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Top 50 Wedding Reception Venues in Sydney, New South Wales (2024)

A wedding reception can be a lot of work, and choosing the venue is one of the toughest decisions to make. Of course, many couples have their hearts set on a particular location, but many factors need to be considered before making such an important decision.

What is the best place to have a wedding reception? There are many great options, but it’s important to know what type of venue will work best for you. This post will cover some of the different types of venues that couples can choose from. 

The first question to ask yourself when choosing a venue is whether or not your reception should be indoors or outdoors? If you want an intimate and warm feeling with all your guests nearby, then an indoor space might be better for you. But if you’re looking for something more spacious and open, with plenty of outdoor space, then an outdoor location may be ideal. 

We’ve rounded up our favourite wedding reception venue from right across Melbourne, Victoria, to help yoyarra valley most popular wedding venue (10)u get started on your wedding reception venue hunt.

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    Ultimate List of Wedding Reception Venues in Sydney, New South Wales

    HostCo - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney



    02 9563 6246

    If you're looking for a heritage wedding venue, the University of Sydney has some of the most romantic and charming wedding venues in Sydney. Choose from our Mediterranean Courtyard, Cottage Lawns, opulent Refectory, or chic meeting spaces for your ceremony and reception. Because of their expansive grounds or stunning interiors, each location is the ideal blank canvas for your personal ideas.

    Your reception can be held in our Refectory, a majestic banquet hall with eight-meter high ceilings and an eye-catching painting. Saying your vows will seem more special with the sunlight falling over the traditional paneling and through the towering French windows. 500 people can fit in a cocktail setup, while 220 can be seated in a traditional banquet manner. Drinks before the wedding are perfect on the adjacent patio and garden. We adore the fuss-free strategy of simplifying your ceremony and reception at the lovely Cottage Lawns as the ideal location to say "I do" in an intimate setting.

    The Venues Collection - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

    the venues collection


    Consistently Exceptional Hospitality

    Our award-winning chefs, serving staff, and events professionals collaborate to provide the very best in modern dining. Corporate and social clients with high expectations receive outstanding customer service from a team of highly motivated and attentive employees. We are the experts you turn to with a difficulty when you absolutely must do it right since we have over 35 years of operator experience.

    Iconic Locations

    Our venues, which include the waterfront of Sydney Harbour and its historic hinterlands, have been carefully selected to provide the ideal setting for your event. Because they are in famous locations and have historic facades with sandstone textures, many of our buildings provide aesthetically appealing and adaptable backdrops for your events, combined with cutting-edge interior designs.

    About Us

    The Venues Collection is the rising star in Sydney's hospitality and events industry. Our exclusive selection of eateries and event spaces offers the best seats in Sydney. We are in the business of providing our visitors with once-in-a-lifetime experiences—memorable moments, exceptional service, delectable cuisine, and magnificent famous waterfront sites.

    Springfield House - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

    springfield house


    02 9651 2145

    Weddings Reception in Sydney

    Springfield House Function Centre in Sydney, New South Wales is the ideal location for your garden wedding ceremony and reception. We take great pride in providing the utmost care and attention to each of our visitors, and we will design an unforgettable outdoor wedding ceremony and wedding reception that you and your guests will remember.. We will collaborate closely to realize your goals and your vision while carefully considering your suggestions as we organize this once-in-a-lifetime event in The Manor or The Pavilion.

    melbourne s most affordable wedding venue (10)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Venue Selection Is An Important Part Of Planning A Wedding.

    This is because once the couple has settled on an elegant wedding venue, every other detail should fall in places, such as decor and colour. A common mistake couples make when choosing a venue is failing for the location’s aesthetic. They then sign a contract without putting the practical aspects of the venue into consideration.

    Likewise, making a down payment while under pressure from the management is a mistake. The couple should bear in mind that venue selection is more than just getting a location they like. It also involves satisfying all the couple’s wedding needs.

    A Wedding Location Plays A Crucial Role Of Keeping Guests Happy.

    The main point of a wedding is to start the marriage with the power of everything loving and positive. Weddings are joyful events, and should guests not be happy.

    It can negatively impact the positive feeling in the air. There is no denying that the perfect wedding location goes a long way in ensuring that all the guests arrive and leave happy. Eventually, it will be a wonderful occasion for everyone.

    The Venue Of A Wedding Should Have The Correct Atmosphere

    And contribute to making the day as mesmerising as it is in the couple’s dreams. The location’s amenities should contribute to the joy and delight of everyone present. Its flexibility can contribute a lot to making things more attractive to those in attendance.

    Additionally, an elegant wedding venue offers more than just a wonderful location to get married. Many hosts of venues offer packages that are inclusive of catering, decorators, and other services offered at weddings. The availability of such services can simplify the work of everyone taking part in the planning.

    Staff Are Just As Important As The Location.

    An aspect of wedding planning that is often overlooked is the attitude of the wedding venue staff. This is very crucial and is capable of making or breaking the event. The properly trained wedding staff will offer great services and equally excellent hospitality, thus making guests feel at home.

    Also, good venue owners will allow the couple to decorate the location as much as they want. The only limitation the couple has is their imagination. The owner can have several ideas to match the styles and tastes of the groom and bride.

    Simply put, an elegant wedding venue makes an immense contribution to a good wedding ceremony. It also provides lasting memories for the bride and groom. This underlines the importance of selecting the location with care.

    Choose a venue that fits in with your design vision. 

    This might seem obvious, but finding a venue that fits in with your aesthetic will save you money in the long run and help your wedding to feel more cohesive.

    Know your guest list.

    Be sure to have a rough idea in mind regarding the number of guests you plan on inviting to your wedding. This will help narrow down your list of venues and save you from falling in love with a venue that may be too big or small for your wedding. 

    Always keep your budget in mind. 

    Your venue will be one of the biggest expenses when it comes to your wedding day, so you must have a wedding budget mapped out before scheduling tours and booking vendors. 

    Think about your priorities. 

    Once you have design vision, budget and guest count in mind, start thinking about what is most important to you when it comes to your wedding day venue. For example, are sold on an outdoor ceremony, do you prefer an in-house caterer, or maybe you are looking for a pet-friendly venue so your best four-legged friend can be a part of your special day. This will be key in helping you narrow down your venue list even before you start touring. 

    Guest Experience.

    If you are inviting a lot of out-of-town guests or having a destination wedding, be sure to look for a venue near a hotel and/or public transportation and has straightforward directions (since most of your guests will be unfamiliar with the area).  

    Parking Options.

    This is crucial, especially if you are not providing transportation for your guest, the venue is isolated or located in a busy downtown area. Make sure to ask how many parking spaces are available and if they have any recommendations for transporting guests.

    Where is the Bathroom?!

    Equally as important as parking spaces in the bathrooms. It may not be glamorous but having accessible toilets is vital for the guest experience and even more important if you have to rent portable restrooms as this will need to be added to the budget.  

    Curfew and Noise Restraints.

    Depending on the location of your venue, some may have noise restrictions out of respect for neighbours. Be sure to ask for the curfew or noise cut-off time, especially if your reception will be held outside with a DJ or Band.

    What’s All Included?

    If you are looking at full-service venues (who include in house catering, rentals and décor) or ones where you can bring in your vendors, be sure to ask exactly what is included if you were to book with them and price eat venue out to see where you can get the most bang for your buck. 

    Most of the time, full-service venues will cost more and have basic rental items but are more convenient than bringing in a bunch of different vendors.  


    Are you dead set on a particular date? If so, start looking at venues early to increase your chances of venues still being available. Even if your date is flexible, you should still start looking well in advance to have more options to choose from. This is also key during COVID, as many weddings from 2020 have been rescheduled in 2021 and 2022. 

    Creating the Atmosphere

    The venue will be the central part of creating the atmosphere at your wedding. In addition, the venue’s style will be key to defining the rest of the wedding theme. Many even choose to build their theme around their selected venues.

    If you already have a wedding theme in mind – perhaps you are looking to create a quirky vintage wedding, you can narrow your venue search for venues that suit the theme. For instance, if you want a relaxed, no-fuss wedding, don’t pick a posh hotel where guests have to sit at their tables.

    Adding Your Unique Touch

    Not all venues provide the same opportunities for you to highlight your personality. For example, some venues might not even accommodate slight colour changes. So if you are looking for a place to decorate yourself or add your unique mark, you need to find a venue that allows this.

    On the other hand, you might prefer a venue that makes the whole planning process easier. For example, some venues will be decorated according to your selections, allowing you to focus your attention on other aspects of organising the wedding.

    Organising the Entertainment and the Food

    The venue will naturally be the setting for your wedding entertainment and the food – both crucial parts of organising the wedding. Certain venues only allow you to pick from their caterers and a specific set menu, while other venues might be more flexible with what they provide you.

    Checking the venue’s catering and drinks policy should be one of the first questions you ask them before you necessarily even check them out. You don’t want to spend your whole wedding planning visiting venues that turn out to be ill-suited for your needs.

    Furthermore, if you are planning to organise special entertainment, such as a fireworks display, at your wedding, make sure you ask about the venue’s policy. It’s always a great idea to tell your suppliers which venue you’ve booked as soon as possible, so they can prepare for it!

    Staying Within the Budget

    The wedding venue is one of the largest expenses, if not the largest, of your special day, and you naturally need to find a venue that fits your budget. However, you don’t want to go with a venue that doesn’t provide you with the things you need, nor do you want to get in debt just to book your dream venue.

    Practical Matters

    Before you get to the aesthetics of a location, it is a good idea to make a checklist of what practical needs you are going to need.

    Putting practicality before romance may not sound like something you want to do for a perfect wedding, but it will mean that you are not spending your wedding day fretting over things that could have been settled months before.

    Start out with all the essentials. Get a headcount of your guests. Are you having the wedding on the premises or at a church? Are you going to serve liquor or not?

    Are you planning just appetisers or a full meal? Will it be sit down or buffet? Are you going to have a DJ or a live band? Are there guests that will need special services such as handicap access? These are all the things that you need to sort out before you choose the venue.


    Location is key to making a truly special wedding. You can serve the best food, have the best band, or have the most fun guests, but what people will truly remember is the special place. Was it the top of a mountain, overlooking a beautiful mountain?

    Was it on the water, overlooking the city or the ocean? Was it in a mansion or a castle, like something out of a fairy tale? These are available if you want to make your wedding one that nobody will forget.

    Destination weddings have become popular in recent years. Couples choose a site, and guests all travel there to enjoy the special day. It is a beautiful way to enjoy this special, although it can be expensive for guests. Much as everyone wants a one-of-kind affair, keep that in mind when choosing a venue.

    Let us take a quick trip back to reality so that you can walk that fine line between what you want and what works. You want to make sure that any of these facilities have the practical items that were listed above.

    You also want to make sure that it will be accommodating for your guests. For example, if it is a beautiful but inaccessible view and many of your guests are elderly, you may want to consider that. You also should consider the weather. Do not pick a venue that is great in spring but gets sticky in mid-summer.

    What to Look For

    Suppose you have decided to choose a scenic wedding, great. Think of all things that you want to have. Start with the site. A spacious landscape is a wonderful way for you and your guest to enjoy your day.

    A place that brings all the beauty that Mother Nature can supply in flora and fauna. Still, it’s not just Mother Nature. You can also get a beautiful or historic building. All of this will make a great background for your wedding photos.

    Some ideas? How about a nearby vineyard. It is a place that just shouts joy and festivities. How about a park with a secluded area for weddings? You can get the best of nature at a reasonable price. See if there are any historic sites available for parties.

    If you want to pay for a full venue, you should put together a checklist. It should have a beautiful view where guests can feel comfortable. It should have a place onsite for the wedding that will be ideal for a romantic start to your life together.

    Perhaps a gazebo that the couple can exchange vows on. You will want plenty of room for guests to dance the night away. You will also want plenty of room for guests to relax away from the dance floor. After all, the choice of music for the young crowd may not work for the older folk.

    So, pick a venue that is as majestic as your dreams. Pick one that your guests will remember forever, with beautiful views that will make for great photos. The romance will flow, and the guest will share in your joy. It is a once in a lifetime event that should be treated as such.

    Weddings are tailor-made to the couples’ interests. Non-traditional venues are edging out the old standbys, but the standards haven’t lost their appeal. Some of the most popular venue options include:

    • Hotel venues: Ballroom, banquet hall, events facility, terrace, balcony
    • Rustic venues: Events Barn, outbuilding, farmhouse, tent
    • Waterfront venues: Beach, boat, dock, lake house, beach House
    • Houses of worship: Church, chapel, synagogue, mosque, temple
    • Country club: Garden, golf course, patio, pond
    • Historic venues: Landmark property, museum, mansion
    • Natural venues: Garden, vineyard, park, forest
    • Destination venues: Villa, resort, castle
    • Modern venues: Gallery, aquarium, warehouse, loft, brewery, distillery

    While couples may not have their theme, menu, or vendors figured out during their venue search, they’ll have narrowed down the list of venue types — or at least know what they don’t want — and likely have a few ideas for style.

    Again, seeing your venue firsthand may be the deciding factor: Once they can picture their wedding, other details may fall into place.

    Clarence House - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

    clarence house


    (02) 9789 1663

    Welcome to Clarence House, one of Sydney's most beautiful wedding venues. We have been hosting exquisite and unforgettable weddings since 1955. Visit us to learn more about our world of opulent wedding reception venues.

    Clarence House, located in the heart of Sydney, provides first-rate surroundings in well-known and heritage-listed locations. Your special day and our hardworking crew complement each other perfectly. It was voted the best wedding location by both guests and couples.

    The Lemnos

    Stunning. Breathtaking. Ethereal. Greetings from The Lemnos. The Lemnos is a top-tier location with unparalleled beauty. This exquisite wedding location is in a league of its own, grand and majestic. You must see this venue to believe it exists in Sydney; it boasts a vast space and a beautiful atmosphere. The Lemnos can comfortably hold 320 to 580 passengers.

    The Victorian

    Prestigious. Majestic. Classic. Greetings from The Victorian. A prominent and traditional wedding venue is the Victorian. When you pick this location for your wedding, you can expect a majestic occasion. Grand but surprisingly personal. majesty that maintains its modesty all at once. Up to 320 people can be comfortably seated at the Victorian.

    Lauriston House - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

    lauriston house


    (02) 9858 3336


    one of Sydney's most historic wedding venues The multi-award-winning Lauriston House, which can accommodate 220 seated guests, is the ideal setting for your dream wedding. Lauriston House, a heritage-listed structure in the desirable Dundas Valley, was built in 1887.Ornate chandeliers, open fireplaces, a white starlit grand ballroom dance floor, a gorgeously adorned private bridal room, and an elegant lounge area are just a few of the classic elements. The façade and interior of Sydney's Lauriston House, a Victorian-era Italianate mansion, make for an exquisite setting for your wedding. The ideal wedding location, Lauriston House, exudes a warm and romantic atmosphere for you and your guests.

    Ivy Ballroom - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

    ivy ballroom


    +61 2 9240 3001

    The story

    Ivy Ballroom is poised to dazzle. The astoundingly pillar-free 509 square meter ballroom features a grand staircase entrance, six-meter-high ceilings, an abundance of natural light, and a sizable garden terrace. Keep it simple and elegant with our black and white color palette and candlelit backdrop, or go all out with the assistance of our in-house styling and production team. Do you want an aerial show or a stage that is one-of-a-kind? Just leave it to us.

    Lantana Venues - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

    lantana venues


    02 9610 7003


    We provide our best services and the most excellent catering to all of our visitors. Every occasion may be catered to since we understand how crucial it is to record precious moments for your special event.

    By making sure that the day of your special event is carefully taken care of and professionally organized by our experienced staff at Lantana Venues, we can help you create wonderful memories. From the first time you consult with one of our skilled event planners to the day of your special event, we pledge to deliver exceptional and pleasant customer service. Our function spaces, including the Lantana Dream Room, Lantana Rose Room, and Lantana Royale, can host events of all sizes.

    The Holroyd Centre - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

    the holroyd centre


    02 8757 9091

    Holroyd Function Centre Merrylands

    The Holroyd Centre is a cutting-edge, upscale function and event venue located in Western Sydney. Merrylands is home to this wonderful event venue.

    The combination of a stylish venue with the expert management, attention to detail and creative flair of our Functions & Events team, promises a memorable and hassle-free wedding, reception, celebration, social occasion or corporate event every time. The Holroyd Centre cordially invites you to stop by and talk about your events, celebrations, and special occasions.

    Waterview - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney



    02 9764 9901

    Waterview, which combines contemporary elegance with serene park and lake views and is located within the scenic surroundings of Bicentennial Park, is the perfect location for your upcoming event. The expansive parklands, ponds, and lakes that surround Waterview create a gorgeous setting for your guests. Waterview also features high ceilings, a sizable wraparound terrace, and a lot of natural light.

    Weddings Waterview, which is ideally located within the gorgeous surroundings of Bicentennial Park, combines modern elegance, chic décor, and exquisite vistas for your ideal wedding ceremony and celebration.

    The Highline Event Centre - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

    the highline event centre


    +61 1800 898 880

    An idyllic destination for special celebrations & events

    Welcome to The HIGHLINE, a posh location in Sydney's downtown. This lavish location can accommodate the event of your dreams, whether you're organizing your ideal wedding, a memorable celebration, or an original business event. Send an inquiry to info@highlineevents.com.au right away. Private venue visits can be arranged with a helpful Event Executive, and on the same day, comprehensive online quotes can be offered.


    The utilitarian yet opulent design, over 4.5 meter high ceilings, enormous 24 karat gold chandeliers, opulently equipped ballrooms, and breathtaking garden terraces of the HIGHLINE Venue all combine to create a delightful and unforgettable experience.

    In celebration of love

    A lavish backdrop for your special day is created with palatial furnishings, sparkling crystal chandeliers, and decadent gold accents. The generous proportions of this venue allow for weddings of many styles, with enough for 100–1340 guests. Whether you want a quirky and modern wedding or something classy and romantic, let our qualified event planners assist you in planning the perfect occasion.

    Madison Function Centre - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

    madison function centre


    9651 6960


    The Madison Function Centre is one of Western Sydney's most opulent and modern venues for wedding receptions. The Madison Function Centre is a venue for corporate meetings, school formals, celebratory events, wedding receptions, and engagement events. It is located in the peaceful Dural suburb of Sydney's Hills District. This stylish site is ideal for all milestone birthday celebrations, including 21st birthday parties, awards and presentation nights for sporting groups and organizations, and religious gatherings. It is only 10 minutes from Castle Hill and The Norwest Business Centre.

    There are several function centers in Dural, therefore there is no need to search deeper. Two large rooms are offered for your sole use in Western Sydney's function rooms at The Madison. Both rooms feature the same big layout and fresh, contemporary decor, giving you the freedom to add your own unique touches to your event. Each space has a slightly different flair.

    View by Sydney - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

    view by sydney


    02 9188 2989

    Welcome to View by Sydney

    Whether you want to host a grand fine dining gala or a grand cocktail party, our location will provide the ideal setting for your upcoming event and a lifetime of cherished memories. You've found the ideal location for your wedding...

    On Walsh Bay's Pier 2, an old finger wharf, is where you can find View by Sydney. This magnificent site, located at the base of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, offers beautiful views of the harbor, Luna Park, and the surrounding area. To make sure your wedding is the fantasy you've always imagined, our award-winning events staff will walk you through every step.

    Epicure at Taronga Zoo - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

    epicure at taronga zoo


    +61 2 9969 2401

    Discover a distinctive location with world-class function rooms and stunning views only minutes from Circular Quay. Sydney's Epicure at Taronga Zoo is a fantastic site for events. Overlooking the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Circular Quay and the Royal Botanic Garden, the Taronga Centre is a versatile venue suitable for gala dinners, conferences, weddings and special events.

    A rooftop event space, spectacular ballrooms, terrace and balcony spaces, several conference rooms, and garden courts are just a few of the adaptable spaces that make up Epicure at Taronga Zoo, formerly known as Taronga Centre. We can accommodate small business meetings of 15 people, weddings with 250 guests, and conferences with more than 2000 attendees on the grounds of Taronga Zoo.

    The Bellevue Venue - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

    the belleveue venue


    (02) 8773 1166

    Sydney’s leading Wedding and Function Venue

    The Bellevue Venue is driven to give each visitor a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience. Our facility's flexibility is key, with the ability to accommodate a large number of guests for any occasion. We will allow you to decorate the interior of our rooms to make it feel like a reflection of your special occasion.

    The perfect Wedding Venue

    Allow us to be a part of and enhance your most memorable day. The Bellevue Venue is a stylish, newly renovated wedding and event venue. We can accommodate a small gathering as well as a large multi-cultural wedding. Our top priority is to look after our couples from start to finish.

    To make sure your day goes smoothly, we concentrate on the smaller aspects at The Bellevue Venue. From the time they arrive at the location until the conclusion of the night, our goal is to keep our couple and their guests happy. Every step of the journey, our staff is at your side. ensuring that you and your loved ones will have a magical and unforgettable experience on your special day.

    The Blue Room Bondi - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

    the blue room bondi


    02 8978 9200


    Over the course of its 19-year existence, Grand Pacific Firm (GPG), a prominent Sydney hospitality group, has successfully established a strong corporate identity that is synonymous with sophistication, elegance, and luxury. GPG locations provide a product that is up to par with global standards. Our company is distinguished not only by the distinctive and iconic locations of our enterprises, but also by the sophisticated and unmatched approaches taken to the food and service in order to create dining experiences of the highest caliber.

    A number of Sydney's historical structures have been revitalized into modern venues by GPG while keeping the unique characteristics of each location. In order to develop venues that are not only in high demand but also provide an asset that displays the beauty and magnificence of a bygone era for future generations, we have collaborated with several Government and historical authorities.

    Grand Palace Reception - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

    grand palace reception



    Grand Palace Reception is one of Auburn's most popular and reasonably priced wedding reception venues. We take pride in throwing lavish parties and providing first-rate services that will impress your family and friends. The Grand Palace Reception can easily accommodate up to 350 guests.We'll see to it that you have an intimate party that is entirely unique for your big day, bringing together the people you cherish most.

    Weddings are a celebration of the union of two families and two soul mates. Every family has its own unique history, culture, and traditions. We can meet all of your demands so that you can enjoy your traditions on this particular day, whether they are new or ancient.

    Zest Waterfront Venues - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

    zest waterfront venues


    02 9327 3442


    In Sydney's Eastern Suburbs and North Shore, Zest Waterfront Venues provides two superb absolute waterfront settings. We take great pride in being named Best Reception Venue (NSW) Winners in the 2018 and 2019 ABIA Awards.

    We specialize on delivering exceptional service, food, decor, and individualized event design while also providing plant-based (vegetarian or vegan) meal options in addition to our usual menu selections. For your wedding, private party, corporate event, or conference, let Zest design a one-of-a-kind event that is customized just for you.

    Zest serves exceptional cuisine, whether it is a three-course seated meal, share platters, or our roving degustation style menu. Our Executive Chef has created tantalizing dishes using the finest local ingredients and stunning presentation. Zest delivers exceptional culinary experiences with original concepts to make sure your event stands out from the crowd.

    Doltone House - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

    doltone house


    02 8571 0623


    Your place to say "I do." Have your dream wedding at a picturesque Doltone House Sydney wedding and reception location to start your life together in the most romantic way imaginable. Your wedding day is unquestionably one of life's most treasured moments. To ensure that your special day is nothing short of perfect, months of careful planning are put into it. The venue of choice that recognizes this is Doltone House. No problem is too big, and no idea is too amazing. We work tirelessly to make sure that your wedding is every bit as magical as you had envisioned, earning us the title of Sydney's greatest wedding reception location.


    Biaggio Signorelli, who arrived from Italy in 1954 at the age of 19, never imagined that he would leave his children and grandkids with a remarkable legacy of hospitality in Sydney. Biaggio tragically passed suddenly in May 2008 from mesothelioma, an asbestos-related illness. The well-known bronze sculpture "Life From a Suitcase," which is located in front of our venue on Darling Island, is a monument to his life.


    a family-run business committed to serving its customers. We have the know-how to create a straightforward or spectacular space for you. Behind everything we do is a passion for producing amazing experiences. We’re proud to offer all our clients not only the technical elements you’d expect from a market leader but also a sense of welcome and warmth that makes every interaction a pleasure. The Doltone Difference: we go above and beyond.

    Luna Park Venues - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

    luna park venues


    +612 9033 7541


    An iconic Australian attraction, Luna Park Sydney is situated along the Sydney CBD waterfront. With complete and unobstructed views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House, it is situated on the waterfront of Sydney Harbour.

    With a sizable, multi-level on-site parking lot, we are easily reachable by vehicle, taxi, train, ferry, and bus from the Sydney CBD. One of Sydney's most sought-after event, conference, and entertainment districts is Luna Park Venues. offering thirteen upscale and distinctive venue options that can accommodate events of every size and style.


    Skyview Reception - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

    skyview reception


    (02) 9824 0789

    One-of-a-Kind Venue

    A unique location for your upcoming event is Skyview Reception. From business events to wedding receptions, we have the expertise to make sure your special occasion is a success. We promise to wow you and your guests with our great service, fine food, fine wine, opulent décor, and unique touches.

    We take great pleasure in providing quality service with a personal touch. The satisfaction of our clients with every aspect of their event is our primary goal. Our event planners have experience organizing a wide range of events to accommodate all needs and cultural preferences.

    We are confident that we can plan any type of event for you. We are a reputable establishment that has been serving the Liverpool area for over 15 years. Skyview Reception is ideal for visitors from all over because it is only 35 kilometers from Sydney's downtown and has easy access to free parking.

    Paradiso Wedding Receptions - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

    paradiso wedding receptions


    1800 727 235

    Receptions & Functions

    It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to our family of seven magnificent Sydney wedding reception and event venues. If you are planning a wedding, engagement, party, or other event, have a look at the lavish Sydney wedding venues and flexible choices we provide. Our wedding reception venues and function spaces offer cutting-edge audio and visual equipment in addition to contemporary, chic decor. At all of our locations, there is also enough of safe parking for your guests.

    Every taste bud will be satisfied by our diverse selection of dishes from around the world. Our chefs specialize in great modern and traditional cuisines, and our staff includes waiters who are trained and experienced professionals. "We believe in a saying, your day - your way," therefore Paradiso Sydney Wedding Receptions will customize the function cuisine to complement your event.

    The Grand Pittwater Function Centre - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

    the grand pittwater function centre



    The Grand Pittwater Function Centre makes a concerted effort to make your event as enjoyable and hassle-free for you as possible. The Grand Pittwater is the ideal venue and has all the amenities you need for your special day. Warm hues, natural lighting, a handy setting, and cutting-edge amenities will all help guests remember your event for its understated ambiance.

    Sergeants’ Mess - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

    sergeants' mess


    02 8978 9201


    Our business is really interested in the past of the locations we have chosen for our venues. Due to this, we believed that keeping the Sergeants' Mess name was not only a wonderful approach to honor the building's past, but also one that was perfectly appropriate for the location. People used to gather in the Sergeants' Mess to socialize, drink, and eat, and it is still very much how the location will be used in the years to come. Sergeants' Mess is a location of the Grand Pacific Group, a deluxe hospitality company that provides experiences beyond comparison.

    On the southern end of Sydney's Middle Head peninsula lies a bay called Chowder Bay, so named after the whalers who in the 1820s created "chowder" out of the abundant seafood in the bay. Chowder Bay, which has a picturesque harborfront frontage with a sloping backdrop of natural bushland, was made public in 2000 after years of military control. The region has intricately constructed historical structures that were first used as a Submarine Miners Depot in 1892 and then as barracks and mess facilities for the Australian military.

    Eden Venues - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

    eden venues


    (02) 9823 4445

    About Us

    At Eden Venues, a company renowned for quality and perfection, our core principles are focused on giving each and every one of our clients and visitors a top-notch experience. Our modern conveniences, excellent culinary experiences, first-rate service, and distinctive signature style define our trendy and sophisticated interiors. Your peace of mind will come from knowing that we will create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests to treasure for a lifetime thanks to our special and individualized approach.

    Whether it is for a wedding, engagement, business event, or private party, all of our locations are outfitted with cutting-edge audio-visual technology and lighting services for flawless execution. Our goal is to create a memorable experience by exceeding all of your expectations. Our event management specialists are here to reduce planning stress and guarantee that we provide unmatched quality and great service.

    Dockside Group - Wedding Reception Venue Sydney

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    ICONIC waterfront VENUES

    Our family has dedicated 30 years to making your event as unique as our perspectives. Learn about the advantages of holding your next event at a Dockside Group location.Dockside Group's award-winning team of skilled wedding planners specializes in creating a package that is ideally suited to your ideal wedding day. Choose one of the following harborside locations for your wedding.

    Who We Are

    Successful family-run hospitality company Dockside Group operates a number of upscale waterfront facilities and restaurants in Sydney. The Dockside Group was established by Christopher, Theodore, and Peter Drivas in 1986 with the inauguration of the WatersEdge restaurant in Walsh Bay.

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