Rock’ n’ Roll, Aussie Rock, Top 40 Dance – House tracks and more. Australia being a multi-cultural country they also understand the styles of music in Arabic, Italian, Greek, Macedonian, Indian, Spanish and more.

    Now that you’ve got all your entertainment organised with Midnight DJ’s, the last thing you want is to think and worry about other things such as the reception staff, cameraman and photographer. How would you share everything over again with them! Don’t worry, as Midnight DJ’s will notify them of everything beforehand and also liaise with them throughout the night? Working together as a team, everyone will be informed with a running sheet to make your night a great success.

    Entertainment is a crucial part of a wedding or any event, in fact, the entertainment you choose could very well be the most important decision you’ll have to make. It can either make your party a great success or make it a complete flop.

    Entertainers are entrusted with keeping a cheerful and festive “fun” atmosphere, ambience & feel throughout the night for you and your guests. At Midnight DJ’s, they create this feeling by entertaining you and your guests with just the right blend of the favourite and most popular music, making a momentous occasion for all.

    Your night is almost here … It’s time to decide… don’t risk your one special night.

    Call Midnight DJ’s now for a chat …they guarantee you’ll be happy.

    “We care to make your night a great success”

    Black Tie Events - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    black tie events

    0400 447 553

    Do you want a stress free, well organised, fun night with great music, energy and atmosphere?

    Having run over 400 successful weddings and events, we can provide a stress-free, fun night. Great range of music, from R&B to house, Old School, the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and Contemporary

    Our entertainment options include MC & DJing in Melbourne, surrounding suburbs, and the Yarra Valley, Victoria. We are reliable, have never missed any event, and have a backup team.

    If you are searching for the best wedding DJ in Melbourne, then look no further than Black Tie Events. As a hugely experienced DJ in Melbourne, Mark Girdwood fronts Black Tie Events, having previously spent 15 years in radio. Mark is a wedding DJ in Yarra Valley as well as acting as a wedding MC in Yarra Valley. In addition to weddings, he also offers party DJ hire in Melbourne, and corporate DJ hire in Melbourne to ensure that all your events, formal or informal, will be memorable.

    We understand that, when it comes to DJ hire in Melbourne, there are lots of options available, and when you are searching for DJ hire in Melbourne prices, you will find that our prices are very favourable. Besides receiving excellent value for money, you will get the best wedding DJ in Melbourne, who will ensure that you have a stress free and well-organised event. Mark and his team have an incredible selection of music to suit all tastes and all occasions. Our DJ’s energy and passion for the job will be evident throughout your event.

    We appreciate that planning any aspect of a wedding can be stressful, but when it comes to wedding DJ hire in Melbourne, after speaking to us, your mind will be put at ease. We have acted as a wedding DJ in Melbourne at over 400 events, something that very few wedding DJ hire companies in Melbourne can claim to have done. As a vastly experienced DJ in the Yarra Valley, we know that you will be delighted with our service.

    Of course, being a DJ in Melbourne and a DJ in the Yarra Valley is great fun (if you didn’t enjoy it, you probably shouldn’t be doing the job), but it also requires great professionalism. The timings must be to the second, and you need to be continually aware of your audiences’ reaction to the songs that you play. Being available to accept requests is what you expect from any Melbourne DJ hire, but to do this effectively, you must have a comprehensive selection of music available and extensive knowledge.

    We understand that, as a wedding MC in the Yarra Valley and a wedding DJ in Melbourne, we form an integral part of your big day. It is a role that requires concentration and organisation as well as, in some cases, a great deal of patience! We want your big day to be extra special, and we will do all we can to ensure that this happens. Our DJ hire in Melbourne prices is deliberately kept affordable so that you have more to spend on other important things such as your wedding dress and the catering!

    So, if you are searching for a DJ in Melbourne, DJ hires in Melbourne, party DJ hire in Melbourne, or corporate DJ hire in Melbourne, we have all the solutions that you need. You can call on 0400 477 552 or contact us directly via our website. We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions that you may have.

    A little about Mark

    Black Tie Events’ Mark Girdwood’s career started with DJing in the inner Melbourne Pubs and Clubs after taking a break from his audio career at Channel 7, where he’d been working on various TV shows and drama. Mark then branched into commercial radio, broadening his skills working both on-air and programming music. Mark’s 15-year on-air radio career included, amongst other great radio stations, Melbourne’s Hot Hit 3XY.

    Kenny Fantastic - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    kenny fantastic



    I have a passion for playing music that everyone likes...

    I make sure that everyone gets a dance. There are some songs that get everyone up and moving. With a bit of planning and understanding of what your families are like, I can come fully prepared to make your wedding complete.

    It is important as a DJ not to focus on my own taste but to feel what the room needs. I assess how people are reacting and modify what I play based on their actions. I am always up for requests, and I’m happy to play any of your favourites.


    Let’s make a really good wedding playlist that can’t fail.

    I can meet with you both to get an idea of what kind of music you like. There is a range of questions that I can ask to help the process along. In the end, the best thing to do is to combine playlists into something that you are both happy with. This also gives me a great idea of what your tastes are so that I can match them.


    My DJ setup is portable for outdoor weddings.

    I have a petrol generator for those hard to get to places without electricity. This is great for beaches, parks and alternative venues. It really opens up the possibilities.

    Insatiable Nights - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    insatiable nights

    0426 492 056

    Melbourne Wedding and Party DJ Service

    Insatiable Nights is a professional Melbourne DJ hire service catering for your entire music and event needs. Specialising in Weddings, Insatiable Nights caters to all of Melbourne. So if it is a Wedding, Engagement Party, Birthday Party, Corporate or Social Functions, no matter how big or small, let Insatiable Nights create a fun and memorable atmosphere for your event!

    Professional DJ Hire

    Established in the Melbourne DJ scene, I have over 15 years of experience in nightclubs and as a Mobile DJ and MC.

    My passion for entertaining people is the foundation built around Insatiable Nights, where I strive on building professional relationships with customers seeking a fun, memorable and trouble-free event from their Mobile DJ.

    Music selection is always the most important aspect when entertaining your guests. My DJ experience allows me to read the crowd better than anyone, ensuring your guests are kept dancing!

    My versatility spans across all genres, but there is nothing more that I enjoy than playing those party hits we have all grown to love.

    My own musical interests include Old School RnB…you can never beat a classic!

    Outside of the DJ booth, you can find me in front of a microscope tackling Breast Cancer Research head on!

    Night Of Your Life DJ Hire - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    night of your life dj hire



    For a stress-free, fun, professional service - look no further than Night Of Your Life DJ Hire! Step inside for a preview

    Perfect for weddings, engagements, corporate functions, and special events, I am a Melbourne-based Wedding & Events DJ offering exactly what you are looking for.


    Celebrating Sound

    Hey all, my name is Jerry. I’m a 30-year-old DJ, and needless to say, music is my passion. I have over a decade of DJ experience both here and overseas. I love what I do; music brings joy to my life, including those around me, and I have no doubt it will bring joy, excitement and awesome memories to your event through the music I play. You can count on me to guarantee it will be one that your guests won’t soon forget. I’ve always wanted to be a musician and ended up becoming fascinated with mixing tracks in my free time, soon turning into a full-time gig as a professional Wedding & Events DJ. I’m happy to say that since my first performance as a DJ, I have had the opportunity to work with many amazing clients and gain invaluable experience. Feel free to contact me regarding my rates and available dates. I can assure you that you won’t regret working with me.

    Music With Memories - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    music with memories

    0433 345 544


    Firstly I would like to say cheers for taking the time to check out my website.

    I was born and raised within the Yarra Valley and feel incredibly lucky to call a small slice of acreage within Mount Evelyn home. Mount Evelyn is a suburb located within the heart of the Yarra Valley, and I wake up every day falling more and more in love with the area and its surroundings.

    Being in the heart of the Yarra Valley ensures that I am within 15 minutes of so many magical wedding venues, I feel as if they are all a second home. I am so grateful that I have built up lifelong friendships with the wedding venues and suppliers in the surrounding areas due to the passions we share - weddings!

    Since a young age, I have always heard music in a different way. When I listen to a song, I hear every beat and sound, which often would go unnoticed by others. I have always loved the music! At the age of ten, I picked up a set of drumsticks and instantly felt connected with them. A few years later, I was playing in bands at local pubs, events and weddings.

    I married my high school sweetheart Natalie and together, we share our passion for weddings and have since created our two other wedding businesses, The Photobooth Girl and The Event Hire Girl. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram!

    We chose a DJ for our wedding day, and I just loved how the music mixed from one song to another (without a pause), creating an amazing dancefloor atmosphere. It was from this moment I knew I wanted to be a wedding DJ, and shortly after, it became my full-time job.

    My reputation was quickly established in the industry due to my passion and dedication to not only providing premium DJ / MC services, but to the relationships, I share with the couples and wedding venues. My modern, vibrant approach and dedication assisted with making Music With Memories the business it is today.

    When I am not at weddings, I enjoy exploring the local area, visiting wineries, eating out, spending time with family and friends or going for a cruise in my VW Kombi.

    I offer a modern, refined and fresh approach to my services and am able to adapt to all music genres and styles that my couples would like to incorporate in their big day.

    I love working with my couples to carefully craft my services to exceed their needs and create cherished moments and epic memories for all on the dance floor!

    Seamless mixing of music is something that I find so important; this skill set ensures that there are no gaps between songs and the smooth transition ensures the dance floor remains pumping! I have had the opportunity to mentor other DJ’s and have loved being able to share my extensive knowledge.

    I pride my services on offering not only premium DJ / MC services but many behind the scenes tasks that ensure your wedding day is perfect. I love offering a fun, talented, enthusiastic, entertaining service and I h honestly live by the quote ‘find a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.

    Stalk me on Facebook (especially for reviews) and Instagram (especially Instagram stories) to check out the footage of my weekly weddings.

    If you like what you see, feel free to touch base with any queries that you have, you’re also welcome to check out our other businesses, The Photobooth Girl and The Event Hire Girl on Facebook and Instagram.

    iDJS Entertainment - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    idjs entertainment

    1800 765 579


    Book the best DJ for your party, wedding or event and leave the music to us.

    We understand the importance music plays at events, and so by providing an individualised approach, we are able to best match the right DJ for your event.

    We love what we do, and we’ll walk you through the booking process from beginning to end and answer all your questions with confidence and heart.

    And because all events demand utmost professionalism and exceptional coordination within the event space to achieve a smooth progression throughout, our DJs are naturally well versed in this.

    Professional. Seamless. Unmatched.




    We provide professional DJs as well as a range of sound and lighting equipment for hire:

    Our DJs are industry-experienced, talented and super-approachable, and our DIY equipment range is super simple to use and are quite literally ‘plug and play setups – so whatever your music entertainment need, we’ve got you covered.

    We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and unmatched client experience. We love what we do, and we’ll walk you through the booking process from beginning to end and answer all your questions with confidence and heart.

    Either way, you go, we’ll help give an edge to your event. For any party, for any number of people, for all types of music.

    We’ve got the means, and you’ve got options. iDJS Entertainment.

    JAMM Events - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    jamm events

    0420 317 009


    We are not your “average entertainers “, at JAMM Events, we are passionate, creative, and are always pushing the boundaries to deliver unique and unforgettable events that make you go WOW!

    If you have a big vision or ‘out there’ idea, we want to hear it!

    We provide a range of entertainment solutions to suit any function or event, whether you need a dance floor packing Wedding DJ to keep your guests up all night. Or your planning the party to end all parties. We are here to make it a reality.

    Expect more. You deserve it.


    You’ve waited for this day for a long time. Now it’s here, and what better way to celebrate than hitting the dancefloor with your friends and one of Melbourne’s best Wedding DJ.

    Our DJ’s play all the hits and anthems that you & your friends love, keeping everyone up on the dancefloor from start to finish.

    We don’t use ‘playlists’ or ‘pre-set’ songs, and we are real DJs! We are always reading and reacting to the dance floor, playing and mixing songs that keep you going till the very end.

    JAMM Events DJs don’t just play music. We inject life into the party and give your wedding that WOW factor it deserves!

    Who Are We?

    JAMM Events is a DJ and entertainment provider based out of Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. We provide a wide range of entertainment and event solutions for Weddings, parties, corporate functions and more. Using only the best Melbourne DJ, Live Music, and MCs to ensure your next event is flawless from start to finish.


    Founded by Ben Rawnsley with one focus. To change the standard of what people expect from event entertainment.

    The JAMM Events experience truly is our unique approach to your event, without using outdated techniques, cheesy interaction skits, pre-set playlists or shiny blow up props at our functions. JAMM Events was created based on the experience of real DJs, with a solid history in the nightlife, audio, and lighting industry areas. Each of our entertainers is incredibly creative, talented, passionate and, of course, dynamic. For us… every event is one of a kind, and we truly believe that you deserve a unique experience that reflects your style, your taste and what you envision as perfect.

    We would love to hear about the ideas and vision you have for your event. Please contact us today to start planning the best party ever!

    Remarkable Receptions - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    remarkable recpetions

    0409 218 172

    Impress with the Dress...

    Create an impact when you walk in the reception door for your first event together as Husband and Wife.

    Your Grand Entrance to your reception, the second entrance, the first was the ceremony, gives everyone another chance to see your dress, your man, and the wedding parties attire in action.

    You’ll look a million dollars.

    Most waste this moment.

    When we meet, I’ll show you a unique way of creating a Grand Entrance for you and your Wedding Party that is an exuberant five Star rollick.

    How you start your event will set the tone for the entire wedding reception.

    Also, what is free in life is laughter.

    Let me introduce you to some unique brief smile-maker interactives that you can choose, and we use to engage guests over dinner.

    While short, the interactives are fun, and your friends won’t have to struggle with small talk.

    You’ll be a legend.

    Win More Hearts

    You’ll live in your guest’s hearts and minds when, during planning, we collect the facts of your lives and pour them into a true story of what happened.

    Guests & friends are thrilled to hear your story. You may think they know it, and most actually do not. We call it your “Love Story”

    Picture your “Love Story” narrated professionally to all your guests with music & sound as a lead into your first dance together as husband and wife. Like a princess & her beau, your story will melt hearts.

    As the narrative of your romance and relationship concludes, the first chords of your song sweep across the room; you begin your first dance together like a fairytale as husband & wife.

    The experience is emotional for you and everyone.

    You will be one of a few couples from around the world who have this signature encounter.

    Before a dance step or a wiggling hip has taken place, guests have been on a fun-filled emotional ride from the moment they walked in the door.

    Your reception is already a hit, and then the dancing begins.

    We fulfil the promise of excellent entertainment from the entrance to exit.

    Sounds Allwright Entertainment - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    sounds allwright entertainment


    Best DJ Hire in Melbourne

    At Sounds Allwright Entertainment, we have built an impressive reputation for offering the finest DJ hire service. We are a highly sought-after DJ hire company and possess the expertise to make your event a huge success. We have the best DJ talent and specialise in providing any mix of music to create the right atmosphere for an event. Whether you are looking for DJ hire in Melbourne for a wedding, birthdays, corporate events or school events, we have your needs covered. With the best packages designed to suit your precise needs, we can extend an amazing musical experience.

    Leading DJ Hire Service in Melbourne Wondering

    Wondering why you should choose us for your next event?

    • Our goal is to make your experience an unforgettable one from start to finish.
    • Our DJs are skilled, and we assure you that your party will be one that will be remembered by your guests.
    • Our professional DJs have wide experience and a complete understanding of the requirements of an event.
    • Our music list is specifically designed to suit the style and taste of your event.
    • With the most talented DJs for hire, we can ensure that the dance floor is full and lively.

    If you are hosting an event and want to make it spectacular with DJ entertainment, we have the best packages for you.

    Top DJs for Any Occasion

    Want to create an electrifying atmosphere?

    Our entertainers are highly competent and exactly know the needs of our clients. We believe that creating the right DJ playlist requires skill and have the best talent to offer you. With music tracks that truly create an impact, our DJs can build a musical climax that will be absolutely loved. We make use of quality equipment and are committed to offering a bespoke musical experience to all our clients. If you have been looking for a professional and reliable DJ for your next event, look no further. Our talented DJs will ensure that your event is a success by setting the right tone. With expertly mixed tunes, we can create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

    Looking for the best DJ hire in Melbourne to liven up your event? Get in touch with us to know more about our exceptional service.

    More than just a DJ

    Picking the right music and reading the crowd is just part of what we do. We create a fun atmosphere, interact with the crowd and offer many services that make us unique—photo screens, Karaoke, lighting effects, activities, party games and much more. Photo Booths are also available at fantastic rates.

    Since 2002 Sounds Allwright Entertainment has been offering a friendly and professional service to all types of events, from beautiful wedding days, birthdays, kids discos, club events, fundraisers and corporate events. Our goal has always been to provide quality, fun entertainment for all events we are hired for. We take pride in our work and enjoy what we do.

    Over the years, the business has grown. These days, we cater to a wider range of events for all different sizes. The lighting effects and sound equipment has been upgraded and expanded. We have a dry ice machine, and since 2017, we started including photo booths.

    To make sure things are all above board, we have public liability insurance and all equipment is well maintained, tested and tagged. Safety is always a priority, and we maintain a perfect record. Our DJs also have basic first aid skills and carry a basic kit.

    Matt Black Entertainment - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    matt black entertainment

    0400 282 059

    Hire a musician

    Book the best wedding band, acoustic duo, soloists, and DJs in Melbourne. High quality lives entertainment for your wedding, corporate event, or party.

    Matt Black Entertainment is a boutique wedding and event supplier: in order to maintain the highest standards, we employ a small, dedicated team of performers. In other words, what you see is what you get. Hire a musician today!

    Wedding & Corporate DJs

    Our female and male party DJs love to party with you. Most importantly, they LOVE requests! They’re friendly and approachable above all and work with you to provide the soundtrack to your event and make it run smoothly. Pro decks, sound, and lighting complete the package.

    Looking for a wedding DJ in Melbourne? Or someone to spin music at your corporate event or birthday party? Hire one of our friendly DJs.

    They’re skilled, approachable, encourage requests, and always select the right song for the moment. Backed by pro sound and lighting, your event will look and sound fabulous.

    Want live music at your party, but a band is out of your budget? Add a musician to your DJ booking. Choose from our percussionist for tribal and Latin rhythms or saxophonist for a funk/soul vibe – not to mention those 80s solos!

    Our team

    Matt Black is a boutique entertainment supplier. We are not a band factory with hundreds of performers on our books, sending out random groups of musicians who have never played together before. We keep our team small so that we can maintain a high standard of performance and service. So you can be sure that if you book us, you will get a selection of the musicians and DJs you see on this page. If you want someone, in particular, don’t be afraid to ask!

    Josh The Wedding DJ Melbourne

    josh the wedding dj



    Josh is a Melbourne based DJ with over 10 years of experience playing bars and nightclubs but, more importantly, weddings and private events. He uses a Digital Vinyl Setup, which means music files on a laptop are manipulated with real vinyl turntables. This, combined with the custom DJ table, adds a look of class to your event.

    What about the music? Let’s face it….you don’t want the DJ at your wedding to play the same set they would play at CLOUDNINE (nightclub) at 2am, but you also don’t want cliche wedding songs played one after another with no mixing. This is where Josh comes into his own. He is able to read a crowd and have your friends and family up and dancing with a DJ set which hits that sweet spot between Nightclub and usual wedding mixes. Check out the mixes below to see what we mean.

    Don’t book with an agency as you don’t know who they are going to send to your event. If you book Josh, you can be confident that your guests are going to be up and dancing all night long.


    Couples often ask if Josh can MC on the night. He is very comfortable on the mic and works closely with you and the venue manager to make sure everything from the bridal party entrances to the farewell at the end of the night runs smoothly. This service is available at no extra charge. Alternatively, Josh is more than happy to work with your chosen MC and always has a wireless microphone at the ready for any moments you need to use it on the night.

    Absolute Class Discos - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    absolute class discos


    Our Wedding DJs Melbourne & Wedding MCs Melbourne

    We have been providing our very experienced & very professional Melbourne Wedding DJs, Wedding MCs & highest quality mobile disco systems all over Victoria since 1988.

    We’ve provided our Melbourne Wedding DJs/MCs & Melbourne mobile disco systems

    at over 2,500 Melbourne Wedding Receptions all over Melbourne & suburbs as well as into the Yarra Valley, all down the Mornington Peninsula, and in fact all over Victoria.

    PROFESSIONAL WEDDING MCS - MASTER OF CEREMONIES (which is included at no charge)

    EVERY ONE of our very experienced, professional Wedding Reception DJs is very familiar with all of the various events that need to take place, as well as what order those events normally go in.

    They introduce the Bridal Party, organise and compare the cake-cutting, then later organise and introduce each person taking part in the speeches, and if any of the speakers want any advice beforehand as to who needs to say what etc. etc. then our very experienced Melbourne Wedding DJs are more than happy to provide that advice on the spot.

    Our professional Wedding DJs also introduce the Bridal Dance and then organise who joins in and when, then later in the evening they organise the tossing of both the Bouquet and the Garter, & then organise and run the Farewell Circle.

    Plus, our Wedding DJs/MCs also make all the normal “housekeeping” announcements on behalf of your venue, such as advising when meals are coming out, asking people to resume their seats etc.

    This “MCing” by our Wedding DJs is provided AT NO EXTRA CHARGE, unlike NEARLY ALL other disco companies who charge an EXTRA FEE if you want a DJ who has actually had enough DJ experience to be capable, confident and well-spoken as your


    There are several Melbourne Wedding DJ companies who charge EXTRA for their mobile Wedding DJs to MC!

    A few examples (there are many others as well) are Feelg00d events who charge $150 extra if you want their DJ to MC for you, Te@m X charges $100, while at P@rtymus! they charge $95 extra for Wedding MC services.

    The very clear conclusion we can draw from this is that all the “standard” DJs these companies normally provide

    BAE DJ Hire - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    b.a.e dj hire

    0432 861 161

    At BAE, we break the mould of the stereotypical ‘Wedding DJ’ and work with our couples to create a truly unique experience. Our DJs each have over 10 years of experience playing to crowds of all occasions throughout Europe, Asia & Australia.

    Our highly skilled team make the planning process a breeze and will tailor a music package that’s unique to you. Whether it’s your wedding, birthday, engagement or corporate event, we’ll ensure your event is a hit. Don’t believe us? Check out our happy client reviews!

    Ministry of DJs Entertainment - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    ministry of djs entertainment

    +61 401 270 184


    Ministry of DJs is a boutique entertainment agency specialising in providing Sydney & Melbourne’s finest DJs and musicians for your special event. Be it a wedding, corporate event, private party or event, We have over 15 years of experience in the industry and are passionate about delivering memorable events by the music we play and the services we offer.

    Ministry of DJs is proud to offer professional, approachable and knowledgeable DJs who know how to read a crowd and really get the party started! We also have the option of including some live elements to your event that include saxophone players, percussionists (bongos), acoustic guitarists and even live singers to accompany the DJ.

    All of our DJs and musicians that work for the Ministry of DJs brand are trusted, experienced and absolute professionals in their trade.



    Our DJs are simply the best in the industry. They are masters of their trade, and we are proud to have a group of handpicked, talented individuals representing the Ministry of DJs brand.

    All of our DJs are immaculately presented & experienced and know how to read a crowd and get the party started!


    DJ Bands consist of a DJ with the option of a sax player, singer, percussionist or all the above! DJ Bands are an interactive way to get the crowd involved with music and are experts in creating that special atmosphere you desire for your event.

    DJ Bands are a very popular entertainment option for weddings and private events, especially for those wanting to take their party to the next level!


    Our sax players are extremely talented and work really well to complement the DJ. Sax players liven up the dance floor and interact well with guests. From weddings to corporate events, music simply sounds better with a live sax!


    Ain’t no party like a bongo party! Adding a percussionist to your corporate or wedding entertainment package really livens up the room and gets people moving to the beats! They create a great vibe and atmosphere and really complements the DJ whilst playing together!


    Adding live vocals to your event and singers to your wedding can really bring out the life in the music and ambience. Singers really compliment the DJ and create life and energy in the room. All of our singers are immaculate in their presentation, performance and voice.


    A great addition to your event is creating that special ambience and soothing sounds for guests to enjoy. We have a range of talented acoustic individuals and duos that really set the mood and tailor their sets in accordance with your special event’s needs, be it a wedding, corporate event or private party.

    Halogen DJs - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    halogen djs

    0413 335 175

    Welcome to Halogen DJs

    Are you searching for the ultimate DJ? Look no further. Halogen mobile DJ is Melbourne’s premier professional DJ Company. We deliver top quality Disc Jockeys, Video DJs, Wedding MCs and Karaoke Entertainers, just to name a few, as well as premium audio/visual equipment hire. With value for money, our DJs are perfect for 18ths, 21st birthdays, engagement parties, weddings, corporate functions, school formals, graduations, presentation nights or any other special function or party event.

    Our Melbourne DJ services aim to deliver excellent customer service along with our state of the art sound systems & effects lighting, suitable for all events and occasions. We are proud of what we deliver, catering for all venues: reception centres, pubs, nightclubs, bars, hotels and more. No matter the venue or event, our friendly, experienced mobile DJs will be more than happy to host the event & interact with the crowd, with additional MC services available at your request. We are a growing company and are always striving to increase the quality of our customer service and equipment as we move forward. We are fully committed to making your special occasion a hit!

    Whatever your event may be, you can be 100% assured that Halogen Mobile DJ Company will deliver the ultimate DJ Service. Check out our extensive online music database with over 10,000 songs to choose from, including Top 40 chart-toppers, dance, the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, disco, rock’n’roll, retro, pop, RnB, hip hop, rap, alternative rock, heavy metal, commercial house, electro house, trance, techno and jazz as well as a wide array of international music.

    We have a history of excellent customer relations and provide the best possible quality with the lowest possible prices. Peruse our excellent and professional Mobile DJ, Wedding DJ, Karaoke DJ, Video DJ & Kids DJ packages. All our DJ packages are reasonably priced to suit your budget. So why not contact us today and make your booking. We promise to deliver the ultimate DJ service & performance, which is unmatched and unrivalled by our competitors.

    Our Services

    DJ Services

    Halogen DJ Company is one of Melbourne’s leading providers in DJ Services. We offer only the best of quality Mobile DJs, Wedding DJs, Corporate DJs, Kids DJs, Video DJs, Karaoke DJs, Club DJs and more for the best prices possible. Servicing Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs for over 20 years, we know how to put together the best possible packages, always meeting our customers’ wants and needs.

    Dry Ice Services

    Here at Halogen Melbourne DJ Company, we also offer a top of the line, personalised Dry Ice Service at an affordable price. Perfect for making your Wedding Day that little bit more special, we specialise in providing Dry Ice for bridal waltz. However, our service can also be used for a number of different purposes, from film shoots to Halloween Parties, Birthday Parties and more.

    Photo Booth Services

    Want to make your club night, wedding or birthday party an event that no one will forget? Let your guests have takeaway photo memories by having your own Open Air Photo Booth at your event! Our Melbourne Photo Booth Service has the Photo Booth delivered and operated with all the props and backdrops provided for you, so it is absolutely stress-free and sure to make any event a hit. We offer different packages depending on your needs and wants and are always happy to tailor packages to the customer.

    Jukebox Services

    Fancy something a little bit more retro than a DJ at your party or event? Choose your own music with your very own Jukebox! Our Melbourne Jukebox Hire Service is delivered, set up and picked up by our trained professionals, with the only thing you have to worry about is choosing what music to play and having a good time. We offer standard Jukeboxes, Karaoke Jukeboxes and Video Jukeboxes at reasonable prices.

    Audio Engineers Services

    As well as DJs, Halogen DJ Company is proud to also represent some of the best Audio Engineers in Melbourne. With all of them go through rigorous training, our Audio Engineers are all versatile and capable of working with multiple setups and genres, whether you’re a full rock band, a hip hop duo or a solo pop act. Our engineers are equipped to mix any scale of the event as well, from house party to festival.

    MC Services

    Need an MC to command the crowd at your Wedding, Gala, Sports Presentation Night or something else? Look no further than Halogen DJ Company’s premier Melbourne MC Service. We have trained Wedding MCs, as well as a slew of MCs for other occasions – School Camp Programs, Corporate Functions, Trivia Nights, Karaoke Nights and more. We also have Celebrity MCs at our disposal should you need them to make your function all the more special.

    Silent Disco Services

    If you’re wanting to have a bit of a raver without footing hefty noise pollution fine, our Melbourne Silent Disco Service might be the answer you’re looking for! Our premium Silent Disco headphones are top quality and sturdy and are sure to last you a full sweat-filled night. These can be hired on their own, with one of our special Silent Disco Operators, or for a truly special occasion, hired with one of our best Silent Disco DJs, who will play all the hits you’re after. These Silent Disco Headphones are great for other purposes as well, though.

    Hire Equipment Services

    Here at Halogen DJ Equipment Hire Melbourne, we take pride in having the most up-to-date DJ gear and equipment to choose from, including (but not limited to) DJ Consoles, Smoke Machines, Mixers, Amplifiers, Club Effects Lighting (flame, water, disco chaser & strobe lighting), Snow Machines, Bubble Machines, DJ Speakers, Microphones, Light Stands and Cordless Radio Microphones. Halogen DJ Equipment Hire Melbourne have the most competitively priced Audio/Visual Equipment and Lighting for rent on the market today. Take advantage of our great DJ Equipment Hire Package which consists of our full sound system with complete effects party lighting, or any of our other packages on offer.

    Adam Spencer - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    adam spencer


    Congratulations on finding the love of your life! 

    Now you are ready to celebrate your special day!

    When you hire DJ Adam Spencer, you receive 10 years of experience, a resident club DJ who is friendly and well presented.

    Naturally, you want all your guests to have a blast and enjoy partying with some great tunes?? I have extensive experience performing at weddings and engagement parties – critical to cater to a mixed-aged crowd!

    I’m highly passionate about music and know hits to suit any crowd! My collection has a huge range of music and genres.

    I’ll bring the party atmosphere you desire to your next event!

    *Please note travel times/variances can factor into the cost of each job in addition to this price.

    Where it all began

    Since I was young, I always enjoyed an eclectic mix of music. Though around the age of 16, I remember particularly getting into a lot of music on the radio and rap (namely from the States). When I was turning 18, I wanted to make a big deal of it. For Aussies, it’s an exciting time, getting your P’s, finishing school and being able to drink. Hosting a party at my parents home at the time, we hired a DJ – and man, I was impressed! The atmosphere brought, the people enjoying the dancing, I was inspired.

    Sometime later, a friend’s brother was looking for an apprentice. Next thing I was being taught the ropes and learning on a set of CDJ 100s! Since then, I continued DJing and now in my 10th year! Countless gigs, tracks and great parties. It’s been amazing to turn a hobby into a job and bring my unique vibe and the atmosphere to all the events I DJ.

    Melbourne Born and Bred

    Growing up in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Adam Spencer has spent his life inspired by the cultural city in which he was firstborn. Playing gigs across various clubs for countless birthdays and many weddings/engagement parties.

    Now resident Friday evenings at the Dorset Gardens Hotel and performing at various private functions.

    DJ Karan Productions - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    dj karan productions

    0433 949 546

    Wedding Platinum V series Package

    Dj Karan’s Wedding Platimum Package strikes the perfect tone for couples looking for something unique. This Package boasts a slick edge with our exclusive custom made DJ Console, which stands out amongst the rest. The DJ Console, fitted with two 60’ LCD screens, ideal for couples who have put together a personalised slideshow, a professional pre-wedding shoot. This Setup brings a polished look to the stage, putting all unnecessarily viewable equipment out of sight. Unlike the Essentials Packages, the Platinum strikes a chord visually due to its design elements as opposed to leaving it purely down to the music.

    Wedding Gold Package

    Our Wedding Gold Package offers incredible value for money for those looking for a cost-effective solution for their wedding, event or party entertainment. The Wedding Gold Package is a perfect way to get the Kudos experience with a more intimate and minimal approach. The Wedding Essentials Package also includes an optional* LED colour changing star cloth that adds the finishing touch to the setup and will also give your photographs an elegant backdrop if your cake cutting is taking place on the dance floor.

    Wedding Essential Package

    The Wedding Essentials Package conveys a subtle impression on your event, letting the music do all of the talking, including a small yet adequate sound package and a digital light show which is adaptable to all moods of the event, whether it be dinner time or party time. The Wedding Essentials Package also includes an optional* LED colour changing star cloth that adds the finishing touch to the setup and will also give your photographs an elegant backdrop if your cake cutting is taking place on the dance floor. All Wedding Packages include a haze machine, which produces a light mist to accentuate your light show.

    Why Us

    We have Industry Expertise of more than 10 years. Having played all over Australia and overseas, We bring experience and Energy like none other.

    We are specialised Bollywood/Punjabi/RnB Fusion DJs. We have state of the art DJ setups which will take your event to the next level.

    Our Most Popular Packages range from $900 - $4500, which means we have something for everyone whether you want a simple setup or you want to impress your guests with our Premium Setup Range.

    ​Our Experience in the Events and Entertainment is unmatched by other DJs.

    I have performed all over Australia and New Zealand. I have Done high Profile Events which helps me giving you a smooth journey with us from the time you first call us to the time we play the last song of your event.

    It is very important to choose the right DJ for your Big Event as a Good Dj can make or break your whole event.

    Customers should ask about the experience of the DJ in similar events and why they should choose us for their event.

    As a Wedding DJ, I get to be a part of the lives of so many people.

    It gives me pleasure like no other When my mixes fire up the crowd. Also, the Great Feedback from the Crowd and the guest takes me to cloud 9.

    DJ Eddy Mac - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    dj eddy mac

    +61 412 077 077

    HEY, I’M EDDY!

    I’m a Melbourne-based DJ, and weddings are my all-time favourite type of party. I’ve been DJ-ing for over a decade and co-founded One More Song with my partner Aleks (who also DJs!).

    You can check out some testimonials, sample mixes and Instagram below.

    But first, I have to get a few things off my chest…

    If you want a DJ who will take a booking fee and disappear until a couple of days before your wedding … I’m not your DJ.

    If you want a DJ who’ll leave awkward gaps between each song they play … I’m not your DJ.

    If you want a DJ who plays songs like The Nutbush, Macarena and Chicken Dance … I’m not your DJ.

    If you want a DJ that’s going to spend half the night on the mic yelling at guests to put their “hands in the air”,,… I’m not your DJ.


    Now that that’s out of the way, here’s what you will get!

    I’ll work with you on your music taste and what you’re after for your big day and liaise directly with your venue and any key suppliers in the lead-up.

    On the day, I’ll get the vibe going during drinks/canapés and seamlessly build the energy up as you get closer to hitting the dance floor. Once the d-floor kicks off, let’s get everyone - from shy work colleagues to the over 70s – busting some moves while keeping the tunes classy!


    If this all sounds good to you (and you’ve checked out my FAQ page), click the below button to confirm availability for your wedding! You can find pricing for all of my services on the Book page.

    DJ PeterD - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    dj peter d


    Multi Award-winning DJ and MC service based on the Mornington Peninsula

    Since DJ PeterD purchased the business BearBooth, we have been able to Value add a Photo Booth to our events. This means you can save money and know everything is happening in house with one supplier.

    As a DJ in Mornington, we love to create special moments at your events, and even if you are just looking for an MC in Mornington, check us out on our Youtube channel.

    For your next event anywhere in Victoria, visit our contact link and feel free to check out our Facebook Page.

    About Us

    Would you like a no-stress event?

    Allow us to help you and make your next event stress free.

    As a prominent Wedding DJ and Master of Ceremonies on the Mornington Peninsula, we have the experience to help make your event stress free. Many of the venues on the Peninsula have us on their preferred supplier list as we work with the venue to help all events run smoothly.

    You may think we are just a DJ and play music, but after you have met with us, you will understand that we are much more than just music.

    With our experience, we can help with all aspects of your event, and as the Master of Ceremonies, we will help make all the difference.

    DJ PeterD Entertainment Plus is more than just music! We have used that tag from the time we registered the name in 2008 as we do not just turn up and play some tunes!!!

    We are multi-award winners with (voted by past brides, not likes on Facebook ), and we are also founding members of

    and a founding member of

    We have won numerous awards with ABIA in the DJ and also the Master of Ceremonies categories since 2011, and we are always striving to reach that highest score of 100%

    Check out the Promotion Clip kindly supplied by Turbo Productions Promotion Clip, And check out what a little bit of uplighting can do to an open canvas at Eagle Ridge Weddings.

    We also have another clip from the wedding of Oanh & Eldene by Rachel from Rachel Tan Videography.

    For your DJ in Mornington, MC in Mornington or your Wedding DJ Mornington, Wedding MC in Mornington, Contact us today to discuss the options.

    On Cue Entertainment - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    on cue entertainment

    0433 521 324

    On Cue Entertainment is a Melbourne based DJ & Karaoke hire service that provides professional DJ & Karaoke DJ hire for a myriad of functions & events throughout Melbourne & surrounding areas. Services include but not limited to Wedding DJ, Birthday Party DJ, Corporate Event DJ & Karaoke DJ & are flexible in entertaining a variety of age groups & demographics.

    Our Services

    Music is the lifeline of every successful event!

    Whether it’s your Wedding, Birthday Party or Corporate event, On Cue Entertainment offer a selection of services to accommodate and cater for all your celebration requirements.

    All services include a professional Wedding DJ, Corporate DJ, Party DJ or Karaoke DJ, along with Quality state of the art audio speakers, professional lighting, A large catalogue of music ranging from the ’50s through to today’s top 40.

    And for those who wish to unleash their inner rock star, why not add Karaoke to your service package!.

    ​Are you having a Party? On Cue Entertainment will have you & your party guests singing & dancing all night with our Karaoke.

    Corporate event? Whether it be an end of year work function or a team bonding session, Karaoke is a fun way to bring even the shyest of staff members out of their shell.


    Hi, my name is Aaron Appleby, and I’m the owner & operator of On Cue Entertainment.

    For as long as I can remember, I have had a love for music & a passion for entertaining.

    Over 2 decades ago, I started out performing throughout Melbourne in several cover bands & it was during this time I got my first taste of being a DJ whilst accompanying a fellow band member & prominent Melbourne DJ along to several Weddings & Functions. They were performing at.

    ​I then ventured into hosting Karaoke shows teaming up with several agencies, and for many decades have & continue to be one of Melbourne’s most established Karaoke hosts, operating Karaoke throughout a large number of Melbourne’s major hotels & venues.

    Over the last 2 decades, I have been honoured to have performed in over 200 weddings as both Wedding DJ & Wedding DJ/MC & blessed to have performed in over 3000 Corporate Events and Private Functions.

    So taking all the knowledge & experience that I have attained over the years, it was with great excitement that in late 2019 I started On Cue Entertainment.

    Paper Hearts - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    paper hearts

    +61 411 217 158

    Paper Hearts DJ’s are a collection of handpicked professionals with all of the latest professional DJ equipment, sound systems, mixing skills, song selections, stage lighting, and serious wedding experience. We have professional wedding DJ’s in both Melbourne + Sydney.

    ​All members of the Paper Hearts DJ team will provide all of their own equipment as required, including PA sound system, DJ decks, laptop, hard-drive etc., party lights, and wireless mic for your MC/speeches.

    Our couples are able to request all of their dancefloor faves in the lead up to their wedding via our customised forms (as well as any for our DJs to avoid). Of course, you can leave this completely up to the professionals, have as much or as little input as you like!

    ​Many of our clients nominate songs for key special moments such as the bridal party entrance, cake cutting, first dance, bouquet throw, garter toss desired) plus a handful of dance floor favourites, and leave the rest in our capable hands. Our DJ’s are there to keep the music flowing & ensure our couples have an unforgettable day/night!

    ​If you have booked Amelia+Ryan, Elise+Andrew, Lloyd+Kerrin, Tash+Mitch or Steve+Peta as your duo, they may also be your DJ - please email us to confirm. For all other artists, our DJ’s are separate from the duos.


    Created by husband + wife duo Amelia & Ryan.

    Amelia & Ryan met through friends and fell madly in love. Sharing a passion for epic vocal harmonies & live music, PAPER HEARTS was born.

    Word quickly spread & PAPER HEARTS were soon serenading wedding guests all year round with glowing reviews from clients, fellow vendors and venues alike.

    With a growing demand for their unique services & a desire to connect all hopeful couples with high-end wedding entertainment, PAPER HEARTS expanded the family to include a carefully curated selection of their most talented friends in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast & Hobart.

    ​From wedding ceremonies & canapés sets to receptions & corporate events, PAPER HEARTS cover everything from intimate acoustic love songs to roof-raising dance floor hits.

    ​Submit your song requests & high five your fiancé as PAPER HEARTS create the perfect soundtrack for your special day.

    Wedding Band Collective - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    wedding band collective

    0418 110 879

    We specialise in providing extremely accomplished wedding bands, solo/duos and DJs of every genre for your wedding or function all throughout Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart.

    We offer an unbeatable, personalised service assisting in making your special occasion an unforgettable one. No function is too big or small. We have entertainment suited to everyone.

    If you don’t see “THE ONE” here, contact us, and we’ll find what you’re looking for! Our artists travel far & wide!

    ​Hi everyone, I’m Ben & I am the owner/director of Wedding Band Collective.

    I am a professional musician, and since studying music at university, I have been playing in & managing bands, and now I also DJ too!

    A few years ago, when I was fresh out of university, I was lucky enough to join a couple of bands that took me overseas, touring and recording around Australia, NZ, and all over Europe. While on tour, I met the love of my life at a gig in Germany, and luckily for me, she decided to move to Australia. Since then, I have stopped touring and focused on playing and booking gigs in my home town of Melbourne. ​

    My wife and I got married a few years ago, and our wedding was truly amazing. The best part was having an incredible live band that had people on the dance floor the entire night. Since then, I have spent my efforts providing that same experience to brides & grooms on their big day. I love playing weddings with my own bands and helping couples plan their big day, whether it is my band playing or one of the other great acts I look after.

    live wedding music Yarra valley

    Choosing music for your wedding can be a daunting task. We represent many great artists that have been vetted for their professionalism and excellent talent. Based on the style of your occasion, the type of music you desire, the date & location of your wedding, we will help you find the perfect wedding entertainment for your special day.

    Meetings with Ben are available via appointment. ​Please call or text Ben on 0418 110 878 to arrange a time.

    Top-Notch Entertainment - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    top notch entertainment

    0417 014 174

    Music solutions for Your Wedding Day

    Deal with one company to organise the music for your entire wedding day.

    Have one entertainer organise your ceremony music, entertain your guests during pre-dinner drinks, then be your Wedding DJ and Wedding MC for your reception—everything’s taken care of with ease!

    About Top-Notch Entertainment Pty Ltd

    We specialise in providing professional entertainment solutions for weddings, schools, corporate and private functions.

    If you need a Wedding DJ for your reception, a guitarist for your wedding ceremony or just a Professional MC to coordinate and run your reception, we’ve got the solution for you.

    Acoustic Guitarist

    Have a ‘live’ musician play at your wedding ceremony and/or pre-dinner drinks canapes. Create an atmosphere to remember with an acoustic guitar soloist.

    Music Selection

    The music selection your Wedding DJ plays should allow guests of all ages to have an enjoyable evening. The DJ’s role is to help the Bride & Groom celebrate the night of their life.

    If you are having trouble choosing which songs to have played during the special moments at your reception, then I have listed some of the most popular wedding songs here.

    Cultural Music At Your Wedding Reception

    If you have cultural music requirements for your wedding reception, then it’s important that you find a professional Wedding DJ who is willing to meet your needs. For me—it’s not a problem!! I have recently been the DJ for many different cultural receptions.

    Woo hah DJs - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    woohah djs

    1300 966 425


    Experience And Attention To Detail, Means Less Worrying For You.

    When it comes to planning your wedding, picking the right suppliers can make all the difference. That’s why with Woohah, special moments like your entrance and the first dance are our highest priority. Our DJs possess a wealth of experience, developed over years of playing at weddings all across Melbourne. Our experienced bookings team will also be there for you throughout the planning process should you need a guiding hand.

    Success starts with the right DJ with us. We work to understand your music preferences and which of our trained DJs will work best with your crowd. Then it’s over to you, we’re on standby if you have any questions on how to best manage the night, and when you’re ready, we’ll talk about picking the right songs for each moment. To finish off, we triple-check essential details like our arrival time or song requests and then hand the reins over to your DJ on the night.

    Your Search Ends Here

    With Woohah, you pay for the peace of mind that comes with a professional DJ so that you can rely on us completely. We arrive and pack up discreetly, leaving nothing behind but a satisfied crowd. To us, professionalism doesn’t just mean quality and reliability, though. It also means an in-depth knowledge of music. We cater to all tastes, from the obscure to the mainstream and everything in between.

    Woo hah is made up of only the most professional and talented DJ’s, so you’ll never have to worry about punctuality or quality. Above all, we know that the atmosphere can make or break any occasion. That’s why, with us, your options are never limited. You can have everything from complete control over the entire event’s music to simply leaving it in our very capable hands.

    Griffin Alliance - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    griffin alliance

    03 9994 1701

    We have a very simple philosophy at Griffin Alliance Wedding DJs

    • Our Brides and Grooms are REALLY busy people who have a team of wedding professionals to help guide them through the process of organising their wedding.
    • You have a clear idea of what you want your wedding to FEEL like, but you probably have no idea HOW to make it happen.
    • We help you decide on your Disc Jockey, Master of Ceremonies, Photobooth (or hashtag printer), Mood lighting, Staging, Running Sheets and general Planning and running of the Wedding on the night. Much more than just “pressing play”
    • You can relax at night, enjoying your wedding morning, day and night. By choosing your key songs and general mood for your party and allowing our DJs to do what they do best, we get YOUR dancefloor going!
    • Peace of mind that you have a team of DJs, MCs, Audio and Visual equipment and also the best contacts in the industry behind your big night
    • Are you looking for the Best Wedding DJ in Melbourne or Adelaide?
    • If this sounds like you, then we want to have a chat about working with you on your dream wedding, call us on our personal numbers or fill in the form below, and we’ll be in contact soon!

    About us: Daniel Toop

    Thanks for stopping by to check us out. If you’re thinking of putting on an amazing event, then we would love to work with you to make it a massive success. Since 2003 I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the best DJs, artists, marketers and hospitality minds and hearts in Victoria and also throughout the world.

    I specialise in mashup DJ sets between different genres, using my decade and a half of full time DJing to blend all kinds of eras and genres together to keep the dance floor popping. If you want lots of dancing, then I’m your DJ.

    DJ LUVD - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    dj luvd

    0425 227 928

    Make Your Next Event One to Remember

    Since the beginning of his career as a DJ in 2004, LUVD has been playing mostly old hits and R&B. He will cover all of your favourites from the ’70s to the latest top 40 hits. Ready to play for any event or function in Melbourne, Australia, he has all of the latest DJ gear, including lighting and sound systems. His gear allows him to customise each event in accordance with his client’s tastes. His extensive background in different styles of music brings an elegant and glamorous feel to each party.

    Professional Industry Connections

    LUVD is well connected in the music and event planning industry and has developed relationships with other professionals within the field. He helps his clients to find just the right people to plan the entire event, which makes for a well-organised party, completely hassle-free.

    A Fresh Musical Experience

    DJ LUVD has a great personality and is very popular for his unique style of music. He gives his best for every event to ensure maximum entertainment for his audience. LUVD guarantees a new experience for those who hire him to play for their special occasions. Try something new and enjoy superior service! He will surpass your expectations.


    Lucien Pereira, known by his stage name, DJ LUVD, is a musician, dancer and DJ from Colombo, Sri Lanka, who now resides in Melbourne, Australia, with his family.

    LUVD has been a music lover since he was a boy. He was a street dancer with a group called “The Boyz 046″ and performed many times on stage. During his childhood, he was nicknamed “DJ Bobo” and was fortunate to get several opportunities to play for private functions. He fell in love and has been spinning and mixing ever since!

    LUVD is involved in several charitable projects with the intention of extending a helping hand to the needy and the poor. He would also like to promote the betterment of the communities in both Melbourne and Sri Lanka.

    Ashley Keswick - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    ashley keswick

    0488 01 11 02

    Ashley Keswick - DJ Hire Melbourne

    Mobile event and club vinyl DJ / digital DJ available for hire at any venue around Melbourne metropolitan and surrounding areas.

    For professional event DJ hire services - call DJ Ashley on 0488 01 11 01

    No function is too big or too small - from birthday parties, engagement celebrations, wedding receptions, theme parties and other private functions to club events, bar gigs, corporate events, school discos, fundraiser events and so on...

    Catering to any taste in music from the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, ’00s, 10’s to current - all styles of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) inc. House, Melbourne Bounce, Minimal, Techno, etc., Radio Chart Hits (Top 40), RnB, Hip Hop/Rap, Funk, Soul, Disco, Retro, Reggae, Pop, Rock, Alternative, Classic Hits, Anthems, Rock & Roll and more...

    The success of your function or event relies heavily on the DJ you choose to hire. Being the main source of entertainment is a huge responsibility - the DJ must be able to adapt to the music needs of the entire audience to keep them all entertained - the skills to do this take many years of DJ performance experience to master along with access to professional DJ, audio and effects equipment.

    About - DJ Hire Melbourne

    Learn more about DJ Ashley, including DJ hire testimonials and tracks/mixes...

    DJ Hire Melbourne - Vinyl DJ (Front View)

    With over 20 years of experience in the music and entertainment industry as a DJ and live remix performer at events, clubs and bars around Melbourne and interstate - let me bring your event to life!

    A mix of floor-filling tunes, thumping sound, and special effects lighting make for a party to remember...

    You can choose some/all of the music to suit the occasion or let me do what I do best - gauge the crowd, play to fulfil their music appetite and get the dance floor pumping!

    I’ve been spinning tunes on turntables since my early teens and still often mix with vinyl today. Nothing compares to the warm sound of vinyl records through a quality sound system on the dance floor.

    That said, I have a number of DJ setup options for hire to match the vibe and compliment any function or event...

    I can provide a full vinyl DJ set upon request; this option is perfect for disco-themed, vintage/retro style or throwback parties where older music of any genre from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and/or 90’s is predominantly played.

    With my hybrid vinyl DJ setup, I use a combination of vinyl records and digital music to provide the best of both worlds, and this option is very popular at private functions and corporate events where a mix of older music (50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s) to more recent years (00’s, 10’s) and new current music is required.

    Would you like to create excitement and nostalgia and have everyone talking about your event for weeks, months and years to come? Yes - do something a bit different and rare to see these days by choosing a vinyl DJ hire option!

    Also, in keeping up with the latest DJ technology and skills, I offer various compact, fully digital DJ setups covering all music (old and new) to cater for space limitations, budget requirements and/or your personal preference.

    I take pride in my work and get a kick out of putting a smile on peoples faces while they simply listen or sing or dance or sway to the beat... ;p

    Uptown Sound - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    uptown sound

    +61 403 738 748

    Hi, I’m Lawrence Spataro.

    As a music enthusiast who was tired of seeing the same old playlists rinsed out event after event, I decided to create Uptown Sound to give a unique and tailored experience to those who want to play it loud and proud at their event.

    Want a Hawaiian luau or reggae-inspired island theme for the start of the night? Sure!

    Want a David Bowie themed party? No sweat.

    I’ve done it all and have over 50,000 songs in my library – from 50’s rock ‘n’ roll to Darude/Sandstorm.

    Drop me some words via the ‘Get in touch button below so we can bond over your favourite artist and find a vibe that’s right for your event.


    Planning an event can be stressful but don’t worry – I can coordinate with vendors, artists and event planners to ensure your event is timed to perfection.

    I offer a premium service, including a meet & greet and unlimited email correspondence.

    Packages include me for 5 and a half hours, plus the latest DJ equipment, speakers lighting, lasers and microphone.


    Need a club DJ? I’ve played in some of the Melbourne’s most elite and iconic clubs and bars from The Emerson, Brown Alley, La Di Da, Room680, Crown Bars & countless others. Whether it’s disco, house, funk R’n’B or commercial top 40s – I’m always on cue.


    Fancy some classy background cocktail music?

    Having an end of year party?

    I can match your style. If you’re unsure, just ask!

    Packages include the latest DJ equipment with options for speakers, lighting, lasers and microphone.

    Fedora Productions - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    fedora productions

    0458 333 673

    We are Fedora Productions.

    We offer a premium service in the field of Pro Audio. Many years of experience supplying professional sound engineering and DJ services around Melbourne has enabled Fedora Productions to expand our services exponentially. Any event, any size, big or small, Fedora Productions have you covered.

    Mobile DJ

    Our Mobile DJ Hire Services cater for all function types from Weddings, Engagements, Corporate Functions, Presentation Nights, Debutante Balls, School Discos, Birthdays and even Kids Parties. Our highly skilled Disc Jockeys are trained to cater for their audience. They will play what you want to hear and what is required for the moment. We also offer professional Wedding MCs for your very special day. Let our experienced Master of Ceremonies help keep your wedding reception alive and running to schedule. Fedora Productions only use the highest quality sound and lighting systems to date. All of our equipment is Tested and Tagged periodically. We also follow Australia’s strict OH&S standards to ensure the safety and well-being of all who are a part of the function.

    How we work.


    We here at Fedora Productions love what we do. We have the opportunity to work our dream job in an industry that has no boundaries or limitations. This enables us to consistently be creative in all aspects of our fields which allows us to give you an experience that will exceed your expectations.


    With over 25 years of experience, you will not be disappointed in our services from your initial enquiry with us, right through to the follow-ups following your event/function. We are highly experienced in all aspects of our fields, from DJs to MCs, Photo Booth attendants to Photographers, Audio Engineers, to Lighting Technicians.


    We take extreme care and pride in our work. There is no stone we will leave unturned as we go through every detailed element of your function or event to make sure it is perfect and exactly how you want it. We will be at your event on time, well presented and with great enthusiasm. Our aim is to make you feel relaxed that your day is in good hands.

    yarra valley most popular wedding venue

    Miss Rosie - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    miss rosie

    0418 565 147

    Melbourne Wedding, Event + Party DJ

    With over 10 years experience as a DJ + Entertainer in the Melbourne + Australian Industry, I specialise in personalised, stylish, + fun DJ Entertainment.

    My packages accommodate all party music styling + provide assistance in music selection. I specialise in RnB, HipHop, Commercial Dance + the 80s, 90s + 2000 plus music mixes.

    My DJ packages supply modern DJ music for you:

    • wedding ceremony
    • pre-dinner period
    • early reception
    • corporate event.
    • public event
    • party or celebration​.

    I would love to chat about your wedding + event

    ​to see if we connect.

    Rosie // Entertainer + Vocal Coach + Music Therapy

    // Miss Rosie Creative

    I love my creative work and am so blessed to work in areas that I enjoy so much.

    ​​I work in partnership with my clients and suppliers to design the most amazing entertainment experience for your event. It is all about your unique taste and style, and pre-planning is such an important aspect of the process.

    I am also an industry-based vocal coach, specialising in emotion-centred voice and performance.

    I would love to have a chat to see if we are a match to work together.

    Radioactive Mobile Disco - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    radio active mobile disco

    (03) 9354 9872

    Weddings & Engagements

    Radio Active Mobile Disco is the perfect DJ service for your wedding or engagement party in Melbourne. Having worked at venues in and around Melbourne, my wedding DJ service is sure to create the perfect party atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy and dance the night away to. I’ll play groovy jazz and soft ballads for background music during meal times and then crank up the beat with all your favourite party songs during the dance brackets that are sure to get everyone up.

    No matter what type of wedding you’re having, I can cater and accommodate most types, including:

    • Traditional Weddings - Latest Pop, Retro 70’s, 80’s, Rock, Rock n’ Roll and more for an amazing fun party!
    • Cocktail Style - Kick back and relax with my chilled out music selection, and then party hard!
    • Themed & Fancy Dress - I’m more than happy to get into whatever theme you have in mind!
    • Traditional Greek - Heaps of plate-smashing fun with the Zorba and traditional Greek classics to keep the oldies happy!

    Radio Active Mobile Disco appreciates and understands how important your wedding or engagement is to you, so I treat your special day with my personal attention and professional approach. I’m happy to sit down with you and your partner, listen to and discuss all your requirements and make my recommendations from my experiences to help you plan for your perfect day.

    My large range of music can be tailored to suit your occasion, whether it’s a casual cocktail party style or a formal event with all the trimmings. I’ll be properly attired to suit the occasion and make your guests feel welcome, and ensure that they enjoy themselves by providing the right music mix and provide the perfect party atmosphere.

    By using your favourite music selections, I can provide the perfect mood for those important moments such as:

    • Entrance of the Bride and Groom
    • Bridal Waltz
    • Cutting of the Cake
    • Father & Daughter and/or Mother & Son Dance
    • Throwing of Bouquet and Garter
    • Farewell Circle

    My great choice of classic party, ballads, rock and top 40 songs will ensure that your special day will be a day that you’ll remember for a lifetime. I’m also happy to MC for you as well, at no additional charge. I can announce the arrival of the bridal party, introduce the speeches and other events, or if you have an MC already organised, I’m quite happy to work with them as well.

    Most of my bookings are, in fact, for weddings. Therefore I’ve had plenty of experience over the years have done hundreds of successful events. I even come highly recommended by many venues and have been personally told by venue managers that I am definitely one of the better DJ’s they’ve had. So why chance it your most important day to just anyone? Trust RadioActive Mobile Disco to provide a professional and successful reception party at a most reasonable and affordable cost.

    If you require an MC to take care of all the formalities as well, I provide that service at no additional cost. I’ll take care of the introductions of the bridal party, the speeches and also announce any other special happenings throughout the night. My confident and professional persona will ensure that your event runs smoothly from start to finish. I will work with the room manager to coordinate with your running sheet and also interact with the crowd to make everyone feel at ease and ensure that they have a wonderful night.

    I am also able to offer you an additional service where I can provide music for your outdoor ceremony. With my portable PA system, iPod connectivity and a cordless microphone, I can play music during the ceremony to provide that special atmosphere as the bride walks down the aisle and the guests mingle before entering the main reception room. I do not charge anything extra for the hire of the PA system, but I require payment from the start of the ceremony instead of the start of the reception.


    I’ve been DJ’ing and doing mobile discos in partnership with my cousin since I was 17. When he retired several years ago, I decided to keep the business going for myself as I enjoyed doing it so much, and previous clients keep calling to book me!

    From being a roadie to hosting my own parties, I’ve pretty much seen it all, from lavish weddings, and wild 21st birthday parties, to playing to a crowd of 5000 bikers in a paddock in the pouring rain from the back of a semi!

    I mostly rely on word of mouth as my main form of advertising as I believe that if you provide a good service, then people will recommend you to their friends. In many cases, I’ve done someone’s 18th birthday, then their 21st, then their engagement and wedding! Not to mention all their friends in between! Don’t take my word for it. Read the testimonials that previous clients have sent me.

    If your function is a formal occasion such as a wedding, I’ll be properly attired and professionally presented, but if you’re function is a bit more relaxed, such as a 21st, then I’m happy to dress a bit more casually to suit. Each function is unique, and each crowd reacts differently to different music, so I will adjust the style of music to suit the majority of the crowd. I’m happy to play requests (as long as they don’t make everyone clear the dancefloor!), so if you have any specific songs or styles you want to hear, please inform me in advance, and I’ll make sure they’re available for your dancing pleasure on the day.

    Also, when you make a booking, you get me, unlike some mobile disco hire companies who send out any DJ they have available on the night. Some even charge you more for a more experienced DJ! I believe it’s important that you get the best service and quality possible. After all, you want to make it a memorable event, for all the right reasons!

    This might sound trivial, but it’s often never considered. I always try and get to the venue about an hour before the booking start time. That way, I have plenty of time to unload and set up my equipment and introduce myself to the venue staff and to the organisers. That way, I’ll be ready to go and be familiar with what will happen during the course of the event. After all, I’ll be there all evening and want to be informed of the proceedings so that I can enjoy my time just as much as you. I now also use a GPS to ensure that I find the venue without any hassle, so you don’t need to worry about me not finding the place or running late!

    For your peace of mind, I also have full public liability insurance, just in case, there’s an unforeseen incident or accident.

    So if you’re looking for a DJ with experience and knows how to please a crowd, with a huge range of music at a touch of a button, let me entertain you at your next special function.

    Progressive Entertainment - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    progressive entertainment

    0414 579 663

    Progressive entertainment has naturally grown into other areas such as lighting and sound hire, wedding cars, photo booths, event management and many other services.

    For the best in DJ’s, Mobile DJ, Wedding DJ, Party DJ, Function DJ, MC Services, Lighting Hire, PA Hire, Birthdays, Parties and MORE!.

    With over a dozen Dj’s at our disposal (many of them long term staff), we at Progressive Entertainment cater for all kinds of functions. With years of experience in Corporate events, weddings, parties, kids entertainment and more, you can be confident that every event is approached with professionalism and expertise.

    Progressive Entertainment Dj’s cover an extensive range of music from Rock & Roll, Current Top 40, Dance/Club, R&B, the ’80s, ’90s, 2000’s Retro, Disco and Rock/Alternative, guaranteeing the music will never stop until the lights go out. All our Dj’s at Progressive entertainment are friendly, approachable and will respond quickly to all requests. They supply microphones for speeches and or announcements and are very happy to help ensure your night runs smoothly.

    About Us

    Founded by Colin Lafrank(Dj Rails) and established over 24 years ago, Progressive Entertainment has grown up with the Melbourne music scene and has always strived to be the best at what they do. Starting out as a single DJ in Melbourne, Progressive Entertainment has grown into a business that now runs over a dozen DJ and MC shows per week across all regions of Victoria.

    Progressive Entertainment was founded on a philosophy of delivering on what it promises and core values of being upfront, honest and the genuine desire to make your event memorable. With the most up to date music & retro collection, sound and lighting Progressive Entertainment have raised the bar in the Victorian DJ industry.

    Progressive Entertainment has naturally grown into other areas such as lighting and sound hire/sales, photo booths, wedding cars, photography and jukeboxes and many other services.

    For the best in DJ’s, Mobile DJ, Wedding DJ, Party DJ, Function DJ, MC Services, Lighting Hire, PA Hire, Photo Booths, Birthdays, Parties and MORE!.

    With over a dozen Dj’s at our disposal (many of them long term staff), we at Progressive Entertainment cater for all kinds of functions. With years of experience in corporate events, weddings, parties, kids entertainment and more, you can be confident that every event is approached with professionalism and expertise. Progressive Entertainment Dj’s cover an extensive range of music from Rock & Roll, current Top 40, dance, R&B and alternative, guaranteeing the music will never stop until the lights go out. All our Dj’s at Progressive Entertainment are friendly, approachable and will respond quickly to all requests. They supply microphones for speeches and/or announcements and are very happy to help ensure your night runs smoothly.

    Progressive Entertainment can generally cater for:

    • Weddings
    • Engagements
    • 18th and 21st birthday parties
    • Corporate Functions
    • Pub and nightclub events
    • Kids parties
    • Themed Events
    • Low key social gatherings
    • And much more

    You name it, and we have probably done it!

    Moving Melodies - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    moving melodies

    0413 52 55 67

    Moving Melodies DJ Service - The Entertainment Professionals

    Moving Melodies DJ Service generates energy and excitement everywhere they perform. Please read further about our services and feel welcome to contact us for more information about using our service for your wedding, engagement, school dance, corporate event or private party.

    Moving Melodies DJ service guarantees the success of your function by providing the following :

    ● An entertaining, professional DJ with 21 years of experience

    ● State of the art sound equipment

    ● High tech lighting effects, creating lots of atmospheres.

    ● Your choice of songs from our 50 pages’ Easy Select Song List.’

    from latest top 50, through to ’60s, 70’s, 80’s, ’90s, 00’s, RnB,

    House, Disco, Rock, Latin, Greek & Italian

    What We’re About

    Moving Melodies Dj Service creates an inviting atmosphere for all guests at your function. With our 21 years of experience, music knowledge, and resources, we are able to customise each DJ event to your specific needs for a successful and memorable event.

    Our professional DJ service includes a complimentary 1-hour consultation, early setup, premium sound system, wireless microphone, trained master of ceremony duties and various lighting options just right for your occasion.

    Your Event, Your Way

    Past clients have told us our personalised services make us stand out from many other DJ services in the Melbourne area. With the 1 hour complimentary consultation, we will make sure we have the right information to make your event exactly the way you’d like.

    Lark Music - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    lark music

    +61 1300 935 425

    Lark Music is Australia’s leading team of musicians and DJs for outstanding weddings, corporate events and private parties. Performing all over Australia and South East Asia, if you’re on the hunt for festival-quality live bands, a party-starting wedding DJ, or stylish acoustic performers, we’ll provide the soundtrack for the time of your life.

    Live bands and DJs for epic weddings.

    When life lands you someone amazing, you play your finest cards. Great musicianship aside, what really sets us apart is our knack for turning those life-changing moments into something truly memorable. From a stunning acoustic feature at your ceremony to our live band energising that dancefloor or a pumping DJ set at the afterparty, every moment of your wedding is safe in our hands.

    Put simply, and we just get it. You’ll love the unparalleled energy, world-class skills, and whip-smart professionalism of Lark’s live bands, DJs and acoustic artists. We arrive primed and ready to deliver moments your guests will be reliving for years to come: “Remember that? What an incredible wedding!”.

    SpinamixDJ - Wedding DJ Melbourne


    0411 352 715

    Wedding Package 

    Professional Wedding DJ - This package is suitable for Weddings and Engagements and includes your DJ/MC for 6Hrs, sound system, 3 light effects, smoke/fog machine, and the music selection of your choice.

    • Best bargain money can buy
    • Guarantee customer satisfaction
    • Discussing your celebration
    • Booking your celebration

    Our History

    SPINAMIX DJ is a local DJ in the heart of Moonee Ponds, VICTORIA servicing many types of functions since 1989. SPINAMIX DJ ensures the best service for every customer by providing customer focus, customer service, expertise, knowledge, cater your needs and guarantee customer satisfaction. SPINAMIX DJ has sponsored many charity events and supported non-profit organisations for a good cause.

    Our Philosophy

    SPINAMIX DJ aims to provide professional service by meeting with customers either face to face at the comfort of your home and/or invite you to our head office to discuss your plans for your event

    SPINAMIX DJ provides tea, coffee and biscuits with every customer visit to our head office.

    SPINAMIX DJ can assist you with any questions promptly to the best of our knowledge and aim at guaranteeing the service we provide by ensuring all your music selection is played on the night of your celebration and that a prepared schedule plan for the event is in place so you won’t have to constantly direct the event, ensuring the event runs smoothly.

    Primary DJ - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    primary dj

    0438 543 589

    Primary DJ specialise in event DJ and MC services across Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula and the Yarra Valley.

    Our team is dedicated, passionate and reliable and will take every step to ensure your event is memorable for all the right reasons.

    We urge our prospective clients to consider the importance of entertainment at any event, including your wedding. With the highest quality entertainment and the most reasonable prices, your guests will have something to remember for years to come.

    It’s your special day. Give it a soundtrack to match

    Need an MC?

    Your DJ can MC at no extra cost if required.

    Dance Floor Readers.

    We have DJ’d over 100 weddings. We know how to get everyone dancing.

    Your Music.

    Happy to take requests and know expertly when to play them.

    We’ve Got You Covered.

    We will bring speakers, lights, a wireless microphone, and of course music for as long as you want.

    We not only love being a Melbourne wedding DJ and engagement party DJ service, consider us for:

    Renewing Wedding Vowels DJ hire

    • Christenings DJ hire
    • Communions DJ hire
    • Anniversary DJ hire

    DJ Arry Entertainment - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    dj arry entertainment

    +61 433 320 822

    Bollywood & Punjabi DJ service

    We are specialising in Bollywood & Punjabi DJ service in Melbourne for any Indian party occasion. With all-time favourite, latest hits and special requests, we can rock your party and take it to the next level with our amazing lighting effects and superior sound quality system.


    DJ Arry has over 6 years of experience in making events, small or large, come to life. From the most intimate celebration to a luxurious wedding, we can provide creative and technical personalised solutions to make each experience absolutely yours.

    Our philosophy is simple: to make your wedding, corporate event or any event a captivating occasion that is unforgettable and exciting and will be remembered for years to come.

    Whether it is transforming the room with our lighting, keeping your audience engaged with optimal sound quality, or making sure your dance floor is packed all night. We can make your event one remember!

    It is critical to choose the right entertainment for your wedding or an event as not only do you want to keep everyone’s attention, but you want your guests to leave your event with an everlasting memory, and this is exactly what we do here at DJ. Arry Entertainment!

    Essential Groove - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    essential groove

    +61 438 828 856

    Essential Groove is Melbourne’s elite cover band, specialising in weddings, corporate events and functions of all sizes.


    Weddings are our forte. We know this is a special occasion to be enjoyed with your family and closest friends. Live music at your ceremony and reception keeps your guests entertained and on the dance floor!


    We have extensive experience providing live music for corporate clients. We partner with you to ensure your guests have an unforgettable experience at your next party, conference, launch or awards ceremony.


    We cater for all kinds of private functions and parties such as engagements, birthday parties, debutante balls, socials and milestone events. No matter the occasion, our repertoire is versatile and can be adjusted to suit.

    Live music at your wedding is essential, so it makes sense that you book someone who is experienced and professional.

    We have performed at hundreds of weddings, not one of them ever being the same. You can be assured when you book Essential Groove that the night will run smoothly from the moment guests arrive until the bride and groom say their farewells and goodnight. Our standard package includes:

    • 4 piece band with over 6 years experience
    • Professional sound system for any sized venue (it really sounds great)
    • Professional lighting array with LED moving lights
    • 3 x 45-minute sets of live music (+ more if time and venue permits)
    • Background music between sets and for any formalities required
    • Optional DJ set with customised playlist available
    • Tailored setlist to suit your special day


    • Ceremony
    • Reception
    • Pre-Dinner Drinks
    • Bridal Party Intro
    • Bridal Waltz
    • Father-Daughter Dance
    • Dinner Music
    • Farewell Song

    Our song list is tailored for each wedding - we don’t recycle the same old tunes or reproduce what other wedding bands in Melbourne are doing. We work with you and your running sheet, factoring in the order of your day, including your ceremony, when guests enter the room, bridal party introductions, dinner music, bridal dance, throwing of the bouquet and garter, farewell songs and of course, the impressive dance sets.

    Our repertoire of music is versatile and can be adjusted to suit any scenario - we have a wide selection of popular wedding music you can pick and choose from on our song list page.

    We’re also happy to accommodate a reasonable amount of custom song requests too, whether they be for your first dance, bridal party entrance or just because you like the song! We’ll play other songs through our sound system whenever you require too such as in between the live music sets.

    We can set up the live wedding music around the type of mood you want - our recommended setup is a 4-piece band composed of drums, guitar, bass and female vocalist.

    We will often play an acoustic set of wedding music at your ceremony, canapés or entrées, which can help set the mood for the night before the full band brings the party! We also have a professional DJ setup ready to go if that is what the night calls for. Require a master of ceremonies for your wedding? Our vocalist Tori does that too!

    Contact us for details and let us plan your special day!

    We believe we’re one of the best value wedding bands in Melbourne - you’re welcome to enquire with others, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a 4 piece band offering our services for our prices.

    Booking directly with us saves you money by avoiding agency fees, and we don’t charge extra for travel. We’re Melbourne locals and used to travel to places like the Mornington Peninsula, Yarra Valley and Great Ocean Road for fantastic weddings.

    Send us your ideas on our quote page, and we’ll get back to you with a plan!

    Rutherford Entertainment - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    rutherford entertainment

    1300 736 689

    From providing the perfect soundtrack as you walk down the aisle to creating an electric party atmosphere to celebrate your wedding day with family and friends, our dedicated team looks forward to working closely with you to handpick the perfect talent for your perfect day.

    We strive to deliver a tailored entertainment experience to make your wedding feel uniquely special from start to finish and leave your guests talking about it for years to come.


    Founded in 2011 by founding director and DJ Nick Rutherford and partner Nicki, Rutherford Entertainment was born out of the couple’s shared passion for music and their strong belief in providing custom-fit entertainment experiences for their clients.

    Today, ten years on, Rutherford Entertainment has grown to deliver tailored, premium entertainment experiences globally while continually expanding our talent base to deliver Australia’s finest entertainment to our clients.

    Although we’ve undoubtedly grown from our humble beginnings, we remain boutique at heart and still share

    Nick and Nicki’s passion for music and custom-fit entertainment.

    Mornington Peninsula DJ Hire - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    mornington peninsula dj services

    0411 042 516

    Our experience

    Through engaging with a wide range of different music genres, we have the ability to mix between a multitude of genres. This enables us to have confidence in being able to cater to what music needs you require for your event.

    The passion we have for music is not only from mixing as a DJ but also from being avid listeners for many years. From this, we have grown a deep understanding of both how to engage an audience to be entertained and feel involved in events.

    Our equipment

    We use a state of the art mixing setup enabling us to provide music with a superior sound quality for whatever event scenario you require.

    Additionally, this mixing setup enables the use of microphones such that you can choose an

    individual to MC your event if required.

    This equipment also includes a wide array of lighting to make sure your event does not only sound great but also looks and feels fantastic.

    More than a service

    We understand that the success of an event can be dependent on entertainment, and to ensure such success, we work with our customers to provide a tailored experience for their needs. To highlight this importance, we encourage you to call us on 0411 042 515 to discuss any questions about what we can provide for your upcoming event.

    Top Dog Entertainment - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    top dog entertainment

    DJ Hire Melbourne

    We have Melbourne’s best-reviewed DJs for hire. They are experienced, professional, personable and able to bring any event to life.

    By choosing to engage a DJ, you are deciding to work with an artist that has complete flexibility and an endless repertoire at their fingertips. Our DJs know just what to play and when to play it. They can mix in and out of songs quickly, keep the music fresh and the atmosphere electric.

    Whether the DJ is the feature, or you want to add some live elements with a (DJ Band or DJ Hybrid), you’ll be able to dance all night to your favourite songs.

    Getting married? CONGRATULATIONS! It looks like you are going to need an epic wedding DJ!

    65% of wedding couples choose to hire a DJ, and for a good reason. Think about the last time you went to a wedding and what you remember? The music! A successful wedding DJ should excel at reading a crowd and knowing what that next best song is going to be.

    Our DJs will keep your dancefloor pumping whilst appealing to all guests and all age groups. By hiring a wedding DJ through Top Dog, you can be sure that your music delivery is in very capable hands!

    Find out more about what we can offer for your wedding.

    ABOUT Us.

    Established in 1990, Top Dog has been Melbourne’s trusted agency for first-class entertainment for 30 years.

    Our entertainment team consists of professional and experienced artists only, those who can get any party started.

    In turn, our office team take pride in delivering innovative solutions that go above and beyond expectations.

    With such a variety of entertainment, we can cater for a sophisticated birthday dinner, an unforgettable wedding, to Melbourne’s legendary Spring Racing Carnival – and everything in between!

    Each day we are excited to share our knowledge on how entertainment can contribute to producing an unforgettable event. We love what we do. What a great industry we are a part of – working with people who are planning ‘once in a lifetime’ parties!

    Mercury DJ Hire - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    mercury dj hire

    Planning your dream wedding?

    Looking for a DJ that’s based in Melbourne, knows their craft and can just get you?

    Well, allow us to introduce ourselves… We are Mercury DJ Hire!

    A musically obsessed bunch of Melbournians specialising in Wedding DJing with a knack for creating memories, who believe it is their duty and privilege to give you the night of your dreams.

    We think that the playlist of your wedding needs and deserves to be completely and holistically yours. Your history, your milestones, plus any special moments you feel need to be celebrated with the people that helped you get to where you are today. In order to truly understand what you want to hear when you enter your reception as newlyweds, we work to soak up every detail possible for how you like your sound.

    What separates our award-winning DJ’s from others in the industry is their attention to detail when curating your wedding soundtrack, their perceptiveness when reading a room and their elite abilities on the DJ decks. They know how to produce a crisp sound that is not only heard but set up to adapt to your reception space for maximum impact, leaving you to lose yourself in the music and the moments. After all, the sound is our thing: from your MC’s opening speech to the final track and everything in between.

    Besides technical expertise, our DJ’s are highly skilled to make sure that from the first meeting to the wedding itself, we are in sync with you as your event progresses. Your wedding run sheet is our guidebook that we will go through with you to determine how you wish to incorporate music into your reception and at what key moments. We ensure you have a complete understanding of all of your options for equipment and DJ services and remain adaptable to your wedding requirements for a personalised Mercury DJ Hire experience!

    We bring your playlist to life and give it a killer sound to help you make memories on your special day. It is our job to help you relax into your celebration and spend the night watching your friends and family exclaim how much they “Love this song!” and “Haven’t heard this in ages!”. Our team pride itself on organisation, collaboration and putting on a great set to not only meet your expectations but exceed them.

    If this sounds like your style, check out our website for further info. Get in touch via email or through our enquiries page.


    Founded by Daniel Mercury, our Director and award-winning DJ master, Mercury DJ Hire has grown into the wedding loving, playlist perfecting DJ supergroup that it is today through his hard work and dedication to the decks.

    Daniel’s passion for the industry and wide experience created a stepping stone for Mercury DJ Hire to provide a sought after, personalised experience for couples to collaborate with their DJs and create an atmosphere that was unique to them for their wedding. He understood what the wedding industry needed from its DJs beyond the standard stock assessment of how their music playlists sounded. It needed people who were the definition of professional, knew how to interact and engage with diverse audiences and operated with a clear technical knowledge of DJing. Did we mention that it also needed DJs who could create a party that could get even the most stubborn family members dancing? Because that one is a priority!

    In the early days, Daniel set the tone for how he wanted Mercury DJ Hire to operate and worked to assemble a group of DJs that were ready to do the same.

    From the get-go, it was important to find DJ’s who were different from one another, had unique strengths and varied musical backgrounds so that they could bring their own style to each wedding. Fortunately, he had grown up with ones that have spent years honing their craft and cutting their teeth in events to learn as much as they could. They have worked within the Australian nightclub industry, music production industry and spent time understanding sound from an artists perspective, with some having played classical instruments from an early age. They understand the diversity of music, as well as the power and impact that tempo, melody, lyrics and volume can truly have on people.

    It is with great pride that we get to work with our DJs because we know how much they love their work and how much they love people. It can be one thing to have a great soundtrack to your wedding, but to be able to have a DJ who can understand you and whose personality can mesh easily with yours makes a significant difference in how you feel going into your event. Our role in each wedding is to bring a room together in celebration through a universal language – music. We can say with the utmost confidence that the Mercury DJs know how to take an event to the next level and help you make some unforgettable memories.

    If you are interested in getting to know our awesome team, keep scrolling to read their bios and see which DJ could be the one for you!

    Party DJ Hire - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    party dj hire


    Melbourne’s Number One Mobile DJ Hire Service!

    Your choice in music has the potential to make or break your next event. No pressure, right? When it comes to compiling the ultimate playlist to excite your friends, impress your employees or entice your clients, you don’t want to make the wrong choice and risk your party falling flat. This is why it’s vital to invest in a Melbourne DJ hire service you can trust to serenade your guests and set the mood with an electric soundtrack.

    At Party DJ Hire, our squad of mobile disk jockeys for hire specialise in parties and events of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re celebrating your sweet 16th, throwing the Christmas bash of the century or simply rocking out solo to a professional DJ on a Tuesday morning, then we’re your team.


    Our experienced professionals perform every weekend at different wedding venues across Melbourne throughout the year, so regardless of your event, we are confident we can deliver. Whether it’s an engagement party or a large wedding function, our DJs will do their absolute best to make your day extra special for you and your guests.

    From lighting and sound, we can provide assistance and advice to ensure your important day runs as smoothly as possible. Plus, we can provide you with an expert who can also fill the role of MC.


    What can we say? We like to party, and we are passionate about what music can do for the human spirit. This passion inevitably evolved into helping others throw unforgettable parties and events for every occasion. We believe it’s the little things that can really go the extra mile when it comes to making a good night a fantastic one, and this is why we go above and beyond for all of our customers.

    We pride ourselves on being one of the leading suppliers of DJs in Melbourne, and this is reflected in our professionalism, reliability and ability to communicate with our clients. If you’ve worked with us once, we’re confident you won’t need to find another DJ hire service again.

    Wedding DJ Melbourne

    wedding dj melbourne

    What we’re all about...

    Wedding DJ Melbourne is the leading DJ, MC and Singer agency servicing Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula & the Yarra Valley.

    ​This is by no mistake. Simply put, to become a part of this exclusive agency, you must have extensive experience and the skills needed to deliver amazing results at every event.

    ​Our team is dedicated, passionate and reliable and will take every step to ensure your event is memorable for all the right reasons.

    ​We urge our prospective clients to consider the importance of entertainment at any event, including your wedding. With the highest quality entertainment, your guests will have something to rave about for years to come.

    ​Wedding DJ Melbourne...

    ​“Making memories that will stay with you forever.”

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    Wedding DJ Melbourne

    Your wedding, our entertainment, a perfect match!

    Weddings are our specialty. We’ll partner with you to create the wedding of your dreams! And on your special day, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy yourselves, knowing your wedding is in safe hands. Right from the moment you enquire, we’ll guide and help you to plan your event.

    You’ll be able to choose from our wide range of packages, and we’ll make it easy to choose your key songs. On the day, we’ll ensure everything runs smoothly and that everyone’s having a great time. We’ll take you and your guests on a musical journey, playing just the right songs for those special moments such as your ceremony and your first dance.


    We provide unforgettable entertainment for weddings, corporate and private events – fantastic DJs or a unique combination of DJs and live musicians. Our DJs can play a limitless number of the songs you know and love, whilst the live musicians bring along the interactive, visual and engaging experience of a live band.

    We’ll take you and your guests on a musical journey so that each stage of your event has just the right musical style and atmosphere.

    Since 2007, we’ve been committed to providing highly versatile entertainment in Melbourne and its surrounds, country Victoria and interstate.

    We aim to go above and beyond expectations to create memorable wedding, corporate and special event celebrations through our dedication, professionalism and personable approach. Our service extends from your initial enquiry to our detailed, friendly consultation and planning process through to your special day. And we look forward to your “wow” when you walk into the event space all the way to your smile by the close of the event.

    Melbourne DJ Services - Wedding DJ Melbourne

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    Wedding DJ & MC Services

    We Provide Wedding DJ & MC Hire Services in Melbourne. Hiring a Wedding DJ shouldn’t be a painful process & should not cost any couple an arm and a leg. Hence why we believe in providing Quality DJ Service in Melbourne that is affordable to all. If your goal is to find the right team that has experience and reputation, you trust and also obviously fits your budget!

    Hopefully, our team will tick those boxes. You can relax and trust we have everything covered. You get the benefits of engaging a professional DJ Service without sacrificing the personalised level of service.


    At Melbourne DJ Services, we understand the importance of your wedding day. When it comes to wedding entertainment, We believe there is a lot of stress when organising a wedding, so let your wedding entertainment not be one of them. We offer Wedding DJ & MC Services in Melbourne and Surrounds. What makes us stand out:

    •  Professional and experienced DJs skilled in playing a wide array of genres
    •  Our wedding DJ’s specialise in reading the crowd playing a variety of genres including music from Jazz, Rock, classics 80’s, 90’s to modern pop and Top 40’s.
    •  During the initial planning & consultation, we will ensure to capture must play & do not play songs. Ensuring our playlist is tailored as per your vision
    •  Our Wedding DJ Setup includes best in class DJ Equipment, Wireless microphone and Premium sound system and lighting to set the right theme for your special day


    We are friendly, reliable and professional, which means you’ll find yourself stress-free working with us. Our packages include an immaculate setup, music of your choice, and our experienced DJs will only play the music that suits the night and the crowd would love to dance to.

    Is it worth it to hire a wedding DJ?

    Your wedding day is something you’ve been planning for a long time. You’ve taken special care to ensure that it is magical, unique, and everything you’ve ever dreamed, whether formal and modern or laid-back and original, your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life.

    Planning your event can be stressful, but it is also fun and exciting! While preparing for your big day, you want to make sure you have thoroughly examined every detail and made the right decision for you and your soon-to-be spouse.

    Throughout the planning process, you’ve booked photographers, caterers, venues, and so much more. You carefully check each item off of your wedding to-do list, and you make sure to follow up on references, reviews, and face-to-face meetings. Choosing the right DJ for your Minnesota wedding is as essential as all the other planning decisions you’ve made. The DJ will help set the tone for the reception and personify your style.

    Your DJ should reflect the type of wedding you want to have. That’s not to say that a standard DJ means that a wedding won’t be enjoyable. Still, the entertainment definitely won’t be blowing anyone away or an outstanding feature of the night.

    By hiring a premium wedding DJ, you can keep the dance floor packed. Offering a much more comprehensive range of music, going further than your standard Macarena, and with the option for additional live music DJ add ons, you can impress your guests. You can essentially have a DJ and a band for a bit more than a standard DJ. In our experience, when you hire a DJ with sax, the wedding goes that extra mile!

    If you want to get unique, check out the options for DJ live music add ons and have a read of our recent blog about the hottest trend in live music booking.

    The cost may not be out of your budget.

    To make your wedding one remember, you don’t want to spare any expense. Of course, you don’t want to spend the whole budget on a DJ, but a premium wedding DJ may be well within your budget.

    Once you’ve had a look at the average cost of a wedding DJ, you’ll be able to determine whether or not this option is for you. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

    What are the benefits of hiring a wedding DJ?

    Skilful and experienced. 

    A skilled wedding DJ will keep your guests entertained all through the evening. They know just how to develop a perfect playlist that will make every one of your guests lower their inhibitions and get on the dance floor. Such a wedding DJ has the experience needed to grasp the flow of the venue and adjust the music accordingly.

    Good selection of music. 

    Professional wedding DJs have a vast music library from which they can create a great playlist keeping your preference in mind. If you have some specific requirement, you can ask them for the same. Besides this, a wedding DJ will put forth his/her opinion by discussing your taste in music. You can provide them with a list of all your favourite songs that you wish should be played at your wedding.

    Right equipment. 

    Professional wedding DJs have all the music equipment that will make your wedding stand out from others. The speakers that they bring will produce a clear sound that is free from distortions. The best part is that they have the best knowledge of operating the latest musical equipment; thus, no time will be wasted trying to set everything up. If there are any technical issues, they will know how to deal with them adequately.

    Professional behaviour. 

    Often, couples let their friends or family members play the music at their music to cut down on their costs. However, you can only trust a wedding DJ if you are searching for professional-level music playing service. They will smoothly play the tracks without there being any silence or rhythm transitions. Having handled so many events in the past, they know just how to make your guests swing to the beats.

    What distinguishes an experienced wedding DJ from an amateur one is the planning that they inculcate in their work. A good DJ will make it a point to consult the client before the wedding to ask for all the details that will help them come up with a good playlist.

    Your wedding day is one of the most personal and memorable moments in your life. The amount of planning, work, and dreaming that goes into it will show on your big day. Decorations, centrepieces, flowers, and memorable moments throughout the ceremony and reception will leave a lasting impression on everyone who attends, as well as you and your partner.

    Having the right DJ for your event will ensure that everyone has a good time and the event runs smoothly. An experienced DJ will run the show with professionalism, knowledge, and attention to detail. Leaving your day’s events in your DJ’s capable hands will help you be able to relax and enjoy yourself.

    Should I hire a wedding DJ?

    A wedding DJ is a professional entertainer who can run and manage the music played during your wedding. Although current technology makes it so you could, in theory, hook up an iPod or laptop to some speakers and run the music yourself, there is more to being a successful DJ than loading songs and hitting the play button. Being able to pull off a night of celebration and music successfully takes skill, experience, the ability to read a crowd, and more. Sure, leaving the music up to your cousin and their laptop may be more affordable, but it won’t be able to grab audiences and craft the magical memories a wedding night should be all about.

    Band vs. DJ vs. Spotify playlists – why choose one over the other?

    A few couples who have inquired with me have opted to go for a band instead. I’ve found teams will have a clear idea of whether they are after a dancefloor band or DJ. If their budget stretches, they’ll book both!

    Spotify playlists are acceptable for the background music section of the reception. I’ve attended a friend’s wedding before they had one speaker and an iPad playing a Spotify playlist, and it was infuriating. Even though I’m a MAD Prince fan, it played three Prince songs in a row! Plus, you will have different people wanting to control the music during the dancing, and it just becomes a messy free-for-all.

    Professional Etiquette All Night Long

    Sure, a family member or friend DJ may do a decent job at the beginning of the event at greeting people and even announcing toasts and other events. Still, as the night wears on, alcohol is poured, and excitement grows, your “must play” list may be thrown out the window, and you may also find yourself listening to songs from your “do not play” list.

    Non-professional music players do not have the discipline or experience in adhering to the guests’ requests of honour. They often get carried away and play the music they like and accept song requests from guests without first looking at the different playlists.

    A professional DJ makes your happiness their top priority. They will follow the specific lists you provide and accept or politely decline requests from guests depending on what you prefer. And as far as etiquette is concerned, a professional DJ will arrive on time, set up during the appropriate time frame, and arrive wearing professional attire.

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