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30+ Best Wedding Reception Venues in Ballarat [2022]

If you're searching for the perfect wedding reception venue in Ballarat, look no further! We've compiled a list of some of the best venues in town, so you can find the perfect one for your big day. Whether you're looking for an elegant ballroom or a rustic barn, we have something for everyone. Keep reading to learn more about each venue and what they have to offer. We know you'll find the right one for your special day!

First, consider what type of atmosphere you want for your reception. Are you looking for something modern and chic? Or maybe something more traditional? Once you know what kind of vibe you're going for, start checking out venues that fit that description. Another thing to consider is how many people will be attending your reception. Some venues can only accommodate a certain number of guests, so be sure to check.

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    Ultimate List Of Wedding Reception Venues in Ballarat

    Payne's Rise Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    payne's rise wedding reception

    (03) 5964 2504

    About Payne's Rise Wedding Reception

    small family-run business In the Upper Yarra Valley of Victoria, Paynes Rise Wines is a winery and vineyard that focuses in producing small-batch wines from carefully selected fruit from their Seville vineyard. It is the outcome of Tim and Narelle Cullen's many years of dedication, a great deal of work, and passion. Strong affection for the Yarra Valley, its people, and its history served as the source of inspiration for Payne's Rise.

    Owners The company is run by Tim and Narelle Cullen. Both individuals lived, worked, and ran small companies in the Yarra Valley before building the Payne's Rise basement door. While earning a business degree and a certificate in viticulture as a youngster, Tim volunteered on a local orchard. Charles Sturt University thereafter started offering an applied science in viticulture degree. He started working for a local agribusiness in 1999, and in the Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula, he is still accessible for consultations as an agronomist and viticulturist. Browse our selection of cold-weather wines.

    Services We Offer

    Paynes Rise is aware of how unique your wedding day is. From the moment you get in touch with us until the day of your event, everyone at Paynes Rise will do all in their ability to make your event a truly remarkable experience. We realize that in order to ensure that everyone will remember this unique moment, it needs to be carefully thought out and planned.

    In order to give you the assurance and assistance you need to make your wedding a memorable event, we would be pleased to meet with you and go through all the details of your wedding day with our team of knowledgeable Functions & Events Managers. Whether it's a small gathering or a big event, our caterers have a vast choice of menu options to suit a variety of interests. If you choose, we may also design a bundle just for you.

    Chateau Wyuna Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    chateau wyuna wedding venue

    03 9736 2555

    About Chateau Wyuna Wedding Venue

    We want to make lifelong memories by giving the couple the wedding of their dreams. You can trust us to make the experience pleasurable and simple for you as a result, letting you focus on what matters most: recognizing a key life milestone and making precious memories. Clarence Earle, an Australian artist, designed Chateau Wyuna as his ideal home. Over a nine-year period in the early 1900s, the original structures were built inside a loop of the Olinda Creek in bell bird country.

    The fireplaces and chimney were initially built by an excellent stonemason who followed Earle's instructions while laying the precisely selected stones. With the assistance of Pat and Jim Clancy, Earle constructed the main building from this point (who worked on and off with him for six years). A six-horse team chopped, barked, and hauled the wood three miles before allowing it to season for five years before being used. The longest log on hand is 60 feet. The logs were left untouched, save from the spots where they were broad-axe dressed to sit correctly together.

    Ceremonies Of Wedding

    Our gorgeous 100-year-old heritage listed Chapel, as well as both of our lovely outdoor ceremony locations—the waterfall garden or our delightful pergola lawn—are accessible for weddings.

    Choose from a variety of all-inclusive package choices for your reception for gatherings of 40 to 150 guests. Each package can be altered so that you can have the wedding of your dreams. We only host one event at a time, so you will have exclusive use of the entire space for your wedding. You will also have a choice of reception venues that may host formal sit-down dinners or beautiful cocktail parties. You can personalize any of our classic rooms, which feature great garden views.

    San Remo Ballroom - Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    san remo ballroom wedding event venue

    (03) 9347 4000

    About San Remo Ballroom - Wedding Event Venue

    San Remo Ballroom will always be committed to providing its patrons and guests with the most exceptional experiences. We pledge to constantly prioritize the client experience and offer the greatest customer service feasible that is tailored and particular to each client from the very first inquiry through pack-down and everything in between. Our extraordinary, dedicated crew labors arduously to create the most magical events for you, guided steadily by Directors Rob and Maria Cadoni.

    From the Event Executive welcoming you at your first client meeting to the attentive and cheerful waitstaff refilling your wine on the day of your event, every interaction you have with a member of the SRB team will be pleasantly positive. With our more than 50 years of combined experience, we have perfected the art of planning and executing grand events. We can assist you in organizing the celebration of your dreams using all of our expertise, experience, creativity, dependability, professionalism, and wisdom.

    Packages For Weddings

    On your big day, nothing beats throwing a dinner party for your loved ones.

    One of the aspects of your event that attendees will most likely remember is the food because it draws people together.

    You can book the San Remo Ballroom exclusively, and we let you bring your own catering for a unique occasion! Various religious and cultural festivals have our full support.

    Sovereign Hill Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    sovereign hill wedding reception

    (03) 5337 1199

    About Sovereign Hill Wedding Reception

    At Sovereign Hill, there is a living museum depicting Ballarat's past as a goldrush boomtown. The largest alluvial gold rush ever began in this area when gold was discovered there in 1851. Ballarat swiftly underwent a transformation from a tranquil country settlement to a magnificent provincial town, supported by the wealth that its gold produced. Through a real town with diggings, underground mines, costumed players, coach rides, and 1850s businesses, trades, schools, and residences, the 15-hectare Sovereign Hill Outdoor Museum recreates the gold rushes.

    AURA, an evening sound-and-light display that highlights the history and significance of gold in our region, enhances the Outdoor Museum experience. On November 29, 1970, Sovereign Hill opened its doors. It was established in the 1960s as a consequence of the desire of local organizations to preserve the city's vibrant goldrush history as well as the story of its impact on our country. Sovereign Hill is an award-winning tourist resort in Australia that receives over 450,000 visitors each year. The Outdoor Museum is well-known around the globe for being a living museum with uncommon trades, useful tools and displays, costumed interpreters, and visitor engagement. 350 people are hired to bring our story of the California Gold Rush to life. They are assisted by more than 250 volunteers who help with curatorial duties, offer tours, and otherwise enhance the Outdoor Museum.

    Our Services

    Many of the Sovereign Hill Museum's sites and events are off limits to the general public until further notice. For your wedding, conference, or private party, Sovereign Hill provides imaginative cuisine and top-notch wines in a charming historical setting. Our wonderful pastoral property, Narmbool, is situated in Elaine, 30 minutes from Ballarat and 90 minutes from Melbourne. Narmbool is the perfect location for professional retreats, conferences, gourmet lunches, and weddings because to its 2,000 acres of land, magnificent garden, and modern on-site rooms. Consider holding your next meeting at Sovereign Hill or Narmbool. Select Sovereign Hill or Narmbool for your special day's gorgeous setting.

    Ballara Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    ballara wedding receptions

    (03) 9431 1503

    About Ballara Wedding Receptions

    Ballara began operations in 1987 and is a family-owned and -controlled company. We have one of the best reputations in the industry because of our professionalism and expertise. We understand how wonderful planning a wedding can be, despite the fact that it may occasionally be daunting and stressful. In this case, our all-inclusive packages and decades of experience will be beneficial. We collaborate closely with you to realize your ideas at our gorgeous wedding location and assist you in planning an outstanding, personalized wedding from the ceremony to the celebration. In order to plan a magnificent and memorable celebration day for you and your guests, the Ballara team is glad to collaborate with you. Our company's purpose is to "provide our guests an experience they won't forget by consistently going above and beyond their expectations by providing amazing service and high-quality food."

    Packages We Offer

    We designed our sit-down wedding packages to meet the particular needs of each couple. While you finish your photos, keep your guests occupied with appetizers and beverages. Visitors will be given a warm bread roll and butter as they arrive. Each of our packages includes three courses of a sit-down supper, with the expense split 50/50.

    We offer a substantial menu that draws from a variety of cultures so that each couple can create a menu that is perfect for them and their guests. The price per person includes a bundle of alcoholic beverages, which includes beer, wine, and soft drinks. We will set up the reception space as per your requirements, with various table sizes to accommodate your guests. Drop off your place cards, bonbonnieres, and other decorations to us, and we'll take care of everything on the big day so you (or your family and friends) don't have to.

    FAQs About Wedding Reception Venues

    The average wedding costs $33,900, including the engagement ring, according to The Knot's 2019 Real Weddings Study. However, this is only an estimate; the cost of your wedding could be either more or lower.

    The industry guideline for scheduling your wedding for the busiest times of year is 12-14 months in advance, while your "middle" months may only require 9-12 months, and your "least popular" months can often be booked in as little as three months.

    A fair rule of thumb is that if it's been more than a year since you've seen or spoken with your pal, attending the wedding isn't a good idea. This is especially true if you've never met the person they're marrying and the vast majority of the wedding guests are strangers.

    To different people, the term "budget" might mean different things. Because the average wedding cost in a major metropolitan location is $50,000 or higher, $20,000 would be considered a "cheap" wedding for someone who lives there.

    A micro wedding is a small gathering of people with no more than 50 people. They still include time-honored wedding rituals, albeit on a much smaller scale. That sounds great to us!

    Acacia Ridge Winery Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    acacia ridge winery wedding venue

    0448 003 805

    About Acacia Ridge Winery Wedding Venue

    Acacia Ridge Vineyard in Yarra Glen is owned and run by a family. The wines are made by local winemakers under contract, and they have won prizes at various wine festivals in Victoria. Small-bunch clones of the grapes slowly ripen, ensuring strong color and flavor. To help produce fruit of the best standard, irrigation is utilized in the bare minimum. Come see us soon and enjoy the breathtaking views.

    Weddings Located In The Beautiful Ballarat With Packages To Fit Your Needs.

    Because your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, it deserves a lavish setting, delectable wines, and packages that can be customized to meet your vision.

    The experience of attending your event at our permanent marquee will be cherished by your guests. Our marquee, which is situated in the middle of our gorgeous vineyard, can accommodate 200 guests sitting or 280 guests in a cocktail setting while shielding everyone from Melbourne's sometimes changing weather.

    Lyrebird Falls Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    lyrebird falls wedding reception

    03 9755 2505

    About Lyrebird Falls Wedding Reception

    We also own the renowned wedding locations Poet's Lane and Tatra, both of which are 35 kilometers from Melbourne's CBD and located in the gorgeous Dandenong Ranges. Many people go to Lyrebird Falls because of its towering trees, thick ferns, and flowing streams. But at the various weddings and receptions we arrange, our wedding coordinators' individualized and competent service is generally acknowledged with making a difference.

    The Australian Bridal Industry Awards have named our wedding planners as the finest in the business for the previous two years in a row, and they are adept at making your fantasies come true. Our wedding planners—the majority of whom have been with us for many years—will work closely with you to ensure that your vision for your one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony and reception is achieved. Since there is only one wedding ceremony done on location each day, your wedding planner will have your undivided attention.

    Lyrebird Falls Special Features

    planners for your wedding who are dedicated to making your big day special.

    Your wedding reception might be held in a gorgeous dining room that has recently undergone renovation. There are several places you can have your wedding ceremony, such a gazebo in a garden or a tiny stained-glass chapel. Beautiful photo opportunities are provided by the stunning Dandenong Ranges. This venue offers a pleasant, natural backdrop for your wedding and celebration yet being only 35 kilometers from Melbourne's financial sector.

    Orchards At Spring Vale Farm Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    orchards at spring vale farm wedding venue

    0419 542 714

    About Orchards At Spring Vale Farm Wedding Venue

    The 1860s saw the construction of the magnificent, historic estate known as Orchards at Spring Vale Farm. This idyllic setting is ideal for your wedding, a special event, a weekend trip, or your next location shoot thanks to the abundance of apple trees, rolling hills, stunning gardens, verdant lawns, water fountains, and our own resident fox. Destination weddings from all over the world are becoming more and more common at the venue.

    Orchards at Spring Vale Farm is a brand-new and unusual wedding, hotel, and special events location in Australia and throughout the world. Making dreams come true is essential to us, so we think that our private and secluded estate, just 1.5 hours outside of Ballarat, is ideal for you to enjoy your wedding or other special occasion. You just need to give it a personal touch.

    Services and Exclusive Access To This Session

    Let Orchards ease some of the stress of wedding planning since there are numerous variables to consider. When you come in for your private viewing, we will get to know you and your fiancé better and talk about your wedding day objectives, such as whether you want a more traditional day with a sit-down meal or a more casual event.

    Garden weddings are one of our favorites at Orchards since they are so breathtakingly gorgeous and always produce a spectacular setting for any wedding. Location is essential for producing a lovely outdoor celebration. We give you a tour of our expansive estate as a result, pointing you some of our favorite spots, each of which has its own special beauty and allure. The atmosphere will be able to speak for itself with simple style. If the weather is clear, we can move your ceremony to the homestead's atrium or verandah. If you've already decided on a wedding date, we can hold it for you for seven days so you can consider your options before making a final decision.

    Ultima Function Centre Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    ultima wedding function centre

    03 9116 8390

    About Ultima Wedding Function Centre

    Organizing an event, whether it's a big charity ball or a small wedding, may be difficult. The most challenging duty among the various alternatives and considerations to make is finding a luxurious site so you can throw a stunning event. The Ultima Function Center should host an occasion that is memorable. Ultima Function Centre is a terrific and eye-catching backdrop because of its fantastic and handy location.

    We contribute to the success of the event regardless of its size or scope. No matter the number of people in the group—40 or 400—our elegantly decorated, large function rooms are ideal. At our site, there is also a huge, secure parking lot. Additionally, we provide first-rate hospitality services through our staff of affable and knowledgeable experts. We have experience in planning any event successfully. In our spectacular rooms, which are like empty canvases, you can design the celebration of your dreams. To make your event unforgettable, choose decorations that complement the ethos and topic of it.

    Melbourne's Premier Wedding Ceremony Locations

    Have you become dissatisfied trying to choose the ideal place for your wedding ceremony? You should get in touch with the Ultima Function Centre right away. We provide lovely and spacious locations for your perfect wedding party! Our venues have everything you need to make your wedding a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, whether you desire a modest ceremony or a big reception.

    Our wedding location is very gorgeous and provides the ideal environment for an unforgettable celebration in every way. We have plenty of room to accommodate all of your needs and can help you plan the wedding of your dreams. With our superior service, we hope to genuinely make your special day one that you and your guests will never forget. Our location gives a singular experience. We can make your wedding celebration spectacular in every manner, whether you desire a big party or a little family get-together.

    Normanby House Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    normanby house wedding reception venue

    03 9484 3144

    About Normanby House

    The Normanby House Receptions Center in Thornbury, Melbourne, is the perfect place to celebrate your love story with loved ones. Normanby House is the ideal choice if you want to say your vows, host your reception, and capture the most gorgeous wedding pictures all in one place.

    We provide ceremony and reception packages that come with everything you'll need for the perfect wedding celebration since we recognize that your wedding day is one of the most significant days of your lives. We only plan one event each day, so you can be confident that we will give your special day our full attention. We would be pleased to create a menu exclusively for you and your guests so that you and your guests could experience a selection of delicacies made by our Executive Chefs on your wedding day.

    The Best Wedding Venue in Melbourne

    We respect the significance of your special day and pledge to do everything in our power to assist, counsel, and—most importantly—provide for your every want. We only have one venue and only accept one event per day, so you will have our entire attention. We welcome groups of 50 to 220 guests. Our Executive Chefs will create a range of delicacies for you and your guests to try on the day of your wedding. We would be delighted to create a menu just for you and your guests.

    Batesford Hotel - Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    batesford hotel and wedding venue

    (03) 52 761 201

    About Batesford Hotel And Wedding Venue

    Every endeavor starts with a goal or aspiration for success. For us, it is exactly what the Batesford Hotel is. a want to establish a venue where individuals may assemble, take pleasure in delectable meals, unwind with a drink or glass of wine, and commemorate life's important moments with friends and relatives. Welcome to the Batesford Hotel, an antebellum family-run pub, restaurant, and event venue. While we love traditional pub fare, we lay a big focus on using fresh, in-season, locally sourced ingredients in our cooking. All year long, The Batesford Hotel is the ideal location for relaxation. Come inside, relax by the fireplace, or spend some time in our verdant gardens by the river. The Batesford Hotel is our wish for anyone to share and is only 40 minutes from Melbourne or 10 minutes from Geelong.

    Weddings That Are Customised To Your Specific Requirements

    A dream, a wedding vision, a scrapbook, and a Pinterest page are the origin of everything. Realizing the dream of these memories lasting a lifetime is our goal. The amazing and exceptional space we offer is a blank canvas that may be customized to match your requirements. Either keep things simple or use your imagination to the fullest! Every wedding is customized to meet your needs and budget. We'll work together to make sure your dream wedding comes reality. Why not make your wedding a weekend to remember, conveniently accessible from the Moorabool Valley and Geelong region, and only 50 minutes from Melbourne? At our magnificent site, we can organize weddings for 20 to 300 people.

    Potters Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    potters wedding reception venue

    (03) 9844 1222

    About Potters Wedding Reception Venue

    A wedding at Potters is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion that begins the moment you and your guests arrive. With its magnificent canopy, hand-carved pews, and glass sliding doors with views of our terraced gardens and well-kept lawn beyond, our exquisite chapel will fascinate you as soon as you enter. If you want to hold a large wedding, we also provide lovely wisteria courtyard and gazebo lawn alternatives for an outside ceremony.

    Extensive wrought iron hand rails and brick paved walkways that span 6 acres of Australian native gardens with stunning waterfalls connect all of these facilities. Potters is particularly photogenic regardless of the climate or weather since the grounds were created to catch the daily and seasonal changes in light. Our knowledgeable wedding coordinators will walk you through every phase of your wedding day, from start to finish. The superb meal our experts have produced utilizing the freshest local ingredients will dazzle even the most discerning palates.

    Best Location for a Wedding Reception

    Do you envision yourself at your perfect wedding celebration in a stunning location with close friends and family, amidst lush gardens and spectacular scenery? You can work with potters to accomplish your objectives and create beautiful memories that will endure a lifetime.

    Marybrooke Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    marybrooke wedding venue

    (03) 9755 2755

    About Marybrooke Wedding Venue

    In the Dandenong Ranges, Marybrooke is located close to the famous Sherbrooke Forest. The National Trust-listed reception center and guest house can be used for the wedding ceremony, reception, party, and conference. Marybrooke, which was erected in 1940, was the best of a series of six inns with the prefix "Mary" that were all created by Eric Dowdle between 1927 and 1940. Marybrooke, a home of significant social, historical, and architectural value, presently stands where the former Grendon guest house formerly stood and had been destroyed by fire in the 1930s. The structure just undergone major renovations to preserve and reinstall its natural beauty and elegance. Marybrooke features a site for indoor wedding ceremonies, four event rooms, PJ's Restaurant, and twenty boutique four-star hotel suites.

    Packages For Weddings

    You can select from a variety of all-inclusive ceremony and reception packages based on your particular requirements. Additionally, there are packages available for meals, buffets, grazing, and garden gatherings. It won't be necessary for you to bother about hiring a DJ, making table centerpieces, selecting a master of ceremonies, making place cards, or making a guest list. We can take care of everything for you.

    The Celebration For You

    Your ceremony can be held in our quaint garden gazebo, which has white Americana chairs, a red aisle carpet runner, and a signing table covered in linen. Our indoor room, which has huge windows and a great garden view, is another choice for hosting the event. It is always a possibility as a backup plan for inclement weather for your piece of mind.

    Oakridge Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    oakridge wedding venue

    03 9738 9900

    About Oakridge Wedding Venue

    The Oakridge vineyard, cellar door, and restaurant are located in the Yarra Valley, Victoria's oldest wine region, and they have won numerous awards. Since its establishment in 1978, Oakridge has grown to become a highly regarded wine producer and a must-visit Yarra Valley location. Oakridge, a forerunner in the development of the upper Yarra Valley wine growing region, is recognized for creating outstanding single-vineyard wines that perfectly express the unique terroir of the region. Chief Winemaker David Bicknell, who was also crowned Gourmet Traveller WINE Winemaker of the Year for 2017, is in charge of the winery's staff.

    Oakridge Services

    The multi-award-winning restaurant and winery known as Oakridge is located in the breathtaking Yarra Valley. If stunning mountain ranges and vineyards are all around them, your celebrations will have a great backdrop. The greatest in modern and contemporary style can be seen in our cellar door and dining area. The venue offers a dramatic yet cozy ambiance for a celebration to remember with floor to ceiling windows throughout that maximize the beautiful views.

    Silks Events And Functions- Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    silks wedding events and functions ballarat

    03 5448 4209

    About Silks Wedding Events And Functions Ballarat

    We are a unique wedding and event location just a short distance from Bendigo's downtown. We provide a privileged location with a breathtaking vista overlooking the Bendigo Racecourse. We have an event space to suit your needs, whether you're organizing a corporate event, searching for the ideal wedding location, or hosting a 15,000-person event. Up to 230 people can be seated inside in our largest room for an event. For cocktail parties, we have room for 350 guests. Our flexible outside space, meanwhile, has room for up to 15,000 people. We have a lot of experience in the field and can help you by offering event planning and event management services as you prepare and carry out your special event. Make contact with our friendly staff right away, and let us help you organize the ideal celebration.

    Our Services

    From the time we first meet to the time we say goodbye, everything is about you.

    Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, and Silks wants to leave you with a magnificent memory you can treasure. We can provide you a gorgeous location that views out over the magnificent Bendigo Racecourse and is surrounded by verdant green fields and lovely flora. To accommodate everyone's needs and budget, our one-of-a-kind location offers a choice of diverse event spaces. Silks Events and Functions offers a variety of wedding packages, or we may design a custom one for you. The packages include flexible meal and beverage options, which are available upon request.

    The Ceremony

    The Ascot Lounge is a lovely, small-scale indoor setting. The lovely Bendigo Racecourse can be seen clearly from our Historic Grandstand. You can select from a range of options in our Beautiful Garden settings, such as lush lawns shaded by trees, magnificent palm trees, and the unique mounting yard.

    The Red Carpet is laid out, Exclusive Use Of The Grounds Is Available, Preparations For The Ceremony, For the registry, a table and chairs A wedding arch, white chairs, and an amplifier

    Ballaarat Mechanics' Institute- Wedding Reception Venue

    ballaarat mechanics' institute

    0419 677 713

    About Ballaarat Mechanics' Institute

    Being a member of the BMI, which was established in 1859 and is independently run, entitles you to discounts on events and rental costs as well as access to our lending library, heritage books, and archives. All are welcome to visit the museum for tours, cultural events, exhibitions, and to make use of our distinctive party spaces. Thanks to the addition of a contemporary finishing kitchen, the BMI is a special location for hosting events, weddings, conferences, and concerts.

    At the moment, the Max Harris Photography Collection is on display at the BMI. Selected exhibits and prints are available for purchase, with all earnings going to the BMI's independently run cultural center. The Ballaarat Mechanics' Institute (BMI) has welcomed a diverse range of people through its doors, including the nation's founding fathers, miners, and those seeking knowledge via education. Since 1859, the BMI has been used for balls, lectures, marketplaces, films, libraries, concerts, and cultural activities. Following a magnificent renovation in 2013, the BMI is still a significant part of Ballarat's rich cultural past.

    Our Services

    Hire The Minerva Space As A Venue

    Our Grand Hall boasts a sizable level floor, a stage with tiers, and an advanced audio, lighting, and projection system. It's perfect for live music and performances, but it's also adaptable enough to host everything from seated dinners and wedding receptions to art exhibitions and movie screenings.

    The Room Of Humffray

    Our attractive, moderately sized ballroom has a small dance floor and an integrated bar. It's perfect for bigger gatherings, little concerts, weddings, and cocktail parties. This room houses our 1913 C Bechstein grand piano and also has a balcony with views of Sturt Street.

    The Hugh Williamson Foyer View Room

    the most intimate and compact room in the house. It works well as a break-out area and a small meeting or consulting space, and it provides easy access to the restrooms. On the same floor as the dining room is the finishing kitchen.

    The Room Of The Hooper

    This ground-floor space is perfect for lectures or brief presentations and is situated downstairs. With frequent users like the Ballarat Chess Club, Kadampa Meditation, and a number of training providers, it's our busiest location. This room is next to a modest kitchenette and a toilet.

    Gum Gully Farm Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    gum gully farm wedding venue ballarat

    04 1810 2652

    About Gum Gully Farm Wedding Venue Ballarat

    Our magnificent property is situated in Silvan South, the Yarra Valley Wine Region's entrance, in the picturesque Dandenong Ranges foothills. Gum Gully Farm is the result of a great deal of love, dedication, and labor. To create a warm and intimate ambiance, hand-made mud bricks, recycled timbers, and a variety of old artifacts are employed throughout. With two sizable open fireplaces to keep you warm and cozy in the winter and air conditioning to add comfort on a hot summer day, Gum Gully Farm is perfect for any occasion.

    Our Services

    Packages For Traditional Weddings

    Gum Gully offers a range of options if you're looking for a classic style wedding with more than 50 guests.

    The Barn is a place where you can go to

    Rustic. Warm and welcoming The main greeting area is The Barn, which features two enormous open fireplaces, a sizable outside verandah, and a sizable open bar made of reclaimed wood and handmade mud bricks.

    Locations For Ceremonies

    There are several ceremony locations available at Gum Gully Farm, each with its unique personality. But don't worry, the Windmill Chapel has you covered with a backup plan in case the weather worsens.

    Chapel of the Windmills

    The Windmill Chapel, which is perfect no matter the weather, is where we have the majority of our ceremonies. About 70 people can sit in the wooden pews, while an extra 30 can stand. A chair and signing table will be available.

    Fruit Vines of the Kiwi

    This is an intimate outdoor setting with hay bales for seating up to 30 people and standing area for the remaining attendees. There is a bench seat and signing table outdoors. The vines are at their best from October to April.

    Garden in the Subterranean

    A total of 100 people can stand in the Sunken Garden's circular space, which has benches with seating for roughly 30 people. A bench seat and an outside signing table are available. The perfect place for a bigger crowd. The area is nice and shaded in the summer.


    There is an open stage area on a grass. On the hay bales, about 30 people can sit down, and there is plenty of standing room for many more. A signing table and chairs will be provided.

    Pietro Gallus Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    pietro gallus wedding reception

    (03) 9844 4676

    About Pietro Gallus Wedding Reception

    Some dreams, such as John and Anna's vision for the Pietro Gallus Estate, must be fulfilled. The couple's mutual love of seasonal vegetables, outstanding cuisine, and the art of grappa distillation led to the creation of Pietro Gallus. The "paddock to plate" philosophy of John and Anna, which encompasses a lovely estate, combines traditional know-how with contemporary techniques to produce excellent cuisine, goods, and a dining experience that is as unique as the estate itself. Visit the Pietro Gallus Estate to discover more about our past and present.

    Discover our history by seeing the Pietro Gallus Estate. You will be greeted by lovely rows of citrus trees and sun-drenched olive groves, each of which will extend the warmest of greetings to these magnificent surroundings. Our signature restaurant, Olivigna, is ideally tucked away within the grounds and cordially invites you to enjoy the great dishes and seasonally appropriate fare that we proudly create on our estate.

    You'll pass our distinctive cellar door along the way, which sells our estate wines and handcrafted trinkets, as well as our distillery, which creates our own traditional Grappa and a range of liqueurs. Your visit to Pietro Gallus will be completed by attending one of our specifically created seminars, which cover everything from pasta making to salami curing. To experience the magic of Pietro Gallus Estate, make a reservation.

    Our Services

    A Memorable Day

    In the center of Warrandyte, on 20 gorgeous acres, let us take you to the Italian countryside. Our Tuscan-style estate includes an orchard, vineyard, kitchen garden, and olive grove. In the middle lies our villa, which includes our main dining area, cellar door, and gorgeous piazza area. Visit our little piece of Italy, which is only 45 minutes from the heart of Melbourne and 30 minutes from the Yarra Valley wine region.

    Declare "I Do"

    Our outdoor ceremony options, which range from a secret and lovely underground garden to a breathtaking piazza area overlooking the rolling hills, embody the spirit of Tuscany.

    Let's Have Some Food

    Our cuisine, which is motivated by a "paddock to plate" mindset, combines traditional Italian techniques with contemporary ones. Our energetic crew is inspired by the environment to create seasonal modern Italian cuisine. Whether you prefer an Italian shared feast, individually plated meals, strolling canapés, or antipasto towers, we can create a unique menu for your special day.

    Ideal Locations For You

    La Terrazza (The Terrace) (The Terrace), Our La Terrazza is a unique location perfect for a cozy, contemporary wedding. The spacious room, which is in the center of our 20-acre estate, is divided into two levels. One level looks out onto our magnificent private pool and rolling hills, while the other leads to a patio that is perfect for your ceremony or pre-wedding beverages. Every event must have a certain minimum food and beverage budget.

    Skyhigh Mt. Dandenong Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    skyhigh mt. dandenong wedding venue ballarat

    03 9751 0443

    About Skyhigh Mt. Dandenong Wedding Venue Ballarat

    One of Victoria's top tourist destinations, SkyHigh is situated less than an hour from the Melbourne CBD on the uppermost reach of the Dandenong Ranges, in the midst of cool ferny glades and lush towering native woodlands. Day or night, visitors may enjoy the breathtaking views of the Melbourne skyline. With more than 70 tables, our acclaimed SkyHigh bistro is available seven days a week from 10.15 am to 4.30 pm for coffee and kiosk items (last orders are at 4 pm). Except on Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Christmas Day, the bistro lunch menu is offered daily from 11 am to 4. 30 pm (last orders at 4 pm); just select a table and make your order at the counter (no bookings required).

    Every day at 5:30 p.m., dinner is served at the SkyHigh restaurant (bookings required). On the ground floor, in the same location as the lunch section, this has a restaurant menu, table service, linens, flowers, and candles in addition to a candlelit atmosphere. If you are interested in hosting a party or event in our upstairs function area, which has spectacular floor to ceiling windows, please get in touch with us. We can host both modest individual events and sizable wedding parties. Everyone will enjoy SkyHigh, one of the most well-liked Dandenong Ranges attractions. Visit the Australiana Tree, stroll around the magnificent, well-kept gardens, or unwind on the Giant's Chair in the woodlands, all while being shaded by Australian eucalypts. We are the perfect place to go on a day trip. For you to bring the family and have a leisurely picnic in the sun, we also provide gas barbecues and lots of lawn area with picnic tables. Alternatively, you can order takeout and eat it at the picnic tables.

    Services We Offer

    SkyHigh Mount Dandenong is the ideal location for a beautiful wedding. When you book your wedding with us, you'll be surrounded by our exquisitely landscaped gardens and have a 360-degree view of the city and Yarra Valley, which is situated in the gorgeous Dandenong Ranges. Melbourne is also just a 45-minute drive away. One of the most well-liked wedding locations in Melbourne is SkyHigh Mount Dandenong, a landmark in the city. You can write your own story with SkyHigh. We are one of Melbourne's most unique wedding locations, featuring features you won't find elsewhere. You can choose to have your wedding ceremony in our secret garden, which is surrounded by colorful flowers and plants, or on our stunning observation terrace, which views out over the spectacular scenery. After that, head over to our dining area and event room for your reception, which will include a meal of your choice. Make your wedding extra special by getting in touch with our wedding planning team straight away if you're planning one.

    There Is Plenty Of Space For Friends And Family.

    Enjoy the breath-taking panoramas from our cocktail observation deck, or take in the city skyline from the floor to ceiling windows in our reception room. For a flawless wedding, SkyHigh offers the best in contemporary style as well as function space. As one of Melbourne's top-rated wedding venues, we can provide a choice of dining experiences tailored to your requirements, with features and flare guaranteed to please. To ensure that your big day is a success, our catering team will be by your side at every stage. We can host up to 180 guests for your reception and provide a range of food choices. If a sit-down meal isn't your style, our terrace and event space can hold a cocktail reception for up to 250 people.

    Your Special Day, Your Way

    Planning a wedding could be challenging. There are numerous factors to take into account, and because it's your special day, you deserve nothing less. At SkyHigh, our knowledgeable team of wedding planners will assist you. We'll support you every step of the way, working with you to create a wedding package that satisfies your particular needs and assisting you throughout the entire procedure. Our team works hard to meet all of your needs and go above and beyond your expectations. Making your day wonderful is our personal goal. Start planning your ideal wedding with SkyHigh by contacting our staff right away.

    Fantastic Garden Areas

    The stunning gardens, flora, and artwork that encircle SkyHigh have been the setting for numerous wedding images and joyful occasions. Your wedding will take place in a one-of-a-kind setting with a kaleidoscope of colors, leaving you with lifelong memories. Visit one of our specifically designed gardens, such as the tranquil Secret Garden, the opulent English Garden, our front lawn with panoramic views, or our tranquil shaded woodland, to experience everything SkyHigh has to offer. One of Melbourne's top wedding locations, SkyHigh, has beautiful gardens that create the ideal background for a picture-perfect wedding.

    Wedding Venue With Full Service

    The most significant choice you make for your wedding may be the location. Nobody wants a standard, button-down wedding. You should select a wedding location that is a reflection of your relationship, interests, and style. At SkyHigh, we support the full service from beginning to end, giving you complete control over the particulars that make your day unique. Our catering team can accommodate your requests with style and grace. the cozy atmosphere of a buffet, the carefree atmosphere of an outdoor wedding, or the luxury of a cocktail party. Our team will put out a lot of effort to make any vision you may have a reality. Your big day will be made unforgettable by our passionate, well-trained team. From the outset, we can guide you through the decision-making process by customizing our packages to meet your unique needs. From SkyHigh, only the best is acceptable. Requirements for Catering: There are 180 seats available, a 250 mL cocktail. The cost of the ceremony is just $800. Views: Stunning, Memorable Wedding Day

    Craig’s Royal Hotel - Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    craig’s royal hotel & wedding venue

    (03) 5331 1377

    About Craig’s Royal Hotel & Wedding Venue

    In the heart of Ballarat, on Lydiard Street, sits the renowned Craig's Royal Hotel, a sizable hotel built during the Australian gold rush. Since Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, stayed in its elaborately adorned chambers in 1867, and Dame Nellie Melba famously sung from its balcony in 1908, Craig's has been a goldfield landmark. Since Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, stayed in its lavishly adorned rooms in 1867 and Dame Nellie Melba became well-known, Craig's, which was built in 1862 on the site of Bath's Hotel, Ballarat's first officially licensed tavern, has been a goldfield symbol. The hotel has housed poets, princes, and prime ministers over its 160-year history, making it a genuine Victorian monument. After a five-year complete restoration, the amazing lodging, dining, conference, and function facilities are re-establishing Craig's as the best boutique heritage hotel in the area.

    Our Services


    One of the most prestigious wedding venues in regional Australia, Craig's Royal Hotel offers the perfect balance of old-world allure, custom, and modernity. Six years of renovation and repair work have produced the region's most exceptional wedding location. Beautiful locations throughout the hotel, picture-perfect wedding suites, and sophisticated guest rooms offer one-of-a-kind photo opportunities.

    Our Accommodations

    The Dining Room of the Grand Hotel

    This magnificent and opulent salon was created in the late 19th century in the Empire style and features towering ceilings and stunning wallpaper. With room for a dance floor and seating for 110 guests, the Grand Dining Room is the perfect location for an elegant wedding celebration.

    The Prince's Room (previous) The Prince's Room (next)

    The renowned Prince's chamber was created especially for Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Victoria's second son, when he visited Ballarat in 1867. The room is richly decorated with lovely wallpapers and a stunning ceiling from the turn of the century.

    In the Prince's suite, even a small gathering can be elevated to a grand occasion. Weddings, cocktail parties, or a small seated event would be ideal in this setting.

    The Reading Room

    The Reading Room, which is on Lydiard Street and faces Her Majesty's Theatre, has a fantastic balcony with views of one of Ballarat's most well-known buildings. The Reading Room can host anything, from a business conference to a formal dinner at the antique dining table to cocktails with Nellie Melba before a local performance. This split-level room's grace and elegance, together with its superb design and fine fittings, make it a popular option for elegant wedding ceremonies, pre-dinner drinks, and private meals.

    The Cellar

    Deep beneath Craig's spectacular structure, a cellar made of contrasting bluestone and timber provided the backdrop for a lot of merriment in the past. It has been transformed into a private space for dinner parties, mystery nights, wine dinners, and other events with a traditional rustic feel. Unique venue for a small reception or pre-dinner drinks is The Cellar.

    The Bentley's

    The Bentley's, which is housed in the earliest, 1860s-era portion of the hotel structure, is a fantastic location for banquets and conventions and features lovely Victorian architectural features. We have onsite AV equipment and catering that meets restaurant standards to make this an easy decision for your upcoming event.

    Wattle Park Chalet Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    wattle park chalet wedding reception ballarat

    (03) 9808 0122

    About Wattle Park Chalet Wedding Reception Ballarat

    The Wattle Park Chalet was constructed in 1928 by professional craftsmen using materials salvaged from historic public buildings and is designated on the Heritage Victoria and National Trust Registers. One of Melbourne's most prestigious wedding reception locations, The Wattle Park Chalet provides exceptional value and clear options.

    Our Services


    The Wattle Park Chalet in Melbourne has served as the location for tens of thousands of wedding celebrations since 1928. It is a stunning landmark in one of the most famous cities in the world and one of Melbourne's most popular wedding reception venues. This stunning Tudor-style building is a flexible event space in Melbourne that can host a variety of occasions, such as wedding receptions, conferences, christenings, birthday parties, Christmas parties, and more. Your entire journey will be filled with delight thanks to our welcoming atmosphere, starting from the moment you first meet us until you leave to start your married life. Wedding ceremonies can be held in the magnificent private garden at Wattle Park. Brides and grooms can find the elegance and time-honored backdrop they desire in the Private Garden.

    Seasons 5 Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    seasons 5 resort & spa wedding venue

    03 8376 5300

    About Seasons 5 Wedding Reception Venue

    Seasons 5 Resort & Spa, our stunning hotel, offers a genuinely lavish and unforgettable setting for your wedding day. In Point Cook, which is 35 minutes from the city center and 30 minutes from Melbourne and Avalon airports, we are the biggest venue in Melbourne's west. Seasons 5 can host a range of gatherings and professional events. We can accommodate conferences, parties, and small, intimate weddings for up to 500 guests thanks to our flexible facility.

    Choose between a lovely ceremony in The Chapel or a lawn wedding in our tranquil gardens beneath the Gazebo. The Ballroom is the perfect venue for your event because it can accommodate up to 450 guests. The accommodations at Seasons 5 Resort & Spa are designed to meet the needs of your wedding party and include a selection of lodging options overlooking lovely landscaped gardens, 300 parking spaces, an indoor heated pool, a fitness center, and a day spa. Cinnamon Bay Restaurant, another establishment owned by Seasons 5, is accessible to both hotel guests and non-guests. Whether you're having brunch, a casual coffee with friends, or an intimate dinner with a loved one, Cinnamon Bay Restaurant's elegant Australian cuisine is sure to please.

    Services We Offer

    You should host your wedding reception in the Ballroom. The Ballroom's exquisite design, which features famous wall paneling, ceilings lined with crystal chandeliers, custom-designed carpets, and luxurious furnishings, oozes elegance and refinement. Up to 500 persons may be accommodated in the distinctive private Ballroom. The elegant dividing walls in the ballroom make it incredibly versatile without limiting your guests' access to dancing and entertainment space. We provide you a lot of options, like a floating bar, stage, and dance floor, so you can design your own layout. You may picture your perfect wedding event in the Ballroom thanks to its built-in audio visual system and data projectors!

    Pre-event cocktails and canapés can be enjoyed in our elegant lobby while you freshen up in our private bridal suite. Alternatively, you might like to have your guests wait in style and luxury at our Cinnamon Bay Restaurant as they await your grand entrance to the Ballroom. We also offer wedding ceremonies, so your wedding might be the ideal celebration with delicious food, lots of cocktails, and dancing before guests retire to their suites for breakfast the following morning or indulge in a spa package at our recently opened Day Spa. Give the Seasons 5 Resort & Spa complete control over the planning of your wedding.

    Overnewton Castle Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    overnewton castle wedding receptions

    03 9331 6367

    About Overnewton Castle Wedding Receptions

    Overnewton Castle was finished by William Taylor in 1849. The Scotsman bought 13,000 acres of outstanding grazing land west of Keilor municipality. Taylor built a colonial-style one-story house out of bluestone. There were a total of six rooms, each with a sizable shuttered window and a sizable verandah. The homestead had expansive views of the surrounding countryside since it was positioned on a small rise above Keilor. Keilor gained prominence in the 1850s as a well-liked rest point for travelers to the Victorian goldfields. Among the improvements were a new bridge, a new hotel, and two new schools.

    It wasn't until William Taylor's return from a trip to Scotland in 1859 that the magnitude of his dreams became apparent. He started converting the bustling colonial home into a miniature Scottish Baronial castle. The Private Billiard Room, which is now used as a wedding chapel, the blue stone Dairy & Butcher Shop, and the Stately two-storyed wing were all built. The Victorian Tudor architectural style, which was influenced by Scottish and English 16th-century construction, was used in the creation of Overnewton. Scots baronial architecture is characterized by its rough textured masonry, steeply pitched roofs, and overhanging battlement corner towers. The candle snuffer roofs exhibit French architectural influences. The walls of the estate are made of bluestone that was mined on-site and completed with stucco and yellow gravel. The large windows in the main bedroom have the Taylor family crest, which is an armored arm and fist holding a dagger with the motto "Semper Fidelis" (always faithful). Numerous other windows have the initials HT, T 1859, and WT engraved above them.

    After this extension was finished, the farmhouse had almost 35 rooms, including a schoolroom, library, drawing room, 2 kitchens, 5 servants rooms, a billiard room, and 7 bedrooms (the master bedroom included a small circular room and a dressing room). The bathrooms still have their original tiling, claw-foot tubs, and an antique IXL wood burner in the kitchen. The estate's outbuildings include a butcher shop and dairy made of bluestone, as well as a lamp room, boot room, coachhouse, stables, woolshed, shearing sheds, and machine shed. Both William Taylor and his wife Helen passed away in 1903, the former at the age of 85 and the latter at the age of 71. The estate was handled by their eldest son, William Henry, until his passing in 1939 at the age of 81. William Henry's wife, Beatrice, passed away in 1948. The estate was owned by the Taylor family until 1959.

    The Carr family acquired Overnewton in 1959. While raising their three children there, they used a portion of the property as a family residence and the bottom rooms as a venue for wedding receptions. In 1975, Dr. L. J. Norton purchased Overnewton Estate with the goal of bringing up his family there. Since then, there have been several additions and alterations made to the property, including the installation of mains water in 1976 and the 1980 fire that destroyed the old timber stables. The original owners sold Dr. Norton the 6 acres of land with a dry stone wall and parts of the old outbuildings.

    Overnewton has withstood the test of time admirably, and it still has much of its original appearance. Hidden among the mature trees, it has experienced numerous changes throughout time. The old world grace and charm, as well as the elegance, grandeur, and aura of a bygone period, are still present, even if there are no longer any horses and carriages, gas lights, or servants. The mansion has undergone renovations over the years, and a stunning dining room has been added, turning it into a truly hidden gem.

    Our Services

    Garden Wedding

    Have the outdoor garden wedding of your dreams in our gorgeous gardens. Have you ever imagined being married to the love of your life in a picturesque outdoor setting? Have you been seeking for a unique location for your garden wedding? As one of Melbourne's top garden party venues, Overnewton Castle is happy to help you make your dreams a reality. We have hosted outdoor weddings since 1961 and have over 4 acres of authentic English gardens accessible for ceremonies and receptions. Whether you select an outdoor ceremony or an outdoor wedding reception setting, our stunning botanical gardens wedding location in Keilor is sure to impress and delight.

    For your big day, one of the most stunning garden wedding venues are available. If you have your heart set on an outside garden wedding for your special day, Overnewton Castle offers some of the best outdoor options available. You will be overrun with choices when it comes to garden wedding venues and suggestions. Our expansive green grounds are covered in colorful flower gardens that are strewn with roses and other exotic blooms to complement your special event. Enjoy an outdoor wedding while being surrounded by imposing 100-year-old trees, a gentle breeze brushing against you, and the scent of flowers floating through the air. One of them is our "Monkey Puzzle Tree," and we also have a "Lone Pine" that stands in for Gallipoli.

    You must come to our grounds to truly experience the warmth and love that our gardens radiate. We promise that visiting one of Melbourne's most breathtaking garden destinations, our own Overnewton botanical gardens, will leave you speechless. Why Choose Overnewton Castle for Your Garden Wedding? For those looking for an outdoor garden wedding ceremony or a sunny wedding reception, Overnewton Castle is not only one of the most stunning garden wedding locations, but it's also one of the most affordable. You will have unique access to our garden sites in Melbourne on the day of your wedding, enabling you to take advantage of stunning wedding photographic opportunities following the ceremony.

    Cave Hill Creek Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    cave hill creek wedding reception

    03 5349 7381

    About Cave Hill Creek Wedding Reception

    At Cave Hill Creek, we create experiences and enduring memories, whether it's the fun of school camp, the exhilaration of hiking the Beeripmo Track, or the priceless place where you got married! We have a solid reputation for providing exciting, high-caliber, and innovative activities, as well as genuine warmth and stunning natural surroundings. 2018's Australian Tourism Awards recognized us with a Gold award. In 1988, Ian and Julie Chandler founded Cave Hill Creek. At that time, Cave Hill Creek was merely a sheep pasture with around 25 old trees; there was no lake, no structures, and no exquisite gardens. A farmer and a teacher saw an exceptional opportunity to create a gorgeous lake, group lodging, and event site on this magnificent parcel of land at the top of the Raglan Valley.

    Like their young family, Cave Hill Creek grew steadily thanks to a love of hospitality, a commitment to hard work, and a great awareness of the environment. Second-generation owners Tim and Angela Chandler are currently in charge of Cave Hill Creek. Over 10,000 guests are welcomed annually by this year-round organization during camps, treks, and weddings. Every time they come, visitors are rewarded with new and exciting experiences thanks to a dedication to excellence in tourism and education as well as a continual improvement program. After winning three consecutive gold awards at the RACV Victorian Tourism Awards, Cave Hill Creek was recognized with a gold medal at the Australian Tourism Awards in 2018 and was inducted into the illustrious Victorian Tourism Hall of Fame.

    It's common to wonder where the name "Cave Hill Creek" came from. The name of the creek that flows through our lake, "Cave Hill Creek," actually makes it quite simple. Cave Hill Creek overflows Raglan Falls in the Mount Cole State Forest before tumbling down Cave Hill's northern slopes. Raglan Falls, which is situated on the granite cliffs, offers abseiling as an activity for visitors to Cave Hill Creek. The origins of the phrase "Cave Hill" are rational in nature. When a big rock wall fell, leaving a significant overhang, it created a vast cavern on Cave Hill's southern slopes. The adjacent Beeripmo Balug natives call the cave Bukkertillible. It is clearly visible to the north when traveling on the Western Highway M8 between Beaufort and Buangor. The neighboring forest served as inspiration for Cave Hill Creek's logo as well. There is a blooming Grevillea montis-cole there (commonly known as Grevillea Mount Cole or The Glut Grevillea). The grevillea is native to the eastern slopes, stretching from the Glut picnic area to Cave Hill Creek. From October to March, a small shrub with a crimson blossom blooms. Grevillea montis-cole is regarded as unusual in Victoria.

    Service We Offer

    Your wedding at Cave Hill Creek will be the happiest day of your life because our accommodating team can design wedding packages that suit your needs and those of your guests. Your wedding guests will have exclusive access to our lovely property, which includes a lovely lake tucked away among the stunning Mt Cole State Forest mountains. You're considering having a laid-back wedding with all of your closest family and friends present. You envision a night of casual, relaxed sophistication with an air of class and simplicity in an incredibly idyllic setting, complete with the best Pyrenees wines and Ballarat beers to complement the occasion.

    At Cave Hill Creek, we appreciate the importance of the genuinely important moments in life. Because of this, the services we provide can be customized to match any ideas you may have for your special day. We're here to help you plan the ideal day, whether it's a formal celebration with fine cuisine, a stunning three-course rural wedding buffet, or a relaxed garden party. The Cave Hill Creek property is exceptionally gorgeous, making it the perfect background for any event you have planned.

    Banyandah Homestead Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    banyandah homestead wedding reception

    About Banyandah Homstead Wedding Reception

    It took us several decades to make the journey to Banyandah Homestead. Our family has always lived in this beautiful region of the world, and we spent a significant amount of time raising our kids on the nearby farm. Our childhood and way of life included driving the paddock blast to catch the school bus, spending the early mornings feeding calves, cleaning up the woodland floor on innumerable occasions, and lake fishing.

    As our children grew older, we left the area to pursue other opportunities, but our hearts wanted to go back to the location where we actually felt at home and to fulfill our goal. The farming property where Banyandah is located has largely stayed untouched throughout the years, with the exception of cattle grazing and sleeping on the fertile meadow. Even though we knew the land was privately owned, we made several attempts to buy it before finally giving up when an opportunity presented itself.

    It turned out to be our own little piece of heaven, and it was the best decision we've ever made. We've put a lot of effort into making this magnificent property the outstanding location we knew it could be, and we're pleased to be able to share it with some very special people on their most significant day. The name of the farm, "Banyandah" Homstead, is derived from the Aboriginal word for "house on the lake." We have a beautiful house on the water. We are ecstatic that our vision is now becoming a reality. As much as we do, we hope you enjoy every second of your holiday.

    Services We Offer

    Making Memories That Will Last A Lifetime

    Central Victoria's Banyandah Homestead is a premier venue for weddings and other special occasions. Due to its great seclusion, natural beauty, and easy location, Banyandah Homestead is a beautiful yet cozy environment for that extra-special event. This location maintains its exclusivity due to the limited number of weddings and events held each year.

    Be Motivated.

    A sight to behold is Banyandah Homestead. allowing you the flexibility to transform the gorgeous grounds whatever you see fit. After celebrating their daughter's wedding here in 2018, the family decided to limit the amount of weddings held at this lovely homestead. More than just an opulent wedding venue, Banyandah Homestead is also where your happily ever after begins.

    Sherwood Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    sherwood receptions venue ballarat

    (03) 9333 4977

    About Sherwood Receptions Venue Ballarat

    Located in a virgin woodland, Sherwood Receptions is a quaint and refined 130-year-old heritage homestead. Melbourne Airport is only 5 minutes away, and The Woodlands Park Reserve is right across the street. An open fireplace and a sizable dance floor are there in the secure courtyard with well-kept vegetation. Polished flooring and Tudor ceilings are also present. It's perfect for both winter and summer events, according to event planners with years of expertise., packages designed to meet your needs and budget, easily accessible

    Our Services

    Small wedding ceremonies can be held in the courtyard outdoors, which is also a great place to serve pre-dinner drinks and canapés. The event space is perfect for both summer and winter weddings because it is completely air conditioned for comfort in the summer. Our seasoned event organizers are available to help you create a package that satisfies your unique needs while yet remaining within your budget because a wedding is such a wonderful and intimate occasion. Sherwood Receptions is accessible for inspection on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Saturdays by appointment only.

    Rjm's Wine Bar Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    rjm's wine bar wedding functions & events

    03 4313 4949

    About Rjm's Wine Bar Wedding Functions & Events

    A family owns and operates the cozy wine bar RJM's. RJM's is renowned for being a hidden gem and provides both indoor eating with an art deco flair and a fantastic and quiet outdoor area. Take use of our magnificent, private patio area or unwind in our Blue room by the log fire. A tranquil setting with hanging vines, gardens, and a water feature is accessible for outdoor eating. The candles and fairy lights at night create a great ambiance. A cozy log fire and gas heaters will keep you warm on winter days and nights. Join friends for a fantastic night of live music on Fridays, or take in a leisurely brunch on Sundays. You can take part in our "Sip & Savour" event on Sunday afternoons, which consists of a wine and small-plates tasting. While cheese platters continue to be our signature dish, we also offer a range of other platters, entrees, and food to share on our seasonally changing menu. Along with a large assortment of alcoholic beverages and cocktails, we also provide great coffee, T2, and desserts. The main focus at RJM's Wine Bar is on reasonably priced, high-quality local wines. Eighty local wines are available by the bottle and twelve are available by the glass in a rotating assortment. Outside RJM's, there is a lot of free parking.

    Services We Offer

    Event Place

    Enjoy a night out with a wide selection of Ballarat region wines available by the glass and bottle, cheese platters including incredible local cheeses and accompaniments, light dinners, finger foods, and exceptional coffee. Local wines and goods, as well as artists and businesses in the area, are what we prioritize. Check out the list of upcoming live music events below for RJM's weekly live music events in Ballarat.


    The wonderful regional wines, beers, and spirits are available in a range of flexible drink packages that our events experts can assist you in selecting from. We will also tailor your special occasion to fit your budget and other needs. We can satisfy dietary restrictions. Perhaps you're hosting a party to celebrate a birthday or another noteworthy event? Whether you're planning a large gathering or just need a spot for a smaller party, baby shower, or bridal shower, RJM's has adaptable interior parts and an outdoor alfresco location that will be perfect for any event.

    We can provide live music for any occasion and have a small stage on the rear verandah. Due to our relationships with renowned artists, you can use this option for your private event; just make an inquiry while making a reservation. For small and medium-sized groups, the facility can be reserved in its entirety, a large table of guests, a particular room or outside alfresco area, or even the entire building. We have plenty of space for large parties to park on the street and in our rear parking lot because of our handy location. Any weekday beginning at 1 p.m., RJM's Function Spaces are available for booking for your event.

    Nathania Springs Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    nathania springs wedding receptions venue

    03 9752 1000

    About Nathania Springs Wedding Receptions Venue

    On the Dandenong Ranges, Nathania Springs has a lengthy history dating back to the 1890s when it was among the first properties to be settled. The area's original residents thought that the naturally occurring mineral springs had healing qualities. In the early 1900s, Nathania Springs—originally called as "Nethania Springs," which means "gift from God"—became one of the most well-liked tourist destinations in the Dandenong Ranges. Nathania Springs, which dates back more than 200 years, is now a quaint venue for wedding receptions and features acres of lawns lighted by fairy lights. We share a connection with other Dandenong ranges landmarks like Lyrebird Falls, Poets' Lane, and Tatra Receptions.

    Our Services


    About an hour from Melbourne's central business district sits Nathania Springs, a historic home surrounded by acres of botanic, floodlit gardens and the breathtaking Dandenong Ranges wildness. Thanks to our all-inclusive wedding package, on-site chapel, sizable dining room, and outdoor ceremony area, Nathania Springs is the perfect location for a wedding as special as you are.


    Our chapel features a red-carpeted entrance, a baby grand piano, and chandelier lighting. Our church's lead-light windows offer stunning views of the Dandenong Ranges countryside.

    Room to eat

    Our spacious eating space is hidden in the Dandenong Ranges' forest. We can hold between 70 and 180 guests thanks to a spacious dance floor in the center and a cozy fireplace.

    Weddings in the Garden

    A lovely location for your outdoor celebration is our timber gazebo and spacious ceremonial lawn, which are shaded by the Dandenong Ranges forest. The perfect location for saying "I do" is at our majestic gazebo, which is tucked away among our lush tea gardens, Japanese maples, and native ferns. Pre-dinner drinks and canapes are served outside on our neighbor's timber terrace, which is set against the lovely Dandenong Ranges forest.

    Quirindi Stables Wedding Reception Venue Ballarat

    quirindi stables wedding venue

    0408 457 266

    About Quirindi Stables Wedding Venue

    Quirindi Stables (kir-rin-dye), which is situated just outside of Daylesford, serves as the headquarters for Hepburn Lagoon Trail Rides. The same family has owned and run the farm for five generations. There are about 40 horses on the ranch, along with hay and lucerne crops. The property's owners, Sue and Kieran, made the decision to allow marriages after receiving numerous complimentary remarks from horse riders and visitors over the years. They have always taken great pride in the appearance of their home, so they see it as a win-win situation to share it with wonderful couples and their friends and family.

    To ensure guests' comfort and the seamless operation of the day, Sue and Kieran have tastefully updated the Barn and Stables while maintaining their original character. Sue has a passion for collecting all things old-fashioned and rustic, which she uses to great effect around the house. She also uses her natural talent to create a sophisticated and lovely rustic atmosphere. There are lots of places to stay for guests who want to spend a weekend away while still celebrating with the happy couple because Quirindi Stables is only ten minutes from Daylesford and Creswick. A little more than an hour's trip from Melbourne brings travelers from different nations to Quirindi Stables. To work with couples to help them arrange the wedding of their dreams, Sue and Kieran are thrilled. They like the social atmosphere at weddings and meeting new people. Quirindi Stables is a special and one-of-a-kind hideaway because of the owners' artistic talent and capacity for hard labor.

    Services We Offer

    From the minute they arrive, all visitors will be made to feel welcome and comfortable so they can fully enjoy your special day. To make sure that everyone has a fantastic day, Quirindi Stables offers a choice of options for couples who wish to hold their ceremony, reception, and party all in one place.

    Drinks can be enjoyed on the verandah to start the night, or you can relax on one of the many couches and rockers in the Stables. Inclement weather is also a great excuse to hang out here. To Quirindi Stables, couples bring their own food and beverages. With space for up to 200 guests for a casual cocktail wedding or up to 80 for a sit-down dinner, it's perfect. Small groups function just as effectively in this strange setting. Food trucks, catering vans, and bar vans are wonderful complements to the festival atmosphere at Quirindi Stables.

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