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Top 30 Wedding Photographers Yarra Valley (2024)

It is exciting to be engaged and start planning the wedding, but it can also feel overwhelming. Suddenly, you have so many decisions to make, and in many cases, you need guidance.

A great place to start is with your photographer, which may seem like an obvious choice, but we hope there are some considerations before booking your wedding photographer that will help guide your decision.

We have compiled a list of wedding photographers in Yarra Valley, so you can find someone that is perfect for you. Read our blog post and find out more information about these talented professionals.

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    Ultimate List of Wedding Photographers in Yarra Valley

    Wild Romantic Photography - Wedding Photographers Yarra Valley

    wild romantic photography

    0434 484 811

    Wild Romantic Wedding Photography & Video Melbourne

    My name is Elle, and I’m a Melbourne wedding photographer and videographer. I specialise in weddings and elopements that have a unique editorial and artistic feel. We specialise in romantic, timeless wedding photography and video that has a modern appeal. We are best known for our creative approach to composition, documentary style of capturing natural moments and heartfelt dedication to our customer service.

    Combining fine art and editorial photography with a skilled and sensitive eye for portraiture, our images garnered acclaim for their honesty, vulnerability and unfeigned connection to their subjects. Named one of the top Wedding Photographers in Melbourne, Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula by Vogue Ballroom, Brighton Savoy and Vines of the Yarra Valley.

    Award-Winning Melbourne Wedding Photographer

    Capturing over 2500 happily-ever-after moments since 2004, Wild Romantic Wedding Photography is the perfect choice for your Melbourne wedding. We offer an all-inclusive package that includes everything you need to capture your big day in stunning detail. From engagement shoots to family portraits and even pet photos, we’ve got you covered!

    Classic Melbourne Photography for the Modern Couple.

    Combining fine art and editorial photography with a skilled and sensitive eye for portraiture, it isn’t just photos you receive but moments captured as well. Wild Romantic is a Melbourne-based boutique photography studio specialising in romantic, wedding, and engagement photos. Our goal is to create imagery that moves people, images of natural beauty with an artistic flair that honour the uniqueness in every bride and groom while capturing their personality and love story.

    Our business is based, fundamentally, on the connections and relationships we cultivate with you, our clients. By relying on the satisfaction of others, we work tirelessly to ensure that you have an exclusive and genuinely fun experience. Everyone has a story that deserves to be told – we consider it an honour and a privilege to be allowed to tell yours.

    Our Story

    Founded in 2016, Wild Romantic Photography is a collective of passionate image-makers and energetic doers. We are dedicated to telling love stories with photography that captures authentic moments of joy and connection.

    Based in Australia, we can find beauty in locations across the world, as well as those closer to home. We’ve shot on windswept beaches and city rooftops, in secret gardens and historic homesteads.

    We partner with our clients to help them navigate their big day, and we know it’s just as important to have fun and be in the moment as it is to document the event.

    Our photographs are taken with care and skill and made to be treasured for a lifetime.

    Our Founder

    Elle Alihos grew up in the migrant farming communities of rural Victoria. Her childhood taught her to love nature and big skies, and the values of Mediterranean culture: family, food, history, generosity and coming together to celebrate life.

    She brings these inspirations together with a passion for art, photography and film to her work at Wild Romantic. Holding a BA in Commercial Photography, Elle has photographed more than 100 weddings for 100 happy couples.

    Celebrating marriages in her family and community has always been an important way of connecting to culture. Elle admits to being obsessed with weddings and is always searching for meaningful ways to document ‘I do’.

    Our Professional Photographers are Here to Ensure You Will Always Have a Piece of Your Special Day

    From full-day packages for your Melbourne wedding to a pre-wedding photography session in Sydney – we’re ready to capture every moment. Browse our packaging and prices page to find the perfect fit for your special day. Whether you’re having a wedding along the beautiful coastline of Mornington Peninsula or a reception at the stunning wineries of Yarra Valley – there’s a package to ensure the best coverage of this momentous event.

    Icon Photography - Wedding Photographers Yarra Valley

    icon photography melbourne
    icon photography melbourne

    0424 858 245


    We at ICON PHOTOGRAPHY MELBOURNE are a family-run company. Con, a professional photographer, and his wife Rebecca, a studio manager, support you every step of the way, from your initial point of contact to the design of your wedding album and your big day. Con is genuinely committed to providing you with timeless, exquisite images that you will enjoy forever.

    To make sure your day is carefree, joyful, and fun, our complete crew will always go above and above. We produce images that will impress your family and make your friends jealous. The majority of our packages include two weeks of turnaround time, a full day of coverage, and no cap on the number of photographs we may capture.

    We want you to have enduring memories of your special day. We were also named one of Melbourne's top wedding photographers by Vogue Ballroom & Vine of the Yarra Valley.

    Rick Liston Wedding Photographer

    rickliston yarra valley wedding photographer

    Rick Liston is based in the heart of the Yarra Valley and has a reputation that goes beyond just being a wedding photographer. He is known as an oracle of Yarra Valley weddings and is probably the best person to guide you through the process of choosing your venue, where to stay, and which other vendors to get on board for each particular venue. His work is characterized by its raw, unguarded, and real portrayal of weddings, capturing print-worthy moments in a way that resonates with his clients for a lifetime. His style and sense of humor, along with his dad dance, provide a fun and energetic personality that is reflected in his photography.

    With hundreds of Yarra Valley weddings under his belt, Rick Liston has extensive experience in the field. His familiarity with Yarra Valley wedding venues allows him to focus his creative energy on the couples he photographs rather than worrying about the logistics of the venue. This depth of experience affords him a high level of professionalism and an ability to capture the essence of a wedding day in a way that is both unique and deeply personal.

    Contact details:
    Rick Liston + Co
    Healesville, Yarra Valley

    Michael Briggs Photography - Wedding Photographer Yarra Valley

    michael briggs

    0421 461 299

    I’m a Yarra Valley Wedding Photographer

    Although I go by Briggsy most of the time, my name is Michael. Thank you so much for visiting my website; I'm honored to even be a small part of your day. Since I've been photographing weddings full-time for more than 5 years, it constantly astounds me that I've been able to make a profession doing what I truly enjoy.

    I attend every wedding I photograph in order to fully immerse myself in the event and blend in. I want to be present to record all of those incredible moments as they naturally develop and take place. Hello, my name is Michael; however, most people call me Briggsy. I am a Yarra Valley wedding photographer, the husband of the lovely Kelly, the incredibly proud father of our daughter Quinn, our son Klay, and our boxer dog Ruby.

    Since you'll be collaborating closely with your photographer during the preparation and celebration of your wedding day, I believe it's essential that you get to know them. I'm also not the type of person to uncomfortably and silently stand in the corner and zoom in. So, how do you know the couple? is one of my favorite indirect compliments I can receive from a wedding guest. Being treated more as a friend of the couple and wedding guest rather than just paid help is always nice.

    Wedding Photography FAQs

    A wedding is typically one of the most memorable days in a lifetime, which people remember for years to come. For most couples, regular pictures just won’t do. Wedding photography is a big business and a very specialised type of photography.

    Wedding photography is the photography of activities relating to weddings. It encompasses photographs of the couple before marriage as well as coverage of the wedding and reception. It is a major commercial endeavour that supports the bulk of the efforts of many photography studios or independent photographers. 

    Wedding photography involves taking photographs of wedding ceremonies and participants. However, most professionals realise that wedding photography has much more than simply snapping a few pictures. Only the highest quality and most original photographs will do.

    The number of photographs taken at an average wedding is staggering. The most important photographs are usually those of the bride and groom and the rest of the wedding party. Subjects in many of these photos are usually meticulously posed. However, candid shots are also taken at weddings, such as photos of the little girl dancing on her father’s feet or the bride smashing cake in the groom’s face. These types of shots are sometimes the most treasures.

    Besides photographs of people, photographs of inanimate objects are also taken at weddings. Some of the most commonly photographed items include the chapel, cake, gown, and rings.

    Brides who want truly unique and memorable wedding photographs can also usually choose to have a special “trash the dress” session after their wedding as well. These sessions usually include taking photographs of the bride wearing her dress in unusual or even dirty environments. A bride might choose to have her photograph taken while frolicking in the surf, for example, or lying in a field.

    The first thing – and most important – thing that a wedding photographer does is to meet with his clients. This is usually the bride and groom or a representative of the family. During the initial meeting, the wedding photographer and clients will discuss the wedding details and what types of photographs the clients would prefer. Essentially, the photographer must get a feel for his client’s style.

    Once these plans have been discussed, the wedding photographer will usually scout out the venue before the wedding. If possible, many photographers will usually visit the venue several days or weeks before the actual wedding date.

    On the wedding day, a wedding photographer is often one of the first ones to arrive. Typically, he will bring at least one assistant or additional photographer with him to help. These additional professionals may be responsible for anything from carrying equipment to taking photographs.

    The first wedding photographs are taken before the actual wedding even begins. These photographs often include shots of the dress, the bride getting ready, and the groom waiting with his groomsmen. If time permits, many photographers will also pose and shoot members of the wedding party.

    Several photographs are also usually taken during the wedding ceremony itself. Some classic wedding shots include the flower girl walking down the aisle, the bride’s father giving her away, and the couple taking their wedding vows. Of course, wedding photographers will also usually get shots of one of the most crucial moments – the newlywed’s first kiss.

    Couples will usually have the photographer stay for the reception as well. Here, he will usually take photographs of the tables, presents, and cake. Classic photographs of the bride throwing the bouquet and the father-daughter dance are also taken at this time. He will also take several candid shots of the wedding party and guests enjoying themselves. These difficult shots are sometimes very hard to get, and a wedding photographer should react quickly since these moments can pass in the blink of an eye.

    A wedding photographer’s job doesn’t end after the wedding ceremony and reception, however. At an average wedding, each photographer will usually take hundreds or even thousands of photographs. Unfortunately, out of all of these photographs, only a small percentage are usable. Therefore, a wedding photographer will typically only choose the best pictures, discarding them out of focus, boring, or just generally unacceptable. Some photographs may also need to be retouched. Afterwards, he will usually help the newlyweds choose the best possible photographs of their special day.

    You will need a few key pieces of equipment to capture the best moments at a wedding shoot:

    • A camera. Invest in a camera that suits your needs and delivers high-quality images—either a mirrorless camera or a DSLR will work. When selecting a camera, choose one with fast shutter speeds and reliable autofocus. While you can edit wedding photographs after the ceremony, the initial quality of the images will determine the final result.
    • Lenses. Wide-angle zooms are ideal for group photoshoots and candid shots, while macro lenses work better for close-ups and small details (like rings, table settings, or the bouquet). Keep various lenses on hand for different shots and scenarios, so you can swap them out when necessary.
    • External flashes and diffusers. Some weddings take place at night or at venues where there is low natural light. Bringing your light source allows you to control the lighting and helps you avoid taking blurry photos. A flashgun or other external camera flash (along with a diffuser to soften) are good light sources to add to your arsenal.
    • Extra accessories. Keep extra batteries, chargers, and memory cards in your camera bag to ensure you have backups should anything go wrong with your main gear. If possible, bring a backup camera.


    Is wedding photography the most important thing when it comes to your wedding? Nope, not at all; however, when planning your special day, it should be up there on the priority list of things to look at, budget for and book.

    Wedding photography is important because it will capture your day, capture your memories, tell a story, and not just any story. It will tell a beautiful story of your special day, a day you will never forget. A story that you can show friends and family, your kids, and grandchildren, something you will have and can treasure forever.

    You see your flowers will wilt, and your cake will quickly be eaten, your invites will be binned after the day, your dress shall be worn once, those shoes shall go back into their box, this isn’t me trying to be glum and miserable, this is about perspective, this is about helping you focus your budget on things that you may not put importance on, such as wedding photography.

    There is much more to what I do as a wedding photographer than what you see on the day. A usual wedding will take anywhere from 30 to 40 hours of work on top of the actual day itself.

    As well as the hours of work, there are equipment costs, insurance, marketing, vehicle, phone, internet, power, hard drives and advertising to run a business. A professional wedding photographer doesn’t just have a nice camera and a computer with photoshop.

    Successful wedding photographers must be extremely good at many things at the same time. But, unfortunately, most of them have nothing to do with photography.

    We can’t have a bad day. We must be on top of our game at each wedding we photograph. At any given moment of your wedding day, we must be calm, professional, creative, dedicated, pleasant, friendly, intuitive, empathetic, sensitive, and master of our equipment.

    We must be able to communicate and manage the expectations of everyone on your day, be they a guest or worker. We are with you longer than anyone on your wedding day. Confidence, charm and a sense of humour are other requirements.

    We are your timekeeper. We help keep you on track. As your wedding day unfolds, you will come to understand how the experience we brought to the day was worth every dollar. This, in addition to gorgeous images that capture the love, fun and emotion of your day, is what you are paying for. Equipment, of course, is a major expense, and buying new gear each year is not uncommon. New gear is not to brag about but to consistently deliver better quality images.

    Aria Photography - Wedding Photographers Yarra Valley

    aria photography

    0427 427 424


    Aria Photography, based in the Yarra Valley, documents unforgettable occasions such as the day your closest buddy gets married, the epic after-party, and everything else in between. As a two-photographer team, our passion is to document every detail of your gorgeous wedding day, the genuine moments that happen in-between the moments, and the fantastic tale that you two weave into it.

    I've been photographing since 2009, but I only officially launched Aria Photography in 2012. Since then, it has grown into a bustling little studio located at the entrance to Victoria's Yarra Valley. Even though I spend a lot of time working locally, I still travel throughout Victoria and interstate to photograph happy couples getting married.

    I enjoy working with people and am both professional and incredibly approachable. I really feel that taking pictures of your family and friends at your wedding is just as important as taking pictures of you two and your bridal party (which is part of the reason we have a 2 photographer team). On your wedding day, taking photos should be enjoyable (no cheesy garbage here), and they should never feel like a chore. The "golden hour" is the finest time of day for photographs, and that has to be one of my favorite settings, whether it's a vineyard or your parents' 100-acre farm.

    Immerse Photography - Wedding Photographers Yarra Valley

    immerse photography

    0488 562 557

    Hello there. Genelle, the founder, director, and photographer of Immerse Photography, is on the line now. I appreciate you taking the time to visit my website and look at some of my spectacular weddings. Knowing that so many people adore what I do and ask me to be a part of their incredible wedding days is quite remarkable. Every day I feel privileged to work at a profession I love, run a company I started, and interact with so many fantastic individuals.

    Well, if you enjoy the way my images and website look so far, I'd say you're almost certain to like me because I try to put my personality into everything I make. I've always had a strong appreciation for the aesthetic, which has given me a keen photographic eye. I never settle for anything less than perfection.

    Additionally, I carry this with me in my private life. My house has been tastefully decorated to be the perfect fusion of rustic and elegant elements. I love fashion as well as interior design, and I shop a lot in my spare time. Even so, I continue to be thankful for the little things, like my daily cup of coffee or taking my dogs for a stroll. I try to bring simplicity and splendor to every aspect of my life, and I hope to do the same for your wedding.

    Wedding Snapper - Wedding Photographers Yarra Valley

    wedding snapper

    0415 495 068

    Melbourne & Yarra Valley Wedding Photography

    My name is Simon. The person sitting behind the Wedding Snapper name is myself. In Melbourne, the Yarra Valley, the Macedon Ranges, the Mornington Peninsula, Gippsland, and other locations, my photographers and I provide natural, unposed, and candid wedding photography.

    In essence, it's inexpensive, informal, and candid wedding photography without of the ego that occasionally accompanies a wedding photographer. We enjoy photographing weddings of all sizes, from the largest parties to the smallest gatherings and elopements.

    Friendly & Affordable Wedding Photography

    We provide informal, welcoming, and—possibly most importantly—affordable wedding photography. With client testimonials confirming the high caliber of the service provided, we approach each wedding with a composed yet professional demeanor. Since we typically feel more at ease in front of the camera than behind it, we are skilled at getting the photos you need while also allowing subjects to unwind and have fun. Additionally, it explains why you won't see many photos of us posing for selfies.

    Carley Payne Photography - Wedding Photographer Yarra Valley

    carley payne

    0415 495 068


    a diligent candid wedding photographer from in Melbourne's Yarra Valley who strives to capture every significant moment. I document the memories, the love, and the emotions of your big day so you can cherish them forever, starting with the anticipation of getting dressed and ending with the last moments of the reception.

    Carley Payne - Yarra Valley Wedding Photographer

    Even though the "shooting pictures" side of the business is amazing, there are other aspects of photographing weddings that I adore. I enjoy learning more about you and your life. It’s absolutely beautiful seeing the look in your eyes as you walk down the aisle about to join hands with the love of your life, capturing your husband-to-be’s smile as he sees you for the first time in your radiant dress.

    Ashleigh Haase Photography - Wedding Photographer Yarra Valley

    ashleigh haase photography

    0433 605 501


    You receive more than simply a photography when you hire me. You gain a new best friend who tears up the dance floor, loves dogs, is incredibly supportive, and also happens to be a talented wedding photographer. I'll film every toast, cry, giggle, snort, and drunken dance floor antics with documentary-style photos and lots of tender love. genuine, natural moments. Ones that will last as lifelong memories, preserving the beginning of your lovely, small legacy together.

    I'll travel everywhere and everywhere for your big celebration, whether it's to celebrate lovebirds in the Yarra Valley or anywhere in Melbourne or beyond. Rain, hail, or sun, I'll be there in my party clothes, whether it's at a winery, beach, farm, city, or your modest home. I'll record your day in an incredibly chill, candid manner for the fabulously strange and crazily in love.

    It only seems sense for you to know a little bit about me given that we're about to become immediate BFFs. I consider myself to be a bucket of sunshine who enjoys spaghetti to the point of suffocation. Oh, and if you don't want your pet dog to be the object of my fervent affection, you should definitely keep him hidden from me.

    Lionheart Photography - Wedding Photographers Yarra Valley


    411 300 106

    Melbourne & Yarra Valley Wedding Photographers

    We focus on providing fun, spontaneous wedding photography for adorable couples who simply want to enjoy their special day while being surrounded by the people they love most in the world. We'll produce welcoming, enjoyable, bright pictures of your wedding day, full of mood, feeling, and significance. photographs that perfectly capture the joy and love you had throughout all those fleeting moments.

    Heart-warming wedding photographs

    We like to think of ourselves as the polar opposite to that cheesy traditional photographer that you’ve seen at your mate’s wedding. the long list of uncomfortable stances, the forced smiles, and the *clearly staged* moments. Ughh!

    Instead of taking poses, we photograph people. In order to capture the true mood and emotion experienced on the big day, we fully immerse ourselves in your wedding and mingle with your guests. belly laughs, the chemistry between two extraordinary people, your dad's pride, mishaps, feelings of utter joy, grandma's endearing response, and all the joyful tears.

    Corey Wright Photographer - Wedding Photographer Yarra Valley

    corey wright photographer

    0400 401 061

    Your wedding will be a wonderful occasion that will likely seem to take a long time to organize but pass very quickly. Your memories of the day will be preserved for a very long time, well beyond your own lifetime, thanks to lovely, organic images.

    I dislike both corny and posed photos. Real, enjoyable, genuine moments that arise because you two are in love and will be experiencing one of the happiest days of your lives are what I'm all about! The only thing you really need to do is be yourself. Of course, you'll probably want some direction in front of the camera, and that's also part of my "job." Be at ease, joyful, and present.

    Anyhow, explore the area! You may learn more about me, read my reviews, view some of the featured weddings, discover my fine art albums, and even get suggestions for other vendors by visiting this page. If my work resonates with you, please get in touch with me so we can schedule a time to talk about how amazing your day will be.

    Millgrove Photography - Wedding Photographer Yarra Valley

    millgrove photography

    0487 912 193

    Yarra Valley-based, photographing weddings everywhere.

    I'm Jon, a multi-award-winning wedding photographer based in the Yarra Valley who also travels extensively. I take photos that are natural, candid, and carefree with a discreet, professional attitude.

    If you'd like to catch up on the phone or schedule a meeting, email me to discuss what you're looking for in a wedding photographer. My goal is to let your connection as a couple show through in your pictures.

    I adore capturing the magical moments of wedding days, and I'm dedicated to giving you stunning pictures that document your big day as it unfolds and give you enduring memories. I've been a full-time professional wedding photographer for over 10 years, covering more than 300 weddings. I studied photography for three years at university back in the 1990s.

    Black Avenue Productions - Wedding Photographers Yarra Valley

    black avenue

    0411 155 419

    A team of enthusiastic wedding photographers and wedding videographers who are hopelessly romantic and genuinely care about telling love tales for couples in love makes up Black Avenue Productions. We are a small group of pals with similar interests who are employed by a company that specializes in imaginative storytelling.

    We want you to enjoy your wedding day, look your best, and unwind while putting your trust in us to expertly plan the private moments that are unique to you. We will design and produce the perfect wedding albums and videos that are truly YOU. We will hold your luggage, tie your dress, and laugh a lot.


    Our photos are unprocessed, romantic, soft-focus, and always taken from an artistic standpoint. Instead of taking conventionally posed pictures, we search for the intimacy in the "in-between moments," looking for natural light and beauty in unexpected places. The final product, in our opinion, ought to accurately reflect the events of your day.

    Veri Photography - Wedding Photographers Yarra Valley

    veri photography

    412 601 920


    Veri Photography is dedicated to sharing the love stories of couples as a boutique wedding photography and videography company serving Australia wide and destination weddings. Our expertise comes from years of photographing pre-weddings, engagements, and weddings around the country with teams of professional wedding photographers and videographers in both Victoria and NSW.


    What kind of memory would you wish to have of one of the most significant days in your life? Veri Photography's mission is to capture the pleasure, love, and passion you felt on your special day in the wedding images. We operate in a field where relationships are key. Our aim is to not only capture the energy between each couple, but also to take the time to learn about your love story so that our cameras can capture your distinct characteristics.


    Despite coming from a family of painters, I am unable to recall ever receiving my very first camera as a child. As the calm and most reserved member of the family, I also excelled academically. Because of my academic success, I was able to study overseas and earn a Master's in Science. At the time, I believed that this was the purpose of my life.

    ATEIA Photography - Wedding Photographers Yarra Valley

    ateia photography

    1300 558 446

    Melbourne’s Most Trusted Wedding Photographers

    By addressing each couple's unique wishes and needs, our skilled team of professional Melbourne wedding photographers and videographers adds a degree of artistic innovation to storytelling. You'll quickly see why we're at the top of the Melbourne wedding photography market with our 500+ stellar reviews online. We are designated as the recommended provider for the majority of Melbourne's finest wedding reception venues because we provide exceptional photography at competitive costs. We also provide a "Book Now & Pay Later" option on our website, where all of our prices are disclosed in full.

    Best wedding photographers in Melbourne

    At your Melbourne wedding celebration, let the staff at ATEIA Pictures & Video use stylish and exquisite photography to express your love story. Our team of wedding photographers will lead you through your big day while fusing classic aspects with unique flair. The best wedding photographers in Melbourne make up the professional team at ATEIA Photography & Video. They are experts at knowing where to be and when.

    With more than ten years of experience in the wedding business, we concentrate on capturing the most heartfelt exchanges amongst family members to make sure couples get the wedding they've always wanted. For the best wedding photography in Melbourne, choose the team that sees the beauty in every wedding; from different cultures, backgrounds and sizes or different locales from urban to a country or rustic, we would love to capture your wedding.

    Fotogenica Wedding Photography - Wedding Photographers Yarra Valley


    466 339 350

    Hi there, we’re Niki & Harry

    These are us (And please do not inquire as to how many photographs we took to obtain this one. We are wedding photographers from in Victoria's stunning Yarra Valley region, while we adore traveling to many other breathtaking places our country has to offer! (There's a reason we typically hold the cameras. :-P)

    The people we get to meet, the stories we get to be a part of, and of course the amazing parties we get to attend make photographing weddings the best job there is.

    The fact that individuals trust us to document and share their most important moments in this adventure we call life is undoubtedly the best feeling in the world. Everybody has a special and unique life story, and it would be the greatest honor for us to document that story for you in photographs that you may cherish for the rest of your days.

    PiXRay Photography - Wedding Photographers Yarra Valley


    0425 411 650

    Our approach - Creating memories with the QUALITY and the ARTISTIC vision

    We constantly place a high importance on image quality. To ensure picture quality at an affordable price, we have devised a streamlined, effective procedure from gear preparation to the final export of your enhanced images. That is precisely what sets us apart from competitors in this highly competitive digital age.

    In order to capture your day in the greatest light, we constantly endeavor to be creative and continuously looking for new concepts, innovative methods, and best practices. Melbourne wedding photography - Bride and partner dancing

    The joy of being a part of your real-life moment!

    We believe that the heart and intellect are the real lenses of the camera since they are capable of seeing and artistically creating the scene. Thank you, and I hope to hear from you soon!

    Courtney Laura Photography - Wedding Photographer Yarra Valley

    courtney laura

    0430 360 083


    Hello to everybody. The person behind the name and face of Courtney Laura Photography is me. It's not Laura, it's Courtney. (Yes, that does occur.) Although I have a studio in the Yarra Valley, I am a wedding photographer who serves Melbourne, Australia, and the entire world.

    A little about me: I've been married to my best friend for almost eleven years, and we have three wonderful and rambunctious kids: Jordan (age 8), Taylor (age 6), and Owen (year 6). (4). Needless to say, I have a lot on my hands!

    I just genuinely adore weddings. I enjoy being there to support you as you get ready in the morning, cry with you when you first see each other during the ceremony, and laugh with you when the speeches are funny or inappropriate. I value pleasure, romance, enduring beauty, but most of all, REAL! Real feelings, real experiences, and real memories.

    Matt Elliott - Wedding Photographer Yarra Valley

    matt elliot

    0477 441 457


    The stories I get to hear at weddings are what made me fall in love with capturing them. It truly is what fulfills me as a creative that I have spent the last ten years as a photographer recording and expressing people's experiences. I foster an atmosphere for my couples where they feel secure in themselves and at ease around me, developing a genuine connection with you so that your images and video accurately depict your narrative.

    I've discovered my passion in capturing candid, carefree wedding photos and movies for couples who don't typically feel that way in front of the camera. I wish to contribute to an easy wedding day so that you can start your marriage. I appreciate you taking the time to visit and view my wedding photography and videography. I hope the information you find here aids in your decision regarding a qualified photographer who complements your preferences and personality.

    I've been one of Melbourne's wedding photographers for the past 9 years, and throughout that time I've captured more than 400 weddings around the entire city and state. Although weddings on the Mornington Peninsula are always quite popular, I'm always up for an excursion to the Yarra Valley and other parts of country Victoria. It is a huge honor to be named as a recommended vendor by some of the best wedding venues on the Peninsula and in Melbourne.

    Valley Peak - Wedding Photographers Yarra Valley

    valley peak

    0419 529 238


    You can be sure that you have the best personnel to care after you on your special day because we have handled over 700 weddings. Simply put, we tell a wedding's story as it actually happened. We don't need to and aren't in the business of making the moments. We'll let you decide that. We'll make sure to be there to record every feeling, every hug, every tear - the entire nine yards. On the big day, we get to know everyone and make sure they feel at ease with us so we can blend in. Making sure we aren't a random couple is the key to getting fantastic images and films. Most of the time, you won't even realize we're shooting. It’s that easy.


    Since Kyle has been shooting professionally for ten years, he has developed a unique photographic style that combines his passion for photojournalism with his love of environment and people. Whether he is photographing a wedding or a stunning scenery, his images allow the viewer to share in the experience.

    Kyle is a Digital Imaging Advocate sponsored by Sony Australia. Apple, Condé Nast Traveler, The Age, The Herald Sun, and many other publications have also published his work.


    The trick to getting authentic film of your wedding day is Steve's unhurried approach. There won't be any acting or directing involved; just you having a blast. Steve is a devoted family man, therefore he is aware of how crucial it is to document yours on your special day. His wife, Karina, his son, Riley, and his daughter, Kaylee, are the three most significant things in his life.


    Selena has been a photographer for as long as she can remember. She delights in her work. It's a delight to meet new people and creatively capture their love and connection. She has a casual, open style. Maintaining a laid-back and enjoyable atmosphere enables exceptional moments to emerge naturally.

    Justin Westwood - Wedding Photographer Yarra Valley

    justin westwood photography

    0400 067 603


    I've traveled a long, sleepless road to become a photographer, taking in the sights of many cities and many planes. I'm traveling and blogging about my experiences. It immediately incorporated itself into my daily routine. Travel was the main reason that my love for photography first started, and It definitely played a huge part in my photographic journey. My interest in it quickly turned from a hobby to a passion, and before I knew it, I was on a road that motivated me to learn more about what it had to offer.

    I continued my education at RMIT after that and received a diploma in photo imaging. I learned to experiment with a variety of photography techniques, but I was immediately drawn to portraiture. I began incorporating it into my work, and it soon became a distinctive aspect of my photography. I began photographing weddings in my final year of studies after being cordially requested to serve as a second photographer. I decided I wanted to be a wedding photographer that very day and after shooting that one wedding just!

    It was an unparalleled sensation to be present for each and every moment of the day and then be able to record the unfiltered emotion at every turn. That sensation has only intensified since that day and with each wedding I photograph. I'm sorry in advance if I'm overly emotional or excited on your wedding day! I definitely tend to get caught up in the enthusiasm! To keep it simple, I simply adore photographing love. I feel tremendously fortunate to be able to call this my "work," which is nothing short of incredible.

    Motta Weddings - Wedding Photographer Yarra Valley

    motta weddings

    0402 181 866


    I am the photographer behind Motta Weddings. I was raised in a boisterous Italian household of actors and designers. As for me, I've been a practicing photographer professionally since 2008. I have documented love stories all across the world, from Australia to Central America and Europe.


    The most crucial aspect of wedding photography, in my opinion, is to capture events candidly, artistically, and naturally rather than trying to invent moments.

    I have a reputation for working without fuss, offering some guidance when necessary but generally letting the day unfold as it should. This is why it's best if there aren't many photographers around you on the day when it's just me. Even though I believe that taking pictures is a significant aspect of the day, being unobtrusive while working is crucial for capturing the day spontaneously and letting you enjoy every second.

    DUÜET - Wedding Photographers Yarra Valley


    0457 499 353

    DUÜET – Capture the Real Beauty and Emotion of your Life!

    Greetings from DUÜET. We are a wedding photography and videography firm situated in Melbourne. Your big day will be enhanced and captured using a distinctive documentary style by our talented team of photographers, videographers, and artists.

    Our expert candid wedding photography and videography crews take pleasure in their experience and discretion and specialize in natural, photo-journalistic, and ambient memories.

    The union of the customer and the artist serves as the inspiration for our brand. Together with our team's creative direction and your participation during the photo shoot, you will make gorgeous images and have an experience that you will never forget. Modern technology is used to show a DUÜET Wedding Package in a stylish manner.

    Mark Teague Photography - Wedding Photographer Yarra Valley

    mark teague photography

    0432 304 008

    About Us

    Since 2009, Mark Teague Photography has operated out of Pakenham, Victoria, Australia. We take great pride in our standing in the industry and in our ability to provide not just excellent photographs but also a wonderful experience from the very first appointment all the way through the collection of your finished items.

    ABIA Awards

    Since joining in 2012, Mark Teague Photography has consistently placed among the top 10 ABIA finalists. The ABIA awards method is unique since real brides can vote for their favorite vendors, according to Mark. Brides must be extremely satisfied with your product, service, and value for money in order for your business to rank well in the ABIA system.

    What to Expect

    You will leave this meeting with a detailed working timeline of your wedding day. The majority of couples find this to be of great use, particularly when organizing other wedding providers and all the other crucial aspects of their special day.

    Lost In Love - Wedding Photographers Yarra Valley

    lost in love

    We are visual artists inspired by your dreamy ‘lost in love’ moments.

    Our team is committed to nurturing and honoring your most special day and will provide you with expert direction. We think your entire experience is just as essential as your final wedding photos, which will serve as priceless keepsakes for future generations to fawn over.

    As visual thinkers who believe that our pictures speak for themselves, we asked our couples to serve as our muse and provide words to describe what it's like to have our crew capture your special day.

    Photography by Sarah Joy - Wedding Photographer Yarra Valley

    photography by sarah joy

    418 526 243

    Congratulations on your engagement!

    I adore weddings so much! My natural and laid-back style makes sure that your personality comes through in the pictures. I'll do my best to make sure you enjoy your big day, and I promise we'll chuckle a little bit along the way. I make sure you always feel at ease and can be yourself since I am kind and tolerant. Beautiful memories that honor your family and capture your individuality will be included in your wedding album.

    I will take the time to get to know you before your wedding so that everything that is significant to you is captured exactly as you have yet to imagine. I will investigate every location in advance and locate lovely backgrounds to make your pictures pop. The invitation, your shoes, your rings, the flowers, and of course your dress were all complex aspects that made the wedding uniquely you. I will capture all of them.

    I’d love to help celebrate with you

    One of the happiest days of my life was my wedding day, and you will experience the same. Wedding days shouldn't be rushed because they are the finest days of your life. I will be capturing every significant moment for you, including smiles, tears, and emotions. You may put your trust in me to capture every moment of your special day since I understand how essential it is and will do my best to do so. No job is too minor for me, and I always go the extra mile. I'll be friends with the flower girl and page boy, pleased to deliver the corsages to the groomsmen, and will always make sure your hair and outfit are impeccable. Thank you for considering me at this joyous time in your life. I look forward to working with you to produce stunning family photos for your walls.

    Phenomena Photography - Wedding Photographers Yarra Valley

    phenomena photography

    03 9867 2250

    With the establishment of Phenomena Photography & Cinematic, the top wedding photography business, what was once only a dream has become a reality. Brides have been waiting patiently for a boutique wedding business with a Melbourne basis that provides individualized services, eye-catching imagery, and stunning end products at an affordable price. Our wedding photographers and cinematographers at Phenomena Photography & Cinematic are the pinnacle of a highly stylized approach to wedding photography & wedding videography, with a combined expertise of more than 10 years.

    Our primary goal is to truthfully document the significant moments of one of the most important days of your life. Phenomena Wedding Photography & Cinematic is at the forefront of distinctive photography and unmatched high definition videos by utilizing only cutting-edge equipment and techniques. Phenomena Photography & Cinematic is perfectly situated to provide for weddings around metropolitan Melbourne, Greater Victoria, and South Australia because to its location in the posh neighborhood of South Yarra. Consultations in our hip studio can be planned for the evenings or on the weekends and are free.

    Phenomena Melbourne Wedding Photography

    We at Phenomena take up the task of bringing your wedding pictures to look like the dream they are. We blend in perfectly with your family. It seems as though we never even arrived. We bring the ideal balance of life and energy to the table, giving you all you need to record the special moments you share with the people who mean most. While we capture candid photos and fleeting moments of you and your guests enjoying every second of your special day, we leave you to enjoy the day.

    Dansk Photography - Wedding Photographer Yarra Valley

    dansk photography

    03 9505 6565

    One of the top 10 wedding photographers in Melbourne, we provide you excellent service, stunning pictures, and a stress-free experience. Don't let just anyone take photos of your wedding because it's a wonderful occasion that should be documented just once. Dansk Photography discreetly documents every moment of your day. We recognize that your big day ought to be filled with joy and excitement.

    You will be captured as you are and will look your best ever in our wedding photographs. Grooms will look dashing, and brides will be breathtakingly gorgeous. Dansk's laid-back attitude and distinguished service will make your day easier. Do not entrust your wedding photography to just anybody; instead, learn why you will have the best wedding day and why we are among the best.


    The crew at Dansk Photography, recognized as one of Melbourne's top ten best wedding photographers, offers imaginative, enjoyable, genuine, and expert service. Your wedding photos will always be with you. We are aware of how unique today is. In order to remember and share the memories you have, you want to be able to look back in the future and still be proud of what has been recorded.

    Mike Semple Photography - Wedding Photographer Yarra Valley

    mike semple photography

    0414 547 824

    Because we all have tales to tell, I am passionate about documenting human relationships in a way that conveys a narrative. Every story's emotional connection between characters, with a particular emphasis on love and laughter, forms its core. This is what I want to convey in my imagery so that we, as the spectators, get a clearer understanding of who they are as a result of the pictures that were taken.


    I have a passion for taking imaginative, lovely photos, and I enjoy photography since every day is different. You are the most crucial element of the story, and I am very appreciative of the couples that put their trust in me to record their wedding day in a special, loving way where you can just be you.

    I consider myself to be living the dream since my wife of 16 years and our four children, whom I adore and love more than anything, support me on a daily basis. When I'm not out telling other people's stories, you can typically find me hanging out at home, working on a project in the backyard, or drinking wine (usually a shiraz from the YarraValley) and binge-watching endless series on Netflix.

    Budget Wedding Photography - Wedding Photographers Yarra Valley

    budget wedding photography

    0490 340 060

    Affordable Wedding Photography With Prices From Just $695

    We are happy to be able to provide skilled and high-quality photography and are aware of the need for reasonably priced wedding photography services. High-resolution photographs are included in all of our excellent value package offerings for you to share, print, or even create your own album with.

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