Top 50 Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria (2024)

The wedding hair and makeup artist is often the first person you will see on your big day. They are responsible for making sure every bride looks their best before they walk down the aisle to meet their groom. It is important that you pick someone who understands your needs, as well as what style of look you want on your special day. 

Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists offer a variety of services to make sure each bride feels her most beautiful, including: airbrush foundation, lashes for a natural or dramatic effect, contouring with blush and bronzer for an all-over glow, lightening dark circles under eyes with concealer and highlighting cheekbones with highlighter.

To help you get started on your artists hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists from right across Melbourne, Victoria.

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    Ultimate List of Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Melbourne, Victoria

    Lito Hair and Make-up Artist - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    lito hair and make up artist

    0402 775 930

    Lito Manandic, one of Melbourne's most gifted hair and makeup artists, has had a prosperous career in the hair and beauty fields. He has received praise for his innovative ideas and cutting-edge methods throughout Australia, Europe, the United States, Canada, and Asia.

    With a vast clientele of individuals, families, and celebrities in Australia and the Philippines, Lito has established a strong professional reputation. His hair salon has unique experience in innovative coloring techniques, professional makeup, hair cutting and styling, hair straightening, and massages for hair treatments.

    Blow Dry Express - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    blow dry express

    03-8686 5702


    The best mood booster for every situation. We promise that after receiving a blow dry from our professionals at Blow Dry Express Melbourne, you'll be back for more. A good blow dry involves much more than just drying the hair; it emphasizes your style's potential and helps you come out on top by generating something distinctive. With the shimmer of glitz we give you, you can sparkle on any metropolitan night out.


    Our expert colorists will work with you to select the perfect shade for you, one that is precisely matched to bring out your inner beauty and sense of style, whether it be dramatic or subtle. Every one of our consultations begins with a thorough consultation that covers every aspect of your lifestyle so that our colorists can collaborate with you to advance your color.


    Your hair's potential for beauty will be unlocked. No one style fits all situations. Our professionalism and attention to detail will always reach in the smallest details and remain constant to bring out the finest style in you, whether it's time for something completely new or you just need some style maintenance.

    Jacqueline Parker Creative - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    jacqueline parker creative

    +61 409 377 053


    Jacqueline Parker Creative, a premier hair and cosmetics firm for elite stylists in Melbourne, was founded in 2006. You can be sure that since we only work with the best in the business, your hair and makeup requirements will always be met to perfection. Numerous members of our team have won hair and beauty awards and were hand-picked for their artistic flair, commitment to beauty, and professional competence. ​

    Our client list demonstrates the caliber of customers we draw in as well as the kinds of projects and well-known figures we have been trusted with. We can help you find a dependable stylist for your wedding, a skilled commercial stylist for your upcoming project, or just someone to glam you up for your upcoming special occasion.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In my opinion, hiring a professional hairstylist and makeup artist for your wedding day is worth it. Why? Because you want to look your best! And with all the photos that will be taken, you’ll want to feel confident in front of the camera, not stressed that your hair is falling flat or that your mascara is running.

    Everyday makeup looks don’t always translate on camera. They can often look oily and shiny, and some colours will appear grey or orange. You can also end up looking flat and underdone or overdone with caked-on makeup.

    A professional makeup artist will use the right products and techniques to create a look that shows up on camera in all the right ways. The same goes for a pro hairstylist, as they will know how to style an updo or to flow down look that will last throughout the day and look beautiful on camera.

    Hiring a wedding hairstylist and makeup artist may add to your costs, but it will take away from your stress levels. Instead of worrying about what styles look best and how to make them work, give yourself the gift of pampering, a professional look, and a boost of confidence on your most special (and probably most photographed) day.

    One debate we’ve yet to discuss? If you should do hair or makeup first. It’s safe to say this beauty argument has been around for decades, and if you’re curious about the proper order you should use to put together your beauty look, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out if you should prioritise your hair or makeup.

    And the answer is—whichever you prefer! Yup, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the hair or makeup first debate. It all comes down to personal preference, the occasion, and a few other factors that play into which order may be a better option. That said, there are certain times you’ll want to do your hair before your makeup and vice versa.

    Life is full of big, confusing questions, one of those being: How on earth do you pick a makeup artist for what is arguably the biggest day of your life? After all, you’ll have the photos and memories forever, and you want to be able to look back and not see smudged eye makeup, a shiny forehead, or any of the many other beauty blunders that could happen at your wedding day.

    Always work out a budget before meeting your makeup artist. A good starting point would be to aim for quality. Ask your makeup artist to help you understand what products they will be using and what essentially you will be paying for.

    Some brides go as far as to engage standby makeup artists in the unlikely event that their key makeup artist cannot turn up on an actual day. While costly, this will give the bride peace of mind and the confidence to know that she has a contingency plan.

    Ultimately, you'd want a makeup artist who has a good attitude. Therefore, it's crucial to select someone you feel comfortable with and well taken care of by. It is one thing to have a creative flair that helps you look good on your big day and another when that streak runs its course.

    Speak honestly with your makeup artist, and let them know if you are uncomfortable with any agreement aspect. It is your big day, and apart from looking good, it is crucial that you feel positive and happy throughout the day.

    When considering a makeup artist, look at their portfolio of bridal images. Expect that they will create a look that complements the style of your gown, your hairstyle, and the colour of your bouquet.

    Remember that bridal makeup should always look clean and natural with understated elegance. Trendy looks come and go, but classic makeup will stand the test of time.

    If you like what you see in the artist’s portfolio, ask to see their kit to ensure it contains an extensive array of colours and textures to suit every need.

    The makeup must be long-lasting, waterproof (including tear-proof eye makeup), high performance and photo-friendly (as some generic brands do not perform well on film).

    If you prefer to have your hair and makeup was done by the same person, ask to see a portfolio that shows both. Make sure the artist is proficient in both areas. Great makeup is immediately overshadowed if your hairstyle falls out of place before you reach the aisle!

    If you wish to have hair and makeup services for your whole bridal party, it is advisable to have hair and makeup pros working simultaneously to cut the completion time in half.

    Most importantly, hire someone whose personality and attitude put you at ease. On your wedding day, the last thing you need is a difficult makeup artist spending forty-five minutes on your face.

    During the application process, make sure they look within your comfort zone and that the needs you’ve previously discussed are being met. After all, this is your day to shine, not the artist’s, and you are the one who should feel completely confident and beautiful.

    Interpersonal Skills & Active Listening

    A successful makeup artist should have a welcoming personality and attentive listening skills. A makeup artist will need to work with each client individually to enhance their facial features using makeup artistry skills.

    Listening to each clients’ likes and dislikes when it comes to different products. If a client wants bright red lipstick, but it does not compliment their skin tone, they will have to balance satisfying the customer while creating the perfect look. Most successful makeup artists have practised and mastered their interpersonal skills and mastered the art of active listening.

    Staying Flexible

    Flexibility is a key factor when working with clients, and you will find that this quality will contribute to a successful career.

    There are times when clients will not want to budge on specific techniques being used to create a look, and this is okay. A successful makeup artist will work with inflexible clients and become flexible to their demands while critically thinking of accomplishing the desired result.


    The beauty industry is known to be fast-moving and ever-changing. Learning how to adapt is essential when considering how a makeup artist reaches long-term success. Adapting to change is a necessary trait to have as a makeup artist.

    Continuously learning new techniques, keeping up with trends, and staying passionate will only help you on your quest to become successful in this field.

    Efficiency & Time Management

    Often you’ll be in a time crunch with your clients. They’re about to go on set or walk down the aisle. Time management is an important quality to have as a makeup artist.

    You will find that the motivation and focus to work diligently through stressful situations or tight deadlines while consistently delivering a great outcome will result in positive feedback. Remain in control of the problem to keep the client’s calm and stress-free.

    ​The Makeup Artist's Hustle - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

     the makeup artist's hustle

    +61 424 242 170


    The team at TMA HustleTM takes pride in providing a funky new service with a distinctive style that isn't only about the flash and glam. They have more than 16 years of industry expertise. It's what sets us apart and makes us a little bit unique.

    No matter the occasion, our fierce staff has what it takes to improve your cosmetics and hair game. You name it, we can do it: drag makeup, special FX makeup, theatrical makeup, corporate event makeup, media and editorial makeup gigs, bridal and wedding makeup, and more.

    Our goal is uncomplicated. Regardless of their ethnicity, age, sexual preference, or gender identity, our goal is to help our customers feel at ease in their own flesh. We offer services to anyone. We also understand how to take care of our own. When you book with The Makeup Artist's Hustle®, you can be assured that you're assisting local makeup artists in Melbourne to prosper by making sure that our very talented makeup artists and hairstylists get paid for any travel expenses.

    Jenny Beauty - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    jenny beauty

    1800 781 621

    Professional Makeup and Hair Artist Melbourne

    The best mobile hair and makeup artists serving the Melbourne CBD and surrounding areas. On your big day, do you want to look flawless with your hair and makeup? Want to put together a great appearance for a formal occasion? Welcome to Jenny Beauty, where one of Melbourne's top independent hair and cosmetics professionals resides.

    Whether it's a wedding, a birthday, an impending picture session, a formal occasion, or even a school prom, how you appear has a major impact on how much fun you have at the event. To make sure you always look and feel your best on your special day, our team works directly with you.

    Feel attractive, glitzy, and confident knowing that Melbourne-based makeup experts have given you the perfect appearance. While the memories of your special day will fade, the photographs will endure forever. With the help of our professional mobile makeup and hair services in Melbourne, we can transform your pictures into cherished family heirlooms.

    Lucie STAUFF - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    lucie stauff

    +61 490 362 748

    French-born and Melbourne-based freelance hairstylist and makeup artist Lucie STAUFF has over 12 years of experience working in the beauty, fashion, creative, audiovisual, stage, and events industries. Everything began when she chose to pursue a career as a makeup artist at the age of 16.

    For her, the use of makeup to sculpt an image was a revelation. She completed a thorough training in Advanced Beauty Therapy before pursuing her goal at the age of 21 by enrolling in the international "Make-up Atelier" school in Paris.

    For three years, she resided in Paris where she worked as a freelance hair and makeup artist. worked in audiovisual media such as television, celebrity interviews, video clips, short films, and feature films... Catwalk for Hermès, Naf-Naf, Miasuki, and Gellé Frères And completed editorials for publications like Luxe Infinity, Fashizblack, Conde Nast Traveler, LUI Italy, etc.

    KATRYNA COOKE - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    katryna cooke

    0432 050 234

    Katryna is a Melbourne makeup artist and hairstylist and specialises in natural-looking makeup that brings out your best features by using careful skin preparation and products that will make you glow from the inside out – enhancing your natural beauty. Additionally, we can create smokey eyes or a more glam makeup look for you. I've got you covered, so don't worry.

    You've come to the perfect place if you've never had your makeup done by an expert or if you want a look that still looks like you. You won't just get gorgeous, long-lasting hair and cosmetics. You'll have a wonderful time. We're here to make your day everything you could possibly hope for.

    Karly Drever - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    karly drever

    0402 686 254

    Bridal Hair & Makeup

    Contact Karly for a customized mobile makeup and hair artist styling experience in Melbourne and the surrounding areas, whether it's for your wedding day, engagement party, or in fact any special occasion where you want to look stunning.

    Karly is a superb mobile hair and makeup artist with more than 10 years of business experience. She is precise and diligent. Karly, who is located in Melbourne, has amassed a tribe of content brides and customers over the years, and each of them has praised her for her keen attention to detail, excellent craftsmanship, and kind personality.

    Karly's meticulousness is only topped by her skillful execution. Karly is meticulous and considerate, taking her time to create stunning looks that compliment and enhance a bride's innate beauty whether she is styling hair or applying makeup. Karly applies her extensive expertise and experience to do this. To create looks that last the test of time, she also uses the newest products.

    Makeup by Aylce - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    makeup by aylce

    0433 522 466


    Aylce's love for the world of color started early because she was reared and mentored by a family of creative people, including artists, manufacturers, hairdressers, musicians, actors, and production managers.

    Aylce has always had the edge and an eye for creative flair, winning the Dux of Art in her senior year of high school. She desired, though, to literally transcend that world of color with others nearby.

    Nothing can replace that, says the artist, "knowing in some way, even for that minute, you made them experience the beauty within their own skin because everyone is capable of feeling that inner light," while working with customers, models, or other professionals in the creative industry. I became passionate about painting as a teenager.

    DANA LEVISTON - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    dana leviston

    +61 403 907 770


    Hello, future bride. We understand that you want to present the finest possible image of yourself on your special day. Avoid appearing painted or manufactured. You wish to shine. Genuine beauty starts with a discussion. Tell us your desired appearance and mood for the day.

    Display the pictures you've painstakingly gathered for us. What does the light on your face look like to you? Which shade do your flowers have? We'll listen before transforming you and your group. We are aware that you desire cost transparency and clarity on this particular day.

    You'll know exactly how much you're going to pay with our bridal packages. We are aware that weddings can be tense because of their profound significance. But be assured that we infuse your day with a serene, loving energy.

    Bellezza Seduction - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    bellezza seduction

    03 9041 5192

    Your professional mobile hair and makeup artist in Melbourne

    If you're searching for a skilled mobile hair and makeup artist in Melbourne, Bellezza Seduction is the company for you. We are experts in bridal makeup with years of expertise in this dynamic field, and we know how to make you look great using only the best methods.

    H M Allure - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    h m allure


    About Us

    Melbourne wedding hair and makeup artist with an award The co-founder of the business H M ALLURE Hair And Makeup Melbourne and trainer educator of HAIR, award-winning creative educator Helen Donchos, has 20 years of expertise in the bridal hair and makeup industry and is recognized by Australia's wedding platform. DONATE TO ART.

    Her originality and inspiration, together with her training from the greatest in the wedding hair and makeup industry, have allowed her to create stunning bridal hair and makeup creations under her own style of styling. Her approach is to give the bride the most natural-looking feminine appearance possible. ''

    In order to help you create a look that brings out the most beautiful bride in you, Helen and her passionate team of hair and makeup professionals will collaborate closely with you.

    Stiletto Styling - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    stiletto styling


    About Me

    The ever-expanding portfolio of Stiletto Styling includes bridal, editorials, commercials, and other special occasions. Shevoune Lim, the company's founder, makeup artist, and stylist, has as her mission to always bring out the best in each of her clients and to celebrate their distinctive individuality.

    The founder of Stiletto Styling, Shevoune Lim, started her work as an event coordinator. She developed a passion for beauty while planning fashion shows and parties after seeing how talented hair and makeup artists could turn regular women into beautiful, glamorous models backstage.

    She builds and designs individualized looks with this in mind to provide each customer with a really customized experience. On your special day, her team of qualified specialists is committed to make sure you look your finest. Her workshop has a friendly, cozy, and lighthearted atmosphere that makes every visit delightful and unhurried.

    Princess Brides - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    princess brides

    0414 303 501

    Victoria’s leading hair and makeup agency

    Some of Melbourne's most skilled wedding makeup and hair specialists may be found at Princess Brides. You can unwind knowing that you will look absolutely stunning because Tania, who has more than 15 years of expertise in the bridal industry, and her team of highly skilled and passionate employees are committed to creating the most exquisite outcomes.

    About Princess Brides

    Princess Brides' team is aware of how critical it is to design a look that will not only be ideal for your wedding day but also be beautifully recorded by the camera. We also know that no two brides are the identical, therefore a makeup artist must be able to create a variety of styles.

    We start by working together to design a precise look that will accentuate your features and natural beauty during your bridal consultation and trial application. Our goal is to collaborate, listen, and comprehend in order to design the ideal appearance for you and your bridal party. Your Princess Brides makeup artist and hairstylist will travel to you for the trial and, of course, the location on your wedding day as they offer a totally mobile service.

    Reveal Hair & Makeup - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    reveal hair & makeup

    0417 648 115

    A little about us……..

    Since our inception in 2004, we have been dedicated to giving our clients the greatest experience possible while also ensuring that their hair and makeup look amazing.

    Flawless Hair & Makeup - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    flawless hair & makeup

    0407 812 099

    Flawless Hair & Makeup will design the ideal appearance for your special occasion if you're looking for true refinement and elegance as well as to enhance your own radiant natural beauty. Flawless Hair & Makeup understands the importance of creating a look that is right for you, make you feel confident and will photograph beautifully.

    We create a hair and cosmetics style that complements your features and personality. Whether you want a dewy, delicate, natural look or a smoldering, seductive one, you can be sure that you will receive specialized attention from a professional.

    SHARI-LEE BROMLEY - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    shari lee bromley

    +61 414 223 757


    When I made the decision to leave the corporate world and enter the creative one, my career in the industry truly began. I've always had a creative spirit and a love of the arts. I started a professional career as a freelance hair and makeup artist right here in Melbourne, motivated by this enthusiasm and my experience in hairdressing and beauty.

    As one of Melbourne's most well-known freelance hair and makeup artists, I now work in a variety of fields, including bridal, events, beauty, fashion, and commercial. When I'm helping you appear and feel attractive, my kind demeanor will put you at rest. I have a wide range of experience, am well-versed in the sector, and am renowned for consistently bringing a positive attitude.

    My knowledge of the fashion industry and experience in other beauty-related fields will make her stand out from the competition. Shari takes great delight in her organization, professionalism, and, of course, my talent. If you have any queries about my mobile hair and makeup services, don't be afraid to get in touch with me.

    NT Designs - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    nt designs

    +61 408 311 253

    A bit about me

    My name is Nerida Beardsell; good day. I am the company's founder, artist, stylist, and designer. In the middle to late 1990s, I became quite interested in makeup artistry. After finishing my professional Advanced Makeup Artistry training, I soon added further certifications in professional Hair Styling for bridal, fashion, and photography, which covered advanced skills in both contemporary styling methods and classic hair up techniques.

    My professional background and in-depth training in accordance with strict industry standards have yielded numerous industry accolades and consistently high levels of superb client satisfaction. I've built a great job and business during my career that has lasted more than thirteen years (and is still going strong), allowing me to take advantage of a wide range of lucrative and interesting chances.

    Amy Bysouth - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    amy bysouth

    +61 417 556 974

    Let's design the ideal look for your important day! I'll see to it that you've never felt more attractive and self-assured. While I go to work, you can unwind in your robe and sip champagne. You have a personal glam squad, just like a celebrity! We're going to have a great time.

    On your special day, you want to present the finest version of yourself possible, right? Together, your ideas and my expertise can help us design the ideal style for you. But I'm sure you have more than one suggestion! We have a trial because of this. We'll experiment and make changes until we're completely satisfied. The day will run so smoothly now that we've met, and I understand your style.

    ​Zoe Fink - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    zoe fink

    0411 728 054


    In the makeup profession, Zoe has worked for more than 18 years. Over the course of her 18-year career, Zoe has worked in the makeup fields of film, fashion, television, and bridal both domestically and internationally. As one of the most sought-after makeup artists, Zoe's attitude is to "bring out a client's own natural beauty to a higher degree," which is a trait that is uncommon in many makeup artists.

    As opposed to making a bride look like a completely different person, Zoe prefers to make her clients look like a polished version of themselves. She is against the heavy application of "caked on" makeup. Zoe utilizes only the finest cosmetics and skincare items since she is so enthusiastic about having healthy skin. She routinely adds new high-end items to her toolbox to address a variety of skin issues and skin types. The two makeup companies that Zoe prefers to work with are Bobbi Brown and Jane Iredale.

    Alison Larwood - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    alison larwood

    0413 342 876

    Beautiful, natural hair and makeup for your wedding

    Alison Larwood, a professional mobile hair and makeup artist located in Melbourne, specializes in exquisite, natural-looking wedding makeup and gorgeous hair for your special day. Alison collaborates directly with you to design a unique style for you and your bridal party that highlights each person's unique beauty while producing a magnificent overall impact.

    Bridal Hair and Bridal Makeup Artist

    With over 11 years of experience specializing in bridal hair and makeup, Alison will work closely with you to design a unique look for your special day, whether you want to be naturally beautiful or fantastically gorgeous. She is more than glad to provide either hair or makeup services, or just one if that is preferable. Alison encourages you to take a break and appreciate being pampered with her cool, collected demeanor.


    For more than 11 years, Melbourne-based professional makeup and hairstylist Alison has been enchanting Melbourne weddings. She received her training from Sharon Blaine, a well-known hairstylist around the world, as well as Nik Dorning, one of Australia's top makeup artists. Private individuals and catwalk models are among her clients, and they all have looks that range from improved natural beauty to dazzling avant-garde.

    Mobile Makeovers - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    mobile makeovers

    0414 316 199

    The JOY Of Getting Ready At Home Or On Location….

    How delightful it will be to unwind in the convenience of your own home or preferred spot. Having a glass of champagne with friends while getting your hair and cosmetics done? We offer this service for weddings and other special events. We visit you. Enjoy your treatment while you relax and recline.

    The last thing you need on your wedding day is to have to spend a lot of time out and about. You are having your hair and makeup done while seated at a salon with other strangers. Before you even get at your ceremony or are prepared for photos, you have to battle the weather outside!

    I have worked in the wedding industry for more than 15 years and have met numerous vendors that I completely respect. I have compiled a list of wedding industry experts below who I have either personally worked with or am very familiar with.

    MERTON MUAREMI - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria


    +61 422 562 679

    Merton Muaremi, a makeup artist and hairstylist from Melbourne with 17 years of expertise, travels the world as a makeup and hairstylist. He's worked at Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival under the direction of Rae Morris, on shows for Vogue, Dion Lee, John Paul Gaultier for Target, I.D runway, Jets swimwear and Alex Perry

    Additionally, Muaremi educates makeup enthusiasts and industry experts. He traveled to Jakarta as an out-of-country guest artist to give more than 500 pupils a master lesson in Red Carpet vs. Fashion Makeup at the Jakarta International Beauty Show.

    Merton's training in the visual arts has equipped him with the ability to analyze facial structures, which enables him to comprehend and address the makeup needs of his customers while also generating an artistic and technically sound visual depiction of their objectives.

    COLOUR ME PINK - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    colour me pink



    My greatest accomplishment to date as an educator and artist is imparting information and helping others look and feel their best. “ I didn't have a mentor or role model in the beauty industry to look up to when I first started. I only knew that I adored it. But even after attending college, I felt as though I had little practical experience in the field I was working in. Schools were highly "by the book," instructing students in fundamental skills that would fail in the real world. I yearned for more. I had to learn everything on my own, via trial and error. It didn't have to be this difficult for others, but it took me years of work and experience to get to where I am now.

    AIDA WOLDU - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    aida woldu

    +61 402 439 410

    Aida is a freelance beauty and hair artist from Melbourne who specializes in editorial, commercial, bridal, and special occasion makeup and hair. Aida has spent more than ten years honing her craft since earning a Certificate III in Hairdressing and a Diploma of Specialist Makeup Services. Numerous hair and makeup looks have been developed by her for people with various ages, races, physical characteristics, and aesthetic preferences.

    She has performed work for several editorial and commercial photographers, fashion designers, and private clients, as well as well-known companies including MAC and Biba Salons. Her hair and makeup styles have been used in magazines including Peppermint Magazine and at high-profile occasions like L'Oréal fashion week, the Brownlow Medal, and the ARIA Awards. Whether it's for a client's special day or an editorial, Aida's objective is to create simple, durable designs that emphasize her customers' unique styles and accentuate their inherent beauty.

    Charlene Hyde - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    charlene hyde



    Professional hair and makeup artist Charlene Hyde is based in Melbourne. She has collaborated with some of Australia's most well-known celebrities in the film and television industries. Charlene appreciates the variety of her work, which has spanned long- and short-form drama for both cinema and television. She also has experience in bridal, corporate, live events, fashion, catwalk, television commercials, and music videos. Whether she is working with a director or a bride, Charlene is enthusiastic about what she does and always strives to make her customer happy.

    Vine Artistry - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    vine artistry


    I've been passionate about hairstyling for almost ten years now. I completed my Diploma in Makeup shortly after beginning my profession as a hairstylist, which is when I found my second passion, makeup. I'm a qualified hair and makeup artist that specializes in soft, natural hair and makeup looks for brides. I use premium products to enhance beauty from the inside out for flawless, long-lasting results. My cosmetics are free from animal testing. On request, organic items are offered.


    Zoe Karlis - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    zoe karlis

    0422 239 071


    Growing up in her mother's hair salon and surrounded by traditional old school splendor, Zoe developed a passion for the profession at a very young age. Her passion for the field led her to go to London, where she attended the city's top academy and underwent further, intensive instruction. She rapidly made a name for herself as a highly sought-after makeup and hair artist and collaborated with some of the most well-known artists in the UK.

    Zoe is now bringing her vast industry expertise and creativity to Australia. Along with her outgoing and cheerful disposition, her peers continue to be in awe of her clean, fresh skin. Zoe takes great delight in providing her clients with a tailored service, and she is a vital member of any team.

    Zara Hair and Makeup - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    zara hair and makeup

    0403 092 441

    Zara Hair and Makeup, a Melbourne-based company formed by two enthusiastic HMUA and stylists, guarantees to handle all of your special day's hair, makeup, and style requirements. The creative team at Zara put a special emphasis on enhancing the natural beauty present in every woman and work hard to successfully cater to the individual needs of every client.

    The portfolio of work by Zara Hair and Makeup, which features radiant brides (and bridal parties) from a variety of cultural backgrounds, clearly reflects the combination of seven years of salon experience and an understanding of the traditional and modern influences on Indian and South Asian bridal styling.

    Debra Kelly Creative & Co. - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    debra kelly creative & co.

    +61 429 290 512


    A master craftsman, a visionary, and a multi-talented person with a keen attention to detail. Debra Kelly is a multi-talented makeup artist and visual artist with experience working internationally in design, education, and creative direction. Debra has relocated back to Australia after spending the last 18 years working and traveling extensively throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. She also underwent extensive training with renowned artists in Los Angeles, New York, Calgary, and Melbourne, including Alex Box, Roshar, Rae Morris, Danessa Myricks, Beau Nelson, Kevin James Bennet, James Vincent, and Dina Ousley.

    During her five-year stay in North America, her career was boosted by agency representation with Artist Within. She has appeared in numerous publications, including HUFF, HACID, STELL, ELEMENTS, and STANDOUT PUBLICATIONS. Debra is an expert in her field, is well-liked in it, and has extensive experience as a mentor and instructor. She has taught at famous makeup institutes like NIIDM in Alberta, Canada, and Beauty EDU in Melbourne, Australia.

    The Distinctive Dame - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    the distinctive dame

    (03) 9640 0556

    We are ready to help anyone who needs elegant hair and makeup for their wedding, whether it is a major affair, a little garden celebration, a registry visit, or an elopement. Wedding briefs can be interpreted in a variety of ways, allowing you to create an event that is an authentic and true expression of you. We would be honored to participate in that process and guide you until you feel that the hair and cosmetics style we design together is perfect and truly represents you.

    Beautiful hair and cosmetics are frequently the icing on every legendary look. This is your chance to express your own personality and taste. There are no restrictions. Together, let's design a look that makes you feel and look amazing while still being a very distinct version of you (especially if you're not a day-to-day fancy babe).

    Priscilla Armstrong - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    priscilla armstrong

    0410 353 005

    Bright Beauty, formerly Filthy Gorgeous Melbourne Makeup Artistry, was established in 2007 by Priscilla Armstrong. She was inspired to create by her passion for art, love of makeup, and desire to provide the bridal industry with work of a high caliber.

    With her many years of experience, Priscilla is able to give you a look that is perfect for you on your wedding day and gives you a priceless understanding of what will be caught behind the camera. You won't regret choosing Bright Makeup for your special day because they use only the best materials, have the capacity to comprehend each client's preferences, and have Priscilla's artistic flair.

    Bridget Sophie - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    bridget sophie


    Bridget Sophie believes that professionalism is priceless. She thus doesn't charge for phone conversations, coffee catch-ups, helping you find ideas for your wedding or event, or simply being a lovely person you can trust to get things done.

    When you hire Bridget - you’re hiring a true professional who is passionate about her work and takes great care and time in her craft but also your experience. She is a favorite among Melbourne makeup artists and hair stylists because of her lively personality and cool composure during even the busiest engagements. Some things are simply too valuable to quantify.

    Top End - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    top end

    0407 568 133

    Our Creative Director

    Elise, a hair and makeup artist based in Melbourne, owns and runs Top End Hair & Makeup. Elise has been in the hair and beauty industry for about ten years and has a passion and eye for hair and makeup. Elise has experience with projects including Brownlow hair and makeup, runway hair and makeup, and e-commerce hair and makeup. She has also gone to training sessions with renowned worldwide makeup artists.

    Top End boasts a staff of expert stylists and hairdressers with training in airbrushing, bridal, editorial, runway, and fashion hair and cosmetics. Top End stylists provide each booking with a professional, creative, and unique style. Top End will make your event or creative activity less stressful.

    Prive Hair Australia - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    prive hair australia

    0405 907 240

    About Privé

    We take great satisfaction in always providing a 5-star experience as a luxury mobile provider. Each stylist's demeanor, charisma, and industry experience come first in this regard. You will always feel like the priority and at peace knowing your hair and makeup are in good hands from the consultation till they leave. You may be sure that every service will be provided to the greatest standards because our stylists are skilled, passionate, motivated, and professionals; some have even received prizes for their work. Privé has expanded to offer their top-notch hair and makeup services at hotels, conventions, and significant events around Australia. sending a group of stylists and artists who are skilled to wherever our clients may be.

    Saphire - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria


    0408 174 113


    We are proud to be considered specialists in this genre of makeup and hair, with years of experience and an unrivaled body of work in the Bridal makeup and hair industry. We are a very dedicated team of artists whose sole goal is to ensure that every bride we work with realizes her dream of walking down the aisle looking and feeling beautiful and glamorous! We promise to devote all of our time and energy to providing you with a stunning and long-lasting finish on your wedding day, using only the best makeup and hair products. To meet the needs of all of our brides, we offer both on-site and studio services.

    To ensure that all goes well, it is always a good idea that we organise a pre-wedding trial and meet in person. We place a lot of importance on building strong relationships and trust with each client.

    Bernice Mansfield - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    bernice mansfield

    +61 407 161 186

    Bernice is devoted to enhancing beauty and is renowned for her meticulous attention to detail. The span of bernice's makeup experience includes everything from runway events to commercial advertising campaigns, working with a variety of photographers and clients.

    Flexibility and ease of going with the flow enable bernice to bring out the best in any subject, whether she is working backstage on a parade, on location for a fashion session, or in a studio. Her continuous exposure to the production process helps her to grasp the workflow of the entire team and to adapt to the circumstances necessary to not only meet but also surpass creative briefs.

    I've always been a big art fan. the presence of art. being in or near color. There was nothing more thrilling for me as a child than having an empty art pad in front of me and being surrounded by my extensive collection of derwent and paints. It essentially began there. I never anticipated that my artistic nature would lead me to makeup. I majored in art in school, but I didn't start wearing cosmetics until 2007. I had a sense of my life starting then.

    Les Couleurs - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria


    More than 17 years ago, Melbourne-based hair and makeup artist Lucia Caldarelli started her professional career in hair and makeup. As you can see in her photos, she developed a passion for fashion and beauty and pursued a career as a freelance hair and makeup artist, working on high-profile ads, weddings, and special events.

    In order to provide top-notch hair and makeup services for your special event, Lucia founded Les Couleurs Hair and Makeup in 2000. The salon now employs a competent professional staff of highly skilled hairstylists and makeup artists with a minimum of 10 years of experience.

    Kristina Canzoneri - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    kristina canzoneri

    0413 236 983

    A multifaceted professional makeup artist and hairdresser with a base in Melbourne, Kristina Canzoneri (Simeoni) specializes in television, bridal, fashion, advertising, and editorial. She is in demand in the industry because of her sense of style and familiarity with current trends. Kristina is renowned for her attention to detail, and she is passionate about giving her customers standout looks by highlighting their inherent beauty.

    As a freelancer with a regular clientele and a home-based salon, Kristina provides a variety of services, such as hair coloring, haircuts, hair styling, and make-up. In her home salon, Kristina takes great pride in providing her clients with a personalised service, whether it be for a colour and cut or an emotional special occasion like your wedding or a special function.

    Elite Hair And Makeup Academy - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria


    elite hair and makeup academy wedding hair and makeup artists melbourne

    1300 230 883


    The CBD of Melbourne is a great place to find Elite Hair & Make Up. It is Victoria's #1 Makeup School and offers quick lessons in makeup application that highlight Justine Poniris of Elite Hair & Makeup's abilities and experience.

    The modern makeup methods that are now employed in the business are taught at the Elite Hair & Make Up Academy. Classes are kept small to ensure that each student gets the best possible attention and training, and all courses are taught by experienced, professional makeup artists.

    Therefore, we will work with you to ensure that you get the most out of our courses whether you want to learn how to do your own makeup, enhance your talents, or look into becoming a professional makeup artist.

    Unique U Makeovers - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    unique u makeovers

    0430 209 880

    Mobile hair and makeup artist Winnie Wu is based in Melbourne and is the founder and creative director of "Unique U Makeovers". She has over 13 years of experience in her field, both domestically and abroad.

    Winnie studied makeup artistry in 2002 at the Television Academy abroad. She moved to Melbourne in 2008 to pursue additional education, where she graduated from Cameron Jane Makeup Design as a trained makeup artist. Since then, she has continued her extensive hair and makeup studies in Taiwan, Korea, and Japan.

    With her background in television, weddings, commercials, and fashion and catwalk events, Winnie has a wealth of experience to offer. She has participated in numerous events over the past few years, including the Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant, The Logies, runway and fashion shows, charity events, festivals and special days, weddings (specializing in Asian hair and makeup), and more.

    MAKEUP HQ. - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    makeup hq.

    +61 414 545 574


    With years of experience working with brides, Sara and her talented team of hair and makeup artists know how crucial it is to feel and look your best on your special day. Every bride receives individualized attention as we design a makeup and hairstyle that complements their features while still seeming natural and faultless.

    Our staff is committed to giving you the greatest service and helping you have the ideal wedding day, thus we only use the best beauty products to ensure that the makeup lasts all day. We combine the best products the market has to offer, including those from Hourglass, Georgio Armani, MAC, Nars, Becca, and many others. Kevin Murphy, Whitesands, NAK, Loreal Professional, and Redken are a few brands of hair products. Additionally, Sara offers airbrushing services.

    ​Jemima Leanne Artistry - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

     jemima leanne artistry



    I've always used makeup to express my creativity and try new things. In 2016, I made the decision to study cosmetics, which taught me a lot about how to put more effort into each application. I grew to incorporate my unique sense of style into every outfit. The most fulfilling aspect of being an HMUA is helping ladies attain that sensation since I think cosmetics is a terrific way to communicate how we want to feel.

    Visan Makeup Artist - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    visan makeup artist

    0409 155 314

    Modern wedding makeup and photography makeup artistry are Visan's areas of expertise. With years of experience in fashion, bridal, film, runway, portrait, and special occasion makeup, Visan creates gorgeous, classic looks that are customized to each client's personality and taste.


    My childhood love of makeup has led to an exciting profession in fashion and beauty for me. I exclusively use the best products, such as those from MAC, LOreal, Estee Lauder, Mirenesse, and a wonderful selection of mineral makeup.

    Jacqueline Kalab - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    jacqueline kalab

    + 61 438 22 88 30

    Jacqueline Kalab is a celebrity, VIP, high-end advertising, fashion, and television makeup artist. She has worked with thousands of celebrities, both locally and internationally known, ranging from musicians to sports stars, models, actors, and politicians, among others; over a hundred television shows on all major networks; international fashion shows and fashion shoots; billboards, publicity, and large-scale marketing campaigns. Jacqueline has developed a line of cosmetics and brushes that have a cult following around the world and are frequently mentioned on television and in the media.

    S.A.S.S.Y - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria


    0411 625 910


    S.A.S.S.Y is a mobile hair and makeup business with a focus on bridal, TV and commercial, editorial fashion, runway, and special events. S.A.S.S.Y has a presence in both Melbourne and Sydney and has been in the sector since 2007. In 2018, we also recently added Hong Kong to the S.A.S.S.Y experience. To make sure you feel like a princess on your special day, the company's founder, Stephanie Lin, collaborates with a group of highly skilled professional makeup artists and hairstylists!

    Emma d Make-up and Hair - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    emma d make up and hair

    About me

    My job as a hairstylist and makeup artist in Melbourne dates back to my early years, and it is filled with wonderful memories. I developed a lifelong fascination for makeup artistry when I first applied it in front of Nana's mirror. As my talents improved, I sharpened them in the dressing rooms of nearby theaters and halls.

    The experience of working with well-known figures at major TV networks, including 7, 9, and 10, strengthened my passion. In 1998, those modest beginnings brought me to the mainstream entertainment sector.

    I like the way perfectly styled hair and professionally applied makeup transformed women, and I wanted to share my love of this transformation with regular women who still deserved to feel unique and connected to their full potential.

    The Secret Beauty - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    the secret beauty

    0404 662 333

    Welcome to my site! The Secret Beauty

    My goal is to reveal your true beauty—the secret you'll never suspect you possess. With less expense, you will receive the best service. I go by Sally. I have a degree in makeup artistry. I became interested in makeup at a young age since I have numerous passions for makeup artistry.

    LEANZA HAIR & MAKEUP - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    leanza tang hair & makeup

    +61 420 489 870

    An artist

    When I was four years old, I started braiding and ponytailing my mother's hair before she went to sleep. It sounds absurd, but that's when I realized I was interested in hair styling. My interest in a career in the arts and fashion design began to grow as I advanced through my school years. I decided I wanted to pursue a profession in hair after receiving a Bachelor of Arts (Textile Design) from RMIT in Melbourne, Australia.

    I started finding myself watching countless make-up videos at the same time as YouTube started to take over as the primary search engine for everything. The Jenn I'm smokey eye makeup lesson had the biggest impact on me, and ever since I've been gradually expanding my makeup arsenal.

    Sallie Hair & Makeup Artist - Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists Melbourne, Victoria

    sallie hair & makeup artist

    0409 149 285

    Wedding Hair & Makeup

    I have spent more than ten years living and working on the Mornington Peninsula, and I have fallen in love with more than just the breathtaking views, immaculate beaches, and lovely hillside wineries. The romance that surrounds every aspect of my profession and lifestyle has also captured my heart.

    With over 25 years of experience, I have a thorough understanding of hair and makeup, not just for weddings but also for cinema and television. I've discovered that modern brides like a more distinctive appearance. As a result of my familiarity with movies and television, I feel. I have no trouble accommodating both a natural or a more glamorous style and appearance.

    You may be confident that your unique wedding day will be both professionally and aesthetically flawless because to my artistic ability, the Mornington Peninsula, and other factors.

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