Wedding Night Accommodation

Top 50+ Wedding Night Accommodation in Melbourne, Victoria

When looking for a place to stay on your wedding night, consider what type of experience you want. Do you want a romantic getaway, or would you prefer something more relaxed? Maybe you're looking for a place with luxurious amenities, or perhaps affordability is key. No matter what you're after, there's sure to be an accommodation out there that fits the bill.

If so, you're likely considering all the different details that need to be taken care of – from the ceremony itself to the reception. But have you given any thought to where you and your new spouse will stay on your wedding night? If not, don't worry – we've got you covered.

Ultimate List Of Top Wedding Night Accommodation in Melbourne

The Langham Residences Wedding Night Accommodation Melbourne


the langham residences


We have put strict operational precautions in place at each of our hotels in response to the Covid-19 incident to protect the health and safety of our visitors and employees. Our policies for cancellation have been modified. From October 1, 2021, guests must refer to the terms and conditions on each individual booking for information regarding refunds and cancellation costs. Please examine our policies here for more information.

Experience The Pulse Of Melbourne

Set within the bustling arts and leisure district on the Southbank Promenade, The Residences at The Langham, Melbourne embodies refined luxury and flawless hospitality in one of Melbourne's most popular cultural destinations. Our opulent homes have a kitchenette, roomy bedrooms, and separate living and dining areas. Residents enjoy lavish butler service, luxurious amenities, and panoramic views of the Yarra River and the downtown skyline of Melbourne.

Both Melbourne Airport and Flinders Street Railway Station are conveniently located nearby The Langham, Melbourne. Our residences have easy access to renowned restaurants, posh shops, and tourist hotspots like Crown Casino, the National Gallery, and the venerable Regent and Princess Theatres that are just a short stroll from the city center.

Summer Family Adventure

The National Gallery of Victoria, Federation Square, and Southbank Boulevard are just a few of the summertime attractions that make Melbourne come alive. At The Langham in Melbourne, you can spend the summer together while enjoying discounted interconnecting rooms, valet parking, daily buffet breakfasts, and more.

The Giant Tipi Company Wedding Night Accommodation Melbourne


the giant tipi company


About Us

Outdoor activities are something we are passionate about at The Giant Tipi Company. Our youthful team is committed to producing stunning, custom environments that are one of a kind, and already has a combined 30 years of expertise in the wedding and event industry.

Our Giant Tipis are an incredible compliment to the great Australian outdoors and are highly versatile, whether used in the bush, on a farm, or on the beach. We are a business situated in Melbourne that services VIC, ACT, and NSW. Weddings, parties, festivals, and business events can all be catered by us. Our enthusiastic team will guarantee a distinctive experience that will make an enduring impact, whether your goal is to seamlessly promote your business or brand or to provide a memorable and inspiring event on your special day.

The Giant Tipis

Our giant tipis are perfect for all kinds of events, including weddings, parties, and festivals. These tipis are extraordinarily robust and long-lasting since they were constructed by expert artisans using materials that were obtained ethically. In warm weather, the sides can be raised, providing a cool breeze and shade, while during cooler times, the sides are pulled down to create a warm and cozy environment. The latest in fire-retardant canvas technology also allows us to install specialized internal fireplaces when requested.

One Giant Tipi can hold up to 64 people seated, 74 people standing, and up to 100 people when the sides are raised. Due to the distinctive shape of these tipis, we may link two or three of them together to create a roomy event space for larger gatherings.

Whatever you need, The Giant Tipi Company has it covered. From lovely recycled timber trestle tables and benches to spectacular external lighting packages and handmade dancefloors. If there is anything we don't have in store at our warehouse, we have access to gorgeous, custom furniture and decorations in one simple package thanks to our strong relationships with nearby event rental businesses.

Two Ton Max Wedding Night Accommodation Melbourne


two ton max wedding night accommodation melbourne


In North Melbourne, there is a thoughtfully renovated and exquisitely finished industrial warehouse called Twotonmax. It is a blank canvas that you can quickly and simply modify, hidden behind an unassuming street façade. With your own choice of caterer and an almost endless array of possibilities for decorating and outfitting the space, this is a unique chance to design a distinctive celebration.

With the addition of new fixtures as needed, the venue's gorgeous burnished concrete floor, neutral white walls, and subtle lighting may be further enhanced. A commercial kitchen, clean restrooms, air conditioning, and other amenities are all well integrated into the space, along with an enormous marble service bar. If necessary, the vintage overhead crane, which has a two-ton maximum capacity, can be used.

With simple bump-in from the street, plenty of rigging points, and a flexible electrical configuration, it's a convenient location for quick and efficient tailoring. Additionally, the platform gives you the chance to design a special event in the manner of your choice.


Two to Max used to be a small portion of a sprawling industrial workshop that produced generator equipment a few years ago. Even though its dimensions appear vast for its intended use, it was tragically insufficient for the routine transportation of large objects, often as large as cargo containers. The building was able to tell a lengthy tale of arduous labor once the heavy engineering firm had left it in favor of wide roadways and high clearance.

It was easy to trace changes over time and comprehend the building's history by examining the variety of columns and beams, the patchwork of brick and concrete floors, and the dispersed placement of overhead cranes.

One region jumped out right away as functional spaces were being restored from the industrial chaos that had apparently developed without a design. A comparatively untouched jewel lurked behind a thick layer of diesel soot, hidden from view by brackets, shelving, and decades' worth of unnecessary plumbing conduits and electrical wiring. Without causing too much damage to the old structure, cleaning, thorough clutter removal, and new infrastructure have all been implemented. Materials have been reused and recycled whenever possible, so they continue to be a part of evolution.

Twilight Glamping Wedding Night Accommodation Melbourne


twilight glamping wedding night accommodation melbourne


Extraordinary Outdoor Experiences

Geelong, Melbourne, and Victoria-wide Wedding and Event Hire - Luxury Glamping Getaways on the Great Ocean Road. Twilight Glamping specializes in planning magnificent weddings, unforgettable events, and opulent vacations. We strive to deliver mind-blowing experiences that are unmatched through the use of our distinctive wedding and event marquees, nude tipis, furniture rentals, and bell tent lodging. Whether it's a tiny romantic weekend or a big Event, we guarantee lifetime memories!


Our selection of marquees is definitely impressive. Our yurts are elegantly crafted from bamboo and have a subtle white tone. Our marquees made of Esperance Sail Cloth are traditional and enduring. Our elegant handcrafted tassie oak dining tables and bamboo chairs, as well as vintage "love seats" and rustic wine barrel and pallet furniture, are all available for rental. The ideal approach to decorate your event while maintaining a stunning view of your surroundings is with naked tipis. We have packages for any occasion, from a little cocktail party to a sizable wedfest celebration. If not, we can design a special package just for you!

San Remo Ballroom Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne


san remo ballroom wedding night accommodations melbourne


What should you expect from the new and improved SRB? Better, bolder, brighter, and more appealing than previously.

Something Old

Old?! We like to use the word experienced. The same dependable crew who welcomed you back before our makeover has been working relentlessly behind the scenes to create the most magical occasions for you.

Something New

Our gorgeous new layout and decoration! Rebuilding from the ground up, every detail has been carefully selected to create a breathtaking environment of subtle grandeur, romantic decadence, and luxury, from the new velvety carpets beneath your feet to the cascading chandeliers generating a halo of light above your heads. We renovated our brand-new entrance foyer, bar, and ballroom while maintaining loyal to our iconic Art Deco legacy, and we couldn't be happier for you to see how we did it!

Something Borrowed

When it comes to nostalgia and recollections, we have sensitive hearts. so it was perfect that we were able to borrow and repurpose the original section of the terrazzo floor from the Adelphi Theatre to form part of our new entrance foyer. Before the current San Remo Ballroom was built, the Adelphi Theatre, which had been open since 1922, was developed. Another little piece of borrowed history is the black frame from the 1960s, which now is the foundation for our stunning new grand chandelier in the centre of the ballroom.

Something Blue

Future goals we have! We'll be honest: the previous 15 months have been difficult. But with the help of our committed and talented team, our understanding and devoted clientele, and our caring and receptive neighborhood, the sky truly is the limit!

Showtime Events Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne


showtime events wedding night accommodations melbourne


One of Melbourne's top providers of catering and event planning services is Showtime Event Group. Our team is on the cutting edge of this rapidly evolving sector thanks to creative problem-solving and a new point of view.

Exclusive Venues

Showtime Event Group offers any event kind and has a wide selection of distinctive facilities in Melbourne. Any function can be managed and served by us, whether it takes place at the prestigious Ian Potter Queen's Hall inside the State Library Victoria or the flagship Showtime Events Centre on Melbourne's South Wharf Promenade.


surpassing expectations with outstanding cuisine. Large sharing platters or expertly crafted canapes served at your location, our location, or wherever you choose. The newest approach to guarantee that your event, no matter how big or little, is memorable is through off-site catering alternatives.

Weddings & Social Celebrations

We cherish love. Our team has extensive experience planning and managing weddings. Our devoted team at Showtime Event Group is there for you every step of the way, from the time of your inquiry through the big day. The staff appreciates the commotion of large performances, but social functions are also a lot of fun. Birthdays, weddings, bar mitzvahs, and other occasions. The flexibility of gatherings like these makes them some of the most enjoyable, whether there are 20 attendees or 500.

Corporate Events

Put on a stylish show. We have become a significant player in the world of business events thanks to the activation of the South Wharf promenade for up to 5,500 guests. We are the ideal organization for any corporate occasion since we can host end-of-year parties, sizable conferences, or more customised, exclusive seminars in our distinctive facilities around this bustling city.

We can offer purpose-built seminar rooms, conference areas, break-out spaces, and much more, either in one location or throughout various venues. The client relationship managers at Showtime Event Group will customize a corporate event for you. We represent the warmth and friendliness that Melbourne is known for around the world. We warmly invite you to participate in planning and creating outstanding events.

The Ivory Elsternwick Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne


the ivory elsternwick wedding night accommodations melbourne


About Us

The newest receiving location in Melbourne. The Ivory is a must-see after undergoing a complete refurbishment. It is tucked away in the green lanes of Elsternwick, just a short distance from St Kilda, Brighton, and Elwood and only 5 kilometers from the CBD. It is destined to become a favorite for Melbourne gatherings with to its roomy inside and chic design!

Bridal Suite & Dressing Room

When you arrive at The Ivory Elsternwick, a private bridal suite with a dressing room, bathroom, and fireplace is a luxurious amenity that is waiting for you. However, it's the little things that make a day, and this is one of them. The bridal suite is a cozy place for you, your bridal party, and your family to relax, have a snack or drink, as well as a private area for the girls to touch up their makeup and, most importantly, to reflect on the day thus far before greeting your guests.

When you come, we'll have beverages ready for you, and shortly after that, we'll bring some delicious homemade canapes for you to enjoy. It is the ideal location for some alone time; you are free to come and go as you wish. For those brides who need more than one dress on their wedding day, it offers a separate restroom for you and your bridal party as well as a different changing area (another need, ladies).


Pre-dinner cocktails or private cocktail parties can be held in the eye-catching lobby of The Ivory, Elsternwick. Visitors enter the main foyer through the huge double doors, across the white arches, and onto the terrace with the rose garden. Classically elegant elements like the dark hardwood flooring, crown molding, and baby grand piano are combined with modern contemporary elements like the gorgeous fluted-timber bar and copper-rimmed lights above the bar.

Visitors appreciate the welcoming sitting area that is accessible from the spacious entryway. The fireplace offers a year-round focal point and the coziness required for the ideal winter occasion. The stunning ballroom with a bud-lit ceiling and a feature-dark dance floor may then be revealed behind a 15-metre black curtain with subtle gold embellishments, which is a feature in and of itself.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Night Accommodation

An evening wedding gives the guests and wedding party plenty of time to prepare in the morning and allows for optimal time to get formal photos completed either before the events begin or in-between the ceremony and reception.

The big decision lots of couples are asking themselves is whether to spend it together or stick to tradition and sleep apart. It really is entirely up to you. There isn't a rule that says you have to but here's what's most important: that you relax. You'll want to rest up so you're totally prepared for your wedding.

How do you celebrate your honeymoon? Every couple likes to spend their honeymoon by indulging in romantic things like a dinner date, exploring quaint places, club-hopping, and adventurous activities. You can include all the things that you like to do in your itinerary to make your honeymoon a special one.

rehearsal dinner is typically held the night before a wedding, and like the name suggests, is a rehearsal to the following day's events. This dinner is a great opportunity for both the bride and groom's family and friends to mingle and spend some quality time with the couple before the actual wedding.

The tradition of spending the wedding eve apart is when to-be-weds refrain from seeing one another the night before their wedding, often until the ceremony. The superstitious consequences of not abiding include a failed, unlucky, or unhappy marriage.

Whitestone Events Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne


whitestone events


Everything About Whitestone Oozes Elegance.

As visitors approach an event area that is totally unique and unheard-of, jaws will drop and eyes will open. A seductive image of velvet walls, shiny white flooring, and a lavish garden sky filled with lush foliage. All of this beauty is illuminated by a glitzy collection of diamond chandeliers that sparkle throughout the hanging garden above. This one-of-a-kind event venue is nothing short of magical and is sure to make a mark on anybody who experiences her charm.

About Whitestone

Whitestone is worlds away from the clinical reproduction of other event spaces and will transport guests to a faraway land. It's intoxicating for the heart and soul as much as the eyes. Whitestone will surpass all expectations with its whimsical, opulent, and unique experience.

When your event location is this amazing, there is no need for extravagant styling expenses. The Melbourne Event Florals showroom, though, is right next door. They offer a full range of styling goods, including chairs, staging, backdrops, and, of course, meeting all of your floral needs. They are one of Melbourne's best event hiring companies. This already stunning place will become uniquely yours with their professional decorating advice and wide selection of rental items.

Stones Of The Yarra Valley Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne


stones of the yarra valley


Stones Of The Yarra Valley

We are happy to inform that starting on Saturday, November 6, Stones of the Yarra Valley will reopen its doors in accordance with State Government rules. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their help and support during this tremendously trying time. We have all managed to weather this storm in our own unique ways, and we can now look forward to lighter days filled with warmth, love, friends, family, food, wine, and activities. We hope to see you soon from all of us here at Stones!

All visitors must be double-vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine that has been approved by the TGA, as you are doubtless aware, in order to be admitted. It's a wild new world for us too, so even though our staff will gladly request documentation of your vaccination status upon your arrival at our lovely location, we respectfully ask that you be nice and polite in helping us with this process.

Stones of the Yarra Valley has grown from the dilapidated, weathered remains of a barn that had been abandoned for decades to become the region's top wine and cuisine destination. Stones of the Yarra Valley, which combines two outstanding venues, The Barn and The Stables at Stones, with a stunning rough-rendered Chapel and Dairy nestled under century-old oak trees, is located on one of the most picturesque and historic properties in the Yarra Valley. It has uninterrupted views across vines to the blue-tinged Great Divide.

Weddings At Stones Of The Yarra Valley

The most outstanding wedding destination in the area is Stones of the Yarra Valley, which combines heritage and urbane sophistication to create an unrivaled setting for celebrations. With uninterrupted 360 degree views across vineyards to the blue-tinged mountains beyond, Stones of the Yarra Valley combines a magnificent dining space rising from the stunning remnants of an 1860's barn with the beauty of a rough-rendered chapel built under century-old oak trees.

City West Accommodation Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne


city west accommodation wedding night accommodations melbourne


Williamstown Accommodation

Williamstown lodging and residences are the focus of the locally owned and operated family business City West Accommodation. providing short-term or long-term guests with comfort, cleanliness, convenience, and a personal touch.

We have a property to suit your needs, whether you're coming to Williamstown for the weekend to attend a special event or looking to stay for months or years for employment or to relocate. All of the properties are in the bayside city of Williamstown, close to the city's attractions, necessities, and dining options.

The goal of City West Accommodation is to provide clean, pleasant living with a personal touch. Offering weekly servicing, owners and managers, Lynne and Stephen live locally and are always available to make your stay an enjoyable one.

Yering Station Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne


yering station wedding night accommodations melbourne


Weddings & Functions

Discover the best in food, drink, and service. Our opulent property guarantees that there is an event area for every occasion, from small-scale gatherings to large-scale affairs. Our estate offers a diverse selection of locations, from our sleek, contemporary restaurant to our traditionally restored Heritage Barn. Find the ideal space and make an inquiry right away. For lunches Monday through Sunday and dinners Monday through Saturday, event reservations are accepted. Unfortunately, Christmas Day is a holiday for us.

About Us

At Yering Station, the first vineyard in Victoria was started in 1838. Find out more about our innovative past, world-class vineyards, winemaking ethos, dedicated crew, and more. Yering Station is claims to be Victoria's first vineyard, with its first vines planted in 1838. Our vineyards, a gem of the Yarra Valley, create exceptional cool climate wines known for their expressive varietal integrity.

Our winery, which is regarded as one of the top ones in the area, draws praise and interest from wine enthusiasts all over the world. Likewise, our estate offers a totally unique Yarra Valley wine experience with its beautiful gardens, gorgeous gourmet restaurant, and vintage cellar door.


For almost two centuries, Yering Station has played a crucial role in the history of Victorian wine. Yering Station, which was founded in 1838 by the intrepid Ryrie brothers, began as a modest vineyard and cow property. After passing through several different families over the following centuries, the property was finally purchased by the Rathbone family in 1996, and they have since developed it into a top-notch vineyard and resort.

Portsea Hotel Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne


portsea hotel wedding night accommodations melbourne


We Live By The Bay

The most picturesque hotel on the Mornington Peninsula is the Portsea Hotel, which is situated on the Port Phillip Bay coastline. It's The Ideal Place To Stay, Drink, Or Dine By The Bay. It Was Established In 1876 And Recently Renovated. In just 1.5 hours' drive from Melbourne's central business district, the Portsea Hotel will have you feeling like you're on vacation.


The Portsea Hotel is the most picturesque hotel on the Mornington Peninsula, perched on the Port Phillip Bay coast with expansive views of the bay's calm, sparkling waters. The Portsea Hotel is the perfect location for a tranquil stay, bay-side dining, a lovely wedding, or a leisurely afternoon in the beer garden. The Portsea Hotel, located just 1.5 hours' drive from Melbourne's CBD, will quickly give you the impression that you are on vacation.

Tatra Receptions Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne


tatra receptions


Tatra's New Look

We're pleased to inform that Tatra Receptions has undergone its recently spectacular refurbishment. All of our brides and grooms can choose from brand-new white Napoleon banquet seats (we are the only wedding venue in Melbourne with these specially imported chairs). Beautifully constructed steel doors that were intended to let the forest inside our great ballroom. A fresh neutral color scheme in calm tones would modernize the whole venue. a bar made of new Calcutta marble. A fanciful wedding changing area with a woodland theme that serves as the ideal getaway for you and your bridal party on your special day. modern entryways with hardwood floors and fresh paintings. All of our brides and grooms have access to modern, free-form flower arrangements. Our pre-dinner room has new furnishings and color highlights, such as a pathway of mirrors, couches, and a redone window seat that runs the length of the room and looks out onto the Dandenong hills forest.

Immerse Yarra Valley Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne


immerse yarra valley wedding night accommodations melbourne


Stunning Yarra Valley Wedding Venue, Winery & Restaurant

Immerse, a stunning wedding location, renowned restaurant, and boutique vineyard all rolled into one, is located in the picturesque Yarra Valley. Rolling vines, picture-perfect gardens, stunning accommodation, succulent food and two beautiful chapels combine to create the Yarra Valley wedding you dream of. Yarra Glen, Healesville, and other nearby Yarra Valley tourist sites and lodging are all within a short drive of Immerse's Dixons Creek location.

The Myles Family

The Myles family, who have a deep passion for excellent food and wine, owns Immerse Winery. Owners Steve and Helen came to the conclusion that the Yarra Valley has some of the best products of any region after visiting several of the world's best culinary and wine destinations. Immerse was founded as a result of their aspirations to create the perfect wine and cuisine experience.

Helen and Steve, who own the family business, have assembled a staff who are passionate about the food, wine, and—most importantly—creating a memorable experience for every client. The wedding team at Immerse works hard to implement each couple's ideal wedding, ensuring that it is a day they will fondly remember for the rest of their lives. You join the Immerse family once you've been to the company!

Balgownie Estate Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne


balgownie estate wedding night accommodations melbourne


Balgownie Yarra Valley And Bendigo

In the Yarra Valley and Bendigo, respectively, Balgownie is a vineyard and lodging attraction that offers traditional pleasures. With a restaurant, function space, and resort with 70 rooms and a spa, Yarra Valley offers ultimate comfort. Perfect for extended meals, spontaneous trips, or special occasions. With homestead and cottage lodging, a restaurant, and a cellar door, Bendigo offers a traditional adventure.

In addition to luxurious amenities, exquisite food and wine, and warm hospitality, we also provide breathtaking views. Every visit is simple, reassuring, and enjoyable because we enjoy giving our guests laid-back experiences. Every Balgownie experience revolves around enjoying fine wine, whether it be dining in our restaurant while taking in the view of the Yarra Valley or unwinding in central Victoria under the stars.

Quest Apartment Hotels Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne


quest apartment hotels meeting rooms melbourne


Australasia's Leading Apartment Hotel Brand

The Ascott Limited, the world's largest network of serviced apartments, includes Quest Apartment Hotels as a member. Quest has accumulated 170 metropolitan, regional, and suburban locations in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Fiji over the course of its 33-year history. The needs of Quest's primary market—the contemporary business traveler—are carefully considered in the creation of these sophisticated venues. We make corporate travel simple at Quest.

With hotels managed by enthusiastic local owners who have what we like to refer to as "skin in the game," Quest works on a franchising basis. Quest is a dependable partner for important stakeholders because of these devoted individuals' dedication to the continuous success of their respective companies. With a plan to add 10+ buildings to the company's UK portfolio by 2025, Quest has ambitions for significant global growth over the coming years in response to the growing demand for high-quality apartment-style lodging internationally. Quest has recently been honored for its accomplishments on the international arena, winning multiple prestigious accolades in the hospitality, franchising, and corporate sectors.

Why Quest?

A long period of time spent away from home might be tough to adjust to. The smoothest transition possible is our first priority at Quest for all of our long-stay guests. Our roomy, chic long-term accommodations offer a cozy home away from home so you can unwind and fully appreciate your visit.

open-concept apartments with plenty of space that may be configured to meet your needs. convenient places around Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji in urban and suburban areas. Competitive pricing for the entire stay, with no extra fees for key events

Motels In Box Hill And Burwood Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne


motels in box hill and burwood wedding night accommodations melbourne


Motels In Box Hill And Burwood, Quality Motels In Box Hill

Book a room at the Box Hill Motel for a relaxing stay in Burwood. Call us right away because we're one of the top hotels around Box Hill and Burwood. You can rely on us for a secure, cheap, and comfortable stay because Box Hill Motel has been providing accommodation to locals and tourists in East Melbourne for more than 20 years. No of your reasons for visiting the region, we can accommodate you because we have bookings available all year round.

We have what you require, whether you require a single room for a brief visit or a family accommodation for an extended vacation. With air conditioning and TVs hanging on the wall in each room, our rooms are cozy and designed to feel like a home away from home. Whether you're traveling for business, a family vacation, or are simply passing through, reserve with Box Hill Motel today.

Located Near Burwood

If you're looking for a cozy, peaceful, and reasonably priced location to stay in Burwood, head down to the Box Hill Motel. We are conveniently placed close to transportation alternatives and neighborhood activities, and our accommodations are welcoming and clean. All types of tourists are welcome here.

Make Your Stay Comfortable

Visitors can enjoy country-style hospitality at the Box Hill Motel. No matter why you're here, we're happy to see you. We frequently accommodate vacationers, business travelers, golf club members, and families that require a nearby hotel when a member of their family is a patient at the Box Hill Hospital.

Pick the Box Hill Motel while you're looking at hotels. We are ideally adjacent to trains, trams, buses, and both Deakin University and Box Hill Town Hall. Visit our page on neighboring attractions to find out more about the area.

Families, couples, seniors, and lone travelers can all stay in one of the many types and sizes of rooms we have available. You can choose a room size and arrangement that suits for you by looking at our rooms. On our gallery page, you can also see images of our hotel and its rooms.

Hotel Chadstone Accommodation And Hotel Brighton Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne


hotel chadstone accommodation and hotel brighton wedding night accommodations melbourne


Welcome To Hotel Chadstone Melbourne Mgallery By Sofitel

Hotel Chadstone Melbourne forms part of the world-class retail, dining, lifestyle and entertainment destination Chadstone – The Fashion Capital. The 12-storey, 250-room hotel, including a rooftop bar, swimming pool and day spa, offers panoramic views from Port Phillip Bay to the CBD and across the Dandenong Ranges, setting a new benchmark for luxury accommodation outside Melbourne's city centre.

Every aspect of the design, including the custom, constantly-changing digital art piece at the entrance, has been taken into account throughout the lobby, event areas, and suites. Custom lighting, brass and leather finishes, opulent amenities, and a locally sourced minibar with renowned Victorian produce are all included in the guest rooms. The Chadstone Melbourne Hotel is the second hotel in Australia to receive the rating as a result, and it has a 5 Star Green Star Design.

A bar menu inspired by seasonal delicacies gathered from the verdant Victorian countryside tempts guests at Altus' rooftop bar venue on level 12. Altus is a venue equally suitable for an unforgettable high tea, a laid-back evening, or an event unlike any other. Before you eat, sip Champagne at the cozy Altus Rooftop wine bar.

Luxury Accommodation In Australia's Fashion Capital

Welcome to Hotel Chadstone Melbourne MGallery by Sofitel, the only five-star luxury hotel in South-East Melbourne that perfectly captures the city's love of avant-garde designers and artisanal traditions. The Hotel Chadstone Melbourne MGallery by Sofitel, a haven of style located close to Melbourne, provides the ideal luxury vacation. Its distinctive design successfully blends exclusivity and comfort, giving visitors a sense of home during their stay while simultaneously escorting them into a world of glitz and luxury. This five-star hotel was designed with the best possible guest experience in mind and offers exclusive activities, great service, and views of the Melbourne skyline, Port Phillip Bay, and the Dandenong Ranges.

Crowne Plaza Melbourne Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne

crowne plaza melbourne wedding night accommodations melbourne

(03) 91117624

For three decades, Melbourne's famous Crowne Plaza has had a significant impact on the city's rich cultural past. Recently reimagined, discover Crowne Plaza Melbourne's new modern era proudly situated within the architectural façade that is innately recognized along the Yarra River. Escape to our hotel's prime riverfront location. You'll wake up feeling rested and revitalized thanks to the roomy accommodations with unparalleled city skyline and river views. Our Docklands hotel provides 432 contemporary rooms with plush linen and top-notch amenities to guarantee a relaxing stay.

You'll be pleasantly delighted the next time you stay at the hotel, from the new areas to connect and work to the innovative restaurant and bar outlets that tempt customers to refuel and rejuvenate. Our news organizations challenge the standards for hotels, restaurants, and bars because they are located in a culturally and artistically vibrant city. Unexpected textures, mismatched furniture, different wall coverings, and tiles, along with menus that are unique to each room, may be found throughout.

Inside our brand-new workout center, replete with cutting-edge TechnoGym equipment and floor space for the aspiring yogi, keep your wellness routine in check while you're on the go. Or dive into the newly designed rooftop pool, our personal haven atop the hotel.

What's On In Melbourne

Melbourne is the most populous city in Victoria and the second-most populated city in Australia, with a total population of 5 million. Melbourne is the multicultural and cultural center of Australia and a city for everyone. Indigenous Australians had been residing in the Melbourne area for more than 30,000 years prior to the arrival of European settlers. The city was established on August 30th, 1835, and on April 10th, 1837, Governor-General Richard Bourne gave it the name Melbourne. Melbourne is now home to people from more than 200 nations, and more than 230 languages are spoken there. More than a quarter of the city's residents were born abroad. Therefore, visiting Melbourne is like visiting the entire planet.

Melbourne Attractions

One of the most visited cities in Australia is Melbourne. This vibrant city is full of pleasure, and only a short drive away are breathtaking natural beauties. It should therefore come as no surprise that Melbourne is the most popular travel destination worldwide. Come to Melbourne right away to discover a whole new world of possibility and adventure! Bring your camera, put on your best grin, and visit these highly regarded Melbourne sites to get beautiful photos to take home.

Crown Hotels Melbourne Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne


crown hotels melbourne wedding night accommodations melbourne


We at Crown Melbourne are happy to welcome you back to our main gaming floor, hotels, and a few of our favorite restaurants, pubs, and entertainment venues without incident. Click here for the most recent information on the locations that are open. Click here to find out how we are safely welcoming you back.

The Victorian Government requires that guests over the age of 16 wishing to visit any hospitality venue and staff working at these hospitality venues be fully vaccinated. As a result, upon their arrival at the complex, crown Melbourne will demand that everyone of these visitors present formal proof of immunization or a medical contraindication certificate. If formal vaccination documentation or a certificate of a medical contraindication cannot be shown, entry may be refused.

Start Your Crown Melbourne Career

With over 700 different work types in all areas of the Entertainment, Hospitality, Corporate, and Gaming industries, Crown offers a distinctive range of employment and career development options. Crown currently employs over 12,000 people across locations in Perth and Melbourne and is expanding quickly. Our business welcomes cultural diversity and draws clients from all walks of life.

Events At Crown

From stunning outdoor terraces and grand ballrooms to private dining areas in some of the city's most popular eateries, Crown Melbourne can provide an enhanced experience that will wow every visitor. Whether you're organizing a birthday or engagement party, a corporate event, an exhibition, or a conference, our customized approach and renowned service guarantee that every Event will be one to remember.

Sheldon Reception Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne


sheldon reception wedding night accommodations melbourne


About Us

Of all days, your wedding day demands perfection. Sheldon Reception is family owned and operated and is committed to providing an amazing experience for you and your guests. With three opulent reception spaces that can accommodate between 70 and 650 guests, you can count on a professional approach when working with us to prepare your big day. Entrust your wedding reception to Sheldon, and it will truly be an Unforgettable Story to be shared.

Luxury Weddings & Events

takes pride in offering a thorough, professional approach while working with you to arrange your big day. The wedding planners at the venue, who have over 20 years of expertise, can help you plan the picture-perfect wedding you've always imagined. Sheldon Reception has everything you need to not just make your day run well but be extra exceptional, including entertainment, wedding cakes, and luxury vehicles. Exceptional service standards, outstanding presentation, and a welcoming team will guarantee that you and your guests have a memorable day.

Sheldon-specific characteristics that pop up in this area will thrill and surprise your visitors. In a completely enclosed, stunning glass elevator, you slowly rise through the floor to welcome your guests.

This lovely space is great for a smaller wedding or special event. It is romantic and sophisticated, comfortably seating 70–240 guests. The atmosphere is charming and unexpectedly intimate thanks to the excellent lighting.

Depending on the nature of your event, The Sheldon Gardens offers very flexible seating options. It is also very well-liked for supper dances, a variety of business gatherings, and luncheons.

Glen Albyn Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne

glen albyn wedding accommodations melbourne


Simply A Stunning Experience

Looking for a spectacular location to host a wedding or event? Only 12 minutes from Hobart, on 15 acres, is the outstanding boutique event site known as Glen Albyn Estate. The home is opulent, private, and offers breathtaking views of the Derwent River. We provide a distinctive environment, fantastic food, and exceptional service.

We Are Passionate About Our Food

We can host any sort of event at Glen Albyn Estate, from gourmet BBQs to cocktail-style dinners with a mix of informal and sit-down seating and all-night roving canapés, tapas, food stations, or buffets to the most formal sit-down dinner with a 3-course menu or a degustation dinner.

Chg Australia Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne


chg australia wedding night accommodations melbourne


Melbourne's Premier Hospitality Provider

In one of the hippest and easiest-to-access inner-city neighborhoods, South Melbourne, Commercial Hospitality Group provides a remarkable choice of elegant venues for gatherings and events of all sizes. Just let us know what you need, and we'll handle the rest to make sure your event is a smashing success with no stress.

What's On

Major holidays are observed by Commercial Hospitality Group, including Mother's Day, Father's Day, the AFL Grand Final, the Super Bowl, the Melbourne Cup, and New Year's Eve. Nevertheless, there are always a variety of activities and pop-up events taking place in our locations all year round. Keep up with what's happening by following our event social media pages, and keep checking back for all the newest CHG Australia events!

Wedding Postponed? Here's What To Do Next.

If your ideal wedding was set for 2020, it's possible that your well made preparations were upset and you had to postpone your special day. However, there are many choices for local weddings, both for couples whose Melbourne nuptials have been postponed and for those whose destination wedding plans have been forcibly grounded, as government-mandated COVID restrictions gradually begin to lift.

A Growing Business

The position, adaptability, and famous Melbourne city perspective of Commercial Hospitality Group, which is situated in the center of South Melbourne, are unmatched. The Main Hall, Topiary, Rooftop Terrace, Hennessy Room, and Garden Bar are just a few of CHG's important locations that are ideal for celebrating any occasion. So that you don't have to, our skilled hospitality team takes care of every aspect of your culinary needs and audio-visual requirements, whether it's a corporate occasion, birthday, Christmas party, or wedding. We are excited to get started and devoted to working with you to plan the most amazing day.

Ballara Wedding Accommodations Melbourne


ballara receptions wedding venue melbourne


The Complete Wedding Experience

We offer a unique experience on your wedding day because we were established in 1987 and are still owned and run by the same family. Located at the foothills of the Yarra Valley, you will find everything you had dreamed of in the one location at Ballara.

For your ceremony, choose from one of the various spots in our private English gardens or our on-site chapel. There are plenty of photo opportunities on-site, so you don't even have to leave Ballara to capture those unforgettable moments. Without the effort and stress of traveling to other places, wander around the lake to find our flowing waterfall, enormous swing, lakeside jetty, rustic LOVE letters, and rose arbours, to mention a few.

In our magnificent ballroom, complete with shimmering chandeliers, a spacious central dance floor, and windows overlooking the fairy-lit gardens, you can unwind and enjoy the reception. Since no two weddings are the same, we would be happy to customize a quote and package for you and learn what's essential to you for your wedding day. To make sure everything works out for you, our staff is by your side from the very first inspection through the entire planning phase and the big day.

Ceremony, Weddings, Photo Opportunities

6 beautiful settings are available for your ceremony. Say your vows in the beautiful church, lakeside gazebo, or scenic gardens before a breathtaking sunset. With capacity for 60 to 160 guests, our magnificent ballroom makes the ideal setting for your event. To design the reception of your dreams, choose from one of our sit-down cocktail, graze, or high tea type packages. We are a "one-stop shop for your perfect day" because to our limitless photo options and exclusive use of Ballara. Select from beautiful backdrops like a tranquil garden, a lake and waterfall, or nighttime images with beautiful fairy lights.


Celebrate business gatherings, birthdays, and anniversaries, as well as all other great moments in life, in style. For our clients, we firmly believe in going above and beyond to ensure that their events surpass all expectations.

Leonda By The Yarra Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne

leonda by the yarra wedding venue melbourne


About Leonda By The Yarra

In 1970, when John Gorton was the Prime Minister and seatbelts were made required in all vehicles in Victoria, Leonda's remarkable career began. The building that Leonda presently resides in was formerly known as the Hawthorn Tea Gardens, a famous spot for boats to dock and for ladies to mingle while sipping tea and munching scones and taking in the stunning surroundings. Leon Jolson and David Walker, partners, purchased the area after the Hawthorn Tea Gardens tragically burned down and constructed Melbourne's top welcome center there. The magnificent receiving center was given the name Leonda, a combination of Leon and David.

A Romanian heavyweight lifter attended a Leonda event in the middle of the 1980s while competing in Melbourne's World Heavyweight Lifting Championships. He vanished during the night. There was a significant police investigation because it was thought he was looking for safety in Australia. There was a lot of media coverage on this.

We invite you to join us in celebrating our remarkable history as a genuine landmark of Melbourne by looking through our photo collection to observe how Leonda has changed while yet maintaining true to its origins. Leonda is looking for couples who were married at the location around 1970, during its early years of operation, to really build our timeline.

Quat Quatta Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne


quat quatta wedding night accommodations melbourne



a superb boutique location. Award-winning menus, breathtaking photo possibilities, and first-rate service from a skilled workforce. Unrivaled setting for 200 cocktails or 50–160 seated guests. On-site celebrations. Providing shelter from every type of weather in a number of exquisitely planned areas.

The possibilities are unlimited when our imaginations work together. Tables might be long, short, round, earthy, organic, trendy, or traditional. Delicious, seasonal, and fresh. Our goal is to leave you with unfulfilled dreams. You're in good hands with your membership in the Restaurant & Caterers Hall of Fame.


Wonderful photo opportunities everywhere. several external possibilities Festoon lights, green walls, and traditional architecture.

Lyrebird Falls Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne


lyrebird falls wedding night accommodations melbourne


About Us

Along with Lyrebird Falls, we also own Poet's Lane and Tatra, two well-known wedding locations in the stunning Dandenong Ranges, about 35 kilometers from the heart of Melbourne.

Lyrebird Falls' s soaring trees, luxuriant ferns, and gurgling streams all draw visitors. Nevertheless, we frequently hear that the attentive and knowledgeable service provided by our wedding coordinators makes a difference in the numerous weddings and receptions we arrange. Our wedding planners know how to turn your aspirations into reality after being selected as the best for two years in a row at the Australian Bridal Industry Awards.

The majority of our wedding planners have been with us for many years, and they will work closely with you to make sure that your vision for your special wedding ceremony and reception comes to life. Your wedding organizer will have your full attention because there is just one wedding ceremony performed there each day.


The stained glass wedding chapel, which has won Best Ceremony Venue in Victoria for the past two years in a row (Australian Bridal Industry Awards), is the ideal location for exchanging vows. The pleasure of having your wedding ceremony right in the middle of the stunning Dandenongs is enhanced by the wedding chapel's mirrored walls. This little area is flooded with natural light, making it an exquisite and distinctive wedding venue for pictures on your special day.

Garden Gazebo

A garden gazebo that is set within a forest offers a wonderfully magical location for your outdoor wedding celebration. While listening to soft music playing in the gardens, stroll through the lovely bluestone pavers, past the bubbling waterfall, across the Dandenongs' thick fern backdrop, and down the aisle. We may shift your wedding ceremony to our quaint stained-glass chapel if the weather changes.

Clarion Suites Gateway Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne


clarion suites gateway wedding night accommodations melbourne


The Clarion Suites Gateway is the perfect base for both business and leisure travelers because it is located on the banks of the Yarra River in the center of Melbourne's central business area. Our Melbourne CBD hotel prioritizes your comfort by providing 120 apartment-style suites with full kitchens, laundry rooms, broadband Internet, and other conveniences. While staying with us, visitors can arrange meetings in one of our distinctive event spaces, such the Yarra View Room, enjoy delicious meals at William's Bar and Café, or cool down in our indoor heated pool.

Services & Amenities

Offering four-and-a-half star service with a smile, the staff at Clarion Suites Gateway can assist you with anything you may need during your visit. During your visit, take use of the indoor heated pool, sun deck, broadband Internet access, free use of the nearby gym, on-site eating at William's Bar & Café, and more.


The Clarion Apartments Gateway, which is only a few steps from the Yarra River, offers breathtaking river views from its cozy guestrooms and suites. The Crown Entertainment Complex, Melbourne Aquarium, top-notch shopping, thrilling sporting arenas, and significant local enterprises are all within a short drive of the Clarion Suites Gateway, which is situated in the center of Melbourne's Central Business District.


Everyone who stays at Clarion Suites Gateway enjoys how accessible it is to the main attractions, whether they are traveling with kids or on business. Minutes from sporting arenas, the Crown Casino & Entertainment Complex, Southgate dining and shopping, and more, there is never a lack of activities during your stay.

Pullman Hotel And Resort Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne


pullman hotel and resort wedding night accommodations melbourne


One Of The Most Iconic Hotels In Melbourne

Thank you for visiting Pullman Melbourne On The Park. The Pullman Melbourne on the Park is located at the entrance of Melbourne's commercial, culinary, entertainment, and cultural districts. Be motivated by the innovators and business leaders in Melbourne, who are only a short tram or train ride away. Melbourne is a city of invention thanks to the convergence of its business, culture, food, and sports centres. Take the scenic route to get some fresh air and

Five-Star Wedding Venues In Melbourne

In the magnificent Pullman Melbourne on the Park, you can celebrate your wedding in the most lavish manner or in elegant intimacy. Pullman Melbourne on the Park is a superb location for your significant day, with views of the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne Park, and the lovely Fitzroy Gardens. We provide cozy spaces for a private celebration with your closest friends and family. Enjoy a grand celebration in our ballroom with a 550-person sit-down reception and a dance floor. The same ballroom, one of Melbourne's biggest, can accommodate up to 1000 guests for a glittering cocktail reception. Choose from beautiful canapes, lavish grazing platters, delectable two- and three-course dinners, and refreshing beverages for an unforgettable culinary dining and refreshment experience. Planning a wedding is a complicated delight. Pullman can assist you in streamlining the process with our variety of

Pullman Melbourne On The Park Wedding Rfp

One of Melbourne's finest wedding reception locations, Pullman Melbourne On The Park boasts five-star amenities and services. The hotel's 419 modern rooms and suites overlook the famous MCG, Melbourne Park, and lovely Fitzroy Gardens. It also offers world-class wedding sites and individualized ceremony and celebration preparation.

Potters Wedding Night Accommodations Melbourne


potters wedding night accommodations melbourne


Potters Wedding Venue

An amazing experience begins the moment you and your guests arrive at Potters for your wedding.

With its lovely canopy, hand-carved pews, and glass sliding doors with views of our terraced gardens and trimmed lawn, our charming chapel will enchant you from the moment you enter. If you would prefer an outdoor ceremony, we also offer various options like our lovely wisteria courtyard or gazebo lawn, all of which are ideal for a big wedding.

These facilities are connected by brick-paved paths that wind through 6 acres of Australian native gardens with breathtaking waterfalls and are framed by intricate wrought iron handrails. Potters is highly photogenic all year round, regardless of the weather or climate, because the grounds have been created to capture the daily and seasonal changes in light.

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