Top 50 Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria (2024)

Wedding planners are a professional service that can be hired to help plan and execute the entire wedding event. They provide customisation for every bride’s needs, such as décor, catering, and entertainment. The best way to find a good wedding planner is with referrals from friends or family members who have recently married. You could also search online for reviews of different planners in your area by looking at their websites or checking out their social media pages, giving you insights into how they work and what they’re like.

Wedding planners are a great help to both the bride and groom. They can be a huge asset if you’re looking for someone reliable, experienced or just want to make sure your wedding is perfect. But how do you find one? 

To help you get started on your wedding planner hunt, we’ve rounded up our favourite Wedding Planners from right across Melbourne, Victoria.

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    Ultimate List of Wedding Planners in Melbourne, Victoria

    Events by Emma Currie - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    events by emma currie

    +61 434 251 219

    Melbourne Wedding Planner

    Since I'm based in Melbourne, I especially enjoy working with creative couples who have a distinct idea of their wedding but want an expert to carry out the smaller details. I'm an expert in all things related to setup, coordination, and logistics, so you can unwind and take pleasure in every second of your wedding without worrying about anything.

    Most importantly, I'm passionate about giving you the information, counsel, and tools you need to organize the wedding of your dreams. I'II goes above and beyond to create a spectacular event for you and your loved ones, including services like venue styling and partial wedding preparation in addition to my Signature On the Day Coordination service.

    Specialising in On the Day Coordination

    Your wedding day is one of the only occasions when all of your favorite people will be in one place at once, giving you priceless memories to remember forever. Working with a coordinator guarantees that you and your family can concentrate on having fun instead of stressing about the smaller concerns. I'll design a personalized timeline for your day that lays out exactly how everything will proceed from beginning to end. I'll be there to expertly set up and style your ideas on the big day.

    Evenio Weddings and Events Pty Ltd - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    +61 478 658 062

    It's simple to feel overwhelmed if you know what you want but don't know how to make it all happen. How can you ensure that your big day has the perfect look and feel? In this situation, Evenio is useful. Get individualized assistance and access to our contacts in the international wedding industry to plan the wedding of your dreams.

    You are adding a little glitz to your once-in-a-lifetime event. I was the go-to party planner with her lists in hand and a head full of ideas for throwing the ideal celebration because I am a hopeless romantic with over 20 years of experience in TV and fashion.

    One thing I kept close to my heart as I packed up my belongings from the United States and left the TV industry to move to Melbourne was my love for chic events and international flair. Evenio specializes in elegant, high-end weddings, so let's put you at ease and give you confidence that we can create the perfect day you've been dreaming of!

    Short & Spook - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    short & spook

    +61 3 9578 9650


    We're Short & Spook, a creative and vivacious Melbourne-based event design duo. We design enjoyable, unique, and motivating experiences for a variety of events, including weddings, product launches, and your best friend's birthday.


    We design enjoyable, unique, and motivating experiences. We provide three levels of design and planning services for your big day because we love working our magic for our clients. Since we really feel that this is our area of expertise, we do provide a custom design Short & Spook ceremony arbour as a stand-alone service if you have have your styling largely taken care of.

    Wedding Planners FAQs

    Finding a venue and caterer, hiring a DJ, renting a photo booth—the list of standard wedding day to-do’s seems endless. But, for an engaged couple, it’s enough to take the excitement out of getting married, especially if you’re planning on a big wedding. 

    Enter wedding planners, the answer to managing all of the pieces of your big celebration. With a wedding planner on your side, you can focus on thoroughly enjoying your nuptials without the stress of communicating with vendors and making sure all goes right.

    Hiring a wedding planner tends to be a luxury, not quite a necessity. It probably isn’t worth it for couples planning a smaller wedding or working with a limited budget. 

    However, if you can afford one and are looking to ease the stress of planning your wedding, it’s more than worth it. Hiring a professional wedding planner—even a day-of coordinator—comes with peace of mind, meaning you can ultimately spend more time enjoying your wedding day festivities with loved ones. 

    Planning a wedding is hard work. In fact, for many people, it’s a little like having a second job. It requires a lot of time and emotional energy, from securing a venue to managing a team of vendors and slotting each piece of the puzzle into place.

    (Over 500 hours, according to a recent study!) That’s why every couple needs help, whether they get it from a family member, a troop of willing bridesmaids and groomsmen, or a professional wedding planner. Unfortunately, knowing whether to get a pro on your team isn’t always an easy decision since every wedding has its own unique set of circumstances.

    It’s important to know that you aren’t signing away your authority or creative input when you hire a wedding planner. Instead, it sets about making sure you have the support you need. And that support is even more critical in times like these when changes need to be made and a crisis occurs. That way, you can focus on the fun bits and let the experts take on the stress for you!

    Personality and Trust

    You need to find a planner that you instantly get along with. There are times when you may send 20 emails in 1 night to the wedding planner with details of your wedding, and there are more stressful times than others where the ˜Bridezilla’ in you might come out. This is where you’ll need the wedding planner to stay calm and really listen to you.

    You also need to ensure that you’re able to trust the planner, as there are times when planning can get difficult. Even if they may be incredible at what they do, ensuring that your personalities click and that you trust them 100% is key.


    Ensure that you look at the weddings that the wedding planner has done previously to be inspired for your event and ensure that their style matches yours.


    Communication is integral to planning the wedding of your dreams. This leads to considering the response time between when you call/email/text the planner and when they get back to you. Is this planner too busy? Do they take a long time getting back to their clients? The planner needs to keep you up to date with the preparations, and ensuring that you know exactly when to expect a reply will help to lessen the stress.

    Pricing Structure

    Every wedding is different, and whether you only want the planner for specific tasks on the big day itself or if you’d like the planner to be with you from the beginning will, of course, make a difference in the price. 

    Other Weddings

    Be sure to find out how many other weddings the planner is working on and if they are planning that happens during the same month as your wedding. For example, if the planner works for a large wedding planning company, their firm may have other weddings in the pipeline- and they will also have a large team to work with. On the other hand, if they are independent wedding planners, it would be best to focus primarily on your wedding.


    Make sure to get references of recent weddings that the wedding planner has done. It’s vital to call and check how these customers’ wedding planning and big day went. If the wedding planner does not want to give out references – it’s most likely a red flag and best not to work with them. This also ties in with building trust with the wedding planner and giving you peace of mind.

    Utilise your resources. 

    Whether you’re looking for a new hairstylist or a dress tailor, there’s nothing like a personal reference within your network to put your mind at ease. So when it comes to how to choose a wedding planner, turn to your friends and family for recommendations, and you might be pleasantly surprised by the number of quality leads that come your way. You can even expand that network to include your online connections and put a call out on social media.

    Similarly, take be sure to take advantage of online vendor reviews through your favourite wedding planning websites. Consider yourself Instagram-savvy? Try searching city-specific wedding planner hashtags for even more new leads.

    Research their online presence. 

    Found a wedding planner who might be a good fit? Take the next step with some online sleuthing to check out their website, portfolio, blog, and social media. This is a great opportunity to get a solid grasp of their aesthetics and style, along with their “brand voice” and style of communication. Has their work been published in any blogs or online magazines? Look for those coveted “As Seen In” badges on their website as another indication of great work.

    If you’ve found a planner who’s really in touch with social media, you might even be able to sneak a live peek at a client’s wedding day on their Instagram or Facebook stories.

    Meet up in person. 

    While virtual communication is a perfect starting point, you can only get so far via email. In thinking about choosing a wedding planner, you should try to meet face-to-face before hiring. If you’ve thoroughly vetted their work online and want to move forward, suggest an in-person meeting as the next step before booking. Just like any job interview scenario, a face-to-face meeting will give you a much better sense of their personality and whether or not they’d be a helpful addition to your vendor team.

    Ask great questions.

    Once your schedule that previous in-person meeting, be sure to come with a list of questions that address any of your concerns. Going into a wedding planner interview with zero preparation is bound to leave you flustered, so take time to jot down what matters most to you and your fiancé. For example, does your planner have experience working at your particular venue?

    How often will your meet and communicate throughout the planning process? Also, does your planner work solo on the day of or with a team of assistants?

    If you want some additional reassurance, don’t be afraid to ask a wedding planner for a list of past client references. Most planners will be more than happy to oblige, and you’ll be able to hear directly from couples who can give you an unbiased review.

    Carefully read the contract.

    When considering how to find a wedding planner, perhaps the most essential point is to read the contract from beginning to end. We know it’s boring to weed through pages of paperwork. Still, it’s so critical to understand what services you’re getting so there are no surprises along the way. Also, make sure you’re aware of how this particular planner handles things like pricing and additional fees, day-off setup and tear down, and backup plans for inclement weather.

    Ensure your personalities mesh

    You want to hire a wedding planner you’ll genuinely enjoy working and collaborating with. This is someone you’ll be spending quite a bit of time with leading up to the wedding, so make sure it’s a good fit on both a professional and personal level.

    A wedding is no average event. Not only are you planning a day to honour a lifetime commitment and create a new family. You also have to feed and entertain that new family while keeping it all together! Weddings are emotional, exciting, entertaining, expensive… you see where we’re going with this. This is why we cannot stress the importance of having a wedding planner for your big day.

    The wedding planner will complete all the work within a time. Planners are the best adviser who can negotiate lower prices, as does repeat business with suppliers, and are competent enough to handle marriage. In addition, a wedding planner knows the latest trends and can help couples choose their dresses and accessories.

    Ultimately, hiring a wedding planner should be the most significant gift you give yourself. Not only does a wedding planner provide an enjoyable and stress-free planning process, but they also provide you with a piece of mind.

    What I want every bride and groom to take away is this... Remember that your wedding day is about the love and unity the two of you share. It’s not about the money, logistics, and the decision-making process. After all, that’s what a planner is for. So allow yourself to be a guest at your party!

    Celebrant Maree - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    celebrant maree

    0409 235 244

    Hi, I'm Maree, and I do wedding ceremonies in Melbourne. I'm based in the Eastern Suburbs, not far from The Yarra Valley. I'm assisting you in creating a ceremony that is joyful, memorable, and uniquely you, filled with laughter and love. I have your back.

    Since it is your wedding, the ceremony should go exactly how you envision. I have a ton of suggestions, materials, motivation, and knowledge to help you. Since I've spent my entire life in Melbourne, I can answer any questions you may have about getting married there and in the Yarra Valley. Read on or get in touch if you're interested in learning more about me and the wedding planning process.

    Meet Celebrant Maree

    It's only fair that you know a little bit about me as I prefer to learn a little bit about you in order to create your amazing wedding ceremony! I officiate weddings in Melbourne. I adore meeting new people and learning about their perspectives on marriage, life, and the universe. I'm incredibly passionate about the imaginative, teamwork-based process we use to design a special, private ceremony, particularly for you.

    will&jac - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria


    0410 535 225

    Melbourne Wedding Planners & Consultants

    Catherine Williams and Clare Jacobsen are Melbourne Wedding Planners and Consultants, will&jac. Together, they provide exceptional client service, along with knowledgeable counsel and direction in the area of weddings.

    New wedding planning packages are now available from will&jac, extending their expertise in the field to consultation services for like-minded organizations and exciting potential for wedding planner mentoring - imparting our wealth of knowledge to the upcoming crop of planners. Additionally included are our "Hand Over the Reigns" planning package, SOS assistance, and Venue Scouting.

    Will and Jac are aware that every celebration is distinct from the next, every couple is special, and weddings are important occasions. While you enjoy the journey of a lifetime, let our project management and consulting talents shine - we thrive on it! Enlist Catherine and Clare as your wedding planning consultants so they can help you realize your wedding ideas.

    Weddings of Distinction - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    weddings of distinction

    +613 9699 3331

    Real Examples, Real Couples

    While we participate in more than 500 weddings each year in the Melbourne area, take a look at some of the couples who have given us permission to chronicle their big day.

    Find the Perfect Venue

    After you’ve chosen the wedding venue, ceremony and reception, decorations are some of the most important considerations you can make. Nowadays, arranging a wedding practically requires a professional degree. Fortunately, we have strong connections with some of Victoria's most exclusive wedding locations.

    Each Love Story is Unique

    Each wedding has a theme, which should be reflected in and enhanced by the decorations used to complement the setting. Let your personality and sense of flair shine through. Search through more than 500 popular wedding decorations available for hire. We actually offer the widest selection in Melbourne and Victoria, so you can be as picky as you like.

    RUFFLES AND BELLS - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    ruffles and bells

    As a team of storytellers, visionaries, and event designers, we work with you to create lasting memories at each customized celebration.


    My friend's wedding was the very first event I ever styled, and I still vividly recall every detail of it. I'll never forget the exhilaration I experienced. I enjoy the rush of turning an idea into a vision that ties the love story of the couple to a whole day of romance.

    Ruffles and Bells was born out of my love of details in 2010, but even when I was younger, I was drawn to colors, textures, and magical ways to bring stories to life. Now, eleven years later, I'm here speaking with you.

    Since the day I styled my first wedding, my passion for it has grown. Every wedding and event we style still makes me anxious the day before, and I still cry (I'm not kidding!) as we pack everything up because I can't wait to see it all come together. The next day, I would want to repeat the entire process.

    Gee What a Wedding - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    gee what a wedding

    0405 984 670

    Gulsah Gee Tankir

    I, Gulsah Gee Tankir, started the Melbourne-based wedding planning company Gee What a Wedding in 2010. Even though I have over 15 years of experience organizing events, the concept for Gee What A Wedding holds a special place in my heart. It came about as a result of seeing my friends and relatives deal with annoyances & frustrations prior to their wedding as well as catastrophes on their big day. It shattered my heart each time, without fail.

    This inspired me to start a service that would help couples plan weddings without feeling too overwhelmed, allowing brides and grooms around Melbourne to enjoy their special day without undue stress or anxiety. A diploma in wedding and event planning from the College of Events rounds out my credentials and compliments my experience in the hospitality and security sectors. I also have a business degree with an accounting concentration.

    How can I help you?

    When a bride & groom contact me feeling overwhelmed, confused & helpless about their upcoming wedding, it provides me with such a buzz knowing I can replace those negative emotions with positive ones. I can demonstrate to each bride and husband how I can simplify their wedding and reassure them that they are in good hands thanks to my experience in wedding preparation.

    I DO - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    i do

    61-04 33040092

    Welcome to Wedding Planning Melbourne

    I DO Wedding Planning, one of the largest wedding planning firms in Melbourne, brings you wedding planning in Melbourne. Additionally, we are the only wedding business that offers a one-stop shop for wedding services. I DO Wedding Planning provides a range of services, including wedding planning, bridal gowns, wedding photography, and wedding cinematic HD film.

    We are the only business in Melbourne that can offer a one-stop solution in addition to being one of the largest wedding providers. I DO provide a wide range of services, including bridal clothes, wedding planning, wedding cinematic HD video, and wedding photography. We have a skilled, enthusiastic workforce that is committed to giving each client an experience that is nothing less than ideal.

    Every wedding we take on at I DO is special, and we put our whole selves into it. We firmly believe that paying close attention to detail and comprehending the demands of the client are essential to providing the best services possible and having a successful wedding. Please read through our portfolio for some examples of how your wedding day might appear if this seems like what you need for that important day of yours. Give us a call, and we'll work with you to design the wedding of your dreams so that it can live on forever in lovely memories.

    KW Weddings & Flowers - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    kw weddings & flowers

    0404 716 887


    Luxury is not just for the wealthy. It is also quite secretive. Today, flowers have a greater duty than ever! Inspiration is preferred above imitation. We adore the hues, designs, textures, and shapes that we come across while travelling. For us, the most important thing is the ability to inspire confidence and satisfaction in our clients' floral curators among their relatives, friends, and loved ones.

    A wedding planning and floristry business situated in Melbourne is called KW Weddings & Flowers. We are a seasoned but young team under the direction of a professional wedding planners and award-winning florist Karen Wang. We provide complete wedding management, coordination, floral design, styling, party theme creation, and venue decoration services. We have helped countless charming couples plan the most memorable day of their lives.

    What Karen Wang Weddings & Flowers is about

    In 2017, Karen Wang founded Karen Wang Weddings & Flowers, a business that combines her great passion for weddings, event planning, and floristry. With over five years of professional experience, Karen provides couples all around Australia with her knowledge of wedding planning, style, and floristry.

    The Style Co. - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    the style co.

    03 9425 9798


    An average wedding requires more than 250 hours of planning. [That's a ton of time, but it's true] You still need to maintain your sanity, energy, and excitement for the wedding day itself after making all the calls, scheduling appointments, sampling food and wine (yum! ), creating spreadsheets, making more decisions, using credit cards, supervising rehearsals, and herding people.

    Therefore, we decided it would be best to include wedding planning as an additional option to our already lovely Schmick event design + style service. If you choose to add our wedding planning service, we’ll have a dedicated planner guide you from start to finish and make sure everything that’s important to you has been looked after.

    Lily Infusion Weddings & Events - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    lily infusion weddings & events

    03 9890 0689

    What we do & Who we are

    One of the first wedding planners and stylists in Melbourne with an Asian or Chinese cultural background was Lily Infusion Weddings and Events, which was founded in 2010.

    The group is full of imaginative ideas and sources of inspiration. We can assist in organizing your thoughts and incorporating a polished, high-standard touch. We design individualized, intimate, and meticulously planned events that leave you and your guests with priceless memories to cherish.

    To discuss your dream event's vision, please get in touch. Our helpful staff members are always happy to help you with any special occasions!

    Evviva Events - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    evviva events

    +61 409 208 581


    Greetings from Evviva Events! We are a Melbourne-based event management business that specializes in planning and carrying out spectacular festivities. We specialize in event planning, styling, and theming and love to entertain, design stunning and distinctive events, and most importantly, see to it that you have a good time. We'll add a wow element to your event that will impress your attendees.

    We provide a variety of services to fit every budget, whether it be for a wedding, corporate event, or private party. We provide first-rate wedding event management services, such as comprehensive planning, complete style, and day-of coordination. We will work with you to realize your ideal wedding while making the preparations enjoyable and stress-free.

    Additionally, we have years of experience producing innovative and wildly popular business events. Our skilled corporate event planners and corporate event stylists will collaborate with you to make sure your upcoming event is a tremendous success, whether it's an office party or an annual gala. At your upcoming private event or function, our amazing party planners can also introduce innovative ideas to impress your guests. Your birthday party, christening, dinner party, or another private event can be planned and styled by us.

    Valure Events - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    valure events

    0438 502 320

    Melbourne Wedding & Event Management

    Lovelies, congratulations on being engaged! Although it's a really exciting moment, it can also be very overwhelming. We understand it! There are so many alternatives and choices to choose from, including where to start, what to book, who to book, and how far in advance. It's entirely acceptable, and that's where Valure Events come in to put an end to everything. We have organized several weddings and events and are professionals in the wedding sector. Call or schedule a zoom meeting with us today, and let's talk. Why not now?

    Did you know that planning a wedding can take up to 250 hours? Have you imagined the big day itself and considered who would help with supplier coordination, table setups, music cueing at the appropriate times, and even the bridal party? Valure Events can support you. In fact, our "Big Day" package is what our couples most frequently ask for.

    Let us plan your wonderful day (for up to 6 hours) so you may focus on enjoying your special day without having to rely on family and friends. We will find the best suppliers for you specifically and provide you access to possibilities you never imagined. With limitless phone and email interaction during the preparation stages and full coordination on the day, we are by your side at every turn. We also offer partial planning and the full Kit & Caboodle bundle if this isn't the package that's best for you. Let us handle all of your issues as well.

    Pop Up With Style - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    pop up with style

    +61 414 524 365

    Finding the ideal location can be so difficult that it may be enough to put a complete stop to wedding arrangements. Although there are countless possibilities, they are not all readily available. Making any kind of decision about your wedding, whether it be regarding styling, vendors, the dress, or the guest list (let's not even talk about the guest list yet), may be quite difficult in the wedding world of Instagram + Pinterest.

    You're looking at vendors that you haven't met and don't know if they'll be of high quality or even show up on the scheduled date. There is too much stress and strain, not to mention the fact that you are attempting to balance family and friends while working a full-time job. Is it too much to ask for a day that is peaceful, lovely, and full of those moments that leave you speechless?

    The most essential thing in the world is love, and the most important thing in your world is that today is flawless. With a day that showcases you as a couple, you want to WOW your nearest and dearest family and friends. You want it to be lovely and distinctive, but also organic, enjoyable, and carefree.

    Dream Catcher Weddings - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    dream catcher weddings

    0430 399 872

    Dream Catcher Weddings wants your wedding to be enjoyable, special, and different. We are a one-stop shop for all of your planning, styling, and coordination requirements, and we have a genuine enthusiasm for designing lovely and distinctive weddings, from the conception of your initial idea to the execution on the big day. We support the flexibility to have whatever you want at your wedding and work to make the day reflect the two of you.

    We can handle all the planning, styling, and coordinating aspects, saving you time, money, and stress because we have such close personal ties to talented, local vendors and gorgeous locations on the Mornington Peninsula.

    Feel Good Events - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    feel good events

    1300 134 494

    Wedding Decorators & Planners In Melbourne

    You're organizing your lavish wedding from a fairy tale in Melbourne. You've selected the location and searched Pinterest and Instagram for all the images that inspire you. You know exactly how you want your wedding to be, but you're not sure where to begin. Finding a wedding decorator who will realize your wedding vision is now your exciting task.

    The majority of ladies will tell us that they want their wedding to be One Big Party, and it should be because it is a significant event and typically involves a significant financial outlay. Making your wedding seem lovely is simple, but this doesn't always result in the finest party atmosphere.

    The good news is that we can help you not only make your wedding look amazing, but also provide your guests with the greatest party experience by giving you the proper advice from our party experts. By offering everything you need in one location, let us assist you in making the planning and decorating for your wedding easy and stress-free. You can easily organize and decorate your ideal wedding with the aid of our skilled wedding planners and decorators and our broad selection of items available for hire. Every year, Feel Good Events performs hundreds of weddings in Melbourne, assisting couples in making wonderful memories.

    One Day, Your Way - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    one day, your way

    0468 374 561

    Our Focus

    To ensure that each couple's wedding day is as distinctive as they are. We offer innovative and attractive designs that will make your day classy and lovely. You can rely on us to create timeless solutions that will exceed your expectations as a team in the months leading up to and on the day of your wedding.


    You can obtain the assistance you require when you need it most thanks to our planning services. With our partial service, couples can get assistance when they most need it, and with our complete planning service, you can unwind and let us handle the hard work.


    We will work with you to design your ideal wedding look with each of our styling packages. You can rely on us to design for you a style that is both timeless and elegant because we enjoy the chance to deal with blank canvases as well as venues that only require one or two finishing touches to tie everything together.

    The Party & Event Co - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    the party & event co

    +61 423 489 988

    We can help

    The Party & Event Co is here to assist and advise you with your planning, style, and staffing requirements. With over 6 years of experience, a sizable product inventory of our own, and a close-knit network of neighbourhood businesses, we will help you from the conception of your event all the way through to its conclusion.

    Our committed team goes above and beyond to make sure your event is distinctive and skillfully handled, whether it be a wedding, an engagement, a christening or baptism, a birthday, a corporate event, fundraising, a fete, or anything else. Our packages include services ranging from organizing and coordinating to a more basic offering of just providing assistance, styling, or hiring.

    About us

    Will you be my bridesmaid, Angie? I could have been the lead character in the movie 27 outfits after hearing that statement so much, but I suppose that's to be expected when you come from a large Greek family. My family has always enjoyed parties, so as a child, I was always delighted to attend them and quickly discovered that there was never really a good reason not to host one and that if you're going to organize one, you should really go all out.

    Wedding Hire Melbourne & Event - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    wedding hire melbourne & event

    0404 046 834

    Melbourne Wedding Hire & Events

    The day of your wedding carries a lot of significance. You commit to spending the rest of your days with the one person you have made the decision to cherish forever on this day. On this day, you celebrate your commitment and affection with the people who matter the most to you. An incident is transformed into a fairytale, a bride is transformed, and a groom is made.

    The result of the bride and groom know how they want their personalities to be expressed and working with vendors who respect their preferences and unique style is a great wedding, not something that happens by accident.

    At Wedding Hire Melbourne, we pay attention. We gain a better understanding of your purpose as we get to know you better as a couple and as people. Then, we help bring that vision to life! Wedding Hire Melbourne, which works with all themes and price ranges, is the go-to location for creating the perfect atmosphere for weddings, receptions, and celebrations. Wedding Hire Melbourne delivers services throughout all of Melbourne, as well as the Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula, Bayside suburbs, Dandenong Ranges, and other locations.

    Circle of Love- Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    circle of love

    +61 413 135 313

    Wedding Planning

    Have you had wedding planning on your mind since you were a little child but are unsure of where to begin? If you get in touch with Circle of Love Wedding Planning, we'll be able to offer you qualified guidance and assistance as you plan your wedding. Circle of Love is unique in every way. Our reality is your desire!

    Whatever you decide, Circle of Love will support you along the way with boutique elegance and care to design the wedding of your dreams. Your wedding will be spectacular. Circle of Love will provide you with the opportunity to relax, feel organised, enjoy your wedding planning and make your day stress free as well as create an unforgettable day for you.

    About Us

    The objective of Circle of Love is perfection in design, sophistication, and elegance. On your big day, we want to create a one-of-a-kind celebration that reflects who you are as a couple. We are dedicated to offering outstanding service for significant occasions in your life. Our aim is to design a singular, stylish, understatedly exquisite event specifically for you. We take the time to hear what you want, make suggestions, and plan to make it happen.

    A Lavish Affair - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    a lavish affair

    +61 1300 767 711


    When to get married is one of the first choices you have to make after becoming engaged. Winter, spring, summer, or autumn? The style of your wedding may be constrained by the season, from your colour selections to venue considerations, but when it comes to thinking beyond the box, we believe each season has its advantages.


    To love, yes! I support equality! a day of joy and pride as Australians cast a well-informed "YES" vote on marriage equality. We awaited the announcement with bated breath. The amazing nationwide outpouring of solidarity warmed our hearts. A fantastic accomplishment for the LGBT community, congratulations.

    Since 2001, we have been planning weddings and specializing in them. Inspiration abounds in our world of weddings, which embraces traditional elegance and sophistication combined with modern trends and style while staying loyal to the love story behind each wedding. Over the years, we've had the honour of participating in a lot of blessing rituals, and we're excited to make those legally binding by being married and acquiring all the privileges that go along with it!

    Classique Event - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    classique event

    +61 422369361

    Wedding Destination

    Choose a location where you can envision being married out of literally the entire world. The budget is crucial, but so is the way things look and feel. It can be the place where you first met, your ideal vacation, a lavish beach wedding, or a traditional European village wedding. The ultimate luxury wedding may be in Dubai or Singapore. Consider your spending limit and the number of guests you want to invite.

    Packages - Contact Form

    See whether any of our global wedding packages fits your needs and price range by looking through them. You can customize any package to meet your needs. We will be in touch with you within 48 hours of receiving the completed form so that we can learn more about what you would like (sometimes we are flying to destinations and need time to respond to you)

    In Great Hands

    We're here to support and coordinate your ideal wedding. We are experienced, having planned more than 250 weddings. Unless one of our amazing packages just happens to fit you perfectly, a professional Coordinator will get in touch with you and create a wedding proposal that is specifically tailored for you.

    Wedding Destinations - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    wedding destinations

    1800 729 437


    15 Years Experience

    One of the oldest and biggest destination wedding firms in Australia is Wedding Destinations. We've developed a process that leads you step-by-step through the destination wedding planning process thanks to our 15 years of experience.

    We have together travelled the world and been to all of our destinations. We are aware of the laws, cost, value for money, beaches, culture, food, and weather. We have advice on who to utilize and who to avoid working with, as well as suggestions for how to stretch your budget as far as possible. Sometimes spending money is worthwhile, and other times we can show you how to save money.

    Australian Based

    Your sole contact will be your personal wedding location consultant situated right here in Australia! We recognize each and every couple is unique, therefore we enjoy communicating with you. We spend a lot of time making sure we discuss all characteristics of each area until we are both certain that you are matched to the perfect destination.

    Elope Around Melbourne - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    elope around melbourne


    At Elope Around Melbourne, we celebrate the rule-breakers, the unions that take place in accordance with the couple's wishes rather than the unrealistic expectations of society's ideal wedding. The simplicity and intimacy of our elopement ceremonies offer an organic and one-of-a-kind wedding experience that is entirely your own, whether you are adventurers eloping from abroad or you are simply romantics saying "I do" at your favourite National Park.

    Darling Don’t Panic - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria


    darling don’t panic wedding planner melbourne, victoria

    +61 476 393 920

    Organizing and styling

    Our planning and styling service is perfect for couples looking for a seamless, beautiful celebration that offers an unforgettable guest experience. It involves everything from putting together a supplier team that is properly matched to your preferences and budget to developing a cohesive design vision out of your wedding must-haves and top fantasies.

    Your committed wedding planner will gather quotes, negotiate on your behalf, supervise vendors, and handle logistics so you can unwind and breathe easy. Meanwhile, you'll have access to efficient planning software around-the-clock, keeping you fully involved and informed at every turn—without ever feeling overburdened with details or tiresome to-do lists.

    Coordination of weddings on the day

    Because you shouldn't have to work or worry on your wedding day, booking our coordination service guarantees that a dedicated Darling Don't Panic wedding planner will be present for your celebration to manage suppliers and supervise setup and teardown.

    Global Weddings - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    global weddings

    1300 763 777

    Want to get married overseas? So exciting!

    Since 2003, Global Weddings have been arranging destination weddings and the renewal of vows in some of the world’s most spectacular locations. With over 30 years of combined experience, we will organize and coordinate everything for you to save you time and stress.

    Want your wedding day to be truly unforgettable?

    We will coordinate food and beverage, photos, flowers, wedding cakes, entertainment, and any other little item you may want. With our compliments, you also get a personalised web page for your guests with all the information needed about the wedding, destination, and great travel deals.

    Dream weddings... it’s all about location!

    But don’t take our word for it. Explore our dream destinations with intriguing settings as well as galleries of photographs and videos with testimonials from hundreds of happy couples who have chosen to make their vows in some of the world's most beautiful locations.

    Mornington weddings by Fran - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    mornington weddings by fran

    +61 409 100 225

    A guide for Melbourne couples planning weddings

    Planning a wedding may be a bit like riding a roller coaster; at moments, it's great and you feel like things are going well, but other times, it can be difficult and confusing. As a wedding photographer, I have attended many weddings in a variety of forms, including indoor and outdoor weddings, weddings with and without themes, weddings with white dresses and weddings with casual apparel, and weddings with diverse religions and traditions. These interactions have given me the opportunity to get to know other wedding vendors as well as knowledge and experience about a variety of wedding-related businesses and services. I'm hoping that by providing you with this advice, I may make the process of arranging a wedding less difficult for you.

    Pleasant to meet you! Fran here!

    I'm a Melbourne-based lifestyle and wedding photographer that adores using natural light. I've always been fascinated by the strength of a photograph and how it can transport you to other locations and eras. One of my main goals as a photographer is to be able to tell stories via my work and to capture real emotions. Visit my blog to learn more about my life and most recent work.

    As of right now, I can be reached in Melbourne's Mornington Peninsula, which includes the suburbs of Oakleigh, Sandringham, Carnegie, Mentone, Caulfield, Moorabbin, Hampton, Highett, Cheltenham, and Black Rock.

    Vanessa Rossini - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    vanessa rossini

    +61 413 992 571


    Our wedding planning expertise in traditional weddings allows us to execute the whole "white wedding" service or simply help you in the right way, from selecting the ideal site and fantastic florist to delivering a gorgeous reception in a unique location. From designing the full love jamboree to delivering a small celebration in the park, we are happy to take on the elements you just don't want to deal with — your budget, your wedding, and your style.


    It's now quite cool for the bride and groom to plan their own wedding in the ever-evolving modern world. VR events work with you on everything from DIY decorations to selecting the ideal wedding music and creating your own pop-up bar for a ceremony in the park. Talk to us right away about our DIY style guide service. We can either project manage the entire event or just deal with your vendors and suppliers and tie up loose ends.


    The greatest suppliers in the nation are available to VR Events. Our range is broad and playful; we have experience with hundreds of product launches, business events, music festivals, and nightclub openings in addition to weddings. Let us assist you in planning your upcoming special event!

    The Super Styler. - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    the super styler.

    +61 421 567 573

    Our Services

    Are you organizing a special event, a wedding, or a party? You're in the correct place, then! We are available to assist you whether you require complete event planning, styling, or simply some creative direction. Since it is YOUR event, we are entirely adaptable and can participate as much or as little as you like. In addition to the custom invitation and stationery design, day-of services, hourly styling counselling, complete or partial event planning and styling, and much more, we now offer!


    Innovative event planning and styling company The Super Styler brings festivities to life. Nadia Rados-Christo, a passionate Melburnian, founded The Super Styler in 2013, which provides innovative and entertaining event decorating solutions.

    The journey started in 2013... Nadia planned and executed her first wedding on her own, giving it her all, and she enjoyed every second of it! Witnessing her vision come to life and, most importantly, the happiness of her clients on their special day was so rewarding, and from that moment, she knew she wanted to take the next step and turn her passion into a career, with loads of hard work, moral support from her husband and family. When The Super Styler was created, her wishes came true, and she has already styled over 100 events!

    Weddings by E - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    weddings by e

    +61 421 757 050

    Wedding Coordination

    You require additional hands as your special day draws near. This service is ideal for couples who want to make sure everything goes off without a hitch on their big day. I'll be there to set up and style your areas, making your fantasy wedding come true. This package enables my clients to kick back and unwind on their special day because it takes care of handling all vendors and making sure the run sheet is performed on time.

    Partial Wedding Planning Service

    Unsure about how to execute the last details of your wedding despite having a venue reserved and preliminary preparations in place? Couples that feel the process is a little overwhelming and would like some expert advice and support should use this service. Let me step in and handle all the finishing touches, supplier coordination, vendor payments, and any additional potential difficulties along the way.

    I can develop the ideal, customized package that is ideal for you and your partner, whether you need assistance getting everything together as your wedding day approaches or you're in the middle of preparing and ready to give over the keys.

    EBB Events - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    ebb events

    ​0414 822 251

    My clients have dubbed me a damage control diva, a run sheet rockstar, and a negotiation ninja. After all, I have over 25 years of experience hosting events throughout Australia and South East Asia. When looking for a qualified, seasoned, and professional event manager to plan their wedding, couples turn to me. After all, weddings are events—the most significant and expensive ones you'll probably ever plan!

    Why am I doing this, then? You now get to have me on your team during one of the most exciting (and stressful) moments of your life since I recognized a significant need in the wedding planning industry for talented event managers who know how to plan & execute like a Jedi Master.

    My expertise in logistics, command of finances, command of deadlines, and ability to comprehend supplier quotes—some of which seem to be written in a code meant to safeguard national security—are just a few of my strongest suits. Not to mention my approach is friendly, laid-back, and down-to-earth, and I can have fun while doing it.

    Kerr Events - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    kerr events

    0423 358 245

    Planning Package

    This package offers expert guidance for organizing a wedding or special event. We work with a large number of wholesale suppliers, so we can schedule visits and discover a variety of vendors to satisfy your needs, saving you time and money. This might be challenging, especially if you have a hectic daily routine and would rather enjoy the time leading up to your big occasion.

    Wedding/Event Coordination

    We provide support leading up to the big occasion or event and are there on-site from the beginning of the ceremony until the formalities are over. We make sure everything is delivered, set up, and in its proper location. We also make sure that everything happens on time and without a hitch. This is ideal for those that enjoy planning everything but want to make sure the plan is carried out flawlessly.

    Custom Styling Package

    By creating looks for various kinds of events, we help with the styling of the event. The fee is only for the services; any styling supplies or props that are needed for purchase or rental are extra and will be paid separately. ​

    Lettuce & Co - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    lettuce & co

    0403 191 120

    We are your co-conspirators, stylists, strategists, list-makers, logistical engineers, budget investigators, late-night advisers, dilemma technicians, and your new "favourite" on your phone.

    We'll work with you to design THAT party... Whether it's brand activation, wedding, birthday, corporate Christmas party, bar mitzvah, engagement, or any other cause for a party, it will be one to remember. In 2013, a creative partnership led to the creation of Lettuce & Co. Since then, we've been on an amazing journey producing and delivering shit-hot stuff for events of all kinds and sizes.

    To put it simply, we chose a name that essentially captures why we choose to exist. Naming a child is never simple, and this experience was no exception. To have you LET US handle all the stress and work involved in organizing and styling that occasion you want to remember. one that you were able to fully enjoy.

    We are devoted, sincere, enthusiastic, and qualified. We are lovers and laughers at heart, yet when necessary, we might utter one, two, or three foul words. We place such a high value on having a good time that we play music at our early-morning bump-outs. We operate in a certain manner.

    WhistlingWoodz Events - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    whistlingwoodz events

    03 8418 1708

    Passionate Creativity

    The Dream Artisans of the gorgeous event planning profession are wedding planners. "A celebration to a celebration" is made with our exuberant talent. Your gala atmosphere is embellished with happy feelings. We possess a staggering array of infrastructure for wedding decorations and have highly specialized wedding planning talents.

    We offer wedding décor services for sangeet, Mehendi, Haldi, kids' parties, and cocktail parties. Our inventory of decorations and theme designs is diverse. We build a context-specific environment for vibrant, essential events.

    We are putting on themes because they are our strongest suit as skilled Indian wedding decorators and coordinators. We are specialists in an intricate design. Your trust encourages us to use all of our abilities to realize your dreams. You dream, we make it happen, so let's a party!

    Happy Planner - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    happy planner

    470 474 550

    Welcome To Happy Planner


    The event planning and surprise planning company Happy Planner is established in Australia and has a passion for designing memorable events with distinctive themes and concepts. We try to employ items and resources from the area, and all of our partners are Australian-based. Respect, equality, sustainability, and top-notch customer service are our core values. Our goal is to fulfill every requirement for our clients' events while staying within their budget.


    Whether it's a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, an office party, or a casual celebration, partner with us for a hassle-free event planning experience. Our collaboration begins with defining your event, creating a budget, and working to make it the best possible. We will tailor the event to your demands using our experience and knowledge, and we'll handle every detail to ensure that it's a success. While you concentrate on your celebration, we will work to make sure that everyone has a wonderful time thanks to our penchant for customer service. "Use a Happy Planner to make your occasion happy."

    Coral & Co. Events - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    coral & co. events

    +61 478 678 456


    Coral & Co. Events is a boutique event planning company situated in Melbourne, Australia, that makes party planning that is worthy of Pinterest available to everyone. Coral & Co. Parties specializes in personalized event coordination to make your one-of-a-kind celebration come to life, all-inclusive date night packages delivered to your door, and tailored party packages for at-home events. Our stylists are passionate about adding flair to our clients' private parties and have experience planning weddings, business events, and editorial styling. Make your "do" contemporary, enjoyable, and amazing with Coral & Co. Events, from weddings and ideal proposals to hens' days, children's birthdays, and happening home parties!


    Are you preparing an event in your house? Whether it's a small dinner party or a summer outdoor gala, Coral & Co. Events can help you keep it totally chic! In the comfort of your own home, surprise and indulge your significant other with the ultimate love fest. Coral & Co. has you covered for everything from extravagant bouquets to sumptuous treats. Have a forthcoming event or noteworthy occasion that begs to be honoured? Allow us to design your ideal event and relieve the pressure so you can enjoy your special day!

    Want to ask someone out and make it extra special? We design romantic proposals that are ideally tailored to you and your sweetheart. From start-ups to established companies, we can assist in telling your distinctive and individual brand story. Our staff will accurately portray the idea of your company while giving you interesting, new content. Give the gift of a flawless party with more fun and less stress! Do you have a person in mind who may use our assistance? Give them a style consultation or comprehensive package from Coral & Co.

    MCO Events - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    mco events

    +61 413 185 089

    Event Management Agency in Melbourne

    Despite being situated in Melbourne, MCO Events can organize business events everywhere in Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. MCO Events is dedicated to offering the resources and knowledge necessary for a successful event. We are here to assist you with all of your speaking, events, and branding needs.

    Event communications, corporate event planning and management, project management, budget management, staff management for events, and event marketing and public relations are just a few of the services we offer. MCO Events commit to a broad range of events management services such as promotion, communications, consulting and equipment organisation.

    Additionally, we have branding packages specifically designed to take your brand to the next level and attract attention because we are aware of how challenging it is to launch a business or brand. We understand that the preparation for the event is where the actual work is done, thus our staff puts in a lot of effort to make sure your event goes off without a hitch. With our customizable packages, we'll work with your brand to find the right fit for you and make sure everything about your event runs well.

    Black Finn - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    black finn

    +61 412 968 988


    At Black Finn, we are a group of wedding experts and perfectionists who will manage, design, and relieve tension from your special day. We provide a variety of package options to suit everyone and can be engaged as little or as much as you like. We also provide packages that can be tailored depending on your individual needs because every customer and event is different.

    We are experts in planning and event management, including on-day coordination and consultancy services, and have 12 years of expertise in the wedding and events sector in both Australia and the UK. Less is more is demonstrated through the use of contemporary minimalism. Our weddings are enticingly classic and elegant in their understatement, allowing the important elements of the day to stand out.

    Since we are aware that it is not about us, we put the client first. It concerns you. We are always striving for a less is more approach and proving to clients that planning, spreadsheets and budgets can be fun – which is really what organising a wedding is all about!

    Yarra Valley Pop Up Weddings - Wedding Planner Melbourne, Victoria

    yarra valley pop up weddings

    +61 413 330 712

    What’s Provided

    Beautiful, local flowers that you can keep for your bouquet and buttonhole will beautify your wedding site. Delicious semi-naked custom baked goods with fresh floral decorations to match your bouquet. Delicious red and white Yarra Valley wines along with bubbly, lovely Yarra Valley champagne. Photographer. Professional photographer: every location offers a wealth of photo chances

    About Us

    Love the idea of a pop-up wedding but am worried about the planning. Yarra Valley Pop Up Weddings offers a full-service wedding package that includes a venue, decor, celebrant, seating, legal documentation, public address system, flowers, a handmade wedding cake, Yarra Valley wines, champagne, grazing/cheese platters, and a professional photographer, all with a Pop-Up aesthetic but in a more permanent setting. You, your wedding party, and your guests are the only things that POPS up.

    Enjoy our 5 varied, one-of-a-kind locations, which provide something for every taste and budget. Champagne, wines, juices, food, and wait personnel are provided to your guests so they can feel attended to and a part of your very important day. Everyone is taken care of while your photographer makes the most of the numerous photo options available onsite.

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