Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria (2022)

Wedding planners are a professional service that can be hired to help plan and execute the entire wedding event. They provide customisation for every bride’s needs, such as décor, catering, and entertainment. The best way to find a good wedding planner is with referrals from friends or family members who have recently married. You could also search online for reviews of different planners in your area by looking at their websites or checking out their social media pages, giving you insights into how they work and what they’re like.

Wedding planners are a great help to both the bride and groom. They can be a huge asset if you’re looking for someone reliable, experienced or just want to make sure your wedding is perfect. But how do you find one? 

To help you get started on your wedding planner hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite Wedding Planners from right across Melbourne, Victoria.

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    Ultimate List of Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria

    Events by Emma Currie - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    events by emma currie

    +61 434 251 219

    Melbourne Wedding Planner 

    Hi there, I’m Emma 

    I help couples save time and stress during the lead-up to their wedding with seamless planning and coordination.

    Based in Melbourne, I love working with creative couples who have a clear vision of their day but want a professional to execute the finer details. I specialise in all things coordination, setup and logistics - so you can relax and enjoy every single minute of your wedding experience without the feeling of overwhelming.

    Most importantly, I’m passionate about equipping you with the knowledge, advice and resources you need to plan your dream wedding day. From partial wedding planning and venue styling to my Signature On the Day Coordination service, I’II goes above and beyond to deliver an unforgettable event for you and your loved ones.

    Servicing Melbourne, Gippsland, Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula. Happy to travel!

    Specialising in On the Day Coordination

    Your wedding day is one of the only times where you’ll have all of your favourite people together in one place, creating unforgettable memories to cherish for a lifetime. Working with a coordinator ensures you and your family can focus on enjoying your time together without worrying about the finer details.  

     I’ll create a customised timeline for your day, outlining exactly how everything will flow from start to finish. On the day, I will be there to set up & style your ideas flawlessly.

    A must-have for private property weddings.

    Evenio Weddings and Events Pty Ltd - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria 

    evenio weddings and events pty ltd

    +61 478 658 062

    From the moment you say yes, all eyes are on you.

    If you know what you want but don’t know how to make it all happen, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. How do you get the look and feel of your big day just right? That’s where Evenio comes in.

    Get one-on-one support and access to our global wedding industry connections to create the wedding of your dreams.

    You are bringing a touch of glamour to your once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

    A hopeless romantic with over 20 years in TV and fashion, I was always the go-to party planner who had her lists in hand and a head full of ideas for pulling off the perfect celebration.

    As I packed up my bags from the United States and left the TV industry to come and live in Melbourne, there’s one thing I kept close to heart – my love for stylish events and cosmopolitan flare.

    Sophisticated, high-end weddings are Evenio’s speciality, so let’s get you in a state of being calm, collected and assured that we can design that beautiful day you’re dreaming about!

    Short & Spook - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    short & spook

    +61 3 9578 9650


    We’re Short & Spook - an energetic and imaginative event design team based in Melbourne. We create fun, personal and inspiring experiences for everything from weddings to product launches to your bestie’s birthday.


    We create fun, personal and inspiring experiences.

    We love making magic for our clients and offer three levels of design & planning service for your big day. All our packages include:

    • Concept design what is your event going to look like?
    • Planning of design how are we going to bring it to life?
    • Coordination and production of design sourcing, creating, coordinating, buying and building
    • Set up on the day by our fabulous team of stylists
    • Pack up after the event like we were never there!


    If you have your styling pretty much sorted but really want a custom design Short & Spook ceremony arbour, we do offer this as a single service as we truly believe this is our speciality! 

    Wedding Planners FAQs

    Is it worth it to hire a wedding planner?

    Finding a venue and caterer, hiring a DJ, renting a photo booth—the list of standard wedding day to-do’s seems endless. But, for an engaged couple, it’s enough to take the excitement out of getting married, especially if you’re planning on a big wedding. 

    Enter wedding planners, the answer to managing all of the pieces of your big celebration. With a wedding planner on your side, you can focus on thoroughly enjoying your nuptials without the stress of communicating with vendors and making sure all goes right.

    Hiring a wedding planner tends to be a luxury, not quite a necessity. It probably isn’t worth it for couples planning a smaller wedding or working with a limited budget. 

    However, if you can afford one and are looking to ease the stress of planning your wedding, it’s more than worth it. Hiring a professional wedding planner—even a day-of coordinator—comes with peace of mind, meaning you can ultimately spend more time enjoying your wedding day festivities with loved ones. 

    How to Know If You Need a Wedding Planner?

    Planning a wedding is hard work. In fact, for many people, it’s a little like having a second job. It requires a lot of time and emotional energy, from securing a venue to managing a team of vendors and slotting each piece of the puzzle into place.

    (Over 500 hours, according to a recent study!) That’s why every couple needs help, whether they get it from a family member, a troop of willing bridesmaids and groomsmen, or a professional wedding planner. Unfortunately, knowing whether to get a pro on your team isn’t always an easy decision since every wedding has its own unique set of circumstances.

    It’s important to know that you aren’t signing away your authority or creative input when you hire a wedding planner. Instead, it sets about making sure you have the support you need. And that support is even more critical in times like these when changes need to be made and a crisis occurs. That way, you can focus on the fun bits and let the experts take on the stress for you!

    What to Look for in a Wedding Planner?

    Personality and Trust

    You need to find a planner that you instantly get along with. There are times when you may send 20 emails in 1 night to the wedding planner with details of your wedding, and there are more stressful times than others where the ˜Bridezilla’ in you might come out. This is where you’ll need the wedding planner to stay calm and really listen to you.

    You also need to ensure that you’re able to trust the planner, as there are times when planning can get difficult. Even if they may be incredible at what they do, ensuring that your personalities click and that you trust them 100% is key.


    Ensure that you look at the weddings that the wedding planner has done previously to be inspired for your event and ensure that their style matches yours.


    Communication is integral to planning the wedding of your dreams. This leads to considering the response time between when you call/email/text the planner and when they get back to you. Is this planner too busy? Do they take a long time getting back to their clients? The planner needs to keep you up to date with the preparations, and ensuring that you know exactly when to expect a reply will help to lessen the stress.

    Pricing Structure

    Every wedding is different, and whether you only want the planner for specific tasks on the big day itself or if you’d like the planner to be with you from the beginning will, of course, make a difference in the price. 

    Other Weddings

    Be sure to find out how many other weddings the planner is working on and if they are planning that happens during the same month as your wedding. For example, if the planner works for a large wedding planning company, their firm may have other weddings in the pipeline- and they will also have a large team to work with. On the other hand, if they are independent wedding planners, it would be best to focus primarily on your wedding.


    Make sure to get references of recent weddings that the wedding planner has done. It’s vital to call and check how these customers’ wedding planning and big day went. If the wedding planner does not want to give out references – it’s most likely a red flag and best not to work with them. This also ties in with building trust with the wedding planner and giving you peace of mind.

    How To Choose the Right Wedding Planner For You?

    Utilise your resources. 

    Whether you’re looking for a new hairstylist or a dress tailor, there’s nothing like a personal reference within your network to put your mind at ease. So when it comes to how to choose a wedding planner, turn to your friends and family for recommendations, and you might be pleasantly surprised by the number of quality leads that come your way. You can even expand that network to include your online connections and put a call out on social media.

    Similarly, take be sure to take advantage of online vendor reviews through your favourite wedding planning websites. Consider yourself Instagram-savvy? Try searching city-specific wedding planner hashtags for even more new leads.

    Research their online presence. 

    Found a wedding planner who might be a good fit? Take the next step with some online sleuthing to check out their website, portfolio, blog, and social media. This is a great opportunity to get a solid grasp of their aesthetics and style, along with their “brand voice” and style of communication. Has their work been published in any blogs or online magazines? Look for those coveted “As Seen In” badges on their website as another indication of great work.

    If you’ve found a planner who’s really in touch with social media, you might even be able to sneak a live peek at a client’s wedding day on their Instagram or Facebook stories.

    Meet up in person. 

    While virtual communication is a perfect starting point, you can only get so far via email. In thinking about choosing a wedding planner, you should try to meet face-to-face before hiring. If you’ve thoroughly vetted their work online and want to move forward, suggest an in-person meeting as the next step before booking. Just like any job interview scenario, a face-to-face meeting will give you a much better sense of their personality and whether or not they’d be a helpful addition to your vendor team.

    Ask great questions.

    Once your schedule that previous in-person meeting, be sure to come with a list of questions that address any of your concerns. Going into a wedding planner interview with zero preparation is bound to leave you flustered, so take time to jot down what matters most to you and your fiancé. For example, does your planner have experience working at your particular venue?

    How often will your meet and communicate throughout the planning process? Also, does your planner work solo on the day of or with a team of assistants?

    If you want some additional reassurance, don’t be afraid to ask a wedding planner for a list of past client references. Most planners will be more than happy to oblige, and you’ll be able to hear directly from couples who can give you an unbiased review.

    Carefully read the contract.

    When considering how to find a wedding planner, perhaps the most essential point is to read the contract from beginning to end. We know it’s boring to weed through pages of paperwork. Still, it’s so critical to understand what services you’re getting so there are no surprises along the way. Also, make sure you’re aware of how this particular planner handles things like pricing and additional fees, day-off setup and tear down, and backup plans for inclement weather.

    Ensure your personalities mesh

    You want to hire a wedding planner you’ll genuinely enjoy working and collaborating with. This is someone you’ll be spending quite a bit of time with leading up to the wedding, so make sure it’s a good fit on both a professional and personal level.

    What is the importance of a wedding planner?

    A wedding is no average event. Not only are you planning a day to honour a lifetime commitment and create a new family. You also have to feed and entertain that new family while keeping it all together! Weddings are emotional, exciting, entertaining, expensive… you see where we’re going with this. This is why we cannot stress the importance of having a wedding planner for your big day.

    The wedding planner will complete all the work within a time. Planners are the best adviser who can negotiate lower prices, as does repeat business with suppliers, and are competent enough to handle marriage. In addition, a wedding planner knows the latest trends and can help couples choose their dresses and accessories.

    Ultimately, hiring a wedding planner should be the most significant gift you give yourself. Not only does a wedding planner provide an enjoyable and stress-free planning process, but they also provide you with a piece of mind.

    What I want every bride and groom to take away is this... Remember that your wedding day is about the love and unity the two of you share. It’s not about the money, logistics, and the decision-making process. After all, that’s what a planner is for. So allow yourself to be a guest at your party!

    Celebrant Maree - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    celebrant maree

    0409 235 244

    Hi, I’m Maree, one of the most experienced and professional Melbourne wedding celebrants based in the Eastern suburbs, close to The Yarra Valley.

    I am helping you to celebrate your own memorable, vibrant and personal wedding ceremony simply and easily, with love and laughter. I’ve got your back.

    Where do you begin when planning a wedding ceremony?

    Do these thoughts and questions sound familiar to you?

    • “We have no idea where to start.”
    • “How long should our wedding ceremony go for?”
    • “We want to have a relaxed, laid-back celebration of our relationship and our future together.”
    • “We want a wedding ceremony that reflects us – not too serious, but not too wacky either.”
    • “We just want a small, intimate ceremony with a couple of guests. Can we do this? Is this called an elopement?”
    • “We’ve both been married before. How does this work?”

    And that’s where I step in!

    It’s your wedding ceremony so it should be exactly how you want it to be. I’ve got stacks of ideas, resources, inspiration and information to guide you.

    I’ve lived in Melbourne all my life, so I can help you with any questions about getting married in Melbourne and the Yarra Valley.

    If you’re keen to know more about me and the getting married process, then read on, or get in touch.

    Meet Celebrant Maree

    As part of creating your fabulous wedding ceremony, I like to find out some things about you, so it’s only fair that you know a little about me!

    I’m a Melbourne based wedding celebrant. I love meeting people and discussing their lives, beliefs and ideas about getting married.

    I’m passionate about the creative, collaborative process we embark on to create a unique and personal ceremony just for you.

    Do you have in mind an “outside the box” idea for your wedding ceremony? I’ll encourage you and offer suggestions about content and logistics. I believe all wedding ceremonies can be meaningful, sincere, warm and inclusive.

    My passion is meeting people, writing and listening to couple’s unique stories – a perfect mix for a wedding celebrant like myself!

    Qualified. Fun. Creative.

    I’ve successfully completed the highest qualification you can attain as a marriage celebrant in Australia.

    In 2004, I graduated with high distinctions with a Graduate Diploma in Arts (Civil Ceremonies) from Monash University.

    It was during this time that I immersed myself in all things ceremony, ritual and history.

    My wedding celebration experience is broad-ranging. I love working with couples from different cultures, heritages, backgrounds, and circumstances. Every couple is different, and there is no “normal” wedding or family situation.

    My role as your wedding celebrant is to ensure your wedding ceremony sets the tone for the rest of your day. It’s all about getting the right balance of fun and serious stuff when it matters. I’d love to help you craft a wedding ceremony that reflects you and your partner’s love and personality.

    will&jac - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria


    0410 535 225

    Melbourne Wedding Planners & Consultants

    Catherine Williams and Clare Jacobsen are Melbourne Wedding Planners and Consultants, will&jac. Together, they offer superior customer service, coupled with expert advice and guidance in the field of Weddings.

    We are in unprecedented times due to the surreal circumstances surrounding COVID, but these restrictions are and will lift, and therefore the Wedding “show will go on”!

    will&jac is now offering a new range of Wedding Planning packages, extending their gained knowledge of the industry to consultancy services designed for like-minded businesses as well as an exciting opportunity for Wedding Planner mentoring – passing our extensive experience onto the next generation of planners. Our signature’ Hand Over the Reigns’ planning package, SOS services, and Venue Scouting is also available.

    will&jac understand that every occasion is different, all couples are unique and that Weddings are momentous celebrations.

    Allow our project management and consultancy skills to shine – we thrive on it – while you immerse yourself in the ride of a lifetime!

    Let Catherine and Clare be part of your celebrations as your Wedding Planning Consultants, as they make your wedding dreams a reality.

    About Us – will&jac is Catherine and Clare.

    Wedding Planners and Consultants Catherine and Clare are will&jac – the pairing of two unique and fabulous friends. Catherine Williams (Will) and Clare Jacobsen (Jac) met while working in the Wedding industry in Melbourne and bring together a total of over 40 years of Weddings and Events experience, planning, coordination and industry knowledge.

    Catherine brings the Queenslander to the business. With a background in the Arts, she is the creative and visionary soul – the ultimate Wedding planning Queen – she is the sophisticated and fun-loving half of the duo.

    Clare is the perfect blend of English elegance and style, helping glamorous planning Weddings in England and Melbourne with an appreciation for all things events related.

    Both perfectionists, personable, obsessive and highly organised – Catherine and Clare are the perfect Wedding planning consultants to support and guide you through this exciting milestone.

    Weddings of Distinction - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    weddings of distinction

    +613 9699 3331

    Real Examples, Real Couples

    While we’re involved in over 500 weddings every year around Melbourne, have a look at some of the couples who have given permission to share their special day with the public in detail.

    Find the Perfect Venue

    After you’ve chosen the wedding venue, ceremony and reception, decorations are some of the most important considerations you can make. Modern weddings almost require a professional degree in event planning. Luckily we’ve established deep relationships with some of Victoria’s premier wedding venues.

    Each Love Story is Unique

    Each wedding has a theme, and the decorations chosen to beautify the venue should reflect and enhance that theme. Express your style and personality the way you want to. Browse through over 500 different popular wedding decorations for hire. In fact, we have the largest range in Melbourne and Victoria, so you can be as fussy as you want to be.

    Getting Married Requires a Lot of Planning

    Getting married is a special time for all couples, but taking care of all the important details can be very stressful. Offload some of that stress by allowing us to offer assistance when making wedding plans and ensure that your event turns out to be as perfect as you envisioned. Weddings of Distinction is a wedding decorator Melbourne specialist with years of experience. Simply tell us your dream and your budget, and we will fulfil your vision.


    Weddings of Distinction is Melbourne’s original garden wedding specialist. We have built an excellent reputation by providing stylish and cost-effective garden weddings for over 20 years. We also specialise in decorating, planning and coordinating wedding receptions, various functions and corporate events.

    At Weddings of Distinction, we promise to provide you with comprehensive and informative wedding or function planning services and solutions, which will enable you to enjoy your day without worrying about any organisational hassles. We work with you to create beautiful, elegant, long-lasting memories and bring you all the expertise, enthusiasm, and aesthetic excellence you’ll ever need to turn your ideas and inspirations into reality.

    We look forward to getting to know you and making your dreams come to reality. 

    RUFFLES AND BELLS - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    ruffles and bells

    We are a team of storytellers, dreamers and designers of events helping you make memorable moments one styled celebration at a time.


    The very first event I styled was a wedding for my friend, and I still remember every moment of it. 

    The feeling of excitement was something I would never forget. I love the thrill of creating a vision from an inspiration connecting the couple’s story to a full day of love. 

    That’s why I call what we do ‘event storytelling’.

    My love for details started Ruffles and Bells in 2010, but even at a younger age, there was always this energy that drew me to colours, textures and magical ways to bring a story to life.

    Eleven years later, and here I am, talking to you.

    The passion I felt from the day I styled my first wedding has been growing ever since. I still get the nerves the day before every wedding and event we style, and I still cry (no kidding!) at every pack down out of the excitement of seeing everything come to life. And the next day, I would want to do it all again.

    Styling is more than just a passion for me and my team. It is our core value, and it’s our way to touch lives through beautiful experiences …and, of course, to take the pressure off you so you can enjoy the celebration you and your loved ones deserve.

    We style to celebrate, to create memories and let the world know how beautiful life can be and of course, to tell your love story.

    Let our passion, imagination and storytelling be our gift to you.

    Gee What a Wedding - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    gee what a wedding

    0405 984 670

    Gulsah Gee Tankir

    Wedding Planner

    Diploma in Wedding & Event Planning

    Gee What a Wedding is a Melbourne-based wedding-planning business founded in 2010 by me, Gulsah Gee Tankir.

    I have been involved in events for more than 15 years, but the idea for Gee What A Wedding has an emotional attachment. It developed from witnessing my friends & family suffer mishaps on their big day, as well as deal with frustrations & annoyances in the lead-up to their wedding. Each and every time, it broke my heart.

    This sprung me into action to create a service where couples were not overwhelmed when planning a wedding, allowing brides & grooms across Melbourne to enjoy their big day without unnecessary stress or anxiety.

    My qualifications include a Diploma in Wedding & Event Planning taught at the College of Events, which complements my previous employment in the security & hospitality industries. I also hold a business degree majoring in accounting.

    How can I help you?

    Why I Love Wedding Planning

    When a bride & groom contact me feeling overwhelmed, confused & helpless about their upcoming wedding, it provides me with such a buzz knowing I can replace those negative emotions with positive ones.

    My experience in wedding planning means I can show each bride & groom how I can simplify their wedding & assure them that they are in safe hands.

    However, I’ve been involved in wedding planning long enough to know that the level of assistance that couples wish for is variable. Some couples want me to take care of everything, while others prefer to be strongly involved in the planning process.

    That’s why Gee What A Wedding offers a flexible service, taking care of a little or a lot.

    Gee What A Wedding can plan all aspects of a wedding, including on-the-day wedding coordination, or can assist and provide guidance with only certain aspects of the wedding.

    It’s all up to you. After all, it is your special day.

    Invest Money to Make Money

    Hiring a wedding planner should not be expensive. In fact, an expert wedding planner should save you money and time.

    Mention the word ‘wedding’ to a supplier or service, and you can be guaranteed that the price of that product or service will be inflated. It’s because of this that wedding planning is all about having the right contacts – knowing the best suppliers and getting a fair price.

    The reason for investing in a wedding planner is simple. Unlike your regular bride & groom, we plan weddings all the time! Take advantage of our contacts, expertise, & know-how to save you money, time & hassle. It’s that easy!

    Let’s Have a Coffee!

    Contact me to arrange a free consultation where we’ll discuss the details of your wedding. I’ll guide your decision-making process, select the right suppliers for your budget, discuss your needs & wants and begin to shape the wedding of your dreams.

    I DO - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    i do

    61-04 33040092

    Welcome to Wedding Planning Melbourne

    Wedding planning Melbourne is brought to you by I DO wedding planning, one of the biggest wedding planning companies in Melbourne. We are also the only wedding company that can provide a one-stop wedding service.

    I DO Wedding Planning offers a variety of services such as wedding photography, wedding cinematic HD film, wedding planning, bridal gowns and wedding day makeup.

    Say I Do. I Do for you!

    As one of the biggest wedding companies in Melbourne, we are also the only company that can provide a one-stop service. I DO offer a variety of services such as wedding photography, wedding cinematic HD film, wedding planning, bridal gowns and wedding day makeup. We have an experienced professional team full of enthusiasm and love to ensure that every client experience is nothing short of perfect. 

    At I DO, we pour our heart and soul into every wedding we take on, and every wedding is unique. We strongly believe that understanding the client’s needs and attention to detail is the key to delivering the best services and a successful wedding. If this sounds like what you need for that special day of yours, please have a look through our portfolio for some ideas of how your wedding day could look like. Call us, and we will help you create your dream wedding so that it can be embedded into beautiful memories forever.

    At I Do Planning, our job is to take the worries off your shoulders on that special day so that you can be yourself and enjoy that most important day of your life. From our first meeting and throughout the process, we will take our time to get to know you and develop a sense of your personal style, and incorporate that into your desired wedding. I DO Planning will tailor that dream wedding for you, or we can make it simple and provide you with ideas based on the many successful weddings we have seen through.

    KW Weddings & Flowers - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    kw weddings & flowers

    0404 716 887


    The world of luxury is not just exclusive. It is highly secretive too. Flowers have to do more today than ever! We prefer inspiration rather than reproduction. We love colours, patterns, textures, and shapes we find along the way. For us, it is all about the power of making our clients and their families and friends confident and satisfied with their floral curator. 

    KW Weddings & Flowers is a Melbourne-based wedding planning and wedding floristry company. Led by professional wedding planner/ award-winning florist Karen Wang, we are an experienced but youthful team. We offer full wedding management, wedding coordination, wedding floristry, wedding styling, wedding and party theme design, and wedding venue decoration services. We have assisted thousands of beautiful couples in creating the perfect day of their life.

    Our mission is to honour the experience and create a meaningful and memorable wedding for you and your loved ones.

    About Karen Wang Weddings & Flowers

    Karen Wang established Karen Wang Weddings & Flowers in 2017, which brings together her enormous love for weddings, event planning and floristry. With more than five years of industry experience, Karen offers her expertise in wedding planning, styling and floristry services to couples all over Australia.

    The breadth of Karen’s experience and her team has afforded them a large network of specialists and suppliers within the realm of wedding planning and coordinating as Karen has been fortunate enough to coordinate and manage the French pianist Richard Clayderman’s Australian Concert Tour across three cities between February and June 2017. Again that year, between July and October, Karen coordinated and managed the Animenz Australia Tour held at Melbourne Recital Centre. Concurrently from 2013 until 2017, Karen was working with Ardeur Weddings and Events as a wedding planner, serving hundreds of couples and working alongside a renowned industry leader.

    Karen is well regarded for her attention to detail and professionalism within the industry, having worked with suppliers and venues for several years. These values are shared among the young, a passionate and creative team she leads, having spent months sourcing the right talent to work with her. Karen’s team includes coordinators, designers and florists. The Florist team is multitalented, comprising of florists from all over the world, such as Taiwan, China, Australia and Japan. The design and styling team is made up of Graphic and Interior Designers sharing a total of 30 years of industry experience. Karen Wang has been mentioned by Vogue Ballroom & Vines of the Yarra Valley as one of Melbourne’s best wedding planners.

    Karen couldn’t be prouder of her team and the service she offers. Her passion and love for weddings make all the work she does a pleasure to do. Karen strives to create not just individual weddings but unique, timeless weddings for couples and their families. While Karen’s efforts to make every feature of your wedding look and feel stunning, her greatest reward is being hosted on one of the most important days for you and your family.

    The Style Co. - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    the style co.

    03 9425 9798


    It takes, on average, over 250 hours to plan a wedding. [that’s a heck load of hours...but it’s true]. After all the googling, phone call, appointment taking, decision making, food and wine tasting (yum!), spreadsheet building, more decision making, credit card swiping, run sheet producing, rehearsal managing, people herding, you still have to have enough sanity, energy and excitement for the wedding day itself!

    So we thought to be better to add another option to our already pretty Schmick event design + styling service... wedding planning.

    If you choose to add our wedding planning service, we’ll have a dedicated planner guide you from start to finish and make sure everything that’s important to you has been looked after.

    So kick back, enjoy your engagement and let us take it from here.

    We get asked all the time what it’s really like to be an event stylist.

    It’s 5 am starts, and 5 am finishes—sleep deprivation for days on end.

    It’s meeting the nicest people you can imagine.

    It’s working in 40-degree heat or in the pouring rain and everything in between.

    It’s heavy lifting, cuts, bruises, sunburn. It’s climbing stairs, ladders and trees.

    It’s playing with flowers, fabrics, timber & paint.

    It’s working with other creatives and people that ‘get’ us.

    It’s putting our passion, creativity, heart and soul into a design.

    It’s pushing the boundaries.

    It has the best team with us.

    It’s months of planning, only hours to build and minutes to tear down.

    It’s getting to know our clients, turning them into friends and creating something truly amazing for them.

    It’s the look on their faces as they walk in.

    It’s when we’re done, we stand back and are proud of what our team have created.

    It’s at that point that we know it was all worth it.

    there is nothing else we’d rather do….

    we do what we love. We love what we do.

    So, we hope we get to create something for you soon…

    PS To all of our clients and supporters, some we are yet to meet, thank you for loving and sharing our work.

    We’re lucky to be able to create, build and laugh with some amazing people,

    especially our team – the loveliest, super creative and hardest working bunch we know.

    Lily Infusion Weddings & Events - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    lily infusion weddings & events

    03 9890 0689

    Our Services

    • You deserve a wedding that you have dreamt about and a relaxed engagement period at the same time. We give you all the support you need to plan and design your big day.
    • Our attention to detail and strong time management skills will ensure your event to be a successful and long memorable one.
    • Our creative ideas and inspirations will take your wedding or event to the next level and ensuring your personality are infused into every detail.
    • Legwork and little errands are all ours to save you hundreds of hours for beauty sleep.
    • We are your personal wedding or event financial adviser and manager.
    • We work with the industry’s best, have a great relationship with lots of experienced and high-quality vendors, ensuring your money is spent wisely, high value for money services and products you get.
    • We absorb the stress you may have and free you on the day to enjoy every precious moment.

    What we do & Who we are

    Lily Infusion Weddings and Events was established in 2010, being one of the first Asian/Chinese cultured wedding planners and stylists in Melbourne.

    We work hard to ensure you have the perfect day!

    The team has a vast amount of creative ideas and inspirations. We can help to put your ideas together and adding a professional high standard touch. We create personal and detail-rich events that are tailored to individual needs, giving you and your guests unforgettable memories to share.

    Please get in touch to share the vision you have for your dream event. Our friendly team members love to assist you with any special occasions!

    Evviva Events - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    evviva events

    +61 409 208 581


    Welcome to Evviva Events! We are a Melbourne based event management company specialising in creating and executing amazing celebrations.

    We do event planning, styling and theming, and are passionate about entertaining, creating beautiful and unique events and most importantly, making sure that you have fun! We will bring a wow factor to your event that will leave your guests impressed.

    Whether it be a wedding, corporate event or private party, we offer a range of services to suit every budget.

    We offer premier wedding event management services, including full wedding planning, wedding styling, and on-the-day wedding coordination. We will help you bring your vision for your dream wedding to life, ensuring the planning process is fun and stress-free.

    We are also experts in delivering creative and highly successful corporate events. Whether it is an office party or an annual gala, our experienced corporate event planners and corporate event stylists will work with you to ensure your next event is a huge success.

    Our fabulous party planners can also bring creative ideas to wow your guests at your next private event or function. We can plan and style your birthday party, christening, dinner party or another private event.

    From small intimate gatherings to lavish celebrations, we will do all of the hard work so that you can just enjoy yourself and have a great time with your guests.

    Get in touch for a free consultation to discuss how we can make your day fun, beautiful and stress-free!


    Evviva Events is a full-service event management company based in Melbourne. We do it all, from small intimate gatherings to extravagant and luxurious parties! We are perfectionists and take great pride in our work. We are passionate about entertaining, making things beautiful and most importantly, making sure that you have fun! We will ensure that absolutely every detail is taken care of and that you are able to enjoy your day without the stress of worrying about whether things are going to run smoothly.

    Evviva events were started by Dani McEwin, who decided to follow her passion for entertaining and creating beautiful celebrations. With a background in corporate event planning, project management and supplier management, Dani brings a high level of expertise and will personally oversee your event to ensure everything is executed absolutely seamlessly. Over the years, Dani has developed strong industry relationships, so we will get you the best service and products for your special day.

    Call Evviva Events now to bring a wow factor to your event

    and make sure that your guests are impressed!

    Valure Events - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    valure events

    0438 502 320

    Melbourne Wedding & Event Management

    Congrats on your engagement, lovelies! It’s such an exciting time, yet it can feel overwhelming. We get it! Where to start, what to book, who to book, how far in advance, so many options and decisions to make. It’s perfectly normal, and that’s where Valure Events come in to alleviate all of that. We’re experts in the wedding industry and have planned many weddings & events. Book in a zoom meeting or phone call with us, and let’s chat today. Why wait?

    Did you know it can take up to 250 hours to plan a wedding? Have you envisioned the big day itself and thought about who will assist in the coordination of suppliers, table settings, cuing music at the right time and even the bridal party?

    Valure Events can help. In fact, our “Big Day” package is the most requested by our couples.

    Let us coordinate your special day (up to 6 hours) as it ensures you don’t have to rely on family and friends and can just enjoy your special day as you should. We will match you with the best suppliers specifically to you and create options you never thought imaginable. We are here for you every step of the way with unlimited contact via phone and email during the planning stages and full coordination on the day. If this isn’t the right package for you, we offer partial planning and the full Kit & Caboodle package. Also, let us take care of all your worries.

    Who are Valure Events?

    Wedding Planners, designers, stylists, lovers of events!

    Have I told you that we just LOVE what we do?

    Our job is to ensure your special day flows. We ensure you have complete peace of mind and that all your guests have the most memorable time. We are organised, passionate & on-trend to create spectacular events based on your style & budget.

    We love meeting up over a latte, chatting to our gorgeous couples about their vision and using our creative styling to reflect your story.

    Pop Up With Style - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    pop up with style

    +61 414 524 365

    The very first step of finding the perfect venue can be enough to halt wedding plans altogether. The options are endless, and yet the availability is limited.

    ​In a wedding world of Instagram + Pinterest, it can be very hard to make any sort of decision about your wedding, whether it be styling, suppliers, the dress, or the guest list (let’s not even talk about the guest list yet).

    ​You’re looking at suppliers which you have never met and have no idea if they will be good quality or even turn up on the day.

    (heck, it is a real risk, you’re paying them in advance!)

     These are the reasons that wedding planning is becoming a bit of a drag for people...

    It’s all too much stress and pressure... not to mention the fact that you’re working full time and trying to juggle family and friends.

    ​All you really want is a day that is relaxed, beautiful and full of those moments that leave you speechless... is that too much to ask?

    ​ANSWER: It’s not! We’ve got your back, baby!

    Love is the most important thing in the entire world and you having the perfect day is the most important thing in ours.

    You want to WOW your closest family + friends with a day that reflects you as a couple. You want it to be beautiful and unique but also natural, fun and relaxed.

    You want to sit back and enjoy all of those moments, not worrying about what is happening next or what might not happen.

    ​To say that we have done this before would be an understatement. We have planned, styled and coordinated HUNDREDS of outdoor weddings, and we know blank space weddings back to front, inside out and upside down! 

    ​Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of different suppliers, always updating our lists to reflect only the best and most reliable in the industry - ensuring that you can sit back and relax, knowing that your day is going to look + feel effortlessly beautiful.

    ​Welcome to the bottom of our page - you made it!

    ​Weddings aren’t meant to be stressful, but they can be time-consuming. Maybe you just want to have someone on your team who has done it all before and can bring the most important day of your life together like a dream!

    ​15 years of experience in the wedding industry has to lead to the creation of a comprehensive range of services and packages to suit every couple. We are a solution-focused team of creative professionals - AKA your new ride or dies.

    ​Whether you are thinking about running away or running the world with a show-stopping spectacular - we’ve got you covered.

    ​Tell us a little about what you have in mind below, and we can chat about how we get from ‘where we are’ to ‘where we want to be ‘.....

    Dream Catcher Weddings - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    dream catcher weddings

    0430 399 872

    At Dream Catcher Weddings, we want your wedding to be fun, memorable and unique. We are a one-stop shop for all of your planning, styling and coordination needs and have a real passion for creating beautiful and unique weddings, from your initial idea conception through to production on the day. We promote freedom to have whatever you want within your wedding and aim to help create a day that reflects you both. 

    With such personal connections to talented, local suppliers and stunning venues on the Mornington Peninsula means that we can manage all the elements of planning, styling and coordination, saving you time, money and stress! 

    Feel Good Events - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    feel good events

    1300 134 494

    Wedding Decorators & Planners In Melbourne

    So you are planning your big fairy tale wedding in Melbourne. You have chosen the venue and found all your inspiration photos on Pinterest and Instagram. You have a good idea of what you want your wedding to look like but just don’t know where to start. You now have the fun job of finding a wedding decorator that will bring your wedding vision to life.

    Most brides will tell us that they want their wedding to be One Big Party and so it should be as it is a major milestone and usually costs lots of money. The easy part is helping you make your wedding look pretty, but this doesn’t always create the best party experience.

    The good news is we can not only help you make your wedding look fantastic, but with the right advice from our party experts, you will also give your guests the ultimate party experience as well.

    Let us help you make your wedding planning and decorating simple and stress-free by providing everything you need from one place. Our expert wedding planners and decorators, along with our huge range of hire products, will help you create your dream wedding with ease. Feel Good Events does 100’s of weddings in Melbourne every year, helping couples create awesome memories.

    Contact us today to discuss all your wedding planning and hire needs from the ceremony through to the reception.

    About Feel Good Events

    Suppose there is one word to describe the team at Feel Good Events its Passion! Morning, noon & night, 7 days a week, our team is either planning parties, setting up parties or talking about how we can make parties better.

    Established in 2008, Feel Good Events was set up to help our clients create better party experiences and ultimately make our clients feel good. Using our Partyology philosophy of many years of tried and tested ideas, we wanted our clients to be able to tell better party stories after their event. To put it simply, Feel Good Events are parties, weddings & event decorators/planners, but to us, it’s a lot more than that. Factoring in every aspect of what can have an influence on your event is what makes us different to any other event company in Melbourne.

    Feel Good Events really love’s using our Partyology Philosophy to help create an atmosphere that stimulates your guest’s senses in every way. We love creating an atmosphere that delivers an awesome, fun party experience that connects people together, makes guests feel relaxed and brings out their inner party animal.

    One Day, Your Way - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    one day, your way

    0468 374 561

    Our Focus

    It is to make sure every couple’s wedding day is as unique as they are. We present fresh and inspiring designs that will ensure your day is elegant and beautiful. As a team, you will be able to count on us in the lead up to and on your wedding day, as we work harmoniously together to deliver you timeless solutions that will surpass your expectation.


    Our planning services allow you to get the help you want when you need it most. Our partial service will allow couples to get the help when they need it most, and our full planning service will allow you to relax and leave the hard work to us.


    With each of our styling packages, we will help you create your dream wedding look. Enjoying both the opportunity to work with a blank canvas or a venue that needs one or two touches to bring everything together, you can depend on us to create for you a look that is both timeless and elegant.

    Personal Assistant

    For couples that want to plan and organise their own wedding but want to relax and enjoy the lead-up and, more importantly, the wedding day itself. They also do not wish to impose duties on family and friends. 

    One Day Your Way has been creating unique, elegant and modern events since 2012.

    A team of two, we are down to earth, work harmoniously together and provide guidance and inspiration that will help you turn your ideas into reality.

    With extensive experience designing, styling and planning, we have had the pleasure of assisting a range of people create their dream events. From corporate clients looking for that visual edge when showcasing their brand, amazing couples who entrust us with an element of their most special day and people celebrating milestone birthday’s who want to do it in style. Now 6 years on, we couldn’t be prouder of the business we have created and the people we have got to meet along the way.

    We provide a hands-on approach that will ensure every detail is taken care of. We strive to exceed your expectations and people who choose One Day. Your Way will soon discover that although we each have our own unique flair, it is our combined talents that will really bring your event to life.

    So who are we.

    The Party & Event Co - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    the party & event co

    +61 423 489 988

    We can help

    The Party & Event Co are here to help and guide you through your planning, styling and hiring needs. We will assist you from concept through to event completion with over 6 years of experience combined with our own large inventory of products and a tight-knit network of local businesses.

    Weddings, engagements, christenings and baptisms, birthdays, corporate events, fundraisers, fetes, and so much more; our dedicated team go above and beyond to ensure your event is unique and well-executed. Our packages include offerings from coordinating and organising to a more simplified offering of simply lending a helping hand, styling or hiring.

    About us

    Angie, will you be my bridesmaid? A sentence I had heard so many times I could have been the star character in the movie 27 dresses, but that’s kind of normal when you come from a big Greek family, right? 

    My family have always loved a party, and as a kid, I grew up excited to be going to parties, learning quickly that there was never really an excuse needed to throw one and that if you’re going to throw a party, well, then you go all out.

    Then I met Vas, Vas (short for Vasili) also came from a big Greek family, and the bond we shared was like no other. He was always encouraging me to do what I loved and convinced me that I should start a business and work within the event industry. 

    In April 2014, after months of discussion whilst having dinner at The Meat and Wine Co – The Party and Event Co were born. What started off as one daiquiri machine for hire quickly grew to photo booths, fairy floss and popcorn machines, and before we knew it, we had taken over my parent’s place, storing party hire equipment in the formal living room, the basement and the garage.

    Today we’re located and working from a warehouse in Melbourne’s North, and our ever-growing inventory, passion for the event industry and the love we share for one another is stronger than ever. We adore contributing big or small to all events, so what are you waiting for? Give us a call.

    Wedding Hire Melbourne & Event - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    wedding hire melbourne & event

    0404 046 834

    Wedding Hire Melbourne & Events

    Your wedding day means so many things. It is on this day that you commit to spending your life with the one person you have chosen to cherish forever. It is a day that you celebrate your commitment and love with those who mean the most to you in the world. A bride is transformed, a groom is made, and an event becomes a fairytale.

    Creating a magical wedding does not happen by chance – it happens when brides and grooms know how they want their personalities to be reflected and team up with service providers that understand their wishes and unique style.

    At Wedding Hire Melbourne, we listen. We find out who you are as a couple, as individuals, and share in your vision. Then we help bring that vision to life! Working with all themes and budgets, Wedding Hire Melbourne is the one-stop shop when it comes to setting the scene for ceremonies, receptions and events.

    Wedding Hire Melbourne services all areas of Melbourne, as well as the Mornington Peninsula, Yarra Valley, Dandenong Ranges, Bayside suburbs and beyond…

    Wedding Hire Melbourne provides equipment hire for these events and many more…

    Whether you need to hire equipment and decor for a wedding, birthday or corporate event, Wedding Hire Melbourne offers a wide range of items for hire. There are options for both DIY (Do-It-Yourself) and a full setup.

    You can choose to hire individual items or have a look at one of our packages. Alternatively, we can discuss your options with you and help to create an individualised package that meets your needs. The choices are vast and varied – we can supply everything from arches and tables to centrepieces and signs.

    For ultimate impact, you can also hire our giant Love Letters, which provide amazing photo opportunities and leave guests spellbound.

    Whatever your style, at Wedding Hire Melbourne you’re sure to find a solution that fits your wishlist and creates your own brand of wedding magic!

    Wedding Hire Melbourne is truly family-owned and runs a business – a husband and wife team that, with the help of their son and daughter, makes couples’ dream weddings come to life.

    Based on the Mornington Peninsula and servicing the Greater Melbourne and Peninsula areas, Janelle and Steve have built this highly regarded company from the ground up. Wedding Hire Melbourne has now become one of the most sought-after wedding and event hire companies in Victoria, thanks to their tireless dedication to providing exceptional service and products.

    Now operating from their factory in Seaford, complete with a huge showroom, Janelle and Steve are always on the hunt for the greatest products and newest trends so that all of the weddings and events they create are at the forefront of innovative design.

    Part of their business growth includes their expansion into Love Letters Melbourne, as well as involvement in the design and setup of Melbourne Wedding and Bride Expos. A member of the Melbourne Wedding Group – a group of esteemed wedding service providers who work together to support Melbourne couples on their big day – Janelle is a fixture in the wedding industry and is no stranger to some of the most popular venues in Victoria.

    Their business umbrella also includes Grizzley’s Cleaning Services, run by husband Steve. This ensures that all hire items are spotless and maintained at a high standard – whether it be carpet runners, seating or decor.

    With over 3500 weddings under her belt to date, Janelle’s bookkeeping background means she is a magician when it comes to helping brides create their ideal day within any budget. Whether it is a small or large wedding or a corporate event, you can be confident that the final setup will be picture-perfect and stress-free.

    Choosing Wedding Hire Melbourne for your wedding or event is a sure-fire way to make your special day everything you ever wished for.

    Circle of Love- Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    circle of love

    +61 413 135 313

    Wedding Planning

    Circle of Love has many unique services to offer.

    Have you been dreaming of planning your wedding from a young age, but you are not quite sure where to start? Contact Circle of Love Wedding planning, and we can provide you with professional advice and guide you throughout your planning process.

    Circle of Love is like no other. Your dream is our reality!

    Whatever you choose, your wedding will be unforgettable, and Circle of Love will help you every step of the way with boutique style and attention to create the wedding of your dreams.

    Circle of Love will provide you with the opportunity to relax, feel organised, enjoy your wedding planning and make your day stress free as well as create an unforgettable day for you.

    What’s more, we have a strong passion and love for weddings.

    About Us

    Circle of Love’s mission is of excellence, design, sophistication and elegance. Our goal is to create a unique event that shows who you are, as a couple, on your special day. We are passionate about providing exceptional service for milestone events in your life. Our goal is to create a unique, chic, simply elegant, customised event especially for you. We listen, suggest and plan to create a beautiful reality just for you.

    We pride ourselves on delivering weddings and events that are luxurious, modern, creative, unique, picturesque, glamorous and filled with detail all around Australia. We are one of Australia’s leading stylists as well as wedding & event planners.

    A multi-awarded company, some being 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 ‘Independent Wedding Consultant’ by ABIA & 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 ‘5 Star Excellence’ by Easy Weddings. 2017, 2018 & 2019 Designer of Dreams’ Independent Wedding Consultant’ by ABIA.

    Every one of us takes great pride in our ability to create real relationships with each of our clients, allowing us to create an event that reflects your complete wedding and event vision. Relaxed, passionate, organised and kind, we have the ability to make everyone feel confident throughout the entire planning process as well as on your big day.

    A Lavish Affair - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    a lavish affair

    +61 1300 767 711


    One of the first decisions you need to make after getting engaged is when to tie the knot. Spring, summer, autumn, or winter? In turn, each season may present limitations on the style of your wedding, from your colour choices to venue considerations, but when it comes to thinking outside the box, we feel each season has its strengths and possibilities.


    Yes, to love! Yes, to equality! A day of celebration and pride as Australian’s vote a sensible ‘YES’ on marriage equality. We watched with bated breath for the announcement. Our hearts were warmed by the incredible show of support across the nation. Congratulations, an amazing achievement for the LGBT community.

    We have been curating and specialising in weddings since 2001. Our world of weddings is filled with inspiration, embracing classic elegance and sophistication infused with current trends and style while remaining true to the love story behind every wedding. We’ve had the honour of being involved in many blessing ceremonies over the years, and now we look forward to making those binding with all the rights that come along with the commitment of marriage!

    Team lavish dream, create, celebrate

    Curating and specialising in weddings since 2001, our world of weddings is filled with inspiration, embracing classic elegance and sophistication infused with current trends and style while remaining true to the love story behind every wedding.

    Our boutique services are tailored to you and your needs, and we offer you design direction, creative styling ideas and our trusted pair of hands to manage the whole process alongside you.

    We are offering a boutique service with our friendly, professional practicality and our creative imagination. Our team will work with you to understand your dreams for your wedding celebration. We will work tirelessly, carefully considering every detail to ensure everything is flawlessly executed both on the day and throughout your entire wedding planning process.

    Classique Event - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    classique event

    +61 422369361

    Wedding Destination

    With Literally the whole world to choose from, select a destination you can vision your wedding. The look and feel are important, but so is the budget. It might be where you first met, or a holiday dream vacation that you loved, an exclusive beach wedding to a European wedding in a village. A high-end luxury Dubai or Singapore Wedding might be the dream. Have a budget in mind and how many guests you would like to invite.

    Packages - Contact Form

    Check out our Global Wedding Packages and see if any suits your vision and budget. All Packages can be customised to suit your needs.

    Fill out the form so we get to know a little about what you would like, and we will be in contact with you within the 48hrs (sometimes we are flying to destinations and need time to respond to you)

    In Great Hands

    We are to help and manage your dream Wedding.

    With over 250 weddings Planned, we know the deal. An expert Coordinator will be in touch and put a wedding proposal together that is tailored just for you unless our wonderful packages just fit you perfectly. 

    ​Let’s Get Married

    We will do all the work for you!

    Organise the suppliers and manage all the requirements for the Wedding. The Accommodation, flights and your guest’s requests will also be taken care of. 

    Pick your package, sit back, relax and enjoy the little things that make a wedding fun!

    Classique Event is an Award Winning

    Wedding Management Business. 

    It all started with an obsession with perfection! Karen’s professional career started over 30 years ago, slowly moving up in various client-related roles as a Marketing Manager for a leading National Business to Senior Account Manager role in the National Radio Industry, specialising in events and cross-promotional campaigns. Working closely with all Media outlets, suppliers in the talent and event management business, she had formed a respective liaison with the Industry that would take her to create her own vision in the wedding Industry.

    She dedicated her time to become qualified in Wedding Planning and Management with an extended diploma in Business Management from Australian College. Then became the research, contacts, negotiations and good business practices put in place to deliver first-class Wedding Management for all. Classique Event has won awards every year at the ABIA Awards, winning the BEST Wedding Planner in Victoria back to back. “The best reward is witnessing my clients saying I do.”

    ​Karen grew up in the country and understood the meaning of hard work, dedication and “get the job done!”

    This knowledge is passed on to her staff, and she takes the time to work closely with each team member and client.

    Classique event has grown globally and incorporated the same ethical practices to destination weddings, creating a well-managed Wedding worldwide!

    Classique Event Ethos

    Classique Event is a dedicated Destination Wedding Planning Management service that has the talent and professional experience to design and style a wedding to perfection, within the clients budget and over the expectation. We add the personal touch, the little intrinsic details, the creative edge and the access to personalised vendor matching. Classique Event has travelled the world negotiating and creating the best Destination Wedding Package suited to suit each client.  

    ​Our clients become our Classique family, ensuring they are treated with respect and priority. Our aim is to provide exceptional customer service and be that subtle helper, allowing an organised, flowing wedding to feel easy for the client. We want our members to feel relaxed and comfortable with their decisions and be excited about a dream wedding becomes a reality. 

    Wedding Destinations - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    wedding destinations

    1800 729 437


    15 Years Experience

    Wedding Destinations is one of the oldest and largest destination wedding companies in Australia.

    Our 15 years of experience has allowed us to create a process that guides you step by step through the destination wedding planning journey.

    We have travelled the globe and, between us, visited all of our locations. We understand the weather, culture, food, beaches, shopping, expense, value for money and legalities. We know who to use and who not to use, and we have tips for squeezing your budget to get the most out of every cent. There are times it’s worth spending money and other times we can show you ways to save money.

    We’ve done the research, invested the time and taken the journeys, all so you can enjoy a stress-free wedding planning journey.

    Trusted Suppliers

    If we can give only one piece of advice, it would be this:

    • DO NOT risk the most important day of your life with just anyone.
    • Over the years, we’ve built close relationships with our local suppliers. We have very high standards and do not give much leniency to suppliers who do not meet our high expectations.
    • We are continually striving to source suppliers that are of exceptional quality, reputable, trustworthy and offer value for money. We do not believe in dealing with suppliers who triple their price the minute they hear the word “wedding!”
    • You will get access to the best names on the ground, from hair and makeup artists, photographers and videographers, celebrants and caterers. We know them all.

    Australian Based

    Your only contact will be your personal wedding destinations consultant based right here in Australia!

    We understand each and every couple is unique, so we like to chat with you. We spend a lot of time making sure we discuss all factors of each location until we are both confident that you are matched to the perfect destination.

    From start to finish, you will have your very own personal wedding planner. Your wedding planner is there to guide you through the process of planning your destination wedding. Being based in Australia means that you can just pick up the phone and have a chat at any time.

    All costs are paid before you leave in Aussie dollars too!

    Our company is Australian based and reputable, by dealing with us you are protected by Australian consumer laws.

    1st Class Service

    Wedding Destinations provides a truly unique service never seen before in Australia. Embracing the “one-stop shop” approach, the team at Wedding Destinations has one goal in mind: to make the planning & coordination of your Destination Wedding as simple & as stress-free as possible.

    Our professional Destination Wedding Planners work together with experienced Travel / Guest Consultants, utilising our very own in-house Travel Agency, ensuring you and your guests travel arrangements are coordinated precisely and cost-effectively.

    Wedding Destinations works tirelessly to eliminate any doubt or stress you may have when planning your Overseas Wedding.


    If you have read our website and seen all we have to offer, then I bet by now you are screaming out, “Thank God for Wedding Destinations!!” You see, we banish the stress, herd out the hassle and break the fear of planning your Destination Wedding. We understand that this very moment in your life is so precious, and you should enjoy just being engaged, without the hair-pulling frustration of not only planning a wedding but a destination one!

    We are experts, and for that, there comes a price, but we reckon it’s a pretty fair one given how much pressure, stress and time we will save you. Wedding Destinations have spent hours, days, months and years booking the ins & outs of weddings. We are millionaires (in knowledge. 

    of course!) and we’ve executed the best wedding havens, too-easy reception packages, a photographer that’ll shoot everything in their way, and that’s only the start. We’ve made the mistakes, learnt the tricks of the trade, discovered great wedding locations and then ditched the bad ones. We’ve been there, done that, and even bought the t-shirt, all to nail the deliverance of the most amazing day of your life!

    And if that is not enough to convince you that we are the best in the business, we have been voted 2015 & 2016 winners of the highly prestigious Australian Bridal Industry Award for Independent Wedding Planners.

    Elope Around Melbourne - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    elope around melbourne


    At Elope Around Melbourne, we love the rule-breakers, the couples who reject bullshit wedding expectations and want to marry on their own terms. Whether you are adventurers eloping from across the seas or you are simple romantics saying ‘I do’ at your favourite National Park, the simplicity and intimacy of our elopement ceremonies create an organic and personalised wedding experience that is entirely your own

    How it works: 

    + Pick your location and tell us your ceremony date here

    + Book and pay your invoice to receive private access to our couples portal 

    + Fill in your NOIM ( notice of intended marriage ) here

    + Meet your celebrant via video before your wedding date to discuss your ceremony and vows

    + Invite less than 15 people: ( trust us, it’s a good thing ) little guests under 5 yrs and furry guests very welcome and not included in group numbers.

    + Attend your ceremony, say your “I do’s”, and live happily ever after

    Darling Don’t Panic - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    darling don't panic

    +61 476 393 920

    Planning & Styling

    From creating a cohesive design vision out of your must-haves and major hopes for your wedding—to curating a team of suppliers perfectly suited for your style and budget—our planning and styling offering is ideal for couples who are seeking a seamless, stunning celebration that serves up a spectacular guest experience.

     Your dedicated wedding planner will obtain quotes, negotiate on your behalf, oversee suppliers, and manage logistics so you can relax and rest easy—while 24/7 access to streamlined planning software keeps you plenty involved and informed every step of the way...without ever overwhelming you with information-overload or tedious to-dos.

    On The Day Wedding Coordination

    Available as part of your wedding planning package or as a stand-alone offering—booking our coordination service secures a dedicated Darling Don’t Panic wedding planner onsite for your celebration to manage suppliers and oversee setup and teardown because you shouldn’t have a single second of work or worry on your wedding day.

    Also included is two full weeks of planning. Starting 14 days prior to your celebration, your wedding planner will step in to create a day-of timeline, liaise with all suppliers, and attend to any remaining tasks that need attention.

    Destination Weddings

    Are you getting married in Bali or New Caledonia? Simply add on our destination wedding component as you build your quote, and enjoy the full Darling Don’t Panic experience with local support in Australia and a dedicated planner with local connections on the ground at your destination.

    Intimate Weddings & Elopements

    Whether you’ve always been keen on eloping or your plans have changed due to recent restrictions on gatherings, we’re here to help you plan a small celebration that doesn’t skimp on style or substance.

    With over 15 highly experienced wedding planners across the east coast of Australia, New Caledonia, and Bali—the Darling Don’t Panic team is chock-full of seasoned event experts who work hard to bring your vision to life, so you can soak up every precious moment of your engagement and wedding day.

    We’re here to hone in on the little details that leave a lasting impression, labour over logistics, so you don’t have to, and draw inspiration from your story to create an immersive celebration you’ll savour for years to come.

    Whether you’re rocking that newly-engaged glow or have been planning for months on-end and are ready to hand things off to a pro, it’s our honour to step in, shoulder the stress, and plan meticulously on your behalf—so you can rest easy knowing your dream day isn’t just a dream, but a guarantee.

    With a 10-year career producing everything from book tours to burlesque shows, Owner Jac Bowie is no stranger to managing demanding schedules, creative problem-solving on the spot, and curating once-in-a-lifetime experiences with meticulous attention to detail. Her portfolio includes work for iconic clients like Cirque Du Soleil, Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney—but she eventually found her true home in the world of weddings, where she could apply her impressive organisational skills and sharp stylist’s eye in a more intimate way.

    As a seasoned event producer with over 500+ events under her belt, an array of specialist wedding planning & event design courses, and the title of “trained travel agent” to her name—all of which come in quite handy as she works to plan everything from intimate elopements to expansive wedding weekends for couples across Australia and beyond. She’s been named one of the top Top 15 wedding, and event stylists in Australia and New Zealand by Truly Madly Deeply and one of the Top 20 Wedding Planners to Follow on Instagram by Hello May—and has events published everywhere from Wedded Wonderland to WedShed.

    Whether she’s diving deep into design details with a couple over cheese and wine, jet-setting to New Caledonia (her favourite place on Earth) to produce a dreamy destination wedding, or firing up her outdoor fireplace for a creative culinary delight—she loves creating meaningful experiences, meeting fresh faces, and embracing never-before-told stories.

    Global Weddings - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    global weddings

    1300 763 777

    Want to get married overseas? So exciting!

    Since 2003, Global Weddings have been arranging destination weddings and the renewal of vows in some of the world’s most spectacular locations. With over 30 years of combined experience, we will plan and coordinate everything for you to save you time and stress.

    Want your wedding day to be truly unforgettable?

    We will coordinate food and beverage, photography, flowers, wedding cakes, entertainment, and any other little thing you may want. With our compliments, you also get a personalised web page for your guests with all the information needed about the wedding, destination, and great travel deals.

    Dream weddings... it’s all about location!

    But don’t take our word for it. Explore our dream destinations with exciting venues as well as galleries of photos and videos with testimonials from hundreds of happy couples who have chosen to make their vows in some of the worlds most romantic locations.

    About Us

    Global Weddings has been in operation as its own identity since 2003. Owned and operated by Global Weddings Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 65 091 311 778) Travel Agent Licence 32346. It is also an operating division of JKMN Williams & Associates Pty Ltd (ABN 18 059 682 736), trading as Helloworld Rowville, an independently owned franchise and operating under a franchise agreement with Helloworld Pty Ltd. It has grown from a successful history of organising numerous weddings overseas with the existing clientele of HelloWorld Rowville, formally Jetset Rowville, since 1993. HelloWorld Rowville is located at Shop 105, 1091 Stud Rd, Rowville 3178 Victoria, Australia. Jetset has since been re-branded to Helloworld, so please lookout for the big blue Helloworld sign when you come to visit us.

    Mornington weddings by Fran - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    mornington weddings by fran

    +61 409 100 225

    Wedding planning guide for Melbourne couples. 

    Wedding planning can be a little bit like a roller coaster, some parts are fun, and you feel like you are on a roll and other times, it can be draining and confusing. As a wedding photographer, I have been to numerous weddings with all kinds of formats: Indoors, outdoors, different religions and traditions, weddings with a theme and without, weddings with white dress and weddings with casual outfits. These experiences have helped me to get to know other wedding vendors and also knowledge and experience on a lot of wedding-related businesses and services. Through this guide, I am hoping that I will help you to navigate the ins and outs of wedding planning and hopefully make the road less stressful. 

    Nice to meet you! I am Fran!

    I’m a Melbourne based wedding and family lifestyle photographer in love with natural light. I have always loved the power that an image can have and how it can take you to different places and times. One of my main goals as a photographer is to capture true emotions and to be able to tell stories through my work. To discover more about my life and latest work, come and have a look at my Blog. 

    I am currently available within Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne, and the Bayside area includes the following suburbs: Oakleigh, Mentone, Carnegie, Caulfield, Hampton, Moorabbin, Highett, Cheltenham, Sandringham, Black Rock. 

    Vanessa Rossini - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    vanessa rossini

    +61 413 992 571


    From sourcing the perfect space and fabulous florist to delivering a spectacular reception in a unique location, our wedding planning expertise in traditional weddings allow us to deliver the full ‘white wedding’ service or simply guide you in the right direction. We are happy to take on board the elements you simply don’t wish to deal with, from planning the entire love jamboree to delivering a simple party in the park – your budget, your wedding and your way.


    In an ever-changing modern scene, it’s now pretty hip for the bride and groom to plan their own wedding. From DIY decorations to sourcing the perfect wedding song, tailoring your own pop-up bar for a ceremony in the park, VR events work with you. We can either project manage the whole event or simply work with your vendors and suppliers and tie up loose ends – talk to us today about our DIY style guide service.


    VR Events have access to the countries best providers. We are not just about weddings – having worked on everything from nightclub unveilings to music festivals, corporate parties and hundreds of product launches – our scope is wide and flirtatious. Let us help you create that next special event!


    From the Haute-casual with an outrageous mix of textures to the contrast of something sublime and dreamy, our venue styling service allows your vision to breathe. Tailoring the ‘Look’ of your event is as important as the food, your budget, the drinks and the guest list. Here at VR Events, we take our venue styling seriously. We can either project manage and develop your ideas or deliver you a custom made concept reflecting your vision – either way, having relationships with the best in design allows us to give you the wow factor your event deserves.


    Finding a venue to host your event can be tough work, especially if you plan on bringing in your own team of catering and event planners (moi). Most venues that deal in the art of events will attempt to lock you into in-house catering. We have done the hard yards. Our little black book of friendly and, more importantly, Flexible venues and locations will allow you to take the full package or simply hire the room.


    Are you hosting an event? VR Events prides itself in working closely with the best caterers in town. We have access to Melbourne’s finest food folk, from simple canapés to lavish sit-down dinners. We’ve got it covered. Engaging the right caterer for your event can sometimes be hit and miss. Consistency, delivery and value for money are key factors in our catering relationships, so we’ve done a lot of tasting and testing on your behalf. I know, tough gig.


    Vanessa Rossini has been a major player in Melbourne’s catering and events scene for over 15 years. Vanessa’s client list, straight from the red carpet, would put any faux socialite to shame. From international advertising agencies, outrageous Xmas parties to hosting afterparties for the Logies, her experience is wide, sometimes wild, but flawless in delivery.

    Vanessa Rossini (VR Events) is the culmination of experience gained within the catering, events and wedding industry, working closely in VIP services in the hushed world of celebrity hosting.

    Magical, timeless, elegant, classic, original and immaculate are words often used when describing weddings and events planned by Vanessa Rossini.

    Her attention to detail is innovative, precise and flawless. Delivery is without question and leaves nothing to chance. Customising her services to fit your desires, VR Events offers full production from start to finish, from floral design and styling, venue set up, entertainment, equipment hire, catering, wedding and event planning and management as well as ‘on the day coordination, allowing you the time to enjoy the celebrations with your guests.

    Behind the professionalism, you will discover one of the most energetic and uplifting women you’ll ever meet.

    The Super Styler. - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    the super styler.

    +61 421 567 573

    Our Services

    Are you planning a wedding, a party or a very special event? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you need your event planning from start to finish, styled, or maybe you just want a little creative direction, we are here to help. We are completely flexible and can be as involved in your event as much or as little as you like – after all, it is YOUR event.

    We offer full or partial event planning and styling, day-of services, hourly styling consulting, custom invitation and stationery design and a whole lot more! 


    The Super Styler is an innovative event planning and styling studio which brings celebrations to life. Founded by passionate Melbournian Nadia Rados-Christo in 2013, The Super Styler offers exciting and unique event styling solutions that push creative boundaries.

    The journey began back in 2013… Nadia autonomously styled her first wedding, put her heart and soul into the event, and absolutely loved every minute of it! Witnessing her vision come to life and, most importantly, the happiness of her clients on their special day was so rewarding, and from that moment, she knew she wanted to take the next step and turn her passion into a career, with loads of hard work, moral support from her husband and family. Her dreams came true when The Super Styler was born and since has styled over 100 events!

    The design ethos is to keep things simple, as simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. Each and every event is meticulously designed and planned to ensure that it is successfully executed.

    From Weddings to Corporate Events, Private Birthdays and more, the super talented and diverse team is here to make each project an enjoyable, relaxing and unforgettable experience. Servicing all areas of Melbourne and Victoria, from the CBD to the Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula and beyond… We can’t wait to bring your next event to life.  

    Weddings by E - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    weddings by e

    +61 421 757 050

    Wedding Coordination

    Your special day is fast approaching, and you need an extra set of hands? This service is perfect for couples eager to ensure their day runs exactly as they planned, with no hiccups or bumps along the way.

    I will be there to set up and style your spaces, bringing your dream day to life. From managing all suppliers to ensuring the run sheet is executed on time, this package allows my couples to sit back and relax on their special day. 

    No matter the size, location, style or type of wedding you’re planning, this service has you covered. 

    Partial Wedding Planning Service

    Venue booked, initial plans in place, but unsure how to bring the final elements of your day to life? This service is perfect for couples finding the process a tad overwhelming and wanting some professional guidance and support.

    Let me step in and take charge of all the final details, coordination of suppliers, vendor payments and any extra potential headaches along the way. 

    Whether you’re coming up to your wedding day and need a helping hand to bring it all together, or you’re mid-way through the planning process and ready to hand over the reins, I can create the perfect customised package that suits you and your lover perfectly. 

    Full Wedding Planning Service

    Recently engaged and ready to fly headfirst into the planning process? This service is perfect for the time-poor couple wanting support with all aspects of bringing their dream day to life.

    Allow me to source the vendors that suit your style and budget best, manage the creative design and all the stressful little details that pop up leading to your big day. 

    This service also includes on the day wedding coordination to ensure you feel supported not only through the planning process but able to relax and enjoy your big day.

    About E

    Your Perfect Day Requires the Perfect Planner

    Hi, I’m Elizabeth! 

    I’m the creative force behind Weddings by E.

    I am passionate about helping busy couples create a unique wedding day their heart’s desire.

    As a modern wedding planner, my goal is to ensure you feel supported, inspired and stress-free throughout the planning process; so you can sit back and enjoy every moment.

    Whether you’re newly engaged or in the thick of wedding planning, let me take over the reins or help tie up those last loose ends. 

    I can support you from a planning perspective and take the stress out of finding your perfect suppliers, all the way through to on the day coordination and making sure your Pinterest board comes to life!

    I pride myself on working with the best in the business, ensuring my couples can expect the same level of perfection from my vendors and suppliers along the journey.

    I celebrate love and inclusivity and can’t wait to start planning your special day.

    EBB Events - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    ebb events

    ​0414 822 251

    My clients have referred to me as a negotiation ninja, run sheet rockstar, and damage control diva. After all, I have been delivering events in Australia & South East Asia for over 25 years (don’t do the maths….please!)

    Couples come to me when they want a skilled, experienced and professional event manager to plan their wedding. Weddings are events after all – and the most important & expensive one you’re likely to ever organise! 

    I know my s*@t - I’ve revved it up working on the Formula One Grand Prix and for Fiat Chrysler, kicked goals organising dinners for 1,200 guests for North Melbourne Football Club, and even wrangled 11,000 guests at international conferences. 

    So, why am I doing this? I saw a huge gap in the wedding planning market of skilled event managers who know how to plan & execute like a Jedi Master – so, you now get to have me on your team during one of the most exciting (and stressful) times of your life.

    ​My logistic know-how, budget prowess, timeline mastery, and ability to decipher a supplier quote (some of them you think are designed with a secret code to protect national security) are just some of the skills that put me at the top of my game. Not to mention my friendly, relaxed, down to earth approach and my ability to have fun along the way. 

    It’s important that your wedding is planned to perfection, but no need to be boring about it!

    ​​Sit back, leave it to me and Enjoy The Moment.

    Kerr Events - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    kerr events

    0423 358 245

    Planning Package

    This package provides professional assistance in planning a special event or wedding. We have an extensive list of wholesale suppliers we work with, saving you time and money by organising appointments and finding various suppliers to meet your requirements. This can be difficult, particularly when you have a busy daily schedule and would prefer to spend your time enjoying the lead up to your special event.

    Wedding/Event Coordination  

    We assist in the lead up to the special day or event and are onsite from the start of the ceremony to formality completion. We ensure everything is set up perfectly, delivered and in place. We also ensure that everything runs smoothly and to schedule. This is perfect for clients that like to plan everything but want to ensure the plan is executed to perfection.

    Custom Styling Package  

    We assist in the styling aspect of the event by customising looks for all types of functions.

    The price charged is purely for services alone; any styling items or props that are required for purchase or hire are in addition to this fee and will be invoiced separately.​

    Planning, Styling & Coordination 

    This package is perfect for the clients that want a stunning and seamless day without the stress of planning it…and then, of course, someone there on the day to ensure everything is flawless.

    The Ultimate Wedding Planner 

    This is the ultimate package where we are there to assist you in every aspect of each step. This package includes all our services such as planning, styling and coordination with an unlimited amount of assistance.

    We go through every detail and do all the work associated with your special day with your guidance and input. We cover all bases to ensure your day is perfect from, sourcing suppliers, to styling, to providing an RSVP service. You name it, and we do it!

    Lettuce & Co - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    lettuce & co

    0403 191 120

    Anything and everything event related…

    We are the creatives, the stylists, the planners, the prolific list-makers, the logistical engineers, the budget sleuths, the late-night consultants, the dilemma technicians, your co-conspirators and your new ‘favourite’ on your phone.

    Be it a wedding, brand activation, corporate Christmas party, birthday, engagement, bar mitzvah or whatever your excuse for a party is, we’ll work with you to make THAT party… one for the memory bank.

    Lettuce & Co was born from a creative collaboration in 2013, and ever since, we’ve been on an epic ride designing and delivering shit-hot stuff for all types of events in all shapes and sizes.

    We get asked all the time why the name Lettuce & Co?

    It’s not an easy thing to name your child, and this was no different, but to put it simply…we chose a name that essentially sums up why we choose to exist. To have you LET the US take the load and pressure off all that comes with planning and styling that event you wish to remember. The one you got to enjoy from beginning to end.

    Since our beginnings, we’ve tried to stay true to who we are and what we do…

    We are dedicated, honest, passionate and professional. We are laughers and lovers at heart, but when it’s called for, we may drop a naughty word or two or three. Having fun is important to us so much so that we are banging out tunes at our 1 am bump-outs. That’s just how we roll.

    WhistlingWoodz Events - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    whistlingwoodz events

    03 8418 1708

    Passionate Creativity

    Wedding Planners’ The Dream Artisans’ in this beautiful industry of event planning. Our exuberant talent turns ‘A celebration to A celebration’. 

    Your gala aura is tinkered with joyous sensations. Our specialised wedding planner skills traverse through the heart, and we own an incredible range of infrastructure for wedding decorations.

    Vibrant Halo

    Wedding decoration services for sangeet, Mehendi, Haldi, youngsters bash, and cocktail parties; we own a vibrant inventory for decorations and theme designs. We create a contextualised atmosphere of vivid, vital celebrations.

    Ecstatic Moments

    As expert Indian wedding planners and wedding decoration professionals, we are enacting themes that are our top prowess. We are experts in the richness of designs. Your trust evolves us to oar all our potential ken to canvas your dreams. You dream, We create, & let’s celebrate!

    Happy Planner - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    happy planner

    470 474 550

    Welcome To Happy Planner


    Experienced Event Planners, You can Trust!

    Happy Planner is an Australia based event organising & surprise planning company with a passion for creating special events with unique themes and concepts.

    All our partners are Australian based, and we aim to use local products and resources.

    We strive for Respect, Equality, Sustainability, and excellent Customer Service.

    Our Mission is to create outstanding events for our clients by fulfilling all the elements within their budget.


    Birthday, Anniversary, marriage, Office Party, or a Casual Celebration -Partner with us to have a hassle-free experience of organising an event. Our Partnership Starts with Defining your Event, Drafting your Budget, and Work towards accomplishing the best for your event. With our Experience and Knowledge, we will customise the event to your needs and manage every aspect to make it a memorable one. With a Penchant for Customer Service, we will strive to create a wonderful experience for everyone while you focus on your celebration. ‘turn your event into a happy event with a Happy Planner.

    Coral & Co. Events - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    coral & co. events

    +61 478 678 456


    Coral & Co. Events is a boutique party planning business based in Melbourne, Australia, that makes Pinterest worthy party planning accessible for all. 

    Coral & Co. Events specialise in tailored party packages for at-home events, all-inclusive date night packages delivered to your door and custom event coordination to bring your one-of-a-kind celebration to life. 

    With backgrounds in corporate events, editorial styling and wedding coordination, our stylists are passionate about putting the pizazz into the private parties of our clients.

    From weddings and perfect proposals to hens’ days, kids’ birthdays and happenin’ house parties, make your ‘do’ modern, fun and fabulous with Coral & Co. Events!  


    Stylish House Parties

    Are you planning a party at home? Whether it’s an intimate dinner party or summer garden soiree, keep it super stylish with the help of Coral & Co. Events!

    Date Nights Delivered

    Surprise and spoil your loved one with the ultimate love fest in the comfort of your own home. From over-the-top florals to decadent desserts - Coral & Co. has you covered.

    Custom Event Planning

    Have an upcoming event or special occasion that just screams to be celebrated? Let us create your dream event and take away the stress, so you can enjoy your big day!

    Perfect Proposals

    Popping the question and want to make it extra special? We create dream proposals, personalising them perfectly to you and your partner.

    Styled Editorials

    From start-ups to established businesses, we can help deliver your unique and personal brand story. Our team will capture your brand’s vision whilst providing you with engaging and fresh content.

    Gift Certificates

    Give the gift of a perfect party with less stress and more fun! Have someone in mind that would benefit from our help? Gift them a consultation or full styling package with Coral & Co. 

    MCO Events - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    mco events

    +61 413 185 089

    Event Management Agency in Melbourne

    Though based in Melbourne, MCO Events has the ability to plan corporate events across Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. MCO Events is committed to providing the tools and information to assist in smooth event operation. We are here to serve you in all your branding, event and speaking needs.

    Our services include event communications, corporate event organisation and time management, project management, budget management, event staff management and event marketing and public relations. MCO Events commit to a broad range of events management services such as promotion, communications, consulting and equipment organisation.

    In addition, we understand how difficult it is to start up a company or brand, so we have branding packages dedicated to leveraging your brand to the next level and getting noticed.

    We recognise that the real work is in the details that lead up to the event, so our team works at a high standard to ensure your event will run smooth and stress-free. With our flexible packages, we will work with your brand to find the best fit for you and ensure that your event will be handled seamlessly.

    Wedding Planning

    Oh, we are a sucker for love! If you’re getting married and have no idea where to start, pick up the phone or chuck us an email, and we can get the creative juices flowing. There may appear to be one million and one thing on the ‘TO-DO’ list when all you really want to get to is the ‘I do”. Our team of hopeless romantics have hosted and planned hundreds of weddings from wedding venue sourcing, wedding design and concept, to onsite full day wedding operation.

    Your wedding day should never feel like a cookie-cutter procedure with event planners, so MCO Events works with you, listens attentively and ensures we fulfil every element of your brief. All our premium Wedding Packages will be consulted with our head Director, Melissa, and we know you will love our list of close suppliers! If you have your own, we will build instant rapport with your suppliers to get the big day on the road.

    “To plan and nurture every event as if it were our last”

    MCO Events and Branding is a Melbourne-based boutique agency created to assist you and your businesses with everything from brand start-ups to large company re-branding. We offer attentive event services to ensure you and your target audiences needs are met.

    Black Finn - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    black finn

    +61 412 968 988


    Congratulations on your engagement! So now what?

    At Black Finn, we are a team of wedding specialists and perfectionists who plan, design, manage and take the stress out of your day.

    We can be as involved as little or as much as you like and offer a range of package options to suit everyone. As all clients and events are unique, we can also customise packages based on your specific requirements.

    With 12 years of experience in the Wedding & Events industry in both Australia and the UK, we specialise in planning & event management, inclusive of on day coordination and consultancy services.

    We showcase modern minimalism and prove the adage that less is more. 

    Our weddings are irresistibly timeless and sophisticated in their simplicity which allows the key aspects of the day to shine.

    We focus on the client first and foremost as we know that it’s not about us. It’s about you. We are always striving for a less is more approach and proving to clients that planning, spreadsheets and budgets can be fun – which is really what organising a wedding is all about!

    Our work is serious, but we are not.

    We would love to hear from you and be a part of your big day!



    Our most popular planning package has the below inclusions.

    If you would like further information on pricing and our other offerings, please get in touch, and we would love to chat through what you envision for your big day and how we can assist!

    • Unlimited phone & email correspondence
    • Up to 5 x face to face meetings
    • 1 x venue visit
    • Arranging save the dates and invitations
    • Budget management
    • Creation of run sheet & floor plans for both ceremony & reception
    • Seating chart template access 
    • 3 x Quotes for every supplier - based on your budget, style & personality (with the exception of venue searching)
    • Supplier booking & management
    • RSVP & guest list management
    • Ongoing recommendations and support throughout the planning process

    Yarra Valley Pop Up Weddings - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    yarra valley pop up weddings

    +61 413 330 712

    What’s Provided


    Short & sweet by an authorised celebrant


    Stunning fresh local flowers to decorate your wedding venue - bouquet & buttonhole, yours to keep.


    Delicious semi-naked unique & delicious baked just for you - decorated with fresh flowers to match your bouquet.

    Champagne Toast

    Bubbly & glorious Yarra Valley champagne + delicious red & white Yarra Valley wines


    Professional photographer - an abundance of photo opportunities at each venue


    Check out our 5 venues & 9 packages. Packages can be tweaked to suit you.

    About Us

    Love the concept of a Pop Up Wedding but are you scared of the logistics? At Yarra Valley Pop Up Weddings, we follow the Pop-Up theme in a permanent location providing the venue, decorations, celebrant, seating, legal paperwork, public address system, flowers, bespoke wedding cake, Yarra Valley wines, champagne, grazing/cheese platters & professional photographer. The only thing that POPS up is you, your wedding party & guests.

    Indulge yourself with our 5 diverse, unique venues catering for every taste and budget. Your guests are catered to & made to feel a part of your very special day with champagne, wines, juices, food & wait staff. Everyone is attended to as your photographer takes advantage of the abundant photos opportunities onsite.

    How does it work? ………………….. It’s everything you’d expect on your wedding day ‘flashed’ into 1 – 6.5 hours. Simply choose your date, time, location, package number & POP UP. We’ll take care of the rest.

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