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Top 30 Wedding Dress Designers in Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

A wedding dress is one of the most important items a bride will purchase for her big day. It needs to be beautiful, unique and fit her personality perfectly. If you're a bride-to-be, then you know that finding the perfect wedding dress is essential. But with so many different designers out there, how do you know which one to choose?

Wedding dress designers are a very important part of the wedding planning process. They help to create the look and feel of your wedding day. Therefore, it is important to choose a designer who understands your vision and can help to create the perfect dress for you.

There are so many designers to choose from that it can be hard to know where to start. So we've put together a list of top favourite wedding dress designers in Melbourne to help make your decision a little bit easier.

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    Ultimate List Of Top Wedding Dress Designers in Melbourne

    Anna Campbell Wedding Dress Designer Shop Melbourne

    anna campbell wedding dress designer shop melbourne


    With the most opulent silks, unique lace designs, and brilliant hand-beaded decorations, Anna Campbell is enthusiastic about making the most exquisite wedding gowns and bridal accessories. Our tiny team in Melbourne designs and hand-makes each gown, and we are fortunate to be able to ship our designs to brides all over the world!

    For over 10 years, our reputation has been built on creating beautifully unique, hand-embellished and It is comfortable wedding dresses that combine modern glamour with bohemian beauty to reflect an authentic Australian bridal elegance. These are the settings where you will find an Anna Campbell Bride, embracing a passion for originality, romance, and glittering bridal design. These settings range from lavender meadows to sunset beaches, from rustic vineyards to mystical woodlands.

    Meet Anna

    Anna, our Creative Director, Head Designer, and all-around #GirlBoss, knows a thing or two about getting married in style having designed and manufactured four (yes, four!) dresses for her own wedding. The romantic bride who wants to shine both inside and out should consider Anna Campbell! Always be loyal to your personal style as a bride and plan your wedding in a way that expresses who you are as a couple.

    Raffaele Ciuca Wedding Dress Designer Shop Melbourne


    raffaele ciuca wedding dress designer shop melbourne


    Rc Story, Who We Are

    Raffaele Ciuca, a fourth generation family firm with 60 years of experience in the wedding industry, specializes in bridal gowns. Raffaele Ciuca, which started out in men's tailoring, has grown to become Australia's most reputable and trusted bridal destination. Our specialty is making brides feel and look beautiful on their wedding day. Our guiding principle is to provide great service, variety, and value. We have the largest selection of wedding dresses in Australia, with a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to suit any bride. Some of the most magnificent local and international wedding dress designer labels, such as Maggie Sottero and Berta Bridal, have their headquarters at Raffaele Ciuca.

    The Heritage Of Rc

    In 1954, Raffaele Ciuca moved to Australia from Italy. Raffaele was a talented tailor who studied the craft from his father. Raffaele established his first shop in North Fitzroy's St. Georges Road in 1956. Tina, Raffaele's wife, began working for the company in 1968. After completing their educations, Patricia and Claudia, the daughters of Raffaele and Tina, joined the company. In 1980, the family debuted bridal clothing. They launched their second store in Coburg in 1982, but it quickly became too small, so they moved to a bigger location on Sydney Road in Brunswick. Joe and Sario, the spouses of Patricia and Claudia, made the decision to join the company. The business expanded in 2005 and opened a new location on High Street in Armadale.

    What We Do

    Both our clients and we are unique individuals. Our expert stylists pay close attention to the little details, have a good sense of style, and have an impeccable vision. With more than 50 committed employees delivering the best possible customer experience, our service is unmatched.

    Romeo Bastone Couture Wedding Dress Designer Shop Melbourne

    romeo bastone couture wedding dress designer shop melbourne


    Romeo Bastone - Custom Designed For Today's Bride

    We are the Affordable Leading Award Winning Melbourne Bridal Couture Designer & Designer Bridal Fashion House, recognized for Affordable Bridal Luxury Gowns, and we specialize in wedding custom dresses and wedding gowns Melbourne. We adore fashion, but our heart lies in bridal design and bespoke fabrication of dream gowns for brides. We have gratefully appreciated the numerous pictures and notes/reviews we have gotten from our customers over the years. For your ideal Australian or international wedding, we would adore the opportunity to collaborate with you to custom design a wedding dress you would adore.

    Welcome to the Romeo B Stone Custom/Bespoke experience, everyone. I decided to share my method because I am questioned about it frequently.

    The RBC Dream Experience only permits one consultation, and throughout this drawn-out consultation, measurements and orders are taken. We discovered that only one was necessary because 90% of the work is delegated. Nowadays, everyone conducts their research online, making them completely aware of a supplier's efforts. As a result, we exclusively create gowns that are unique to the body shape, design, and color (using old school techniques). Our gowns aren't made in a week, two weeks, or three weeks, nor are we a retailer. It takes months and months to make each garment. Romeo Bastone is renowned as an affordable luxury brand since the majority of its laces and embellishments—French laces—are imported just for us. As a result, because we buy directly from vendors abroad, our customers avoid the retail markup on textiles, lace, and other items. Minimum of 7 fittings for bridal gowns. Minimum of 5 fits for evening gowns. Although the process can also be structured to fit within smaller time frames and costs.

    Romeo Bastone offers more than 50 different styles, but anyone is allowed to submit ideas for custom designs. All-inclusive Custom Wedding Gowns start at $4000, while evening gowns for the mother of the bride and mother of the groom start at $1800.

    The RBC procedure is pleasurable, engaging, and most importantly, stress-free. As a result, we only accept a set number of orders each month because we focus on quality rather than quantity. A dream gown experience, that is. All brides and clients of #RomeoBastone deserve nothing less, as does every bride and in particular.

    KYHA Wedding Dress Designer Shop Melbourne


    kyha wedding dress designer shop melbourne


    Kyha Challenges Convention In An Industry Often Constrained By Tradition.

    In 2011, KYHA (formerly One Day) was founded as a result of founder and creative director Kyha Scott's own wedding. After becoming weary of tulle and ball gowns, Kyha had the idea to develop collections that would push the boundaries of bridal fashion and reflect her own contemporary style, which combines clean minimalism with inventive detailing and faultless execution.

    In 2016, KYHA's highly coveted ready-to-wear line, Chosen by KYHA, was launched with the goal of bringing the spirit and daring of KYHA to more women around the world. Modern made-to-measure and ready-to-wear wedding gowns and pieces that perfectly capture KYHA's spirit are part of the Chosen by KYHA collection.

    From the beginning, KYHA merged the worlds of bridal and fashion to produce jaw-dropping moments on the red carpet and in wedding aisles. The cutting-edge option for people looking to challenge expectations and express their uniqueness is still KYHA and Chosen by KYHA.

    The KYHA and Chosen by KYHA collections were created in Melbourne, Australia, and are currently offered online and at the company's flagship stores in Melbourne and Sydney as well as in more than 20 other nations.

    Ronald Joyce Wedding Dress Designer Shop Melbourne


    ronald joyce wedding dress melbourne

    Upon Request

    Meet Our Designer

    Veni Infantino, the amazing designer behind all of our Ronald Joyce lines, was born with fashion in her blood. She credits her Italian grandmother's genes for her artistic talent and eye for the most cutting-edge trends, which she includes in her lovely creations. She was born in Italy, was raised in the UK, and graduated from the London College of Fashion.

    Veni graciously made time in her hectic schedule while traveling throughout Europe to meet with us and respond to some of our pressing questions.

    What's The First Thing You Do Every Morning?

    I check and respond to emails as soon as I wake up, even while still in bed, because I work with so many different nations in different time zones, including the Far East and New York, and I need my coffee.

    Why Did You Decide To Become A Designer?

    A teacher saw my skill when I was in high school and encouraged me to go to the London College of Fashion and the University of Arts. I thrived there, fell in love with designing, and had the good fortune to land a job right immediately.

    Fairytales Bridal Wedding Dress Designer Shop Melbourne


    fairytales bridal wedding dress designer shop melbourne


    About Us

    Since its founding in December 1995, Fairytales Bridal Boutique has expanded from a small shop to become Melbourne's top retailer of bridal gowns. We are dedicated to providing our brides with the finest in terms of quality gowns, accessories, and service, and have two stores in Melbourne, one each in Moonee Ponds and Nunawading. In order to give you a really magical experience, our helpful, knowledgeable staff will assist you in selecting your wedding dress and then modify the fit through changes.

    Wedding Dresses

    One of Melbourne's largest bridal boutiques is called Fairytales Bridal Boutique. We carry a wide range of labels and have more than 400 gowns in stock. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in selecting your ideal wedding gown, customizing the fit, and accessorizing to finish the appearance for your memorable day. Today, become a true fairytale bride. To start your dream, make an appointment with one of our bridal stylists.

    Bridesmaid Dresses

    The Sorella Vita bridesmaid gowns are available from us. Only in our Nunawading Boutique are they available for ordering and trying on. In order to bring the newest runway looks and red carpet trends to the aisles of the most stylish weddings, the Sorella Vita Bridesmaid Collection was developed. Every garment is ideal for a sophisticated wedding celebration.

    Oleg Cassini Wedding Dress Designer Shop Melbourne


    oleg cassini wedding dress designer shop melbourne


    Who Is Oleg Cassini?

    Style legend Oleg Cassini is renowned for designing some of the most iconic looks of our time, including looks for both Grace Kelly and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.

    Cassini's unique designs ushered in a new era of timeless simplicity based on clean lines and crisp forms with opulent and luxurious fabrics. He was renowned for setting fashion trends, and many of his creations gained a global following.

    He is well known throughout the world for the wedding gowns that have been worn by Hollywood stars and fashion icons. In many ways, he was the father of the modern wedding dress styles that we wear today and established several of the traditional bridal gown silhouettes.

    With an Oleg Cassini gown, every bride will discover her personal style. There are many diverse styles, ranging from elegant ballgowns to cutting-edge sheath dresses to provocative mermaid gowns. Some of the Oleg Cassini gown's most striking characteristics include exquisite lace, delicate beadwork, and stunning materials. Always classy and fashionable. It is really special to wear an Oleg Cassini wedding dress, and it will give your special day a royal flair of something lovely.

    About Viola Chan

    Viola Chan has established herself as a well-known bridal gown designer worldwide. Viola Chan's wedding gowns give the bridal industry edge, refinement, and a red carpet appeal because she loves nothing more than outfitting brides in the finest. After enrolling in the London College of Fashion and having the opportunity to work with numerous design businesses, Viola's ascent to fame as a renowned international designer began.

    Viola stated "One of the most significant outfits in a woman's life is her wedding dress. It stands for love, trust, and faith, and I enjoy making dresses that will make a woman smile when she meets "the one." Every last element, including the smallest bead or button, must be carefully considered because her gown expresses her personal style. These minute elements will give her a distinctive look on her wedding day and make her feel special while wearing the dress."

    Viola's gowns blend a contemporary design with distinctive beading or exquisite lace. You'll feel incredibly distinctive when you wear a Viola Chan gown because it combines a modern gown with traditional characteristics.

    Belle et Blanc Wedding Dress Designer Shop Melbourne

    belle et blanc wedding dress designer shop melbourne


    About Us

    The directors wanted to produce traditional and elegant bridal dress with integrity and were inspired by trend and vogue. Although we always use the highest-quality materials, we promise reasonable and competitive costs for our dresses. Customers laud our individualized consultations and meticulousness as our team continues to create outstanding one-on-one services. So, we want to make sure that every bride's fantasy comes true!

    Love, Commitment And Dedication

    Bridal clothing from Belle et Blanc, a bridal shop in Brunswick, is made of delicate fabrics, is of the highest quality, and has feminine patterns. Both regular sizes and custom measurements are available when ordering gowns. Additionally, dresses can be altered to meet any of your requirements. Our dresses are always transported with care, guaranteeing the best possible quality for your gown. In order to build a relationship with our clients, our staff at Belle et Blanc is prepared to go above and beyond. Our one and only goal is to make your wedding day the most special one possible.

    Our team strives to complete tasks in a timely manner, both for production and delivery. As a result, the days leading up to your wedding will be less stressful. Luxurious selections from Belle et Blanc include the Ball Gown, Mermaid, A-line, Sheath, and Fit and Flare styles.

    Melbourne's Exclusive Wedding Dresses Melbourne Boutique

    Outstanding bridal attire for your special day from a favorite Melbourne store. We take our reputation as one of Melbourne's top wedding dress shops very seriously and will keep producing gorgeous dresses and bridal gowns to exactly fit your taste. We at Belle et Blanc are dedicated to assisting brides in discovering the wedding attire of their dreams. The gorgeous bridal gowns offered by Belle et Blanc Bridal Boutique are of the greatest caliber. Our designs are influenced by fashion, and we strive to make the most stunning wedding dresses we can.

    Our bridal gowns are manufactured from the finest materials, and our styles range from traditional and exquisite to those that are on-trend for brides who are also fashion-conscious. Our dresses have fantastic delicate materials, finishes, and sophisticated details, and the Belle et Blanc style is unmistakably feminine.

    For brides of various sizes and shapes, we design wedding gowns in six major silhouettes: A-line, ball gown, fit and flare, mermaid, princess, and sheath. Our Melbourne store offers our lovely wedding dresses at very affordable pricing.

    Judith Penak Couture Wedding Dress Designer Shop Melbourne


    judith penak couture wedding dress designer shop melbourne



    Prior to relocating to Australia in 1983, Judith Penak was born and reared in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic's fashion industry. Judith inherited her mother's and grandfather's creative proclivities. She developed her dressmaking and skilled tailoring abilities fast by being interested in fashion at an early age. Judith established her company in 1991, and in 2013 she changed the name to Judith Penak Couture.

    ​Accolades & Awards

    Judith has received numerous fashion awards, including "Best Designer of the Year" at the 2007 Australian Masters of Fashion Awards, "Best Dressed Lady" runner-up at the 2016 Jaguar Style Stakes - Dubai World Cup, and "BMW Caulfield Cup Classic Style Award" winner in 2011. Judith Penak Couture won the title of Most Popular Bridal Gown Designer in recent public voting, finishing second in Australia.

    "Gowns are like a one-of-a-kind work of art; they inspire us to imagine ourselves surrounded by beauty and joy." Penak, Judith

    KLOVIA Wedding Dress Designer Shop Melbourne


    klovia wedding dress designer shop melbourne


    Our Story

    Designer Sylvia Ktori of Private LiaisonTM Intimate Apparel and renowned seamstress couturier Kony Diaman joined together to create KLOVIA. Additionally, Sylvia and Kony's names were combined to create the brand name, signifying the harmony of their influence.

    We've started collaborating on my Private Liaison lingerie line after being pushed by a Real Housewives of Melbourne cast member who compared our work ethic to that of the designers of her wedding gown, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana (of Dolce & Gabbana). She recognized the creative chemistry we shared and urged us to work with more to hone our abilities and create a couture line.

    With frequent travel abroad, we saw there was a need for Australian designers and a void in Australian Haute Couture internationally. Creating this brand made sense because our abilities are "the ideal fit." We both have a great deal of expertise dealing with the most exquisite materials, such as silks, beading, and elaborate trims. Levers of lace are appliquéd onto silk in our designs, which combine modern femininity with decorations found throughout our collection.

    Wedding Dresses

    The dresses of the House of KLOVIA play with textures like French Leavers Lace, 100 percent silk, hand-beaded materials, and elaborate trims obtained from all around the world. They are nothing short of magnificent. The House of KLOVIA celebrates the elegance of Haute Couture with its made-to-order, adaptable designs that are produced in Australia.

    FAQs About Wedding Dress

    Drum roll please… the average cost of a wedding dress in Australia is $2,637. It's really no surprise to us that brides spend a little bit extra when it comes to their perfect wedding gown. After all, it will be forever captured in wedding photos and your memories.

    The average wedding dress cost from luxury and couture designers starts at $2,000 to $4,000, while more affordable bridal shops offer dresses under $500. Wedding dress alterations typically range from $300 to $800.

    While the national average cost of a wedding dress is $1,631 (including alterations), dress prices are based on various factors and generally range from $500 to $4,000. By shopping at large retailers and getting a machine-made gown, you can easily land on the lower end of the spectrum.

    Studies have shown that what we wear can have a profound impact on our self-esteem, confidence and how others perceive us. It's so influential it can alter the way our brains think. If an expensive dress is what you end up feeling the most beautiful in, it may be worth spending a little extra.

    The range / average cost of a wedding veil is anywhere from $100 to $800, but generally around $250 to $400 is the average cost.

    Heather Sellick Bridal Couture Wedding Dress Designers Melbourne

    heather sellick bridal couture wedding dress designer shop melbourne



    Heather has had extensive expertise in the bridal industry over the course of a 30-year career. She is an authority in her field because of her skills, experience, and knowledge in everything from designing, making custom patterns, and making your wedding dress to specializing in how to remake or alter modern or vintage wedding dresses for her clients who already own their gown but need help making the 'fit' perfect.

    Her knowledge is backed by experience as a Designer & Patternmaker in Bridal, Formal Wear & Debutantes (having literally made thousands of Gowns), a Colour & Image Consultant, and, in the past, a Trainer (specialising in Women's Body Shape Analysis - Design, Color, Fit, Fabric and Wardrobe Selection for their particular "figure"). She graduated with distinction in "Arts & Fashion" from RMIT in 1982.

    Although Heather has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in many facets of women's fashion over the years, she has focused solely on wedding dresses due to her heavy workload and passion for helping every woman feel and look stunning on her wedding day.

    She has maintained a successful career by sincerely enjoying what she does, spending time with each customer one-on-one, and making every effort to satisfy each of their requirements, no matter how minor or significant they may be.

    Custom Made Bridal Gowns

    In order to produce a wedding dress that is completely ideal for you in every aspect and tailored to your own unique dimensions, Heather will combine your ideas with her experience to make custom wedding dresses.

    The thrilling but occasionally difficult decision of what to wear comes right after the joy of telling your family and friends that you will soon be a bride. What kind of design am I looking for? modern, old, or classic What shade and style would look best on me and complement my skin tone? What is a sensible budget for me? All of these factors must be taken into account.

    You may spend hours online looking for inspiration and designs for "the" wedding gown for your special day. You may also decide to go on a ladies' day out to browse bridal boutiques to see what is on offer. You can consider having your wedding dress custom created if the style or pricing are not just right.

    Please feel free to give me a picture of the gown if you would like some advice on how to recreate the idea of a specific design while making a few adjustments (which is important if the objective is to "copy" a Designer Gown, as there are both legal and ethical difficulties) (details on my "Contact Us" page). I'll give you a quick rundown of your options and an estimated cost for having such a wedding dress produced.

    Embrace Bridal Boutique Wedding Dress Designers Melbourne


    embrace bridal boutique wedding dress designer shop melbourne


    Welcome To Embrace Bridal

    Imagine a stunning art deco structure that will inspire and energize your bridal shopping experience. This is the main focus of Embrace Bridal. Our opulent store, which is located in Geelong's major retail district, provides a one-on-one service where brides can select the custom gown of their dreams. Your bridal consultant is there to help you with every step of the decision-making process, including trying on various styles, fits, ordering, and adjustments. We want to assist you in remaining true to your personal style and identity as a bride.

    In order to guarantee impeccable quality and style, Kristy and her team have carefully researched each collection of wedding dresses they are showcasing. Our designers have been chosen to give you and the bride the chance to see a variety of gowns in one location. We are not about the pushy sales techniques, and we are here to make sure your wedding dress journey is fun and memorable.

    Stunningly Beautiful Gowns And An Experience To Match

    Meet Kristy and the crew when you visit; we love to show you our stunning selection of wedding gowns, bridesmaid's dresses, bridal accessories, and jewelry. For bridal, bridesmaids', and bridal accessory needs, Embrace Bridal Boutique serves the Geelong, Surf Coast, Melbourne, Ballarat, and Bendigo districts.

    About Embrace Bridal

    A wedding set the whole thing off! After marrying the love of her life in 2014, founder Kristy was motivated to provide a location and an experience that is unique and distinctive, just like our brides!

    Brides and their tribes may enjoy the wedding dress journey in Kristy's calm, welcoming, and opulent setting, free from pressure and pushy salespeople. We take the time to learn about your wedding vision and the things that make you feel beautiful and special by listening to you. Finding the dress that makes your heart happy is the goal of this priceless occasion.

    Each of our lovely bridal consultants has been chosen with care based on their expertise, professional background, and, most importantly, their capacity to relate to and support women during this exciting and emotional journey. Our goal is to provide excellent, courteous service and stunning, high-quality dresses.

    Jullia Bridal Melbourne Wedding Dress Designer Shop Melbourne


    jullia bridal melbourne wedding dress designer shop melbourne


    The Jullia Bridal's bridal dresses are nothing short of amazing. We have several different styles and silhouettes available. The collection in Deer Park and other Melbourne suburbs includes traditional princess gowns, elegant, sensual mermaid, A-line gowns, luxury dresses, affordable bridal gowns, and more. From tea-length hemlines and sculptural embellishments to dramatic ruffles and gorgeous hand beading from modern, clean lines to traditional fairy tale princess wedding gowns, you'll enjoy the thousands of varied decoration possibilities that make each gown unique.

    Empire Bridal Wedding Dress Designer Shop Melbourne

    empire bridal wedding dress designer shop melbourne


    Advice For Bridal Shoppers:

    Do not be afraid to express your feelings about the gowns you try on. Too many women are afraid of what I will say if they tell me they don't like it. It's not about me; it's all about assisting you in finding the dress of your dreams. a charming, family-run bridal and evening dress store with a TON of personality.

    Empire Wedding's founder and owner, Michelle Beresford, started her shop with the specific intention of bringing the newest bridal, debutante, and evening wear styles to Melbourne's South East. It is inspiring and difficult to find someone with her passion for making women feel like the most important girls in the world in today's hectic world. We have a curated collection of stunning designer gowns at Empire Wedding that are at the forefront of bridal fashion.

    Michelle has made sure that her gowns are not only of excellent quality but also kept at reasonable pricing in light of the escalating costs of weddings and life in general. To assist you in purchasing the dress of your dreams, payment plans and package discounts are also available. Every bridal gown costs less than $3,000. Debutante dresses cost no more than $750.00. Bridesmaid bundles enhance the look while saving money. Make your appointment today by calling 03 9707 4888 or sending an email to This is one shop you don't want to miss. The most spectacular moments do in fact occur there.

    Beaconsfield, where Empire Bridal is situated, is about 45 minutes from the city center and 5 minutes from Berwick. Shop 6/6-10 Old Princes Highway, Beaconsfield, is our address. We are located next to Kaye Charles Real Estate, In Beauty, and Tulip Thai, situated back from the highway. Parking is available at the boutique's back. Where fantasy weddings actually happen... with lovely outfits as special as you

    Perhaps you've just gotten engaged and are ready to start your dress-hunting adventure. Or perhaps you have previously looked everywhere in town and have been let down by a lack of options or exorbitant pricing. Fortunately, your search led you here. where you may shop without stress and find the ideal garment!

    Grace Loves Wedding Dress Designer Shop Melbourne

    grace loves wedding dress designer shop melbourne


    Megan Ziems, the founder of Grace Loves Lace, had an idea in 2010. She set out to change the industry after becoming disenchanted with the rigid, traditional wedding "uniform" that dominated the market. She believed that a price tag shouldn't dictate quality, that A WOMAN SHOULDN'T HAVE TO SACRIFICE STYLE FOR COMFORT and that brides of today deserved better than average…

    THE STORY OF GRACE LOVES LACE STARTED AT THIS POINT. Since then, our team has developed a completely fresh viewpoint on bridal attire and created dresses we desire to wear. All of our handcrafted gowns focus on quality, style, and effortless luxury. We design for the women whose passion burns bright like a flame; the women who love fearlessly with all of their hearts. We create dresses with character, uniqueness, and authenticity.

    The core of what we do is to create wedding dresses that ladies want, which was always our aim. Women of all cultures, shapes, and sizes have one thing in common: we all want to feel beautiful. On a daily basis, style helps us define who we are, and your wedding day should be no different. When I was looking for my own gown in 2010, my experience in the fashion sector allowed me to see how outdated the wedding offering was. I was unhappy with the wedding attire. I desired more. It just wasn't for me to wear a gown with a corset, boning, structure, or limitation. I needed a gown that was authentically me. A dress that had character and was created with passion, movement, and elegance in mind expressed MY narrative.

    Everything we do is centered on the woman for whom we design. She exudes effortless sophistication and is alluring, relatable, hot, and real. She is as hot as the sun in Spain and as cool as the night in California. The GLL woman has principles and values — she knows exactly what inspires and motivates her."

    Our Australian corporate office and foreign showrooms employ a crew that is very passionate and committed. We are happy to have set the road for brides all around the world since we enjoy what we do. We take great satisfaction in our standing as the industry's innovator in distinctive bridal. Every year, we ship to over 65 countries, and we adore learning about each GLL bride's unique journey. Our ultimate muses are our customers, who motivate us to design dresses that are as distinctive as they are.

    The Sposa Group Wedding Dress Designer Shop Melbourne

    the sposa group


    Demetrios, Cosmobella, Divina Sposa, and The Group collections are just a few of the luxurious worldwide bridal designers that The Sposa Group is home to. At our reputable Sydney boutique, privileged access to the top luxury brands is now also reasonably priced.

    In addition to providing direct, VIP attention to Australia's discerning brides, we gladly accommodate wholesale queries. For your unique appointment, please phone (02) 9560 0095 or send an email to Your single demand will be understood and fulfilled by our skilled crew, who will give you the appearance of your dreams.

    Morilee Wedding Dress Designer Shop Melbourne

    morilee wedding dress designer shop melbourne

    This will be one of the most crucial times of all, if life is measured in moments. One of the top wedding dress and evening gown brands in the world is Morilee thanks to its exquisite designs. You will like the different gowns that our imaginative designer Madeline Gardner has created. Every aspect of our dresses—from the superiority of our high-end fabrics to the delicacy of our lacework and elaborate beading to the form-fitting silhouettes—has been designed with brides in mind.

    We want to make certain that every bride may find what they need. If you want to look timeless and sophisticated, start with our Morilee line. The Blu line features a variety of modern styles that are current with all of the newest bridal trends. All full-figured brides' fantasies will come true with our Julietta collection's body-hugging styles that highlight and complement every curve. Check out the ethereal and fanciful confections in our Voyagé line for our free-spirited girls.

    Our bridesmaid dresses will make sure that the girls standing by your side feel and look beautiful on your special day. There is little question that you will satisfy both of your needs with the wide range of colors and fashions available. With our Quinceanera dresses, we hope to assist make the significant event of turning 15 memorable. There are many wonderful options for modern, fashionable gowns in our Vizcaya and Valencia collections.

    You're still looking, but you can't seem to find it. Well, we think that our MGNY line will work just fine. Morilee strives to delight with everything from our spectacular mother of the bride gowns to our elegant and stylish evening and cocktail dresses. We believe Morilee will help you find what you're looking for and more, no matter which way you turn.

    Luv Bridal & Formal Wedding Dress Designer Shop Melbourne

    luv bridal & formal wedding dress designer shop melbourne


    Congratulations You're Engaged

    With so many options and choices, planning a wedding can be daunting and occasionally stressful. You can anticipate that your experience buying a bridal gown will stand out among the confusion. It should be a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experience to see yourself in the gown that best fits your wedding vision. It should be thrilling, unique, enjoyable, emotional, and shared with the people you love the most. It should, above all, be all about you. You are a newlywed. You deserve a fantastic start to your happily ever after since you are lovely, determined, and deserving of it. You stand out above all else. Your ideal wedding dress would showcase your inner uniqueness and be specially created.

    The experience of choosing your wedding dress should be as special and memorable as you. What motivates us is giving you an experience that you won't soon forget. You are who we are... You make up all of us. Our performance revolves about you. You may anticipate 40 years of bridal experience when you visit one of our nine showrooms. We have bridal gowns created by the top fashion designers in the world, so we can satisfy both those who appreciate classic, timeless elegance and those who choose cutting-edge, contemporary style. Our bridal stylists are picked for their expertise, experience, and most importantly, their capacity to provide you with a bridal gown buying memories that you will treasure.

    We Are Luv Bridal… And We Are All About You.

    Since 2009, Luv Bridal has contributed to the Australian bridal market and offers more than 40 years of expertise to the table. With 9 locations nationwide and 3 in the USA, Luv is aware of what is necessary to create the day of your dreams.

    The top bridal designers in the world are hand-selected by our directors to provide unique collections to our Australian stores. We can provide designers like Pronovias, St. Patrick, Mia Solano, Madi Lane, and more because of this devotion!

    Bluebell Bridal Wedding Dress Designer Shop Melbourne

    bluebell bridal wedding dress designer shop melbourne


    About Bluebell Bridal

    "Hello, my name is Julie, and I run Bluebell Bridal with my fantastic salon staff. We are here to help you discover your perfect wedding dress and have the finest experience possible while doing so. Our goal is to make the process of purchasing your wedding dress a special part of your personal preparations for the big day ".

    Our warm salon setting on Flinders Lane Melbourne, in the center of Melbourne's Paris Quarter, houses gowns obtained from major suppliers of bridal fashion with headquarters in Europe, North America, Canada, and Australia. Our professional, dedicated bridal stylists await you – with a keen sense of style, the ability to listen and a vision for perfection, guiding you to your perfect gown…limited only by your imagination. From the day you buy your dress to the day you visit us to pick up your dream gown, Bluebell Bridal takes great satisfaction in being by your side every step of the journey.

    Bluebell Bridal, amazing gowns, service guaranteed, a new tradition in bridal excellence. We are eager to get to know you and travel with you on your unique quest to locate the ideal gown for your ideal special day.

    Le Louvre Wedding Dress Designer Shop Melbourne

    le louvre wedding dress designer shop melbourne


    The Archive

    In its 96-year history, the Le Louvre has witnessed depressions, world wars, Dior's New Look, Chanel's reign as a fashion icon, the Queen's visit to Australia, and countless more global events that may have seemed little to us at the time but helped to define the world as we know it today.

    Le Louvre is delighted to be ranked alongside Bergdorf Goodman in New York, Le Bon Marché in Paris, and La Rinescente in Milan as one of the world's oldest multi-brand retailers.

    Le Louvre Bridal

    The bridal shopping experience at Le Louvre Bride is unmatched in terms of service, intimacy, and style. You will be shown a hand-picked, expertly curated selection of the most stunning bridal and evening gowns throughout your session. Exclusive to us in Melbourne and Victoria are designer gowns from Stella McCartney, Marchesa, Chloe, Vivienne Westwood, and Roland Mouret. We provide the full fashion look, which includes veils, headdresses, and accessories.

    Due to our appointment-only business model, the bridal salon will be exclusively yours. Another reason we offer individual viewings of the collections is because we place a premium on attention to detail.


    An exquisite range of evening clothing, from cocktail to black tie, is available at Le Louvre. Find the ideal appearance for your special occasion with first-rate service, intimacy, and style. You will be shown a collection of the most exquisite cocktail and evening gowns from designers like Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney, Jenny Packham, Marchesa, Roland Mouret, and Chloé during your visit. We provide the full outfit, including accessories, footwear, furs, and feathers.

    Given that we offer appointments and eveningwear consultations, the salon can be totally yours. Since details matter, we also advise scheduling private viewings of the collections. There is no fee for consultations; but, due to strong demand for Saturday appointments, kindly get in touch with us three to four weeks in advance of your desired time.

    Bridal House Geelong Wedding Dress Designer Shop Melbourne

    bridal house geelong wedding dress designer shop melbourne


    Tradition, Commitment And Service

    When you visit us at Bridal House, you can be assured that you are dealing with one of Geelong's most established premier bridal boutiques. From our lovely and historic bluestone building in the center of our waterfront city, Geelong, we have been providing wedding services to brides since 1994. However, founder Anne Tevan started working on her vision in East Geelong after starting in Ocean Grove in 1976.

    The hundreds of dresses we showcase will astound you when you visit our roomy and gorgeous store. From size 4 to 32 dresses, we have something for everyone. We take pride in only carrying internationally and nationally recognized designer labels that provide the highest caliber of bespoke craftsmanship.

    Designers like Essense of Australia, Martina Liana (unique to Bridal House), Modeca and Papillon, White April, Cizzy Bridal, Bridal Chic, Jasmine and Brides by Mancini, Be-Joy, and many more were selected for their exquisite creations and high standards of craftsmanship.

    Do you want your wedding to be a memorable occasion? Are you looking for designer wedding dresses to commemorate this historic occasion? Do you wish to go dress or gown shopping in or near Geelong?

    Finding the ideal bridal gown that seems to be fashioned specifically for you is one of the many things that the Bridal House in Geelong completely comprehends while you prepare your wedding. It is impossible to imagine anything more thrilling than finding the gown that is ideal for you and giving you a discount on it. In order to keep the wedding gown you bought from us in great shape, we also engage in wedding gown preservation.

    Bridal Dresses Geelong

    Are you looking for a casual, affordable dress for a party? Looking for a store that carries a wide selection of white designer wedding dresses? Are you getting married soon and searching for gorgeous wedding dresses in Geelong?

    You should head to the Bridal House in Geelong to complete your search for your ideal wedding dresses and gowns. We have made a name for ourselves as Geelong's leading bridal dress shop in our more than 20 years of business. We offer a variety of designer dresses, wedding attire, bridal jewelry, all-white debutante ball gowns, dresses for any occasion, as well as affordable and budget-friendly clothing. We have established a reputation for ourselves thanks to our designer clothing selection, specialized offerings, individualized service, and professional styling.

    Always and Forever Bridal International Wedding Dress Designer Shop Melbourne

    always and forever bridal international wedding dress designer shop melbourne


    Bridal - Bridesmaids And Wedding Dresses Melbourne

    We take great satisfaction in being Melbourne's top supplier of bridal wedding dresses at Always and Forever Bridal International, Melbourne-London. One of Melbourne's largest collections of exquisite wedding dresses is one that we endorse. Numerous award-winning bridal and high-end fashion houses, including Sophia Tolli, Ellis Bridal, Peter Trends, Pronovias, Rosa Clara, Fara Sposa, Mon Cheri, Oppulence, Romantica of Devon, Mori Lee, Madeline Gardener New York, La Sposa, St. Patrick, Ian Stuart, and many more, are carried by Always and Forever.

    With more than 28 years of experience in the industry, Always and Forever Bridal International is a family-run company. Known for its customer service, Always and Forever has emerged as Melbourne's most sought-after and dependable bridal store, for brides-to-be when shopping for their wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses.

    Designer Wedding Dresses And Gowns Melbourne

    The headquarters of Always and Forever Bridal International are located on Collins Street in the center of Melbourne's most renowned fashion district. With internationally renowned fashion houses from Europe to the United States as well as some of Australia's best designers. We are known for presenting the most recent designer wedding dress collections from catwalk shows in cities like London, Barcelona, and New York, to name a few.

    Your search for the most wonderful wedding dress that matches your personality and sense of style will be assisted by our committed bridal stylists. A truly spectacular experience with a sense of style that will never be forgotten can be created by our skilled team, who are here to listen.

    Since we've been in business for more than 20 years in the UK, Always and Forever has amassed a sizable collection of some of the world's most exquisite gowns. You are significant to us since we rely heavily on client referrals for our success. Our goal is for you to unwind and enjoy the experience; we don't impose any requirements (such as a time limit or a cap on the number of gowns you can try on); we are only here so that you can witness the magic.

    Plus Size Wedding Dresses Designer Shop Melbourne

    plus size wedding dresses


    Beautiful bridal gowns in plus sizes in Melbourne. Discover your ideal plus size wedding dresses and deb gowns at our Melbourne bridal shop to prove that fairytales do come true. Wedding attire and wedding-related accessories can be found in plus-size wonderland at Perfection Bridal.

    We are aware that not everyone is the same. Because of this, you may try on dresses in your size, feel how they fit, and be amazed by our special magic corset. Every season, Plus Size Perfection Bridal develops a fresh line that is innovative, current, and, dare I say it, reasonably priced. prices beginning at $399. Today, try on gorgeous wedding dresses in sizes 16 to 32 in-store.

    Our bridal gowns come with "The Magic Corset," a design we created ourselves to effortlessly mould your figure to the gown. We are creating the appearance of losing two dress sizes, hiding lumps, and emphasizing bumps.

    Having a staff of stylists, dressmakers, and designers on hand to assist you in creating a unique appearance just for you. It is possible to add straps to sleeveless dresses, add sleeves, hem garments, and shorten them without difficulty. Perfection Bridal is the one location where you may accomplish all of this.

    Ready To Wear Plus Size Wedding Dresses

    We are passionate about every last gown that we design and create—a labour of love, right down to the choice of the smallest bead or button. Our dresses are made for a lovely lifetime of memories, not just one special day.

    Most of our wedding footwear, including white, ivory, pink, and champagne footwear, is available up to size 13. You have an option between elegant wedding flats and high-heeled bridal shoes. Brides can get reasonably priced shoes at Perfection Bridal. In the end, you want to feel beautiful in your shoes, but we also recognize that you need to be comfortable all day.

    We provide matching white and ivory purses for the majority of our bridal shoe selection. Excellent for all of those essentials like tissues and your phone.

    Elissa Marie Design Melbourne

    elissa marie design melbourne


    The Perfect Gown For The Perfect Day


    Elevated Design Experience.

    Sketch; During a design consultation, we assist you in putting all of your ideas together as a sketch so that your vision can be realized and become a unique design; Fabric; Together, with our experienced advice, we will choose your ideal materials from the world's top fabric selections; Personalized; See your vision come to life in our studio. You will observe the evolution of your gown during personalized fittings. Participate in each step of the process.

    Formal Wear Of Melbourne Wedding Dresses Designer Shop

    formal wear of melbourne wedding dresses designer shop


    Welcome To Formal Wear Of Melbourne

    You can rely on Formal Wear of Melbourne to provide you with the best-fitting, finest formal apparel Melbourne has to offer. We take pride in providing you with a wide range of formalwear options to suit every event. We have what you need, whether you're looking for a formal dress or a wedding suit. We are sure that we can style your outfit to fit the situation and make you look and feel your best. We are the formal wear store you can rely on thanks to our many years of experience.

    No matter how tall, short, or wide you are, we will discover a suit that fits you perfectly because our Armadale store offers one of the widest selections of suits available for rental in Melbourne. Whether it's a black-tie affair, wedding, formal at school, or debutante ball, men of all ages rely on us to make them look good and feel confident.

    We Stock A Beautiful Selection Of The Finest Evening Dresses.

    We are experts when it comes to wedding dresses, formal and bridesmaid attire, as well as a variety of outfits appropriate for debutante balls. We are proud to offer you an excellent selection of high-quality gowns at affordable prices.

    Our evening dresses exude flair and sophistication with their refined detailing and tailored appearance. The finest place in Melbourne to shop for evening clothing is at our store because of our vast selection and expertise. We cordially invite you to visit and peruse our exquisite collection of dresses for yourself.

    About Formal Wear Of Melbourne

    With two locations in Melbourne, Armadale and Wantirna, Formal Wear of Melbourne, established in 1960, offers both retail and hire/rental choices for boys and men. formal dress for weddings, debutante balls, formals at schools, and business gatherings. 4000 sq ft of Mens and boys formal hire, Bridal, Bridesmaids, Flower girls, Debutante and Evening wear. We also have shoes for your wedding requirements along with jewelry and several additional items.

    Ferrari Formalwear & Bridal Melbourne l Wedding Dress Designer Shop

    ferrari formalwear & bridal melbourne l wedding dress designer shop


    Why Ferrari Formalwear & Bridal?

    Brian Ferrari could never have imagined that his nascent company would one day be a part of so many families' special occasions when he started it in the humble beginnings of Ormond, Melbourne, with a stock of five dinner suits purchased with money borrowed from his aunt. For forty years, over 1,000,000 consumers in South Australia, Western Australia, and Victoria have dependably received quality formalwear and service from Ferrari Formalwear, which is still owned and run by the Ferrari Family.

    Ferrari Formalwear is the market leader in terms of choice, quality, fit, and value because to the experience garnered from long-standing leadership in formalwear fashion in Australia. Our extensive cooperation with designers throughout the world has allowed us to create the most exquisite collection of formalwear currently available in Australia. Our knowledge and research into garment technology, assembly, and finishing guarantees the best possible product for your special occasion.

    We have suited everyone, from the smallest page boy to the biggest gentlemen, and we have gained from the experience and shared that knowledge with our team members. Our small but highly specialized management team has more than 193 years of combined formalwear management expertise. All have attended seminars by leading local and international consultants to enhance their already vast knowledge of the industry. But this is just the beginning; with our program of ongoing education, we make sure that every member of the Ferrari team is up to date on all business-related advancements, including the newest trends in clothing, textiles, and accessories as well as procedures for handling and fitting clothing. No problem is too big from the top down and no detail is too minor for us to handle with brilliance.


    Wedding dresses from a lovely selection of gorgeous designers, including Allure Bridals, Allure Couture, Madison James, Wilderly Bride, Allure Romance, Allure Women, Eddy K, and Casablanca, are available at Ferrari Formalwear & Bridal. From a conventional church ceremony to a destination beach wedding, our gorgeous collection of gowns is sure to match every wedding style.

    Designer Bridal House Wedding Dress Designer Shop

    designer bridal house wedding dress designer shop


    The Australian Bridal Industry Academy has granted Designer Bridal House accreditation (ABIA). Enter a store packed with stunning and opulent ready-to-wear wedding gowns that have been imported to Melbourne by worldwide and locally recognized designers for our lovely brides-to-be. Try our coveted brands in a very private atmosphere, like Milla Nova, Adi Shlomo, Studio Levana, and many others.

    We also offer in-house couture services for the bride who is bolder and more imaginative. We will collaborate with the bride throughout the entire process to design and make a unique, custom wedding dress that is ideal in every way. Make an appointment today to see our exquisite collection of wedding dresses at our shop in the Melbourne Central Business District.

    Strict controls have been set up to guarantee that our clients' health risks are kept to a minimum. Enter a stunning, private area that is packed with elegant, ready-to-wear wedding dresses created by well-known Australian and international designers. We have a lot of well-known labels, such as Milla Nova, Adi Shlomo, and Studio Levana.

    We also offer in-house couture services for the bride who is bolder and more imaginative. We may collaborate with the bride to design and make a unique, custom wedding dress from beginning to end. Make an appointment today to see our exquisite collection of wedding dresses at our shop in the Melbourne Central Business District.

    Brides of Melbourne Wedding Dress Designer Shop

    brides of melbourne wedding dress designer shop


    Over 20 Years Serving Brides In Melbourne – Now In Two Locations!

    As Melbourne's top bridal emporium since it initially opened its doors in September 1993, Brides of Melbourne continues to astound hundreds of brides every year. Cheltenham and North Essendon, two stunning venues, will serve brides from both sides of the city.

    Brides Of Melbourne – Cheltenham

    Visitors to our gorgeous (and enormous!) Showroom in Cheltenham are exposed to hundreds of the newest bridal gowns from the top Australian designers and labels. This implies that you can shop for "the dress," "the one," or your ideal wedding gown in the fullest ease.

    Brides Of Melbourne – Essendon North

    The most recent bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and evening gowns are available at our newest Brides of Melbourne location in Essendon North.

    Our Wedding Dresses

    Our skilled and knowledgeable buyers carefully choose our collection of wedding dresses by looking for lovely fabrics and soft colors, gown weights that are appropriate for Australia's environment, as well as both cutting-edge styles and classic full wedding gowns.

    Allure Bridals, Brides by Mancini, Casablanca, and many other outstanding designers have been selected for their exquisite bridal gowns and high caliber of craftsmanship.

    A Bit Of Bling

    The stunning accessories available from Brides of Melbourne will give that extra "bit of glitter" to your overall style and make you stand out. From veils, gowns, and shrugs to tiaras, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, our accessory selection has it all.

    Our Customers

    At Brides of Melbourne, we believe in specializing in one thing and doing it very well. Bridal gowns are our line of business, and brides are our clients. Our specialty is weddings, and we excel at it. Therefore, go no further than Brides of Melbourne if you want the quality and customer service that every bride deserves.

    Interstate & Overseas Customers

    Even though we are the Brides of Melbourne, we also serve clients from other states and abroad. Every week, we service dozens of clients from all around Australia and the world. Quite frequently, future brides visit our store while on vacation in Melbourne, and the rest is handled remotely utilizing registered mail or couriers to transfer your priceless wedding dresses to locations outside of Melbourne.

    Leah S Designs Wedding Dress Designer Shop Melbourne

    leah s designs wedding dress designer shop melbourne


    Affordable Designer Wedding Dresses.

    You save money by buying your wedding dress straight from the designer. We make and design, so unlike other bridal boutiques, there are no middlemen. Our designers are familiar with female anatomy. We have wedding dresses made for womanly bodies of all shapes and sizes because, yes, we all have lumps and bumps we don't like.

    Our bridal stylists, also known as the camouflage queens. will guide you toward the ideal fashion for your body form. Above all, for 16 years, Leah S Designs has been creating gowns that will accentuate your curves. Immediately in Melbourne. There are all the current fashion trends, such as mermaid, ballroom, fit and flare, and A-line. All of them are here.

    one of the largest selections of bridal products in Melbourne. The most significant piece of clothing you will ever purchase, so the saying goes, is your bridal gown. Or even wear for the rest of your life. Wedding dresses that are already created to order.

    You still don't have anything to wear even though your wedding isn't for another two weeks. No worries, we have inventory so you can just pick something up. Additionally, our skilled modifications department is eager to help. Consequently, make sure your clothing is the perfect size.

    However, we think that in order to get the ideal gown, you shouldn't have to spend a fortune or go great distances. So if you're looking for one of Melbourne's top bridal gown stores. The southern suburbs are where it is.

    Vasiliki Couture Melbourne

    vasiliki couture wedding dress designer shop melbourne


    About The Brand

    A custom premium bridal evening dress line that embodies refinement with a contemporary flair is Vasiliki Couture. Vasiliki Couture, which was founded in 2009, has developed its reputation on creating elaborate gowns that perfectly combine traditional and modern couture. Hand-appliqué French lace and beading further enrich each piece.

    Where It All Begins

    Finding your ideal wedding dress may be a thrilling yet intimidating process. The steady inflow of fresh designs in the social media sphere can both inspire and befuddle upcoming brides. Vasiliki Couture can help you through the design process, from picking the appropriate shape and style to choosing the ideal fabric that will meet the concept and budget, thanks to its considerable experience in the fashion and textile industries.

    At Vasiliki Couture, we strive to offer each client a one-on-one customized experience that is exclusive and geared for brides and the mother of the bride and groom.

    Explaining The Process

    At Vasiliki Couture, each step of the design process includes a meticulous consultation and an infinite number of custom fittings that let the customer participate fully in the process. Every customer will be involved at every stage of the process to create the ideal custom wedding dress, from the original inspiration sketch through the sourcing of a variety of designer materials with Vasiliki Couture, all the way through to finishing touches.

    Lux Bridal Wedding Dress Designer Shop Melbourne

    lux bridal wedding dress designer shop melbourne


    Our Story

    The 2019 startup LUX BRIDAL is all about the stunning, chic, and contemporary bride. We would adore to be a part of the beginning of this lovely love tale. devoted to making sure the experience is enjoyable from beginning to end and that every last detail is ideal for your big day. Our Melbourne studio is where all of our dresses are produced. offering a selection of ready-to-wear dresses and a particular service for brides who have a specific design in mind for their custom-tailored created attire.

    Kim Alpha Bridal Wedding Dress Designer Shop Melbourne

    kim alpha bridal wedding dress designer shop melbourne


    About Kim Alpha Bridal

    Each dress at Kim Alpha Bridal is a genuine work of art. Each gorgeous outfit is painstakingly created from materials of the highest caliber. The talented team can design a garment to fit any style thanks to their more than ten years of industry experience. The newly opened Melbourne wedding studio can offer professional guidance on all of your bridal fashion demands, driven by a desire to forge closer connections with its Australian clients.

    The staff at Kim Alpha Bridal can assist in turning your fantasy gown into a reality, whether you're interested in a delicate lace dress, a sleek and silky design, or perhaps you're not quite sure what you'd prefer.

    Why Choose Us?

    We know what kinds of dresses suit different body types because our production team has more than ten years of expertise in the fashion design and wedding industry and has worked with brides from around the world. There is nothing we can't accomplish with your style, beauty, and our practical expertise, artistic vision, and vision!

    Custom Made Gowns To Order

    We at Kim Alpha Bridal are aware that occasionally we may not have the dress you're looking for, either due to size or a desire to alter the style. Here is where you can benefit from our assistance. All of our gowns are handmade, so we may alter the size and design as needed to give you the wedding dress of your dreams. Please be aware that any customizations may require time and possibly additional charges to complete.

    Werribee House of Brides & Debs Wedding Dress Designer Shop Melbourne

    werribee house of brides & debs wedding dress designer shop melbourne


    Melbourne Bridal Gowns And Formal Wear

    For more than 11 years, Werribee House of Brides has assisted brides in finding their ideal wedding gowns. Our wedding and debutante boutique, situated across from Pacific Werribee Shopping Centre, carries a great range of affordable bridal, debutante, bridesmaid and evening gowns. If you're far

    Holly Butler Wedding Dress Designer Shop Melbourne

    holly butler wedding dress designer shop melbourne


    A Little About Us

    We've built our company on the idea that we are all, in some manner, beautiful. We aim to use our works in a way that elevates this celebration of you, your beauty, and your personality. As we work toward more sustainably produced and mindfully created goods in Melbourne, we also aim to oppose mass production and unethical apparel production.

    You are encouraged by couture to recognize your own beauty as an individual. Through customised fit to compliment your body shape and customised design to celebrate your personal style, we will create your one-of-a-kind gown. Made in Melbourne in a sustainable and considerate manner.

    How We Create Your Gown

    Step One - Tell us about your dream gown! Contact us, and we'll schedule you in for a complimentary consultation, we'll discuss ideas and sketch up your custom gown design.

    Step Two - Over three fittings we'll perfect your gown to you; adjusting corsetry, adding more French lace, draping silk to sit perfectly on your waistline and frosting the look with the softest veil.

    Step Three - Wear your one-of-a-kind dream wedding gown down the aisle!

    Laugh, dance and celebrate love

    Kay Elizabeth Couture Wedding Dress Designer Shop Melbourne

    kay elizabeth couture wedding dress designer shop melbourne


    About Kay

    Kay specializes in one-of-a-kind wedding and evening couture that is specially created to fit and compliment you beautifully and give you the self-assurance to feel amazing on your big day. With more than 20 years of experience in the bridal and design industries, Kay uses traditional couture techniques to make gorgeous and luxurious handcrafted gowns that are built to order.

    Incorporating your own unique style with elegance and sophistication, Kay will bring your dream gown to life using premium and quality fabrics and a personal and custom design approach, giving you cherished memories to last a lifetime.

    In order to create your dream dress, Kay takes pride in her personal design approach, which includes face-to-face meetings with you for fittings in her Melbourne studio. Kay offers her creations for racewear, bridesmaids, mothers of the bride, and other special occasions.

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